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File: 1493345434938.gif (257.74 KB, 220x164, 13948139521.gif)

88eb0 No.558



88d1f No.560

ctrl alt delete

a4cfc No.561

dealing with it

88d1f No.562

Is this going to be a daily affair because it seems to be helping the poster get what he/she/it wants.

5b167 No.563

Solutions are being discussed right now

88d1f No.564

No tune this time. If we are going to have a purge out at least we could have some background music.

fc959 No.565

I tried to rebuild the board but got banned

25383 No.566

File: 1493345974329.jpg (99.97 KB, 800x519, xc2010-03-3-11-000.jpg)

shit you're right good call jap

25383 No.567

88d1f No.568

88d1f No.569

b6097 No.570

Sorry about that, you're unb& now

fc959 No.571

Wichita is taking credit for this. You still have his IP. Can you contact his service provider. Also can you unban me?

25383 No.572

88d1f No.573

88d1f No.574

88d1f No.575

9bdc4 No.576

adbc7 No.577

Dox Wichita please. You have his IP

5b167 No.578

It's not happening. What are you even going to do with the information? Get his mom to take his GBP for being an internet tryhard?

adbc7 No.579

I'm on Westlaw looking at the laws of kansas to see if we can take legal action

bfd9d No.580

On your side, a thread creation burst limit of 15 an hour would be a possible safe guard.

f8035 No.581

File: 1493347177220.png (1.11 MB, 5726x7331, 654345654.png)

I was going to leave the weebs alone too. Fat fucking chance of that happening now.

adbc7 No.582

Okay, looking at the laws of Kansas (mods, confirm this for us) harassment is a plausible criminal legal charge against Wichita

“Harassment,” under the stalking statute, means a knowing and intentional course of conduct directed at a specific person that seriously alarms, annoys, torments, or terrorizes the person, and that serves no legitimate purpose. K.S.A. 21–3438(d)(2).

State v. Whitesell, 270 Kan. 259, 259, 13 P.3d 887, 894 (2000)

mlpol isn't technically a person, but there are multiple people on this board so it's really harassment with multiple targets. I haven't seen any internet harassment based prosecutions in the case law but I bet a creative prosecutor can extend telephone and texting based harassment to the image board context

bfd9d No.583

Don't forget abuse of terms of service. Basically you can take anyone to court for repeat rule breaking.

5b167 No.584

Yes and no. 99% of TOS agreements are unenforceable which is why they all have arbitration clauses

adbc7 No.585

We can definitely do that for the posts from his AT&T provider, which he used initially. He seems to be using proxies now so we can't use that
We can take him to arbitration

be518 No.586

Nah, m8. Conserve your energy to post here instead.
I used to shitpost there out of habit, even before the merge, but then I realized every shitpost I did there could've been a quality post here.
We need to build-up board traffic.

b6097 No.587


cfdd8 No.588

File: 1493349157914.gif (1.09 MB, 304x336, 2149c97cd2220e44c61e49c786….gif)

Incorporate and you have corporate person hood and that statute is enforceable, if any one even bothers to enforce it.

88d1f No.589


e1bad No.590

I couldn't figure out what had happened - this explains it.

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