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File: 1494801446795.jpg (30.8 KB, 480x454, f3h2p9.jpg)

edd43 No.1574[Last 50 Posts]

Seriously, if /mlpol/ becomes its own entity, how will 4chan recover?

2c956 No.1575

You've seen 4chan /pol/, right? It's 75% spam. It's gone already

edd43 No.1576

Yeah, I still don't understand why the mods didn't keep this board

They made a big mistake imo

18943 No.1577

I dunoo about that. I guess that depends on what kind of 4chan do you have in mind. Young 4chan with blackhats residing on /b/, CP posted from time to time but overall strong community? At leats thats what I heard about how it used to be in its beginings.

Or do you mean current 4chan? You'd have to try pretty hard to fuck up that much…

18943 No.1578

I think /pol/ boards are incredible and deletion of 4/pol/ would be an cathartic act.
But I don't think they plan to do that…

2c956 No.1579

In my personal opinion the Mods are actively hostile towards the /pol/ board. You get banned after 20 minutes for posting a pony in a thread at 4AM, so it's not like it's unmoderated. Yet almost all of the threads are the kind of spam that could be produced by a bot. If there were any board on all of 4chan that needs rigorous thread deletion for quality, it's /pol/. But the mods leave spam and shit posts (even if they do delete obvious shill threads sometimes), so they must just not care. Newfags there are too stupid not to respond to bait and spam, so it clutters the catalog

684e8 No.1580

All we need is one major event to piss off /pol/ and we will have lots of refugees. Unfortunately it seems that /pol/ is just slowly being pushed into oblivion. Hopefully another /pol/ harbor happens soon.

edd43 No.1581

I was thinking about 4chan of old. It doesn't have to get big right away, but I predict that with enough advertising it'll get steadily popular

Yeah, I'm not having fun with /pol/ anymore, it's so boring now(user was witnessed for this post)

ff8a6 No.1582

let's be honest, 4chan is doomed in general, mlpol however is a place of safety and love, where NatSoc and Libertarians come to mingle in peace with our MLP friends posting horse poon to keep out the normies, shills, etc.
4chan will devolve into a social network soon, mark my words

2c956 No.1583

Well, you're more than welcome to stay here. True, the board is pretty slow, and the lack of GR15 means that sometimes the entire first page gets taken over by ponies for brief periods, but the OC is amazing, we do have good discussions, and spam is deleted within five minutes

2c956 No.1584

File: 1494802914814.png (82.39 KB, 600x600, 1492017223117-0.png)

Also, nice 27,000 GET

ff8a6 No.1585

File: 1494803001873.jpg (41.69 KB, 677x403, 1463915788774.jpg)

>dubs id
>trips post

0655d No.1586

Part of the reason /pol/ is dying is because of the mods and newfags. This board will live on because the mods are either from /mlp/ or /pol/ and both are used to being hated and ignored by the mods. So the mods here are actually good and try to keep shit from devolving into what our parent boards became.
Newfags won't last mostly because of the horse pussy but also because this board has a large amount of Nat socs. That is what kept normies off of /pol/ before but what killed /pol/ was lolbertrians being hostile towards the nat socs that were scaring off normies. I'd say that started around gg and has been accelerating ever since, where you now see threads on /pol/ where underage lolbertrians are actively hostile to us.
Needless to say I like this place a lot more and think its going to last. We just need a bit more traffic from true/pol/ diaspora and this place will be comfy as fuck.

1c08b No.1587

>ever good

ff8a6 No.1588

btw the green text is just us bantzing at you, you're not banned <3

ff8a6 No.1589

1c81b No.1590

File: 1494804515236.png (765.04 KB, 1680x1050, 1491170328044.png)

Yeah, another cuckening will do.
8ch already has their fair share of shitposts and shills.
We would probably be the first board they would go, or maybe another /pol/ board on 8ch.

a0396 No.1591

This place just needs to not become a data mine or a side project to the people who run it

ff8a6 No.1592

It's not I swear, our devs work tirelessly to ensure everything is secure and no info can be mined, we're working on a hashed IP system now that should be in place soon
as for it being a side project, well I made this place because I love it I remember /pol/ from the old days and what it's become now is an abomination, I'll never allow that to happen here, not tomorrow, not next month, not for a thousand years

a0396 No.1593

I'm well aware of the steps taken by staff bb

4da0f No.1594

I love this board; all it needs is a bit more activity, and it would be perfect.

770f3 No.1595

That activity will only come if you're active

5755d No.1596

File: 1494805291354.jpg (323.48 KB, 480x953, femanon grows up.jpg)

>how will 4chan recover?
It's because 4chan will never recover that we're branching off.

770f3 No.1597


4da0f No.1598

I'll make an effort to post more. I work full time though, and I assume a lot of anons do also. The board could undoubtedly benefit from more contributers.(USER WAS GIVEN A CUPKEK)

2c956 No.1599

That it truly could

0655d No.1600

Yep we're still a bit slow but give it some time and we'll hit the comfy stage where threads and moving along good.

a0396 No.1601

The bad part about being a right-focused culture is most of us have gainful employment. Coupled with the amerocentric userbase means we still have dead hours. Fixing some of the privacy concerns (hashing IPs mainly) could drive traffic from countries where the content of the site is illegal

770f3 No.1602

File: 1494806030786.jpg (62.53 KB, 900x900, 1493406790097.jpg)

Way to go anon! Cupkek?

ff8a6 No.1603

I'll burn the server to the ground before I allow it to be seized

edd43 No.1604

Is there a way to advertise /mlpol/ on /pol/ without getting banned? This definitely needs the word to spread out

a0396 No.1605

You and I both know there's no way to do that safely enough remotely. Be proactive, not reactive

ff8a6 No.1606

we've been looking into it however talks with the mods on 4chan have resulted in simple replies somewhere along the line of "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"


if you want proactive, there are only two ways onto the server, encryption keys that are held only by myself and the headdev
the server itself has a killswitch which requires only that I send a signal to it, in the event of any form of disconnection from the net the server automatically reboots and the server is encrypted so any attempt to break it would require all the compute power that the US gov has at it's disposal for the next decade

edd43 No.1607

What if we include the website in our name? Would that get us banned?

4da0f No.1608

I can't imagine they would ever agree to let us advertise.

1c81b No.1609

You know, there was once a pony ad on /pol/ promoting /mlp/.
Maybe we could find a more subtle way to tell people about this place without brining in nu/pol/

edd43 No.1610

Yeah, there has to be a way we can make it into a signature of sorts

a0396 No.1611

File: 1494806575288.png (337.94 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-05-14-19-59-….png)

This is how 4chan feels about mlpol

2c956 No.1612

File: 1494806622437-0.png (1.28 MB, 1280x1024, 1492816340027.png)

File: 1494806622437-1.jpg (386.35 KB, 1200x870, 1494465024471.jpg)

We've been working on making OC that hints the website and doesn't get banned, but we still need more. We have an expert shitposter and image maker who hopefully will help us with that when he can
Thus far we've only been banned for ponies

f36c0 No.1613

File: 1494806692029.png (121.21 KB, 999x799, LeslieFairHorrified.png)

Burn it to the ground.

74a02 No.1614

Why not just buy an ad? Not that complicated. Spamming posts advertising your own board has been against the rules on 4chan since the good old days of an- on talk.

Also holy crap your server is slow.

ff8a6 No.1615

what do you mean? no one else has complained about it being slow

a0396 No.1616

All 4chan ads require staff approval. Not gonna happen outside of /mlp/

74a02 No.1617

It might just be my internet connection but it feels like loading images and threads is much slower here.

ff8a6 No.1618


2c956 No.1619

Oh that varies. Usually it's very qucik. It has frozen to a snail's pace before

a0396 No.1620

I'm on mobile in a metal box right now and have no problem m8

19e3f No.1621

File: 1494806994316.jpg (151.78 KB, 1080x720, PicsArt_05-03-07.02.47.jpg)

Provide me shop ammo in the rebuilding thread and I'll make maor thar. Wish Wish made the dreadnought merger one. That ones great

74a02 No.1622

Yes after browsing a bit more it does seem more hit and miss than consistently slow.

ff8a6 No.1623

that actually might be due to our archiver, we've been trying o make the archive work but so far it's just made everything slow down ._.

2c956 No.1624

Wish Wish?

4da0f No.1625

I have never noticed any slowdown.

a0396 No.1626

Weren't you running it on chron before? Why not just run it on new thread creation? That's the only time you'll need to archive a thread

ff8a6 No.1627

oh, um, well I didn't think about that
gimmie one second plz

19e3f No.1628

I wish*

a0396 No.1629

You also don't need to arch the whole site, just threads that die off

2c956 No.1630

That image was made by the regular Slovak poster

19e3f No.1631

Da, saw him in the 40k thread I made. I'm jelly I didn't do it

8a242 No.1632

File: 1494808240268.png (80.5 KB, 455x525, 1491083046416.png)

I wouldn't mind it one bit if nu/pol/ just disappeared since shills have destroyed it to the point its unrecognizable. Shit the shills are also invading other boards on 4chan too like /k/ and others.

I hope this board does replace 4chan or at least /pol/. With good admins, mods, and ponies, I have a lot of hope for this board.

2c956 No.1633

/k/ too? I noticed in /bant/ there are shill threads now. But I don't care for 4chan. I only go there to raid

684e8 No.1634

I wouldn't want us giving 4chan money even if it meant this place staying a bit slower.

770f3 No.1635

You gotta admit though, it would be funny as fuck to see /mlpol/ adds on 4chins

2c956 No.1636

We can always just shill by spamming our shit their for free

684e8 No.1637

It would be, but I can't stand gook. I mean, God help me, I almost wish that kike Milo had bought 4chan or something. At least he seems like he would have some fun. I mean, literally anyone who actually appreciate the idea of owning a website would be better than the jap.

684e8 No.1638

It's still a mystery to me why I say "I mean" so much when I'm typing. I don't even do it when I speak. From now on, whenever​ so.eone sees me say "I mean, please correct me with shock images.

770f3 No.1639

>literally anyone who actually appreciate the idea of owning a website would be better than the jap.
Pretty much, yeah.

d7b0e No.1640

File: 1494811340273.gif (1.08 MB, 276x260, 1494795122594.gif)

This website is too slow to topple 4chan, or at least become a "direct" competitor. It'd be nice to see that happen though. At this rate, 4chan is practically Reddit 2.0

ea67f No.1641

Yeah its been hard to post with work and I'm pretty sure most of us have some sort of responsibility here unlike all the edge lords on 4ching.

770f3 No.1642

I think the answer is, we stop worrying about killing 4chins, and just focus on being better than 4chins. We can exude quality, and the anons who give a shit will find us. And you know they will, because those anons lurk hard, and get involved in circles that would spread the word.

95ccc No.1643

this. If butt-devastating /qa/ has taught me one thing, it's that all one's occupying can be undone during their 9-5.
also this. Creativity and OC will spread the word far better than advertized banners imo

684e8 No.1644

All I know is that once we encyclopia dramatica tears us a new asshole with some article we will know we've made it.

770f3 No.1645

684e8 No.1646

Holy shit, I didn't mean to send that. I'm on my phone and I can't stop sending awful posts. I'm just going to stop typing until I can use a computer.

770f3 No.1647

Well you weren't wrong

95ccc No.1648

Dubs confirm

2c956 No.1649

The best thing we could do is to have Aryanne or one of our OC be declared a hate symbol

5755d No.1650

It really would be a spectacle.

5755d No.1651

That slanty-eyed kike doesn't give a shit about 4chins.

5755d No.1652

Somebody send a tip to the ADL.

5755d No.1653

I just posted "this" three times in a row…

0101e No.1654

I can't post all the time, but I try to. Let's all work together for a better board!

770f3 No.1655

We love u /mlpol/-tan!

2c956 No.1656

We love you and your work for this board!

14c37 No.1657

>This definitely needs the word to spread out
i agree but we should be careful as to who we attract. quantity is pointless without quality.

2c956 No.1658

We're targeting /pol/ right now

c978a No.1659

File: 1494816548680.jpeg (165.48 KB, 1162x850, 1beaeadc8011b689d0b80ab11….jpeg)

I'll try too. But I just started playing mount and blade.

0101e No.1660

File: 1494818479182.jpeg (222.65 KB, 1533x1315, image.jpeg)

Ah… Thank you… Y-you too…

770f3 No.1661

File: 1494818596037.jpg (155.5 KB, 1600x1141, Awooshad.jpg)

2c956 No.1662

File: 1494819356610.gif (5.92 MB, 850x720, Super Happy.gif)

18943 No.1663

It works good for me.

18943 No.1664

File: 1494838222920.png (135.59 KB, 786x1016, whadapp.png)

Don't be jelly. If you can fix that ground under dreadnaughts feet, you can take credits if you like.

18943 No.1665

File: 1494841016411-0.png (479.79 KB, 900x1225, CupKEK.png)

File: 1494841016411-1.png (75.21 KB, 225x220, 40kek man.png)

1bcf8 No.1666

File: 1494843685811.jpg (20.18 KB, 570x487, 18199060_122477218310435_8….jpg)


04303 No.1667

File: 1494854374609.png (52.3 KB, 179x228, 214214214.png)

We just hit over 1k users. We are not in the media interest like nu/pol/. The only place worthy being there are few generals like /sg/ , /nat-soc/ , lolbertarians right or western art.

We are the future. And we are growing stronger with each day!

5755d No.1668

>Is this the new 4chan?
Well, it is for me. I've hardly even touched nu/pol/ in the past month. In the first couple weeks, I just intentionally got myself b& so that I wouldn't crawl back like a battered wife, but now I find that I I don't even need to.
The board was slow in the morning yesterday, so I thought "Hey, maybe I'll go back to nu/pol/ and copy+paste a political thread because I'm a lazy fuck". I was astounded to see that there were no topics worth stealing.
4chan is a walking corpse.

2c956 No.1669

As mlpol's resident Newfag, I can say that for me there literally never was any other board. I never came to 4chan before April 1st. After the end of the merged boards I followed the mlpol community in its raids on /qa/, and then to here. I have no desire to be anywhere but here. Where else can I find my dual interests in ponies and politics expressed as well as here? I've never lived through nu/pol/ and the decline of that board but I've seen it. I can tell just by looking at the catalog that the board is sickly and that poor moderation is killing it. So let's make this board what the admins of 4chan refuse to allow 4chan to be

0655d No.1670

File: 1494864306599.jpg (206.47 KB, 1658x996, 1493596865662.jpg)

I have generals filtered out even though I like /nat-soc/ and used to go on /sg/. I just don't like the idea of an insular sub-community on a board which is why this place makes me happy to see they have banned generals.

When I go back to /pol/ I just lurk through the catalog and if I see something that seems like genuine good discussion I join in. Its very rare but once in a blue moon I'll find a good thread but its all but too rare. All the newfags are shilling Colbert Cancer and trying to get /pol/ to be their personal army by turning x into a hate symbol or doxing y antifa member. That and the normal shilling is making the board empty of real conversation.

But its good to see we've hit 1k, we will continue to grow.

Alright resident newfag when I say it I mean it, lurk for at least 2months min. Just look and enjoy, so far your doing well just by looking at your post, but it never hurts to lurk and learn. I would like for this board to have more posters because the traffics a bit low but its better off if you learn about our parent board cultures a bit. Vist /pol/ and figure out how to sage and slide threads, go willing we won't need that here. Go to /mlp/ and see what going on in their respective side with all their generals. Let both boards grow an appreciation for what this place is and how not to fuck it up.

Other then that enjoy your stay and look forward to hearing back from our resident new fag in a few months.

c978a No.1671

File: 1494871831076.gif (1.93 MB, 481x481, Fashy Rarity.gif)

I haven't been to /pol/ at all - not even briefly for some time now. Feels good fam.

19e3f No.1672

File: 1494873161593-0.jpg (102.33 KB, 485x460, PicsArt_05-14-02.06.58.jpg)

File: 1494873161593-1.jpg (254.65 KB, 1016x1454, PicsArt_05-14-10.16.12.jpg)

I just fish now

5755d No.1673

Gosh… I can't get enough of that Fireax one.

bfe0e No.1674

File: 1494874754393-0.jpg (28.16 KB, 301x386, PicsArt_05-14-10.14.30.jpg)

File: 1494874754393-1.jpg (279.92 KB, 1016x1454, PicsArt_05-14-09.59.15.jpg)

Get me the other 2 as separate images and I'll do a group one

6ec5e No.1675

It's unpredictable what would happen if they deleted 4/pol/… Gamergate and /pol/harbor would be small in comparison.

Maybe they just don't want to take that risk, and so they let nu-pol kill it.

6ec5e No.1676

Could you explain this a bit?

I think that the gook takes and hand-off approach and just wants it's users to decide in which direction the board is going. He wants to have as less moderation as possible.
And he fired modcat, the SJW mod.

In my opinion, most mods are huge faggots and have some personal hatred towards /pol/ and /mlp/…. but the gook… idk.
In comparison to the cuck moot with his SJW girlfriend, hiro is doing better (by doing nothing at all).

5755d No.1677

File: 1494877467262-0.png (366.77 KB, 1280x960, 1492088451361.png)

File: 1494877467262-1.png (381.39 KB, 1280x960, 1492089004654.png)

>the other 2
You mean these two? Not that many pics of them yet…

c601e No.1678

File: 1494897842990.png (1011.84 KB, 1024x864, 1490972300874.png)

/pol is burning

5755d No.1679

File: 1494899280728.png (785.15 KB, 800x533, 1491731740282.png)

It's sad… Many lulz were had back in the day..
Now it's gone…

224e4 No.1680

press F to pay respects

04303 No.1681

File: 1494936573669.png (617.62 KB, 1875x2021, 1491096723319.png)

More like S to spit on grave.

92e47 No.1682

File: 1494943234794.jpg (61.74 KB, 736x981, 1494026467826.jpg)

I will love you forever and ever and ever. And if you choose to visit me you will get all the vanilla ice-cream surprise you want.
But in all seriousness I love your posts, and I am serious about the ice-cream.

96075 No.1683

File: 1494944036230.png (371.91 KB, 460x348, tmp_16340-1494890079216775….png)

The mods are hostile towards /pol/. They leave the shill and bot threads alone and kill actual discussion. Such as right wing safety squads and the clinton foundation threads. Hell, mlpol was supposed to be a joke. But it instead became its own beast and the mods did not like that.

96075 No.1684

And with that, you truly are a man among men. Bless your soul.

5755d No.1685

File: 1494946517579-0.png (348.45 KB, 1080x1920, Hybrid vigor.png)

File: 1494946517579-1.png (221.27 KB, 900x1314, tokyo_akazukin_v04_c026_p1….png)

>Hell, mlpol was supposed to be a joke. But it instead became its own beast and the mods did not like that.
The April First site announcement implied that they were doing it to punish us, but instead they ended up giving us an incredible gift: friendship.

cc803 No.1686

>those images
So the entire plot of jojos?

5755d No.1687

Pretty much.
The Second Image is from Tokyo RedHood though.>>1686

d2fc4 No.1688

Im kind of sad that I left /pol/ months before before april first and only found out about it a month after it happened.

5755d No.1689

File: 1494949513771.webm (7.56 MB, 960x540, new discord.webm)

Too bad, you missed it.. That was the best (online) weekend I had i've had in a long time.
There wasn't that much to miss on /pol/ though. It was just days after the Syria strike: the shills were on full throttle and T_D was losing it's mind; it was insufferable.

8e3cb No.1690

New internet super power when?

5755d No.1691

File: 1494949909454-0.jpg (1.71 MB, 1169x9542, weaponized autism.jpg)

File: 1494949909454-1.png (436.46 KB, 1889x1889, Nothing is Beyond Our Reac….png)

All in good time, Anon. We grow stronger every day!

a4763 No.1692

File: 1494962039801.png (751.63 KB, 6000x6000, ;l.png)

Mfw we took no part in HWNDU Shia hunt.
Mfw our activism is not showing.

It would do us well to make another mark of our own soon…

8276b No.1693

We're hopefully going to make another RWSS thread. We've got several anons interested and people finally have time on their hands now that it's summer

5755d No.1694

>we took no part in HWNDU Shia hunt.
To be fair, Shia had already given up on hwndu by then. We found his cabin, but there wasn't any flag to capture: What were we supposed to do, crucify him?
I was going to post something like this.
I made the original /rwss/ thread in the attempt to stir-up shit and increase board traffic. To get it to lift-off, we'll first need leaders, sources, and higher traffic, to get the show on the road. It would be great if we could bring-in some veterans from the old threads. At the very least, we need to inform those interested on /pol/ that /rwss/ is alive and 100% allowed here.

57c04 No.1695

>not just TPing the shed
>or even better, since it's Finland,
>not surströmming the shed

8276b No.1696

Do you think we definitely need a user to successfully execute an RWSS takedown before making a new thread about it? If that's the case I'll try and contact that other user

5755d No.1697

>we definitely need a user to successfully execute an RWSS takedown before making a new thread about it?
Precisely this.
Nothing boosts user enthusiasm like results. Once we actually get a few leads/results. We can post the screenshots on /pol/.
If you have leads, don't hesitate to post them here so that the rest of us can help you through the LOSER process.

684e8 No.1698


I don't think we existed at that point.

4ab64 No.1699

File: 1494978508801.gif (965.6 KB, 500x391, qNoWU89[1].gif)

It isn't even /pol/ that is a walking caricature of what it used to be, EVERY BOARD is this on 4chan. Especially the big ones.

>/V/: Was once a place where discussion, and actual conversation on one's favorite games or games that seemed interesting could be found. Then Gamergate hit. Investigation began, and everything seemed well and good. But then the mods got triggered, went full shut it down, and opened the floodgates for all the newfags and shills. Ever since Gamergate, /v/ has been a festering sea of cancer.

>/TG/: Once a place where quality discussion could be had, where people could talk about RPGs that interested them, or other tabletop games BESIDES 40k. Then the Divide happened. Quests, one of the few things that acted as /tg/'s shield against the hordes of shills, Redditors, and newfags was removed, placed into it's own board by the kike mods to divide the denizens of /tg/. With that a neverending horde of Redditors, shills, newfags, and other degenerates flooded into the board killing all forms of discussion and reason. Nowadays it's a place where constant 40k shills shit up every thread they come across triggered by settings better than their grimderp circlejerk, and hordes of Reddit tier posters dissuade any disucssion on other topics. They also get triggered by the merest mention of /pol/ or politics, so don't even try to bring up those kinds of discussions.

>/CO/:Don't know a lot about /co/'s history prior o turning into the atrocity it is today. It's effectively the same as the other two, no discussion whatsoever aside from tumblr tier threads and posts, and everyone is a constant jerkass to one another. Just like /tg/ and other assorted boards, they get triggered by the merest mention of ponies or politics, despite being forced to watch as their favorite comics are being corrupted by racial and political degeneration.

>/X/: Oh boy, and now for the greatest shame of them all, besides /pol/ of course. Most of my experience with the board is with the the abomination it now is, but from what I hear old /x/ was a pretty fun place where people could discuss actual supernatural happenings, WITHOUT hordes of rampant fedorafags, self-proclaimed "intellectuals", succubi fags, Redditors, and a whole host of others coming in to shit up everything with their toxicity. Old /x/ was the place that created the old SCP Foundation, and had real discussion on some o the strange shit going on in the world, and not just the nonillionth "How du I summen a succubez?" thread. But you know what happened. Useless kike moderators, constant shill attacks from the fedorafags and Redditors, hosts of "intellectuals" coming in to "dsiprove" the supernatural, and a whole host of other shit killed the board. Sure there MIGHT be one or two good threads, but that's once in a blue moon. Out of all the boards besides /pol/, I think /x/ got hit the hardest. That isn't even getting into 'Ape of Thoth', one of the most prominent posters, being a full blown ALC lover, and oloch worshipper.

I think the porn boards are the only ones I find enjoyment in, along with /trash/ back on 4chan. /Mlpol/ is just so much better than 4chan could ever hope to be, and I really hope the folk over there can realize just how bad shit has gotten, and that they re welcome here.

05c75 No.1700

Well, looks like /mlpol/ is finally taking off

Here's to a new adventure :)

92333 No.1701

File: 1495147171085-0.jpg (157.45 KB, 1024x819, fallout_equestria__atom_bo….jpg)

File: 1495147171085-1.png (1.59 MB, 1870x1210, fallout_equestria_poster_s….png)

im actually getting kinda sad at how chans in general are becoming shit. I remember a few years ago when it was fun to be on 4chan. Whats causing image boards to die like this anyway? Im glad /mlpol/ exists, hopefully this site can resurrect what chans are supposed to be.

5755d No.1702

This is depressingly accurate…

8670e No.1703

>What's causing image boards to die like this anyway?

People who insert the culture of other websites into new websites, eventually watering down the culture of all websites into the same thing. You can see this effect across comment sections on YouTube videos, Fora, and pretty much anywhere on the Internet.

Uniqueness is not possible anymore, or at the very least, is hard. I hate to use the word because it has lost all of its meaning, but this is what memes do.

Memes are the cancer that has killed the Internet and forums.

5755d No.1704

File: 1495152994094.jpg (8.45 KB, 250x250, i can't even feel.jpg)

>Memes are the cancer that has killed the Internet and forums.

8e3cb No.1705

There are a couple of good things about the death of 4chan. For one all the redditors will slowly become used to being truly anonymous and this will hopefully change them for the better and two all of the new communities that are forming like /mlpol/, endchan, .pl, and meguca.

b1860 No.1706

File: 1495162953106.jpg (1.02 MB, 2200x1464, Hiro.jpg)

>In my personal opinion the Mods are actively hostile towards the /pol/ board
>The mods are hostile towards /pol/
Hiro and The Mods are SJW's who want to kill /pol/, but can't be seen to explicitly kill it - since that level of censorship would give validity to the truths /pol/ is exposing and give /pol/ even more influence.

So instead of killing it themselves they instead allow in shills and bots to kill it for them.

It's the Sabra and Shatila massacre applied to free speech and thought.

4ab64 No.1707

File: 1495164601098.jpg (29.76 KB, 480x480, Sad_Hitler_worldwartwo.fil….jpg)

> For one all the redditors will slowly become used to being truly anonymous and this will hopefully change them for the better

Highly doubtful. They seem to enjoy making fools of themselves no matter where they are. Being made completely anonymous has done nothing to change their usual behavior, I do agree that 4chan killing itself by allowing every form of degeneration to flood into it has benefited us immensely. If it wasn't for 4chan's mods being so insanely idiotic, /mlpol/ probably wouldn't have even been born.

6cdc3 No.1708

not enough people like the pony porn to come here

770f3 No.1709

Do you know why we care about /mlpol/?

6cdc3 No.1710

770f3 No.1711

I come from /pol/ myself, and when /mlpol/ happened, we experienced fun for the first time in years. It's been so fucking long since I've browsed a political board without feeling like I just swam through shit. /mlpol/ is a fucking godsend.

6cdc3 No.1712

im in the same boat you are all im saying is that most people cant get over the fact that there will be ponys everywhere and they will just tolerate 4chan

6dbfc No.1713

File: 1496902004845.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 3_nazi_ponies__sfm_ponies_….png)

We shall see

770f3 No.1714

Their loss.. I think if they aren't going to come here, they should go elsewhere than 4chan anyway…

28097 No.1715

I am not into pony porn at all. I do like the colour and the inventiveness of it. This place at the moment is slow on politics but safe and a lot less shit to put up with. Have not been doing much on any chans recently as life in the real world has been busy. Plus summer has arrived and I prefer a day at the beach or drinking an evening beer outside to sitting in front of a computer.

6dbfc No.1716

File: 1496906569161.png (213.68 KB, 500x281, A_group_of_very_happy_back….png)

This, in ways. We are not united IN horsepussy, but we ARE united around it.

5755d No.1718

File: 1496927564441.jpg (254.76 KB, 1376x1347, real discussion.jpg)

It's not my cup of tea either, but it's strong enough to drive out all other strains of cancer.

5755d No.1719

He's got a point though. If I had not experienced the miracle on April 1st, I would've never, ever even considered coming to a site like this, because I was so, so, so wary of horsefuckers.

ee21e No.1720

File: 1496934348581.png (195.14 KB, 480x640, IMG_0011.PNG)

And herein lies the reason this board exists. /pol/acks are wary of horsefuckers like we horsefuckers were wary of /pol/acks. But we who were and are willing to look past the quirks of each other find that our commonalities outnumber our differences and we can now engage each other as intellectuals and equals.

2efbb No.1721

File: 1496973369269.png (167.04 KB, 514x553, comfy.png)

4chan chose to die. When the mods decided to turn on the core users and pan to the edge lords it died. mlpol.net is our future it is the next evolution of 4chan

efeac No.1722

File: 1496973790599.png (185.48 KB, 480x640, PicsArt_06-08-07.02.41.png)

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