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File: 1491478515484.png (404.73 KB, 600x600, Policies.png)

acfcb No.121

Most up to date picture of the rules I have. We all agreed on this, yet?

d1e4a No.122

File: 1491489050197.png (1.52 MB, 2222x2222, image.png)

Actually, this is the most up to date one.

fbdf1 No.123

Ok this is the official rules of the website board, I want everyone to weigh in as you arrive and come to a new conclusion, don't hold anything back, remember we're all friends here <3

2dc88 No.124

Why no generals? Sometimes generals produce good discussions. Take /sg/ for example.

1def4 No.125

Generals nose dived both /pol/ and /mlp/. I was a part of the rule making threads, we had a strawpoll with over 200 people. 70% voted No permanent generals (except draw threads) but if a current event is happening, it's totally fine to start a happening thread on it.

94b7a No.126

File: 1491523435585.png (193.14 KB, 1024x1154, 1491431578077.png)

I object!
I see no "category" here

fbdf1 No.127

if something becomes a popular enough topic it can get it's own board, we don't need the board to all fly at ten billion posts an hour we just need to be comfy

4ede4 No.128

File: 1491525077570.png (778.52 KB, 5787x8185, 1172018__safe_oc_cute_vect….png)

take it slow for now, if we ever evolve big enough to need more boards, we will know when the time is right

1b5a5 No.129

File: 1491525776446.gif (1.97 MB, 366x360, 1459125128941.gif)

0d145 No.130

File: 1491534854875.gif (42.34 KB, 500x500, 1405986529908.gif)

This is our own clay. We can put Rule 10 on the books.

96e2d No.131

File: 1491537874319.png (218.52 KB, 1159x801, MLPSnumbersH.png)

You need to create a few more boards. I suggest a mlpol and a mlponly for starters.

06732 No.132

I believe there are too many boards - take out the sidebar to the left, and made "Random" the only board - /mlpol/

0d145 No.133

File: 1491538137835.jpg (128.3 KB, 680x510, 1389074282796.jpg)

This. I don't think segmenting the community is a good idea. I don't think we'll run into any problems using just one board. If we do, we can always segment later.

acfcb No.134

This. Maybe we could have a meta board, but I doubt this place will be going that fast.

b99e2 No.135

File: 1491538384106.png (248.92 KB, 530x530, 1491293415110.png)

what about species mixing?

816e4 No.136

Ok, maybe, just maybe we should create a separate board for NSFW stuff. Now, if we do ever get shilled or something, we could flood the main board, but i think there are still quite a few people from /pol/ who don't like the r34 shit, but still want to be part of /mlpol/.

80440 No.137

File: 1491539731789.png (630.67 KB, 1125x1000, 1474589555180.png)

It's an interesting question because if you use nature, /pol/ or MLP:FIM as a reference the answer is no?

But, a person using their imagination doesn't destroy real world society.

0d145 No.138

I hadn't considered that, are you one of those people? Are there any /pol/acks reading this who would prefer if the disgusting degeneracy took place in its own corner?

a3009 No.139

a seperate board for porn threads, and on the main board, porn only allowed when spamming in a shill thread? it's a good plan but i think there should be a few porn threads up on the main board at any given time to help scare normies away.

b99e2 No.140

but see rule 3.

IMO a main thread is all we need for now, we can worry about splitting it up if/when it gets to crowded; atm there's no where near enough activity to justify a split.

e6f41 No.141

I fear low population like always. If the porn threads are crowding out the political threads then maybe it should be considered, but right now we're so low pop that it's not an issue.

a3009 No.142

a valid arguement. i was talking about further down the road anyway.

2c687 No.143

Is there a way to activate the preview bubbles when you hover over a post link?

a3009 No.144

not yet. i think they're working on it.

93637 No.145

Admin is fucking retarded

Admin edit: That's mean :'c

1def4 No.146

The porn keeps the normies out and we're actually pretty restrained about it. Real talk usually doesn't get porn spammed, but crappy threads do.

47654 No.147

I think a porn shield is good, we could have dedicated "clop generals"
And only allow porn images to be posted by op in a thread

Not too much that the site goes degenerate, but enough so the dimwitted normies leave us alone

a3009 No.148

>only allow porn threads to be posted by OP in the thread
that's just stupid. i agree that there should be a couple/few dedicated porn threads, but i disagree about it not being posted elsewhere as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

0d145 No.149

NO GENERALS! They're the slow poison that ultimately turned /mlp/ into a sick old man. I don't think you'd be any worse off if you replaced a general with a thread dedicated to a specific topic of that general's nature. If the discussion naturally drifts to more, uh, general topics, then that's fine.

4ede4 No.150


i would suggest we replace the OP picture with >>12122, since this is a more refined version

96e2d No.151

Is there any way to change to a picture captcha rather than words. It slows people down and personally it takes me three goes to get it correct.
I would prefer not to have the left side are all. Put it along the top like everywhere else.

4ede4 No.152


i personally prefer words over pictures, the picture captchas usually take me 3-4 tries because they dont work properly or are poorly photographed.

238d6 No.153

Not much I can do about the captcha, but hopefully tonight I will be able to get us a better layout.

96e2d No.154

THX. Once the layout looks more familiar the bigger the crowd we can get.

34252 No.155

I'm the opposite. The picture captcha can sometimes take a whole minute to complete. Especially when it keeps asking you for more and more images.

29b83 No.156

If you guys want to make changes to the rules picture, then here's the .psd (Photoshop) file:


485f3 No.157


I read the preamble like it was the school house rock song in my head.

a4858 No.158

Is the /CPD/ allowed?
seasonal thread happens durning the summer and post at night

abf73 No.159

File: 1491611586171.png (273.38 KB, 1212x666, IMG_1817.PNG)

I agree, we need the clop threads and I don't say that because I want to fap. They do keep normies repelled and our skin thick.

As a compromise I propose that a rule should be added that all porn threads must contain subject keywords so those opposed to it can easily filter them out. Additionally, porn can only be posted in those threads. Which words? We should debate that as a community. I suggest "Oven Fresh" be used. Let admins and mods deal with shills and bots, they have ban hammers. Clop can be the deterrent and primary defense.

True a normie could setup the filter too but by then, they've actually learned the board and maybe lurked while taking a few redpills. Besides, if they fuckup they can get banned.


7954f No.160

File: 1491612648818.png (451.22 KB, 835x1024, large4.png)

A clop a day keeps T_D away.

45c5c No.161

File: 1491612654326.png (505.6 KB, 5128x3205, 1491300374325.png)

Any chance of getting an image expansion on mouse hover feature in the future?

It would be much appreciated.

a3009 No.162

that's already been implimented.

fbdf1 No.163

>upper right hand corner
>image hover

45c5c No.164

File: 1491613450682-0.png (667.42 KB, 5165x4611, 1491534470182.png)

File: 1491613450682-1.png (1.59 MB, 4703x6087, 1485296828070.png)

Thanks muchly for the info.

a3009 No.165

File: 1491614371725-0.jpg (166.05 KB, 900x900, 163440__safe_cheerilee_cha….jpg)

File: 1491614371725-1.jpeg (126.76 KB, 561x711, 288094__safe_princess lun….jpeg)


3949a No.166

File: 1491614392878.jpg (34.42 KB, 388x452, 1487817836898.jpg)

I'm so thankful for what we have here… We will persist in the war against war against Marxism, T_D, and Kike Mods! HAIL VICTORY!!

4b4ec No.167

File: 1491635248827.png (208.17 KB, 2560x1920, 931494__safe_oc_vector_edi….png)

I strongly suggest since /mlpol/ is now almost entirely in one place we revise the rules formally.
Our purpose is to create a comfy board with genuine political discussions and cute ponies, while repelling shills and reddit.
As such, our policies should reflect this endevour to protect our core interests.

ee41c No.168

Can I make a suggestion? I saw a YLYL thread in here earlier. I don't know if it was genuine or just one of the garbage threads /jp/ was shilling, but I think either way it's something we should nix early on. Humor threads should be allowed, but it should be called "/mlpol/ humor", "funny images thread", "lol thread", or something to that effect, and the humor should be more or less on-topic (either /pol/ related or /mlp/ related).

YLYL is pretty much synonymous with cancer across 4chan. Even if quality content is being posted in the beginning, just establishing the precedent of referring to it as YLYL is opening the door for decades-old unfunny off-topic memes, banana/cucumber/whatever the current vegetable is cancer, and general faggotry of all shapes and sizes. As soon as you start seeing YLYL threads on a board with any regularity, that's how you know the board is in a death spiral. I watched it happen with /pol/.

bbdcf No.169

This is understandable.
If we allow generic ylyl threads then this place become essentially just another random board.
At the same time humor threads are part of old /pol/ culture (I assume mlp as well)
As such they should be allowed so long as they are on topic

785c0 No.170

Sorry, what was the thing with e-celebs again?

ee41c No.171

Absolutely, I love on-topic humor threads and I would wholeheartedly encourage them here, it just seems like something about the term "YLYL" just immediately causes post quality to decline. For a while on /pol/ we had "/pol/ humor threads" and those were generally funny. Then it was "/pol/ ylyl", and at first it was the same type of humor as the /pol/ humor threads, but after a while normal YLYL shit started creeping its way in, stuff that had nothing to do with politics or board memes or anything that could even be construed as /pol/ related. Eventually I started seeing YLYL threads without the word /pol/ appearing anywhere, and it was literally the same type of cancer you get on /b/.

/pol/ has a serious problem lately with threads clogging up the board discussing whether certain YouTubers are redpilled or not, or whether or not such-and-such is "/ourguy/". For a long time there were multiple daily threads discussing whether or not PewDiePie is a Nazi (there may still be for all I know, I haven't honestly been back there since April 1). The threads don't really go anywhere other than to give attention to e-celebs who frankly get more attention than they deserve already. I think linking to specific videos in order to launch a discussion about the video itself or the topic is fine, but discussion of e-celebs themselves is just gossipy and juvenile and doesn't seem to go anywhere.

b99e2 No.172

This, plus on the /pone/ side it means the annalist community at large, youtubers like Blank Slate or KP that are overdue for a visit to the >chamber

5f9a9 No.173

to be quite honest HWNDU was quite funny

4ede4 No.174

File: 1491691506506.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2500x5000, 1396089__safe_oc_oc-colon….jpeg)


if it gets people to do some field work and assert their dominance over a hollywood shill in public, i personally dont mind it.

64b6b No.175

e-celeb stuff deserves maybe one or two threads at the MOST, but I remember it being all over the place every time Pewdiepie made a video mentioning hitler, or Jontron doing another stream.

96e2d No.176

E-celeb is cancer. If people want that stuff then move on. If people during a thread want to recommend that is fine. Nearly all metubers are narcissistic cunts anyway.

5f9a9 No.177

I agree but the messing up and stealing of Shias flag was a lot of keks
He is not really a e-celeb but still a celeb and not really object of political discussion
so this is kinda difficult rulewise

fbdf1 No.178

File: 1491785153633.jpg (101.48 KB, 1440x810, 16300131_249073958851628_8….jpg)

I tried to make it to the farm in time to raise this flag but i was too late

fd55c No.185


You are right. I am #altbrony and I don't like degeneracy spreading. That's very zionist and lefty.
In fact I do t care of private fetishes among people but spreading it instead of spreading a Volkish message is counterproductive for the movement

70e72 No.186

I understand that ecelebs who become a meme are troublesome, like Mainstream METOR and Varg posting.
However, certain e-celebs are really /ourecelebs/. Millennial Woes for example. i think its not a problem having threads about individuals who are important to our movement.

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