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at least 33 people dead, many of them Artists. Many more maimed.
5 works have been destroyed beyond recovered, all manuscripts were destroyed in the fire.

>11 minute video by Mr. Obvious.


Kyouto Animation, a famous and beloved japanese Anime studio responsible for works like K-On!, the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and contracts works for Ghibli, has been destroyed by a fire on Thursday, July 18th 2019.

41 year old male arsonists sets Studio ablaze because "they ruined his favourite anime". As of the writing of this post the suspect is alive, being held in a hospital for burn wounds.

this is about as close to murder of not only real people and invaluable amounts of work, but also genocide of anime girls as it gets. I dont know if Japan has a death penalty. but this would certainly warrant a case.


From what I heard the culprit was a "trainwatcher," an obscure hobby for people who have nothing better to do than look at trains go by. He was upset that his favorite spot's scenery was ruined by the studio.



I have heard a rumor like this as well, but the one i heard said he was angry at how the studio depicted a train in an anime that drove him into a murderous rage.


File: 1563810282632.jpg (79.77 KB, 714x1024, note dame fire smoke jew.jpg)

Intel on the Incident

- Name of Suspect is Shinji Aoba
- 41 years old
- robbed a store in 2012
- went to prison for 3 years
- was in therapy for mental insanity
- for circa 2 years
- held a grudge against KA
- claimed they stole his ideas
- screamed "DIE" repeatedly after he set the house ablaze
- demanded to see the president while the house was on firew
- according to police, he never worked for KA or sent them any correspondence

- according to the president, the people who dies were some of the best animators in the business worldwide who could have carried anime into a new age
- a company related US fundraiser raised over 1.5 million dollars to pay for burials and therapy for the victims and their famlies
- The President of Kyouto animation confirmed, All works and all materials, past, present and future were destroyed to completion.
There are no backups. this is presumably due to the incompetent technical standards that are common in Japan.

- 34 Killed, most of them by smoke poisoning - total staff of the studio is 70
- 19 people were found dead in a pile in a staircase
- the arson happened early in the morning
- doors were not locked
- it is unknown if KA has no security guard or if he was killed be the suspect, probably not the latter
- burned down the building with 40 liters of gasoline
- an unlocked security door in the building, that could have saved many lives, was not used by the employees for unknown reasons, presumably due to panic

- The President of Kyouto animation confirmed, All works and all materials, past, present and future. were destroyed to completion. There are no backups.


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Jason Unruhe, infamous Anarcho-Communist lolcow, endorses the Arson attack on Kyoutou Animation as an act of anti-degeneracy


Anarcho-Communists are not human.


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the Anime channel Fear & Loading is currently streaming a KyoAni Marathon on Bitwave TV.
Including all Shows with all Season, All Movies and all OVAs.

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