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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?

This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify [-]All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>258823


File: 1583115320553-0.jpg (102.09 KB, 481x360, 1538745316692.jpg)

File: 1583115320553-1.jpg (50.08 KB, 850x400, 1539735006939.jpg)

It's that time again time for a new bread! 21-22 days for an extra long thread to live filled with content, friens, shitposts, memes, and importantly ponies!
Let's see what's in store this time.


File: 1583115527706.png (87.1 KB, 1000x1000, fllly-anon-anonymous-moozu….png)

>Let's see what's in store this time.


File: 1583115867152.png (129.72 KB, 380x410, That's Lewd.png)

>I don't like this thread because of reasons


>Celestia sits Anonfilly down on her lap and puts on her reading glasses and a warm smile.
>"You see young filly, when two humans love eachother, very much, they have this thing called sex, it's a beautiful thing that afterwards will sometimes result in a child. Do you understand?"
>Anonfilly nods.
>"Good good. Now, when a human and a PONY love eachother very VERY much, they do the same thing, just it's much more deeper and passionate, and RAUNCHY! Dear me is it raunchy, they'll do things that they'll never talk about outside the bedroom, do things that will make their ancestors look on in disgust and a weird pride, woo filly is it good. And that results in a filly, like you. Do you still understand."
>The small filly has a look of confusion and horror.
>"I see… well I got a album of pictures when me and your father did it around here somewhere, let's see if I can find it."




File: 1583118117332-0.png (Spoiler Image, 638.33 KB, 1280x1024, RarityAndTwilightAtBeachRe….png)

File: 1583118117332-1.png (Spoiler Image, 347.03 KB, 1024x1024, ApplejackWearingSwimsuit.png)

Are there any pictures of filly wearing a "crotchboobkini"?
>pics related


>It's been a long day.
>Tedious paperwork, oh Celestia the never ending scrolls no matter how much I try to denigrate it keep flowing back.
>Irritating ponies petitioning me to solve fairly simple solutions that could have been down at the lower levels, but nooooo.
>Every meal has been an exercise in managing my disappointment, and convincing rude ambassadors that trying to pull the blankets over my eyes doesn't work.
>In my reading spot, no regalia, I can finally relax just before I have nightly duties.
>I have a few minutes to read my favorite book in peac-
>Don't shout at her. You're a grown mare.
>Just hold on a little longer.
"Aw what is it Anon?"
>pic related.
>"Yewr kryng. Ish et thehd baghd?"
"It's beautiful. I'm just, a- a little emotional."
>Moments like these make it better.
>Oh dear what if I did shout her down could I even live with myself?
>Could she even trust me ever again?
>She's my bundle of joy.
"Let's go hang it up on the wall together."


File: 1583123492588.png (426.54 KB, 1553x1200, Twilight Momfu.png)

>Let's go hang it up on the wall together.
You see? Purple is best momfu, again.


File: 1583124607955.png (245.65 KB, 1365x1570, hnnngg.png)


File: 1583124858576.png (Spoiler Image, 139.93 KB, 600x510, 1516224740493.png)

There don't seem to be many. Disappointing since crotchbras/bikinis are patrician. Maybe Twilight should take Anon to Rarity's and get her something suitable for a growing filly.


So I've just had a thought on how to not be confusing (or maybe be even more confusing… I'm not sure). I'm going to be implementing it in this green. Feedback is greatly welcome.
This green is not fluffy.

>On a grassy flower field, a filly stood waiting. Her dark locks wave in the sun's rays, with afternoon dew bringing the stars to earth.

"Fuckin' hell Purple I'm cold, and wet, and I'm lost. I'm sick of waiting."
>Not a single being heard this green filly. Her face set in a grimace as her own complaint didn't change her situation in any manner.
>Her hooves are still shackled to the moist dirt. A dull ache from standing so long returns as body heat warms up.
"Fucking drizzle, I get Purple said she just had to get the plates because she forgot them, but I'm hungry for a sammich."
>Still nothing.
>Day slips further as her worry mounts.
>Hours passby, yet still the magical bonds hold her still.
>The moon kisses the lip of the horizon. Sensuality climbing into position on top.
>A stray thought occurs.
"Heh, going to pick up smokes at the…"
>It's night time, getting dark. It's a dangerous time to be out in the middle of nowhere. The 13% are also dangerous. Tangentially related is single mothers and the rise of crime. Blacks growing up without fathers. A joke about hearing the dad going to the convenience store never to be seen again.
"Oh fuck. Did she abandon me?"
>A cold chill creeps back up. Both from the idea of abandonment, and the literal decreasing temperature of area.
>Shuddering, and shaking from both of those reasons. A chance to have some more warmth, and the need to physically express the fucked situation.
>A prelude to the water works.
>A cloudy overcast roll across as a sardine can opening in reverse.
>Her sniffles could detect it, but that's not her focus of the moment. It'd on the rejection, the utter disappointment, the feeling of being taken advantage of, loss of freedoms in multiple ways.
>Perhaps it's a sick twist of fate. A monster of the week. Divine intervention.
>Rain, and tears mix, as the magical binds hold strong.
"She should have been back hours ago."
>Hunger is eating away at her self-discipline. It's abundant as Purple is now.
>Moon's dominate position in the sky brightly illuminates the area. Enough to make sleeping almost impossible, yet dark enough so the mind can supply horrid thoughts.
>This is after all a world filled with secrets, and mythology.
>Myths are really scary if they are true.
>Scared stiff the anonfilly waits.
>A flash of purple magic and there she is Purple
>with a belt in hoof.
>"Sh, shh, sh, shh, sh. Yoi've been a bad filly. Staying out so late."
>The narcotic stench of Sparkle's efforts to stay away, and aleart bare upon the sensitive filly nose.
>The Purple Alicorn's wing tips touch something as a ling string of mucus extends from where she possibly touched a very important filly spot.
>The ice cold stoping the sensation fully.
>"Count how many times I lash."
"Please, no."
>Her decaying breath invades the air.
>"Good. I'm going back to bed, night."
>The illogically concluded conversion ends, as Purple disapears. Along with the belt.
>The magical binds still hold strong.
>On the grassy flower field, sleep came for filly.
>As day broke. A dity to keep the mind of the current state of affairs came to mind.
"With blessings of above, let the day begin."
>Despair reigns supreme.


>"Good. I'm going back to bed, night."
As filly should.
>"With blessings of above, let the day begin."
>Despair reigns supreme.
I don't get it, if Purple came and filly is blessed, why there's despair?
This lazy filly needs a good spanking I think.


I think she's dead bro.
Far better, and I like the dark direction you took it! I've always thought your ideas were great, but I personally think this is your best execution of one to date. Looking forward to more, ya fag.


Thanks for the reply I should have cleared that up some more.
It's a line from a song. The new day began. I think it's by the Proclaimers…
Spoilers, but it explains the ending.
The rundown is Twilight teleported to filly. This Twilight is an insomniac, workaholic, and is crumbling both mentaly and physically under the pressure of being the sole princess of Equestria. Twilight has a habbit of 'relaxing' with anonfilly to try getting some positive interaction from the day. It's BDSM without the safe words, and the word of the starts with r and ends with ape.
Twilight in her heavily altered mind starts going through what she normally does. Even filling in events that never happen. Twilight leaves without taking the filly with her.
Filly is still stuck in the middle of the field, cold and tired. Her weak attempts to try to move are stopped by the magical bindings.
I'm not sure if she sleeps, or 'sleeps' before or after she sings. Fairly sure it's before, but it is up to interpretation.
Her journey culminates in the sun rising once more. Her little song line is more to try to keep up the will to live.
"Despair reigns supreme." It's a line that means whatever you want it to. Her hope of being saved by Twilight is completely dashed, everything she knew is wrong.
If she lives or dies it's not really covered, but it is a possibility. I got kind of light on details, because I had to wrap it up to actually get some rest. Fully isn't in a good place with hypothermia, a broken mental state, and being unable to feel her body. If she makes it through it's going to be rough, because of everything that happened. If she doesn't it's… well at least it's a beautiful place for her final moments.
This is also an effort actually doing a darker theme this time.

I like your ideas too.
Thank you, I really do appreciate that. I'll keep going this kind of green, and how I usually do greens to get a better feel for writing. Any specific thing really note worthy? (Good things, bad things, weird shit?) More will come… not sure when, but it will come.


That's dark, nice.
If anything i feel this story could be far darker by elaborating on the filly's despair but as it is right now it's a nice grimdark green.


>giving the CliftsNotes for your own green
Not that I didn't need it, b-baka
It's really good, but I read it like an unconventional poem. Making it more like a poem would add to the atmosphere and would give you an excuse to act pretentious.


File: 1583158798470-0.webm (2.98 MB, 2000x2000, 1581690842942.webm)

File: 1583158798470-1.png (1.24 MB, 2000x2000, 1583054023753.png)

Some shenanigans and a template.


Kek, I hadn't realized that leashposting became such a meme that so many well-drawn pictures existed.


Nice Hitlerdubs.
>It's really good, but I read it like an unconventional poem. Making it more like a poem would add to the atmosphere
I'll have to give that a try, it's not my first thought for a green, but I can see how that can work. Hunh, inversely is there a green of Homer's poem The Odyssey?
Thank you. I'll give it a go for a green.
>would give you an excuse to act pretentious
I'm an Occultist, and go to college, with more knowledge than actual experience I think I can pull off pretentious down pat.
Ah… I'm sure my literary masterpieces will shake the very foundations of which the wrold world will tremble in awe. In hushed tones told for children as a pinball, damned phone pinnacle of all of existence!


Yea it is, pupper is working on fixing the code right now though so it will hopefully not be an issue in the future.


File: 1583182437486.gif (172.41 KB, 614x608, 20200302_105253.gif)


File: 1583183486827.gif (Spoiler Image, 59.45 KB, 606x600, medium.gif)

A thumbnail error on derpibooru results in this until you click to expand


File: 1583194338419.png (527.09 KB, 1812x2091, 1573867249336.png)


File: 1583195538401-0.png (79.55 KB, 2048x1920, noufilly.png)


>Feedback is greatly welcome.
Okay. It's my first time trying anything like this though so please take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. I'm also not a native english speaker so forgive me if I might seem retarded and have no idea what I'm talking about.
I'll start of by saying that overall I liked it. It is still very confusing to read but you manage to paint the scene quite nicely and get the point across well enough in the end. What I think makes it so confusing though is mainly a lack of proofreading and that the whole chain of events is just strange. So strange. Very strange. Let me show you what I managed to take away from it the first time I read it.
>One rainy afternoon, Anon and Twilight decides to go for a picnic out in the middle of nowhere
>Twilight forgot the plates so she magically chained Anon to the spot and goes back alone
>Anon does not question this
>After the entire day has passed and night begun, Anon begins to suspect that something might be wrong and is too anxious to fall asleep
>In the middle of the night, zombie/illusion/druggie Twilight returns to molest the cold and starving Anon
>Anon is unwilling which kills Twilight's boner because she's not into rape play so she leaves
>Anon manages to fall asleep until morning when he must perform his religious duty to praise the sun before falling into total despair

Just what?

You're leaving out a lot of information that I then have to try and figure out for myself. This usually isn't such a big deal but come one man… how the fuck was I supposed to infer all that >>261382 when you're giving me pretty much nothing to go on. My biggest problem though is that what little I do manage to make out of it doesn't really fit into what I'm reading which makes me question if I really understood anything at all. The way I see it is that Twilight and Anon actually has a rather good relationship because Anon trusts Twilight A LOT. I say this because despite being chained up and left alone for hours during a picnic Anon makes no attempt to getting out by himself or even tries to call for attention. It doesn't even occur to him that she might have actually left him until very late into the night. But if Anon and Twilight are on such good terms then why would she just up and leave him like that? And if they in fact weren't on such good terms with each other then why would they even be out on a picnic together in the first place? If this was a regular thing then it would make sense why he's not so worried at first but then why would Twilight abandon her only stress relief? Their actions just doesn't make any sense to me.
The rest is just weird phrasings and behavior which I think you could improve somehow to make it more understandable. I will comment on them one by one without actually giving you any real suggestions to improve at all because I'm unhelpful like that. I will also be call Anon a he avoid confusion so don't REE at me for getting his preferred pronouns wrong.

>Her hooves are still shackled to the moist dirt. A dull ache from standing so long returns as body heat warms up.

Shackles usually has a bit of chain to move around with, why not use that to lay down or dig away at the dirt? What does body heat warms up mean?

>"Fucking drizzle, I get Purple said she just had to get the plates because she forgot them, but I'm hungry for a sammich."

Is it sunny or is it raining? The weather patrol seems to be bipolar. If all Twilight forgot was the plates then there should be something for Anon to eat already.

>The moon kisses the lip of the horizon. Sensuality climbing into position on top.

Did you mean that the moon is sensually climbing into its position on top of the sky, or that sensuality is somehow climbing on top of something?

>A prelude to the water works.

A thing that comes before the water is working. I also don't get if it's supposed to mean that he's about to cry or that it's about to start raining.

>A cloudy overcast roll across as a sardine can opening in reverse.

I get what you mean but the lid to a can of sardines is a rather small thing and doesn't really work all that well as a metaphor for something covering the entire sky. Try something else or just go with the classic blanket.

>Her sniffles could detect it, but that's not her focus of the moment. It'd on the rejection, the utter disappointment, the feeling of being taken advantage of, loss of freedoms in multiple ways.

Can he detect clouds via smell? Because that's a pretty lousy superpower.

>Perhaps it's a sick twist of fate. A monster of the week. Divine intervention.

I really don't get what you're talking about here at all but a divine intervention is usually meant to indicate something good. I'm fairly certain that nothing good is going on here.

>Hunger is eating away at her self-discipline. It's abundant as Purple is now.

So he is losing discipline because he's hungry but at the same time it's already gone just like Twilight.


Why is he laughing?

>Moon's dominate position in the sky brightly illuminates the area. Enough to make sleeping almost impossible, yet dark enough so the mind can supply horrid thoughts.

Who is Moon? Don't forget the the's. Don't be vague about the sleeping part, just say that it is impossible.

>A flash of purple magic and there she is Purple

I would try to avoid calling Twilight for Purple unless it is being used in a spoken sentence by someone to avoid confusion. I first thought that suddenly there was a flash of purple magic that also turned Anon purple. It actually reads strange even with the right right name so you might want to redo this line.


Who actually starts addressing someone with their name? An exclamation mark to express excitement or surprise would fit better.

>"Sh, shh, sh, shh, sh. Yoi've been a bad filly. Staying out so late."

Never mind that it was you that chained him there. Is this part of her game?

>The narcotic stench of Sparkle's efforts to stay away, and aleart bare upon the sensitive filly nose.

Here you have a chance to describe Twilight's current state and give me some clue as to why she's acting as she does but you do a pretty poor job of it in my opinion.
Firstly, You've given me no reason so far to suspect that Twilight would be using any illegal substances behind everyone's back. All I have to go on is show canon and there aren't exactly a lot of drug abuse going on there. So when I read narcotic I automatically assumed it was an auto-correct mistake which would make sense considering this later sentence
>Her decaying breath invades the air.
I suspect that this is the reason why Lone15 though that Twilight was actually dead.

Secondly, you put a comma right in the middle of the sentence which threw me off completely and made me read it as two separate sentences.
>The narcotic stench of Sparkle's efforts to stay away,
I read this as Twilight exerting energy into staying away from Anon (which she clearly isn't so it made even less sense), and that it is the effort, a non-physical thing, and not Twilight, that is somehow very smelly.
>and aleart bare upon the sensitive filly nose.
And this sentence by itself just becomes nonsensical.
It wasn't until I read you spoilers that I finally understood that Twilight is doing drugs to stay awake and that Anon can smell it on her. But that still doesn't explain why she is doing any of this other than perhaps she's nuts.

>The Purple Alicorn's wing tips touch something as a ling string of mucus extends from where she possibly touched a very important filly spot.

Why would she suddenly be touching Anon for no reason? Why is Anon leaking even though nothing has previously happened? Why would you write mucus instead of something like vaginal juice? I had to google it to make sure you weren't actually talking about snot from his nose.

>"Good. I'm going back to bed, night."

Why did she come back and why did she just leave again right afterwards? I'm so confused.

>As day broke. A dity to keep the mind of the current state of affairs came to mind.

>"With blessings of above, let the day begin."
>Despair reigns supreme.
You wrote that he was singing at one point and I assume that this is it, though I seriously couldn't make any sense of it at all the first time I read it and that you were just filling up your word count. Put a musical note in there or something to indicate singing.

And that's it I guess. I feel like one of those annoyingly enthusiastic faggots over at fimfic who feels like they have to comment on every little word that they liked in a story, but I suppose that as a writer you would like that. Anyway I hope that this was at least a tiny bit helpful to you and thank you for the green. Sorry to anyone who saw a lot of text a thought I had made some green for you.


File: 1583198890021.png (66.77 KB, 248x380, No You.png)


File: 1583201681296.gif (13.51 MB, 754x593, Dog.gif)

13 megabytes gif tho


That is no problem with me.
>What I think makes it so confusing though is mainly a lack of proofreading and that the whole chain of events is just strange. So strange. Very strange.
Yeah, I should have done a better proof read and alot of words that should be different words would make sense. It is definitely a strange chain of events.
>One rainy afternoon, Anon and Twilight decides to go for a picnic out in the middle of nowhere
>Twilight forgot the plates so she magically chained Anon to the spot and goes back alone
>Anon does not question this
>After the entire day has passed and night begun, Anon begins to suspect that something might be wrong and is too anxious to fall asleep
>In the middle of the night, zombie/illusion/druggie Twilight returns to molest the cold and starving Anon
>Anon is unwilling which kills Twilight's boner because she's not into rape play so she leaves
>Anon manages to fall asleep until morning when he must perform his religious duty to praise the sun before falling into total despair
Basicly yes.
>Just what?
Ah, looking through all of your posts damn my train of logic doesn't make sense if I don't actually explain the world, and how stuff is different. I really messed up on that part. I should have kept the green around so I could have read it when I'm not half asleep, at the time of me posting the green.
Reading the green line by line there is quite a few errors that change what the whole sentence means. Ruining the experience.
I suppose I should keep on explaining in greens if the mystery thingy isn't an actual part of the entertainment.
I owe you one. Thank you for doing those posts.
>Anyway I hope that this was at least a tiny bit helpful to you
It's a big help to me. Trying to root out what exactly makes my writing confusing.

>the whole chain of events is just strange.
It's a side effect of why it's strange. The whole world building, and stuff is ment to invoke emotions. But, the jumps in logic break immersion and the emotions/thoughts I'm trying to create. Otherwise the entire thing is pulled by Deus Ex Machina without the satisfaction of just seeing the world play out. Seeing the bone structure that jarringly underlies everything. The whole goal of an enjoyable read that makes you feel darker emotions.


It's very nice.

"I'm calling to see how Rainbow Dash is doing."
>"Hello yes this is filly."
"Is this the hospital?"
>"No this is filly."


QT as fuck.


File: 1583206442343.png (165.54 KB, 640x640, 1512204294503.png)




File: 1583208330939.jpg (238.43 KB, 1920x1080, LoveIsInTheAir.jpg)

Fiiiiine you McFucking faggot… Wish AllNighter wasn't so goddamn dead right now
>Good things, bad things, weird shit?
Well, it was still a bit confusing like Sven said at points, but I really think you're making progress. I will admit that I love filly abuse, so I might not have caught every little mistake, but all in all it feels less like a fever dream. In some of your greens in the past, it had gotten to the point where I was having trouble even visualizing the events taking place in my mind's eye, but here it was all clear as day. You're getting better with setting, descriptors, etc.


>it feels less like a fever dream.
That's a good way of putting it.


File: 1583214528111.png (1.53 MB, 1748x2515, 1583206620680.png)



>Filly's reign of terror
Purple couldn't be more proud.


File: 1583215076202.png (255.14 KB, 964x1368, panicking filly.png)



>Age: Over 18 (citation needed)
>Height: 7' (citation needed)
>Sex: Not yet
top kek


>Height: 7'
Lanklet detected


File: 1583237025734.png (661.57 KB, 1491x939, bruh.png)

>Sex: Not yet


>Wanted Fugitive
>War Crimes
>Domestic T
Only Uncle Sam is allowed to do that. Hold on…
>Being a smug cunt
Aw snap that's pushing the line too far.

>$500,000 or less for information leading directly to the arrest of Anonymous Filly

Sounds like it's time to whip out the memes and greens.
One wild goose chase coming right up.


File: 1583262394965.jpg (236.5 KB, 900x599, rays through fog in forest.jpg)


>Your eyes shoot open to a wall of tall grass as you suck in a noticeably frigid breath.
>The freezing cold gives you no time to ponder on your fading dream.
>You’re shivering too much to even think straight.
>You sit in your little hole in the grass for a while, hugging your limbs as close to your body as you can.
>It doesn’t really help.
>Grudgingly, you try to stand on your hooves but groan.
>Exhaustion from yesterday's trek still clings to your body like a cloak.
>Your legs tremble with the effort and you try to fight it.
>For now, gravity proves stronger and you fall bodily back down.
>And yelp.
>Your left hind leg is still broken.
>It's a swollen mess and is tender as heck but at the same time… it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did yesterday.
>Maybe because of the cold or maybe because of how tired you are.
>Either way, that can't be a good thing.
>Another round of intense shivers snaps you out of that line of thinking.
>Your second attempt at standing is just as successful as the first but on the third you manage a shaky, unstable stance.
>You hurt and you’re tired and you’re worried about your leg and a million other things right now but most of all you are fucking cold.
>Casting a look around the field you look for something, anything really, to warm you up.
>The morning sun is up but is still behind the trees so it casts the field and you in their long shadows.
>Nothing really sticks out to you as particularly warming.
>Except for the sun.
>You could try to start a fire but you know that you’ve only seen it done a few times.
>The name Bear Grills comes to mind but that doesn’t help you.
>He's not here.
>You turn to face the boulder you slept next to and look up at the tall thing.
>The very top patch of the giant rock is nice and flat and most importantly lit up by the rays of the sun.
>Your eyes trail down from there, one part of your mind noting how difficult it's gonna be to climb that and the other not caring.
>You need to be warm yesterday.
>The rock was lopsided.
>Aside from a small ledge you'll need to climb to get onto it, that face rises to the flat spot in the sunlight at not too steep of an angle.
>It seems doable but you clench your eyes shut and cringe at the mere thought of falling.
>Opening your eyes again, you look up at the tip of the boulder illuminated in warming light.
>So close yet so far away.
>You know it's stupid and there’s a legion of reasons not to do it but your shivers override any semblance of patience.
>A shaky sigh escapes you and you take an unsteady step towards the rock.
"T-this is-s-s so s-stupid…"
>Your hoarse murmur is telling of your unused voice.
>With a huff you rear up on your one hindleg and hook your forehooves over the lip of the rock managing to do it on your first try.
>But then you stop there.
>Just like that.
>Suddenly the first ledge of this rock that seemed simple enough climb seems so much higher.
>The boulder itself seems much larger and your task doubly so.
>You just don’t have it in you.
>It may as well be a mountain.
>You turn your gaze away.
>Whether it was an attempt to break your sudden vertigo or you were just looking to see if there was anything you can use to climb the thing, you'll never know.
>It isn't as important as what you can see now that your head is that much higher above the grass.
>Propped up as you are, you can make out a figure.
>There, standing beyond the blades in what seems to be a thicket of cattails near the woodline stands a pony.
>A little pale blonde maned, grey coated filly.
>A flood of relief and even more fatigue washes over you at about the same time and you crack a smile before raising one of your forelegs as high as you can get it.
“H-hey! Over here! Help!”
>Of all the things you were expecting once you started yelling for help, the filly turning tail and bolting back into the trees wasn’t one of them.
“Hey wait! D-d-don’t go! I b-broke my leg!”
>An icy pit forms in your stomach.
>She’s not going to stop.
>She’s going to get away and you’ll be lost in here forever.
>It’s all you can do to not fall all over yourself in your scramble to get off the rock and half hobble, half canter after her.
“Please don’t go! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you filly! Please please please come back!”
>You frantically call after her while fighting your way through the tall grass.
>Try as you might, you aren’t making good time and you can practically feel her getting further and further away.
“I’m sorry! Come back!”
>In your haste you fail to see the drop once you break the grass and you fall off a small ledge into the mud of a creekbed.
>You land face first with your hind end hanging in the air for a moment.
>Then it falls to the side and your bad leg hits the ground.
>Your vision flashes white and you think you screamed.
>You can’t tell.
>All you can do is curl up and be cold and shake and writhe and groan and wait for the agony to pass back into manageable levels.
>But it never does.
>You don’t have it in you to ignore it anymore.
>It keeps hurting and hurting and hurting and it doesn’t stop.
>All your other injuries make themselves known and pile onto what you’re feeling and you just want it to stop.
>You wonder how you can hurt this bad with how tired you feel.
>You wonder when this will be over.
>You just want this to be over.
>At some point you become aware of the fact that you can’t hear the birds anymore and that aside from you, everything is still.
>The one time you manage to look around through everything you spot the reason why.
>There is a fucking manticore not even three meters from you stalking towards you.
>You want to cry so badly now.
>You’re so tired of fighting it.
>So you do.
>You’re hurt.
>You’re alone.
>You’re about to be eaten alive by a manticore.
>You don’t even remember what your own name is.
>All you have are bits and pieces of who you used to be.
>Not that it matters anymore does it?


File: 1583262685176.png (135.96 KB, 382x375, ruby.png)

>You turn your head away because you really don’t want to see the fucking thing coming and find your muzzle in front of the legs of that grey filly.
>How in the hell?
>You look up and get lost in twin pools of luminous pale gold.
>It’s when you notice that there are no whites to those eyes that the world starts to get a little runny around the edges.
>You manage to tear your own eye away but when you do you head just flops to the ground leaving your gaze on the big kitty.
>You can’t hold your neck up anymore.
>Also, there is no big kitty anymore.
>Maybe you are more messed up than you think.
>Maybe there wasn’t a big kitty to begin with and the knocked over sign that says “Welcome to Sunny Town” has been there the whole time.
>And now it's not.
>Because you are tired this time.
>Or maybe your good eye stopped working too.
>You’ll figure it out after…

I'm gonna try and update this weekly on Thursdays unless I have one before then like now. I'm slow as hell when writing so I don't know what that'll mean for the size of those updates but hopefully with this regular scheduled it'll be the fire under my ass that I need to improve my speed.


File: 1583274940103.png (294.99 KB, 1812x1639, 1551297783565.png)


Aw yes! Anon needs to see the big pussy that keeps disappearing.

There are many honorable answers to that question, but I will only choose one.


File: 1583283457469.png (297.02 KB, 1000x1414, 1583283361241.png)


File: 1583284743167-0.png (410.64 KB, 1400x989, 1582838721555.png)



Where does Anonloli live, Florida? Pants are unknown wherever she is.


>family life




File: 1583287266905-0.gif (49.05 KB, 360x408, FillyMilkAlpha.gif)

File: 1583287266905-1.gif (49.05 KB, 360x408, FillyMilkSolid.gif)



File: 1583287793211.png (134.81 KB, 800x514, tits yay.png)


You can't find trees like that in florida, all they have growing there is fucking oranges.


Immersion ruined, literally unfappable.


File: 1583290176125.png (90.23 KB, 560x400, twicane.png)

Fucking unf.


/r/ a greentext or a picture of Luftkrieg and her moms adopting an anonfilly.


>hors legs but hands


-Alchemy experiment unsuccessful
-Other subject showed concern
-More likely was trying to mate
-I will create the filly
-Nothing like the one word dog
-A real filly

t. Alchemist Sparkle


She's so full she's leaking, that must be painful. She should lend out her services as a wet nurse, could even get some money out of it.


If she can get that big before leaking as a filly, I can only imagine how much and how far filly will be able to hold her factories contents when she grows into a mare
Milky way sure is going to have some tough competition when expanding her business to Ponyville


>Thta filly in the tree
Is she the chosen one?
The one to free the fillies from the EqG menage?
The one waiting to take out the loli and-
Oh she just wanted to go back to her nap in the tree trunk, the others were just making too much noise…
Darn, someday…


So Anonloli, Anonfilly, little filly, and babby?
Wait, is mom a horse or a nohooves? Potential centaur?


File: 1583300571531.png (1.65 MB, 2569x2911, IWin.png)


File: 1583301003488.png (148.61 KB, 403x409, mmmmmmm.png)

Mmmmmmmm, really?


File: 1583301217492.gif (483.57 KB, 512x512, 1523942235802-2.gif)



File: 1583301479727.png (333.02 KB, 1300x1300, 1475984468052.png)

Shut up, you can't tell me what to do.


File: 1583305114941.png (254.42 KB, 800x920, 1566354.png)


File: 1583307665094.png (363.37 KB, 923x648, WJr7GNb.png)

I'm reading.


That's the spirit.


File: 1583337307770.png (66.98 KB, 450x362, Thread.png)

>Joins the filly discord


im the anon who started the anonfilly on earth story early last thread -- sorry that I abandoned it, I have issues with internet access with my current situation and I can only use google docs to write


Download notepad++ and use it to write your greentexts. It's available offline, autosaves your documents, and has a lot of other cool features. I use it to write sometimes.


>centaur filly
I really want to see this now.


It makes sense, that's the reason of the slow down.


This is illegal.


Not in Canada it isn't


File: 1583360670997.png (133.22 KB, 559x633, i'm right here mod.png)

>this shitfest of an argument again


File: 1583361680544.jpg (68.82 KB, 356x1024, 1537925283025m.jpg)

To speed things up more posts are to be had. Generating interaction, and content can be made by everyone here.
Imagine this pic related broadcast in Equestria (or in a different land ect.)

I will say that just about every post is top teir shit. Quality that lasts throughout the ages. As much as I would like MLPOL to be really fast, I prefer it being really good as it is first and foremost.


File: 1583363345171.png (1.57 MB, 4000x4000, 1756939.png)


>It was just supposed to be a simple truth-or-dare game.
>A few hard ciders, and a pack of mystery cupcakes, and now you're here.
>Twilight has spent months tring to get into the Anonfilly only area.
>Information probes, shoddy costumes, and a bear in a wig describes just how far she will go for a fascinating mysterious knowledge.
>If only we made it harder to be tracked.
>A man has to have principles to live by even with Twilight pressuring you inside and out.
>The secrets of the Anonfilly cove will never be infringed.
>Because the first rule of filly club, is… well you know.


This is really sweet, warms my heart frend.
Shut down your hugbox server and maybe then it'll end. Until that happens, I don't think the argument will ever stop because it's pretty fucking true. Even though we have quality on our side, we're pretty slow and the discord with its instaneous (You)s is likely to blame.


Topest KEK.


Filly is a good cunt and purple would never go futa.


I disappear for a week and come back to see more discord arguments.


Magic strap on dildos. Easy fix. Magic solves all the problems, unless it makes them, then use more magic.

Hunh, so what if a conspiracy nut inb4 that's eveyone here became the filly in Equestria foretelling the technological advances that would come.

"Television sets in every home."
>"You're pulling my leg. Those cluncky things?"
"Yeah! And then one day ponies will shitpost on the internet on imageboards."
>"You still never told me what an internet is."


How much do anon filly plushes go for? How much would a life sized filly plush go for?


At the very least the cost to manufacture. All the materials and work hours put in for a quality product. All dependent on demand, and how good the product (the filly plush) is.
But about how big is life size?


>But about how big is life size?
I was thinking 2-3ft. Reason I ask is because I recently acquired an embroidery machine and I eventually want to start doing plushies.


Step 1: draw the concept
Step 2: draw the blueprint
Step 3: produce a prototype
Step 4: produce a refined prototype
Step 5: produce the final model


File: 1583374640078.gif (179.13 KB, 192x140, 1583374436924.gif)


File: 1583375899461.jpg (356.28 KB, 1214x1239, 1538805111806.jpg)

That's great!
>tfw ywn be the mouse pointer in Equestria
>ywn have the princess ask you to duplicate stuff
>ywn accidentally duplicate half the castle trying to make a cake for a party and have to undo it all
>ywn giggle the anonfilly by body slamming on her


I remember there was a write prompt about an anonfilly orphanage a while back (think it was back on 4chan). Did anything ever come of that?


This is a great idea to develop.


File: 1583377739218.png (302.44 KB, 1000x738, 20200304_170712.png)


Link to the prompt faggot. I might do a one-off if you can find it.


That's pretty lewd. Good thing Anonfilly is adjusting to life in Equestria so quickly.


Is that related to Invisible Man?


About a grand, give or take, depending on the maker


File: 1583386347942.png (91.49 KB, 1736x1945, SinFin.png)


File: 1583389927283.png (977.35 KB, 2540x2711, 1493219.png)


File: 1583389998780.png (Spoiler Image, 126.6 KB, 1000x1414, 1583389928437.png)


kek. I would up Twiggles a cup or two to make the difference more apparent though.


File: 1583393304585.jpeg (45.82 KB, 800x600, wth.jpeg)

>Vicious filly


>life size is only 2-3 feet
Son, we need to talk. Come to the farm and I'll show you life sized fillies.


we're not talking real horses, we're talking pastel cartoon ones. Real horses are big enough to fuck standing, pastel cartoon horses aren't.


>"Great, no dick AND a loli chest. Got a fork or should I just stick my finger in the light socket?"
You are still a faguette. My plush is 56 inches long, unless you meant 36 inches tall instead of long, you're still an gay.


File: 1583396387428.jpg (125.09 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>what is sin
Our punishment for using machina. You been living under a rock, ya?


I'm not even the same guy, I just decided to interject because I'm bored.


File: 1583397550569-0.jpg (166.98 KB, 642x546, BigPoniesSizeComparison.jpg)

All we know is that the characters in the show are ponies, there's still a lot of variability. Some ponies stand at shoulder-height of full-size horses, others are practically cat-sized.
>Real horses are big enough to fuck standing
I'm sure you speak from experience.


I know some autists did the math from what EqG gave us in terms of measurements and it turns out that the average grown pony is about 3-3.5 feet tall while the alicorns are around 4.5-5 feet tall, and lacking any official canon size confirmations, I'm going with those measurements.
>I'm sure you speak from experience.
I wish.


>I know some autists did the math from what EqG gave us in terms of measurements
Implying the ayyys aren't actually 10 feet tall.


they're supposed to be """""""""human"""""""""" so I'm judging them as human. I agree, they're far from it; however, that still doesn't change what we've been given.


File: 1583400489576.png (532.8 KB, 1173x559, 78896214852.png)

Today I will remind them.


File: 1583400804312.jpg (69.13 KB, 1024x1199, scared_anonfilly.jpg)

WTF, Celestia save us.


Good job. Science has no bounds, only ponies.
Anonfilly the eqg just has to hit the growth spurt anyway.
Poner size at that ratio. Perfect height to stare at the man meat. Anonfilly would be good ankle biter.
No step on snek! Hissss.


File: 1583417596209-0.png (92.6 KB, 300x300, Applejack_and_the_cows_S01….png)

File: 1583417596209-1.png (6.83 KB, 282x179, descarga.png)

File: 1583417596209-2.jpg (45.15 KB, 547x504, IMG_20200305_111120.jpg)

Ponies in the show are size of mini horses


>My Little Pony is little
Who would've thought?


i remember that an acronym exist to denote a mare at perfect height for fucking without the need to get up on something… are the ponies that?
or are they instead at perfect bj height?


>i remember that an acronym exist to denote a mare at perfect height for fucking without the need to get up on something.
JRHNBR (Just Right Height No Bucket Required)




How do you know cows are the proper size?


File: 1583449520051.jpeg (491.97 KB, 1414x1000, 412288.jpeg)

This will be the real pony size when the rift finally opens and humans get first contact with friendship

That said:
Lost Anonfilly coming back to earth as a "kaiju" when?


File: 1583449976986.jpg (4.03 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0100.JPG)

>mini hors
For reference
Gawd I want one


Here's a short green.
>I'm not really sure if this is appropriate.
"Soooo, uhhh, waterfags which way is the closest to land?"
>All I wanted was Twilight to chuck me back to Earth, send a letter to my folks, shit post a bit on the horsewhispering forum, and hop back.
>Maybe with some more horsefuckers.
>Instead there's this.
>These Somali Pirates shooting me, and sailing their boat away.
>It's not like the tiny bullets do anything…
>Fuck it I'll follow them.

>Le Timeskip

>A Helicopter is following me… I think it has a camera.

"Hi ma, Hi pa look at me now all grown up, and on TV!"
"Hey which way is the United States?"
>Hold on…
>Yes U.S. first, then several other locations…

"A giant speaking horse has appeared in the Pacific Ocean, John what's the situation."
>"She says she's Anonymous! Oh dear fuck! The end times are here!"
"Thanks, John. Later at 4 how do we deal with the godzilla hors- ah this just in, it's a giant child pony filly girl."
"At four there is several discussions about in case of an emergency what weapons might be needed."

>"Nuke 'em in the ass! It's a big like target."

>"Nuke it in the vaginal opening a less guarded target than right by the tail!"
>"Fuck you all Nuke it everywhere, and give it the Corona-virus too!"


File: 1583454364376-0.png (87.71 KB, 730x913, 2290549.png)

I fucking hate derpibooru.


File: 1583457225550.png (32.46 KB, 542x316, 2140445.png)

>Gawd I want one
Please do not fuck the mini horses.


File: 1583457700582.png (211.03 KB, 1080x1116, 1560101207216.png)

Only fuck the micro horses. Got it.


Was hoping for a green until either she found her way home or purple came for the "rescue", but that ending was top kek

Any update on the nazi flag edit? Should we upload again and put the artist comment on the image description?


Nothing yet, though based on some Seb operations the mods will probably just delete it and slap a ban on whoever uploaded it again. The artist seemingly doesn't care about us having the right to upload it, and based off of that discord screencap is a bit of a spineless asswipe. It's a shame, I wanted to like the faggot who was making the anonfilly game.


File: 1583461028457.jpeg (625.68 KB, 1694x1853, 1525348.jpeg)

Fucking micro horses is fine as long as they're into it.



>NatSoc Ponytown.
Fillies are taking over.


File: 1583462307308.jpeg (81.89 KB, 800x450, no no no.jpeg)

That filly looks like a cow.
The artist is anti-filly.


Boy howdy, I can't wait for them to fucking claim that nazis are trying to 'subvert' anonfilly because they think it's theirs. Thanks Seth, fucking cunt.


File: 1583462743786.png (879.07 KB, 2795x2728, AnonfillySittingOnThrone.png)

Make the flag anti-Griffon instead. It's less "on the nose" (or "on the beak") but it gets our point across.

They want a war? We'll give them a war.


Oh right, and there's a thread up where the artist is tripfagging and the OP image is that fucking flag gif. Jannies are deleting posts calling out trannies, and generally people are really fucking angry. Might be a good time to go fishing.


File: 1583463644663.jpg (26.51 KB, 388x418, 1526535735448.jpg)

>jannie takes the time to delete 140 posts for being off topic
>doesn't delete the entire blatantly off topic bait thread
Did jannies' boyfriend decide to spend an extra night with his bull or something?


I'm on it.


File: 1583465464596.png (94.73 KB, 839x928, 1454877885216.png)

When the fuck did /mlp/ become such a lefty shithole, jesus christ.


File: 1583466885588.png (1.25 MB, 1056x1024, ApplejackListeningToMusic.png)

Still not as faggy as blocking VPNs from posting. Applejack did nothing wrong.


File: 1583474904901-0.png (118.87 KB, 900x995, img-2673431-1-aj_disappoin….png)

File: 1583474904901-1.png (416.6 KB, 960x960, keek.png)

A jannie must be upset from missing his hrt


>Celestia and Luna have Anonfillies.
>Walk in on a sophisticated debate between the two.
>Sit and watch, but can't understand what they're talking about.
>They come to a agreement and shake hooves.
>It's only then they notice their mothers.
>"Mommy!" Both cry out before running for a hug.
>"Good to see you too sunshine~" Celestia says hugging her filly.
>"Yes, we love you too moonbeam~" Luna says hugging her filly.
>The hug stays for a bit.
>"Well, seems like you two were having quite the discussion, would it be okay to ask what about?" Celestia ask petting her filly's head.
>The filly looks excited.
>"We were trying to decide who was the best aunt!"
>Luna chuckles as she thinks about how this discussion came to be.
>Especially seeing as they both only have one aunt, excluding honorary of course.
>"And who did you both decide?" Celestia ask with a smile.
>Both mares feel the fillies leave their hooves and their sides be hugged by another.
>"You both are best aunts!" They both say in sync.
>"Aww~" The sisters coo as they hug their nieces.
>There's a pause until Luna speaks up.
>"Now." She says looking back and forth between the two. "Who's the best Cousin? Twilly, or Candy?"


File: 1583476968322.png (607.47 KB, 1080x1080, Flytter.png)


threadly reminder filly is not for sexual and lewding her is illegal that being said I'm a fag for not contributing.
>Be filly
>It had been a week since you got to Equestria and you had been to nervous to snuggle
>You wanted to ask to be part of the cuddle piles or the private snuggles all the other fillies were having
>All your little pony mind could think of is how bad it would hurt to be rejected
>What if you were the one filly no one else wanted to snuggle
>Maybe they would all think you were too weird to sleep with
>You couldn't handle the rejection so instead you secluded yourself from the rest of the group
>There were hundreds of green fillies, no of them would notice if one wasn't present in the masses
>or so you thought
>"Hey faggot, why are you trying to get out of cuddling in my cuddle piles. Not good enough to snuggle with the rest of us or something?"
>A pretty filly with long black hair who seemed a little older had cornered you in your room
>She must have been stalking you
>She glared angerly as she moved closer
>Her muzzle almost touching yours
>"I put a lot of effort into those things and yet you're always slipping off. Well no more, you and me are gonna cuddle right bucking now missy."
>You try to protest but the older filly pushes you onto your silky bed with a soft pomf and quickly climbs her way on top
"H-hey stop that, I don't even like your gay ass cuddles dude. leave me out of this."
>Your words only seem to pour fuel on this filly's fire as she presses her warm fluffy body against yours and nuzzles your neck
>"Oh no, we are gonna cuddle and snuggle all night long and you are gonna like it. No if ands or butts besides ours."
>With a happy murr she slips her hooves around your body and holds you close
>There is no escape from the absolute gayness of the situation, this filly hapeist didnt even say no homo before hoof
>You just so happen to be wearing your lucky purple socks that evening to ward of this kinda homo
>The filly on top of you though is naked as the day she teleported to equestria
>Reluctantly your socked non homo hooves slip around her in return, earning you a tight squeeze and a happy sigh
>A blush forms across your cheeks as you begin to stroke her back
>sleepily the big filly begins to talk once more
>"This doesn't exempt you from the cuddle pile. I expect your fluffy butt to be there."
>She yawns and snuggles you a bit more before the two of you slip into a deep sleep full of warm snugly fillies
>A smile slowly forming on your face as for the first time you finally feel at home


What is she, some faggot goat?


File: 1583479293564.jpeg (2 MB, 3264x2448, C3E2D709-ACA3-4B8A-8A99-F….jpeg)

Yotsuba likes the filly.


Maybe she is faggot.


pretty sure OP was shitposting but it's hilarious how the jannies are completely fucking obsessed with the tranny hate spam to even notice lmao


File: 1583492773337.jpg (93.75 KB, 1080x1072, AllYourSymbolsBelongToUs.jpg)

Have anons really given up on turning the rainbow flag into a hate symbol? Give filly clown makeup and you have something more subversive than a swastika.


File: 1583495384140.png (428.14 KB, 1634x1689, NOJSaIZ.png)

>Have anons really given up on turning the rainbow flag into a hate symbol?
Wrong thread faggot.


File: 1583535219890.png (4.22 MB, 4907x3645, 2291393.png)


File: 1583540167958-0.png (408.04 KB, 1920x1080, 1080pussy.png)


File: 1583540540528.png (170.13 KB, 786x636, 1580273805626-0.png)

Filly isn't a whore.


File: 1583540957322.png (377.25 KB, 1825x1389, chhhhhhhhhhh.png)


"Miss Filly Miss Filly, let me in."
"Not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin!"
"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and fill you to the brim!"


W-wew that's kinda of a really awesome rendition and may be a little bit l-llyrical with that ending.


File: 1583543380793.gif (1.14 MB, 578x600, lick.gif)

Sweetest pussy.


based pestil


>implying anon wouldn't sell her body for bits and blackmail
Come on, we all know she would. If purple didn't stop her she'd end up owning all of Ponyville through nothing but the power of filly pussy.


File: 1583548470337.jpg (186.54 KB, 900x900, fdzhdzrhdg.jpg)

>If purple didn't stop her she'd end up owning all of Ponyville through nothing but the power of filly pussy.
Reeeeeee. Filly is own her way to whoredom.


File: 1583549547982.png (618.87 KB, 2016x1099, 347532.png)

Hello Satan how are you doing?


File: 1583556249665.jpg (83.07 KB, 696x965, 2276260.jpg)


File: 1583557788922.png (3.91 MB, 2163x3074, mlp-OC-my-little-pony-880.png)

Those profits are confiscated by the Equestrian Royal Guard.
Filly is confined into Purple's home, permanently.


File: 1583561582779.png (Spoiler Image, 137.64 KB, 350x350, 1538781429258.png)

Holy fuck I feel awful just making this first damned pun.
I'm not sure how much of a petting zoo filly runs, but I hope they have lots of kids. The goats will definitely bring in loads of customers.
Looks like window shopping is the new thing in style…
It's not like a library open to the public can keep anyone out. Like some hotel you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
Actually, you know what, this makes the job being the head librarian a whole 'nother meaning. Just like that asshole librarian.


For anyone who cares about the fimfiction contest, the story 2+2=3? got 21 points and just barely managed to win against the runner ups' 20.
Looks like fillys following on fimfiction is very low though as only 13 people bothered to vote at all


I had an idea that I was sure would win, but couldn't work up the fucking nerve to finish it, so I whipped up that entry in about two hours. Just goes to show that even after over two years of writing horrible things happening to filly, too close to home is still too close to home….


Thread was finally deleted, likely after one of the sensible janitors finally came online. Good job to everyone who went fishing, I appreciate your subtlety and I believe only one such post was outright deleted before the thread was axed. I think there's a good chance of seeing a few new members soon.


File: 1583608137474.png (226.96 KB, 1300x1600, ReiFilly.png)



At least you got $10 out of it.
What was the idea though if you don't mind answering?


File: 1583620678858.png (92.73 KB, 364x512, 2277714.png)

“We did not call thee ‘small’,” Princess Luna argued, “We merely remarked that thy stature is perfect for this assignment.”

The air chariot was making a good pace towards Ponyville, the enchanted metal cut the night air like a knife and reduced the sound of the howling wind to a dull murmur.

“You want me to meet with a filly who is intimidated by ponies taller than herself,” Replied Corporal Mango of Her Highness Royal Night Guard, “What else could you possibly have meant by that, Princess? At least allow me to wear my armor.”

“Dost thou pride thyself on thy ability to frighten young foals?” Questioned Luna, “If thou sayest neigh, thou hast no reason to take offense at this assignment.”

Mango straightened his posture to sit a little taller, but next to his Princess he could be mistaken for a colt.

“As you say, Princess,” Mango grumbled.


Smol, like your update. And you know what they say, smol update = smol pp. So if you don't wan't to have a small penis you better deliver bigger posts.


File: 1583621917080.png (1.72 MB, 10000x12200, 2266933.png)

Redheart sighed as she made her way towards the exit. Her hooves ached and she could imagine crawling into bed.

“Redheart, a moment please.” A voice called from behind her.

“If it can’t wait until tomorrow, find somepony else,” Redheart replied without looking back.

“Wait,” Paper Stack, Assistant Director of Nursing, stepped into her path, “You looked after Green today and yesterday, right?”

Redheart sighed again. “Is there another problem with Green?”

If Green was asking for her she’d go back, she decided, even if it was technically illegal for her to work any more hours today.

“You’d know better than I,” Paper Stack admitted, “To that end, I want you to attend Green’s progress review.”

If eyes could speak, Redheart’s would have been screaming ‘are you bucking serious’ as she pushed past Paper Stack to walk towards the door.

“Sure, fine, when is it?”


Redheart turned back and gave Paper Stack a suspicious glare.


Paper Stack nodded and tried to look apologetic.

“You’re holding a progress review meeting in the middle of the night,” Redheart asked incredulously, “For a patient in stable condition who’s been with us less than three days?”

“The princess is coming to check on Green’s care,” Paperstack explained.

“Alright, good luck with that.” Redheart continued towards the door.

“You can’t leave,” Paper Stack instructed, or pleaded - Redheart was too tired to tell the difference. “The meeting is in less than an hour.”

“Do you have a royal decree ordering me to attend?” Redheart questioned, “If not, I need to leave now, I have a shift in the morning and it’s illegal for me to stay any longer tonight.”

“I’ll find somepony to cover your shift,” Paper Stack begged, “I’ll give you an extra day of paid leave at double-time rate.”

“Can you actually find somepony to cover my shift at this time of night?” Redheart asked. “I don’t want them working short-staffed.”

“If I can’t find somepony I’ll cover your shift myself.” Paper Stack promised, “I still keep my registration up to date.”

Redheart smirked at the idea of Paperstack being back on the floor after more than a decade of administration work.

“I’ll hold you to that.” Redheart quipped, “Now if you’ll excuse me I need to consume twice my body weight in coffee.”


Hmmm, something ain't right here.


File: 1583622666134.jpg (283.16 KB, 1907x1080, 2245469.jpg)

“Are you sure we’re talking about the same filly?” Twilight asked, “Rainbow was ranting all of yesterday about how she was too dangerous to be around other fillies, and now you’re telling me she was so timid she could barely speak.”

Unlike her night-owl friend, Applejack was the kind of pony that went to bed early so she could rise before Celestia’s sun. The farm pony let out a yawn.

“Well, Green did leave a nasty bruise on Scootaloo’s face,” Applejack responded, “You know how protective Rainbow is of her little sister.”

“So it was an accident?” Twilight questioned.

“From what Apple Bloom told me, Green was so delirious she thought the crusaders were a pack of Timberwolves.”

“Is she still-”

“No,” Applejack quickly clarified, “She knows what’s going on now, she’s just… terrified. She doesn’t have anypony to turn to.”

“She has you.” Twilight placed a hoof on her friend’s shoulder.

“Maybe not.”

“You’re having second thoughts?”

“Not at all, Ah just - Ah don’t think she likes me.” Applejack replied

“She barely knows you.”

“She knows of me,” Applejack explained, “And the thought of tha’ element of Honesty punishin’ her for lying scares tha’ piss outta her.”

“You mean literally, or…” Twilight trailed off.

It took the farm pony a moment to realise what Twilight was implying.

“This ain’t a joking matter, Twi.” Applejack chided.

“It was an honest question,” Twilight blushed, “Sometimes when a filly her age gets very scared or very excited, certain… things… can happen.”

Applejack raised an eyebrow. “Are ya speaking from experience?”

“What?” Twilight’s blush deepened, “No! Of course not!”

Applejack gave a knowing smile. “Whatever you say, Princess.”

“H-hey!” Twilight sputtered, “Don’t use your honesty powers on me!”

“Ah keep tellin’ y’all ah don’t have any freaky mind readin’ powers,” Applejack snorted. “Y’all just ain’t that good at fibbin’.”

Twilight huffed and tried to set her ruffled feathers straight.

“Yer secret is safe with me, Princess Sprinkle.” Applejack giggled.

“Hey- is that Princess Luna?” Twilight interrupted loudly.

“Where-” Applejack’s question was interrupted by a sudden flash of magenta as Twilight dragged her into a rougher-than-necessary teleport. The two popped into existence in front of the hospital just in time to see Luna’s air chariot coming in for a landing.

“Land sakes girl,” Applejack admonished, “Warn a pony before you go and do that.”

Twilight smiled sheepishly.

“Well met, Twilight Sparkle.” Luna greeted, stepping off of her chariot.

Applejack briefly bowed to Luna. Twilight twitched slightly as she almost bowed, but remembered she was a Princess too.

“Rise, Applejack,” Luna commanded, “You need not be so formal whilst we are among friends.”

“We were hoping that after the meeting concludes we might engage in some stargazing.” Luna had a giddy sense of excitement as she suggested this. “We have made a few changes to the night sky and would be interested to hear your opinion.”

“Ugh,” Twilight huffed in frustration, “Can’t anypony take this seriously? We’re here to discuss serious matters.”

Luna’s good cheer seemed to evaporate, her face becoming an unreadable mask, the shadows around her seeming to darken slightly.

“Do not mistake our good cheer for a lack of resolve, young princess.” Luna spoke. “Those who would seek to harm the least of our subjects shall face our wrath. Every day, somewhere in Equestria, a pony is having the worst day of their life, yet for us it is merely Tuesday. It is noble to do what you can for your subjects, but you serve nopony by drowning yourself in their misery.”

Twilight swallowed nervously. Applejack, sensing her friend's discomfort, looked for a way to change the subject. She spotted the small thestral that Luna had brought with her and walked towards him.

“And who’s this little one?” Applejack moved to pet the young thestral’s mane, only to yelp in surprise as the pony nipped at her hoof with sharp teeth.Luna glared at him.

Mango shrunk even lower than his usual, already-modest height.

“This is Corporal Mango,” Luna explained, “One of my guards, and he does not normally behave so childishly. Come, all of you, we shall speak more inside.”


File: 1583626378591.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


You been busy, son?


File: 1583627262831.jpg (105.49 KB, 1440x1812, 1559231840055-2.jpg)

a cute angel


File: 1583627481954-0.mp3 (35.81 KB, Twilight1.mp3)

File: 1583627481954-1.mp3 (54.61 KB, Twilight2.mp3)

File: 1583627481954-2.mp3 (42.39 KB, Twilight3.mp3)


This filly is more of a pussy than in any other green we've had here.


I am. But I try to make time.


File: 1583628685656-0.mp3 (143.29 KB, DammitFluttershy.mp3)

Nice. I can hardly wait for that tech to be put out there for us all to use in an easy format.


Nice, but smol


File: 1583630876720-0.mp3 (138.8 KB, ShodanSparkle.mp3)

File: 1583630876720-1.mp3 (146.96 KB, ShodanSparkleWithReverseEc….mp3)

…and that got me tinkering a bit.


File: 1583633234722-0.mp3 (68.26 KB, Collar.mp3)

File: 1583633234722-1.mp3 (54.41 KB, Gratitude.mp3)

File: 1583633234722-2.mp3 (66.53 KB, LastChance.mp3)

File: 1583633234722-3.mp3 (85.62 KB, LittleFillies.mp3)

File: 1583633234722-4.mp3 (101.26 KB, FookingRaw.mp3)


File: 1583634779782-0.png (215.94 KB, 462x640, FUCKKP1.png)


File: 1583635773564-0.png (430.38 KB, 706x703, 1550934679763.png)


File: 1583635777611.mp3 (16.37 KB, i wish for filly to pee in….mp3)


File: 1583636421826.jpg (118.06 KB, 1101x823, 2284104[1].jpg)


Filly was made for dramatic poses.


>fluttershy babysits filly when twi is away on princess duties
>fluttershy lewds the fuck out of filly when they're alone
>fluttershy constantly playing mommy when twi isnt around


Yeah, I guess…
Filly has to come to terms with Twimommy, accept the fact that her mom is long dead, and that she should be happy with what she can get.


File: 1583649239325.mp3 (1.85 MB, OccultFacadePart1.mp3)

Man, my green doesn't translate well to speech, but it's been fun. it's a lot longer than I thought it would be at 2:34
Twilight- Anonymous (OccultFacade)
Fluttershy- Fancy Pants
It's even more of a fever dream listening to the good enough audio.



Reminds me of open-air Shakespeare.


That is an emotionally touching story. and possibly turn for the darker end.

I'll be honest I forgot about it. Reading the stories… Lone's fiction submission would have worked better as a green since greens arn't allowed transforming it in that time would be a difficult exercise. I like the idea's in Lone's story, the nitty gritty language formatting can be off putting to some.

2+2=3 has every checkmark for widest audience approval. Filly, humor(s), self(filly) deprecation, a superiority over the ponies, a B-plot that has some value,


Damnit, didn't mean to post yet.

>Continuing, math mindcontrol mistake.

The two plots recombine, filly has a single easy to comprehend desire, the conclusion put everything together.
Not my favourite, but not horrible.
>Steak, and everypony forgets Anonymous is a grown ass man.
A theme of the single desire, and the consequences both good and bad that follow from exploring them. Despite the heavy handed hand waving for why no one cares that Anon was a grown man. Also happens to be the deus ex machina. It did stick to its guns as Anon continues the journey for a damn good steak. Would have been better as episodic. A series of Anon trying and failing to get some meat. R.I.P. steak you'll be missed.
>The Well, a Starlight 'stick em in the gulag' glimmer pov story.
Anon filly is the problem as commie is apathetic, even suprised at common good being generated by Trixie without state prompting. Of and Anonymous happened to be in it, then was removed from existence by the well reducing what was there, into babby and OC. Ot could have been better. True to form in communist fashion even the total erasure of Anonymous as a person isn't enough.

I have to say Lone you did pretty damn good for making it in 2 hours. An interesting story with even more potential depth. For that here is this prize.
U R topest QT congratulations!


>Greek epic filly
The Gods must be proud.


That might have been a better green yeah. I rated Dreams the lowest, but I really liked the detail where their cutiemarks wasn't just a normal question mark but instead objects shaped like it. I don't think I've ever seen them being used like that before and it really made it seem like the fillies had acclimated into the world better.


File: 1583671869851.jpg (752.73 KB, 1536x2048, 1350907261.deasly_raristom….jpg)

>Steak, and everypony forgets Anonymous is a grown ass man.
Not any longer. Now he's a silly filly and must follow Purple's rules.


"I call this composition, abusive Twiggy through the ages."


Discord faggots are making these, uploading them as .wavs, and I need to leave for work in ten minutes so no time to convert.
Diaperfaggotry ahead, of fucking course.


Clicking on those links only downloads the files
Why not just post what they're using to make them?


It's a fun toy, but for it really to be useful there needs to be some way of manually indicating inflection and tone.


File: 1583723617906.mp3 (57.55 KB, OP HERE.mp3)

Sometimes I swear it knows what it's reading.


File: 1583724137415.png (452.67 KB, 944x1080, 154.png)


Had a crackpot story idea while I was being a wage slave.
>Little 12-year olds hear about the scary hacker 4chan
>Go on /mlp/
>One of them comes along the anonfilly thread
>Unironic "I'm 12 and what is this?"
>No responses because everyone thinks they're shitposting
>They all go about their day to day and then the other two underageb& faggots go home
>That night, a propane tank explodes near the kid's house, the shock wave from the blast killing him and his parents.
>His parents of course go to heaven/hell.
>The kid, having posted in the anonfilly thread, has other things planned for him.
>Pops up in Equestria
>Everyone screaming shitty memes and fucking around.
>Occult and Lone are probably already scissoring, the works.
>Little kid has no idea what the fuck is going on.
I dunno, continue it if you want to.


She knows.
The excitement is undeniable.


File: 1583727107194.png (52.21 KB, 1100x800, 1538857259419.png)

>Pops up in Equestria
Poor kid. Hope he likes horses enough.
>Little kid has no idea what the fuck is going on.
I'd imagine fillies would quickly catch on that something isn't quite right when he bursts into tears asking for his mommy/daddy.
Sussing out the story from the premature newfag it's quickly decided that going to a adoptive family, and a child (foal?) therapist would be the most expedient option.
>But for an actual story.
Pic related happens.
Raised as a wild newfag, honed in the pits of culture. Lessons of the pony, and friendship is magic.
School is tough, everyone else thinks the newfag is either a toptier method actor shitposter, or an idiot savant.
Protonewfag is spooked from explosions.
Pinkie almost has the full picture, but not quite enough to actually do anything.
So she does party cannons.
Kid keeps answering as a kid. Nobody actually takes him seriously.
He can't get into the cool fillies box fort due to being a normie newfag. So ah, weird shit doesn't happen to him.
Ponies treat him like a kid, sorta.
Leaving the once male in an extreme limbo state. Everything he knows is gone, ect. (Normal Anon stuff). Doesn't quite fit in with ponies or other Anons. Hasn't grown up yet. A coming of age story filled with memes and loss.
Cue episodic (slice of life) shenanigans from misunderstandings from everyone.
It will be a glorious train wreck of logic burning from the not quite true understanding of him.

>Occult and Lone are probably already scissoring, the works.

Kek. I'd (OccultFacade) be busy trying to see real magic in action. (No offense, but…) No homo poon can wait, the keys to universe must be obtained as soon as possible. Being the timetraveler is far better to get it as early as possible.


File: 1583729565514.jpg (1.7 MB, 3264x1948, Pedro.jpg)

Yeah, would've been better if I had had the strength to write what I wanted to. I still have the draft in my drive just like the unfinished draft for Sven's contest, likely never to see the light of day because it isn't up to my standards. Dreams really isn't up to my standards either, funnily enough I came up with it after getting around to reading "The Little Black Bag" even though the two have almost nothing to do with each other. Still a good read.
No u faggot.
I'm glad you liked that, I pride myself on little details like that in my work. If you look at a lot of my older drawings you'll see doctored question marks. Pic related is one of the less shit examples I could find.


File: 1583738275253.png (515.24 KB, 2580x1587, sleepinganonfilly.png)

Filly is asleep


File: 1583740970135.png (4.05 MB, 3759x3403, wake up.png)


>"Yo faggot, you good? You've just been lying there for hours now. Everyone else has fucked off to go try and force themselves into someone's life. I know you just kicked the bucket from your perspective, but if you're here there must be a part of you that wanted that."
>You ignore the rudeness of the… thing standing over you and roll over.
"I… don't think I'm supposed to be here."
>It chuckles.
>"Supposed to? You've got that right. None of us are, come on. My fuckin' wallet came with me and something about the process turned all of the dollars inside into bits. I'll buy you a milkshake."
"What are you? Where the heck am I?"
>"Oh god, don't tell me you're one of those 9gag-tier wholesome memers who says heck all the time."
"I haven't used 9gag in a while."
>"Good. Anyways, I'm pretty sure you can figure out what you are. A pony, a goddamn magical horse. Just like some of us wanted back on /mlp/."
"Oh, yeah…"
>You went on that site earlier, didn't you? Before bed?
>"Well, we're here. There might be a few other fillies inside. You seem a bit autistic bro, just let me talk for you for the time being, m'kay?"
Will continue later.


File: 1583780728582.png (158.53 KB, 784x960, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….png)

Oh great, now she's gonna be cranky all day!


File: 1583791123183.png (241.91 KB, 556x600, medium.png)



Then hit her.


The question to be raised is how the fuck an obvious diaperfag such as yourself didn't already know about that image and is just now bringing up such a complaint.


>He can't get into the cool fillies box fort due to being a normie newfag.
no normies in the Kool Kids Klub, REEE


File: 1583794532086.png (113.49 KB, 800x800, dcu5o9i-6010e594-c56d-4b63….png)

Amazing momfu.
Filly couldn't be more pleased.


>its time for a bath
>Today all the fillies went to the park with Twilight
>Now the day is done and Twi had to drag home a couple dozen dirty sleepy fillies
>Of course dirty fillies cant go to bed all messy
>Bath time
>Cleaning so many fillies is hard work so Twilight enlists the bigger fillies to clean the smaller ones
>"stop squirming you little faggot and let big sister clean behind your ears"
"If you don't stop wriggling I'm eating your tendies"


File: 1583800666682.png (428.22 KB, 1294x909, 1450681.png)

>using a bottle
>not nursing her directly
What a terrible mother.


>Be filly
>Anon is throwing the tennis ball for you
>Suddenly, he stops throwing it
>Have to go home and go to bed
>Sunday night, so gay school in the morning
>Class is fucking boring and takes ages
>Finally out of school, gonna play with Little League and Luftkrieg
>Anon drags you along to the dentist office instead
>Have to get two cavities filled
>Too woozy to do shit afterwards because Equestria uses Nitrous Oxide
>Go back to bed
>Wake up
>Time for school…


Deja vu. At least there are ponies, and a good environment.

You never know she might have a milk pump for emergency times.
Hey… Anon might get to equestria before the formula fad starts. inb4 it was actually another conspiracy. It probably was somehow…
Baby formula linked to various problems later in life ect. Vs breast feeding


Found it
>The first Anonfillies were few in number
>Twilight assigned them parents from the local ponies in Ponyville
>Then more came, and more, too many to care for
>Twilight opened the Ponyville orphanage
>No pony wanted to raise an Anonfilly, they were horrible creatures with foul attitudes, and in the orphanage they stayed
>But amongst the Anonfillies, a rumor spread
>One of a group of Anonfillies who were kicked out by their parents, who went to live in Froggy Bottom Bog
>It was said they worshipped frogs and snuck into Ponyville every night to wreak havoc
>The Devil Squad they were called
>They were so inexorably D E V I L I S H that they could not be loved by even the kindest pony
>It's said that any Anonfilly who escapes the orphanage and gets to Froggy Bottom Bog can join if they prove that they're d e v i l i s h enough


File: 1583809167346-0.jpg (428.81 KB, 2000x1500, 2293853.jpg)

>"Anon hunny bun, I don't understand what you based this off, but it's very well made dear! Very, very, good work!" Twilight says as she hugs the unicorn filly. "I'm very proud."
>The filly snuggles into the hug before breaking it.
"Try it on!"
>The filly proclaims happily.
>Twilight chuckles.
>"Jeez, you're more excited than Rarity." She says ruffling her mane.
"Come on! Try it!"
>"Okay, okay." Twilight says as she puts it over her head. "Wow it's a perfect-Woah."
>She stops as she hears herself come through the helmet's speaker.
>She sounds, stronger, more intimidating."
>"That's… Heh. Hello! Wow, I could kinda get used to this voice, and I can barely tell I have a helmet on, it's like a second skin!" She says turning her head all about to look around. "What'd you call this helmet dearest?"
"The praetor suit helmet! I planned on making a suit to it, but I need help getting the materials!"
>"What do you need and how soon?" Twilight says a bit eagerly to even herself.
>The filly smiles as she levitates over a list.
>Twilight looks it over a bit before taking it.
>"I'll get it done honey. You think you could make more of these? You may just have yourself a job opportunity on your hooves."


File: 1583809436277-0.png (37.52 KB, 765x995, 2293249.png)

It's tagged anonfilly. I didn't want to read it.


File: 1583812605393.png (56.11 KB, 1914x776, Binge&Purge.png)


Since I'm sleep deprived, thank you everyone in this thread.
I didn't truly grasp how fucking long 6,000 characters really is compared to school writing. It's alot easier on me to count the characters than the individual words. Plus working in a box without any page breaks keeps any anxiety at bay.
I appreciate it.

>Le 'Non Filly

>Hon hon hon
"Are you ready for the faggette?"
>The candle light illuminates the kitchen.
>"Do you really have to do a bad Prench stereotype."
>Standing on the wood chair is massive pain in my sides. Don't forget strength training. It'd important for the memes.
>Twilight looks uncomfortable, a far cry from the happy excited prancing before we got to the table.
"Do not worry mon cherri, this faggette is well buttered."


Fucking damnit, that GET should have gone to someone else that actually deserves it, not my shity post.


Is a very qt binge and purge.
Noce digits for a very nice green.
There are only two sure things in life.
Death, and
>just let me talk for you for the time being,
Excellent setup for a gut punch waiting ti happen.
When in doubt yell at the kid/filly thing to shut up works everytime. may cause childhood trauma, and insecurities that lead to trust issues later on in life effecting everything else
I read it for you minus the cock vore it would only be an illogical gangster green.


Asuka filly > Rei filly


File: 1583825295158.jpg (55.66 KB, 789x768, Sweating.jpg)


It was a good shitty post. No one really cares about gets here anyway.


Did you finish your plush yet? show progress pics ya faggot.


File: 1583832067116.png (12.51 KB, 212x183, hugs.png)


File: 1583835258282.png (90.36 KB, 800x504, check'em.png)


File: 1583846121828-0.gif (814.84 KB, 642x418, 1583825726288.gif)

>"This camping trip blows, bro. Why didn't you bring any booze?"


Bumped the League Thread with this on /mlp/, reposting.
>Be Little League
>Nonny is coming over for a playdate!
>You clip-clop your little hooves excitedly to the door, waiting for the bell to ring
>Maybe the two of you would play cowboys and indians, or dressup, or…
>Be Anon
>Your goddamn filly body can't hold in urine for quite long enough so you rush off into the bushes to take a leak
>Fuck you, you aren't drip-drying.
>You take a leaf of something and wipe off your cooter
>Oh fuck, is that poison joke?
>Be League
>You open the door
>Anon is blushing profusely
"What's wrong?"
>"I-I need to use your bathroom."
"Of course, right down the hall."
>On the way down, her tail flag up momentarily enough for you to see that her vagina has grown a full set of teeth.
>You'd still tap it.


Very nice. I like it.
Hmmm, perfect time for an expansion green.

>I have to write my final message, and here it is. Wish me luck fillies.

>"I know it's scary going there-"
>"It's only a little dental work so the poison joke can be flushed out."
"They are going to do stuff to me!"
>"Don't worry, you're acting like they're pulling teeth."
"They arn't?"
>"They arn't."
"So, what are they doing?"
>"Just a little bit of drilling, and explosive-"
"Reeee! No way! I'll be a backend beaver, but they are not doing that to me!"
>The clacking of a cunt continually gave away my position.
>These are my last words dear fellow fillies. Twilight finally got to me.

>"So that's why the little fagget couldn't walk straight for a week."
>"I know what I'm going to go do with a certain flower."
"Hey guys, what are you talking about?"
>"Your bottom biters, bro."
"Bite my green filly butt."


That's a very smooth gif of anon filler. It's perfect. I was almost expecting Anon to draw a dick, or a meme.


File: 1583884620765.png (73.87 KB, 220x320, 220px-Bender_Rodriguez.png)

>"Bite my green filly butt."
>Constantly wants to drink booze
>Lives with a wageslave
>Borderline nymphomaniac
>Morally bankrupt
>Really loves his mom
>Empty inside
Sounds like filly


Bender as an adult human lived a more fulfilling week than everyone he knew.
Maybe this time he'll live a bit longer…
As a filly/baby he gets to do just about everything except a couple of things those come with time.
>"I'm gonna make it till I get my booze, babes, and smokes! I'm experiencing it all baby!"
Bender Bending Rodriguez's cutie mark is in the shape of a question mark ? obviously from his superior bending skills as an earth pony. The make goes through dimentions to be bended into the right shape.
>"Hey! Feed me purple face I'm hungry."
"Bender Bending Sparkle…"
>"Oh right. Sorry mommy I'm starving, please feed me your milkies?"
"Better than Anonymous…"
>Hehehehe loser can't get these sweet teats. When I'm suckin'
The new sensations of actually being alive.
"What's that smell?"
>"I knew I forgot something, I crapped myself."
>Something is rumblely.
Yeah, I can totally see Bender as an Anonfilly.
>"Bite my shiny metal ass."
>"awwwww, crap."


File: 1583898234889-0.png (7.67 MB, 6387x6302, 2293195__safe_artist-colon….png)

>"Look at Trixie all cute as much as you wish, Trixie does not care."
>"Y-Your quivering lip and sad eyes do not effect the Trixie!"
>"T-This is Trixie's bucket, get your own small filly!"
>"Ugh! The giving and kind Trixie will share with you, just stop looking at her like that!"


>Filly takes the bucket and sits with it right in front of her
>But her eyes wander right back to Trixie, face going back to her previous state
>"W-What now?"
>Like before, all filly does is stare at her
>"Stop that, what else do you want?"
>"Trixie has given you her inflated balloons, her bucket, her cape and hat and cape."
>"Say something for Celestia's sake! What more do you want? For me to adopt you or something?"
>It is said that filly's eye grew three sizes that day
>"N-n-no. No no no. Trixie can barely pay for herself after that purple showoff stole her show and…"
>"AARRGH FINE! Trixie shall take you under her care, just, just stop that already!"


File: 1583901605435.png (236.77 KB, 2500x1800, 2073706.png)

imagine not being a diaper chad


File: 1583908396993.png (43.63 KB, 609x524, 1498662275544.png)


File: 1583910864569.gif (20.17 KB, 256x256, 1583376931136.gif)

>someone reposted my edit from 4chong
heh, nice


File: 1583916847671.png (287.76 KB, 1024x768, Futurama.png)


On derpibooru?


Objectively wrong.


>The door opens with a ding
>There are a bunch of green ponies like you sitting around.
>A lot of them look slightly distraught, a few seem to be trying to get into the kitchen.
>A very nervous looking pink pony stands in the corner.
>"Anything you like?"
"Chocolate milkshake, ma'am."
>"I'm not a fucking ma'am, I was a guy not three hours before that maintenance retard lit up a smoke."
"Smoking kills you that fast?!"
>"Heh. Fucktard. No, I worked on an oil rig."
"Oh yeah, I was just joking."
>"Mhm… PONKA!"
>The pink mare shoots up.
>She's wet all over, or at least it looks like it.
>"W-what can I get for you, little filly?"
>"Two chocolate milkshakes. This little guy is still a bit out of sorts."
>The pink pony wipes her forehead.
>"Aren't we all."
>The two of you take a table opposite from the corner 'Ponka' has returned to.
>"Well, gotta ask you the obligatory question while we're waiting for someone to brink out the shakes. How'd you get on the ride?"
"The ride?"
>She rolls her eyes.
>"The show. When did you start watching the show?"
"I… didn't."
>She laughs, but you can hear the panic in it.
>"Good one bro, but seriously. Did falling out of death knock something loose in that head of yours?"
"No, everything is fine. All up to my twelfth birthday…."
>"Look at this chick, a fucking riot."
>She leans in close to you, hissing.
"You'd better fucking not be serious."
>Really, you should just agree with her.
>Say this is one big joke, even though you don't know what the hell she's talking about.
>But you feel your fragile pride has been challenged.
"Why would I enjoy something that's made for little girls?"
>She grins at you.
>"Get the fuck out."
>She rips out a small card from her wallet, you can see the sharp blade at the end.
>"I don't want to see you anymore."


>Non-MLP watchers sent to Equestria
Interesting premise. A biology student, physics student, and some sort of philosopher all having to deal with this new world and its internal logic


Best momfu, best fetish


File: 1583971504671.jpg (19.79 KB, 238x250, sig-4637835.thumb.jpg)

There's a fetish for wearing a retainer at night?


>Filly figures out interdimensional travel
>She goes back to her home dimension from time to time to play vidya and whatnot
>Loses track of time while raging at Peruvians in Dota
>Momfus get worried and go to Earth to track her down


What kind of self-respecting filly plays that shit?


>Filly will never press her warm, soft lips up to your muzzle
>Swn wince as she confesses that she's near bursting and that she's glad you volunteered to be her potty
>Ywn open wide as she sighs in relief, letting loose two whole days of choccy milk and juice boxes straight down your throat


File: 1583976797078.jpg (492.81 KB, 2048x1853, World's Best Support (Feat….jpg)



File: 1583976902753.png (193.71 KB, 680x486, bcc.png)

>playing mobas in 2020
>playing mobas ever


File: 1583977028020.jpg (17.46 KB, 233x205, 1426814819060.jpg)

>Implying filly has any self respect left after Twilight's finished with her


It all started when Twilight, her friends, and Anon included started to drink.
One thing led to another, and a bet was had.
Man vs Pony
Anon vs Twilight
Filly vs Mare
Break Anon's self respect, and Anon would live with Twilight until he became a grown mare. Oh, and call her mommy/mother/mom ect.
Be unyielding, and have Twilight do any one thing every Saturday within reason.

The time limit:
Five years.
They may have gotten hammered that certain things may have gotten out of hand/hoof, but they would battle it out to obtain their desires.

This is Purple onto Man Filly.


>Twilight smiles as she looks at the painting the filly was finishing.
>"You can go now miss Applejack, I'm just finishing the background, thanks for your patience!"
>Applejack laughs.
>"Any time Nonny, I'll come by and check it out later."
>"Okay, bye miss Applejack!" The filly says with a smile.
>Twilight is amazed at the talent of the filly, but she can't help but notice something.
"You're really good Nonny, but, why are these all of Applejack?"
>The filly watches the farm mare's firm rump as she trots away.
>"No reason really." She then takes a gander at Twilight. "Nice."
"What was that?"
>"Nothing." The filly smiles at the foal baring hip'd mare. "She is just very patient, would you like one miss Twilight? You can get one for free!"
>Twilight smiles happily at the offer.


Cute Trixie, would boop


File: 1583985660436.jpg (560.22 KB, 1506x1265, 1416728766661.jpg)

So uh, anyone taken a shot at adding filly to this? >>237282 asking for a friend, haha.


File: 1583989374349.png (34.02 KB, 858x459, Oekaki.png)


>Be Anon
>You used to have a real name and a writefag name, but the former is scrubbed from your memory and the latter doesn't seem situationally appropriate.
>Betrayed by your own blood, a fucking imposter.
>Maybe you were a bit harsh threatening her with your wallet multitool, but you couldn't have her here.
>The others would rip her to shreds, not to mention she seemed to be pretty young of mind…
>Glancing around to make sure nobody else is looking, you shoot her an apologetic look and get started on one of the milkshakes that has just been delivered to your table.
>Can't let the other one go to waste though….

Will try to update whenever I get time, tell me how you're liking/disliking it.


File: 1583997127515.png (297.94 KB, 1280x719, 2016-07-17 00.22.52.png)


>When anon was human
That's the most confusing and disturbing thing. From fucker to fucked.


>Sometime, right before another "fun time" with Little League
>"So you're a filly now huh? Well, that probably changes how we should do things"
"Don't worry, even without fingers or my dick I can still work my magic"
>"Oh yea, hey Anon, now that you are a filly, ever wondered how it felt to be rammed by a human?"
"W-what do you mean?"
>"You know what I mean, thing is, I got a secret shipment that I wanted to show you. Don't tell my parents but…"
>As she speaks, Little League moves to her dresser, taking out a rather large box
>Opening it, she presents you a 1:1 strap-on of a human dick
>Your human dick
>No scratch that, this thing is definetly bigger all around
>Or is it just your new perspective?
>Either way you reflexively take a step back as she finishes strapping it to herself
>You cannot take your eyes from the sizable toy poking between her forelegs, which is also spreading them apart
>"Wanna see how I felt during our play dates?~"
"I need an adult"
>"Good, I am the adult now, let me show you EVERYTHING I learnt from you~"


File: 1584000918977.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1920, 1831204.png)

I know filly is a slut, but anoncolt wouldn't agree.


>unironically playing ASSFAGGOTS
>calling other people brainlets
Go back to your dumbed down RTSs, big boy.


File: 1584012336572.png (580.49 KB, 1200x1500, 1403737319990.png)

Whats the context? Is she a street artist? Good tasty in models though.

When I looked at this on my phone the background and eyes were just black, made it very spooky.

Harsh indeed. There's no point in trying to chase him away now, he's already part of the mess. Might as well become the Bane to his Talia.


File: 1584013598375.png (372.06 KB, 736x1000, 2D20D5D8-C090-4718-8873-AD….png)

Holy fucking shit that's hot


File: 1584035705847.png (847.2 KB, 1280x720, Ponyville_S2E03.png)

>You bring your muzzle up after placing a warm mug of freshly brewed coffee on the table.
>A mint green mare lies half draped off your couch and has made an impressive puddle drool on the floor beneath her.
>You crack a half smile before frowning.
>With a shimmy and shake your saddlebags slide off your back and onto the floor.
>You make your way past your living room and all the hanging photos of smiling ponies of which very few are actually familiar to you.
>You retrieve a towel and make quick work of Lyra’s mess.
>The towel finds itself in a hamper and sheet music that had been scattered across the floor finds itself organized.
>You take the golden stringed instrument that had been threatening to jump off the couch into your mouth and place it safely on the coffee table.
>You look around for a final time and nod to yourself.
>Everything is where it’s supposed to be.
>Books are in shelves, picture frames at perfect angles and your Lyra is completely dead to the world around her.
>The coffee you made would be cold by the time she wakes up but you know she’ll appreciate it nonetheless.
>You stick your cream colored muzzle under the back straps of your saddlebags and slide your way into them before opening the front door as quietly as possible.
>Lyra has been busting her flanks coming up with new music and deserves her sleep.
>The amount of work she puts into it is really impressive even if she mostly busks at parks rather than playing in a proper concert hall.
>You know she could if she wanted to.
>But she doesn’t.
>Like you, she prefers a simple life free of complications.
>You only give yourself a few moments to smile at her sleeping form before closing the door behind you.
>The sky is a frankly pretty blend of pink, orange and indigo on the eastern horizon.
>The sun will be up in about an hour.
>It seems like Princess Celestia really likes stretching out her dawns for as long as possible as of late.
>You can’t really complain because it gives you a nice show from the east facing windows of your shop.
>Rounding another corner into an empty street you smile a bit in the chilly air.
>Ponyville is usually quiet at this time of morning.
>Not a lot of ponies really get up before the sunrise like you do but that suits you just fine anyhow.
>It just means that you don’t have to wade through morning rush as the farmers and other vendors rush to get set up for market.
>Not that you could afford to wake any later.
>Your ovens don’t heat to the temperature you like all too quickly.
>That’s not to mention the advantage you have by getting a head start on your orders this early in the morning.
>You make another turn and end up in the alley behind your shop as you start to hear some of the first birdsongs of the day.
>You pull your keyring from your saddlebag and open the back door to your shop.
>A probing hoof against the wall finds you a button and with a press the lights in the kitchen kick on.
>You leave your saddlebags by the door and towards the large wood oven in the corner of the room.
>Most places, especially the more popular shops in Canterlot, have done away with wood fired ovens entirely.
>You’ve thought about following suit to keep up with them but candies, cakes, calzones and confections all taste different when baked in the new mana-ovens.
>You don’t know if just in your head or if it’s your pride in doing things the earth pony way but you just find things not made the way you do it inferior.
>Your loyal customer base says that most of Ponyville feels the same.
>You suppose that makes sense considering this is primarily an earth pony town but either way it does your heart well knowing that ponies like what you have to offer.
>A few logs in the oven with some kindling and a match gets the fire going nicely.
>While you wait for that you heat up you busy yourself with preparing orders.
>Fresh taffy and candy assortments mostly.
>And most of those are for a certain party planner that goes through way too much of it.
>You’d say you’re surprised she doesn’t have some form of diabetes but she is an Element of Harmony.
>National heroines probably get the best healthcare the crown can offer.
>Regardless, time flies as you mix, sort and bake.
>Before you know it you are turning the sign on the front door to ‘OPEN’ and welcoming a group of fillies in to grab a few treats before school.
>Pony after pony comes in as the day progresses and they all kind of blend together as your mind drifts off to other things.
>Various chores that need completed, your dispute with the leyline company and most of all your best friend.
>You’ve been doing this whole song and dance for the better part of what?
>Three years now?
>You love her to bits.
>You know it.
>She knows it.
>You know she knows you know it.
>Heck, you both do everything and anything special someponies would do already.
>You just…can’t help but feel that maybe you're doing something wrong.
“Excuse me, ma’am?”
>Maybe that’s why she won’t say just those three words back to you.
>And not in some roundabout way either.
>For pony’s sake, how hard is it to just say ‘I love you?’
>Why won’t sh-
>You look up, abruptly torn from your thoughts by the bell on the counter.
>A grey unicorn stallion in golden plate stands before you with a letter floating behind him.
>You wilt.
>This was going to be a court summons.
>Stupid leyline company.
>That was strange though.
>The gendarmes would normally carry out a summons.
>Looking behind him you can see a golden chariot outside with two armored pegasi hitched to it.
>These were royal gaurdsponies.
>You notice the unicorn’s horn is glowing much brighter than if he was just channeling magic for telekinesis.
>It’s fine.
>Everything is fine.
>An earth pony comes in the door behind him and walks right past.
>She starts browsing your candies without acknowledging either you or the guards are even there.


>You feel a pit in your form in your belly but you still give him your best smile.
>There isn’t a reason you should be receiving a visit from the guard so this is probably a mistake.
>You do have a cousin in the Long Patrol but if something happened to him then they’d be visiting your aunt in Horseshoe Bay.
“Can I help you?”
>He shakes his head.
>”Ma’am, a letter from Canterlot.”
>He places it on the counter in front of you face up.
>Just a letter and not a summons?
>There’s no address or recipient written on it but you note the quality of the paper.
“Is there any reason this didn’t arrive in the ma-”
>Your breath catches in your throat as you turn it over and see the wax seal.
>The crest of the two sisters.
>A bead of sweat rolls down your face as you look back to his glowing horn.
>You begin to suspect what other spell he’s casting but you want to be sure.
>That life was behind you and you are probably getting worked up over nothing.
>In a flurry you break the seal and prepare yourself to read everything.
>Fortunately, there wasn’t all that much there at first glance.
>There’s only a few lines of text.
>Unfortunately, what is written makes your blood run cold.
>’Special Agent Sweetie Drops, as of receiving this letter you have been reactivated.’

>”…this is for the protection of our…”

>”… won’t let you do this right…”
>”…as such we wish to apologize for what will befall thee…”
>“…and ponies of Willowdrop, come see the sun.”
>It's hard to tell if you are awake sometimes.
>“The nightmare is over, the day has begun…”
>But you think you are now.
>It would be nice if you weren’t, though.
>You feel some kind of awful.
>Your whole body is sore and uncomfortable.
>You feel hot and as weak as a kitten.
>Too weak to move or roll into a position that feels better.
>Your eyes don’t listen to you either.
>Too tired.
>Something cold and wet is removed from just above your eyes which pulls a pitiful whine from your throat.
>You want to go back to sleep.
>You don’t want to hurt.
>You’re so tired of hurting.
>”I know it doesn’t feel good, filly. But you’re safe now. This time will be different. Go back to sleep.”
>You want to.
>Something warm and wet is placed back just above your eyes.
>It’s okay, though.
>It brings you just enough comfort to let you slip back into a fitful slumber.

“Excuse me, ma’am?” was supposed to be in green. Will fix in paste.



File: 1584048515122.png (97.68 KB, 514x474, 1423953.png)


File: 1584050779023.png (105.03 KB, 519x376, 2169896.png)


I like where this is going.


Filly having a creeping nightmare. Reeeeeeeeeeee.


File: 1584061148277.png (684.62 KB, 1000x1000, 1854869.png)


>It scared you at first, of course.
>You were young again then, its maw full of sharp teeth an immediate threat.
>It's clawed hands running their fingers through your mane.
>Even though you're sure it didn't live anywhere with running water, the hands always felt sterile.
>And your mane was usually less tangled.
>It wasn't easy growing up without a real home, but you made do.
>You knew how to craft most everything in the holy cookbook, so after the resident bully witnessed you blow a sizable hole in the fence and walk out like it was nothing none of the other ponies really messed with you.
>An encyclopedic knowledge of chemical compounds couldn't protect you against some things, though.
>The first thing you noticed was the smell.
>Like when those dumb faggots in your boy scout troop would burn water bottles at the campfire and you couldn't cover your face fast enough.
>Your hiker's daze snapped in two and you rummaged through your saddlebags for the hunting knife you had 'borrowed' from under a bench near Froggybottom.
>You could see it moving through the trees, more mist than figure.
>With every step, atomized particles solidified into solid tissue before dissipating back into moisture, creating ripples of solidity throughout the creature.
>The movement was trance-inducing, and though it was slow, you were far slower locked in place studying it.
>Everything went black as it enveloped you.
>The thought of movement didn't even occur to you as it filled your lungs with noxious fumes.
>It was okay. Neither one of your lives was that great anyways.
>Before everything went black, you heard an ungodly screech.
>And then you woke up in your bed.
>You once thought it a dream, but as the years went by you accepted it as reality.
>You still hiked often enough after that.
>You don't know if you were suicidal then or if your actions came from some sort need to larp as a heroic figure.
>The Protector could press its forehead into yours and share your thoughts.
>Sometimes it sang to you, other times it relayed messages.
>'Don't go to the bathroom at school today, or the day after tomorrow.'
>'Ladybugs aren't your friends.'
>You followed its advice with complete loyalty.
>You don't know why you did, but looking back that likely saved your life.
>The way it explained the world was especially interesting.
>As an inter-dimensional entity, Equestria was trying to purge you.
>All of the creatures that tried to choke, dismember, pulverize or otherwise ruin your day were the land's immune system.
>You were a foreign body, your resonant magic incompatible with the land.
>It also told you that you would never be adopted.
>You resented it for that since you desperately wanted a family, but it was right.
>Even when you were acting the part of a cute little filly, the interested families would get up close to you and notice something off.
>They never said it, but you could see it in their eyes.
>Their lips curved into smiles, but the eyes are all-revealing.
>That it taught you too.
>You would never see the same entity twice, with the exception of Protector.
>Whenever you asked it about that though, it dismissed you; saying that it didn't count.
>Saying goodbye was probably the hardest part.
>It never explained why it needed to leave, but you both knew it was coming without it ever being said.
>Your only friend, off to lord knows where.
>It couldn't be seen if it didn't want to, so you knew the day was the last.
>You took it out for fucking ice cream.
>What else were you supposed to do? You know it ate from the pouch full of dead rabbits it set beside your bed when it would watch over you in the night.
>And something told you it hadn't ever had the treat.
>It didn't thank you, but the gratitude was there in more… subtle ways.
>You're not sure anyone else would understand it.
>That night, when you went to sleep it wasn't there upon your waking for the first time in thirteen years.
>You had to wait to cry until everyone else was asleep.
>They would've beaten you otherwise.


File: 1584067264091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 265.61 KB, 845x868, 1539573096360.jpg)

A (You) for you good sir.
>tfw ywn be purged by the gestalt of Equestia juat for existing.


File: 1584070323291.mp4 (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, Alicorn_Heccers.mp4)

It's raining fillies!


>raining fillies
Equestria is fucked.


"The weather is 200% chance of fillies, dress appropriately. Back to you Topic."
It's the filly cycle. They get loaded back into the great orphanage into the sky, and when the building inevitably bursts despite all the funding the cycle repeats.
Many blame it on friendship change and the polluting behavor seen in recent times.
Scientists theorize Anon fillies are condensed emotional problems, but the answer still remains unclear.
Friendship activist ponies (funded by Longbeak the rich) are shouting that the problem isn't ponies being replaced it's that those fillies don't have a home.
The griffen Goldburgstien Longbeak says the filly problem is renewable resource for griffens, and fellow meat eaters. "They only magic construct, yes? Is not like Real pony."
Even goes as far to say filly camps to fully harness the power of these magical disturbances.


File: 1584086093406.jpg (85.69 KB, 1200x879, 69e.jpg)

>It's the filly cycle.
Equestria can absorb some anonfillies, but a rain of them will be a catastrophe.
Imagine this army of unruly degenerates turning upside down Ponyville while the naive Purple preaches Friendship.


File: 1584116997599.png (176.27 KB, 655x692, 1584116464162111232132.png)


File: 1584117413668.png (92.63 KB, 554x445, 1041977__safe_twilight spa….png)

why you boopsies?


File: 1584123675209.png (288.1 KB, 1400x526, 15841165358161234.png)


Oh, oh.
What's filly going to do with that hammer?


Finish hammering in the last nail of their Friendship Clubhouse


And then they had a corona virus themed slumber party in their hazmat sleeping bags


File: 1584134902183.png (162.52 KB, 1000x1200, twiboop.png)


File: 1584148966401.png (339.7 KB, 1414x1000, 1584148628314.png)


>Filly with tits


File: 1584155251847.mp4 (582.42 KB, 640x360, FillyBall.mp4)


File: 1584155758487.png (282.4 KB, 1033x1024, 1504580730086.png)

I love it.
Consider to make some coins from the idea, you have a very good chance to make good profit.


File: 1584221602035.png (Spoiler Image, 247.33 KB, 1000x1414, 1584221389487.png)

>You'd thought you'd be safe as a filly.
>she'd lose interest since you are no longer Male and the novelty of humanity gone.
>but all it did was make you to weak to keep her away.


Here's an idea. Anonymous becomes Anonfilly in Equestria.
Due to REASONS anon becomes human again. This is his journey to become the QT3.14


File: 1584229628435.png (120.05 KB, 594x714, My Little Pony - Anonfilly….png)

>You'd thought you'd be safe as a filly


File: 1584238523699-0.png (121.24 KB, 669x444, how_corona_started.png)


I would.


File: 1584245300659.png (292.9 KB, 1000x1414, 1584245269539.png)


File: 1584246533530.jpg (218.05 KB, 470x1022, 51515651651115611.jpg)

Anon just wanted to be a simple filly.


File: 1584246873348.png (81.7 KB, 469x527, 2yivtUy.png)



The collar needed to be white, not green. The collar is not part of the tie.


File: 1584248450400.png (256.2 KB, 1080x1128, 20200315_015722.png)

>Wanting to become the filly
That removes like half of what makes Anonfilly interesting, taking away the fight for her humanity

Oh hey, this got coloured, only had the black and white one, nice

Have an old thing that somehow still works, based derpy.me shortener
I swear if I see any Anon with superglue I'm going to kick


File: 1584250466005.png (24.23 KB, 358x458, SearchEngines.png)


File: 1584254306272.png (218.89 KB, 1545x847, FA.PNG)


File: 1584255453671.png (71.64 KB, 673x602, 8dc01d3a88df7ae5b859e75f54….png)

Alright, which of you cunts would step up?


File: 1584257023439.png (98.09 KB, 352x548, 1485577379971.png)


File: 1584257069632.png (72.53 KB, 625x592, Screenshot_20200315_032316.png)


>squash soup


File: 1584290910851.jpeg (105.12 KB, 629x991, 0E53040C-776A-4856-9F7B-B….jpeg)

Just going to drop a few ideas that I think might be fun to write but I don't have the energy to pursue myself. Have fun with them if you wanna.
>Fillies arrive in Equestria, quite peeved
>It turns out that everyone who wanted to be the filly became a normal human Anon, and everyone who didn't became a filly
>An anonfilly dies unexpectedly due to an unknown allergy to bees
>Her friends have to deal with it
>Anon wakes up in the middle of the forest outside of a mysterious metal grate.
>Everything hurts, he's small and covered in soft hair.
>There are two notes in his saddlebags, one of which details the fall of civilization while he worked in the laboratory below, the other is an apology by a colleage, a procedure he can use to regain his lost memories, and a map to where he needs to go to fix everything.
>Fillies try to see who can light the biggest fart.
>Predictably, it ends in tears.


A torn asshole is no laughing matter.


File: 1584313050188-0.jpg (224.48 KB, 784x960, aaaaaaaaa.jpg)

File: 1584313050188-1.jpg (165.35 KB, 1026x1313, peep.jpg)

>Be Twilight.
>Walking through Ponyville with your filly.
>You adopted her not too long ago, but within a small amount of time you feel like you two have really connected.
>She is hugging close against your side as you two walk through the market, occasionally nuzzling your neck with her muzzle.
>The poor thing must have been deprived of motherly affection, because as soon as she was used to you and knew you wouldn't abandon her, she was so lovey dovy you think Cadence could feel it from the Crystal Empire.
>You won't lie, it's nice, to feel like you're really needed by somepony.
>You love your little silly filly-
>She jumps from your side.
>"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She starts suddenly screaming a high pitch scream.
"W-Why are you yelling? Stop that, you're okay!"
>But as you finish a cyan pegasus falls from a cloud to the front of you.
>"Oooowww…" Rainbow Dash whines.
>Nonny stopped yelling but is now glaring at Rainbow.
"Dash? What happened?"
>She tumbles to her feet.
>"I- um… well, I… ugh, I was trying to scare you, but when I went to jump at you that little snot ball started yelling and made me lose balance. Who's the weirdo anyway?"
"Rainbow Dash!"
>"What? She is weird! What filly just starts yelling like that?"
"This 'weirdo' is -MY- daughter Nonny!"
>Rainbow cringes back.
>But you don't relent.
"She probably started yelling because she saw some weirdo hiding in a cloud about to jump at us!"
>"Hey! I'm not a weirdo!"
>"You totally are." Nonny says besides you making Rainbow stare at her.
>Not wanting it to escalate, you change the subject.
>Not that Nonny couldn't take her. Your filly is best filly!
"Anyway, Nonny, this is my weirdo friend Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash, this is Nonny. Now, if you'll excuse us, I promised Nonny we'd go visit my friend Pinkie to get her a treat."
>And with that, your filly is back to your side and walking through Ponyville.
>Months later and you're invited to Canterlot Castle by Celestia.
>You may have sent a few letters about Nonny, and Celestia now wants to see 'The wonder filly'.
>You didn't say 'that' much…
>You totally bragged. She's best filly, your filly!
>Nonny still snuggles against you as you both walk through the castle.
>You continue to trot.
>Huh… that's a strange breeze.
>"So this is the filly I've heard about… she does look like she has the potential to be quite the strong mare." A voice says from behind you.
>Looking back you see Luna holding a very clearly panicking Nonny in magic.
>Calm her down, it's your job as a mother, to bring her comfort.
"It's okay honey, that's just princess Luna, she is a very good friend and-"
>Luna lifts her up a bit higher and looks under her tail.
>Without thinking you let loose a little push spell and catch Nonny as she lets go.
>You quickly place her next to you.
>As you do Luna raises a eyebrow.
"Sorry Princess, but I'd prefer you not inspect Nonny's… stuff."
>She goes to a normal look and puffs some air from her nose.
>"Very well. We suppose you're here to visit our sister?"
>You nod.
"Yes, are you coming with us to meet?"
>There's a slight tilt of her head.
>"Yes, we are."
>You smile.
"Alright, well, we'll follow you, lead the way."
>She starts walking down the hall and the two of you follow.
>It's quite.
>"You know, ponies would kill to have a princess inspect their filly?" Luna says not looking at you or Nonny, just ahead.
>Is all you say as Nonny swaps to a side putting you between Luna and her.
>You don't blame her.
>"Yes, it's seen as quite the blessing to most. Some believed it to bless their fillies with guaranteed success and a full life."
"I see. Well, I'll pass for now."
>You're not 'inspecting' my baby you weirdo.
>"Well, the offer still stands. Let us know if you change your mind."
>Not gonna happen.
"I definitely will."


File: 1584313380020.png (542.74 KB, 1638x1274, 2296460.png)


File: 1584321331694.gif (416.22 KB, 1021x883, nope.gif)

>Chad anoncolt


>no little league


File: 1584400199892-0.png (178.22 KB, 1543x977, 1719642__safe_artist-colon….png)

>SCP-1141514, aka, The Orphan.
>She was a small green filly brought to foundation staff attention after reports of a filly that didn't age got out.
>At first she was believed to be a immortal anomaly, or something along those lines, but after further testing she's much more.
>While in all rights she acts, and is a filly at the age of [REDACTED], she has a type of 'love' field around her.
>Mares will have the urge to take her under their proverbial wing or literal wing when she is found if she is currently without a 'mother'.
>Other than the need to care for feeling mares get, they also will not take intrest in her unaging state, and in most cases, be very happy with it.
>The subject does not show ill will towards ponies or even the afflicted mare and in most cases could be said to truly love being around them, she doesn't seem to know or at least acknowledge her affect.
>She does, however, remember each of her 'mothers' and speaks very highly of them, even if the 'mother' doesn't seem to treat her very kindly.
>Entry log 324:
>The Orphan was asked to tell of her parents, through the tape she reached a rather unnerving one.
"Her name was [RADIO CHATTER], she was my [RADIO CHATTER] mother. She would keep me in a cellar for weeks, sometimes I think she'd forget about me, but she would always come back eventually, apparently she was trying to hide me from some big mean government pony. She never said who…"
>"Did you feel any anger, sadness, or anything for miss [RADIO CHATTER]?"
>The Orphan looks shocked by this.
"No! Never! She was my mom, she was just a bit forgetful is all…"
>"She left you there for weeks though. Weren't you scared in that big dark place all alone?"
"Sometimes, but I still don't hate her for it. It was a mistake, they happen."
>"I see. That will be all for now. End recording."
"Can I have a hug-"
>Addendum: Any other filly would have died or went insane from such treatment, but she still holds no ill will to even her. While the bond in mother and daughter is strong, this is just… wrong. A mare could do anything to her, and she'd still care for them, I don't know who's really cursed, the mothers, or that filly.
>The Orphan is to be contained in a large furnished room with a regular feeding of at least 6 meals a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks inbetween.). Personal are not to enter the containment unit without observation by other faculty members. In the result of a containment breach, The Orphan is a low recontainment target, if spotted and it is the only containable subject in the area, she is to be put into her containment area or the nearest safe room until all higher priority targets are recontained.
>Possible way of neutralization: Immortal mother. She seems to only take one mother at a time, if she were given a mother that is immortal we'd possibly deal with two birds with one stone. The issue is, finding a suitable mother. Messages to princesses are pending. The second option, make her a princess, or make her a princess. Either give her a horn and wings or give a mare a horn and wings to take care of her.


Slow fucking day, huh? Since I'm cooped up here and it's a… significant date, I figured I'd pump out a short update. Enjoy.
>Be Anon
>It's warm.
>You get the sense that it shouldn't be.
>Is this the afterlife?
>Does this place even have one?
>You allow your eyes to open, cautiously.
>Some light slips through the closed lids, after all.
>Your less damaged counterpart rests in Twilight's embrace opposite from you.
>She's asleep, and so is her…
>Lilly is face-down, blowing bubbles with her eyes shut.
>You gently reach out for her, realize that your prosthesis isn't attached, and reach again.
>She surfaces, swimming over to you.
>"Heya Clover. Nice baths, huh?"
"Don't call me that. Yeah, nice and warm. I can't remember the last time I've seen something like this."
>"Okay, Clover. Do you know where we are?"
"No, I can't say that I do."
>"I guess that makes two of us. Managed to stay awake a little longer than you did though. Not much around here but snow."
"Do you think it's over?"
>"Think what's over?"
"All of the pain, the cruelty…."
>She places a warm hoof on your wither.
>"You know I can't say."
"Come on League, just tell me that you've got a feeling one way or the other. Real fillies are good at that."
>"Well, it all depends on how you define a real pony…"
>She splashes warm water in your face.
>"I'd like to think it's over. Let's hope that's good enough, okay? I know it isn't great to put faith in something like that, but, well…"
>You splash her back.
"I'll take it, faggot."
>You mess around in the water for quite a while, and after a few hours you started to feel some of the horrible stress that had been living in you dissipate.
>Twilight and your dupe eventually wake up, and the four of you begin to play a bit of 'Marco Polo.'
>The tubs are small, but large enough for you all to swim about in.
>Even though it might add to the fun, the game isn't moved out of the water.
>You suspect this might be courtesy of your handicap.
>Eventually you're all panting in the heat, the frigid cold outside nearly forgotten.
>Everyone has gotten out of the tub but you.
>"Anonymous, do you want some help?"
>You try to push yourself up and overcome the weight of our body with just the one forehoof, but it probably isn't happening.
"Yeah, I guess so."
>Twilight lifts you up with her magic, a feeling that still puts a bit of fear in you.
>This time though, the lifting is just followed by a vigorous toweling.
>Holding you steady, Twilight slowly screws your prosthetic leg back on.
>"Easy does it… that good?"
>A hoof is placed a few inches under your belly, and the magic that kept you from wobbling all over the place is taken away.
"No issues."
>"Good. League, I see you've gotten dried off nicely. Well done."
>She glances past you.
>"Clover… do you need a little help?"
>A 'harumph' and a drying session later, your doppelganger sits beside you, mane and coat going every which direction.
"You look fucking ridiculous, hairball. If only I still had my phone…"
>"No u. We got the same treatment, jackass."
>You raise a hoof to your mane, feeling the soft, frizzy hair rub up against your frog.
>League is a bit fluffed up, but not as much as you two.
>Just as Twilight finishes up with her mane, the door hisses open.
>Steam flows out into the hallway as a white hoof steps through.
>"I trust ze baths verr… satisfactory?"
>The mare looks just as surprised as you are.
>"How do you know my name? Out vith it!"
>Best not to tell her you wrote a green about her inventing sex toys for Aryanne once…
"S-snippets while I was…"
>She calms down.
>"Oh, of course. My apologies. Vell, dinner is ready. I hope you all like meat, fresh vegetables come seldom to the north…"


File: 1584421918651.jpg (166.64 KB, 484x615, sdgsgasfaf.jpg)

>I figured I'd pump out a short update. Enjoy.
Highly appreciated poner.


File: 1584474668520.png (463.77 KB, 1500x1500, center for filly control.png)

Are all the fillies in quarantine or something?


File: 1584485814151.png (180.85 KB, 1160x1234, DMjG5zx.png)

>Filly control
I'm not sure how to take that.


File: 1584488513908-0.jpg (77.96 KB, 396x720, coronafilly.jpg)


This is now my favorite corona pic


File: 1584489661680.jpg (127.65 KB, 1200x628, og_og_151.jpg)

Bad enough she's green, but worst is that she belongs to the human realm and has no business in Equestria.


She's also Chinese


File: 1584495572763.png (901.3 KB, 2000x1200, 1552778718558.png)

Filly outbreaks are serious business.


File: 1584508360427-0.png (169.23 KB, 279x543, 1584473120254.png)


>Well, that's a welcome surprise.
>Looking around reveals that not everyone thinks the same.
>League just looks confused, while Twilight looks a bit sick.
>Your double has the same grin as you do, predictably.
>You'll have to talk to her later about that sort of thing.
>Be Clover.
>Fucking clone has that shiteating grin.
>Your shiteating grin.
>Needs to knock it off, you'll mention it after dinner.
>You're led back to what you presume is the living room, the poor cripple lagging behind as you would have expected.
>Franzi's horn begins to glow that dark blue again, and the floor begins to rise.
>A plain wooden table now sits in front of the comfortable looking couches, and your host invites you to take a seat.
>"Once again, apologies for ze informal nature of the dining room. I seldom have visitors, and ven I do they so rarely stay for dinner."
>While your eyes were trained on her, plates of food mysteriously appeared.
>The meat is brown, but looks juicy and smells amazing.
>"It takes a practiced mouth to chew meat vith flat teeth, so take your time. Oh, and your pills…"
>Five pills appear before the five ponies present.
>They're all red.
>You chuckle.
>"Zese will prevent indigestion and general discomfort. Take them now, it is best that ze reactions start before you begin."
>After everyone has decided to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, you consider your approach to eating the cut.
>There aren't any utensils, and you don't want to be rude and ask your host for them.
>You observe her from the corner of your eye, pretending to look at Twilight.
>After her mane is tied back with a pin, she begins to eat the meat like…
>Well, an animal.
>You shrug, brush our mane back with a hoof, and do the same.
>Time losing essence as you take bite after bite of the meat.
>It's so fucking good, you can't even remember the last time you had something this delectable.
>The juice runs down your muzzle, and Twilights stops her poking and prodding of it every once in a while to wipe off your mouth for you with the provided dish towels.
>League surprisingly isn't that far behind you, and Franziska is finished by the time you're halfway done.
>It takes a while for Twilight to get into hers, but once she does she gets to work.
>Probably more out of desperation than anything, but you're sure she'll come around.
>Circle of life.
>You and Anon let out a collective moan.
>"See, zat is vhat I have been waiting to ask questions about."
>You look over at Anon, and she shrugs.
>"What do you want to know? We don't exactly know everything ourselves, but we can try our best."
>You nod.
"Well, we're both sort of the same filly. As far as I understand it, in another timeline I did something…"
>"Dangerous, and got injured in a freak accident. I still don't fully know the details of how I got to the same timeline as her, but one second I was hiking through one forest and then it was pouring rain in another where there were clear skies before."
"I think I pricked myself on some sort of thorny plant, and then I showed up near Mo- Twilight's house. The other Twilight that I was with, well… she wasn't always kind."
>Twilight interjects.


>"I promised to get her home, to her real mother and friends. As far as I can tell, her parallel self collided with her, halting us in the wrong timeline."
"A few other ponies who sort of looked like us were releasing creatures from-"
>Franzi holds up a hoof.
>"Hold on, your real mother and friends? Did this unkind Twilight take you from them?"
>You look over at Anon and she shakes her head.
>"It's… somewhat personal and a bit complicated. Yes, she did take us from our original world. We used to hold another form, and our original world was no version of Equestria. That original form was stolen from us when she blamed us for a death."
>"Transmutation magic… of course it's possible on simple organisms, but to preserve the mind of a creature and completely change its form would take…."
>She rushes out of the room.
>After a few minutes she comes back.
>"Sixty-four terajoules! T-that is…"
"She was an alicorn, and she was using some sort of amplifier."
>"Alicorn?! Zere are only two alicorns on zis planet."
>You speak up quickly, worried that your double might reveal the fact that you may have information that could alter the future of this world.
"Well, it is another timeline. There are near infinite variables to consider, are there not?"
>She calms down a bit.
>"Vell, I suppose so. Even zen, a third alicorn princess…"
>She trails off.
>"I vill think long and hard on these answers, but as far as I see you are no threat to ze Führerin."
>Talking about lighter subjects takes place as you help the nazi scientist collect and clean her dinner plates.
>League asks Franzi if she likes to play baseball.
>She laughs, stating that she hasn't played it since she was a foal, but that she might again if she ever has foals.
>She laments that her devotion to research has left her unfortunately unwed, but that she hopes to have a few buns in her oven if she ever finds the right stallion.
>After all of the dishes are put away, she addresses the entire group again.
>"I know all of you must be very tired, but if you vish I can show you some of my research tonight."
>No doubt seeing the bored look in League's eyes, she changes gears.
>"Do you like the ocean?"
>She nods, slowly.
>You wouldn't be as quick to nod yourself.
>You've always enjoyed swimming in it, but not for too long and not too far out.
>Though waters become clearer further from the shores, they also become home to some of the most intimidating creatures on the planet.
>You knew that the waves themselves were far more likely to kill you than any great white or sea serpent, but here in Equestria you know little about the creatures that lay beneath the waves.
>Anon seems to be having similar thoughts.
>"I n-needa… need to pee, where's the nearest toilet?"
>"Down ze hallway, to ze left. Can't miss it. Now, who wants to see the alien creatures that lie at the bottom of the frozen sea?"
>Twilight speaks up, her voice full of skepticism.
>"How would you account for the pressure that deep?"
>Franzi lashes out with her tongue.
>"My methods are classified!"
>Then, she calms down slightly.
>"But I will be zere vith you all ze whole time. I have made hundreds of dives in my submersible, you have my absolute guarantee of safety."
>Twilight looks a bit nervous, but nods.
>"First, however, I vill need blood samples from all of you."


File: 1584518400612.png (2.11 MB, 2600x1900, 1547369579876.png)


cont ?


File: 1584548554089.jpeg (211.5 KB, 900x760, 3B68F0CF-CAE0-4CF3-949E-A….jpeg)

Maybe, I'll ask him.
>"Sister! Sister! Come quickly!"
>You groan.
"What is it Luna, I'm trying to finish this paperwork?"
>"Come look!" She calls before galloping off.
>You sigh and stand up.
>You trot down the hall until you hear the giddy hopping of your sister.
>You enter the room and find her hiding something behind her.
"Alright Luna, show me what you found. I swear it better not be another type of soap or so help me I'll-"
>Before you can finish your threat Luna reveals your filly Anon, all dressed up.
>You put on a smile for your filly despite wanting to slap Luna right now.
"Aww, is my sweet filly dressed up for mommy?"
>She nods eagerly as you look back to see Luna with a evil grin.
"Well that's very good dear, now, how about we get you out of that so we can find something sweet to munch on hmm?"
>"Okay!" She cries out happily, her fiery tail whipping back and forth as she gallops to her room.
>It is now just you and Luna.
"If you ever get a filly, I'm going to use her to torment you every chance I get."


I'm confused, what does this picture have to do with that green?


Waiting for moar.


>make her a princess, or make her a princess
Top kino though. More SCP filly when?

Very good, it's always nice to see more green from you Lone

>Coronafilly kills via cuddle
>Eventually hoofholding is used as a vaccine


Don't touch it filly, you'll make God cry! But if you do, let me watch

I don't 100% get why Sunbutt is mad at Luna, but gj


>I don't 100% get why Sunbutt is mad at Luna, but gj
Imagine Filly being dressed like Nightmare Moon.


Thanks mate, good to be writing. That being said, tonight's might be a little bit shorter.


>She turns 180 degrees and walks off in the direction Anon went.
"Guess she's getting the needles."
>Twilight leans in close to you.
>"I don't know about this mare Anon, something isn't quite right about her."
>You look over to League for guidance.
>She appears to be trying to pick her nose with her tongue.
"League, that's fucking gross. Cut it out."
>"You're no fun…"
>You turn back to Twilight.
"Well, she's been nice to us. I see what you mean, but I don't think we're the ones that should be worried about her."
>You rub a hoof on the floor.
"I wouldn't want to be down the barrel of her gun though- shit!"
>"What is it?"
"I left my 870 back in the mouth of that worm…"
>"Oh… well, I'm sure it won't be going anywhere before tomorrow. You did a number on that thing."
"Y-yeah, I guess I- hey!"
>"I'm sorry, you're just so cute with your mane like that. I couldn't resist giving it a little rub…"
"Kinda ruining the serious marksman effect there, but I guess I'll allow it."
>By the time Franziska gets back with Anon in tow, you're snuggled up next to Twilight.
"No you. I didn't think you'd need to go badly after you relieved yourself in the hot tub."
>Her face is tinged with red.
>"I-I don't know what the fuck you're on about."
>You clip your way over to her.
"Come on, you and I both about our… nocturn-"
>"Blood tests!"
>You observe her sticking League first, who takes it like a champ.
>It doesn't appear she's injecting anything before drawing out the blood, so you volunteer to go next.
>The needle is fairly large, but she doesn't slip more than a few centimeters into you before pulling up the plunger.
>Huh, your blood looks a bit paler than you're used to.
>"Zat does not look good. Anonymous, if I may-"
>You realize that the room is starting to spin.
"I-I think I'm gonna go lay down, you all go on without me."
>Franziska nods, looking concerned for once.
>"Sleeping quarters are behind you, third door to ze right."
>You haven't taken two steps before you topple over.
>You feel incredibly weak all of a sudden.
"Gonna hur-"
>The only thing more surprising than that sentence being perfectly cut off by a stream of semi-digested meat is that the meat lands in a toilet.
"Nice reflexes…"
>"I've dealt vith my fair share of combat situations."
>Twilight comes rushing in and Franzi hands you over to her, but stays in the room.
>"Do you want to go to bed now?"
>You lick your teeth, your throat and nostrils burning.
"Brush my teeth…"
>Your eyelids grow heavy as a buzzing sound permeates the room…
>"Hello Anonymous."


File: 1584582482924.png (409.92 KB, 3000x2556, birthdaygift.png)

Happy birthday Lone! Hope this shitty art is good enough for you.


>Be Anonfilly
>You stood before the City Hall, which housed a sign notifying the meeting for the "Foals with Special Needs Coalition"
"Do I have to go to the retard meeting?"
>"Anon! Don't use that type of language! They other foals are just… special. Like you." Twilight chided
>Yep, retards
>You thought to make a snide remark about "also being ex-humans", but you discarded it when your collar began to warm
>…Wait, like you?

>Twilight opens the door to the meeting hall, and nudges you inside using her head

>"C'mon, go make some friends." she tells you before heading to the corner with the other moms watching their brainlet offspring
>You glance over the room, looking for potential friends
>Largely groups of two or three foals, some standing and others sitting
>You note that many had some form of tic, such as having to clap their hooves every ten seconds or shaking their heads
>In one corner a colt wearing a helmet was muttering to himself with his mom close by
>A couple of fillies were by the little concessions table, eating pony-Costco cookies
>You decide to try and join them, they seemed fairly well-adjusted
>You awkwardly shuffle towards them, standing halfway between in and out of their two-person party
>Eventually the white-coated and blue-maned Earth pony stops talking about trains and turns to you
>"Do you- you- you need something?" she asks, stuttering midway through the sentence
>The other one remains silent, brown mane and tail two-toning her cream fur and wings
"I- um- was wondering if I could join you guys?"
>You had a bit of stage fright between two fillies staring at you, in addition to Twilight's oversized eyes peering into the back of your skull
>"PENIS!" the cream one randomly yells out
>"PETRIFICATION!" she adds
"Is she, uh…?"
>"Oh, Cloud Chaser has Trot's Syndrome. She can't control-"
>"PERJURY!" she yells oncemore
>"She can't control it" the white one says, neither filly ignoring the outbursts "the words are basically random, but it's almost always alliterative and often starts with a swear"
>You turn to look at the momfus, and most seemed used to it. One of them was talking to Twilight, surely explaining her daughter's condition
>Yep, this was a tard meeting
>"Do you know a lot about trains??" the earth pony blurts out, and you notice how she blinks with her left eye then her right
>Twilight thought you would fit in here?
>Wait, what if you were retarded and everypony was just being nice?


>"I like me. I like me, I'm as good as I can be!"
>"With a smile and a wave-"
>The music cuts abrubtly, and the handicapped foals all ran to the nearest chair
>Said chairs outnumbered foals 3:2, so it was easy to find your own
>"Yay, everyone's a winner!" Fluttershy yelled in her loudest voice, which barely carried out across the room
>You slouch lower in the seat
>You didn't want- or need- to be here, this was humiliating
>You noted that most of the mothers were gone-Twilight included
>Maybe they went off drinking, their only comfort in having to raise retards
>"Alright, that's enough musical chairs. Who's ready for coloring time?"
>The amount of hooves wildly flailing in the air and barely-discernible 'ME!'s almost drove you crazy

>You finished your picture, a pony-themed Pepe, far superior to the one you had made when you first came to Equestria

>It was a >tfw no horn you would never get to shitpost
>You hear a mare shuffle behind you, peering over your shoulder
>"That's a very nice picture Anon." she says
"You aren't going to ask me about how I feel or what it means?"
>"No, I just think it's pretty. You did a good job."
>She gives you a smile and goes on to the next foal

>"Are you sure Twilight was going to pick you up?" Fluttershy asked

>City Hall had slowly emptied over the past hour, mothers picking up their foals and leaving, sometimes with struggling or crying
>And now you were the only one left
>You had to sit on the front steps since the doors needed to be locked, but Fluttershy was kind enough to keep you company
>Being with her actually made you forget about having >nohands
>"Maybe you-"
>Flutters was quickly interrupted by a pop noise, followed by a drunken Twilight holding an empty bottle
>"Alrigght, let'sss go Anon."
>"Are… you alright Twilight?" Fluttershy asked worriedly
>*hic* I'm not Alright, I'm Twilight!" she answers, followed by incessant giggling
"Don't worry, this happens occasionally" you pipe in
>"'Less just go, mkay? Mama's going to work in the morning"
>Press (X) to Doubt
>Twilight drops the bottle and hugs you close to her
>Fluttershy gives you a concerned look, but doesn't push the topic
>And in the blink of an eye you were back in the Friendship Castle
>You already miss FLutters


Very nice. I'm looking foward to what happens next.
Oh! Happy Birthday Lone!


Bout fuckin' time faggot. Good to have you back.
T-thanks, it's great.


File: 1584588560142.png (Spoiler Image, 541.22 KB, 750x746, 1569287846345-0.png)

Who's a good filly bent on taking onset the world? You are! Let's go get icecream.
>Fluttermom hands you over to the drunken Purple.
>Worth it for one reason.
>tfw you can make sloshed Purple do naughty puns.


File: 1584588605251.png (292.47 KB, 1646x1672, fillyheadpat.png)


File: 1584640868397.png (32.98 KB, 1024x768, ouroboros-transparent.png)

>Fucking finish this shit


>You jolt awake and scramble to pull your limbs as close to your body as possible.
>Are you screaming?
>You can’t tell if you’re screaming.
>Not screaming.
>Coughing violently, you try and clear some of the iron tasting sick from your mouth and nose.
>Your chest is so tight.
>You can’t fucking breath!
>No wait, too fast.
>You are just breathing too fast.
>You’re just panicking.
>You try in vain to slow your breathing as you try to wrap your head around what you just saw.
“W-what the hell wa-”
>Your voice!
“Why do I sound lik-"
>You stop once more, not quite believing.
>Not quite comprehending…
>You bring your hands to your head but you end up feeling fists on either side of your head.
>Why are you clenching your hands?
>Why can’t you unclench your hands?!
>What the fuck?!
>You slowly lower your arms despite the movement feeling awkward and bring them in front of your face.
>Or at least you tried to.
>You are distracted by something you finally notice in your vision.
>What the hell was the green thing on your nose?
>You bring your shaking hands to wipe it off and notice there's some kind of green sleeve on that too.
>And the other.
>They tremble harder as the reality of your situation starts to sink in.
“N-no… No way…”
>The sleeves aren't coming off!
“It can't be! This is a fucking joke!”
>Worse, it's almost like you could feel every time you tried to scrape it off with the hard parts at the bottom.
>But that can’t be true!
“I'm not a fucking horse!”
>You go for broke and bring your arm to your mouth, taking a bite.
>Your scream pierces the night around you as your teeth sink into your arm much easier than they have any right to.
>Here are the facts as you understand them.
>One: you are hopelessly lost in the woods of which you have a sinking feeling that you may actually recognize them.
>Two: you are a greentext green filly with a black mane and tail.
>Your cutie mark is a question mark.
>Because of the threads you used to browse you would have been happy but you caught your reflection in some debris which brings you to the next fact.
>Three: You woke up in a bloodstain in the grass.
>That bloodstain was in some kind of geometric circle dug into the ground and the only thing that comes to your head to describe it is witchcraft but you know that's not correct.
>You aren't sure what this is.
>You can't be sure what you are.
>You look like a filly.
>Hell, you don’t even know how you know that you look like a filly.
>Filly implies that you look like a young horse thing or something.
>You definitely aren’t a horse.
>Vaguely, you remember horses and that’s not what you are.
>Even then, there's something in your eye that makes you doubt that you are… normal.
>Or whatever constitutes as normal for a not horse child anyways.
>It's like a tattoo is where the iris is supposed to be on your left eye and it's unsettling to say the least.
>That and a few other things that you've noticed like the super healing bullshit but these are lesser concerns at the moment.
>Four: you are losing your memory at an alarming rate.
>You know your name and that you worked retail but the name of where you worked and who you worked with escapes you.
>You can't remember how many siblings you have if you had any at all nor what any look like.
>Who the hell are your parents even?
>But for some stupid fucking reason you can remember the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody and not what you looked like at all?!
>You break through a treeline and stop.
>Five: Is that a town?
>”Emoli, Fridath!”
>You have no idea what this guy is saying but you hate the shit out of him and his stupid sing song voice already.
>This guy wasn't like the other ones in armor.
>He didn't have any but his uniform resembled it with its gold and white colors and its sun emblems.
>For whatever reason you bare your little pony teeth at him.
>Why did you do that?
>Doesn’t matter.
“Fuck you!”
>You feel your tail press into your ass as you back into the back wall of the alley.
>Another unpleasant reminder of your missing wang.
“Entala hetlunima? Davees wilt raa drag grat kavim hetleer evanin xaeno jemca velensolvth.”
>Your head shoots around looking for a way out.
>No such luck though.
>He’s fucking got you cornered.
>His smug look slides off his face when someone casts a shadow over his form.
>Last time when you woke up you were dead.
>The next time you woke up you were a fucking pony.
>But even worse…
>Do Homunculi dream?
>Will you see the other side again?
“I don’t wanna go to sleep!”
>That wasn’t supposed to come out like that.
>The way you said it made you sound like an actual child.
>You feel your ears lay flat against your head when you notice Greed, Pride and Gluttony sitting next to the fire.
>Both of them are staring at you like you have autism.
>It should be fine.
>You can’t be sure if they understood you.
>You know Lust can but…
>From the looks that you're getting, Pride knows english as well.
>…and now he’s speaking in that stupid horse language to Greed.
>And now they’re both laughing.
>You bare your teeth.
“S-shut up!”
>They laugh harder.
>You flare your tiny wings and launch yourself from the countertop only to be stopped by lust who catches your scruff with that stupid power she has.
>They’re not laughing anymore.
>You hardly cared though.
>As much as you would have liked to tear that piece of shit’s throat out, it wasn’t what you were aiming for.
>The shadows in the room have grown larger.
>You smile.
“What’s that? Scared of a little girl like me, Pride?”
>Lust turns with you in her force/voodoo/magic grasp thingy so she is between either of you.
>She just gives you a patient smile.
“Emoli, g-gano hetlun oom Anon.”
>Shit son!
>You think you got it!
>”Close but not quite.”
“Oh come the fuck on! What did I get wrong this time?!”
>You growl at the sound of your own voice.


>You’ll never get used to sounding like a little girl.
>”Your name isn’t Anon.”
>You look up at Lust.
“The fuck it isn’t.”
>You would have said more but holy hell.
>Every time you look at her it's hard not to get lost.
>If only you had a dick…
>Despite all of you getting some shitty meme green color she somehow just… something…
>You don’t know how she manages to make herself look this good.
>She apparently can’t shapeshift but still looks like a goddess.
>Her hair…
>Her eyes…
>Her voice…
>”Then you’ll get killed and we’ll lose another Wrath. Ponies don’t like things that are different and will be suspicious of you. Gano helunti oom, Agayan Falasti.”
>And your moment of ogling her passes like a fart in the wind.
“Fuck you, fuck these horses and fuck this.”
>Green Hornet is such a stupid fucking name.
“What do you mean I’ll never grow up?”
>Lust says nothing.
>She just looks at you with a stupid pitying expression on her stupid sexy horse face.
>Your chest gets heavy.
“Say something!”
>What the actual fuck?
>Why won’t she stop looking at you like that?!
>All it does is pisses you off.
>She opens her mouth and you prepare to tear her stupid fucking throat out for whatever bullshit comes out of her mouth.
>Your body is coiled like a spring and fuck you didn’t want to do this.
>To think you fucking liked her to-
>”I’m sorry…”
>You run as fast as you can which is pretty fucking fast despite your legs being so tiny.
>Behind you in the distance, a plume of smoke rises into the sky.
>The fuckers set fire to your hideout.
>Sloth, the big, burly fuck…
>They nailed him to the floor.
>You want to say he’d survive that but…
>You just want to be normal for five minutes without something happening.
>No mages, no wizards.
>No Pride or his stupid powers or his stupid fucking chink ass smug face.
>No orders to do stupid shit that’ll get you killed from (((him.)))
>You turn down an alley and use your wings to propel yourself faster.
>Just as the reach the end of the alley the fucking ground explodes underneath you and sends you careening into a wall.
>You find yourself lying on your back with your upside down gaze falling on a pony in blue robes covered in sigils of the moon.
>You spy a horn glowing under that hood and the bastard lets his hood fall revealing a triumphant smile and an annoyingly familiar purple mane.
>Artemis Belle Mon.
>The fucker is knocked off his hooves by a swift buck from a pair of orange legs before he can get a spell off though.
>The mare adjusts her hat as a few other mares move in from various walkways and alleys surrounding you.
>You've been played.
>You feel a sense of dawning horror come over you as you see the lavender one trotting towards you looking sure of herself.

Didn't get that much time to work on Memory Blanks this week because shit is getting real where I live so have this instead.


File: 1584644606471.png (66.15 KB, 241x298, 1582643480695-0.png)

>tfw being wrath incarnate due to being smol hoers and rejecting the brainwashing.

You making it through is more important. Stay safe frien.


File: 1584660589705.png (792.02 KB, 1920x1200, wp2612555.png)

>Didn't get that much time to work on Memory Blanks this week because shit is getting real where I live so have this instead.
Understandable. Be safe.


>As you make your way to the meeting room Nonny sticks close to you occasionally looking over to Luna to make sure she's where she last saw.
>Opening the door you see Celestia teleport away a scroll.
>"Twilight, it's good to see you. I see Luna has already caught up with you." She says with a smile.
"Yeah, we did."
>You say putting a worried gaze towards Luna.
>She simply trots forward and takes a seat nearby.
>"We tried to inspect Anon, Twilight would not have it." Luna said as if she saw nothing wrong and grabbed a cup of tea with her magic.
>"Mmm." Celestia groans in a almost dissatisfied way. "And where is the little one?"
>Celestia ask looking towards you.
>You take a slight but quick step back letting her get a look at Nonny before Nonny jumps and scuttles back with you.
>"Aww~" Celestia coos as she quickly makes her way over to you and ducks her head as if she was peeking around your side.
>Nonny peaks around to meet her a gentle gaze.
>"Hello little one~" Celestia says as gently as possible with a wave of her wing. "My name is aunt Celestia, it's very nice to meet you."
>"Hello…" Nonny says still shy after the Luna encounter.
>Celestia smiles.
>"Would you like to have some tea with us? We have cookies~!"
>Nonny peaks out more, and a little more, until she's trotting up a bit to meet Celestia face to face.
>"How about a hug for Celly?" Celestia ask spreading her hooves to the filly.
>Nonny trots up and hugs her barrel and Celestia wraps her hooves around her.
>"Aww, there's the filly I heard so much about." She says happily as she wraps her wings around her. "Such a good filly."
>She says as she separates the hug and lifts Nonny up and placing her on her back.
>Nonny seems a bit confused, but soon finds comfort in a little wing nest Celestia makes on her back.
>Celestia seems extremely happy about the whole experience, and the cute sight makes your heart skip a beat.
>"I must say, she's quite the good filly once she knows you, aren't you Nonny?" She says as she cranes her head back to nuzzle the filly on her back a bit.
>Nonny seems to be eating up the attention.
>"Now, Twilight, could you go request some little sandwiches for us to snack on while we talk?"
>You smile.
"Of course princess."
>You say as you trot out the room and head to the kitchen.
>As you leave Celestia looks to Luna and then to Nonny.
>Luna cast a spell, hiding her form.
>"How would you like to play a game Nonny?"
>Nonny nods exited at the aspect.
>Celestia smiles.
>"Alright, it's called copypony! You just do exactly what I do! First, we stand on our hind hooves!" She says lifting herself up on her hind hooves.
>Nonny copys.
>"Lift your hooves up high!" She says lifting her hooves, using her wings to stabilize.
>Nonny again tries to copy but flops over.
>Both Celestia and the filly giggle.
>"Now we crouch our front down." She says lowering her front hooves.
>The filly copied with a smile.
>"Lift our tailes high!" Celestia says with a infectious enthusiasm as she lifts her tail.
>The filly again copies.
>Luna meanwhile gets to do the last part of the inspection she didn't get earlier.
>The filly doesn't even notice the mare looking at her parts.
>Celestia gets her signal Luna is done and is heading back to her seat.
>"And now we jump up high!" She says jumping up.
>The filly does so and is caught in Celestia's hooves.
>"Got ya'!" Celestia says as she begins to tickle the filly's tummy with her wings, making nonny cry out in joy as she's tickled.
>Twilight comes back to the happy sight and doesn't know a thing as Luna happily sips her tea.


Are Celestia and Luna pedos?
Shit, am I gonna get Epsteined now?


File: 1584665671740.png (365.46 KB, 1821x1318, 1584655718392.png)

We're back in abusiness.


File: 1584666120635.png (716.09 KB, 700x778, 8bc.png)

>bullied filly


File: 1584666147897.jpeg (61.54 KB, 635x488, 1456729.jpeg)

Filly is not for abuse.


File: 1584666728455.png (624.13 KB, 1000x1414, 1475772853037.png)

How does it feel to be a faggot?


File: 1584669719271-0.jpg (26.45 KB, 458x458, 654423423.jpg)

File: 1584669719271-1.png (478.75 KB, 1280x720, 6541.png)


File: 1584670730556.png (146.41 KB, 1174x904, hugging fillies.png)

You really need to learn to love yourself


File: 1584671101442.png (2.36 MB, 2000x2200, 2086757.png)

Checked those double dubs.


File: 1584673107578.png (456.37 KB, 1647x1560, 1578125799835.png)

>Heh that's my fetish.


File: 1584673468910.png (197.19 KB, 1000x876, 1584673429460.png)


Wow. I really want Luna's face as a reaction meme.


File: 1584673770728.png (187.52 KB, 732x1024, fillyahegao3.png)


File: 1584675582629.png (54.61 KB, 188x190, SmugSeb.png)

Who says I don't?


GTFO degenerate.


I'm not actually Seb ofc.


Wouldn't be a classic Lone story without something like this happening.

Nice, an Artemis Fowl spinoff.

The more cartoonishly evil and perverted the princesses are (in their own ways), the better.


The original writer did point out that it's seen as a pony myth of luck for a filly to be inspected by a alicorn (as explained by Luna in the original post). So there's 2 ways I see this.
1. They're weirdos
2. They genuinely believe it and are trying to ensure Twilight's filly is set for life and won't be hurt.


>The more cartoonishly evil and perverted the princesses are (in their own ways), the better.

>Be Princess Molestia

>Twilight's filly is now within my clutches!
>"Mommy was right your laugh does sound like musical chimes."
>Anon has a hopeful smile, as my master plan is about to unfold. Feeding the poor filly tea!
>But claiming my evil, sinister, perfected laughter to be a meer chime?
>The tea party is immaculate, and perfect for my final goal. Large tea pot, and even more hot water. A white blanket from the royal sheets to capture the sweet essence. All inside the hiden garden maze
>Levitating the delicate porcelain tea pot to her cup for another refill. Almost.
>"Yeah! It's really pretty."
>Did she just? Oh~~! I can't hold back anymore.
"W-well Anon, I havn't heard yours yet."
>"Oh, umm, okay miss princess Celestia ha ha?"
>The garden maze has a very special viewing spot where on other can water from the shadows. My sister is getting antsy. Last time I let her be so pent up being… banished.
"Are you sure that's how you really do it?"
>"Ummm it's hard without a good joke."
"I see, I see. I think I have one."
>She cocks her head. It takes immense effort to not jump on her now.
>Smiling I begin to slowly approach.
"You might like this joke. Just hold still I see something behind your ear."
>Flicking to search for the non-existant thing.
>I shout my true intentions.
"Tickle attack!"
>"Nooo! Hahahehhehe."
>Yes! Yes! Almost!
>Minutes turns into hours, as eons pass my assault on her body never ceasing.
>"No stop I'm gonna pee myself."
>She's about to burst!
>"You have forgotten about me, dear sister."
>"S- hahehe- save me!"
>Oh no. My sister's, Night Mare Moons, one soft spot.
>"Have at thee sister."
"Noo- teehhehehehe! N-nooo hehee!"
>The tickle attacks grew as Anon started her initiative.
>One day Anon we'll get you, and your youthful booty!


File: 1584685252963.png (1.53 MB, 979x1513, It'sBenign.png)

Heh, I guess I might be well-known for using dreams in… particular ways. It warms my heart that you've noticed that. There's something a bit off about tonight, I've gone through a few revisions of this update and none of them are quite right. I'll post again soon, hopefully tomorrow night.


File: 1584731372886-0.png (159.68 KB, 898x901, 2087835.png)


>Be filly
>No toilet paper, but that's no problem for you because ponies have self-cleaning anuses
>Going about your merry day, humming while you're coloring a picture on the ground.
>Anon keeps giving you… this look.
>It's scaring you a bit, so you pick up your coloring book and crayons and move into the kitchen.
>"Nonny, I'm sorry. I'll give you a nice bath afterwards, okay?"
>You try to run, but he grabs you by the scruff of your neck and you go limp
"P-please no…"
>"I'm sorry."


File: 1584735794376.png (325.88 KB, 1817x1678, 2235814.png)


File: 1584743042915.png (182.5 KB, 1000x1414, 1584742706654.png)


File: 1584743833798.png (176.97 KB, 1440x1440, Big Stinker.png)


Top w-wew


Why were they shoving frosting up their vaginas
>tfw food in Equestria all comes out of pony orifices

>Be filly
>No toilet paper
Why would that matter to filly?

Cute! What kino are they watching?


>Why would that matter to filly?
Because Anon is going to wipe his ass with her? At least that's the way I interpreted it.


>Be Anon.
>"Do you think she's okay?"
"I don't know, they've been in the bathroom with her for a while."
>"I heard them say something about magically induced dreaming."
"Of course it's something like that, it's always something like that. Everything wants us all dead."
>"Maybe they're being cautious."
"They didn't even want us near the door."
>You hear your scream echoed throughout the halls.
>Of course, your mouth was closed.
"Least she's awake…"
>Her voice drops back down to a muffled tone.
>You can't make out what she's saying anymore, only that she's saying something.
>Murmurs of the two unicorns' voices pass through the walls as you jump one of League's checkers.
"King me."
>"It's 'Princess me.'"
"That's gay as fuck."
>You can see her tail twitching as the two of you lie on the floor, bellies resting on the carpet.
>"This isn't good, is it?"
"They know more than we do, maybe they're operating on her? In any case I don't think she'd be happy to see us right now."
>"You can't… feel her pain, can you? Like those identical twins?"
"I think that might be a myth, and if it isn't then no, I feel completely fine right now aside from being worried sick about her…"
>"Bad things tend to happen a lot, don't they?"
"Yes League, they certainly do."
>You grin momentarily as you chain jump two checkers.
"At this point, I think it might just be life. Better make the most of it, and be prepared."
>Your days in the Boy Scouts come back to you.
>Was your life a microcosm of shit back then?
>You know a few kids in your troop died on that camping trip you went on, apparently a bear attack.
>You were lucky enough to have hiked ahead of the group, that was back when all four of your limbs were functional.
>You went to their funerals, one was open casket.
>Kid's dad worked owned a funeral parlor, as fucked up as it was you think he wanted to advertise the quality of his products.
>You could certainly see everything that remained of the kid.
>What little they could stitch together, at least.
>Wasn't a fucking bear.
>You and League haven't heard anything for hours.
>Checkers has long since become boring, and neither of you are tired.
>Still, Lilly cuddles are golden.
>After snooping around a bit, the two of you found a room filled with bunk beds.
>After getting the sheets onto one of them, you both climb up.
>You need a bit of help getting the damned thing on your leg off, but after that it's smooth sailing for cuddle time.
>You bury your face in her mane, hoping the smell of bubblegum will calm your nerves a bit.
>And it does.
"H-hey League, have you ever noticed that you smell like bubblegum?"
>"Anon, I don't freaking smell like bubblegum."
"You totally fucking smell like bubblegum."
>"Y-yeah, well you smell like mint leaves."
>You remove your good leg from its place around her and give the fluffy appendage a good sniff.
"Bull fucking shit I do!"
>"Yeah huh!"
"Nuh-uh. Give me some sort of evidence."
>"Well how in the heck am I supposed to do that?"
"You don't. Because I don't fucking smell like mint leaves."
>The door opens, prompting you and League to quickly lie down on your backs.
>She looks very tired.
>"Hey girls, Clover is going to be alright. She'll be spending the night in medical though, Franziska wants to keep an eye on her."
"What happened to her? What's wrong with her?"
>"I'd imagine it's a bit personal, so I'll let her choose whether or not she wants to share it with you. In the meantime, sleep tight."
>Twilight leans down and plants a kiss on your forehead.
>"Minty fresh as usual I see."
>She chuckles.
"What do you mean by that?"
>"Oh, you just smell a bit like peppermint. Most fillies have some sort of odor, I was once told I smelled like grapes by a colt I liked. Sleep tight."
>She kisses League's forehead too, and then trots out into the hallway.
>With the smooth sound of magic in the air, the door closes.
>"Ha! I knew it!"


I thought he was just gonna rape her


I need anonfillyxthingpone


God dammit you faggot I was just about to go read greeeeen.
>Fucking boring as shit out here.
>Barren ocean.
>You've gone diving, but there's nothing interesting in the water.
>Just those little tiny retarded saltwater fish that you recall washing up all the time on the beaches you roamed back on earth.
>Or at least you presume they're similar enough.
>Twilight is off doing god knows what, but you've got a plastic bucket and by god it is going to be filled with seashells or so help you.
>It's difficult to pick them up with your teeth, but you've gotten a method down pat for not letting your long unkempt mane get all sandy and covered in saltwater.
>Keeping the sand out of your teeth is another story though, you're just glad that the bucket has a few holes in the bottom so that the spit leaks out but not the shells.
>Huh, a jellyfish.
>Well, that certainly makes your day far more exciting.
>You might have the body of a rowdy young filly now, but the cautionary reason of your adult self remains.
>Yeah, that's a fucking lie.
>You drop your bucket and rush off in pursuit of the biggest, longest stick you can pick up.
>A few minutes of searching yeild your reward, a thick 'y' shaped jellyfish poker.
>Trotting back to the thing with a smile on your face, you see that it's moved a little bit further from the ocean.
>You'd attribute that to the waves were it not for the drag marks.
>You muse aloud:
"Strange behavior indeed for a jellyfish."
>"Shut up."
>You jump, dropping your stick on what moments ago you thought was just a brainless killing, eating and fucking machine.
>The stick disintegrates.
>"Ow! What the hell, Anon?"
"Oh jesus christ thing, I thought your desire for my weiner ended when the damn thing turned into a filly snatch!"
>The shifting mass of wood pulp and jellyfish morphs itself into an amber filly.
>"You're no fun today, not even a hello…"
"Not enough cellular material to become a mare, huh?"
>"No, Bessie clears out these waters every night. Being eaten is inconvenient, so I swam over when day broke. No time to accumulate."
>You groan.
"I'm guessing you're not leaving until I fuck you?"
"You're gonna be here a while then. Follow me, I'll introduce you to Twilight. She told me she'd tan my hide if I brought any friends along on this top secret expedition of hers, so you're my lesbian girlfriend. Do you remember how to do flannel?"
>The filly behind you shrinks slightly as flannel pajama pants appear on her butt.
"That's my girl."


Awww yeah


Not gonna lie. That's pretty hot.


Why has Corona slowed this thread the fuck down? Shouldn't we be getting greens and draws out the ass?


For me it's irl obligations, and trying to find the time to test new stuff.


>Implying everyone didn't just flock to the dicksword


Oh yeah,



File: 1584827655230.png (482.92 KB, 1254x1736, 1490351.png)

That was fun.






Get nightmares, faggot


Sleep tight, poner


File: 1584830211288.gif (1.45 MB, 436x579, 1538486916650.gif)

Sleep tight, poner!


File: 1584831157279.jpg (79.04 KB, 750x600, PonyHammer 40K.jpg)



File: 1584831381379.png (585.11 KB, 2000x1500, 1562501933-82fda.png)

You need more Friendship anon.


Is the box her uterus?




>implying everyone abandoned the thread after flocking to the dicksword
you really should have more faith in your fellow fillyfags, anon


You're not a fillyfag, you're a discordnigger. Go suck tranny cock.


Proofs, tranny?


File: 1584841776026.png (117.79 KB, 800x800, ...really.png)

This is why the thread is dying, this witch hunt mentality helps nobody


File: 1584842409773.jpeg (454.54 KB, 985x1047, 8ea.jpeg)

And isn't dying, but slowing sometimes.


Doesn't your favorite admin "Rebecca" have a cock that needs sucking?


>your favorite
>admin "Rebecca"
I suppose you are referring to some faggot in a Discord channel. I'm not a Discord fag just FYI.


I'm generically referring to discord mods and admins being cucked trannies, which they often are from what I've heard. You shouldn't defend the discordfags, they really are pulling content away from our precious thread.


I'm curious to know how fucked-up you faggots are.


Trips of truth, history repeating itself like all other threads that died after getting a discord before has nothing to do with it and discordfags definetly visit the thread often, as you can see with how pretty much no art needs to get posted in a batch from what's delivered on the server, it never even loses its way around either and ends up truncated to a closed hugbox, also with how the thread gets a lot of the filly discussion instead of only greens.
Oh, also I'm Obama, so you can trust me that everything in this post is real


>A city full of anons gets infected with the filly flu
>what happens?


File: 1584845492306.png (269.24 KB, 1143x1096, 1522894727351.png)


>what happens?
Without Purple to bring order, nothing good.


>Not wanting to wear a miniature Carlos jacket with your face muzzle-deep in another filly's snatch and a filly behind you stimming your clit like a low-functioning autist stims to keep from flipping out


File: 1584845937324.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.01 KB, 1024x640, 10 - CeMDL.jpg)

>Be you, best princess
>You're on the lookout for nightmares in the collective dreamscape of your subjects, as is your celestial duty
>The nightmares have grown numerous during your thousand year absence so you have a lot of catching up to do
>Suddenly, you feel your princess senses tingling
>Somepony must be having a nightmare close by!
>You channel magic into your horn to hone in on the dreamer
>After a bit of searching you manage to find the right dream and enter it
"Never fear, Luna is here!"
>"Well look who finally decided to show up. little miss mind invader here to solve all of my life's problems with another fascinating bed time story I bet.
"Oh. 'Tis you again."
>"That's right motherfucker. It's me, Anonymous the adorablest little filly, giving up my privacy rights to help save this failure of a monarchy. You may thank me whenever."
"We can't keep meeting like this Anonymous. You need to stop giving yourself pretend nightmares. There are other ponies out there with real problems that I am duty-bound to protect."
>"Excuse you? We both know that my ideas could help way more ponies in a day than your bedtime stories could ever hope to help in a million years."
>"And I'll have you know that my nightmares are very real. I stay up late eating snacks and reading spooky stories before bed just so we can meet like this."
"You know you could always just come to my night court and meet me directly right?"
>"Pfft. Who has time for that shit? I have more important things to do, like running around in circles or eating crayons like all the other little cunts my age around here."
>"Besides, night court starts at nine and I have a curfew at six."
"Fair enough. So what was it you wanted to speak with me about tonight?"
>"Oh boy I'm so glad you asked mooncheeks, slap your royally fat ass down hard and conjure up a beer or ten with that head dildo of yours because this is going to be an all-nighter. I'm gonna tell you AAALL I know about the griffons and why they're all basically just a bunch of dirty fucking jews."
>Ugh. Can't you have this filly grounded for Lèse-majesté or something? Surely your sister doesn't have to put up with these sort of things during her day court

13.89% Lighter than the average person.


File: 1584846485883.png (170.25 KB, 1080x1686, 20200322_000200.png)

Tbh expected worse, something like 70% narcissism and/or sadism, these seem rather low overall

Post overall graph as well
>Best Princess
You seem to have mistyped Celestia, but we forgive you Anon


>Filly gets so many self induced nightmares Luna stops visiting
>One day Filly gets a real dark nightmare, something so evil that no man should experience
>Yet despite the strong pull, the mark Luna left on her doesnt lie, and it gets ignored
>The next day, filly could be seen with a grid muzzle locker, constantly staring at ponies hooves in fear


File: 1584847306645.png (Spoiler Image, 30.84 KB, 723x523, 84846196197469874.png)

I'm always troubled by questionnaires with levels of agreement/disagreement. It's hard to decide whether I agree completely, just a little bit, somewhere in between or not at all.


File: 1584847549386.png (47.02 KB, 744x689, 1.png)


It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Discord gets scapegoated and fags get up in arms about it, and people just get pushed away rather than anyone actually doing anything productive. This goes on for long enough and the thread ends up dead, with all the blame being pushed to Discord once more.


File: 1584848006390.jpg (85.04 KB, 551x484, kys filly box.jpg)

kys filly a cute!


Those are some rather high percentages anon. Did you expect that from yourself? Where do you find work as a spiteful sadist?


File: 1584848238293-0.png (Spoiler Image, 150.12 KB, 1877x923, unknown.png)


File: 1584848776265.jpg (139.54 KB, 1135x2048, EG1Us9ZWoAAgBn1.jpg)

Was wondering if >>263469 would have you beat, but you are our edgy filly for a reason, ya cute
Remind us to not leave you two alone in a room, the plans that would come out from there would surely change Equestria forever


File: 1584848872863-0.png (37.93 KB, 780x665, a778ff0e92f6e092241fbc097c….png)

File: 1584848872863-1.png (1001.23 KB, 1071x1068, 1492876446863.png)

This is a poor test because a lot of these questions are loaded and often repeat themselves with slightly different wording.


File: 1584849058638.png (72.69 KB, 857x835, Dark Core.png)

There were a few questions I didn't know how to interpret, so I just left the slider in the middle for those


Basically jesus and you're still only at 40% light. How much do you think people fib their answers to feel better about themselves


Being at 100% light isn't possible because the population averages aren't at 100% dark. That's all that means. Most people are flawed, but they're not irredeemable cunts in every respect. Civilisation would be a blood soaked free for all if it were.


There's still plenty of room to be a bad person outside of these traits, just not a 2edgy4me type of bad person


Ah, I see. That makes sense.


File: 1584850000172.png (512.24 KB, 1000x1000, 90e.png)

Those results are unreal.


File: 1584850790044.jpg (385.88 KB, 800x1143, 1402413226892.jpg)

>Filly becomes crazy serial killer
>Cuts of ponies hooves to make glue to keep herself together
>Luna forever regrets the night she could have helped a filly but chose not to


Why is her horn bent to the left?


Some artists are just bad at angles.


I meant it as her being extremely fearful of being booped and going to extreme measures, but I suppose that works
Hopefully another filly can get her back on the right path before its too late


File: 1584852332861.jpg (100.74 KB, 1022x874, 1538596445969.jpg)

The test questions are really fucking clunky. For a free test kinda sorta getting an overview it's something. Found myself saying "well it depends on the context," "sure I could do that, and I could like not do that too." There is a time and place for being a complete dick…
So true neutral makes a person ~5% darker (Could be misremembering).
Saying yes to all the questions is a 53.11% darker than the average person. (Which does make sense for bell curve values.)

The questions lacked the depth, nuance, and variety to truly depict the true horrors one can dig fron the depths of their own shadows.
Something something Carl Jung, use the shadow to harness the power of argent energy to identify and stop real demons or something. Then use the inverse of being an absolute dick to not be a cunt.

Being creatively evil vs. effectively evil vs. selfishly evil vs. unselfishly evil vs. apathetic rvil vs. emotional evil ect.
To reach the refined spirit of well and truely evil for the sake of being evil.
For I am edge of lord! The paramount dark edge of E! Knowing just the right amount of suck to dispense at any given moment to darken the world.


>"Cum my brudahs! We will show dem deh wey!"
>Clucks and clicks.
>"Spit on dem deh do not have deh Ebola Corona filly flu."
"We must find the queen Purple."
>"Yes muh bruhdahs!"
>"What about a different momfu?"
>Angreeee clicking intensifies
>The speaker spits catching the collective attention.
>"Den dey will be the Purple!"
>Happy clicks, and spits can be heard across the city to even the far reaches of Kenya.
>The world trembles in fear.
>It knows deh wey things are heading.


File: 1584854383104-0.png (123.71 KB, 1340x1006, RecutPicard.png)

File: 1584854383104-1.jpeg (6.51 KB, 480x360, PicardFlute.jpeg)

I'm delighted watching people die.

For real though, how are you supposed to answer this?
According to what you actually believe, how you behave in day-to-day life, or according to your most frequent temptations?


File: 1584856521873.png (195.36 KB, 735x689, MissionFailed.png)

I only really manifest a lot of the awful aspects about myself when I feel threatened or at odds. That being said, I do catalog information on most people I talk to as insurance in case they turn against me.
Every personality test is going to be kind of shit because psychology is, though well-established and trusted, a science that is softer than fucking jell-o. Approximations will be necessary, and sometimes they will be gross approximations. I just like taking them.
I think it's a mix of what you believe and frequent temptations, not how you normally behave. Normalfags generally regard me as kind and I'm not terrible with people, but I have my limits and cracks start to show if I'm under stress.


I guess I can continue it later, just not tonight I think. If you'd like that, that is.


File: 1584861550821-0.png (76.5 KB, 447x358, Coolfilly.png)

You'd better not be startin' shit.


How do I become as cool as this filly?


Smoke the crayons instead of eating them.


File: 1584881724556.png (1.44 MB, 1300x1000, Pinkamena_safe_solo_pin.png)

>Where do you find work?


Way to be misleading though, you completely fooled me

I don't even know what that means.


File: 1584882817398.png (237.27 KB, 1284x1111, normals detected - smol.png)

>I don't even know what that means


I'm a filthy casul and I haven't even finished the whole show, sue me.


File: 1584883237019.png (166.66 KB, 1032x774, kansas_filly.png)

>sue me
Not yet poner.


File: 1584884835710.jpg (171.74 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20200322-094349….jpg)

Hmm, thought I'd be worse. But I suppose when you have low standards in life you don't care as much.


It's not show related, it's the Day Of The Rake


File: 1584886860476.png (3.18 MB, 1280x1664, Celestia demands you.png)

>But I suppose when you have low standards in life you don't care as much.


File: 1584897430548.png (Spoiler Image, 248.67 KB, 1000x1414, 1584896790653.png)


I'd like for you to continue


File: 1584914066325.png (306.05 KB, 1100x800, [Anonfilly] Filly licking ….png)

poni go lic lic lic :)


god i wish that were me


File: 1584922810301-0.png (172.78 KB, 1103x1171, shark_filly.png)

File: 1584922810301-1.png (941.84 KB, 1103x1171, shark_filly.png)

File: 1584922810301-2.png (938.68 KB, 1102x1170, 20200322_191028.png)

Shark filly in three flavors: bubbly, swimmy, and dead.


>Shark filly
Definitely I won't pet her.


Filly is not for kill


Hairstyle still doesn't look great, but the artist is improving some.


>Hairstyle still doesn't look great
The hair is wet.


No, it's just one solid color. Feels out of place with how everything else is textured nicely.


You know that in the end someponer will get you.


I'm not so sure I even want to try filly fin soup…


I'd give her pets, but if she tries to bite I'm getting the squirt bottle.


File: 1584929157857-0.png (18.02 KB, 544x335, coinpo_anon2.png)


File: 1584932204851.png (251.65 KB, 1000x1414, 1584930588962.png)


File: 1584935753702-0.png (219.36 KB, 1270x1161, 2154657.png)



File: 1584936030095.jpg (186.59 KB, 1200x1027, anonfilly reeeeeeee.jpg)

Now it's me complaining.
Human anonfillies are bad, but an obese filly is gross.


She's not obese, just a little bit pudgy. I'm sure a few months on the treadmill later she'll be in decent shape.


File: 1584936292898.png (126.2 KB, 545x519, IRqLJGl.png)

Obviously this filly wasn't made by Seb, but the tummy fetish is noted.


File: 1584936831265.jpg (212.94 KB, 900x651, anonfilly relaxing.jpg)

A bit fat TBH.


File: 1584936989365.png (338.52 KB, 1848x1849, fluffy filly.png)

Filly is not fat!


Filly is silly


>"What the fuck is wrong with you Purple, why are you like this?"


"Shut the fuck up and eat the ham."


File: 1585000080870.png (89.46 KB, 551x484, 15794849164052.png)



Hundreds of mares are kidnapped and forced into snuggling, nursing, and diaper changing


File: 1585007786473.png (273.14 KB, 1458x1521, KwU7AdY.png)


>Filly is kept after class by Miss Cheerilee.
>Her face is sat on while Miss Cheerilee grades papers.


File: 1585009836448.jpg (664.92 KB, 1245x1080, 1484048226195.jpg)

I forgot to stockpile on Anons before and now they all ran out

What the fick do I do now


Ask one of your neighbors who bought a lot of fillies, they might let you keep one for a higher price than store-bought.


File: 1585011356405.jpg (189.18 KB, 462x513, 17b874c7d8533a51.jpg)

I wont allow them to jew me out

care for all my people, is time for nationalizing the fillies away from the jew hoarders brotherin


Run after them with a net and catch them again?


File: 1585011710778.jpg (64.27 KB, 767x813, 1584562197787.jpg)

Plan B

You better like being a filly


Have there been any greens with fillies based on the various historical representations of Anon? No picture available head, green question mark, and guy fawkes mask? Any others I forgot?


Do other anon incarnations count?

Like red anon from wheelchair chan


File: 1585012221934.jpg (28.75 KB, 720x400, cki5oh.jpg)



I've seen a few of those, but haven't really seen the ones mentioned. I suppose the trouble is that it's trickier to represent those other two. Basically, the super oldfag, the 'default', and the chanology era newfag. Haven't been back to 4chan since GG, so I don't know if there's a newer newfag than the EFG type.


If you've got em then post em', I'm curious.


They are still the same

Honestly It'svery limited and kinda boring considering they are basically the same person and no picture available and question mark anon are even less different


kys filly has been really chatty recently


Someday, somehow, Celestia will grant us justice. KYS filly needs to pay.


File: 1585013526889-0.png (27.03 KB, 640x426, no picture available.png)

File: 1585013526889-1.jpg (20.39 KB, 355x358, floating question mark.jpg)

File: 1585013526889-2.jpg (116.19 KB, 800x437, guy fawkes.jpg)

File: 1585013526889-3.png (309.07 KB, 1440x1283, AnonCelestia.png)

Arguably, the older ones were the more malicious misanthropes out for lulz. The chanology era was when it got pushed into the public eye and drew in all those kids that wanted to be edgy. The 'default green' is the generic one that's just as likely to track you down for abusing kittens as he is to send a thousand pizza deliveries for a laugh. I suppose there's also the anons of 'I'm not actually anon, but I'm posting to false flag and show how bad this place is.' There's history. There's been variety, even if they are all ultimately anon.

But then, I suppose this is all subjective opinion.


File: 1585013532684.jpg (262.9 KB, 617x592, 1541044788778.jpg)

I want a quarantine filly bf-gf…


KYS filly is like the kid that keeps getting detention. Its all about the attention


File: 1585014340093.png (177.9 KB, 869x1247, 1540576385357.png)



File: 1585016165431.jpg (102.81 KB, 736x999, image0-91.jpg)

What did he mean by this?


Yeah, the BF thing is confusing.


File: 1585016685962.gif (1.94 MB, 1500x1500, afb42fd63df2c7efc5d71bfe9f….gif)

It means I don't mind giving a hand to a foal if you pick up what I am putting down


Lemme guess, a cartel touched you when you were a kid?


File: 1585016970797.png (170.27 KB, 1500x1101, 1445638.png)

This thread is getting plastered with anime.
More Filly is needed.


File: 1585017132914.png (949.25 KB, 1920x1080, Gotcha.png)

Why not both?


File: 1585017160063.png (102.4 KB, 731x302, 2139800.png)


Cartels are organizations


File: 1585017311675.jpg (24.17 KB, 500x375, 1570142739175.jpg)

Like this?


I like this


Me in the left


I'm under the table. Ask me why 2nd from right has an "oooh" face.


File: 1585018742756.png (740.37 KB, 1000x1000, 1520129007077.png)

Press F for filly




File: 1585020759273.jpg (27.42 KB, 403x350, 1571515324504.jpg)

I hope my filly isn't a massive alcoholic faggot like his dad


t. a normal day out with the guys


File: 1585026570427-0.png (410.27 KB, 680x726, 858.png)

Could someone redo this with filly and Grandma Velvet?


File: 1585026832485.png (92.69 KB, 726x600, angry.png)




"So Twilight this contraption will unlock the inner potential of my soul or something?"
>The massive metallic monstrosity looms in the basement lab.
>Twilight became slightly obsessed that I didn't display any signs of magic when I first came here. A new species that didn't use magic at all, and highly mentally active? It's unheard of.
>Notes, cups with various liquids and dirty plates line the floor and shelves, even a sleeping bag seems to have a bit of drool…
>Yeah, just slightly obsessed.
>"Yes it will oooh this is so exciting! Oh, notes! Notes! I have to take notes."
"Are you sure you don't need to sleep at all?"
>The bad case of bed hair, and dark rings under her eyes seem to tell a story.
>"I'll be fine, this is a breakthrough in magic that could revolutionize the whole field in every aspect. Let's get this started, I'm positively vibrating with excitement!"
>She's almost in my face. Pointy customs are weird, and the variance with personal space is fluid at best.
"Okay, okay. Don't get your panties in a twist."
>Two handle bars, and a seat just right for me. Suppose those measurements were helpful.
>"Now remember hold the-

"What the hell."
>"Anon? Is, is it really you?"
"The fuck happened Purple I can't feel, sense, or see anything. I remember stepping up to the machine then absolutely nothing."
>"You're alive! Oh Celestia you're alive!"
"I can't see anything at all right now."
>"Oh haha let me fix that real quick."
>Feeling the sensation of eggplants, grapes, and the setting sun. I could tell I was cramped.
>Floating above her bed I see green hooves, and Twilight below me hugging a book and bottle. Good taste in both.
>My voice is so girly, and tiny, and stuff.
>Aw shit.
>"Your soul was a bit too weird? Powerful? Bizarre? Whatever for the machine to handle. Thaumagical resonance crossed the dimentional barriers at an unprecedented ratio. Doing Johvanic's principles-"
>She's getting too deep into the details time to pull back.
"Hold on, I want the quick version. Details later."
>"The machine wasn't built to handle that much stress and broke effecting all of Equestria."
>The empty bottle clatters to the floor.
"Okay, and then?"
>Her scrunched up face is be pretty cute, but being a disembodied spirit is a priority.
>"Right, right, your soul assimilated your body, and broke into pieces. The spiritual wave awakened everyponies latent matured power, and a foreign fragments were found. They usually stand next to the associated pony…"
"Is this Jojo's bizarre adventure or some shit?"
>Twilight turns a darker shade of red.
>"I remember you telling that story, and you… died. So, it was fitting to remember how you wanted to be in your will, as a meme."
"How long has it be Twi."
>She takes a breath a grim look on her face.
>"Six months. It… life in Ponyville hasn't been the same without your antics. The stand users try to do what you did, but… they try so hard maybe a bit too hard. Crime rates have increased, pies to the face, unethical behavior, and nonconsentual booping are at an all time high."
"How do I get my body back Twilight."
>"You have to fight them, and back what is yours Anonymous."
>Looking into her eyes reflecting a green filly. The choice is clear.
"Let's go."



File: 1585031365561.png (331.26 KB, 1000x1414, 1585031336736.png)


>tfw you're always the butt of the joke


File: 1585035609237-0.png (1.23 MB, 1575x1500, 1585030049455.png)

"I'm trying to writefag asswipe."
>"Then how am I supposed to FTP porn to Mayor Mare's unsecured servers?"
"Use the library computers."
>"We live in a fucking library, and this is the only computer!"


>and this is the only computer!"


>Are you my mommy
Sounds like the average anonfilly poster


>Tfw you're being taken to the vet to be put down
>Tfw didn't even get to have sex as filly


"Apples are half off today! Cider season is around the corner."
>Happy Days mah ghosty stand feller lugs the other apple cart.
>The gold sun invigorating the days work. Taking some joy in the simple things.
>"I'm telling you this is a bad idea."
>The street has a few ponies out and about, for some reason they are all avoiding eye contact. Like they're ashamed of somethin'.
>Is that Twi? She got out of her castle instead of havin' the guard bring her groceries?
"Howdey Twilight!"
>"See you are worrying too much Purple."
"What in tarnation."
>I didn't think Twilight was going off to the crazy fields…
>"Hello AJ I found Anon, and we have to gather all the pieces of his soul."
>She's honestly serious. She went and made a filly stand in Anon's likeness. Hairs are prickleing when a stand is near.
>That ain't right. I didn't do enough to keep her grounded. Shucks… what a mess.
"Twi… ah'm glad you're out and about."
>Yah have to do it, or the poor mare won't get it. She'll think it's just progress of her mastery of magic.
"Maybe you should put your stand away."
>The floating green filly scowels.
>"I'm not her stand. In any case no way little miss cider her insides are too cramped."
>"I don't have my stand out anyways? Here watch. Didn't Start the Fire!"
>A crackling news paper wrapping a pony like chains came out of her back.
>What did she do.
"Your mah friend, but what did you do."
>"Nothing? I mean Anon just apeared."
>She's really digging in.
>I can feel my jaw grinding my teeth.
"Yah know what I'm taking about. Having two stands means somethin' bad happened."
>"Oh. Ohhhh, that's because I was there when Anon… became ethereal."
>This is Twi. She didn't actually…
"Tell me you didn't-"
>In a hushed wisper.
"do you know what to Anon."
>"No! No see he's right there. Once we extract his soul peices from all the other stand users he'll be right as rain."
>Shrugging off the cart harness I stand up straight.
>The Anon filly perks up. Trying to crack her hooves and failing.
"Yah sure Twi?"
>This can't be the friend I knew. I'll get her back even if I have to beat some sense into her.
>"Once we collect all his fragments everything will be better with Anon back in his full glory."
>"Couldn't have said it better Twilight. Want to help us AJ? I promise once I have my hands back I'll give you ear scratches, and belly rubs."
>Happy Days puts away the cart. Safe. That dig is too personal, too raw.
"That's too far Twi. That just ain't right."
>"What? I'm not hammon it up or anything."
>That's too much like him. That's dirty playin' those cards.
>"Look AJ we just need my soul fragment. It would rally help us if you gave yours for a friend."
>"Yes Appleajck?"
"Ah'm going to smack some sense into yah."
>"Oh? You're approaching me?"
>I'm moving foward. Twilight is confused, but the stand she is puppeting knows what's going on.
"Ah have to git closer to do it."
>"Then come as close as you like."
"Last chance Twilight."
>"You thought it was Twilight, but it was me, ANONYMOUS!"
>Every instinct is telling me this'll only end with one victor.
>I make my move.





File: 1585081913041.jpg (31.31 KB, 266x455, 1503206492138.jpg)

Now I'm curious where this meme fiesta might go


File: 1585086055246.jpg (2.94 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20200324_173223_DRO.jpg)

What's in the box, fagets?


File: 1585086593371.jpg (2.98 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20200324_173241_DRO.jpg)


The contents of the box did just say that, how did you know?


Did you order a doll?


File: 1585087436871.jpg (2.53 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20200324_173318_DRO.jpg)

It's escaping


File: 1585087505238.jpg (2.91 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20200324_173348_DRO.jpg)



File: 1585087556629.jpg (2.77 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20200324_173501_DRO.jpg)

If you haven't figured it out by now, it's a filly.


Why are you living in a tent?


File: 1585087723392.jpg (3.17 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20200324_173655_DRO.jpg)


Helps with my extreme autism. Also blocks out light from the city when I sleep.


How much did it cost?



The horse or the bed tent? Think horse was $800 or so and the tent was a gift but I think around $100.


Oh my god! KYS filly breached its containment box! AHHHHHH!

It's money well spent.


>boops even before leaving the box
This filly has a future.


I'm jealous.


File: 1585090888596.png (373.97 KB, 736x1000, Emotional Support.png)

You have a momfu plush for her, r-right?


Cum on the filly


But is it a silly?



File: 1585095700165.jpeg (95.93 KB, 820x640, 1508790630127.jpeg)



File: 1585096302896.png (26.4 KB, 597x470, dark-factor.png)


File: 1585096477105.png (85.81 KB, 334x377, _checkem ponk.png)


File: 1585096965698.jpg (48.27 KB, 732x688, FireShot Screen Capture #1….jpg)

In my defense, I am highly suspicious of suffering from undiagnosed sociopathy


File: 1585097467415.png (25.26 KB, 840x459, dark.png)


File: 1585098551366.jpg (64.75 KB, 760x656, dark.jpg)


Acute angle

I've noticed that self-interest is consistently low in comparison with normalfags, although self-interest is apparently the average person's worst trait.


I have spastic retard hands and the thingpone update I was working on magically disappeared when I clicked the catalog link. It wasn't that good, I don't have much more to say on the topic and I don't know why I said I would write more. I'm sorry if you were waiting for that…


>I don't have much more to say
You're not alone. That's the general mood.


File: 1585119765046.png (1.34 MB, 1280x896, SnuggText.png)

>Be Green Clover.
>You feel like shit, but you're hungry…
>So fucking hungry.
>You know you've been sedated because everything is sluggish and the pain in your head has quieted to a dull roar.
>You're not sure what the hell woke you up, after all you shouldn't be able to dream in the sleep of ether…
>Or whatever it was that they put in you.
>Your paranoia dictates that you have to check for magic tripwires, and so you do.
>You doubt that Purple would've taught Twilight how to do that, or if she learned it herself, but-
>There's light of an indeterminate source somewhere in this room.
>You lift up a hoof and push the bandages that have been tightly wrapped around where she drilled into your skull away from your eyes.
>A piece of paper shimmers purple in the darkness.
>'Pick this up if you need help <3'
>Well, in your drug-addled state you're likely to further injure yourself or damage some important equipment if you go searching for food…
>You pick up the note, and wait.
>The shimmering energy dissipates, but the paper is a bit warm to the touch.
>You hold it up to your chest and pull the thin sheets back up to your neck.
>The door slides open.
>"What do you need, sweetie?"
"I uh… I'm pretty hungry."
>"Oh, of course you are. I'm sorry, tonight was a blur."
"Don't worry about it, you were busy with more important things."
>Twilight comes up to you, placing a cold hoof on your neck.
>"Does the sink implant point hurt?"
"Y-yeah. Whatever you put in me is helping though."
>"That's good, I wasn't sure how well it would work. I decided to air on the side of caution, might be why the hunger woke you up in the first place."
"Y-yeah… I hate to be rude, but how about that food?"
>"Of course, let me check."
>With a pop she's gone, leaving you to your thoughts…
>You don't want to think about what happened earlier.
>You hope she comes back soon…
>After about five minutes of trying to focus on the plot of some Canadian TV show you watched one episode of, Twilight mercifully returns.
"You're a lifesaver…"
>"There uh… wasn't any food and our host wasn't in her bed. I'm sorry."
>The tears start flowing, and you try to convince yourself that they're because of your non-sober mind.
>Your cheeks are flushed and hot with shame.
>You used to be a man, you used to have power over your environment.
>If you wanted something to eat, you cooked it.
>Now you eat food cooked by others, others still force it from your mouth, and then you're hungry.
>God you're so fucking hungry…
"D-did the other Twilight teach you that alarm spell?"
>"Oh, yes. She taught me a few simple ones, I never really thought about why until she… sacrificed herself."
>That certainly doesn't slow the flow of hot tears.
"I-I… no. Never again."
>"If shame is the last roadblock, know that I won't judge you."
>She still sat in your head, like a plague.
>Stockholm Syndrome, you would call it back home.
>And you really are hungry.
"D-did she teach you her…"
>You take a deep breath.
"L-lactation spell?"


>air on the side of caution

>"L-lactation spell?"

W-wew. Gib milkies pls


I was but that's ok. Thanks for writing that one shot.


File: 1585144702016.png (484 KB, 792x625, 1908170.png)

Let me adopt you anons


>Help! Stranger danger! The cartel is trying to kidnap me!


File: 1585150086972.png (229.58 KB, 1132x1024, large (14).png)

Ur going into the taco mines, retrieving them from the tectonics

You will work endless minutes and only have 45 minutes naps


I'm glad mexicanAnon is back, it's been fucking ages.



Gibe ice cream


File: 1585158936913.jpg (43.76 KB, 837x759, 5b7.jpg)

>dazed with fuzzy food


Only if I can call you mommy and have some ice cream assuming it was made with your breastmilk


File: 1585176939771.png (843.81 KB, 1280x1290, Anonfilly2.png)


>Fuzzy food
I'll fix it in the paste.


File: 1585180929313.png (23.99 KB, 597x470, dark-factor.png)


File: 1585192396666-0.png (119.17 KB, 715x593, unknown.png)

Revenge of the Baby-sat.


CalAnon and Filly when?


File: 1585193823429.png (1.25 MB, 6578x4283, 1547778708943.png)

W-what is she planning to do from the crib?


You'll know it when you smell it.


File: 1585199201237.png (491.94 KB, 1920x1080, Uh.png)


Every filly is seen under the gaze of Anon. By the verdict of /MLPOL/ decree you are a cutie!


>Happy Days glides infront of me.
"His power of redirecting anythin' he touches will meet your match Twi."
>"Your next words will be, 'what in tarnation'."
"What in tar- what even is your power?"
>The green filly seems surprised when her mouth opens up on its own.
>"I force spoken exposition by my will, however the effect happens with reciprocity."
>Twilight begins to speak.
>"Didn't Start the Fire can create any fictional work I've read before."
>That's a bold faced lie Twi.
>As one soul we speak.
"Golden Harvest Buck Beaker!"
>Spinning towards Happy Days I buck with all my strength.
"He's been chargin' up fer a long time now. At least six months of hard work."
>Won't even have to use a days worth.
>No internal shock just the stopping of my buck.
>The filly stand is rushing toward me.
>Twilight's paper chained stand lingers over the magic purple pony. Ready for something.
>Happy Days springs into action.
>A blur to most eyes.
>Colliding with the Anon filly touching with an outstretched hoof. The filly's fast but not that fast. Almost got me at this range.
"Yah can't even move, or speak now that Happy Days gottcha. Ah got pretty good at redirectin' all sorts of stuff. Helps alot at the farm yah see."
>Twilight takes a step back in panic. Didn't Start the Fire wavers, 'bout to be unsummoned without a strong will.
>I'm closing the distance it's time that I rectify my mistake of not being there for my friend.
>One hoof at a time.
>Suddenly her eyes become mischievous.
>"It's about to be a little cramped Applejack!"
>The filly is gone. Leaving my stand behind me.
>That shouldn't work with normal stands…
>Normal stands. Ah, shucks.
>"Because four's just awkward!"
>The green filly reapears annoyed.
>"Bitches say what."
"Not fallin' for that Anon. The score is still 50 to zero."
>The filly sighs and murmurs something.
"How 'bout this sugarcube say 'cheese'."
>Her eyes widen, as I close mine.
>Happy Days flashes at them with the reduced power of the sun. No need to blind a friend or give her third degree burns.
>A dew pained yelps from her, and a few spectators.
"Half a second at a third power."
>Twilight's eyes are bloodshot and watery.
>"No! That's History Applejack!"
>Her eyes are clear. Closing them.
>And teleports a mirror. Showing Happy Days.
>I'm back before I close my eyes as the flash is almosy done.
>"Now Anonymous!"
>Something touches me. My special spot.
>I've been booped.
>D-d-damnit I've been saving it for somepony special.
>"Your first is not with someone else, but with me! ANON!"
>Quieter so only I can hear.
>"I'm sorry I have to be so rough."
>And a rain of boops flood everything.
>I see a happy memory shine through.

"We did it Twilight I'm more whole."
>Applejack collapsed on the ground as I booped her hard, fast, and rough.
>Despite that I feel better, even if at a cost I'm not sure I can pay back later.
>"Anon we have to go now. Rainbow Dash is going to come, and you need to be integrated properly."
>In a teleporting wave of nauseous warped space we leave.

>Being on patrol practicing my stunts I see a flash down by the ground.

>Applejack does that if something is going on. I'd never miss out on a fight she's in. Whether to help, or to finish up.
>Getting closer a black and green filly teleports away from a fallen AJ. A familiar color of magic…
"Applejack! AJ speak to me!"
>"Ahr, Dhee. 'S Twiah 'n 'Non."
>She's been booped baddly.
"I'll get you patched up, just stay with me."
>"Gottah sleep."
>It's worse than I thought.
>Breathing in that certain way I feel invigorated. Have to spead that to AJ.
>A golden glow passes from me into her core. The art has many uses.
>Should have gotten around to actually teaching AJ. Even if the memories are painful.
>Her green eyes flutter open.
>"Baked Bads, RD, Twi went insane."
>She fell asleep. Even with the extra invigorating energy.
>I have to get her somewhere, and get everypony else.
>We might have found the serial booper.
>I bucking hope it isn't Twilight.


File: 1585245449435.png (402.37 KB, 2252x2525, no boops.png)



File: 1585250643484.png (258.17 KB, 600x600, Jojo.png)



File: 1585252392594.png (40.78 KB, 1000x1000, 1 boop.png)


File: 1585255423436.png (500.37 KB, 1213x1065, babbies_sleeping.png)

Babby is cuter than filly. Change my mind.


File: 1585255668938.jpeg (70.78 KB, 1050x1024, EarPull.jpeg)

I can't, you have a disease and I don't negotiate with terrorists.


File: 1585255797464.jpg (45.69 KB, 1280x720, filly is not an equine.jpg)

Let point at that baby fillies are blanks and anonfillies are not real equines.


That image is terrifying, any context?


>Boop a filly
>She scrunches then giggles at your touch
>Moving her hoof to your face, she lightly touches your nose
>Or that is what she thinks she did
>Her hoof flies at your face at impossible speeds
>And as soon she touches your face your head explodes
>A mini mushroom cloud rises from your face as a second explosion is heard, her hoof finally stopping on your face
>No filly ever knew how to use their earth pony magic
>But she wasnt sure what to think from this first use either
>At least the mini nuke boop was nice to look at…
>After a few seconds the mushroom finnaly dimmed down and started dissipating
>For some miracle your head was still intact
>Nothing broke or even any pain
>Even after exploding twice….
>You finally open your eyes to see the filly giggling, the edge of the situation being lifted after seeing that you were fine
"Never do that again"
>At that, she stops laughing and smirks at you
>"No promises, kinda curious to try it again to be honest"
>Her hoof is aleady halfway bent and ready to strike
>Nope, fuck this and fuck these filli-


File: 1585257143132.png (257.23 KB, 1280x720, filly is not an equine.png)

>That image is terrifying, any context?
Actually is stolen.
I fixed the mane and tail.


File: 1585258833656.png (354.19 KB, 1280x700, 865385.png)




File: 1585266557862-0.jpg (835.84 KB, 1365x1365, 2306509.jpg)



With the power of Anon over heaven anything is possible.

"Mwhaha Mwhahaha! It's too late now poners! All the belly rubs will be had! Za Rubbbouu!"


File: 1585272528490.png (423.69 KB, 588x1357, Mayor Reaction.png)


>"Oi, Josuke, come look at this cute green filly! I'll use [ZA HANDO] and give her belly rubs."


File: 1585277275716.png (112.99 KB, 660x757, 1539388149152.png)

10/10 enrage filly again.


File: 1585355904196-0.png (362.9 KB, 1000x700, 1584056204693.png)

>Be filly.
>Daddy and mommy are doing boring royal stuff.
>You wanted to watch a movie, but you've seen most of these.
>But then one fell from the top where you couldn't see or reach.
>It has some weird title.
>'Anon jr.'s conception'.
>It must be some cool future movie you make!
>You pop it in the magic movie thingy.
>It starts up.
>Pic related


We need more retard filly


File: 1585365511825.png (108.92 KB, 1000x955, 1585365451307.png)


File: 1585365708140.png (Spoiler Image, 130.58 KB, 1000x955, 1585365442126.png)


Once I saw the tongue out I knew what was coming


>Be mommy Twilight's big healthy 300 pounder filly-chan
>Roll out of crib, bars crack under your weight.
>The tiny poopoohead filly mommy left to play with you is making big scaredey sounds
>"This is Beta to Kissass, the eagle has landed! I repeat, the eagle has landed!"
>You begin to roll back and forth, building up speed.
>She's standing in front of the door, still trying to radio the wrangler.
"Miwwtank used wollout! Is supah effective!"
>"I wouldn't have a rock-type weakness you nigg-"
>You smash into her and the door behind her, slamming her into the crystal wall opposite your room.
>She crumples to the floor, not moving.
>Now's your chance to be mommy's snugglefilly!
>"Oh no you don't, you fucktard."
>The Wrangler drops a lit cigarette and puts her hoof down on it.
"Yuuuu not posta smoak!"
>"I can do whatever the fuck I want to you downy shit, I am the law."
>Despite your rollout attack, it was true that you had not once managed to avoid The Wrangler.
>You would spare the filly today if she could come to a deal.
"Wann snuggle momma!"
>"You can snuggle my fucking mom when I'm dead and buried, now prepare for the wrath of Pence."
>You roll out of the way before the electric attack can disable you more than you already are mentally.
"Sooooonichu spinininin dash!"
>Using your flabby neck as a catapult, you launch yourself through the air toward The Wrangler.
>Your short-cut tail lifts up mid-air, raining down spurts of diarrhea.
>She screams as one hits her leather jacket, ripping it off.
>"You motherfucker! This is more acid than shit, h-how do you even-"
>While she's distracted, you slam into her like a bowling pin, knocking off her sunglasses.
>As you roll down the hall, you hear her scream.
>"This isn't over, fucktard!"
>Be Occult Facade.
>You're trying to summon a succubus when some non-namefag bursts into your room.
>You're about to bitch at her for ruining the ritual when you see the panicked look in her eyes.
>"Occult! The tard has taken out Wranglerfilly!"
>You nod and grab your bag of dark magic, this was gonna get messy unless you could stop her.
>Be mommywommy's chief producer of dirty, crapped briefs.
>Nopony has stood in your way as you have rolled down the hall toward Twilight's bedroom at supersonic speeds while singing the Steven Universe theme song.
>You roll to a halt as you see a few fillies playing cards…
>Be Anon.
>You don't know why you decided to hang out with the namefags today, most of them were gay as fuck.
>And they were kicking your ass at poker.
>Before you lose anymore GFP cards, you decide to fold and grab a tendie.
>Lazily looking out at the hallway, you see her.
>The tard.
>What was she doing out?
>Why was she looking at you?
>Oh god you had tendies!
>You scream as you jump out of the way as the table full of namefags is impacted with the force of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
>No time to help anyone else now, you've gotta save your own flanks.
>You turn around, keeping her in your sight.
>"N-no, just a traveler passing through."
"Would you wike to see my wares OwO?"
>Anything to distract her long enough to get away.
>She reaches into her filthy mane and pulls out a shit-encrusted, fillycum coated Asuka daki.
>Of course only a tard would waifu anyone but Rei…
>"Four hundwed good fiwwy points!"
>You let out an earsplitting scream and run.
>Be The Wrangler.
"Occult, you may be a dirty namefag and a goth fuck, but that's some damn fine healing magic."
>The filly gloomily smiles.
>"Do you have any of bodily media I could infuse this voodoo doll with? At this strength, I think it's the only chance we have to take her down before she reaches Mamabear."
>You shed a man-turned-fillyly tear for your leather jacket, a true friend.
"Yeah, she shit on my leather jacket."
>Occult lifts up an eyedropper in her ghostly white magic and takes a bit of shit into it.
>The material immediately begins to corrode the glass, which you're fairly sure isn't how an acid or a base works.
>She places a bit on the doll, which begins to hum and glow faintly.
>"Where do we go next?"
>You grin as you put on your broken shades.
>Be mommy's master of milkies
>You hear hoofsteps.
>"Occult! How does that thing work?!"
>"I-I just need a line of sight and then I can incapacitate her."
>You don't know what 'incapacitate' means, but you stop slamming the waifu shamer's head into the ground long enough to look up.
>The Wrangler stands there with two big nerdy fillies.
>Nani?! Your rees had no effect?
>"Try again you fucking lowfunk, I've got earplugs this time. Occult, now!"
>You feel a numbness in your legs.
>Doesn't matter, you don't legs to roll.
>You pick up speed, though less than before.
>You clobber the filly furthest to the right, sending her through the wall.
"Team Wocket's bwasting offag innnn!"
>Be Wranglerfilly.
>This is bad, Occult had been knocked out of the castle.
>You charge up an electric attack in your horn, but the tard dodges it.
>"Iss ovah Wwangler!"
"Not yet."
>From around the corner you can see Mamabear in the flesh, holding a vial of something that bubbled over the edges.
"Twilight! I'm so-"
>"Later, Wrangler."
>She gets out a catheter bag, pouring the liquid into a funnel over it.
>Then, she attaches the tube to her mammaries, directly over the nip.
>"Milky time!"
>The tard turns around, rolling slowly over to Mamabear.
>She takes a tentative suckle.
>"Dis is naut miwkie…"
>She passes out on the floor.
>Occult was killed with the sheer force that she went through the wall, but she was awarded posthumously and ended up coming back as a ghost anyways to fuck with fillies while they were shitting.
>The Tard guard was given better security measures to ensure that no escape would be possible for her charge.
>The Wrangler was gifted a new pair of sunglasses and a leather jacket.


>All other injuries incurred were treated with few issues, no lasting brain damage was ensured so that Twilight didn't have to deal with more than one retarded filly.
>And as for the tard herself…
>She's still shitting herself and generally being an inconvenient waste of space to this day.
>What did you fucking expect?



File: 1585370991589.png (559.01 KB, 1698x1699, Based.png)


File: 1585371465672.png (81.05 KB, 408x384, BankAccounterOrSomething.png)


File: 1585374363857.jpg (164.95 KB, 1280x720, AAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

What a QT!


>Be Twilight.
>You're foalsitting Anon while Princess Celestia and Anon go on a date.
>The two rarely get a break as a couple so you couldn't turn them down.
>Celestia was nice enough to teleport her over for you too, right to the room you set up.
>You go in and see her sitting at a desk she must have brought writing away at a paper.
"Awww look at the cute little filly in a widdle suit, aren't you a sweetheart~"
>The filly hums in response.
>You trot over.
"Are you doing your homework, maybe I could help."
>You say as you look over her side.
>What you see is not what you expected from a filly.
>"No, I don't believe that neccessary right now, I do however appreciate the offer."
>She definitely does have it under control.
>What you see is a very neat and cleanly written essay explaining magic and it's way of working and how it has affected society as a whole and how to improve certain areas, the writings would make Starswirl proud.
"I… see."
>You say still a bit shocked.
"You know, I was quite the prodigy myself. I studied under your mother for quite a long time."
>"I am aware. You are Twilight Sparkle of the Twilight nobility house, daughter of Twilight Velvet, the most skilled guardsmare in Celestia's royal guard. You are also one of if not the most skilled mages."
"Huh, well, that's good to see you know your houses, especially with your parents."
>Again a hum.
"Well, dinner is at 6, shower at 8. I'll leave you to your homework."
>"Thank you, ma'am."
>You trot out the door.
>That poor filly needs some friends.


File: 1585383534545.png (534.53 KB, 1040x2920, 1486746725121113014.png)



>"How long are you going to planning to stay in there?" asked Twilight.
>She sat beside a well-established book fort in the corner of the library that some of the more creative of the green fillies in her care frequented, tipped off that one of them was acting strange.
"Nobody in here but us books, Purple."
>She couldn't determine from the voice and speech pattern just which filly it was.
>They all sounded so similar to each other, after all.
>"Well… maybe the books could tell me what's wrong?" she asked, sitting near the section of the book fort's wall she heard it coming from.
>There was a long silence before Twilight spoke again.
>"Ponies are getting a little concerned. They said you've been in here for a couple of days now."
"Fucking squealers…"
>"Care to tell me what's wrong? I find it helps to share a problem with somepony else."
>A shorter moment of silence.
"… I can't write anything."
>"You can't? As in the activity or as in writer's block?"
"Dunno. I've got ideas, but whenever I go to write 'em, they either refuse to come out or I second guess everything. And it gets worse the longer it goes without putting anything out. I suck as a writefag."
>A gentle smile settled on Twilight's features.
>"I'm sure everypony understands. Just take your time and things will come to you. Perhaps something smaller?"
"Think I haven't tried that, Purple? I just look at it and it seems dumb, then I toss it out. I don't want to put out something that'd just be disappointing after so long."
>"I'm sure everypony would be happy no matter what you write. They seem to enjoy most things that any of you writefillies make, don't they?"
"Yeah, but I don't wanna disappoint 'em. It's dumb, but I can't get around it."
>Twilight gave a brief giggle.
>"Well… maybe some ice cream could take your mind off of things? We could talk about it further."
>More silence, eventually broken by the gurgle of an empty stomach.
"Traitorous biology. …fine. But I'm probably going to come right back here afterward."
>With a shuffle, a green nose peeked out, attached to a filly looking slightly more disheveled than was usual for the Anons.
>"It'll be fine. Did you have a nom de plume?"
"Yeah, it's…"
>The filly paused, face scrunching up for a moment before continuing.
>Twilight gave a gentle pat atop the filly's head.
>"You're not a very good liar."
"Shove it, Purple. I'd still be Anonymous if one of 'em didn't name me."
>"Well, doesn't that mean they're interested in your work?"
>The filly sagged a bit as the two made their way out of the library.
"Yeah, which means I don't wanna let 'em down. I've just gotta work it out on my own, I guess. It's fucking stupid. Let's just get that damn ice cream."
>"Okay, but there's plenty of ponies around to listen if you need it."
>The door to the library swung closed as they left, leaving the book fort by itself with its stockpile of blank paper and green crayons.


Looking good so far friend, this is a great green. Every idea even the most stupid, asinine, base idea can become something more. Also writing them (no matter how bad it actually is) increases your own confidence, and experience.

>That poor filly needs some friends.
Oof when even Twilight is saying that means something.

Kek, would definitely come back as a ghost 10/10 portrayal. Well done. Rest in peace cool snazzy jacket we hardly knew ye yet you remained near and dear in our hearts.


The feeling always comes back eventually, but whenever I can't put anything that feels right to words I'll go back and rerread some of my old writing. Reading books and other greens regularly also helps, after all no idea is entirely original and inspiration comes from unlikely places. You've written some great things in the past filly, I'm sure it'll come back to you soon.


File: 1585439218810.png (148 KB, 917x516, FloridaFilly.png)

>Fluttershy comes outside to see Filly feeding animals.
>She's really happy a younger generation can be reliable to take care of those that can't take care of themselves.
>The joy is increased ten fold as she notices she's able to talk to them and genuinely understand them like her.
>She notices the filly has taken to a alligator.
>It's a surprise, because that specific gator doesn't normally have anything to do with anypony, and is normally really irritable.
>But every animal and pony needs a friend, so she's happy that these two found reprieve in one another's company.
>Pic related


>After 10 years of a purely-alcohol diet, it eventually evolves into SCP-682


File: 1585461377718-0.png (292.14 KB, 900x1150, 2308452.png)

>"Hey Anon, I've got a few zebras in my cellar that need fumigating."


File: 1585462689395.jpg (677.31 KB, 1369x1338, gas.jpg)

A helping hoof is always ready.


File: 1585464488202.png (445.25 KB, 1000x900, 1559968801367.png)

>She shakes her head.
>"No, but I know how to execute it. I've done some donations before."
>You lie back down in the bed and shut your eyes as the room lights up.
>"You can open your eyes now, it's dark again."
"I'm sorry to ask you to do this, I just…"
>"It's perfectly fine, the meat might have made you ill even with what she gave us."
"I'm not too keen on asking either."
>She gets up on the bed, lying down with her teats facing you.
>You push the blankets aside as you half-stand and reposition yourself so that your back legs are facing the pillows.
>"I can understand that. Generally it's not something a foal of your age will willingly do. But…"
>Your muzzle is just above her 'top' teat at this point, and you turn your head back inquisitively.
"What is it?"
>"She… thought you would want me to do this for you at some point. Call it clairvoyance or instinct, I'm not exactly sure."
"Can you… tell me about what she talked to you about?"
>"I'm one for honoring the wishes of a dead mare no matter what, but she never said anything about not telling you."
>You awkwardly press your mouth to the teat, trying to form a comfortable seal.
>You were fine with nipping Purple a bit when you fed from her, but you want to be as careful as possible with Twilight.
>Eventually you get it right and draw a small amount of milk into your mouth. It's thick and fatty, but it's food.
>You close your eyes as you start to get the rhythm down.
>With a brightness beyond your eyelids, you feel the blanket pulled up to your neck.
>You're not exactly sure why, but you scooch your butt over into a position where your belly is pressed against hers.
>She breaks the near silence.
>"There were simple things, some of which I already knew about. Your… slightly weak bladder. The piece of metal in your spine and the unknown bindings put in place by a demigoddess to repair it. That's why I advised against Franziska listening to you when you screamed for her to take it out today."
>You break the seal, lapping up a bit of milk that leaks out of the mammary.
"I'm glad you did, the pain in my head was just so convincing…"
>"I understand. It's unlikely there'd be any way to repair you again after that. Anyways…"
>You reestablish the seal.
>"I think she suspected that something was going to happen to her after Pinkie put herself in the oven. She insulted and berated me often when she was passing on her knowledge, but when her well of anger ran out about an hour in she would simmer down and refer to me as her replacement. In her own way, she really did care about you."
>You stop for a moment before continuing, and so does she.
>"I stayed behind for a second after you and the other two had jumped ship. The air around her was beginning to ionize, and the tears in her eyes were boiling. It was clear she only had a few minutes left. I asked her if there was anything else she wanted, and she gave me this goofy grin. I don't know if it was delirium setting in or what, but she spoke…"
>Be Twilight.
>You can feel all of your mental blocks failing in your mind.
>If somepony is listening in right now, they might be able to capture and view your final internal dialogue.
>It's unlikely, but you'd better switch to a more formal tone just in case.
>Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle.
>I am about to die, along with at least 3/4 of this planet.
>Despite my many shortcomings, I have few regrets.
>Cruelty is bred through what ponies believe to be good intentions, after all.
>Through I endured suffering, I began to see the strength it gave me exemplified in every aspect of my short, short life.
>Every nick was a knife I'd wield more thoughtfully, every death a lesson on discipline.
>I pushed the boundaries of known magic and science, and I finally broke them.
>The portal was artisan, with all of the runes I had carved it would've had to have been.
>In wonder, I stared up at what was likely the face of a cliff.
>And then, lightning flashed in the otherworld's sky and a biped breached my portal.
>In a panic I checked its vitals, they were normal.
>Its legs were broken, but the fractures not severe.
>I quickly replicated the body, tossed a body-double out of my portal, and brushed away the activation runes on the chalkboard.
>Whatever that thing was, it would likely never get home.
>I spoke with it as it recovered, learned of its culture and our similar language, and then I sent it on its way.
>I had taken its world, there was no need to take more.
>Not until that day in the forest, not even a corpse to recover.
>I studied and waited, my revenge would be twofold, calculated.
>A recovery of the maternal, and a continued crusade against the one that had taken him.
>And now, here I stand giving up everything I've ever worked for the survival of two of them.
>I only hope this reaches one of you in time, somepony who can reach the laboratory.
>I know not if yours will have the two green daemons, but act with haste to prevent the lesser elements from converging.
>Your lives depend on it.
>"Did you hear that?"
>Be Green Clover.
>"I don't think she meant the screaming mana bursts."
>You've finished with the first one now, there's no liquid left in it.
>Although you aren't quite satisfied.
"What kind of message would a mare like her send out in her death throes?"
>"Who knows?"
>You find it a good time to start on the second tip, forming another good seal.
>Your tail involuntarily swishes back and forth and Twilight chuckles.
>"Enjoying yourself?"
"J-just a twitch."
>"Of course. Well, I'm only like her in body, but if I were going to have my last moments etched in somepony's ears, I'd give them a bit of advice as how not to end up in the same situation."
>You're not sure why that finally gets your tear ducts flowing, maybe you've been holding it in for a little while now.
>She places a hoof on your back.


File: 1585464551567.png (265.18 KB, 407x362, Ash.png)

"She- I… this isn't right. She hurt me, but it still hurts to know that I'll never see her again."
>"Don't blame yourself for things like that. She protected you, didn't she?"
>"Then it's natural. Don't feel guilty about feeling one way or another, she did some good in her life."
>Your head is throbbing even more painfully now.
"Can you stay the rest of the night? I don't want to be alone right now."
>She lifts you gently, flipping you around slowly.
>"Sleep tight, my little pony."
>The tears keep coming, but after she assumes the big spoon and pulls the covers over you once more they begin to slow.


File: 1585465665230.jpg (156.05 KB, 1280x800, TwilightSparkleReclingReal….jpg)

Wew, you have a knack for combining lewd heartwarming with heavy stuff


File: 1585469323272.png (1.19 MB, 6000x6000, Nurse.png)

Now that's some prime kino right there. Nice to see a filly get her requisite milkies.


"Mmm, this is delightful tea Discord."
>"Think nothing of it."
>Frantic knocks are heard at the door.
>"I would get it, but this seems like the time for a gentler touch."
>My own soft sigh escapes, and a murmur.
>"On a half sliced thought I'll stay far enough away and watch everything."
>My door forcibly opens up. Bits of the lock, and door frame tearing out of place.
>"We need your help Fluttershy. Twilight has gone crazy."
>A rumbling sensation is going through me. Rainbow Dash of all ponies know how I like my doors.
>Menacingly walking to the booped Applejack I look at Rainbow Dash.
"Even if every villain, and meanie came through please don't rip up my door. You know this."
>Her flinch says everything. At least she understands.
"It is Twilight so that does deserve a pass this one time."
>Excitable Boy is so proactive. Well since the door is gone I'll go see for myself.
>Rainbow clears her throat.
>I'll patch up AJ on my way.

"We got a bit of my soul back now what are we doing at the fast food joint, if we need to be in your lab to get this done?"
>Purple regains a far off bloodshot look, one of a starved pony finally being offered a buffet from the gods.
>"The guards didn't ever quite get the order right."
>Equestria's elite gaurd unit fucking up orders?
>She quickly claifies.
>"Trainees that need a bit more of a helping hoof."
>Almost sitting in the chair I try to unwind. The great on the table somehow fit fully into the lavender Unicorn.
>Something inside me is getting all twisted up about what I did to Applejack.
>Well we do have a moment of peace.
>I am kind of a pony now…
"Pass over a hay fry."
>The rustled look of Twilight as her jimmies communicate the death wish of parting with her meal.
>I swear if I squint some purple markings writhe in the air.
>"Just one."
>Seems like everyone is more prone to some more intense emotions after getting my ass blasted.
>Munching on the hay fry I know the difference.
"Frech fries are still better."
>Maybe I should have tried something else to get the bit of my soul from Applejack. Well in any case once this is all over with I'll make things right.
>"I've empirically proved my point last time."
"Except for the younger generations, where it was higher."
>"Only by two points! That can be explained by statistical anomalies!"
>To punctuate her point the restaurant's door explodes. Pushing me back slightly.
>A timid voice rises from the dust.
>"Oh, I'm so sorry about your door. It's just that it was in my way."
"Is that?"
>"Buck that's Fluttershy. We have to leave-"
>She looks to where her food used to be. On the ground. Horn glowing.
>I look as well. Oh! Ohhhh.
>"You know what Anon, let's get you your second soul piece."
>"There you are Twilight I was looking everywhere for you."
>"Thanks Flutters for the care."
>It's Applejack, and she sounds livid.
>"It's not like we would leave you hangin'."
>And Rainbow Dash. I don't think we can take them all.
>But I'd love to prove myself wrong.
"Oh? You came back, on the back of your friends like a lowly worm, eh?
>"This is for my meal, the delicious burger, and hay fries. You've brought this upon yourselves."
>The tension is a near physical force.
>"Looks like our plans will accelerate with two more Anon."
"Let's take this outside so you all will have a fighting chance."
>Twilight looks like she is about to be sick.
"Perhaps after a bathroom break."
>Floating next to Twilight to the bathroom I can't help, but say.
"So this is the ladies room, and you are with a man of great prowess Twilight to help keep your mane up. Be thankful."
>I'm sure they heard that. That will buy us enough time.
>Lifting up her mane I grab hold with dear life for the aweful experience to come.
>Twilight's horn glows once the door to the bathroom is locked, and barricaded.

>Being the fastest pegasus in Equestria, just waiting is a slog. Getting my breathing just right and preparing us all for the inevitable fight does help a little bit.

"Come on. Let's go check on Twilight she hasn't come out in at least an hour."
>"She pigged herself out Dash, but you are right it is mighty suspicious she isn't done yet.
>"I'll wait here, if you don't mind."
"Y-yeah no problem Fluttershy."
>Her stand really freaks me out.
>Walking to the bathroom door I knock.
"Is everything okay in there?"
>"Ugh I'm going to be sick."
>"Sorry, we'll be out soon Anon here has a weak stomach."
>"Fuck you purple. Mine is an iron trap."
>"Was an iron trap Anon. Your still a filly."
>"Whatever, just hold my hair."
>Twilight says through the cloaed door once more.
>"I'll be out in ten minutes girls. We'll be right out."
>"Nine minutes."
>Applejack's eyes burn furiously.
>"Nine minutes, then."

>"I don't want to burn any more good will my friends gave us Anon."

>Ah. This overflowing power! Yes, everything is almost perfect.
>Heavenly one might say.
>"Are you ready? We have to leave or they will get suspicious."
"Never better. If only I had my hands."
>"Tough. Remeber, stand, ripple, stand. Taking them out in any other order will make everything far more difficult."
>A quick nod from me.
"Let's go."


T-thanks. I try my best.
No update tonight, been compulsively archiving possible schizo threads on /b/ all night. I'll make a thread on sp if anything comes of it.


>I'll make a thread on sp if anything comes of it.
I wanna see.


Keep up the good work Lone15 you do a good job.
Aw yeah schizo threads.


>be filly
>it's 3am and youre thirsty
>you reach over to the glass of water momma twi left for you but your stupid hooves dont work right and now youve spilt water on the bed
>You start to panic, all the fillies will see this in the morning and think you pissed yourself
>you would never hear the end of it
>quickly you strip the bed and bundle the sheets up
>You start to work your way to the laundry room as quietly as you can
>as you approach horror strikes as once you realise you have no way to buy your way in
>The night babbies rule the wash room and get cranky if any one tries to use it with out appeasing them
>Not only would you have to go back but they would tell everyone you peed yourself and tried to hide it
>Stashing your wet sheets behind a conveniently placed painting
>you actually just knocked one off the wall and placed it on the sheets but what ever
>you sneak off to the kitchen to find something to garner safe passage into the washroom
>carefully using drawers and a chair you hop up ontop of the counter where twilight keeps all the cookies
>A happy cheer dies in your throat as you now have to scootch your butt back down the way you came
>Grabbing two cookies and hopping it will be enough you begin your descent
>Your hoof slips on some silverware and youre scent to the floor hard
>laying there trembling you fight off tears and with pain in your body get to shaking hooves and head to the wash room
>Once there youre greeted by the sight if several babbies sleeping in a pile, a few tired ones are finishing up their laundry and being supervised by one older filly who seems a little put out to have to be on babby duty
>seeing you she trots up
>"piss yoursheets hu? Got anything to trade or am i sending you back with a wet tail?"
>she laughs at her own joke but her mood changes as you slide her the cookies you plundered
>"hmmm alright, you can pass. Just hurry up i dont wanna be here all night with even more piss tails."
>You try to argue what happened but she just shrugs you off and goes back to teaching babbies how to clean sheets
>letting out a yawn you toss your sheets in and contemplate joining the little green pile of snoozing babbies but think better of it
>after finishing up you bundle up your now very warm sheets and head back to the filly sleeping quarters, lazily making your bed and flopping down
>Slowly sleep begins to take you as the warm blankets hug your little body
>your heart drops as you realise you have to pee


Filly life is hard.


>Be Twilight.
>Luna is showing you her part of the castle while Celestia deals with royal stuff.
>So far you've seen the royal bath, barracks, very impressive armory, and the most surprising research area, all operated by bat ponies.
>As much as you begged you weren't allowed to see all of the research area as alot was classified.
>Luna was leading you to a big door.
>"Now for the last part of the tour."
>She opens the door and reveals a bunch of green bat fillies hopping about and playing.
>Soon they take notice and are almost instantly in a neat little line and saluting.
>You're shocked.
"Princess, what is this?"
>"This my dear Sparkle, is the future night guard's free area." She says with pride as she trots along side of the line.
>You're still shocked.
"But, these are all fillies, they can't be older than sixteen if even that!"
>"Each is twelve to be exact. But I'll have you know these are all very willing for training, as are the parent's to give permission." She says as she continues to trot.
>Not a single one has so much as twitch as she walked in, just blinking.
"How long have they been trained?"
>She thinks for a bit.
>"At the age of four they entered."
"Why four?"
>"Tis the perfect age, they are old enough to think, but not too old to have entered a life style. Meaning training is their lifestyle. All can leave at any time."
>You can't tell if you're sickened or intrigued by this.
"This still seems wrong Luna."
>She blows some air out of her nose in annoyance.
>She then turns towards the line.
>"Would any of you like to leave the guard?"
>A resounding
>"No my princess!" Is her answer.
"They've been trained to be like this. Where'd you even get this many fillies that looks exactly the same?"
>"Cloning." She says something too quickly for you to hear.
"What was that?"
>"Nothing. As much as I'd love to debate the ethics of their training I'm sure Celestia is done by now. Let us go."


>The night babbies rule the wash room and get cranky if any one tries to use it with out appeasing them
Kek. But why would babbies do laundry?


File: 1585637002018.png (341.96 KB, 3078x2123, 1563688572894.png)


Gimme some filly draw ideas.



Siamese twins


File: 1585637549665.jpg (440.74 KB, 4717x5000, dASgDCd.jpg)

Gangsta filly.


File: 1585638174897.png (47.7 KB, 373x402, 1418012242480.png)


I correct it.
Grumpy filly.


File: 1585638557298.png (165.17 KB, 904x1024, 953a93bf58f61cd951a64bd702….png)


File: 1585639561550-0.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1136, 1585633387747.png)


File: 1585641252581.png (235.06 KB, 1144x1039, fisted_filly.png)


File: 1585641813537.png (1.53 MB, 5276x5803, mlp-art-my-little-pony-Flu….png)



File: 1585642325416.gif (4.2 MB, 395x395, 29943b895e3fdbd81835d175be….gif)

this but filly


Witnessed. Just figured since they piss the bed them and a designated filly would have to do the washing. Didn't really plan anything out.





Twilight and filly in a grocery store, filly blushing profusely while Twilight buys a bunch of pullups


>Twilight and filly in a grocery store, filly blushing profusely while Twilight buys a zucchini.



no, >>264493 is better


>Luna then used the fillies to commit numerous war crimes and pony rights violations

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