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2e8b3 No.118395[Last 50 Posts]

Hello, and welcome to the Kaverns & Kobolds Klub!
In this thread, I, the dungeon master, will be honing my skills in hosting a third edition dungeons and dragons adventure over an online medium, with a team of four promising adventurers who embark on a a treacherous quest. On their adventure, our heroes will encounter magic, monsters, tragedy, treasure, traps, and much much more. Will they survive the ordeals I've prepare for them? The dice shall decide their fates.

Our story takes place around a small mining village known as Duvik's pass:
Duvik’s Pass is a small town nestled within one of the few valleys that cross through the Serpentcoil Mountains. It has long been a waystop for travelers and adventurers seeking to rest aching limbs and drown painful memories within her gates. Moreover, it has also gained attention recently as a potential power in the area’s commerce, due to a discovery of substantial silver deposits buried in the mountains nearby. Over the past three years, the men of Duvik’s Pass have burrowed into the ground seeking the wealth therein. Able-bodied folk from neighboring villages flocked to the town, hoping to lend their strength within the mines and garner some share of the prize. A wide variety of creatures may have had their own reasons to cross these mountains, but it was the smell of silver that drew the nose of a certain merchant-wannabe some time before our story takes place.

Schlomo Goldsteinbergwitz Jr. was a young goblin who travelled across this region some six months ago. The goblinoid came from a rather prestigious family of (((merchant))) Archivists in a far away region, and like all in his family, he had a nose for silver, the silver of Duvik's pass. Schlomo Jr. had only just finished his bar mitzvah and unpacked his presents when he got wind of a the prospects that'd been dug up in the promising town, and so he made off towards those very mountains, taking a dozen of his uncle's irreplacible bank notes with him. Infuriated, his uncle, Harold Goldsteinbergwitz, placed a heavy bounty on the theif's nose, prosising a reward of 4,000 gold pieces to whoever could bring back the young prospector, alive.

It's for this reason that our heroes, to be described, have gathered in Duvik's pass. Each of these young lads happened to pick up wind of the bounty as they were crossing the mountains. They've traveled far for the chance at fortune, perhaps even bumping into eachother once or twice along the way. The four cloaked figures enter the town at different entry points, stopping and asking less-than-friendly commoners for directions that may lead them to their fortune. To call the townsfolk unfriendly would be an understatement, as each of our four cloaked heroes would find brutally clear as they make frustrated ill attempts to communicate with the locals. The entire town seems to be on-edge, paranoid, and almost hollow in some ways. Our four unnamed heroes would find that the promising village of Duvik's Pass isn't all it was cracked up to be, at least not since a grim misfortune that had befouled the town long before their arrival.
Hope and industry of Duvik's Pass turned to despair and potential ruin with the advent of the Burning Plague four months ago. It began quietly enough, with the miners returning home from their work at nightfall complaining of blistering sores and an unbearable thirst. Shortly thereafter, the town’s livestock was decimated by an unknown illness and her crops began to wither. The elders of Duvik’s Pass declared that the well water had been soured by an unknown disease, but by then the Burning Plague had already begun claiming the young and the sickly. To make matters worse, the last few men still strong enough to plumb the wealth of the mine have yet to return from their last endeavor. The townsfolk know not what happened to their loved ones; they continue to await the return of their missing sons and husbands, while praying for an end to the sickness that continues to spread within their home.
Needless to say, few of the despairing commoners have anything nice to say to the cloaked strangers traveling about the town looking for clues to the whereabouts of the goblin merchant; some turn away in disgust, others point in various directions, some even throw rocks, but most of them just shrug in ignorance. Frustrated and annoyed, the four cloaked figures eventually find themselves marching across the town in the same general direction; they shuffle awkwardly alongside one another, trying and failing to avoid eye contact, perhaps vaguely aware of their common prospects. Together, willingly or not, the haphazard squad make their way to the town's largest pub and community center: The Old Plot Hole Inn. One by one, they squeeze past each-other through the doors of the tavern.

2e8b3 No.118397

The first to make it in is a rather athletic young lady, bounding towards the front of the squad and kicking through the doors like a marathoner, hat and cutlass in hand and ready for adventure. The girl is none other than our hero: Isla Allaway.
Our little explorer stands just over 5 feet tall, but what she lacks in height she makes up for with enthusiam, letting out a shout so loud and annoying it can only be that of a fantasy protagonist. The girl has the speed and litheliness of a fledgeling ninja warrior, her medium-length brown hair flowing behind her as she dashes to the scene.
The little hero, physically fit and trained and carrying herself with martial discipline, has traveled from afar to test her mettle and sate her hunger for adventure and self-perfection, chasing the path of Setting Sun. Her explorer's outfit and matching hat seem well-worn, having seen more than their fair share of weather since she first hopped off the ship all those months ago. The young martial artist makes her appearance.
>"[indignant grumble]"
>"That was fast!"
>"Rather cocky, ain't she?"
>"Look at the thighs on that one."
>"She a wild one, I'll tell ya' that."
>"Damn foreigners."
>"Oh look, fresh meat for the beasts.."
>"[lecherous whistle]"

2e8b3 No.118398

Next to enter the scene in a more discrete but just as extravagant fashion is our next hero: Kiara Teagan. She dances into the pub gracefully, her gypsy-style entertainer's outfit decorated of shiny copper coins, and she twirls into the room giving a note from her exquisite viola as she enters. Ms. Teagan radiates a pompous aura of culture and privilege, but also of of lady who knows how to defend herself, as the longsword sheaved at the hem of her dress would show. Indeed, the woman has had plenty of experience looking out for herself after spending so many months alone, having recently fled from a turf war with a rival gang, smuggling thirty two gold pieces away with her in her tambourine. Her charisma and skill is unmatched, for she is indeed a powerful Bard, a jack of all trades, and a talented individual with the uncanny power to draw magic from soul.
>"Ey, that one's a looker now."
>"She's still got all o' her teeth."
>"What a nice tune."
>"Must be one o' those travelin' minstrels. Wait till she finds out this town is flat broke."
>"I know her type, gypsy! They'll steal the shirts of your backs."
>"[lecherous whistle]"

2e8b3 No.118407

A small and disheveled figure scurries behind her into the tavern, discreetly as can be. Is it a possum? A dog? An Iguana? It's none other than our third hero: Rhyd the Kobold.
Despite being a lowly Kobold, he is indeed an ideal specimen of his kind, even if being unfortunate enough to be a dragonblood born without the gift of sorcerery. He is quick as a lizard can be, and fierce to boot, his orange scales shining with a coppery speckled hue. He hold his bow in hand, looking either way for anyone who may seek to rob him of his precious treasure.
A little thing about this Kobold that makes him unique is the way he so furtively a small object in his claw. Rhyd is a thief; no, not a rogue, or a burglar, but a thief who has managed to steal the most precious treasure of them all: power. The purple gem he clutches in his right hand gives of a faint glow; it is a a precious dragonshard that he risked life and limb to obtain, unable to resist the beckoning call of the mystical arcane in a moment of opportunity. It is a gem stolen from the hands of the powerful Eldritch Knights who serve the goddess of magick in a far away land, the Shooting Star Rangers, and Rhyd has traveled a great distance to outpace his chasers, reveling in his pilfered magick, relying on his unmatched stealth to escape the his devoted trackers.
Indeed, the gem proved to be a treasure work the risk, for in the months since he first found it Rhyd has grown into a powerful Mystic by studying the arcane symbols that glow within the gem. Already, he's learned to conjure up orisons from the forces of nature, and has even learned to master every one of the Wizard cantrips inscribed in the gem. Drawn to the the prospects of the mine line a moth to light, our tiny hero embarks on what may be a fortuitous quest.
>"Is that a stray dog?"
>"Ew, it's one o' those filthy mange-rats."
>"That reptilian must've got some bollocks, just waltzing in 'ere like that.."
>"Do dem kobolds even 'ave bollocks?"
>*loads crossbow*

2e8b3 No.118412

And last, but not least, walks in our fourth hero: Lucy Malkavian.
Well-endowed in both breast and soul, the gloomy, pale, raven-haired girl arrives in the tavern almost ominously, her haunting presence hanging in the air around her. The blood of ancient creatures flows through her veins, and her family's crest shine boldly on her being. The tiny iron arcane signet seems to shine boldly, as if brimming with arcane power; it seems to stand out on the young lady, contrasted by the dirty rags she wears, that may have once been a rather expensive Gothic dress at one point. A vengeful and fearsome aura haunts the young lady's being, her arcane might too great to contain in her otherwise nonthreatening body. If you find the courage to stare at the mysterious girl for long enough, you might notice ominous noises emanating from her, or red-purple sparks crackling in the air where she walks.
>"That's a witch, if I've ever seen one."
>"A pretty one though."
>"Look at that rack!"
>"Don't look at 'er, you'll be cursed."
>"You reckon she's the one who poisoned the well?"
>"[yet another lecherous whistle]"

One thing that these four ragtag young lads have in common is the peculiar swagger they carry themselves with. It's the attitude of someone perhaps vaguely aware of their own demigod-like stats; the aura of a hero.
Having traveled from far away lands, some chased-away, some hunted, some escaped, some just wishing to explore, the four characters have no home, or any real place to which they can safely return to. They are all of a peculiar occupation: a line of work some like to call murder-hobo "adventurer".
And so, their story unfolds.

2e8b3 No.118418

Players are free to respond now.

27ab8 No.118419

The kobold hurries to the bar, and jumps up on a stool. He orders in a thick, hissy reptilian accent.
"One ale please."

8e722 No.118421

With a spirited gait, Allaway saunters over to the counter, sitting a chair. She waves her hand at the bartender with a smile
"Give meh a good ol' whiskeh, lad."

2e8b3 No.118423

The bartender, a old, seasoned man with a gray mustache and an eye patch, seems confused for a moment as he stops washing polishing his glass, before he leans over the counter and sees the smol reptile.
"So- *cough* so would I.." He grumbles back, in such a tone that Rhyd can't tell means he's out or he just doesn't want to serve him, punctuated by a rather nasty snort.

63bce No.118425

Lucy whistles back

2e8b3 No.118427

The bartender opens a half-full jug and pours it into the glass that looks clean.
"Grog. That's what we got." He grumbles, as he slides the glass towards her.
[visible confusion]
The commoner turns around and moves away.

09d70 No.118430

Kiara exaggerates the sway in her hips as she walks lithely toward the counter. She leans provocatively (but 'innocently') against the counter looking for the keeper. "Hello?"

63bce No.118432

She Smiles as she walks over to the bar and sits down.
"One Red Wine please~."

8e722 No.118433

Isla looks a little perturbed by the lack of proper alcoholic beverages fit for a woman of her caliber, catching the glass out of courtesy.
She peers inside the glass, examining the contents through smell and vision.

09d70 No.118436

"Ah! Hello good sir, I was wondering if you had any rooms available!" She smiles sweetly.

2e8b3 No.118442

The bartender stifles a cough and swivels his good eye towards her.
".. What?" he groans
This just draws a wistful chuckle from him, and he looks down at another dirty glass.
It doesn't smell appetizing.
"Ya, plenty o' rooms open, since the last half dozen tenents gone dropped dead. The sheets 'll kill ya though."

8e722 No.118444

Isla recoils slightly over the sight, but decides she's no coward.
She dutifully drinks up the grog in one go without hesitation.

2e8b3 No.118445

Roll fortitude.

8e722 No.118449

Time to die~
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 22 ]<Fortitude against below average alcohol

27ab8 No.118450

"Then I'll take a grog as well."
He looks suspiciously at the three lassies now around him, clutching at something under his robe.

09d70 No.118451

"Oh thank heavens. I can't remember the last time I slept in an actual bed." She seems relieved, and pulls out a pouch. "How much please?"

63bce No.118452

"Something funny?"
She smiles at him

2e8b3 No.118453

The brave ninja warrior fears no grog.

2e8b3 No.118455

The Bartender grunts indignantly, but pours him a glass.

09d70 No.118458

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

Before the Innkeeper can answer, she adopts a started and dismayed look. She opens the pouch and pours the contents out onto the counter; except nothing pours out. "Oh no!" she exclaims, putting her hand into the pouch and putting her finger through the bottom of it. "All my money is gone!"
(bluff check for all this btw)
"I wonder if you'll allow me to play you a tune?" she asks sheepishly hopeful.
(this is all a ruse of course, a very practiced one)

27ab8 No.118459

He grabs it, eyeing it before taking a chug.
Fort save time.
1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 14 ]

2e8b3 No.118460

The bartender looks up at her exasperated that the cazy lady is even considering laying her head in this cursed town.
He seems ready to shout some angry when.
His expression immediately softens with the music. A lone tear falls from his remaining eye, which he wipes away immediately.
".. Well, if ye insist, it'd be five silvers a night. No, make it two silvers. Not like there's any business these days…"
Then he leans in
"Tell ya what, lassie, for your own good, ye'd be better off sleepen out in the woods with the beasts than here in Duvik's Pass. The Plague be nestin' 'ere, and there be no sign of it gettin' any better."
He swallows it. It's not very good.

09d70 No.118461

"But mister, I heard that the plague was from contaminated water, not from beds,…"

2e8b3 No.118462

Alright, I fucked up that last comment. Sorry, mutitasking. Thought that was a perform check.

63bce No.118463

The Plague comment makes the (Not a witch)'s perk up
"A Plague? what type of plague?"

27ab8 No.118464

He suppresses a gag as he chokes it down, his scale-ridge-that-isn't-an-eyebrow raising at the comments of a plague

2e8b3 No.118465

"The water, grain, the soil, the air, the bloody cheese, even our blimey sweat is blighted by that pestilent plague!" The old man cries as he pulls a handkerchief from his dirty shirt and coughs harshly into it
"It'd be no normal plague, lassie.." The old man says.
"I know cursed earth when I smell it, and this town stinks! Gods have mercy!"
[coughing fit]
"Maybe it was the mines. Maybe the boys disturbed somethin' down there.. Or maybe the gods thought to judge us for how gratuitously we spent the riches from the silver mountains. This half the town has a foot in the graveyard, and our last boys still haven't gotten back from their prospecting trip. I worry some beast gottem, or worse…" The man moans

27ab8 No.118466

Rhyd's eyebrow is really raising now at the mention of mines and prospectors.
"Where were they last seen?"

09d70 No.118467

Dice rollRolled 13

Kiara's face grows somber as the men relate their replies. Without a word, she conjures a viola, and draws her bow across it in song.
Performance check. +4 music, +4 dance, +4 tumbling, and +4 dex/cha (remove any modifiers at will)

2e8b3 No.118468

"Last time I saw my son he was headin' up to the mines with the last of the young men who weren't too sick to move. 'Miner's pride', he called it.. That was wore than two weeks ago, and nobody's heard of 'em since.." she old man says with a sniffle

63bce No.118469

"these boys you are talking about. they went down into the same mines?"

27ab8 No.118470

"The mines…. If you would be willing, would you point me on this path later? I would reward you for the trouble."
He rakes his hand inside his robe, and the familiar clink of coins can be heard.

2e8b3 No.118471

Routine performance.
A few of the commoners, mostly old men and women, seem decently impressed, more encouraged by the strange woman's attempts to lift their spirits.
Six of the old men toss silver coins towards her, accompanied by winks that might make her uncomfortable, were she not used to it.
"ya, dey all work together. The mine's up in the mountains."
The man points in the general direction of the nearest mountain.
"That way. Follow the trail."

8e722 No.118473

She drinks the grog with no fear, shaking out of her trance.
(I gotta stop me daydream.)
Isla listens intently at the conversation of mines, the plague and other tidbits, shuffling her seat closer.
"Sound like ye lot want tae go to the mines, eh?" she whispers to the other two inquisitve folk next to her.

09d70 No.118474

She smiles faintly and picks up the coin. She goes to each of the men and gives them their coin back. "Thank you all, but its not necessary. I'm sorry for your troubles, but I'll do what I can to lift this,… curse(?). When I get back, then I'll give you a real performance." She half smiles, half frowns, bows, and leaves the tavern.

63bce No.118475

"Yea i was thinking about heading over there."

27ab8 No.118476

He nods
"Thank you sir"
Rhyd gets up and runs out the door, a single gold coin left on the bar where he sat.

2e8b3 No.118477

The retired miner stifles another cough
"If I were young, I would'a hiked up dere to investigate it meself, plague or no plague.. My knees aren't what dey used to be though.." he says grimly
This comment is followed by a rather harsh coughing fit, the tissue almost completely red now.
"Be careful now, lassie. Dis town may be cursed to de abyss, but there be savages in those mountains. I reckon they may've had a run-in up our boys." The seasoned miner warns, his single milky eye shooting brief but murderous glance at the cloaked creature below him.
[grunts and nods]
[grumbles and nods]

8e722 No.118478

Isla at first looked dumbfounded at the small folk running off somewhere, turning to the other, more receptive woman.
"Aye, me too."
She looks at the bartender with pity, deciding to set 3 gold coins on the table.
"Here, lad. Thank ye for the drink."
He turns back at the female stranger with similar goals.
"Name's Isla, lassie. You came for the stories too, aye?"

09d70 No.118480

Assuming that Kiara knows which way to the mines, she sets off there keeping her eyes peeled and her ears open for signs of trouble.

27ab8 No.118481

The kobold steps outside and gains his bearing before setting of towards the mines…

As quickly as a small ass kobold with a short stride can.

2e8b3 No.118482

The Bartender doesn't seem at all hesitant to accept the 3 gold pieces for the mediocre and possibly unclean drink. It's almost as if the town has run out of potable water.

Are y'all ready for some dungeoneering?

63bce No.118483

Lucy Extends her hand to shake
"The Name is Lucy. I Did i heard there was a problem in town. i stopped by to see what was going on."

2e8b3 No.118484

Alright, so the our ragtag band of heroes needed surprisingly little motivation to delve headfirst into certain doom adventure. They may have different reasons to explore the mines, but nevertheless, they share a common goal as they steadily make their way up into the mountains.
Roll Survival

27ab8 No.118485

Oh boy, a skill I can use!
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 9 ]

2e8b3 No.118486

Would anybody like to roll Aid Another?

63bce No.118487

Dice rollRolled 5


8e722 No.118488

Allaway nods at the bartender, giving him a thumbs up, before turning at the woman next to her.
Soon I shall join the speedrunners.
She spins her body towards her rapidly, quickly extending her arm to shake the hand offered.
"Aye, me too," she answers with a grin. "Want tae go to the mines together? I would like sum company that is not a bunch of dismissive twats."
(I bet that goblinoid is there.)

27ab8 No.118489

So it's one of THOSE campaigns now is it?

63bce No.118490

"Its always better to have company. lets go."

8e722 No.118491

1d20[ 1d20 = 12 ]<Trying to help

8e722 No.118492

She nods, standing up and going to the mines.

2e8b3 No.118493

File: 1572135271002-0.jpg (151.25 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg)

Would anybody else like to roll to walk up the hill?

2e8b3 No.118494

Nevermind. That one is good enough.
Let me find my notes.

09d70 No.118495

Alright alright, hearing noises behind her, Kiara ducks into bushes to wait and see who is following, only to realize its those other three. She steps out as they approach, tl;dr "Hi, I'm Kiara. Nice to meet you!"

09d70 No.118496

Dice rollRolled 1 - 1


27ab8 No.118497


63bce No.118498

"Hi that's a nice tambourine you have. My name is Luy"

09d70 No.118499

Kiara looks confused at the viola she's still holding (but would probably vanish any time now). "Nice to meet you Luy."

2e8b3 No.118500

File: 1572135938613-0.jpg (930.32 KB, 1971x1360, Mine_entrance.jpg)

A cool breeze drifts down from the towering peaks of the Serpentcoil Mountains as you behold the entrance to the caverns. The frost-rimed ground is littered with tools, picks and shovels, some of which protrude from soft banks of snow. A single darkened shaft leads into the depths of the mine ahead. The dirt path beneath its wooden support structure is covered with stone debris, a few pieces of which occasionally glint with the slightest hint of ore. No light issues forth from the tunnel. Burnt-out torches are strewn across the floor, their brackets torn from the shaft walls. Behind you, the worn road leads back through the crags to the valley below. Aside from the quiet whistling of the wind, complete silence fills the small clearing within the mountains.
The tunnel is 15 feet wide and 10 feet tall.
It is entirely unlit.
Rhyd's darkvision allows him to see 60 feet into the tunnel with no end in sight.
>trying this hard to split the party
Nigger, did I not tell you that she only left within moments of the rest of the group?
Kiara veers off the road 5 steps ahead of the group and nearly walks off a cliff, only to be caught by Isla and set back on the path.

63bce No.118501

Reeeeeee my C key is broken slightly

8e722 No.118502

Thank you, GM.
Isla is confused at Kiara's accident.
"Lassie, ye trying tae kill yerself or something? Come on."
With that, she goes back to search a bunch of usable torch near the entrance of the mine.
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 18 ]<Search roll for torches

27ab8 No.118503

He pauses at the entrance, staring down the tunnel and breathing a sigh of relief
"ahh, the mines"

09d70 No.118504

Kiara unhooks a bullseye lantern from her pack and lights it with flint and steel.
"I would have been fine. The Teagans tell me I have the blessing of Fharlanghn!" She smiles brightly.

63bce No.118505

Lucy pulls out her flint and steel.

2e8b3 No.118506

The torches are burnt-out, a few broken lanterns litter the area, but Isla can attempt to make a torch out of what's left.
Roll an untrained craft check (1d20+int)

Her search also reveals that the wooden supports to the tunnel are chipped and torn, as if having been damaged by something recently.
Her lantern clearly illuminates 60 feet of the tunnel, and just barely hints at a cavern at then end of it's shadowy illumination 60 feet past that.
Lucy and Rhyd's inhuman vision allows her to see in the lantern's faint light that a room opens up into a room 120 feet ahead, but they cannot see into the room.

27ab8 No.118507

The lantern's light lets Rhyd know "oh shit, there are people here
"Hello, are you looking for the prospectors as well?

2e8b3 No.118508

File: 1572136815607-0.jpg (549.62 KB, 1000x1495, zi0d4xds7lf21.jpg)

09d70 No.118509

"I don't see anything." she says, strapping a buckler to her left arm.

63bce No.118510

"Oh hello little lizard, yes we are."

8e722 No.118511

Isla attempts to craft a makeshift torch with a grimace
"Shite. Somebody just came here."
She turns to her female acquaintance with a smile at seeing her bring out the flint and steel.
"Help me out here."
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 19 ]<Building torches? Reminds me of childhood.
She looks at the minstrel with worry.
"Alright, lassie."

63bce No.118512

"Oh silly me."
She pulls out a lantern as well and hands it to Isla

2e8b3 No.118513

Rhyd's Wisdom score is high enough for him to have been vaguely aware of the people who's been traveling within a few yards of him for the past few hours. He actually had to follow Isla to get to the top.
Isla successfully makes a couple handheld torches, pouring oil from the broken lanterns onto the burnt-out torches to make them last.
Her search in the illuminated area reveals a smelly red blotch near the damaged wooden shaft (it's blood)

We medieval slang nao.

You packed one lamp, you do not have one to give away.
You also don't have shoes, because you neglected to buy any set of clothes. The rags (commoner's outfit) are on-the-dungeon.

27ab8 No.118514

"I'm not a lizard! I'm a kobold!"

8e722 No.118515

Isla grins to himself.
"Now that's more like it."
But seeing the blood make her frown.
"That is not good."
He turns to the group.
"We have someone either injured or dead in there, lassies. Have yer eyes open."

27ab8 No.118516

The kobold grumbles
"I'm a lad"
He prepares his bow as stands at the entrance.

2e8b3 No.118517

Lucy's feet, wrapped only in strips of cloth for protection, have been bleeding throughout the last quarter of the trip, getting ugly black and blue sores from the abuse they've taken.
Lucy however, like it's second nature, clicks her heels together and hums as her blistered feet return to their pale but healthy complexion.
Fucking witch.

Alright, who's heading into the dungeon first?

63bce No.118518

Yea i was giving her the lantern i packed.
Lucy sighs as she steps on a rock that stabs her in the foot.
She pats his head if he lets her
"Sorry little one."
That's worrisome, what will the town do without miners? they didnt look to be in the best of shape."

8e722 No.118519

She glances back at the kobold.
"Sorry, lad."
"There is far worse than no miners back at the town," she comments.
Since I believe I have the highest reflex
Isla enters the dungeon first.

27ab8 No.118520

He grunts and swiftly follows her.

63bce No.118521

Lucy enters behind Isla

2e8b3 No.118522

File: 1572138652190-0.png (138.18 KB, 281x304, Mines_of_Duviks_Pass_Area_….png)

The Bard hasn't responded, so i'm just going to shift her ahead a little until… :3

Alright, the tunnel is wide enough for 3 hoo-mans and one slight-build kobold to walk side-by-side, so I'll have y'all walk in, with one torch, a lamp, and a bullseye lantern to guide your way.

The tunnel opens into a small, roughly rectangular chamber. Scattered chunks of silver ore surround an overturned pair of wooden carts. The lower half of what appears to be a body juts out from beneath one of the cart’s edges. It shows no signs of movement. Dried blood is smeared across the northern wall in several places. Exits lead to the west and the east.

2e8b3 No.118523

We're looking a a 25 by 25 foot space here.
Still completely unlit.

09d70 No.118524

Kiara removes a large sack from her backpack and begins to grab reasonably-sized chunks of silver and stuff the sack with them.

8e722 No.118525

"Oh my Lord," she whispers.
She rushes over to the lower half of what appears to be a body, inspecting it closely.
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 20 ]<Search roll (Yes. Another one.)

2e8b3 No.118526

For that she'd have to take off her buckler and put down her lantern. Does she wish to do that first?

63bce No.118527

Lucy uses Detect Magic on the inside of the mine

09d70 No.118528

Can she absently hand off the lantern to the closest party member?

2e8b3 No.118529

I'll also note that most of the ore is under the cart.
Isla otices a suspicious line attached to the cart, rigged to some point in the ceiling. Disturbing the body or the cart will pull the line.
Is she "using" it, as her 1/Day SLA, or is she "casting" it out of a 1st level slot?
Only if they have a free hand.

63bce No.118530

the 1st level slot

8e722 No.118531

Isla, being a perceptive gal, figures that this may be a trap.
"Lassies, do not disturb the body or the cart. It seems to be rigged tae something."
She points at the line at the ceiling.

2e8b3 No.118532

Lucy uses one of her precious 1st level spell slots to determine that there is no discernible magic aura in this area, or at least nothing stronger than signet brooch.
She can concentrate on the spell for up to one minute, but she wouldn't be helping anybody.

27ab8 No.118533

The kobold seems more at ease in the mine. He walks over to inspect the cart and body.

8e722 No.118534

"Do not move the cart or body, lad. I figured it's a trap for greedy twats," she comments to the kobold.

2e8b3 No.118535

You gotta pay attention, m8… or else i gotta assume that your PC wasn't paying attention either..
Rhyd ignores Isla's warning and greedily scurries over to the cart.
You get one (1) search check.

27ab8 No.118536

1d20+1[ 1d20+1 = 17 ]

2e8b3 No.118537


The kobold nudges the cart with his wee lil' arms, pulling the line and triggering the trap.


Everybody's going to have to roll a fortitude save.

8e722 No.118538

Oh great.
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 20 ]<Fer Fuck's Sakes, lads.

63bce No.118539

Dice rollRolled 9


27ab8 No.118540

1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 15 ]

09d70 No.118541

Dice rollRolled 20


2e8b3 No.118542


Everybody but Lucy can hear the reverberating "..-ANG.. -AND.. ANG..!" echo throughout the dungeon as the results of the thunderstone trap send chills down their spines and leave a ringing in their ears.
Lucy, however, cannot hear anything at all. She's been struck deaf.

You technically get a trapmaking roll to recognize that that was a thunderstone trap, but it doesn't really matter at this point.

09d70 No.118543

Kiara draws her sword

8e722 No.118544

Isla rubs her ears in annoyance after the loud bang, glaring at the kobold, before shaking her head, walking over to the exit to the west with her torch, stopping right at the end to see if something approaches from the darkness.
(Fer fuck sakes', these lads are gonna get me killed.)

63bce No.118545

Lucy can only sigh in annoyance
and then says
"I'm Deaf."

27ab8 No.118546

Rhyd winces before drawing his arrow, glancing around for anyone that could be coming.

2e8b3 No.118547

Rhyd's search check also tips over the cart and reveals a dried-out goblinoid corpse.
By the legendary nose on his face, it can be none other than the husk of Schlomo Goldsteinbergwitz Jr., dressed in a tattered uniform that distinguish him as the (((acting chief))) mining engineer of the crew. How he got that position, nobody knows. He lies in a mess, his spidery arms greedily clutching hold onto the pile of silver ore, even in death.
He is obviously the victim of foul play, having suffered several puncture wounds to the chest and neck area.
Anybody with a suitable Heal mod can roll the skill to find out more.

2e8b3 No.118548

Roll Spot

2e8b3 No.118549

Or listen

63bce No.118550

"What is that thing?"
Lucy says louder than she normally talks

27ab8 No.118551

Rollin' spot
1d20+6[ 1d20+6 = 14 ]

2e8b3 No.118552

You don't see anything.

2e8b3 No.118554

Anybody want to roll to poke the Jew corpse?

09d70 No.118555

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3

Listen check

8e722 No.118556

Shaking her head, she goes back to Lucy. On her way to meet the deceased Schlomo, her eyes widening.
"No way."
She gets closer to the corpse of Schlomo, deciding that taking an identifying item of his should be good to collect the bounty.

2e8b3 No.118557

You don't hear anything in this immediate area.

Anything you may have heard would probably be either too far away, or masked by the reverberating echoes.
Roll Heal (1d20+Wisdom)

8e722 No.118558

1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 17 ]<Poking a dead body is fun.

2e8b3 No.118559

Isla determines that Schlomo has symptoms akin the Plague as she would've heard about in town, and determines that he's been dead for about two weeks.
As she looks closer, she notices some crude broken crossbow bolts that Schlomo seemingly died from.

2e8b3 No.118560

Everybody is free to gather ore now. There is nothing else of value in this room.

To the West, is an exit tunnel that leads 30 feet, shining a light or looking with darkvision reveals a door at the end of it.

To the east, there's tunnel that slopes downwards to who knows where.

2e8b3 No.118561

Oh, somebody can roll search if they want a clue of wtf happened in this chamber.

27ab8 No.118562

Rolling search cause of curiosity.
1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 15 ]

8e722 No.118563

Isla sees with worry the plague ridden kobold, standing up.
"We are not alone. He was taken out with a crossbow. Died two weeks ago, from the smell."
She coughs once from it, before remembering Lucy has no hearing, beckoning with her hand to look at the body while holding the least broken crossbow at hand.
Isla takes a closer look at the goblin.
(We may need to take the corpse for the bounty prize.)

09d70 No.118564

Kiara sets the lantern down facing easy, and begins stuffing her sack with the goods

2e8b3 No.118565

I'm also gonna let you take 10 on profession (miner) to determine that this area served as a commons area for sorting, weighing, cataloging, and shipping out ore.
There look like there may have been signs of a struggle in this room. smashed lanterns, broken pickaxes, a few splotches of blood. It appears as though Schlomo is the only body though.
Roll Sense Motive
Roll Bardic Knowledge

8e722 No.118566

1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 16 ]<Sense Motive

09d70 No.118567

Dice rollRolled 16

2e8b3 No.118568

Isla begins to feel some doubt as to whether or not the notoriously-stingy Goldsteinbergwitz clan would be very willing to compensate her for the delivering the corpse of the deceased goblinoid.. without the prized bank notes, which do not appear anywhere on the body.
In the meantime, there's some one on the ground that looks like it could be valuable. Only a miner can judge its actual worth though.
Kiara begins to feel the same thing.

8e722 No.118569

Isla shrugs, before picking it up and stuffing it in one of her sacks, making sure there's some for the rest of the group.

63bce No.118570

Lucy walks over to Isla with a curious look on her face
"What is that green thing?"

2e8b3 No.118571

Alright, I'm gonna assume everybody spends time loading their pockets with possibly-valuable rocks.

So, what now? I've described both exit tunnels. Which way do y'all go?

8e722 No.118572

She drags her free finger along her throat, followed by gurgles to a feigned dead expression.
I vote West.

2e8b3 No.118573

It is now that i notice that some of you didn't list the weights for your equipment…
There's a lot of shiny rocks here.

8e722 No.118574

I'll just take 20 pounds worth of rocks.

2e8b3 No.118575

You cannot tell the exact weight of the rocks, unless you have the skill.
You shouldn't be encumbered though.

63bce No.118576

Lucy takes a pocketful

8e722 No.118577

Darn. Can Isla feel the shift from light to medium load?

09d70 No.118578

Kiara fills her burlap or equivalent sack and shifts it near to the exit of the room

27ab8 No.118579

Rhyd takes a simple sample, hoping he can come back later.
I vote west as well

63bce No.118580

west is fine.

2e8b3 No.118581

File: 1572144462799-0.jpg (64.69 KB, 688x372, DY-c4A9VoAITEr2.jpg)

Forget what I said about weight. Don't worry about it.
You can roll profession (miner) to appraise the rocks, if you want.

Alright. Y'all head west and see a door.
Who goes first?

I need to crop a map. Please sort yourselves out until then.

27ab8 No.118582

Appraise the rocks you say?
I like rocks
1d20+9[ 1d20+9 = 16 ]

8e722 No.118583


Isla pipes up.
"Alright, lassies… and lad," she pipes up.
"I say we go to the West, with me at the front. Anyone of ya has any other opinions 'bout it?"

63bce No.118584

Lucy looks at her with a Confused expression
And Shrugs.

2e8b3 No.118585

The chunks of silver ore can be salvaged and are worth 200 gp.

Sorry. Trying to eat a hotdog.

The party has gone west, buy who goes first?

8e722 No.118586

Isla, cuz she a brave and honorable lass.

2e8b3 No.118587

You see a door.
What do you do?

09d70 No.118588

Kiara is holding back with the 'flashlight'. She sheathes her sword and pulls out her bow (stringing it if necessary).

8e722 No.118589

Isla checks the door with her eyes, looking for any traps before getting near the door, from what happened last time.
1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 14 ]<I better not be fooled twice

27ab8 No.118590

His eyes go wide as he stuffs it in a pocket.
"Keep ahold of that ore, you'll want it"

2e8b3 No.118591

I'm gonna need you to be precise in which hand is holding the buckler, the lantern, the bow, and the arrow.
If that's a search check, she doesn't see anything that stands out on this side of the door.

8e722 No.118592

"I figured from how shiny it was, but thank ye, little drake," she smiles at the kobold.
She tentatively places her ear on the door, trying to listen for anything on the other side of the door.
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 10 ]<Why does my class doesn't have spot as a class skill?

09d70 No.118593

-Buckler, Lantern

No arrow drawn yet

2e8b3 No.118594

She does not hear anything.

8e722 No.118595

Thinking there is nothing to worry about, Isla slowly opens the door.

2e8b3 No.118596

I'm gonna assume the rest of the party is just a couple squares behind her.
The large door is not locked, and opens easily. The PCs may enter, if they wish.

27ab8 No.118597

The lizard slips between legs and into the room

63bce No.118598

Lucy is in the middle of the party

09d70 No.118599

Kiara goes through the door

8e722 No.118600

Isla is shocked to feel the lizard swoop inbetween her short legs, jumping a little as he passes through.
"Oi!" she calls out to the little guy. "Don't ye pass through me legs."
With another shake of her head, she enters the room as well.

2e8b3 No.118601

Racial preference aside, Rhyd cannot help but notice that Isla has very nice legs.
Alright, I'm gonna assume she goes first, followed by Lucy, followed by Isla and Rhyd (occupying the same space).
Alrght, now to find my description… Ah, there it is:
This large, square room houses four long wooden tables, each with a bench on either side. On top of the tables lie a number of wooden bowls and eating utensils. In the southeast corner of the room, a small stewpot steams over a fireplace carved into the floor. A pungent odor hangs in the air. The table furthest from the door is flipped over.

2e8b3 No.118602

File: 1572147390663-0.jpg (53.55 KB, 750x600, fdb903ad5ed2a137a62d470eed….jpg)

Sorry for the wait.
And now, the surprise round. Buckle up motherfuckers.

Kiara feels a projectile wiz towards her, which would've gone for her face, if not for the buckler attatched to the lantern.
But then feels another one go straight for her stomach…
Lucy feels another one embed itself into her leather vest, just narrowly missing her tits.
Another flies by Isla, and doesn't even come close.

Kiara has taken 4 damage. Roll Initiative.

09d70 No.118603

Dice rollRolled 8 + 8


8e722 No.118604

1d20+5[ 1d20+5 = 25 ]<Time to see if my brain is fast

27ab8 No.118605

1d20+5[ 1d20+5 = 6 ]

63bce No.118606

Dice rollRolled 14 + 2


2e8b3 No.118607

-4, cuz deafened
Initiative doesn't crit, but she's still going first.

2e8b3 No.118608

A desperate, high-pitched chatter resounds across the room, the ambushers yapping that Isla doesn't understand (sorry, Isla, if you don't list your languages, I lave to assume you don't speak any.
Rhyd finds that, to his luck, Isla's athletic thighs managed to provide him with total cover during the surprise round. A feat only possible due to high Slight Build trait.

27ab8 No.118609

Skinny for the win!

2e8b3 No.118610

Thicc thighs save lives.

8e722 No.118611

Isla attempts to spot the attackers that just shot at both her and her current companions, feeling the kobold under her.
(Fer fuck sakes. Yer lucky we're being ganged upon, wanker.)
1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 19 ]<cries in non-class skill

2e8b3 No.118612

Whatever is holding the line back there is damn quick. She didn't even get a glimpse of it, or how many there are, or what weapon it just fired.

2e8b3 No.118613

Isla still has a full round of actions

2e8b3 No.118614

File: 1572149632265-0.png (375.76 KB, 404x595, Mines_of_Duviks_Pass_Area_….png)

I just realized i forgot to upload my pic. This is what the room would've looked like before the enemies flipped the table.

8e722 No.118615

Reeeeeee. So close.
(Ah bollocks. Can't see the wanker.)
She decides to try her best to close the distance between where the shots came from and herself, hoping she stumbles onto the crossbow wielding foe as a move action.
(I'm going tae gut yer sorry arse, mongrel.)
Sorry, kobold. The legs are moving away.

2e8b3 No.118616

Roll balance

8e722 No.118617

1d20+8[ 1d20+8 = 23 ]<I hope I don't trip into a chair and break my neck

2e8b3 No.118618

Isla manages to spot and carefully maneuver around the caltrops and marbles scattered all over the floor, but is now completely flat-footed.
She may use her remaining move action to make another spot check

8e722 No.118619

Drat. Shouldn't have rushed. Cmon Isla, you can do it!
Isla curses to herself, attempting to spot the enemies again.
1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 6 ]<I hope my eyes can see

2e8b3 No.118620

Sorry, can't even give you partial info for that.
She does notice a smol crossbow aimed at her though.

She takes two damage

Kiara's turn.
It hits her in the leg.

09d70 No.118621

Kiara is falling back outside the angry room

2e8b3 No.118622

Alright, that's a move action.
She can attempt a heal check to fish the bolt out of her navel if she wants.

09d70 No.118623

Dice rollRolled 19 - 1


2e8b3 No.118624

Good enough.
Kiara manages to pull the rusty bolt out of her belly button, feeling relief in that it didn't hit any vital organs.
Another bolt wizes past her, hitting the door beside her head.

Lucy's turn.

2e8b3 No.118625

Lucy's faggot is gonna take a bit..

63bce No.118626

Dice rollRolled 42

A burst of Smoke and Fog appears around Lucy
as she uses summon undead 1

2e8b3 No.118627

File: 1572152569375-0.jpg (167.76 KB, 1000x1000, markus-neidel-skeleton.jpg)

Dammit, Lucy
Alright, she said that she wanted to cast a spell that takes a full-round action so-
She successfully pronounces the verbal components for her spell, despite being deafened.
The undead you summon appear in a burst of smoke and fog. The vapor swiftly dissipates, but you can't shake the impression of screaming faces in the cloud's tendrils.
A first level human warrior skeleton appears in the middle of the room, unaffected by the caltrops and awaiting orders.
pic related.

2e8b3 No.118628

The skeleton moves immediately after hr initiative and is considered to be telepathically under her command. What does she order?

2e8b3 No.118629

Come on, Lucy, at least finish your round.

63bce No.118630

To Slaughter the crossbowmen

2e8b3 No.118631

It's a mindless creature that lasts exactly one (1) round. You're going to have to be more specific with it's actions.

63bce No.118632

to attack the crossbowmen that shot isla

2e8b3 No.118633

Dice rollRolled 2 + 3

Attack as in charge?
Fuck it. Sir Bones charges valiantly, attacking one of the creatures, which only has partial cover, with his ancient scimitar.

2e8b3 No.118634

Annnnnnd swishes.
His charge was not in vain though, for the panicked creatures behind the table bark in horror before focusing fire on him.
One shoots him, and misses, the shot going straight through his ribcage.
Rhyd's turn

27ab8 No.118635

Rhyd takes aim and hopes this arrow will find it's mark.
Rolling to shoot.
1d20+8[ 1d20+8 = 14 ]

2e8b3 No.118636

Good shot, but no cigar.

The shot narrowly misses a creature's head, it only escaping by the benefit of partial cover.

At this point, Rhyd hears some more panicked yapping from across the room..
Roll Listen

2e8b3 No.118637

Dice rollRolled 5 + 3

Oh fuck it. I feel like I have to roll for him.

2e8b3 No.118638

Dice rollRolled 9 + 3

Close enough. They're only 10 feet away.
>"He just shoot us?!"
>"I no see him before."
>"He with man?"
>"Man try crush him earlier though."
Because he's the only character in the party who's sheet says that he speaks draconic.

Since nobody had local knowledge as a trained skill, nobody was able to distinguish the enemy combatants. Rhyd is able to distinguish 4 kobolds, ambiguous gender.

One of them loses a crossbow to complete the round.
And hits Isla.
4 damage.

The party is at a standoff with 4 enemies, who have a home-field advantage. Let's start the next round tomorrow.

2e8b3 No.118639

Dice rollRolled 7 + 3

Actually, strike that.
I neglected to consider my prior assertion that the kobold was prioritizing the spooky boi right in front of it.
It aims, Sir Bones gets an AoO misses, Sir Bones narrowly misses with his scimitar, the kobold fires into Bones's eye sockt, and bounces around harmlessly because it doesn't penetrate his DR.
Isla has only taken 2 damage this round.

2e8b3 No.118640

Ignore those rolls.

2e8b3 No.118643

File: 1572182085951-0.png (3.36 MB, 3749x3331, 1795341.png)

>mfw considering if adding the caltrops and marbles to this encounter at the last minute should count as a CR-increasing trap, or if I should just treat it as a consequence of the thunderstone trap
A few inconveniently-placed marbles and caltrops really do make a world of difference at this level. Fucking kobolds.

2e8b3 No.118644

Alright, we didn't get as far as I hoped last night, but I'm still free today.
All players please tell me if/when you'll be available today. I really want to get through this adventure.

6bc34 No.118645

Isla takes out a javelin from her sack, aiming at one of the unknown combatants, hoping to at least do some damage after rushing to her current position.
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 7 ]<Ranged Attack Roll/Javelin

2e8b3 No.118646

The javelin embeds itself in the mine wall.
The creature responds with a shot of its own.
And hits.
Isla takes a crossbow bolt and takes 4 damage

2e8b3 No.118647

Kiara's turn.
She's retreated to the doorway. Is she still aiming the lamp inside?

ec254 No.118648

Sets the lamp down facing the kobold table.
Steps outside the doorframe, so she has full cover.
"Fall back you knobs, you're gonna get turned into cheese!"
IF she has available action, she's gonna start playing an invigorating tune - Inspire Courage

2e8b3 No.118650

Kiara uses her special ability: Inspire Courage!
All allied combatants receive a +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls, and a +1 bonus to saves vs charms and fear.
An enemy takes a full-round action to shoot the unattended lamp.
…. and crit fails, the lamp somehow seeming brighter, and the creauture letting out a frustrated yap as it fiddles with its unloaded crossbow.

63bce No.118651

Dice rollRolled 3

Lucy casts Cause fear on the kobold that shot her

2e8b3 No.118652

Is that a 1d100 roll? (i can't tell on this computer)

6bc34 No.118653

It's not. Seems to be a 1d4

63bce No.118655

1d4 rounds, so its afraid for 3 rounds

2e8b3 No.118656

Dice rollRolled 81

Okay rolling for spell failure, because deafness

2e8b3 No.118658

The creature fails its save and is now frightened.
However, since it has nowhere to flee, it fights.
and misses.

Rhyd's turn

2e8b3 No.118659

Rhyd is't here, so we'l have to pause for a bit.

27ab8 No.118660

Arrows are a good choice when you don't know what's going on!
Shoot the enemies!
1d20+8[ 1d20+8 = 15 ]

2e8b3 No.118661

That darn table.
Return fire
Return shot also misses.

sorry, now it was me who was distracted
>"Orange? We no have orange."
>"No klan. Stranger!"
>"Leader say hold line!"

6bc34 No.118662

Isla decides that her attempts to rush down her opponents is not going so well, moving to the nearest table, flipping it over and hiding behind it to provide partial cover from all the pesky arrows that keep hitting her mark, grunting along the way as a full round action.
(My luck is not on my side. Bloody 'ell.)

2e8b3 No.118663

Alright, that no roll is necessary for that.
Isla wises up and flips the southeast table, turning it into an improvised cover panel."
Her peculiar stance makes her seam almost invisible as she moves, before she disappears behind the flipped table.
>"[Konfused Kobold noises]
She is now prone, experiencing all of

The kobold who Lucy frightened with her spell reloads his krossbow and fires.
It hits.
Lucy takes 2 damage.

2e8b3 No.118664

*its krossbow

2e8b3 No.118665

Kiara's turn

ec254 No.118666

Maintain song and cover

2e8b3 No.118667

She'd have to move at least 5 feet back for that, since the northwest table has a direct line of fire with the doorway.
I'm gonna assume she does.

ec254 No.118668

Safe assumption

2e8b3 No.118669

A kreature fires at Lucy.
And makes a kritikal hit, but doesn't konfirm.
The Witch takes 2 damage, and is now at one (1!) HP.

A ghost of her ancestor warns her that it may be time to run for cover and maybe try to use her unlimited self-healing ability.

63bce No.118670

Lucy uses ray of enfeeblement on the kobold that just shot her

2e8b3 No.118671

>wasting more precious spell slots when ur at 1 hp and in direct line of fire
Nigger, what did I just say?

63bce No.118672

>1 hp
Lucy takes cover behind the table isla flipped over

2e8b3 No.118673

That's a move action.
Would you like to heal yourself with your unlimited negative energy, with your standard action?

63bce No.118674

Yes i would.

2e8b3 No.118675

Roll 1d8

63bce No.118676

Dice rollRolled 8


2e8b3 No.118677

As lucy puts her hand to her breast, her otherworldly power repairs her body. Crossbow bolts push themselves out of her flesh, and her wounds close.


Also, I should've said this earlier, but Isla would've had to drop her torch to flip that table without provoking any actions from the enemies.
Lucy can still hold onto her lamp though.

Another kreature shoots at Rhyd, who is the only combatant in the room without cover.

2e8b3 No.118678

A bolt that would've gone for Rhyd's heart is just barely blocked by his armor.

His turn.

27ab8 No.118679

The kobolds ducks for cover as well, casting guidance on himself.

2e8b3 No.118680

Due to his size and slight build, Rhyd can use the table as cover without falling prone.
>"Shoot life elf!"
>"No krossbow."
>"No klan!"

The last kobold holds back its initiative, in a readied action.

2e8b3 No.118681

Isla's turn

6bc34 No.118682

Now that Isla is finally away from constant bolt fire, picks up her torch while prone if possible and waits in her position.
"These lads are impenetrable," she says

2e8b3 No.118683

File: 1572231908921-0.png (33.01 KB, 629x487, 83502.png)

>"Kobold masterrace!"
The creatures shout various insults in their dog-like language.
Another creature readies an action, holding back its initiative.

Kiara's turn.

2e8b3 No.118684

Alright, Kiara's back, but we lost Rhyd.
I'm gonna pause, probably for the night.

ec254 No.118686

I recognize that shitposting type

2e8b3 No.118687

>"Dat knome?!"
>"Worse than man!"
>"Dirty knome!"
>"Leader say krush da knomes!"

ec254 No.118688


2e8b3 No.118689

>"Redhat bad!"
>"Stinky knome!"
>"Knome weak! Leader strong!"
>"No knomes in klan kavern!"

ec254 No.118690

Kiara, frustrated, wounded, demoralized, and a bunch of other adjectives cries "You blazing pile of orc-trash, fall back!"

2e8b3 No.118711

File: 1572296728338-0.png (39.78 KB, 599x462, 86985.png)

Konsidering the fakt that Rhyd neglected to add his racial bonus to his search chekk and might've aktually made that chekk if he were paying attention (which I may have noticed earlier if he made a mythweaver's sheet like I asked), I'm going to exploit this unexpekted standoff to give away a little bit of the meta knowledge I might have used to reward the party for noticing th trap and using stealth to sneak up on the kobolds.

The four(4) smol sniffling kloaked kreatures seem almost surprised to have lasted this long (no roll is necessary to sense this bit), their tiny noses poking out from behind their improvised kover, twitching and sniffling, not unlike rats. They yip and yap and bark at one another in their primitive drakonik dialect.
>"W-w-we hold the line! Kaptain right!"
>"Only four mans? Man-klan no storm us already?"
>"Diggermans gone. Maybe klan-mans have kold too?"
>"Diggermans dumb. Let stinky gobbo be kaptain."
The kreatures kakkle sadistically, chattering various spiteful and misanthropic insults in their squeeaky, high-pitched voices about ear-mans, food-mans, drink-mans, the redkap menace, and the "smelly" and "foolish" hoo-mans.
>"Hoo-mans so silly! Why gobbo lead diggermans if gobbo no man-klan?"
>"Gobbo koward. Make poor diggermans klamber around gobbo. No kunning like kaptain."
>"Mans is also STINKY!"
>"Mans stink. Spread manstink to kobold klan.." *kertchoo!*

2e8b3 No.118712

File: 1572297534206.jpg (83.35 KB, 960x852, kobold_taktiks.jpg)

The kruel and kowardly kreatures kakkle in response, reveling in their primitive and sadistic ways. Kiara kan't understand their language, but somehow she gets the message loud and klear…
>"Gonna kry?"
>"Gonna pee yer knickers?"
>"Maybe krap and kum?"
>"Stinky mans no kill kobold klan! Kobold squad hold the line!"

I kouldn't resist.

The kreatures all have their little krossbows kokked with readied actions. Their kowardice is klear even behind their hooded kloaks, but they don't seem nearly as desperate or frantik as they did when the party first entered the room.

2e8b3 No.118713


2e8b3 No.118714

Reminder that only Rhyd speaks the drakonik language (Lucy still hasn't posted languages though). If you want to exploit this info, you need to kommunikate in kharakter.

7c58b No.118723

The Kaverns & Kobolds Klub will assemble again next weekend.
In the meantime, I'm going to deal with meatspace strife, and prepare some original content as my take on the consequences of these four (4) puny Kobolds managing to hold the party off for so long, while their komrades kontinue to expend the useful treasure in the dungeon to set more traps :3

2e8b3 No.118779

File: 1572498303448-0.jpeg (739.4 KB, 1080x1331, 2128322.jpeg)

>"Yes, I put all of my skill ranks into Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Profession (Miner), and Craft (Trapmaking).How could you tell?"

7c58b No.118782

Sadly, it seems as though the next KKK meeting may have to be delayed, due to prior scheduling contraints of a key player that could not be avoided.
The adventure shall resume as soon as I'm able to organize everypony to play on the same day.

7c58b No.118783

File: 1572540201086-0.jpg (77.19 KB, 750x1334, f9c604d3cc316995aeec6fe309….jpg)

2e8b3 No.118810

File: 1572623343681-0.png (480.88 KB, 688x684, murderhobos.png)

2e8b3 No.118998

File: 1572728823033.mp4 (7.4 MB, 640x360, Shitposting_Buffs_sound.mp4)

The next KKK meeting shall assemble Saturday of next week. All players please clear your schedules.

Unless there's a disaster, or we figure out how to play earlier.

2e8b3 No.119172

File: 1572826188897.jpg (3.62 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

>adventurers when the cavern starts speaking draconic

2e8b3 No.119264

File: 1572875880003-0.jpg (81.77 KB, 497x750, c1d.jpg)

2e8b3 No.119599

The next KKK meeting shall assemble on this board on Saturday at 10:30 AM (EST).
Unless I can get everypony online tomorrow?.
Be there or be square.

2e8b3 No.119635

File: 1573312593891-0.jpg (42.83 KB, 591x319, image0.jpg)

To remind our heroes where we left off:

Kiara is in the hallway beside the room, benefiting from total cover. She is currently using her only use of her Inspire Courage ability to buff the party; her buff provides +2 to attack and damage rolls, because i neglected to correct that she doesn't actually qualify for the feat that lets her do that at this level (to be fixed later, but okay for this encounter). She left her lantern on the northeast table.
She is wounded, and has called to her allies to fall back.

Isla is prone on the ground behind the southeast table that she just flipped over, rolling in some dirty food that was spilled all over the place. While prone, she benefits from near-complete cover. Though prone, I'll rule that this position doesn't
She is also wounded, has lost her javelin, and is perhaps currently regretting her decision to not own a crossbow…

Lucy decided to imitate Isla, and is spooning her. She has used up 3 spell slots today, and might have to go melee for the rest of the adventure, since she also doesn't own a crossbow.
She has been wounded twice, but has been able to heal her body with her unlimited pool of negative energy. Fucking immortal witch.. She is still deafened as a result of the thunderstone trap though.

Rhyd subsequently joined the pile. Due to his smol size and Slight Build trait (making him count as tiny whenever favorable) he can use the table as total cover if he crouches, and one half cover standing. He may have trouble shooting from this position though.
He is also the only character who would have recognized that these 4 smol creatures shooting at the party are kobolds, being the only character fluent in their draconic language. They've noticed his orange color in the dim light and have determined that he is in fact not one of their clan. They didn't shoot at him on the surprise round, but I wouldn't count on that now..
If he wants to communicate any of this knowledge to the rest of the party, he can attempt to speak over Kiara's violin music during any creatures turn as a free action.

The 4 kobold's have held back their initiatives and prepared readied actions, crossbows loaded and ready.
It is Isla's initiative.

2e8b3 No.119636

File: 1573314527235-0.mp4 (1.52 MB, 480x480, Uselesssneakyseal_b34f27_7….mp4)

There may be some delays, due to unexpected blips in a certain player's schedule…

2e8b3 No.119637

File: 1573316063440-0.jpg (33.28 KB, 583x595, 1572378764089.jpg)

It looks like we might have to cancel… I can't DM this dungeon with only 3 active players (it's more dangerous than it looks), and only 1 has shown up thus far (the one I considered to be most likely to sleep through it; thank you for exceeding my expectations).
One player has announced that he is being dragged off against his will to do random bullshit later today, and two other players have not responded to repeated pinging…
Maybe we could've crammed a couple hours in if everyone were present, but it looks like we're not doing it after all.

2e8b3 No.119692

File: 1573337147286-0.png (1.02 MB, 1078x1818, 51z3t6kr61321.png)

Let's try to aim for:
This time
Please be sure to inform any and all parties who may interfere of your scheduled plans.

2e8b3 No.119731

File: 1573342101449-0.png (345.79 KB, 572x579, 1166425.png)

I am disappointed…
Okay, scratch that. A party member has church at that time.
We'll meet whenever I can get everypony together.

2e8b3 No.119873

File: 1573412047705-0.jpg (93.02 KB, 600x595, f16e38df4bde600a7227856366….jpg)

Newsflash, another delay, and possible cancellation…
One of the players has been dragged out to do random bullshit again; and another player has evidently become depressed by unrelated drama, because said player abruptly signed off and has not responded yet…

2e8b3 No.119875

Why would anyone involve themselves in crap that makes them so unhappy, in their free time?

73aee No.119905

Kiara innocently continues playing her viola, pretending to not have heard anything amiss.

2e8b3 No.119916

That's much better.

07c48 No.119917

All I am saying is don't start shit by badmouthing me like in >>119875

2e8b3 No.119918

File: 1573423141308-0.jpg (45.85 KB, 720x462, image0.jpg)

I'm not even going to bother unhiding that.
Go away.

2e8b3 No.119922

File: 1573425231326.jpg (130.62 KB, 800x1331, 5th.jpg)

Hopefully, we can play as soon as our last player gets back, if they do.
Sorry we couldn't have a game-day today, but maybe we can get through this encounter tonight.
Let's try to plan ahead a bit better in the future.

2e8b3 No.119923

Oh, nevermind… That player has been dragged off yet again..

2e8b3 No.119925

File: 1573426884719.jpg (190.55 KB, 1024x1227, coma_dnd.jpg)

Well, this weekend has been a letdown, but it couldn't be helped.
I'm free to play whenever the group is ready, although I'd need to push aside college stuff to make it work during the week, which means I need a schedule. Everyone remember to DM me when you're available.

2e8b3 No.119926

File: 1573500715730.jpg (44.7 KB, 490x288, stable_group.jpg)

Aright, it looks like once again we have players busy with unexpected shit today. Shit happens; it can't be helped.
Seeing how this is a one-shot, I can delay it for as long as it takes to get to the one day where we can finally finish it. It was only supposed to take one day to begin with, but lasted longer because I spent way too long typing and retyping the intro.
I'm sure one of these days we'll get together so y'all can finally conquer this dungeon, but for now it looks like we'll have to leave it at this stalemate (with the kobolds winning, lol). Until that fateful day, I guess I could try to prepare some original content, for the lot of you to enjoy.
I've got a lot of important stuff this week, but i'd push it all aside if I can be certain that all four could be available on any day of the week (Tuesdays and Thursdays are hard though).
Until next week, klansmen.

97cb8 No.119927

I'll keep an eye out, it'll happen eventually

2e8b3 No.119928

File: 1573511055159-0.jpg (82.21 KB, 625x620, dd-meme-alarming-dm-phrase….jpg)

It also seems as though a player i busy next week, o the KKK may not meet again for a while, unless we miraculously manage to play this week.
I'm busy all wee, but technically free on Wednesday, Friday, and evenings.
pic unrelated

2e8b3 No.119929

File: 1573511251329.jpg (45.38 KB, 750x696, real_life.jpg)

Ah, here's a related one:

2e8b3 No.119947

I technically have the day off, but I have to study a lot.
On the slim plausibility that y'all have a couple free hours, I'm down to finish this one encounter. Ping me if you find the time.

2e8b3 No.119948

File: 1573683892263-0.png (110.51 KB, 500x709, consistent-end-end-world-d….png)

9a913 No.119957

File: 1573925535131.jpg (72.47 KB, 1280x720, spooder.jpg)

2e8b3 No.119958

Alright, there has been a change of plans. We'll be continuing the thread, but sadly, one of our players is unable to play.. On the bright side, another player has agreed to play, so I've got the right number of players to not-TPK the party so easily.
We'll continue where we left off.
All present players please post to show me you're ready.

731c9 No.119959

File: 1573926415981.png (238.56 KB, 400x425, 1.png)

I am here and ready to slay any and all kobolds

9a913 No.119960

*Viola playing intensifies*

2e8b3 No.119961

We're waiting on two players.
It's Isla's initiative though, so she may attempt an action.

She's prone, a couple squares away from the door, which is open.

076fa No.119962

Isla decides to pull the table back, trying to move her cover back to the door the party entered the room, hoping the other two follow)
(Bloody Tartarus.)

Note: I want to keep the other two covered characters as she pulls the table back to the entrance. No leaving them coverless.

2e8b3 No.119963

She would have to forfeit cover and stand up to move the table.
She could crawl to the door at half her speed, if she wants to, she gains partial concealment while doing so.

2e8b3 No.119964

Note that the table is big enough and positioned so it provides partial cover to anyone crawling out of the room.

076fa No.119965

Ah, that's good to know.
If that's the case, Isla simply crawls out of the room.

2e8b3 No.119966

Alright, I'm going to treat that as a Withdraw, full-round action.
A crossbow bolt wizzes over her head as she leaves.

Kiara's turn.

731c9 No.119967

*attacks random tree in the mountains that resembles a kobold*

2e8b3 No.119968

Yeeck, the random murder hobo wandering warrior makes his way across the mountains.
roll survival

9a913 No.119969

Kiara continues the onslaught of musics

731c9 No.119970

1d20[ 1d20 = 10 ]

2e8b3 No.119971

File: 1573929090407-0.jpg (49.1 KB, 718x1000, 82a471de31d83a02ff19977dc5….jpg)

Kiara continues playing her viola in the hallway
>"Man no fight?"
>"Dat music?"
>"Why play music nao?"
>"silly mans"
Yeeck notices a familiar set of footprints on the path pointing up the mountain.

2e8b3 No.119972

Lucy's turn
Would he like to follow them?

583ba No.119973

She crawls out after isla.

731c9 No.119974

*begins running after the tracks*

2e8b3 No.119975

With a full round action, the fledgling necromancer retreats from the room, crawling on her hands and knees.
She narrowly avoids stepping on the caltrops and broken glass that litter the room.

Rhyd follows shortly after, receiving a similar treatment from the kobold firing squad.
>"Get bullied, loner!"
Two crossbow bolts fly past his head, to no avail.

2e8b3 No.119976

All PCs have made it to the hallway.
What do you do?

076fa No.119977

First of all, Isla closes the door when all the party present is out of the room, wanting to avoid any more sneaky crossbow shots from behind.
Then she turns to the party, panting slightly.
"Damn traps…"

2e8b3 No.119978

The Mess Hall goes dark as two of the cloaked figures succeed in shooting out Kiara's lantern and Lucy's lamp, which they sadly forgot to take with them as they left the room.

9a913 No.119979

Kiara visibly relaxes once and stops playing once the others have made it back into the room
A pity that's not where I said she would set it, but w/e

9a913 No.119980

Tossing her viola in no particular direction, she draws an arrow and nocks it.

583ba No.119981

Lucy Sighs
"I Think we're gonna need to head back to town."

2e8b3 No.119982

As she closes the door, she hears sniffing and exasperated cheering.
>"Enemy repelled!"
>"Kaptain give medals for valor."
>"Kobold masterrace!"
The four figures rejoice, surprised to have made it this far.
They are in the hallway, atm.
They may now discuss what to do next, although Lucy will need a bit of extra instruction since she's still deaf for the time being.
She put it on the table, iirc.

2e8b3 No.119983

Roll another survival check

076fa No.119984

She pants slightly.
"Aye… We're not cut out fae this."
Isla looks at Kiara's actions intently.
She sighs.
"Damn things…"

9a913 No.119985

"These creatures are craftier than I expected. They won't catch ME unaware again,…."

2e8b3 No.119986

Everyone feel free to keep talking. I'm going to take 10 minutes to eat a sandwich.

583ba No.119987

"Maybe we can find someone else to help us there?"

731c9 No.119988

1d20[ 1d20 = 11 ]

9a913 No.119989

"Stand clear of the door. I've got an idea." Once everyone is clear of the line of sight of the door, Kiara stands to the side of the door (should have total cover) and reopens the door. She pulls one of her spare oil flasks out, un-stoppers it, spends a round preparing it with a fuse.

076fa No.119990

Isla does as instructed, walking directly away from the door by 10 feet, watching with interest.

583ba No.119991

Lucy Moves back and then whispers
"What is that?"

731c9 No.119992

*screams in draconic*

9a913 No.119993

"These little faggots aren't the only ones who play dirty," Kiara says, holding up a tindertwig (match)

2e8b3 No.119994

Yeeck successfully follows the trail up the mountain.
It gets colder as he climbs, and he notices several other sets of footprints appearing in the frost.

2e8b3 No.119995

File: 1573931240411-0.png (633.43 KB, 1017x853, Beasts_PhaseSpider.png)

Meanwhile, in the kavern, the PCs may be startled to hear a subtle whoosh as pic related manifests behind them.

731c9 No.119996

*Holds my hammer high* I HUNT!

076fa No.119997

Isla jumps as she sees the spider thing.
"Oh fer crying out loud."

How close behind them is this thing?

2e8b3 No.119998

File: 1573931653697-0.gif (3.77 MB, 250x250, KlutzyElasticArctichare-si….gif)

Sorry, rolling dice
The giant blue Nope lunges out and grabs Rhyd with its jaws, in a fearsome swoop that would have hit even if he were not flat footed. The beast vanishes as quickly as it came, it's earie blue body dissolving into ethereal mist, taking Rhyd with it…
And just like that, he's gone.
No initiative. The surprise round ended as soon as it began.

2e8b3 No.119999

Right behind them. The motherfucker jaunted in as a free action, grappled, and left as a move action. Rhyd is nowhere to be seen.

Also, check'em

9a913 No.120000

Kiara blinks a few times and returns to preparing her molotov coctail.
You know where I'm going with this right? Once its ready, she'll use the tindertwig to light the fuse and throw it at the kobold's overturned table.

076fa No.120001

Isla blinks profusely as a shiver crawls up her spine.

2e8b3 No.120002

Supposing that Kiara was not distracted by the giant spider that just took one of her allies out of the blue, she could hear some scurrying, as the kobolds push tables around, put away the damaged lamp and reset caltrops, before they suddenly become silent once more.

583ba No.120003

Lucy stands there jaw slightly agape
"D-Do we go after it? To save the Little guy?"

2e8b3 No.120004

Yeeck's kobold-murdering endeavor leads him to the front of an open mineshaft in the mountain.
A cool breeze drifts down from the towering peaks of the Serpentcoil Mountains as you behold the entrance to the caverns. The frost-rimed ground is littered with tools, picks and shovels, some of which protrude from soft banks of snow. A single darkened shaft leads into the depths of the mine ahead. The dirt path beneath its wooden support structure is covered with stone debris, a few pieces of which occasionally glint with the slightest hint of ore. No light issues forth from the tunnel. Burnt-out torches are strewn across the floor, their brackets torn from the shaft walls. Behind you, the worn road leads back through the crags to the valley below. Aside from the quiet whistling of the wind, complete silence fills the small clearing within the mountains.
The tunnel is 15 feet wide and 10 feet tall.
It is entirely unlit.

076fa No.120005

Isla grabs Lucy's shoulder and shakes her head.
"That thing will probably kill us all if we tried, lass."
She turns her neck to Kiara's attempts at anti-lizard arson.

2e8b3 No.120006

She's free to try, if she can figure out wtf even happened.
As of now, the party is down to 3. They will be outnumbered by even the smallest encounter they've faced thus far.

Oh, and i guess anyone with ranks in the skills can roll knowledge (arcana) or knowledge (the planes), to understand wtf they just saw.

731c9 No.120007

*darkvision bitch*
Kobold Slayer marches in shield and hook hammer drawn ready to slay kobolds*

583ba No.120008

Dice rollRolled 18 + 6

Rolling knowledge arcana

731c9 No.120009

File: 1573932604686.gif (2.86 MB, 480x270, march.gif)

forgot pic

2e8b3 No.120010

The brave gnomish warrior marches into the dark, down a 120 ft tunnel, littered with smashed lamps and broken pickaxes.
Eventually, it opens up to a 25 by 25 foot room described in >>118522

9a913 No.120011

Kiara peeks into the room. What does she see?

731c9 No.120012

I yell out banging my hammer on my shield

2e8b3 No.120013

With a check like that Lucy may have once heard of an infamous magical creature called a "phase spider", known for its teleportation ablities.
The little shits worked quickly.
Roll a strength check.
Roll a listen check.

583ba No.120014

Have i heard anything about it specifically?

9a913 No.120015

Dice rollRolled 17 + 1


731c9 No.120016

1d20[ 1d20 = 5 ]

076fa No.120017

Rolling to assist Kiara.
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 9 ]

2e8b3 No.120018

Yeah, you know of its teleportation abilities, supposedly possessing the power to travel between spaces, but you'd need a higher check to know specifics.
The door doesn't budge
Almost got it

583ba No.120019

"I Think our little friend is gone for good. that was a Phase spider."

076fa No.120020

Isla groans slightly as the door doesn't seem to budge.
"I figured from how easy it ate him, now could you help with this door? These little lizard things blocked it with stuff."

9a913 No.120021

"F. Can you help us with this door?"

2e8b3 No.120022

You year a subtle draconic screech to the west, before silence.

Lucy, Isla and Kiara are entitled to Listen checks

9a913 No.120023

Dice rollRolled 18 + 3

2e8b3 No.120024

Where does that +3 come from?

583ba No.120025

Dice rollRolled 13


731c9 No.120026

File: 1573933612626.gif (1.76 MB, 480x270, run.gif)

*runs to the west screaming like a madman*

2e8b3 No.120027

Sorry, I haven't had any caffine today…

Kiara hears shouting to the east of the tunnel.
Nevermind, i forgot you're still deaf.

583ba No.120028

Dice rollRolled 20


2e8b3 No.120029

Lucy notices a sharp ringing in her ears, but she's still deaf for now.

She does see a smol armored figure charging towards her from the east though.

583ba No.120030

Lucy grabs isla by the shoulder and points at the figure

2e8b3 No.120031

Yeeck sees 3 figures in the tunnel.
Tall, visibly humanoid, armed, and maybe female?

076fa No.120032

Isla turns around, trying to see what's coming towards them.
(What is she on about?)

2e8b3 No.120033

A smol figure in leather armor charges forward with a pickaxe.

731c9 No.120034

File: 1573934240571.jpg (48.64 KB, 960x532, goblin3.jpg)

I run up to them and look them up and down
"You're not kobolds, have you seen any kobolds?"

9a913 No.120035

"A gnome? Greetings!" Kiara says in gnomish.

583ba No.120036

Lucy gets behind isla

076fa No.120037

Isla points to the door behind her, making sure to cover Lucy in case things get hectic.
"There are some behind this door, lad. Four o them, in fact."
She glances at the door.
"Door's stuck, though."

731c9 No.120038

"I am a gnome and you are not a kobold"
*glances over at the hiding girl*

*pulls out a crowbar*
"Not for long"

2e8b3 No.120039

Roll a str check.
Anyone interested can roll to aid.

731c9 No.120040

1d20[ 1d20 = 7 ]

731c9 No.120041

+2 btw

076fa No.120042

Isla nods, before helping the gnome.
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 13 ]

583ba No.120043

Dice rollRolled 13 + 1

Rolling to assist

2e8b3 No.120044


I'm going to assume you guys are going to take 20 on this.
After a minute or two of pushing, a wooden bar snaps, and the PCs successfully push through the barricade behind the sealed door.

9a913 No.120045

Dice rollRolled 11 + 1

Also assisting

731c9 No.120046

I kick the door the rest of the way open and throw a torch in

2e8b3 No.120047

The room appears as described in >>118614 >>118601 , except that the tables are all over the place
He is greeted with silence.

076fa No.120048

Isla jumps in surprise.
"Watch your step, lad! They have marbles and caltrops on the floor!"

2e8b3 No.120049

Nothing greets Yeeck as he enters the room.

I need to know who enters and in what order.

731c9 No.120050

"Good point" I say before I chuck a container of oil in after my lit torch

076fa No.120051

Isla definitely doesn't enter the room this time, deciding to ready her sling and taking cover behind a wall, awaiting the moment a kobold tries to jump Yeeck with a crossbow bolt.

9a913 No.120052

Dice rollRolled 11 + 3

Kiara throws her molotov at the furthest overturned table

731c9 No.120053

1d20[ 1d20 = 12 ]

2e8b3 No.120054

Did you just set the room on fire?
The oils splatters all over the stone floor, setting the place on fire.
She'd need to enter the room to do that.

583ba No.120055

Lucy is still hiding behind isla

731c9 No.120056

yes. yes i did.
"Kobolds receive no quarter" I say as I draw my crossbow

731c9 No.120057


731c9 No.120058

Dice rollRolled 5


9a913 No.120059

Dice rollRolled 20 + 3

The room is 25x25. Alchemists fire (which governs oil flasks as splash weapons) has a range increment of 10'. That means an 11 (-2 because of the range) lands.

2e8b3 No.120060

Nothing responds.
The grease-fire makes an awful smell as it burns, mixing with some soup that's been spilled all over the stone floor.

583ba No.120061

9a913 No.120062

Too bad that was an unintended reroll.
My point stands though

731c9 No.120063

File: 1573935680889.jpg (335.27 KB, 1281x1021, fire.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 20

I slowly and carefully walk into the room, avoid possible caltropes and marbles

2e8b3 No.120064

I'm going to let you do it just because it's a 20.
She hits the table on the far side of the room.
estimates table hardness
It takes fire damage, and begins to burn.

9a913 No.120065

With her next available action, Kiara re-nocks her bow, and readies an attack.

2e8b3 No.120066

He successfully steps around the caltrops, indicating experience in dealing with kobolds.

I'm going to have you roll a reflex save to avoid catching fire though.

076fa No.120067

Fair enough, I suppose.
1d20+6[ 1d20+6 = 22 ]

2e8b3 No.120068

I don't recall you entering the room, but that would have been enough to walk through the greasefire without your pants lighting up.

Nothing responds.

2e8b3 No.120069

So far, no kobolds have shown themselves.
PCs are free to explore the room, if they wish. There's caltrops everywhere and a greasfire in the middle of the room though.

731c9 No.120070

Dice rollRolled 12

I try to avoid the fire as I look around for kobolds
"I was told there were kobolds here"

9a913 No.120071

Dice rollRolled 9 + 2

Search check

731c9 No.120072

sorry that's +2

2e8b3 No.120073

That ceck probably wouldn't have succeeded with the kobold's monstrous hide bonuses, but Yeeck feels that if there were kobolds in this room, they probably would have attacked him by now.

She doesn't see very much interesting besides a pot of foul-smelling soup beside a dimly lit fireplace.

2e8b3 No.120074

Also, there's a door to the north, if I didn't make that clear earlier.

583ba No.120075

Dice rollRolled 16 + 3

Rolling to assist.

9a913 No.120076

Is her lantern still there? Its all metal, so even if shot and disrupted, it should still be serviceable

731c9 No.120077

Dice rollRolled 19

I turn and point at the big tiddie goth girl
"why are you hiding, make with the kobold slaying, don't look at me in that tone of voice"

2e8b3 No.120078

Nope, apparently the lizzers took it with them wherever they scurried off to.

2e8b3 No.120079

Isla's javelin is gone too.

2e8b3 No.120080

Further inspection reveals that there's nothing in this room besides half-eaten food, caltrops, broken crossbow bolts, and a pot of soup.
The table is still on fire, and continues to burn.

2e8b3 No.120081

The greasefire dies down overtime, but still smolders on the stone floor.

731c9 No.120082

Dice rollRolled 5

the fire isn't a kobold so I let it do it's thing as I walk to the door to the north

583ba No.120083

Dice rollRolled 13 + 3

rolling search to find any foot prints

2e8b3 No.120084

What was that roll for?
The door is locked.
All over the place. Apparently there were a lot of them here at some point.

731c9 No.120085

Dice rollRolled 15

I pull my crowbar out again and star beating the door with it
"Open this door you overgrown salamanders I'm gonna cut your dicks off!"

583ba No.120086

"More than three have been here."

2e8b3 No.120088

Success, he breaks halfway through the door.
Whatever is behind it remains silent.
Roll again to finish the door.

731c9 No.120090

Dice rollRolled 16

I put my crowbar away and pull out my crossbow, before I go to kick it in the rest of the way

2e8b3 No.120091

What's left of the door is kicked to the side easily.
A draconic voice barks something:
>"Company, fire!"
What's your flat-footed AC?

076fa No.120092

Shit, you're right.

Isla walks carefully along the edges of the room, trying to follow the others, standing next to the door's wall with a bullet on her sling, ready to fire at anything she can see.

731c9 No.120093

Dice rollRolled 5

it's 14

2e8b3 No.120095

Yeeck is greeted by a volley of crossbow bolts.
He takes two, then 2, then 6, then 6 points of damage, drops, and is now at -1 damage.
He is now dying.

Alright, surprise round over, now everyone roll initiative, except for Yeeck who is unconscious.
Anybody around can attempt to stabilize him.

731c9 No.120096

*screams in unconscious*

2e8b3 No.120097

File: 1573938115121-0.gif (71.94 KB, 220x124, tenor.gif)

Sorry yeek…
You've got at least 9 rounds before you're actually dead though.

2e8b3 No.120098

Also, to anyone who saw, which is everyone, there's a lot more kobolds in the next room than there were in this one.
6 crossbow bolts flew past Yeeck before the last one dropped him.

076fa No.120099

1d20+5[ 1d20+5 = 11 ]<Initiative

583ba No.120100

Dice rollRolled 11 + 2

2e8b3 No.120101

Meanwhile, the table continues to burn.

2e8b3 No.120102

I still need Kiara's initiative

9a913 No.120103

Dice rollRolled 7 + 7

2e8b3 No.120104

Okay, got it written down.
Scurrying emanates from the next room, as the kobolds try to make the best of their homefield advantage, holding back their initiative with readied actions.

Kiara's turn. It's a low-light environment, but the burning table makes it easy to see within this room.

2e8b3 No.120105

Alright, I'm going to steer kiara out of the way of immediate harm and keep her arrow knocked.

No kobold responds, evidently waiting for PCs to get closer so that they can snipe them.
Camping little shits…

Lucy's turn.

731c9 No.120106

*continues bleeding out*

583ba No.120107

Lucy summons a skeleton and commands him to Drag yeecks back into the room

731c9 No.120108

*is skele dragged*

2e8b3 No.120109

As the skeleton appears, 5 creatures fire at it, 2 of which bounce off of its body, unable to penetrate its damage reduction.
Where does he drag him? One side of the room has a burning table. The middle of the room has an active greasefire.
I'll allow the skeleton to drag the gnome 30 feet.

2e8b3 No.120110

Actually, I'm just going to assume its the northwest corner.

Isla's turn. She may cross the room to stabilize Yeeck, if she wishes.

583ba No.120111

He drags him right next to lucy

2e8b3 No.120112

Lucy is still outside the room.
Sure, I'll let him go there. I'm not even going to bother with the logistics of avoiding the greasefire.

731c9 No.120113

076fa No.120114

Shaking her head at the possibility of getting shot yet again, she simply readies her sling in case a kobold tries to enter the room.
(This place is too hard to pierce.)

2e8b3 No.120115

Whatever's in the room evidently doesn't want to come out.

All remaining creatures within the room prepare readied actions, whispered barks emanate from the dark room.

The table continues to burn, and is beginning to smoke up the place.
Roll fortitude

731c9 No.120116

Dice rollRolled 11


2e8b3 No.120117

now roll 1d100

731c9 No.120118

Dice rollRolled 1


2e8b3 No.120119

You are so lucky stabilization rolls don't crit..
Yeeck takes one point of damage, and is now at -2 HP as she bleeds from his multiple crossbow wounds.

Everything in the room that had higher initiative than Kiara prepares a readied action.
I put her at the southeast corner, so I'm going to have her roll to stabilize Yeeck

2e8b3 No.120120

Kiara fails miserably to stabilize Yeeck, and he continues to bleed out, squirting blood all over the place.
Another creature shuffles about, in the room as it prepares a readied action, plausibly loading a weapon, or putting it's claw on the trigger to a trap.

2e8b3 No.120121

Lucy may move now

583ba No.120122

Dice rollRolled 5

Lucy moves over to yeeck to try and help him
Heal check

2e8b3 No.120123

Yeeck's blood squirts all over her already-dirty clothes.

583ba No.120124

She sighs

2e8b3 No.120125

Isla's turn

731c9 No.120126

Dice rollRolled 93

*spurt spurt*

2e8b3 No.120127

Isla's turn

2e8b3 No.120128

Isla's turn

076fa No.120129

With a sigh, she abandons her overwatch, deciding to give stabilizing the gnome a shot.
1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 4 ]

2e8b3 No.120130

Isla's turn

2e8b3 No.120131

Dice rollRolled 43


The creatures in the room shuffle about as they plan their next move, at a tone and distance that only a high-DC listen check could make out.
Everything in the room prepares a readied action.
The fire spreads across the table, and it begins to crumble.
I'm gonna roll to see if Yeeck stabilizes on his own.

2e8b3 No.120132

Dice rollRolled 32

Yeeck is now at -3 HP, and still dying.
Some blood squirts on Isla, to her dismay.

2e8b3 No.120133

Since everything is readying an action, I'm going to let all of you roll 1d20+Wis. I'll use the highest roll as the primary skill check, and every check above 10 after that as an aid roll.

076fa No.120134

Fair enough.
1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 21 ]<Heal

583ba No.120135

583ba No.120136

Dice rollRolled 19


2e8b3 No.120137

Isla stabilizes the strange gnome. He is now stable, and unconscious at -2 HP.

The burning table crumbles, filling up the room with smoke.
Everyone roll a fortitude save.

731c9 No.120138

Dice rollRolled 7

*dreams of killing kobolds*

076fa No.120139

1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 12 ]<Fort save
Isla huffs in frustration.
(This place is a deathtrap.)

731c9 No.120140

2e8b3 No.120141

As the gnome begins to breath again, he begins to choke.
In fact, everybody at the entrance of the room begins to choke as the burning table crumbles.
Theres not that much smoke, and your at the entrance of the room, so I'll let that one pass.

Kiara leaves the room, getting away from the smoke.

583ba No.120142

Lucy reaches into her backpack and pulls out a potion, she brings it to yeecks lips and tilts his head back to make him drink it.
its a cure light wounds potion

2e8b3 No.120143

I told you Lesser Vigor was better…
Roll 1d8+1 to see how much HP he heals.

2e8b3 No.120144

The kobolds continue to chatter from their improvised camp, plotting their next course of action.
Barking, yapping, and a suspicious growling emanates from the far room, but PCs are too far away to hear unless they roll god-tier listen checks.

583ba No.120145

Dice rollRolled 6 + 1


2e8b3 No.120146

Fuck it. I'm just ruling that Cure Light Wounds potions don't exist in my setting, and there's no reason why Lucy would carry one, since it's poison for her.
Yeeck takes a potion of lesser vigor, and stabilizes immediately, and then recovers 11 HP over the course of 11 rounds.

2e8b3 No.120147

Lets go with the lesser vigor, since that's the more favorable outcome.

2e8b3 No.120148

The vigor potion puts Gnome at 9 HP, awake.

2e8b3 No.120149

Smoke has filled the room.
The smoke is slightly oppressive, but not thick enough to be a hazard to anyone outside the room on either side.

731c9 No.120150

*I shoot up and look around, seeing lucy I smile and pat her on the head*
"Thank you, now I can kill more kobolds"
I move to the exit without standing too high to avoid being a target*

076fa No.120151

Isla gets out of the smoke filled room from the door Kiara left through, not wanting to die needlessly for a bunch of lizards.

2e8b3 No.120152

You're already at the southeast exist.

583ba No.120153

Lucy follows behind them.

731c9 No.120154

then I guess it wont take long will it
I make sure the girls all get out ok, counting

2e8b3 No.120155

The gnome, in his kobold-slaying experience, knows that taking on this many kobolds at once is inadvisable when they have the home-field advantage
Like a gentleman, he escorts the ladies back to the lobby room.

2e8b3 No.120156

File: 1573945019092-0.gif (3.93 MB, 520x293, LikableMellowHusky-size_re….gif)

Meanhile, on another plane…

2e8b3 No.120157

Nothing of interest happens on the way to the lobby room.
Everyone is wounded, except for Lucy.

2e8b3 No.120158

t looks like I've once again failed to finish this adventure in one afternoon, like I planned to…
I'm going to have to stop for now. Hopefully we can finish the module this evening, when Kiara's player gets back.

731c9 No.120159

I pause for a moment to listen for enemies and then turn to ask everyone for a rest so we can heal up

076fa No.120160

Isla nods at the idea.

2e8b3 No.120161

The kobolds get cocky and chatter loudly to eachother as the PCs leave the room.
roll listen

731c9 No.120162

Dice rollRolled 7


2e8b3 No.120163

Fail, but I'm gonna post this banter anyway.
>"Mans fall bakk! Kobold masterrace!"
>"Dat Redcap?! Kill now!"
>"We charge?"
>"Kaptain say hold the line tho"
>"Kaptain not here though.."
>"No kobolds stay in line!"
>"Mans kome back, we finish just like smelly redkap"
>"Smelly smoke.." *koughs*
>"We leave, they kill us, kobolds hold the line."

583ba No.120164

Dice rollRolled 9


2e8b3 No.120165

I forgot that he has a racial bonus, so he hears it.
He also makes out a suspicious snarling coming from that room that makes him second-guess charging in blindly.

All of this is stuff he would have heard before retreating.

731c9 No.120166

Dice rollRolled 3

I find the safest point of saftely and move myself and others towards the safe

2e8b3 No.120167

There are no immediate threats available in the lobby room, although he can be sure that all of the kobolds in the kavern are working round the clock to make the PCs miserable in the next encounter.

I'm going to have to go eat soon.

731c9 No.120168

Dice rollRolled 1

I drape a blanket around lucy and lay out a bedroll for a nap

583ba No.120169

"Thanks. sorry you almost joined the dead."

731c9 No.120170

"It's cool, I would just be among the legions of kobolds I've slain so I can kill them again"

583ba No.120171

"I Actually worship the raven queen."

731c9 No.120172

I worship Baravar Cloakshadow, he'd let me kill kobolds til the world ends and the hells extinguish

583ba No.120173

"oh wow. tell me some more about that."

731c9 No.120174

well oddly enough though I worship him, most every other gnome thinks im too wild to be a "true follower" see he's a god of illusion and deception and I kick in doors yelling 'I'm here to slay kobolds and eat slated pork, and im all out of pork' which they feel is in direct contradiction. however I've seen his miracles work before, I've been standing surrounded by fifty kobold all looking right at me and they saw nothing, though I am not a cleric, his blessings have still kept me alive that I might slay more kobold."

583ba No.120175

She looks impressed by his story.
"What Kind of Miracles have happened?"

731c9 No.120176

he looks over at her and stretches
"Well lets see… this one time there was a bunch of kobold who had dammed a river so they could divert it into thier cave system, a nearby town was going to starve without it. I climbed the dam and set a fireball scroll, cost me every gold I had, while I was setting it a group of kobold walked right past me, they looked and one said "What a weird rock" before they walked on. when the dam blew every kobold was drowned."

"Then this one time I was in a cave system, I had nothing but my armor and a hat on when I walked into a cafeteria of kobold. I was about to draw my sword and star killing them off when one of them said, 'oh look a new guy, get ready for war' and went back to eating. I took the opportunity to walk straight up to the pot of soup and pour poison in and walked right back out. nothing short of a miracle"

2e8b3 No.120177

It looks like Kiara's player is back.
Y'all can decide what you want to do next now.

9a913 No.120178

Yeeck is a gurl?
It would take way longer for a table to burn to crumbling,…

583ba No.120179

"That's incredible. did they not attack you while you were walking out?"

731c9 No.120180

"They thought I was a kobold"

2e8b3 No.120181

I didn't really bother to calculate how many hit points the table had, but it took 11 rounds for Yeeck to get back to health.

9a913 No.120182

11 rounds = just over a minute. Depending on the thickness of the wood, and being as though its not on a fire, the oil would go out before the table crumbled.

2e8b3 No.120183

Dice rollRolled 5, 2, 4, 3, 4, 6, 4, 3, 4, 2, 2 = 39

Well, I'm going to list it as no longer burning then. It took 1d6 damage per round, so…

2e8b3 No.120184

Which is more HP than most of the statted objects I have.

583ba No.120185

"Interesting. "

2e8b3 No.120186

What do y'all do next?
There's a tunnel to the east, and then there's the tunnel y'all came from.

9a913 No.120187

"Might as well go that way" Kiara offers, pointing east

2e8b3 No.120188

You came from the west tunnel.
You entered the mine through the South tunnel.
The east tunnel is unexplored.

731c9 No.120189

I want to slay kobolds

076fa No.120190

Isla nods with a weary sigh.
"I hope there's no more lizard things."

2e8b3 No.120191

I'm also going to need a marching order, regardless of which path you take, because reasons.

9a913 No.120192

"The Teagans used to say that 'Hope is the first step toward… something bad. I don't remember how it exactly goes."

2e8b3 No.120193

Just tell me who goes first, second… and third, and last..

9a913 No.120194

And Kiara is NOT leading because apparently she left her lantern on the table instead of just inside the doorway like I specified.

2e8b3 No.120195

She can fuel a torch with one of the several broken lamps littered about the floor.

583ba No.120196

"That's a nice metaphor."

731c9 No.120197

I stand up and put away my bedroll and blanket

9a913 No.120198

Are any of them serviceable? Kiara has 1 more flask of oil

076fa No.120199

She chuckles slightly as she rubs her temple.
"Fair enough."
She looks at the recently cured gnome warrior, unpacking his things.
"Aye, care tae go first, lad? I sure dun want tae steal yer kills against these kobold folk."

2e8b3 No.120200

No, they've all been smashed, perhaps intentionally by creatures who knew that they had an advantage when fighting in the dark.
There's still oil in a few of them that could be poured onto a torch though.
Anctually, didn't you have Mending? You could try casting that, but all of the lamps in the mine have been broken.
There's also a few broken pickaxes if you want a club, or a torch.

731c9 No.120201

I lift my hook hammer and tower shield
"sounds like a plan, keep the light on my back and out of my eyes, I have darkvision so you'll just blind me"

2e8b3 No.120202

I've got Yeeck headed in first.
I need to know who's moving immediately after him though.

076fa No.120203

She gives him a thumbs up.
"Aye, I'll keep that in mind while I'm behind ye."

9a913 No.120204

Kiara will follow, arrow nocked

2e8b3 No.120205

The eastern tunnel leads down a slope.
When the party is 40 feet down the slope leading from the lobby, the incline suddenly becomes much steeper. A soft blue luminescence glows in the distance farther down the ramp.

9a913 No.120206

2e8b3 No.120207

Well, do you proceed, or would you like to make some rolls?

9a913 No.120208

Are you implying an absence of passive spot and listen checks?

2e8b3 No.120209

In this case, yes.

9a913 No.120210

Then don't

2e8b3 No.120211

I'm going to wait on Yeeck's player, since he's feeling sick.

2e8b3 No.120212

Both Yeeck and Kiara need to make Reflex saves.

731c9 No.120213

Dice rollRolled 15

*march march march*

9a913 No.120214

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

2e8b3 No.120215

Lucy too, now that I look at it

583ba No.120216

Dice rollRolled 8 + 2


2e8b3 No.120217

Yeeck falls into a 20 foot hole as the ground crumbles beneath him.
Kiara narrowly avoids falling into the same hole, tumbling back with a backflip.
Down she goes.

9a913 No.120218

Kiara readies to fire at anything coming from down the hall (ready attack)

731c9 No.120219

Dice rollRolled 6

I grab lucy so she doesn't hit the ground

076fa No.120220

Isla readies her sling in case something comes.

2e8b3 No.120221

Nothing comes up the tunnel.
She can roll a Bardic knowledge check rn, if she wants.

Yeeck takes 6 fall damage.
Lucy takes 7 damage.

583ba No.120222

Lucy is barely holding on to consciousness.

731c9 No.120223

Dice rollRolled 17

can I give lucy my healing potion??

2e8b3 No.120224

You might want to save that for yourself, because…
You can heal yourself with your touch attack, as usual.

9a913 No.120225

Dice rollRolled 15 + 1

*sigh* Since it pertains to something that might come to mind in context, sure. For future reference, since it might be contextual, you can just say 'roll check'. If its knowledge (meaning the character knows it) its obtuse to suggest rolling a check.

583ba No.120226

Lucy does so.

2e8b3 No.120227

Kiara can tell that the trap has been freshly dug.

9a913 No.120228


731c9 No.120229

Dice rollRolled 7

"Lucy get on my back" I say indicating
I pull out two daggers to climb the wall with

583ba No.120230

She holds on to yeeck

9a913 No.120231

That was bardic knowledge?
Search, to determine the constraints of the trap

9a913 No.120232

Dice rollRolled 15 + 2


2e8b3 No.120233

Assuming PCs have some rope, or take a while to take 20 on their climb checks, they can eventually get themselves out of the pit.
Yeeck is at 3 HP.
It was originally supposed to be a craft (trapmaking) check, or profession (miner) check, but I figured Bardic knowledge counted. I picked this when I thought we'd have a kobold in the party, in which case it could have revealed a bit more about 'bold lore.
It takes him a few minutes, but he gets out.
Isla has some rope. I'm going to take the liberty of assuming she helps Lucy out.

The tunnel ahead opens up into a large cavern.
Would the PCs like to proceed?

9a913 No.120234

Kiara has 50' of rope. What about the trap?

731c9 No.120235

Dice rollRolled 17

yes I want to kill kobolds

2e8b3 No.120236

And by the fact that the trap is freshly dug, Kiara can infer that kobolds have definitely been here..

2e8b3 No.120237

What was that roll for?

9a913 No.120238

OIC, n/m about the trap

076fa No.120239

I suppose.

Isla's current mood is wary, though. If this keeps up she's going to have lizard nightmares.

2e8b3 No.120240

Good :3

Alright, Are we continuing with the previous marching order, or would y'all like to mix it up?

076fa No.120241

Keep current. Isla at the back.

9a913 No.120242

Assuming no one died, yeah I'm planning on maintaining the marching order, arrow nocked

731c9 No.120243

at the front so I can kill kobolds
I start smacking the ground in front of my with my tower shield so I can find potential traps

2e8b3 No.120244

Yeeck is going to want to be cautious. He's at 3 HP, and any shot could kill him.

As for the cavern ahead:
This enormous cavern extends upward for at least 100 feet, climbing high into the bowels of the mountain. Glowing blue-green lichens creep across the rough walls and man-sized stalagmites protruding from the ground in this area, their faint light growing and then diminishing again every few seconds. The illumination occasionally highlights small flecks of silver, which glitter in the face of the great western wall of the cave. Several cables hang down from the edge of a wide hollow within that wall. The hollow penetrates deep into the west face of the cavern and begins about 20 feet above where you stand. The air here feels cool and damp.

2e8b3 No.120245

File: 1573955016610-0.jpg (150.63 KB, 870x581, nz121864d6.jpg)

Something like this
You've reached the main mine.

2e8b3 No.120246

Just a bit. Rolling dice

731c9 No.120247

drinks my potion of healing

2e8b3 No.120248

Do you do that before, or after you enter the kavern?
Lesser vigor heals more hp, but takes longer to heal.

731c9 No.120249


9a913 No.120250

"We can assume that we don't have the element of surprise, and unless they have superior numbers, they're gonna wait for us."
Kiara says, maintaining a ready position, pointed toward their progressive front, but scanning as they go.

2e8b3 No.120251

Good idea.


A voice barks in draconic, from above the party.
A few seconds after Isla enters the room, hail of crossbow bolts rains down on the party, from the upper ledge of the groto.

2 bolts fly past Yeech, and then another grazes him on the cheek, dealing 1 damage.
Kiara blocks one with her buckler, but then another hit her her the arm and deals 4 damage.
Lucy takes one hit, and then a confirmed crit that deals minimum damage, taking 4 damage total.
Isla takes 6 damage from a shot, and then another flies past her.
Surprise round over. Everyone roll initiative,

82a0e No.120252

I seem to recall saying something about passive spot checks. Should I assume I failed?

731c9 No.120253

yeah shouldn't we be doing spot checks for that? I almost died again

583ba No.120254

Dice rollRolled 2 + 2


2e8b3 No.120255

Kiara and Isla are both at 1 HP.
Yeeck is at 12
Lucky is at 4.

If they feel a bit overwhelmed, they might want to know that the giant stalagmites in the room could provide up to total cover from the direction where the arrows came from.

Yeah, the little motherfuckeers get +9 to Hide, plus cover. I rolled her check just out of courtesy.

2e8b3 No.120256

Everyone roll initiative, so i can have it while we pause for homosexuality

731c9 No.120257

Dice rollRolled 8


076fa No.120258

1d20+5[ 1d20+5 = 16 ]

583ba No.120259

Dice rollRolled 17 + 2


2e8b3 No.120262

I need Kiara's initiative

82a0e No.120264

Dice rollRolled 19 + 7

2e8b3 No.120265

Dice rollRolled 16 + 7

Rolling for Kiara

2e8b3 No.120266

82a0e No.120267


2e8b3 No.120268

Got it written down.
Kiara goes first.
Se can run for cover as a move action, if she wishes. She'd still have time to take her potion, which she really, really, really might want to do soon..

82a0e No.120269

Kiara identifies one of them and casts Daze

2e8b3 No.120270

Desperate and frantic barking echoes from above, the several other voices bark in response.
>"Mans find; vllage come. Hold the line!"
She's too far away to target them with Daze.
In fact, she can't even see them past the ledge.

2e8b3 No.120271

Actually, she can see them, barely. They're not in range for short-range spells though.

82a0e No.120272

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

Well gee, I guess I'll just hide. Oh wait, nevermind.
Kiara fires an arrow at one, assuming she can see any, since its obviously stacked against the party

82a0e No.120273

Bla bla, go ahead and kill me. No tears were lost from this farce game

2e8b3 No.120274

I'm only going to ask this once.
Are you sure you want to do that?

2e8b3 No.120275

Because what she can she is a lot of crossbows aimed at her from the ledge albeit, most of them aimed at the gnome.

731c9 No.120276

Dice rollRolled 3

I use my turn to actually see what the fuck is going on

82a0e No.120277

Apparently I was stuttering when I said "pause". Apparently I was stuttering again when I said "fire". IDGAF anymore, just go with it nigger

82a0e No.120278

I don't care

2e8b3 No.120279

Okay, Kiara stays where she is and lops an arrow off.
You can see an indeterminate number of kobolds shouting angrily down at you from the cavertops.
Two of them shoot arrows down, focusing fire on the gnome, because that's what kobolds do.
They scream down at him in draconic
>"Dirty redkap! Die!"
>"Eat steel!"
One bolt flies by him, the other bounces off of his shield.

2e8b3 No.120280

Lucy's turn.

2e8b3 No.120281

Relax, you're not dead yet, but you might be if you don't take that potion and find cover before the lizzers drop the gnome.

2e8b3 No.120282

Or you could keep shooting, it's an option. You have a pretty clean shot at the frontline.

583ba No.120283

Lucy heals herself.

2e8b3 No.120284

She can still move during this turn. Would she like to?

82a0e No.120285

What potion? I didn't get any. Quit metagaming my character.

731c9 No.120286

Dice rollRolled 1

kobold arrows are pretty weak, they might do good against flesh but a bedroll is made of cotton and the tight weave should help slow the arrows down (google gambison), I hold my shield in the direction of the kobold and throw the bedroll over lucy. I then aim my crossbow up to the nearest one and fire

583ba No.120287

She trys to take cover.

2e8b3 No.120288

It's not your initiative yet
Lucy finds a man-sized stalagmite to hide behind. Roll 1d8 to see how much you heal.

Isla's turn

Huh, it looks like you don't.
I could have sworn everyone had one.
Okay then, guard that last point.

583ba No.120289

Dice rollRolled 2


731c9 No.120290

Dice rollRolled 8


2e8b3 No.120291

Lucy heals herself completely, the bolts pushing themselves out of her flesh as her wounds close, fueled by the negative energy.
Friggin immortal witch.

Isla's turn

076fa No.120292

Isla jumps for cover to one of the stalagmites as she starts to swing her sling, firing at one of the kobolds.
1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 22 ]<Ranged attack roll

She breathes heavily.
(Come on…)

2e8b3 No.120293

I'll let her run for cover as a move action, shoot her sling, and then take a 5 foot step to return to cover.
Roll damage

076fa No.120294

1d4+2[ 1d4+2 = 4 ]<Damage

2e8b3 No.120295

The kobold barks in pain as the stone projectile hits it straight on.
Another kobold drops it's weapon and goes prone, leaping to stabilize its dying comrade.
another follows suit, yapping frantically before another 'bold barks angrily at it.
Two more kobolds shoot down at Yeeck, failing to penetrate his armor.

Yeeck's turn.

2e8b3 No.120296

I'll have Yeeck know that he may use his tower shield for cover, if he aims it upward diagonally.
There are also plenty of rocks and columns big enough to hide behind.

731c9 No.120297

Dice rollRolled 19

I do the thing I said before

2e8b3 No.120298

I'm going to assume your crossbow was pre-loaded
Looking at your dex, and racial bonus to killing kobolds.. it hits.
Roll to confirm threat, and roll damage too.

731c9 No.120299

Dice rollRolled 13

literally no point to owning a crossbow that isn't loaded

731c9 No.120300

Dice rollRolled 5 + 2

shit wrong die

2e8b3 No.120301

Now roll damage

2e8b3 No.120302

You don't apply dex to damage, but that shot still drops the kobold.
Pretty well too, you did more than twice its hp..
Another kobold drops prone in an attempt to stabilize its dying ally.

And then, a kobold points towards him menacingly, and a bolt of blue light flies past him, frost slicking the stone ground beside him.

Kiara's turn.

82a0e No.120303

Kiara takes a move action to draw an arrow, and stabs herself in the throat

82a0e No.120304

I warned you

2e8b3 No.120305

le sigh
Kiara coup-de-grace's herself in despair, dealing 6 damage to herself. She fails her fortitude save and dies.

The kobold rejoice, the one who shot the ice-beam cackling evilly.

2e8b3 No.120306

Being that Yeeck is now the only target without cover, two kobolds fire at him.
Ooooh, one misses, but the other confirms a critical hit, and deals 10 damage… He is now at one HP.
Lucy's turn

583ba No.120307

Lucy loads a sling.

2e8b3 No.120308

Lucy takes a suitable-sized stone from the ground and loads her sling, as a full-round action.

Isla's turn.

2e8b3 No.120309

Oh, yeah, Isla is at 2 HP now.

076fa No.120310

Isla reloads her sling with another bullet as a full round action.

2e8b3 No.120311

Sling loaded.
Isla is at 3 HP now, as the vigor potion begins to reconstruct her body.
It was worth the investment.

Meanwhile the kobold rolls again to stabilize its ally.
Succeeding, it reloads its crossbow, with a relieved whimper.
The next isn't so lucky, clumsily fumbling with their only med pack. It whimpers desperately as its comrade bleeds out.

Another kobold takes a shot at Yeeck, its bolt bouncing harmlessly off of his shield.
Yeeck's turn. He's at one HP.

2e8b3 No.120312

I got mixed up. Isla never took her potion.

2e8b3 No.120313

File: 1573964445750.mp4 (2.88 MB, 854x480, you_fool.mp4)

A red kobold laughs sadistically, after seeing a PC drop. It cackles so loud it breaks out into a rather nasty coughing fit, followed by a sneeze.
Video related.

It looks rather worriedly at the two kobolds who dropped already though, rummaging through its bag and barking more orders at its allies.

731c9 No.120314

Dice rollRolled 7 + 2

I run for cover behind a stalagmite and wonder where it all went wrong

2e8b3 No.120315

Seeing as how Yeeck's player thought he had cover while he was attacking, I'm going to negate that last crit and pump his HP up to 8.
He succeeds.

A kobold assists its ally in stabilizing the downed comrade.

The red kobold snaps its claws and casts a spell.
… to no avail, seeing as how Lucy is already Deaf…

2e8b3 No.120316

Two kobolds hold back readied actions, preparing to snipe the first PC to retreat from cover.

Lucy's turn.
She feels a strange ringing in her ears.

583ba No.120317

Dice rollRolled 9 + 2

Lucy throws a rock at the one that io giving orders

2e8b3 No.120318

Lucy uses her 5 foot step to retreat from cover, and hurls her sling as a standard action.
and misses
The two kobolds with readied actions fire back at her
And both miss

2e8b3 No.120319

Lucy can use her remaining move action to return to cover

2e8b3 No.120320

Isla's turn

583ba No.120321

She returns to cover

076fa No.120322

Isla, now aware there's a vague branch of command, decides to focus her bullet throwing to the red lizard giving out orders, moving out of cover to hurl one at it and quickly returning to cover.
1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 10 ]<Ranged attack roll

2e8b3 No.120323

>"Get bullied, stinkymans!"
>"No mess with kobold klan!"
>"Kobolds fight, and kobolds win!"
>"Kobold masterrace!"
Four of the remaining kobolds bark down, in draconic.

2e8b3 No.120324

Luckily, the kobolds with readied actions all used up their action on Lucy.

Three more kobolds take aim. The next creature to retreat from cover may not be so lucky…

731c9 No.120325

Dice rollRolled 9697

I set a nuke and take out all the kobold

2e8b3 No.120326

It's your turn, but you forgot to put "nuke" in your inventory.

731c9 No.120327

Dice rollRolled 8256

I sit patiently and start praying to my god since leaving cover will kill me from the inifnite kobolds surrounding us in unfathable ways that must resemble an escher print

2e8b3 No.120328

A decent course of action.
Another kobold lets out a frustrated bark and takes aim.

The red Kobold throws down a object into the middle of the room.
Magical (but not too magical) darkness fills the room, swallowing the torchlight.
all vision except for darkvision is obscured by the spell, meaning only Yeeck can see.

Several other kobolds forfeit their turns for readied actions, preparing to rain hell down on the next idiot who leaves cover.

2e8b3 No.120329

A kobold laughs evilly in draconic
>"AHAHAHAHAHAA! Stinky mans no see with no light. Kobold masterrace!"

2e8b3 No.120330

Lucy's turn

583ba No.120331

Lucy Draws her scythe
Then she Readies an action.

2e8b3 No.120332

On second thought, it's midnight…

This encounter is one of the party's major hurdles. If you get past this one, the rest will be much more straightforward.

I have tomorrow off; could we push this off until tommorow? I know this was supposed to be a one-shot, but it seems as though it's going to take longer than I thought..
What action does she ready?

583ba No.120334

An attack.
>could we push this off until tommorow?

2e8b3 No.120335

Alright, I'm going to cut it here.
Hopefully, we can finish this game tomorrow.
Then maybe I can have some time to figure out a new approach to encounter design, since this module was evidently a bit too gygaxian for some player's liking.. Also, it's taken way too long to finish..

2e8b3 No.120336

We'll finish this game as soon as Lucy's player wakes up.

2e8b3 No.120337

Okay, now we play as soon as another player gets back..
Now I'm second-guessing if we could finish this module tonight..

2e8b3 No.120338

It's Isla's turn, when her player gets back

0365e No.120339

Isla puts her hat on the blunt end of her javelin, trying to lure out some shots from enemy kobolds by slowly moving it out of cover.
She uses her sense motive abilities to gauge if they're being fooled, as well as other possibly exploitable tidbits of the enemy.
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 25 ]<Oh yeah, it's big brain time.

2e8b3 No.120340

Ah, I see you have mastered the art of the 10-foot pole.

Isla finds that the lessons in Draconic that her parents made her sit through
Despite their evident advantage, the kobolds seem desperate. She hears once whimpering something along the lines of "mans kom to finish us off", before being silenced by a louder barking sound that orders him to fall back in line. Even in their strange dialect, Isla can make out feelings of fear, worry, and despair among the kobolds; the creatures making whimpers and whines not unlike cowering puppies.
By the sounds of it, one of them is clearly the leader, and that voice seems more desperate than any of the others. It orders its subordinates to "hold the line; buy klan time", in frantic barks.

Roll bluff to see how many kobolds shoot the hat.

0365e No.120341

Oh boy.
1d20[ 1d20 = 12 ]<Bluff-u

2e8b3 No.120342

Good enough.

Several kobold snipers shoot the hat as it pokes out, expending their readied actions.
Isla, however, cannot tell how many kobolds took the bait, due to the fact that her torch is no longer providing her with light in this magical darkess.

Yeecks turn.
He was able to witness several kobolds shooting through the hat.
The darkness does not obscure his darkvision, it being a technique used to kill creatures who could not kill in the dark.
He can see the darkness grow thicker around a small object on the ground, within move-action distance. He may move while readying his tower shield for cover, if he wishes.

2e8b3 No.120343

* could not see in the dark

2e8b3 No.120344

>Isla finds that the lessons in Draconic that her parents made her sit through
*weren't so useless after all

731c9 No.120345

Dice rollRolled 2754

I scurry for the object with my sheild as cover

2e8b3 No.120346

It's a small stone object, unappealing other than the smol skull carved into it.

731c9 No.120347

Dice rollRolled 17

roll for insight?

2e8b3 No.120348

As he wraps his fingers around it, he sees the torchlight return around him. He can intuit that the spell can be suppressed if the object is stowed away.
A smol "reeeeee" emanates from the caverntop.
None of the earlier archers attack him, evidently having forfeited their turns trying to shoot Isla's hat.

Another creature readies an action.
Another creature barks an incoherent draconic phrase, punctuated by an echoing "SNAP">
Isla takes 1 sonic damage, and is now staggered. She needs to make a Fortitude Save.

2e8b3 No.120349

Two more creatures ready actions.

It's Lucy's turn. She can see again.

583ba No.120350

Lucy loads her sling again.

2e8b3 No.120351

Good idea.

Isla's turn.
She needs to roll a fortitude save, and is currently Staggered (0 HP)

0365e No.120352

1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 17 ]<Oh boy. I feel faint from all the previous good rolls. Going to SLUMBER

2e8b3 No.120353

Isla avoids being deafened by the sonic attack.

2e8b3 No.120354

More creatures ready actions.

It is Yeeck's turn

731c9 No.120355

Dice rollRolled 15

I pocket the stone and retreat to safety with lucy

2e8b3 No.120356

Yeeck finds plenty of cover behind the stone pillar next to lucy

More creatures ready actions, and i need to step out for 20-30 minutes (sorry)

2e8b3 No.120357


One of the kobolds shouts a strange draconic slur as it casts a spell. A bolt of light flies down from the ledge and Strikes Isla, dealing 2 Force damage.
She is at -1 HP and unconscious. The potion she took automatically stabilizes her, and continues to heal her even when at negative HP.

All remaining archers ready shots, ready to attack the next creature who forfeits cover.

2e8b3 No.120358

It is Lucy's turn

2e8b3 No.120359

Well, shit.
It seems as though Isla never posted on the thread that she was about to drink her potion.
She said so elsewhere though, so I'll have her do it.

I'm going to skip over Lucy, because of the 3 minute rule, and the fact that there's little she can do RN without facing a firing squad.

The remaining creatures on the ledge are in position to take their turns at a predetermined opportunity.

Yeeck's turn.

731c9 No.120360

Dice rollRolled 6

I grab lucy and drag her under my shield as I walk towards the forward exit, my shield covering us both from the kobold

2e8b3 No.120361

Lucy is conscious and at full HP. He'd have to grapple her if he wants to drag her.

Your shield isn't exactly big enough to cover you both, but Lucy's position provides her with full cover.

731c9 No.120362

Dice rollRolled 11

I'm taking her by the hand like a gentleman who wants that good cush, plus I'm using my bed roll as a makeshift gambison to help cover

2e8b3 No.120363

Point being, you can't take someone else's turn for them.
You may attempt to communicate that to Lucy (she is currently Deaf), for her to act on her turn.

2e8b3 No.120364

Are you going to try to tell her what you're doing, or are you just grabbing her?

Just FYI, she can kill you with one touch, so think wisely.

Lucy? You get an AoO, but you can use that action to refuse.

583ba No.120365

Lucy Goes with yeeck

2e8b3 No.120366

Normally, I'd make Yeeck roll bluff to communicate a joint action, but I don't feel like it rn.
Yeeck and Lucy may move together on Lucy's turn.
Yeeck's tower shield is small sized and cannot accommodate cover a medium sized creature from attacks raining from above.
The bedroll… I'm going to consider that partial soft cover.. It's not exactly a shield.
The far tunnel is at a distance that would take Lucy two move actions, or Yeeck 3 move actions to traverse.

A kobold barks an order, and both Yeeck and Lucy can see all the remaining archers pointed directly at them.

Another bolt of light zooms down past the cover, and strikes Lucy between the tiddies.

She takes 2 force damage. A sadistic cackle emanates from the top of the groto
>"AHA! Only two mans left. Klan fight, and klan win! Ready fire!"

2e8b3 No.120367

All of the archers ready shots.

Lucy is at 6 HP.
Lucy and Yeeck may move together now.. If they're confident in using their large pillow as a shield..(It's only a tiny shield-bonus to AC. It's a gnome-sized bedroll.

2e8b3 No.120368

Are they going to go forward with this plan, or not?
Lucy's turn, btw

583ba No.120369

Dice rollRolled 16 + 2

Lucy Slings a rock at the kobold that looks like the leader.

2e8b3 No.120370

To do that, she'd have to forfeit cover. She can see 6 archers aiming right at her.

Does she use her 5 foot step, or her move action to leave cover?

583ba No.120371

The 5 foot step.

2e8b3 No.120372

She misses him, barely. The rock only grazes one of his horns.

All 6 of the archers use their readied actions to snipe her.
Only one of them hits though, and deals 4 damage.
Lucy is at 2 HP now.
It's Yeeck's turn. Lucy may still move with him, but she may only take a single move action.
She's at very low health.
>"AHAHAHA! Silly man!" The red kobold shouts, as it readies itself to finish her with a spell

2e8b3 No.120373

I'll note that there's a few more stalagmites halfway to the tunnel that could still provide cover.

IT's technically still Lucy's turn. Yeeck readied his action to move with her.
Lucy could move 30 feet, and the movement would cost Yeeck two move actions, or a single full-round retreat action.

If Yeeck looks up, he could see that all of the snipers spent their shots on Lucy.

Isla returns to consciousness as the potion brings her to 0 HP.

2e8b3 No.120374

Yeeck's move
If his player does not respond soon, I might have to apply the 3 minute rule, since he did not announce he was stepping away.

731c9 No.120375

Dice rollRolled 17

I pick lucy up and run with her to the nearest exit and assume I make it because I have a high srength and the exit can't be that far away

2e8b3 No.120376

You cannot pick up Lucy at your size.
She's a big girl, for you.

Even if you could, you'd be moving at like 5 feet per action.

However, you can use two move actions in conjunction with Lucy's single move action to get to a Stalagmite closer to the other tunnel.

Roll Listen, if you want to hear the Kobold's hushed chirps in response to this peculiar action.

731c9 No.120377

Dice rollRolled 20

I do the thing you just said

2e8b3 No.120378

A natural 20 with +2 Racial bonus lets him hear all 7 distinct voices.
He can hear the kobolds chatter amongst themselves
>"What dey doing?"
>"Why dey go there? We here."
>"Redkap no kome kill klan?"
>"Redkap always kome to kill klan."
>"Maybe they skout for Man-klan. Danger!"
>"Only two left, we charge?"
The last one is the Red Kaptain
"NO charge. Let Demon finish them…"
The other 6 whimper in fear at this, klutching their krossbows, readying shots towards the tunnel.

2e8b3 No.120379

Isla's turn.
She has regained consciousness, and can hear additional information if she rolls.

2e8b3 No.120380

She can roll Sense Motive as well.

0365e No.120381

She slowly cracks one of her eyes open, relieved to be out of the death zone.
Laying on the ground, she tries to infer more information on the kobolds through hearing while pretending to be still down for the count.
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 9 ]<Sense motive
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 10 ]<Listen

2e8b3 No.120382

At this distance she does not hear very much, nor can she infer from the barking what the kobolds are planning.

She can tell that the crossbows are not aimed at her though, if she opens one eye and looks. The Red kobold readies his claws as he acts out the somatic components for a spell.

Yeeck's turn. That last move was on Lucy's Turn.
Since Lucy attacked last turn, he'd have to wait until her next action to move with her.

731c9 No.120383

Dice rollRolled 9

I huddle down until lucy is ready to move

583ba No.120384

Dice rollRolled 7

Lucy Heals herself and then heads towards the stalagmite closest to them.

2e8b3 No.120385

Good call.
The Kobold, who was about to finish off Lucy, fires its Magic Missile at "The Redkap Menace" instead.
OOf, max damage (5), with all of the fury of Kurtulmak: that definitely would have killed her.
It brings him down to 3 HP.
THe Red kobold barks in frustration as the bolt fails to kill him, realizing that he let his hatred get the better of him and made a strategic mistake (low Wisdom)
She needs to wait until after Isla's turn, but that'd bring her back up to full health.

Isla's turn. She regains another point of HP.
It seems as though the kobolds haven't noticed her; as they aim their crossbows at the stalagmite that Lucy and Yeeck are behind.

0365e No.120386

Isla remains playing dead, trying to get some intel from the kobold menance.
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 23 ]<Listen
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 20 ]<Sense Motive

2e8b3 No.120387

Kiara can hear the kobolds chattering among themselves. She's closest to the ledge and can hear most of their cacophonic barks, but they pay her no heed, taking her for dead.
She can tell that the kobolds are wholeheartedly frightened and unwilling to fight to the death, but also quite desperate and resolute. They seemingly fear retribution from "the man klan"; and cower at the mention of "The Demon". Their leader barks orders not to let the "scouts" get away, and to hold the line for when the "next wave" arrive.
The kobolds archers, in turn, all ready their shots at that stalagmite, ready to execute Lucy and Yeeck as soon as they leave cover. He orders them to hold their fire until "the redkap and the hoo-man" forfeit cover.
Even the leader reloads his own crossbow, muttering to himself in frustration.

0365e No.120388

Isla decides to slowly and gently pick up a rock, throwing it into the opposite end of the room in an attempt to distract the kobolds for the turn, while still trying to keep up the guise of being dead.

2e8b3 No.120389

Lucy spent her turn Healing

Yeeck may move, if he Wishes.
He'd have to spot to know how many 'bolds are aiming at them, but he can safely assume several are.

2e8b3 No.120390

That's going to require a bluff check

2e8b3 No.120391

Lucy is at full HP again

0365e No.120392

1d20[ 1d20 = 10 ]<Oh boy, hope this works.

2e8b3 No.120393

The kobolds are once again aware of Isla's presence.

Yeeck's turn. If he wishes to spend his turn behind cover, he may. He is at low HP.
Isla's rock-throw informed him that she is still alive and conscious.

2e8b3 No.120394

Yeeck has passed 3 minutes, so I'm going to assume he spent his time trying and failing to communicate with the deaf Lucy.

The red kobold raises its hand to fire off another missile at Isla and…
Only a smol blue spark flies out..
He barks in dsmay, before readying his crossbow.
Another archer readies it towards Isla.

Lucy's turn

731c9 No.120395

Dice rollRolled 3

I'm trying to move to the door constantly with lucy if she doesn't come I don't move so our movement is dependent on her

583ba No.120396

Lucy reloads her sling.

2e8b3 No.120397

There is no door
HE would have to wait until Lucy's turn to move, if he wants to move with her.
He may use his shield for cover, but Lucy would be uncovered if she moved.
…And Lucy spends her full-round action reloading her sling. Sorry Yeeck.

2e8b3 No.120398

Isla's turn

2e8b3 No.120399

Isla is at 3 HP now.

Just FYI, y'all can communicate in-character, if y'all want to wait together. You're in shouting distance. It's only Lucy who is Deaf.

2e8b3 No.120400

Isla may wait a few rounds to get back to full health. If she wants her allies to know that, she may say so.

583ba No.120401

Can lucy see isla?

2e8b3 No.120402

The moss provides low-light illumination, so Lucy can see that Isla is indeed alive an conscious, biding her time as the potion closes her wounds.

583ba No.120403

"Isla! Back Here!"

0365e No.120404

Isla, knowing she's too far away to rejoin the group without getting penetrated further, prepares her sling

And with that, she tests her luck by shooting at the red kobold with her sling before dashing back to cover, hoping not many penetrations happen to her.
1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 12 ]<Ranged Attack Roll.
"I'm pinned!" she shouts back. "I can't move to ye!"

583ba No.120405

"What did she say?"

731c9 No.120406

Dice rollRolled 6

mimes "I can't move to ye"
"shit that's right :c"

2e8b3 No.120407

The red kobold, and another kobold, shoot back.
She takes 4, then 3 damage, and is at -4 HP.
She's automatically stabilized, and recovers one more point this round.

It seems as though coup-de-graces cannot be made at this range, so only a single kobold readies an action to shoot her when/if she "comes back from the dead" again, while the others ready their shots at Lucy and Yeeck.

583ba No.120408

Dice rollRolled 18 + 2

Lucy slings a rock at ome of the underlings.

2e8b3 No.120409

I told you she'd get sniped…
5 kobolds fire back the moment she leaves cover
Lucy takes 3 crossbow bolts to the chest. taking 4, then 4, then 3 damage.
She is at -3 hp and is now dying
That roll would have hit, but she never got to make it.

Isla is passed out, and returns to -2 HP

Yeecks turn. Since Lucy is right beside him, he may drag her back to cover and stabilize her if he wishes, without losing cover.

2e8b3 No.120410

All remaining archers who haven't spent actions this round take aim at the rock where Yeeck is.

731c9 No.120411

Dice rollRolled 17

I try to save lucy

2e8b3 No.120412

Yeeck successfully removes both the crossbow bolts and stops Lucy's bleeding. She breaths.

All remaining archers before Yeeck's initiative take aim at his hiding Spot.
Isla gets no turn because she's unconscious, now at 2 Hp, and stabilized.

2e8b3 No.120413

Yeecks turn. Not much he can do.
He'd need to roll spot to tell if Isla is still alive at this distance.

2e8b3 No.120415

Actually, I guess since you can't coup-de-grace at 60 ft away, Yeeck could try to go closer to the other tunnel, while dragging Lucy at half speed, using his tower shield for cover. It'd take him a few rounds to get there though.

731c9 No.120416

Dice rollRolled 16

I do the thing that'll save lucy :c
*drag drag*

2e8b3 No.120417

He gets about 10 feet, Lucy's being twice his weight.
Multiple crossbow bolts bounce off of his shield to no avail. The red kobold barks in frustration: either Yeeck is out of range of its spells, or its out of spell slots.

2e8b3 No.120418

Isla is unconscious for two more rounds.
I'm going to put this round on repeat, Isla gaining 1 HP for every 10 feet Yeeck drags Lucy.

Isla returns to consciousness at about the same time Yeek enters the mouth of the next tunnel. She can vagely make out his shadow slipping away in the dim light.

2e8b3 No.120419

Isla's turn. She is at 0 HP, the potion will continue to heal her for a few rounds.Maybe this time she might want to wait until she's at full health before she moves.

She can roll perception checks, if she'd like

0365e No.120420

She slowly halfopens an eye to see her incidental companions.
She remains playing dead, obviously not wanting to try to fight back yet.

0365e No.120421

She tries to take stock of her surroundings, as well as the enemy's current mood.
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 8 ]<Sense Motive
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 25 ]<Listen
1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 16 ]<Spot

2e8b3 No.120422

Alright. I think it'd take her 7 (?) rounds to get to full health, less than a minute.
She may make rolls to examine her surroundings.

Yeeck has made it to the tunnel, and benefits from total cover.

She can't tell what the kaptain has said, but she sees one kobold pointing its crossbow at her for a while.

Two more kobolds drag the wounded kobolds to the back of the camp.
Three kobolds aim towards the tunnel to finish him off if he tries to come back.
another 3 aim towards the tunnel where the party came from.
One looks like it's about to crawl down one of the caples to loot Kiara's corpses, before the red 'bold slaps it and barks at it to treat the wounded.

731c9 No.120423

Dice rollRolled 8

I check to see if I can do anything for lucy now that I've made it to safety

2e8b3 No.120424

>"Stinky redkap. Demon finish…"
The Red kobold grumbles, at a distance that only Isla an hear.
>"Manklan find us. Klan squish soon."
>"We leave?"
>"We leave now, manklan kill us."
>"Komrades down.. Blood no stop.. kold getting worse.."
>"Too many kasualties. Hold the line."
>"No like this kavern.."
>"Miners squishy, sliver pretty.. too easy.."
>"Bad juju.. Kavern kursed.."
>"Gaurd komrades, ghost snatch bodies.."
>"Me skared…"

2e8b3 No.120425

After 20 seconds, the kobold aiming at Isla gets bored, and turns back to help the red kobold with something at the back of the camp.
There are currently 3 kobolds with crossbows pointed at the spot from which the party came, and one pointed at the unexplored tunnel. The red kobold is out of sight.

0365e No.120426

Isla ponders internally as she keeps her dead act.
(Demon? Here? Are they talking about the spider thing?)
She can't help but sweat a little from knowing this information.
(Is that why they're scared? Maybe I could speak tae them?)
A shiver runs up her spine.
(I hope that ghost doesn't snatch meh before I can get the chance…)
She remains still until fully healed.
(No kobold aiming at me. Good.)
She glances around for any sign of still being watched.
1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 5 ]<Spot

2e8b3 No.120427

The tunnel stretches down further than Yeeck's darkvision can see.
He sees some unidentified object about 40 feet down though.

731c9 No.120428

Dice rollRolled 2

I take a quick rest

2e8b3 No.120429

She's not being aimed at, but there are 3 kobolds on watch, pointed at either tunnel, seemingly afraid of whatever might come from either of them.
They seem focused, but she'd need to roll stealth to not be noticed immediately if she moved.

2e8b3 No.120430

Isla's torch has gone out. It's a low-light environment, and she can only vaguely see the entrance to the next tunnel.

731c9 No.120431

Dice rollRolled 14

*instant communication*
isla remain calm im coming to get you

2e8b3 No.120432

The kobolds are alerted by this.
One of them steps away from the other tunnel and points their weapon at his

0365e No.120433

Isla, for her part, does so, trying her best to figure out her surroundings in the offchance she can move, particularly to avoid being taken by this spider demon thing.
(Bollocks. This is going tae take a while.)
She glances at the lizards.
(Maybe I could try sum diplomacy, but how can I appear non-threatening tae them?)
She looks at her clothed form.
(I may have tae discard meh stuff.)

2e8b3 No.120434

Go on.
The kobolds seem to be focused on the tunnels, shivering and kowering as they ready their lil krossbows.

731c9 No.120435

Dice rollRolled 1

*blue scadoo we can tooo* as I sneak back to where isla lies without lucy

2e8b3 No.120436

2e8b3 No.120437

What's your AC again?

583ba No.120438


0365e No.120439

Isla ponders for a bit before letting out a short exhale as she crawls back to cover, fearing she may attract the ghost before the gnome can reach her.
>"Hello! Would you little dragons hear me out?!" she shouts out to the little camp.

2e8b3 No.120440

Since it's technically Isla's turn first, I'm going to let her do her less-suicidal before I roll to see how many holes Yeeck gets shot full of.

2e8b3 No.120441

>"How man still alive?!"
The kobolds bark, aiming their crossbows at her rock, conveniently forfeiting their free shot at Yeeck, who might want to turn around right now.

A red kobold pokes its head past the ledge, its golden eyes glowing and its crawls crackling with sparks as he holds the charge for a spell.
>"Hmmmph, you speak just like a silver…"
It barks at its komrades to keep their shots ready, some at the tunnels, some at Isla.
It doesn't fire yet though. It's saving its slot.

2e8b3 No.120442

That's its way of saying "keep talking"

731c9 No.120443

Dice rollRolled 13

I investigate the tunnel abaondoning the idea I previously had but did not go through with

0365e No.120444

Isla hums for a bit, a little relieved no shots had been fired at her yet.
>"I believe there has been a misunderstanding between us due to tense circumstances."
She breathes in a little.
>"I have a small deal between you and me, little dragon: I transport shiny rock from dead woman to you as a token of trust between man and little dragon."
A pause
>"Sound good, yes?"

2e8b3 No.120445

You see a kobold halfway down the tunnel.
It's either dead, or damn good at pretending.

Trips of circumstantial bonus.

The red kobold snarls
>"M'dok understand.. Manklan send you..!"
You don't need to roll to see that he is very, very afraid, by how much he's shivering.

731c9 No.120446

Dice rollRolled 10

I chuck a hammer at him with my warhammer ready

0365e No.120447

Isla breathes in
>"Manklan did not send me to do anything to little dragons. I simply came here for a bounty on goblin thief. No little dragon business."
She stops for a second.
>"I see you are afraid of demon. Maybe I can help with it in exchange for safety?"

2e8b3 No.120448

He's 60-70 feet away. Don't bother.

2e8b3 No.120449

Psst. "manklan" means the village. It thinks the villagers have come to exterminate them for killing the miners.
One of the kobolds seems to chuckle at the mention of the goblin, before the red leader snaps at it.
>"Hmmmph, you go down there, you die. Try if will."
The kobold replies, evidently glad to just get rid of her.

2e8b3 No.120450

His archers haven't let go of their aim though…

2e8b3 No.120451

Yeeck may investigate the kobold, if he wishes

0365e No.120452

Isla seems a litte surprised at the answer, trying to gauge the kobold's current mood.
(Maybe I can convince 'im of pointing meh where it is?)
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 17 ]<Sense Motive

She tries prodding a bit.
>"What do you mean by demon, little dragon?"

731c9 No.120453

Dice rollRolled 2

I try my best to not walk into a trap

2e8b3 No.120454

Desperate, worried, unsure, confused, visibly weakened. It seems its not as touch as it seems, and certainly unwilling to lose more kobolds.
>"The Demon… This kavern haunted. kurse eat away at body. Wounds no klose. Shivers no stop. Four komrades die.. bodies disappear when not looking.."
The kobold says, looking behind its shoulder nervously as it recalls the tale, shivering feverishly.
"Beast no seen, but heard. Komrade go down to to skout; skreams shake whole kavern.."

It's not a trap (surprisingly), just a dead kobold.
It's in bad shape, something really tore into it, blood and entrails dragged up the tunnel behind it. It seems to have been reaching into its bag before it died.

731c9 No.120455

Dice rollRolled 1


2e8b3 No.120456

The other kobolds whimper in unison, shivering and sniffling as they recall the events.

2e8b3 No.120457

The kobolds claw is in a bag.
Would you like to loot it?

731c9 No.120458

Dice rollRolled 5

I lightly kick the bag to check for a trap but not break anything in it

2e8b3 No.120459

The bag rolls.
It doesn't explode, or bite him, or shoot poisoned darts.

0365e No.120460

Isla nods to herself, unsure on staying on this death trap.
(That sounds rather shiver-inducing. Fuck's sake.)
>"Do you want to leave this place?"
She tentatively exposes a hand up.

2e8b3 No.120461

She is not shot.
Most of the kobolds have re-positioned their bows towards the tunnels, only the red kobold pointed at her, ready to to shoot her if she tries anything funny.
It seems as though its decided only to shoot her if she tries to attack or retreat to the last room. She is otherwise free to move about the kavern, if she dares.

Oh, and there's a dead bard, if you wanna loot that.

2e8b3 No.120462

The kobold does not respond
Roll sense motive

0365e No.120463

Isla tentatively steps out of her cover, walking slowly to the dead bard.
(I'm sorry, lass. I hope yer hubris will be lifted on whatever afterlife ya believed in.)
She cautiously checks her contents, looking particularly for shiny rocks for the kobolds.
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 26 ]<Sense Motive roll

2e8b3 No.120464

The kobold seems to be unwilling to leave the relative safety of the mine, but might be convinced, if it means cutting losses for its comrades

2e8b3 No.120465

Isla strips Kiara of all of her valuable, leaving the dead bard ass-naked with her throat slit on the mine floor.

She may keep speaking while she does so, or she could just leave down the tunnel the gnome went down.

731c9 No.120466

Dice rollRolled 7

I go through the dead kobolds shit

2e8b3 No.120467

Yeeck, meanwhile finds:
>A dagger.
>A longspear (or a regular spear, for a medium-sized creature)
>11 gp in silver pieces
>A light crossbow, with 7 bolts
>A med pack, with 7 uses left.
>2 vials of some icky green goo.

2e8b3 No.120468

The kobold is wearing simple leather armor. Not as good as his studded leather.

731c9 No.120469

Dice rollRolled 10

sweet next chance I get I'm gonna try to use that med pack on lucy

2e8b3 No.120470

Lucy is already stabilized, and won't wake up naturally for a while.

2e8b3 No.120471

Roll craft (alchemy), if you want to identify the goo.

0365e No.120472

I'm feeling bold.
After looting Kiara from her stuff, she turns to the red kobold, taking a step closer to the campsite
>"I believe we may come to a solution for both of us if we work together."
She clears her throat.
>"Has any of your attacks wounded this creature?"

731c9 No.120473

Dice rollRolled 16 + 1


2e8b3 No.120474

The kobold gives an disgruntled snarl
>"we no stupid. If skout no return, we no risk loss."
Two more kobolds aim crossbows at her, ready to shoot her if she takes even one more step towards their camp.
+2 racial bonus
It's alchemical healing paste: A primitive concoction, made by an arcane alchemist who was unable to brew true healing potions. It can be smeared on wounds as a full round action to close them and restore HP.
Evidently, the kobold was trying to reach for this in its dying moments, but sadly, it died beforehand, and the paste wouldn't have put his organs back…

2e8b3 No.120475

The kobolds do not respond to her offer, but don't shoot her either.

Sorry, so long as they've got the advantage against her, this'll take a diplomacy check.

0365e No.120476

Isla stops herself in her tracks, pouting.
>"Yet you believe staying in the demon's den is a good idea?"
She raises her arms up as she kneels.
>"Either you must learn the enemy and defeat it or leave the cavern. Otherwise, the looming threat of losing your compatriots will remain. Either from the demon or lack of substinence."
She pauses
>"You want your brothers and sisters to survive this ordeal, correct?"
1d20[ 1d20 = 4 ]<Diplomacy roll.

2e8b3 No.120477

The kobolds raise their crossbows at her.
>"Go die with redkap, manstink."
The red leader snarls, gesturing towards the tunnel.
The other kobolds look ready to shoot.

2e8b3 No.120478

I think we'll cut it for tonight.
I meant to start this a lot earlier today, but it wasn't to be.
The PCs have made it to a (relatively) safe point.

The kobolds haven't made swiss out of Isla yet, but they might if she continues to stand out in the open alone. She's free to join Yeeck though.

c49d4 No.120479

Isla pauses, unsure of leaving with just her life.
She pulls out a block of silver ore from her person after being multiplied from looting the dead bard.
>"Maybe you can have this delivered to your camp? I heard at least some of the little dragons want to have this shiny, precious rock."

2e8b3 No.120480

The kobold narrows its golden eyes, reaches into a pocket on it's cloak, and reaches out another, larger, chunk of unprocessed ore.
>"M'dok no like games.. Go, or be squish now!"
It barks, gesturing to the tunnel that the "Redkap" came through.

Evidently, it didn't take the bait for whatever Isla is trying to do. Its comrades stand still, aiming their crossbows at Isla to see if she tries any more tricks.
They haven't shot her yet though, roll Sense Motive if you want a snippet of insight.

Also, Kiara left all of her ore near the entrance of the mine.

2e8b3 No.120481

*"redkap" left through

c49d4 No.120482

1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 17 ]<Sense Motive roll
Isla still has her own little silver ore pieces to offer though, although they seemed uninterested judging from their own reserves.

2e8b3 No.120483

The kobolds just want her gone, but are afraid to just shoot her, lest she down another one of them in returned fire (they're squishy).
A few are shuffling around in the back if the camp, evidently in a hurry to prepare some operation that she can't make out.

They seem unlikely to attack unless she stays for too long or gets closer.
The Red Leader gestures to the tunnel Yeeck went through.

c49d4 No.120484

Isla pouts a little, knowing deep down these lizard folk need help, even though they just shot her a lot with bolts.
She nonetheless turns to the tunnel that was pointed at, pondering on stuff to say but ultimately coming up with nothing, eventually deciding to follow what the red kobold had offered to her at crossbow point,
(Bugger. They can't survive down 'ere but I can't pierce their stubborn nature. I may visit these lizards when I have something worthy to give 'em.)

2e8b3 No.120485

One kobold looks like it's ready to shoot her in the back before the red leader barks at him to get back to work.

c49d4 No.120486

Isla turns back one last time
>"Are you sure there is nothing worth to you that I can grant?"
She clasps her hands together as she cocks her head with a little, hopeful smile.
>"I have always wanted to see a little dragon up close."

2e8b3 No.120487

Roll Diplomacy.

c49d4 No.120488

1d20[ 1d20 = 4 ]<Diplocheck

2e8b3 No.120489

The kobolds seem unimpressed.
A few sneer in what may either be confusion or disgust (she can't tell at this difference), before turning away to work on something that is evidently more important, M'dok (red leader) included.
>"Mans is strange.. different every time.."
The kobold grumbles as it crawls out of sight.

There are now only two kobolds stationed by the ledge; one keeping guard on either exit tunnel, crossbow readied.
The kobolds seem to believe Isla isn't about to attack them. None have shots readied against her, or at least none that she can see.

c49d4 No.120490

Isla pouts slightly.
>"Please, pretty please? I will do anything to get to know you little dragons better."
Her eyes attempt to widen in the vain hopes of the kobolds taking enough pity at her to let her be on the same space as them.
1d20-2[ 1d20-2 = 17 ]<Diplocheck

2e8b3 No.120491

There are only two kobolds visible. Is she addressing one of them, or is she shouting to see if M'dok will hold conversation?

2e8b3 No.120492

*if M'dok will return

c49d4 No.120493

The latter, but it can be directed at the kobolds standing guard.

2e8b3 No.120494

Roll a Reflex save

c49d4 No.120495

1d20+6[ 1d20+6 = 17 ]<Reflex save

2e8b3 No.120496

Four bright orange balls of magical light zoom over the far end of the camp. They sail harmlessly past Isla and dissipate on the ground beside her.
The shot is punctuated by a bark.
It seems M'dok isn't out of spells after all…

2e8b3 No.120497

*by a loud bark from the back of the camp

The archers are still not pointed at her, but glance towards her in suspicion.

c49d4 No.120498

Isla pouts.
(Alright, that's enough pushing. Bugger, it'd had been cool if those lizards were nicer.)
She walks out through the tunnel provided with her shoulders sagged.
(I hope at least one of 'em were interested. Gon' hurt mae ego if not.)
She chuckles to herself.

2e8b3 No.120499

I'll add an extra note to Isla's last Sense Motive check that Isla has successfully modified M'dok's attitude from unfriendly to indifferent.

2e8b3 No.120501

File: 1574134205175-0.jpg (117.29 KB, 872x1200, DKL_kvaUEAAov31.jpg)

The KKK shall assemble once more on Wednesday, when one of our players is feeling better.

Hopefully, we'll finally get over this module then.
I did not expect this last encounter to take this long or do that much damage.

2e8b3 No.120508

File: 1574260836448-0.jpg (29.01 KB, 564x480, e2d53ac2993f601a2757943ef5….jpg)

The KKK will assemble as soon as all of the players have time.
I don't mean to spoil, but there aren't very many rooms left to explore in this dungeon, or at least not very many that aren't currently guarded by the surprisingly-formidable kobold boogaloo.

Lucy and Yeeck are faced with no immediate threats. If Yeeck wants to rest for an hour or 8 while Isla continues to provoke the kobolds, he's free to wait for her.
I'll not that half of the 70-foot tunnel seems fine, but a bit past the spot where Yeeck found the dead kobold, the tunnel gets kind of hot and humid and the air quality starts to get kind of bad. His sensitive gnome-gnose can detect the stench of corruption. It would seem inadvisable to bring the unconscious Lucy past that point alone.
On the bright side, the dead kobold he looted had some useful supplies that he could possibly use to treat himself or Lucy, or even Isla if she doesn't talk the kobolds back into shooting her first. The medpack includes a few cave-spider silk bandages, medicinal cave-herbs, a vial of antitoxin, and two flasks of alchemical healing ointment, presumably concocted by the Kobold warband's alchemist. He may also roll a heal check for forensics to try to tell what horrible fate befell the poor disemboweled kobold scout.

Also, I'll illustrate what happened to Rhyd as soon as his player actually has time.
You didn't think I'd just randomly ghost away him with a CR 5+ monster without a fighting chance, did you?

2e8b3 No.120510

I was mistaken. Isla has indeed already entered the tunnel where Yeeck is.
It is entirely unlit, spared even from the glowing moss that lit the earlier cavern. She could light a torch, but it might be safer to wait and see what Yeeck's player is doing first.

2e8b3 No.120511

File: 1574299732207-0.png (6.23 MB, 4000x2500, 1235749.png)

Today's KKK meeting has been suspended due to injury for one of our players. We hope to resume when we can all play comfortably.
I would like to aim for the (hopefully) final session of this particular adventure to take place either Friday or this weekend.

After that.. I think i might take a bit off to reconsider how I prepare content, supposing players still want to play. I kind of thought that just reading things straight out of a WoTC book would lead to a smooth and enjoyable adventure, but I'm rethinking that now. Perhaps a game over this sort of medium would have been better with some loosely-threaded, site-based encounters rather than a distinct module. Still, I think I've learned quite a bit over the course of this agonizingly stretched-out adventure, and I've filled a whole notebook with do's and don'ts.

There's only a little bit left of this adventure. I'll go for a last ditch effort.

2e8b3 No.120528

File: 1574435846719-0.gif (43.26 KB, 1000x600, 99241.gif)

The KKK shall assemble as soon as it's convenient for players to meet this weekend. Today/tonight at the earliest, sunday at the latest (unless shit happens again, in which case perhaps never).

No kobolds bother to shoot Isla as she makes it to Yeeck's tunnel, this half of the warband presumably occupied by new orders from their kaptain who has been revealed to be the Mage M'dok; she can assume some might still be watching though, the "little dragons" being ever so militant as their kaptain barks their instructions.

Also, Isla, remind me what your readied maneuvers are, because you might need them later.
You can also spend five minutes meditating to recover them, or just pick new ones as a full round action, since you've got Adaptive Style.

2e8b3 No.120535

File: 1574544553007-0.jpg (117.37 KB, 750x600, roleplaying-meme.jpg)

It's unclear if the KKK will be able to meet today. I have not heard back from some players.
However, if they meet within the next half-hour, we might be able to finish this today.

2e8b3 No.120536

File: 1574565249178-0.jpg (169.57 KB, 1500x1877, e0b601fb93db7e916800a65799….jpg)

I'd like to get everyone online at 9:30 EST tomorrow, if we can manage to pull it off. I'm aiming early, because I know we'll get delayed anyway.
Players, please set your alarms. The earlier we start, the more likely it is that we can finish this train-wreck of a module.

2e8b3 No.120538

We play as soon as Yeeck's player shows up.

2e8b3 No.120539

File: 1574610609708-0.jpg (401.69 KB, 3601x2709, f7706b0a9fb9fd562fab5c65e6….jpg)

It'd be nice if he said something these past couple days…
Be warned, the next fight is going to be hard, and not just because of strategic positioning and clever tactics.

Lucy, you wasted a spell slot when you used Detect Magic as a spell instead of an SLA, but I've decided to retroactively change that so that you used your racial ability instead.
You have one(1) spell slot left for the day; use it tactically. That means maybe not using it to summon skeletons that only last one round, or casting "cause fear" on kobolds that you could have easily just used your intimidate skill on. Your Charnel Touch could one-shot almost any kobold in this dungeon (it's not just for healing), you've got 7 uses of rebuke undead, and you've got 13 str to handle that scythe.
I'm only giving you this spell slot because it's been do to my own failure that you had to ration 4 spells over the course of a freaking month; that was a situation that I wanted to avoid at all costs, and for that I apologize. Playing a spellcaster has to suck if the adventure moves so slowly.
Pic unrelated, but also the sample Dread Necromancer.

2e8b3 No.120540

Okay, Yeeck's player hasn't said anything in the past 3 days.. I'm unsure how to proceed, but I really want to get this adventure over with today.

2e8b3 No.120541

File: 1574635440674-0.jpg (306.05 KB, 1500x1500, gin-no-kisei-cd-dvd-goblin….jpg)

I'm sorry, Yeeck, but I can't keep delaying sessions forever if you won't at least communicate with me. I'm going to take control of Yeeck, due to popular demand. I apologize in advance if he dies (likely), but I'm not going to fudge any dice for it.
This module has outlived my patience. Maybe you can participate in some other encounters next time, if there is a next time.

Yeeck's first action is to attempt to resuscitate Lucy with the healing paste. It does not kill her, as a Cure Light Wounds potion would have, but the alchemical paste stings so badly that Lucy regains consciousness momentarily, before Yeeck can use-up the paste.
Naturally, Lucy would then use her charnel touch to heal herself. She doesn't need to declare that because i won't allow her to proceed without that common sense move.

Yeeck then hands the flask to Isla and explains to her it's healing properties in gnomish-alchemist jargon. If she wishes to use it on herself, she can roll 1d8+1 to see how many HP she's healed.

5fa06 No.120542

Isla watches Yeeck with slight surprise before taking the flask and drinking it.
1d8+1[ 1d8+1 = 5 ]<Heal

2e8b3 No.120543

The next thing the party can do is decide who goes first.
They may elect to send the mute Fighter with Darkvision in first if they wish; he seems rather complacent suddenly.

5fa06 No.120545

"Ye got shot tae bits, lass," she answers.
She looks to the gnome fighter.
"Ye can keep going first, lad."

cb559 No.120546

"Didnt you die? i thought i saw you get shot."

5fa06 No.120547

Isla shrugs.
"Aye. but I got better."
She smiles.
"Magic does that, I suppose."

cb559 No.120548

She pauses for a moment
"I Thought i could finally be with the raven queen."
She sighs
"Lets finish these kobolds then, how did youu kill the ones on the ledge?"

2e8b3 No.120549

Dice rollRolled 10 - 1

What's your HP now?
Yeeck would have used the other flask on himself, but you could take it from him.
I'm going to assume this is Lucy's proxy.
Yeeck explains to Lucy how he dragged her into a cave and rubbed lotion all over her chest while she was passed out.

The gnome complies, bravely marching forward into the dark chamber.
Due to his encumbrance and his Loudmouth flaw, he makes an awful lot of noise…
Rolling on the board to see how his sneak check turns out.

I'm going to Assume Isla follows at the back with her lit torch, and Lucy in the middle taking advantage of her low-light vision. IF you object to the marching order, speak up.

5fa06 No.120550

She laughs.
"I dun have that much whiskey in me tae do that, lass. Leave them be."
No complaints from me.

cb559 No.120551

im fine with the order.

2e8b3 No.120552

Yeeck communicates tat the smell becomes almost unbearable later on.

As the PCs approach, they begin to feel an uncomfortable heat emanating from the room ahead. Although initially mild when the party first begins feeling its effects, it reaches sweltering intensity by the time the characters reach the entryway of the kavern.

The first thing Yeeck says is that the room is "crawling with rats" and filled with corpses. It's "the worst thing he's ever smelled in his life."

2e8b3 No.120553

Do you wish to proceed past this point just behind Yeeck?

5fa06 No.120554

Isla would not react with any prepping beforehand, so yes.

2e8b3 No.120555

Dice rollRolled 5 + 2

I'll also point out that Lucy is no longer deaf. She got every detail of Yeeck explaining how she moisturized her.
It also means she can communicate precisely with the party, which means please speak in-character.
Since she only has a torch, she can only see dimply into the kavern. She can smell decay.

Yeeck boldly marches into the room.
"Looks like everything in ere' is dea- motherfucker!"
Isla, from her position, can see a couple figures rise off of the ground.
Lucy can see that some of the closest figures appear to be kobolds, but… dead? Another one appears to be a man, or perhaps it used to be. She'll have to roll knowledge (religion) to find out wtf they are.
Moar moaning emanates from the back, Isla's torch not reaching that far for even Lucy's keen vision to see. They'd have to advance into the room or light a second torch (move action) to proceed.

Everyone roll Initiative.
Rolling for Yeeck

5fa06 No.120556

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5


cb559 No.120557

Dice rollRolled 14 + 7


2e8b3 No.120558

Dice rollRolled 8 + 1

How do you have +7 initiative with only 16 Dex?
Also, rolling Yeeck's HP

2e8b3 No.120559

Yeeck is at full HP

cb559 No.120560

Dice rollRolled 6 + 2

That was my knowledge religon roll.
Heres my initiv

2e8b3 No.120561

Lucy has heard of her family's tradition of reanimating corpses. These corpses in particular are zombies: simple but formidable monsters.
Her check is enough to let her know that the zombies won't easily be felled with bludgeoning or piercing weapons, needing neither organs nor ribs. Cutting the flesh affects these monsters normally.
These monsters are minimum hit dice.

The first kobold zombie charges Yeeck, brandishing its greatpick. Isla gets a glimpse of it in the dim torchlight.
I'm considering to have Yeeck fighting defensively.
The pickaxe bounces off of Yeeck's shield, the zombold moaning in mindless rage, it's chitin armor glistening in the torchlight.

2e8b3 No.120562

Another zombold charges him, with a similar result.
It moans in fury.

cb559 No.120563

"Cut them. it works the best."

731c9 No.120564

Dice rollRolled 19 + 1

I use my shield to bash them back right as they hit

2e8b3 No.120565

It is now Isla's turn.
She must move forward if she wants to get a proper view.

5fa06 No.120566

Isla takes this time to light another torch to properly see the foes in front of her.

2e8b3 No.120567

Sorry, it's not your initiative. You didn't get the chance to ready an action.
I have his tower shield drawn, which is the only reason why that last attack missed him. You can change shields as a move action, on your turn.

2e8b3 No.120568

She can do that as a move action.
She could hand it to Lucy as another move action, if she wishes. Lucy has no weapons drawn.

SHe can also take a 5 foot step

5fa06 No.120569

Isla hands Lucy said torch to end her turn, seeing she's not in apparent danger.

2e8b3 No.120570

She is absolutely in danger. The tunnel is 10 feet across: not enough to bottleneck, especially not for the zombolds.

The human zombie charges, swinging its Heavy Pick with both hands at Yeeck.
It barely misses yeeck, with a shot that would have been grizzly had I not decided he was fighting defensively.

Yeeck is going to take -4 on his next attack roll, -2 due to defensive fighting, and another -2 due to tower shield.

Another human miner zombie charges out of the darkness, from barely out of the reach of Yeeck's Darkvision.

It also misses, thanks to Yeeck's trusty tower shield.
At this point, he can see that there's a lot of zombies in this room.

2e8b3 No.120571

It's Lucy's turn now.

cb559 No.120572

Lucy rebukes the human-zombie.

2e8b3 No.120573

Unless this is a last minute change to the Turning Presence ACF, Rebuking is an AoE attack.
Roll 1d20+6

cb559 No.120574

Dice rollRolled 10 + 6


2e8b3 No.120575

Narrowly saved by flash from her family's crest, Lucy is able to rebuke undead with up to 3 HD with that check.
Now roll 2d6+5

cb559 No.120576

Dice rollRolled 3, 2 + 5 = 10


2e8b3 No.120577

Lucy can see 6 zombies, btw.
Isla can see 4
Yeeck can see 8.

2e8b3 No.120578

All three of the kobold zombies, and both of the human zombies raise their arms in horror at the sight of her family's crest, moaning unintelligibly as if begging for mercy.
One kobold zombie, however, kneels down, also moaning.
Roll knowledge (religion).

Yeeck's turn.

731c9 No.120579

Dice rollRolled 20 + 1

I roll to figure out what the hell just happened

cb559 No.120580

Dice rollRolled 1 + 7


cb559 No.120581


2e8b3 No.120582

She is unable to tell why the dead have been repelled, or what it means that one is kneeling.

The undead seem to be cowering before Lucy's evil magic. They look easier to hit, unless y'all would rather just push past them.
Still your turn. Knowledge checks are a free action.

731c9 No.120583

I keep my shield leveled and try to move to lucy
"Psst I say we get the hell out of here"

2e8b3 No.120584

That's a move action.
You can also attack, unless you'd like to use it as cover vs anymore charges.

2e8b3 No.120585

Btw, you can all talk to eachother in-character if you'd like to communicate.
Lucy rolled a very useful fact about the zombies' DR earlier. Perhaps she'd like to reveal that to her allies.

731c9 No.120586

I know it's an action, I'm trying to push through but I don't want to leave them behind

cb559 No.120587

2e8b3 No.120588

Okay, Yeeck hasn't attacked in 3 minutes, so I'm glossing over.
The third kobold zombie charges.
Just barely missing him, because I decided to take away it's racial slight build.
Two more miners charge Yeeck, who is the first thing they see.
Both are deflected by Yeeck's shield.
And another zombold attacks, missing pitifully.
IT screeches its unintelligible racial jihad, even in death.

2e8b3 No.120589

Everyone is going to need to roll a fortitude save.

The first two zombolds are rebuked. They spend their round cowering.

It is Isla's turn. She can see 8 zombies in front of Yeeck. Four of them are cowering, four are brandishing pickaxes, ready to strike.

731c9 No.120590

2e8b3 No.120591

Oh, torchlight illuminates half the room at this point:

Waves of heat wash through the cave, thickening the air and making breathing difficult. This small, bowl-shaped cavern’s floor is littered with humanoid corpses. Rats skitter through the sea of bodies within the sunken floor, pausing occasionally to nibble at a choice morsel. A host of their brethren lie nearby on their backs, some of them still twitching with a few remnants of life.

A tunnel’s opening is visible (to Yeeck alone) in the eastern wall of the chamber and, in the distance, the sound of rushing water can be heard.
Lucy can faintly make out the tunnel ahead>
Isla is in the back. She'd have to move at least 10 feet forward to see it.

5fa06 No.120592

Isla, seeing the enemy still eager to attack, unsheathes her cutlass from the sheathe, slashing at one of the non-cowering zombies, prioritizing the little dragons if applicable.
1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 21 ]Weapon Finesse'd Melee Attack roll

731c9 No.120593

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5


5fa06 No.120594

1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 6 ]<Fort Save

2e8b3 No.120595

Meh, I'll accept that. I'll assume you drew it ahead of time and charged.
Roll damage.
You need to declare your action before you roll. What are you doing?

cb559 No.120596

Dice rollRolled 14 + 2


2e8b3 No.120597

Isla feels sick to her stomach, but isn't visibly inhibited.

5fa06 No.120598

1d6+2[ 1d6+2 = 4 ]<Damage
Isla gags slightly.

2e8b3 No.120599

The zombie moans painlessly. I assume that was a miner. The kobolds look pretty heavily armored.

Another miner zombie wastes it's round cowering.
The zombie that Isla attacked goes in for a grapple.
And misses her.
She gets an AoO

5fa06 No.120600

1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 10 ]<AoO Melee Attack Roll

2e8b3 No.120601


It's Lucy's turn.
She can see 8 zombies before her, 4 of which are the ones she rebuked earlier, 4 are still attacking.

cb559 No.120602

Dice rollRolled 3 + 6

2e8b3 No.120603

What did you do?

2e8b3 No.120604

You have to declare before you roll

cb559 No.120605

2e8b3 No.120606

I'm going to take that to be a rebuking check, which would have failed.

A kobold zombie charges past Yeeck, in an attempt to attack LUcy.
Yeeck gets an attack opportunity.

2e8b3 No.120607

The kobold zombie appears to be heavily armored, thick scaly plates glistening in the torch light. It brandishes it's greatpick with skill as it charges, the weapon nearly as big as its body..

731c9 No.120608

Dice rollRolled 7

I attack the kobold

731c9 No.120609

Dice rollRolled 5

bring my fucking hammer down on it's head

cb559 No.120610

"Cut them! Hammers dont work"

2e8b3 No.120611

By the sight of these kobolds, Isla can now see what was going on as M'dok described the corpses of his warriors dissappearing in the night.
The dead are restless, having risen from the grave to serve some horrible phasm.
It misses Lucy though.
That would have been your turn, it also misses.

The Miner zombie that isn't attacking Isla goes in for a grapple on Yeeck.
He gets an attack opportunity.

731c9 No.120612

Dice rollRolled 1

it's my hook hammer, I used the bladed end

2e8b3 No.120613

That's a piercing weapon, and it misses.
Te zombie grapples you.
roll opposed grapple/escape artist.

2e8b3 No.120614

Iirc, Yeeck's grapple mod is actually higher than his escape artist mod. It should be 1d20+5

731c9 No.120615

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

I roll for grapple

2e8b3 No.120616

Yeeck barely manages to overcome the zombie's size modifier and wrestles free.
The next human zombie attacks him the same way though, moaning something about brains.

Make an attack of opportunity.

731c9 No.120617

Dice rollRolled 18

I punch the zombie in the head with my spiked gauntlett

2e8b3 No.120618

Wait a minute. Yeeck doesn't have combat reflexes.
The zombies dogpile him.
Roll an opposed grapple instead.

2e8b3 No.120619

Fuck it. Nevermind.

Roll damage

731c9 No.120620

Dice rollRolled 8

*flails uncontrollably*
grapple check

731c9 No.120621

Dice rollRolled 3

oh fine

2e8b3 No.120622

Your strength bonus is +3, right?
the punch barely deals enough damage to stop the grapple.

3 zombies cower, and it's Isla's turn again.

2e8b3 No.120623

The zombies moan an odd mantra that can only be interpreted by an intelligence check.

5fa06 No.120624

Isla casts Distracting Ember near Yeeck to have the zombies around him and Lucy flanked as she backs away slightly to avoid being grappled again by about 20 feet.

2e8b3 No.120625

She still has a standard action and a 5 foot step. Would she like to attack?

5fa06 No.120626

Isla slices at the zombie that tried to grapple her again, if that's the case.
1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 20 ]<Melee Attack roll

2e8b3 No.120627

roll damage

5fa06 No.120628

1d6+2[ 1d6+2 = 6 ]<Damage

2e8b3 No.120629

The zombie is evidently a lot tougher than it looks, the cuts not seeming to phase it.

It attempts to grapple her

5fa06 No.120630

Isla swings yet again, a bit unnerved over how resilient the zombie looking thing is, her palms starting to get covered in sweat.
1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 5 ]<AoO roll

2e8b3 No.120631

You're lucky I'm not one of those bitch DMs who expands fumble tables.
It grabs her chest.
Roll opposed grapple, although i think your Escape Artist mod might be higher.

5fa06 No.120632

*insert moans here*
Isla tries to wriggle free using her body instead of tearing the perverted arms off her.
1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 22 ]<Escape Artist check

2e8b3 No.120633

She wiggles out of it's grasp.

Lucy's turn.

cb559 No.120634

Dice rollRolled 2 + 6

Lucy attempts to rebuke the zombie that groped isla.

2e8b3 No.120635

Even with the bonus from her family's crest, the remaining 4 zombies are not impressed.

Yeeck's turn.
Be reminded that your racial bonus still applies to zombolds.

2e8b3 No.120636

Wait a minute

2e8b3 No.120637

She rebuked 5 of them. There are only 3 left.
Two miners, and one kobold.

731c9 No.120638

Dice rollRolled 10

I try to rape the kobold to death using a dagger

2e8b3 No.120639

I'm assuming +3 str, +1 size, +1 BAB, +1 racial bonus
This kobold is unarmored, so it hits.
Roll damage: 1d3+3

731c9 No.120640

Dice rollRolled 2 + 3

rollin for damage

2e8b3 No.120641

That wouldn't have killed it no matter how well it hit. It's got a ton of HP
It swings its greatpick into Lucy, not at all distracted by Yeeck's slash.
And it misses, moaning in fury.

2e8b3 No.120642

The zombie that tried to grapple Yeeck goes for nother grapple.
He gets an attack of opportunity, despite being Flanked.

731c9 No.120643

Dice rollRolled 14

my turn or not I crowbar the fucker for grappling me again

2e8b3 No.120644

The crowbar is a bludgeoning weapon, and you can't draw weapons during an AoO.
I'm going to accept that with the dagger. Rolling damage.

2e8b3 No.120645

Dice rollRolled 2 + 3

2e8b3 No.120646

The zombies attack is disrupted. It doesn't seem to be slowed down by its wounded hand.

The other miner attempts to fondle Isla once more. She gets an AoO.

5fa06 No.120647

Isla frowns as she slices at the invading zombie.
"Stop that, ye dead… thing!"
1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 22 ]<Slicey Slicey melee roll

2e8b3 No.120648


5fa06 No.120649

1d6+2[ 1d6+2 = 3 ]<Damage
"Get off meh!" she shouts out as the slice connects, biting her lip slightly.

2e8b3 No.120650

The zombie's attack is dirupted, but it's got a lot of HP.

Lucy's turn.

cb559 No.120651

Dice rollRolled 18 + 6

Lucy tries to rebuke again,on the one that tried to bite her

5fa06 No.120652

Isla pipes up.
"Oi! Can't we keep moving? These lads don't seem fazed by our moves."

2e8b3 No.120653

Now that's what I'm talking about.
there's 3 zombies left, and you've got a +5 mod so… You automatically rebuke all of them.

All of the zombies are rebuked, but they won't be forever.
There's a tunnel ahead.

731c9 No.120654

Dice rollRolled 11

I run for the tunnel like a bat out of hell screaming

2e8b3 No.120655

Would everybody like to follow him?

As Yeech runs ahead, he sees that the kavern