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File: 1564277856307.png (1.58 MB, 1900x1200, 27.png)

5fdcf No.106507[Last 50 Posts]

That's right random anon who happens to read this post, it's /vx/'s third DnD campaign!

>What's this one about?

Chaos Ascending is an epic level campaign for DnD 3.5e. It takes place roughly 10,000 years before Celestia and Luna assume rule over Equestria. Technology is at a medieval level plus magic of course.
Equus during this era was a land of peace, the ponies and few other creatures inhabiting Equus living in harmony. The gods of this realm, know to the ponies only as The Unknown Ones, decided that nothing would disturb their harmony and moved on; only granting their power to the most dedicated of ponies. Soon, the ponies' society expanded across the planes. A Utopia was built on its own plane, serving as a hub of travel, politics, and trade. Ponies lived in happiness, nothing to disturb them. It was a land of peace and harmony, but rumors existed. Rumors that there were ponies who thought that harmony was worthless. Ponies who wished to disturb the order of the planes. Ponies who wished to ascend the agenda of…

>How long will it last?

Until I can progress through the entire story, which should take at the most three months of weekend play and about two months at the least, or until Atlas personally smites me. Whichever comes first.

>When does it start?

This is an advance notice so players have time to build characters, ask questions, and seek GM approval. The campaign will start in 2-3 weeks.

>When will we play?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And then only if all players are available.

Here are the guidelines for building a character:
Level: 25
Sources for classes, feats, spells, etc.: Any as long as they are approved. No breaking my game
Wealth: 35,000,000 GP
Stats: Point buy with 34 points at your disposal. Buy your stats then apply racial stats. Here's the calculator I use: http://www.propelled.de/extern/chargen
Evil characters are not explicitly banned, but chaotic and neutral evil are HEAVILY discouraged against.

Earth Ponies:
+2 Str +2 Con
One maxed out skill related to cutie mark.
Earth Ponies receive Toughness as a bonus feat.
Earth Ponies can hold a two-handed weapon with their maw. Light weapons can be held with hooves.

+2 Dex -2 Con
One maxed out skill related to cutie mark
Glide: A pegasus of any level can glide when falling at a speed of 40ft, negating all fall damage. This ability takes affect even when unconscious, though the user takes 1d6 falling damage.
Flight: A pegasus can use their wings for flight with a speed of 40ft (good maneuverability) beginning at lvl 5.
Pegasi can use two-handed weapons by holding it with their maw and using a wing to help maneuver the weapon, sacrificing flight. Light weapons can also be held with a wing, sacrificing flight.

+2 Int -2 Str
One maxed out skill related to cutie mark
Unicorns receive Eschew Materials as a bonus feat.
Unicorns have two "handslots" using the magic of their horn, these extend to 10ft of reach. Two-handed weapons can be used with a unicorn's maw and a handslot or both handslots, either way rendering them unable to focus their magic on other tasks. Light weapons can be held in each handslot.

Crystal Ponies:
+2 Con -2 Dex
One maxed out skill related to cutie mark
Crystal Composition: Crystal ponies can turn their bodies crystalline, invoking different sets of bonuses and penalties. In this form they receive a +3 bonus to AC, and +3 to fortitude saves. As a tradeoff they take a -2 penalty to the following checks: Reflex, Swim, Tumble, Hide, Move Silently. This ability can only be activated 1/day.
Crystal Ponies use two-handed weapons by employing their maw and one hoof to control the weapon. This reduces their speed by 5ft.

+1 Wis +1 Cha
Nirik: A kirin's temper can ignite, making them rash and fierce. 1/day a Kirin can fly into a fury of emotion, turning into a Nirik for 1 round per level. This form grants the Kirin a +4 bonus to attacks, +1d4 fire damage to melee attacks, but invokes a -3 penalty to any wisdom related check or save.
Kirins have two "handslots" using the magic of their horn, these extend to 10ft of reach. Two-handed weapons can be used with a kirin's maw and a handslot or both handslots, either way rendering them unable to focus their magic on other tasks. Light weapons can be held in each handslot.

Bat Ponies:
+2 Wis -2 Cha
One maxed out skill related to cutie mark
Glide: A bat pony of any level can glide when falling at a speed of 40ft, negating all fall damage. This ability takes affect even when unconscious, though the user takes 1d6 falling damage.
Flight: A bat pony can use their wings for flight with a speed of 40ft (average maneuverability) beginning at lvl 5.
Dark vision to 60ft
+2 racial bonus to listen
Bat Ponies can use two-handed weapons by holding it with their maw and using a wing to help maneuver the weapon, sacrificing flight. Light weapons can also be held with a wing, sacrificing flight.

For those looking at the divine classes here's the pantheon:

The Unknown One Above All Earth Ponies
The Unknown One Above All Pegasi
The Unknown One Above All Unicorns
The Unknown One Above All Crystal Ponies
The Unknown One Above All Kirin
The Unknown One Above All Bat Ponies
The Unknown One Above All Dragons
The Unknown One Above All Evil
After the gods of old moved on, their names fell out of common use and slipped from memory. Now known only as The Unknown Ones, their clerics and paladins are often of the same race. Though there are always exceptions to the rules. Domains are not set, except the domains of Death and Evil, which are restricted to The Unknown One Above All Evil.

9d7fe No.106522

Boops the snoot

5fdcf No.106528

the snoot is a booped

0529e No.106545

File: 1564355245592-0.jpg (157.34 KB, 720x720, 20190727_220047.JPG)

Well, I'm in.

Should I just dump my stats/info right here in the thread?
I've got a Mythweavers account.

288ca No.106549

Glad to have a player.
I'd prefer it if you just dumped it here since I don't have an account.

5fdcf No.106550

Ahem, excusing some technical difficulties.

0529e No.106574

I'll just put it through the Mythweavers format and type it into something a bit more presentable.

03c71 No.106579

File: 1564371545497.gif (238.14 KB, 652x553, 1545601319906.gif)

This is quite a surprise all things considered, but we could.
I'm up for it.
So the classes shown in the OP are the only playable ones, right?

288ca No.106609

ignore the missing flag
I'm assuming you mean races, so yes. The six mentioned are the only ones, no griffins or changelings.
Exceptions can be made if you can convince me they're similar enough to the mentioned ones (like yaks to earth ponies or something).
If you did mean classes, you can play anything you want. Wizard, hexblade, crusader, I'll leave it up to you.

0529e No.106613

I have my mythweavers sheet just for basic combat data (for convenience). It should be viewable without an account.
I just need to plug in feats and class features to the combat mods. I'm still looking at some changes I want to make.

03c71 No.106645

You were correct in your assumption.
I am not sure if this time is appropriate but do the characters level up further along the campaign, and if so at what rate?

0529e No.106654

Seeing as we're starting at lvl 25 (300000 XP) I would assume it's going to be a couple major battles before we level up.

03c71 No.106656

I think I'll try out a thrallherd character, but the 8th and 9th tiers sound rather fun to expriment with.

0529e No.106660

8th and 9th tiers?

03c71 No.106662

Of the psion magic spell list.

288ca No.106663

>Leveling up
The current roadmap I have has the characters reaching level 30.
I am okay with this choice, I've never actually seen someone play a psion.
Looks good so far.

0529e No.106664

File: 1564434001851-0.jpg (57.91 KB, 600x750, a5e9a8a5b2fdc7d4ee69f65808….jpg)

Ah, powers.
Thrallherd is an interesting class for Telepaths and Erudites, havining full manifesting progression. Believers aren't that useful at high level, but a Thrallherd can just attract more without penalty when their flocks die off. Mindbender is good too, but that's arcane.
Full manifester progression means you'd probably have room for Epic Manifestation.

e3e18 No.106666

Great! I will have to read up some of the nooks and crannies the psion class have, but it should be quite fun to use the powers as well as leading some ponies and having some NPCs to compliment the character. I think I'll level up to 20 psion class then, then climb up the thrallherd levels.
True, but the thralls have a lot more oomph I think. They should help iron out possible weaknesses by attracting a suitable one, even with the lower level.
Speaking of, how did you boost your stats so strongly?

0529e No.106674

File: 1564436889959-0.jpg (88.75 KB, 750x600, 1385378127193.jpg)

Digits checked.
Thralls are indeed useful. You probably would want to max out the class to improve your leadership level though. The Practiced Manifester feat can make up for loss of manifester levels.

I had her attain 15th level druid at complex age to gain the timeless body feature, then age to venerable age for +3 to mental stats. At that point she became dragonborn, which reset her body to adult age, then became venerable again for an additional +3. This explains why she's 750 years old, but looks like she just finished college.

e3e18 No.106675

Nevermind the whole 'get two different thralls at level 10' deal. That would definitely help out.
Now that is impressive.

0529e No.106678

Two thralls are better than one.
Even believers, though only good for getting AoE'd in combat, are pretty swank if you leech off of them for a near-infinite supply of power points. Believers aren't as easily scared off as followers.

I'm still working on stating my dire elephant.

e3e18 No.106680

>pretty swank if you leech off of them
It sounds nice, but I think it could be seen as evil, no matter how willing they are, and seeing how we have one good character from the start… it's going to cause some problems most likely, nevermind most outsider ponies who witness that is going to be horrified and see the character as a possible chaos agent or preacher of The Unknown One Above All Evil.
I am still tweaking character specifics myself, especially with all the extra feats I'm swimming over. I have a rough idea of how it acts and its role in combat but there are many details to go over.

0529e No.106681

File: 1564440241399-0.gif (1.55 MB, 640x360, 711230.gif)

Thrallherds have a bit of a complicated relationship with morality, being predisposed to use people as tools. The arcane equivalent, Mindbender, requires the PC to be nongood. Whatever you go for, it'll certainly be interesting, depending on how earnestly you treat your believers.
The MMX psion handbook by this guy has some decent tips.
A Thrallherd pretty much requires you to discipline into Telepath, unless you're an Erudite.

e3e18 No.106687

This guide is quite handy. Might have to tweak some more things but thank goodness I had the right idea of not going melee, but I almost missed out on the psicrystal due to how verbose it was.

0529e No.106689

Psions have wizard BAB and 1d4 HP. Don't bother with melee. Epic monsters will always out-melee you (unless you're an Egoist with Metamorphosis).

ad795 No.106692

File: 1564443175457.gif (1.53 MB, 538x500, thems_fightin__herds___ari….gif)

You will touch the cowe

0529e No.106695

File: 1564444164871-0.jpg (845.08 KB, 3024x4032, xolzmDC.jpg)

*Boops the snoot*

288ca No.106701

Does this cao have fuzzy ears?

ad795 No.106706

Do cowes have fuzzy ears?

f34c5 No.106720

I think they do, at least the ones that live in colder climates?

0529e No.106734

I would hope so.

f34c5 No.106735

I'd wager that the outline of the ears are the fuzzy part, while the outer region is slightly coarse unless pet along the natural hairline while the inner region is smooth. Don't try touching the inside of a cow's ear, please. No one wants either a wet or a dry willy.

0529e No.106736

Last cowe ears I touched felt like velvet.
It's a pleasant feeling.

f34c5 No.106737

I'm jelly.

0529e No.106746

You should be. It was fun :3

0529e No.106766

I would like to play an Epic Spellcaster.
Can I come into the game with epic spells pre-developed, or would I need to do so in-game?

774c4 No.106785

You can have a few developed in advance, that's fine. Glad to have another player.

0529e No.106786

I'm actually just the same player from: >>106613

774c4 No.106787

Ah, forgive me. My brain cells are on vacation and I didn't think to check the IDs.

f34c5 No.106792

File: 1564534844356.png (34.17 KB, 302x383, myPony resized.png)

I'll just… place this here. Bear with me.
tfw can't into drawing so pony creator is the only tool I have for character creation.

f34c5 No.106793

File: 1564536126644.png (23.01 KB, 125x193, Perfect proportions_cr.png)

What a waste of a post this was.
Now fixed. Hopefully it looks good.

0529e No.106794

That's actually a really decent design, tbh. I like it.

f34c5 No.106796

Thanks, man. I only hope to do her character justice.

0529e No.106797

She's pretty, which is customary for a Thrallherd.

f34c5 No.106799

Her thralls do her braids.
Yes, I'll go full Thrallherd now.

0529e No.106800

Ah, I was thinking that.
A nice perk of being a thrallherd is having a large herd of obsessive believers ready to wait on your every whim.

f34c5 No.106804

I'm thinking of playing with that core feature of her character. Not sure how committed I am to it, but it's a little spark.

0529e No.106805

That's pretty much what a Thrallherd/Mindbender is. It's distinctly different from regular leadership.

0529e No.106807

Of course, the bigger aspect would be being a lvl 25 queen-of-all-psions. A lvl 25 telepath is nothing to scoff at.

f34c5 No.106808

Perhaps you'll find her as a bit of a more… eccentric case of it. You'll see it when we get started, hopefully.

774c4 No.106810

Oh man, I'm looking forward to this. Pretty pony btw.

f34c5 No.106811

File: 1564538318796.jpg (25.54 KB, 268x300, 1532162892284.jpg)

Thanks, God.

f34c5 No.106824

Oh! Do you roleplay gathering information or do you use dice to gather it?

0529e No.106827

You roll a die to see if you find clues. If the DM determines that it leads you too an NPC then you may role-play it.

You'd usually be rolling it in urban areas.

0529e No.106843

774c4 No.106848

You roll it, but I might be more inclined to add some extra information if you RP a scene and don't just "I roll gather information in a bar"

f34c5 No.106849

Darn. I have been lied to. I thought the charisma would increase the benefits even further. I wasn't expecting charisma of all things to be an uneeded stat in the grand scheme of things.

0529e No.106869

You want to max out Int.
Con is important too, unless you intend to become undead.

f34c5 No.106871

I don't think she'd want to lose her skin. She may feel uncomfortable, possibly even scarred beyond belief to the point of emotionlessness, like most undead go through.

0529e No.106872

Yeah, it's not my cup of tea either.
Lots of good immunities for Necropolitans, but aesthetics always trump mechanics, imo.

f34c5 No.106873

Amen, brother.
No one wants their skin off, unless they're some weirdo who has a super strong will and desire to rule forever.

0529e No.106875

The last undead character I made was my necropolitan, Spellstiched, half-vampire Unseelie Fey Hellbred Ebola Cleric. She kept her skin and her blood and other, although her body was really just a medium for the 3 dozen different diseases she was infected with. She spread her cult by seducing sleeping with noblemen to infect them, and pissing blood into wells to contaminate groundwater. Those who joined the cult became pestilence clerics and could survive the plague; those who refused perished and were reanimated as obedient zombies.
The campaign never really kicked off for that long after the first couple sessions, but it was a fun character to make. Undead Evil Clerics are badass.

f34c5 No.106876

That's metal.

0529e No.106877

File: 1564546646725-0.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1636x900, EbolaChan02.jpeg)

It was extremely metal.
I used to think playing Chaotic Evil would be hard, but it was wicked.

f34c5 No.106905

Something unrelated I've thought about: Can I shoot a crossbow with Greater Psionic Shot and it be a touch attack or am I only supposed to do touch attacks with spells like rays?

0529e No.106914

File: 1564586212817-0.jpg (58.24 KB, 595x750, f92654652c41e4413f602a4d8e….jpg)

I'm not really that savy on Psionics. The only Psion I ever played was a lvl 1 Egoist, and I only took that level so I could use the Minor Change Shape ACF to disguise the fact that I was a freaking shoggoth so people wouldn't run away screaming.

I actually misled you about having to discipline into Telepath for Thrallherd, btw. Looks like you can learn to manifest mindlink without it, so discipline however you like. Kinecist, Egoist, Telepath, Shaper, Nomad, Erudite; it's all yours. I think Psychic Reformation can even let you change disciplines, but don't count me in that.

That being said, it looks like Greater Psionic Shot requires you to expend Psionic Focus. The feat that turns your crossbow attack into a ranged touch attack is Fell Shot, and it also requires you to expend your focus. There might be a feat out there that let's you expend focus for 2 feats, but idk what it is, and it'd be a waste of precious feats anyway. Maybe there's an item that could do that.

On that note, Psionic combat feats like that are really only for Psychic Warriors, or Egoists who build as melee shapeshifters. As a lvl 25 Psion, crossbows are beneath you. You won't be able to penetrate the damage reduction of most creatures most of the time, unless you really build into it and invest a bunch of feats like that, and even then you have better things to prioritize. Moreso, it's also a waste of actions, since you probably would have something cooler to do with your turn than shoot a crossbow, like melt your enemies' brains, form giant golems out of ectoplasm, or strait up blow things up with your mind. I would strongly suggest favoring metapsionic feats over it, or building into any of those feat tricks you can use to regenerate power points.

f34c5 No.106915

Should I still have it handy if I make the crossbow of deep crystal, as well as a light melee?
In any case, perhaps I should redirect the archery feats for something else, then.

0529e No.106918

Yeah, there are definitely better feats than archery you could invest in. Ranged Combat is pretty basic in 3.5e, imo, since you can't power attack. You'll probably be better leaving all of the mundane battle to your thrall.

The deepcrystal crossbow doesn't take a big chunk out of your money, so you could take it even if you don't use it, since it makes you look good. I don't know anything about Psionic Items, but there's definitely a few you'd want out there.

1fe97 No.106929

By the way, I've changed my mind on being a 20 lvl Psion and 5 lvl thrallherd and instead go for 15 lvl psion and lvl 10 thrallherd since I'm only missing one manifester level instead of two and I do want two thralls now. I have all the offensive magic spells she'll need already.

0529e No.106930

Just note that some offensive spells are redundant, so it's important to make sure you're still versitile. You may be able to swap powers with Psychic Reformation every once in a while, but that costs XP.
Did you pick a discipline, or were you going for an Erudite?

As for manifester levels, you can pick up the ones you lost with the Practiced Manifester Feat:

09507 No.106931

Definitely telepath. Manifester levels are not too hard for a detriment since the basics are covered for the most part and utility is now the focus, so I won't go for that.

0529e No.106932

Note that how much you can augmet a power is based on your manifester level. You'll also need to be manifester level 25 if you want Epic Manifesting.

05e36 No.106933

Well, maybe that can be obtained in the late to end game. I think not having it in the early to mid game is not going to cause much trouble

0529e No.106935

That's a fine course of action.
If you keep increaing your manifesting class, you'll regain lvl 25 manifesting at lvl 27, right when you get your next feat.

f34c5 No.106936

Perhaps it could also coincide with character growth, too! That would be nifty for a campaign.
Also, I believe the max manifester level is 9, which is just at level 17! With that, epic manifesting will be unlocked.

0529e No.106937

9 is the Maxiumum level of powers. Psions and Erudites get powers up to 9th level (like sorcerers and wizards with spells).
Your manifester level determines how powerful certain powers are, as well as how many points you can augment them by.

f34c5 No.106938

So wait. You mean each level of psion is a manifester level or is it dictated by something else?
In any case, I think I'll stick with starting with 10 on Thrallherd/15 in psion.

0529e No.106939

Yeah, each level in Psion is a manifester level.
Thrallherd taxes you manifester 2 levels over the course of 10 class levels. Your total manifester level is 23.

f34c5 No.106940

Alrighty. I think it won't be an issue for now. Now that that's settled, I think I'll focus on spells fully now.

f34c5 No.106941

ad795 No.106942

Apparently I don't have permission

0529e No.106943

You forgot to make your sheet public.

f34c5 No.106944

Fixed. It should work now, I think.
If not, click this link instead.

0529e No.106945

Nice. You figured that site out faster than I did.

f34c5 No.106946

I mainly improvised. I still have no clue how I should put the BAB since I have +7/+2 in psion and +5 in Thrall.

ad795 No.106947

Awww, she's adorable. I bet she's tasty

f34c5 No.106948

File: 1564612044307.jpg (32.99 KB, 500x480, 1505547516340-3.jpg)

>I bet she's tasty
I guess? She likes her hygiene.

0529e No.106949

Your BAB should be about ~12, iirc. BAB stops progressing normally past level 20, but it's the same as Psion BAB.

I just use that site to post info discreetly, since I'd feel like a dick if I choked the thread with my stats.

f34c5 No.106954

I think it has something akin to what you want, too, with the statistic block.

[URL=http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1971661][B][SIZE=+1]Topaz Tower[/SIZE][/B][/URL]
Female Lawful Good Unicorn Psion 15/Thrallherd 10, [B]Level[/B] 25, [B]Init[/B] 4, [B]HP[/B] 148/148, [B]Speed[/B] 30
[B]AC[/B] 10, [B]Touch[/B] 10, [B]Flat-footed[/B] 10, [B]Fort[/B] 13, [B]Ref[/B] 8, [B]Will[/B] 16, [B]Base Attack Bonus[/B] 12, [B]Power Points[/B] 240/240 [B]Action Points[/B] 18
[B]Masterwork, Deep Crystal Crossbow, Light (Bolts, Crossbow) [/B] +13 (1d8, 19-20/x2)
[B]Masterwork, Adamantine Dagger [/B] +13 (1d4, 19-20/x2)

[B]Abilities[/B] Str 6, Dex 10, Con 18, Int 23, Wis 13, Cha 10
[B]Condition[/B] None for now.

f34c5 No.106955

It honestly looks terrible.

0529e No.106956

I think it's mostly just a thing feels use to send to eachother and brag about their stats.

>Lawful good

Hmmm, did not expect that.
She's looking good.

I'm playing Neutral Good. Matches my chosen plane.

f34c5 No.106957

Subversion successful. You got the bamboozling.
I think it matches hers too, but not in the typical way.

0529e No.106958

Wait, your chosen plane?

f34c5 No.106959

Ah, don't worry. I thought you were talking about your alignment. I don't think she has chosen a plane to begin with.

0529e No.106960

I'm playing a Planar Shepherd. The gist of my prestige class is being devoted to an outer plane in addition to the prime material plane.
My PC is a Shepherd of The Blessed Fields of Elysium: a neutral good plane.

f34c5 No.106961

Ah. Now I get it. Good to know.

f34c5 No.106962

Ah, another question. Would having deep crystal bolts be a drain on money since it can be focused by the crossbow?

0529e No.106963

Pretty sure it's cheaper to just have a deep crystal crossbow. It counts as metal.
Amunition is made in stacks of 50, so each bot costs 1/50 the cost of a permanent weapon.

f34c5 No.106964

Could I also have the adamantine dagger with the parrying enchantment or does it have to be made with deep crystal?

0529e No.106970

An adamantine dagger is a decent tool just because it's a knife that cuts any nonmagical substance. I doubt any nonmagical obstacle is going to stop this party though.
Parrying enchantment can be added to any substance, iirc. I don't think it's necessary though. Those MMX handbooks should point you to some good universal items. A Ring Of Epic Psionics would be nifty.

f34c5 No.106972

>Ring Of Epic Psionics
Nice. The guide didn't even mention it. Thanks!

0529e No.106973

Most guides aren't going to mention epic level content, FYI. Only ~1% of campaigns go epic.

f34c5 No.107005

I feel like this character is just about ready to be shipped off into the world.
If you feel like something's missing from the sheet, please let me know.

0529e No.107033

Linked power is a good metapsionic feat you might like:

f34c5 No.107034

Had to pick up some flaws to get both that and get it metapowered, but it should be okay.

0529e No.107035

f34c5 No.107036

Sadly, I only have the requisites for the last one at this point, but these will come into play in the late game, I assure you.
I feel complied to pick them up since it fits her current character well: She never actually fought and never trained her body like a usual adventurer does. After all, she was pampered.

0529e No.107038

Mages/Psions aren't known for physical prowness. My Druid had 5 Dex before mods.
Good Constition though.

f34c5 No.107039

Yeah, they need their focusing.

0529e No.107040

Not really. They're just usually single stat dependent, so they can afford to take it easy.
It's martial characters who are dependent on high stats all around.

f34c5 No.107042

Yeah. Monks and the like need their skills, strong punches and swift bodies.
Speaking of, do you have any specific suggestions for thralls? I'd like the first one to be focused on strength since it would be what she lacked. The second one can be anything they party could need.

0529e No.107043

The easiest way would be to find some kind of beefy monster with a level adjustment and max it out to as many hit dice as it can have.

f34c5 No.107044

Right. I forgot she can have monster thralls.
I was thinking more basic, like having a large Earth Pony, but that could work. I'd have to think about the possibilities.

0529e No.107045

You want something that'll be a good meat shield, like a Troll Barbarian.

f34c5 No.107047

This question might shock you, but can dragon get PC levels?

0529e No.107067

Yeah. Most dragons dip into Barbarian, Sorcerer or paladin at least once throughout their lives. Some Prestige classes are exclusive to dragons.
There's a lot of content pertaining to dragons as characters in the Draconomicon.

f34c5 No.107068

I had some time to look and I think I could go for a golden dragon. They seem like both powerful and non-lethal enough to be a nice companion for Topaz.

0529e No.107070

Just note that a gold dragon's level adjustment changes with age category.
You can also take the dragon cohort feat, to gain an extra Draconic Companion. I think there are a few innately Psionic dragons out there (gold dragons are innate sorcerers).

>tfw can turn into a dragon

fa352 No.107071

Pssssst, I think there's a topaz dragon in one of the splatbooks.

f34c5 No.107073

Woah there. Don't go proposing Topaz to be her new thrall now.
You are quite right. There are neutral aligned psi dragons that, while their strength stat is less than desired in the age range I wanted to pick them up, still sounds rather cool, especially since they can control their size when they become adults.
I think there's no alignment issues, right? If not, I think I'll go for a young adult of them. Can't say what level adjustment it has, but its CR is 12
Best part is these psi dragons can have topaz-colored scales, too!
And they have a lot of colors!

f34c5 No.107074

Edit: I found the level adjustment, and it's quite the good news!
I think I'll go for a mature adult.

0529e No.107075

There are powers that Psions can use to share powers/points with other Psions. If you can establish a feedback loop with your thralls.

I think that link is homebrew.
That's one of the Psionic ones.

f34c5 No.107076

Darn. It is homebrew.
Knew it was smelling a bit too good.

f34c5 No.107087

So, GM, can I get away with this homebrew creature? I haven't found psionic dragons in normal SRD or XPH rules, aside from a psion epic prestige class that is only half-dragon and a race of dragons from 3e that I can't find the stats for.
Pretty sure this breed is actually weaker than their normal D&D counterparts, so I think there's no game breaking stuff in there.

ad795 No.107088

>not GM

f34c5 No.107089

Damn, got bamboozled.
Well, the proposal is out there, at least.

ad795 No.107090

Check OPs flag

f34c5 No.107091

Who knows? He goofs his flag sometimes.

fa352 No.107092

Most of the time.

Ehhhh, I'm trying to stick away from homebrew creatures. But the gem dragons https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Gem_dragon are all psionic. If those don't suit your fancy I'll look at the Homebrew though.

f34c5 No.107093

Those are the ones. I can't seem to find what their stats are, so I don't know what I can expect from them or how can I use them. If you have their stats on hand, perhaps I can actually be able to use them.
Preferrably the Obsidian ones.
The Topaz ones are pretty iffy in terms of personality with… Topaz, the pony, so I don't think I'll be able fit them with the character.

f34c5 No.107096

Edit: Actually, after I read their description in Wikipedia, I think Topaz dragons are good in a twisted way, like the overprotective dog that barks at everyone.

0529e No.107097

A thrall isn't the same as a normal cohort. You can have brain-slaves of any alignment.

f34c5 No.107098

I know, I know, but perhaps they can still act counterproductively if given enough leeway to act with free will.
Still, I said I could go for the Topaz dragon regardless. The issue is I don't have any of their stats. Should I guide myself with the stats of a Gold Dragon, maybe? The psionic side is pretty simple: For each level, get some PP and increase manifester level; Their special attacks are said, too, so that's not an issue, but I lack their core stats.

0529e No.107099

You could always just Dominate their minds if they step out of line.

You might want to double-check that. I don't think it's manifester level is equal to its hit dice.
This doesn't reveal manifester level. You could check the MMII for that.

f34c5 No.107103

Nice! Thanks!
Manifester level depends on the age of the dragon apparently in the MMII, so if I were to pick a 25 year old Dragon (young), it'll have a manifester level of 25.
I'll use the second link you sent me because it is quite better.

0529e No.107105

It's dependent on age category, which is different for every kind of dragon.

And adult dragon is 100-something years old.

f34c5 No.107106

File: 1564710494197-0.png (187.95 KB, 429x473, Age rules.png)

File: 1564710494197-1.png (172.71 KB, 333x504, Psionic rules.png)

While their stats are indeed different in each age category they have, the age category is the same for all gem dragons, which means the manifester level is the same as the age. Otherwise, Topaz Dragons would have their own age table, which it doesn't.

f34c5 No.107107

What I mean is, they don't have a particular age group, and the psionics part indicates that the caster (or manifester) level varies by age.

f34c5 No.107108

I suppose I could use the hit dice, since rolling 25 hit dice means the dragon leveled up 25 times, meaning that a mature adult Topaz Dragon would have a manifester level of 25.

0529e No.107109

If you're lvl 25, it's unlikely you're going to have a 25D thrall. Thralls are always at least 2 levels behind their masters, and dragons also have level adjustment. I think it was +4 in the Draconomicon.

f34c5 No.107110

If that's the case, I think I can go with a young adult, since it's hit dice is of 22.
So far, the level adjustment I see for dragon in the SRD are positive when having wyrmlings up to juvenile in some cases, meaning it actually gets more levels than it would normally, so I think there is no need for level adjustment according to the SRD.
Yes, I know I'm using inductive logic, but I can't seem to find negative level adjustment in any of the dragons.

0529e No.107111

Oh wait, that's for psi-like abilites.
Yeah, psi-like abilites have a manifester level equal to to total hit dice.

I was almost sure that that dragon had innate Psion manifestation though.

0529e No.107112

The Draconomicon lists level adjustments for Draconic characters.

Normally, creatures without listed level adjustments are unplayable, but WoTC write in expanded lists.

A positive level adjustment means that it counts as X levels above its actual hit dice.

0529e No.107115

I'm too sick to read into this tonight.. I gotta sleep…

0529e No.107117

3/day Shapechange is definitely an attractive feature. It basically means you have access to every monster power in the books.

f34c5 No.107119

Go to sleep, my dude. I'll handle this for now. Also thanks for your help.

f34c5 No.107127

I think with the effective level increase, I'll be forced to take up to a juvenile Topaz Dragon as a thrall, and I think it'll do its job well, since its strength stat is quite large compared to Topaz's, and it works as a competent physical bodyguard, too. Compound that with its ability to, say, change into a pony to act inconspicuous, it'll do its job in bigoted, anti-dragon towns, too.

0529e No.107129

The Shapechange Ability bis going to be useful no matter what. It's actually kind of absurd that they put that on a monster, since it basically turns the encounter into a thousand different potential monsters.
I guess that's the MMII for you. It's a 3.0 book, and infamous for its whacky and poorly-CR'd monsters. There's a good reason why the removed "polymorph self" and similar spells from the spell-like abilites of every monster that had it in the 3.5e update and replaced them all with the alternate Form ability: monsters that could polymorph at-will were almost unfair to fight and impossible to prepare oneself against, let alone Shapechangers.
I'll sleep now.

f34c5 No.107130

Nice. Well, I think we can both agree a juvenile dragon thrall will be a nice first addition.
Now to find another thrall, not to mention her followers.

f34c5 No.107131

Also, have a good night.

0529e No.107132

Tbh, just make all of the believers lvl 1+ Telepaths. You're the most powerful Psion in the known realmspace, so any other Psion you meet would be empathetically drawn to you.
Believers won't be in combat at all (in fact, you'll want to keep them away from combat so that they don't get dominated/reanimated in battle), so it's easiest to just make them all a uniform class. You could add some Psychic Warriors too if you want.
A Psychic Warrior would be a good second thrall. They're great in combat and make good meatshields.

Actually sleeping now.

f34c5 No.107133

Thanks for the advice, kind person!
You sleep well now!

f34c5 No.107135

A question for you GM: Do the thralls who start out as PC characters of the races you mentioned as playable still have the 34 point buy option for their core stats?

0529e No.107137

They should be built like normal PCs unless otherwise specified.

f34c5 No.107138

Good. I'm building the second thrall ATM.
Should I make a character sheet for the Topaz Dragon if I'm going to take it as a thrall?

0529e No.107139

The sheet itself is for convenience. Considering that your thralls are your biggest assets in combat, you'll want to have their stats on hand. It doesn't really matter where you write it down so long as you have it.

f34c5 No.107140

Got it. I'm thinking of having the psiwarrior as a tripper, just so you know.

f34c5 No.107141

File: 1564764151196.png (18.77 KB, 123x195, mySecondPony_cr(1).png)

Speaking of which, I'll just post his portrait now so I can place in the sheet.

f34c5 No.107145

The second thrall creation has been completed except for items.

0529e No.107146

Tashalatora: very shrewd taste.
Tashalatora Psychic Warrior is one of the better unarmed builds.

f34c5 No.107147

Should he have the same gold amount or does it share Topaz's gold pool?

92722 No.107148

Thralls work like cohorts: they have their own equipment as per characters of their effective level.
You'll probably want to load him up with stat-boosting items first.

92722 No.107149

f34c5 No.107150

I'm currently doing that for the time being.
Good to know when everyone's flags look the same.

0529e No.107156

I'll start namefagging when we actually play.
I find it to be amusingly ironic that a Psychic Warrior with the Freedom Mantle has found himself to be the servant of an epic Thrallherd.

f34c5 No.107157

Kek, you're right!
Got it. Another question regarding carts and other transportation: Do you know how much a wagon or a cart can carry?

0529e No.107159

It varies by the kind of wagon, but few factors are relavant besides the carrying capacity of the creature dragging it.

f34c5 No.107160

A 20 strength quadruped thrall dragging a small cart, for example.

0529e No.107162

Don't make your thrall do mundane tasks like that. That's what believers are for.
A thrall would be capable of dragging a cart, but you're better off keeping him by your side to fend off surprise attacks.

f34c5 No.107163

You are right.
I suppose I could use some believers to drag carriers around.
A knowledge caravan

0529e No.107164

If your believers are nomafs, it could be easy for hundreds of them to travel easily with the Astral Caravan Power.

0529e No.107165


0529e No.107174

File: 1564777457641-0.jpg (58.03 KB, 715x630, 80dbd976b0d018a753ec53d2f4….jpg)

ae8ef No.107212

I think I'll withhold from extremely fast travelling for now, as I would need the extra time from travelling to read the stat increasing books I'm picking up.

ae8ef No.107215

Here's an updated sheet of Topaz and her Psiwarrior thrall.
--Changed Headband of Intellect to Headband of Epic Intellect
--Added Diamond's items which I need to confirm if I can put on both belts and the periapt as well as if he can use Epic Psionics Ring.


0529e No.107216

Made Slight changes to Sister's build.
I modified it so that she would have gained Iron Will at lvl 1 in compensation for the Fussy flaw. I removed Iron will from her 18th level feat slot and replaced it with Bonus Domain (Destiny).
Changes can be viewed in the Additional Information section. Will import feats to their appropriate listing space later.

0529e No.107218

I really dislike how some feats and classes have useless feat taxes, like iron will or great fortitude. Feat taxes disproportionately impact martial classes too.

ae8ef No.107219

Darn. I should've linked the feats. Now I gotta find them again.
Browser History here we go!

0529e No.107220

I just do it out of habit so that i remember what books I'm citing. The drawback is that I habitually only take feats available in the SRD.

0529e No.107221

Lot's of epic psionic content in Legends of Athas. I think most of it would only be available at levels 30+ though.

ae8ef No.107222

I honestly think I can't fit any of these epic stuff in my character feat-wise, and the items didn't catch my eye.
By the way, I see you didn't place a single spell in the spell list, using most of the Other Notes section to place both permanent and non-permanency permanen/instantaneous spells. Shouldn't you place the permanent spells in the spell list with an added Permanent label?

0529e No.107223

Your definitly going to want epic Manifesting later. Being able to write your own epic spells/powers is too good to miss out on. I was just reading about a Time Travel psychoportation that was able to displace the subject by 5000 years in the past or future.
>I see you didn't place a single spell in the spell list
As a vancian caster, I automatically know all spells available to druids, so i didn't bother writing them. That section is mostly for spontaneous casters/manifesters.
The permanent spells are just all spells affecting her with a permanent duration, so i didn't really bother with it.

ae8ef No.107224

Thankfully, I can, and with the new revelation that I need to metapower both a power and a metapsionic feat, I decided to go for it as well as some new metapsionic feats as well as Psymbiot since I'm going to surround myself with psions.

0529e No.107225

File: 1564870778824-0.jpg (43.77 KB, 750x600, 109e5cb8045a3d74a964d591a2….jpg)

File: 1564870778824-1.jpg (56.85 KB, 512x640, e653d2e55504fc5790f36ec166….jpg)

File: 1564870778824-2.jpg (28.67 KB, 545x390, epic-levels-dnd-memes-545x….jpg)

ae8ef No.107226

Now those are some spicy memes.

0529e No.107227

File: 1564871350387-0.jpg (51.46 KB, 750x600, 5ed8ca56b52cfa434ddd78773a….jpg)

File: 1564871350387-1.jpg (52.68 KB, 629x531, cbca686f006d79a09dcac17d6c….jpg)

File: 1564871350387-2.jpeg (97.41 KB, 750x600, Epic_Level_Abyss.jpeg)

File: 1564871350387-3.jpg (60.04 KB, 640x480, 573.jpg)

File: 1564871350387-4.jpg (106.58 KB, 576x629, jVlYsln.jpg)

ae8ef No.107228

How many of these are there?

ae8ef No.107229

The new and improved sheets (with links to the powers and feats!)
Diamond Hoof (Thrall)

Topaz Tower (Thrallherd)

ae8ef No.107230

I require your assistance.
Do my believers also get their own money pool or do they actually have their own?
It won't matter either way, but I need to know.

0529e No.107231

They have equipment as NPCs, which is less than half of PC level, iirc.
Note that your total wealth includes everything you own, including your home and travel provisions. Considering that they're all low-level NPCs, their specific possessions shouldn't be relavant enough to bother doing math for. Just say they've got everything they need to make it through the month on their own.

ae8ef No.107232

You would be right if I weren't giving them stat boosting items.
Yes, I know it's not optimal and downright moronic but Topaz cares about her believers.
Besides, it should allow for better carriage transportation.

0529e No.107233

Stat-boosting items for what though? They're not viable combatants. You're better off just leaving them with saddlebags and their wealth in gold so that they can buy food every day for a few months without consistently rolling profession/survival.

ae8ef No.107234

See, I thought about making them shapers, who at first level get astral construct which can be boosted in level for 2 extra power points each, while not explicitly stating they need a higher manifester level.
This is why I would increase their intelligence score by +6 and their strength score by +6. Honestly, me and the two thralls have enough money to spare to buy rations for all of them including us for 20 years comprised of 31 days each if I were to buy a banquet for every single believer and thrall.
That would cost 12,350,400 btw.

0529e No.107235

File: 1564879546122-0.jpg (102.89 KB, 1024x640, cb04873ff6781e70f2d5582618….jpg)

Note that giving lvl 1 NPCs is kind of begging creatures and other NPCs to rob them moreso than helping them out believers/followers don't gain XP: they're not exactly career adventurers. You can obviously protect your followers, but you won't be with them all of the time. They could all benefit from saddlebags, personal carts, travel provisions, sets of masterwork tools, winter clothing and other necessities more than they would be able to utilize heroic equipment.
Of course, it's your character, so do whatever you think is the most interesting. I just thought it seemed like unecessary work.

Pic unrelated.

0529e No.107236

I missed a period somewhere after the first sentence..

0529e No.107237

>increase their intelligence score by +6 and their strength score by +6
Low level NPCs wouldn't be able to afford such equipment anyway.

You could also give them Hidden Talent, or any of the other feats that give you bonus power points.

ae8ef No.107238

Darn, I thought I had a nice idea going.
Alright, I want the level 1 peeps to be the ones to move the carriers. What do you suggest?

0529e No.107239

I would say make them nomads. Being capable of joining an Astral Caravan is probably going to be essential if you're serious about taking this herd on epic adventures without half of them being picked off by random monsters.

ae8ef No.107240

I read that there's going to need some hoof-holding to actually go along the planar dimension.
I assume every single believer must carry saddlebags but can't into carts, wagons or carriers then?
Damn. I wanted some off-time to read the stat-increasing books.

0529e No.107241

You can probably come into the game having already read the books. Just be sure to nite them as part of your equipment costs.

Believers can probably pull carts themselves, but it's not really something you'd need to be too specific about.

ae8ef No.107242

I know that, but the whole 'holding hoofs' is going to make it hard, I'd believe.
On the book part, I have some that increase intelligence including extra skillpoints if read. Do I have those extra skill points from the Int increase?

ae8ef No.107243

If read and level up afterwards, I mean, since they're not temporal.

0529e No.107244

Probably if you promtly apply Psychic Reformation. I got some slight inherent bonuses through Epic VoP, and I applied the +2 Int to skills, since it's inherent and not Enhancement.
Be sure to learn Psychic Reformation, btw. It'll let you reverse bad decisions.

ae8ef No.107245

Already have it, so that part is covered.
Now, you might fall over in shock, but I have a lot of books, specially on Diamond's inventory, that are for leveling up both him and Topaz and the dragon if possible, of course. I think they can speak and read common since they like to strike up a conversation before fighting. This means I would get 20 Int points from reading all four total Tomes of Great Thought.

ae8ef No.107246

Leveling up their stats, of course. Not actual level-ups.

0529e No.107247

Inherent Bonuses can never exceed +5. It doesn't matter how many of the same book you read.
Otherwise Wizards could use economy shenanigans to grant themselves infinite intelligence.

0529e No.107248

File: 1564882276914-0.png (115.45 KB, 500x527, does-it-stack-success-lies….png)

Biggest question in d&d when it comes to Optimization:

ae8ef No.107249

It would've stacked if there wasn't an inherent bonus so that was why I picked it.
Now, I wish to ask you about equipping both Belt of Epic Strength and the Monk's belt. Is it possible?

5047c No.107250

Bonuses of the same type almost never stack. It's a rule in d&d that stands as a basic pillar of sanity in the game's structure.

You only have one belt slot, unless you're an epic Character with the Extra item space feat.
If your Tashalatora Psi Warrior has a level in Monk, he doesn't need the monks belt. The monks belt is overpriced and only good for Druids (who benefit quite a bit from it).

ae8ef No.107251

What about both Ring of Epic Psionics and Periapt of Epic Wisdom?

5047c No.107252

Those work.

If you can afford them, the Bracers Of Relentless Might and the HorseShoes of The Peerless Steed would be a must on an epic martial character.

ae8ef No.107253

They're now taken.
I don't want the extra skill points for now, so I think I'll make all of the books as read by Topaz and the other two thralls in order to get that EPIC character experience and get the extra skill points next level.

0529e No.107254


I'm still working on my dire Elephant. I'm contemplating how cheesy it would be to turn it into a grootslang via Curse Of Lycanthropy…

0529e No.107255

>tfw you've hammered out just about every aspect of your character aside from items and the only thing left to optimize is total cheese

ae8ef No.107256

I only hope the GM can manage this armageddon.

0529e No.107259

Armageddon is a bad spell. I'd never use it.

ae8ef No.107260

I don't even have it on the spell list, so I think I'm safe from ever picking it, even if I wanted to use Expanded Knowledge to get it.

0529e No.107261

I was just making a joke.
Armageddon is a Sanctified summoning spell that summons a few angels over the course of 10 rounds, and gives you 1 permanent level drain as its sacrificial component. It's only marginally more powerful than Elemental Swarm, and that's hardly ever worth casting.
Still, it's another spell on the Vancian list, so I'm none to complain as a Druid.

ae8ef No.107262

That… doesn't sound great still, honestly.

0529e No.107263

The book of exalted deeds is full of underwelming content…
Vow Of Poverty absolutely sucks unless you're a Druid (and it was made for monks), and the only reason Druids don't suffer is because they're tier 1 casters and can handle the nerf.

Evil characters get all of the cool stuff…

ae8ef No.107264

T-topaz isn't evil…
She a pure maiden!

0529e No.107265

File: 1564889111520-0.png (439.8 KB, 947x903, 897396.png)

So long as you don't consider stripping ponies of their free will and having them worship you to be morally questionable Xp

ae8ef No.107266

File: 1564889431786.png (1.31 MB, 1024x768, 1500149943125.png)

Yeah, that's true.
But she a nice pony who happened to have powerful mental powers to sway ponies to her cause!
D-don't think too hard about it, b-baka!

ae8ef No.107267

I have extremely sad news: My juvenile dragon doesn't actually have shapechange. He gets it when it's a great wyrm. He only has Feather fall as a power.

ae8ef No.107268

BTW here's the juvenile dragon with the stats from reading the books and its abilities and power.

0529e No.107269


Oh well, guess Shapechange will be my thing then Xp

ae8ef No.107270

Don't you make me jelly! I gon psi dominate u and add you to the herd!
Not really, unless you act in an evil way,
so try not to do anything too chaotic that could harm others.

0529e No.107271

It matters if NPCs try to chop down trees in my territory: Then the McNukes fall.

ae8ef No.107272

Not the McNukes!

0529e No.107273

I had an idea for an epic spell based on Viridi's Reset Bombs, from Kid Icarus: A creation spell that nukes a 10 mile radius but doesn't harm animals or plants.
Could probably get it at ~70 DC.

ae8ef No.107274

>~70 DC
Oi! Remember I have tons of ponies that I don't want dead! You better not set it off near any of the believers.

0529e No.107275

Don't murder trees.

ae8ef No.107276

I don't think murdering trees is part of the to-do list.
However, if me and my believers need to warm ourselves (excluding the dragon who has cold immunity) I expect you to have an alternative.

0529e No.107277

Of course.

ae8ef No.107278

Good. Skilled mane workers are hard to come by.

ae8ef No.107279

If you're still alive, I want to ask if giving my believers tower shields would have a positive impact on their survivability.

ae8ef No.107280

And here is the template for all of the believers.
Yes, they're kineticists more than nomads like you've suggested. It's going to be one big conga line.

0529e No.107281

Not really. You want to meet them far away from combat. Thanks that they'll need shields for are going to just blow up the ground beneath them.
What they need is a quick and easy way to teleport out of harm's way.

Usually, the reason why believers are different from regular leadership is that you get more in 24 hours if they die off.

0529e No.107284

Psions have some interesting alternative class features, some of which give at-will abilites (rare in 3.5e). I once had level in Egoist on my Lothtouched Anthropromorphic Octopus, just so that it could gain Minor Change Shape for disguise purposes.

ae8ef No.107285

I'm trying to go for them being able to fire off spells at a medium distance to try and damage further off than the thralls in this case, since most of their spells are medium range in order to have some sort of support fire.
Literally in case of the level 1s since they both get matter agitation and control flams.
Aside from that, only the 5th level believers onwards get the benefits of the feat, so I'm not sure if it's worth it to change all of the believers to nomads just for 4 of them, unless I go for another sheet.

0529e No.107286

Just note that spell resistence is transparent with power resistence, so anything with spell resistence probably won't be affected by their powers, which is most creatures we'll encounter in the adventure.
Most creatures are going to have at least 5 resistence in every energy and some damage reductiontoo. Even in group encounters, I doubt very few of the monsters we need to worry about will be less than 20 CR.
If we think of a difficult epic encounter, an infernal Hell Brigade includes 1 Infernal plus 1d4 Balors or 1d4 Pit Fiends, plus whatever minor fiends that the Balor or Pit Fiends summon. And that'll be median difficulty, depending on how many Epic Books GM has read the typical encounter will be a lot harder than that. You can expect half of the encounters we'll face to be our CR and the rest to be a bit higher or lower.

Of course, losing a few believers isn't going to be a big loss, but some enemies will have at-will reanimation powers, like a Pit Fiend's Create Undead or a Shape of Fire's Create Spawn. It's good to have a more of escape, in case piles of corpses become liabilities mid-battle.

0529e No.107287

*mode of escape

ae8ef No.107288

Trust me, I would go for some sort of escape utility, but the level 1s and 2s don't have those modes of escape you speak of, even the nomads.
At most the level 3s can get Dimension Swap, which could help out a bit, but the level 1s and 2s don't benefit from it.

ae8ef No.107289

I supposed I could make the 5th and 6th level believers to be able to cast Astral Caravan, too.
That should allow them to go away, like so.

0529e No.107290

Hmmm, you have a point.
That looks like a great idea. Group synergy is the key.

ae8ef No.107291

Specially if I make the believers augment it. It adds a 25% for the enemy to miss their attacks if they try to kill the about to travel peeps.

0529e No.107292

Cool. It's looking good do far.

ae8ef No.107293

Granted, the peeps need to have some points into knowledge (The Planes) in order not to get lost along the way, and their max is 8 in their best level, so it's best used in case of emergencies. Otherwise, Topaz should lead.

0529e No.107294

Only one of them needs knowledge for that to work.
>tfw 25 ranks in knowledge (the planes)

ae8ef No.107295

Not if all 4 level 5-6 believers start their own astral caravans to get away quickly.
It's more of a precaution.

0529e No.107296

If that's the case, load them each up with 5 ranks in planes knowledge and max out Survival. Wouldn't want them getting screwed by Githyaki raiders.

ae8ef No.107297

I can't max it out since they're not really nomads, but kineticists. I guess I could make the 5-6 levelled peeps into nomads and invest in Energy Missile and some other power with expanded Knowledge in order to get survival as an actual skill and not a cross-class.

0529e No.107298

Why kinecists? It's arguably the weakest discipline.
You could also use Hidden Talent to get 1st level psychokinesis powers. It's a good feat for low-level characters.

ae8ef No.107299

Well, I wanted them to be able to do some sort of damage still, and energy missile is a good way to do some damage with low-levels with its 3d6 rolls that has a reflex save to halve damage, combined with the electricity type to have a +2 Save DC. Besides, most of the nomad skills are quite poor, unless climb, jump and swim are actually needed for my caravan build.

ae8ef No.107300

Nevermind, here's the new and improved nomads with energy missile. Move the autohypnosis points to knowledge (geography)

0529e No.107301

I always found this thread to be an interesting guide for making low-level NPCs.
Soulmelds are your friend, btw.

ae8ef No.107302

Quick question: Should I go for bowmaking or weaponsmithing?

0529e No.107303

You personally? Nah, don't even bother. You have high enough int to take 10 on crafting masterwork weapons, and it's not like nonmagical weapons are going to be useful at all in this adventure. All of the enemies with have DR/epic or at least magic.

ae8ef No.107304

I mean for the followers, since craft is a skill they can take.
Bowmaking is quite profitable and also pretty light to carry around.
But weaponsmithing has a lot more options at the cost of somewhat higher DC to succeed.
After that, I'm not sure how to carry the believers whom I put wagons on, unless it doesn't actually matter.

ae8ef No.107305

Carry as in travel with Astral Caravan.

0529e No.107306

Making tiny amounts of money over long courses of time is beneath you, tbh. Craft skills are hardly ever relavant.

Just give them all light crossbows as part of their basic equipment.

ae8ef No.107307

I have no idea where to put the skill points if that's the case. Climb, maybe?
Perhaps I can still put craft (weaponsmithing) in case crossbows get stolen?

0529e No.107308

Put them into psicraft, knowledge (Psionics), and concentration: those are the core skills of Psions.
Especially with Telepathy you can use aid another actions to add enormous bonuses to your PCs psicraft checks.

ae8ef No.107309

Psicraft and Concentration are already taken, but I guess I could also take Knowledge (Psionics). Should I also go for Knowledge (Nature and Geography) Separate knowledge skills too?

0529e No.107310

Any knowledge skill would work.
A telepathic hivemind of knowledge checks using aid another could answer virtually any question.

ae8ef No.107311

0529e No.107312

I think dungeoneering, local or history may be a bit more useful than nature in this context. Nature gives you a synergy bonus to survival though, so whatever you think is best.

0529e No.107313

Nature isn't that useful of a skill, since we'fre unlikely to meet fey or giants, and identifying animals isn't important unless you're capable of wildshape.
>tfw 28 ranks

ae8ef No.107314

Geography grants a +2 Survival in not stumbling against something bad while travelling and +2 is to survive better in the wild.
However, the level 1s can easily only place 1 point and spread out into the other knowledge fields since they don't have the synergy bonus and from what you say, they should easily pass skillchecks on their own if they assist eachother, from 1 to 135 peeps.

0529e No.107315

>not stumbling against something bad while travelling
I actually don't think low level monsters are going to be that big of a concern. I doubt GM is going to stat creatures to keep picking off your believers, knowing that you get new ones in 24 hours. Anything that's going to attack them is absolutely going to find them.

ae8ef No.107316

Well shit. Currently spreading out the level 1s into having more varied knowledges, but the ones able of obtaining a synergy bonus will keep their +5 on Knowledge (Nature) but pass the other one into dungeonreeing.

ae8ef No.107317

And here it is.
It's starting to look a bit messy.

0529e No.107318

Pseudo-leadership is rather complicated if you're actually stating followers for practical application.

Just note that you technically don't have influence over what believers are attracted to you, so you might want to run it by GM for clarity.

ae8ef No.107319

I'm surprised he didn't jump to say anything so far.
I suppose everything's alright on your end, GM?

0529e No.107324

He probably hadn't read most of it yet. I wouldn't blame him.
Are PCs going to come into the game already knowing eachother?

ae8ef No.107325

I'd believe you. Reading others' character sheet can be exhausting.
Heck, I made 4 sheets for this one campaign and I got my brain melted because of it.

0529e No.107326

The reason I ever made a VoP druid is because the character I made before that was an Artificer. Artificer is probably the most difficult, tedious bookkeeping class in 3.5e, and it left me with a subtle loathing of the 3.5e item system.

VoP is bad, and doesn't work on anything but a druid, but it's simpler this way and this way I won't cry when enemy casters hits me with Disjunction. Druids are pretty easy to play too.

ae8ef No.107327

It's all the details to keep in mind that's mind-boggling, and keep in mind GM has to play around every single thing we have as characters.

0529e No.107328

File: 1564958811046-0.jpg (90.49 KB, 755x1058, 4427c59a984c408272dc5323c0….jpg)

Undead git!

0529e No.107329

Gosh, i need something to take my mind off of that gay cup.

Does everyone have a desired party role? It's better to know ahead of time. I built my character to be capable of:
>Battlefield Control
>Melee Damage
>Range Damage
>Tactical Mobility
In that order

Did anybody have their own role they wanted? I don't like to eclipse niches, so I might refocus my character if anybody wanted one of those as their main thing.
I've got Greenbound Summoning and Rashemi elemental summoning, so i can flood the battlefield with thorns and sinkholes when necessary. Most of my prepared spells are going to be buffs or AoE catastrophes, but I'd prepare more a lot more utility spells if anyone else wanted to be the main evoker.

a2c5a No.107331

File: 1564963823668.png (5.49 KB, 399x403, Candy Swirl accurate.png)

Henlo, i want to play.

0529e No.107335

Ah, lovely.
Have you decided on your class?

a2c5a No.107339

Yea i thought Artificer was Pretty neat, my sheet isn't finished but i'll post what i have so far.

6 str -2
13 Dex -1
17 Con +3
28 Int +9
8 Wis -2
15 Cha +2
Bab +18/+13/+8
Fort +14
Ref +8
Will +14
186 hp

Appraise 15
Bluff 20
Concentration 20
Craft Weaponsmithing 28
Craft ArmorSmithing 28
Craft Alchemy 28
Craft bowmaking 10
Decipher Script 15
Diplomacy 20
Disable Device
Escape Artist
Gather Information
Handle Animal
Knowledge Arcana 20
Knowledge religon 20
Listen 10
Move Silently
Open Lock
Profession Craftsmare 20
Search 1
Sense Motive 20
Sleight Of Hand
Speak Language 15
Spot 10
Use Magic Device 28
Use Rope

Craft Magic Arms And Armor
Craft Wondrous Item
Eschew Materials
Craft Construct
Craft Wand
Scribe Scroll
Brew Potion
Combat Casting
Attune magic weapon

0529e No.107341

File: 1564964494351-0.jpg (45.4 KB, 750x600, 87afa6f0e0d6b6d22bc82b6891….jpg)

File: 1564964494351-1.jpg (67.13 KB, 655x419, qTQ2eeP.jpg)

File: 1564964494351-2.jpg (82.82 KB, 750x600, 1375739622721.jpg)

File: 1564964494351-3.jpg (63.73 KB, 750x600, e2c49da3ae48105df88ce1cb64….jpg)

>Epic Artificer
Wew. Another tier 1 pseudo-caster.
Obligatory memes.

a2c5a No.107345

Could i make a party cannon?

0529e No.107349

I'm not the GM, but what exactly is a party cannon?

a2c5a No.107351

You know, like Pinkie pie's.

ae8ef No.107354

I guess it could count as an epic item creation, maybe?

0529e No.107358

Yeah, but the question is what kind, what caster level, and what the total cost would be.

ae8ef No.107359

You could say Topaz is a jack of all trades in that regard, seeing how I can dish out constructs that decimate in melee, have some save or dies here and there, have the capacity of being the face, have some battlefield control with both Diamond who's a tripper and Entangling Ectoplasm and have a small but efficient list of direct offensive spells. The things I would lack is a healer and possibly tactical mobility since my teleportation is personal and I guess Diamond is the main pony who can do it, but Inertial Armor, Vigor and Share Pain give me the essential items to not need a healer.
In other words, go wild if you want to.
I honestly have no idea. My psion stuff was enough of a headache for me.

626de No.107363

A coot
Glad to have you
Pretty good.
Hmmmmmm, definite we'll see. Depends on what you want.

6d281 No.107364

Are traps gay?

0529e No.107365

Why do you ask?

6d281 No.107366

Who asked you fgt?

a2c5a No.107367

They Are The Biggest of Gays. Even Gayer than the Faggots that Parade Around. Candy Is Female in case you were interested about that.

6d281 No.107368

"She gets my vote"

0529e No.107369

Just checking for faggots.

0529e No.107371

>Speak Language 15
What languages exactly?

a2c5a No.107372

What Languages are Available?

0529e No.107373

Idk, but 15 ranks is 15 different languages. It'd cost you 30 points too..

6d281 No.107374

There are benefits to putting more than one rank in language,….

0529e No.107375

If it's a class skill and you've got a bunch of language dependent abilites, like a Bard.
Otherwise it's kind of expensive.
I'm none to judge though.

a2c5a No.107377

Maybe i should lower the ranks some then.
Maybe 5

0529e No.107378

My PC knows 8 languages:
You come into the game knowing 10 just by virtue of your intelligence score. What languages did you want?

a2c5a No.107379

Changlingmaybe, are there any changlings in this game?

0529e No.107380

You certainly have the abilites of a diplomancer, so you could be the speaker if that's what you want.

I've got a pretty big Diplomacy modifier and maxed out perform (oratory), that I get through Greensinger Inititiate. I've got permanent tongues and comprehend languages, so I could handle whatever you don't feel like.

Astral Constructs are the Psionic equivalent to summons. I've got a summoner's build, but more Summons to clog up the battlefield and dogpile the enemy is always appreciated.

I have access to a lot of at-will healing SLAs via my planar Wildshape, so healing won't be a problem. If I get a little bit abusive with Shapechange and use the Tome Dragon for Free Metamagic, I could give everyone Persistent Lesser Vigor. I'm more than happy to be the main healer.
GM said no Changelings.

ae8ef No.107381

I think he meant as a playable race, not related to languages.
Speaking of, I never did pick languages. I guess I'll definitely have common and draconic speech since how else am I going to talk to Phosphorus. Other than that, I'm not really sure.

0529e No.107382

If you take the 5th level telepath ACF, your at-will telepathy could let you communicate with any intelligent creature.

ae8ef No.107383

Something else to note, and I know it's a bit sappy, but could you plase heal my lil believers if they get hurt?

0529e No.107384

If they somehow get hurt without being totally splattered all over the realmspace? Sure, I guess.

ae8ef No.107385

Hey! They are nice ponies!
I took it, so there's no issue then.

a2c5a No.107387

Lil Believers?

ae8ef No.107388

Yeah, they're nice lil' level 1s.
They do Topaz's braids.

a2c5a No.107389

Cute,will they do candy's Hair.

Appraise 20
Bluff 10
Concentration 20
Craft Weaponsmithing 28
Craft ArmorSmithing 28
Craft Alchemy 28
Craft bowmaking 10
Decipher Script 10
Diplomacy 10
Disable Device 20
Escape Artist
Gather Information
Handle Animal
Knowledge Arcana 20
Knowledge Planes 20
Knowledge Architectiure and Engineering 20
Listen 5
Move Silently
Open Lock 10
Profession Craftsmare 20
Search 20
Sense Motive
Sleight Of Hand
Speak Language
Spellcraft 20
Spot 5
Use Magic Device 28
Use Rope
here are my revised skills, i forgot i used the wrong class when i wrote those down.

0529e No.107390

Are you doing straight Artificer 25?

a2c5a No.107392

Yep, its already difficult enough without doing multiple classes.

ae8ef No.107393

You have to be nice tho.

a2c5a No.107394

Candy Can Be Nice, When She Wants.

ae8ef No.107396

Ah ah~
Be nice all the time.

a2c5a No.107397

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Just to topaz.

0529e No.107398

Straight Artificer is a good build.
It's a tier 1 class, after all.

0529e No.107399

Oi, you two haven't even met yet.

a2c5a No.107400

Any tips on what to Add next?"

ae8ef No.107401

Not good enough.
But it will suffice for the time being.
It's just OC talk.
I think.
Game should start on 12th of August.

0529e No.107402

Feats, equipment, HP, personality, goals, etc.
It'd be unironically good to make an Excel spreadsheet for dedicated Wrights crafting.

a2c5a No.107408

Yea its just OC talk.
I've Got Personality, Hp,and Feats.

ae8ef No.107411

Although I'm dropping a big hint of Topaz's alignment.

a2c5a No.107412

Lawful Good?

ae8ef No.107417


a2c5a No.107419

mine's Chaotic Good. so we should get along well enough.

ae8ef No.107421

Oh boy! We're a big good family!
After we get to meet eachother, of course.

a2c5a No.107423

What are your characters like?

0529e No.107436

File: 1565016582250-0.jpg (56.04 KB, 564x711, 052b4b00e6ed72dc62bddecf0d….jpg)

I'm playing a Kirin as a Neutral Good Sun Domain Druid, PrC'd into Planar Shepherd of Elysium, and dipped into Radiant Servant Of Pelor.
I built her with Vow Of Poverty, and applied Dark Chaos Feat Shuffle multiple times to get more domains from the feats I swapped out. I'm using the spontaneous domain-casting ACF, so I've got less spells than I would normally have, but much more spell versitality that can be useful in a pinch. I built her with Persistent Spell and Divine Metamagic, so I figured I'd have her loaded up with a bunch of persistent buff spells so she can melee, while using the SLA's she gets from Planar Wildshape for ranged attacks.

Pic unrelated

ae8ef No.107437

Playing a lawful good Psion Thrallherd, able to command two thralls (cohorts) and a lot of believers (followers). She has telepathic communication as an AcF, and some items to boost intelligence and power points. The thralls are mostly strength-based, with one of them able to expand himself to trip every single thing, specially with stomp, greater, while the other is a juvenile dragon that, hopefully, can grow further along the campaign so that he achieves his full potential. Has a mix of offensive, defensive and utility spells, somewhat leaning on the second or third but her thrallherd levels took away two manifester levels so augmenting is a bit lower than usual.
She won't be trying to get into the fray tho. She's not viable as a melee combatant. That's for her thralls and constructs to handle.
Pretty sure you could grapple her to submission if her thralls aren't around for some reason, but beware, for she can turn you into dust easily.

0529e No.107438

bf72e No.107439

A cowe

bf72e No.107440

>a baby dragon
With buffs/support, Spike is better off being wee than being ginormous

0529e No.107441

I could just summon some big ones anyway.

bf72e No.107442

I'm looking forward to talking MAAAAAAD shit in character

0529e No.107443

What kind of character would you like to play?

ae8ef No.107444

It's at the middle.
Try not to harm anybody.

bf72e No.107445

0529e No.107446

What kind of class(s) were you looking at?

bf72e No.107447


0529e No.107448

What does cowe do?

bf72e No.107449

Cowe says Muu

0529e No.107450

Do you have a party role in mind?
Melee? Healing? Stealth/Scout?

bf72e No.107451

I bet it drives you nuts wondering whats under the christmas tree

0529e No.107452

I'm just bored right now, tbh.

ae8ef No.107453

It kinda is. We still have 6 more days of planning.

0529e No.107454

I've got mine mostly finished, but it's good to make sure everyone has the time, given the high-stakes, high-magic crunch nature that is an epic adventure.
I'm currently reading Dark Sun for variant Druid content.

ae8ef No.107455

I think I'm ready with the current loadout.
Hopefully I'm right.

0529e No.107456

I have a Bard mostly-finished just in case my Druid dies.

798ae No.107457

That's a very familiar character description.

ae8ef No.107459

I'm getting real spooked.
It's just your imagination.

bf72e No.107460

It really should be

0529e No.107472

Characters die. That's part of the fun.
It doesn't hurt to be prepared for sudden death. My character is so beefy she's pretty much impervious to anything that doesn't kill her instantly.

d98d3 No.107475

How Much Hp does she have

0529e No.107476

300-something, after Constitution boosters.

ae8ef No.107478

Well, you may be right.

d98d3 No.107480

i only have 186. :(

ae8ef No.107481

I only have 150-something.
Don't worry.

bf72e No.107483

I have a cowe
Notice how I'm deliberately avoiding telling anyone anything? I'm not expecting anyone to do likewise, I'm just gonna talk shit Xp

d98d3 No.107484

Cowe? like Arizona?

ae8ef No.107485

No biggie.
While team composition is important to confirm now, I completely understand your inclinations.
Gud cowe, tho. Be wary it can speak.

bf72e No.107486

File: 1565056473300.png (62.2 KB, 500x350, arizona.png)

Why yes. I am blatantly and unabashedly requisitioning Arizona's likeness for the purpose of this campaign.

626de No.107487

Oh boy, a sassy McRib combo. This'll go great.

d98d3 No.107488

A Cute!

ae8ef No.107490

Well hotdamn. Wasn't expecting her.
Although what race would she be? It should be important to state now.

0529e No.107491

That's alright.
Just be ready to play next week.

0529e No.107492

There's a system for making medium sized Anthropromorphic animals in Savage Species.
The stats for cows were originally printed in some 2e book and converted to 3.5e. Bison would probably be the better base though.

d98d3 No.107493

Probably Earth pony modified. i could be wrong though.

bf72e No.107494

*looks around in disbelief, as though hoping there is someone hidden watching this exchange*
Uh, a cowe?

ae8ef No.107495

I know, but the GM clearly stated it either has to be one of the races in the OP or a direct copy of it.
Althought it's quite obvious it's going to be an earth pony copy.

0529e No.107496

File: 1565057485155-0.jpg (90.43 KB, 530x630, Athasian_dragon_metamorpho….jpg)


I was thinking about dicking around with the Metamorphosis seed at some point in game. My Druid is only a few decades away from the end if her natural lifespan, so becoming ageless may prove to be worth the investment depending on how far the campaign goes in time.

bf72e No.107497

>direct copy
You underestimate my autism

626de No.107498

Hi yes, I am GM.
I'd say cao is what >>107493 said.
I don't

ae8ef No.107502

I suppose.
I'm only stating that in order to play the cowe, it must have the same racial traits as a race in the OP, which the Earth Pony easily fits into.
No one's underestimating their austisms here.

0529e No.107504

GM, are epic casters allowed to come into the game with spells pre-developed? Is so, how many? I would normally write off past spells as total equipment cost, but this feels like a special case.

0529e No.107505

Cows don't have cutie marks though.

ae8ef No.107509

Who says so?
Cow can have cutie mark as a sort of special splotch.

626de No.107510


And the GM spake, saying, "First shalt thou inscribe the stone tablets. Then, shalt thou count out three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then, does the player have enough sacred spells to cast towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it."

ae8ef No.107511

Is it the same as powers, too?

0529e No.107512

Well, here's a question then.
Is a cutie mark an extraordinary or supernatural ability? I'd like to know, because I have some interesting debuffs that could totally screw enemies depending on how it's interpreted.

Engraving Epic Spells on stone tablets for other casters to read doubles their spellcraft DC, as per the ELH.
My character is capable of developing spells at about ~75 DC; could I have developed canonical spells with up to half that difficulty?

bf72e No.107513

One, two, FIVE

Seriously here's the thing. I'm deliberately using parameters that are otherwise undefined for several reasons. For one, everything you know about my character is what you will see and interact with. I'm not gonna meta anything. You're all welcome to draw your own conclusions, and they're probably gonna be more or less accurate, but ultimately she's a cowe (which will be less/unknown to ponies of many varieties) and if you want to know more, ask in character and see what happens XDDD

0529e No.107514

I'm going to meta everything . I'll always make it clear what my character is doing, how she's doing it, and what the lasting impacts on the universe will be.

bf72e No.107515

Yes, you're my principle inspiration

0529e No.107516

Thanks, Anon. :D

ae8ef No.107518

It's to add a skill to max, like the Earth Poner.
Not sure why are you assuming cutie mark have inherent spell effects.
Unless I am not bigbrained enough.

0529e No.107520

Well, most powers inherent to creatures are divided into either Extraordinary or Supernatural abilites.
For example, if I targeted a pony with Expunge The Supernatural, to permanently remove their CM, would they simply lose the skillpoints?

0529e No.107523

*casts legend Lore on cowe*

bf72e No.107524

0529e No.107525

Roll what?

bf72e No.107526

Roll a dice

ae8ef No.107528

I don't suppose it's a supernatural or extraordinary skill.
I think, not sure.
I simply thought it as a racial trait and that's it.

0529e No.107529

Dice rollRolled 8, 16 + 28 = 52

Whatever it it, I would add at least +28 by discharging Moment Of Prescience and Reserves Of Strength, and roll 2 separate dice via persisted Choose Destiny (take the better result).

626de No.107530

bf72e No.107531

Huh, too bad we're not playing innit?
Yeah no

0529e No.107532

I've got divination buffs coming out of my ass.

bf72e No.107533

You got something coming out ur,….

626de No.107534

My GM's gavel is gonna be joining those buffs

0529e No.107535

That's what I would have rolled if we were actually playing. Choose Destiny is s 9th level spell that I can Persist at the beginning of the day in a buff ritual.

0529e No.107536

Which ones?

bf72e No.107537

Ah huh. You'll just have to explain why your Kirin is using a 9th level spell against a random cowe

0529e No.107538

I wasn't, it was a joke. And it's not a targeted spell, or a 9th level spell. Legend Lore is 5th level.

If we were actually in character I'd just use detect thoughts.

bf72e No.107539

0529e No.107540

Ah, Choose Destiny is just a spell she'd persist at the beginning of every day, via Divine Metamagick or the Tome Dragon's Free Metamagick ability (through persistent Shapechange). It helps her avoid being disintegrated by Nat 1's, or missing on important attack rolls. I spent a whole feat just to gain access to that spell.

bf72e No.107541

>I'm going to use a persistent 9th level spell to augment a 5th level spell on an otherwise random character, in advance of any actual gameplay
Yeah, no

0529e No.107542

I said it was a joke, m8. You're the one who told me to roll.

ae8ef No.107543

This isn't canon, it's OOC.
You got owned, tho. Backpedalling at its finest.

bf72e No.107545

Exactly. Its OOC. If it were in character, I'd be employing a different strategy, but that strategy would be revealing. Since I'm not obliged to go along with it, I'm not gonna.
Nigga please

ae8ef No.107549

You did say roll for knowledge.
Now you'll have that pending.

0529e No.107550

File: 1565061516577-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.81 KB, 500x500, smug-anime-faces-magical-i….jpg)

Divination is a very useful and underrated school of magic. Nobody can keep secrets from a full caster.
Legend lore doesn't even require an actual roll, just a few minutes of concentration. Characters above level 11 are considered to be "legendary", so they always have information that can be divined.

bf72e No.107552

And again, nope

ae8ef No.107556

You can nope all you want, my boy, but all of your secrets are revealed!
You don't really have to say it tho. Just know that your playful attempt to act mysterious backfired.
I have a supplemental read thoughts as well.

0529e No.107557

It was a joke, m8. I'm not actually going to just forcefully reveal all of your character's secrets for no reason.

0529e No.107558

Telepaths are great at finding stuff out, not as good as Seers, but good nonetheless.

ae8ef No.107559

I know it is. Don't worry. I wasn't expecting him to actually answer with your roll.
Yeah, and she can also always keep up with follower needs and other PCs with telepathic communication too.
I was tempted to take Divination, Psionic but it was a bit too eh.
Maybe I'll take it, maybe I don't.

ae8ef No.107560

*answer to your roll

0529e No.107561

Your believers could allow be really useful if they all roll gather information or knowledge, or all use the aid another action to assist 1 roll. With a herd of hundreds of ponies all covering ground or thinking in a hivemind to answer questions, you could find out the answer to pretty much any question in a week.

ae8ef No.107564

I think you already mentioned this, but I do have at least rank 1 for the level 1s at almost any knowledge skill just for that. Only ones missing is architecture and… religion I think.

0529e No.107565

I've got 28 Ranks in Religion. You can leave religious topics to the nun.

ae8ef No.107569

I am quite excited for things to start!
Everything's more or less ready.

0529e No.107571

I'm excited too.
I've never done an epic adventure before, only dreamed of it.

f34c5 No.107586

Psst. GM. Is there a psionic-magic transparency?
As in, if I use identify, psionic on a spell, I can know what it is, or dispel psionics to dispell magic.

f34c5 No.107587

It also would work the other way around, of course. Identify magic to identify psionics and dispel magic to dispel psionics.

0529e No.107593

In a default setting, dispel Psionics works on magic and vice versa, unless the "Psionics Is Different" rule is in play (which would be settings like Dark sun, where Arcane magic is special).

As for identification, Psicraft is not Transparent with spellcraft, so you'd need to be a Spellcaster (or at least have the skill) if you wanted to identify spells.
It would work if you had 1 level in Wizard and took Precocious Apprentice to get early entry into Cerebramancer, but that'd be a different build.

534b7 No.107594

Ah, okay. So the powers identify psionics cannot identify spells but the power dispel psionics does work against magic.
Thank you.

0529e No.107595

Psionic Identify isn't really worth learning. Epic Psionic items are going to be few and far between, and even then you could just roll psicraft to determine the school and guess from there.
Same goes for the spell, actually. Difference is that the spell is a waste because it eats a 200 gp pearl.

0529e No.107597

My family wants to drag me out to a vacation place they rented for the weekend..
I'll try to still play though..

534b7 No.107598

You're safe for now. Game starts on the 12th, which lands on a Monday, which also means the game will start in the 17th

0529e No.107599

File: 1565125221182-0.jpeg (151.14 KB, 1132x1280, 1795489.jpeg)

Ah, that's a relief.

0529e No.107600

File: 1565125629332-0.png (101.33 KB, 500x386, buzzle-com-side-dm-on-nooo….png)

>tfw cripplechan is kill, so I can't browse the druid/pol/ threads for ideas character thematics

534b7 No.107601

Oof. Hopefully you'll have the chance tomorrow.

0529e No.107602

I doubt it, but I guess it can't be helped.

f34c5 No.107603

I know this is sudden, but should I take both minor and major creation powers?
I'm currently making up the backup character in case Topaz dies.

0529e No.107604

No reason to have them both, tbh. You could always have a Dorge of minor creation of you think you'd use it a lot. Psionic Minor Creation is most useful at low levels for making large quantities of black Lotus extract, which is why a lot of Rogues and Assassins take it.
If this character isn't a Telepath, an Erudite could have them both without even needing to choose.

f34c5 No.107605

I was going for shaper, so true creation is also an option.
I assume that will essentially mean just have true creation and discard the two other creation feats, right?

0529e No.107608

File: 1565135535393-0.jpg (57.65 KB, 750x600, 1a91e37f80db129981cc1a4f94….jpg)

Idk very much about Psionics, tbh. I just know that Constructer is the best PrC for Shapers.
As for creation feats, idk what they are, so I can't really help you there.

Compensation meme:

0529e No.107612

True creation costs XP, iirc. You probably don't want it to be your only creation power if you're a shaper.
There's also Genesis, which is amazing.

f34c5 No.107614

Got it.
Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing either, but it's gonna be fun.

0529e No.107617

I'm excited too.
I wonder how the exposition will work.

f34c5 No.107619

I wonder how he'll make the PCs interested in defeating the chaos supporters.
It should be easy, since we're good horses.

0529e No.107621

Even nongood druids have no shortage of motivations to save the world. Be it out of nature of nature veneration, or just being territorial as usual.

f34c5 No.107629

An unrelated question: Is making the shaper into a nerd who thinks his powers is all he needs in his life, including having relationships, a stereotype?
Don't worry. I won't go ERP, unless a fade to black is presented.

0529e No.107632

It's always shit, and it will never be original.

It's decent though.

f34c5 No.107640

Good to know. Just wanted to make sure there's no friction between characters since we have to stick together and all.

0529e No.107688

Meh, you don't need a good excuse to join a party. That's just a given.

f34c5 No.107698

If you say so.
Good thing he's a backup, then.
Because I can't quite say he's a nice pony to hang with.
At least he doesn't disturb nature.

0529e No.107702

Always good to have backup.
But if he's evil I'll turn him into a newt XD

f34c5 No.107712

I wouldn't say evil.
More abrasive, know-it-all kind and depraved kind of unlikable.
I'd still say it's worth of newt transformation tho.

0529e No.107721

File: 1565150210002-0.jpg (62.35 KB, 750x600, bIrsvLR.jpg)

f34c5 No.107729

Poor little thing.
It would be funny to mind change between Topaz and an unsuspecting dragon.
Too bad it doesn't allow it.

bf72e No.107734

File: 1565151250577.jpg (12.26 KB, 480x360, klaus.jpg)

0529e No.107755

Pretty sure Mind Switch still works on dragons.

I'd personally prefer learning to transform my PCs body though, rather than just possess another. That way my druid can always return to her own adorable form :3.

f34c5 No.107756

In theory, Topaz can also do that, since it isn't a true mind switch where she has to recast it again to go back, so she can return to her pretty form again too, and if she wants her body still after taking it from another being, she can always have her body tied up in case it's hostile and have it as a backup since mind switch becomes permanent if Topaz's body dies.

f34c5 No.107757

Forget about that last part, because the spell kills both participant if one of the bodies dies.
Only true mind switch allows for permanent takeover of the body.

0529e No.107758

NPC Telepaths usually use the True Mindswitch to live forever by stealing younger bodies.

f34c5 No.107759

As expected from having such a power.
Honestly, I don't think Topaz has the will to take over somepony else's body.

0529e No.107760

I found an epic progression for Thrallherd. Could prove interesting:
The general rule for making epic progressions for prestige classes in the Complete Arcane and the Complete Psionic (not a good book, but still) is to progress class features arithmetically while giving the class a bonus feat every couple levels. This class basically gives the Thrallherd equivalent to Epic Leadership and Legendary Commander, which would otherwise be inaccessible.

f34c5 No.107761

If I'm reading this correctly, if I were to, say, only have Psion 5 / Epic Thrallherd 20, I would still have a manifester level of 23, the same amount of powers known and power points, as well as some extra class features?
I really need to confirm this before I try it.

0529e No.107763

Since it's an epic progression, it wouldn't be available until level 20.
You could do:
>10 Telepath, 10 Thrallherd, 5 epic Thrallherd.
>5 Telepath, 5 "other psionic prestige class", 10 Thrallherd, 5 Epic Thrallherd.
They point of the class is that it gives you a chance to continue growing your herd, in addition to giving you leadership feat-equivalents you may not otherwise be able to possess:

f34c5 No.107766

Ok, so I won't reach the threefold master, which I secretly thank because it means creating yet another thrall for the game.
So I get epic leadership, which pushes up my leadership score up to 41, which allows for even more followers.
If my power point amount and powers known remains the same with these changes, I think I'll go for it.
Still have to tweak the believers again,
since their max level is now 9

0529e No.107767

You could get the threefold master by lvl 30, which we may reach if we're graced.
The first link is the one you want, btw.

f34c5 No.107769

I have all of the links open, so no worries.
I'll go with unchanged power points and powers known.

0529e No.107770

Too bad the complete psionic was such a bad book.. It's hard to find good stuff in there..
At least the Expanded Psionics handbook was pretty good, and easy to build on.

f34c5 No.107771

Yeah, the poor book.
No one likes it as far as I could see.

f34c5 No.107772

I have just realized that my thrall needs a level up, too.
I'm thankful the game starts later.

0529e No.107773

File: 1565193750370-0.jpeg (211.7 KB, 789x768, 598534.jpeg)

>which pushes up my leadership score up to 41
Th-that's a small country…
And You should have 3 or more 10th level followers.
At this point, you could even have believers that are themselves thrallherds.

f34c5 No.107774

And you know what else changes? I think I can actually go for a young adult/adult dragon now and improve the psiwarrior even further.
I am quite scared to go for that, honestly. It may make the game too easy, as well as having more chances for Topaz to be sad at possible lives lost.

0529e No.107775

Nah, if it's anyone it should be me who chose the strongest possible PrC for Druids built around the capability to apply Persistent Spell to Shapechange…
THE Draconomicon has several good prestige classes exclusively for dragons, btw. Bloodscaled Fury is a good one for melee attackers.
I think the Improved Cohort feat may also apply to thralls under the "feat equivalents" clause in the ELH.

f34c5 No.107776

I honestly just want to reach great wyrm status with the dragon. It would be fun to play with.
And dab on them fire peeps with hot water.

0529e No.107779

File: 1565196658027-0.png (129.52 KB, 500x915, gru-memes-expanding-brain-….png)

With Metaconcert, Feat Leech and Thieving Mindlink, that could be a infinite pool of cooperative powers and power-points and psionic feats to manifest with.

bc4b4 No.107784

Your GM would appreciate you not commanding a small country to flood his campaign with, plz thx.

91bac No.107785

I for one welcome a character mind-controlling an entire army, under a pretense of "not Evil"

0529e No.107786

An epic Telepath/Thrallherd sounds pretty awesome in that respect. The herd could be made up of virtually every pony in the setting with innate Psionic talent, all joined together by their connection to the overmind.
Literally the Princess of Psions.

f34c5 No.107787

Imagine getting to alicorn status for that in the endgame.
Don't worry, GM-o. They're mostly level 1s, so they aren't too dangerous.
Thank you, Anon :)

0529e No.107789


f34c5 No.107790

The last one is the most accurate by far in this case, tbh.

0529e No.107791

File: 1565208465190-0.jpg (56.95 KB, 750x600, motivator5588056.jpg)

File: 1565208465190-1.jpg (54.75 KB, 750x600, motivator7496567.jpg)

File: 1565208465190-2.jpg (63.6 KB, 750x600, motivator7640376.jpg)

File: 1565208465190-3.jpg (45.05 KB, 750x600, Thrallherd.jpg)

File: 1565208465190-4.jpg (57.52 KB, 600x480, tumblr_nn9n7rRcan1rv231do1….jpg)

f34c5 No.107792

Ah, much better.

91bac No.107793

Not a compliment

0529e No.107794

What do you suggest then?

f34c5 No.107795

use pew pew brain powers
Yes, it is.

91bac No.107796

No spoilers
No, its really not

f34c5 No.107797

>No spoilers
Well then.
If you're thinking naughty thoughts, then I shall give you coal.

0529e No.107798

File: 1565209400476.jpg (281.09 KB, 937x690, Void.jpg)

I think a lawful good thrallherd is unique and interesting. The class itself doesn't have any alignment restriction. Mindbender. If you consider the fact that NPCs are uber-ancient characters who would've practically invented their respective classes, the strongest Telepath in the realmspace could be like a psionic prophet, gathering the psionically gifted from among the mind-blind. I think there was a good NPC Psion who did a similar thing in Dark Sun.
There's lots of ways to fluff it:
> "Those who follow me do so out of the knowledge that justice is not attained through idle hands. I do not question why they come to aid me; instead, I ask why others have stayed behind."
> "I see your thoughts, and they are impure. Come, let me help you cleanse them."
> "You ask yourself if you have the strength to fight this evil. Lean on my strength instead."
> "The gods have seen fit to grant me these abilities. If I am unworthy, I pray they shall strip them from me."
> "Those who cannot think have no use for fear. Without fear, evil is robbed of its greatest strength. Every thrall made is a hammer blow against evil."
> "Penance requires action. Others would kill my thralls for their misdeeds, for they could never be trusted to hold to the ways of law and goodness; instead, I give them a chance to serve a greater justice than they could ever know. And with the passage of time, when my will becomes theirs, perhaps true atonement can come at last."
> "My legion is a better teacher than any prison. What cannot be taught through pain is taught through love."

0529e No.107799

*unlike mindbender

0529e No.107800

File: 1565209862926-0.png (309.53 KB, 704x826, 2101804.png)

>not a compliment
>no spoilers
Well, if you dislike it, the least you could do is try to be constructive.

f34c5 No.107801

While I'm not directly taking it for Topaz exactly, I think I know how her father would've said in order for her to pursue this exact purpose, coated in a layer of sugar, of course.
>"Travel the world, my filly, and make a lot of strong friends."
>"Lend your hoof even to the bad pony and help him or her grow out of her evil nature."
>"Why do ponies follow you? It is simple, my filly: You are a shining light in this world, and you are destined to grant it harmony."
>"Do not be afraid of taking away the freedom of others when they act irrationaly. Someponies need help to control their urges."
Something along those lines.

91bac No.107802

Foreshadowing is perfectly constructive

0529e No.107803

Wait, are you GM?

f34c5 No.107804

I don't think he is, comparing the ID to actual GM not wanting to be flooded with NPCs.

91bac No.107805

0529e No.107806

Then what is it your business?

91bac No.107807

And how is that yours?

f34c5 No.107808

Don't you worry, for he is only a player.
I think he's the cowe who wants to be mysterious until the game starts.

0529e No.107809

Well to be frank, just randomly implying that you dislike somebody else's character to a degree you had to say something about it, with no further constructive comments or criticisms that could be helpful in the adventure that you allegedly want to take part in, is rather rude, tbh.

f34c5 No.107811

He's just scared I'll take away his capacity to control his character and make it do things he doesn't want to.
It's normal to be afraid of something it can easily control you forever.

0529e No.107813

File: 1565213457034-0.png (241.12 KB, 498x380, the-herd.png)

File: 1565213457034-1.jpg (83.44 KB, 750x575, JoinTheHerd.jpg)

File: 1565213457034-2.png (338.5 KB, 839x539, 241838.png)

0529e No.107819

File: 1565214014423-0.png (114.27 KB, 1209x619, 8A891Qf.png)

91bac No.107822

Try it fgt

0529e No.107823

*Sanctifies U*

f34c5 No.107824

Telepath Thrallherds are misunderstood.
It is time to join the new world harmonic order.
It'll be better for everypony.
Sheesh, no need to act aggressive. I don't want to make poor Topaz force ponies that haven't done evil into doing what she says.

0529e No.107840

File: 1565215939410-0.jpg (148.25 KB, 1023x720, 275011.jpg)

He's just afraid to admit he's already a believer.

f34c5 No.107841

Now that would be funny. A PC turned into a believer the moment he or she sees her.

f34c5 No.107876

Sad News: I haven't reached the 10th level follower threshold yet.

0529e No.107884

You should by lvl 41 leadership.
You can also use a Charisma-boosting item to increase your effective leadership score.

f34c5 No.107888

Nope, it rounds up to less than 1 aka 0
I would unlock one at level 42 aka next level.

0529e No.107892

Ah, too bad.
You can still use a Cape Of Charisma to increase your leadership score.

f34c5 No.107893

Oh lel.
That is a footnote which stated how gaining followers further is half of the previous one, except the first level ones, which is a tenth.
Wait, I thought they were gloves.

0529e No.107894

There are many items that boost Charisma

f34c5 No.107895

Oh, thank goodness. I thought I had to somehow justify gloves for horses.

0529e No.107896

Make sure to get the headband of epic intellect first.

f34c5 No.107898

Already have it, so no worries.
>implying I have a shortage of money
Not even close, my dudereeno.

0529e No.107900

And Constition-Boosting items also help.

f34c5 No.107912

File: 1565224840059.jpg (106.21 KB, 707x682, 1520651016124-0.jpg)

Bracers of Epic Health would do that.
I'll consider it.
But hotdamn, dealing with small changes in my character makes me hollow inside.

0529e No.107931

Tell me about it. I've stated at this sheet for hours every day tweeking things. I'm already considering replacing Assume Supernatural Ability with something else.

f34c5 No.107953

Oh! By the way, follower count increased to about 2100 or something along those numbers.
Can't be asked to open up the believer tab again.

91bac No.107954

0529e No.107958

Now make all of your lvl 5 Believers Thrallherds for infinite believers.

f34c5 No.107962

Sadly, the believers are nomads so that won't work. Otherwise, I'll have to go back and edit, which I'm currently not enthusiastic on doing.

0529e No.107984

You could probably get them to be Thrallherds anyway with Expanded Knowledge.

The real reason why not to is that it would be a bookkeeping nightmare and ludicrously cheesey. I was being ironic when I suggested it.

f34c5 No.107987

I honestly wasn't really pumped into doing it, anyways.
My brain is fried from changing the items, powers and psipoints.

0529e No.107991

Inventory is a bitch. Going over to make sure you've got all of your immunities checked off is tedious.
It's part of why I said screw it and built with VoP even though it's sub-optimal. I'll just get all of my immunities from spells, and it's not like an Epic Planar Shepherd needs to be more powerful.

f34c5 No.108000

It is, and I'm pretty sure I have to do exactly that.
I only hope all of this setup is worth it later.

0529e No.108005

Item's can be ~80% of your characters' power if you select properly. The 3.5e items system is pretty borderline broken with how inflated it is with treasure.
I wouldn't worry about it too much though. Just get some dorjes for useful powers that aren't on your list, and a few power crystals you think might come in handy. That I'm addition to the stat-boosting items, and maybe a few Wonderous magic items or rings for utility to help.
I'm partial to Nozure's Marvelous Pigments, although idk how useful nonmagical creations would be in an epic adventure.

f34c5 No.108012

I'm not sure about dorjes, so I didn't even touch them.
Nevertheless, I have all the powers I could need.

0529e No.108014

Dorjes are crystal ride that are essentially the Psionic equivalent to wands. You can use powers you wouldn't otherwise have with them, and they're also batteries for spare power points.

0529e No.108015

*crystal rods

f34c5 No.108020

I honestly don't care. My apathy levels are quite high for the day.
I'll stick with the current inventory.
Don't worry. Not your fault. I appreciate your help.

0529e No.108025

Awww, that's too bad, m8. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

f4be7 No.108119

File: 1565306285959-0.jpg (56.33 KB, 540x816, gxr2778gp9a31.jpg)

f34c5 No.108120

Now that's a spooky cat.

f4be7 No.108122

File: 1565306691104-0.png (298.62 KB, 783x550, 8nquyo3lde431.png)

Karsus was a spooky kind of guy.
Freaking chaotic neutral Wizards. Not even once.

f34c5 No.108123

Is he really chaotic neutral, like those random rogues who kill most people and steal everything without a care in the world and justify it as 'that is what my character would do' thing?

f4be7 No.108126

Nah, rogues like that are a dime a dozen. Even I've played one.
More like "I to turn myself into a god by killing the goddess of magic, resulting in the complete and utter destruction of my country".
There was a time when magic was different. Non-epic Spells (or "mythals") didn't always cap at 9th level; Mages didn't always have a limited number of Spells per day. Then one cocky jackass lvl 40 Arcanist decided he'd try to steal the powers of the goddess of magic (and actually succeeded), although he didn't take into account the possibility of all magic in the universe disappearing momentarily after the overthrew her. Then her reincarnation decided to nerf magic as a concept.

I finally finished reading list Empires Of Faerun. Good book. Found some nice guidelines for epic Spellcasting

f4be7 No.108127

*Lost Empires

f4be7 No.108129

File: 1565308862410-0.png (117.9 KB, 600x400, wp-content252Fuploads252F2….png)

>Shortly after

f34c5 No.108134

He's just showing off before casting Fly.

f4be7 No.108270

I want to write an Epic Spell, but idk what to write…

e8cd1 No.108271

How about an unwilling fly on others so far they go out of the atmosphere?

f4be7 No.108279

That's already a thing, or so it seems.
Points for style. It just yeets them into space. I'm fully capable of developing that, although idk how useful it'd be.

f4be7 No.108282

>fight Epic Wizard
>He just yeets you into space

0a435 No.108288

Hm. What about a spell to make you so shiny it blinds anyone for some turns, reducing hit chance to -20 or something.

f4be7 No.108291

I have a 4th level non-epic spell for that: Blinding Beauty.

It'd be easy to cook up a spell that just instantly kills any creature with s 70-something save, or a spell that buffs me to god-like levels; but I wanna write something original. I'll probably just take some pre-written spells and write my original spell within the actual story. I'll think of something when the story calls for it.
Maybe I could just take the pre-written spells that fit the Druid Aesthetic, like Verdegris, Crown Of Vermin, or Part Waters.

0a435 No.108298

What sort of epic spells are you looking for?
Combat? Utility?

f4be7 No.108301

Idk. Something that does something I couldn't normally do. I was considering just developing the Time Travel spell for versitile story utility, or something with the Metamorphosis seed to halt my aging gradually increase my powers. I think I'll just wait and see how many I can develop before I actually do something.
Normally, how many spells I could have already developed would have been dependent on the material cost to develop them coming out of my WBL, but i've got VoP and ignore material components, so it's kind of special in my case.
I'm on vacation anyway. I should probably wait until I'm home.

0a435 No.108303

Sure thing.

91bac No.108307

Is this happening tonight, or do I still have time?

0a435 No.108313

I don't think so.
Oi! Is this happening tonight, GMo?

626de No.108347

Uh sorry, busy night last night.
Nah, y'all got until next Friday.
You hear that person lurking and wanting to play? You got time, get over here.

f4be7 No.108348

Can I use Telekinesis to make a trip, grapple, bull-rush or other combat maneuver?

9d7fe No.108350

Good. I've had surprise business the past few days and I haven't had time to finish my character, and I thought this weekend was the game start

287f0 No.108366

Oh phew. I was getting a little worried.
Thank god, because I still have to properly tweak a lot of things related to the changes I've made so far.

626de No.108574

The spell does indeed say you can do that, so yes.

aeefa No.108575

I meant with unicorn horn Telekinesis.

Also, would that considered to be a spell-like ability or a Supernatural Ability? I want to know for the sake of concentration and AoOs, and if I can use it to hold a Divine focus while casting a spell (since I need at least 1 free front good for somatic components, and my mouth free for verbal components).
Depending on the details, I may sub Assume Supernatural Ability with Intuitive Attack, or Supernatural Transformation.

aeefa No.108576

*at least 1 free front hoof

626de No.108758

You can hold a focus
No you cannot use the horn for those special attacks

0529e No.108762


I'm probably going to swap Assume Supernatural Ability for Bonus Domain (Magick), which would have been subbed for an exalted feat via the Dark Chaos Feat Shuffle method.

0529e No.108979

File: 1565633909106-0.jpg (117.01 KB, 500x701, tumblr_pd6tg6Cprb1r26hlh_5….jpg)

I am at last back from vacation.

b0204 No.108980

Fifth level: Procrastinate your modifying the tweaks you should do for D&D

0529e No.108981

Same. I still haven't started that Elephant, and I'm unsure what I want to trade Assume Supernatural Ability for.

0529e No.108983

I just hope Candy's player is done by Friday.

b0204 No.108984

Is artificer going to take that much time to make?

0529e No.108988

File: 1565636674786-0.png (86.96 KB, 500x466, epic-level-blacksmithing-a….png)

File: 1565636674786-1.jpg (77.63 KB, 600x750, 3239542255_f5490018f1_o.jpg)

Well, where do i start..
One of my recent characters was a certain misanthropic Lawful Neutral Warforged Artificer, and the bookkeeping gave me a headache even though I only made it to lvl 4. Artificer is decidedly the most difficult and demanding class to play in all of 3.5e (and thus all of D&D), because there's so many factors to take into account that can't be ignored or done casually because streamlining any part of it practically amounts to cheating through negligence or screwing yourself, or both. I've chatted with players who used excel spreadsheets in place of regular character sheets. It also requires a lot of planning ahead and communicating with the DM to play smoothly. You could say it's a complex class for players who think Wizards, Archivists and Erudites aren't nerdy enough for them.
I do appreciate the class though; it's a beautiful concept, and it's capable of a lot of different thinks (it can get close to "tier 0" if you optimize). I had lots of fun, but after learning everything there was to know about items, i left with a subtle loathing of the D&D item system, which i can confidently declare to be broken and a mess. I made a VoP druid just because that's the impact it had on me, even though the right items would absolutely make my character twice as powerful.
I really can't say. I would hope that he's already mostly finished and just in the process of finishing up his equipment list. I hope he included a few dedicated wrights in his inventory, because epic items take years to craft.
What can say is that an artificer doesn't take nearly as much effort to prepare as it does to play, since your crafting mechanics don't factor into your starting equipment; the real crunch begins once you want to start crafting items, or when you're laying out all the individual flasks of magical oil for your Weapon Augmentation infusions. All the artificer needs to start is to pick the right feats (and not fall for traps like Exceptional Artisan), buy a bunch of staffs, scrolls and other consumable items, pick a nice set of armor, make a chart to manage inventory and leave the rest for crafting.

With all that being said, maybe my opinions may be biased by my tendency to take everything seriously, but Artificer does indeed demand extensive bookkeeping to show how you got what without cutting corners (which can be cheating through negligence).

b0204 No.108989

Yikes. Now I hope he's able to make the character.

0529e No.109252

The 3.5e item system really is broken… PCs carry around so much junk with them everywhere. If you're some tier 5 martial class, you might feel like you're equipment outweighs the power of your class features so much that your gear is indespensible, which is also partly why Mordenkinen's Disjunction is such a feared spell.

f34c5 No.109253

Sheesh, it is quite scary. Good thing Topaz doesn't need the items, mostly, as well as her thralls.

0529e No.109261

It's not all bad. Items are fun cool and interesting, and they even help bridge the gabs between martials and casters, slightly. I just wish it weren't so front and center sometimes.I actually wrote a 2 page rant about this issue, but I think I'll just throw it out because making huge meta posts is a bit obnoxious.

Psions benefit quite a bit from psionic items though. Dorjes and power crystals give them access to spare power points, and let them cast a wide array of powers without using up precious feats. Universal and Wonderous items are useful too, since immunities to death effects or boosts to saves and even basic magic utilities always help. Psions can manifest in armor to, so Psions who dip into Fighter, Warblade Crusader typically wear some kind of magic/psionic armor.

f34c5 No.109263

Isn't it easier to simply cast Inertial Armor and augmenting it?

0529e No.109264

Definitely. A dorje of Inertial Armor or a Wand of Mage armor is standard for a Psion or Sorcerer (or even monks for tat matter).
When said "psions" i meant psionics in general. Psychic Warriors and Wilders typically wear some kind of magic or psionic armor.
The interesting thing about psionics is that since powers aren't dependent on the Weave, the magic/psionic transparency rule doesn't apply to Antimagic fields or Null Psionic fields. Thus Psions can manifest freely and use all of their universal items in Dead Magic zones. Dead magic zones aren't common enough to be an advantage, but it can be an interesting strategy.

f34c5 No.109266

Ah, good. For a second I thought I was having it there for nothing.
Honestly, I don't know if dorjes are really useful because I'd have to switch them off when their max amount of times used is reached, because I feel like there is no need when your entire squad can be composed of psions.
Nevermind the fact I still have to do the little changes still.

0529e No.109268

File: 1565732701802-0.jpg (86.6 KB, 750x600, psyhcicwarrior.jpg)

File: 1565732701802-1.jpg (99.54 KB, 600x750, oneUYe3.jpg)

And whats great about Psychic Warriors is that powers don't have somatic verbal or material components, and thus do not require a free hand. A psychic Warrior can wielld a two-handed weapon or a weapon and shield, and still manifest freely in combat without losing actions.

0529e No.109269

Dorjes aren't mandatory, but they're useful for lone psions who want low-level utility powers without having to learn them themselves.

0529e No.109271

Screw it, I'm posting the meta rant i typed yesterday.
I still think Artificer is one of my favorite classes. My gripe is mostly with how treasure, wealth by level, and crafting are handled as a whole.
The WBL system punishes casters for accumulating magic items via crafting because WBL is based on market price, not cost to create. If you gain a lot of items via craft, you're unlikely to gain any items in the next dungeon. This means that Wizards, Archivists and Artificers who saturate the campaign with items by handing out their hand-crafted goodies to their friends effectively hoard all potential wealth in universe and rob their party members of potential treasure without realizing it through inflation; turning crafters into some kind of twisted magical version of the federal reserve run by gem-stealing 1st edition rogues. Obviously, that's an ass-backwards horrible way to approach it that makes little sense conceptually, but ignoring WBL can also lead to parties gradually turning into overpowered magical christmas trees of permanent items buffing them, or loot-starved adventurers who struggle through encounters because they're under-geared.
Of course, being obnoxiously up-front about meta mechanics will inevitably spoil the game for everyone, but if your class is 95% about crafting items, either you or the DM is going to notice eventually. Wizards and Archivists don't face this problem very often because they don't craft as often, since metamagic is strongly preferable to item creation feats in most cases. Artificers who are aware of the universal inflation they can cause, or who've just noticed that items will magically come to their allies even though they don't hand out stuff, gradually drift away from crafting permanent items for their allies altogether. A hyper-optimized, "tier 0" artificer, or "zeroficer" is an artificer who's all but completely discarded the role of crafting permanent items and embraced the delicious cheese that is applying metamagic to spells from consumable items. Most optimized artificers are just metamagic abusers, like "Blastificers" who stack offensive metamagic on wands or "Buffificers" who apply persistent spell to various buffs from wands and staffs. The most optimized way to play an artificer is to craft as little as possible, but that's not what an artificer is supposed to do, nor is it what the kind of player who makes an artificer initially wants to do. A Blastificer is effectively just a bootleg Warmage/Incantrix; a Buffificer is effectively just a bootleg Divine Metamagic Cleric. Furthermore, artificers who don't take advantage of their craft reserve to hand out items to their buddies are like Clerics who don't heal in combat: it may be sub-optimal, but you clearly have the ability for the sake of assisting your party in that fashion. Everyone who makes an artificer does so because they want to craft, not be counterfeit mages.

All this grievance is caused by the fundamental brokenness of the treasure and WBL system in 3.5e, which is a relic of the era when Treasure was directly tied to XP, and finding the treasure meant advancing as a character. Third edition tied wealth to to level and made the whole system much more combat oriented (strongly favoring fantasy SWAT teams over armies and strongholds) and all encounters in the game are designed with the thought that PCs have access to a certain level of treasure. CR is a joke, but under-gearing PCs can be bat because it disadvantages characters like martials who depend on items a bit more than spellcasters, which i guess feeds into the all-too-common "screw the martials" mentality that permeates all of 3.5e. The concept of WBL also diminishes the meaning of "treasure" if, god forbid, players become painfully aware about how much loot they're supposed to have at any given level, or in contrast ignore WBL try to do everything they can to increase their wealth by using economy shenanigans (Wall of Salt, Fabricate, Polymorph Any Object, etc) or murder-hobo mentality to continuously acquire treasure with no upper limit. Overgeared PCs are even worse than undergeared PCs, because then the DM has to try balance PCs with access to resources the game isn’t prepared for them to have, and PCs are almost always more powerful than the game prepares for anyway (that’s another rant). The diminishment of the value of treasure is probably worse than any mechanical fluke though. 1000gp isn’t the same to a PC as it is to an NPC, which plays into how greedy PCs are encouraged to be. 1000gp is the price of a small cottage and the land under it; it’s the price of 1000 goats, or 50000 chickens: to a PC, it’s the price of a +1 magic weapon enhancement, or a days worth of consumable spell components. PCs at high level walk around loaded up with billions of dollars worth of treasure and burn priceless diamonds for spells every day. The reality that high-level PCs have enough money to buy off a kingdom and never have to adventure again makes neutral PCs without extravagant long-term goals seem out of place when they could just retire.

And thus, after being made brutally aware of all of these inherent flaws in the game design, i made my most recent character a VoP Druid, since after delving so deep into the meta of the item system I decided I wanted to play a PC that took no part in it. I decided that I had better things to worry about than if my fictional horse was decorated with the right trinkets. My bonuses increase at arithmetic level, so at least I can be sure I have the minimum I need to survive encounters.

ea0a5 No.109272


f34c5 No.109273

Even after actual consideration, I don't think I'll need them. I think I'll be fine.

0529e No.109275

No u.

The 3.5e item system is broken and a mess, and like most of 3.5e it was hardly at all playtested beyond level 5. It diminishes the meaning of "treasure", inflates exponentially, and punishes rafting.

0529e No.109457

File: 1565805404254-0.jpg (43.67 KB, 600x750, tumblr_m3g04aPl8R1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805404254-1.jpg (55.17 KB, 480x600, tumblr_mojoi1eEnH1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805404254-2.jpg (78.12 KB, 600x750, tumblr_mou8j5EfgO1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805404254-3.jpg (68.08 KB, 600x750, tumblr_mrmdtweLuQ1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805404254-4.jpg (89.56 KB, 480x600, tumblr_nr80f2lXfC1rv231do1….jpg)

0529e No.109458

File: 1565805829202-0.jpg (36.36 KB, 564x451, cdabbc36ee811ac26a28ee2e85….jpg)

File: 1565805829202-1.jpg (112.65 KB, 600x750, tumblr_m57ny9BSwr1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805829202-2.jpg (58.44 KB, 750x600, tumblr_mt2rgsiyGU1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805829202-3.jpg (42.53 KB, 600x750, tumblr_mwmmx8HB4o1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805829202-4.jpg (82.56 KB, 750x600, tumblr_n0560uyG211ql55zvo1….jpg)

0529e No.109459

File: 1565805911842-0.jpg (54.71 KB, 750x600, tumblr_my4dxvA85y1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805911842-1.png (455.63 KB, 1280x1061, tumblr_nczu4yFAT81rv231do1….png)

File: 1565805911842-2.jpg (74.27 KB, 576x528, tumblr_ngtljooddd1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805911842-3.jpg (77.84 KB, 635x450, tumblr_nohh37L5K51rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565805911842-4.jpg (80.48 KB, 600x750, tumblr_noumvsY8DS1rv231do1….jpg)

f34c5 No.109470

Now those are some spicy memes.

f34c5 No.109565

Alright, so I read the Draconomicon and it doesn't specify the ECL for any sort of age group higher than juvenile. If I go by your suggestion of hit dice + 4, I could go for a matue adult dragon whose hit dice are 25d12, which added by the +4 effective level, would be ECL 29, which fits into the 48th level Epic Leadership.

Also any suggestions for Epic Physchic Warriors? Prestige classes maybe?

Topaz and the believers should be ready finally. Please take a look to see if it all checks out.

0529e No.109568

I can't recall the rules concerning dragon characters off of the top of my head; i would have to look it up.
I can tell you now that your thrall can't be 25d though. Your thralls max level is equal to your character lvl -1, which is 24.

As for epic psychic Warriors, you might want to go for ~17 levels in Psi Warrior, since you're a Tashlatora and you get the monk abilities. You could also dip a level into Warblade, Crusader, Swordsage or Cloistered Cleric to get a few nifty tricks at lvl 1. Once you hit lvl 20, you BAB stops increasing normally, so you have more freedom for what kinds of classes you want to pick. Also note that your power points per day don't increase either, although total manifester level is good for Augmentation. War Mind and Psionic Fist could give you more power points. psionic Fist may be redundent though, since you may have already maxed out your unarmed damage.
As for Psionic classes, I can't say I'm familiar with them. It seems as though the idiots who wrote the Complete Psionic actually believed in sacrificing manifester levels for class features when it comes to PrCs.. which is another gripe I have about that book…
Among the classes, Diamond Warrior seems to be similar to what you're looking for.
And as for epic classes, Perfected One is basically the epic Monk PrC.

In my opinion, I'd dip go for Unarmed Swordsage or some other Martial Adept. Martial Adepts are really good, and they're just as good if you enter at high levels. The Swordsages Diamond Mind maneuvers would be great defensively, and the Setting Sun school is great for any Triplomancer. Swordsage could also let you enter into Shadow Sun Ninja, which is like monk, but better.

567f8 No.109570

Frick. Back to juvenile it is.
Thank you for your help. I'll take a look later in the day.

0529e No.109571

Alright. It appears that WoTC may have stuck to it's old rule that creatures above 20 ECL do not have listed level adjustments.
>If the sum of a dragon’s Hit Dice and its level adjustment gives it an effective character level higher than 20, that dragon character is too powerful to fit into a party of PCs below epic level. For instance, a howling dragon has 9 HD and a level adjustment of +4 as a wyrmling and 12 HD and a level adjustment of +5 as a very young dragon. When it reaches young age, it has 15 HD and a +6 level adjustment, giving it an ECL of 21; thus, information on a young howling dragon as a PC is absent from Table 3–22.
According to the epic leadership feat in the ELA, an ancient Silver Dragon (36 HD) is a lvl 42 ECL cohort, meaning that it's LA is +8. A young Silver dragon's LA is +5, so the age categories between there must be between 5 and 8 (that's centuries of difference though). Let me look closer to see if I can find an LA buried somewhere. Considering that a Topaz dragon lacks innate spellcasting ability, comparing it to a silver dragon in ECL seems unfair at a glance. That's WoTC for you…

70951 No.109572

I want to join if possible but I haven't played this in like forever and that time I only played one session. I haven't kept track when this campaign starts so if it does in the weekend I won't be able to participate.

Can I custom my character's stats for this story. I have something specific in mind. I wanna be a glasscannon female unicorn illusionist. Basically, the stats for illusions but not any stats for other things. Like shit constitution and strength. I didn't get to play that the first time around because the DM thought that it would be too hard for a newbie to play.

What do you think?

0529e No.109573

Oh, wait it turns out they actually do have innate spellcasting powers. They have cast as lvl 3 spellcasters at juvenile age.
Ah, that also means that they qualify for the Sovereign Archytypes in Dragons Of Eberron.
It could even be a loredrake, like my extra-cheesy dragonwrought Sorceress.

567f8 No.109574

Be sure to be at the 34 point buy limit, which probably means the lowest base stat you can have is 8. After that, you'll still have the extra -2 STR to deal with.
Be also sure that you don't need concentration rolls, because they could severely hamper your casting when getting targeted by all sorts of distractions.
I'll take a look at what that means.

0529e No.109575

File: 1565882851270-0.jpg (44.28 KB, 480x600, 3127a8432d4353cb706a29e7b3….jpg)

File: 1565882851270-1.jpg (49.7 KB, 750x600, tumblr_m57ofeW4kq1rv231do1….jpg)

File: 1565882851270-2.jpg (90.77 KB, 750x600, tumblr_mrbdpipn3s1rv231do1….jpg)

Ooh, a Epic Wizard would totally complete our party.
Are you familiar with third edition d&d? If you have any questions, I'd be glad to help.

0529e No.109576

File: 1565883198352-0.jpg (63.46 KB, 750x600, 76c1a933cae19446108029a927….jpg)

File: 1565883198352-1.jpg (74.73 KB, 750x600, I1BoD.jpg)

Obligatory Epic Wizard memes

70951 No.109577

>34 point buy limit
So I assume that these 34 points are free points which I can add to the basestats I already have and the basestats are eight points for each stat if we don't include the choice of race.
>concentration rolls
I assume there is a skill that allows me to avoid these type of rolls or should I increase onne of my stats so high that the possiblity of a low roll is unlikely?
Not really, I have watched a lot of yt videos with people telling stories oof their campaigns. I can't say that I have any familiarity with any edition.
I have only played one session before that probably lasted under a few hours. We solved a puzzle, had an minor encounter that I barely rememeber. It was years ago now. I will probabkly have a lot of questions for you so thanks a lot for your help.

I will probably save those for next week though since I have an upincoming test to attend to. Put after thuesday next week I will be able to increase my lurking here and be able to respone more frequently as well.

0529e No.109578

Hmmmm, well if you're not familiar with D&D, i'd advise you to read the 3.5e players handbook, or at least the first couple chapters which guide you on character creation. You can read the pdf for free online.
Wizard is the arguably the most powerful class in the game, and gives you a lot of options as a character. Start by deciding what kind of character you want to play as well as your alignment. I can help you through the details once you know what it is you want to play, be it feats, class features, or spells.

567f8 No.109579

Oh wait, you are a rookie?
Phoneposting might hamper me here, but basically you stats start at 8 for each of the six main attributes: Strength, which dictates your melee damage and hit rolls, carrying capacity and strength-based skills like jumping, climbing and swimming. Dexterity, which means how well you deal with ranged weapons, AC bonus and its based skills.
Constitution, which marks how much hits you can take and to keep concentration from being attack or otherwise disturbed by events, like falling, sliding or any other action that does not put stress on your character.
Intelligence indicates how many extra skill points you get per level, some extra spell slots in case of wizards and its skills
Wisdom is mainly an extra stat to help out in spotting, listening, sense motive and such. They are essential in classes who base their power on wisdom like monks or clerics, granting some bonuses.
Finally, we have charisma. I have no idea if illusionists need charisma in their lives, but I think they do. It helps out in all manner of non-fight scenarios like convincing people or lying your heart out.
This is way too basic, so I'll let Ash take care of any spare details, as well as correct my post if necessary. Be mindful I'm not god of this world aka not GM.

0529e No.109580

Wizards can afford to dump every stat but Intelligence, although they'd probably still want Constitution unless they intend to become undead.

70951 No.109581

>read the 3.5e players handbook
>pdf for free online
Thanks, I will find it and read it.
Thanks for the rundown.
Okay, I will keep that in mind. Thanks.

0529e No.109582

File: 1565892374679-0.jpg (54.6 KB, 600x750, cbddffa6b6566c3d34c9716a38….jpg)

Wow, you got your Constition all the way to 23 unmodified. That's higher than mine, and I'm Dragonborn. I take it that's from the manual of great health.
I guess I did put more focus into mental stats though. This way I have enough Charisma for turning undead and Spell Siphoning. I figured I needed Int for skills to.

0529e No.109591

>tfw only 18 Con unmodified and 26 Con when modified
I'm starting to regret this Ascetic gig… Oh well, can't have everything.

f34c5 No.109594

Strong body, strong mind, amirite?
I also had the most points spent on it, too, since Unicorn master race gets +2 Int, essentially her having 18 of both Con and Int.

f34c5 No.109595

Ey, good news! I can have a Young Adult Topaz Dragon since it's ECL is 24 (19+5)!

f34c5 No.109596

One last thing: Can the dragon have items equipped on him?

0529e No.109597

Yeah. I'm regretting so many points on Charisma.

I guess I could use Shapechange and time duplicate to increase my Constition a little bit via Sarrukh, since I'm a dragonborn and thereby count as a scaled one; but idk if I want to go down that spooky path…

0529e No.109598

Yeah, dragons use items all of the time. Most items resize to fit any creature.

f34c5 No.109599

Nice. Time to amp up the scaly's stats!
…can dragons wear boots?

0529e No.109600

They may not be able to use their claws though.

0529e No.109601

Okay, forget the Elephant. I'm getting a Dire Tortoise instead.
And I'm totally not just saying that because a tortoise counts as a Scaled One.

f34c5 No.109602

Any possible replacements you have for boots of swiftness instead?
Amulet of Swiftness, maybe?

0529e No.109603

You could give him a Ring Of Evasion and a wand of Haste (or even potions for that matter). He can use wands because of his innate Sorcerous power. A staff with Ruin Delver's Fortune could also prove useful. Consumables are your friend.

Custom items are seldom allowed (the custom items rules are for GMs), and making an item in an unusual body slot triples it's cost iirc.

f34c5 No.109608

About the Diamond Warrior:
The skills requirements I can easily circumvent, but the feats really put the pressure on me. I only have one of the four necessary to invest in this class, and the feats I've got seem to be required at all times in order to fulfill the duty of tripmancer.
Any suggestions to help out?

0529e No.109610

>requires bad feats
Probably not worth it then. Feat taxes are the original sin of third edition Prestige classes. They disproportionately target Martial characters and make it do that 60% of classes are never played.
You'd be better off dipping into Swordsage. The Setting Sun school is what you want for extreme tripping, and the stone dragon school can let you take advantage of size. Not that your initiator level is half your character level plus your class level, so your thrall would qualify for high level maneuvers and Stances.

f34c5 No.109613

Ooh! I like this line!
Most of these are throws from trips, which will both look and are cool.
I was thinking to use the last 4 remaining levels to be swordsage Setting Sun levels, keeping the build. No idea how the progression goes, tho, but I'll be sure to take any of the throws.

0529e No.109614

Swordsage is a good class. All the martial Adepts are good classes.
They're tier 3: not stupidly overpowered like tiers 1 and 2, but plenty versitile and fun.

0529e No.109615

Last Minute change to my Druid's Sheet. I swapped out Assume Supernatural Ability for Bonus Domain (Hero). Turns out ASA was an old 3.0 feat that I actually have no use for (since I already get supernatural abilities of my Wildshapes).

f34c5 No.109616

Um… I don't see it written on where you put the domains.
Perhaps you shared it before saving?

0529e No.109617

I filed it under Additional information, but thanks for pointing that out.

Oh shoot, I just realized I forgot to apply the Solar's Wishing Power to gain inherent ability bonuses… That's why my Constitution is so low.
>is unsure whether or not he wants to change this today
It'd take months to get those ability points up in-character though… She can only do it 1/day…

f34c5 No.109618

Perhaps with Topaz's help, you could read a Manual of Bodily Health then give the item to her afterwards to avoid braking your oath.
Otherwise, you better edit it now.

f34c5 No.109619

By the way, here's the new and levelled up Diamond Hoof.
I think I understand these mechanics but the book should help me out.

0529e No.109620

Nah, """borrowing""" magic items is simply cheating; it doesn't matter how i get them, because it's just as greedy. I would have had to apply +4 to each stat over the course of 36 days of meditation and prayer in some cave. Thing is that's a lot of work, and idk if I should be doing it now, lest it give the GM a headache…
>last minute panic
>lvl 20
Shouldn't he be at least lvl 23? Your second thrall should be only 2 levels behind you.

f34c5 No.109621

>lvl 23
Oh. Good thing you pointed that out.
I was about to have two 24 level thralls, but I forgot to change the level below.

f34c5 No.109622

Should be fixed now.
You can also look at the dragon
Do they get skills? I didn't see their skill point gains per level.

0529e No.109623

Dragons gain 8 + Int skill points per hit dice. They basically have rogue skills,which is one of the many reasons why dragons are the most powerful creatures native to the prime material plane.

Psychic Warriors have 2 + Int skill points per level. Swordsages have 6 + int.

0529e No.109624

I don't see any spell known on your Dragon. A young adult Topaz Dragon should be capable of casting spells as a 5th level Sorcerer, possibly higher if you apply Eberron Sovereign Archtypes.

f34c5 No.109625

Oh, so apart from the spell-like abilites, they get sorcerer spells? Give me a second then.
The 8 + Int score will be added too.

0529e No.109626

I would strongly recommend Wings Of Cover. It'll allow your dragon to shield itself and you from attacks as a immediate action.
Dragon Magic has all of the good Sorcerer/Dragon-exclusive Spells.

f34c5 No.109627

Does it apply even with only a 5th level caster level?

0529e No.109628

It counts as a 5th level sorcerer for all intents and purposes; it cold even go higher with Sovereign Archytypes. A 5th level Sorcerer knows one 2nd level spell. Since your Dragon's CL is 5, i can provide cover for one ally.
For Sorcerers, Wings of cover is standard issue. It's one of the spells that gives Sorcerers an edge over other casters; ad only gets more useful as levels progress; as your life-saving ultimate defense; yo could even get a wand or staff of it. Immediate actions are the best kind of actions, and you want to get them as often as possible.

f34c5 No.109629

The 'only 1 2nd level sorcerer spell' seems to be at level 4 sorcerer, but maybe dragons have limitations?
I'll be sure to take the spell, tho.
I have found some other spells from the book you recommended sad most of them are level 3, 5 or higher.
Path of Frost.
Detect Dragonblood.

0529e No.109630

The only "limitation" is that you're only a young adult. The age-progression chart say 5th caster level, so you have the spells known and spells per day as a 5th level sorcerer. True Dragons are innate Sorcerers, and in many settings the source of arcane magic. Many Sorcerers gain their powers from Draconic Ancestry, and the arcane knowledge of dragons is the reason why Wizards get Draconic as a bonus language: Draconic is a lingua-franka for magic users, and all those who study ancient draconic artifacts to gain the powers of the dragons of old.
As for 1st level spells, Shield, Grease, True Strike (for power attacking), and Expeditious Retreat are good. Best off just taking buff and utility spells that'll be good for combat.

f34c5 No.109631

Oh, good. I was worried it took away one 2nd level spell.
Good to know, overall.

f34c5 No.109632

What do you think of this spell for a dragon bodyguard?

0529e No.109633

I gotta say wings of cover is better; since that'll be useful any time your dragon is targeted by an attack, which you can expect to happen multiple times during every battle.
A Wizard picks spells with the mindset of "this will be useful someday"; a Sorcerer picks spells with the mindset of "this will be useful everyday.

If you only want one casting of it for yourself, you could just buy a scroll (your dragon is completely capable of using scrolls) which would cost just 150 gp; if you want it for 50 individuals, you could buy a wand of it that costs 4500 gp. For one-off spells, consumables are your best friend.
Now, if you want to have had your dragon place an arcane mark on every single believer in your herd and upgraded it to a dragonseye rune to remind them all that they're your property, you'd want to learn the spell in that case. However, I don't know how useful that'd be, because Idk if dragonseye rune gives you early access to the scry on familiar ability that Sorcerers gain at lvl 13, or if dragons with more than 13 hit dice have it.. at least not off of the top of my head. Being able to discern the duration of the target could prove helpful though.

You could also get a power crystal of telepathic bond and/or cast it yourself and then apply permanency to it so that you and your thrall can communicate telepathically at an unlimited distance.

f34c5 No.109634

>you and your thrall can communicate telepathically.
I think Telepathic Communication goes both ways, right?

In any case, it's not that I'm exchanging one for the other, more like I need another 2nd level spell to fit in the slot.
Maybe I could go for baleful teleport or transposition? That sounds like it would have utility.

0529e No.109635

Anything non-offensive works, preferably some kind of utility or buff. Since a dragon's sorcerer level is so low; it's offensive spells are hardly ever effective against creatures it fights, especially not at epic level.

I'm kind of busy, but i recall Magic Of The Dragonheart to be useful for draconic sorcerers. That only works if you load up on draconic feats though.

0529e No.109636

Ah, got some ideas from MMX:
>alter self
>mirror image
>Fog Cloud
>Locate object
>Resist Energy

f34c5 No.109637

Alright, spells and skill points are settled.
Aside from Power Attack, what other possible feats (8) can be taken to enhance the dragon experience?

0529e No.109638

Leap Attack and Shocktrooper come to mind. Maybe Awaken Spell Resistance.
Then there's whatever bonus feats could be granted by the sovereign archetypes in Dragons of Eberron.

0529e No.109639

Page 30 has some really juicy customizable stuff for dragons.
The Draconomicon also has some good feats exclusively for dragons too.

0529e No.109640

I'm tempted to give my tortoise Leadership and Might Makes Right, but I don't want to go through stating that now…
Darn Procrastination… May as well finish up.

f34c5 No.109641

I feel you. I had to take a 5 day rest after binging the character creation work. My brain hurt pretty bad.

f34c5 No.109642

Rate my dragon/10
Basically, I went for your direct suggestions + some increased movement options in terms of feats.

0529e No.109643

Looking good so far.

5fdcf No.109644

Hello, GM here. We'll be starting tonight, around 7:30-8pm ET.
A bit before we start I'm gonna open a cytube channel for any last minute questions and some music for the night. Players and observers are welcome to come and go as they please.

0529e No.109645

My Shepherd, as complete as she's gonna get:

5d07e No.109647

It's ready to be shipped out, cuz that was the last changes needed.
Oof. I think I can make it, but at first I'll be phone posting, then pass to computer posting later around the campaign.
The links to my characters should be available before the 50 post limit.

5d07e No.109648

0529e No.109651

5fdcf No.109655

Something has come up and I'm gonna have to delay until tomorrow. Sorry guys.

d488d No.109656

No worries, m8. I was dangerously close to ded battery in my phone.
Same hour?

5fdcf No.109657

Yeah, sounds good. See you then.

0529e No.109658

That's alright, m8. Better to be prepared.

I'm regretting drinking all of this caffeine though…

d488d No.109660

Roger that. I'll see you there.

7ba74 No.109792

I'll take this chance to place all of my sheets in a neat post so nobody has to scroll up and down to ever reach them.
Topaz Tower
Thrall 1: Phosphorus
Thrall 2: Diamond Hoof

0529e No.109796

Did you not have any gold remaining for Phosphorus's equipment? I only see items there.
Also, he should have the equipment for a lvl 24 ECL character, since WBL is based on ECL, not hit dice.

7ba74 No.109797

Crap. I'll go fix the lack of GP.
The latter answer is strange. What do you mean by Level 24 ECL character equipment?

0529e No.109800

As in, he counts as a lvl 24 character for his Wealth By Level. It should be more than Diamond Hoof's.
If you don't want to pick it out at this last minute, you could just put it in a bag of holding and let him sleep on the pile of gold at night like all dragons do.

0529e No.109801

Ah, I may have just misread the sheet, don't mind me.

7ba74 No.109804

I suppose Phosphorus does have less items than the ECL counterpart.
A bag of holding does sound like something a dragon would have, tho.

0529e No.109807

He can fly in light barding too.
A suit of armor could be helpful.

7ba74 No.109808

Do you suggest a chain shirt with heavy fortification on it?
Maybe some unique dragon armor?

0529e No.109809

Mithril Breastplate barding would cost quite a bit, but could be enhanced quite a bit.
You could probably wait on it and let the Artificer Wall Of Iron + Fabricate a suit of armor. Not like dragons are needing any extra AC. Only low-level characters really care about AC that much.

0529e No.109810

*but could be enhanced with abilities

7ba74 No.109812

I thought the same to the point of enhancing the natural armor even further since it was high.
Perhaps some sort of item to increase Touch AC? I would honestly pay anything for it.

0529e No.109814

>touch AC
That's a Ring of Protection. Deflection bonuses are the easiest way to increase touch AC.

7ba74 No.109815

One last thing: What kind of container can a bag of holding be in to avoid tearing and other dumb stuff like that?

0529e No.109818

I don't think tearing is going to be that big of a deal realistically. The GM is unlikely to just target your equipment, unless it's with a targeted Dispel Magic or Disjunction spell. A bag of holding is a bag; there might be other versions of storing, but idk what they are by heart.
Portable holes are useful too; just don't accidentally put your bag of holding inside one.

7ba74 No.109821

Magical black hole
I understand. I've added a Ring of Epic Protection +10 and 3 bags of holding cuz Phospy is a greedy boi, and put them in a backpack cuz why not.
Is that appropriate for a 24 ECL character?

0529e No.109825

I really can't tell you. I've purposely held off of looking at anything that had anything to do with items for months now because I wanted to avoid being tempted to throw out my Vow Of Poverty gig in favor of high-optimization.
A quick search on Black Marshes puts a lvl 24 ECL character's WBL at 23,400,000; but it also puts lvl 25 WBL at 45,800,000 gp, and it seems as though the party got less than that. It's a question for the GM.

You could probably just put the remaining difference in gold and let your dragon sleep on it; maybe have the artificer convert it into goodies later. Even though he's your thrall, he's still a chaotic neutral teenage dragon with hoarding instincts.

7ba74 No.109831

I think it will be fine.
Phospy needs some shiny things. It's in his nature.

0529e No.109832

File: 1566073904894-0.jpg (428.24 KB, 2000x1455, 0002_2016.jpg)

My Celestial Axiomatic Dire Tortoise companion, Master Yertle, as he is so far.
Not sure if I'm satisfied with his skills and feats. Might swap out Blinding Speed for Blowhard.

95051 No.109854


7ba74 No.109856

Has your character been finished, random booper?

95051 No.109858

Enough to go off of. I've still got elements to finalize, but that won't come up in the first session please don't let it come up in the first session

7ba74 No.109861

For both our sakes, I hope you're right.
My mechanical aspects of my characters are indeed ready, so it's now about waiting to the 7:30 PM EST time to arrive.
If you don't know, that's when it's going to start today.

95051 No.109862

I didn't know, but thank you

7ba74 No.109874

File: 1566082645414.png (217.52 KB, 283x301, 1515457240639.png)

Glad to have you with us.

7ba74 No.109886

I think we're not going to play today, since GM isn't here yet.

0529e No.109889

He said 7:30-8:00
I'm just tweaking my prepared spells.

7ba74 No.109891

True, but I feel like he may be busy today, too.
Call it a hunch.

95051 No.109894

Is it not time?

5fdcf No.109897

Gimme a minute, I've been tied up. I'll post the cytube in a minute, and then the opening scene.

5fdcf No.109900

Looking forward to this.

5fdcf No.109901

Chapter 1: From Chaos into Order
This chapter begins in a different way from all others, for this time the party is split up and unknowing of each other. Each member is minding their own business, with their own reasons to be traveling to Equus' hub of trade, travel, and order: Hevokayva. Hevokayva can only be described as an urban environment, a land of sprawling skyscrapers and pathways situated on its own private demiplane. Ponies travel from all over to visit the many shops, offices, taverns, and other attractions that Hevokayva has to offer. Though most ponies come for the hub of planar portals situated in the utopia. If a pony can name a plane, there exists a portal to it.

But among gathering places there are whispers. Whispers about a cult trying to end the peaceful order of Equus. Some ponies regard these rumors as true, others consider them to be nothing more than tales to scare fillies and colts. Some say it is a revolution, some say a religious group, and other still a vengeful spirit. Only one detail remains consistent throughout all rumors, they will meet in the Plane of Chaos, but nopony dares to believe that anypony would try to shatter the order they hold so dear….

All characters should be in Hevokayva to start. Whether they are they for trade, travel, or just to hangout matters not. Remember that investigating rumors is indeed a reason Characters may also start together if they wish, but I will not make any requirement for this.

95051 No.109903

A large vase shifts sideways, unmotivated

5fdcf No.109906

Many a pony stroll past, unnoticing of the vase's shift. Some clamoring about "those horseshit rumors meant to scare us into submission"

95051 No.109908

The vase maintains its vigil

0529e No.109914

File: 1566088194853-0.png (12.83 KB, 128x128, emote.png)

*plane-shifts into existence*
>blinding light
>earth shakes momentarily
>sound of thunder
"Hello, world!"

95051 No.109916

(Perhaps this is the disturbance I sensed,… perhaps)

7ba74 No.109917

A Unicorn pony is gleefully ontop of a large, yellow dragon, watching the hub with childish excitement as a serious Earth Pony accompanies both of them, walking with a stoic expression. The dragon, however, is a lot more expressive, presenting a deep frown at any passerby that goes too close, baring its teeth.
Even with the dragon's abrasive nature, the three are loosely encircled by 8 unicorns, with three at the front, three at the back and one for each side. All of them have varying expressions, but they do chat between eachother from time to time as they walk without fear.
"I can't believe we're here, Phospy!"

5fdcf No.109922

Ponies cast glances at the group, mumbling among themselves. Some more aggressive ponies look ready to say something, but decide against it when they see the dragon.
Muh fucking sides.
Ash is greeted by some screaming ponies, and a fainting pegasus. Nothing else looks too strange, except for the unicorn riding a dragon down the road.

0529e No.109927

File: 1566088826217-0.jpg (122.45 KB, 900x540, 75_ton_creature_by_vegasmi….jpg)

The mysterious teleporting creature is dressed in a humble white religious habit, and doesn't appear to be carrying anything other than a small purse.
What surrounding creatures might immediately notice though is that she's standing atop a rather large (16 ton) golden tortoise that simultaneously appeared out of the blue beneath her, which appears to be the cause of the tremors earlier.
The tortoise gives a low but powerful growl and looks up at her, seemingly in response to her booming declaration.
"Now, now. There's no need to be lucrative. The creatures of this world are wonderful." the nun chides

0529e No.109929

Approximately how many ponies are in her immediate vicinity?

5fdcf No.109932

I would say, approximately ~150 including >>109917

95051 No.109934

A 'tsk' sound can be heard from the hub of ponies, a large group of which disguises the iterator

cb9f3 No.109935

File: 1566089458028-0.png (182.75 KB, 1278x1175, portait .png)

File: 1566089458028-1.png (205.96 KB, 610x393, sparky.png)

File: 1566089458028-2.png (86.17 KB, 320x210, runt.png)

A White pony Drunkenly stumbles out of a nearby tavern, the tavern has 2 constructs in front of it. one made of iron and the other stone.
She stumbles up to the nun giggling
"Who Are you? i haven't seen you before? why are you shouting."

95051 No.109937

"Ah ha ha ha" mutters a vase in the nearby scenery

7ba74 No.109939

She pats the dragon on the side of its neck, letting her get down.
At closer inspection, she is a below-average height pony, with defintie marinine features wearing some rather goofy accessories, like a little green headband on her forehead, an ornate ring on her horn and a little torc on her neck. Her coat is covered by a white cloak and bracers on her forelegs with a crude drawing of a big, toned foreleg at the front. She passes her saddlebags to the dragon, containing who knows what with her horn as it puts it away on his own, larger backpack.
"Ah~ Now that feels much better. My back was aching. Thank you, Phospy."
She does a quick little kiss on its cheek, making the dragon exhale strongly.
(I wonder what amazing new friends will pop up now!)
He lightly trots in place looking down with her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face, clearly excited. Of course, she takes the time to actually see what's around her after that.

cb9f3 No.109943

Candy turns her attention to the vase
"Vases Don't Laugh! But i'm Glad you are happy mr.vase!"
She laughs

0529e No.109944

The t-posing nun slowly hobbles towards the tortoise's neck.
>tfw low ride ranks
The tortoise, displaying remarkable intelligence and dexterity, reaches its neck over to the clumsy nun and, not unlike a crane, lowers her to the ground.
"It really has changed in the past four hundred years, wouldn't you say so, Mr. Yertle?" the kirin comments wistfully "I don't recall there being nearly this many portals" she continues, a grim nostalgia spreading over her face
The tortoise makes a gesture that can only be a nod, eliciting yet another slight shock-wave through the ground beneath its feet.

5fdcf No.109945

She can see a kirin t-posing atop a giant tortoise, and walking off. Next to them is a unicorn talking to a vase.

95051 No.109946

The vase is offended. Apparently you just assumed its gender

cb9f3 No.109950

she giggles then walks up to the vase and looks inside

95051 No.109953

To glaring eyes look up at her

95051 No.109954

7ba74 No.109959

Her eyes start sparkling over the scenery.
(Wow!~ Is this how hubs work? I thought they were a lot more boring.)
She decides to walk to the giant tortoise, amazed by the creatures in display.
The kirin can see a small group composed of a smiling Unicorn mare, a dragon that's glaring daggers at her and an Earth Pony seemingly looking at nothing in particular, alongside a small wall of 3 other unicorns, flanked by some more unicorns.

cb9f3 No.109960

"I'm sorry ms.vase. Whats your name?"
The Joyful unicorn reaches down and boops where she thinks a nose would be

0529e No.109961

The kirin's eyes blaze momentarily at the sight of the constructs, but her expression warms to an almost professional as she greets the pony unicorn
"… Greetings." The nun says, bowing her
"..I'm… Well.." she seems lost for a moment
"Just a humble lies pilgrim. You can refer to me as Sister Ash." the nun continues after a bit

For the record, we are on the prime material plane, right?

5fdcf No.109963

A demiplane just off the prime material plane. Acts just the same, but is only as big as the city.
Some ponies grumble and heckle as they walk and fly around the tortoise.

0529e No.109965

Dice rollRolled 8 + 36

Actually, i just plane-shifted, so I guess i have to roll to see what plane I'm on.

cb9f3 No.109967

"Woah a pilgrim" she beams
"Say, you aren't with that cult trying to throw the world into chaos are you?"

95051 No.109968

The vase shakes for a moment, in apparent frustration, but returns to motionlessness.

7a0cf No.109971

Is it too late to join?

0529e No.109972

>demiplane city
The kirin, in mid conversation with the drunken unicorn before her, seems zone out for a moment, somewhat troubled.

"Hmmm, that's odd…" She mutters, seemingly confused

cb9f3 No.109974

"Whats wrong ms.vase?? i didnt make you made did i?
She looks worried
"What would make you happy?"

5fdcf No.109977

If you've got a character, not at all. Welcome aboard!
Currently the party is starting to meet up, also this should be handy >>109901

95051 No.109978

"Go away" the vase says, somehow emoting frustration.

7ba74 No.109984

Unbeknownst to the kirin, a unicorn is currently staring at the giant turtle with fascination.
He silently whispers to the dragon, clearly irritated by the message, then backs up a bit, followed by the Earth Pony and the circle of unicorns.
"Excuse me, Giant Tortoise. Are you from around here?" she asks in common pony language with a tinge of restraint of excitement.

0529e No.109985

The kirin doesn't seem even in the least bit shaken by the frightful presence of the dragon, and mutters something back in draconic in a tone rather low, but easily picked up by the dragons extrodinary senses.
"Smunsou ve, gneshgnesh"
"Bite me, XD

7a0cf No.109986

I'm new to D&D stuff, but I was thinking of playing a cleric pegasus. I guess I would start out around shops for magic staffs and the like.

cb9f3 No.109989

"No Need to be so sour ms.vase! im friendly and i just want you to be happy and smile."

95051 No.109991

"I will smile when you go AWAY" says the vase.

7ba74 No.109994

The dragon's head clearly focuses on her, staring with fury, ready to go with teeth bared and , before being chided by the unicorn.
"Hey! No starting fights. We are here to explore, not fighting. Now let me talk to the Giant Tortoise."

5fdcf No.109997

Hey, sounds nice.
The pegasus is happily walking along the shops when they come upon:
>A giant tortoise
>a dragon
>a kirin and a unicorn
>and a unicorn and a vase having a conversation
the pegasus can process this how they will.

0529e No.109998

>Unbeknownst to the kirin
Lol no
The kirin replies without turning her head almost as if she had 120 foot blindsense and 360 degree vision; speaking kindly.
"No, actually. We were heading for the prime material plane, but it appears I've misfired…" The kirin's voice trails off into a frustrated growl at the last part
"Ponies and their demiplanes these days… It's like they want to collapse the realmspace.."

5fdcf No.109999

Check these digits in the name of chaos

0529e No.110001

The kirin smirks and sticks her toungue out cutely at the rowdy reptile.

95051 No.110002

Ur such a faggot, at least I got quad 0's

0529e No.110003

Oh shit, check'em

7a0cf No.110005

Well. The pegasus is very confused and attempts to walk around/by them to look around the shop.

cb9f3 No.110006

"My Name is Candy Swirl By the way."
She giggles

7ba74 No.110007

The unicorn jumps slightly over the kirin actually speaking to her.
"Oh! A fellow planes traveler!"
She prances over to the kirin, the dragon clearly frustrated over being taunted like that, specially after her rude gesture afterwards, almost grinding the floor with his claws in anger.
"Phospy! Ponies built this road, so you better be nice with it."
The dragon looks rather grim, being taken advantaged like this, but breathes in before returning to sentry mode out of some sort of discipline.
"I have never one of you before, what are you?"

cb9f3 No.110008

0529e No.110010

*squints at vase with aurasight and true seeing*

95051 No.110013

You know, you're really killing my interest in introducing my character this way,
Fuck off, you're still dazzled by the sights and sounds Xp

cb9f3 No.110015

Candy walks back into the bar to continue drink

7a0cf No.110016

"Excuse me, do you mind moving your giant turtle? I don't mean to be rude, but I'm trying to do a little shopping before I look around some more."

0529e No.110018

Dice rollRolled 11 + 54

The kirins frustration seems short-lived, as her expression warms once more before the dragon, at which she chuckles slightly.

"Planes traveller.. I guess you could call me that.."
>what are you
"I'm a ki-.. a dragonborn, so to speak.." The nun replies, seemingly distracted by whatever the other unicorn is speaking to
Spot check

95051 No.110019

>this nigga

95051 No.110021

Okay fine. I don't know about the +54 modifier, but sure, there's something odd about the vase. Are you happy??

0529e No.110022

The nun nods in reply, and nods once more towards her companion.
The reptile, evidently doesn't need any further orders. Titanic rears on onto it's hind legs with uncanny dexterity and shuffles off to a more open space.
The nun squints at the vase for a moment, but decides against investigating any further.

7ba74 No.110025

She widens her eyes in excitement.
"Wow! I think I've seen some dragonborn folk in my life, but I've never seen one clothed like that! You could be friend with Phospy!"
The dragon simply looks away in an attempt to avoid getting taunted even further by the kirin dragonborn, clearly not wanting to be chided more by what it seems to his pony master.
"I assume you are not from around here? We came here to finally explore this city, after so many detours."
She suddenly widens her eyes.
"Wait! I haven't introduced myself."
She coughs a bit, facing her with a smile.
"I'm Topaz Tower, nice to meet you." He aim her foreleg at the dragon. "That big scaly one is Phosphorus." Now it moves towards the seemingly absent-minded Earth Pony. "And that's Diamond Hoof."
With that, her foreleg goes back into solid ground.
"What is yours, if I may ask?"

95051 No.110027

A # of frustration appears in the air imperceivably above the random vase

5fdcf No.110028

As the ponies stand gathered, a pink cloud slowly and lowly passes by. This draws stares and gasps from the crowd that increase in volume and confusion as it begins to rain a brown liquid.
A few ponies near the split up party start mumbling something about "the ritual has begun" before quickly galloping off, running into members of both the party and the crowd.

95051 No.110030

The vase makes no motion as it takes notice

7a0cf No.110031

"It can never be a relaxing day alone shopping can it?"

0529e No.110035

Dice rollRolled 20 + 32

"It's lovely to meet you too." The kirin replies
"I'm a pilgrim traveling by the tile of Sister Ash. I'm here to-"
The kirin immediately cuts off from conversation at the sound.
As a free action action, rolling knowledge (arcana).

Also, if we're about to roll initiative, my Turtle always moves on the surprise round.

95051 No.110037

>wait, is already hidden

>muh turtle

DIsregard this entire post, its gay

7ba74 No.110039

She is also cut off by her companions suddenly rushing to her sides, and the unicorns forming a tighter circle around her, leaving a space for Ash to freely get away if she wants.
Topaz's companions spring to life, huddling closer to her in case of any surprise attacks from anypony or body.
The unicorn in question can't help but stick her tongue out to catch a drop of the rain, tasting it.
"Do clouds also rain this color?" she asks to nopony.

5fdcf No.110040

No initiative yet, but the cloud feels…. off. Ash can feel it. That feel. A kind of feely feel. The feely feel that feels… feely.
Chaos, and also a hint chocolate and cotton candy.
It tastes like chocolate milk

0529e No.110042

Dire Tortoises always go first, period. That's why they make the best body guards; nothing surprises them.
>Lightning Strike (Ex): A dire tortoise can lash out very rapidly. On the first round of combat, it gets a surprise round regardless of whether it has been noticed. A creature that notices the dire tortoise is still treated as flat-footed during this round.

Also he similarly has ubiquitous vision and true seeing. Since he has Mage Slayer, any spell cast within his 20 foot reach provokes attacks of opportunity.

95051 No.110043

Any resonation with the stone?

0529e No.110045

Dice rollRolled 7 + 33

The kirin's eyes widen and she grips her stck.

Rolling Spellcraft to see what's happening.
She has permanent detect magic and arcane sight: she can distinguish different types of magical auras by looking at them.
What exactly is she looking at?

cb9f3 No.110046

Do i hear this from inside the bar?

7ba74 No.110048

Dice rollRolled 5 + 45

She smacks her lips.
"Oh wow! Now that tastes good."
However, Topaz doesn't seem too eager to taste another drop as she sees her acquaintance overly worried about these series of events.
(What a fascinating phenomenon, but what is she so scared about?)
She decides to make her own Psicraft roll to perhaps venture a guess as to what is currently making this Ash gal so tense.

95051 No.110049

That cloud is hepatitis!

5fdcf No.110050

Much resonation, as if something is going down. Something very chaotic, affecting the planes.
Conjuration, thought the cloud doesn't seem to be local to the demiplane. Oh look! Another! Oh my, and some more…
Oh dear it looks to be a storm.
Yep, and patrons are running out to look.
A strong magical aura, not seeming to be psionic.

0529e No.110052

Can I know what spell it is before I start counterspelling?

cb9f3 No.110053

Candy follows them out

95051 No.110056

The vase, stationary as it was, becomes steely still. Super duper steely still. e_E

5fdcf No.110059

Well, it doesn't seem to be any spells Ash knows that's for sure, but it does seem to her these things popped up from a different plane.
She walks out to find it drizzling chocolate milk, puddles forming on the ground and some ponies panic and others enjoy it.
The vase is placed just right under an overhang so that it begins to slowly fill with chocolate milk.

7ba74 No.110060

Glad we got that out of the way.
This makes her confused.
(This is magic?)
"Wait a second. This does not seem like a nautral occurence," she utters to herself.
She is questioned by the unicorn.
"By any chance do you know what is happening? It seems to be more magical than it is supposed to."

cb9f3 No.110064

Candy Gasps and gets a look of joy on her face
"Yay! its just like my dreams!"
She says in an excited voice

0529e No.110065

Most importantly, is it instantaneous duration? I'd like to dispel it. I beat the spellcraft DC for 10th level spells.

>chocolate rain

Sister Ash clearly feels the pain, seeming offended by the crime against nature

95051 No.110067

Let me know when the hypothetical occupant needs to make a constitution check

0529e No.110069

"Arcanists.." The kirin mutters. "No respect…"

5fdcf No.110070

The clouds themselves seem to be a side effect of some type off a ritual spell, but then warped through the planes.
Dispelling is possible, but more are rapidly coming as more ponies begin to shout in the street "THE RITUAL IS UNDERWAY" and run towards where the portals are.
Let's see… it's filling…. filling… filling… Well, it seems that the unoccupied vase is full now.

cb9f3 No.110074

Candy rushes toward the chocolate rain

5fdcf No.110076

Well there's plenty off it falling from the sky, if only there was a vase she could drink out of….

95051 No.110077

Now all I have to do is not move for long enough for my character to suffocate,….

0529e No.110079

Dice rollRolled 19 + 32

Sister Ash hits the first cloud with her Greater Dispel Magic SLA, seemingly irritated.
As a free action, I roll knowledge arcana to see if sister ash has heard of any sort of ritual that this may be in the past 700 years.

5fdcf No.110083

Nope, never heard of it. But the cloud does poof away into a chocolaty mist

cb9f3 No.110084

7ba74 No.110085

Dice rollRolled 6 + 10

Topaz seems to be upset.
"So we're dealing with mean things, it seems."
(Wait a second. This seems too much like routine.)
She thinks as ponies run away.
She decides to try her own brand of dispelling with her Dispel Psionics, targetting another cloud Ash didn't attempt to dispel to see if it goes away and in an attempt to help out.
I think it works like this: 1d20+Manifester Level, max 10 to dispel the thing

0529e No.110086

"Yet another reason why persisting portals is such a bad idea.. You never know- *uses SLA* - what'll flow through them at any time." The gatekeeper initiate mutters to herself
The Kirin does the same again to the next cloud (on her turn, of course)

0529e No.110087

>mean things
"Worse: pollution." The kirin replies, seemingly irritated, but not necessarily alarmed.

5fdcf No.110089

It doesn't seem to be the normal portals though, instead the clouds are opening their own rifts. It almost demands investigation.
A pony running past knocks over the vase, spilling the contents.
The beam tears a hole, but doesn't make the thing go away sadly.

95051 No.110094

Dice rollRolled 2 + 10

Which with a quick hide check, totally doesn't reveal a hidden cowe
(just going with base modifiers ATM)

95051 No.110095

7ba74 No.110096

She seems confused.
Obviously, this upsets her quite a bit.
She looks back at Ash, a bit miffed and ashamed.
"Forgive me if I can't poof them away. I have a different brand of magic than yours and it seems they don't mesh like they do sometimes."

0529e No.110098

Dice rollRolled 11 + 20

[reees in gatekeeper]
The kirin, in a huff, gets up and floats (yes, floats) towards the rift and targets it with the same SLA, to dispel the portal.
Rolling a caster level check.

5fdcf No.110099

The cow hides… Under the hooves of a white unicorn, that seems familiar from before.

95051 No.110102

Oh goddammit

5fdcf No.110103

The portal seems unfazed, but she can see the plane on the other side.
The plane of chaos, and it looks like a hurricane of chocolate milk over there.

95051 No.110105

In a sudden flurry of motion, an Urn, seemingly intended for no other purpose but for a player to nigg his character into the scene, stands up and runs toward the land of hurricane chocolate milk

7ba74 No.110107

"Hey! Wait up!"
Topaz hops on her dragon, unfurling his wings to reveal an iron belt, and starts to fly off towards Ash.

0529e No.110108

Dice rollRolled 5 + 32

The Kirin has Magically lifted about 15 feet off of the ground, the irritated expression morphing into slight alarm as she sees the rifts.
Rolling knowledge (the planes) to see where this chocolate is coming from.
>Plane of chaos
Which plane of chaos are we referring to now? If it's similar to Limbo, I've got as spell that can fix this.

cb9f3 No.110110

"pollution?It's only chocolate."
She giggles
Candy flys up to the rift on a broom she pulls from her bag.

5fdcf No.110113

The Urn hitches a ride up on the ascending dragon, not quite able to jump through.
>which plane
The plane of…. Chaos. The other side radiates an aura of strong chaos, and seems to be composed of landmasses floating around and bumping into each other, as strange creatures float around.
She can see through the rift as well

7a0cf No.110114

Can the pegasus fly up there too?

5fdcf No.110116

95051 No.110117

>mfw an urn is grabbing a dragon's tail while it flies

7a0cf No.110119

She flies up to the rift. What can she make out?

5fdcf No.110121

Across the rift she can see a strange area of floating island floating around, bumping into each other and floating off. Strange creatures dot the air and islands.

All ponies looking through also seem to see the pink clouds originating from a large island, with what seems to be many ponies and cages on it.

7ba74 No.110122

The dragon is a bit annoyed that an urn latched onto him, but leaves it be in order not to endanger the rider, Topaz.
Meanwhile, she sends a telepathic message to all other believers with Telepathic Communication as she attempts to witness what makes Ash so worried.
(Attention: We are experiencing a possible magical disaster. Reunite with me at once. Do not step on any portals on the way. Be nice and don't push eachother, but attack any hostile creatures.)
That's commonplace in Epic Campaigns, it seems.

0529e No.110124

>just the plane of chaos
That's limbo, right?
"Demiplanes… haphazard messes they are.." The nun continues
I cast Perinarch to take control over the the morphic aspects of the plane of chaos. Using this power, i thicken space-time between the rifts and the outside realm to prevent any nastiness from escaping into our plane.
Casting it also means that her control overlaps with any being currently controlling the plane. If her control is contested, I need to make an opposed Wisdom check with that creature.

95051 No.110125

Deal with it

:/ Urn

cb9f3 No.110126

"Wow! is that heaven?"
Candy is beaming with excitement

5fdcf No.110128

The spell seems to work, but what seems to be a strong wind begins to blow into the rifts, having the opposite effect as before as the clouds are sucked back into the portals. A bright flash of light appears from one of the islands.

0529e No.110129

0529e No.110132

Sister Ash allows the winds to consume the pollution
Until she sees the ponies in cages.
"That's… odd…" She floats closer to the rifts, her tortoise trotting along the ground

0529e No.110138

(how far away is she?)

7ba74 No.110140

Please don't taunt the dragon.
She follows Ash along with the hovering dragon as little by little, ponies start to congregrate around the vicinity. They seem terrified but have a higher sense of purpose in order to walk so bravely into the unknown. Some of the many ponies carry wagons between two ponies and most of them have light crossbows on a wooden tower shield on their backs.
All in all it seems there's more than 2000 ponies, all lined up on the street, trying to have as many ponies standing horizontally as possible along the street, all staring at Topaz riding her dragon.

5fdcf No.110142

The winds grow stronger as she grows closer, but the chaotic nature of the portals keeps her from getting too good of a view
only a few feet.
That's a lotta horse

95051 No.110143


95051 No.110144

0529e No.110148

Dice rollRolled 18 + 18

Using Perinarch, Sister Ash seizes control of the plane's chaotic traits and calms the atmosphere before her, canceling the winds.
Wisdom check

0529e No.110149

(the DC was 16)

5fdcf No.110151

That's indeed a pass. the winds stop, no longer threatening to push the group through.

0529e No.110153

Dice rollRolled 4 + 18

How far are the Islands?
Regardless of how far they are, Sister Ash attempts to focus her control of the plane to narrow the space time between the islands and the rift to bring the islands towards her.
Normally using Perinarch wouldn't actually require a Wisdom check, but I think that counts as a complex command.

7ba74 No.110154

I have a feeling we're supposed to enter the portal.
With the ponies standing there, looking up, Topaz nods to herself.
She awaits her finishing of the spell to prod for any sort of idea.
"It seems we may have to enter it."
Phosphorus decides to look closer at the scene, in case it's a trap to lure any wannabe heroes in.
Spot check from Phospy

7ba74 No.110155

Dice rollRolled 2 + 29

Whoops. Accidentally wrote dic instead of dice

0529e No.110159

>tfw in Limbo physics is relative

5fdcf No.110160

The islands do not budge at her command.
There seems to be no immediate threats on the other side, looking as safe as a plane of chaos can.

I'm thinking about calling it here for the night. I don't feel like I'm doing a good enough job at this right now.

0529e No.110162

It's 11:30; pretty late.

This has been quite exciting. I'm stoked to find out what comes next.

95051 No.110163

No offense, but what the hey is going on?

7ba74 No.110167

File: 1566099127866.gif (4.64 MB, 652x526, 2035594__safe_artist-colon….gif)

Well, you've certainly got my attention into entering the portal, so I'd say it's a good job in my book.
My emotional state is similar to Ash's
Sleepy boe u are

cb9f3 No.110168

i had fun, see you next time.
i'm tired as welll

0529e No.110170

It seems to be that a rift to the plane of chaos has opened up in our demiplane. If we're unlucky, it we be destroyed.

My PC is currently using a spell to control the plane if chaos everywhere within 90 feet of her, and is attempting Wisdom checks to gain further control past that distance.

95051 No.110172

Oh that .gif is comfy AF
I vote a +1 circumstance bonus for wtfe

0529e No.110173

>that pic

5fdcf No.110175

I fucking love that gif…
See everyone sometime tomorrow

95051 No.110176

N… no u

7ba74 No.110177

See ya, GMo!
I believe in you!

95051 No.110182

An urn, which may or may not contain something more than an urn, which may or may not have gotten caught up in what's going on, will be supremely pissed if she it didn't wind up on the business end of the cray portal

0529e No.110187

Why r u a pot?

0529e No.110188

File: 1566101373736-0.gif (1.98 MB, 400x225, KhGRYFw.gif)

*Smashes urn for rupies*

7ba74 No.110207

You could say what's inside is holier than ruppees
Get it? Cuz she a cow, and cows in India are sacred?

0529e No.110211

5fdcf No.110229

I figure we can pick back up in a few minutes if people are here.

7ba74 No.110231


0529e No.110232

I am here.

0529e No.110235

Can I do stuff?

5fdcf No.110237

define "stuff"

7ba74 No.110238

I feel like you can't, since I assume the GM wants all PCs to enter that portal. Phospy has cowe, but the others could get separated from us.

0529e No.110240

Take advantage of the plane's varying elemental dominance and subjective dimensional gravity, and manifest winds to move objects towards me as a move action, then use my Animate Objects to bring the floating Islands to life and command them to carry the caged ponies to safety.

5fdcf No.110241

I think these are bigger islands than you're expecting. So uh, no

0529e No.110242

I can animate up to 125 tons of matter at a time. Can I get just 1?

5fdcf No.110244

0529e No.110246

Alright. How far away are these Islands? Is they're close enough I could change the elemental dominance of the plane and make the clumps of earth disappear.

7ba74 No.110247

Told you we're going right in that chaos hole.

5fdcf No.110249

Through a portal, and about 200-300 yards away.
hey! Thank you!

0529e No.110250

File: 1566173985239-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.82 KB, 487x592, 9P6LOUk.jpg)

File: 1566173985239-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.54 KB, 620x433, stf54_The_Maelstrom.jpg)

File: 1566173985239-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 352.16 KB, 1600x1320, Limbo_John_Martin.jpg)

File: 1566173985239-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.58 KB, 938x960, 10356418_701351726568247_1….jpg)

File: 1566173985239-4.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.87 KB, 1024x748, 1542248445652.jpg)

Alright. I only have total control of reality at a radial distance of 90 feet with Perinarch; 65 feet without Perinarch (because enormous Wisdom).

95051 No.110251


95051 No.110254

Alright, so let me get this straight. We just all happen upon a portal, outta nowhere?

7ba74 No.110256

I'm not playing a telepath without having though reading powers!
Yes, it's time to end your portal-travel virginity.

5fdcf No.110257

I mean it isn't the only portal, and the clouds sure aren't normal. Neither are the ponies that were screaming something about a ritual.

0529e No.110258

A rip in reality opened up to the Ever-changing plane of chaos. Then a bunch of pink clouds floated out and rained chocolate on us.
On the other side of the portal we see ponies in cages.
If possible, I'd like to cast invisibility on myself and move forward into the portal. My fly speed is 180 feet (good) with cloud Wings, and I can increase that speed my manipulating elemental dominance into a tailwind.
Can I get to the islands in a move action?

1c6ad No.110260

Candy rides through the portal on her broom

95051 No.110261

Yeah, I know, I was there. I'm in the urn. I'm just asking for a little background. Like, why did these three(?) poners happen across the rift to chaos?

0529e No.110264

We were in a demiplane city for whatever reason we individually had (probably to buy shit from Mercanes or something), and now it seems as though something's torn a hole in the fabric of this very-small reality.

7ba74 No.110265

Pretty sure it'll be answered as chaos being chaos or an intricate plot to destabilize the country as we know it, based on the OP.

95051 No.110267

>chaos explains its self
Anyway, the reason I showed UP to this party in a urn was because I thought it would be expedient to be unobserved. Unsurprisingly, all this has amounted to is a funny gag.

5fdcf No.110269

4 poners and an Urn. Why? Cause there's an assload of them around them.
As Candy flies through, the atmosphere grows thicker, almost as if she's swimming instead of flying. There's also a strong wing as some of the smaller islands slowly circle the largest island in sight. The largest island contains a large congregation of ponies; cages with ponies and various creatures trapped inside; and a large funnel cloud of the same pink clouds leaking into the other planes. There also seems to be a small group of ponies on a smaller island, watching the events unfold.
Two move actions, take it or leave it. But entering the portal might be a good first move.

95051 No.110272

I'm just saying. I thought this was gonna be some sort of 'event' that all the characters were going to be called to deal with, rather than a "Oh hey, a chaos portal. Someone should do something about it".
"He's just mad because he thought that hiding in an urn would be a good idea and now he looks like an idiot."

1c6ad No.110274

Candy flies towards the cages.

7ba74 No.110275

Dice rollRolled 6 + 29

Topaz can't help but widen her eyes as the random pony just flies into the portal on a broom without a care in the world.
(She sure seems confident about her odds.)
Phospy decides to look around for any portals at ground level in order for her many ponies to pass through the portal, as well as her grounded thrall, for Topaz's desire to try and help the caged ponies.
Rolling spot again

0529e No.110277

Dice rollRolled 9 + 60

I spend a standard action for Invisibility (sharing it with my tortoise), and a move action to move 180 feet through the portal.

The Tortoise charges takes a running leap after her.

95051 No.110278

Sonata climbs out of the urn, confident (cuz she wasn't before???) that being seen or her activity will be consequential, and walks toward the portal.

7ba74 No.110279

Did you completely forget you are currently holding on a hovering dragon's tail?

95051 No.110280

Do you really think that's a concern of mine?

0529e No.110283

You're in the air though.

7ba74 No.110284

I mean, the height wouldn't hurt much if somepony fell from it. You can't reach the portal Topaz and Phospy are looking at without at least jumping for it, nevermind climbing along the dragon's body.

95051 No.110286

Sonata activates her mask and ceases to fall.

7a0cf No.110291

I guess the unmet pegasus will fly through the portal as well.

5fdcf No.110296

So Sonata is now hovering by the portal, Ash has flown through, and Candy as nyoooomed through.
There are no portals, but the many ponies look confused.
It may not be the best idea to bring them all through, but your call
The tortoise jumps through, now spinning and floating around
Nyoooooom, that's three outta five.

95051 No.110297

The masked cowe observes the pegasus fly through, after the Kirin and Pony already progress.
"THIS is what was calling me?"
She shakes her head, and flies toward (and through) the portal

0529e No.110300

File: 1566176546665-0.jpg (69.99 KB, 736x563, warlock.jpg)

Just checking, this plane has wild magic, right? I want to know before I cast anything
Rolling knowledge (the planes), as a free action.

7ba74 No.110302

Dice rollRolled 4 + 44

Hopefully I don't lose them in the first session.
Still picking up my grounded thrall, tho.
Diamond Hoof suddenly springs into action, jumping up on Phosphorus, hearing the hidden order of his current master.
Rolling jump

0529e No.110303

Dice rollRolled 19 + 32

The tortoise has an effective Wisdom score of 25, so he can control limbo at a radius of 30 feet from his space.
He follows the nun, invisibly.
darn it

5fdcf No.110305

Poof, 4/5 have entered the portal.
He clears the jump, and lands on the dragon.
Oh yes, there's wild magic all right.

0529e No.110307

Dice rollRolled 6 + 54

I've got Perinarch active currently, so no other entity can take control of my stabilized zone; my Planar Adaption class feature makes me immune to the negative effects of hostile planes, so i shouldn't need to roll for Wild Magic spell failure.
What does she see upon going through the portal? Rolling Spot.

1c6ad No.110310

Runt flys up and into the rift as sparky hangs on to him.

7ba74 No.110311

Dice rollRolled 3, 3 = 6

Phosphorus picks up some small pouch from his big backpack, taking out some dust and throwing it on himself, making him and his two passangers invisible for 2d6 rounds.
After this they do the 'enter the portal' thing.
Betcha wanted to stay on the tail, now huh buddy?

5fdcf No.110314

See >>110269 for a description, and by now there is a glow coming from the funnel cloud.
The constructs enter the portal
As well as the dragon and riders.

95051 No.110317

7ba74 No.110318

I don't think she can see them due to Dust of Disappearance effect making them have Invisibility, Greater on them for 6 rounds, but no harm done if she's the only witness.
The trio decides to gently fly over to the caged ponies if available to try and get a clear picture, mainly for Topaz's sake.

0529e No.110320

Sister Ash Waits until she's within 90 feet of the island, then alters the elemental dominance to break up the stabilized earth into chunks.

95051 No.110323

There's an island?

0529e No.110325

Reeeeeaaad the posts!

5fdcf No.110327

As the group flies closer, there is a deafening bang and a flash dissipating the funnel of clouds. The flash blinds all watching ponies temporarily, as any not standing on the island are thrown thrown back a good distance by the shock wave.
Once their sight returns, they can see a crater where the center of the island was, it's walls reaching almost to the island's edges. Any of the ponies, caged or free, that are left after the explosion are visibly injured and barely moving. At the bottom of the crater the dust clears to reveal a serpentine form with mismatched limbs.
"I do say, that was a bit painful but existing is rather nice."
The two have been thrown back, not quite to where they began.

0529e No.110329

Can I make a reflex save?

95051 No.110330

Sonata is still just inside the portal, observing the situation.

7ba74 No.110331

How far away are they now from the island=

5fdcf No.110332

To avoid being thrown back? No, and even if you did you'd then take a lot of damage from… Ya know, the explosion.

7a0cf No.110334

Can the pegasus fly over to help the ponies?

0529e No.110335

my Tortoise has Improved Evasion, and he gets a Surprise round action because lightning strike. Can he try to barrel through?

5fdcf No.110336

Yep, and as the pegasus flies over she can see another pegasus flying from a smaller island towards the creature and talking when she gets close enough.

5fdcf No.110338

He can most definitely try to.

7ba74 No.110340

Topaz and Co. seem quite shocked to be pushed back like that, but she doesn't try to fight it, knowing that there's reason not to rush in quite yet.
(We should still try to help the ponies there out. We must try and get closer.)
And so, they start their trek to the island again.
How many rounds have passed?

0529e No.110341

Dice rollRolled 6 + 29

Rolling Reflex.

95051 No.110344

So am I correct in the assumption that somewhere beyond the portal is an island that had caged ponies on it, which has just exploded and DiSnekord has just revealed herself?

7a0cf No.110345

She will have to see what that is about later. She helps heal the ponies.

7ba74 No.110346

Yes, basically.
Pretty sure we're not supposed to kill him.

1c6ad No.110347

Dice rollRolled 2 + 20

Candy tries to determine what plane that snek thing is from
Knowledge planes

5fdcf No.110348

3 since they entered the portal.
I'm going to ask for an initiative roll so I can keep track better. And try to organize this chaos.
He storms on, making it closer to the island.
Yes, localized entirely inside my kitchen too.
She lands next to a wounded bat pony who looks at her and laughs
"The ritual worked, he is summoned"

0529e No.110349

Sister Ash seems confused by the sight of the creature.
"What in the realms is that?!"

7a0cf No.110350

"Ok, but hold still. You are hurt."

95051 No.110351

Can I see it?

0529e No.110352

He moves forward. Sister Ash moves after him.

95051 No.110353

Dice rollRolled 7 + 13