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Proposal: Split-Up /vx/
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/vx/ has been one of more freuently used boards for along time now. The board throws a wide net, attmpting to formally encompass the topics of /v/ and /x/, and informally encompass the concepts and topics of /tg/, /qst/, and arguably /vint/. While the board has seen lots of use in its days, its wide range of topics might also be to its detriment.
For starters, the concept of /vx/ began a continuation of the theme of the April 2017 prank of combined boards being ironically better than their respective parent boards. /vx/ was proposed in response to demand for players who wanted a place to discuss video games and other players who wanted a place to talk about supernatual things, as a means of giving a space for both. The thing is, while ll of the other boards were based on wordplays or jokes on behalf of the 4cuck staff, /vx/ was just kind of based on wanting to fill two niches with just one board. That was fine, as the /v/ and the /x/ posters didn't really get in eachothers way or argue, but they also didn't really interact in any notable way even f they did overlap. Many of th posters appear to stick to their handful of generals. There haven't been any memes that have emerged based on th concept of the usion of /v/ and /x/, or even /tg/ and /x/, as it appears that the concept of mixing fantasy game magic with actual magic isn't as adhesive as originally intended.

Shortly after it was created, /vx/ was coneptually expanded to include all gaming discussion, including /tg/ discussion and /qst/ style pbp roleplay threads. Those are certainly topics that this site benefits from, as all pony altchans have roleplay boards, and roleplay is banned on /mlp/ while ponies are banned everywhere else on 4chan. The roleplay threads take up the overwhelming majority of the boards posts per day, with discarded threads taking the lion's share of the board's catalog. You could even say traditional games and roleplay is the unofficial main topic of /vx/, despite it not being represented in the board's name. /vx/ certainly has a great volume rp posts, but general roleplay discussion has suffered, in part due to being suffocated by the board's other topics: it doesn't help ease of casual rp discussion when you have to first specify that you're talking about fantasy magic over actual magic, and roleplaying games instead of video games. The threads on the board that are aimed towards /tg/-style discussion don't get very many replies. The flags and IDs don't really contribute to those aspects either.
That aside, roleplay definitely has the potential to be a big thing on this site, and I'm certain that we could do better. All the other pony altchans have prolific roleplay boards, and I'm certain /pol/acks have their on unique roleplay ideas too.
Meta-wise, /vx/ is formally-blue (now red) board where posts have both flags and image IDs, similar to /mlpol/. That coflicts with the concept though, because neither /v/ nor /x/ had those components, neither are they necessary for discussion on either board.
Obviously, the inclusion of flags is a nod to /vint/, our sister board. /vint/ was one of the other April 1st 2017 board that everyone liked, being another board that several Anons demanded to have reinstated on 4chins to no avail. "She" was featured in the /mlpol/-tan comic that many of us bonded over in the /qa/ wars as they spilled into [s4s], having met /mlpol/-tan in the darkness of the deleted zone where they encountered the ravenous /z/. The flags were added to sate Anons who wanted to bring /vint/ back, although the board hasn't really satisfied the feel or appearance of the old /vint/, especially since neither /vint/ nor any of the boards it was effectively combined with featured image IDs.

Now, don't get me wrong, /vx/ is my secon favorite board after /mlpol/. I just really think this site could do
>"So what do you propose, faggot?"
I propose that /vx/, with due anticipation and announcement, should be archived in place of other board(s) that better accomodate its many topics. The boards would be separate and based on ideas that mesh together or have cultural sigificance, such as:
>/vint/ ("international vidya"): our sister board which was in high demand for ressurrecion. It already has its wn memes, and even a cute board-tan. Bringing /vint/ back would satisfy the needfor a place to discuss video games (and random pajeeting), while reaffirming this site's committment to 2017 nostalgia. The board should feature flags, but not poster IDs, in spirit of our sister board.
>/kx/ (maybe "weaponized autism"): A dangerously-based idea that was proposed as an alternative to /vx/ as early as 2017. /kx/ would be a radical and mystic hive of schizoposting, and an original hybrid board that 4chins jannies weren't brave enough to create. It would satisfy the want for /x/-tier supernatural discussion and conspiracy theories, while also providing space for this board's currently-untapped potential for gunposting and prepping. The /x/ side of /vx/ wouldn't really suffer at all from being divorced from the /tg/ and /v/ elements, and the big-schizo energy from the /k/ element of the board could serve as a huge bullet-shaped viagra to supercharge the board's discussion and create its own culture. /kx/ would have neither post IDs nor flags, as anonyity is important to it.

>/hp/ (maybe "Horseplay"?): A roleplay board that the bathhouse threads could migrate to and make their own without smothering video games discussion. A roleplay board serves to benefit a community such as ours as it facilitates creation if OCs and other content, which is why other pony altchans give them their own boards. It could also be the place for /tg/ disussion, or CYOAs. /hp/ would have neither flags nor post IDs, as none of its elements (/mlp/, /tg/, or /qst/) have them.

These are ideas I've considered for a while. I wouldn't expect them to be implemented immeditely, but perhaps you guys might take some time to warm up to the idea for the future?
6594 6596 6604
Now, I know that the idea of splitting up a board has potentia to cause disturbance, so I've considered how people would respond to this:
>/vx/ is fine how it is. There's no need to change it.
Is it though? Aside from the few general at the top of the catalog, most of the threads are pretty much dead. I think this site and this community has potential to do a lot better after observing it for almost 5 years. We are /mlpol/: we're supposed to be the best.
>I post to /vx/ all of the time, and I raher like my threads. I wouldn't want to have to change it.
So do I, and this move wouldn't and shouldn't necessitate posters giving up anything they currently have. Posters who frequent threads or generals in the old board could easily continue or remake those threads on the new boards, with greater specificity and content.
>having so many relatively-slow threads would be ugly
Look at /vx/. Skip through the pages and look at the threads. Most of the threads haven't had any posts made to them in years before they were necrobumped a few years ago. In comparison, a few extra chracters at the top of the screen would be nothing.
>I we split it into multiple boards, they'd all just be even deader.
Quite the opposite, actually. /vx/ is a fusion of multiple concepts; while that promotes content if the topics have synergy, it does the opposite if they do not. Giving each of the topics their space to breath could actually promote content in them.
Furthermore, these boards all include one or more of /vx/'s most active components, and they would continue to be active on their respective boards filling up the catalog: the roleplayers would continue to roleplay, the vidyaposters would continue to discuss vidya, and the /x/posters would continue to talk about metaphysics and argue about nonsense. The boards would be filled even more by their hybrid aspects: gunposting on /kx/ has potential to be very prolific on a /pol/-offshoot community in addition to generating its own dangerously-based memes, /vint/ would be fueled by 2017 nostalgia as well as the sheer scale of vidya discourse potential when not suffocated by other topics, /hp/ (or whatever else you want to call it) could become a place for CYOAs OC creation, and the kind of casual greentext that 4cuck jannies hte for some reason.
>this is just a /v/-tiet balkanization
This is nothing of the sort. The respetive topics had nothing to do with one another and very little conceptual synergy. Splitting them up from one another, and pairing them with more appropriate hybrid elements doesn't split u their own respective topics.
>We don't need more boards
The only really new element of this would be the /k/ element, and I know it has plenty of potential in this community. Otherwise, it's just giving due space to concepts
>It's already been like this for 4 years. Why change it?
I wasn't sure about /vx/ as a concept 4 years ago, and I'm certain we could do better now. I was prolific poster on /vx/ for years and I think I have a decent understanding of what elements of it are good and which ones have quite frankly been insubstantial. Just count all of the dead threads and failed conversations. We can do better than this.
>/vx/ is irrelevant to the main topics of /mlpol/, and thus its quality is low priority
This is a misconception. All of the topics currently smushed together on /vx/ can in some way or form be related to the topic of ponies or politics. Furthermore, these topics are hobbies that encourage user engagement and site participation: users shouldn't feel like they need to go to other chans to get a quality experience for those topics, so it is in the interest of th community to encourage discusson thereof.
>/mlpol/ is too small to sustain quality discussion of these topics, so why even bother?
This is an overstated and rather nihilist attitude that unortunately discorages some users here. If you compare /mlpol/ to a lot of other chans of simila kinds, we actually have quit a high post per day count. Similar alt chans of similar or smaller size are able to sustain boards like this with daily posts, so we certainly could too.
>we've already made too many new boards, and the last two we made are basiclly dead already. This well just be the same.
Quite frankly, I think /cyb/ and /ub/ suffer similar issues in being oo broad and unspecific of topics, but /vx/ is different because it possesses at least three already-present elements that are prolific enough o fill up catalogs on their own.
>If these boards are a success, they'd just attact newags and discord trannies
That's the same logic as saying that /vx/ itself would be bad for the site if it were good. Having good content that attracts users isn't always a bad thing. Besides, we still have our pornshield among other perks of this site that scare aay hostile invasion.
>You're a shill trying to damage our community!
I wouldn't have spent all this time typing if I didn't actully care about /mlpo/ and even /vx/. I just want our site to do better.
>That's such a big idea. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with it...
It would be a big step, yes, but we coud take it slowly. We could take months planning it. Each board could even have its own conceptual thread on /qa/ as its planned.
>This is just more work for the Devteam who are already overburdened.
Making boards isn't as hard as it sounds. Any admin can do it.
>All these ideas suck
I cant say they're perfect, but we could talk about them to improve them to work them out.
>I am a user of /vx/ and am a fan of memes and threads that are uique the the board and wouldn't fit on any of these new ones.
I quite frankly don't know of any unique /vx/ memes, but if you're a fan of content unique to the concept of /vx/, please speak up! It's important to preserve any culture that this community has developed over the years.
Points noted.
And yet, i distrust change.
6597 6598
No. There is not enough traffic to justify the split. As it is now is fine.
If it is not broken, don't fix it.
Pupper's already busy enough, maybe later on
I addressed both of those points in post 2.
Traffick would improve if it were re-made, or stay the same at worst.
And in many ways, it is broken. It's been broken for years, but since it was low traffick nobody cared enough to fix it.
And despite what it looks like, our traffick is actually pretty high for an altchan. We could definitely pull this off.
Also considered that. It's not nearly as as difficult to add a board to this site as you may think. Anyone with admin privileges can do it, and it can be done in a short amount of time.
I made this thread now so that we could discuss it and devs would have time to implement it, although I guess it should have been made years ago.
>It's not nearly as as difficult to add a board to this site as you may think
I guess it's up to staff then, i don't have hard opinions on the matter besides that
>And yet, i distrust change.
Yeah, so do I, which is why I waited so long to propose it even though I really had the idea for basically exactly this three years ago.
Still, after considering what seems like every potential implication, i think the idea is worth doing.
6602 6605
>which is why I waited so long to propose it even though
This has been proposed many times already, I suspect by the same fag.
>Still, after considering what seems like every potential implication, i think the idea is worth doing.
I do too. And the prospect is negative. No change is needed.
>prospect is negative
>No change is needed.
I strongly disagree. /mlpol/ can do much better than this.
>mfw i realize I used the phrase "quite frankly" three times in the same post.
>And the prospect is negative.
I'm really interested in this. Is there anything wrong with this that I didn't consider in the #2 post?
not this shit again.jpg
6608 6609
It could possibly be a good thing.
6609 6610 6611
It could possibly be a bad thing.
If you have any objections, please feel free to explain.
I think so too. A very good thing if done well.
I've thought long and hard, and I haven't found any detrimental consequences for this move. If you found a potential bad consequence that I didn't address in the post above, please speak up about your concerns.

I'd also like to point out that archiving /vx/ could make the move completely reversible if we don't like how it plays out.
I am not convinced
I like the idea.
>I've thought long and hard, and I haven't found any detrimental consequences for this move.
I've thought long and hard, and I haven't found any benefit for that move. Add to that the potential disruptions that will cause and disgruntled poners.
/mlpol/ is fine as it is. Just saying.
6614 6615 6617
>I haven't found any benefit for that move.
I just laid out all of the benefits. I actually had a few more, but I ran out of room, so I'll post more about that later.
>Add to that the potential disruptions that will cause and disgruntled poners.
I considered this in the post above. It would be a simple step for posters to continue their postings on the new boards with virtually no disruption, especially if the change were implemented with due warning and anticipation with the old board archived so that Anons could reference it whenever. Nobody should be excessively inconvenienced by the move.
>/mlpol/ is fine as it is.
/mlpol/ is great. The elements behind /vx/ could be greater.
>all of the benefits
*some of the benefits
6616 6620
>/mlpol/ is great. The elements behind /vx/ could be greater.
Tampering the boards is bad idea.
Please explain why it's bad. Is there a problem that I missed?
6618 6619
I think this is a very good idea honestly
6619 6620
I'm glad you think that way.
If you disagree, please go ahead and explain your position.
Do you frequent /vx/? What threads do you regularly use?
>8 UUIDs
I shouldn't have disabled post IDs on this thread. Idk what I was thinking...
Should I make a new thread?
Bring back /vint/.
A dedicated roleplaying board sounds great
I'm glad somebody agrees.
Not just for ttrpgs and games, but also just casual roleplay and roleplay threads. I think it's an untapped niche that we as a site could capitalize, especially since roleplay is banned on /mlp/.
Is this the same faggot asking to split /mlpol/ because of muh shitposters?
OP here, no, that was another guy's idea. I have no real opinion on the other thing.
Also, I made this thread months ago.
7102 7105
why though? I have to browse /overboard/ to see more than 10 threads a day updated across the whole site, let alone /vx/
Well, that's kind of the point. The current state of /vx/ doesn't encourage content creation or discussion on any of the 4-6 topics it covers, and those topics don't really mix together or complement well either.
7104 7345
Mmmm, nope. Autists don't need any of that.
>Autists don't need any of that.
That argument would be a lot more compelling if those topics actually got sufficient traffic on /vx/. I know that it's not from lack of interest.
The point is for the topics on /vx/ to actually get traffic and generate content.
Also I think /kx/ would be a good addition to the board.
7244 7248
If the mixed board thing doesn't happen can we get a /k/ board anyway?
I want a /k/ board too. I know for certain it would immediately be filled-up with content.
I like /kx/, because the idea of weaponizing schizos has so much meme potential.
It's a wasted opportunity that we're a right-wing pony chan and don't have a dedicated place for gun posting.
>Autists don't need any of that.
Why? What's the purpose of this whole site if not to encourage autists to have fun?
>ywn 3D Print pony guns unless pony /k/ becomes a thing
7350 7351
I also support the creation of a /k/ board, fellow domestic terrorists horsefuckers.
In fact, it would be so based if we had a thread where we could post pictures of our guns and the insides of our domiciles to pwn the libs. Bonus points if we combine it with an /o/ board. We could call it /ok/ and post pictures of our vehicles and weapons outside of our domiciles as well as discuss public meetups. That would be so based and marepilled, fellow Nazi horsefuckers. What could possibly go wrong?
I'm in more of the camp of making a /kx/, because combining gunposters and schizos makes for a dangerously based combo. It would also be a good way to cultivate a doomsday prepper community. I think /x/ would go better with /k/ them being smushed with fiction and fantasy games as it currently is with /vx/.
There's another thread about a potential /k/ board.
7352 7353
Public meetups are retarded, posting vehicles is retarded. Posting gun and gun info is better.
Pretty sure that last part was ironic.
7354 7355
>It would also be a good way to cultivate a doomsday prepper community.
I agree, fellow mare man! We could also work on assembling a militia and discussing guerilla warfare tactics! Based and redpilled!
>Public meet ups are retarded
You don't want to be friends? That's not very loving and tolerant of you. How else could we organize and run drills?
>posting vehicles is retarded
How else will we identify one another at the honeypot for retards stupid enough to post their guns on a /pol/ board friendship blowout? What, are you a glownigger trying to demoralize and discourage real life activism?
No way, my fellow horse homie! I totally don't think that adding a /k/ board be would the single most self-destructive and retarded thing this site could possibly do. It's smartest idea I've ever heard, in fact... Glowniggers would really hate it if we did that!
Consider moving this discussion to Lotus's thread about the /k/ board. This thread is about the proposal to split up /vx/.
There are no serial numbers on 3D printed guns. Feds cannot track us through our 3D printed guns if we download the gun files using tor.
You do realize that feds swarm all over anything related to 3d guns like flies on shit, don't you? Of all the places you could post firearms and general weaponry shit, why would you specifically want to do it here? There are countless other sites you could do it on rather than practically inviting bad actors here with your ass in the air and snacks on the table.
Mixing /k/ with /pol/ will lead to fedposting and gay ops that will destroy this site. You can't possibly be myopic enough to not see how readily it would be exploited.
I completely understand if mods need to move this discussion.
If I talk about 3d printed pony guns on /k/ they will make fun of me.
7359 7364
I would like to bring to any horsefucker attention the unrelentless push to atomize /mlpol/ in a million pieces, given the size of the community, such a push will unavoidable create still more ghost boards and reduce its activity as a whole.
Take a look at the latest campaign to drive /pol/ posting out. Such a harassment campaign is not random and requires administrative action to neutralize it.
>create still more ghost boards and reduce its activity as a whole.
That is a valid concern, but I disagree. /vx/ elements could be so much better than the board is now.
Pretty much this. Off boarders are obviously trying to pit /pol/ and /mlp/ against each other as /mlp/ is autistic and most of nu /pol/ is literally retarded.
It's seem inevitable that the site will die a slow death of a thousand cuts at this point. That's assuming the current board natives aren't smart enough to avoid the bait, which """we""" obviously aren't. It seems like the flash in the pan moment that lead to /mlpol/ may be over as times, and anons, have changed. The short bus is finally running out of gas and a lot of anons are still in denial.
It's been a fun ride at least.
I don't trust whoever wants ponies split from politics. But there can be no cool gun threads and pony gun threads until /k/ exists or gets merged with something funny.
/fitlit/ was a good idea. What was /k/ merged with back when /mlpol/ was on 4chan?
7367 7368
I don't trust anyone who wants a /k/ board here. Go back to bunker chan.
The other thread is about the /k/ board. This thread is about splitting up /vx/, with a passing suggestion of /kx/. It's not the primary topic.
I want /vint/ and /hp/.
I don't trust you, because I don't know what bunker chan is. Where are people supposed to go for their pony gun content? How am I supposed to get Rainbow Dash stickers that will perfectly fit a 3D Printed gun?
The /k/ thread is here >>7249 →