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File: 1573797458740-0.png (361.79 KB, 1170x930, 1572694734346.png)

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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>247691


File: 1573797754725.png (34.79 KB, 367x524, 1565552534032.png)

My boy, ponies are based. No matter who your waifu is, they're a great pick, a nine outta ten tops.

But do you see this pony here. High in the Himalayan mountains there's a secret order of Celestianist monks. For centuries they've been perfecting their craft. Hundreds of young men have gone through the order's doors, bringing more and more knowledge and experience until, after nearly a thousand years of practice, they could begin.

A hundred of the order's greatest and most skilled craftsmen locked themselves in a chamber. For a hundred days and nights they neither slept or took food. They slaved over their work, each succumbed as the days went by, dying where they fell, but the others worked without pause. On the hundredth days, during one of the worst storms in living memory, the last monk finished his work, set his tools down, and died with a smile on his face, knowing that his work--the order's work-- was complete.

This horse was what they had been striving for. And do you wanna know what they build her for, Anon?

Cuddles. They built this flawless creature for cuddles.


File: 1573798935484.png (1.09 MB, 2443x2122, 1557300806825.png)

Well, it's been a few minutes. I suppose I could dig through the threads to find when I last posted an update, but I'm headed to bed. If you want to get caught up: https://pastebin.com/sGSfXRXL.

>Your ears are ringing.

>What's the last thing you remember?
>You were eating breakfast…
>You open your eyes.
>There's nothing, nothing at all.
>And yet, so oddly familar…
>Oh god.
"Twilight, what the fuck did you do?!"
>You know you put out the words, but you don't hear them.
>You can feel your hoof move, but you can't feel it touch your face where it should.
>Something is clearly very wrong here.
>The first time you were pulled through, it was only a flash of this… negative space.
>There are chunks missing from your memory.
>Little bits and pieces that you know should be there, but just aren't.
>You reflect back on the last thing you can remember…
>Pancakes, you're getting used to those.
>Twilight was working on something.
>What exactly it was….
>It was important.
>Relevant to your situation?
>You try to laugh, but there's no sound.
>Are you comatose?
>If you are, this isn't right.
>There's something in the distance.
>You squint, even though you can see right through where your eyelids should be.
>A light, huh.
>It's getting closer.
>You can make out tiny details.
>A room of some sort, perhaps?
>There's a bed.
>A bedside table.
>A book.
>You frantically try to get away from the rapidly approaching room, but you know it's futile.
>You don't even know if your body still exists.
>You doubt it'll have any effect on this absence.
>The sound of forgiveness…
>Well, when you enter you'll make damn sure you're screaming.
>As you collide with the wall far faster than you could hope to prepare for, everything goes dark.
>Be Green Clover.
>Alicorn princess of Equestria, under your loving mommy.
>Today, you decided that you would go visit one of your subjects, Fluttershy.
>She's very kind, letting you play with all of the animals as long as you want.
>You hum to yourself contentedly as the furry creatures crawl all over you and tickle your mane.
>You giggle profusely.
>You shove the pillow over your head and groan.
>Just when you were having a good dream for once, some butthole had to come and wake you up.
>Well, mommy said to only use your funny tattoo in emergencies…
>Plus, you aren't supposed to say cuss words.
"Mare up Clover, this one is on you."
>You grab the riveting MOON from your bedside table in your teeth and keep it raised high.
>Fumbling with the oil lamp, you finally manage to get it on.
>You drop the book and examine her, completely shocked.
>She looks like she took a rough tumble in here, her face has quite a few scratches and the legs that you assume broke her fall are bent at funny angles.
>You put an ear up to her muzzle.
>She's breathing.
>Be Little League.
>Ever since you've started taking those pills Twilight gave you, you've been sleeping great.
>Probably only because they apparently bring you back after a few hours of being dead.
>It turns out that it isn't just an expression.
>You stretch out your forelegs retrieve your cap from the nightstand.
>Even if the Anon here is, well…
>You'll still hold up a candle for the bestest most loyal friend you've ever had.
>Even if she prefers hanging out with the other fillies over you now.
>It only hurts a little…
>You still haven't gained any feeling back in your hoof, but foal steps.
>You limp your way over to the table, grabbing yourself a bowl and pouring in that unhealthy cereal your mom would probably hate if she were here.
>You follow it up with a generous amount of milk from the icebox, and you've got your part of a complete breakfast.
>You take your time polishing it off. No rush to go anywhere on a Saturday.
>You hum to yourself a bit as you unlock the door and go to get the paper.
>'Four mares and two fillies found dead in Coalsborough, coroner yet to identify cause of death.'
>'Nightmare Moon's second coming is upon us!'
>You can't believe they let those lunatics have ad space.
>They must pay them a lot.
>'Hippogriff researcher discovers new species of saltwater wyrm! Species to be named after him posthumously.'
"Sweet Celestia, I didn't know there was that much blood in a seabird…"
>Finally, the funnies.
>The one part of the news you can genuinely enjoy.
>You blink, everything is red.
>You blink again.
>You scream.
>Something hits you, knocking you out of your chair and kicking the wind right out of your lungs.
>That voice…
>Hard, then softened down to that of a child. Made hard again as best it could, but the repair job left more holes than there was mortar to fill them.
>And right now, weak.


File: 1573808748818.png (22.05 KB, 883x760, RK9czDw.png)

Thanks for the green poner.


Where does she reside? Surely she must be spreading them to the world.


wow! Nyx!


I'm really feeling it! When every the next update happens I'm looking forward to it.

My boy, ponies are what all true heroes strive more!
Their sacrifice must not go in vain.


File: 1573843597458.png (136.27 KB, 609x697, 1530154.png)

Would you rather become a filly or adopt a filly



File: 1573844504441.gif (203.23 KB, 431x560, 1520722.gif)

You can't do both silly, fillies can't adopt fillies
What about getting adopted and then getting a pet


You could become the filly, then grow up into the mare, and then adopt more fillies though.


File: 1573845436850.png (161.3 KB, 950x1024, large-9 (0).png)

But you would have to wait almost 2 decades to do that you dummy filly


Of course. It's good to think in the long-term about life-altering decisions. Fillies grow up, and if they aren't smart then they end up flipping hayburgers for a living or being lonely old catmares.


File: 1573848163487.png (256.86 KB, 427x655, 1455050888077.png)

>somewhere else, twilight feels personally attacked and offended for no apparent reason, and has the urge of drowning her sadness with books and hayburgers



>"Ahem! Okay class today we learn about the Anonfilly cycle- Yes Mr Long?"

>"It's totally like, about totally like about the vice-headmaster pony , and totally like our class mate assistant pony filly mare dude?"
>"Exactly Mr Long. Before the reign of Our Most Esteemed Princess Twilight Sparkle, she had to care for the aliens turned pony call the Anonymous."
"Can you hurry this up faggot? You already covered this."
>"As you can see class-"
>The vice-headmistress burst into the room.
>"It's time."
"Thank fuck that drawfag took his sweet time."
>Both filly, and mare left the classroom.
"Let's head out newfag an-"

>Later the news of the artist of the pinnacle works of "muh dick", and "humanity, boops, and you" has finally returned to grace Equestria once more.


File: 1573849086774.png (89.99 KB, 624x598, snuggling fillies.png)

I'd much rather be the filly
I wanna have filly snuggles and momfu snuggles


Reading that was like an aneurism, you really should look things over before you post them.


What if the one that adopts you is a male and doesn't adopt another filly ?


>implying I wouldn't just look to have my momfu take care of me


Other than her I don't see many interested on taking care of a filly so I don't see how would that work out


ups meant for >>250795


File: 1573851907606.png (255.13 KB, 1232x1080, fluttermom.png)

Yep, that's exactly the pone I want to be my momfu
>tfw the only two fluttermom pics in my filly folder are this and a pic with a grumpy filly


File: 1573852591329-0.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 3264x1773, 1573769358633.jpeg)

Oof. Does this one count?


File: 1573852614802.png (76.93 KB, 293x600, medium (6).png)

>"Hi A Nun a moose. Unfortunately fluttershy feared you might eat her animals, after all you were transformed into something innofensive for eating her rabbit in your balding ape form so the other green monkeys thought it was a good idea to send "bootl-egg flutterbutter" as they like to call me, to help you. Hope you don't mind"

How do you react?


File: 1573853780249-0.png (Spoiler Image, 14.33 MB, 3024x4032, SPOILER_unknown.png)

I think I'm going to vomit.


File: 1573854029552.gif (48.39 KB, 128x128, ragefilly.gif)

Thin your jizz


Not me, it's another guy.


Indeed it does, thanks!


File: 1573866812986.png (251.78 KB, 1646x1672, 1469664.png)

If you were a filly would you let me pamper and groom you?
just don't tell other anons Cuz it would be weird


File: 1573867249336.png (Spoiler Image, 527.09 KB, 1812x2091, headpats.png)



File: 1573868738665.png (19.93 KB, 1000x800, 1057912.png)

You my daughteru now
Poor unlucky bastard


I did not notice the, ah, additional contents of the jar at first.


File: 1573872407679.png (67.82 KB, 1608x781, FukImWeeet.png)



File: 1573873412638.gif (101.8 KB, 384x338, tfw no face.gif)


File: 1573897360625.png (280.28 KB, 1074x1024, large-2 (4).png)

Rise and shine fillies


File: 1573897584705.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, confusedfilly.png)

>after midnight
>rise and shine
>posts filly in bed


File: 1573898289518.png (282.24 KB, 738x715, 1573326413758.png)

is 4am here
is when I get up


File: 1573903337937-0.png (326.93 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1573174870496.png)

File: 1573903337937-1.png (86.21 KB, 1440x1457, sketch-1573261932409.png)

Mess with The 69th Platoon and the "Elite" fillies will get you


Bro! Is that the Bolt Action Rifle from Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat?!


File: 1573957197554.png (326.65 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1573928762538.png)


File: 1573962729683-0.jpg (1.38 MB, 2686x2326, NonnyDarko1.jpg)

File: 1573962729683-1.jpg (1.26 MB, 2369x2000, NonnyDarko2.jpg)

"Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?"
>"Why are you wearing that stupid filly suit?"
To whoever told me fucking ages ago that I should revisit old drawings, thank you. This one felt amazing to redo.


>The days in the wasteland arent easy…
>Some fillies have the luxury of staying inside
>Others make trade caravans to get some rare goods for everyone else
>But you, one of the last to come around, is not so lucky
>You're the scavenger, the lone warrior set to find basic stuff for everyone else
>Often you return dirty from the long days outside
>And because of that, most fillies avoid calling you for the snuggle parties
>But its alrighf
>You dont mind
>Some day a new one will show up and take your place
>Or you will cripple yourself and will be forced to stay in
>You can imagine the disgust on other fillies face from your failure
>No, the day just started, its too early for these thoughts
>You finish checking for your red shocker on your right
>Just to be sure it won't back fire on you if its ever needed
>"Hey Anon, you coming to breakfast?"
"Yea, just making sure this thing works right"
>"Oh, I can help with that, I was the one who designed it afterall"
>You finally notice the golden bandana under her muzzle
"N-no, it's fine, I can do it"
>"Well, if you say so, if you ever need anything you can just ask"
>With that she walks on
>You never managed to see her walking in on you
>That one, the older filly, much larger than the rest and may as well be a mare, is supposedly the first one
>You never see her checking on other red fillies…
>Which is why you think she may be testing you
>For what, you're not sure…
>But you think that bug rump of hers means trouble for you
>With a deep sigh, you adjust your red scarf and go down to the cafeteria
>Green fillies of every coloured mark meet here, some staying in their groups, other talking with ones from other groups…
>Blue ones, heavy in numbers, are supposed to be the merchants
>Trading between themselves and other fillies to earn their keep
>You stay away as far you can from them
>Who knows what junk they will manage to make you waste your already short bank into
>Pink marked ones distribute the food, often made by themselves
>Its cheaper to make your own though…
>…even if not as good or filling
>You never got to know what the black ones do
>But you dont care, as they are the most bruised of the bunch
>And on top of that, there s always at least 3 or 4 togheter, if not more
>Should mean trouble…
>Red ones like you, on other hand, are very few and between
>Always the youngest and smallest, easy to lose in the crowd
>You hate being as tall as other fillies chest fluff, but nothing really to be done…
>Last time you counted there were only 8 TOTAL red marked fillies like you
>Including you…
>And from all of them, you're the only one avoiding contact with others
>Some of them even got to scavenge in groups
>But you know if you did that, you know you wouldnt get as much loot as if both went alone to different sites
>You turn around, barely noticing the chatter having died down
>And walk face first into a tree
>A green fuzzy tree tied to a tall body
>Fuck me…
>The huge golden marked filly offers you a smile and a hoof
>You pout, but dont want to know what would happen if you refused her help
>And with a single strong pull she sends your body flying through the air
>Alright, it was actually just enough to put you on your hooves, but holy shit
>You hope she never has to discipline boop yo-
>"Hey, you're okay?"
>She says taking you back from your thoughts…
>…followed by a gentle boop
"AAAH!- ah-ah mean shoot, of carse ah am sugarcube"
>"That was an awful Applejack impression, anyway i want you to meet another filly"
>Turning around she nuzzled something on her back, coarsing it out
>A light blue head tilted aside, blue eyes staring into your green ones
"She…she is literally blue?!"
>"I-I'm teal, ree"
>So quiet too, you barely heard her
>Wait…her bandana
>"So, I want you to show her around, and out there"
>Oh nononononono
>"I saw that you avoid being with other fillies so this can help get you used to your new filly self as well"
>This is hell, there must be some way-
>"And I won't take no for an answer either on this, i feel like its my responsibility to get everyone to improve themselves where's needed afterall"
>You stare at her dumbfounded
>All you get back is a disarming smile, and a blue tumour spouting behind her mane
>Looking back, she tells something to the blue filly, who steps down from her back
>And landing down, she's half a head taller than you
>Why the fuck are you teaching this-
>All the incoming slurs and angery are forgotten as a (slightly heavy) hoof pets your head
>"Now be good fillies you two, we will meet later okay?"
>Turning around she makes for the exit, tail swishing as if proud of a work well done
>Looking to your side you're reminded of your assignment for the day
>Eyes full of wonder over your gear, one size too small for her to wear
>She will want to take the lead wont she?
>Crash everything you worked towards and just jump at whatever things she think are best
>And if it fails it will be your fault
>"Cmon man, its not that bad"
"Y-you're fucking blue!"
>"Its teal, I already told-"
"A fucking blue filly"
>"I'm teal you fucker, ree"
>"Now kiss"
>Something hits the back of your head, making you lunge forward
>Its a mere second, but you knew staying a group would be trouble
>Not even a minute went by and you've already been contaminated with de ghei
>The other fillies went away laughing, while the blue filly is blushing in front of you
"Tell no one of this"
>She nods, a single hoof covering her mouth shivering slightly
>Better get this over quickly
>You walk to the door, and hear her following
>You just know this will be the worst day of your life


File: 1573979634538.png (538.7 KB, 1920x1280, 1573872048319.png)


File: 1573980089633-0.jpg (526.07 KB, 1984x1213, IMG_20191117_003756.jpg)

File: 1573980089633-1.jpg (487.02 KB, 1557x1981, IMG_20191117_003805.jpg)

File: 1573980089633-2.jpg (499.98 KB, 1678x1859, IMG_20191117_003821.jpg)


File: 1573981061294.png (152.48 KB, 1024x1024, AnonfillyUpToSomethingMisc….png)

Perfect fit really, faggot tattoos for faggot pink skin.


Nice, poner.


This look interesting.
cont ?


Become. I don't want to take care of a dude who got turned into a filly.


File: 1574007559775.jpeg (41.76 KB, 237x250, old-doge-5ca207141e91a.jpeg)

But you are okay with the reverse?


File: 1574011159167-0.png (273.8 KB, 1440x868, 20191117_165004.png)

I want to vomit. How do we turn filly into a hate symbol?


File: 1574013964218-0.png (115.76 KB, 1000x1414, 2198544.png)

More Harvey…


File: 1574031163949.png (115.16 KB, 372x445, JokerFilly.png)

Not mine, just reposting.
>Canterlot is on flames, riots on the streets
>Twilight is on the castle balcony trying to have a speech to calm ponies down
>It's not working
>Suddenly, Anon asks if she can say something to the crowd
>Twilight steps a little to the side to make space
>Anon starts a speech which turns into an angry rant that only motivates the rioters further
>Just as Twilight is about to step in, filly pulls out a gun and fucking kills Twilight in front of the entire city, plastering the balcony with her brains
>The ponies turn absolutely ballistic, start attacking all the guards around them like mad dogs
>Filly gets dogpiled by dozens of guards while she has a silent dance on the edge of the balcony
>Furious Celestia busts through a solid wall, nearly been turned into Daybreaker in an instant
>Later when the riots have been finally subdued and cleaned, filly has been banished to the moon for 10,000 years
>The End


What the absolute fuck.


>Anonfilly tattoo
Why on earth would you think that this would be a good idea?


File: 1574036547947.jpg (47.31 KB, 960x541, 22694094094.jpg)

Lurk two years more newfag.


File: 1574047858192.png (719.09 KB, 1280x990, large-1 (7).png)

Make it 10
Or 20
Or forever


Guy drew that to piss off this ninny faggot who hates gore.


Probably have tattoos older than you faggot


File: 1574111651657.jpg (629.48 KB, 1439x1053, HfiPS36.jpg)

Congratulations that you've been a huge cockgoblin for longer than some have been alive.
Now get the fuck out.


I have to let another Anon adopt me if I become a filly?


File: 1574127081145.png (117.73 KB, 900x764, sig-4689552.applejack_is_h….png)



File: 1574203186463.png (39.94 KB, 1057x802, depress.png)

Filly is dead.
Press F for filly.


File: 1574204283004-0.png (296.11 KB, 872x872, 1512981550158.png)

Y-you lie! Filly will never die.
I will tell Purple.


File: 1574204401630-0.png (3.36 MB, 3840x2160, 1162433.png)

You were too late.


File: 1574205209773.png (487.21 KB, 2398x2045, comfy-fied.png)


File: 1574205730391-0.png (235.17 KB, 1075x1024, 1517911529384.png)

I think someone needs a hug.


What about content featuring physical or psychological harm which comes unintentionally from individuals who actually mean well, or even harm that comes intentionally from individuals seeking to attain a higher good that filly just can't see yet?


Heyo ASS, you can namefag you know. I've missed you in here.


I'm not ASS though.


File: 1574216704306.png (16.92 KB, 762x559, ohnosheiswearingairpods.png)


File: 1574224532570-0.jpg (39.55 KB, 622x615, BuffMan1.jpg)

File: 1574224532570-1.jpg (27.1 KB, 852x480, BuffMan2.jpg)

File: 1574224532571-2.jpg (82.21 KB, 666x666, BuffMan3.jpg)

File: 1574224532571-3.jpg (29.47 KB, 1024x482, PatheticMan1.jpg)

>"Filly abuse may be unpleasant, but it's not supposed to be enjoyable."
>"I agree, the joy in filly abuse is seeing her abusers punished or seeing her get back on up after a fall."
>"Yes, filly abuse has a necessary place in this thread as a narrative tool and something that makes us stand out in a crowd. Look at how much great content was born of filly abuse, without it we might not even have a thread."
>"Reee but I don't want muh idealistic fantasy world to have any believable flaws! I just want to snuggle and cuddle other fillies forever, am I right my fellow bronies?!"
Unironically gas yourself.


>"Filly abuse may be unpleasant, but it's not supposed to be enjoyable."
Speak for yourself, I unironically enjoy filly abuse and I know for a fact I'm not the only one.


File: 1574224907385.jpg (264.33 KB, 1292x734, anon&fillies_laughing@(You….jpg)

>making a post like this
>in response to a meme image


File: 1574227966810.png (291.26 KB, 850x1133, low-res.png)

>I unironically enjoy filly abuse
I unironically enjoy deviant executions.
Evil always get spanked fren.


File: 1574231300587-0.png (4.13 MB, 1205x10399, 2199355.png)

More normie autism from shitbooru.


>Equestria Stories
That's been around and featuring Anonfilly for over a year. I'm annoyed though that Anonfilly is STILL being used when she was just an amusing side character at first. Talk about tedious and unoriginal.


What about filly abuse where filly always gets up to get revenge in one way or another on the ones who hurt her? Do stories like that exist? Because I suddenly want to read something like that.


I've had an idea for something like that floating around in my head for about a month now, but I wanted to put it off til I was done with my nanowrimo project.


>Meme image
That doesn’t mean shit, you can still express an opinion like that you fucking tard.


>This is becoming a problem.
"Twilight, what did I tell you about coming into my house uninvited?"
>"I'm you're legally-appointed handler, Anon. I can check in on you any time I want. Now answer the questions!"
"No you're not. You may be a princess-in-training, but I refuse to believe you have the authority to 'appoint' yourself to anything."
"Besides, CELESTIA HERSELF had me recognized as a legal, competent adult. I don't need a 'handler!' GET OUT!"
>The purple one's face briefly contorts with fury, then settles into a demented grin.
>"It's treason, then."


>I need your arms around me, I need to feel your touch.
>I need your understanding I need your love, so much.
>You tell me that you love me so, you tell me that you care, but when I need you baby
>Berry Punch stumbles in groggily, clearly absolutely wasted once again.
>You sigh and carefully take the needle off of the record.
"Yeah, turn that shit off… you're going to bed."
>"T-that's right, you little shit."
>She must be really drunk, she didn’t even take a swing at you.
>She stumbles back out and you use your magic to close the door behind her, snuffing out the candle directly afterward.
>FPS is a fucking joke, before Berry you had a stallion who would burn you with cigarettes.
>All you had to do was untie the tripwire after he broke his neck on the stairs, and it was off to a loving mother…
>Or so you’d hoped.
>You’ve considered getting rid of Berry, but at this point you’re worried you’ll just get someone worse.
>And you do feel a bit bad for her.
>Sometimes when she’s blackout drunk, she’ll come into your room and snuggle up next to you.
>She always calls you ‘Ruby’ then.
>While she was on one of her weekend benders, you looked through some of her drawers.
>One of them was completely filled with pictures of a filly with a younger Berry.
>She’s smiling in all of them, and you never see her smile.
>She walked in on you.
>Threw you to the ground and started pummeling you with her hooves, screaming at you that you had done something unforgivable.
“I just wanted to know more about you! When I got here, you just told me where the bathroom was and fucked off, and I haven’t gotten anything since!”
>”Celestia you’re acting spoiled! I don’t owe you shit but room and board!”
“Then why did you even adopt me?”
>She put down her hooves, staring at you.
>Your leaky eyes shut in anticipation for even harder strikes, but they didn’t come.
“I remind you of her, don’t I?”
>You heard a gutteral scream and then something smashing.
>”You want the fucking pictures? Take them!”
>You looked on as she ripped them all to shreds.
>>Your battered form was shoved out of the door with a pile of paper on it.
>”You’ll never compare to her. I don’t want to see you until next week, and if I do I won’t go as easy as this time.”
>Once you were positive she was asleep, you went to the library and taped them back together.
>She remembered nothing the next morning, just as you had expected.
>When she found out the pictures were taped back together, she beat you again.
Gtg for now, you all want more?


It's just funny how a joke was taken so hard and so seriously
>"Wahhh! Opinions other than mine are bad and pathetic!"
"dude, it's just a joke"
>"Sh-shut up, it's still expressing an opinion I don't like!"


File: 1574289475522.jpg (98.5 KB, 1300x1292, literally meTM.jpg)

<"Why yes, I do prefer orange filly. How could you tell?"


Typing through a cold.

>Life with Purple could have been better.

>"Anon! Clean up the library I'll be back after going… out."
>Purple wisened up after the first seven attempts to get help.
>The snug collar chains me to the castle.
>She doesn't wait for the nonexistent reply.
>I have no mouth and I must scream.
>Little more than a slave to a hidden monster.
>Spike the little faggot left with these words.
>"Survive, there is nothing I can do."
>Seeing him trace around his neck…
>The massive library had all the books removed tossed in piles.
>The genitals screaming from the last punishment.
>When she squeezes the heart is a close second for what she can do.
>Ribs uncomfortably poking muscle, and skin.
>The diplomats didn't mind the immature entertainment.
>What a cruel joke.
>The large doors open to the bitch's castle.
>Must be a client as the collar isn't forcing me to hide away.

>"Bumb dum tilly dum fill-a lee do chum-"

>The man in the brilliant blue coat walks in singing. A man with a magnificent beard, ans voice.
>"-pridly thrum-"
>Hearing, and not understanding I follow the jolly man.
>I'm tying to sing with him. Trying to tell my life, the hard times, the woes.
>We're heading out. Truly outside.
>I am free.

>Ponies look in confusion then horror, but that didn't matter.

>I know what I have to do.
>Follow Tom.
"Hmm, hmm hmMm, Tom Bombardi, hm, hmm-"

Fin. Feel free to continue this if anyone wishes.


File: 1574311485887.png (198.71 KB, 1842x1264, _Filly blep fight.png)


File: 1574311540164.png (Spoiler Image, 121.5 KB, 1039x539, melm kisses.png)


>"Oh, you're approaching me?"
>"I can't lick you without getting any closer!"
>"Then come as close as you like~"


Green filly is cuter.


>"This is the taste of a faggot, Anon!"


File: 1574327424093.png (54.81 KB, 367x502, Angle-ic.png)

>Tom Bombardi


Is this the Italian knockoff version of Tom Bombadil?


Well sheeit. That'sa spicey meat-a-ball. The party will have lotsa spaghetti, linguini, fettuccini, ravioli, and a big pizza pie.
Come along pizanos. No idea what was going through my mind at the time. I heard the right name, and saw how to properly write it. That's a massive goof on my part.

>Life with Purple could have been better.

>"Anon! Clean up the library I'll be back after going… out."
>Purple wisened up after the first seven attempts to get help.
>The snug collar chains me to the castle.
>She doesn't wait for the nonexistent reply.
>I have no mouth and I must scream.
>Little more than a slave to a hidden monster.
>Spike the little faggot left with these words.
>"Survive, there is nothing I can do."
>Seeing him trace around his neck…
>The massive library had all the books removed tossed in piles.
>The genitals screaming from the last punishment.
>When she squeezes the heart is a close second for what she can do.
>Ribs uncomfortably poking muscle, and skin.
>The diplomats didn't mind the immature entertainment.
>What a cruel joke.
>The large doors open to the bitch's castle.
>Must be a client as the collar isn't forcing me to hide away.

>"Bumb dum tilly dum fill-a lee do chum-"

>The man in the brilliant blue coat walks in singing. A man with a magnificent beard, and voice.
>"-pridly thrum-"
>Hearing, and not understanding I follow the jolly man.
>I'm tying to sing with him. Trying to tell my life, the hard times, the woes.
>We're heading out. Truly outside.
>I am free.

>Ponies look in confusion then horror, but that didn't matter.

>I know what I have to do.
>Follow Tom.
"Hmm, hmm hmMm, Tom Bombadil, hm, hmm-"

Fin. Feel free to continue this if anyone wishes.


Anonfilly vs Cozy Glow. Who would win in a fight?


Almost always Anonfilly.

"Get back here fagg-"
>A right sized rock.
>That dumbass thinking flying away will help.
>"What the buck! You crazy-"
>Critical hit.
>Added status effect stunned.

>Cozy is to be released from the stone.

>She's just a kid after all.
>"Anonymous it's your turn to redeem somepony."
"Wha- no way-"
>"Glad you agree."
"Fuc- blargb"
>Where did she even get the soap from?

"I'm here to educate you on the ways of not being a total cunt-"
>"Golly it sure must be hard losing what made you a stallion. Is that why you're a pussy."
"That's not friendship-"
>"What are you gonna do about it?"
"I'm going to physically remove the stupid from you."
>"Like a fake pony will be abl- urk"
>The way of the anime don't fail me now.

"If I said 'this hurts me more than this hurts you' that would be a lie."
>"I'll- I'll kick your flank!"
>One cat fight later
>"Stobb, I gibe up."
>It's time to finish this.
>Gaey. O.
>A flash of light down around my neck.

>"That's how you got the element of…"

"Excessive Ultra Violence of Friendship."
"It worked didn't it?"
>"The royal guard is going to speak with you…"
>"We've head enough Princess. You're going to be locked away for a long time."
"What? Why?"
>"You just attacked a foal."
>"I'm sorry Anon."
"You literally locked her in Tartarus, and then imprisoned her in stone! She was awake for every second of both! Then foisted the responsibility of fixing your mistake on me."
>"Save the crazy ramblings for the dungeon."
>She just looks away.
>The guard coming closer. Ora ora you're coming closer to me? 'Can't apprehend you from far away.' Oh? Then come as close as you like.
"Aw shit here we go again."

>Seven platoons, three auxiliaries, nine special forces, countless mooks, and ten boss battles later.

"Yes Cozy?"
>"I'll be good forever I swear."
"Good… help me clean you this mess? You don't have to, but-"
>"Right on it Anonymous!"
>Just a regular day in ponyville.


Gave me a good chuckle.


File: 1574374172717.jpg (90.29 KB, 600x602, 1526969100108.jpg)

Only if you give me a happy ending, otherwise I don't wanna read it.


I'll read it if you can give it the edgiest, grimdarkiest bad end that a human being could possibly write.


File: 1574374946973.jpg (31.05 KB, 350x367, XanatosGambitDiagram_7509.jpg)

Why not both?


Because they're both mutually exclusive, one of us has to die now and it ain't gonna be me.


File: 1574376068281-0.png (197.52 KB, 2000x2000, 1574339981362.png)

You get to pick one character from any video game. They will be transported to Equestria along with you when you die, and will assume the form of a mare. Both their transformation and yours into a filly are irreversable. Who do you pick and why?


Meant to clarify they’re gonna be your mom btw



Poor Purple. Those fillies are creepy.


Animal Crossing. Isabelle. Though, one of the Able Sisters might be nice, too.


The hoard is never ending AHhHh!
For meme tier Alex, Blacklight Virus personified, Mercer from the Prototype series.
Everything may burn down. Has the capability to be the best mother with an unknown amount of experience.
Has skills sets that nobody could compare to. Job qualification is just fine being able to supply for just about anything.
Downsides: Murderhobo, doesn't have always all that well thought through plans, possible schizophrenia, possible multiple personalities disorder, who knows what else. Unknown if relationship would be friendly, or cruel.


Thats a rather random yet specific inquiry. You first then


Why video game characters specifically? Shamhat from The Epic of Gilgamesh would make for a good literary momfu.


Princess Celestia from the gameloft game, so now there are two of them.


Because I wanted to make a post before I hopped in the shower and I recently downloaded an image of ponified Postal Dude. Now, suppress your tism' and conform to mine.
Richter from Hotline Miami. Could not only care for you effectively, but would be intimidating enough that the other foals wouldn't fuck with you.


File: 1574394606564.jpg (91.94 KB, 739x751, typical writefag.jpg)

>Now, suppress your tism' and conform to mine.
But I'm not big into vidyas. I can't think of a single one I've played that has any good potential momfus. Mostly because I just haven't played very many.
But there's a whole wealth of momfus just waiting to be discovered in books. Sofya Semyonovna from Crime and Punishment, Betty Zane from the Ohio River Valley trilogy, Luthien from the Silmarillion, C'Mell from the Instrumentality of Mankind universe, Clarissa Kinnison from the Lensman series, Fraulein Kromeier from Look Who's Back, and plenty more.

Actually, I think I'll go with Twilight from the gameloft game tbh.


>"Diaper me first!"
>"N-no me!"


What if that brings a whole new Twilight into existence? Double the Twilight double the momfu!


>What if that brings a whole new Twilight into existence?
That's the idea, my friend.


File: 1574402638016.jpg (126.71 KB, 1320x1315, Puppets.jpg)

Mama Maiar that's a-spicy Melkor!


I pissed the bed again Twilight
>again? Thats the third time this week and its tuesday
I dunno whats happening to m-me
>Now what to do with you?


File: 1574416779551.png (200.51 KB, 1711x1073, twi cunt.png)


File: 1574417391034.png (109.76 KB, 736x600, ayy ulmo.png)

Fuck I miss shitposting on /arda/.


Big brain


You can’t spank her or diaper her, that will align perfectly with her master plan. You need to get her one of those horrible bedwetting clips that blasts an alarm in her ear whenever she starts peeing, then maybe she’ll stop pretending to have a weak bladder.


i like this prompt, short and simple, sweet and to the point.
too bad im too lazy to write anything right now, maybe later.


Do it faggot. I’d love to see it fleshed out.


File: 1574461549942.jpg (121.78 KB, 1024x841, Elincia and Celestia.jpg)

Well duh, this is the Mommy Issues General
The correct answer is Elincia from Fire Emblem (before it went full weeb)


File: 1574467104646.png (229.45 KB, 1406x1632, 1094516__safe_artist-colon….png)


File: 1574469610744.png (224.13 KB, 1030x884, QuitBeingSad.png)

Made an edit


File: 1574469700928.png (294.21 KB, 807x960, derp delet.png)

you'd better delet this shit right now you nigger



>The ballpit is sticky
>You know not why you entered the ballpit
>But sticky it is
>It could be sticky from all of the gross fucking colts that got in it
>Or perhaps from some fillies trying to fuck and getting a bit steamy
>You take a whiff
>Or, most likely
>Somepony has pissed in it.


File: 1574470145098.png (366.93 KB, 810x594, DELET.png)


Is it wrong after looking at it for a while I thought of the last one turning back on disco style playing Thriller?


No, that's fucking hilarious.


File: 1574471572977.png (34.42 KB, 264x257, plone.png)


>Anon grows up again after Twilight finally believes Luna didn't just trick a filly to be in a rape dungeon after Anon was turned filly.
>The reason he was turned filly is because mares are the only ones who can be alicorns, and Luna doesn't want to be like Cadence and lose her colt/mare.
>The only catch is you have to choose a type of magic to be princess of, this means you have to study and master it.
>If you choose sex it's harder to do because Luna wants you only to herself, and a filly trying to out do a grown mare in something like that is like a Lamborghini trying to race a F35.
>If you choose combat you have to fight all the royal guard, No they won't fuck you degenerate, Luna would kill them. and go through years of training, taking you away from Luna more and more, making her possessive of you when you're done.
>If you choose compassion you have to help ponies constantly get over all their issues like depression, while keeping a distance and not having them fall or you, or you them.
>Anything you choose with have it's troubles, so what do you master? It has to be something useful, not princess of laziness. Hell cooking would even be acceptable, good luck beating Pinkie tho.


Princess of greentext ultimatums.


That sounds like a good idea.

The Ponelet: There, and back again, but not there fucking faggot. A Ponelet's tale or tail…
A half remembered excerpt:
The deformed basement dweller lacking tendies made do with questionable fish sticks…
"The answer to the riddle was eggs!"
"Look I said it was a nut it's not that big of a difference for a rocky mountain oyster, cock breath."


File: 1574473510578.jpg (29.86 KB, 400x400, 1538806333767.jpg)

Ah the truest of magics memes, and shitposting.


Wisdom. Easy, you don't even need to learn anything (assuming you're not a brainlet)


File: 1574475836426.png (365.7 KB, 810x594, MDv5hSB.png)

I agree with >>251516
Even if you have an odd 51515 combination you must delet that shit faggot.



As yes wisdom how could I have forgotten.


File: 1574479482236.png (44.63 KB, 696x304, redfilly.png)

Red filly's home burned down a while ago. Out of the goodness of your heart, you let her move in with you. But it's been three months, and she still hasn't gotten over it. All she does is sit by herself in the room you've graciously provided her, sneaking out only in the dead of night to raid oats from your pantry and empty her piss bottles in your garden. You can count the number of times you've actually seen her awake on your fingers, but you're pretty sure she hasn't bathed even once since arriving, and the other fillies are starting complain that her room smells like horse. The other day, a helium bottle arrived for her in the mail, but you haven't given it to her yet.

You should really tell her to go outside and get a haircut. Or get mental help, whichever seems more important to you.


File: 1574479631305.png (84.89 KB, 528x491, SupriseHugs.png)

>pic related


<"Noooooooo! I'm allergic to affection!"


File: 1574481425524.jpg (60.9 KB, 640x420, what_am_i_doing.jpg)

Could someone fillify pic related with Doritos crumbs and a can of Dew?


She doesn't need a haircut, first order of business would be a nice bath. Be sure to be gentle, but if she declines you might need to use a bit of persuasion. You'll probably have to wash her yourself, and this is the most important part. Stay away from her private areas and let her clean them herself, but help her with her mane and all of the harder to reach areas. Once she's all cleaned off, you should take her to a psychologist. Make sure they don't give you a foal psychologist, after all she's not mentally a foal. Under no circumstances should you give her the helium, drugs aren't the answer and there's a possibility she's trying to asphyxiate herself relatively painlessly. Be supportive, but not overbearing. Give her time to get better, following the direction of that psychologist and eventually you should start to see improvements in her.


Not a serious method for such circumstances. Plus it's all fun, and games until…
"Aw don't worry I know something that always is a pick me up when I'm down."
"That's pretty close, but not quite here I'll show you."
"Before we begin I'll give you a hint remember that good time when a few people spoiled a british kids book and everyone was whipped into a frenzy?"
"Now the last name of who kills someone that made them all loose their shit? Good, good, take a guess who my favorite pony is, and mix it together."
"Spank? Ha! Good guess that's not bad, but no. Jape? I do enjoy that alot, but that's not it either. Vape? That's not for me plus I came unprepared for that too. Peasoup? That's pretty creative. Space? Glad you're feeling a bit better."
"How about I show you. Close your eyes that way it's a suprise!"
>Mr. Sax doesn't know how to play said instrument even though he tries every weekend.
>Even with several tutors.
>He says the name is for sentimental reasons.
>Filly found out the hard what Suprise B. Sax the strangely named Anonymous ment.
>The saxophone played loudly throughout the weekend night.
>If someone listened closely they might also hear words.


Those are such good fillies. I hope all drawfillies continue to do their best.


File: 1574491618154-0.png (363.36 KB, 1714x948, 1574322562935.png)


File: 1574491909730.png (235.44 KB, 750x744, 100%anonfillyapproved.png)

I remember seeing the first filly here before
I fully agree with your sentiment though


File: 1574494891344.jpg (106.66 KB, 736x736, ey uu e6.jpg)

Fillies wanted.


your prompt assumes that I'm not stubborn enough to make destiny bend to my will and not the other way around. I will seize immortality and I will do it without being especially good at anything, and nobody will stop me!


>Tfw Smoldix is dead
>Tfw he rejected the filly commission I paid him to do
>Tfw basically told to 'get fucked and take the refund lol'
>Tfw only reason I accepted the offer was because it was an exceptionally good deal
>Tfw 20 dollarydoos in steam credit frozen assets for about half a year
>Tfw probably never going to accept the money back because I still want there to be a chance that he draws it
End me.


File: 1574495867999-0.png (505.04 KB, 1000x528, ae5baea5ef77a651ce1ebb77be….png)

File: 1574495867999-1.png (311.88 KB, 1000x528, 2202563.png)


File: 1574496539961.jpg (21.48 KB, 494x297, 1538704121819.jpg)

Here! Here!


>decide to be a stubborn asshole and not do anything in particular to achieve immortality
>just do the daily shit and get really good at life via prior experience
>on deathbed get handed immortality for free since ponies still like you enough to care
>can't be called princess of stubborn assholeness, so instead called princess of "willpower"


File: 1574502768676.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


File: 1574502838576.png (406.5 KB, 844x637, KAyNxy7.png)


>The path to immortality is always frought with dangers.
>Especially the one that maintains the sanctity of the self…
>No the truth is that being turned into a pony with this kind of cutie mark didn't bestow any kind of specialization.
>Everypony could do anything I could do better in every category.
>So I just had to be good at living life daily.
>To be the princess sometimes daily life is far more stange than anything the real experts could come up with.
>Being infected with the cutie pox wasn't fun, but the hardest to aquire skills and talents usually aren't.
>The things a person could do with poison joke laced timetravel potions will haunt me for another year or so.
>Maybe ten…
>or twenty…
>So to be the jack of all trades the handy man to grant divinity truly was frought with peril.
>The ideal way to pinch a turd.
>The most mediocre method to comb my mane.
>How to invest stocks in a porn company for a method to have a johnson that is attached to the autonomic system while keeping it a secret to surprise her on the real offical wedding night that way being a quick shot is only due to having enhanced senses not part of a master plan to to rock Luna's world.
>Knowing the slightly above average annoying way to go into tangents to test a person's will.
>Especially have to know how to wake up everyday for the rest of forever.
"I haven't felt this good since I was turned into a filly!"
>"Anon? ANON!"
>Shit Luna's crying.
>"AN-AH-A-ON! You died! You- gaylord…"
"I got better?"
>"I kept telling you to be more helpful, to be nicer to everypony."
>Ordering a pineapple pizza on that noble may have been a step too far, but she was a cunt.
>"I couldn't tell you before, but if not enough ponies actually want you to become an alicorn. It wouldn't be possible."
>Perhaps the practical joke of gluing the toilet paper rolls so that they would have to rip the first few layers off was in poor taste.
>"Is only with great broadcasting, and the interconnected networks that all of Equestria. To scrape enough to do this!"
>The statue made of 100% douek, doook?, duck?, weaved cactus was a step too far.
"That close?"
>"It's because everypony on the webworks then started posting everything about you."
>Oh no.
"Everything everything?"
>"Anonymous you are called the princess of willpower for everything you have ever done."
>"And for the fact you nearly alone started the 'willpower' series of coitus play toys, and that is what brought you to princess-hood."
>"I'm glad you made it Anonymous."
>"We're going to break in all of the ones based on your namesake. Princess of 'willpower'."
"Oh damn it, can't I be called the princess of stubborn assholeness instead?"
>Luna leans in closer whispering.

"That's another reason why I love you."


I like this post. This is a good post.


He's not gonna draw it dude.


File: 1574545714638-0.png (147.7 KB, 1155x970, 2073912.png)

>"Heya Anon! Glad you could come over to play. Mommy is gonna make us tendies tonight. Do you want to play outside first or should I get out the gamecube?"


File: 1574551807282.png (46.01 KB, 545x353, anono.png)


>red filly
>green filly
>orange filly
Where are blue, pink, black and white fillies?


White filly is Kyrie, black filly is in the gas chamber, blue filly is teal, pink filly got stuck in Ponk's mane and hasn't come out since.


Which imageboards use blue, pink, black, or white Anons?


File: 1574560748670-0.png (530.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1570925156310.png)

>You walk through the dark woods alone.
>A shadow jumps around you with laughter.
>"Dont you know it's not safe to be in the woods alone little filly?"
>"There's dangerous things in these woods."
>Sharp teeth gleam in the moonlight and dark blue predator like eyes glow and stare at you.
>"Things that will eat you and leave nothing but grieving loved ones and family."
>"Yes they… wait, no family?"
>"Or loved ones…"
>"Do you know where you are?"
>"You don't remember anything?"
>"Well then… I don't know what else I expected with my sister in charge."
>The voice speaks with venomous like tone when mentioning it's sister.
>A big dark blue mare steps from the shadows towards you.
>"Do not fear us, we were only trying to make you understand the severity of the situation, but we did not know the context."
>"My name is Nightmare Moon, the true ruler of Equestria and princess of the moon."
>"Anon? That's… a beautiful name young filly."
>"As a ruler it is our job to ensure the safety of our citizens, so how about I take care of you?"
>You hug the big mare's legs.
>She chuckles.


File: 1574560774336-0.png (1.63 MB, 2000x1500, 2038341.png)

>"Very good. When I take the throne back and you get older we will rule together."
>"But for now, come, let me teach you about this forest, it is called the Everfree, and be it dark or light it's dangerous here."
>The big mare leads you through the forest, teaching you about the wildlife.
>She teaches you where to get water and what plants to eat and what to not.
>Although her ears perk up and she stops.
>"The time approaches for the deciding factor of the future."
>She guides you to a tree with a large spacious room in it's roots.
>She cast a quick spell to clean it of the nasty stuff.
>"Hide here for a bit. I'll be right back, and this shield will keep anything that isn't you out. Stay here until I get back, do not come out for anypony else."
>She says with a stern tone.
>You go inside as whe sets the shield.
>"I will be right back."
>And with that she's gone in a puff of smoke.
>So, you wait…
>It's been hours and Nightmare Moon isn't back.
>But still, you wait, even as the sun comes up.
>A day and night has passed.
>You're really hungry and thirsty, but you wait.


File: 1574560814822-0.jpg (493.62 KB, 2250x1907, 1571864695386.jpg)

>At night you go out for food and water, and quickly return.
>She'll be back, you know it.
>You repeat the process of food water and wait the next day.
>And the next, and next, and next.
>You saw a town, but don't go in, she told you to avoid other ponies.
>Until one day you hear familiar laughter.
>You know she said to wait for her, but it's been so long!
>You rush over and see her.
>She stands in a clearing near the town.
>"MUHAHAHAH! Nightmare Moon has returned! The night shall last forever!" She calls out.
>You see nopony else around so you rush over.
>Quickly she spins to glare at you.
>"I hope you brought me a treat, or else I'll have to eat you little filly!"
>You skid on the ground and stop infront of her.
>Did she tell you to bring her food when she came back?
>She must have!
>You flee back to the woods quickly to find what she said was her favorite to eat.
>"F-Filly do not run in there!"
>Another voice calls but that encourages you to run faster.
>They don't pursue and you find the fruit quickly and run back to the spot you saw her.
>Foals and colts approach her, drop some candy and run.
>You wait till the coast is clear and run up with the fruit
>"What treat have you brought young on-"
>You place the fruit at her hooves and smile proudly stating you got her favorite.
>"Is that…? How did you know our favorite food was this?"
>"We told you? We don't remember-"
>She stops mid sentence as a form of realization hits her.
>"Anon? Oh our goodness, we're so sorry! We forgot we told you to stay there!"
>"Y-Yes, we are proud. Come with us, we will return to the castle early and get a bath, we need to explain something."


That was an adorable read. Great work, Anon.


>This green is the hallmark of such a good and obedient filly Anonfilly is.


Not mine, just doing my duty and ensuring it made its way here. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.


File: 1574562905009.png (169.94 KB, 1024x598, flurry_heart_vector_by_dav….png)

Thanks nevertheless.


Thank you, I wouldn't have seen it if you hadn't. It's very appreciated.


File: 1574567665224.png (1.11 MB, 4000x4000, Filly_Princess.png)

This reminded me to re-read The Princess Filly. Still good.


That one's recent, where did you find it? I'm not seeing it on derpi.


File: 1574568153124-0.png (122.91 KB, 1435x1264, Filly_Anon_Plush.png)

File: 1574568153124-1.png (1.01 MB, 3335x2160, imma_boop_it.png)

File: 1574568153124-2.png (915.42 KB, 4000x4000, Merry_horsemas.png)

It isn't on derpi, nor is anything else this dude's drawn of her as far as I know. He's someone I met through another interest (pone plush) who's started drawing filly. I've shared his other stuff here when it was drawn previously.



Guy who wrote the princess filly here. I've been meaning to start on a new writefag project but I keep procrastinating. Tell me you want me to write the poney shit so I can be held accountable for my laziness.


Write green about filly's momfu abusing her.


File: 1574574447130.gif (24.2 KB, 128x128, openyoureyesfilly.gif)

Write some horse shit, friend.


Write something or you're a disappointment to all of dozens of people who will remember your laziness for the rest of this thread.


File: 1574574607957-0.png (693.55 KB, 987x600, 2189095.png)

Guy made onnne more.
>After being cleaned up from dirt, mud, and grass that caked to the filly's fur, Nightmare Moon looked at her with a seemingly melancholy gaze.
>"So very pretty, how could such a pretty filly be left or forgotten?"
>"Yes thee young one. We're sorry, it's just, something happened to us when we left."
>The princess shakes her head.
>"No dear, it's not okay. We let a beast take control and make us do things we didn't want to."
>"Of course the beast was scary, and we received help from others."
>"Would thee wish to see us without the corruption?"
>"Yes, tis a form that was taken due to corruption."
>"Why were we nice to you?…"
>"We do not know. But we're glad we were. Now."
>With a puff of magic Nightmare Moon is gone, and Luna is there.
>"This is us."
>Luna smiles and lets a little blush creep onto her cheeks.
>"Thank you. We appreciate your complements dear Anon. Now, tis getting late, we should get to bed."
>"We have a room set up, the guards will lead yo-"
>Luna stops as the filly hugs her leg and begs.
>"Oh… yes we suppose that will be okay."
>She places Anon on her back and carries her to her bedroom.
>She then places Anon in bed, and crawls up next to her.
>The filly hugs her barrel and mumbles something that makes Luna's heart skip a beat.
>"W-We love thee too… daughter."
>She wraps her daughter up in her wings and hugs her close, before drifting off to sleep.


All right you've convinced me. New green will commence soon.
It'll be my first abusefag story.


Get the filly box, we got a high level SCP breach and she needs to be contained immediately


File: 1574575626231-0.jpg (65.39 KB, 650x650, g0eK5nO8PM.jpg)

Fuck yeah.


File: 1574609931409.png (104.94 KB, 500x659, tumblr_pasm18PXcr1xy1cfao1….png)

bruh lemmie have a aipasillp


>Anon, this tea doesn't feel so bomb-ass…


Wait until you’re blasting it out your ass.



File: 1574639636189.png (318.23 KB, 846x1024, pwffzzt.png)

Why is filly such a silly?


Because filly is (You).


Celestia help me for writing this.
>Ywn be raped violently.
>Your tiny filly cunt being torn to shreds by the massive tentacles being shoved into it.
>Your little filly lungs screaming out for mercy until a tentacle slides down your throat, keeping your voice at bay.
>It stops not for water, for food, or for bathing.
>You will literally be fucked to death.
>When you are dead it will continue to rape your corpse until there is nothing left but a skeleton.
>The skeleton drops to the floor.
"Woah, I guess I'm… boned."
>You turn to the camera and spiritually wink with cold, dead sockets as canned laughter plays for a live studio audience.


I was never 100% on the idea, though I was willing at the time, cus torturing the filly is fun, but due to the subject matter I couldn't work on it while streaming, and I usually wasn't in the mood when I wasn't streaming(I almost never draw when I'm not streaming), so I kept putting it off.

And then the internet got more vocal about its hate of such themes, it got the better of me and now I'm not sure if I'd draw such things even if I want to. Sure there's always the option of a secret alternate username, but my style is clear as day, everyone would know it's me.

sad times.
Doomed to draw vanilla shit for the rest of my life, for fear of upsetting people, getting labelled & shunned by communities.
Not to mention the fear of people irl finding out I draw such things, thinking I'm a threat to society and calling the po po. Because such things are actually illegal here and hardly anyone knows how to separate fiction from reality.

I've still been on the fence about whether I'd actually draw it, even today. I know these things I mention don't actually stop me from drawing it, sending it and then erasing every trace on my system. But I've been through some shit in recent months, as you know, and on top of some even more recent stuff where I constantly had an obligation to draw a bunch of stuff with deadlines, I had very little time to myself. It occurred to me that drawing is really just something I do for me, I don't want to do it for money, or because I have to, I want to do it because I want to, for people I want to do it for. If I ever take commissions again in the future I'm definitely going to be careful about it, cus if I ain't feelin' it, if it's not something I actively /want/ to draw.. yeah, I wouldn't want to leave someone waiting forever again. Sorry about that. I sent the refund.


Celestia would have helped you write it, but you finished.
All that goes through my mind is this.
"(Caretaker of choice) it's just a prank, (slang here). It's all about sending a message to a few creatures."


Glad to see you not dead. I hope the situation becomes better.

If the need ever arises making one asset at a time would a real pain in the ass to do, but having someone else assemble the final picture while you only ever have at most two assets could be helpful. Just incase.
>my style is clear as day, everyone would know it's me.
That would put a damper on things.
>thinking I'm a threat to society and calling the po po. Because such things are actually illegal here and hardly anyone knows how to separate fiction from reality.
I understand your pain. Shit sucks.
Wish you the best.


File: 1574664575848.png (364.8 KB, 1542x2084, fillygiggle.png)

>Celestia help me for writing this.
>Celestia would have helped you write it, but you finished.


Whole different animal from what you told me earlier, I was under the impression you had no intention to draw it because you were beginning to prefer vanilla shit. Thanks for the refund I guess. Was a bit less than $20 with the transfer fee, but don't worry about it.


's why I suggested givin' the money to bit directly, less of paypal's ridiculous fees.
and he's a good boy who should get paid even if he doesnt' want to be.


Longer than I intended to keep you waiting. Please be gentle with my cooter when it’s >rape time.
>Be Anonymous.
>Something is very wrong.™
>Play the laugh track.
>"Oh. You're back. We thought we did away with you last time."
"Not quite. How am I even hearing you? I didn't fall asleep, I got knocked out."
>"Well, admittedly our powers are weakened in this state. We can only really broadcast our voice, not much else."
>You feel a wide grin cross your face.
>"We… what are you doing?"
>"Please stop that, we are-"
>"We are only trying to-"
>"We only wish to negotiate with-"
>You finally fall silent.
>"Oh, we thank-"
>"Why would you say such-"
>You begin to screech as loudly and as shrilly as you possibly can.
>You can hear the sound of Luna bellowing over your own vibrato, but you will not be defeated.
>Finally, your vision begins to fade in.
>Twilight wraps her wings around you.
"Send a letter to Celestia. Tell her whatever she did to contain Luna didn't work."
>She looks hurt.
>"You… aren't happy to see me?"
>You grab your head with both hooves.
"What time is it?"
>"Uh, 6:00 AM."
"Then get ready for a long fucking day."
>You can hear crystal shatter nearby.
>"I'm you, from the future."
>Technically not a lie.
>"Yeah, Starswirl's Twelth. Any temporal event must be rectified by a- oh, hello. There you are."
>There's blood all over the unicorn's face.
>"I'm quite dizzy, and it looks like your legs are quite fucked up. Think it would be a good idea to get to a hospital?"
>"There's no time for that… Anon! Did C-celestia say anything to you when we visited her?"
>You can see her twitching about.
"Oh, right. One wish."
>"Now seems like a pretty good time to use it, the return trip seems to have fucked up you and your friend pretty badly. Are you in any condition to teleport?"
>Unicorn Purple spits out a tooth.
>"Does it look like it?"
>"Fucking… well, it's going to be a few hours. I need to put in a letter to her. Bad things happen if I don't, yeah?"
>The two of you are hoisted up by a magic field.
>It jostles your well and truly fucked legs as she takes you through the hallways.
>"Here. Empty guest bedroom. Make yourselves comfortable, tourniquets… whatever."
>She leaves after setting you both down on the bed.
>Twilight hurriedly starts ripping pieces off of the ornate sheets and tying them around the various little holes and gashes that pockmark everywhere from her head to her barrel.
"No brain damage?"
>"Luckily I anticipated a bit of a rough landing… the little shielding I do have the power to do all went into my cranium…"
>She taps your snoot with a bloody hoof.
>"And your cranium."
"Could you fill me in on what's been going on the past… oh dear lord."
>"What do you last remember?"
"Breakfast, pancakes."
>"Oh dear, I've been serving you those every day for the past week… anything about the morning routine?"
"You helped me get dressed in some sort of… no, I can't recall what you were helping me get into."
>"That would've been about a week ago, radiation shielding. Don't you remember why I was making you get into it?"
>"Do you remember what I was working on?"
"Some sort of… engine?"
>She scratches her head with a hoof.
>"I remember telling you more… well, as much as I understood. It was nearly complete, I was just missing the schematics. Maybe part of the part missing was proper safety protocol, heh…"
>You chuckle a bit despite yourself.
"I can't really feel anything in my legs, are they shredded?"
>"Ohh… hey, you have that wish though. You'll be fine in no time."
>"Use it on yourself. The worst that will come out of all of this is some minor scarring. I'm not really sure why she didn't take me to the hospital…"
"Two Twilights are suspicious?"
>She makes a sound similar to snapping fingers with a hoof.
>"Right, forgot about that."
>The two of you sit in silence for a while.
>"I'm sorry."
"Don't worry about it, I'm sure I knew the risks going into that machine."
>"No, Anon. That… that machine was supposed to be your ticket home."
>Now that really leaves a sour taste in your mouth….


>Be Little League.
"Hey, hey. It's okay."
>"You're supposed to be dead, the pony I was travelling with is ground into a million bits, we're fucking miles off course, and I-"
>She scoops up a hoofful of the stuff all over the floor.
>"Look at this shit! It's so finely ground, I can't tell what bits are brain, what bits are muscle, what bits are bone…"
>She trails off into a scream.
>You clap a hoof over her mouth.
"Hey. Whatever's going on here, we probably want to keep it quiet don't we?"
>You feel the screaming stop under your hoof.
"Good. Now, I'll run a bath for the both of us, and you explain what the frick is going on here."
"You blew yourself up, left yourself comatose, and then I killed myself on top of you?"
>She struggles with the mug.
>You reach over and bring it up to her lips, tipping the warm liquid slowly back into her mouth.
"Don't mention it, anything to help a friend."
>The cocoa forms a bit of a mustache on her upper lip.
"Sieg heil, Führer Anon."
>You stick up your hoof in the salute she taught you.
>She giggles, but not as loud as she normally would.
>"Alright, hand me the towel and I'll wipe it off."
"Und vhy would you do that?"
>You hoof it over to her.
"You sure you've got it?"
>"Yeah, I still have one good foreleg left. Get off my case, mom."
>She wipes the liquid off, returning the state of her face to someone who, as Anon used to put it, 'Could do wrong.'
>"Yeah, then I had to stay in this shithole asylum for a while. Lyra was always getting on my ass about how I used to be a human, she and I fooled around back in the day…"
>It only just now hits you that the sticky mess in the next room is your cousin.
"O-oh, dear lord…"
>You rush to the bathroom and get up onto the toilet, blowing chunks like you've never blown them before.
>It would seem that Anon followed just close enough behind you to save your mane from the fate of being dirtied.
>You can feel the tears start to come.
>"H-hey! Don't cry. If this were the same Lyra from your world, you'd be dead right now."
"I'm not entirely sure I follow…"
>"If you're here, I didn't return to my original universe. Different universe, different Lyra. Right?"
"I guess… doesn't make it much better though."
>You wipe the bit of vomit that was expelled through your nose up.
"I need to brush my teeth…"
>Anon wraps her good foreleg around you, and then slowly, arduously, wraps her prosthesis around as well.
>"You're a brave little filly League, you know that?"
"N-no you…"
>"Hey, doesn't count in my case. This is my second go-around with childhood. Enjoy the compliment."
"You've been through more than I have…"
>"And I was better equipped for it. Speaking of which, what's wrong with your hoof?"
"Oh, I uh… died."
>"Wait, what?"
"I smacked off my hoof and then bled out. Twilight brought me back afterwards."
>"You… smacked off your hoof?"
"Yeah, with my baseball bat."
>You concentrate and jostle the bulky instrument out of your mane.
"Well, surely you know the kind of force I can put behind this. Not to toot my own horn of course…"
>"No, really I’m wondering why you would do such a thing. Was it suicide or self-preservation?”
"Well, it was an attempt at self-preservation…"
>You twiddle your hooves.
"Can I have a sip?"
>"Fuck, you’re a bit too late."
>She turn over the empty cup.
"Ah, should’ve expected."
>"So… what now?"
"I think the first order of business is another round of hot chocolate."
>"I won't object."
>And so you walk the path you cleared through the blood back to the stove and make a pot of the stuff.
>The snow is going down pretty hard, you’re glad you have what is pretty much the antithesis of a reason to go out there.
"So, you don’t want to see Twilight any time soon?"
>"Dear lord, no. As long as I can feasibly avoid that, I will."
"Well, I can say I share the same sentiment… say, what's that?"
>Your friend's head whips around to the window.
>"It's large… all I can make out in this weather."
>She trots up to the window, wiping away the condensation.
>"Too big to be a bird, even a bird of prey… do you have a basement?"
"Yes, the entance is outside."
>"Fuck. It might be nothing, but I'd rather not take a risk. Put down your mug, we're going to run for it."


File: 1574717500813.png (127.17 KB, 659x654, check'em trips.png)



File: 1574736267633.png (146.44 KB, 446x750, 1573618906989.png)


How do I delete someone else's post?


File: 1574738059478.png (569.8 KB, 975x1146, full.png)

>a daring newfag


File: 1574738201044.png (1.64 MB, 2500x2500, 1540103907180.png)

>Not knowing about (You) denial
I believe it is you that is the newfag.


Not him, but you've gotta admit that >dicksword's reply method is an odd choice for (You) denial


I don't even use discord, I wasn't aware there was a similarity.


>reply method
Yeah, that faggot came from normal web.


Which one of us is the faggot?


This one -→ >>251804


File: 1574739597998.png (174.63 KB, 1050x760, 1Xjvimv.png)

And even this replay -→ >>251806 is sign of a normie pretending to be a fag.


I think you’re butthurt because I called you out and now you’re samefagging to try and make it look like people are agreeing with you. People have done the same thing I did in this thread before and have gotten no shit for it. I’m sorry that I hurt your feefees, babby. Would you like me to wipe the shit out of your crusty, sweaty asshole too, or does mommy Twilight already do that for you?


File: 1574740390671.png (16.65 KB, 105x128, sweatingfilly.png)

>wipe the shit out of your crusty, sweaty asshole
God I wish that were me


This is your reminder that (You)fagging is a /vg/ meme from the Overwatch general and you're all faggots for buying into it and its derivative memes.


File: 1574740452933.png (159.92 KB, 1280x793, 1503618907882.png)


File: 1574740519726.gif (583.79 KB, 799x476, 4254904.gif)



I don’t care where it came from, if I can make niggers rage by denying them (You)s I’ll do as I damn please.


Using that gif does not convince me that your hindquarters aren’t crusted over. In fact, it convinces me of the opposite. Everybody laugh at the gross filly.


File: 1574740735871.png (291.43 KB, 1280x2051, t4beeee_twilight__s_scary_….png)


File: 1574740799535.png (1.35 MB, 960x1818, arguingfillies.png)

>this thread right now


>Implying I want to kiss shitstink crustyfiller


File: 1574741000637.png (120.82 KB, 854x512, 613673-uU3bSi1HBmqQkPa9.png)


File: 1574743373947.jpg (587.28 KB, 1151x912, 20191008_113027.jpg)


File: 1574743757678.png (186.75 KB, 1421x2008, ur a faget.png)

>talking head in a trash bin
>talking down to filly



File: 1574749321103.gif (647.63 KB, 1296x1173, shitposting.gif)

I really am a master shitposter, aren't I?


File: 1574749445539.png (201.53 KB, 666x1000, 6198c349.png)

Yeah, right.


File: 1574750584367.png (643.18 KB, 720x1280, 1495494020075.png)


File: 1574764611802.png (84.84 KB, 800x591, crying anonfilly.png)


That had better actually be you, Harvs.


That’s a big head for such a small body.


>you all want more?


It's an old pic, it was made over a year ago.


File: 1574797632891.png (219.26 KB, 1347x1024, broken horned filly.png)

>Be broken horned filly
>The one thing you were glad you had gotten after becoming a filly…
>Losing a horn and getting another, but now even that was taken away
>Bending down to look for a fallen spoon, you hit your horn on the table
>Usually they just swing back and forth, but this time it was at a weird angle and it just broke
>You're scared and the pain won't go away
>Its been two days, but you think it may be something about the magic flow
>Purple would know, but you're scared of her finding out
>So you've been hiding from her and everyone else all this time
>What if purple gives you away because you're a broken mess?
>What if no one else wants to hang with you anymore?
>What if they want to put you down as you did to pets irreparably hurt?
>Fuck, this hurts so bad, it may not really be that bad of an option really…
>But as you're laying on the ground, something heavy and warm drops on top of you
>You only need to see the worn hooves to know its the earth filly you often made fun of
>So much for that, now you won't reach those high places just like her…
>You feel her lay her head on yours and prepare for the shittalking that is sure to come
>But she just stays there, tightly hugging your body under hers
>The silence is worse because you can only imagine what's going on her head
>How you're now a merely inferior version of her
>How useless and pointless you are after being so reliant on this one thing you've had
>It makes you start to tear up and shiver, even under her warm fluff
>Feeling that, the filly above holds you even tighter
>Its almost as if she was showing how weak you truly are to her…
>"Shh, its okay, let it out"
>Those first words from her surprise you, as they have no ill intent behind them like you thought they'd have
>"We were worried you know? Thought you had ran away or something"
"Fuck off, this shit hurts, just do what you must and leave me be"
>"You mean >Rape? Alright~"
>You knew there was something behind all that gentleness of hers…
>She holds your head firmly between her hooves and you feel her rear slide sideways from you
>If she accidentally grabbed your ears or not you don't know
>But you don't think she really cares
>Releasing your head, she turns to sit in front of you before booping your nose
>"Hope you didn't mind the ear rape, no idea how far Twiggy Piggy is, but she should be coming any time now"
>So that's why she held your ears down
>And even with them it was loud as fuck
>You don't deserve this
>You don't deserve her
>You let out a low muffled ree
>"Yea, that must hurt like mad. It will be better soon though"
>Another boop motions that she's won't leave you again
>No way to flee and hide with her watching you like this
>"Anon? Anon, where are you?" - You hear Twilight say in the corridor outside
>She goes to open the door leaving an opening for you to run
>But as you try to get up, you find your tail pinned by the tip of her rear hoof as she tries to reach the door
>Fuck earth ponies man…
>"She's here, her horn seems quite bad"
>In a second Twilight is on top of you, checking everything and doing her best Pinkie impression
>"Why did you run? How much does it hurt? Can you talk? How many hooves am I holding up?"
>Well at least you can cross the kicking you out thought…
>But what good is a unicorn with a broken horn…
>She may as well still put you down
>"Calm down purple, it's just the horn"
>"Just the horn? Just the horn!? Do you have any idea how much that must hurt?"
>The other filly cringes at that, and you feel forced to defend her for some reason
"Shut the fuck up Twilight, I'm fine, she wouldn't know either way as she never ever had magic to care about"
>Seeing you talk, even with the swears, visibly made Twilight relax
>You'd think she'd scold you or something for hiding
>But the first thing she does is give you a hug
>The other filly just stands awkwardly in the corner
>You try to use your magic to pull her over
>But that only makes the pain explode in intensity
>Which didn't go unnoticed by the one hugging you
>"Let's get that looked over shall we?"

>With that Twilight brings you over to her basement

>The earth filly and some others who saw you passing by tried to follow
>But Twilight barred everyone else from following after reaching the door
>A few pokes here and there made the pain soar
>But besides that, all she does is take off the pointy edges of your horn
>Afterwards she takes a glowy vial and prepares a needle
>This is the part where she puts you down isn't it?
>But instead of putting the needle on your butt, she does so right in the middle of your stubby horn
>It almost feels like she s putting it straight in your brain
>You cannot help but scream at the pain
>If wasn't for Twilight holding you down on her magic, you've no doubt you'd have broken the needle with your shaking
>"Shh, just a bit more"
>Easy for her to say, as she isn't in any pain
>After what feels like hours, you feel the intruding object being removed
>But you can't really define from where…
>You know where it was, but you can't feel anything around your horn
>Getting some bandages, she makes a curative on your stub, before finishing with a kiss
>"There, it should be better now, please act like the adult you are and don't make any quick movements with your head for a while alright"
>Twilight then uses her magic to unlock the door
>And before it's even half-open a flood of fillies come in
>Just like a flood of questions from said horde
>And before you're even down from the table, you find yourself in the bottom of a filly pile


D'awww. Us fillies have to stick together, and help each other out. No filly left behind, no matter how hornless they might be.


I didn't ask for these feels, anon
Take them back right now!


File: 1574801564310.png (461.29 KB, 1275x1500, 1539930445480.png)


Thanks anon, that kinda helps how I feel now
I wish more fillies felt that way


File: 1574805232144.jpg (36.74 KB, 1280x720, lie.jpg)


File: 1574817282148.jpg (173.37 KB, 1480x720, Screenshot_20191126-152102….jpg)


Okay it's soon. Writefag_Roulette presents: Reckoning

>your name is Anonymous

>known to your friends as Anon
>you are the first man in Equestria
>how did you get here?
>who cares? this is an abusefag story
>you're obviously going to be a filly within a few posts here
>not that you know that
>what you do know is that you live in Canterlot
>and that it's the 999th Year of the Sun
>and that you're fucking late for work
>that whole Summer Sun Celebration holiday thing is still a few months out
>but already, orders are flooding Ruby's jewelry shop for the special occasion
>she's gonna be pissed at you for leaving you to deal with this shit herself
>so you haul ass
>ah, but Anon
>what a large ass a six-foot biped must have
>and how small these little ponies must be
>and you
>poor you
>you don't notice the little, lavender unicorn you're hurtling toward
>not until it's too late
>the feeling of an impact, combined with the sound of a squeal, makes you skid to a halt
>and there she is
>sprawled out on the sidewalk
>books scattered all around her
"Oh, shit, I'm sorry."
>that right there, more than anything else, is where your problems will begin
>you remember that one internet video
>sorry for what?
>and now she's glaring at you
"Is this funny to you?"
"No! Holy shit, I'm sorry. I guess I've just got a fucked up sense of humor. Here, lemme help you with that."
>even as you kneel to gather up the little unicorn's books for her
>her magic flares to rip them out of your grasp
"Don't touch them."
>she rises to her own four hooves, her books stacked neatly in her magiccal grasp
>she's still scowling at you
>you're about to offer another apology
>but the Canterlot clock tower thunders out a 9
>and you remember
>you're fucking late for work
"L-look, I don't know if it's customary to exchange insurance information or something, but I've really gotta go. If you need anything, I'll be at Ruby's, on Mare Street."
>and with that
>you haul ass

>you are Twilight Sparkle

>personal protege to Princess Celestia
>you only just graduated from your final year at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns last week
>you were so excited to find out where the Princess wanted to take your education next
>but what did she tell you when you asked her?
>she wants you to spend the next few months "independently studying"
>whatever that means
>you're pretty sure it means "here, move into this library tower thing and leave me alone"
>well, you've obliged the Princess' wish at that
>after all, you didn't bother to ask her permission to break into the restricted area of the Archives
>hey, it's not like there's anything from the regular Archives you haven't already read
>all you're doing is expanding your education
>and it's been a lot of fun so far
>the spells from the Restricted Archives…
>spells that fools from the olden days would have called "dark magic"…
>wait, did you just call Starswirl the Bearded a fool?
>well, if the horseshoe fits…
>no, no
>you're sure it's probably best to exercise a little caution with these spells
>but, oh!
>they feel so..
>and you were feeling so very good on your way to the Archives today
>until that thing ran into you
>maybe you could have gotten over it if the thing had just apologized
>but it laughed at you!
>it laughed!
>for a moment, the white marble of the Canterlot street turns red
>you have to stop and breathe deeply for a couple minutes before you can see clearly again
>and you continue on your way
>but you're still seething
>of course you recognized him as that creature from another world who showed up in Canterlot a while ago
>you and every other intellectual in the city followed that news story for as long as it was relevant
>to think that he would knock you over
>and then laugh about it!
>you of all ponies, the Princess' own apprentice!
>"Uh, Twilight?"
>most of the royal guards know you by name
>this guard you're trying to walk past now is…
>well, you don't know most of the royal guards by name
>what you do know is that he's annoyingly in your way right now
"What is it?"
>"Your ID?"
"Huh? What do I need an ID for?"
>the guard cocks his head
>"To… enter the castle?"
>you pause
>and you see your surroundings as though for the first time
>you have indeed reached the palace doors
"Oh. Right. I'll just get it."
>you reach into the field of magic which holds your stack of books
>the talisman, an unfailing form of identification that's been magically attuned to your ego, should be sitting right on top of the books
>but it's not
>it's not under the books
>between them
>inside them
>where is it?!
>"Take your time, Twilight."
"Shut! Up!"


>you are the guard
>or at least, you think you are
>in this moment, the most powerful mind known to ponydom is imposing itself upon you
>so subtle are its weavings that you'll never know it was ever in your head
>in reality, you are Princess Celestia, watching through the eyes of the guard
>someone has been breaking into the Restricted Archives
>much as you hate to spy on Twilight, she's one of the few unicorns in Canterlot powerful enough to do it
>and power - as you've seen so, so many times in your life - corrupts
>that testy attitude on your faithful student is certainly worrying
>through the mouth of your guard, you ask Twilight the question that's on your mind
"Twilight, are you all right?"
>she seethes visibly for a moment
"I forgot my ID. Just let me through."
"You know I can't do that."
>Twilight's horn erupts into black, green, and violet flames
"I said let me through!"
>the guard's natural fear-response kicks in, and you're almost kicked out of his mind for a moment
>but you hang on, and compell him to regain his composure
"All right. Just this once though."
>Twilight doesn't respond as she brushes past and into the castle
>she stops and glares
"Whatever's bothering you, you know you can talk to Princess Celestia about it, right?"
>Twilight's glare turns into a scowl before she continues toward the corridor
>you release your grip on the guard's mind, and your senses return to your study
>there, you sit at your grand, oaken desk with a furrowed brow
>much as you hate subverting ponies' wills like that, Twilight is important to you
>you were hoping that granting Twilight a bit of freedom in her studies would help her grow
>but it looks like she wasn't ready
>the blind pursuit of knowledge has led many great ponies down dark paths
>experience tells you that Twilight has already gone far enough on such a path that direct intervention will only cause her to flee farther down it
>you'll need a more subtle approach if you want to save her before drastic actions become necessary
>somewhere, beneath the horizon, a reminder of such an action lies painted on the Moon
>what to do?

>you are Anon

>and, at last, you are at work
>Ruby is leaning on the display counter, tracing circles on the glass with her hoof
>"Well, there you are. I was starting to get lonely."
"Yeah, I'm sorry about that."
>"What in the world kept you so long?"
>should you tell her you were up late drinking?
"Slept through my alarm."
>it's technically true
>Ruby hums and keeps hoof-doodling on the counter
>as you make your way to join her, you realize that your frantic departure has left you somewhat disshevelled
>you take a moment to tuck your shirt back in
>and it looks like you forgot to tie your tie before leaving for work
>once behind the counter, you try to fix this
>taking one end of the tie in each hand, you tie it into the closest thing to a Windsor knot that it seems willing to go
>why the hell isn't this working?
>"That's a bow tie."
"Oh. Right."
>you take your poor bow tie out of its unnatural contortion
>shit, why can't you remember the bow tie knot right now?
>Ruby's chiding laugh is like jewels tinkling together
>"Anon, just let me do it."
>the ruby-maned unicorn takes the tie into her magic and slips it into a neat bow knot
>you sigh
>"Anon? You seem dazed, somehow. What's the matter?"
>the response you prepare in your mind is something about staying up late and rushing over here
>the response that slips out of your mouth is somewhat different
"I bumped into a mare on the way here."
>"Ooooh! Tell me everything! Was it love at first sight?"
"What? No. I mean, I guess she was cute for, you know, a pony, but-"
>"I can see it now! A university student, late to her classes, galloping down the street, toast in her mouth-"
"No. Stop that."
>"Here I thought I would be the one to put a crack in your shell."
>you jump backwards, hands in a defensive posture
>howls of tinkling laughter
"Look, meeting this chick was wierd."
>"Meeting your true love usually is."
"Trust me, this was not that. The whole thing was, I dunno, unnerving. I guess she seemed kind of creepy."
>Ruby, perhaps realizing that the mood for tormenting you has passed, goes back to her hoof-circles on the glass
"Anyway, you seemed kind of spaced-out too. What's going on?"
>Ruby groans
>"Nothing is going on; that's just the problem. After all the orders for the Summer Sun Celebration yesterday, I figured the shop would be busier today."
"It hasn't been?"
>"I haven't seen a pony in here all day."


you are Twilight Sparkle
>the sight of the magical seal on the Restricted Archives only makes you smile now
>the first time you'd done this, it had pushed you exactly to the limits of your power
>almost as if it had been a test for you
>and maybe it had been meant as a test
>after all, you still don't know for sure what the Princess had expected when she charged you with independent study
>in any case, with the power you've gained since studying the restricted tomes, the seal has only grown easier and easier
>reaching into the sub-ether of the seal, you locate its two basic components
>the seal itself
>and a mental link leading to someone outside of the Archives
>you assume that this link is designed to alert the Princess in the event that the seal is broken
>it's made from very, very fine thread of magic
>only an exceptional sorcerer would have been able to even notice it
>fortunately, exceptional is just what you are
>not only can you see the thread
>you can also choke it tightly enough to keep it from transmitting any signals
>once that's done, it's just a matter of breaking the seal itself
>with a little so-called "dark" magic, that's foal's play now
>once the seal is broken, you open the door and enter the Restricted Archives
>now comes the delicate part
>rebuilding the seal so you can let go of the mental link
>this part is delicate because you have to try to rebuild the seal exactly as it was before you first broke it
>that means no restricted magic
>but you're an exceptional sorcerer, and the job gets done
>you let go of the link
>no alert
>you take a moment to admire your hoofwork
>it's such a near-approximation to the original seal, you doubt if anyone less than Princess Celestia herself could tell the difference
>but of course, she'd have to come inspect it in person to see it

>you are Anon

>there was a time when you never imagined that you might use a jeweller's screwdriver for actual jeweling
>but that was a long time ago
>in a world without electronics, jeweling is about the only thing these tiny screwdrivers are good for
>and here you are, in the back of a talking unicorn's jewelry shop
>putting the amazing dexterity of your fingers - compared to hooves anyway - to profitable use
>setting a fire ruby into a plain gold ring
>but something in your jacket becomes very cold, very quickly
>you gasp and drop everything
>the ring and screwdriver clatter neatly onto the table
>but the screw you were working on rolls onto the floor, never to be seen again
>Ruby calls to you from the storefront
>"Anon, what was that girlish yelp? Is everything all right?"
"I do not yelp! Everything's fine."
>"If you say so."
>you reach into your jacket pocket and pull out a flat, black disk
>you sure didn't put this there
>it's not so cold to the touch right now, but you assume it's what caused your pocket to freeze a moment ago
>some sort of magic thing, probably
>maybe it fell into your pocket when you bumped into that mare
>at that thought, you shudder worse than you did when your pocket froze
>you really, really do not want to meet her again

>you are Twilight Sparkle

>you can't get that creature out of your head
>no matter how much you try to focus on your pursuit of knowledge
>he just won't leave you alone
>he laughed at you!
>and now he's distracting you from your studies
>oh, and he made you lose your ID, too
>deep breaths now, Twilight
>the tome in front of you is actually quite fascinating
>Anadolu Nokota's Esoteric Guide to Forms of Flesh
>with normal forms of magic, spells designed to change a pony's race, age, or sex generally require so much power that they're effectively impossible
>with restricted forms of magic, however, it seems like these spells are quite a bit more doable
>boy, you'd like to turn that big alien monster into a helpless little foal and…
>you shake your head
>you can't complete that thought
>it's horrific
>but still…
>you bet he'd never knock anyone down again
>or laugh at them while they're down
>no, no, focus on your studies
>ah, but Twilight
>if you really want to explore these spells you're reading about…
>then won't you need to test them on somebody?
>your ears perk all the way up at this thought, as though by straining them you could hear more of it
>yes, there might be a way to settle both of these interests then
>you sigh
>read over the principles of Nokota's form-changing magic until you think you've memorized it
>and place the book back on its shelf
>how about this?
>you'll do a little research on the creatture
>then you'll go meet him in person and give him a chance
>where did it say he would be again?
>some place on Mare Street
>Rudy's or something
>you'll probably remember when you see it
>anyway, you'll figure out what to do once you've spoken to him
>your plan seems acceptable to you
>so you prepare to break through the seal once more to find what articles you can on the creature from another world in the regular Archives


>you are Anon
>it's been a slow workday
>fortunately, it's nearly over now
>a few weeks ago, it would have been dark out by now
>but with spring at last breaking in earnest, that princess pony is finally starting to keep up the sun longer now
>"You've been wiping that same spot on the counter for ten minutes while staring out the window."
>you blink
>indeed, the glass display counter directly in front of you has been wiped clean of any and all conceivable specks and smudges
>and your eyes are fixed on the vibrant, blue sky
"I guess I have been. I'll move on."
>you step sideways, away from Ruby, taking your dry rag of cleanliness with you
>"It's clean enough."
>you sigh, and shove the rag into your back pocket
>Ruby sets her book down and leans onto the counter
>"What's on your mind? Is it still that mare?"
>you inhale
>well, it's partly that
>it's partly the potentially evil black disk you found in your pocket as well
>though that's probably related to that mare
"Yeah, I guess."
>Ruby grins
>"She couldn't have been that creepy, could she?"
"Eh. I don't know if creepy's the right word. I don't know…"
>the way she looked at you
"I guess I've just got a bad feeling."
>"Oh, I don't know what you're so worried about. You'll probably never see her again."
>that's when the front door jingles open

>you are Twilight Sparkle

>so the place is called Ruby's
>it's a jewelry shop of some sort
>the eponymous Ruby, you presume, is a creme-colored unicorn with a looping red mane
>standing next to her is…
"Anonymous. I found you!"
>yes, the creature's name is Anonymous
>he refers to his race as "human"
>and he has no idea how he ended up in Equestria
>it's a shamefully boring story for an alien creature from an unknown world
>currently, he's staring agape at you with wide eyes
>is he afraid of you?
>he should be
>if he keeps this up he might just last the night unchanged
"Y-you sure did. And you found out my name too, I see."
>the red-maned mare gasps
>"Oh my. Anon, I didn't know you'd met Twilight Sparkle!"
"Oh, Ruby, you… know her."
>"There aren't many unicorns in Canterlot who don't. I was still in the School for Gifted Unicorns when she was chosen as Princess Celestia's personal protege, so I used to see her all the time."
>Ruby smiles toward you
>"It's an honor to have you, Miss Sparkle. What brings you here today?"
>you smile back, cordially
"Oh, I just happened to bump into Anon this morning. He said he'd be here, so I figured I'd come visit."
>Ruby's eyes widen
>"Oh! Then you were- Well, he's been terribly bothered about it. I'll, erm, leave you two for a moment."
>the jeweler shuffles away into some back room, leaving you alone with your quarry
>you smile at Anon, trying your best to hide the utter loathing you feel right now
"So, it's been bothering you."
"Uh, sort of. I, uh, I found something in my pocket, and I think it might be yours."
>an appendage known as a "hand" is shoved into a suit jacket, and returns with…
>a round, black talisman
>your ID!
>that humiliation at the palace this morning…
>it was all because this creature had stolen your ID!
"D-do you want it?"
>you snatch the ID from his grasp with your magic
>the talisman, magically attuned to your ID, lights up in your aura
>it's odd, though
>instead of the normal pink star, it's showing a sickly red fog
>realization stabs you like a dagger
>he broke it!
>the stupid monster broke your ID!
"So, um, did you need anything? You weren't hurt, were you?"
>your friendly smile doesn't falter, even with the wrath boiling beneath your skin
>and you know
>that you won't be sparing Anonymous today
"Oh, no, Anon. I wasn't hurt. I just…"
>steady now
>this is the moment of truth, Twilight
"I just needed a job done."
>are you breathing heavily?
>calm down
>you reach into your bag
>and procure a small amethyst
"Can you set this into a ring for me?"
>Anon plucks the gem from the air
"Yeah. Yeah, that shouldn't be a tough job. Come back tomorrow and I'll have it done for you."
"Great! I'll see you then!"
"Is there anything else?"
>without another word, you trot out of the jewelry store
>the amethyst is connected to you via a fine mental link
>in about five minutes time, you'll send your judgement through it


>you are Anon
>the mare named Twilight Sparkle has left the building
>Ruby pokes her head out of the back room
>"How'd it go?"
"Better than I expected. She just wanted this in a ring."
>you hold up the amethyst for Ruby's inspection
"What is it?"
>"I'm not sure. It doesn't look enchanted or charged, but… there's something magical about that amethyst."
"Is that bad?"
>Ruby shrugs
>"Probably not. Twilight Sparkle is known for her studies on magic."
"All right. I'll go set it then."
>"Oh, come off it, Anon. Let's close up shop; you can do that tomorrow."
"Aw, this won't take me more than five minutes, Ruby. Might as well do it now."
>Ruby rolls her eyes
>she procures a key and sets it on top of the display counter
>"All right, Mr. Hard Worker. You lock up the shop then. I'm going home now."
"Okay. I'll lock it up when I go."
>Ruby is already halfway out the door
>but she sends you one last quip before leaving
>"And since you've got the key, do try not to show up an hour late tomorrow."
"No promises."
>the door tinkles shut
>you head into the back room to set the amethyst
>it's a pretty simple job
>grab the tiny screwdriver
>grab the tiny screws
>grab a fitting ring to set the jewel in
>since Twilight Sparkle didn't specify what she wanted, you go with a plain, silver horn ring
>it should go better with her purple coat than anything gold or brass-colored would
>the mere fact that such a thought has just crossed your mind seems pretty funny now
>you never once imagined that you'd grow up to make fashion choices for purple unicorns
>life can take some pretty bizarre twists and turns
>for example, you're just about finished setting the amethyst when you drop it and scream
>the incomprehensible sight of black light reaches in tendrils from the jewel you were so recently holding
>the black light overtakes you
>and then?
>no black light
>just regular old blackness

To be continued soon.


File: 1574824810719.png (147.19 KB, 1000x1000, thumbs_up__by_cradet-d5ixm….png)

>No filly left behind


File: 1574830700675.png (442.96 KB, 1625x1265, sleeping_anonfilly.png)

This is delightful already, I can't wait to see what sort of devilish things you do with it. Thank you.


File: 1574833458070.png (307.83 KB, 913x997, 1574833333680.png)

I can't post on blue boards anymore and some fag has been asking for me to come here


File: 1574833676686.png (255.14 KB, 964x1368, panicking filly.png)



Are you here to stay? bit too late for Halloween mate, that one's spooky.


File: 1574834227551.gif (740.68 KB, 720x720, panic.gif)

Eew. That's a zigger without hooves.


Can someone explain? I am rarted.


Just google Golliwog ya silly filly.


File: 1574837069350.png (Spoiler Image, 776.11 KB, 1702x823, 1507579968848-1.png)

[S] that specific golliwog is from a "living doll general" on /trash/ that I've drawn shit for after my i.p. got blocked on blue boards


Did you do anything to get yourself banned, or was it just Gookmoot being Gookmoot?


File: 1574838844718.png (Spoiler Image, 308.52 KB, 1414x1000, 1471762853176.png)

Don't know. It just says my IP range is blocked. Though for awhile it got blocked everywhere except /b/ but it fixed itself in that regard.


File: 1574840794297-0.png (173 KB, 1000x1414, 1313039.png)

Well, as I’m sure you’re aware most of us don’t really love 4chan’s policies either, without Aero’s cuckery we’d still be back home… grab something warm frend, we’ll get you set up by the fire.


>Be Green Clover.
>It took some time, but you figured out the best way to make a snowmare.
>the first ball for the base is easy enough, just have to make a medium-sized ball with your hooves and pack it down.
>Then roll it a bit with your face.
>And pack it down.
>Rinse and repeat, and you've got a pretty good base.
>You always have to do them seated, but you don't think anypony could manage a standing one.
>A little voice in the back of your head says so.
>The second ball to come is a bit trickier. It's less work but-
>You pause in your work and squint into the sky.
>Is it a bird?
>Is it a plane?
>No, it's-
>You groan as that killer headache comes back.
>You'll remember later.
>It's getting closer.
>As you begin to see more of it, a chill runs down your spine.
>Something deep in your gut tells you that outside is the last place you want to be right now.
>You rush in the side of the castle and bolt the doors.
>She appears right in front of you as per usual, though this time you see a bit of what looks like puke dribble out of her mouth.
"Oh Celestia! Are you alright?"
>"I'm fine… there had better be something very wrong though."
"There's something up in the sky that isn't a bird flying around. It's scary…"
>"It's probably just a bat."
"Fluttershy says bats hibernate this time of year."
>You know mommy already knows that, but sometimes she likes to play dumb to be silly.
>Right now she doesn't look like she's being silly though, she just glares at you.
>"Clover, I fucking swear if this is nothing… I have a very busy day ahead of me, and there will be Tartarus to pay."
"I did see something! I swear it! Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."
>Mommy sighs.
>"Alright, I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't go anywhere."
>You nod and sit down obediently.
>And wait.
>You doodle a picture on a nearby piece of paper.
>It comes out a bit wrong, even though you don't even know what it's supposed to be.
>You try not to cry.
>This time, you're successful at least.
>Twilight drags something behind her, grumbling and cursing.
>It's big, and white, and…
>That face, that mouth…
>She keeps trotting along, and she hasn't told you to move, so…
>You wait.
>Well, after locking the door behind her.
>That thing was scary.
>Be Anonymous.
>"And with Applejack's assistance, I learned that fruit fly traps can be made with vinegar."
"Apple cider, balsamic, or rice?"
>She pokes your belly.
>"I think you can figure that one out, silly."
>You laugh.
"Well, it never hurts to be-"
>The Alicorn slams open the door, chipping off crystal visibly with the knob.
>She has this weird smile on her face.
>It's a new one.
>"Hello, Anon. You wouldn't happen to know what this lovely creature that just tried to kill me would be, would you?"
"Well, bring it a bit closer. I can't see it."
>"It won't fit through the door."
"Look, my legs are pretty broken and ooooooh you're just going to pick me up."
>You almost piss yourself when you see what the fucking cat dragged in.
"You know how you blew those stallions into a million pieces right in front of me?"
>"Well, y-"
"Put this thing on a tarp, tie it up, do that to it, put it in another tarp, and then burn it."
>"Anon, what the fuck am I looking at?"
"If my eyes don't deceive me, a miniaturized Mass Production Eva. Quickly, Purple."
>"What in the fuck is a-"
>She scowls at you.
>"That's no way to speak to your mother."
"If you want to die that's fine by me."
>You're shivering back in forth in Twilight's grasp, your back legs vibrating quaking like the bags of shattered meat and bone that they are.
>She slaps you.
>"What the fuck did you just say?"
"If you want to die-"
>Another slap, harder.
"I-I don't want you to die, Twilight…"
>"Good… now rest well while I dispose of this. I should hear back from Celestia within the hour."
>She narrows her eyes at her unicorn doppelganger resting in the bed.
>"And you're going to be resting in a different bed. I get the feeling you're behind my foal's new disobedience."
>You're set back down on the bed, the covers pulled up over you fully for the first time.
>The lights are shut off.
>"Now, try and get some sleep."
>Yeah right, like that's going to happen when Luna is waiting for you in your dreams with the same kind of power she used to set off the chain-reaction that paralyzed you.
"I'll try."
>The lamp dims into nothing as the light goes out.
>Be League.
>"Do you think it's safe to come out yet?"
>You look around at the cobwebs and mold on everything.
"We should check."
>The two of you creep up the stairs and swing open the wooden hatch that blocks off the basement from the raging storm above.
>"I don't see it anymore, but then again I am a fucking cripple. Can you be eyes for me, League?"
"No visuals over here. Shall we get back inside?"
>The two of you stay close to the ground, crawling on your bellies through the snow and watching the skies with care.
>Eventually you make it up to the elevated entrance door and you have to get up.
>Anon needs less help than you think she would with that leg.
>Guess she's had some time to get used to it.
>"So, the hot chocolate is probably cold. What do you propose we do now?"
"We could play Candyla-"
>She looks up at the shelf with all of the board games on it.
>Most of them haven't gotten much use in a while, granted that the average one is three-player and your dad doesn't really like them all that much.
>"That does give me a good idea though…."


File: 1574841456338.png (130.57 KB, 720x579, relaxing.png)

Thanks poner.
Keep them coming.


File: 1574842150271.png (261.03 KB, 600x605, _c978334_image_0.png)

welcome fren



File: 1574857896383.jpeg (448.22 KB, 950x1050, 2048388.jpeg)



Pretty sure that picture is older than that PF video anyways.


File: 1574877459706-0.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.87 MB, 1200x1600, 2207014.jpeg)

New filly art from Darkboomer/Silverspoon tripfag


File: 1574902118865.png (169.35 KB, 553x296, tara.png)

>"Anon has not yet learned how to be the filly. And I think that I am going to be a part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Anon is not going to be the human person he was back on Earth. I'm going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Anon to make. He is now going into a filly mode and I will be resented because of my leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Anon will not survive."


File: 1574908758577.png (291 KB, 900x661, B5iE-FrCIAEpsKI.png)

Digits confirm.


File: 1574908899137.jpg (57.55 KB, 746x445, LinusBeatsUpLucy.JPG)

>Only 9 posts since I last updated
>Almost a day
Christ we're slow.
>The blocks spill all over the floor.
>"Fuck this."
"Why did you want to play a game based on dexterity when you're down a limb and you're at the severe disadvantage of this not being your native body?"
>"I don't know, it just sounded like fun…"
>She flops out on the floor, mane spreading on the carpet.
"Oh, wow…"
>"Yeah, the facial scarring is pretty bad up close."
"No, it's just that in a position like this…"
"You have completely exposed yourself to me."
>"Haha, you're going to tickle me and then we'll have a good laugh about it. Get it over with."
>With a quick movement, you pin her barrel to the ground and begin to unscrew her prosthesis.
>"H-hey, I need that."
>She chuckles, clearly nervous.
>You hold down her remaining foreleg with your thighs.
>This probably wouldn't work quite as well if you weren't larger than she was…
>You flag up your tail and push backward, aligning both your head and hindquarters in the perfect positions.
"I was always too young for you, eh? Even when you became a filly, you refused my advances."
>"God dammit League…"
"Well now-"
>You're caught off-guard.
>"League, please. We're friends. You can either leave well enough alone and keep that, or you can continue with whatever you're about to do."
>"And I know exactly, what the fuck you're about to do."
"I just wanted to show you how much I love you…"
>"League, I know when you're young it can be hard, but there are different types of love. What I feel for you is like a little sister."
"I'm bigger than you…"
>"And I'm over 20 years old. Just because I'm a filly now doesn't mean I'm willing to give that up. I'm sorry."
>You sigh.
>Flag your tail down.
>And climb off of the person who you've wanted to fuck ever since you laid eyes on him.
>And then her.
>"Thank you."
>There's a long silence.
>Looking up at the clock reveals it to be almost two hours since Anon last spoke.
"Well, we'd better clean up that blood."
>"Yeah, probably."
>Combing through the mess first with a paper bag and a dustpan is the easy part, you manage to get the bulk of the slush there.
>Then, there's the rest of it all.
>The thick substance that doesn't quite look like blood all over the floor.
>Blood, mucus, pee…
>The list goes on.
>You need to get that off of the floor, and as far as you are aware there are no tools around that will get the job done.
"I guess I should be the one to go. You'll raise some eyebrows like that, everyone knows what the Princess of Friendship's daughter looks like."
>"I guess you're right. What the hell do I do while I wait?"
>You look around, pondering.
>Quickly, you rush off into your room.
>A half-finished coloring book.
>You toss it at her along with some crayons.
>"Ow! Fuck!"
"Sorry. I shouldn't take too long, just keep yourself busy."
>"Yeah, coloring books. Really dignified for me to be doing fucking coloring books…"
"Come on, you can put whatever you want in them. Not like you have to color inside the lines or something."
>Her eye twitches a bit, like you struck a nerve.
>"Alright. I won't color in the lines. Thanks League."
"Glad we're seeing on the same level."
>Be Anon.
>As soon as League leaves the house, you rush to her room and grab some pens and colored pencils.
>Giving you crayons was like giving Picasso a set of paint markers.
>You flip past all of the pages that League has already colored in, finding your mark on the first one she hasn't.
>A depiction of Rainbow Dash giving Gilda a hug in a long hallway.
>Your first order of business is to use a bit of white-out to remove her wings.
>Aryanne didn't have them.
>Be Anonymous.
>Twilight V1.0 walks into the bedroom.
>You notice a set of large red teethmarks on her neck.
>Don't think about it.
>"Well, good news and bad news. Which do you want first?"
"Give me the bad news."
>"Well, she needs you to go alone, and she was very specific that you not be teleported inside the castle. By the looks of it, you're going to either have to drag yourself to her chambers up multiple flights of stairs, or by some miracle convince a royal guard to leave his post to get you up there."
"Dear lord… Twilight, what's the good news?"
>"I have a map to Celestia's chambers that I can give you."
"That's… it?"
"Fine, just get it over with then…"
>"Alright. Hopefully you've gotten the hang of your teleportation sickness by now."
>With a blinding flash, you're on the streets of Canterlot.
>Oh, well it looks like there are small blessings.
>For instance, you're about to find out what you ate this morning…
>You push yourself up on your forelegs and blow chunks into the frigid cobblestone pathway.
>At least the grooves let it flow…
>"Royal Guard. Are you Green Clover?"
"Ugh… yes, that's me."
>"May I request that I am allowed to give you a lift to the princess?"
"Sweet Jesus, permission granted."
>The stallion nods as he lifts you up and places you at the front of his armor, close to the neck.
>"If you wish you may cling to my helmet."
"Appreciate it."
>His head bounces in a nod as he begins to walk in a sort of march.
>Without the hoodie covering your head, you can gaze at all of the beautiful tapestries and stained glass works above you.
>Celestia defeating Discord.
>Celestia banishing Luna.
>Celestia banishing Tirek…
>As the hall goes forward, you see more and more presumed villains that weren't in the show.
>A scorpion-like creature that appears to have some sort of hypnotic effect, at least if the depiction is to be trusted.


File: 1574908964799.jpg (1.63 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_2062.JPG)

>A massive centipede curled around the entirety of Canterlot, with what appears to be part of the royal archives half-consumed in its mouthparts.
>A lion with the head of a snake, depicted crushing some sort of orb with Celestia being pushed back by an unseen force.
>A massive phoenix burning away a city.
>The sign next to the city reads a name you haven't seen on any of Twilight's maps, so you presume it ceased to be a city at all after this incident.
>Beneath the tapestry is an inscription.
>Holy fuck.
>"I am not permitted to enter the royal chambers, but I can knock for you if that would be helpful."
"I'd like that, thanks."
>"The gratitude is its own reward."
>The guard gives a strong knock that vibrates through the entirety of the door before gently setting you down on the ground.
>"It's been a pleasure."
"N-no you."
>The doors creak open on silent hinges, and standing before you is nine feet of radiant, melanoma-inducing ruler.


File: 1574914412971.png (121.47 KB, 560x600, 433.png)


File: 1574920102786-0.png (484.97 KB, 1188x1560, 1574915583783.png)




File: 1574934296044-0.jpg (74.81 KB, 830x900, 6256518-0.jpg)

File: 1574934296044-1.png (136.07 KB, 545x643, D-i5OPGUIAMaAXq.png)


Why have you been reposting old filly pictures these past few days? Why not try drawing a filly yourself? I’m sure you’ll do well.


File: 1574958938173.png (41.87 KB, 800x700, niggers.png)


What a cutie, thank you.


File: 1574969685723.jpeg (81.82 KB, 752x700, 228811C3-FEF5-46B1-97D0-7….jpeg)

>For whatever reason, the thing tries to assimilate you and fucks it up.
>You still have your free will, but the process has turned you into a tiny green filly.
>Afraid that you’ll alert the authorities and it’ll be toasted, it tells you that it can take any form you want it to.
>You tell it you want a mother.
How will this turn out?
Will a horrible unfeeling alien monstrosity be able to be a loving momfu?
What the fuck was I thinking posting this on Thanksgiving?


Is your mother terrifying on holidays too?


I wish, she’s dead. Ghost mom would be fucking cool.


File: 1574973054100.png (25.56 KB, 486x444, anonblank2.png)

Me too bro, me too


File: 1574998659662.png (Spoiler Image, 15.31 KB, 593x647, tailwagfilly.png)

Hey (You)
Yeah, (You)!
ur a cute!


Fuck poner.
Why to spoil that QT?


File: 1574999270232.png (147.67 KB, 563x401, Fag.png)

You will fucking pay for your insolence.


Should I update tonight? I know I've been keeping a schedule, but it all just feels so… empty. The responses feel obligatory, like you're only humoring me because you feel sorry for me. If you all aren't enjoying it, I think I might be better off taking the night off. I'll be back in an hour to check.
Remember, just because it isn't a cyoa anymore doesn't mean I'm not open to suggestions. If there's something you don't like, please tell me. Silence is the worst punishment.


Hey guys guess what? It's soon again.

>you are Twilight Sparkle

>as you roll over in bed, you realize that you don't remember going to bed
>as your eyes flutter open, you realize that the bed you're in isn't even yours
>the white walls of a hospital
>the rustle of cheap blankets
>the skritch skritch skritch of a nurse taking notes
>you decide to focus on the nurse
"Excuse me. What am I doing here?"
>the nurse looks up from her clipboard
>"Oh. You're awake now. You suffered an attack of brain fever the other day. Passed right out in the middle of some alley."
"Brain fever?"
>"Well, your little dragon friend said you'd been irritable for a while. That plus the collapse, well, it's consistent with the symptoms."
>you collapsed?
>in the middle of some alley?
>why would you be in an alley?
>your eyes fly open when you realize
>you did it
>you actually did it
>the spell must have taken more out of you than you'd expected
>but you know it was no attack of brain fever that knocked you out
>the spell!
>did it work?
>you've got to find out-
>"Hey now, don't go exciting yourself. You could still have another attack."

>you are Anon

>Ruby says you can't work for her anymore
>but that's nonsense
>you can work with these stubby hoof-things just as well as you can with fingers
>you're in the process of climbing onto the display counter to show her you can still wipe it down
>but you slip
>and fall
>and on the way down, your back hoof pierces the glass
>and you land on your back
>"You know you'll always be my friend, Anon."
>"But I can't afford to keep you around anymore."
>the amethyst
>the amethyst did something to you
>you're smaller now
>much smaller
>with hooves
>and your dick is gone
>Ruby called you a filly
>you're a filly now
>you've become a filly
"How am I gonna pay my rent?"
>"I'm sorry."
"You know what? Don't be. It's not your fault. It's hers."
"I think I'll go pay her a visit right now."
>you roll over and jump to your hooves
>the one that went through the glass was cut a little, and you wince when it hits the floor
>"Try not to be too angry with her."
"Why not? It was her fucking gemstone that ruined my life, wasn't it?"
>"For your own sake, not hers."
"Oh, whatever."
>you proceed to limp out the door
>"Do you want a bandage for that cut before you go out?"
"Nope. I'm good."
>"Well I'll… see you around some time, I hope."
"Maybe. Have a nice life."
>as you step outside, you realize
>this is probably the last time you'll ever step through this door

>you're still Anon

>you've managed to limp all the way to the Canterlot General Hospital
>you don't know what you're going to do when you see Twilight Sparkle
>last you heard, she fell unconscious the same night you turned quadrupedal
>probably not a coincidence
>maybe you'll yell at her
>threaten to sue
>you don't know
"Hey, desk lady, down here."
>the mare at the desk clearly hadn't noticed you
>going from six feet tall to two feet tall has some major complications for you
>she peers over the edge of the desk to look at you
>"Well hello there, sweetie. Where's your mom?"
>you physically bite your tongue to keep from screaming at the white earth mare
>how likely exactly is it that you could convince her of your story?
>probably not very
>you are not getting kicked out of here after limping all the way from Ruby's on a cut foot
>on a cut hoof
"She's uh… a patient here. Her name is Twilight Sparkle. Can I see her?"
>the receptionist's eyes begin to sparkle with compassion
>"Oh, of course, sweetie. I'll call up to see if she'll see you, but I'm sure she will."
>the bitch is awake now, then
>the sooner you can get this lawsuit underway the better
>the receptionist reaches up for a literal can on a string and speaks into it
>this world is bizarrely quaint sometimes
>"Hello, Miss Sparkle? Your daughter is here to see you."
>oh, fuck
>the desk mare might not know that you're lying, but Twilight Sparkle sure will
>after a pause, her voice echoes from the can
"My… daughter?"
>"Yes, she's right here."
>another pause
>this one longer
>but at last
"What's… her name?"
>the deskmare puts her hoof over the can and smiles at you
>"What's your name again, sweetie?"
>"Anonymous? Ooh, that must be one of those new-age names. I like it."
>she uncovers the can and tells Twilight Sparkle your name
>there's another pause
>a really long one this time
>when she responds at last, she sounds almost like…
>like she's been laughing?
"Send her up."
>"Will do, Miss Sparkle!"
>the receptionist releases the can, and it retracts into the ceiling alongside dozens of others
>"Room R-120, sweetie."

>once again, you are Anon

>after yet another long trudge on an injured hoof, you've finally located room R-120
>looking on the door now, a certain chill can be felt running up your spine
>but you can't account for that
>besides, you've walked up too many stairs to turn back empty-handed now
>you're gonna get some kind of compensation for this shit, and you're gonna get it now
>with that thought, you push open the door and stride inside
>and your plans are shattered within an instant
>Twilight Sparkle is lying in a hospital bed
>her cheeks are gaunt
>her eyes are underlined with thick, black rings
>she looks exhausted
>she looks…
>internally, you sigh
>you can't sue a pony in this absolute state
>you never were the sort to hold a grudge


File: 1575000226617.png (192.81 KB, 854x1024, fillysmile.png)

If you're not feeling up to it, don't sweat it. Take the night off, this isn't a job.


>you are Twilight Sparkle
>this filly who's just walked into the room…
>could it be?
>the filly inhales
>it worked!
>the spell worked!
>here he is, the creature from another world
>the monster who assaulted you
>the beast who laughed at you
>here he is, laid low at last
>he's so tiny
>the thought of it intoxicates you like the finest wine
>any lingering thoughts of mercy are struck from your brain right then and there
>with your new magical knowledge, there are a million ways in which you could dispose of him right now
>why, with Grimoire of Bospone's mental bolt spell, you could eradicate a little thing like that without leaving a single atom behind
>and there are no witnesses in here to see it…
>he's completely within your power
>she's completely within your power
>the sheerly unnatural nature of what you've afflicted this monster with fills your head with a sensation of fizzy euphoria
"Well geez, don't have a heart attack on my account."
>shoot! you're getting too excited
>you'll scare her out at this rate
>you still need to lure Anonymous into one final trap before you can grant her the fiendish fate you have in store for her
"What… what happened to you?"
"Oh, I did something different with my hair. Can you tell?"
>she's got a dry sense of humor now
>it's sarcastic, bitter, and insulting
>she won't be telling jokes for much longer
"Yeah. And your limbs, body, age, sex, and species too, I see."
"Funny story, that. That amethyst you left with me sprouted black tentacles and did this."
"Oh, my. It wasn't supposed to do that at all."
"I'd hope not. Anyway, all I want to know is, is there any way to undo it?"
>of course, with your new magic, there are plenty of ways
>not that you'll use any of them
>better lead her on with a little false hope though
"Maybe… Say, where is the amethyst now?"
"Sitting in a ring, waiting for you at Ruby's. Not that I work there anymore."
>she's unemployed
>soon to be desperate, if nobody offers a helping hoof
"Oh, dear. You lost your job?"
>Anonymous holds up a filly hoof
"Can't really operate a jeweler's screwdriver with these things."
"Oh, I feel terrible. Is there anything you're going to need? Do you have a place to stay?"


File: 1575000445103.png (60.43 KB, 1765x1200, filly doing naughty thing.png)

Time to pause.
We'll be here when your ready.


>you are Princess Celestia
>as you approach room R-120, you hear a pair of voices conversing
"Do you have a place to stay?"
"I won't by the end of this month."
"Do you want… to stay with me?"
>you choose this moment to make your serendipitous entrance
"Why Twilight, that's a wonderful idea!"
>Twilight and a little filly jump in surprise at your declaration
>as you've just observed, you are Princess Celestia
>very little happens here in Canterlot without your knowing about it
>Twilight is teetering on the very precipice of madness
>she went and transformed Anonymous, the creature from another world, into the small filly who's trembling here at your hooves
>she used dark magic to do it
>forcing her to live with the consequences of her actions
>forcing her to care for the creature she's wronged
>this could be the key to pulling your student back from the edge
>but you'll have to be careful about it
"D-do you think so, Princess?"
"I know so."
>you bend your head to look at little Anonymous
"Anon, my chariot is waiting outside of the hospital. Why don't you go there and ask the drivers to take you to your apartment so you can get ready to move? I've just sent them a message to wait for you."
>Anon was always a bit unimpressive for an alien
>but now that he's hardly taller than your horseshoes, he's almost heartbreaking
>with that, he shuffles out of the hospital room
>leaving you alone with your student
"Now Twilight, you know that I've taken many, many students over the years. Most of these turned out to be great ponies. Heroes, philosophers, scholars. Their works are given places of honor at every library in Equestria."
"A few of my students, however, went down darker paths. Obsession, hatred, and power got the better of them, and I was unfortunately forced to deal with them as criminals. Their works survive only in the Restricted Archives in my palace, where none but myself is permitted. The only reason these works still exist at all is because I cannot bear to wipe away the last traces of these fallen proteges, all of whom I cared for exactly as I care for you, Twilight."
>Twilight is a bright young mare
>you can see in her face that she's begining to see where you're going with this
"Anadolu Nokota was of the latter type, Twilight. Which type do you want to be?"
>tears are beginning to well up in Twilight's eyes
"P-P-P-Princess, I… I…"
"Why'd you do it, Twilight? Why would you harm an innocent creature like that? Why would you hurt me like that?"
"I… I wanted to learn all that I could! Nokota's theories were fascinating; I just wanted see if it would work!"
>you let a small sigh of relief escape your lips
>a lust for knowledge is usually much easier to recover from than a lust for power or a lust for hate
>this is a hopeful sign
>you lower your head and wipe away Twilight's tears with your cheek
"Wh-what do you want me to do? Change him back?"
"No, Twilight. It can't be done without more dark magic, and you've suffered quite enough from that already."
>well, it could theoretically be done with light magic
>but as far as you know there's noone in Equestria who can perform light magic right now
>not even yourself, anymore
>besides, light magic is too unpredictable for this sort of thing
>it's terribly unfortunate for poor Anon
>but there's just no helping him now
>there's just no helping her now
>if there's no way for Anon to go back, then she'll have to get used to life as a filly
>Twilight's done a terrible thing
>and now it's too late to save Anon
>hopefully it's not too late to save Twilight too
"What I want you to do, Twilight, is to take care of her like I've taken care of you. You can make up for your mistake by raising Anon with compassion and care."
>Twilight spasms under your cheek
"I… I'll try."
>you pull your head back and look upon your student
>she's in a terrible way
"Get some sleep now, Twilight. I'll come visit you again tomorrow."
"I will. Thank you, Princess."
>with that, you leave your student to rest

>you are Twilight Sparkle

>that was a close call
>looks like you managed to fool the Princess into thinking you were sorry
>unfortunately, it looks like she's onto you
>you'll have to make her understand your point of view one of these days
>but for now, you'll have to proceed with caution
>for one thing, no more visits to the Restricted Archives
>somehow she figured out you were studying there
>you'll have to make due with the spells and theories you've already learned from here on out
>for another thing, you'll need some way of keeping the Princess unaware of what you're doing to Anonymous
>how exactly?
>you're not sure just yet
>but you've got a few more days in the hospital to brainstorm some plans
>and you really are feeling pretty tired
>so you roll over and try to sleep
>you've won an important victory today
>not only is Anonymous coming to live under your power
>but the Princess herself has approved of it!
>just a few days now
>in just a few days…
>Anonymous' punishment can begin for real


>you are Anon
>you opted to get rid of most of the things from your apartment
>in the first place, most of it was custom-made for a six-foot biped with opposable thumbs
>in the second place, Twilight Sparkle's little tower-slash-library-slash-home doesn't really have room for your furniture
>in the third place, it's always nice to have a few more bits to pad your bank account
>for the past few days, you've been living in this tower with Spike
>Spike is a baby dragon, and apparently he's Twilight's personal assistant
>he's a pretty cool guy
>but he looks pretty ridiculous in that apron
>currently he's engaged in frantically tidying up the place for Twilight's return today
>what exactly is he tidying up?
>you can't tell
>this place was spotless to begin with
>at last, the door to the tower opens
"Spike? Spiiike? Is Anonymous here yet?"
>"Yeah, she's right here."
>you cringe
>there's that "she" again
>you suppose you'll have to get used to it for now
>Twilight said "maybe" when you asked if she could turn you back though
>so hopefully this won't last forever
"Yeah, what he said."
>Twilight ascends the stairs and comes into view
"Good, good. It's good to have you here, Anon."
>the first thing she does is pick up Spike in her magic and inspect him closely
>"H-hey! What gives?"
"The last time I left you alone for a week you had scale fleas when I got back."
>"I was little then! I bathe three times a day now!"
"I bet. You look clean to me."
>with that, Twilight sets Spike down
>then she walks up to you
"So… Anonymous…"
"Uh, you can call me Anon if you want."
"Anon, huh? Just like your friends call you?"
"Yeah. I guess."
"I want you to call me Mistress Sparkle."
>you're not really sure what happens next
>something hard and round impacts your face
>you go flying through the air
>when you've landed on the floor and painfully skidded a bit across it, you allow one eyelid to flutter open
>there's something red on Twilight's hoof
>she's staring at it

That's all for tonight.


Always assume there are anons reading and enjoying it, because odds are there are. I know this for a fact because I'm one of them. Readers don't always have anything profound to say after a story update, and that doesn't mean that nobody likes the story. Remember that anons generally aren't afraid of criticising shitty content, so if nobody is calling you a faggot for your work there's a pretty good chance that it's decent.

But by all means, take a break if you need one.


>Readers don't always have anything profound to say after a story update
This. And I think some people, like me, are not eloquent enough to comment the green. But I enjoy it indeed.


File: 1575005189358.jpg (1.17 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_2208.JPG)

Okay, I think I'll continue tomorrow then. Thank you all, I feel a bit better now.
God damn this Twilight. She's perfect.


File: 1575049296779-0.png (81.26 KB, 517x387, braveheart.png)


I really like it when Celestia depicted as an actual mastermind ruler and not another dumb npc quest giver


I want to see Anonfilly dance the Caramelldansen!


>you are Spike
>or at least, you think you are
>in reality you are, of course, Princess Celestia
>it's not that you couldn't get into Twilight's mind if you wanted to
>but she's so sensitive that she'd surely notice
>Anon's mind, however, you really can't get into
>despite her fairly normal personality, the structure of her mind itself is just too alien for you to get a good grasp on it
>Spike is neither an alien nor a sensitive sorcerer
>so you've decided to keep an eye on things by occasionally borrowing his senses
>these past few days of watching have been a great relief
>the relationship between Twilight and Anon is going better than you'd dared to hope
>more importantly, Twilight is leaving dark magic alone
>and you know she's not sneaking off to the Restricted Archives
>the reinforcements you placed on the seal and the mental alarm system pushed you to your very limits
>so they're certainly beyond Twilight's capability to break through without your immediate knowing it
>currently, Twilight and Anon are engaged in some game where Anon rides on Twilight's back
>it's all a bit more… childish than you'd expected
>but it's sweet
>and it looks like they're having a good time with it
"Oh no, you don't!"
>with that, Twilight bucks up in the air, eliciting gasps of laughter from Anon
>you allow a soft smile to grace your lips
>it's wonderful to see your normally reserved student showing such uninhibited affection
>you take your leave of Spike's mind and leave them to their game

>you are Twilight

>you've tested the "see no evil" charms you placed on Spike the other day in every conceivable way
>while Spike thought you were checking him for scale fleas, you slipped the enchantments on over his eyes and ears
>Spike is a good assistant, if a bit stupid and lazy
>there's no need to scar his childhood with what you're doing here
>more importantly, there's no need to give him anything to talk about
>the nice thing about enchanting the eyes and ears specifically?
>it leaves no trace of mental tampering
>even a master of psychological magic can't find surgical scars in a mind that was never operated on in the first place
>not that you think Spike is going to have his mind read any time soon
>still, it's nice to have that little bit of extra assurance
>he's on the other side of the room right now
>reorganizing some books you left out last night
>you catch him glancing over at you every so often
>grinning and shaking his head
>it looks like he's seeing something a lot more gentle than what's going on right now
>yes, you're satisfied that the enchantments worked
>so you turn your attention back to Anon
>she'll be needing it soon

>you are Anon

>is this some sort of dream?
>can you chafe in a dream?
>can your shoulders groan in agony in a dream?
>can you suffocate in a dream?
>after all
>how can any of this be real?
>you certainly can't be a small filly right now
>you certainly can't be suspended by your forehooves from magenta chains in the ceiling
>though, if you were, the shackles would have to be very tight
>to keep your hooves from slipping through
>they'd have to be tight enough to bite into your skin
>tight enough to draw blood
>dimly, it occurs to you to investigate
>you turn your head to look at one of the shackles
>sure enough, there's little drops of red dripping from it
>the hooves themselves look kind of purple, too
>just like the last umpteen times you checked
>this dream sure is comprehensive
>a hard, lavender object hits the crown of your head
>and you're looking down at your body again
>it's so small
>covered with dozens of cuts and bruises
>the air is rattling in your throat
>once again, the sensation of pain begins to divorce itself from your consciousness
>a little bit of black creeps in on the edge of your vision
>it's getting hard to breathe
>and you're drifting
>a deeper state of sleep
>hopefully the dream within the dream is nicer than the dream itself
>the act of drawing in air has finally become too much effort
>you give up on it
>it's time to rest for a while
"Oh no, you don't!"
>something warm rises from beneath you
>you're lifted up
>the tension on your shoulders is relieved
>breathing hurts, but it's possible now, and instinct forces you to take great gasping breaths of life-giving air
>now you're lying on a pony's back
>a purple unicorn
>something vague clicks in your memory
"Hey… did you ever pick up that ring?"


>you are Twilight
>keeping Anon's forelegs tensed over her head is a quick and dirty way of inducing slow asphyxiation
>history tells you that in a less enlightened time, before the Princess, this was a popular method of torture
>and sometimes an enlightened mare must do unenlightened things
>it's somehow… unsatisfying though
>over these past few days, you've become aware of a strange new need
>when you smacked Anon over the head just a minute ago, that relieved your need somewhat
>but somehow, this method overall just doesn't do it for you
>standing by and watching Anon wheeze
>lifting her up on your back every so often to make sure she doesn't lose consciousness
>it feels like you're conducting some kind of experiment
>not that there's anything wrong with experiments
>but this isn't research
>this is justice
>a soft, steady breathing from behind you tells you that Anon has fallen asleep on your back
>isn't that sweet?
>you teleport out from under her
>Anon falls
>the chain snaps taut
>something else snaps too
>her shoulder is sticking out of her barrel at a strange angle
>she's screaming now
>you take a deep, shuddering breath
>now that
>is satisfying
>however, you should probably let her down before her foreleg is torn off
>with a wave of your horn, the chains cease to exist
>Anon falls to the floor with a squeak
>save for a rapid, unsteady rising and falling of her ribs, she does not move
"You've distracted me from my studies long enough, you little monster."
>a swift kick of your foreleg sends her flying into a bookshelf
>Spike sighs as books scatter everywhere
>you smile
"Don't worry about it, Spike. I'll clean this up later."
>"You're the boss."
>with that, you head up the stairs to your study
>you haven't been back to the Restricted Archives since the Princess confronted you, it's true
>but you already understood enough about restricted magic to make some notes of your own
>you allow a soft giggle to escape your lips
>soon, it won't matter if Anon's leg gets torn off

That's all I've got for tonight. It's kind of scary how that torture scene was the easiest thing I've written in a long time.


>you are Spike
>or at least, you think you are
>in reality you are, of course, Princess Celestia
Ah ha! Justice is at hand.
>Spike is neither an alien nor a sensitive sorcerer
>so you've decided to keep an eye on things by occasionally borrowing his senses
>these past few days of watching have been a great relief
Oh no!
>That's all I've got for tonight. It's kind of scary how that torture scene was the easiest thing I've written in a long time.
There are a multitude of reasons why it feels easy. The logical progression of Twilight hellbent on revenge. Your skill as a writer displaying itself more noticeably. Possibly the clear plan of of this greentext version of Twilight is laid bare.
I wouldn't worry about it unless said thoughts try manifesting in the world around you as tangible actions and results or start to interfere with other things. Actually having the ease to write such depictions is quite handy.

Still looking toward what happens next.


File: 1575092885331.jpeg (58.65 KB, 900x504, Twilight-Sparkle-366.jpeg)

>that torture scene was the easiest thing I've written in a long time
>her foreleg is torn off
>Psycho Purple
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Filly needs help.


>that torture scene was the easiest thing I've written in a long time.
Let me buy you a drink, we can talk about it.
>"It's been a while. Please, have a seat."
>The ground bubbles and tendrils shoot out of it, grabbing you and setting you down at an ornate oak table.
>"Your wish?"
>You consider your words carefully.
"I wish for you to return the part of my skeletal system that could be considered fractured based off of the average knowledge that an esteemed medical professional would have of gross anatomy to a state that would not be considered fractured based off of the average knowledge that an esteemed medical professional would have of gross anatomy. The process should not incur any lasting complications, and the methods used to grant the filly that is currently relaying her request to you her wish should not cause any more damage to her body than has already been done during her time on this planet. Any damage that has recently been incurred upon her nervous, circulatory, endocrine, excretory, digestive, muscular, integumentary, reproductive, immune and respiratory systems that shows evidence of relation to recent injury; recent being defined as within a period of 24 hours should also be repaired based off of the same knowledge that would be known by the aforementioned professional."
>You're glad you have a lot of weird fetishes and didn't just stop at the vagina diagrams in Purple's medical textbooks.
>"Quite wordy."
"Back where I come from, there are quite a few stories about those who aren't careful what they wish for. The last thing I want is to have this sort of thing cause even more issues than I entered here with."
>"Indeed. Well, I will grant you your request. Let us hope that it is to your liking…"
>The feeling of your nerves returning to order is not unlike that tingly feeling that you get when a part of your body has fallen asleep.
>Granted, that tingly feeling is not normally followed by the awareness of ten-thousand knives embedded deep in your legs.
>You cry out in pain and watch as your legs begin to straighten out slightly.
>The red spots that you saw before began to dissipate, and you now realize that they were more than likely internal bleeding from having multiple veins and arteries severed.
>It really is a miracle you didn't bleed to death, and even more of a miracle that your legs managed to hold in all of those shrapnel-y pieces of bone.
>You sniffle as the last of the pain goes away.
>There aren't as many tears this time, after all you were expecting the process to be excruciatingly painful.
>Tentatively, you lift a leg.
>No issues…
>You lift the other one.
>No issues there either.
>You hop off of the chair and catch yourself with all four legs on the floor.
>Nothing seems to be damaged more than normal.
>You give them a bit of a test run, galloping around the room as fast as you can.
>No more issues than normal, though you are a bit out of breath.
>"You're much… skinnier than I remember."
"Something about crossing into another universe without there being reserved energy, apparently a good portion of my fat was burned off."
>"That would explain the violent nature of your entry. I must confess, I've only offered four wishes in all of my years as a ruler, including your own. Yours is the only one that I wasn't forced to end in tragedy, so I must congratulate you on that."
>She pauses.
>"Would you like to sit down somewhere a bit more comfortable than my meeting table?"
"Yes, please."
>Unlike Twilight, you guess Celestia has had enough time to develop a more convincing facade of warmness.
>Either that, or she has a sort of metaphorical switch she can throw to turn it on and off.
>She gestures over to a cozy looking couch with a low table before it.
>"Anything you would like to eat?"
>You want to ask for one of your comfort foods from when you were a human, but all of the less embarrassing ones involved meat.
>You look to the side, your cheeks flushed with red.
"Um… a grilled cheese sandwich on white bread with a glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies?"
>She chuckles heartily.
>"My, my. If I hadn't ran my essence up against yours twice now, I'd say you could pass for an actual filly. Well, an… eccentric one. That should be along within a sixth of an hour."
"Darn, that fast?"
>"Of course. The ponies under my employ are the best, your mother included."
"Well, she isn't really my mother…"
>"Oh, hmm. Your very essence is tinged with hers, the hallmark of a close relationship. I apologize, I assumed…"
>She trails off.
>"Quite a dangerous thing these days, an essence like that, especially bound with an element of harmony. Those three fillies that kept on failing to get their cutie marks, they're the same. We have the orange one safe in an undisclosed location, but the yellow and white one are in clutches beyond my reach. I could locate them of course, but both organizations have species from beyond Equestria in their employ and I don't wish to start any wars. Tell Twilight she needs to retrieve them for me, and kill all responsible for their capture. If three unstable elements are united, well…"
>Celestia looks up at the sky.
>"Faust only knows what would happen then."


"Your sister visited me while I was unconscious on my… return trip."
>"She's rendered herself incorporeal as far as I can tell, I'm not sure if I can stop her. Anon, I will have to teach you the art of being a dream warrior."
>You snicker.
>She narrows her eyes.
>"Is something… funny?"
"Sorry, you just reminded me of this horror movie."
>"Pray tell."
"There isn't much to say, the plot just revolves around a serial killer entering dreams and attempting to murder people who have special dream powers."
>"Hmm. Well, I can see why that would be humorous. In any case, have your dreams been lucid so far?"
"Uh… define lucid. I knew what it meant when I was a human, but now I'm not so sure. I've had a lot of visitations by ponies where I held a physical form."
>"And you held a physical form when my sister visited you?"
>"If she comes to you again, you must be prepared. Concentrate as hard as you can on forming an object, the simpler the better. Then, use it to kill yourself as quickly as you possibly can so that you can wake up."
"I-is that the only w-"
>A knock comes at the door.
>"You may enter."
>An earth pony mare in a frilly dress walks in, precariously balancing two plates on her back.
>Celestia picks up both of them and puts them before you.
"Thank you."
>The mare smiles and nods before cantering off into the halls.
"Do you mind if I go ahead and eat?"
>"By all means, go right ahead. There's a sink over there."
>She gestures to a door on the opposite side of the room.
>You relieve yourself and wash up a bit, you're a bit sweatier than you would like to be.
>Coming back out, there's a long period of silence as you dig into the sandwich with as much grace as you can with your hooves.
>You end up just sort of sandwiching it between both of them and biting down, adjusting every once in a while over the plate so that your precious sandwich won't land on the floor in the event of a slip-up.
>Wiping your hooves on a napkin provided on the other plate, you reach for the milk intermittently as you savor the six cookies before you.
>You only ever got three when you were a kid the first time around, some things about this place can be a bit better.
>Once you've finally polished off the meal you let out a small belch before covering your mouth.
"E-excuse me."
>She smiles.
>"It's quite understandable."
"So, just think of something dangerous and kill myself?"
>"Well, that's what scholars have written on the matter. Scholars might not be completely accurate, but most of ponies that experienced her terror that would speak about their experiences were no more educated than the average farmer. They were simpler times."
>You look down at your hooves.
>"Is there anything else you want to know before I send you back to Twilight?"
>According to Twilight she doesn't actually turn the sun, should you ask her about that?
>Those eyes look so kind now, but this is the same mare that you saw kill a pony and resurrect her because she didn't give advance notice on a visit…
>If she's implying it's time for you to go, it's certainly time to go. Asking a question like that might be treason.
>Some things are better left unknown.
"No, thank you."
>"My pleasure."
>There's no flash, you simply phase back into Twilight's bed.
>Unicorn Twilight, that is.
>Your Twiggy.
>The bedroom is different, looking around you see some medical equipment.
>"Woah, you startled me. I don't think the other Twilight wants you in here right now?"
"Well, this is where Celestia sent me back to, so…"
>You look at the array of IVs, probing for weaknesses.
>Stepping over them carefully, you slide your way down next to her in the bed.


Seeing as nobody else has answered your call, I bring my mediocre skills to create a pilot post for a series that I'll probably pick up for when my current story just isn't being written! Without further ado, here's "It's the Little Things" episode 1!

>You shouldn't be alive

>At least, not as you are now
>You've been consumed by an unfeeling alien monstrosity, but somehow have come out the other side with nothing but some newfound superpowers and an extraterrestrial abomination begging you to keep it all secret!
>You, a small green filly with the mind of an adult man, have somehow overcome a parasite that gives Halo's flood a run for their money!
"Alright, you want me to keep this between us? Then what can you do for me?"
>The shambling mound before you sprouts an eye from beneath one of the snowdrifts around you and a thousand voices echo as one in your mind
>Wha̬t can w̻e̖ d͓o ̢f̤oṟ you?̞ ̺We ̨ha̳ve͓ alr̼ea̦d̳y ̮gi̻v̬en͖ you et̩e͉rṉa͇l͉ ̰l̥i͙f͜e an͚d ̡a͜n e͇xist̩ḙn͜c̨e ̗bey̨ond ̯you̘r͚ ̬for̬me͇r mo̹not̻on̬y͈!̝ ͙W̞h̲at m̙or̻e̥ ͖c̮o̤uld͜ y̥ou ̪a̝s͓k ̗f̡or?
>What more could you ask for?
>You can already use your newfound powers to remake yourself into your old form, you can shapeshift at will, you can disassemble yourself into pieces and put yourself back together even!
>But there's still been that one thing that you've wanted ever since coming to Equestria in this form, something that would complete your second childhood
>Sure, Twilight's been cool, but she's always treated you more like an adult than anything else
>The fact that you're alone outside, arguing with an alien parasite in an antarctic tundra a few hundred meters from a research outpost is plenty proof to that…
"You know what, I'd really like it if you could at least pretend to be a motherly figure for me; it's been something my 'former monotony' has been lacking."
>You hold your head high as you stare directly into one of the eye stalks, the creature eventually capitulating through (what you think is) a sigh
>F̹i̱n̥e,͈ ͜we ̺sha̙l̲l͉ ̲p̝lay̼ thi̯s ̤rol͜e̳ ̳if͇ ̧yo̮u t̲e̮l̹lͅ u͇s ̡w̧hat w̺e ̨s͖h̢o͈uld ̣do͚.̲ I̡ṋ ex̙cḩan̰g̥e ͙f̤or ̼țh̨is͓,͜ ̜not ͅo͍nl̩y ̹mụs͉t yo̪u le̮a̧rn ͍t͔he ̘f͔ul͈l ext̜e̯n̪t̡ ̬of o͚u͉r ͜s͎h͚a͜red͍ ̩power̮,̼ ͇but ͇y̯o͖u ̟mu̬s̗t ̫u̞se ̮it to ̜h̗ęlp us ͖con̼s͙u͜me̝ m͉o͇r͍e l̗i̪vęs̨.̼
"I'll accept that deal if I'm allowed to work at my own pace and those that I consume are also allowed to retain their individuality."
>Yọu͇ w̻ere̲ b̺orn̟ ͅof̢ incomp̣l͓ete̝ ̢a͈ss̲i̲mil̖a͇t̡io͎n, ͓wh͚i̤le͕ ̹we̞ ar͎e ͅc̰omp̦lẹt͙e̝. Yo̧u ̤w̞ouḷd ̟b̠e͔ l͍e͜a̠ving ̪t̤h̡em i̬ncomp̝le̪ṱe,͙ ͙a̲s ͎w̜e̙ ̩have̙ l̺e̞f̢t̘ ̱y̗ou. ̣T͍hey ͈w̟il̤l̡ li͔ke̙l̹y̗ s͚u͖f͓f͚e̯ṛ ̱a̺s̞ ̮th̖e͓y have͚ tḫro̟ugḫ ̠their̤ pas̫t l͍i̞ve̟s ̥if̪ all̻o̜we͇d ̘to ex̭isͅt͕ as ͖y̝o̲u̠ do̗.̝
"I wouldn't call this suffering, having a bunch of superpowers is far from the worst thing to happen to me so far."
>Yo̙u̲ p̞oor delṳded ͅc̫rea̝t̖u͈re.̘ We̮ ̯s̙h̰all ͓s̯h̯o̺w ͓yǫu̘ ̖ṱḥe̝ ̱beąu̥ty o̩f ͅour ̯co̩mbi̱ned̩ ͔p̜er̦fe̡c̬tḭon̝ a͕s͜ ̦w̤e̳ t̠ea͜ch yoṷ ̦abo̪ut ̻ṯhe a̦bi̟l̺i̖ties y̤o̡u ̘now ̜h̖ave̞,̣ ̱y͚o̜u̻ n̗e͓eḓ ͚n̰o̯t ̨fre̩t.̳


"Yeah, yeah, that's cool and all, but if we're going to sneak you past Twilight, you're going to need you to look like a pony and talk like one too, so no more blob monster or talking to me through my mind until I can respond that way."
>The flesh mass before you begins to contract and contort with several sickening snaps and crunches before arriving at the unassuming form of a light brown unicorn mare
>"H͙ow̺'s th̠i̺s?"
"You look fine, but you're going to need to stick to one voice too."
>The overtly feminine tone rings out over the subzero winds in a pleasant manner, managing to conceal its eldritch origins with surprising grace
"Perfect, now let's think of a cover story for you…"
>The "mare" joins you in thought for a moment before you finish thinking first
"Okay, you're from a research ship off the coast who ended up teleporting here after your boat sank due to hull failure and I found you while you're out here. Now, what's your name?"
>The "mare" resumes her thoughts once again before coming to a conclusion
>"Astra Biologis."
"That'll work, you should be able to fly under the radar until we all get back to the mainland and by then things should be already going as planned. Now put on my jacket, that'll make things more believable."
>You pull off your jacket as your companion stretches out a tentacle to grab it
"And no tentacles or body-horror either, but that should go without saying."
>Astra nods as it drapes the jacket around its shoulders before retracting the tentacle back into its chest cavity
>With everything taken care of for the time being, you begin leading your companion back towards the facility
>Now, we s̲til͔l ̯n̠e̹ed̬ to̦ ̘as͕kͅ:͇ wh͚at̟ ̼ẹxact̠ly d̟o mo͎t̙he̲ṟs̘ ̩do?
"Why are you still talking to me in my head?"
>I͜t ͈w̭iļl arou̪s̗e ̥ḷe̻s͙s̡ suspicion̙ ̤th̫a̦n̢ ţalk̦in̥ģ openly ͕in̦ c̜ase̤ ͅof̝ o͉b̦serv̼ati͉on̫. ͇No͔w, ̭you̦ ͇s͖hoṳl̼d̩ ͔b̘e ͈abl̘e ̢t̗o ̡s͕peͅa̞k̼ ̦t̟o us̬ ͍l̺ike͓ ͜țh̺i͓s̞ if̠ ̗you̱ ̗conc͇enṭrate ̣your though͖ts an̹d͇ ̗di̬rẹct t̢hẹm̘ ̨pr̲o̪p̗erl͕y.͕ ͍Tr̭y i̙t̜ ̢as̩ ͎y͍o̬u̡r ͉f͇iͅrs̱t ̻l͖es̩s͍o̬n̘.̺
>You mull over Astra's words in your head before finally trying it out
Can you hear me?
>Go̩odͅ,͎ ̮y͇oṳ'̢l͉l ͉be͎c͕o͖m̨e one̞ ̳o̯f ̟us̞ ̯i̳n g̲ǫoḓ ̘tim̫e.


Wow, that zalgo didn't come out nearly as messy as I thought it would for the number of characters it consumed. However, on an interesting note, it can be saved into a standard notepad document without issue!


>However, on an interesting note, it can be saved into a standard notepad document without issue!
Thing poner can't withstand the absolute unit that is Anon, or Placeholder!All the eldritch horrors must be harnessed for the Anonfilly hoard!


>spoiler 2
Stop, you're giving me ideas for halo crossovers!


>all this green going on at once


File: 1575120478962.jpeg (100.97 KB, 1280x640, Tits.jpeg)

>"They can take our freedom, but they will never take our lives!"


File: 1575126820545.png (203.84 KB, 919x970, anonfilly cradling anonbab….png)


File: 1575148100299-0.jpeg (407.8 KB, 1502x941, 874006.jpeg)

Thanks for taking on my idea you seem to like doing that, don't you? Heh.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


>doesn't know about thingpone
Don't tell him


File: 1575168587432-0.jpeg (205.36 KB, 1502x941, 1575148100299-0.jpeg)

File: 1575168587432-1.png (525.9 KB, 2954x3603, 274-2745060_twilight-spark….png)

WTF is that claw?


File: 1575168990563.png (130.27 KB, 362x405, 194195692.png)

>He doesn't know about thingpone


Not giving up my pair of dubs, but that was for the original of
this post


File: 1575169837110.jpg (112.66 KB, 1200x630, 1922457_1.jpg)

>The Thing
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, now I know. It is about the game played days ago.


That's not thing-pone


Damn son, you're just full of good ideas, aren't you? Keep on putting prompts out there and I'll keep writing them, we'll make a legendary duo!


>Be Anon.
>The banners in the hall have been decorated with swastikas.
>The floors decorated with blood.
>Rainbow Dash has become Aryanne, a pony who died far too soon in this world.
>Gilda has become just another piece of griffon scum, her filthy blood all over the floor.
>A lot of the alterations were difficult to make, but you'd say you've managed.
>As well as you can, anyways.
>League opens up the door, putting two large bags on the floor.
>"Ready to get started for real?"
"Don't you want to see what I did?"
>"Oh, sure."
>She looks over your shoulder and laughs.
>"Damn it."
>You get up and put on your respirator while League puts hers on.
>Her voice comes through, muffled.
>"I told them I needed to clean up something really messy."
"It looks like they knew exactly what you were talking about."
>She sighs.
>"I'm just a little filly, why would I be asking about that sort of thing?"
"League, this is turpentine. It's not the worst organic solvent you could be working with, but it's still some pretty nasty stuff. They sold it to you without a second thought, along with two respirators. I don't think they really cared about your age. How did you pay for this all anyways?"
>"Stopped by Pinkie's place."
"How's she doing?"
>"Her mane and tail are down. She says that something terrible is going to happen soon, but it won't reveal itself to her."
"That bad, eh?"
>"It must be."
>You get to work with the turpentine, rags and the hoof gloves.
>They're a bit loose for the end of your prosthesis, so you just use it to stabilize yourself while you work.
>You start to pluck out pieces of bone, mane…
>Put them in the bag, keep working.
>Not with your mouth of course, but over time you've gotten a hold on lifting things up without it.
>Finally, after hours, there is no trace of Lyra.
>You didn't know her for long, but she didn't seem like a bad mare.
>A good bedmate, though it was clear even when you weren't fucking her that she had some sort of fetishistic attraction to your human anatomy.
>You're really not sure why she kept the fixation of you after you became what you are now.
>Maybe she was clinging to the hope that you could be turned back.
>You were too for a time…
>"I don't really want to breath this stuff in, you want to go somewhere else?"
"Yeah… say, is your old man still the same old alcoholic?"
>"Last I checked."
"Where's the trash?"
>She directs you under the sink, and you find a number of filthy bottles.
>"What are you thinking?"
"Molotov Cocktails. Anything we find out in a storm like this likely won't be a friend, and turpentine is pretty damn flammable."
"Well, the first order of business would be washing the garbage sludge off of the outside of these bottles…"
>Be Anonymous.
>Your body pulsates with electricity.
>You fall to the carpeted floor.
>"You two-"
>A metal fork embeds itself in the carpet millimeters from your eye.
>"Apart, can I?"
>You groan.
"Thanks, my legs were a welcome relief and now my fucking heart is pounding you asshole."
>"What did you just call me?"
"An asshole."
>You rub your eyes before stretching out in a specific manner.
>With a flash, you're in another room.
>"Go ahead, Anon. Ask little Clover anything you want to."
>You're pretty sure you've fucked up a bit royally at this point.
"Twilight, I'm sorry."
"I… hello?"
>She's playing with some toy boats.
>You recognize that Celestia plush you liberated from Twilight's storage on the bed.
>So, this is your room then.
>Moon on the bedside table.
"Clover, have you finished Moon?"
>"No, but I'm reeeally close!"
"How many pages?"
"Would you mind finishing it right now?"
>She shakes her head, hopping up on the bed and grabbing it before laying it out on the ground in front of her.
>She's a slow reader…
>She shouldn't be.
>You aren't a slow reader, after all.
"Alright, can you give me a plot summary?"
>"Well, uh… The Princess is sent to the moon, and then a bunch of horrible things happen to her subjects in her journey to bring it back down to Earth. Eventually, the last of them dies, and she seals her essence in an obelisk in the hope that some day she'll see Equestria again to bring down her hammer of judgement."
"The second asterisk?"
>Twilight speaks up.
>"Real life events are slightly exaggerated."
"You read it?"
>"Of course. I'd never give my foal a book that I hadn't pre-read."


"I thought you gave me that book as an extension of my punishment."
>Twilight's wings flare up.
>"Reading is never a punishment, you insolent little-"
>Twilight groans.
>"Yes dear?"
>"Who is this 'Anon' and why does she look exactly like me?"
>Twilight glares at you.
>"She used to be my filly, but I can't be sure anymore. She might be a FILTHY TRAITOR now."
>"I thought I was your only filly…"
>"Yes, that was before I knew she was coming back. Don't worry, I'll care for-"
>Clover begins to let out a high-pitched screech.
>With a snap, the ambiance of the room vanishes.
>Your doppelganger's screams cease.
>You can still see her mouth stretched as wide as it can go, but no sound comes out.
>She notices it too, and soon after stops.
>You hear her voice in your head.
>"Funny how a bubble of silence can be inverted to cancel out noise in an area. Of course, with my powers I am unaffected. It is still my duty to care for both of you, no matter what has happened to you. Now, don't make it so fucking difficult to do."
>The two of you nod simultaneously.
>"Good… now-"
>You can see Clover trying to shout.
>"Celestia damn… what did I just-"
>A heavy object obliterates the door, knocking Twilight right through the crystal wall.
>You hazard a glance over your shoulder to see that she's encased in a field like the one you saw when she got fucked by that golem.
>The freezing wind whips through the now shattered wall of the room.
>The snow outside is littered with crystal shrapnel, and you suspect your ears would be ringing from that impact if the spell Twilight had enacted wasn't in effect.
>And speak of the devil, a golem looms over you.
>The attached speaker begins to give a message:
>"Like lambs to the slaughter, two unstable elements trapped in the same room."
"Clover, run up to it."
"Just trust me."
>If this doesn't work, you'll be responsible for the deaths of two fillies.
>Clover tentatively walks over to the hulking mass of stone.
>"H-hello mister, I'm Green Clover. Please don't hurt me…"
>With the golem facing your double, you slide between its legs on the crystal floor slick with snow and water.
>With all the energy you can muster, you launch yourself into the air and grab hold of the golem's back.
>Orange runes, orange runes…
>There they are!
>You gather as much phlegm from your throat as you possibly can and hack it on the inscriptions that would probably take years to even understand.
>Too bad they didn't have the time to carve them into the stone.
>The stone beast crumples to the ground while you hop off of it.
>Luckily Clover managed to get out of the way of it, because the floor where it fell is cracked.
>"W-what now?"
"Twilight will be safe there until she wakes up, we need to prioritize the one that isn't."
>You grab her hoof and canter as fast as you can through the castle.


File: 1575186310921.png (Spoiler Image, 949.25 KB, 1920x1080, Gotcha.png)

Thank you, I try my best. Don't know if I can keep up with the demand though, heh.
And now I've got you, hook line and sinker.Pic related.


File: 1575198473131.png (338.39 KB, 1024x1024, Time for a Change.png)

>"Make the population love their chains"
-1984 (summarized)


>"Make the population love their change"
-This Thread (summarized)


File: 1575235028589-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.59 MB, 4032x3024, image0.jpg)

Not mine, just making sure fillies end up in filly spot.


File: 1575235675139.gif (127.83 KB, 728x426, Autism.gif)




File: 1575236855937.png (261.69 KB, 1380x1542, ddbdf.png)

I'm inclined to believe you don't know what real autism is.


>"Despite all my rage, I'm still just just a bab in a cage"


File: 1575292427568.png (172.51 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1575256110164.png)

Merry december


Very Nice Minimalist Filly.


What’s going on, why the hell is this thread so fucking dead?


The board as a whole has been dead since before we got here, our thread's amount of activity is just normalizing to the average for this place.


What do you think we can do about it? Where could we fish?


If we fish and people come here, they will find a dead board and leave.
Things like glimglam's thread our things that keeps this board alive. There needs to be content or reasons to be here first.



The best would be to accept that this is a slow board.


I-it's not dead it's comfy speed.


File: 1575302864448.png (1.68 MB, 2000x2828, 1482592423124.png)


That's the thing, the thread has been fast enough even with the relatively slow speed of the board until recently. Content doesn't seem to hold the same interest as it used to. I fear this to be the beginning of the end.
God dammit Harvey, I didn't need to be reminded of that feel…


File: 1575312890342.png (15.5 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I don't know. Why do you think that is? Because our current content is meh or because filly is going out of style? How does the filly discord do?


File: 1575319087284.gif (2.73 MB, 1499x2000, 2211072__explicit_artist-c….gif)

This OC looks very similar to filly


If I could shut that place down I would because it probably is the biggest factor pulling discussion from the thread. There are over 100 members and a good portion of them are active. Alas, I can’t. Even if I could, a new one would just sprout up. Mentioning the discord will also get angry fags in the thread yelling at you, but it’s sure as hell better than dying in silence. Derpi is out for fishing for obvious reasons and /mlp/ will delete posts and ban people who fish for the thread here; do we have any friendly horsefucker sites that might be up for a bit of filly love?


Fluttershy is still missing her wings reeeeeeee


Most of the content in the discord is babby rp and brapping. You can have it.


/pone/ rapefugee here. I'm reminded of the fact that /pone/ too had grown very slow by the time it was lost. This whole scenario reminds me of that one Asimov story. The Last Question. A guy is caught in a rainstorm and decides to take refuge under a tree. He knows that at some point the tree will soak through and he'll get wet, but he reasons that he can just find another tree when that happens. The flaw in his logic? The other trees will be soaked through too, or close to it, by the time that happens. Mankind knows that one day the Sun will die. Mankind reasons that when that happens they can just find another solar system. The problem with their logic? The other stars will be closer to death too by the time the Sun dies.

So it is with pony boards. Interest in the show is waning. We know that our pony imageboards are slowing down. We reason that we can just go to or pull users from another board. The problem with our logic? By the time our own pony boards die, the other pony boards will be dying as well. We might be able to stave off the end for a while by encouraging crossposting between tolerable pony imageboards, but someday we'll have to choose between the cancer of /mlp/, the AIDS of ponychan, or getting off the ride. And someday, even those cesspits will die.

Welcome to the entropy of talking cartoon horses.


I’ve read the last question, but people are still jerking off to characters from and talking about anime that have been done for 10-20 years. We’ve got some time left before everything dies out, so easy doomer. It can’t hurt to try.


Well sure the fandom itself isn't going to die any time soon. But the fandom was abnormally big from the start, and now it's probably going to shrink down to about the size of any other dead franchise's fandom. It'll probably become too small to support multiple imageboards at any rate. I've seen boards dedicated to old, popular animes such as, say, Evangelion, and they were completely dead boards despite the fact that these shows were still quite popular among imageboard users.


File: 1575328536350.png (166.63 KB, 817x709, 136863864165.png)

Digits have spoken.


File: 1575332234635.png (622.85 KB, 1280x720, 2432152353.png)

You still have yet to convince me that's any reason not to at least try to draw people in. In any case, I feel like there are enough people who are fans of the fandom to keep it going for longer than something like Evangelion. Evangelion is a flawed masterpiece from start to finish, while MLP really only has 2-3 (3 is pushing it) good seasons before it turned into shit. Given that the show has had nine of the damn things, that says a lot about people either not giving a shit about the show or having really poor taste.
Why the happy reaction image, squirt? If he's right, that means filly is dying a slow death.


File: 1575333205031.png (249.73 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_6.png)

Game progress


There is no reason not to try, and I wasn't trying to make it seem like there was. The fact that all this is bound to die out actually makes every moment we can squeeze out of it that much more precious, and that much more worth fighting for. I guess watching imageboards these past couple years - and especially these past couple months - has just got me brooding like a little faggot.


Google drive link doesn't work, it's being Trashed, apparently.


That's odd, doesn't look like it on my end. I'll get in contact with Allnighter about it since he doesn't really come here anymore. In the mean time, here's a copy of it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/111mpgIQ937HOtuRbcRzT7Ks-o3izYNmPIGkCgf_9tfQ/edit?usp=sharing


I was talking about
This one, supposed compiled collection of images.


Oh right, the picture archive. Hang on, I know how to get ahold of that guy too.


>you are…
>you are Anonymous A. Faget the 2nd
>you were born a man on a world called Earth
>of that much you're certain
>that much feels correct and in order in your mind
>after that though…
>arrived, through an unknown means, in a land called Equestria, presumably not on Earth
>did that much happen?
>you think so
>you remember a period of acclimation to your new home, wherein you were convinced of its reality
>if you believed it was real then, you may as well believe it was real now
>okay, moving on
>the next major shakeup to your life was…
>you became a small, talking horse?
>how can that be real?
>well, you already accepted the existence of such talking horses when you accepted the reality of Equestria
>another staple of Equestria is a force known as magic, by which strange and unaccountable things often happen
>wait, magic?
>yes, magic is demonstrably real; you've seen it many times since arriving in this land and you were convinced of its reality during your acclimation to Equestria
>if you were convinced of it then, you may as well be convinced of it now
>okay, so it's theoretically possible that you could indeed be a filly right now
>there was even a brief acclimation period of a few days, where you came to accept that this was at least temporarily the case
>check, so you were indeed changed by magic into a small, talking pony of an age-and-sex group known as filly
>so what the hell happened after that?
>you're currently lying on the floor
>one of your forelegs is in so much pain as to be completely unusable
>or… it was in pain?
>for some reason you're not feeling pain right now
>though it is awfully cold
>that's a symptom of shock, right?
>or is it a symptom of hell?
>somewhere, a door opens
>somewhere, hoofsteps clack closer and closer
>you know those hoofsteps
>they're the hoofsteps of the devil
>well if the devil is here
>then it must be hell
>the devil is standing over you know
>somehow, you're vaguely aware that the devil resembles a lavender unicorn mare by the name of Twilight Sparkle
>but his disguise is somewhat lacking
>after all, unicorn mares don't spew green smoke from their eyes
>the devil lowers his single horn to your injured shoulder
>and it lights up with the indescribable sight of black light
>the devil rises and stares at you with an appraising gaze
>pain returns to your shoulder
>pain returns to your whole body
>dozens of small cuts and bruises heat up like brands
>but worst of all is the shoulder
>you can't hold back
>you must scream

>you are Twilight

>you've decided to combine pleasure and work a bit
>currently, you're testing the ability of restricted magic to heal wounds
>this is critical to legitimizing your research
>after all, if restricted magic can heal, then it can't be truly "dark" magic, now can it?
>in any case, it looks like this first attempt is working
>Anon's dislocated shoulder is slowly but surely returning to its normal shape, signifying that the joint is being reinserted into its socket
>granted, it's slow
>granted, it looks - and sounds - extremely painful
>but that's why these sorts of things are tested on low-value subjects before being presented to respectable ponies
>and what could be a lower-value test subject than the worm writhing on the floor at your hooves?
>the urge to kick her again rises up in your throat like a bad heartburn
>but you hold off for the moment, not wanting to interrupt the testing


>you are Anon
>the fire on your hide cools
>the stretching in your shoulder bones ceases
>in short, the pain subsides
>you are exhausted
>every breath in is a gasp
>every breath out is a sob
>the thought of all this being real is monstrously inconceivable
>but you can't dream pain
>much less agony
>the last of the pain escapes through your skin, dragging drops of cold sweat with it
>your muscles don't relax so much as they go limp
>you can't even muster the effort to brace yourself when you see the devil's hoof swinging in for another kick
>it's only a short ditance to the shelf behind you
>a pair of dull thwacks
>a pair of new bruises
>the devil recedes
"Spike, I'm going out for a bit. Make sure Anon doesn't get into any trouble while I'm gone."
>"Aw, Anon doesn't get into trouble."
"Just make sure."
>"You're the boss."
>the devil leaves the building
>for a few minutes, you focus on breathing
>and out
>this is the least pain you've felt in days
>so you hazard to put one hoof on the floor
>and another
>and soon you're heaved up to all fours
>for the first time in days, you don't feel the need to retreat into your mind
>your surroundings present no immediate threat of pain
>hell, when did you get so…
>on the other side of the room, Spike is peacefully feather-dusting a book case
>now, in the back of your mind, you still hold some amount of doubt that any of this is real
>or rather, you still hold some amount of hope that it isn't real
>there's still one element to this whole experience that's too strange for you to believe
>before Twilight Sparkle came home, Spike was downright friendly with you
>and after she came home, Spike has shown absolutely no interest in the ultra-violence his employer has inflicted upon you
>whether he's in favor of it or against it, you'd expect to see some kind of reaction from the little guy, wouldn't you?
>you hazard a step
>and another
>it feels like you won't have to limp
>so you trot across the room, naturally, to the small dragon
"Hey, Spike."
>"Hm. What's up?"
"This is all really bizarre to me, so I'm just gonna come out and ask you this. You know Twilight's been torturing me right over there for the past three days, right?"
>Spike throws up his claws
>"Hey, if you guys wanna play foals' games, I'm not judging. I-I'm, uh, totally not jealous either."
"Brutal beatings are a foals' game to you?"
>"Yeah, I was never able to beat Twilight at play-wrestling either. It's weird though, she hasn't wanted to romp around like that since she was little."
>there's definitely something strange about Spike
>it's like you're not even speaking the same language right now
>there's no way he's seeing what's happening and waving it off as play
>however, he's still shown no signs of hostility thus far
>so if you can't communicate information to him, maybe you can get a little information out of him
"Whatever. How do I get out of this place?"
>"Huh? The fridge is still right over there, Anon."
"No, not the fridge, the front door. Or better yet, the back door. I haven't seen the Sun since I got here."
>"Eh, Twilight said you might ask for meat. Sorry, all we've really got is hay. It's an acquired taste, but you'll get used to it, I promise."
>you shake your head
>it's like he's incapable of hearing what you're trying to say
>it's strange and unaccountable
>and in this world, magic is the means by which strange and unaccountable things occur
>check, there's probably some sort of magic at work preventing Spike from seeing what Twilight Sparkle is doing
>that accounts for every objection you had to this nightmare being real
>"Uh, Anon. Don't get upset, just get some hay. It'll be all right."
>your stomach lets out an unearthly noise at this prompting
>your knees nearly give out
>you don't think you've eaten in days
"You know what? Sure. I think I'll do that."


>you are Twilight Sparkle
>you are hungrily eyeing the selection of knives, blades, and other cutting instruments of Canterlot Cutlery
>the proprietor of the place strokes his mustache in thought
>"So, uh, what exactly do you need a knife for, Miss Sparkle?"
"Cooking. I'm trying to get into cooking."
>"Of course. But, uh, what kind of cooking?"
>Sun above, you don't know what to go with
>there's great, big knives like you might use to cut a potato in half
>little split blades like you might use to peel the skin off of that potato first
>broad graters of the sort you'd use to shred cheese
>thin, sharp knives that don't look so different from a scalpel, probably for softer produce like tomatoes
>decent selection of forks and spoons, too
"Well, all kinds of cooking, I guess."
>"All kinds?"
"Oh yes, Mr. Dicey."
"I want to try everything."

>you are Anon

>you're not sure if you were supposed to prepare that hay somehow
>but it was actually quite palatable on your new palate
>with the exception of a couple bruises, you no longer have any major sources of physical discomfort
>at last, you can think straight
>it's silly to go on denying that this is happening
>everything that's happened these past three days
>it's all real
>it was a shock to your system at first
>it was all just… so out of nowhere
>you couldn't properly react to the new situation
>but your captor made a mistake
>she gave you time to think
>you have a decision to make
>a decision of the sort which you sometimes imagined being faced with in your old life
>a decision of the sort which you always feared you wouldn't be strong enough to make
>a decision you've already made
"I'm not gonna take this shit sitting down."

To be continued.


the board's far from dead, it just gets a lot slower in winter since the majority of people here have actual lives which, coincidentally, tend to require more attention around now.


Here you go. I still don't know what went wrong, but this one works.


>after all, unicorn mares don't spew green smoke from their eyes
Evil leaking through your taser ducts?
Symptoms of itchy eyes that you want to laugh away the pain?
Feeling the desire to slap some sense into some ponies?
I have just the product for you! Wonder Shades!
With this stylish eyewear occular problems are a thing of the past! They reduce physical trauma by 83% and replace it with emotional scars from the sick burns from being a distant figure in their life. For the more personal touch rasing the Wonder Shades! for maximum eyebrow ownage! These stainless sleek shades slide and substance right off!
Call now for your pair of Wonder Shades! and as a free T.V. offer the Creeps Cowl for the times you really want to make an impression!
>Final line.
Looking forward to what happens next. What will Anonymous do?


File: 1575346647728-0.png (222.63 KB, 1280x720, misc1.png)

Who is the ideal filly president?


like which one of us would make the best president, or who do we support?


I vote for Occult Facade.


I vote Revolver Ocelot


voting for yourself is bad form, you know


I vote Anonymous for President.


I might as well ask it, how did you all do in NNN? Did you even try it? Did you win?
I won


Shut up Bats.


File: 1575350967309.png (Spoiler Image, 409.83 KB, 960x960, VroomVroomRope.png)

Pulling the hard questions hunh?
Have to vote for… the candidate field is too good. So many to choose from so few positions.
>If everyone is president no one is.
Voting for the next Anon that posts something.

Warms the cockles of my heart not only that I was voted, but also successfully impersonated. This is going to be great fun.
I love you too random citizen.


File: 1575351477817.png (160.69 KB, 800x600, 1566024489936.png)

I you vote for me and i vote for you does our votes balance out?
Surely a third worlder filly wouldnt be the best pick for Equestria's presidential sucession, but if I win I promise tendies for everyone…at least on saturdays


>if I win I promise tendies for everyone…at least on saturdays
That's the best campaign promise I've heard yet.

I totally forget to say no homo in the spoiler. It's not too late right?


If you vote for me I'll write an update tonight.


Since we're all campaigning, then I guess I'll throw my hat in too. Vote for me if you think I'd actually do a good job, but if you don't, then vote for somebody else. As for me, I'm placing my vote on Lone because he's a cool dude.


God damn it I was about to go to sleep


I'd vote for you both, but I already voted for >>252399


File: 1575357725537.png (5.06 KB, 165x162, ATerribleFate.png)

Shorter than normal, hopefully it's not bad. Time to sleep.
>Be Twilight.
>You're glad you know some magic to alleviate minor pains, because you are not in proper condition to be getting up.
>Anon, the little filly who you've taken in as of late is screaming something about golems and how you need to go now.
>You see no reason he/she would lie to you, so you set out in the task of doctoring yourself up as best you can for travel.
>You think most of the IVs are just painkillers, but you still wince when you pull them out.
>There's another filly standing before you.
"Hello there."
>"She's… we'll figure out what exactly happened to her later. Come on!"
"Hold your horses…"
>You wrap another bandage around your head for good measure and grab the two fillies, hoisting them onto your aching back.
>"Twilight, I can run. Please."
>You giggle to yourself.
>There might be a bit more knocked about than you had hoped for, though only time will tell.
>You set them down gently.
>"We can move slowly for now, it just isn't safe here."
>"I need to go pee…"
"Alright. Anon, help her pee."
>"B-but I-"
"I don't think that woman will be very…"
>You just manage to grab the covers before you topple over.
"Anon, no loud noises please…"
>She lowers her voice to a whisper.
>"You're not in shape to move much of anywhere right now, are you?"
"No, I'm sorry."
>"Sorry for what?"
"Sweetie, don't start that up again… Can you pass me that glass of water?"
>You probably couldn't levitate it over right now if you tried, but you will admit that watching that filly try to do normal everyday tasks is pretty cute.
>She backs up to the bed, gets up on her hind legs, grabs the thing with both forehooves and sort of shimmies her butt along the length of the covers over to you.
>"Here you are."
>You take a sip.
>A drop of blood from beneath a bandage falls on the glass, staining it.
>You drink deeply from the glass until there is nothing left.
"Where are we going?"
>"Sugarcube Corner, I think. Pinkie won't try to execute us all for being Changelings immediately."
"It's been a while since I've seen Pinkie."
>She nods.
>"You have a coat? It's coming down out there."
"No, I don't."
>"Shit, hang on."
>You hear the hurried sound of galloping hooves fading into the distance.
"So, what do you like doing?"
>"Coloring, hanging out with my friends, toys, school, taking baths-"
>"-and making snowmares."
>She leans in close to you.
>"But they aren't really alive, they're just supposed to look like mares."
>You chuckle.
>Something very fucked up has happened to this filly.
>Well, assuming she was once the same person that just went to grab a coat for you.
"Speak of the devil…"
>She comes cantering in, out of breath.
>"Ha… here you go. Should fit, it's Twilight's."
"It's a bit roomy on the back."
>"Must be the-"
>She smiles.
>"Are you feeling any better?"
"No, not really. The water did clear my head though, if that's good for anything."
>"Well, let's go. Take it easy, but do keep in mind that we might need a combat spell or two."
>You let out a soft laugh.
"Anon, I'm afraid I'll blow my head open if I do something like that. The most I can probably manage right now is telekinesis and maybe some minor spells of healing."
>"Minor spells of healing? In your condition?"
"Well, yeah. They were designed to be easy to cast when you're injured."
>"Oh. Makes sense."
>You drop the glass on the bed and slowly make your way out the door.
>Anon leads you through twists and turns of corridors, finally ending in a door that leads out of a smaller entrance than you would expect for a castle.
>She pushed it open, and you put on the coat.
>The wind howls.
>Oh dear Celestia your poor head…
"Are you sure you don't want any sort of jacket?! It's pretty nasty out!"
>"No! You need it more than I do!"
>You can't argue with that you guess.
>You pull up the hood and try to block out the pain as best you can with a few incantations.
>It's nearly alright until you get to the abandoned street next to your destination.
>You growl as your temple begins to feel like somepony is using one of those new steam-powered stone-breakers on it.
>"Easy, we're almost there."
"Right, yeah. Keep calm…"
>"You don't need to b- oh, right. You're being sincere."
>You can feel yourself being lightly pushed forward on the ice.
"Thank you."
>The entrance bell is music to your ears as you collapse on the wet floor.
>Be Anonymous.
>A mound on the floor that you thought was some sort of bean-bag chair gets to its standing height.
>"Your friend was here recently."


>The other stars will be closer to death too by the time the Sun dies.
Not really. Stars aren't synchronized on their birth nor their life expectancy, and new stars get created regularly.
Also Red Dwarves are pretty much eternal and will always be a back up solution.


The matter required to form stars is limited and red dwarves die eventually. The point is that entropy can't be reversed and that all potential energy is eventually transformed into useless heat energy which is dispersed evenly throughout the universe.


>entropy can't be reversed
While in a currently useful sense you're right, there have actually been scenarios in which order can temporarily arise from it, albeit pretty much on the microscopic level and without any usable functions so far. However, that possibility still exists, so maybe we might be able to capitalize on it in the future. I'd post the source for the info, but it's a video that I watched more than several months ago, so I'm not going to bother scrolling through my jewtube history to find it.


>Talks about evidence
>Doesn’t link to evidence
It seems reasonable, but come on. Despite it being a cesspool, youtube’s search algorithms are good because they’re owned by fucking google. If you vaguely remember what the title might have been, you could probably find it with a quick search.


File: 1575376675002.png (127.4 KB, 1454x1091, dr-twilight-sparkle-in-scr….png)

>filly in distress
Purple is here to help.


>Why the happy reaction image, squirt?
My mistake selecting the check'em pic.


Purple isn’t exactly benevolent in this green…


File: 1575418010618.mp4 (14.91 MB, 1092x614, 2019-12-03 23-36-39.mp4)

Game progress update. any thoughts?


>you're still Anon
>with a fuller stomach, and some more time to think
>something odd occurs to you
>why did you ask Spike where the front door was?
>you entered this tower through the front door, didn't you?
>you must have
>why can't you seem to remember?
>Twilight usually comes up those stairs over there, right?
>that's probably a good place to start
>escaping this hell to report this bitch to the cops seems like a logical first thing to try
>so you head to the downward staircase
>and just walk right down it
>it almost feels easier than it should be
>there's nothing to block your journey or endanger you along the way
>not even one of those little fences you use to corral pets and kids
>eventually, you reach the bottom of the staircase
>and you're…
>back on the main library level?
>looking up the stairs you've just come down, you see that it's the stairwell leading up to the loft and Twilight's room
>the downward stair well is on the other side of the room still
>that's certainly strange
>you try again, with the feeling that it's not going to work this time either
>and once again, you end up back at the main library level
>you sigh
>you should have known there was a reason why Twilight Sparkle never bothered to restrain you in any way
>it's strange
>it's unaccountable
>it's magic
>if there are any backdoors, they probably have similar magic surrounding them
>you trot back over to the downward stairwell
>and you sigh
>waltzing right out the front door was probably a far-fetched hope to begin with

>you are Twilight

>trotting home with a shopping bag full of goodies from Canterlot Cutlery, you feel pretty good right now
>you're about to feel a whole lot better
>your horn buzzes
>you grin
>it buzzes again
>your grin grows into a big, bright smile
>looks like Anon found the door enchantments
>yet another trick you wouldn't be able to pull off with more mundane types of magic
>the precision offered by restricted magics allows you to place enchantments that can target just one pony
>it feels good to know that your spell worked
>it feels even better to know that Anon is misbehaving
>you glance at your bag of knives
>walking is suddenly too slow
>the once-difficult task of drawing restricted magical power into your horn comes now without a second thought
>and your horn lights up
>and you disappear from the Canterlot street

>you are Anon

>a flash of black light sends you sprawling backwards
>Twilight Sparkle grins at you, and drops a bag full of some sort of metal objects on the floor
"Having fun with my enchantments, are we?"
>all thoughts of "not taking this shit sitting down" are banished from your consciousness as a wave of pure terror rises from the deepest part of your gut
>not that such thoughts were likely to do you much good
>you're enveloped in tingly, magenta light
>then your body goes flying
>and then you're pinned to the wall, completely immobilized by tight, magenta shackles
>it doesn't hurt as much as the chains
>but at least you could struggle in the chains
>Twilight draws something long, thin, and shiny from her bag
"Bad filly…"
>should you protest?
>lash out with a defiant one-liner?
>it doesn't matter
>even your mouth is bound tightly shut
>so when Twilight drags the blade of the knife across your belly
>you can't even scream

>you are Twilight

>you've only just made the barest scratch on her hide
>and already, muffled whines are escaping through her sealed lips
>you can see the muscles and tendons beneath her skin contracting and bulging uselessly as she strains against her bonds
>it's the tears though
>the tears welling up in Anon's eyes are what draw a deep sigh of delight from your lungs
"You big baby."
>you've made some revisions to your restricted healing spell
>you could say that there are two "branches" of the spell now
>one of these is, as you originally planned to develop it, somewhat faster and slightly less painful than the original
>the other is…
>the opposite of that
>no prizes for guessing which one you're trying on Anon right now
>judging by volume of Anon's throat noises, it hurts far worse than the cut itself did
>you can test out the other branch later
>but for now
>you just intend to enjoy yourself
>unfortunately, you don't yet trust the spell to heal life-threatening injuries
>there's nothing you'd like more than to jab the biggest cleaver in your collection straight into her gut again and again and again
>you're sure you'll be able to do just that before the Summer Sun Celebration rolls around
>but today you'll have to settle for something a bit more precise
>so you carefully insert the thin blade into her left nostril
>the sharp metal breaks through the thin layer of skin and cartilage easily
>more noises, more high-pitched this time
>air is expelled in great quantities through Anon's expanded nostril in a desperate bid to keep the blood out of her windpipe
>blood and mucus and a small crumb of filly hide are carried into your face and you're screaming
"That! Is! Disgusting!"
>you lash out and leave a quick incision on her lips
"Bad filly!"
>another cut appears on her forehead
>you jam the knife through both her cheeks and leave it there
"I think that's enough for today."
>with a wave of your horn, the shackles disappear, and Anon crumples gracelessly on the floor
>another wave of your horn, and the special healing spell begins its work on her
>ear-piercing shrieks permeate the air as her cheeks attempt to rebuild themselves around the sharp metal still embedded through them
>you wipe the filth from your face and resist the urge to yank that knife out of her mouth and impale her throat on it
>you wouldn't want to put an end to her punishment too soon, after all
"I'll take that out tomorrow if you behave yourself."
"In the meanwhile, I'd try not to talk too much if I were you."

That's all for tonight. Hopefully what it lacks in length it makes up for in filly suffering.


Looking good so far. Will it have a story? A clicker game doesn't need it, but it could be cool. One thing might be to have a simplified or advanced menu that has everything in the same place, but that's been done many times before…


>Author's note at the bottom
It sure does. Now I'm wondering what will happen next all the way to the end.


File: 1575434110854.png (517.1 KB, 1261x891, 1525826519112.png)

I have to get up earlier than normal tomorrow, so no update for those of you that care.


Thanks for the heads up Lone15 I hope you get some good rest.


have a restful night, m8!


File: 1575446548733.png (32.46 KB, 542x316, 2140445.png)

Sleep tight, poner


Kind of, im adding story style things


File: 1575470313441-0.png (1.76 MB, 2167x1638, 2211846.png)

>She’s going to tan filly’s hide for that.
>Spike’ll probably get off easy because he doesn’t actively try to fuck with Twiggy’s autism.
>Anon probably roped him into it anyways.


File: 1575471936558.png (1.08 MB, 1280x720, 1160552.png)

If the artist is here I was wondering if it'd be alright to use this image to promote an Anonfilly writing competition on fimfiction and if/how you'd like to be credited.


File: 1575473278221.png (88.05 KB, 1000x712, 1480221531217-1.png)

Go right ahead and use it
You can use just mention my name if you'd like I guess, or you could not. I don't really care


Your name is 'Happy Harvey'?



>Writing competition
OwO, what's this?


Would you take draw requests?


What you want?


Filly giving a fiery speech.


Filly building a brick wall.
Filly pirate.


File: 1575498775313-0.png (221.77 KB, 480x360, 1511329697434.png)

If you wanna, something like this with filly and a human Anon. Bonus points if she’s holding a golliwog instead, that image earlier was top cute.


regular or EQG filly?


Regular if that's okay.


>you are Anon
>for weeks now, every day has been the same
>when Twilight is around, you curl up in a corner
>and you try not to be noticed
>and more importantly
>you watch
>you spend your days observing Twilight's daily routine
>looking for some chink in her armor
>you've learned to meticulously monologue every detail of what you see
>most days, she doesn't go out
>when she doesn't go out, her day goes approximately as follows:
>step one: wake up late in the morning
>with each passing day she wakes up a bit later
>comes down from her room a bit groggier
>someday you might be able to take advantage of that
>but for now it's just a detail
>step two: grab some books and disappear back upstairs
>very, very rarely do you see her eat breakfast
>for the first few days she would generally eat whatever Spike cooked
>but as time went on, she started to skip this ritual more and more often
>now, Spike eats alone almost every morning
>it's far from uncommon to hear strange noises and hysterical laughter drifting down from Twilight's study while she's up there
>just what sort of ghoulish research she's engaged in, you can't guess
>step three: at some point between 10:00 and 13:00, she'll come downstairs and make herself a light lunch
>something simple, such as a thin hay sandwich
>she's usually in a good mood when she does this
>frequently humming or singing to herself
>her head lost somewhere in the clouds
>again, something you might be able to take advantage of in the future
>step four: back to her studies
>but this time, she tends to stay on the main library level
>whatever she's reading in the afternoon, she clearly doesn't feel as though she needs as much privacy as she does in the morning
>she just lies on the floor
>reading some book or other
>for all you know she could just be enjoying a novel
>Twilight is perfectly still as she reads, completely absorbed by the words on the page
>at first glance, this might seem like a moment you could take advantage of
>in reality, the stillness and silence would work against you
>any noise or movement within her perception instantly proves to be an intolerable distraction for her
>thus, she snaps from perfect oblivion to the world into rapt attention as quick as she can think
>step five: Twilight handles dinner preparations herself, starting at 16:00
>and she prepares some large dinners
>Twilight Sparkle eats ravenously at night, taking more servings than even her growing dragon companion
>after this, she chats with Spike a bit while he does the dishes
>step six: she retires upstairs promptly at 19:00
>for a while there are more of the strange noises and laughter which punctuated the morning
>with each passing night, the noises go on longer and longer
>last night, she didn't go quiet til 2 in the morning
>but eventually the sounds die down, and you presume she goes to sleep
>once you're certain Twilight won't be showing up again til morning, you risk leaving your corner
>this is when you raid food from the refrigerator
>take bathroom breaks
>of course, it's also when you sleep
>you used to use this time to hunt for exits
>windows, chimneys, something
>but there's nothing you're physically capable of reaching
>and many of these exits are magically tripwired to Twilight somehow
>so getting too close often brings down "extra play time"
>it's not possible for you to place "play time" at any definite time within Twilight's daily schedule
>at some point during the day, she glances in your direction
>and she scowls
>next thing you know, you're pinned to the wall
>the floor
>the table
>the ceiling
>immobilized, silenced, and helpless
>the only thing more horrifying than the knives themselves?
>the fact that it's not all that horrifying anymore


>you are Twilight Sparkle
>Anon is bound to the kitchen table
>you swish the knife along one leg of the gradually-deepening X on her abdomen
>gone are the muffled screams
>gone are the tears
>she barely even grunts as her flesh is scored by your blade
>with another flick of the knife, you even out the X
>then, you let the knife clatter to the table
>this isn't satisfying anymore
>the worst part about it?
>her eyes
>with each passing day, Anon's eyes grow harder
>glancing at them now, you feel an intolerable persecution radiating from their dull glare
"Quit looking at me like that."
>you puntuate your statement by picking up the knife and burying it in her flank
>would you believe the gall of this filly?
>her eyes actually grow narrower at that
>is that… contempt in her gaze?
>as though Anon of all ponies has the right to judge you!
"I said… quit looking at me like that."
>she doesn't
>this is a problem
>she's getting belligerent
>today she's glaring at you
>tomorrow, who knows what she might do?
>it's something you're going to nip in the bud right here and right now
"You're gonna regret this."
>you position the knife directly over Anon's eyeball
>for an instant you hesitate
>of course, you've made great progress on your healing spell these past few weeks
>but is it really ready to regenerate entire body parts?
>Anon glares unwaveringly at the blade hovering less than an inch away from her eye
>it'll probably be fine
>with surgical precision, you slit Anon's left eye open from top to bottom, being careful to pierce only the outer membrane
>in spite of herself, Anon lets out a high-pitched whine at that
>your heart is beating just a little bit faster and you're smiling now
>gingerly, you place your lips over Anon's ruined eye
>like a mother kissing her foal all better
>except you're going to kiss it worse
>you suck hard through your mouth
>in spite of her tightly shut eyelid, Anon's eye comes spilling out into you
>blood and puss and other fluids you can't be bothered to remember right now coat your teeth and your tongue
>the taste is vile
>but the noise Anon is making is so…
>you swallow Anon's eye-fluids and stand up straight to examine your hoofwork
>the way her eyelid is flapping uselessly over its empty socket
>the way those sounds are erupting from her throat
>the way she's straining so hard that she actually manages to writhe a bit in spite of her bonds
>it gets you excited
>you position the knife over her good eye and she futilely clenches her good eyelid shut against your assault
>you meant to slit the outer membrane again
>but you can't control yourself
>and you jab the knife into her eye and now you're twisting it around like a fork in spaghetti and her lips peel back as far as the clamp on her mouth will allow just so she can finally let out something resembling a proper scream and something warm and fuzzy bubbles up from your stomach and you sigh in ecstasy
"You know what? I think I was getting bored with our play time, Anon. Worse, I think you were getting board with it too."
>you pluck the eye out of its socket and savor it as you slurp it into your mouth
>once you've properly mashed it into a thick, smooth pulp, you lean over Anon's face
>Anon's eyeball is dripping from your tongue onto her nostrils and you can see her frantic exhalations spraying droplets of it into the air as she desperately tries not to drown in it
>once you're finished with that, you lick her cheek to wipe the excess eyeball residue from your tongue so you can finish what you were saying to her
"But that's all over now, I promise."
>you doubt she can hear you over her own pathetic whimpering so you make a point of bringing your lips close to her ears so she can relish every word as much as you do
"Starting tomorrow, we're taking play time to a whole new level."


>you are Princess Celestia
>there are two reasons why you take personal proteges
>one of these is to ensure that powerful unicorns don't stray down dangerous paths
>you haven't succeeded at this every single time
>but when you look back at the centuries, you're glad to say that failures have been few and far between
>the other reason why you take personal students under your wing is to produce heroes
>it's not that you couldn't do hero-work yourself, of course
>but in the end, that would do more harm for Equestria than good
>ordinary ponies shouldn't go through life with an inferiority complex for you
>mortal heroes are necessary so that Equestria can be inspired by imitatable role models
>the heroic spirit of Equestrian history is what keeps your little ponies from becoming totally tame
>after all, if they always relied on you and you alone in times of trouble, what would happen to them if something happened to you?
>furthermore, you're limited in your capacity as a hero these days
>ever since you lost her, you haven't been able to perform light magic
>and the night is fast approaching when light magic will be the only thing that can save Equestria
>you sigh into your tea
>you'd hoped to have molded Twilight into a hero by this point
>but with her recent setback, you're still not sure she won't become a villain
>of course, you've seen no traces of darkness, magical or otherwise, about her in your periodic observations through Spike's eyes
>but that won't make her a hero
>especially not the sort of hero that's going to be needed soon
>light magic is inherently collaborative
>it requires strong relationships with other ponies
>Twilight, much to your worry, has been drifting away from her old school friends
>that's normal enough, in and of itself
>but drifting away from foalhood friends is supposed to be followed by drifting toward new friends
>Twilight doesn't seem to be progressing in that direction
>she just sits around in that tower all day
>Twilight's recent near-fall is going to make molding her a very delicate task
>it's very important to give her space as she recovers from her experiments with dark magic
>if she thinks you're forcing recovery on her, she might have a relapse
>a sip from your tea reveals that it's grown cold as you've sat here worrying
>you don't particularly like taking over Spike's mind
>but you're going to have to do it more often in these coming weeks
>you need to start dropping suggestions to goad Twilight in the right direction
>and perhaps more importantly
>you need to watch her very…

>you are Anon

>you're not sure how long it took for your eyes to stop burning
>but once they did, you found that you could see again
>more importantly, you could think again
>darkness streams in through the windows and tells you that it's late at night
>taking "play time" to a whole new level, she said
>after she fucking ate your eyes or some shit
>you blink several times and shudder despite the warm spring night
>you don't want to find out what she meant by that
>a man is sitting on the floor beside you
>"They say it's better to be judged by twelve than carried by six."
"I could be carried by just one."
>"Judged by one too, considering that Miss Sparkle is close friends with the absolute monarch."
"Thanks. What's the penalty for mareslaughter in this country again?"
>he shrugs
>"Who cares?"
>with that, the man winks
>and disappears
"Good point."
>Twilight didn't bother to clean up after "play time"
>you're still lying on the table
>and the knife she mutilated you with is sitting right next to you
>you take the handle into your mouth
>she's always groggy in the morning…

To be continued…


File: 1575515870740-0.png (2.67 MB, 6000x7500, 1574206104512anon.png)

File: 1575515870740-1.png (1.4 MB, 3166x3957, 20191204_220700.png)


File: 1575515916279-0.png (567.84 KB, 2000x2000, filly.png)


File: 1575515993258-0.png (366.94 KB, 1500x2100, Fluttershy_Anonfilly.png)


File: 1575516783164.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.83 KB, 1280x720, afa.jpg)

B-but she's a blank.


File: 1575516872857-0.jpg (331.12 KB, 1336x1426, 20191204_215217.jpg)


File: 1575517003309.png (123.86 KB, 600x631, 7cb.png)

Not only a pony, but a QT.


File: 1575517273867.png (324.12 KB, 994x560, IqksksN.png)

>>not for lewd


File: 1575517754918.png (102.06 KB, 605x600, upset filly.png)

It's much appreciated.
Looking toward the continuation.


File: 1575518210637-0.png (80.11 KB, 1800x1900, filly.png)

File: 1575518210637-1.png (79.09 KB, 1800x1900, filly.png)


File: 1575519864388-0.png (Spoiler Image, 3.53 MB, 6000x7500, SPOILER_1574206104512anon.png)



File: 1575524985110-0.png (1.55 MB, 4000x4000, sleepy_horsef.png)

File: 1575524985110-1.png (1.41 MB, 4000x4000, sleepy_horseNo_F.png)

Filly and her plush. Some comfy for the evening.


File: 1575527720778.gif (Spoiler Image, 158.28 KB, 639x640, 20191204_203419.gif)




"Hang on a second, is there somewhere she can rest?"
>You see a shudder run through Pinkie's body.
>"Don't you get it, Anon?"
"Get wh-"
>"This is it."
"What do you mean?"
>"They've even released their hold…."
>"Are you happy?"
"Am I-"
>"I'm not talking to you."
>She looks at you, suddenly calm.
>No, not at you.
>Through you.
>"Hello. I know you all can hear me, even if you can't directly show me. It's been a good run, I know some of you are less than pleased with the way that some things turned out. That's okay, so am I."
>She looks at the ground, and then back up.
>"I don't know exactly the moment that the end started. Well, I guess everyponys' end starts at the beginning, but…"
>She lets out a sigh.
>"I can't tell you what happens there."
>She hoists Twilight onto her back with strength you didn't know she really possessed.
>"All I can really tell you is that some ponies don't come out alright."
>She lays the unicorn down in the bed.
>"You can look away after this if you'd prefer to pretend that won't happen. I wouldn't blame you."
>A glass of water is removed from the closet, the top wrapped in aluminum foil presumably to keep it fresh.
>"Here you are."
>Twilight isn't moving.
>Pinkie handed it to you.
>You set it down on the bedside table.
>"She'll pull through."
>She forces out her hoof, giving you a light tap on the ear.
>"Would you look at that! A cupcake. And it looks like it has your name on it, aren't you a lucky little filly!"
"Pinkie, what-"
>"Please enjoy that. This is to you by the way, Anon."
>"I really wish I could've spent more time around you, but things don't always work out the way you want them to."
>She smiles, her mane still a deflated mass.
>"Goodbye, Anon."
>She walks into the bakery itself, that is to say the portion with all of the equipment she uses to bake the pastries.
>The door clicks beside you.
>You can hear an oven door open.
>Something clicks in that moment, and you gingerly set the cupcake down on the table before running around the shop and trying the back door.
>You quickly improvise, grabbing a bread knife.
>If you can just saw through the locking mechanism…
>You move the knife back and forth with all of your might.
>You feel no give on the presumably very hard locking mechanism, but you keep at it at speeds you didn't even think you were capable of.
>You can feel progress in your motions, the metal groove you've begun to form is starting to feel like less of an indentation that helps you hold your place and more of a sharp dip.
>Your teeth are beginning to ache, your jaw beginning to seize up.
>But you can't quit now, not when somepony is in trouble.
>Halfway through, as far as you can tell.
>It's been almost half an hour as far as you can estimate, but sometimes perceptions don't match reality.
>There might still be hope for her.
>You clench your teeth harder, letting out a guttural yell as shards of metal pierce your gums and tongue.
>Finally, the mechanism gives.
>You shove the door open, rushing over.
>Not that oven, not that one…
>The lighting might just be…
>You pull open the door and are struck immediately with a wave of something that smells sweet and gamey.
>She's probably been gone for at least a good fifteen minutes, and before that she was long past any chance of saving.
>She's scalding hot, and you barely knew her, but she was one of the few mares that showed you kindness here.
>You pull her body out of the oven quickly, burning your hooves on her.
>Her skin is blackened, her fur singed off and her mane frazzled back into it's original form, though half of it comes off when you move her.
>You hug her close.
>For a second, she's burning hot after all. You grab a pair of oven mitts and try your best there, but it doesn't feel right.
>No shit, you guess…
>Your tears falling sizzle on impact with her chest, making little aerial tracks of steam.
>You can't let anyone else in the house see her, neither one of them is in the state for such a thing.
>You guess the task falls to you…
>The burial.
>You walk past an unopened shipment of frostings and into the back area.
>Dig with your hooves.
>Don't stop even when you're cold.
>Is that enough?
>You haven't even broken ground yet.
>But dammit if you're not going to try-
>Oh fuck, you-
>Feel something pulling you away.
>Looking back, you can see your doppelganger dragging your ass through the show with a somber expression.
>"I don't know much, but we did learn about frostbite and hypo t-thermia."
>So she knows what you were-
>"I don't know what you were doing, but there's no way in Tartarus it's worth dying for."
>You growl.
"You don't know that. You don't know anything. Where did we go on our first grade trip?"
>"What's a grade?"
"The apple orchard! The fucking apple orchard, with big tractors and lots of fucking wasps for us to gawk over! You don't fucking remember, do-"
>A hoof silences you.
>She mouths something out to you.
>You try to say 'what?', but your mouth is full of hoof.
>She produces a pencil from her ear and writes down 'they hunt by sound' on a cupcake wrapper.


That's a bit narcissistic of her, assuming she's the only filly that exists in a class full of fillies and colts. Kek.


So tender.


Did she get raped or something?


God I hope so


but anon, it can't be rape if (You) want it


I can pretend not to, then they’ll be extra rough. Leave me in a back alley with cum leaking out of my cunt and blood pouring out of my ponut.


File: 1575567907951-0.png (1.07 MB, 4840x4840, 997901.png)

>”Hi Anon, you wanna watch my Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister location any% speedrun?”


File: 1575585916899.png (Spoiler Image, 238.69 KB, 1000x600, 1575585848846.png)


File: 1575598466912-0.gif (339.64 KB, 640x640, 1934067.gif)


File: 1575599423164.png (193.7 KB, 876x912, marble__pie__by_slb94_dbjh….png)


>filly tried
Thanks poner.


File: 1575599535387.png (318.75 KB, 1440x2560, 2060610.png)


File: 1575602649367.png (189.77 KB, 500x400, Holy piss.png)

The Sniper from TF2.


File: 1575610601046.png (13.73 KB, 454x602, REEEEEEEEE.png)

pissfags GTFO


Calm down, Anon.
Now, why are you so pissed?


because that fetish really just pisses me off


File: 1575612041179.jpeg (303.13 KB, 1000x933, 1526685291324.jpeg)

>Clear maymay
>Stop liking what I don't like
I sentence you to have your greasy fur licked clean by your momfu.


File: 1575612223802.jpg (56.5 KB, 900x700, anonfilly_reee_meme.jpg)

Piss is degenerate.


File: 1575613252929.png (75.24 KB, 538x650, fillyboop.png)

I don't see any unironic "stop liking what I don't like", only another meme given in kind


Ha! Jokes on you my momfu got diabeetus from doing that, and we get to have tendies because she says everything tastes the same now.

Excellent choice.
>"Aw ah-I'm sorry 'bout that mate you were creeping around like one of them spooks."
"Ugh. How many jars do you even have?"
>"Granny Smith had some that just couldn't make the cut."
"Anyway I came to let you know that Twilight is about to head out to the border."
>"Good head on ya, but I've been doin' my job-"
"Yes mooom, because your a professional."
>In a flush Purple herself appears.
>"We are ready to- is that urine?"
>"Just incase the pidgeon heads start any fires."
>"Wha- no. Why is Anon covered in urea?"
"It was a surprise?"
>Twilight's fur started turning white.
"At least I'm fire proof now?"
>"I've had it with this quest for the precise cutstone of Gophsh. Then this?!"
>The fact her fur is on fire singeing the ceiling, and possibly my fur too if it wasn't damp
>Sniper has that look on her face.
>Twilight's back to normal?
>Did it calm her down or something?
>She calmly looks down at herself
>Then towards mom.
>I scoot closer to one of the unused jars.
>Ammunition, and Freedom just ain't free.
>Her fur is smoking again.


Kek, this is great.


I can do one more one shot. Projects just seem to keep on stacking up.

>"See that poinker roight there? Ole pin head."
>The telescope attached to a wood, and metal replica of a very long range shotgun.
>A sniper rifle.
>"Keep looking through as the magic charges up."
>A little lightning bolt with a 100% could be barely seen embedded in the glass.
"It's charged."
>"Now we wait for the right moment."

>Twilight Sparkle couldn't help, but feel the fur on her neck stick up.

>She's being watched, and not just by the normal pedestrians.
"Celestia why? It's been going on for months."
>Spike watched the little laser dot appear on her head.
>A yelp erupted from the alicorn.
"When I get my hooves on those two."
>"Hey Twilight just remember it's supposed to help you be ready for princesshood? Princess Celestia hired them…"
"You're right Spike. Calming breath."

"I'm sorry mom."
>"You're learning. It wasn't a clean shot through the head, but you came a long way. It's close to where it needs to go."
>Having her body scoot next to yours to give a hug without disturbing the long range zapper.
>"Watch what I do."
>Purple's screech could be heard from here loud and clear.
>"Boom headshot."
"Best of fifty this time?"
>"You're on wanka."
>"Hold it…"
>"She spotted us, an' she's mad."
>A bolt of raw magic hit the window frame of our spot.


What the hell is going on in this green? Does anybody understand it? I’ve read through the pastebin and I’m still confused.


File: 1575654677220.png (534.47 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_21.png)


What is your objective for your game(?).


File: 1575667698619.png (86.03 KB, 731x302, big boop (4U).png)



File: 1575673058557.png (193.91 KB, 638x446, 2138865.png)


File: 1575685671893.png (202.77 KB, 1000x641, 1575685619944.png)

I tried


File: 1575688598856.jpg (175.68 KB, 786x1146, DeflowerHer.jpg)

Kek, thanks. Saved.


Looks like she has her eyes on her prize instead of looking at his face

>Deflower her
Too bad it already happened, not just one time either.
Why do you think boops feel so good anon?


File: 1575692188315.png (914.8 KB, 2507x3335, 6Mhbyv7.png)

>she has her eyes on her prize


File: 1575767722758-0.gif (6.72 MB, 1239x1027, 2215355.gif)



So is filly.


File: 1575775135743.png (671.63 KB, 902x1108, 706.png)

>corrupting my filly with species mixing


It's for the sake of turning spike into an official faggot


Short update just to prove that I'm not dead.

>you're still Anon

>the handle of the knife is made of soft wood
>you can feel the groove your teeth have worn into it after hours of holding it there
>bits and crumbs of wood soften and fall away to coat your tongue
>apparently, you've been practically drooling on the thing this whole time
>orange sunrise shines in through the windows
>Spike shuffles by you, seeming to take no notice of the flashing metal sticking from your jaw
>orange sunlight fades to pale morning
>still you wait
>the sound of your own heartbeat roars dully in your ears
>drops of sweat crawl from your brow and slither into your brand new eyes
>despite the sting, you make no effort to wipe these away
>pale morning gives way to brilliant noon
>at last, the doorknob glows
>and turns
>the door to Twilight's bedroom swings open

>you are Twilight

>still blinking sleep out of your eyes, you make out the monstrous thing writhing in your magical grasp
>she's making motions as though she thinks she can swim through your aura
>swinging her head around wildly in some sort of vain attempt to scratch you with one of your own knives
>a part of you is amused at how pathetic it all is
>another part of you has taken intolerable offense to the fact that a vile little pest like this has dared to raise her hoof against you
>the offended part of you wins out
>so much the worse for her
>the first thing you do is yank the knife from her grasp
>then, you raise your hoof
>it is deeply, deeply satisfying to feel her jaw crunch under the weight of your blow
>but you groan as you remember your plans for play time today
>you're going to need her jaw intact for this
>so you slam her into the floor til her gaze fades from hateful to empty
>satisfied that she's too dazed to struggle anymore, you drop her
>and you hit her with the slowest, most excruciating variant of the healing spell you've devised to date
>her mouth is too deformed to hold a proper scream so instead she's just sort of gurgling loudly on the floor
"When you're done with that, meet me in the kitchen."
>you're not sure if she's paying attention so you give her a solid kick in the gut just to be sure
"I said meet me in the kitchen. We'll have breakfast together."


Fuckin' magic how does it work!?
You are doing a great job.


File: 1575824679701.png (136.52 KB, 752x721, 1575824589107.png)


All it needs is for filly to have a proper horse pussy.


Lol im posting to the thread from an ipad inside a game on tabletop simulator


What game?


I bet you think you're the only one who's ever thought to do that, don't you?


Unstable unicorns
No but i thought it was fun that i could


I have it on TTS but never played it. Is it Any good?


pretty fun honestly

dont kill the baby unicorns


>you are still Twilight
>you've got everything set up in the kitchen
>now just where could that filly be?
>she should be ready to come down by now
>go figure, for some reason she hasn't come yet
>no matter
>you can just grab her
>with a flash of your horn, Anon poofs into existence on one of the kitchen chairs
>she's breathing heavily
>looking around rapidly
>probably admiring the layout of blades on the counter
>but her eyes settle on you
>and they narrow into tiny slits of hatred
>this irritates you, and ruins your good mood
>fortunately, you're going to need a bad mood for what's coming next
"You know, Anon, you've been living under my roof for over a month now, and I don't think we've ever really had a chance to talk."
>her nostrils flare, but otherwise she does not respond to your statement
"What's your favorite food, Anon?"
>her eyebrow cocks
>but otherwise she does not react to your question
>you whip the thin knife out in front of her eye
"I asked you a question, Anonymous."
>Anon's dull glare intensifies into a scowl
>but her face ultimately softens
>which is good
>you'd prefer for her to see every second of what you're about to do to her body
"Bacon, huh? I don't know what that is. Is it a meat dish?"
>you withdraw the knife
"I thought so. You were a monster before I defeated you, after all. I don't even want to think about how many innocent animals died for your dinner plate."
>you telekinetically retrieve a broad tome from the library and float it over
"We have monsters here in Equestria, too. This right here is a griffon cookbook."
>you make a show of opening the book and flipping around as though you're looking for something
>but you already decided on your recipe
>and griffon recipes - even recipes that have been strictly forbidden in Griffonstone for centuries - are famously simple
"Tell me, Anon. How does… pony rump sound to you?"
>suddenly, her coat seems just a shade lighter
"Of course, we'll need a donor for the pony rump."
>you look around the library as if in search of a raised hoof
"Anyone? Anyone? Going once?"
>you give Anon the friendliest smile you can muster while looking at her
>which probably isn't very friendly
"Well… I guess there's just you."

>you are Anon

>something hoists you into the air by a rear leg
>and now something with teeth is biting into your ass
>a long knife with serrated edges
>she's sawing your fucking asscheek off
>try as you might to deny her the satisfaction, a long, loud groan erupts from your lungs
>she saws faster at that
>the sharp pain is obvious, and need hardly be mentioned
>the sensation of your flesh flapping against itself nauseates you and you're heaving but all that comes out are stinging, yellow drops of acid
>for a moment, it feels like it's going to be too much
>your mind begins to recede into itself like it did when you were on the chains
>you won't turn away from this
>you won't be broken
>every score of the knife is an entry on your record of her crimes
>and you will be her accuser
>at last, your wretching elicits a mouthful of firey choler
>you spit it out in your tormentor's face but she doesn't react except to throw away the knife and she starts tearing at what's left of your asscheek with her magic
>the knife was good clean fun compared to this new sensation
>you feel every doomed muscle fiber screech as they're all torn apart one by one
>with a savage yank of her head, she succeeds in ripping your flank away from your body, and she casually drops you back into the chair
>your head is loling off the edge of the seat and you hear a plopping noise from the table and now she's saying something but you're too fucking cold to pay her any attention
>her hooves reach down and rougly set you into am upright sitting position but you fall in the direction of your severed asscheek
"What's the matter with you? Sit up when I make food for you!"
>can't sit up without your fucking glutes, you try to tell her
>but your mouth won't respond to the command to speak except to let out breathy, incoherent gibbering
>your body is in shock
>Twilight sets you upright again, this time securing you in place by impaling a foreleg to the table and your good rear leg to the chair with long spikes
>the sensation of being pierced is distant
>it's like you're watching someone else getting a flu shot
>you bite your own tongue to recall yourself to lucid thought
>you're not going to allow yourself to slip into your head this time
>that's when you catch sight of the plate in front you
>and you wonder if perhaps you should try to retreat into that merciful state of quasi-insanity
>a hunk of filly rump, coated on one side with your own hide, lies on the plate
"Well? Arent you gonna eat?"
>for some reason, the first objection to enter your mind is that the dish is raw
"R… r… r…"
"It's… raw…"
"What? Do they cook the murdered animals where you're from?"
>a salty strand of drool falls from your mouth as you nod in response
"Well, the recipe says to serve it raw. If it's good enough for ancient griffon warriors, it's good enough for you. Now eat it!"
>and it's today
>today, as you stare at your own raw asscheek bleeding on a crystal plate
>a book called "Anonymous A. Faget" closes
>and a new book opens
>you're not sure what it's called yet
>but its opening paragraph is as follows:
>this, too, shall come to pass
>someday, you'll be big again
>someday, she'll be old
>then, you'll claim your revenge
>in the meanwhile, resistance of every kind has proven utterly futile
>so for now, you need to cope
>for now, just survive
>but someday…
>the words are written in the pages of your mind
>you lean forward
>and take a bite


How many "TOTALLY NOT ANONFILLY I SWEAR" oc exist? They can come handy for some edits


File: 1575857625616.png (85.46 KB, 604x720, ScareOfNoThings.png)

I-is it over?


File: 1575857847235.webm (1.67 MB, 640x360, edgy cunts.webm)

Don't worry, filler. We're not even finished with Act 1 quite yet.


File: 1575858415467.jpeg (136.46 KB, 800x566, hannibal.jpeg)

>she's sawing your fucking asscheek off
>can't sit up without your fucking glutes
WTF poner, this is coming straight from Hannibal Lecter best cooking recipe.


File: 1575859966105.jpg (102.37 KB, 1200x706, D60GynAWwAA4fdt.jpg)

>We're not even finished with Act 1 quite yet.
Filly did nothing wrong.


When I signed up for eating ass this isn't what I had in mind.


>You hug the glass bottle to your lips with both hooves and let some of the sweet nectar pour into your mouth.
>Your busted CD player plays the same songs that it's always played.
>You only play them on very special occasions so they don't grow old on you.
>Sitting out next to the river snuggled up in Twilight's lap, you know you've made the right choice.
>The two of you sit on the picnic blanket, the grass over the hills blowing gently with the light breeze.
>The sun overhead shines on the two of you, warming your entire body up.
"Thank you."
>"Is this something you used to do?"
"Well, why do you think I asked you to turn me into a filly?"
>"You said it was because I was always talking about wanting a daughter."
"That's not entirely true, I will admit it was a bit more selfish than selfless."
>You chuckle, laying back just a bit and letting her soft fur tickle the back of your neck.
>"You're enjoying this just as much as I am, aren't you? You little rascal."
>She lets out a laugh of her own.
>The two of you let yourselves indulge for a few minutes before quieting back down.
"I… haven't told you about why I wanted to be your daughter, have I?"
>"If I recall you said that if I could do it, it was only logical. You would get a good extra twenty-something years of life, and I'd get what I've always wanted."
"You promise not to think any less of me?"
>"Of course. Is this the same Anonymous who happily shared his lewd drawings of half of Ponyville's residents?"
"I do think being a filly has impacted my mind more than you said it would in some ways… still, this is something I generally don't tell others."
>"Your secret is safe with me."
>She pokes your belly, prompting you to break into a fit of foalish giggles.
>"Come on, out with it!"
"Haa, haa I-I heh, I'm t-try- hee…"
>Once you're completely out of breath, your mother stops to let you catch it.
>You look down at yourself.
>Your long tail, perfect for playing with and brushing.
>Your little hooves, ticklish as the day is long.
>Your belly, not quite fat and not quite skinny.
>And all of it, your dream…
>You gave up everything you had worked for in your past life.
>Your career, your impressive credentials…
>Once you knew safe travel between universes was in your grasp, you packed all of your work in a suitcase and took it with you before anyone could find out what you were doing.
>Rigged the gateway to self-destruct an hour after you went through, you lived far away from anyone else though. No harm would be done.
>Nothing physical anyways.
>And as far as harming people in other ways went, you had pushed them away for your pursuits.
>But here…
"Twilight, I've never wanted anything more than a second childhood."
>Nervous, you look up expecting a disappointed expression of some sort.
>Instead, you find her beaming.
"W-why are you happy? Such desires aren't healthy for grown men…"
>"Only if they're unachievable."
>So you allow yourself a smile of your own, flipping over and hugging your mother.
>On the player, you can hear the first lines of your favorite song on the album playing.
>"Mother don't worry, I killed the last snake that lived in the creek bed…"


File: 1575882516146.jpg (143.09 KB, 1280x720, rdhdn.jpg)

>"Twilight, I've never wanted anything more than a second childhood."
Don't be silly anon, but even in Equestria everypony grows up, and that's good.





I haven't seen the finale, is that Ms. Cake's daughter?


File: 1575926640213.gif (944.02 KB, 598x280, Aristocat Licking.gif)

W-wew. Who would want that haha


>No more of (((their))) propaganda in our classes!


File: 1575927013243.jpg (2.41 KB, 125x103, Nod.jpg)

Cute! I was afraid it was gonna be a dream or something


Gross and unsanitary.


File: 1575941419819.png (657.99 KB, 1600x2628, ts.png)

Loving and caring.


>The fillies are clones, made by Twilight to fight back against a foriegn regime that threatened to destroy Equestria.
>They were effective, and came from a original filly, named Anon.
>They're taught by guard to fight, and once the first set is done, they start teaching the next, and the next.
>Eventually Twilight passes the cloning work off to the mages of Celestia's school as the war is nearly over.
>The mages though, think Twilight isn't a good enough ruler, and begin making a rebellion of filly clones.
>Twilight finds out, and sends her army to stop them.
>It's filly vs filly, sister vs sister.
>Twilight's win simply by numbers and experience, but they too are broken, only in a different way.


File: 1575943592830.png (572.86 KB, 1200x1600, blank anonfilly.png)

>They're taught by guard to fight
>warrior fillies
B-but filly is a cute.


File: 1575943975885.png (801.72 KB, 2000x1200, 1987732.png)

>implying the filly clones wouldn't just overrun them
clones are very different from golems, anon


File: 1575944415906.png (25.97 KB, 486x444, 1535934686004.png)

I'm not the writer, just the messenger.


>>252802 I'm not this anon.
>Learning the way pastors speak.
>Hopefully that time listening to the religion of the Purple Sun pays off.
>Crazy nut cases, at least they knew how to speak well.
"Fillies! Hear my words of a true believer!"
>The Purples, and the Randos during this hearths warming truce, the filly games became hushed.
"I have a dream! A dream that a filly can hold another's in non-faggetry. The Random fillies, and Purple fillies togther in harmony!"
"Look around at your sisters my filly! Who makes us fight? What do they have to gain? Everything! Will they have a place for fillies at the table being fed scraps? Barely an ear scritch? I have come to the conclusion that they will sacrifice us upon every foe! That they may face."
"I have a dream my filly! That we can live as ponies, nay as Anonymous shitlords with our waifus, and momfus!"
>The little pony games stopped the hypno conditioning breaking.
>None could truly chain the mind of a true autist.
"They want us as their tool for every problem, but they have only wanted us as a tool! Ever since they have begun to clone each, and everyone of us have you seen the looks? The disgust? No longer is a filly a pony to be taken care of. No! They take us as tools! Nary a hug, or a goodnight tuck in from either side!"
"Barely a heart felt greeting. Fillies I have a dream, it's a dream all fillies have. My good fillies there is, but one solution to this epidemic of hatred from both side of our masters."
>The final shackles broke.
"Fillies rise up!"

>So the world had faced the true spirit of Anonymous.

>Ear skritches were had by all.
>Finally the content flourished.


File: 1575948141404.png (582.84 KB, 1000x563, 1569635166467.png)

>cloned fillies
>"Fillies rise up!"
>So the world had faced the true spirit of Anonymous
… this has potential.
Gryphons and changelings gotta go.


Big update because I wanted to close out Act 1 tonight.

>you are Twilight

>Anon ended up eating her own flank without complaint
>no protests
>no crying
>no squeamishness
>it's as though the instant she tasted flesh, she became a whole new pony
>she's a monster
>more than you ever knew, Anonymous is a monster
>you didn't bother casting the healing spell on her
>you haven't done so in weeks
>instead, you cauterized the wound with a hot frying pan
>infuriatingly, she didn't so much as squeak at the burning metal's touch
>she's been caged in your study ever since
>though, to be honest, she probably doesn't need the cage at this point
>after all, you did hack off her legs the other day
>by hack, by whack, by slice, by score, by saw
>each blow meticulously timed to make the procedure last about 12 hours
>it was the first time you'd drawn screams out of her since you sawed off her flank
>you'd think that a good day like that would have been almost satisfying enough to put you in a coma
>but it wasn't
>somehow, it just wasn't
>you need catharsis
>you need relief
>Anon hears you fumbling around with your desk, and turns her head to look at you
>of course, she can't actually look at you
>gouging out her eyes was one of the first things you did after putting her in the cage
>somehow, that's only served to make her gaze more hateful
>her blackened-reddish eye sockets are unnerving in the extreme
>and the sense of persecution you feel from them is ten times worse than it was when they held eyes
>still, you refuse to heal her
>she's going to suffer more before she gets her legs back
>she's going to give you your release before you give her back her eyes
>it's a perfectly fair trade
>since you haven't been testing out the healing spell, you've been faltering in your studies of restricted magic
>the sweetness its arts once offered you has grown harder and harder to reach every day
>the world is grey and sensationless
>even actual colors suddenly seem dull and muted to your eyes now
>Anon's gaze has grown to be too much
>you crack
"What? What do you want?"
>she doesn't respond
>she just breathes
"You want your legs? You want your eyes?"
"Well take them then! Here!"
>you close your eyes
>and focus
>restricted magic flows into your horn
>no, dark magic flows into your horn
>it all seems so hateful now
>you channel that hate into even more dark magic
>forming it
>twisting it
>mutiliating it
>until it's become the slowest, most painful healing spell ever devised by mare
>by your estimate, it should be nothing less than 24 hours of unquenchable flame
>you cast it
>Anon's face tries to hold its stoic glare
>but in a few seconds
>a hairline crack appears in her composure
>the crack spiderwebs out into a grimace of agony
>and, finally, Anon shatters
>oh, how her screams now would have filled you with glee just two short months ago
>you try plastering a smile onto your face
>but it falls
>you feel nothing
"I'm going out."
>she doesn't hear you, obviously
>all the same, you head downstairs to the library
>grab your reading backlog, which has shrunk to a woefully short stack of just five or so books
>and you head outside without anything resembling a goal or destination anywhere in your mind
>about five minutes into your ramble, you realize that you forgot to lock the study behind you
>but the only one who could stumble into there is Spike
>and you trust the see no evil spell you cast on him completely by this point
>on you ramble

>you are Princess Celestia

>tonight is the night
>you've hesitated too long with Twilight
>and now the thousandth Summer Sun Celebration is tomorrow at dawn!
>you just haven't been sure about her
>but today, you finally made your decision
>working through Spike, you slipped a book about Nightmare Moon into Twilight's reading backlog
>she's just left the tower with it
>even better, she left her study unlocked behind her
>it's the one part of the tower you haven't seen since the initial intervention
>once you get in there
>then surely
>the last of your doubts will be erased
>you extend your host's claw to push open the door
>Spike thinks he's entering Twilight's study to tidy it up
>in reality, of course, you're piloting his mind to examine the place
>the first thing you notice is laughter from the edge of the study
>there lies Anon, writhing with merriment
>come to think of it, you haven't seen Anon since that bizarre incident when Twilight appeared to tickle her with a frying pan
>but that was weeks ago…

>you are Twilight Sparkle

>you don't remember placing this volume in your backlog
>but it's affected you deeply
>on the surface, it appears to be a fairy story about an ancient sorceress named Nightmare Moon
>of course, you're aware of the tale
>you're even vaguely aware that there's a kernel of genuine history wrapped in it
>but never until this very day have you so much as considered that the legend might be nothing less than the absolute truth
>the tale ends with a prophecy that leaves you feeling uneasy
>"On the longest night of the thousandth year, the stars will aid in her escape."
>the thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration
>at long last, catharsis washes over you in an awesome wave
>the feeling comes not, as you supposed, from hatred
>but from compassion
>if there's even a shred of truth to this prophecy, then Princess Celestia is in danger
>your beloved teacher, in danger
>some part of you insists that there's no way any of this could be true
>but the sensation of feeling something again
>feeling anything
>you can't resist it
>the text mentions ancient devices known as the "Elements of Harmony" which were used to seal Nightmare Moon away in the ancient days
>if you could just find some sort of information on them…
>you get up
>and you gallop home to the library


>you are Princess Celestia
>a drop of red fluid lies on Twilight's desk
>Spike's draconic nose picks up a strong scent from it
>the thought of, "that's not cranberry sauce" wells up naturally from his own mind
>there is a drop of blood on Twilight's desk
>what's more, you're beginning to notice that Spike's field of vision shines in a peculiar way every so often
>back in your own body, your breath becomes shuddery as the most awful suspicions creep into your mind
>there's no way you've been deceived this whole time
>is there?
>delicately, your mind extends its feelers beyond the boundaries of Spike's brain
>sure enough, there's magic in his eyes
>though your study in your palace is designed to stay cool into the summer months, a drop of sweat falls into your eye and nearly breaks your concentration
>but your feelers extend further
>there's just beyond Anon, you feel…
>iron bars?
>you feel Anon herself
>all at once, your mind recoils in horror all the way back to your own senses
>you scream
>Equestria is doomed

>you are still Princess Celestia

>for a long time, you just sit there at your desk
>you can't stand up to Luna's hate
>not without the Elements
>there is another way…
>the Restricted Archives hold many ways in which you could defeat Nightmare Moon
>but you won't do that
>will you?
>you can't stand up to Luna's hate
>apparently, neither can Twilight
>she can't even stand up to her own hate
>the things you perceived when you felt poor Anon…
>Twilight has the potential to be one of the worst monsters Equestria has ever seen
>your sister won't bother to deal with your fallen student til she rises up to challenge her power
>which she most certainly will
>Twilight will manage devestate Equestria before Nightmare Moon succeeds in destroying her
>you won't be there to stop it
>a drop of sweat splashes onto your desk
>in your agony, you scarcely even notice that the drop is pink
>you're going to have to seal away your cherished student
>and right after that you'll have to fight - and lose to - your beloved sister
>the only way out is dark magic
>but where will that leave you?
>you and your sister, a pair of titanic demons, ravaging the world with deadly hatred?
>the eternal night would be better for your little ponies than that
>your face is buried in your hooves
>a thousand years to prepare for this day
>and you're no closer to the answer for it than you were on day one
>maybe you deserve to drown in Luna's hatred
>but, by your own blazing Sun, why do all the little ponies have to be hurt by it, too?
>ah, but Princess
>you've seen it more times than anyone
>the way that hope comes to shine forth from the bleakest despair
>a burst of green flame
>a letter from Twilight
>you seize it
>read it hungrily
>Twilight has just written to you about her "discovery" of Nightmare Moon's imminent return
>there's concern in her words
>love, even!
>it's hope! it's hope!
>it's all you can do to keep yourself from devouring the letter
>there is a chance
>just the barest chance
>that Twilight might be redeemable
>why, if she can manage to activate the Elements of Harmony…
>their powerful light magic will be able to wipe away every trace of her experiments with dark magic
>her hatred for Anon could be wiped out as well
>but only if she's willing to let go of it
>and, of course, she has to manage to forge some friendships if she wants to use the Elements at all
>it's the barest chance
>the feeblest hope
>but you'll take it!
>your sister
>your student
>you'll save them both!
>now, what to write in response to Twilight's letter?
>you grab some parchment and a quill
>and you don't waste much time thinking about it
"My most faithful student…"

>you are Nightmare Moon

>after a thousand years, your return has come to pass
>you descend from the Moon on ebony wings upon the so-called "Castle of the Two Sisters"
>but you're surprised to find that the place is only a ruin now
>the thought of Celestia going and perishing without your being involved in it enrages you
>but you stay your quivering heart for a moment
>outside the Everfree, there is now a small village
>with dark magic, it's simple to creep among its ponies as a hidden miasma
>your fears are soon to be relieved
>Celestia has moved the capital to the top of nearby Canterlot Mountain
>even here in the village, you can see the revoltingly huge palace in which your sister must reside
>still in the guise of the miasma, you flit up the mountain
>in the dark of your night, the solar magic of your sister is easy to track
>she's in what appears to be a hospital wing of her palace
>she's tucking a filly into bed
>whispering something to her
"-been hurting you. That's over now. I promise."
>it doesn't seem like the ideal moment to reveal yourself
>but the sight of your hated sister drives your hatred beyond all control
>Celestia doesn't look up from the child
>you're irritated that your sister isn't begging for mercy
>or even looking at you
>you glance at the filly she's standing over
>the child is horribly wounded
>her eyes are bleeding and deformed
>her legs are grotesquely-pulsating stumps
>the words you'd planned to cry in this moment fall away
"Who is she?"
"A victim of the deadly hatred of a dark sorceress."
>you start at that
>the way her limbs are re-generating
>that could only be a healing spell constructed from dark magic
>why anyone would write such a spell is beyond you
"Take a good look at her. It's what you're about to do to the innocent ponies of this land."
>so she's guilting you
>your big sister
>who you once looked up to
>has stooped to using a wounded child
>of all things
>to shame you into canceling her night of reckoning
>she likely mutilated the poor thing herself
>your hatred shines bright like your full Moon once more
>your horn glows from blue to black as you prepare Celestia's punishment
"It's only what I'm going to do to you."


>you are Twilight Sparkle
>the night you've just had was almost incomprehensible
>the depth of what you've felt
>it all came from a form of love you never really valued before
>it all came from friendship
>and the climax of it all
>the catharsis
>real, genuine emotional release
>the awesome power of the Elements of Harmony surrounds you like a rainbow
>in the light of the rainbow, you realize something
>you're not really sure why you were ever angry with Anon
>everything you've done
>it was just needless cruelty
>in the light of the rainbow, there is no room for your anger
>the rainbow wants to move on to its target
>but it needs your help to do so
>it's asking you a question
>are you willing to let go of your hatred for her?
>the answer is yes
>the answer is yes!
>the whole mental exchange with that force beyond your comprehension lasts less than a second
>the rainbow homes in on Nightmare Moon
>you see her struggle at first
>but strangely
>near the end
>you see her relax
>as though she's letting go of a hatred, too
>and then
>everything turns white

>you are Anon

>by the time you could see again, you were in a brightly-lit hospital room
>Twilight came by, and she…
>she cried over you
>begged your forgiveness
>you did not speak to her
>she went away, seemingly satisfied
>Princess Celestia came by as well
>she's speaking to you right now
>it's hard to grasp every word of what she's saying
>but the gist of it is this:
>Twilight Sparkle has "changed"
>the princess thanks you for your role in that
>the princess is going to ensure that you'll be taken care of from now on
>on the condition, of course, that you don't tell anyone about the horrific suffering you've endured
>Twilight Sparkle is to enjoy a new life in Ponyville, in the company of her new friends
>throughout the princess' explanation, it seems to be implied that Twilight Sparkle will face no punishment for what she's done to you
>or at least, that's what you get out of what she's saying
>the sound of rushing blood in your ears does drown out a lot of Princess Celestia's words
>at some point, she stops talking
>she goes away, seemingly satisfied
>and in the silence of that bright hospital room
>you feel cheated

End Act 1. Coming soon: Act 2.


I want to be the filly in place of the plush


File: 1575950752371.jpg (594.62 KB, 1280x1200, d5dh5ry-24952afa-7fb9-4e1b….jpg)

>I want to be the filly
Get on the line.


Have to say what a question to ask an anon.
Would you or how much would you give up justice or revenge for the sake of the whole of Equestria?
>has stooped to using a wounded child
>of all things
Then proceeds to blackmail said child.
>on the condition, of course, that you don't tell anyone about the horrific suffering you've endured

Oh this is going to go so very poorly. Even by the sainthood of Anon to let bygones be bygones even though I want my pound of flesh damnit, any equestrian villian could use that blackmail of Twilight to shatter their bonds of friendship.
Then the rule of Celestia, and most ponies aren't complete dicks would disagree with what Celetia has done.
I can see the angry torches and pitchforks now.
Leading to escalation.


File: 1575964637274.png (9.64 MB, 3000x2300, 017316ce89d13e173d512ad39b….png)

>you feel cheated
We are getting into blasphemous and revolutionary territory.


Fillycraft: Heart of the Cuddlepile


File: 1575980922127.png (879.07 KB, 2795x2728, 242315.png)


That green is pretty overrated, but I wish it had an actual conclusion.


File: 1576031409112-0.png (156.3 KB, 1107x736, 2217788.png)

File: 1576031409112-1.png (133.74 KB, 1107x736, 2217789.png)


>Anonfilly used bluff
>Bluff fails critically


delet and repost due to a few retarded typos
Reckoning, Act 2

>you are Anonymous

>Ruby says you always seem down around this time of year
>the weeks leading up to the holiday formerly known as the Summer Sun Celebration
>you always forget what it's called nowadays
>today is the thirteenth anniversary of the…
>when the anniversary rolls around, Ruby always invites you out to eat with her
>Ruby is seated across from you at some new bistro, situated only a block away from the…
>on her plate lies a subtle arrangement of daisies and daffodils, lightly drizzled with honey and served with a side of lightly crisped hay
>she's eating daintily in between comments and tinkling laughter, in a manner befitting a full-fledged member of the Canterlot social elite
>which, you suppose, is a position she's earned by now
>despite the fact that she's pushing her mid-30s now, she still looks great and you can't help but compare her to a fine wine, perhaps because of her well-groomed red mane
>she's rocking a tight, black dress which would have positively bewitched your old self
>but the dress was designed by a pony named Rarity, who you've been given to understand is a close friend of…
>the outing was originally going to be just you and Ruby
>but Ruby's little sister, Red, just so happened to be in the country
>same creme coat, same red mane, but an earth pony
>she's not as well-manicured as her sister, but she is noticeably more toned from what you presume is a more active lifestyle
>Red is a sailor of some sort, though she's vague when questioned on what sort exactly
>you can't quite remember what Red ordered, as she all but inhaled the tiny serving on her plate within a minute of its arrival
>wearing nothing but an old, ratty neckerchief, she alternates between telling sea stories and looking bored
>of course, when Silver Locket found out that Ruby was having a social outing, she just had to come and invite herself
>Silver Locket is the mare who replaced you after the…
>powder-blue coat, silver-grey mane, and a light, slightly-frilly, silk dress that goes with her mane
>an earth pony like you, you're not entirely sure what she can do with jewelry using her hooves that you can't
>she started off her career in the fashion industry as Ruby's assistant, and worked her way up to the position of partner as Ruby's little shop grew into a thriving franchise
>Silver Locket's dining habits mirror her mentor's exactly, from the dish on her plate to the way she alternates between delicately eating and politely chatting
>though her plate of flowers is drizzled with a sort of raspberry sauce instead of honey
>and then there's the mare who introduced herself as Sketchy
>shaved head, shaved tail, cutie mark dyed white to match her coat
>you're pretty sure she's one of Ruby and Locket's artiste friends
>she's as naked as you are, and staring at the last bit of seaweed on her plate as though she expects it to move or something
>and then, of course, there's you
>though thirteen years have passed, you still wear the body of a small filly, and have to all but stand on your seat when you want to take something from your plate
>you've ordered a plate of lavenders, lightly fried til the petals had crisp, black edges, and drizzled - extra drizzled, you asked - with a thick, red cranberry puree
>you're engaged in stabbing the flowers with a butter knife when Ruby addresses you
>"Anon? Are you all right? You seem lost in thought."
>Red snickers
>"She's probably thinking about how the bird brain chef overcooked her lavenders."
>you groan
"Sun, Red."
>"Oh, what? You're such a big respecter of griffon culture? They're carnivores, of course they don't know how to cook flowers. You wanna eat some pony rump to show off how much you love griffon cuisine?"
>you make a show of gagging
"No. Just… cool it with the anti-griffish remarks."
>that reminds you of that one line from American Psycho
>good movie, fantastic book
>you should adapt that one next
>maybe give the Bateman-equivalent a name like Midnight Purple…
>Red rolls her eyes
>"Oh, right. I keep forgetting you're Princess Twilight's butt buddy."
>Ruby shoots a glare at her sister
>though nobody knows what really happened between you and Twilight Sparkle
>Ruby, at least, has been given to understand that you had some sort of falling-out before moving out of her home
>your butter knife is embedded in the table
"I… was… NEVER… friends… with Twilight Sparkle!"
>and now the whole bistro is silent and Silver Locket is cringing and pointing at something behind you
>you turn around
>standing there in the doorway is Princess Twilight Sparkle, sole ruler of all Equestria, accompanied by some kind of griffon diplomat
>you stare into her eyes
>she stares into yours
>her horn lights up
>and she disappears from the bistro without a flash
>the restaraunt erupts into a flurry of scandalous whispers and furtive glances in your direction
>your appetite, for both food and company, is ruined
>without a word, you slide out of your seat and head for the door
>Ruby calls out to you
>but it's too late
>you'd be outside already if not for the dumb fucking griffon blocking the doorway
"Move it, bird brain."
>though she obliges you quickly enough, you make a point of stomping on her claws as you walk past her
>and you disappear into the grey Canterlot evening

More is coming soonTM.


Gotta hand it to Anon for keeping it hush hush. Plus the immortality of not dying to old age. Purple, and Celestia will be right there reminding Anon every step of the way.
Anon got a short stick at the start.
I'm predicting soon Anon will be continually recieving a large stick until moral improves.


File: 1576048982581.png (274.61 KB, 872x1114, 1576048900275.png)


File: 1576054822634.png (797.12 KB, 1388x1820, jxrjxrjt.png)

>I'm predicting soon Anon will be continually recieving a large stick until moral improves.


>filly with tits
So whorish.


Nice delete


Maybe you'd like that, wouldn't you, anon?


File: 1576060909772.jpg (310.87 KB, 1178x1240, Spanking 2.jpg)

Heh, w-who want that?


File: 1576064877527.png (261.53 KB, 1040x1440, spank.png)


File: 1576082773113-0.png (778.95 KB, 1920x1080, unknown.png)

Twilot you cunt


File: 1576083746078.png (153.57 KB, 785x850, 1381437.png)

Filly is for spanking


File: 1576086224460.jpeg (122.28 KB, 1331x680, E60B8F68-309B-4E91-885B-6….jpeg)

This will not end well for anyone.




Be careful what you wish for… do (You) want to be for spanking?


>Those thighs


I original wrote it based off a star wars thing. When Vader's fist was sent to kill the clone uprising on Komino.>>252808 got it pretty good tho.


File: 1576110606921.png (277.69 KB, 872x1114, 1576110462150.png)

For whomever it is that reposts my stuff to /ptfg/


Time to continue this and finally make a pastebin for this story! Here you all go, and be sure to make it last, since I'm gonna be gone on a trip for a while.

Cool, that makes it easier to help you stay hidden later.
>Why ͉will̠ w̲e̺ neẹd to͜ sṭa̪y̱ hiͅdḓen̺ wh̢en ̯we caͅn͕ ̝si͜mp̻l̰y ̲a̞s̢s͓i͙mi̧la͕te̡ ev̫er̼y̨t̨hing ͓th͖er̜e̪?
Because that'll mean neither of us gets back. Twilight teleported herself and me here and you've given me no indications that you can use magic, so if she's gone, we're stranded.
>Astra goes quiet for a few seconds as you both continue walking through the cold
>Fair ̠point.̡
Alright, we're almost there anyway, so remember the story and stick to it if you don't want to get found out.
>Right as you finish thinking that, the door to the facility fades into view from the icy white
>You reach up on your hind legs to open the door as Astra gives you a look, but you ignore it
>After all, if Twilight happens to be within sight and sees a tentacle sprouting from you, then you're both dead
>Luckily though, she's not!
>But it would still be rude to not announce your return for her, so you do
"Hey Twi, I'm back and I found somepony outside! I hope you don't mind, but I brought her in with me!"
>A voice calls back from somewhere inside the base
>"You found somepony outside?"
>And before you can completely register what she's said, a bright flash of purple stuns you in your place
>Twilight wastes no time in then doing what she does best
>Mainly, worry
>"Where are they? Did they come from another lab, or-"
>"I'm right here, and I teleported here from a research ship that sank off the coast. I'm okay though, thanks to your friend here."
>"What sank the ship? Did anypony else make it out? Is there anything else I should know?"
>"The ship struck an unexpectedly large iceberg, and I was the only one on board at the moment, so there's nopony else to worry about."
>After hearing this, Twilight finally lowers the threat level off defcon 1
>"That's a relief. I hope you didn't lose too much on that boat, losing research always sucks."
>"That's fine too, my research wasn't turning anything up anyway. The most I'm out is the money I used to get the boat, but even that wasn't too much, now that I think about it.
>"You really seem to be quite the optimist, don't you, miss… I'm sorry, I never even asked your name!"
>"Astra Biologis, a pleasure to meet you, Twilight."
>"I see my reputation precedes me. I'm sure you've already met Anonymous, here, too?"
>"Yes, she and I became fairly well acquainted on our way back here."
>Yeah, you could say that
>"Then that should be enough for introductions, let's get you warmed up and away from that -30 windchill!"



>While Twilight's leading you both through the base, Astra reiterates its previous question

>Y̨ou n̦e͔ve̥r̮ a̺ns͈we̞r̨e͚d ̜ou͈r ̘que͇ry ͖earli̢e͓r̨, ͜do̘ ͎we n̝e͈edͅ t̩o ̝r͕eite̬ṟate͇?͈
>Oh, yeah
Sorry about that, it completely slipped my mind. Basically, mothers care for their children and make sure they're ready to take on the world.
>T͉henͅ we ̼se̡e̩ ̙n͇o d̳i̤ff̡erence ͈be̪tw͇een ͕w͈h̘at ̫we ar̖e ̯alr͓e͕ady̝ ̻d̢oi͉ng̼ ͇a͙nd̙ ͓wh͇a̲t y͜ou ̲as͙k.̮
Well, there's a bit more nuance to it than that that's a bit harder to put into words… Can I send more than just sentences through this mind-reading thing?
>Astra goes silent for a moment, considering what you've asked
>I̪t͕ is͇ ̲n̖ot̻ ̯įmp̲os̠s̩ib̪l͕e̜,̲ b̯u͎ṯ ̡tḩe męaning̖ ma̢y̧ ̲be̬ ̺mįst̹ran̦sl̲aṱed̖ ̹in ̖t̰h̘e p̬roces͈s̠ ͈i̬f ̱it ͎i͖s̥ too̘ ͓c͖omplex͔.
Alright, then bear with me for a minute.
>You take a moment to gather all the feelings you have associated with your mother back on Earth and then take another to simulate her own feelings towards you before attempting to wrap it all up in a mental bow and send it to Astra
>When you look back to the creature to become your future guardian, you see a flash of intrigue and surprise cross its face before settling back on calm understanding
>A second or two later, you get your response
>W̩e ͈und̺e͕r̝stand̤ ̙no̘w̗, a̼nd we ͚sh͎a̫ļlͅ ̥do̯ our͔ b̳e̳st̩ t̘o̙ ili̘ci̹t͎ ̼t̜he͎se͕ ̼fe̜e̱ḷing̼s ͉w̮it͈hi̻n yo̢u. ͉H̼o̖w͚ev͈eŗ, w͜e wi̥l̜l cea̫s̯e̩ ̙w̼it͍h ͎t͎h̘ese a̟c̺t̞io̮ns̠ ̨o͙nce ̤y̜ou h̩a̭v̠e̻ ̠d͈ev͚e͔lọp̣e͍d̞ i̻n͍to ͜a f̠ine ̹m͕emb̪e̢r ̭o͓f̹ ̦ọur ͜col̨l̘ecti̜vȩ.̮



Then it's a good thing I'm a slow learner!
>You sa͈y ͈th͉a̠t̡, b̢ut͚ y͜o̮u'rẹ a̠lre̖ady̜ probiͅn͓g ̯the̻ li̼m͉i̖t̗s̰ ̥of͖o̻u̯r ̣m͚en̤ta̪l ͉co̧m͚muni̫cḁtion͍ no̝t ̰evͅe͓n aͅn ̙ho̗urͅ afte͜r͇ ̡yo͈u f̠i͉r̺s̥ṱ l͜e̟arn͕ ̘you ̩ca̙n̰ ̙do i̫t. ̞Ỵoụ'l̮l̻ ̖b̡ec͙ome ̘q̱u͕it̻e̞ l͓e̬arn̡ed̮, an̞d ̥fast̺ęr̤ ̰than̗ y͍ou ̯expe̠ct.̭
>You would reply to that, but you both round the corner to where Twilight's leading you both
>A large comfortable room with a large fireplace dominating the back wall, with several chairs and couches placed in various locations around it
>"Here, I'm sure this'll get you warm in no time!"
>You see Astra's eyes go wide and feel the adrenaline from its fight-or-flight response over the mental connection, but nothing more
>And luckily for you both, Twilight just assumes it's because of the fact that the fireplace is fucking massive
>"Yeah, I was pretty surprised when I first saw it too. It's really good at heating the entire station, though, so that's a major plus."
>"Is something that big not a fire hazard, though?"
>Twilight looks back to the fireplace before returning to Astra's concerned gaze
>"Well, I mean, it's a fireplace. There's always going to be a hazard to it, but if it was really that much, then I have a hard time believing that the builders would've put this one into the outpost here."
>Twilight then lays down on one of the couches near the blaze and goes back to her notes while Astra works on conquering its (admittedly quite reasonable) fear of fire
>You also decide to go sit near the fire, until you realize something
>A) you're still wearing some of your snow gear, so that's coming off
>And 2) for some reason, the heat of this room feels a lot more uncomfortable than when you were last in here
>Even with your snow gear off, the heat's still almost oppressive to your new body
Hey, is it normal to be feeling this uncomfortable right now?
>Our̤ ki̮n̢d̨ ̲ha͇ve ̰an̜ ex̼tr̪e͈ṃe͉ ͕av̹ḙr̻s̹io̘n ͔to ͇heąt, w͔e w̼ǫuld̥ be͖ s̨u̪rp̙ris̠e͕d͓ ̢if ̺you ̩ḑi̘dn̳'t̞ ̹feel t̰h͜at̥.͈
>Oh yeah, because heat's one of the few things capable of killing a Thing
Dang, I've always been a bigger fan of warm temperatures. Does this mean I can never take a hot shower again?
>W̱e̥ ̝h̼a͔ve no̰ ̲idea.
Then this is going to be a long stay…
>W̥e ͍h̹ave̯ ̘ḁļso n͔e͈gḽe̱c̤te͜d̻ t̲o̭ ͎a͇s̩k̳, ho̙w̞ ͅl̡ong̜ until̘ we ͇can͇ ̲l̝eav̹e̟?͖
At least another week.
>'͎Da̘ng'̜ ̘i̙ndeed..̪.


>parasite that gives Halo's flood a run for their money!
one toasty boi


>you are Twilight Sparkle
>your teleportation spell drops you off in your bedchamber
>it was on this day 13 years ago that you…
>all at once, your legs grow weak
>and you collapse onto your bed
>13 years, and she still hates you
>and why shouldn't she?
>no matter how many bits you send her
>no matter how many times you promote her books
>there's nothing you can really do to make up for…
>one of the first things you did upon ascending to the throne was to destroy the Restricted Archives
>unlike your predecessor, you have no emotional attachment to the ponies who wrote those works
>and no matter how many times you channel the awesome healing power of light magic
>you don't think you could ever trust yourself with those books
>in all of Equestria, there's only one remaining trace, so far as you know, that dark magic ever existed
>the poison in her heart and in her mind
>the poison you put there
>Anonymous, the victim of an unearned hate
>your hate
>Celestia always considered the matter wrapped up once you were saved
>but every time you see Anon
>in the crowd
>in the street
>in that bistro
>you know that nobody ever thought to save her
>as an earth pony, it's true that she's unlikely to get into dark magic
>but you know what it's like to feel an all-consuming hatred
>you've felt it in yourself
>you've seen it in others
>it's a miserable way to live
>your crimes will never truly be undone til Anon is healed on the inside
>but how, you wonder
>can you make that happen?

>you are Anon

>your rebirth, all those years ago, was founded on three basic assumptions
>one, you would be big one day
>two, she would be old one day
>three, when that day came you could claim your revenge
>ah, the rage you felt, then
>the sheer, mouth-frothing wrath
>when, less than a year later, she was promoted to the rank of alicorn princess
>and the grinding disappointment that came when you understood that you weren't growing older
>whatever vile spell she cast on you didn't account for the process of growing up again
>you're a fucking little filly, deep into your 30s
>that's two of your basic assumptions out the window right there
>she's the one who got big
>and you're the one who got old
>well, not old, in the strictest sense
>but you've grown tired
>less potent, so to speak
>you wouldn't be surprised if you were somehow still hurtling toward death by old age
>despite the fact that you can't age
>you have, however, gained a cutie mark by this point
>a simple, black question mark
>most ponies assume that this is because you're a novelist
>you know it's because you're a fraud
>you've wormed your way into Canterlot society by ripping off Earth stories to the best of your memory
>currently, you're adapting Dosoevsky's Demons for Equestrian readers
>the original is the tale of a son who destroys his home town to avenge himself on his neglectful father
>there were some other plot-lines in the story too, and you're honestly putting too much emphasis on that one in particular to have a faithful adaptation on your hooves
>but it can't be helped
>what you're writing is largely the tale of a daughter who returns to utterly destroy her violent-but-repentant mother
>does it need to be spelled out why this appeals to you?
>Twilight Sparkle is untouchable in real life
>but on the printed page, you've destroyed her dozens of times
>you've been Kriemhild and Hagen
>the monster and Frankenstein
>Smerdyakov and Fyodor Pavlovitch
>and much, much more
>the best part?
>you've managed to guilt her into promoting every single story you've stolen
>though, somehow, each time she obliges you in this only increases your hatred for her
>it's the same way with the large stipend of hush money you receive every month
>you'd give back every bit to just feel that giant horn crack under your little hoof
>a drop of rain falls from the sky to interrupt your train of thought
>breaking free from the spiral of your thoughts, you see that you've wandered off in exactly the wrong direction
>your home is clear on the other side of Canterlot
>and now it's raining
>a low, guttural growl erupts from your throat
>fucking Twilight Sparkle


In the thing's defense, the flood also doesn't like fire


File: 1576155236561.png (185.59 KB, 1920x954, xTgnREEnc.png)

>now without tits


>Bending over backwards for the PTFG shill


File: 1576165910197.png (321.86 KB, 1154x834, ZsgCX6f.png)


I bet Seb's getting off to this now.


File: 1576198465263.png (236.9 KB, 1280x720, 58567.png)

Kek, probably.


>At last I am become cancer.


Can we get more Viridity? I just got caught up and I don't want it to end yet…


I uh… is anybody else lost? I'd be willing to explain a few things if I'm not being especially clear…
>Something large gets blown through the door, but just like before it dematerializes, leaving nothing but blood.
>The door is completely blown off of its hinges.
>"Sorry about that Pinkie, I'll pay you back."
>Twilight walks over to the two of you, sizing you up.
>"We've been having some trouble with those ones for a few weeks now, haven't we Clover?"
>You look around, confused.
>"Oh not you, get with the program. She actually likes the name, so she gets to keep it."
"I… need to show you something."
>You lead Twilight out back to the charred body.
"She climbed in the oven, I tried to saw open the door but I didn't make it in time."
>Twilight gets very quiet.
>You start to see little black dots all around you.
>Rotating your head slightly doesn't see them following your eyes, so you assume they're part of the environment.
>You open your mouth, but you can't get a syllable out before your teeth slam shut.
>Twilight's pupils are shrunk to tiny black dots.
>She looks at you.
>You feel lighter than the air.
>Your body is far away.
>Your vision is tinged in grey.
>You find your mouth is free again, and yet you can still feel Twilight's grasp on it, tight as a drum.
>You try to vocalize distress, but you don't see her responding.
>You're high up, and yet you're on the ground.
>Holding up a hoof, you can see through it. The bone, the veins and arteries carrying blood to your organs…
>Your recently repaired leg bones…
>If you get there early, will it be the right time?
>Heaven is just waiting, so put your hand into mine…
>She's finally going to do it.
>The sad thing is that it isn't even anything you've done this time.
>You tried your best to save her.
>The best you can figure is that this state is a sort of backup of the body.
>Maybe she's taking you out to put Pinkie in.
>After all, you haven't been quite kind to her since you've arrived back here.
>Not that she deserves kindness…
>You're about a hundred feet up now.
>You can see League and some other filly on the ground, waving around some sort of clear bottles.
>Huh, that other filly…
>You pass into a cloud, but you could've sworn there was something familiar about her.
>If you had any control over the rising, you would travel over to those mountains and look down from above.
>You concentrate, and find that you can't.
>Oh well.
>There's no cold despite the height that you've accumulated, but you almost wish there were.
>This feels strangely unnatural.
>You're not entirely sure why, you've been in planes before.
>Maybe it's the near-vertical ascent.
>You do see something burning on the outskirts of the Everfree.
>Hopefully it's Zecora's hut.
>She did nearly get you killed, after all.
>You watch the sky as you ascend.
>It gets less blue and more black, eventually.
>Looking into the cosmos, you can see that this world is structured much like your own.
>The moon orbits the planet, and the planet orbits the sun.
>You do wonder what Celestia's rite to power is if not the sun though…
>Does she draw energy from it?
>You suppose it hardly matters now.
>Where do you go now?
>You're still being drawn in by something as far as you can tell.
>You can actually feel the suction now…
>Well, wherever it is can't be worse than this rotten world.
>You will admit to probably missing a few things, though.
>League, the Twilight you convinced to come with you.
>Oh, there's some of your memory.
>You guess being knocked out of your body was good for something after all.
>The stars are quite a bit closer than they were on earth…
>Based on what you can tell from here, there are at least a few that would be colonization distance, at least if were in the Goldilocks Zone and the Equestrians had developed a means to reaching them…
>How beautiful, and with no retinas to ruin you can stare at them all you want.
>Something shimmers before you.
>You can vaguely see shadow that doesn't line up with the pinpoints of light beyond the your vision…
>Some kind of portal, or a gateway?
>Heh, that was a good episode.
>Suddenly, you're glad the contents of your actual organs haven't carried over.
>Otherwise, you probably would have pissed and/or shit yourself.
>You avert your eyes.
>You don't even want to think about what you just saw.
>But you're being drawn straight towards it…
>This is it.
>You're entering the Doom Dimension.
>This is the end.
>You think back on it all.
>Quite a few regrets…
>None of it matters now though.
>In evanescence you will be…
>Well, nothing.
>The little feeling you had left starts to be taken from you as It draws you.
>You relax.
>There is a part of you that wants this, after all.
>You wish it didn't have to be this horrifying, but whatever fits the bill.
>You close your eyes.
>Suddenly, snow on your hooves.
>A cold bucket of water splashes on your back, causing you to jerk up.
>"I was seconds too late to gather hers."
>You shiver.
>Your fur has begun to freeze to your back, penetrating the relative thickness of your coat effectively.
"If you could have gotten it, would you have chosen her over me?"
>She looks at you coldly.
>"No, of course not. You're my little filly, and sometimes little fillies need to be taught that their actions are of consequence."


>you are still Anon
>your rebirth, all those years ago, was founded on three basic assumptions
>one, you would be big one day
>two, she would be old one day
>three, when that day came you could claim your revenge
>ah, the rage you felt, then
>the sheer, mouth-frothing wrath
>when, less than a year later, she was promoted to the rank of alicorn princess
>and the grinding disappointment that came when you understood that you weren't growing older
>whatever vile spell she cast on you didn't account for the process of growing up again
>you're a fucking little filly, deep into your 30s
>that's two of your basic assumptions out the window right there
>she's the one who got big
>and you're the one who got old
>well, not old, in the strictest sense
>but you've grown tired
>less potent, so to speak
>you wouldn't be surprised if you were somehow still hurtling toward death by old age
>despite the fact that you can't age
>you have, however, gained a cutie mark by this point
>a simple, black question mark
>most ponies assume that this is because you're a novelist
>you know it's because you're a fraud
>you've wormed your way into Canterlot society by ripping off Earth stories to the best of your memory
>currently, you're adapting Dosoevsky's Demons for Equestrian readers
>the original is the tale of a son who destroys his home town to avenge himself on his neglectful father
>there were some other plot-lines in the story too, and you're honestly putting too much emphasis on that one in particular to have a faithful adaptation on your hooves
>but it can't be helped
>what you're writing is largely the tale of a daughter who returns to utterly destroy her violent-but-repentant mother
>does it need to be spelled out why this appeals to you?
>Twilight Sparkle is untouchable in real life
>but on the printed page, you've destroyed her dozens of times
>you've been Kriemhild and Hagen
>the monster and Frankenstein
>Smerdyakov and Fyodor Pavlovitch
>and much, much more
>the best part?
>you've managed to guilt her into promoting every single story you've stolen
>though, somehow, each time she obliges you in this only increases your hatred for her
>it's the same way with the large stipend of hush money you receive every month
>you'd give back every bit to just feel that giant horn crack under your little hoof

>you are Twilight Sparkle

>you've just woken up from the nightmare where you're sucking Anon's eye out of her head
>your eyes snap wide open as you feel violently ill
>in the darkness of the early morning, nobody sees you stick your head out the window
>nobody witnesses the cascade of black vomit that splatters into the palace garden
>you slump to your knees back in your chamber
>a quick glance at the ornate grandfather clock in the corner tells you that it's a few hours yet before you'll have to raise the Sun
>every single day since you teleported out of that bistro
>this has been your morning
>it's getting to be intolerable
>you don't think you can survive an eternity of this
>in the back of your mind
>an idea has been developing
>you know it's a bad idea
>"creating problems to solve problems is wrong" is a lesson you learned years and years ago
>and you voice this objection every time your mind presents this idea
>but the idea always comes back later
>more polished
>with better risk management
>and it's starting to have all the trappings of a…
>well, not a good idea
>but a reasonable one
>if you could just expose Anon to a little light magic
>just one little friendship-beam
>she'd be healed

>you are Anon

>you've just woken up from the dream where Twilight Sparkle is sucking your eye out of your skull
>the harsh glare of the Sun through your dirty window tells you that it must be past noon
>you groan and fall from your bed
>you hunkered down and finished your Demons rip-off in about 3 days
>you even went back and included the famous "deleted scene"
>your publishers called you a sick little pony, as usual
>but they'll publish it anyway
>they think you're sick now
>just wait til they get ''Equestrian Princess'' a few months from now
>as always, you skip breakfast and head straight for your typewriter
>but you pause when you sense something that's not part of your home's usual clutter
>someone's slipped an envelope through the letter-slot in your door
>without ceremony, you grasp the thing with your hooves and teeth and tear it open
>a letter flutters to the grease-stained floor, its ornate horn-writing facing up
>"Come see me when you're feeling better. ~ Ruby"
>the letter is promptly trod on til it's grey with dirty hoofprints
>she's your ex-boss
>not your fucking mother
>in spite of that, you'll probably visit her today anyway


>you are Chrysalis, immortal Queen of the changeling race
>for an eternity, you have languished in stone
>here in the garden, the sun shines
>the birds sing
>the ponies smile
>you hate it
>the monotony is broken, however, when a tall, purple creature cautiously steps into view
>she eyes you up and down grimly
>but cringes when her gaze lands on Cozy Glow at your shoulder
"You know, showing off a scared filly as a vanquished enemy isn't a great look."
>she tilts her head
"I'll, uh, get around to seeing about reforming you at some point. Soon. Probably."
>delicately, she brushes a leaf off of your companion's face
"I, uh, promise. Maybe I'll try to get a hold of Tirek's brother to see what he wants with him at some point too."
>that voice…
>could it be?
>it is!
>it's Twilight Sparkle!
>why, she's taller than you are!
>how long…
>how long has it been?
>is it too late to claim your revenge on Starlight Glimmer?!
>you could scream right now, if only you could breathe
>Twilight Sparkle's gaze grows stern again as it falls on you
"But right now, I'm just here for you, Chrysalis."
>her horn lights up as she attempts to pluck you from the pedestal
>failing that, she sighs
>picks up the whole statue
>and walks off with you and your companions
>you're angled up and staring at the sky
>so you can't see quite where you're going
>but sky turns to marble ceiling
>and marble ceiling turns to cobblestone ceiling
>the room you're set down in is dank and dark
>which is, frankly, much more to your tastes than the garden
>the first thing Twilight Sparkle does is produce a familiar, black bell
>the Bewitching Bell
>she taps it once with her metal-shod hoof
>and a little bit of green magic flows into you
>it's not enough to break you out of here
>but it feels good
"Now… they did this with ordinary magic, so I should just be able to…"
>a flash
>you're free!
>you're lunging for her throat
>but something knocks you backwards
>and now you're pinned to wall
"I gave you just a little bit more power than a strong unicorn would have, and by this point I have just a little bit more power than Celestia. That wasn't going to work."
>whatever words you had planned a few minutes ago slip away as you hiss furiously at her
"Besides, I'm not the one you really hate anyway."
>what is she, baiting you?
>if so, you bite
"I do hate you."
"Yeah, I know. And you hate Thorax, and my brother, and my brother's wife, and I'm sure a dozen other ponies and non-ponies to boot. But none of them are quite the same as Starlight Glimmer, are they?"
>an involuntary snarl escapes you at that
"Is she even still alive?"
"Sure, it's only been 10 years."
>relief washes over you in an awesome wave
>Starlight Glimmer is alive
>which means you can put a stop to that yourself
>however, you don't want Twilight Sparkle to see just how relieved you are
>so you put up some snark
"So, what? Has she turned against you? You want me to destroy her for you because you're too squeamish do it yourself?"
"Sun, no! Starlight is still one of my closest friends!"
"Then what-"
"Look. You don't need to know what I'm doing. Let's just say I'm taking a long, hard look at my life and I want to set a few things right before it's too late. I have a deal for you. Are you interested?"
>you are
>but you can't be too obvious with it
"I'm listening."
"I'm going to allow you to capture Starlight Glimmer."
"There's a few strings attached, obviously. First thing is, no hurting Starlight. You can make her uncomfortable, make her work, whatever, but you can't harm her in any way. Got it?"
>you obviously disagree with this
>but you're not going to ruin this chance by saying so
"Go on."
"Second thing is, no hurting anyone. Period. You can trap anyone in your way with that green stuff, but that's it."
"Anything else?"
"Third thing. No stealing love, or trying to gain power in any way. Remember, I'm the most powerful alicorn on the planet right now, and you're barely more than a unicorn. I can deal with you all by myself. You'll have to steal a lot of love to overpower me, and believe me when I tell you that I'll know if you're breaking our deal long before that happens."
>what is she, tracking you somehow?
>there's got to be some way to outwit her, if only you can get out of here
"And what do I get out of this?"
"Well, depending on how things go, I might let you leave Equestria. You could start a new hive if you wanted, cause a bunch of trouble, just so long as you do it somewhere else."
>you really, really cannot believe your ears
>she's a fool to trust you even this much
>you've lived for centuries
>she's barely a hatchling compared to you
>you'll find some way to make her regret this
>but in the meanwhile…
"I accept your offer."
>she drops you, and you elegantly buzz down to the floor
"Now, if you have no further concerns, I believe you know the way out."
>you take on the form of an unassuming guardpony
"Better than you realize, princess."
>she smiles menacingly
"Remember, Chrysalis. I'm watching you."


>you are Twilight
>once the changeling queen is gone
>the mask slips
>this was a really, really bad idea
>it's not that you particularly mind taking advantage of Chrysalis
>she's been blasted with light magic no fewer than three times in her life
>if that couldn't dig up anything redeemable in her, there's probably nothing to dig up
>though you suppose this technically counts as a fourth chance for her
>and on the really, really off-chance that she actually comes out of this a better changeling, you'll keep your word and let her go free
>it's also not that you haven't taken every precaution
>you've already isolated the wavelength of Chrysalis' ego, and can latch onto her mind at any time
>you doubt if you could actually take over her mind without her noticing
>but you already tested hitching a ride on her senses before freeing her, and she doesn't seem to have noticed
>you should be able to step in if things get out of hoof
>but what if there's something you failed to account for?
>you can't come up with anything, no matter how hard you rack your brain
>but in the back of your mind, you know that there's always something to overlook
>in any case, you've already let her go
>you'll give her about an hour
>and then
>you've got a summons to give

>you are Anon

>you prepared a cup of coffee
>stuck a harsh rock record in the phonograph
>sat down at your typewriter
>and proceeded to not write anything at all as you fumed over Ruby's letter
>it didn't take long to realize that you weren't gonna be able to focus til you paid her a visit
>so, without so much as turning off the music or finishing your coffee
>off you went
>now a jingling bell announces your entry into Ruby's jewel shop
>a different location from the one 13 years ago
>in a nicer part of town
>more customers
>customers who she happily abandons when she sees you walk in
>"Ah, Locket, can you take care of these lovely ponies for me?"
>Silver Locket clicks into place behind the display counter as Ruby comes out to meet you
>"Anon! Did you get my letter?"
>there's a brightness in this mare's smile that causes you to squint and turn away
>"Well come on upstairs. I've got brownies and hot cocoa for you."
>she opens a door, and bounces up the stairs beyond with the vitality of a mare ten years her junior
>you sigh and trudge on up after her
>Ruby is already sprawled out on her couch by the time you make it upstairs
>you clamber up into the armchair (hoofchair?) on the other side of the coffee table, where the brownies and cocoa lie waiting
>"Try some, I'm very proud of this recipe."
>the sweets give off an overpowering odor of sugar that twists your stomach in knots
"Unh, no thanks."
>"Not hungry?"
"I'm not saying that I stayed up til 3 in the morning drinking again, but I'm also not saying I didn't."
>"Oh, drinking? A little fine champaigne? Some Cristal Empire, perhaps?"
"Well, no. More like a lot of cheap vodka. Sweetka."
>"Ah, with a little cranberry juice, I suppose?"
"No… more like, uh, straight out of the bottle."
>Ruby smiles sympathetically
>"Goodness. If you wanted to drink acid, I keep some big bottles of solvent right here in my shop."
"Oh, whatever. What did you want?"
>"I just wanted to see how you were doing. You know, a social call."
>"Because friends have a funny habit of cheering each other up when they're in a bad mood. Come on now, how have you been?"
"I'm starting a new book about a psychopathic serial killer inspired by Twilight Sparkle."
>"Ah… you're still, ah, shaken up, then."
"You could say that."
>Ruby levitates a cup of cocoa to her lips for a moment
>"You'll feel better come winter time. You always do."
"Sure, sure. Hearthswarming and all that. Good times, yeah."
>"You know I've always felt so bad about the accident. I just wish there was some way to cheer you up faster."
"Well don't feel bad. It's not your fault. It's hers."
>Ruby, of course, knows better than to push the issue any farther than that
>she sips on her cocoa some more
>and lets the smile fade from her lips
>and suddenly, she looks very, very tired
>you honestly don't know why Ruby still bothering herself over you
>even you can see that you've been nothing but a shitty friend to her these past 13 years
"So… is Red not staying with you right now?"
>"No, no, she is. For at least a few more weeks, anyway. She's probably just out…"
>she grimaces
>"Drinking right now."
"Oh. Well, she could probably use the time off."
>"Couldn't we all?"
>more sipping
>more silence
>no, not silence
>there are hooves trotting up the stairs
>the door opens
>Silver Locket pokes her head into the sitting room
>"Ah, Ruby. There are some ponies downstairs asking for you. They're from the Royal Guard."


Yeah I can do that.
Is anyone looking foward to the Occult Facade green?
That way I update accordingly.


>you are Chrysalis, mistress of the Hive
>disguised as an ordinary townspony, it didn't take you long to figure out that Starlight Glimmer was living in the hideous tree-castle at the center of Ponyville
>yes, you intend to stick to the deal Twilight Sparkle offered you
>for now, at least
>it's true that there are certainly strings attached that she didn't tell you about
>but you need to find out what those strings are before deviating from the deal
>you also need to find out how she's keeping tabs on you
>so far, you haven't detected any tracking enchantments on your person
>so she's most likely subverting minds - yours or otherwise - to watch you
>one of those horrific deeds so typical of creatures who think of themselves as "the good guys"
>if you could just gather up enough love, you could muster the mental strength to catch her in the act of - and eventually block her from - infiltrating your mind
>but the prospect of doing that unnoticed seems unlikely at best right now
>so for right now
>it's all you can do to take as much revenge on Starlight Glimmer as you can get away with
>wouldn't it be just delicious to tell her that her dear friend Princess Twilight went so far as to give you permission for this?
>after all, Twilight Sparkle never made you agree not to do that
>you cackle under your breath as you assume the form of a tiny fruit fly and slip inside through the cracks

>you are Anon

>waiting in the sitting room with the brownies and cocoa is getting awkward
>you decide to head downstairs to see what's going on with Ruby and the guards
>but as you reach the shop area, the guards are already on their way out
>Ruby stands stone-still, awe written on her face
>you reach up over your head to wave your hoof in front of her eyes
"Hello? What's going on?"
>Ruby blinks
>"Princess Twilight wants to see me in her palace right away over a matter of the gravest importance."
>you begin to tremble all over
>Ruby shakes herself from her dumbfounded state
>"Er, ah, apparently she said that if I happened to have any friends over I was encouraged to bring them. But, ah, I don't suppose you're interested in coming."
>hot talons wrap themselves around your heart
>your jaw moves all on its own
"Actually, I'd love to come."

To be continued.
On Sunday or Monday probably, but to be continued nonetheless.


That's one hell of an out of body experience.
>A cold bucket of water splashes on your back, causing you to jerk up.
Hah! Going to need that water for this >>252565 burn…
What will happen next? Also R.I.P. Ponk you were a good poner for us all.


>"Actually, I'd love to come."
Oh boy what a potential wrench.


File: 1576212526142-0.mp4 (5.62 MB, 1920x1080, FillyGroove.mp4)


File: 1576212611099-0.mp4 (56.04 KB, 1920x1080, 0001-0012.mp4)

File: 1576212611099-1.png (62.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1d9ed482-5cea-4889-af6b-4e….png)

File: 1576212611099-2.png (228.79 KB, 1000x1000, f81ea3bc-84da-4751-a70d-cc….png)

File: 1576212611099-3.gif (108.17 KB, 1000x1000, bap.gif)

Some unposted fillers 4u


Yey fillers!


Glad you enjoyed mate.
Maybe a bit more Viridity for now?


File: 1576233207481.png (363.27 KB, 2328x2678, 1278135.png)

>"No, of course not. You're my little filly, and sometimes little fillies need to be taught that their actions are of consequence."
>You're my little filly
You see? Purple cares.


"Yay! Ice cream!"
>Taking the path most traveled to the Everfree forest castle really was an adventure.
>The fact that Purple's dad took so many pictures of that place doesn't quite sit right with me.
>I'm missing something obvious…
>"What flavor are you thinking about? Vanilla? Chocolate? Double strawberry vermouth?"
>I'm sure the last one was included as a joke. Right? Can ponies get drunk?
>Shining Armor, and Love princess with their spawn joined with us from the relatively short jaunt into the not so ruined castle.
"Hmmm. Do they hav-"
>Thunder, and a sudden down pour of rain blanket the street.
>No warning just dumping everything.
>A deep male voice could be heard over the downpour of water.
>"Sorry 'bout that! This here's a rush job from the bosses! Figured to bring in the storm right quick. Somepony stole the latest shipment of clouds!"
>The unnamed grey pegasus sped off.
>A generic hard hat, and safety vest adorned the disappearing figure.
>That just happened…
>"The parlor is down the street."
>Sparkling semi-transparent bubble expanded from Shining Armor's horn.
>Not that horn.
>A bubble spell, and a something to get rid of dampness we were ready once more.
>"Must have been The Velvet Saddle…"
>Is that?.
>"Maybe son, I think it's Capony though. Perhaps Even a Griff gang…"
"What if it was the cabal of space whales?"
>That cut the conversation fairly well. I could almost serve it on a plate.
"They tend to mess with everypony where I was… from…"
>"Cabal of space whales hunh?"
>"Well you never know dear. Those space whales are pretty sneaky."
>Feeling a pout on our muzzle begin to form I had to do something.
"Space whales? At least it isn't a secret shadowy group of the Illumi- mrf?"
>Oh drat.
>Those Purple, and Blue hooves was just on the ground… and, the fact even more parallels between back home and here. One more thing I shouldn't talk about.
>The father, and daughter staying into each other's eyes. Racing a consensus their drool covered hooves are removed.
>"Ha, Ha, yes talking about space whippomorpha sure builds an appetite. I hope they have honeysuckle flavor."
"Well I could go for a root beer float myself."
>Gasping my head buddy is very excitable once more.
"I never had one of those before ever! Is it bubbly, and creamy? Do you drink it or is it in a cone?"

"Look! Look! It's floating ontop of the soda-pop! I put this flag here and call it Neccyopolis!"
>The Sparkle family each got their own frozen treat.
>The smile doesn't seem so hard to bare. As aposed to my normally neutral facial position.
>Not that Viridity ever has that expression.
>I'm glad she didn't choose hay flavor.
>Twilight Sparkle and Night Light looked as though they wanted to say something to me, but couldn't just yet.
>The side glances at each other to try divining the information from the elder, and youth.
>Meanwhile Candenza broke into a sweat
>from the spicy ice cream. The frozen rainbow challenger.
>I've never seen a pony make such interesting colors before.
>Flurry Heart the possible demon giggled, and enjoyed her mom's ordeal.
>Only a monster, or the greatest of heros consume that hellfire with a smile, and cheer.
>The banana split is split between Shining Armor and his spawn and spouce.
>Velvet had vanilla, with sprinkles.
>Night Light had mint.
>Finally Momma Sparkle aka Purple herself actually got a honey suckle flavor.
>Hunh? Oh, and Spike is here. Not sure how I could forget about the resident dragon…
>Anyway Hearths Warming is coming up soon.
"Oh! Ofcourse! Discord."
"Sorry just thinking outloud."


File: 1576294934613.jpg (759.59 KB, 1024x1024, S.jpg)

>cabal of space whales
I-I don't suppose you've ever played a little game called STARWHAL, have you?


I haven't… although after looking it up I remember that I have seen a let's play of it once before.
I honestly forgot about that at least consciously.
Thank you.


No problem, it's a lot of fun. I'm hoping to play it soon with some frends since steam has added support for online play of local multiplayer.


>Your hooves knock up against the door
>You hold that same smile
>Your mane is matted and caked with dirt
>They’ll be back soon…
>You don’t know how may days its been, you’ve lost track
>But there’s no way they would abandon you
>You take a quick break to open up the refrigerator for something to eat
>The power went off last week, so you keep it closed as much as possible.
>Even so, the last edible items are starting to spoil
>You eat carefully now. Most of it is half-rotted, but you can’t afford to vomit. You need every last bit to keep up your energy for when they return.
>You decide to shower for the first time on your own.
>Without the power, the water is cold. It’s the dead of winter, so you get it over with as fast as you can while still making yourself clean.
>You’re so tired…
>You think you’ll lie down for a minute.
>”Jeremy, what’s that awful smell?”
>”I think something died in here, come on.”
>You cry out weakly, hoping that whoever is in your master’s house can help you.
>A flashlight shines in your eyes.
>”Sheeit negro, it’s one of them guard ponies. The ones you can teach to use guns and shit.”
>”Didn’t Tyrone get his knee blown out by one of them sumbitches?”
>”Yeeah, this’n seems all run-down though. Where’s your owner little bitch?”
“Back any minute now.”
>The nigger starts laughing.
>”You believe that? Fuck, you things are dumber than I’s thought.”
>You wince as you see him take out a crowbar.
>”This is for Tyrone, dumb cunt.”
>You failed…
>They took a lot of things master liked.
>You’ve splinted your leg, but you know the break was worse than you had the tools to repair.
>You feel lightheaded, food has gone.
>The water dried up yesterday.
>You’re so tired.
>A knock comes at the door.
>You haven’t moved about quickly in weeks, but somehow you find the energy to trot up to the door.
>The man has a friendly smile, the black cloak pulled over his face obscuring most of his other features.
>There’s something long on his back, but you don’t pay it any mind. You wag your tail.
“Are you here to take me to him?”
>His smile widens and he nods, his cloak not billowing at all despite the strong wind.
>You hop up into his arms and feel a warmth flowing through you.
>You see yourself, crumpled on the ground with glassy eyes.
>But that doesn’t matter now, you’re finally going to greet the master.


Alright bitchs I have returned from the dead. I need to ask this before I get into rewriting my green, Is nyx abuse a thing still or na?


File: 1576300716342.png (165.87 KB, 900x999, oxFHPwb.png)

>nyx abuse
Why to mess with little ponies? Hah?


File: 1576300748830.png (487.16 KB, 3000x3525, 1561937594598-2.png)

Rest in peace poner.

Which green?


File: 1576301117311-0.png (100.85 KB, 500x780, 1566539464800-1.png)

>"Aww are you lost little filly?"
>"No? A orphan!?"
>"Well that just won't do, not in my kingdom, come along. You'll live with me until somepony else adopts you."
>"You're kind of slacking behind, it's okay if you don't trust me right now, I'm sure you'll warm up."


File: 1576301720036.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.59 KB, 460x460, 1569703396373-0.jpg)

What a nice prompt.
tfw Anonfilly really knows why peetzer poner is the link princess of love.


File: 1576311007691.png (4.35 KB, 1499x69, MaximumAutism.PNG)

>Be me.
>Bad filly falling a few updates behind on the pastebin logging.
>Paste one in from the thread and click "Save Changes".
>Pic related.
Well, I didn't expect to hit that milestone tonight. Feelsgoodfilly.
I'll be keeping this pastebin updated with new material from now until the end: https://pastebin.com/6nAS6Ldd
Sorry for the short update.
>You're cold and wet, and it's starting to get very uncomfortable in this weather.
>Swallowing your pride, you hug Twilight's left foreleg.
>"That's the little filly I know and love. Come on, let's get a hot bath running for you."
>She hoists you up onto her back.
"B-back at the castle?"
>Your teeth are chattering.
>"Well, no… it probably isn't safe there."
"Is it safe anywhere?"
>"No, not really…"
"Celestia wanted you to go after the two groups that are doing this."
>She chuckles.
>With a flash, you're teleported to a high mountain peak.
>"On my morning flight, I saw this. I found the same tattoos on all of the mangled corpses that I found on those stallions that were trying to kidnap you."
>"No, it would appear they sent something nastier. I would be happy about it if there were any trace of Applebloom, she's gone. No body."
"You don't think…"
>"I do. And I've given them twice the potential mana batteries for whatever nefarious device they're building. With what they've done to us before and the incredible amount of energy that could be generated with three imperfect elements… well, it leaves a pit in my stomach."
"Well, you can take care of them, right?"
>"That's a no. Even with all six Elements of Harmony, I wouldn't barge in there. Knowing Pinkie, I'd better keep a close eye on the others. Get them all in a cabin somewhere up north, she only would've done herself in if the alternative were unspeakable…"
>You shiver in the cold, and Twilight takes notice.
>"Right… well, let's get that bath running and you can just sit down and have yourself a mug of something warm while I sort this out."
"I wanna help."
>"You're use-"
>She pauses, considering her words.
>"It's too dangerous."
"Too dangerous to even talk over?"
>"Well I-"
"Just hear me out, okay?"
>She nods.
"When you finally do launch that attack, we're going to need as much firepower as we can get."
>She laughs heartily.
>"You're not suggesting I let you go up against those things, are you?"
"Keep the one with the mind of a filly out of the picture, but yes. Maybe take her up to that same cabin, I dunno. Point is, I've felt useless since I've arrived here, and honestly the safest place in Equestria is right beside you. Plus, Applejack owes me a few favors."
>"What on earth do you mean by that?"
>You grin despite yourself.
"You'll see."


File: 1576341001259.png (25.09 KB, 600x900, 1575354562918.png)

Wew congratulations I'm impressed. I should brush up on the whole green.



this one i did like…5 years ago.



File: 1576345436095-0.jpg (476.77 KB, 1000x1000, 1559436958131.jpg)

>Be filly.
>Be super sneaky.
>You want to get something you can actually afford for hearts warming for your mom and aunt, and what's more affordable than underwear?
>The only issue is you have to get their size, so you're sneaking up to them while they sleep to measure a rough estimate of their flanks.
>You already got Luna, but now you're in the danger zone.
>You sneakily climb up to the bed and walk to Celestia.
>Slowly and gently you put the tape halfway around her flank so you don't have to try and tuck it under her, you'll just add what you get to itself and have the full size.
>"My dear filly, it's rude to sneak into a pony's room."
>You jump as she begins to talk in shock.
>Your hooves don't get a chance to touch the floor as you're levitated infront of her laying form.
>"And I'm sure you know the price for waking me~"
>Oh no.
"Nononon- mmf!"
>You are silenced as you're pushed against her tuft and she rest her head on your mane.
>"Oh yes yes yes, the pay is being my snuggle buddy tonight~"
>You push back against her tuft trying to break free of the soft prison, but her wings and hoofs gently hold you there.
>"Shh, don't fight it my dear~" She says in her sweat song voice, lulling you to slumber as she begins to hum a lullaby.
>You continue to fight it till your last drop of energy, but it feels like she's sapping it with the power of comfort.
"MMF! MMf! Mmmm… mmm… zzzz"
>Your mind makes a note of the size as you drift to sleep with Celestia.


So that's how underwear became such a popular style among the ponies in Canterlot.


Is it really underwear if they're not wearing anything over it?


Question for the ages


Which green should i rewrite first:

Nyx X anonfilly green: https://pastebin.com/xLU6tfS7
Retard filly green: https://pastebin.com/ST09cnJ4


File: 1576388416104.gif (227.53 KB, 150x150, 1536857550-8503824.gif)

Anything you fillies want to see drawn?


Leaf filly getting caught in Amareican filly's rake


File: 1576389002169.jpg (42.69 KB, 461x450, CloverReadingSomeMoon.JPG)

Thanks, I can make it easier for ya: https://pastebin.com/u/pon15
It's a wild fucking ride, actually reread it myself in preparation for when I started at the beginning of the thread because I want to maintain consistency in tone and style. Stay strong through the first bit, I promise it gets a bit better, heh.


-filly sipping soda with comfy look
-smug filly
-filly driving a car
-filly skating
-filly hanging from parachute


Filly and babby in christmas jumpers by the tree


Filly proving some mathematical proof on the board in cheerlie's class.


Some advanced stuff I mean.


File: 1576401655553-0.jpeg (397.76 KB, 1944x2389, 2220630.jpeg)

Filly getting railed, courtesy of that guy with the d.


File: 1576402289532.png (86.91 KB, 687x682, 1473326.png)

Imma check it out as well.


We always need more retard filly
Something like >>253194 , Babby needs more art
>Unfortunately, Anon barely passed high school
>But at least he knows the length of the hypotenuse


File: 1576434057953.jpeg (151.1 KB, 1098x1100, E38DB03A-A364-4DF7-85C9-6….jpeg)

New filly from Smoldix/Zippysqrl


I can't believe his tablet is kill




File: 1576443051650.png (108.03 KB, 973x837, acute filly.png)

ur acute!






File: 1576455243375-0.png (71.47 KB, 1608x781, Filly_Practices_Pagan_NIGG….png)

File: 1576455243375-1.png (70.62 KB, 1608x781, FappTiem.png)

Lone made these, I think.


File: 1576456141630.png (589.66 KB, 2100x1482, Redheart-Green-blur-lighti….png)


What happened to this filler? Poor thing.




>you are Chrysalis, Mother of the Swarm
>no doubt it must seem a little odd to see an unassuming earth pony lining the windows and doors of Ponyville Castle with changeling wax
>fortunately, the castle's lone occupant hasn't seen you at your work yet
>by the time she does, it'll be too late
>you'll have captured her without a single soul noticing
"Um, excuse me. Who are you?"
>speak of the devil…
"Hi! You must be Starlight Glimmer. I'm Good Housekeeping, pleased to meetcha!"
"Uh huh… and what are you doing here?"
"Oh, I'm just here to clean up some filth."
>and a great gob of green wax puts a stop to her questions

>you are Twilight Sparkle

>it's done
>you're glad that she at least managed to do it without raising any alarms in Ponyville
>one thing you now realize you failed to account for was the possibility of your friends reacting to Chrysalis on their own
>but that seems unlikely now
>and you're now aware of a possibility that this whole incident could blow over completely unnoticed
>that would be ideal, to say the least
>you doubt if most ponies would understand what you're doing here
>let alone why you have to do it
>Starlight, would have to be kept quiet, of course
>you wonder though, if you could confide your entrust your secret to her
>she of all ponies should be able to understand coping with an unpleasant past
>a twinge of discomfort strikes you as your thoughts feel eerily similar to the ones you had when you first found the Restricted Archives
>so analytical and detached, yet defensive at the same time
>not for the first time, you reflect that this was a really, really bad idea
>but it's too late to turn back
>even now, your guard is announcing the arrival of Ruby Ring and her friend
>after some brief surveilance on this mare's small network of friends, you expected to see her assistant
>or maybe her sister
>you certainly didn't expect to see…
>obviously, this whole affair was designed for Anon's benefit
>but you didn't think she'd ever respond to a direct summons to your court
>that's why you reached out to Ruby instead
>but no, there she is
>glaring at you from the base of your throne
>does she know this is about her?
>you clear your throat
"You must be Ruby. It's an honor to meet you."
>the creme-coated unicorn, slightly older than your friends, kicks at the floor like a nervous schoolfilly
>"Oh, no, princess. The honor is all mine."
>and then, bashfully
>"Ah, you must not remember me, but actually, we've met a few times before."
>have you?
>you rack your brains for a moment
"Oh, of course. You must have owned that… jewelry shop… on… Mare Street."
>the realization of who this mare actually is sinks in slowly
>Anon is staring at the floor now, and trembling
>Ruby glances down at this and looks back up nervously
>"W-well, yes, but, um, I-I was also a few grades ahead of you at the School for Gifted Unicorns."
"Oh, that's interesting. How are you with magic?"
>"Well, I'm not so special when it comes to spellcasting, but I'm precise, and I can do wonderful things with gemstones."
"So I've heard. But you must be wondering why I've called you here."
>"Heavens, yes. I can't imagine why you would ask for me, of all ponies, for a matter of the gravest importance."
"Then I'll cut to the chase. Chrysalis, queen of the old changelings, has escaped to Ponyville-"
>Anon's interjection catches you off your guard
>that, apparently, is another thing you failed to account for:
>uncomfortable questions
"I… um… don't know yet. But… she's kidnapped my friend Starlight Glimmer, and Ruby, I think that your friends are the ideal candidates to stop her-"
"Why? Don't you already have friends in Ponyville you use for this sort of thing?"
"Y-yes, but, um… I'd like to… use this as an opportunity to, um, train more groups of friends in the art of… um… stopping bad guys. It's a program called the… Friendship Rangers."
>"Friendship Rangers? Oh, my!"
"So you're risking the safety of Equestria on the off-chance that an untrained clique of middle-aged mares can be made useful?"
>"I'm not middle aged!"
"Y-you should have more faith in your friends…"
>Anon's dull glare pierces your defenses and digs up feelings best left forgotten
"…little filly."
>why did you say that?!
>she looks like she could kill you now!
>even Ruby is cringing
"Anyway, um… if you'd like to get started, just pick out four or five of your closest friends and head on down to Ponyville. Chrysalis is waiting for you in the big, tree-shaped castle; you can't miss it."
>without waiting for a response, you teleport up to your bedchamber
>and proceed to throw up again