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To protect our way of life and to prevent shills, horse pussy must be on the 1st page. Always!
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ff547 No.207454

>Well shit, guess that settles that.
"How much do you want for it?"
>"Ah-ah-ah, absolutely not, Mr. Augustulus! For you, your satisfaction is payment enough!"
>Wait, seriously?
>That can't be good for business.
>Normally this is where you'd be insisting on paying up, but once again Sweetie's look tells you that you've lost that fight before it even began.
"Well, if you insist, I guess."
>"Please, come by tomorrow at your earliest convenience, Mr. Augustulus, and I'll have it all ready for you!"
"Sure, just one condition."
>"A-a condition? Whatever would that be?"
>Max persuade, come on.
"My dad is Mr. Augustulus, Ms. Rarity. Just my first name will do."
>Never felt right, stealing his limelight like that.
>Oh God she's getting all teary-eyed.
>"Ohh, h-how very humble of you, sir! I-I didn't realize you felt that way!"
>Well yeah, but not enough for the waterworks!
>"V-very well, if you insist, Mr. Anonymous!"
>Well, you guess it worked out anyway.
"Thanks. No guarantees about tomorrow though, schedule's very touch-and-go."
>"Oh don't worry yourself about that, Mr. Anonymous! Whenever you're free!"
"Alright, sounds good."
>"Aaaaaand that's seven!" Sweetie calls out with the stopwatch in view. "Great job, Rarity!"
>"Wonderful! Ohh, still a ways until six minutes however! Perfection never sleeps!"
>Sheesh, that can't be good for her stress levels.
>"Be a dear and see him out, Sweetie! Thank you for your time today, Mr. Anonymous!"
"Uhh, no problem."
>Is it weird that you actually kinda meant that?
>Sweetie sees you out, where a very unamused twat laid with both folded swimwear and a boxed-up dress floating in her magic.
>"Ah, back already you two?" Twilight calls out.
>"Yeah, it went well," Sweetie replies.
>Bizarrely well.
>"All right then, let's head back everypony!"
>Oh yes please.
>Once again giving your thanks to that capeless hero known as Sweetie, you give your farewells and trudge back to the castle with your water-safe attire in tow.
>"All right," Twilight starts the moment you set foot in the castle, "Both of you get changed and meet back here, okay?"
>"Twilight seriously, I don't want to--"
>"You'll be fine, Flurry."
>Did she just look nervous there for a moment?
"Wait, how far do we have to go for this?"
>"Oh not far, it's the lake just outside the castle."
"Oh, okay. Back in a few."
>That's plenty doable.
>Your cellmate doesn't follow as you head back to your room, and already you find towels and sunscreen laid out on your bed.
>That works.
>Getting into your form-fitting swim shorts has the expected degenerate Chad bulge going on at full throttle, so yeah, fuck that noise with an RGL-220 full of incendiaries.
>Though you do keep the nice shirt on when you switch over to the trunks.
>They're even styled in expectation of that.
>Good shit.
>Heading to the door with towel and lotion in tow, you're met with the door opening to the face of your roommate.
>In the split second you see her face in that moment, she actually looks kinda nervous.
>Then she flips to anger and pushes past you, storming her way to the bathroom.
>Well fuck her too then, you guess.
>Too bad all of your PMS jokes don't work on ponies.
>Anyway, off to the foyer you go.
>Spike and Starlight are already waiting there, and she still looks as disgruntled as ever.
>Your neighbour comes trotting out in her own swimsuit: a light blue, short-sleeved, form-fitting, full body affair.
>Y'know, that's weird.
>Ponies don't normally wear swimsuits, and both Twilight and that Starlight aren't wearing suits either.
>What's her deal then, more clothes autism?
>"All right everypony, let's head out!" Twilight calls.
>Finally, something you want to take part in!
>The whole group heads on out, and Twilight goes ahead and takes the lead, firing off several beams of magic at the very clear but still obviously artificial lake.
>Even has a sandbar off to one side!
>Man, and people want swimming pools?
>You'd love something like this back at home!
>While everyone does their own thing, you go right ahead and trudge your way into the water with no time to waste.
>If only there were a diving board, but you'll take what you can get.
>Ohh man, it's even all warmed up and everything?
>That must've been from the spells she was shooting at it before!
>Oh fuck yeah boi, this is just what the doctor ordered!
>It doesn't take very long at all for you to hit your stride in the water, going right for the other end of the lake.
>Part of you wishes it was longer, but hey, it's already a hell of a lot longer than the pools back home!
>And isn't chlorinated.
>That helps too.
>A lot.
>Once that first lap has you all warmed up, you really start powering through the laps in the water, trying your damndest to actually wear yourself down for once here.
>Of course, you do stop for a moment on the return laps to take stock of what your unwelcome entourage is up to.
>That Starlight is all cozied up to Spike on a floating bed, only breaking their constant goo-goo eye routine to nuzzle up or kiss.
>Turning swiftly away from the draconic miscegenation hour nets you the sight of Twilight paddling around in the water, beckoning over your cellmate.
>Well, trying to anyways.
>You didn't think much of it on your first lap around.
>The second lap had her up to her knees in the water, Twilight's beckoning never stopping.
>But the third?
>Oh, you had to stop for that one.
>Her wings were spread out and her neck was craned up, doing their very best to stay above the now chest-high water she was standing in.
>It didn't take a politician to figure out she was close to freaking out.
>Nor did it take a swimming enthusiast to figure out what she was about to freak out over.
>Her eyes briefly shoot over to you, and that's apparently enough to make her flip.

ff547 No.207457

>She bolts out of the water with a big flap of her wings, taking a moment to get her breathing steady and her legs to stop shaking once she lands back on solid ground.
>Twilight paddles her way out of the water to help console her, something quickly rebuked with a bat of her wings and an angry yet inaudible screech.
>Yeah, you're gonna dive over for this.
>And that's exactly what you do, taking a breath and submarining over towards the two.
>You crawl your way underwater once you run out of swimming room, eventually poking your head up out of the water.
>Man it is so tough to keep yourself from gasping for air, but in the name of stealth, you manage.
>However, there's now a bunch of new ponies approaching from off in the distance that weren't there before.
>One of them you recognized as that Sweetie Belle from before, the other two being some orange pegasus and a yellow dirt horse.
>Obvious dyke and hick, respectively.
>"Just leave me alone, Twilight!" your cellmate screeches at the horse in question. "I've had enough, just send me home already!"
>"You know I can't do that, Flurry."
>"Yes you can! The train stop's literally right--!"
>"Flurry. This is not up for discussion."
>"Neither was you trying to drown me!"
>Twilight just noticed the approaching trio, and waved over to them.
>"Hi there, girls!"
>"Hey Twilight," they all reply in unison.
>That twat looks relieved to see them at first, but quickly becomes concerned.
>"Wh-what are you three doing here?"
>"Nice tah see yew too," the hick horse deadpans in the most typical yet somehow endearing country voice imaginable.
>"What do you think we're doing here?" the orange horse shoots back in the most typical and very grating sporty dyke voice imaginable. "Hitting the lake, duh!"
>"Sorry if we were interrupting anything," Sweetie apologizes like a total pro. "I just thought you'd want somepony to hang out with here, is all."
>"It's no trouble at all, Sweetie," Twilight chirps. "It's nice to see all of you."
>"Likewise. You too, Anon."
"Yeah, good to see you."
>Sweetie is the only one that doesn't jump upon suddenly realizing you were there, lying in the shore water with your head being the only thing sticking up.
>"What are you doing there?!" your cellmate screeches, the feathers flying from her sudden jump still fluttering through the air.
>"Anon!" Twilight chides, or at least tries to. "How long were you there?"
"Does it matter?"
>Without waiting for her to reply, you stand up to your full height, the cool air chilling the water still trying to drain off of your skin.
>So good.
>Twilight goes ahead and arranges for introductions to happen, all while your cellmate just sits off to the side in a huff, with a foul look and a fouler mood to match.
>Apparently, these three call themselves the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
>You don't ask, they don't tell.
>"So, ahh, Mr. Prince?" that Applebloom asks of you.
"Just Anon's fine."
>"So y'all are here fer a vacation, Mr. Anon?"
"Yeah sure, let's go with that."
>"But it's Hearthswarming."
"In my field, there's no such thing as Hearthswarming breaks."
>But there is such a thing as terrible fucking parents who imprison you with a foreign leader's kid in a foreign leader's territory, but hey, they don't need to know that.
"Funny, thought this place would be covered in snow by now. Just looks like fall to me here so far."
>"Yeah, weather factory's been on strike for the longest time," that ever-so-grating Scootaloo answers. "We only just got things together for the big dump tomorrow, but Winter Wrap-up is only three weeks from then."
>You did remember reading something about that.
"I'm both impressed and disturbed at how a goddamn strike can just stop winter from happening."
>"What, you jealous?"
>Definitely the least favourite of the three.
"I kinda like my weather to take my by surprise."
>"Yeah, that's what she sai-- Ow!"
>Her predictable joke is stopped by a brief hit to the head from Applebloom.
>Can't decide yet if she's second worst or second best.
>"Anyways, I wanted to ask you something Twilight," Sweetie pipes up.
>"Oh, what is it?"
>"Would you mind if we could take Flurry out into town tomorrow? It's been so long, after all…"
>Instantly you can see Twilight's stringent planning autism warring with her obvious friendship with these three in her eyes.
>Yeah, 'Princess of Friendship'?
>You'd have to be retarded to not see what'll win out.
>The princess being spoken about, however, brightens considerably and turns towards the young trio.
>"Ohhhhmygosh, yes please," she groans.
>Hah, you might actually get some time away from--!
>Anon, come on.
>You know better than this by now.
>"On one condition," Twilight finally says with a small knowing smile. "That you take Anon with you."
>Yep, there it is.
>Fucking knew she'd keikaku you into this somehow.
>"What?!" that dumb cunt shrieks. "Ohh no, no no no no no no! No! He is not coming with me!"
>"Flurry," Twilight once again intones.
>Sweetie's smile is diplomatic as can be, but her eyes betray how much she's enjoying the display.
>Applebloom rolls her eyes like she's seen this shit a million times already, and Scootaloo just snickers at the display.
>"Now, will there be any problems with that, Anon?" Twilight asks.
"Not one," you shoot back.
>You'd expected to be stuck with that stuck-up yet surprisingly redpilled twat horse for a while now.
>Really, the central figure of suffering here is Twilight and company.
>Getting away from her is quite the plus in your book, even if it's only for a day.
>"Then that settles it," she declares. "Oh, you two will be good friends in no time!"
>"Over my dead body," the princess in question grumbles while glaring your way.

ff547 No.207458

>As much as you'd like to just never see her again, that's not an option here.
>But you'll be damned if you're going to make it an easy win for fucking dad.
>"Well, I think we've got about another hour left down here before we'll head back!"
"Fine by me."
>Today's been really good, all things considered.
>"Sure you don't want to go for another swim, Flurr--?"
"More for me, then."
>Off into the water you wade.
>"Hey Anon," that Scootaloo calls out, wading out along with you. "Wanna race?"
>Race, huh?
>Yep, there's the fucking competitive glint in her eye.
>You'll abstain from answering for the moment, just to see what she does.
>"What, afraid I'll win?" she continues, getting mighty cocky at an accelerated rate.
"At losing? Absolutely."
>She recoils a little, surprised at getting the shade thrown right back at her.
"Aww, what's wrong? Lost your nerve already?"
>"N-no! I'm just--"
"Admiring what peak performance looks like? Well, try not to stare."
>"Ohh it's on now, your majesty!"
"That has yet to be seen."

>The door to your bedroom flies open.

>Whew, what a day!
>New digs for tomorrow, got your swim on, and wouldn't you know it, Twilight's night 'activity' for the day was a movie night.
>Unfortunately, Starlight got to pick the movie after you and your roommate both suggested The Griffon Centipede and An Arimaspi Film as candidates.
>Not your fault she's a thin-skinned pleb who can't appreciate high art.
>But when she picked, oh boy was she picking to spite you.
>So of course she picked Scaled, and continued her couple routine with Spike all throughout just like when they were on the water.
>Twilight of course made you stay put and suffer through it, something Starlight always made sure to shoot evil little grins your way about.
>At least the home theatre here was bitching, and sported a proper oil popcorn machine.
>Dinner was lighter as a result but oh boy was it so much better.
>Both in substance and in show.
>Your cellmate opted to take over cooking the meat this time around, and unlike Starlight she wasn't afraid to sample the goods herself.
>You mean, ponies never eating meat was always kind of a meme, but them disliking it is not.
>Acquired taste, you think it was, and something about every horse race except mud horses being whole protein intolerant.
>Most ponies being allergic to soy will never not be funny to you.
>Anyway, she was super eager to show off her meat eating abilities by doling out some of her pulled pork for herself.
>It shames you to say that it was fucking amazing.
>Okay, new train of thought, stat.
>To the shower you go, where the memory of destroying that Scootaloo in that swimming race comes back to you.
>Ponies swim slower than humans, so you weren't sure where that confidence of hers was coming from.
>Turns out she had this actually pretty neat trick where she buzzed her somewhat small wings such that it propelled her forward, using her legs to keep her afloat and steer.
>As neat as it was, and as fast as she went at first, her endurance problems became apparent once she reached the halfway mark.
>After that, you were the victor by a considerable margin.
>God, you still remember her grumbling about a rematch as she left.
>She's welcome to keep trying.
>Man, today's been great.
>Please for the love of God say that tomorrow will be like this.
>For once, can things go well for you?
>Once you're out of the shower and ready for bed, you're stopped by your frowning roommate.
>"Do not fuck tomorrow up for me."
"Don't fuck it up for you? I'd prefer if tomorrow didn't fuck up at all."
>"I'm serious, asshole. I haven't spent any time with them this last year."
"Lemmie guess, old friends of yours or something?"
>"None of your damn business."
"So that's a yes, then."
>"You say that like it's some kind of big secret."
"Fair point, but then why get all snippy about it?"
>"Oh whatever," she snorts.
"By the way," you start, unable to believe these words are coming out of your mouth, "Nice job on the food tonight."
>Yeah, she blinks a little bit, as disbelieving as you are that you just said that.
>"Uhh, thanks?"
"If only breakfast could be so fuck-up free."
>"Okay, what's with you all of a sudden? Don't tell me you're actually starting to enjoy staying here?"
"Hell yes I'm enjoying it. My fucking dad's not breathing down my neck for once. I can't remember the last time that happened."
>"Did you forget about the part where we're fucking locked up here?" she shoots back, her volume rising.
"I've got no control over the situation as it is. Why not enjoy what little the ride's got to offer?"
>"What's your fucking--? Augh, whatever!" she snorts. "Just shut up and go to sleep, and so help me Epona, if you fuck this up…!"
"Yeah yeah, you'll use your daddy issues powers against me. I'm shaking."
>"Mind projecting a little less, princey-pie? You're dazzling me over here."
"You really need to stop stealing my schtick. Now if you don't mind, listen close the sound of me hitting the sack."
>And hit the sack you do.
>"Oh my fucking sweet merciful Epona you're the fucking worst and I hate you!"
"Sorry, did you want me to go to sleep, or did you want to talk? Pick one and only one."
>She screeches, but doesn't do anything but grumble less than flattering shit about you after that.
>About the only thing you do hear from her after that is her bed creaking from being jumped on.
>You meanwhile are feeling too damn good to care.
>Only thing that's missing is being able to break this impromptu nofap streak.
>In fact, that and the good vibes are the only things keeping you awake for longer than you'd like.
>Soon enough, Anon, soon enough.
>Once you're home.
>Once the pony thots are gone.
>Before you know it, you nod off to sleep.

ff547 No.207463

File: 1551251254474.gif (1.28 MB, 323x254, 1495200092894.gif)

I almost, almost gave myself shit for a slow update rate, until I realized just how much I'd written up. I daresay I'm getting my groove for this back on. Take that, winter!
As always, thanks for tuning in, and I'll see you in just a few moments.

ff547 No.207477

File: 1551252601702.png (128.68 KB, 1313x824, 1491163018240.png)

And here we are, finally got around to Pastebinning this story. Have some horrifying degeneracy to go with it.

On the off chance you got lured here from /mlp/, let me be the first to welcome you to /mlpol/. Enjoy your stay, you're here forever.

b5976 No.207600

Yeah, you lured me here. Good story. Please keep plugging the update over there and updating the bin. I can't stay. Not that I don't appreciate the thread's porn but it's too much to safely browse on my phone while on break.

b5976 No.207707

Thank you for keeping up with the porn. I'm on a bit of a MILF/Cougar kick at the moment. I'd love to see some more Stellar Flare, Stormy Flare, Sassy Saddles and/or Harshwhinny. Hooves or No Hooves, I can't seem to find enough of these ladies.

9b943 No.207733

This has been very, very fun to read.
I'mean looking forward to the next update.

48dca No.209298

File: 1552056745318.jpg (142.02 KB, 1280x1280, 1016577 - Derpy_Hooves Fri….jpg)

b3d9c No.211246

File: 1552682741836.png (368.2 KB, 535x468, wincest.png)

c5879 No.211292

File: 1552691478376-0.png (7.36 MB, 2337x3500, 1983635__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552691478376-1.png (7.55 MB, 2337x3500, 1983642__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552691478376-2.png (1.23 MB, 3000x2208, 1985429__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552691478376-3.jpg (1.84 MB, 3326x3000, 1982613__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1552691478376-4.png (6.12 MB, 3300x2550, 1982560__explicit_artist-c….png)

I have come back from the grave to continue my bumping duties.

71645 No.211298

Gibe moar!

c5879 No.211304

File: 1552692645038-0.png (2.16 MB, 3500x3500, 1982410__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552692645038-1.png (1.01 MB, 2484x2136, 1982399__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552692645038-2.jpg (31.7 KB, 540x699, 1982383__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1552692645038-3.png (4.62 MB, 6000x4286, 1982361__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552692645038-4.jpg (410.29 KB, 2432x2660, 1981426__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

Normally I'd ask you to say the magic word, but I might as well to make up a little for the days I missed.

c5879 No.211307

File: 1552692774561-0.jpg (1.97 MB, 2000x1500, 1980206__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1552692774561-1.png (3.97 MB, 2960x2380, 1979950__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552692774561-2.png (3.98 MB, 2960x2380, 1979954__explicit_alternat….png)

File: 1552692774561-3.jpg (48.91 KB, 520x504, 1979852__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1552692774561-4.png (4.68 MB, 3000x3892, 1979185__explicit_artist-c….png)

c5879 No.211308

File: 1552692906980-0.png (2.39 MB, 2000x1200, 1978821__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552692906980-1.gif (8.98 MB, 1118x1070, 1978587__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1552692906980-2.png (5.32 MB, 3500x4031, 1978018__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552692906981-3.jpg (137.96 KB, 955x1351, 1977795__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1552692906981-4.jpg (2.69 MB, 1950x3418, 1976599__questionable_alte….jpg)

c5879 No.211311

File: 1552693015810-0.png (1.19 MB, 2227x4000, 1974823__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552693015810-1.gif (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, 1976731__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1552693015810-2.png (1.52 MB, 3000x3000, 1973229__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552693015810-3.jpg (190.94 KB, 2048x2048, 1973622__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1552693015810-4.png (508.98 KB, 1000x1200, 1973489__explicit_artist-c….png)

c5879 No.211313

File: 1552693122547-0.jpg (266.74 KB, 1768x1749, 1973391__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1552693122547-1.jpg (237.68 KB, 1280x1280, 1973565__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1552693122547-2.png (379 KB, 1300x800, 1973188__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552693122547-3.png (1.74 MB, 1768x2100, 1972860__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552693122547-4.png (4.24 MB, 3089x3049, 1972579__explicit_artist-c….png)

c5879 No.211646

File: 1552772094412-0.png (361.58 KB, 1600x1590, 1948026__explicit_alternat….png)

File: 1552772094412-1.png (3.66 MB, 2100x6000, 1844388__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552772094412-2.png (1.65 MB, 1885x1922, 1917393__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552772094412-3.png (2.25 MB, 3000x2725, 1974832__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552772094412-4.png (511.61 KB, 1156x1650, 1982271__explicit_artist-c….png)

b3d9c No.211920

File: 1552843793674.png (2.77 MB, 2500x3042, 1500492755107.png)

9b943 No.211960

File: 1552848291665-0.png (2.46 MB, 2415x1900, 1988249.png)

c5879 No.211998

File: 1552856603623-0.png (1.36 MB, 2048x1952, 1986148__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552856603623-1.png (1.45 MB, 2000x2000, 1986124__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552856603623-2.png (1.63 MB, 1894x2110, 1986128__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552856603623-3.png (1.76 MB, 2084x1918, 1986138__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552856603623-4.png (1.72 MB, 2119x1887, 1986145__explicit_artist-c….png)

Today's bump will feature the artistic works of Ritter.

c5879 No.212303

File: 1552949167866-0.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 1988982__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552949167866-1.gif (1.43 MB, 600x606, 1988986__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1552949167866-2.png (1.78 MB, 2278x1828, 1988925__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552949167866-3.png (3.1 MB, 2480x2574, 1988913__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1552949167866-4.png (7.97 MB, 6424x4738, 1988816__explicit_artist-c….png)

c5879 No.212632

File: 1553039394262-0.jpg (114.54 KB, 1550x1400, 1982984__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1553039394262-1.jpg (169.42 KB, 2100x1545, 1983023__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1553039394262-2.png (1.55 MB, 1076x1400, 1985615__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553039394263-3.jpg (159.59 KB, 724x1024, 1980547__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1553039394263-4.png (3.98 MB, 3000x3508, 1973416__explicit_artist-c….png)

f3113 No.212851

Wow… I scroll through this whole thread and there's almost none of my art here, like maybe 1 picture and that's it.

I thought I was more popular than that, god damn.
There's even worse artist's work being posted here.
What on earth did I do wrong to go under the radar this much?

189e7 No.212854

File: 1553114815950.png (241.71 KB, 644x745, a cunt all yer life.png)


who is this

f3113 No.212856

Don't worry about it.

I gotta step up my game.

9b943 No.212857

Post pics

f3113 No.212868

File: 1553119358417-0.jpeg (295.08 KB, 2660x2000, 1978992.jpeg)

File: 1553119358417-1.png (1.67 MB, 1400x1394, zippysqrlcomm.png)

File: 1553119358417-2.png (1.44 MB, 1695x2072, berthday.png)


f3113 No.212869

File: 1553119503881-0.jpeg (623.85 KB, 1893x2000, 1780301.jpeg)

File: 1553119503881-1.png (6.03 MB, 2266x1720, MEGA_FUCK_1_.png)

File: 1553119503881-2.png (611.3 KB, 1280x1311, tumblr_phy8737Fib1sfogzao3….png)

File: 1553119503881-3.png (697.37 KB, 1280x1702, tumblr_phy8737Fib1sfogzao2….png)

f3113 No.212870

File: 1553119831338-0.jpg (218.96 KB, 1250x1920, tumblr_ontaofVOyR1tmpg65o1….jpg)

File: 1553119831338-1.png (607.59 KB, 1498x1232, 2373063_SugarlessPaints_st….png)

File: 1553119831338-2.jpg (269.03 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pd23hmqVMc1rp2vg5o2….jpg)

71645 No.212873

File: 1553120882639.png (345.99 KB, 1369x1746, 1552107932581.png)

1f715 No.212912

File: 1553129195649-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.78 KB, 1319x820, IMG_3247.JPG)

File: 1553129195649-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.12 KB, 1868x635, IMG_3248.JPG)

47716 No.212918

Purple why

c5879 No.212946

File: 1553135491269-0.png (3.66 MB, 3020x3020, 1978322__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553135491269-1.png (546.19 KB, 1164x1168, 1984310__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553135491269-2.png (1.03 MB, 3000x3000, 1989404__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553135491269-3.png (2.61 MB, 2253x3000, 1971716__explicit_alternat….png)

File: 1553135491269-4.jpg (162.67 KB, 1569x1971, 1987845__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

I normally just look for whatever has been recently added to Derpi when looking for bump material. Sometimes I'll stumble across a tag or an artist tag and find enough from that to make a themed bump, but mostly it's just random images. If you care that much, it would help to at least give a name or an example of your work, if you want to see more of your stuff represented here.

f3113 No.213088

But then it would be a result of shilling myself, which is cheating.

I guess it would help if I posted more frequently, but for the past year or so my post frequency has been fairly low due to being busy with not-art stuff, and the fact that a lot of my stuff can take a while to produce means I'm pretty spread out and infrequent. Shrug.

If I'd give any kind of hint to who I am, it'd be to go lookin' through the deepthroat tag, and post more of that stuff in here, cus it is 👌💯💦💦

f3113 No.213093

File: 1553167609561-0.gif (4.02 MB, 800x509, 1986534.gif)

File: 1553167609561-1.png (164.62 KB, 1461x1242, 1788260.png)

File: 1553167609561-2.png (861.8 KB, 1280x875, 1805318.png)

File: 1553167609561-3.png (1.23 MB, 2000x2000, 1832422.png)

189e7 No.213104

File: 1553175684907.jpg (44.47 KB, 640x960, aryan crocodile and crab r….jpg)


Smoldix disavowed for abuse and goreposting

6e136 No.213126








71645 No.213146

>gif 1

c5879 No.213161

File: 1553197275880-0.gif (2.17 MB, 900x900, 1240239__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1553197275880-1.gif (954.78 KB, 1000x1006, 1101601__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1553197275880-2.gif (18.44 MB, 1440x1080, 1343200__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1553197275880-3.png (943.35 KB, 1280x1862, 1866810__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553197275880-4.gif (9.13 MB, 1000x1300, 1601939__explicit_artist-c….gif)

So, I guess you don't care that much, then. Anyways, you have good taste in porn, so here's some of the S U C C for ya.

c5879 No.213166

File: 1553197512389-0.png (737.62 KB, 1280x880, 1824189__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553197512389-1.png (480.42 KB, 1141x694, 1235404__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553197512389-2.gif (545.48 KB, 935x643, 1735799__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1553197512389-3.png (1.47 MB, 1500x2865, 1568846__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553197512389-4.png (1.3 MB, 2000x1475, 1149693__explicit_artist-c….png)

c5879 No.213171

File: 1553197783933-0.gif (15.86 MB, 1200x1080, 1577422__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1553197783933-1.gif (2.18 MB, 603x1050, 1687483__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1553197783933-2.png (1.61 MB, 1280x1900, 1376070__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553197783933-3.gif (3.41 MB, 896x768, 796763__explicit_artist-co….gif)

File: 1553197783933-4.gif (19.53 MB, 1260x800, 1835091__explicit_artist-c….gif)

1f715 No.213185

File: 1553203752954.jpg (187.13 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_3074.JPG)

Where did you disappear to? i haven't seen you in the filly thread for ages.

c5879 No.213437

File: 1553294290601-0.png (1.21 MB, 1592x1397, 1991847__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553294290601-1.jpg (418.96 KB, 2016x1512, 1992379__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1553294290601-2.jpg (191.99 KB, 1280x1820, 1992349__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1553294290602-3.png (1.12 MB, 2415x1280, 1985417__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553294290602-4.png (9.1 MB, 4979x4149, 1987538__explicit_artist-c….png)

c5879 No.213517

File: 1553325776845-0.png (509.65 KB, 743x883, 1991180__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553325776845-1.png (11.87 MB, 8186x6614, 1992351__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553325776845-2.jpg (232.57 KB, 1166x1200, 1991927__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1553325776845-3.jpg (323.66 KB, 2000x2396, 1928360__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1553325776845-4.png (1001.04 KB, 902x957, 1524739__explicit_artist-c….png)

c5879 No.213568

File: 1553360210593-0.png (863.75 KB, 2800x2800, 1992748__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553360210593-1.png (676.18 KB, 750x750, 1992736__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553360210593-2.png (239.17 KB, 1173x840, 1992724__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553360210593-3.png (1.07 MB, 1250x1250, 1992668__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553360210593-4.png (200.03 KB, 1200x1200, 1980835__explicit_artist-c….png)

ff547 No.213631

I'm alive? Had to refocus on life, and unplugged from the 'Net for a good couple of weeks. Very relaxing shit, I highly recommend it. You don't realize how high-strung you are until you unplug, let me tell you.
Updates slated to resume Sometime In The Future™.

Had me worried there old chum, thought you were deader than me. Good to see you back.
Always happy to hear I've got someone's attention. I aim to please, and continue such pleasing.
Hope you're still lurking around, Anon. I've seen your particular style of posts for the better part of over a year now, and I'd be lying if I wasn't flattered by the dedication.

ff547 No.213632

File: 1553389538768-0.jpeg (981.66 KB, 1355x2084, 1570110__explicit_artist-….jpeg)

File: 1553389538769-1.png (1.27 MB, 5000x4000, 1575538__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553389538769-2.png (1.18 MB, 1800x2100, 1561620__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553389538769-3.png (860.75 KB, 1025x1025, 1563248__explicit_alternat….png)

File: 1553389538769-4.png (882.69 KB, 1280x1125, 1564202__explicit_artist-c….png)

Wait shit, I'm supposed to bumpchad this shit, not attention whore like this is my fucking blog. Excuse me while I rectify this situation with prime waifu material.

c5879 No.213930

File: 1553548609690-0.png (3.66 MB, 5046x5000, 1994812__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1553548609690-1.jpg (2.7 MB, 2295x2417, 1994596__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1553548609690-2.png (15.54 MB, 8186x5788, 1990236__explicit_alternat….png)

File: 1553548609690-3.jpg (2.37 MB, 5000x4000, 1989235__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1553548609690-4.png (4.47 MB, 2228x2900, 1993305__explicit_artist-c….png)

9b943 No.213979

File: 1553563190878-0.png (228.73 KB, 1280x1416, 1156093.png)

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