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99eec No.87000[Last 50 Posts]

The Adventure continues

Six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The Eastside Tavern Gang has broken through the house and pool-house of the politician Comte Burgher. What they found has been nothing short of astonishing. Deeds for properties bought by secret societies, seditious communications, cryptic booklets, concerning academic interests, and above all else, a sex dungeon with two young colts chained up, and traumatized. With these, they found something else: two caged and chained up adolescent Changeling drones. So doing what any logically minded group of people would do when encountering caged life-force vampires, they let the things suck on them, then took them home and hugged them and loved them and squeezed them and called them 'George.'

Dark Star is coming to terms with loss in the Stallion's room of the Eastside tavern, while Iron aids him. Silver dreams of an Equestria that is no more and his long lost family (while sleeping in a fairly awkward position). Ash awaits a new dawn of service, Onyx a new life of possible employment, while Brie and Spark stay in a small room with two strange guests

0b15d No.87001

First for sleeping in Blue's soft belly fluff.

0b15d No.87002

Anyways, rollcall for new bread?

e60d2 No.87003

Woah, good thing I looked at the overboard.

0b15d No.87004

Yeah, I don't know why /vx/ glitches like it does, where posts on the board don't show up on the main page.

e60d2 No.87005

>/vx/ glitching
Oh that's just the /x/ from /vx/
Cuz it's paranormal

e60d2 No.87008

I told you.

e60d2 No.87010

No need to delet stoopid posts. It's part of the charm.

75753 No.87011

Ah. New bread. I didn't notice at first.

e60d2 No.87012

Quick question. Did you make your character fall asleep?

75753 No.87013

I had. Though I placed him at the door on purpose to be woken up in case I was needed, and to keep certain trouble makers inside the room.

e60d2 No.87014

Good. That leaves Star and Iron remaining to end the day. Brie was pretty eager to do so.

b0983 No.87015

So we're waiting on you then? Hurry the fuck up faggot

e60d2 No.87016

Can't. Dark Star is non-responsive and Iron commited to a heartfelt discussion about feelings.

b0983 No.87017

>we're having a moment
Quit being a faggot

e60d2 No.87018

Even if Iron decides to go to sleep, eaving the edgy horse alone in the bathroom to brood, that still leaves Star awake, you do know that?

e60d2 No.87019


b0983 No.87020

>Even if I wasn't being a faggot, there's another player being a faggot! We HAVE to wait on HIM

99eec No.87021

I mean, Dark Star could wake up later than the others

e60d2 No.87022

Well, yeah. It won't change things if Iron goes to sleep since Star is still canonically awake.
Any suggestions on how to deal with this conundrum?

99eec No.87023

Like what are you all even wanting to do? Most things can be done without other players, some things directly affect other players and would make things awkward, and some absolutely require other players. I don't know what players intend, and so I don't know how what is intended can be accommodated. I can't accommodate what I don't know

e60d2 No.87024

Brie just wants to go to the next day. This is stopped by Iron and Star not being asleep, and the problem may originate by:
a- Star's player is still not here.
b- I feel that, in-game, it would be a dick move to just leave Star brooding in there with just encouraging to confess his tragedies to Skies.
If b is not an issue and Iron can walk out without problems, then a remains, which by your suggestion, it implies that it can be disregarded. It's up to you if b is important enough of an issue to halt the game.
I wonder what's taking Star's player so long. He should be here by now. Talk about random chance.

99eec No.87025

>Wonders if maybe should have continued with the Silver dream

75753 No.87026

Probably. I like hearing about his family.

0b15d No.87027


384bb No.87028

Eh, I guess it isn’t that important then

22ca1 No.87029

"yea that might help."
Dark Star walks over to the bathroom door and peeks outside and looks towards the table they were sitting at

22ca1 No.87030

oh i guess im not welcome anymore…

75753 No.87031

You are welcome. Brie's player was just impatient.

22ca1 No.87032

he wouldnt have to wait on me if i didnt play.

384bb No.87033

There you are!

Silver and Blue Skies are still there. Silver has laid down in the booth, with his head resting on Blue Skies’ lap. He seems to be asleep. Blue Skies is reading what seems to be material collected from Comte’s house while petting the sleeping Silver

75753 No.87034

If you didn't play, there would be no Blue Skies, no mayor running against the socialist party, and no main story. He would have to wait because there would be no game.

0b15d No.87035

I mean, I'm always up for stuff to do using Silver, but it's not necessary to the story.

22ca1 No.87036

Im sure he could do all that stuff

75753 No.87037

No he can't. You are the only one for the roll. Who else will raise Blue Skies' foals? And don't you say he can.

22ca1 No.87038

Dark Stars eyes widen when he sees this he thinks to himself "my thought from earlier has been realized" so he shuts the door gently walks back over to iron says "i wasn't in the bathroom when you came looking for me,got it?" then Dark Star walks over to the window and climbs out then he walks 5 blocks over and curls up in an alley with some discarded newspapers like he used to do.

75753 No.87039

Would there be a window there which can be accessed by a pony?

384bb No.87040

Irons turn, respond >>87038

inside of the bathroom? No. American restaraunt bathrooms never have windows

And the band played on

384bb No.87041

Dice rollRolled 1

22ca1 No.87042

Whatever then Dark Star goes to sleep in the stall closest to the back wall

99eec No.87043

But in any event he is just going to ditch her?

e60d2 No.87044

Iron rolls his eyes. "Are you serious? You are just going to give up again on Skies? I know. It irks me too how physical the two are, but you cannot just lay down and take it."

22ca1 No.87045

"she'll find a better stallion eventually. i'm not good enough for her. i mean look at her beauty, i couldn't protect her or any foals she has, i couldn't even protect my own family i deserve to be alone."
He's a sad boi right now hes not thinking clearly

e60d2 No.87046

"That is false. Everypony can defend themselves with all the tools of war at their disposal, or are you going to tell me your two guns you used back at the catacombs are useless? Besides, the way Skies kissed you in that boat. She is eager to quell the same loneliness you have. You are practically made for each other." Iron moves closer to the stall. "I know losing your family hurts. Gods know I would not be here if that were the case, but you have the chance to come back. To resurface. To laugh at life's face and be happy in spite of your tragic past. Because right now you are acting like a deadpony, all passive and unwilling to risk your own hide to compete against an old stallion." He peeks into the stall. "Do you know what Skies said to me? She would be your foals first. Now tell me, are you going to separate with her after what she told me? You are only passing your pain to her, you know."

e60d2 No.87047

*are you going to break up with her

22ca1 No.87048

>You are only passing your pain to her, you know.
"I Am?"

e60d2 No.87049

"Yes. She cares about you, Star. Who do you think sent me here? She would freak if I found you beaten up in here, maybe go on a revenge if she can." Iron extends a hoof into the stall. "Now come on, let us go back at the table. You should tell all of this to Skies. Do not cower at the chance of disagreement with your mare."

22ca1 No.87050

DS takes Iron's Hoof "i believe i told her about it before."

e60d2 No.87051

Iron pulls Star out of the stall gently. "I think I remember. You got a nice back massage afterwards." He looks to the side. "I suspect it is not just Skies, right? You were pretty angry at the foals we rescued, give their 'nature'."

22ca1 No.87052

"those are not foals"

e60d2 No.87053

"Right. Nevermind that. To the table we shall go." Iron wraps a foreleg around Star's shoulders and proceeds to carry him to the table.

22ca1 No.87054


e60d2 No.87055

More like lead you to your destination.

0b15d No.87056

I think he means he's leading you out to the table.

e60d2 No.87057

By the way, did your dream end already Silver?

0b15d No.87058

If he gets woken up, I suppose it would.

e60d2 No.87059

I suppose you left it on pause, then.

22ca1 No.87060

"hey, thanks iron,you're a good pony."

99eec No.87061

Assuming they actually do go over to the table, Blue Skies looks up as they approach

"Oh good, you two are back finally. I was worried I'd have to go into the Stallion's bathroom myself to see if you two had been ambushed or coltnapped or something"

e60d2 No.87062

"Do not thank me. I did not do anything." Iron shakes his head.
Iron sits at the table. "I know what you mean." He is quiet for a bit, then a small yawn.

22ca1 No.87063

Dark Star Laughs
"i cant be coltnapped. although i did think about taking a colt nap"

99eec No.87064

"Dark Star must have really done violence to that poor toilet"

22ca1 No.87065

"the toilet will never be the same."

99eec No.87066

She laughs
"I think we will need to leave soon enough"

e60d2 No.87067

Iron shakes his head. He looks down at the sleeping Silver. "Do you mind if I take Silver upstairs to his room? As much as you want to preach it is fine for him to sleep there, you cannot really move with him there."

99eec No.87068


*poke. poke. poke*
"Wakey wakey*

0b15d No.87069

"…ehm…mmh…" Silver nuzzles a little into her stomach from the attempt to wake him up. "…do not go…Storm…not…yet…" Slowly he manages to wake up, looking a little disorientated as he lifts his head off of Blue's lap. "…wha'? Something wrong?"

22ca1 No.87070

"yea its about time to head back to the headquarters."

e60d2 No.87071

"Yes, you are drooling." Iron snickers. "Come on, they need to go back. Go to your bed." He hands over his hoof for Silver to stand up.

0b15d No.87072

He pauses to wipe the drool off his face once Iron says this. "Uh…sorry if I drooled on you, Blue. You make for great pillow." Silver grabs onto Iron's hoof to get up out of his seat, grunting. "Thank you, Iron."

99eec No.87073

The image of the old Equestria and of his beloved wife Storm Warning fades, and the mare he saw and felt is replaced with an inferior substitute

He looks up to see Blue Skies smiling at him, though he could already see her fur and some other parts of her intended for foals from his position

"Haha, were you hoping for somepony else? I am sorry to disappoint"

"Yes, we should go soon"

e60d2 No.87074

"Right. Now go to an actual bed." Iron titls his head sideways to where the stairs are at. "The foals may want their saviour in there."

0b15d No.87075

"No, I was just having good dream, is all…" Silver wipes some of the sleep from his eyes. He's a little disappointed, though it's not directed at Blue, rather it's directed at having the nice dream fade away. Even if his changeling-bitten mind was doing odd things during it.

99eec No.87076

She laughs
"And you may continue your sleep upstairs. Don't let the Changelings bite"

0b15d No.87077

He get's a good laugh out of that one, even if it's punctuated by a yawn. "Of course. I will see you three tomorrow." With a final salutation, Silver slowly waddles his way back upstairs to his room.

e60d2 No.87078

Iron puts a hoof on Skies' shoulders and leans in to whisper. "I was right about the whole 'lay head on lap' business. Be sure to address it with Star." He then leans back.

2a61f No.87079

Don't forget that this was rolled for conception a while back and by all logic Skies should already be pregnant.

e60d2 No.87080

*back and takes off his hoof off her shoulder.

22ca1 No.87081

That is if, there was a winner in the race.

99eec No.87082

It is so. He would probably hit spark when he tried to enter

"Huh. What?"

Pregnancy isn't that easy

Testing the post

e60d2 No.87083

"You shall see soon." He stands up and proceeds to exit the tavern, destination being the abbey. He wonders if he should ask the sisters about changeling feeding.

99eec No.87084

And thus he walks to the abbey and eventually arrives


e60d2 No.87085

Iron decides that there is not much of a problem. He knocks on the door of the abbey again.

e60d2 No.87086

Again as in the second time tonight

0b15d No.87087

He most definitely does.

Spark feels the door bump against him as it opens, and a hushed, apologetic voice belonging to Silver whisper out once it does so. "Черт возьми, прости!"

99eec No.87088

Dice rollRolled 1

99eec No.87089

Despite it being after midnight, a sister responds

22ca1 No.87090

the race to the egg

2a61f No.87091

Skies was in heat (presumably) and the two had unprotected coitus several times already. During the shower scene Dark Star was fully hoping to impregnate her. It is only likely she's not pregnant if you operate by the headcanon it takes the fully will of the mare to get pregnant (and she seemed pretty willing in the shower)

99eec No.87092

Silver hasn't even had sex with her

Something like a cat scurries across the room when he does so

I assume they walk back to headquarters

e60d2 No.87093

"It is the native again." He proceeds to let himself in. "By the way. I am kind of curious. Do you sisters know what are the effects of changeling feeding?" he says to the mare answering the door.

22ca1 No.87094

Dark Holds out his hoof to help Blue up
"Let's get going"
i was talking about with Dark Star, it might have not have taken

75753 No.87095

Spark wakes with a start.
“Ow.” I grumble as I move away from the door.

75753 No.87096

2a61f No.87097

Isn't it a 20% chance minimum for impregnation, and didn't you have intercourse something like four times (ya horny dude)? That's 0.8*0.8*0.8*.08 = 40% chance Skies is NOT pregnant, and that's maximum

e60d2 No.87098

Sardonic Economist? More like Sardonic Biologist.

0b15d No.87099

Silver continues whispering as he enters the room, closing the door behind him. "My apologies. I did not expect anypony to sleep in front of door."

Silver assumes it's Kerr, from how he had reacted earlier. "Es ist nur ich."

60%, if we decide that ponies go through estrus.

2a61f No.87100

Child-bearing rates are relevant to economics.

e60d2 No.87101

I guess economics do keep track of birthrates and life expectancy.

2a61f No.87102

So if Skies is/was in estrus that's a 2.5% chance she is NOT pregnant. Better start saving up for that crib, Darky.

22ca1 No.87103

i believe it was 4 times, i hope it takes tbh.

75753 No.87104

“I thought it would be best to make sure no curious creature went roaming out the door.” I whisper back.

99eec No.87105

Her eyes widen to an expression of deep fear.
"Changeling feeding?"

She smiles warmly
"Then let's go"

Alright, first off, it was only three times (plus more oral, but that does not count for pregnancy), and more importantly, you can't just compound the chances each time, because some months a female just won't get pregnant at all, either because it happened to be at a time when the female was not fertile, because a fertilized egg failed to plant on the side of the womb, or for whatever other reason the pregnancy fails to take at all that month. If I were doing this completely accurate to horses she'd be in anestrous right now because it is winter

A pair of blue eyes look at him from the end of the room, and two more from on top of the bed

22ca1 No.87106

im sure i have enough far 1 it cant be more than 1000 bits.

2a61f No.87107

Fair point. Considering how we established the biology of preening of all things I think accuracy is the way to go. You get away with your sex without consequence this time.

0b15d No.87108

"Fair enough, I suppose."

"Ich bin müde, junge Veränderer." He punctuates this with a yawn. "Ich hoffe du hast anderen Ponys nicht zu viel Mühe gegeben."

e60d2 No.87109

Iron nods. "Yes. Exactly that. Do you know about it? If not, do not worry about it. I was heading off to bed."

99eec No.87110

The far side replies

The bed replies
"Sie haben überlebt"

"How could we not worry about Changelings?"

e60d2 No.87111

"Fair enough. Well, I suppose you do not know, then?"

22ca1 No.87112

>implying i didnt want the consequences
Dark Star Puts his arm around her neck as they walk there

0b15d No.87113

"Gut." He heads to a clear section of the floor, sets his fatigues down like a blanket, and lays down on them, curled up in a ball. "Gute Nacht, kleine Wechsel. Wir sehen uns morgen."

99eec No.87114

She smiles at him, midway between the devious and the warm smile. They arrive soon enough at the headquarters

"They steal away a part of your love and warmth. The take away that harmony magic that is the life force of all things"

Is he not sleeping on the bed?

0b15d No.87115

He's leaving it for the changelings, if they want it.

e60d2 No.87116

"Yes, I know all that. I was thinking about the effects of changeling feeding on the victim."

99eec No.87117

Uh, I guess if he wants to

99eec No.87118

"It removes positive social emotions. Friendship and love of every form. Love of parent or child, love of country, love of Celestia, love of romantic partner, and so forth. How much depends on how much was extracted"

e60d2 No.87119

"It is only temporary removal, right?"

22ca1 No.87120

"I'm very tired, it's been a very long day."

99eec No.87121

"That depends. Usually a soul can find more love to replace it. If the soul is damaged, they may never love again"

She pets him. Presumably they go to the room that Blue Skies has commandeered on the fourth floor

e60d2 No.87122

Iron shivers. "I see. Sorry to bother you." He lightly bows. "Unless you need anything, I will go to sleep."

22ca1 No.87123

Dark Star coos For the first time in years

99eec No.87124

She laughs at this as they enter the room. She open the door for Dark Star to her room "You can come inside"

e60d2 No.87125

I guess she doesn't add anything then.
Judging by the sister remaining silent, Iron concludes that is all. He goes to his room and proceed to plop down on the bed.
Do I dream?

0b15d No.87126


e60d2 No.87127

Should I dream?

22ca1 No.87128

"i love coming inside."

e60d2 No.87129

Pretty sure she said it like that on purpose.

99eec No.87130

She would just be looking at him wondering if there was a particular reason for his asking

The pair of eyes walks forward, and curls up next to Silver

When Dark Star closes the door, she walks forward with her tail raised, and goes and lays on the bed

22ca1 No.87131

Dark Star Walks over and starts preening her

e60d2 No.87132

She doesn't need to know the reason. Iron does not change his actions.

0b15d No.87133

Silver seems calmed by the presence now next to him.

99eec No.87134

"Hey now, what are you doing?"

"Warum nicht das Bett?"

It's one of those questions that begs a "why are you asking?" follow up question. Don't ask if you don't want to be asked

e60d2 No.87135

So she does ask then, right?

22ca1 No.87136

"just sit back and relax,i learned a bit about pegasi"

0b15d No.87137

"Ich war mir nicht sicher, ob Sie mich dort haben wollen."

99eec No.87138

She seems embarassed, and turns towards him

Eh, nevermind

"Ein Bett ist schön. Es ist bequemer als ein Käfig"

Fom the bed:
"Das ist mein Bett!"

e60d2 No.87139

If you say so. Iron is considered asleep then, right?

0b15d No.87140

Silver chuckles from hearing this. "Es ist in der Tat. Schlaf weiter mit deinem Bruder auf dem Bett. Ich bin mit dem Boden gut."

22ca1 No.87141

"no need to be embarrassed, i'm doing this because i care about you."
Dark star continues the things silver taught him, such as gently plucking dead feathers and helping spread the essential oils all over her wings. and he attempts to catch a whiff of her pheromones

99eec No.87142

"Aber ich will deine Wärme…"


She's a little guarded, evidently not used to doing this with a partner

e60d2 No.87143

Alright, I'll head to bed IRL too, then. Night.

0b15d No.87144

"Kerr scheint über das Bett defensiv zu sein. Sie müssten mit ihm reden."

99eec No.87145

He looks at Silver

Then he looks over at the bed, and says "Kerr, geh aus dem verdammten Bett. Es ist nicht Deines"

0b15d No.87146

He chuckles. "Das habe ich nicht gemeint." He gets up, and looks at Kerr. "Würdest du alle drei zusammen auf dem Bett schlafen lassen?"

22ca1 No.87147

Dark Star Pets her and gives her a kiss then continues his work on her wings.
"i love you,Blue."

99eec No.87148

He seems to consider it for a while
"Nimm einfach nicht meinen Teil, Pony"

99eec No.87149

None of the feathers are obviously dead, however
"I… preened recently. Maybe in a few days"

0b15d No.87150

Silver nods. "Das ist fair." He gets up into bed, letting Kerr have his part of it, as agreed.

99eec No.87151

Wesley curls up next to Silver, either in front or on his back. After a couple minutes, Kerr moves to laying over top of Silver's rear legs, threatening to cut off circulation

22ca1 No.87152


99eec No.87153

She pets him
"In Nimbusia, the mares preened each other. I've been doing it myself since then"

0b15d No.87154

He moves his legs around as much as he can, which is presumably very little. He tries to speak gently to Kerr. "Könnten Sie sich etwas bewegen, Kerr? Meine Beine werden einschlafen, wenn Sie so sind."

99eec No.87155

Mild growling, but he moves aside, still partly on Silver's legs

0b15d No.87156

He checks to see if Kerr is still cutting off circulation to his legs in this spot.

99eec No.87157

Probably not. Probably

22ca1 No.87158

"I didnt know."
Dark Star Gives her another kiss

0b15d No.87159

He hopes so, or that his body will at least wake him up if his legs fall asleep. "Vielen Dank, Kerr. Schlaf gut, kleine Wechsel."

99eec No.87160

She kisses back. She is fairly warm

Kerr pretty much hides himself under Silver's blanket, and makes insect-like sounds, while Wesley presses up against Silver

0b15d No.87161

Silver passes once again into sleep.

75753 No.87162

As does the sorcerer by the door.

22ca1 No.87163

File: 1548321157624.png (179.34 KB, 1069x720, _expand.png)

Dark Star Does >pic Related

99eec No.87164


Blue Skies looks down
"And Just what are you going to do with that?" She asks

22ca1 No.87165

"I think he wants a little kiss too."

99eec No.87166

"Is that all he wants?" She asks, smiling, before diving down and licking him

22ca1 No.87167

"hnng, he says he isnt going to suck himself."

99eec No.87168

"Well, I better help him then"

She places a hoof on each side of the horse penis, and starts by giving a long lick from the testicles to the tip, then she places the penis in her mouth. First just the tip, rubbing it with her tongue, But then the whole thing goes into her muzzle and towards her throat

22ca1 No.87169

Dark Star Moans and then stokes her cheek with his hoof

99eec No.87170

Her cheek feels like it has a penis on the other side. She sucks down on him, and as the saliva wets and covers his piece the mouth feels much cooler, and she starts moving up and down on him

22ca1 No.87171

"Oh Buck, that's Heavenly."

99eec No.87172

She pulls her mouth up, covering only the tip, which she repeatedly licks with her soft togue. The shaft, lathered in saliva, is almost cold in the cool air of the room. She looks into Dark Star's eyes, and with a look that would be devious if she didn't have her mouth too full to complete the grin, she dives down and places the hole thing in her mouth, sucking, licking, and pulling up and down

22ca1 No.87175

>she dives down and places the hole thing in her mouth, sucking, licking, and pulling up and down
Dark Star's upper body falls backwards as she bottoms out

99eec No.87176

In doing so he adds just a bit more length. But her mouth is able to handle it as the tip rubs the back of her throat, and she stands up to get the best grip her mouth can get on it. Her cheeks and tongue do what the can to lick and massage him as she sucks move up and down on him

22ca1 No.87177

unintelligible noises

99eec No.87178

She continues sucking, and licking, and sucking and licking, until she forces Dark Star to let free what he had within him

22ca1 No.87179

Dark Stars Eyes are Sparkling and he has the biggest smile on his face
"I Love You, More than anything else in this world Blue."

99eec No.87180

She would speak back, but her mouth is full of cum, which she promptly swallows, and continues licking and sucking as more comes out. From her eyes, he can see that the affection is much appreciated, and the orgasm is damned near dizzying

22ca1 No.87181

Dark Star Strokes her mane and her face
"You Are my favorite pony."

99eec No.87182

When Dark Star has no more to give, she stops sucking, and swallows a few more times before speaking
"D'aww, that's sweet"

22ca1 No.87183

Dark Star gets into the bed
"You're amazing."

99eec No.87184

She smiles back, and then assumes a position where he can easily spoon her
"I like to think I am. Would you mind cuddling me as I sleep?"

Dark Star himself is very tired by this time in the night

22ca1 No.87185

"It will be my pleasure."
Dark Star Assumes the Big Spoon position

99eec No.87186

*pegasus pony is spooned*
Pony is soft and cuddly, if just a little bit cold. Better warm her up

22ca1 No.87187

Dark Star Cuddles the Buck out of her

83248 No.87188

Actually, I realized that if it's completely accurate and estrus/anestrus is strictly scheduled then pony civilization would have some problems. Could you imagine if half the population is incredibly hungry for sex at the same time

e60d2 No.87189

Oh boe. Hospitals everywhere would be filled with love-drained mares and stallions if that's the case.
It could be the reason they lost the war.

99eec No.87190

*cuddled pony noises*

e60d2 No.87191

Hello. Do we wait for all players to be here when the next day starts? I am worried about Ash's player not coming the last two days.

e60d2 No.87194

Role call.

99eec No.87195

I am busier today than most

e60d2 No.87196

I see.

0b15d No.87197

I made the mistake of walking a mile in freezing-cold weather wearing only a light jacket and heavy gloves, so excuse me if I seem out of it today.
…though since GM's busy, I'm fine with waiting.

e60d2 No.87198

Oof. Mine is the opposite. If I go outside, my skin will burn.

3dd42 No.87199

I'm sorry for disappearing without a trace these past couple of days. I've just been really sick lately, and had a whole bunch of shit come crashing down on me in meatspace that I didn't want to talk about.

4f004 No.87200

Eeeee's internally

0b15d No.87201

Well, the good news is that nothing happened in the past couple of days that would have required Ash's aid. I hope things go better for you going on.

e60d2 No.87202

>thinks for a bit who this is
>remembers the kirin is a druid
I half-expected something bad or time-consuming happened. So far none of us excluding Onyx and Brie for a bit really were absent for more than hours at a time.
Hello Brie.
This. We pretty much are set to start the next day.
Though I doubt it will happen right now, since it's getting rather late

3b5af No.87203

The awards banquet is over, now it’s just a matter of seeing if my parents will stop socializing before I die of hypothermia

22ca1 No.87204

Preemptive F

e60d2 No.87205

That's not good.

0b15d No.87206

3dd42 No.87207

I feel like I should have said something though.
Still not feeling well, tbh.

99eec No.87208

My parents seemed very intent on discussing some reform of the property tax that is coming before the state legislature with our state representative in the parking lot. For some reason I cannot fathom, they absolutely refused to turn the car on while I waited, or at least close the driver side door. Anyways…

Begin Day 5

e60d2 No.87209

I can always carry Ash around with Iron if you want.

3dd42 No.87210

She's prone to faint from malnutrition, so go ahead.

e60d2 No.87211

Great. More excuses for physical contact between Iron and Ash. I'll wait some time before waking Iron up, just to ensure everyone is ready.

3dd42 No.87212

Okay, I'm feeling not-terrible enough to do just a little bit of RP for now.
Sister Ash would have slept through the whole night, because she had a rough day (and like hell I'm taking on any exhaustion penalties).
She still gets up in time for prayers though.

3dd42 No.87213

Mind that, she has to sleep from at least 10-6 or earlier, if she's going to avoid hustle penalties and still be able to prepare spells.

99eec No.87214

10-6 is doable, she'd be just in time for taking the Celestine mass with the others

3dd42 No.87215

That's what I was aiming for; preferably going to bed earlier.
If she doesn't pray on the dot, she loses a whole day of spells.

3dd42 No.87216

Fug. I guess I should probably prepare spells for the day.

99eec No.87217


0b15d No.87218


e60d2 No.87219

Well, if you are sure.
Iron wakes up, stretching his legs, popping a few bones. He gets off the bed and stands up. He inspects if the memories that the changeling fed upon have been restored.
Here. Don't shoot!

3dd42 No.87220

I'm thinking I should probably rest, tbh…

e60d2 No.87221

You probably should. GM should let you choose your spells, pretending you've done your prayers in the morning. After that, not sure. The mademare business should be handled well with Spark for diplomacy, maybe Star if he feels like helping and is not busy with Black Hooves stuff.

75753 No.87222

Finally here.

22ca1 No.87223

i was stealing memes

3dd42 No.87224

Still gotta find Ollie.
Goodnight, guys.

e60d2 No.87225

Noted for future reference

22ca1 No.87226


99eec No.87227

Alright, everyone can wake up, although maybe we should wait on Brie for Spark and Silver. Any idea of when you want characters to wake up and what you want to do with them?

75753 No.87228

Spark is by the door, so he will wake up when the others open the door.

22ca1 No.87229

Dark Star would probably wake up later than the rest of the party.

e60d2 No.87230

Iron would wake up at 9 to 10 AM. He will mostly try to finish Ash's quest aka either go for the mademares or find Ollie. That can wait if the changelings are to be deported immediately, but he has to be notified to cancel the plans.

0b15d No.87231

About 8 in the morning for Silver. First thing he'll do is probably find something to eat, then take care of whatever the 'lings need.
Hell, Silver and Spark could go out to eat someplace, if they wanted.

75753 No.87232

That would sound good as long as you stay away from… certain food choices.

0b15d No.87233

He knows not to order that while friends are around. He's better than that.

99eec No.87234

Probably after Brie

Long after Ash

Dark Star wakes up alone in the hotel bedroom, which feels like the heat has been cut off, with the covers removed from over him

99eec No.87235

Actually, sure, let's try this

e60d2 No.87236

Well, let's sync up the timeline to Ash's schedule, then. An acceptable outcome.

0b15d No.87237

Silver is roused out of his sleep by the deep sound of his gurgling, empty stomach. "…Oooouuuh…"

22ca1 No.87238

Dark Star Shivers at the frigidness of the room,so he decides to get up and go over to the window and look out at the street.

99eec No.87239

Oh dear. Light shines into the room.

I had originally thought of the room as being an inside room with a window to a courtyard, but I also don't really know what makes sense in fancy 1910ish hotels, so sure
Light of mid-morning

e60d2 No.87240

Pretend Iron wakes up when Ash wakes up
Iron opens his eyes, feeling the heat and light of the sun on his face. He stretches his legs and gets off the bed. He inspects his memories to see if the changeling feeding effects have passed.

22ca1 No.87241

thats what i had pictured in my head,sorry we can go with the court yard.
Dark Star overlooks the courtyard as he is rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he then goes to the bathroom to take care of business.

0b15d No.87242

Silver uses a foreleg to shield his eyes from the initially blinding light as they adjust to the sudden change. "Ack! Останови это, солнце. Я еще не готов." While they do so, he takes a look at where Wesley and Kerr were sleeping, to see if they're still there.

99eec No.87243

I'll be honest and say that I don't quite recall precisely what my model was. Something like Hotel Lutetia or Hotel Prinz-Albrect, maybe 84 Avenue Foch. Only 84 Avenue Foch has a courtyard, and it isn't a hotel.
At least it isn't raining outside. It looks like he has the room all to himself.

They have decidedly moved. In fact…
Crash. dingdingding
Wesley has just opened the bag of marbles. All over the floor. Kerr is trying to open a container of water

His memories don't seem to have suffered any decay beyond that which would be expected from the advance of time

22ca1 No.87244

After He gets through using the bathroom he washes his hooves and heads down to the lobby

99eec No.87245

It is so. Sea Breeze is available at this time

0b15d No.87246

Well, if he wasn't awake before, he is now. Silver looks a bit amused at Wesley's predicament. He covers his mouth with a hoof to hold back some laughter. "Du musst vorsichtig mit diesen Murmeln sein."

He turns to Kerr, having trouble with the water. "Brauchen Sie Hilfe?"

22ca1 No.87247

Dark Star Salute him

e60d2 No.87248

Iron stretches a bit more. From what happened yesterday, Ash would not be ready until some time passes. He decides to seek that unicorn foal again, see if he has his starvation problem still. He may have a clue of what's going on with him.

99eec No.87249

Wesley just looks at Silver, eyes wide open. He sees he has been caught making a mess of the entire floor. "Das war Kerr"

Kerr has stopped trying to bite it, and is now attacking it with green magic. "Ich kann es bekommen"

"And a good day to you as well" he replies

At this time, the little foal is still sleeping

22ca1 No.87250

"How are you this morning,sir?"

e60d2 No.87251

Iron shrugs. Stuff for later, it seems. He supposes he has about 3 to 4 more hours before Ash is ready to move out. He ponders if the changelings are awake at this hour, or the current guardians for that matter. He decides to think while doing some physical excercises at the abbey's garden.

0b15d No.87252

Silver can't hold back the laugh from Wesley's response. Exactly what he would expect from a pony foal. "Nun, wer auch immer es war, wir sollten dieses Chaos aufräumen."

Before he carefully steps onto the floor, avoiding the mess of marbles Wesley has made, Silver nods to Kerr. "Wenn du es sagst. Ich habe festgestellt, dass die Registerkarte oben wirklich sehr hilfreich ist." He points to the tab on top of the water container used to open it.

99eec No.87253

"Busy. In no small part thanks to you" He replies with mostly joy, and a tinge of annoyance

Nuns approach him, "excuse me sir, could you help us move some trees?"

>carefully steps onto the floor, avoiding the mess of marbles

Kerr has by now started attacking the container with both fangs and magic. When Silver says his thing, he stops, then lowers his jagged tube-like ears, and opens the tab by catching it in his fang and pulling it

e60d2 No.87254

Iron nods. "Just point me to them and it will be done."

99eec No.87255

It's a good thing Ash isn't awake.
"In our lower fields the blight got to a few fruit trees. They need to be cut down and moved to the burning pits"

0b15d No.87256

I mean, as funny as Silver getting a broken back would be…

"Wesley, kannst du mir helfen, diese Murmeln zu sammeln?" Silver's stomach grumbles again, reminding him that he should probably get some food in his belly soon. Silver reminds his stomach that it's hard to get outside to get food when there's a marble minefield in between him and the door.

22ca1 No.87257

"i'm just doing my job,sir. speaking of which. whats my next assignment?"

e60d2 No.87258

That's a rather strange comment.
Iron nods, then proceeds to the blight zone described. He inspects the tree's toughness. With some bucking, they could be torn down. He also guesses if the cutting could potentially damage the abbey or any other building.

99eec No.87259

Wesley's ears droop

The trees appear to have been orange trees, or some sort of tropical fruit. There are a little decayed and weakened by the blight, and they were never particularly of thick stock

99eec No.87260

Dice rollRolled 1

e60d2 No.87261

Before trying to dislodge the trees or break them down, he asks the nun who asked for help. "Is there any danger that these trees may hurt buildings or foals? If not, we can start the process of cutting them down."

0b15d No.87262

Silver smiles at him. "Hey, es wird okay sein. Zusammen dauert es nicht lange." Silver starts to gather up the marbles, using his magic to sweep them up into a nice little pile.

99eec No.87263

Fuck. I didn't anticipate a need for 'small' missions. I guess I could have a 'go to this police officer and see if he takes a bribe,' or a 'see if this griffon merchant offers to sell illegal shit' or 'pick up surveillance bugs from this location' or 'talk to this bureaucrat and see if they are persuadable to talk about revolting' but I'm not sure if I can do those without it being rote or boring

Silver is able to push them along the floor a little, and Wesley tries putting them into the bag

"We are hundreds of yards away, there shouldn't be any danger"

0b15d No.87264

Dice rollRolled 14 - 1

Search: Silver looks around the room for any more marbles that are out of sight.

e60d2 No.87265

Dice rollRolled 10 + 6

He nods. He stands in front of one of the blighted trees. He ensures that all nuns are behind him and proceeds to buck the tree. Rolling unarmed damage with power attack, adding +5 damage and subtracting -5 from hit chance.

22ca1 No.87266

its up to you. i could leave if you want me to.

99eec No.87267


a couple by the provisions stack and a couple more under the bed

e60d2 No.87268

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12

Rolling damage to that tree.

0b15d No.87269

He uses his magic to grab them and put them by the others. "Ich weiß nicht, wie man Murmeln spielt…Aber ich weiß, dass sie gerne überall rollen." Once finished, he pats Wesley on the top of the head. "Behaltet sie im Auge, damit sie nicht fliehen, okay?"

Silver's stomach grumbles yet again. Seeing Spark is still asleep, he trots over to him and tries to poke him awake.

*poke, poke poke*

75753 No.87270

I groan but slowly open my eyes.
"Ah. Morning already?"

0b15d No.87271

"Seems like it. Just helped Wesley with marble mess. Surprised you did not hear it." Silver pats the side of his empty belly. "Anyways, I am starving, and I think changelings can look after themselves for few minutes. Want to go get something to eat?"

75753 No.87272

"I could. But are you sure they should be left alone? Something tells me they are not going to like being locked up in here, especially after what they went through."

99eec No.87273

Oh it's very damaged, but not quite dead

Wesley laughs
"hehe, okay"

Fuck it, let's do this

Sea Breeze leans down and rests his foreknees on the table
"So you've shown you can handle the dangerous stuff. Let's see if you can handle the grunt work. Sea Captain Wind Bard's Ship is returning from Saltmane. See what he is up to this morning"

0b15d No.87274

"I suppose I should ask them, then."

Silver turns towards the two changelings. "Wesley, Kerr. Denkst du, du kannst dich selbst im Auge behalten, während Spark und ich essen gehen?"

e60d2 No.87275

Dice rollRolled 6 + 6

Supposing the tree will fall down soon, he decides to call it out to the nuns. "First tree is coming down! Clear the area!" He then prepares the second buck, same as last one.

22ca1 No.87276

"yes,sir! Sir,may i ask if the name of the ship is the "Jungle Express?"

99eec No.87277

He smiles
"Smart boy. Pier 10. Pier twelve has been closed after a warehouse fire, so the ship was redirected to another berth. It's a seaport, obviously. Try to look like a dockworker, or someone who belongs there. You don't need to alter your whole appearance like a changeling does, but what you will be doing will require you to go unnoticed."


e60d2 No.87278

Dice rollRolled 3 + 12

AC is 12 or less. Got it.
Rolling damage now.

22ca1 No.87279

"What would you like me to do sir?"

99eec No.87280

"Ich denke schon, wir haben viele Spielsachen."

"Oh, natürlich kannst du essen, während wir hier festsitzen"

The tree breaks in the mid section, and falls over

"Observe who he speaks to and what he does. Take notes, and take pictures. If you interact please, please, note that they get very suspicious quickly" He hands Dark Star a camera

22ca1 No.87281

Dark Star Takes the camera and salutes him

99eec No.87282

He nods in acknowledgement

e60d2 No.87283

Iron nods. That's one down. Iron looks how many trees are remaining and estimates what time it took to down one tree. He then turns to the closest nun. "Do we also need to pluck out the stumps?"

99eec No.87284

"The stumps will likely need to go eventually, but for now simply killing the trees will suffice"

3 more blighted trees

22ca1 No.87285

Dark Star heads off to the Docks

e60d2 No.87286

Dice rollRolled 15 + 6

Another nod. He places himself in a bucking position at the next tree and bucks it same as the last two times.

0b15d No.87287

"So ist es nicht…" Silver sighs. "Es tut mir Leid. Ich bin jetzt sehr hungrig, weil ich seit einiger Zeit nichts gegessen habe. Sie werden hier nicht mehr lange stecken bleiben, aber ich muss essen, um klar denken und sprechen zu können."

e60d2 No.87288

Dice rollRolled 13 + 6

Dice rollRolled 2 + 12

Forgot to roll damage.
Also rolling next hit.

e60d2 No.87289

Dice rollRolled 3 + 12

And roll another damage.

99eec No.87290

Two blocks south of Black Briar road, onto the seaport itself. At this time it doesn't look as if walking up to the docks themselves requires going through security, although it does look like many ponies are using the area. The steamer in question is pulling into position. There are a couple warehouses prior to reaching the sea wall, a situation similar to the experience a few nights ago

The hind hooves hit the tree squarely, and leaves fall from it towards the ground

*pouting changeling noises*
Kerr seems to accept this answer begrudgingly

0b15d No.87291

Silver nods, thankful. "Vielen Dank. Ich werde nicht lange."

With that, Silver turns back to Spark. "They will be fine here. Do you have anyplace particular in mind, or should we just stop at first place we come to?"

22ca1 No.87292

Are There any buildings close by where the ship is docking?

75753 No.87293

"I'm just as new around these parts as you are. Whichever you think sounds good will be fine I'm sure."
Spark gets up and stands ready at the door.

0b15d No.87294

"Then we will stop at first place we see." Silver steps out of the room and makes his way down the street, looking for the first restaurant he sees.

75753 No.87295

Spark follows, making sure to wave bye to the changelings and close the door behind them first.

99eec No.87296

There are two warehouses within 500 feet. There is a smaller structure on the opposite side the loading dock at the base

e60d2 No.87297

After the last two bucks which I'll assume took down the tree being attacked, leaving 2 more., he decides to do some small talk. "So, how has the two foals that recently came with Ash been doing?" He says as he goes towards the third tree.

22ca1 No.87298

Dark Star walks over to where the boat is docking like he is supposed to be there
Is Anypony working close by?
i caught that skyrim reference

99eec No.87299

"Well, we are trying to integrate them back in. They were not very eager for breakfast this morning, but were accepting of toast after a while

Yes. Close to the ship, a couple ponies moor it. A few more ponies prepare to load coal into the ship's bunker. On the dock itself, ponies move crates


22ca1 No.87300

Dark Star walks over to a crate and starts sliding it

e60d2 No.87301

Dice rollRolled 14 + 6

"I see. I heard bad stuff happen to them." He positions himself and bucks the third tree with his hindlegs. Same attack as the other ones.

e60d2 No.87302

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12

Hit. Rolling damage.

99eec No.87303

It's a little weaker than the first. It is kill

Crates are by the seawall, but can be moved. Over by the ship itself, the mooring is tied up, and the gangplank is coming down

"Oh yes. I haven't heard what, but from the way they talk about it, it must be unimaginably bad"

e60d2 No.87304

Iron nods, then changes into a thinking expression. "What is your usual routine at the abbey?" He walks to the last tree to be taken down.

22ca1 No.87305

Can i see anypony standing on the deck?

99eec No.87306

Alright, between my getting only 5 hours of sleep last night, and my wanting to finally get this damned job application turned in, I am going to sleep now

e60d2 No.87307

Alright. Night GM. I'll go to bed too.

22ca1 No.87308

Night Fren

0b15d No.87309

Sleep well!

3dd42 No.87310


e60d2 No.87311

They're already dead.

22ca1 No.87312

>insert fist of the north star meme here

4f004 No.87313

File: 1548429190507.png (1.37 MB, 1884x2473, raped.png)

e60d2 No.87314

That's kinda cute.

4f004 No.87316

Thank Onyx, he made it months ago

e60d2 No.87317

Oh, I didn't know that.

e60d2 No.87322


98064 No.87323

e60d2 No.87324


3dd42 No.87325


I'm feeling a bit less will today, so I might be able to play

3dd42 No.87326

*Less ill

e60d2 No.87327

That's three total. Iron, Ash and Spark. Silver, Star, Brie and of course the GM are missing.

98064 No.87328

Do I look like an edgy nymphomaniac to you?

e60d2 No.87329

Star's the nymphomaniac. Not Spark. My mistake nonetheless.

99eec No.87330

Wat. Who is the edgy nyphomaniac?

Here, kind of

e60d2 No.87331

Pretty sure he mixed up Star and Spark since they both have an S as the first letter and an a on the third letter.

e5953 No.87332

Yes because I glance at this only occasionally in the midst of my studies.

4f004 No.87333

I'll have some timeduring Movie night, but don't expect too much out of me

22ca1 No.87334

edgy nymphomaniac reporting for duty

e60d2 No.87335

Ok, so far we have Star the edgelord, devoted follower of Aphrodite, Iron the big dumb stubborn boi, Ash, harbringer of peace and trees, Brie, the mad batpony who seems to have scizophrenia for some dark past reason, and the god of the world they inhabit it. Hopefully Silver, the benevolent meat eater, and Spark, an intellectual with a case of alcohol withdrawal or something, can join in while the stew's hot. aka Ash not passing out.

3dd42 No.87336

>Star the edgelord, devoted follower of Aphrodite

3dd42 No.87337

Anyway, Sister Ash would be attending prayers, and speaking with the Sisters shortly afterwards. She would have sileni picked her spells about an hour after figuring out just wtf she was planning to do today.

e60d2 No.87338

Aphrodite is the goddess of sex. Star is a follower 'cause he had the most sex out of all PCs in the campaign.

22ca1 No.87339

File: 1548456504267.png (229.45 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)

if she was in this world Dark Would probably be a follower

3dd42 No.87340

>Not worshipping your own people's deities instead

22ca1 No.87341

if theres a pony goddess of sex he would

3dd42 No.87342

>Who is Candyass?

22ca1 No.87343

Captured by changlings

99eec No.87344

Is world of harmony and wholesomeness. No goddess of "sex," only love, marriage, and new foals

The Princess of Love. Not sex.

22ca1 No.87345

Didnt cadence get captured?

e60d2 No.87346

Pretty sure she was, judging how Equestria was split in half to begin with.

3dd42 No.87347

All the princesses are by default sex gods.
Candy just shares an alesthetic/niche with Aphrodite.

Also, Aphrodite is not the goddess of sex, but passionate love, whereas Eros is affection. Pan is the god of sex, iirc.

e60d2 No.87348

>all princesses are sex gods by default.
W0t? How come?

3dd42 No.87349

Because reasons.

3b5af No.87350

Pony Princesses are pure. Just because they are fapped to by tens of thousands does not make them sexual

22ca1 No.87351

File: 1548457830003-0.png (991.46 KB, 2030x1082, 1941481__explicit_artist-c….png)

3dd42 No.87352

There's no rule against being pure/virgin, and still having sex in your deific portfolio.
This guy gets it.

e60d2 No.87353

So it is what GM said at >>87350
Good to know.

0b15d No.87354

Note to self: no sleep during the night combined with sleeping well into the evening leads to really weird dreams/nightmares.

22ca1 No.87355

Were they hot?

4f004 No.87356

Yes, Brie is literally schitzo, that's the only reason he can understand anything the Lings say, because the voices in his head tell him bits and pieces about what the words mean.
Get it? He's bat-shit! XDDDD

0b15d No.87357

If by hot you mean "Playing an AARPG and getting killed multiple times by a gigantic terrifying demon boss" then yes.

22ca1 No.87358

File: 1548458777012-0.gif (726.38 KB, 561x451, _Laughing horses.gif)


e60d2 No.87359

I giggled.
Only the intellectual remains to appear.
Have a good lunch/breakfast

99eec No.87360

Well, maybe… All you need to know is that Alicorn bodies are the pinacle of Pony perfection, and that the Princesses save the married one are all paragons of chastity and virginity (and even the married one is perfectly 'chaste' by Catholic definitions). Or maybe they had lovers long ago, who were died or separated tragically, and vowed never to love again after that. Or maybe they are extreme sluts regularly taking secret lovers and fucking their guards

Noted for future dreams and encounters

Cute name

22ca1 No.87361

Was it a hot demon boss?

e60d2 No.87362

Well, it was a demon, so I'm sure it was burning hot. So hot that if you touch it, you would literally catch on fire.
Like Ash's angry side

88cd4 No.87363

Anon, why don't you have a seat

0b15d No.87364

Preemptive F for Silver
More like lanky, ashy-skinned, and wicked-grinned with a smile full of sharp teeth, and with hands the size of bedrooms that grab you and try to tear you in half.

e60d2 No.87365

Well, at least it was turned on before the fight.
Cuz its skin is ash-colored, which implies the demon had to endure fire on his body

22ca1 No.87366

sounds pretty lewd to me.

99eec No.87367

Interesting. Tell me more

Pony royalty is pure, like Queen Elizabeth

88cd4 No.87368

>Implying any royalty is pure

0b15d No.87369

So, for some reason, in this made-up game my mind came up with, there was a super boss in the middle of a large grassland valley with no trees in sight. It was the kind you were expected to go after once you killed the main boss. It was some kind of formless entity wearing a white cloak, and used holy-based magic to attack. It was very difficult to kill, but after finding out that it was weak to dark magic, I managed to defeat it. Didn't get any rewards for doing, though.

A couple in-game days later, I returned to the valley to see if I would get a reward, and this massive rift opens up in the middle of it, and out comes this giant, lanky, pale/ash-skinned demon, with the most terrifying evil grim you've ever seen. It was the size of a small mountain, and its hands could easily crush a small house. Apparently the other entity I killed had been sealing it away and keeping it from invading the mortal realm, and now that it was dead, it was free to invade the mortal realm and spread death and destruction across the world. So, we fought, and I managed to take out maybe a 20th of its life bar before it grabbed me, tried to tear me in half, and then threw me so far across the valley I hit the hills on the other side of it. Then it managed to cover the same distance in only a few seconds, grabbed me again, and finally managed to tear me in half. I tried fighting it about four different times, each ending the same way, before I finally woke up from the dream.

0b15d No.87370

*evil grin

e60d2 No.87371

Uh, why did you even have those kinds of dreams? Did you play many games with allusions to demons like Diablo and other RPGs which focuses on demon killing before bed or something? Got frustrated on a boss and your brain decided to torment you about it? What the hell?

0b15d No.87372

There are very few times when I can even remember if I had a dream, and even fewer times I can remember details about the dream long enough to relay it to someone else. When it happens, I don't know why my mind comes up with stuff like it, but it's always fucked up like that.

99eec No.87373

>Hopes to someday rival Silver's Dark Souls dream in the horrific majesty of a description

22ca1 No.87374

Man you need to grind to get more xp, before you fight the final boss.

e60d2 No.87375

You need Jesus in your life
All dreams have this rule. If you recently woke up to a dream, you will remember the details for it, but slowly fades from memory unless written down. Most of the time, I don't even dream. It's like sleeping just to pass time, like how many games nowadays save progress when you go to bed.

0b15d No.87376

Knowing you, you could very easily surpass whatever I could describe.
Maybe I haven't gone through enough NG+'s yet.
I guess so. It just seems like the more messed up the dream is, the longer the amount of time I remember it for.

e5953 No.87377

In my headcanon, Celestia is more of an Aphrodite and represents the more epicurean approach to life, enjoying each of life's pleasures. Luna would be more of an Athena and a stoic, being rigorously ascetic and still a virgin after thousands of years.

Sounds like dreams I like to have.

3b5af No.87378

Epicurean? Pony society is very nearly an enactment of Plato’s Republic in a children’s show. I cannot imagine Celestia taking s hedonistic approach of any kind to her life.

3dd42 No.87380

I'm going to have to leave for a while.

I'll pick my spells after seeing where Sister Ash leaves off.

e5953 No.87381

Well, she is infamous for eating cake every day. It's not unlikely she would also take on prince-consorts as in the fanfic "The Sun and the Rose." Whether that's hedonistic or not is up to debate, but there's no question she lives in luxury.

e60d2 No.87382

I'll take a short nap, just in case I feel like passing out in the middle of a session. At most, I'll come back in 3 to 4 hours.

3dd42 No.87383

I don't think Luna's chastity is necessarily the result of ascetiscism. I think she's just autistic, and extra awkward after being imprisoned in the moon for so long.
Celestia is married to cake.

3dd42 No.87384

Also, I'm back.

22ca1 No.87386

File: 1548464085052.jpg (34.38 KB, 720x762, _sad apu 2.jpg)

>ywn loving hold luna

3dd42 No.87387

Maybe she sits around eating cake all day to fill the hole in her life left by the fact that she'd out-live any partner she could ever have.

3dd42 No.87388

That's gamer-brain right there. Lucid dreaming.

4f004 No.87389

You must not realize, Luna is the ponification of Nyx (not the poner) the mistress of the night and hidden secrets. You probably already know 'Luna', but without ever knowing her. Cuz thats how she rolls.
Legend says men who knowingly embrace Nyx are forever fixated and sworn to her, cuz its so UNNNNFFFF

22ca1 No.87390

File: 1548466567231.png (128.38 KB, 1000x1000, _hmmmmmmmmmmmmm luna.png)

3dd42 No.87391

Nyx is the "night" and represents the first offspring of the primordial Chaos before the beginning creation, feared by even Zeus. She's the Mother of Hypnos (Sleep) and his brother Thantos (Death), amd the proginator of all other personified deities. She's supposed to be as terrifying as she is beautiful
If Luna were in any way like Nyx, that would encompass the Nightmare Moon aspect of her.

3dd42 No.87392

However, in Greek mythology, Nyx is supposed to be the mother of Day.
The ancient Greek cosmology has a thematic of all good things rising from darkness and death.

4f004 No.87393

Tl:dr Love, and don't fuck with, Luna

3dd42 No.87394

I think I have my spells, but I'd like her to start the day first.

3b5af No.87395

Alright, I recall praying with the sisters

3dd42 No.87396

That's about it.
Is there any word about last night?
This is GM, right?

3b5af No.87397

This is GM from mobile IP. What is the question concerning last night?

3dd42 No.87398

I was just wondering what the general mood in the abbey is.
I think I'llhave her check on the children before she leaves.

3b5af No.87399

A sort of quiet has come over the air. Like some facts are too horrible to be spoken aloud, but so impactful they shake you to the very essence of your soul

3dd42 No.87400

Sister Ash would have a similar aura to her after waking up, unsure how to speak of what went on last night, and even less sure of how to react to it.

She decides to help the Sisters with their morning work (while I wait for Iron's player to show up).

3b5af No.87401

“How well do you understand plants?” Asks a sister

3dd42 No.87402

*Ears perked*
"Quite well, if I do say so myself."

3dd42 No.87403

*Ears perked*
"Quite well, if I do say so myself."

3b5af No.87404

Dice rollRolled 3

“Oh, excellent. We have an area of one garden where the plants are not growing very well. We are trying to clear out other parts of the property for other fields, but we thought that maybe you could help”

3dd42 No.87405

"Hmm, that's odd.." Sister Ash replies quietly, somewhat disappointed that the Enrichment spell she cast on the garden hasn't yet had any dramatic effect.
"I would be glad to help."

3dd42 No.87406

Enrichment was the effect of the Plant Growth spell she cast on the first day, btw.

3b5af No.87407

“Oh yes, just up the hill. We have some plants that seem to have stunted growth.” When the sister takes her there, she sees an area that is cultivated more like an agricultural field than a garden, although still not very large. It is on non-level terrain and not terraced. The plants immediately approached seem to be turnips, although other tubers like onions”

“Well, here we are. The problem is that growth in this field seems to be stunted compared to field elsewhere. We were wanting to simply abandon the field, but we were wondering if you knew what the issue was”

This is a distinct set of plants

3dd42 No.87408

Dice rollRolled 3 + 13

Just restating. She would be particularly interested, since she believed that her blessing would have been enough for the whole garden.

Sister Ash enters the area and levitates a clump of the soil.
Rolling Knowledge (nature) to see if there's any evident cause to her.

3dd42 No.87409

Stupid dice…

3b5af No.87410

Dice rollRolled 2

>rolled a three

3dd42 No.87411

I would have just taken 10, had I not suspected it to be supernatural in origin.

3b5af No.87412

The dirt seems a bit on the alkali side

75753 No.87413

The sorcerer finally returned if you are available to continue.

0b15d No.87414

Sounds good.

3b5af No.87415

Dice rollRolled 1

3dd42 No.87416

Dice rollRolled 14 + 9

Sister Ash narrows her eyes.
"The soil.. doesn't seem to be very balanced. It seems as though it hasn't been properly fertilized to me. I would have to examine further."
She decides to make a Spellcraft check, to see if anything has been interfering with the soil enrichment blessing she cast on the land two days ago.

3b5af No.87417

No obvious issue with magic, and it seems to be a separate section of land

3dd42 No.87418

How big is this land in total exactly?

e60d2 No.87419

Alright, I'm here. I'd like to follow up with Iron's questions about the sister's routine as he walks to the third tree.

3dd42 No.87420

Dice rollRolled 17 + 13

As Sister Ash continues her examinations she pulls a tuber of each species from the beds and examines the plants individually.
Rolling knowledge (nature) to identify any ailments they share, and any plausible cause.

75753 No.87421

Spark looks around for a restaurant.
"So, did you expect to be caring for two changelings when you set hoof in this city? Could you even see yourself being kind to them before yesterday?"

0b15d No.87422

Silver trots with him. "I did not see myself caring for them, no, but I suppose if I were willing to care for ponies in need, then it would only make sense to be willing to care for changelings in need as well."

3dd42 No.87423

A dead tree?

3b5af No.87424

Iron’s last act was to ask the sister a question, “what do you do around here?” She answers

“I am one of the sisters responsible for maintaining the orchards and gardens. I also teach the foals horticulture”
She is a tan colored Earth Pony with brown hair under all of that clothing, evidently

It is an area of maybe an acre and a half. None of the plants have any signs of predation from insects, nor infestation of fungi. Indeed, the area seems particularly lifeless. Their growth seems to be stunted by something in the soil or water

75753 No.87425

"I never could imagine me liking them before. I got very upset when Dark Star was threatening them. If only they weren't so dangerous, I wouldn't mind them staying here… if we could hide them from Star's marefriend that is."

e60d2 No.87426

Dice rollRolled 2 + 6

Blighted, to be exact.
Iron nods. "Ah, I guess it was kind of obvious." He lines up his hindlegs towards the third tree. "What is horticulture? Sounds like it is important." He bucks with mostly power at the third tree, sacrificing +5 bonus hit chance for +5 damage.

3dd42 No.87427

Plant Growth's Enrichment affects a range of one half mile. I think I'll have her make an additional casting for good measure, on a day where she isn't in a hurry to find missing children.

Sister Ash turns to the sister beside her.
"Poor nutrient balance. It must be an issue the soil or water. Do you fertilize these fields regularly?"

3dd42 No.87428

I could have healed it…

e60d2 No.87429

I knew this was going to happen
Pretty sure the sisters would have tried with you first if that were the case.

3dd42 No.87430

They don't know she's a Druid.

e60d2 No.87431

You never talked about yourself to the other sisters about your powers?

3b5af No.87432

And he MISSES!

“It’s the practice of raising plants in gardens, which I help with, though I deal more with the trees on the property. I’ve extended my expertise on occasion to a few other farms in the area”

“This particular field has been treated with some organic fertilizer from our wastes, as well as a nitrate based fertilizer and compost”

0b15d No.87433

"It helps to see them as you would see ponies. Even with their differences.." He stays silent for a couple of seconds before continuing to speak. "Under normal circumstances, I am not entirely sure I would have been willing to trust changelings, even those who came out willingly as such. At least not enough to let them in my place of residence."

3dd42 No.87434

She only vaguely hinted about training with magi to one, and cast a Flaming Sphere spell in the forest in front of another.

3dd42 No.87435

Sister Ash nods.
"Very well. How do you irrigate this section?"

e5953 No.87436

Glad to see all the bad rolls for the day being used up on horticulture. Doesn't make a wit of difference, really, but at least you'll be less worried about dying of evisceration.

e60d2 No.87437

Dice rollRolled 20 + 6

Iron huffs. He tries again.
"It sounds like you were a farmer before joining up here. Am I wrong about that?"
Oh, well. They could have asked you to burn the trees down if that were the case.

e60d2 No.87438

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12

Dice rollRolled 5 + 6

Rolling confirm for funsies as well as damage.

3dd42 No.87439

Poor tree…

22ca1 No.87440

75753 No.87441

"Under normal circumstances I'm pretty sure we would be drained completely or close to it and taken away. It's just when they clearly are talking to us. What do they say? You seem to be able to understand them."

3b5af No.87442

Dice rollRolled 1

Iron’s hoof goes so cleanly and so perfectly though the tree, that it falls forward. Roll reflex

Indeed he does. It takes a minute, but he sees a pony he can immediately identify as Wind Bard based on the dossier. He’s a blue Earth Pony, with a set of scruff and a red toboggan on, as well as a dark red tail and mane. He is carrying a briefcase, small and black. Next to him is a white Pegasus wearing a black tobaggan they walk together talking down the gang plank

“Well, it’s a little higher in elevation, but we have an auger pump that can divert water from a stream that runs through the old property into the hill

0b15d No.87443

"Yes, it is trick I picked up during Great War, reading and eventually being able to translate stolen enemy intelligence and reports. I do not have perfect understanding of Wechselbalg, but through talking with Wesley and Kerr, I feel as though I can reasonably communicate with changelings.

"Both of them say what you would typically expect foals of their age to say. Wesley speaks more like innocent foal, and Kerr speaks more like he is trying to be tough and strong, likely for his brother. I do not know if you wanted to know something specific I might have heard."

74a1e No.87444

Dice rollRolled 12 + 1

Suffering from success.

75753 No.87445

"Just if they want to kill us mainly. Are they thankful for what we have done?"

3dd42 No.87446

Sister Ash nods
"And do you water all of the crops with the same water?" She asks

3dd42 No.87447

*Looks up gardening tips irl*

0b15d No.87448

"It most certainly seems they are thankful. When we brought to my room at tavern, they had discussion about whether or not they should stay, and they both agreed that we were nice ponies, and that they had better chance of surviving by staying there than not. Though Kerr obviously needed some convincing from Wesley. I can safely say that neither would want to kill us."

3dd42 No.87449

>tfw I used to know this stuff like the back of my hand

3b5af No.87450

It happens in real life, doesn’t it?
Iron pulls out of the way as the tree falls down in Iron’s place

One final tree is all that remains

“No, this area is seperated from the main property by a the hill, and is closer to the old property, so we use a stream that goes through it, whereas the main property uses a separate steam that runs along the front

75753 No.87451

"That's good."
I pause for a moment.
"I really don't want to send them back though."

0b15d No.87452

Silver looks confused at Spark. "Why is that?"

3b5af No.87453

Unlike Silver, Changelings cannot eat what is dead

sorry for comments, I just really wanted to say that

74a1e No.87454

"Well, I was not expecting that." Iron looks to the nun. "Are you okay?"

3dd42 No.87455

Sister Ash seems interested in this.
"Hmmm.. Perhaps it could be the water.. Would you mind leading me to this stream?" She asks

22ca1 No.87457

Dice rollRolled 18 + 7

"hey there colts need anything put on the ship? i can help."

3b5af No.87458

“Yes. Most of it goes through the property you were on a couple days ago”

Is he speaking to Wind Bard?

75753 No.87459

"Because I don't want the day to come where we might be on opposite sides from them. We they either want to kill us by being raised by other changelings, or they have to. Or even worse, we are forced to kill them. Though, then again would we even know it is them apart from the others we may encounter? Would we see a little of them in every changeling now, and it be our undoing?"

3b5af No.87460

Her eyes are very wide and her cloak is pulled down partly, showing her hair


3dd42 No.87461

Alright,if I have any chance of being attacked by freaking dire wolves again, I may as well post my spells for the day:

Detect Magic
Create Water
Read Magic
Animal Trick

1st level:
Regenerate Light Wounds
Vision Of Punishment
Enrage Animal
Animal Friendship

2nd level:
Regenerate Moderate Wounds
Chill Metal

Celestial Aspect

It's close to an hour after prayers, so they should be prepared.

Sister Ash follows the other Sister to the stream, after calling Caleb to join her.

e60d2 No.87462

Iron breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank the gods. Sorry about that." He starts his trek to the last tree. "So, where was I? I tried guessing your previous profession was a farmer. Was I right?"

0b15d No.87463

"War requires certain level of…" Silver thinks for a few seconds for the right word. "…detachment, I suppose is word for it. They taught in army that when you fight somepony, or someling, else, it was either you or them. You both have families, and you both want to see those families again someday. But only one of you were going to see them. So, you were taught that it is better you see your family than opponent see their family. But I suppose this all does not relate to current situation.

"I do not want to end up fighting them, either, but I get feeling there will be war before they grow up. Even then, we have no right to keep them here against their will, especially when they have family of their own in Hegemony they care for and cares for them in turn."

3b5af No.87464

It’s only just over the other side of the hill, with a small metal windmill set up to pump water. The stream is rocky and the area is forested, but there are not too many plants to either side of the stream

Last tree is next in line.

“No, I’ve always been in the religious order. My father was a farmer though. And it is my cutie mark as well. And there are no gods but the Harmony in all things, as epitomized in our princesses”
Her flank is not visible

22ca1 No.87465

he speaking at neither of them in particular but hes addressing wind bard and his companion.

e60d2 No.87466

Dice rollRolled 13 + 6

Iron shakes his head. "Right." He puts his hindlegs in position. "So, have you met Ash recently? She seems to have done quite a bit of work for the abbey." He kicks the final tree, same as all other times.

e60d2 No.87467

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12

And damage.

3dd42 No.87468

Dice rollRolled 8 + 13

>not too many plants to either side of the stream
Not a good sign.
Sister Ash examines the plants and the water.
Rolling knowledge to notice anything that may be wrong.

3dd42 No.87469

And for the sake of it, Caleb sniffs the water to see if there's anything poisonous in it, since dogs are good at that kind of stuff.

75753 No.87470

"I guess not. It doesn't change that if we send them back they are our enemies. I will miss them, as strange as that may sound. I haven't even talked to them. All of what they say makes no sense to me. But I will miss them all the same."

0b15d No.87471

He nods. "Just because they will live in Hegemony will not mean they are our enemy. It is soldiers we fight that will be our enemy, not every changeling in existence. Although Star would likely disagree in that regard."

3b5af No.87472

They are more than a little shocked to see somepony taking to them at the moment, but then calm down
“You must be with the dock workers. Yes, this boat needs to be coaled before it can leave harbor” he says to Dark Star.

“I’ve answered the door for her on a few occasions, I don’t believe I have talked to her at length. I have seen her though”

The tree is badly damaged, and leaves, a book, and an empty bird’s nest fall from its branches

The stream looks like it probably floods on a yearly basis, discouraging tree growth within some feet of the banks. The area next to the steam also seems to have been used for either ponies or animals - maybe vehicles? - to traverse. But the problems with the stream plantlife go beyond that, as plant growth seems slow here

Just a little off

e60d2 No.87473

Iron stops what he's doing. He looks at the nest that just fell down.

3b5af No.87474

Empty, or seems to be

75753 No.87475

"They will be called to fight one day. And if we do reclaim our land by some miracle the Blackhooves have tucked away, then they might be called even sooner. And the thought that they won't have any feelings for us after however long it will be…it's just sad."

e60d2 No.87476

He now looks at the book that just fell down and didn't notice OOC 'cause if I kill bird, Ash will be mad.

22ca1 No.87477

"Do i have permission to help fuel her,Captain?"

3dd42 No.87478

Sister Ash's expression grows dark.
".. Something's wrong with this stream.. could it be.. pollution..?"
She turns around towards the Sister
"I'm rather new to this area. Where does this stream lead down from?"

0b15d No.87479

"I do not like it either, but there is little else we can do."

3b5af No.87480

He looks to Dark Star
“Yes, get to it”

Both walk down the gangway onto the dock

3b5af No.87481

“I… think it originates in this area, just beyond the old property, eventually merging with a river that flows from moonlight shoes into the harbor”

22ca1 No.87482

Dark Star walks onto the ship after they have moved out of the way.

75753 No.87483

"If we must, we must. I'll follow your lead."

3b5af No.87484

One of them goes into the small building. Wind Bard himself just stands there for the moment, presumably waiting. The ship itself seems to have a shallow draft, meant more for estuaries than open ocean. It’s a smaller craft

e60d2 No.87485

Iron goes to the book and inspects it a bit closer, skimming the contents inside.

3b5af No.87486

Rather large, but with a plain leather cover and binding

0b15d No.87487

"I will talk with them about getting them home once we have eaten, and see what they think about options currently on table."

3dd42 No.87488

Sister Ash seems vaguely upset.
"… I believe this water may be polluted. The cause of which is likely to be upstream. Perhaps it could be an oil can, or some other piece of trash left in the stream. I would like to investigate." She says
Sister Ash gets up, and begins to follow the stream up towards its supposed source.

3b5af No.87489

Some in ponish, some in a foreign language, some in something that doesn’t even seem to be a language

3dd42 No.87491

Show it to Ash once she gets back.

e60d2 No.87492

Dice rollRolled 11 - 1

Iron cocks his eyes. He tries to grasp what this book's all about. Rolling intelligence or knowledge to see if he can understand parts of it.

e60d2 No.87493

>cocks his eyes.
Fuck. I meant cocks his head.

3b5af No.87494

Roll a d20

Seems to be religious in nature, about prayers and such

75753 No.87495

"Sounds like a plan."

22ca1 No.87496

Dark Star tries to snap a picture discretely of the building he went into

3dd42 No.87497

Dice rollRolled 3

… Rolling.

3dd42 No.87498

Fucking dice!

e60d2 No.87499

Iron nods. He puts it inside his mane for the time being to storage it. He then inspects the bird nest more closely, risking possible bird ambush.

3b5af No.87500

Dice rollRolled 2

Dice rollRolled 2

It is so. Does he simply observe them?

22ca1 No.87501

he shovels coal but he stops periodically to watch.

3b5af No.87502

It looks to Dark Star, who can see through windows, like the Pegasus is operating a radio inside of the building

A small, red bear-like creature with ragged fur comes out from the brush, a little angry.

It is so. There are no birds in the nest now, it seems

e60d2 No.87503

Iron looks inside the nest, see if there is any eggs inside or it is just an empty nest.

3b5af No.87504

Dice rollRolled 3

3dd42 No.87505

Sister Ash becons the other Sister to get behind her, Caleb to her side, as she kneels down slightly.
>"Hello there."

3b5af No.87506

Dice rollRolled 1

>”The hell you doin’ on my property?”

Looks like yes, an egg

22ca1 No.87507

Dark Star takes a picture

e60d2 No.87508

Iron looks to the nun. "Say, you do not mind if we set this nest up on one of the healthy trees, right?" He picks up the nest.

75753 No.87509

Continues restaurant search.

3b5af No.87510

A dragon approaches Wind Bard. At least, that is what it looks like. Much bigger than a pony, larger that a griffin, with a scaly hide, alligator-like belly, and long muzzle a pinkish colored creature walks up to him, and addresses him at the end of the pier, after waking up there from the left on the wharf

“Uh, sure”

The Wood Spoon is the first option

3dd42 No.87511

Dice rollRolled 1 + 7

She bows towards the creature, like she does to literally everything.
>"I'm investigating the stream. It seems as though something has been polluting it. I don't know if your familiar with the concept of riparian territory, but I think it would be in the interests all the local creatures to see that it is amended."
Of course, Wild Empathy doesn't give anywhere near that amount of clarity in communication, so I'll just roll to see if it's influenced.

3dd42 No.87512


e60d2 No.87513

He looks at her. "Are you certain? It could be a bird that may harm the crops. Do you mind taking a look to see if you can recognize it?"

3dd42 No.87514

It's just one birb.

0839c No.87515

This is one unlucky day.

e60d2 No.87516

Some of them are 1d3
Just in case birb has butterfly effects that leaves foals starving or something.

22ca1 No.87517

"what the buck?" Dark Star whispers

3b5af No.87518

>Rolled a 1 on a diplomacy check
>”You overgrown lizard! You tryin’ to take my territory with your fancy ‘ripparian’ concept of property rights. Well I’ll show you my concept of property rights!”

“It looks like a sparrow”

Well, the rest of the part did freak out over the well being of parasitic bees, so I guess he isn’t alone

They talk briefly, and go into the building, slightly out of line of sight

75753 No.87519

I point to the Wood Spoon.
"What about that one? Does that look good?"

22ca1 No.87520

is there a captains quarters?

0b15d No.87521

Silver shrugs. "I have not heard anything about it, good or bad. Let us see what they have."

e60d2 No.87522

"So it is fine if let him hatch, right?" He starts walking towards one of the healthy trees, thinking on climbing it to put the nest on a branch. That's how nests work, right?

3dd42 No.87523

Sister Ash seems disappointed.
She tries to change the subject
>"Has the water in this stream been tasting funny lately?"

75753 No.87524

I follow Silver inside.

3b5af No.87525

Of the ship? Yes

And they go in, greater by an orange unicorn mare
“Why hello, what can I get for you?”

“Uh, I think so. I’m not really a bird expert. They can eat crops, but they can also eat the insects that eat crops”

You better score high on your next diplomacy roll

3dd42 No.87526

Dice rollRolled 2 + 7


3dd42 No.87527

Higher than last time.

3b5af No.87528

Alright, now roll for intitiave

e60d2 No.87529

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

Iron nods. He then starts the climbing process to find a branch to perch the nest on. Rolling climb of course.

e60d2 No.87530

I feel guilty with stealing this roll.

0b15d No.87531


"Hello. We are new to area, so we were hoping for menu, or recommendation as to what is good to eat here.

3dd42 No.87532

Dice rollRolled 18

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

The one with the modifier is Caleb.

3b5af No.87533

He expertly climbs up the tree

You really should

e60d2 No.87534

Hah, now I don't have to since Ash has good rolls and the bear thing will have less 'cause probability says so.
Iron then places the nest on one of the higher branches at its base.

3b5af No.87535

Dice rollRolled 17 + 2

“Soup? Salad? What would you like?”

>”All you damned ponies commin’ onto my property tryin’ to take it. Well I ain’t gonna let you take it!”

He finds a little spot where it should be balanced

22ca1 No.87536

Are there any windows?

e60d2 No.87537

Iron places it there, see if it actually works.
Also, jinxed it. Feeling guilty again.

0b15d No.87538

Silver finds this not very helpful. "Uh…do you have…oatmeal, at this hour?"

3dd42 No.87539

Dice rollRolled 17 + 13

I'm rolling knowledge (nature), to identify what kind of creature this thing is.
This is a free action.

3b5af No.87540

Dice rollRolled 10 + 4

In the captains quarters? Yes

And… seems to

“Yes, we do”

The order of initiative is:

The mascot of Camulet, Colorado high school
The trespasser
The dog

He attac

e60d2 No.87541

Iron now climbs down the tree and starts walking to the last tree again. "Sorry for the delay. We should finish the job now."

0b15d No.87542

"Then I will take oatmeal."

Silver looks over to Spark to see what he wants.

3b5af No.87543

Dice rollRolled 2 + 2

I think he hits, striking Ash with his claw

One more blow

22ca1 No.87544

is anyone watching? and is the window unlocked?

e60d2 No.87545

Dice rollRolled 9 + 6

Right. Rolling the same buck.

e60d2 No.87546

Dice rollRolled 3 + 12

And damage.

75753 No.87547

"I suppose I will take what he is having. I have trouble deciding when I go to a new restaurant."

3b5af No.87548

She briefly gives him a look of “Are you crazy?” But writes it down

It’s a down time as the ship is in maintainance. It seems to be unlocked

She writes it down

0b15d No.87549

Silver doesn't understand this look, but he doesn't say anything that would make him seem rude. I suppose he also sits down at a table, if he isn't already.

3dd42 No.87550


Well, that knowledge check was high enough for me to know that he can't go into Rage unless he takes damage.

Sister Ash winces in pain and responds by casting Scarecrow, a chilling aura radiating out from her.
The fat weasel needs to make 13 DC will save, or be Shaken for 5 rounds.

22ca1 No.87551

Dark Star Climbs inside

3b5af No.87552

Dice rollRolled 13 + 2

>tfw the reference is lost

Kind of awkward, but he falls on the floor

And thus, he sits


Tree is kill

22ca1 No.87553

Dice rollRolled 9 + 7

Spot to find anything important

e60d2 No.87554

Iron nods. "Well, that should be all of them. Now what do I need to do now?"

3dd42 No.87555

Dice rollRolled 15

Stupid weasel, making saves…

Caleb takes a moves action to get between Sister Ash and the animal.
Then he snarls.
>"Back off."

0b15d No.87556

Yeah, I have no clue what reference that is.

Silver motions for Spark to join him. "Do you mind if I ask you about yourself? I do not know much about you, and with you being both my friend and my employer, I feel it is good that I get to know you."

75753 No.87557

"Well, I fear that I won't be able to give you anything as sweet as your story was."
I join him at the table.
"But what would you like to know?"

3b5af No.87558

Navigation charts stand out immediately

“Well, if you could drag them to the burn pile…”

I think that works

He does back up

e60d2 No.87559

Iron nods, but he believes he can do better than just simple virgin dragging. He goes the chad carry on back to the burn pile, wherever that is.

0b15d No.87560

"It does not matter whether it is good or bad, I just wish to hear more about you. I suppose beginning is good place to start, unless you have better idea."

3dd42 No.87561

Caleb crouches interposingly between the two, to give Sister Ash some cover, and prepare a readied action to strike if the animal attacks.

Sister Ash nurses her gash and tries to negotiate again.
>"We didn't come for a fight. We only came to resolve the issues with the water."

22ca1 No.87562

Dark Star climbs out

75753 No.87563

"The beginning is perhaps the most boring. I was born to a moderately wealthy family in Canterlot. They always made up for it though with their connections and friends. If something wasn't to their liking, the could probably ask around and get it changed. Take my education for example. I am not exactly super gifted in intellect or magic, but yet I wound up in the school for gifted unicorns regardless. It didn't take me long there to figure how what they did however."
I chuckle as try to hide my glass under the table, unsure if that would get me kicked out of this establishment or not.

3dd42 No.87564

You should train your owl to do this next chance you get.

3b5af No.87565

Roll strength check!

The dragon and Wind Bard leave the small building (only in there a couple minutes, dragon holding something, and wind Bard still carrying the brief case

Hugh Jackman seems unsure of Ash, but doesn’t want to get past Caleb
>”Alright… you can go by”

0b15d No.87566

He chuckles. "You make it sound almost as if they had underground contacts or something of that sort."

e60d2 No.87567

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5

Rolling. Here's hoping spaghetti does not fall off.

3dd42 No.87568

Sister Ash seems satisfied, dabbing at her wound with a bit of cloth.
>"Very well then. We'll be on our way as soon as we resolve what's been polluting the water."

75753 No.87569

"I doubt it, but I don't exactly have proof otherwise. More likely though they just were really good friends with the super rich and powerful."

22ca1 No.87570

Dark Star Discretely closes the window takes a picture then gets back to the coal

3dd42 No.87571

Sister Ash goes over to calm the Sister, after ensuring that he Jackman has gone on his way.

0b15d No.87572

"Maybe. I can not say I ever got to spend time in School for Gifted Unicorns, or that we were wealthy. Give your own story some credit.

"So, what is it you did once you left that school?"

75753 No.87573

"I wound up here I suppose. I said in school for… quite a bit longer than what is normal due to my grades. By the time I could see the end of the tunnel the orders had gone out to evacuate Canterlot."

3dd42 No.87574

"Are you alright?"

99eec No.87575

He succeeds!


The Dragon walks off. A Mustang Royal car stops by

Was she supposed to be following?

More than a little startled
"Yes… sure. That thing is gone"

22ca1 No.87576

Dark Star takes another picture

3dd42 No.87577

Not if she didn't want to.
On second thought, maybe she should stay behind…

"Sorry about that.." Sister Ash says.
"You don't have to come if you don't want to."

e60d2 No.87578

Haha! Take that, trees! I can carry you all on my back! He feels proud of doing so, walking with confidence of his strength as he places all parts on his pack except the book to the burn pile.

22ca1 No.87579

He tries to get the license plate in the picture.

0b15d No.87580

"Hmm. So, you have not had much chance to actually experience world, then."

99eec No.87581

From the car walks a Unicorn mare, Pink in Color, hair black in part and white in part, wearing an elegant white and gold dress that seems to be an old Canterlot Carousel dress. They don't make 'em like that any more. She carefully comes up to Wind Bard, and starts talking to him

Hmmm. It is perpendicular to the ship, so that is not possible from this angle, or at least not while the vehicle is stopped. Perhaps when it drives off

And thus Iron has established the natural order with trees, or at least dying trees, below him.

"Alright, this way to thee burn pile"
Says the sister

"I think I'd rather walk with you than back alone" she says

e60d2 No.87582

Iron follows the sister.
Sorry if it sounded too pretentious.

75753 No.87583

"Let's just say, I wouldn't have been ready to if there never was a war. I suppose it is rather sick to say there could have been a positive out of all of this, but it forced me to grow up a bit. Not without its costs though."

3dd42 No.87584

"… Very well then…" Sister Ash says with a nod.

She continues following up the stress, searching and sniffing for any signs of what could be polluting the water.

99eec No.87585

Nah, I probably would have said it on my own
She leads him to a spot with several dead plants pilled up over black, grey and white ash
"Onto here"

22ca1 No.87586

Dark Star Snaps a picture

0b15d No.87587

Silver nods, with a hint of sadness. "War has its ways of doing so."

e60d2 No.87588

Iron dumps off all plant matter he has on his back, being sure not to throw the book in there burn pile, which is in his mane.

e60d2 No.87589

*in the burn pile,

75753 No.87590

"It does. Though my mind wasn't exactly ready for the sudden change I'm afraid. A life where even the reach of war was softened for the longest time, to one in and around the jungles near where the war first came here. It just was a bit too much for a while."

99eec No.87591

Dice rollRolled 1

The area next to the stream widens into a meadow

The mare in pink talks to him, before some time a trio of griffons approach. Two large black colored ones, with green work clothes on. And in the center, a white griffon with elegant white suit and pilot's cap on

It is so
"Thank you with all of this. Hopefully that should keep the blight from spreading and killing the rest of out fruit trees. Eventually we will want to use that land for other plants, and so will need to dig up the stumps, but I think we can let it rot for the moment"

e60d2 No.87592

Iron nods. "Well, your group did let me sleep here so it is the least I could do." He smiles. A pause, then smile turns to chin poking. "How come there is not any other stallions here to help out?"

22ca1 No.87593

Dark Star Whispers
"What the buck is going on here?"

3dd42 No.87594

Dice rollRolled 19, 12 = 31

"Lovely place we have here." Sister Ash says, enjoyingbthe scenery.
May as well roll two perception checks for her and Caleb to see if there's any danger.
Both are +5

0b15d No.87595

"It seems you have adapted since then, and are doing fairly well for yourself." He thinks for a moment. "Where are you currently residing, if I may ask?"

99eec No.87596

Nothing much, just mud, grass, a trio of rather large puddles, and a couple rusted barrels in the meadow

"Our mendicant order here is all female. We do have some older colts, but we have them in class at the moment"

Wind Bard pulls up the brief case and opens it in front of them. The mare uses her pink magic to pull something out of it, as the Gryphin in white examines it

75753 No.87597

"I don't have a place really. Just sleeping where I can. Which reminds me."
I hoof Silver 10 bits.

0b15d No.87598

"Hmm, what is this for?" Silver looks at the Bits, not yet taking them.

75753 No.87599

"For letting me stay at your place."

3dd42 No.87600

Sister Ash moves closer to examine the barrels.

e60d2 No.87601

"Right. I asked Marey once about the fuss of sleeping in the same room as Ash. It got kind of awkward." He chuckles. "Hopefully she is feeling well now."

22ca1 No.87602

Can i see what it is from here?

0b15d No.87603

He pushes the Bits back towards Spark. "Unless you want to split rent and live as roommates, I do not need Bits from you for merely staying for one night."

99eec No.87604

She tilts her head a little confused

She delivers oatmeal

Roll spot. You are rather far away. Well, you are not exactly close

A bit damaged, used to have blue paint, some rust. Two are visible

22ca1 No.87605

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7


e60d2 No.87606

He waves it off. "Sorry. I did not mean to bother you. I suppose that is all, right? If so, I would like to ask Marey about the book we found."

75753 No.87607

"I don't think I would make a good roommate. I don't have income until I can get this damn quarry taken care of."
"Thank you."
I take a bite of oatmeal.

3dd42 No.87608

So, they're empty?
Sister Ash examines the puddles, looking for any signs of oil or other pollutants.

0b15d No.87609

"Thank you." He grabs his respective bowl of oatmeal.

"As long you do not throw wild parties, I do not doubt you would make for at least passable roommate." He takes a bite of his own oatmeal. "I should also mention that I do not have income either until we finished quarry job, so we should talk about getting that finished once changelings are sent home."

99eec No.87610

He can see. They are gold bricks

Wind Bard closes the briefcase, and the griffin in white takes it. All three shake hands

"That should be all. Thank you for your help. It would have been rather difficult for us to have knocked down those trees"

22ca1 No.87611

Dark Star takes a picture and goes back to shoveling coal

e60d2 No.87612

"It is my pleasure to help out a mare in need." He bows. "I will take my leave." He proceeds to look for Marey, hoping she can understand the mumbo-jumbo this book provides.

75753 No.87613

"I already promised you I would cover, to the best of my ability, your expenses should you run low on bits. But yes, it would be most helpful financially to get that place cleared. I just hope that the others don't want to abandon the project because so far it has proved less than profitable."

0b15d No.87614

"It has admittedly proven to be more difficult than it should have. Though that might be partially of our own making." He thinks back to Sister Ash setting fire to the library's worth of books.

99eec No.87615

The Mare in dress walks back to her vehicle, where two Earth ponies stand, and help her back in before the vehicle drives off

Marery seems to have been talking to another sister about some matter

e60d2 No.87616

Iron pokes Marey. "Excuse me, are you currently busy?"

75753 No.87617

"I'm just glad everypony made it out of there. There has to be a way to make our decent a safer one. I just can't think of how. It's times like these I wish I paid more attention in school."

99eec No.87618

She is a little surpised
"Oh, I have a couple minutes. What do you need?"

A shimmer on one of the puddles. Who said they were empty? They have very large holes in them

3dd42 No.87619

>shimmer on one of the puddles
"….Oil.." she says with utmost disgust
She checks the barrels again, searching for any kind of leak.

e60d2 No.87620

Iron nods, then fishes out the book that was recently found. "I found this on an orange tree not far from here. Seems to have some religious stuff in there. I am hoping you can tell me what it is about in detail." He hands over the book to Marey.

e60d2 No.87621

*in the book. I

0b15d No.87622

"Easiest way would be to simply keep calm, slow, and methodical. If it is not yet cleared of poisonous gas, then we should acquire gas masks for all members of party that go back down." Silver continues to eat his bowl of oatmeal.

22ca1 No.87623

dark Star tries to get the license plate in a picture.

99eec No.87624

Again, they have definite holes

"I'm not as sure that's oil…"

She opens it, flips through a few pages, is sort of startled, and then quickly closes the book

Roll. I'm not sure what, but roll

0b15d No.87625

Dexterity, maybe?

22ca1 No.87626

Dice rollRolled 12


3dd42 No.87627

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

"What could it be?" Sister Ash replies
She examines the substance leaking bout of the barrels
Intelligence check, to see if she recognizes it.

22ca1 No.87628

3dd42 No.87629

Well fuck you too, dice.

e60d2 No.87630

Iron cocks his head. "Is something wrong?"

75753 No.87631

"Any ideas where to find some?"

99eec No.87632

It's not even a liquid, just salt

"This book is meant to contact spirits. Malign spirits"

He just barely gets a shot

The griffins start to walk off, and Wind Bard starts to walk back to the boat

e60d2 No.87634

"Strange. You do not seem like ones who would do that. Is there any suspected owners of the book?"

3dd42 No.87635


Actually, it's gotten really late, and I'm still really sick, despite insomnia, so I think I'm going to have to cut it here for now.

Goodnight, guys.

0b15d No.87636

"Black Hooves have plenty of gas masks in their supplies, but whether they could be convinced to part with them is…questionable, at best. There might be couple military surplus stores or even general stores in city that carry them. I know they were freely available for sale during War, to calm fears of gas attacks."

e60d2 No.87637


22ca1 No.87638

Dark Star goes back to shoveling coal

75753 No.87639

"There was that much surplus? I didn't figure that. Well, we should see who is coming back with us before buying them."

99eec No.87640

A number of ponies who seem to be holding weapons of some sort walk around the wharf area


She looks down saddened
"We had a filly practicing dark magic It may have been her, or another filly associated with her"

e60d2 No.87641

Iron pokes his chin. "Do you think it is a good idea to show her the book to see her reaction?"

22ca1 No.87642

Do they look angry?

99eec No.87643

"We could try that, yes"

No, but they are looking around and sort of "clearing" the area

22ca1 No.87644

Has dark Star filled the ship with coal? if so he walks over.

e60d2 No.87645

"Do you think your other business can wait, then? I am not that good at reading ponies' feelings."

99eec No.87646

Well, it's a large steamer, so it would take hours for a single pony to fill up the bunker. But he can walk over

"No, I have time for this"

e60d2 No.87647

"Alright. Lead the way, Marey."

22ca1 No.87648

Yea sure Dark Star walks over

3b5af No.87649

Alright, he does so

You’re sure you want to do this?

22ca1 No.87650

"What's going on,colts?"

3b5af No.87652

They are not happy to see Dark Star at all
“Who are you, and why are you here?” Asks one, a little angrily

e60d2 No.87653

You're probably right. Iron does not have a good track record on foals.
Iron shakes his head. "On second thought, I will not intervene. I am not good with foals, specially fillies. Be sure to notify Ash of the new book that was found, please."

22ca1 No.87654

"woah colts,calm down. i just started. and i saw you all over here looking for something. so i wanted to know if you needed help."

3b5af No.87655

They look serious
“I will ask you again. Who are you, and why are you here?”

I mean, you can do it, it’s just that Ash has a sort of relationship with the fillie in question
“Oh, I will.” Sister marery responds

e60d2 No.87656

"If I can weigh in on this. Do not, I repeat, do not punish her just from knowing or admitting that the book is hers. You will only cause the foal to act rebellious and fall to the dark side."

22ca1 No.87657

"look i already told you i started today, i'm a dock worker and my name is Big Iron"

0b15d No.87658

"Of course. You would not want there to be sudden shortage of supplies in middle of war, yes?"

e60d2 No.87659

Watch out. These may be the guys I messed with at the beginning of Iron's story.

75753 No.87660

"You're right."
I finish up my oatmeal.
"So, how bad of a shape do you think the room will be in when we get back?"

22ca1 No.87661

You didnt say your name was big iron did you?

e60d2 No.87662

I did introduce myself to a guardsmare on the boat as Iron.

0b15d No.87663

"Oh, it will probably be minefield of jacks and/or marbles." Silver finishes up his own, and stands up. He doesn't seem upset or annoyed at the thought, in fact, he seems quite amused at it.

3b5af No.87664

File: 1548485641908.jpeg (125.92 KB, 1920x1080, B16463C8-5905-4343-9669-9….jpeg)

“That’s an interesting perspective. How do you figure?”

He looks at Dark Star strangely
“Are you that guy who tried to threaten Milk Sullen after some bird dropped a crate a couple days ago?”

22ca1 No.87665

"No, i heard he was a big colt. look at me i'm too small."

75753 No.87666

"We better head back then before they decide to set off any of those mines."
I pay for our meals, leaving a bit for a tip as always.

3b5af No.87667

File: 1548485930911.png (391.71 KB, 1280x720, 6FA7DCA7-32EB-4C0B-BA42-EE….png)

“So you’ve heard of him… Tell me then, why are you called big Iron then?”

e60d2 No.87668

"I know excessive punishment will lead to resentment or apathy." Iron pokes his chin. "From what you said, she was punished accordingly when the act of dark magic was actually done. That punishment should be enough to dissuade her from trying again for the time being. If you punish her some more from just owning the book, she will grow bitter or cynical and eventually stop following your rules of conduct. You do want her to be on the path of harmony, right?"

e60d2 No.87669

u r edeeot, Star

22ca1 No.87670

"well, you'd have to be a mare form me to show you."
Dark Star Big Iron laughs

22ca1 No.87671

i've got this

0b15d No.87672

"I suppose Onyx and Star would be willing to continue to help, if they were not previously put off by threat of curses and paralysis. I am not sure if Iron and Ash would be. Perhaps with some convincing. And talking about how to ask questions first before setting fire to things." He chuckles a bit, and goes quiet for a couple seconds before adding on: "I am serious if you wish to have place to stay, though. I can not say it will be most comfortable living arrangement, but rent is most cheap."

3b5af No.87673

He is not amused by the joke
“Right. Now tell me, why are you here, and where did you hear of this ‘Iron’ from?”

“I suppose, but I am not sure she appreciates how dangerous it is, or that we will not tolerate its use”

22ca1 No.87674

"theres a rumor going around baltimare. i heard he hurt some ponies bad."

3b5af No.87675

“I see. I have not heard any such rumors. Anyways, why are you on this pier?”

22ca1 No.87676

"this is my part time job."

e60d2 No.87677

"Did she confess why she used dark magic to begin with? I am certain she knows the danger but thinks it is worth a try still. If you can satisfy her demands, you will probably succeed in dissuding her from using dark magic ever again."

75753 No.87678

"Thank you Silver. If you can stand a spoiled rich kid as your roommate, then I will gladly take up your offer. Just don't let me slack off payments."

e60d2 No.87679

Spark's a pretty tame spoiled brat tbh

22ca1 No.87680

this tbh

0b15d No.87681

Silver laughs. "And if you can stand crazy old geezer from Severyana as yours, then I think we will get along just fine. And do not worry, I will not make you slack. You pay when I pay."

3b5af No.87682

“Ash has done most of the talking to her”

“Right. Either get back to it, or clear off these wharfs”

e60d2 No.87683

"You should ask her about it. She is pretty good around foals." Iron thinks fondly about Ash, a small smile forming on his face. "Has she made any progress that you noticed?"

75753 No.87684

I mainly explained away the lack of spoiled attitude with the backstory, but I think it explains rather well why I can't pass any strength checks.
I smile.
"We should really go check on the foals now though."
I head to the door.

3b5af No.87685

“With regards to Abby Willows the filly? She seems a little less angry, although still distraught”

0b15d No.87686

"That is good idea."

When they arrive back at Silver's room at the Tavern, Silver knocks on the door, and, making sure nopony else but him and Spark are around outside to hear, calls through the door. "Wir sind zurück."

e60d2 No.87687

"I see. If you are going to question her about the book, you should be gentle. No need to undo Ash's progress with more punishment."

3b5af No.87688

“Alright, we’ll think about it”

No pony answers, although he can hear some shuffling inside

e60d2 No.87690

"Trust me on this. Ash knows what she is doing. I can see her experience handling foals."

0b15d No.87691

Dice rollRolled 16 - 1

He takes it as a sign that they're still there, and that they're aware of their presence, so he enters the room.

Search: As Silver enters, he keeps a look out for any sudden toys he would step.

22ca1 No.87692

Dice rollRolled 17 + 7

"sorry,to bother you colts i just was seeing if you needed help is all."
Dark Star starts to walk away
"Are you colts sure you don't need some help?"

3b5af No.87693

Of Silver had walked into the entrance of a tunnel used by the Viet Cong, he would not find so many traps littering the floor

0b15d No.87694

"Nun, wer hat das alles hier gelassen?" He looks at the mass of toy traps in front of him, and exactly who could have set them all up.

He motions to Spark to not enter the room quite yet.

75753 No.87695

Spark understands, but wonders why Silver doesn't have him clear a path with magic.

e60d2 No.87696

Iron decides to go back to physical excercises at the garden until either Ash comes back or a nun informs him of Ash's current position.
If 30 minutes passes without any response, I'll suppose GM has gone to bed.

22ca1 No.87697

he could be Driving

e60d2 No.87698

He does have the id where he had that dinner he talked about. It's a possibility

99eec No.87699

He looks back one last time
"We are finished here" and walks off

Silver only gets two pairs of eyes staring back at him

22ca1 No.87700

Big Iron goes back to the ship

0b15d No.87701

He sighs, and uses his telekinesis to make a path to the bed. He doesn't look angry to the young 'lings. "Es sieht so aus, als hätten Sie jedes einzelne Spielzeug herausgeholt."

99eec No.87702


Which part?

22ca1 No.87703

the furnace

0b15d No.87704

Silver chuckles at the response. "Schade, ich habe schon gelernt, nach solchen Fallen Ausschau zu halten. Du hast mich fast erwischt." He sits down on the bed once a path as been cleared.

With Silver now safely inside and with a clear path to the bed made, he invites Spark back inside.

75753 No.87705

I head inside and close the door.

99eec No.87706

I assume you mean shoveling to the coal bunker, alright, he returns

Wesley is on the bed

e60d2 No.87707

I don't think I can come up with any other activities for Iron at the abbey. I guess the book is the abbey's property now. Iron will probably run some laps around the gardens until Ash comes back.

0b15d No.87708

Silver smiles at Wesley, and gives him a head pat. "Geht es dir gut?"

22ca1 No.87709

yea i assumed it was a furnace
Dark Star shoveles some more coal and then looks around for wind bard

99eec No.87710

poner doppelganger is pet
"Ja, mir geht es gut"

He walks out from the ship with a casual set of clothes

22ca1 No.87711

he keeps shoveling

99eec No.87712

He looks back

0b15d No.87713

"Nun, da wir alle hier sind, sollten wir über Möglichkeiten sprechen, Sie und Ihren Bruder nach Hause zu bringen."

99eec No.87714

"Oh… alles klar"

22ca1 No.87715

"can i ask you a few questions? i'm sure a world traveler such as yourself has some amazing stories."

0b15d No.87716

Silver gives him the stereotypical confused look: raised eyebrow, cocked head, one ear at the side of his head. "Stimmt etwas nicht?"

99eec No.87717

"Sure, I've seen a few places"

He lays down, and lays his head on the bed
"Ich habe gerade die Spielsachen geöffnet…"

22ca1 No.87718

"so how did your ship get its name?"
Shoveling intensifies

0b15d No.87719

This just results in Silver giving him an odd look. "Ich verstehe nicht, warum Sie sie nicht mitnehmen konnten. Satteltaschen für Sie zu kaufen, sollte nicht zu schwierig oder teuer sein."

99eec No.87720

"Oh that? It was named that before I was assigned to her. I presume because she ferries cargo between Equestria's jungle ports."

"Okay … nimm mich wo?"

22ca1 No.87721

"whats it like outside of Equestria?"

0b15d No.87722

Resume Silver's confused face. "Ich verstehe diese Frage nicht."

99eec No.87723

"That depends on where you go outside of Equestria. The Dragon Isles are rocky and mountainous, with dangerous creatures in and around them. Nova Griffonia is cold and hilly along its shores. Zebrica has jungles and Savannah. For the most part, there aren't very many ponies"

He doesn't seem to know how to rephrase it, or possibly doesn't want to

75753 No.87724

"What are they saying?"

22ca1 No.87725

"Have You ever been to Nimbusia?"

0b15d No.87726

"He asked me where I want to take him and his brother."

"Nun, wenn die Frage ist, was ich denke, dann möchte ich Sie und Ihren Bruder in die Nähe von Tall Tales bringen."

99eec No.87727

"I have, once, briefly"

"Alles klar"

22ca1 No.87728

"What was it like?"

0b15d No.87729

This response worries Silver. "Sie klingen nicht sehr begeistert. Stimmt irgendetwas nicht?"

99eec No.87730

"I only stopped in to drop off a load of electronics and pick up a load of oil and wine. But what I saw… Well, when you approach their capital city, you can see the old temples atop the hill, with great marble columns and intricate marble freezes. White plastered buildings with red tiled roofs. Beyond the city, and all along the shore line are these great rolling green hills. Fairly tall, each several hundred feet, and draped in the greenest grass, or in terraces of olive trees. Sometimes capped by temples or houses. And you could see monasteries perched atop sheer cliff drops. Between the hills were more meadows of green grass and grain crops. In the skies you can see well trimmed clouds, and pegasi darting about"

22ca1 No.87731

"Wow, it sounds Beautiful. I'd like to see it some day Dark Star thinks to himself "to retake it from those dirty reformists.".Whats The Dragon isles like?"
Shoveling even more

99eec No.87732

Alright, I'm going to sleep nnow

22ca1 No.87733


3dd42 No.87749

"Who would just leave a barrel of salt out here in the middle of the meadow?!" Sister Ash fumes in annoyance
>says the mare with medieval price standards, who still thinks rock salt is worth its weight in silver

3dd42 No.87750

I thought only females could be nymphomaniacs?

e60d2 No.87751

I wouldn't know. Tried looking for it, but a film about a girl's sexual adventures took the term for itself and now redirects to hypersexuality.

e60d2 No.87752

But you seem to be right, since there is a male term for nymphomania called satyriasis.

3dd42 No.87753

>male term for nymphomania called satyriasis.
Huh, seems as though both terms have a Greek mythology theme; they're both sprites associated with sex.

3dd42 No.87754

>is trying to figure out how to move this barrel of salt

e60d2 No.87755

So Skies is the nymph and Star is the satyr. I wonder if the satyr abomination generals know about this.

e60d2 No.87756

*extremely unsubtle coughing*

3dd42 No.87757

Now that I look at it, I have an armed Satyre as a 2nd level summon.
I'll get to it as soon as I'm sure that this is what's polluting the water.

e60d2 No.87758

I see. I suppose you can also summon a nymph as well. They are forest creatures if I'm not mistaken
As for the 'getting to it' part, Ash could send Caleb or the nun back to fetch him.

3dd42 No.87759

Idk why we're still spoilering.
Nah, Nymphs aren't anywhere on the Summon Nature's Ally table.
Like most Fey, they advance by character class, but their +7 level adjustment renders them virtually unplayable.

e60d2 No.87760

Oh. That sounds like a hard nerf on nymphs, then. Strange how you can summon satyrs but not nymphs. I think I see nymphs are a PC class, right?

0839c No.87761

>tfw when spritephobia still exists

e60d2 No.87762

I can't blame them. There's some nasty stories about nymphs and other sprites out there.

3dd42 No.87763

Spoiler, cuz metafaggotry
>hard nerf on nymphs
Nah, that's just the rule for powerful creatures. Nymphs have a lot of powerful abilities that make them as powerful as 13th level PCs at level 6.
Technically, any creature with at least 3 intelligence is playable under the rules of the game (with DM approval), with the proper level adjustment though.l0
Level adjustment basically means that a creature has certain powers or abilities than cause it to be considered X levels above an average creature of its hit dice: that creature needs tohavr more XP to level up, since it's effectively a level higher than other creatures.
Not all races are created equal, so certain PC races wlalso have level adjustment to balance them in gameplay.
For example, think of Drow. Drow are very powerful among elves, possessing boosts to Charisma and Intelligence, in addition to their elf traits and their most notable buff which is their spell resistance; the Drow's game-changing abilities give it a level adjustment of +2. In a campaign that starts at lvl 5, the Drow starts at level 2, but the Drow is still considered to be level 5 for the sake of Experience points, and that Drow also needs just as much XP to level up as a character of 5th level. The affects of level adjustment account for the Drow's racial traits making it superior to most other Humanoids.
Level adjustment is the game's way of allowing races of all kinds to be played, while maintaining balance.

3dd42 No.87764

Humanoids have a complicated relationship with sprites.. just look at any fairy tale..

3dd42 No.87766

Although, in game, only certain types of fey are sprites. I think that group encompasses Pixies, Nixies, Leprechauns, Brownies, and Grigs.
Nymphs are their own thing.

3dd42 No.87767

There actually aren't that many fey creatures in the first monster manual, although the second and third manuals bring in a lot more though.

Idk what would count as fey in Equestria though. I guess Breezies and Parasprites would fit in the creature type.

3dd42 No.87768

I guess she could do that, but she also wouldn't want to make the nun walk through the forest alone.

e60d2 No.87769

I see. Good to know if I want to D&D with set races.
I read some of them. They don't end well.
Ah. I see that satyrs are not sprites from your description, unless they enter in a subcategory race in the list you mentioned
Maybe contact a bird to fetch Iron? You wouldn't be using magic to do that. Just some animal empathy, kind of like Fluttershy does

3dd42 No.87770

Eh, I think that'd be stretching the effectiveness of Wild Empathy. Even casting Animal Messenger wouldn't work unless the birb knew who to give it to.
She'll just walk back to get him.

Sprites are basically just the group of fey-type creatures with sizes of small or smaller. Fey can be pretty much any shape or size though.

3b5af No.87771

>satyr abomination generals?

There are no fey, sprites, or human-shaped anything in this game

3dd42 No.87773

>No fey
Not even Breezies? They're basically horse-shaped Grigs.

e60d2 No.87774

Right. 4chan is not allowed here. It was a general I used to see at the catalog back when I lurked /mlp/ 1 year ago. Basically, they were top human, bottom pony spawn from copulation between humans and ponies. The thread used to be called that. It's not here in /mlpol/.
Alright. Iron is currently doing laps around the abbey for some resistance training.

3dd42 No.87775

I remember that thread. Never really participated in it though.

e60d2 No.87776

Me neither, tbh. I only saw it in the catalog. Never really entered it.

3dd42 No.87777

File: 1548532447817-0.jpg (40.29 KB, 384x600, Elway-John-6.jpg)

Praise Football. Praise American.

e60d2 No.87778

I was about to rolecall when you did that.
Good thing I didn't besmirch the football.

3dd42 No.87779

I don't really have anything to do today but lie in bed and rest, so I should be available all day.

e60d2 No.87780

Cool. If you can do it and does not mess with your real life, you should nap a bit to last a bit longer when the session starts.

0b15d No.87781

Hope you get better soon.

3dd42 No.87782


0b15d No.87783

File: 1548535254791.png (626.25 KB, 1962x2208, 1943549__safe_artist-colon….png)

Have a cute I found.

3dd42 No.87784

Top cute

e60d2 No.87785


e60d2 No.87786

File: 1548535805364.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.08 MB, 640x360, 1945166__safe_derpibooru e….gif)

Have a funny gif for compensation.

3dd42 No.87787


0b15d No.87788

File: 1548536797086-0.png (261.2 KB, 1044x1242, 1937797__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1548536797086-1.png (366.31 KB, 958x946, 1932199__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1548536797086-2.png (172.42 KB, 812x1024, 1925414__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1548536797086-3.png (388.61 KB, 918x1008, 1905590__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1548536797086-4.png (503.58 KB, 944x1210, 1919386__safe_artist-colon….png)

I laughed, sensibly. Have more cutes, because this guy has a lot of them.

3dd42 No.87789

Kirins are by far the best non-pony race.
Prove me wrong.
Pro-tip: you can't

e60d2 No.87790

Kirins are just furrier versions of ponies. That's why they're the best non-pony race.

3dd42 No.87791

They're smooth, furry, and fluffy: triple-threat.

e60d2 No.87792

File: 1548537540410.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.21 KB, 540x573, 1917438__safe_fern flare_….jpeg)

And here we thought the changelings were the real danger. Kirins are just preparing for their own assault with snuggles and cuddles. Nopony could resist their floof, fur and scales.

0b15d No.87793

I wonder if they'll add the Kirin Village to Equestria At War once they add Zebrica to the game. Their next big update should be either Zebrica or the rework of Stalliongrad, and I'm excited for either. Imagine the resurrection of the White Army of Severyana, and the creation of the Pony Tsardom in Northern Equestria.

e60d2 No.87794

I wonder if they'll make it a big country or just a tribe like some griffonian countries in the game currently. I would also want to know which classifications and special properties the kirins would have.
I can feel the rise of niriks as a possible facist route for the kirin territory.

99eec No.87795

According to development logs, they say that there will be something like four Kirin countries, which will include parallels to Vietnam and China

3dd42 No.87796

The movie map placed the Kirin Grove on the Southern half of the Dragons' continent. Idk how expansions in war games work though.

e60d2 No.87797

>Kirins == Asians
I guess that works.
Pretty sure they'll add a whole continent for them as well as other races whose homeland are in said continent.

0b15d No.87798

Neat. We don't have many oriental-styled countries in the mod.
It's fairly simple: before you can declare war, you need to justify a casus belli for a specific reason, ranging from forcing your ideology on a different country, to puppeting them, to taking their states. Then you just declare war and do your best to command your armies to victory. If one side ends up victorious, they can enforce their claims on the losing side, even those they haven't justified in exchange for appearing like a threat to the rest of their neighbors and increasing world tension even further. Different ideologies can only declare or justify wars if world tension is at a certain point. Communist and Fascist nations can declare war from the get-go, while Non-Aligned and Harmonist nations can only do so when world tension is beyond the 50% mark. Considering how much, in this game's headcanon, both the Changeling Hegemony and New Mareland have declared war, it's very likely world tension is well beyond the 50% mark.

The kirins will probably have a few states per country, ranging from 1 for countries like the Kirin Village, to 4 for minor countries, to 10 for major countries. I don't expect them to have anything close to the Changeling Land or Olenia's large number of states, and especially not Equestria's ungodly number of states.

e60d2 No.87799

I don't think he meant territorial expansions. More like game expansions.

0b15d No.87800

In that case, please ignore me.

e60d2 No.87801

It's fine.
I'm actually tryjng to get into HoI IV so if you have some tips it would be appreciated

0b15d No.87802

Can't offer many tips, myself. Sorry, I'm still new to the game.

e60d2 No.87803

Ever won a campaign?

0b15d No.87804

I'm having a bit of trouble getting that far.
I'm trying, though. Need to figure out the best combination of battalions for my armies.

e60d2 No.87805

I've watched a tutorial that said Nazi Germany is the easiest faction to start with. What faction are you playing?

3dd42 No.87806

>tfw no PC

e60d2 No.87807

Sad dey

3dd42 No.87808

Meh,I was never really into war games. I prefer RPGs.

e60d2 No.87809

Going out. 20 minutes.

0b15d No.87810

I've been doing a bit of all four, getting a taste for what suits me. I will say, I miss the greater variety of ideologies from Victoria 2, though I guess it doesn't make sense to have a Reactionary or Anarcho-Liberal government in a WWII setting.

3b5af No.87811

>Reactionary or Anarcho liberal government
What else are the Fascist and Non-Aligned paths of Bodfield and the Goldfeather path of Nova Griffonia?

3b5af No.87812

That’s why you make the Wargame an RPG

0b15d No.87813

It's a bit deeper than that. It's hard for me to accurately explain.

e60d2 No.87814

Some wargames, like HoI, are RPG. The character you roleplay is the whole country instead of a aingle PC

3dd42 No.87815

Well, that's what I meant. I prefer to play individual characters than I do entire countries. I just prefer the story telling aspect.

e60d2 No.87816

If it makes you like these war games, you can pretend to be the leader of the country, therefore the PC is present and you can like wargames again.
I loved the british in CoH:OF

3dd42 No.87817

No, I meant I prefer playing individual characters on adventures, instead of the nation-wide micromanagement style of play.

e60d2 No.87818

B-but you are playing an individual character, just that it's controlling a whole country.

3dd42 No.87819

You know what I meant.
Besides, I just prefer games with combat and storytelling.

3dd42 No.87820

I g2g

e60d2 No.87821

Fair enough. I am trying hard to get into HoI IV to begin with, but I need to bang my head on the table some more
See you later. Hope it's a good trip.

3dd42 No.87822

Bang your head? Are you not having fun with it?

e60d2 No.87823

It's trying to understand how to play that irks me, but in these type of games, you get used to it. I think. An extreme example could be Aurora 4X: It has many damn mechanics that you're not used to but you have to learn by perseverance

3dd42 No.87824

Who's here atm?

e60d2 No.87825

Iron and Silver are a safe guess, but I wager that everyone will be ready by 12 AM ART

3dd42 No.87826

Well, I have no obligations for the rest of the night, so I'll just wait here then.

e60d2 No.87827

I suggest you take a nap until then, unless there's external obligations IRL.

0839c No.87828

Just watch iSorrowProductions and you'll be driving trucks into Moscow in no time.

e60d2 No.87829

I think I've already saw the vid you're talking about.

3b5af No.87830

>Not playing the superior pony version

I guess Ash can make movements

3dd42 No.87831

Sister Ash checks the water upstream of the barrels, to see if they are in fact the source of pollution.

3b5af No.87833

What does “check the water” mean?

3dd42 No.87834

It means she checks the plants surrounding the stream, and sees if the water gas the same off scent that the water downstream had.

3b5af No.87835

Yes and no. The plantlife upstream is denser, but still not “healthy” looking

3dd42 No.87836

Dice rollRolled 13 + 13

She decides to look further, upstream, looking for anymore signs if what day be poisoning the plants.
Rolling a knowledge check, to see if she notices anything she recognizes.

3b5af No.87837

She can see it from where she stands. A noticeable plums of steam not that far ahead. As for the water, it looks more clear than not, but a brown substance rests along part of the banks

3dd42 No.87838

>Brown substance
Sister Ash examines the brown substance more closely. Is it oily?

3b5af No.87839

Ash’s experience with plants allows her to immediately recognize it as plant lignin. It smells sulfurous

4f004 No.87840

Pardon my interjection, but how far behind am I at this point?

3dd42 No.87841

Sister Ash's expression darkens as she moves further upstream.
"… There's something fishy going on here…" She mutters

e60d2 No.87842

Not too far. Silver and Spark returned to your position. The room is littered with many toys strewn about and Silver is about to start talking to Wesley about going home to his family.

3dd42 No.87843

Not much really. It's still really early morning. My character just finished prayers.

3b5af No.87844

You have a couple options, actually. Wake up before Silver (restricting you to exit through the window, being silent, and can’t kill or kidnsp the changelings), wake up after Silver and Spark leave for breakfast (can be noisy and leave through the door, but can’t remove or kill the changelings), or wake up while Silver is discussing his plan to hand the changelings over to Immigration with the changelings (no restrictions)

3dd42 No.87845

Not much really. It's still really early morning. My character just finished prayers.

3b5af No.87846

“I don’t think there are any fish in this stream,” comments the Sister

4f004 No.87847

>Kill the changelings
What kind of monster do you think I am? I'll opt for the first.

e60d2 No.87848

Going to dinner for a bit. Iron is still doing laps around the abbey.

3b5af No.87849

Alright, just understand that for continuity reasons Silver and Spark can’t wake up, and the changelings need to still be there when they wake.

It’s first light, something like 6AM, Silver is sleeping above Brie on the bed and Spark is sleeping on the floor by the door

4f004 No.87850

So, its only now 'the next morning'?

3dd42 No.87851

>*Pauses to consider what ifiomd horses would use*

"…. Exactly…" She says, as she proceeds up the stream
"There's nothing growing here. Something must be poisoning the water.."
She walks towards the source of the steam

0b15d No.87852

Dinner and a movie is fun.

3b5af No.87853

Uh, yes, although we could have the last attempted scene with Brie as occurring in the morning. None of the characters have started main quests, although two of them have started their own separate mini-quests

After some advancement, she can see what it is: the stack of a factory or mill

3dd42 No.87854

Sister Ash is visibly infuriated, but (barely) keeps her cool.
"… Was this property recently sold off?" She asks the other Sister

3b5af No.87855

“We just passed the property line, I think”

22ca1 No.87856

Just get some mods, they have a vici 2 politics mod
Ewww Remmy MasterRace!

4f004 No.87858

K. I should be ready to play in about an hour

3dd42 No.87860

*Looks up riparian water policy*
>Undiminished fliw and quality
Yep, dumping waste in the water violates the NAP.

"Well, even if this section is on their property, they're affecting the whole stream." She says indignantly

How big is the building?

3b5af No.87861

Wind Bard seems to take a certain pleasure in talking about his experiences
“The dragon islands are different from those inhabited by ponies. When you approach you can see the great volcano off in the distance. The ground isn’t devoid of plant life, but it is very rocky and full of rubble. There are sharp reefs around the islands, dangerous to any navigator who isn’t careful.”


“No, all of this area is owned by the same paper company. They bought our lot some months ago. The one with the old priory on it. We’ve been trespassing on their property for a while now”


Alright. Again, Brie can start any time from 6AM to 10ish on morning Day 5

e60d2 No.87862

If you're going to sabotage the factory, just remember not to blow up the factory. Usually, the waste comes out all at once and pollutes the stream even harder.

3dd42 No.87863

Well gosh darn it.
*Contemplates burning down factory.*

Sister Ash seems visibly distressed.
"Well… There's the source of the water pollution.."

0b15d No.87864

I should offer a quick correction to something I said earlier in relation to pony languages in this game: the Rijekan language of the River Republic is the pony equivalent of Croatian, not Polish.

22ca1 No.87865

"What are dragons like? i've never met one."

22ca1 No.87866

>inb4 a (((Griffion))) owns the factory

3b5af No.87867

“Kind of cocky, arrogant, a little aggressive and greedy. Mostly they don’t want anything to do with ponies”

“That… that could explain it”

4f004 No.87868

I would have him wake up before Silver and Spark, but not really to do anything. I can wait until they're available to continue. He won't be wanting to attempt anything at the Prancer residence until nightfall.

3b5af No.87869


3dd42 No.87870

Sister Ash dusts herself off a bit.
"I think I would like to get a closer look." She says, as she continues along the side of the river

e60d2 No.87871

Can Iron have some breakfast at the abbey at this time?

22ca1 No.87872

"Reminds me of Griffons."

3b5af No.87873


When she gets closer, she can see a white walled mill with a steam stack coming out from a separate hearing unit, and a few large white tanks closer to her. A few trucks are next to it

“Yes, but dragons are more so”

e60d2 No.87874

After about 20 minutes of a brisk jog around the abbey, he decides to get some food to eat. He enters the abbey and goes to where his nose tells him there's food.

3b5af No.87875

Looks like a staggered breakfast. A number of sisters and especially foals are together in a large dining area eating breakfast. Mostly this is toast with jam, biscuits, and oatmeal, with some fruit

3dd42 No.87876

Any ponies?

e60d2 No.87877

Iron grabs some of everything and places them on a table. He then digs in, not really using any utensils or something. Just his mouth.

3b5af No.87878

None visible outside at the precise moment.

22ca1 No.87879

i like wind bard so far, i hope hes not involved with curwhinny,but it seems that way so far.
"Have you ever seen New Mareland?"

3dd42 No.87880

She moves closer, still following the side of the river.

3b5af No.87881

Well, it’s not food that requires utensils, and just using no the mouth rather than the hoof avoids problems with sanitation, so Iron’s eating habits are not so uncouth as to attract stares

Again, he seems to enjoy speaking of his world travels, like it makes him special.
“I haven’t been there since it was The Dominion, Haygle, the trade embargo and all, but yes, I’ve visited a few places there”

22ca1 No.87882

"Wow! that's so cool! i wish i could see the world but i'm just a dock worker."
Big Iron looks Sad after he says this last part.

e60d2 No.87883

After finishing up eating his food, he looks around the area. See who else is having breakfast.

3dd42 No.87884

Forks are haram

22ca1 No.87885

Ash is a muzzie?

3b5af No.87886

The white tanks are the closest. The mill is on the same side of the stream

He pats him
“How lucky you are there are others to see it for you”

Who isn’t having breakfast?


e60d2 No.87887

How about Ash? Can Iron see her?

e60d2 No.87888

I thought kirins are asians?

22ca1 No.87889

"Do you know what time it is captain?"

22ca1 No.87890


3dd42 No.87891

She examines the tanks.

3b5af No.87892

Ash is not having breakfast, nor Sister Leather Sickle

From Palestine to the Phillipenes, from Russia to Infonesia, there are more than a billion Asian Muslims


White, marked as 4000 gallon “recovery” tanks. Two of them

3dd42 No.87893

No. She's a Druid. That's it's own religion.
She checks the tanks for leaks.

e60d2 No.87894

Well, she doesn't blow up so she can't be a muslim. At most she makes herself a ball of fire, but fire cannot melt steel beams.
I know. Perfect logic.
Iron is a bit concerned. He waits for some sisters to finish eating in order to approach her and question where Ash went.

22ca1 No.87895

"my shift is over for today, if you need anypony to help shovel in the coal. they look like they are strong." Dark Star points to the group of ponies he talked to earlier "i liked talking to you captain, you're stories filled me with awe and excitement."

3b5af No.87896

Dice rollRolled 2

He holds up his hoof in a sort of thanks and he smiles
“You’re always welcome to hear more”

Pretty sure she dies blow things up

One is finishing

3b5af No.87897

Neither seems to be leaking, although both seem to be able to discharge

22ca1 No.87898

"wow! thank you captain!"
Dark Star holds out his hoof for a hoof shake

3b5af No.87899

He smiles, and shakes Dark Star’s hoof

e60d2 No.87900

She does not follow any religion apart from treehugging. As Ash stated before, she is exploring religion on a spiritual journey. Muslims do not do that. They would be killed due to apostasy.
Iron approaches the one nun finishing up. He pokes her side. "Excuse me, have you seen Ash around the abbey recently?"

22ca1 No.87901

Dark Star walks down the gangplank

3b5af No.87902

Still blows up what she doesn’t agree with. Still a muzzie
“Yes, she prayed with us this morning”

Wind Bard precedes him, it is so

3dd42 No.87903

She looks closer.
"Now let's see what we have here…"
Is there any sign of what they could be holding?
No u, fgt

e60d2 No.87904

Well, you got me there.
Iron cocks his head. "Do you know why she is not here having breakfast at the moment?"

22ca1 No.87905

Dark Star's Stomach Starts growling and Dark Star Thinks to himself "I need to go get some pancakes."
And heads to a diner.

3dd42 No.87906

>Eating food

3b5af No.87907

“She must be out doing… something”

Yes. Marked as “white liquor recovery storage” on a steel plate next to the unit

WAFFLE MANIA! Or are you serious about “pancakes”?

If so, a pancake den is also available. Go further into town for higher class establishments

22ca1 No.87908

Waffle Mania seems fine to me.

3dd42 No.87909

>white liquor
"Liquor…" She ponders.
"I wouldn't suppose this has been polluting the river…" She wonders out loud

e60d2 No.87910

Ash will eat food even if she burns ponies on the touch
"So you do not know where she went." Iron pokes his chin. "Who in this abbey keeps an eye on everything going on?"

99eec No.87911

"Marery guides our schedules and keeps an eye on us, but it wouldn't really be accurate to say that everypony is supervised every hour. We are largely allowed to do our jobs"

When he goes there, a certain golden Earth Pony with her mane in a bun remembers Dark Star
"Nice to see you again here!" she says jovially
"What can I get for you?"

e60d2 No.87912

Iron is feeling like something may happen to her while he's here. "Well, do you have anyone that could have seen her go outside the abbey?"

99eec No.87913

"Yes, Rosemary and Leather Sickle should have seen her"

22ca1 No.87914

"Oh hey,nice to see you again. can i get 2 orders of waffles with peanut butter on them?"

3dd42 No.87915

Actually, maybe I should go take this Sister home and meet up with Iron before I commit any random acts of violence…

Sister Ash sighs and looks up to the nun.
"There not much we can do right now. I'd like to speak to the manager of this establishment later though." She says, a bit sadly
"For now though, I would advise against irrigating the fields with this stream.. it seems as though they've been dumping in it.."

e60d2 No.87916

Leather Sickle is not here either. "Thank you for the information. You have been very helpful." A bow. "Do you know where Rosemary is?"

4f004 No.87917

Alright I'm here

99eec No.87918

With the large tip Dark Star gave her the last time he ate there, he could have asked for the blood of newborn infants in the place of syrup and she wouldn't have dropped her smile. Rather than saying anything about this offense against nature, she says
"Sure thing, I'll get that right out"

"Very well then, but it looks like we understand now why the field is under performing"

"She should be out in the garden right now"

99eec No.87920

Well, once again, it looks like Silver and Spark are sleeping, the former right above Brie, the latter blocking the door. It is early light

3dd42 No.87921

"We do indeed…" Sister Ash replies darkly, through gritted teeth

3dd42 No.87922

She makes her way back to the abbey

e60d2 No.87923

Iron nods. "Thank you again." He proceeds to go to the garden, see if he can find Rosemary or Ash if he's lucky at the gardens as the nun said.

22ca1 No.87924

Dark Star goes to a table in the corner.

4f004 No.87925

Brie shuffles out from under the bed, and surveys the strewn about assortment of toys, smiling with a bit of satisfaction in recalling watching the Lings play. He starts picking up toys and piling them together in a corner by type Autism!, but plainly in view so that they're not missed.

99eec No.87926

File: 1548560547589.gif (1.69 MB, 1990x1538, 1547494043054-4.gif)

And thus I believe they walk back. Probably

And so he sits
"Would you like something to drink?"

He runs into Rosemary as she is walking in

And thus he does so. Kerr sleeps over top of Silver's legs, undisguised. Wesley is curled up in pegasus form next to Silver, evidently determined to pass himself off as Silver's grandcolt

4f004 No.87927

Goddammit, you've done a great job of winning me over to the cuteness of changelings
Brie sits in a chair and silently contemplates the Ling's situation and how to proceed.

e60d2 No.87928

Iron bumps into her. "Sorry to bother you, but have you seen Ash recently? I cannot find her eating breakfast."

75753 No.87929

The sorcerer is back… sorry with how long I have been taking lately. It may be worse tomorrow due to my job. Now to backread.

22ca1 No.87930

"yes. what do you have?"

e60d2 No.87931

Note: Brie has decided to interact with the lings in the morning, so please do not talk to Brie atm until he syncs up with you and Silver

75753 No.87932

Got it.

4f004 No.87933

Whad'ya mean don't talk to him?? That's why he's sitting there! Xp

3dd42 No.87934

Is Rosemary the Sister that Ash left with?

e60d2 No.87935

I think it's Leather Sickle, not Rosemary.

e60d2 No.87936

Sync up the timeline, dummy. :-p

99eec No.87937

"Oh, yes, she went over to the East Hill with Sister Leather Sickle"

The sun shines into the room through the one window in the morning hours, while Silver, Spark, Kerr and Wesley sleep. To keep them all asleep requires a commitment to relative silence. Not that hard, if you're a bat burglar. It's not too late to make them into stew


If you want to communicate with those two characters, rather than acting without interacting with them, I would recommend waking up either before they arrive back and thus making them redo part of the scene inside, or of waking up under the bed while Silver is talking to Wesley

"Orange Juice, Coffee, Water, several other kinds of fruit juice from mango to pineapple, tea both sweet and unsweet, soda…"

4f004 No.87938

Fine, I'll wake up before they return,….

3dd42 No.87939

Sister Ash makes her way back to the garden with Sister Sickle, trying to hide her frustration.
"..Polluters… Some ponies only seem to care about themselves.." she mutters somewhere along the way

e60d2 No.87940

"I see. Thank you for your help." He bows and proceeds to start travelling to this East Hill Rosemary was talking about.
Does Iron bump into Ash and Sickle coming back?

22ca1 No.87942

"Get me some sweet tea please."

99eec No.87943

This is quite a bit different. The little incubi are hard at play, with Kerr discovering that Jack are essentially caltrops with one side rounded, and pretending they are anti-tank barriers, while Wesley is trying to hit marbles by rolling other marbles into them. All across the floor

Probably not yet

"They do make paper that we all use"

"Coming right up"
He receives sweet tea promptly

e60d2 No.87944

Well, I guess Iron keeps walking there. Should I roll some dice to pass time?

3dd42 No.87945

>They murder trees and grind their corpses into paste
Sister Ash is silent for the rest of the trip.

4f004 No.87946

That's even cuter

e60d2 No.87947

Just a secret between us. What were you planning to do when you woke Brie up early morning?

4f004 No.87948

Be awake for any serious or consequential discussion about the Lings

99eec No.87949


No, he'd eventually get to the top of the hill, wonder where the hell Ash went, until after a minute he could see her on the eastern most riverbank heading his direction, a little far away past a small windmill

Now they start to interact together, with Wesley pushing his firetruck around, and kerr trying to block his path with his "anti-tank barriers"/jacks

22ca1 No.87950

"Thank you, my good mare."
Dark Star Smiles at her

99eec No.87951

And she smiles right back
"Your food will be ready in just a minute"

After a few minutes, she delivers the monstrous food item Dark Star has requested

4f004 No.87952

For perspective, Brie has 3 goals in mind. 1., help ensure a bright future for Kerr and Wesley. 2., Rob the Prancer residence and determine if there's any association with Comte and his cronies/associates, and 3., Get revenge for the Lings.

e60d2 No.87953

Alright, that should clear things. I'll suppose I can see her right now, then. Is that true?

0b15d No.87954

You called?

99eec No.87955

By now, sure

They continue playing together. A firetruck smashes through the little wall Wesley made last night, scattering bricks

e60d2 No.87956

Iron waves at the duo from the top of the hill, then proceeds to walk to their direction.

3dd42 No.87957

Sister Ah waves back, and trots towards him.
"Good morning, Iron." She says with a bow upon arriving

99eec No.87958

Yes. Evidently we are redoing the scene of Silver entering the room after getting breakfast, with Brie now present

I need to accommodate all players somehow

e60d2 No.87959

"Hey Ash. I got kind of worried you were not eating breakfast at the abbey so I came looking for you. Anything important happened?"

0b15d No.87960

Shouldn't be too hard. Just gimme a minute.

22ca1 No.87961

Dark Star digs into the peanut buttery goodness

3dd42 No.87962

"Oh, I was just investigating the water upstream. It seems as though the factory up there gas been dumping chemicals into it.." she replies

99eec No.87963

File: 1548563054643.png (153.41 KB, 495x498, utterly_disgusting.png)

I don't think Spark has responded recently either, but Spark should also be in the scene

It is so

e60d2 No.87964

Iron shakes his head. "That does not sound good." He notices the small cloth on the part of the body Ash was scratched by the small bear thing. "Why do you have cloth wrapped there?" He now stands in front of Ash, some sweat around his coat by the heavy lifting and jogging.

3dd42 No.87965

"Oh this..?" She says, shuffling a bit
"Just a run-in with some of the local wildlife.. it seems I startled it a bit.." she says, a bit sheepishly

75753 No.87966

Spark is indeed there.

e60d2 No.87967

"Huh. I thought these places were rather safe. Strange. Shall we go back, Ash? I have some news as well." He starts to slowly walk back where he came from, beckoning Ash and Sickle to follow.

3dd42 No.87968

"I have some time." She says, with a swish of her tail
She turns to Sister Sickle
"Is there anything else I could do for you today?"

99eec No.87969

"Not at the moment…"

Um… maybe speak to Silver?

22ca1 No.87970

He washes it down with his sweet tea

3dd42 No.87971

"Very well then. I'm sorry there was nothing I could do." She says with bow
Sister Ash follows Iron.

e60d2 No.87972

Iron looks away from her tail swishing.

75753 No.87973

I'm still trying to figure out the events. So are we starting back right as Silver opens the door? Or are we already inside and are just including Brie now?

99eec No.87974

"You showed that the irrigation water was the cause, and that does tell us something"

If pony does an evil deed, and there is nopony there to judge him for it, is the deed even evil?

99eec No.87975

I think the former, and ask Brie

75753 No.87976

Are we starting with just arriving back to the room from our breakfast and find your, or are you jumping into the conversation while we are already in the room back from breakfast?

3dd42 No.87977

*Swish swish*
"So, what is it you had to tell me?"

0b15d No.87978

Okay, now I'm confused: are we starting over from Silver knocking on the door to the room?

22ca1 No.87979

>implying something so tasty could be evil

3dd42 No.87980

That's devil logic.

e60d2 No.87981

"Right." He has a small blush on his face. "Recently, I have been working with a mare for gardening stuff and found a book." His tone grows serious. "I hoofed it over to Marey only to find it was a book about dark magic. What are the chances?"

4f004 No.87982

TBH, I don't really care the context, I just want to be in on further developments as pertains to the Lings and the other agendas I mentioned

99eec No.87983

Either that or from when he is talking to them

3dd42 No.87984

File: 1548564267289-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.38 KB, 600x600, 1546999364964-0.jpg)

Sister Ash's expression turns deadly serious
"Hmmmm.. Perhaps it could have been one of Abby's…" She says
"May I see it?"

75753 No.87985

If we are confused, then we probably should just stick to what we have and Brie jumps in. Maybe he was at the bar at the moment we walked in and he just came back while we were talking to the changelings in the excessively messy room.

e60d2 No.87986

"I do not have it on me. Marey still has it if you want to," he leans to whisper, "burn it." He leans back. "Be sure to do that in a safe area unlike last time, alright?" He pokes his chin. "Marey told me about this filly you have been visiting. She said she was guilty of practicing dark magic. How is she doing?"

0b15d No.87987

Sounds good to me.

3dd42 No.87988

"Oh, she's been getting better.." Sister Ash replies, perhaps a bit unconvincingly
"She just needs someone to talk with her." she continues, while walking

22ca1 No.87989


99eec No.87990

Alright, can Brie, Silver, and Spark start the scene, which ever scene?

That's what the Changelings think

e60d2 No.87991

"Marey was thinking of more punishment for the possibility that she owns the book, which I dissuaded her from doing, or to at least think about it. I hope she is alright." Iron walks a bit stiff, hoping Marey did what Iron told her to do.

3dd42 No.87992

"Well, either way, I would like you speak with them about it." She says, as she trots towards the building alongside him
"You can never be too sure with these sorts of things."

e60d2 No.87993

"I suppose. Be sure to speak to the filly as well." Iron trots with her. "I do not think Marey can handle knowing her residents doing dark magic and may have had an outburst."

75753 No.87994

Well… Spark checks what Kerr is up to.

3dd42 No.87995

"I'll speak with them both."
"Thank you for telling me about it, by the way." She says with a nod

99eec No.87996

Is this a replay from when they first go through the door, or after entering and speaking to Wesley for a minute?

75753 No.87997

I think we are continuing as we were last night with no redo and Brie jumps in. Though I didn't hear from Brie if he agreed to that.

3dd42 No.87998

I'm starting to get tired..

4f004 No.87999

Sure, lets do it

75753 No.88000

Checked, thus the trips demand we continue.

e60d2 No.88001

"No need to thank me, Ash. We should look out for eachother after all." He strokes her mane.
If you want, we can stop. I feel a little headache coming up myself

4f004 No.88002

Thats a tasty check you have too

99eec No.88003

Silver is kill, but Brie and Spark can talk while presumably Silver talks to Wesley, and thus the time is caught up

3dd42 No.88004

Alright. I've gotten them to a point where they can at least open dialogue with each other tomorrow.

Goodnight, Anons.

0b15d No.88005

I'm still here. I'm just waiting on everyone else.

99eec No.88006

Well, do something

e60d2 No.88007

I'll also retire for the night. Headaches are acting up.

3dd42 No.88008

"I really do appreciate your help though. You been so helpful and kind to me.." She replies

Now I'm going to bed.

75753 No.88009

I think we are here. Brie might need to announce himself entering the room in the manner he so desires, but other than that…
Spark looks to see what Kerr is up to.

99eec No.88010

After the three came in and started talking, largely in a language he understands, he is sitting on the floor at attention, listening

4f004 No.88011

Brie appears. I'm not sure if he's shuffling out from the bed or what, but he's here, fascinated by the playing Lings.

0b15d No.88012

I mean, Silver did ask Wesley a question and never got a reply back, so…

99eec No.88013

And Wesley seems uncertain how to respond

75753 No.88014

"They are cute aren't they?"

0b15d No.88015

Silver gives Wesley a fatherly look, one he's had many years of practice to put on. "Sie können mir alles sagen, das wissen Sie. Ich werde nicht urteilen oder wütend werden, wenn Sie sich darum Sorgen machen."

4f004 No.88016

"By there reputation I would never imagine thinking this, but yeah. They're adorable. Ich leibe es."

99eec No.88017

"Ich bin von gemischten Gefühlen. Ich möchte meiner Mutter dienen, aber du bist nett. Du bist ein guter Gastgeber"

4f004 No.88018

"You speak their language well. Could you translate something for me?"

0b15d No.88019

Silver smiles at the little changeling in a pony's form. "Danke schön. Ich versuche auf jeden Fall, ein guter Gastgeber zu sein." He puts a hoof over Wesley's heart, or at least, where a heart would be on a pony. "Ich kann dir nicht sagen, dass du das eine oder das andere auswählst. Nur du kannst entscheiden. Aber ich vertraue darauf, dass Sie Ihrem Herzen folgen und wählen, was Sie persönlich für richtig halten. Wir werden Sie alle vermissen, wenn Sie sich entscheiden zu gehen, aber ich weiß, dass Ihre Mutter und Ihre Geschwister Sie auch vermissen werden, wenn Sie sich entscheiden, zu bleiben." He looks over at Kerr. "Es wäre auch eine gute Idee, Kerr zu fragen, was er denkt. Er kümmert sich sehr um Sie, und ich glaube nicht, dass er möchte, dass Sie eine Entscheidung treffen, ohne ihn zumindest zu trösten."

"I can certainly try. What is it?"

4f004 No.88020