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File: 1546487178428.png (347.23 KB, 800x792, 28CDA239-C60E-49CF-8CD2-9D….png)

ef5fb No.79000[View All]

Welcome to the latest thread of Occupied Equestria. Set six years after season 6, it presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while an Equestrian splinter colony - soured to Princesses notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestruan Southlands, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and even ancient necormancers and dark gods threaten the city and the surrounding regions. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

In the latest episode, we are starting day 4. Ash is finally getting to sleep after dealing with foals that scarified animals to evil gods, Iron is disappointed to find that the only sex he is getting is in his dreams, Dark Star has declined to have sex, Onxy has discovered the joys of socialized medicine, I don’t know what Spark is doing, and Silver has discovered that when you don’t complete a quest, you don’t get paid for it
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d0d28 No.80952

"I do have faith."
He smiles and pats Blue

3d40f No.80953

File: 1546929256234.gif (963.61 KB, 600x576, luftpatpluswings.gif)

Basically pic related, but older, blue hair, and a bluish tint on her white coat

deda2 No.80954

Okay, it's 1:4, and I'm still sick. I need to sleep.

Goodnight, Anons.

d6fbf No.80955

"Her name was Storm Warning…and she was everything to me." With his magic, he pulls out a picture. It's old, taken at a time when photography was still a relatively new technology, but it is still well preserved, as if it's his most treasured possession.

It's a family picture. On the left is a much younger Silver, in his mid 30s, wearing an old Equestrian military uniform with a lightly-weathered cuirass worn over it. On the right, a pegasus mare, around the same age as Silver, with blown-back hair and an obvious lighting-shaped stripe running the length of her hair from front to back. She's wearing a fairly simple dress, with cloud patterns woven into it. The two, rather than looking at the camera, are looking at each other, with quite possibly the most loving gaze Blue has ever seen. And in front of the pair, are three foals: a teenaged pegasus colt, a young pegasus colt, and a young unicorn filly, all smiling happily and looking at the camera.

3d40f No.80957

Blue Skies takes an Intense interest in this photo, coming closer still, but at least she's not touching him save one hoof

"What was it you loved most about her?"

d0d28 No.80958


3d40f No.80959

Indeed, something like that is under Dark Star's hoof

>All this race-mixing

d0d28 No.80960

File: 1546930519475.png (154.21 KB, 303x366, _angry ponk.png)


3d40f No.80961

Silver.exe has stopped working

d0d28 No.80962

he might be writing a 5000 word story about her, that would be cool.

d6fbf No.80963

"What is there for me to say about her that has not already been said? She was…beautiful, in more ways than just her physical beauty. She was as sky, so full of unmeasured promise, so full of hidden fury, so full of love for those within its embrace. She loved, craved freedom, so much like wild wind she was. For her to give it up to anypony was sign of her greatest trust and admiration. She gave it up to me, in her weakest, most vulnerable moment. She trusted me with her freedom, with her life. I took it, and made promise to always be by her side. To protect her whenever I could. We fought thousand gauntlets together, hoof-in-hoof, back-to-back. And we survived it all, because we worked better together than either of us did alone. We saw each other as none others had seen us. We understood each other, at deepest level. She was happy. She was insecure. She was angry. She was caring. She was understanding. She was…

He puts a hoof against the photo, holding it on his lost love. "And she was unafraid of everything, finding joy in darkest places. Death could stare her in face and she would laugh. She would happily face him to protect those she cared about. She did, as it turns out, before her end…"

d6fbf No.80964

Not 5000 words, yet, just trying to find what to say.

d0d28 No.80965

"She sounds like she was a wonderful pony."
Dark star puts one of his hoof on his shoulder

3d40f No.80966

She places a hoof on Silver's hoof on the photo, and comes fairly close with her mouth open ever so slightly, before telling him

"If I can rekindle just a little bit of that love you have for her now, then she isn't really gone. We live on in the hearts of those we touch and those we effect. And it seems to me that I can still feel her warmth in you"

e85ba No.80967

Great writing. Excellent work.
The sorcerer's ears droop. He doesn't know what to say in this situation however, so remains silent and avoids direct eye contact.

d6fbf No.80968

"Thank you, my friend, but my words could never do her justice she so properly deserves."
Silver smiles slightly at this. "As long as I live, that warmth will live on. She completed me, when I did not even know I was not whole. Even as she is long dead, and cold in ground, I still go on with warmth she gave to me, and I shall carry that warmth to my grave. Until day we meet once more, and once again embrace each other into forever…"

3d40f No.80969

Her eyes widen and mouth hangs slightly open. Silver might even think she was going to kiss him, until she doesn't

"Until you meet again. United in love, for not even in death does it the bond end. Together forever"

d0d28 No.80970

Dark Star pats his back
"you'll see her again,but until then we have to kill these undead so nopony gets hurt."

d6fbf No.80971

He nods. He has no tears, happy, sad, or otherwise. All of the tears he could have spent have been spent for a very long time. He puts the picture away, in a special pocket in his bags that, for a brief moment, both Dark Star and Blue Skies see contains other photos. "Right. We have job to do."

3d40f No.80972

Blue's eyes and ears droop

d0d28 No.80973

Dark Star looks a bit sad

d6fbf No.80974

Now it's Silver's turn to pat Star and Skies on the back. "Perhaps I will tell more stories of her, after mission. It will be good, to share memories of her, after so long. She would enjoy it."

d6fbf No.80975

3d40f No.80976

As she looks up with envious eyes, she says to Dark Star "May I have the book?"

d0d28 No.80977

Dark Star hands the book over

3d40f No.80978

*Pony head is pat, and an ear wiggles*

She looks through it, skimming pages, and then places it in the bag

"Well, there is more here, I am sure"

d0d28 No.80979

Where are we on the map?

d6fbf No.80980

Silver looks to see if Skies still has Joseph Curwhinny's notes.

3d40f No.80981

File: 1546934272641.png (26.28 KB, 1152x648, More catacombs map.png)

Something like the pic, although I can't say for sure if it is to scale, as I think Ash found more rooms than that, like 5 rooms on that hallway in total

She presumably still has them

d0d28 No.80982

Dark Star looks down the separate hallway

d6fbf No.80983

Silver follows, keeping his rifle ready in case they get attacked.
"So, what exactly will you do with all these books once we are outside, Skies?"

3d40f No.80984

Extends at least another 30 feet

"Consider them 'loot.'"

d6fbf No.80985

"Fair enough for me."

d0d28 No.80986

Dark Star shines his flashlight down the hallway

3d40f No.80987

At the very end of his light range, he can see a wall. Tentatively, it looks as if the design of the catacombs is more or less symmetrical

d0d28 No.80988

Dice rollRolled 9 + 7

Spot check to find any items or hidden doors

3d40f No.80989

Oh the ground in the hallway, near the end, another skeleton. Hat, very faded leather jacket, musket

d0d28 No.80990

Any emblems or distinguishing marks?

d6fbf No.80991

"Must have been part of vigilante group, like one back in other hallway."

3d40f No.80992

The hat seems to suggest colonial militia. No other marks

"Probably all the same group. I wonder if Curwhinny could control these things he brought back"

d6fbf No.80993

"It depends on how much necromantic knowledge and power he acquired, I would suppose."

d0d28 No.80994

"Well it looks like we've reached a dead end."

d6fbf No.80995

"Then that means we are one more step towards clearing this place." Silver trots up to the skeleton, seeing if he had anything on him when he died.

3d40f No.80996

Jacket, hat, musket, but nothing else. The pony's bones are broken in some areas and scraped in others. He was facing this new hallway

d6fbf No.80997

"Hmm…does anypony else find these deaths odd? Did chimera skeleton cause this? Or was it something else."

d0d28 No.80998

"i would wager this was caused in some way by curwhinny."

3d40f No.80999

"Well, it looks like they all died in the same incident"

"That's a pretty fair wager to make"

d6fbf No.81001

"And why did this one die facing wall…" Silver taps on the wall to see if it's solid or hollow on the other side.

3d40f No.81002

3d40f No.81003

Oh no, it didn't die facing a wall per se, it died facing a hallway like the one on the other side. There's a large hallway at the end of the minor hall

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