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File: 1530264274883.png (2.25 MB, 1024x768, unnamed.png)

747df No.65836

terraria thread

097e7 No.65840

terraria is pretty cool, i cant beat the moon lord though.

c0785 No.65842

Hes a pain. Beetle armor, a good yoyo, and a ufo mount is how I did it the first time.
Focusing on the main eye first helps as it gets rid of the death ray, plus killing the hand eyes spawns the floating eyes that also attacks so its better to do them last.

747df No.65843

File: 1530411554239.png (56.93 KB, 450x345, i am good at this video ga….png)

sit in a box and use a weapon that ignores blocks
alternatively just use the roof. it makes the laser a joke

6dff4 No.65844

File: 1530421500635.png (615.52 KB, 1918x1080, terra.png)

Just like women minecraft is better in 2D
Wish i had people to do coop expert with

6f008 No.65845

Been meaning to do a summoner character sometime. I finished the game pre-moon lord with every other class.

097e7 No.65846

anyone wanna play terraria?

c1b4e No.65855

Oh cool, other people actually play this game. I'm currently working on my first full playthrough.

Magic is best class
I'm up for it sometime

6f008 No.65856

i remember when mage was a better tank than warrior pre-nerf spectre armor

6872f No.66361

I have been wanting to play some terraria again for a long time now I am more than down if anyone wants to play.

0aab3 No.67877

Anyone else have a problem with the game getting dull after a boss or two? Also it seems i made the mistake of playing on a small world instead of a medium, which made it impossible to fight the brain of cthulhu since the openings to all the tunnels were were never created for some reason.

525d8 No.67879

yea, playing co-op helps though.

7b3f6 No.97953

There are no tanks in Terreria

57ab9 No.100633

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