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File: 1497314645147.png (2.36 MB, 3200x3000, 1496636712929.png)

868bc No.185

What are some games that someone could easily get over 200 hours of gameplay from that you would recommend?

6f39e No.187

Civilization, whether it be 4 or 5. (Maybe 6 when it has more mods to it)

9492f No.191

it takes a hell of a long fucking time to actually finish Mount and Blade with fire and sword.

512ad No.211

If you're prepared to spend days on end defending your crap with your buddies i'd suggest Rust.

868bc No.212

Sadly all my friends are faggots that'll buy the latest fps craze, put a week or two into it, and they'll never play it again. I still can't believe they paid $150+ bucks so they could get into the Escape from Tarkov beta, just to drop it after a week or two of playing it.

26fa2 No.236

The Elder Scrolls series but then again you probably know that already since Skyrim got the normies into it and everyone and their mom knows about the series now.

99c70 No.277

File: 1497727371808.jpg (93.57 KB, 1024x640, don_t_starve_my_little_pon….jpg)

Don't Starve.

6f39e No.282

what is that game about and how does it remain interesting for 200 hours?

367ca No.297

It's an isometric gathering/survival game with a unique and charming art style and sound design, but I got bored of it after 70 hours myself.

71f06 No.311


0e18d No.312

Trying to get all the witcher-class gear in the Witcher III should take you that long.

22a3a No.313

This, it needs way more mods and the core gamplay isn't very well developed for mid and late game.
Hoi 3 and 4. Don't be a degenerate who spends way to much time playing vidya though.

1004d No.314

It's an absolutely amazing game with the right mods though. For civilization 4, my favorite mods are Rhyse and Fall (with the Dawn of Civilization mod to that) and Realism Invictus

5a2db No.315

War thunder, you play for 2 hours just to unlock a vehicle then spend another 5 just getting enough money to buy it (only applies if you are after rank 2)and when you do its no good till you ace it and their is almost 200 vehicles for each country and 5 countries

22a3a No.337

I feel like civ 6 needs a lot more time to flesh out its mid and late game mechanics. 5 did this with DLC which I am not so happy to buy, but it made a worlds of difference for the game. I think 6 has a lot of potential but till the late game gets good I'm sticking with 5 and my mods. Strats are still my favorite gaming type and the Civ series is probably my second favorite.

847cc No.354

Kerbal space program
Only if you are learning to learn a bit of shit though.
Plenty of mods, plenty of video tutorials, and plenty of fun.

0e64f No.358

Europa Universalis 4. I have over 1,100 hours and each new game is still unique and interesting. They also actively release patches for the game, and the DLCs, although expensive, actually massively overhaul the game and make it fun to come back to.

Aside from it being an objectively good game, it is also a /pol/-tier game.

896c0 No.370

File: 1499121975758.png (232.14 KB, 1024x862, Quiet and Deadly.png)

Assassin's Creed games really compel players to go for completion. I've played Brotherhood, Black Flag, and Syndicate, and all have been well worth the time and money.

3e914 No.380

the binding of isaac rebirth, especially with the afterbirth expansion. I haven't tried + yet, but it seems interesting too.

da20d No.519

Runescape 07 and autism blocks. Naval Action when it didn't suck. Haven't played in recent months though, maybe it doesn't blow.

ba13c No.747

>2 months after the fact.
Still posting this anyway

any Total war (with mods triple that), Civilization, Fallout (any+mods), Xcom, Stellaris, ARMA, Men of War Assault squad 2 (if you have the original assault squad don't upgrade to 2), Mount and Blade, Age of Empires II, Hearts Of Iron III/IV, Borderlands if you like to grind, Portal 2 (custom puzzles), Dawn of war I (any expansion), left for dead, left for dead 2, and any of The Sims if you are into that.

d0eb4 No.781

I recently just passed 100 hours in Persona 5 and from what I hear the others are all about that length as well. I'm liking it so far (though the story's "BIG TWIST" is a bit stupid)
I'd still recommend it if you're fine with more story based games. What gameplay there is is quite fun as well.

c9136 No.785


I disagree entirely anon, only the first in the series was worthwhile because it was the only one centered around assassination. The sequels mostly just added fluff and flash that takes away from the core game, the pirate one was okay though

bf03f No.801

Starbound or terraria be sure to download the pone mods

bf3e0 No.72481

File: 1545040345196-0.png (3.3 MB, 1800x1020, ARK-SURVIVAL-EVOLVED-revie….png)

File: 1545040345196-1.jpg (521.17 KB, 1920x1080, 1480027422_ark-survival-ev….jpg)

Ark: Survival Evolved
>t. has over 600 hours on steam and over 200 on xbox

512ad No.74433

>gay dinosaur rust

bf3e0 No.74440

you should play some more of it faceless.

b616a No.89008

Maybe Dwarf Fortress? There is even nice Fallout Equestria mod for it (http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=172157.0). It's easily moddable, also the lack of graphics isn't that big problem, one can just turn the imagination on and explore majestic underground strongholds, cave systems, wild plains etc. It's quite detailed, the only problem that I saw with this game is the constantly decreasing performance. Its creator focuses on adding new things instead on working towards increasing its FPS, he doesn't have adding multithreading in his plans. But well, you can try it, it's free

a9637 No.89033

And the multiplayer science-fiction version, Space Station 13. Only downside is I don't know of a pony mod for it.

a56c3 No.89550

File: 1549274079818-0.jpg (71.39 KB, 992x745, sh3review68.jpg)

File: 1549274079818-1.jpeg (104.2 KB, 1024x768, silent_hunter_3_screensho….jpeg)

Silent Hunter III.
A german submarine simulator.
I doubt anyponer can stand it for long, it is a slow game.

41301 No.89551

Silent Hunter 3 is a good game. It still has some quirks though, and I don't feel they ever managed to make it just right in any of the versions. But SH III is perhaps the best to this day.
I am no good at the game, but I just need to play it more.
>first Sub game I played was 688 attack sub

a56c3 No.89552

>688 attack sub
Ancient game.

41301 No.90088

File: 1549605883802.jpg (135.06 KB, 620x335, aurora3.jpg)

Just remembered that "Aurora 4X" can easily give you many hours of gameplay.
Easy(-ish) install instructions:
>install 5.54 and then download and apply 7.10 patch

527a5 No.90251

I agree that it's a great game. To make the installation easier it's better to use a wrapper, though (http://aurora2.pentarch.org/index.php?topic=5663.0). Also, soon it will be rewritten with C#, so many bugs and slowness of calculations will be removed.

41301 No.90253

>Also, soon it will be rewritten with C#
I am so looking forward to when the C# rewrite is completed. Going to be fun.

75616 No.90870

You a NEET? Go outside, lol.

I'll assume this is all offline? Mount and Blade is decent. Civilization is good. My Summer Car is good, if you really have nothing better to do. Spore. RimWorld. Silent Hunter III is alright, kudos to you faggots for even knowing that one. I spent a ton of time on that, but it's been years, so I wouldn't even know where to get the mods anymore. How big of a nerd are you? Falcon 4 AF/BMS can keep you busy forever if you like airplanes and stuff. BMS is better, but I hear they got shut down recently.

c0cea No.101112


b3508 No.102084

This. I've recently Got it. Its very Good, there are near infinite possibilities with Mods.

9f2ad No.107200

File: 1564801296137.jpeg (171.42 KB, 1000x905, ponified frank horrigan.jpeg)

fallout 2
the amount of ways you can play it makes you want to keep replaying it and if you want to you can cheese it and easily get the best stuff in the game if you don't like early game combat
but i would say you should play fallout 1 before because the story is great and it's a hell of a lot easier

59993 No.107201

>Nobody's mentioned TF2 or DOTA 2 yet

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