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c485d No.117000[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome back to Occupied Equestria

Dark Star, Silver, Iron, and Midnight continue their investigation and hopefully, the take down of a group of organized criminals who have taken up operations at an old fortress on the sea shore. They have already rescued a number of creatures and persuaded them to join in their efforts. Now, they most hope that they can strike with enough force, and quickly enough, to destroy the evil that has taken up residence there.

Up in the North, the ponies are waking up, ready for a new day

3d812 No.117002

New bread, neat.

So, in the interest of not making you write each and every single document out, are the documents of any importance to their investigation? Any particular bits of information about this organization that may shed some light, or help to bring their end?

05e46 No.117005

c485d No.117006

she looks at it
"Well thank you"
She looks to see how well it fits her

She smiles back at him

Unfortunately, that is a question that Silver must decide. They appear to be probably business records, and maybe some documents relating to the logistics of housing creatures in that location

3d812 No.117007

Silver doesn't have the luxury of time in this regard to look through them. He takes what of them he can carry, figuring it's a matter for other ponies to look through.

05e46 No.117009

"What you got there silver?"

3d812 No.117010

"Various documents, kinds of things for other ponies with more time than us to sort through."

4cf7c No.117011

Iron awaits Khoi's eventual judgement on how well the suit fits her.

c485d No.117012

She twists her mouth
"If I am to be in front of line… This will serve"

05e46 No.117013

"Hoof em here,i'll store em in my bag."

3d812 No.117014

Silver does so.

4cf7c No.117015

Iron nods with a smile before rummaging another jacket with the second best protection, particularly for the far more agile Sands and Jubilosa.

c485d No.117016

Roll luck

4cf7c No.117017

Oh boy.
1d20[ 1d20 = 6 ]<Maybe by waving my hooves, two sets of good armor for the NPC mares will appear in front of me

c485d No.117018

Maybe one set of weaker leather

4cf7c No.117019

Iron takes the weaker leather clothing, trying to give it to Jubilosa.
"I hope this helps."

c485d No.117020

Um…. Are Silver, Dark Star, or Midnight there?

She takes it, looks back to Iron, and is a little unsatisfied with the jacket, but takes it nevertheless, trying to fit it

4cf7c No.117021

Damn. Pride damage. The worst damage.
Iron looks expectantly at Jubilosa to see if it fits.

c485d No.117022

Fortunately, mostly. If anything it's kind of big, and thankfully it has wingholes

3d812 No.117023

Yeah. Internet cut out on me for a second there.

4cf7c No.117024

Iron chews his lip in dissatisfaction, but nods at her.
(I hope this actually gives her some protection.)
Finally, he turns to see Sands, wondering if she finally figured out the knives he gave her.

05e46 No.117025

c485d No.117026

It looks as if she has, though she doesn't seem to intend to use them as throwing weapons

4cf7c No.117027

Iron decides to search the room some more in case something may be missing that could be useful.
1d20-1[ 1d20-1 = 17 ]<Smol brain native digging through stuff like a hobo

c485d No.117028

Hmmmm. Another luck roll

4cf7c No.117029

nervous sweating
1d20[ 1d20 = 12 ]<inb4 nat 1

c485d No.117030

There are a set of restraints on the shelf, besides some more papers and a mirror

4cf7c No.117031

Iron smiles.
He takes the restraints, putting them in his clothing, followed by skimming the papers in front of him as well as the mirror.

c485d No.117032

Some of the papers are recent receipts, others, much older

4cf7c No.117033

Iron reads more carefully the newest receipt to see what they are all about.

c485d No.117034

This particular one seems to be a purchase of heating oil

4cf7c No.117035

Iron nods.
(Oh, so simple purchases of this 'oil' thing)
He checks the oldest receipt

c485d No.117036

The oldest documents, in a separate folder, are not receipts at all. Something about a "Mint Berry" admitted briefly after a bout of homelessness

4cf7c No.117037

>Mint Berry
That name sounds familiar.
He inspects some of the older documents, trying to see if they can find a written document of one of the captives.
He beckons Skies over, hoping she knows if one of the ponies in this document is a missing pony.

c485d No.117038

Skies walks over and looks at it
"This is at least 50 years old, probably older"

4cf7c No.117039

Iron frowns.
"Help me out here, boss. I bet there is some written evidence of missing ponies in here."
And thus, his paper scanning commences.
1d20-1[ 1d20-1 = 3 ]<Natives are not meant to be assistants

05e46 No.117040

Dice rollRolled 18

rolling to help

c485d No.117041

Dice rollRolled 19 + 11

She looks at the papers

3d812 No.117042

Might as well. 1d20-1[ 1d20-1 = 13 ]

c485d No.117043

Oh now you two show up

3d812 No.117044

05e46 No.117045

i've been around.

4cf7c No.117046

You know, the whole silence thing after passing the whiskey between the two of you. Kinda made me believe you went to bed.

3d812 No.117047

Silver was given whiskey? I completely missed that.

4cf7c No.117048

Oh whoops. Misread. I meant after passing the documents to Star.

4cf7c No.117049

Anywhey, going to bed. Night.

3d812 No.117050

Sleep well!

c485d No.117051

She silently looks over the documents, combing through them. At the end, she picks out a page, holds it before her with a hoof, and reads it in silence. After a minute, she lowers the document, sighs, and says solemnly

"I don't want to say they are the perfect victims… but the thing about illegal aliens is, the government doesn't really have papers proving they were there in the first place.

This… 'criminal enterprise,' seems to target mostly immigrants without papers and war refugees. These are people who have few relatives and connections to this land. No one would know that they are missing, because no one knew that they were there. Most of the creatures who know them live thousands of miles away, and even then, many of those creatures are either dead, living in a war zone, or in a dictatorship. Communication is poor.

Sure, Ponies notice them. The police see faces on the street, they eat food which travels by vans, they check into the hospitals, they use utilities and they rent out apartments. But they are not noticed as individuals. It's kind of like hearing the scratches mice make when they scurry through the walls. You know they are there, sure, but you don't see them. You don't even know how many there are. And so it is with these creatures. You never quite know if they were abducted, or if they just moved away.

And on top of all of this, this is a group that, if they survive and witness something, doesn't always want to go get help from the government. They are afraid they will be deported. If they report what they see, they will not want to go to court to testify. They live in the shadows. It's hard to see when one goes missing."

4cf7c No.117052

Iron curls his lips in frustration.
"So basically, this search is fruitless because they do not actually care about these ponies. Great."
He sighs dissapointedly, going back to the door of Records.
"I will wait for Star and Silver to finish up their rummaging to look out for any patrols that happen to pass by here," he states with the barest hint of morosity in his voice. "Come along, Sands."
And so, he opens the door and walks out, leaning against a wall next to it, eyes scanning the corridor.

c485d No.117053

File: 1571190356390.jpg (189.26 KB, 1600x1538, 4f11c8bdb30f72bceea79b0ce5….jpg)

I wanted to note that Midnight Lily has changed classes from Cleric to Paladin, so a slightly different pony

4cf7c No.117054

Roger doger.
I suppose that's more layers of clothing to unpack~

cdb7b No.117055

Lunus Vult!

05e46 No.117056

"Sounds like a tough existence."

cdb7b No.117057

A couple changes to make note of in addition to class. She's now a pegasus, she now has two shortswords instead of her dagger and her pistol, but she does still have her necklace.
Midnight shakes her head
"It is a sad life. Let us hope we can help them."

c485d No.117058

"I would hardly call it 'fruitless'. There are shipping records that can help us tell what shipping companies they were using, who they were working with in Griffonia and Zebrica, and things like food purchases that can help us guess how many creatures are living here at any one time"
By this time Iron is already walking away, and Skies is talking to no one. So she just stops talking

I don't know about all that…

"Well, it's definitely not helpful for our purposes"

cdb7b No.117059

She simply shrugs
"It is still a sad existence for them"

c485d No.117060

Hopefully those footsteps down the hall stay far enough away. No creature visible in the secondary corridor

"In many ways it can be, yes"

That damned whispering again. It's a bit louder now though
"Do you want to have wings, Midnight?"
"Would you like to punish those who reside here?"

cdb7b No.117061

She closes her eyes, clenching her jaw as she listens to the voices.
"Shut up, shut UP"
She then looks back at Skies
"Then let us find a way to help them"

4cf7c No.117062

Iron huffs to himself, deciding to absent-mindedly pet Sands as he stares at her hooves vacantly, his ears ready to detect any clawsteps around him.
(I have to wonder why ponies cooperate with eachother on such a grand scale only to abuse said deal.)

c485d No.117063

Fuckin' Mala must be whispering
"There are ways indeed to help them"

Skies is silent for a moment, then returns
"There might be more upstairs"

Sands gives an expression of surprise, evidently not anticipating being pet. Her eyes focus on the nearing hoof, her face moves away. But when the hoof comes, and it pets her, she realizes there is nothing to fear, and she lets him pet her, closing her eyes, and now placing her head closer to him.

Her hair is not the softest. If anything, it feels a bit ragged. Like it needs to be washed. Much the same with her hooves, which while belonging to a set of pretty feat, could stand to use a trim.

Off in the distance, further away, Iron can hear what does indeed sound like claw steps. Maybe it's up a set of stairs, maybe in the tunnel. But it's not in this hallway. Not in this little corridor. It's just him and Sands here for now

cdb7b No.117064

"Shall we investigate? It can't hurt"

c485d No.117065

"Well… it can. If there are too many armed creatures"

"What would you like to know?"

cdb7b No.117066

"Hmmm, fine. That is a good point."
Midnight looks around, not quite frantically yet, for the source of the voice.

4cf7c No.117067

Iron looks up to see Sands leaning in on the petting, causing him to smile a little.
(It is easy to handle a couple of ponies here and there. Manage their issues and such, and if it does not work, one simply fights the other to determine the victor, maybe cast him out.)
His hoof brushes along her mane, taking one step closer towards her to allow him more comfortable strokes.
(Little worlds, caring for themselves, not a big, unfeeling world of metal.)

3d812 No.117068

"I will try my best to make sure they hurt only me."

c485d No.117069

Mala is moving up from behind, evidently heading to the door after interesting himself in the cigars and whiskey. His voice is a little off for it. Khoi is already by the door. Her voice is definitely off for it. The voice sounded most like it came from just over Midnight's right shoulder. The best candidate for that is Meadows, who is over to the right. She is blinking and has a hoof on the shelf, probably testing out her vision. She's not finding the exit soon.

Now, she takes a few steps closer, and leans into him. She wants him to stroke her mane

"Oh Silver… You don't need to be that brave"

05e46 No.117070


c485d No.117071

Mala looks over, and speaks with his detached, defeated sounding voice
"That's the main dorm area. There might be some captives there. Same with the workshop. But it's nighttime, that's less likely"

3d812 No.117072

He nods. "I appreciate the thought, but it is better that I am one who gets hurt than rest of group. Do not worry, I am tough pony."

4cf7c No.117073

Iron obviously obliges on Sands' request, accepting her leaning fully, deciding to sit down against the wall slowly to make sure Sands doesn't fall from his change in position and starts stroking her mane with his two hooves.
(A life like this, where a pony only needs a couple of other ponies with different skills and similar interests living off the land.)

cdb7b No.117074

Midnight sighs at the group, before walking over to Meadows, making sure to make a few noises to announce her presence.
"I know I am asking a loaded question, but are you okay?"

c485d No.117075

She places a hoof behind his right ear in an almost petting action
"D'aww, you're adorable when you're so selfless. But seriously. Don't get killed"

She sits down as well, up against Iron. Her mane is long, and could use a brushing. Khoi Lua walks by, looks over at the two, and expresses visible disgust at the public display of affection

Meadows looks around, then points her head at Midnight. When midnight speaks, she smiles, as if joyed that she recognizes the shape in front of her as a pony.

"No… I… One of those monsters got me. A Rakshasa. I almost died. I think I am safe now, I hope."

05e46 No.117076

"Mala where do the guards sleep?"

cdb7b No.117077

"I see, would you like me to assist you for the time being? Maybe later I can help to heal you as well."

4cf7c No.117078

Iron looks at Khoi quizzically at her expression as his hooves stroke her long mane and he rubs his coat lightly against hers.
"Is something the matter, Khoi?"

3d812 No.117079

The ear folds in a sign of enjoyment. "I have not died yet. Are we ready to move out?"

c485d No.117080

He blinks, then looks over to the right. Back the way they came
"You met all of the gnolls, right?"

She just shakes her head, and walks forward a little. Sands seems to be enjoying it
"No pony has stroked my mane in a while"

"Yes, I am ready"
She takes a few papers, and places them in a sack she has

"Yes, if you can? You are… not a Rashaka too, are you?… Nevermind… Yes, I would be delighted"

05e46 No.117081

"Yes, i assumed there's more than just 2 gnolls down here guarding the prisoners."

cdb7b No.117082

Midnight gently lays a wing across the pony's shoulders, judging her reaction
"Of course I'm not, I just wish to help you if I can."

c485d No.117083

"Well, there were four of us…."
He looks away, and down
"Yeah, those were all of us that lived down here… But those who live up there, who are actually part of the Society… There are many of them, and they might find arms if they know danger is coming"

She flinches a little, as she didn't seem to anticipate the touching
"I am… weak. I am afraid I will be a burden"

4cf7c No.117084

Deciding that he should test the touching boundaries for Khoi later, Iron gives Sands a little smile and a chuckle.
"I can imagine."
He strokes for a little bit in silence.
"Do you have any loved ones you are eager to go back to?"

cdb7b No.117085

"A pony in need is never a burden to me. I have dedicated my life to helping others, and would be honored to help you."

05e46 No.117086

"How many do you reckon are up there?"

c485d No.117087

She looks at him, and blinks. Then she opens her mouth as if to say something. But she just blinks again, and nothing comes out

She is already standing, but when she lurches forward, she seems to raise in height half an inch, coming out of what must have been a resting stance. She walks a pace closer towards Midnight, placing her hoof in the air and gliding it over the ground as if feeling for any obstacles in her path. She wobbles almost like a newborn foal
"If you could just stop any others… from becoming like me…"

He looks up, and places his teeth together - row after row, of unsettlingly sharp teeth - in a fearful wince.
"I… I don't know. I think at least a couple dozen. Before I came here I heard they were raided by police, and they lost half their number. Then last year, at the end of the pony civil war, after the ships stopped coming, they were raided again, and again they lost half their number. But they grow back. They gain new members every month"

4cf7c No.117088

Iron cocks his head, worried, while the mane stroking continues.
"Is something wrong, Sands?"

cdb7b No.117089

Midnight steps to Meadow's side, wrapping a wing around her barrel, as if inviting her to lean on her.
"Of course, but for now just rest. I will keep you safe."

05e46 No.117090

"Do you know how they recruit?"

c485d No.117091

She looks down, and ahead, as if focusing a hundred meters distant
"No… I don't think I do" She says, finally answering Iron's question

Meadows is noticeably taller than Midnight, and with visible ribs as well. Instead of leaning, she moves her legs, and locks into a resting position, standing up
"I-I am afraid that if I rest, I will waste away. And my legs will fall off my body. I must move"

His head is low, but his muzzle is level. He speaks to Dark Star
"Sort of… They look for the vulnerable. Those who wants omething very badly, but can't seem ever to get it. Those looking for power, respect, revenge, money… someone to talk to. To be around… I think most of them come from across the seas. Apparently they have groups over there. They smuggle them in, same as the captives. Some, they recruit from here in the city. That's how they found me. It was a creature I knew in the brief time I was in school who told me. I was happy to have a bed, and some creatures to talk to. Before, all I could eat was bread. That made me weak and feel sick. …. . I thought of joining the Society itself. But there was a separate set of gnolls, who worked for them but didn't participate in their activities because of culture I guess. I was excited to be around gnolls, so I went with that group. I got kind of stuck with that group. This whole time I felt I made a mistake by not pleading to be let into the bigger group"

4cf7c No.117092

Iron cocks an eyebrow, still trimming that ragged mane of hers with a tiny blush on her cheeks
"That is quite surprising. A mare like you would have made some waves with your beauty."
He hums slightly.
"It is not like you appeared out of nowhere, right?"

c485d No.117093

"You don't have to come from nowhere, to end up nowhere."
She looks up to him with those sparkling green eyes
"Enough of me. Tell me of you"

3d812 No.117094

Silver, listening in on th conversation for want of things to do, briefly glares at Iron. "Or…something has happened to her loved ones. Something which would cause great grief to her."

cdb7b No.117095

"Then let us walk around the room a bit, I will make sure you do not run into anything."
Midnight wears her sadness at the situation on her face, wishing she knew what to do to help this pony.

c485d No.117096

Sands has a grave look. Khoi still looks kind of displeased, and standing ahead of the set.

From behind, Loputu coughs on a cigar

She stands up, cautiously places one hoof ahead of the other, then another hoof ahead of the other. Then one and two and one and two. They go on in the small circle. Meadows looks ahead mostly fearful of running into something. The lack of light in the room is doing her no favors

4cf7c No.117097

He glaces at Silver, a bit surprised.
(Now that is unexpected. He seems a bit too interested in Sands. Maybe he wants to have her for the night?)
He turns back to Sands, his surprise still apparent.
"It is true."
He hums for a bit, thinking on what to say.
"I am Iron. My previous life before coming here was back at the jungles, where I sparred with my kin and broke down medium-sized rocks as practice."

3d812 No.117098

Silver looks to Loputu. "What are you doing, little one?"

cdb7b No.117099

"It is okay Meadows, just walk and I will guide you, just hoof after hoof and you will be fine"
Midnight is extra cautious, hoping she can get Meadows to trust her so she can help her.

c485d No.117100

He looks up at Silver, like a dog caught eating off the table
"Uh… That hyena said these had good flavor. Opened the carton too"

Midnight has to hold onto her muzzle. She resists at first, but quickly enough, Midnight can walk the horse. Her hoof steps become more even. Less afraid. Or at least that's how it is along the ground that has already been trotted. At least she's not wobbling now. Like a foal running

3d812 No.117101

He sighs. "It is not good idea for foals to smoke, little one."

cdb7b No.117102

"Good pony, just like that. You're doing great. So Meadows, where are you from?"
She continues to lead her, slowing down a bit.

c485d No.117103


"But… I am not a foal"

Sands says to Loputu and Silver
"Don't worry, I'll take that cigar for you"

"I am a horse… And I am from Karkardannistan"
She moves with Midnight, being able to move her hooves at the right pace

3d812 No.117104

Silver chuckles. "Right. Still, it is not idea for you to have those. They do not taste good."

4cf7c No.117105

He witnesses the cigar taking offering, looking wary.
"Are you sure that is safe for consumption? It looks unedible."

cdb7b No.117106

"Ah, forgive me, but such a long way to here? What brought you?"

c485d No.117107

She grabs it in the magic, and smiles in a half-laugh at Silver
"You really are from teh jungle. It's not for eating"

"My Nephew told us of this place when he was here. It sounded lovely. Equestria seemed like a lovely place. After I lost the pistachio plantation, I thought I would come here"

He looks at Silver with big, puppy dog eyes
He relinquishes the cigar

cdb7b No.117108

"Well, someday I hope you get it visit some of the better parts. I think you would rather enjoy it."

c485d No.117109

She nods slowly, with a tired smile.
She blinks, then blinks again thrice in rapid succession
"Are there criminals and Rashaka elsehwere in Equestria?"

cdb7b No.117110

"I have never heard of Rashaka before, so I believe you would be safe from those. As for criminals, they are fairly sparce and there will always be a pony willing to help you."

4cf7c No.117111

Iron glances at the relinquished cigar.
"Thank the gods. It looks poisonous."

d0321 No.117112

She nods
“Good… because I do not want to encounter those things ever again”

“Don’t be a bitch”
She takes the thing, and places it in her mouth

d0321 No.117113

Silver may want to pay attention to Mala’s answer fo Dark Star’s question >>117090 >>117091

cdb7b No.117114

"I cannot blame you. How are your legs feeling?"

4cf7c No.117115

Iron cocks his eyes at her wording, frowning.
He strokes her mane still out of habit still, but his efforts are reduced, glancing at Khoi.

3d812 No.117116


Silver comes over and places a hoof on Mala's shoulder.

4cf7c No.117117

*Iron narrows his eyes slightly

82c44 No.117118

"That is Absolutely Disgusting."
Dark Star's face has a Loathing expression on it.
"Just one more reason to Hate these Bucking Monsters,Hook Beaked Bastards. They will pay for everything that they have done, all the suffering they've caused. this ends tonight."
Star's face goes from Loathing to outright hate.

c485d No.117119

She takes it out, and looks up at Iron

Khoi is over by the other wall. Looking onwards. Listening

“A little better. They are not numb anymore. I can move them now. Stretch them.”

Mala looks to be mostly unsettled by Dark Star’s reaction
“I’m sorry…”

And so he does so. Mala looks up at Silver, before looking back to Dark Star

cdb7b No.117121

"Good, that is good progress. You will get there, even if it takes some time. Just let me know if you wish to rest or do something different."

3d812 No.117122

"I do not know when, as I have…admittedly many things I must do tomorrow, but perhaps you would like to go out for something to eat? I think I know place that will be to your tastes."

4cf7c No.117123

Iron shakes his head, before standing up, ending their stroking session but not before giving a farewell pet and a small forced smile.
(She has red flags all over. I better disengage.)
He decides to walk up to Khoi instead.
"So how was life back in wherever you came from?"

82c44 No.117124

"What's Wrong? you don't have to be sorry i wasnt talking about you. i know you didnt have a choice."
He pets mala

c485d No.117125

“No, I like trotting in place. It is like galloping up and down the valley in the springtime… I can almost smell the flowers”
She looks around, eyes not quite locking in on anything
“You know, I though I remember the flowers being bluer…”
And she is silent

She is locked forward
“Don’t like a mare smoking? Back off. I am trying to listen”

He looks up at him. Brown eyes, black fuzzy muzzle. He looks intrigued
“That’s nice if you…. but bread and beats will make me sick if I eat for too many days”

c485d No.117126

*gnoll is pet*
“But that’s just the thing… they were the only ones who even offered friendship to me. Or claimed to offer it, anyways…”

cdb7b No.117127

Midnight doesn't respond, silently guiding her fellow equine while trying to make her feel comfortable.
Inside, she is already swearing revenge against whatever did this to Meadows.

3d812 No.117128

He smiles. "I do not know exact gnoll diet, but I would not imagine you are well suited to living as omnivore. No, I saw place where griffons and polar bears go to be served and eat meat. Sounds like kind of fare that would suit you."

82c44 No.117129

"I'll be your friends mala."
He Smiles at him

82c44 No.117130


4cf7c No.117131

Iron shakes his head.
"We both know it is not only that."
Nevertheless, he decides to watch what Khoi is witnessing to pass time, maybe he can feel what she's feeling.

c485d No.117132

So highland meadows torts in place in her 18 foot diameter circle, inside of the poorly lit room in the basement of an abandoned mare’s shelter.
“Tell me, what is the Canterlot mountain like?”
She trots forward
“I feel the cool air… I can imagine it. It is like I am there”

His eyes go wide, and for once, his natural frown turns into a smile
“… Really?”

“That would be, that would be very good”
He sounds happier

82c44 No.117133

"I Promise. You seem like a Good Creature."
He Gives Mala a hug

3d812 No.117134

"I will see what I can do about schedule." He smiles.

c485d No.117136

File: 1571205406867.jpeg (179.41 KB, 1024x819, 0C57DD73-2F77-43FA-981A-D….jpeg)

Dark Star hugs the gnoll. He’s actually surprisingly fluffy to touch, even if there is a smell to him.

Mala is very happy at Silver’s offer as well
“I don’t think anyone has offered to take me out into the town in a long time. At least not for food. At a real restaurant.”

He smiles. It’s kind of a toothy smile, but there’s nothing he can do about that

c485d No.117137

“Really now? Because I see you slobbering all over the first mare to show interest in you. Until she tries to take a smoke to calm her nerves after always I can assure you had been a very long day. You try to control her, she resists, and you discard her.”
Though her tone is serious, her face never moves from its position facing forward and towards the access tunnel

3d812 No.117138

"Then it is time to break that streak." He stands up. "Are you ready to move on? It is not best time or place to idle."

82c44 No.117139

"I Agree. We need to strike them now."

4cf7c No.117140

"It is not about control," Iron explains plainly and calmly. "More about concluding that our personalities do not match in a healthy way after exploring the other pony's personality and quirks."

c485d No.117142

Dice rollRolled 6 + 4

Khoi shrugs, still looking forward. At this point Sands slowly walks into line of sight between Iron and Khoi (or on the other side of the two are very close together.
“How is this for a personality trait? Big guy right here has a different girl back at home. A zebra, in fact.”

At this point, the jilted and discarded Sands takes the lit cigar, and, with a glow of magic, flicks it at Iron.

“Tells you what you need to know about him, hmph! Trying on every mare he meets like clothing, discarding or putting away the ones he doesn’t like”
She shakes her head, and walks out of line of sight

He stands up

cdb7b No.117143

File: 1571230986987.png (1.39 MB, 1680x1050, 23.png)

Midnight grins a little bit as she thinks
"They are beautiful. Very steep mountain and cliffs, with very many waterfalls breaking up the rocky scenery. Then there is Canterlot, nestled inbetween the ridges of the mountains. Many tall spires, pure white, gold, and purple set it apart from the cliff sides. I used to enjoy finding a nice place to rest and just view the city, watching pegasi fly in and out as the waterfalls flowed…."

a7654 No.117144

File: 1571236689959.jpeg (31.95 KB, 1200x630, EEF7A456-8ACB-43B5-8060-3….jpeg)

Maybe I should be happy that it went as well as it did for as long as it did, because frankly I was expecting much less. I was expecting you to meta-game yourself out of the situation immediately. I was very pleasantly surprised to see you not-meta game and play along. It was very fun and enjoyable, and it let me flesh characters and provide some minor conflict. I am not in the slightest surprised that the fun character moments didn’t last. But I’m not “happy that it happened.” I’m both disappointed and angry about how it fell apart.

Please listen carefully, because I mean it in all sincerity. When you use metagaming to do shit that entirely sucks the fun out of the experience, there will be bad consequences. It ended absolutely terribly for Dark Star when his player did it, and so it shall be for you and yours. When the other characters are having fun and fruitful interactions with NPCs in downtime, Iron shall have nothing, or less pleasant interactions. Every creature in that hallway is witness to Iron being super affectionate to a victim of the traffickers, getting upset over one supper minor thing, then not even 10 seconds later, walking up to and talking to a different mare, a mare who knows damned good and well that she was not his first choice. When you do things in character that are justified only because of knowledge outside of character, the characters in the scene are going to see an irrational schizo who does hurtful things just because he has a shitty personality. That’s not going to go over any better with the characters than it does with me personally.

Don’t give me some bullshit about, “no, it’s actually because of the cigar.” That autistic shit is as obnoxious as the derailment-by-meta gaming. It was frustrating beyond measure whenever Ash did it. It was infuriating when you did it out of character that one time Blue Skies shared a scene with Silver. Frankly, that shit is just another form of meta-gaming, because it inserts the player’s personal preferences over the actions of the character in a way that doesn’t really make sense in the setting. This is the fucking 1940s East Coast United States amongst the poor and working class. Smoking is perfectly socially acceptable. There is no Surgeon General’s warning, no fear of “big tobacco,” no Truth.org, no ban on smoking in public buildings, and no studies about cancer. A moral crusade against smoking - barring the parallels to the Nazi party, which decidedly does not include your character - simply doesn’t exist in this setting.

Your character has very little reason at all to even have any comprehension of what smoking is. He has no reason at all to think that is bad, beyond maybe a bad smell. And frankly your character should be used to bad smells. He has absolutely no reason for smoking to be the one and only thing he is ever moralistic about. Inserting modern moralism into this setting is immersion breaking, and it’s immersion breaking for everyone because everyone can hear your shrieks.

Even if it did make sense in the context of the story, and even if it it weren’t an immersion breaking insertion of modern moral opinion in a setting where it has no place, it would still be obnoxious. And that’s because dear god, has it been expressed in a shrill manner. There are plenty of other evils within the story that deserve far greater indignation.

The characters watching Iron do all of this - and they can’t miss it, because it’s super public - aren’t going to think “oh, she wanted to puff a cigar after being rescued from being held prisoner by gangsters. I can see why it wouldn’t work out” because no real person in that era would think that way, and frankly very few people with functioning minds even in modern times think that way. They are also not going to perceive it as a pretext for ditching Sands because of her other unsavory characteristics. Most of them don’t know about Sand’s other unsavory characteristics, and the only one who does, Khoi, knows damned good and well that Iron does not.

They are only going to see a stallion who is nice to a mare for a moment. They are going to see a mare who has been through some bad shit - evidently being abducted and held prisoner. They see the wounds left on her body from her captivity. They heard her imply that her loved ones are all dead, presumably from circumstances relating to the invasion of her homeland by Communist Griffins. And so after this, after all of this, they see her try to calm her excited nerves by smoking a cigar that would ordinarily be too expensive for a poor war refugee like her.

And what does Iron do? At random, he leaves her, and immediately starts hitting on an entirely different mare who he blew off earlier. What the fuck kind of shit person does that? Would you want to date that? Would you trust that? Would you honestly believe that that kind of person would come to your aid in battle? Do you think that kind of person would risk themselves to help you up if you fell down in the heat of battle? Would you want to help that kind of person? Are you sure they aren’t the same kind of person as the griffin captors, just wearing a different coat?

Jesus, this made me so angry this morning that I was late to work because of thinking about it. Midnight’s post is super sweet though. I’ll try to think about that instead

a7654 No.117145

She closes her eyes and trots about with gaiety
“I hope I don’t fall off cliff”
Then her trot turns into a prance, as she adds little skips of the hoof
“I am there…”
And for a moment, she prances on, her mane bouncing. Then she slows down, slows down. Stops. She opens her eyes
“The spires of Canterlot don’t shine gold like I used to imagine them. Even the grass is not so green…”

She looks over to midnight. Except she doesn’t quite, her eyes seem to miss her by a few degrees.
“Is it still so pretty to you?”

cdb7b No.117146

"No… It is not… It has not been since the war started, but I prefer to imagine it as it was. It gives me a sort of hope. A reminder of what I want… A hope that things can return, not to as they were, but maybe… Just maybe a little bit better."

a7654 No.117147

The smile dissipates. She looks over to Midnight, and this time she points her head at Midnight, an improvement over how she was previously. But her eyes point a little down and off to the left from Midnight’s eyes, missing the mark

“But I cannot imagine it being so golden. Even my memories are washed of color…”
She is silent for a moment, and the muscles in her face seem to pull back in fear
“Will it always be like this?”

cdb7b No.117148

Midnight slowly hugs Meadows, as not to startle her, praying to Luna that some of her own courage can rub off onto the mare.
"No, it won't. Things will get better… Even if it takes some time, you just have to hope."

a7654 No.117149

Her head follows Midnight as she comes up to her, and is not surprised when Midnight hugs her. It’s a little difficult to hug her. She’s taller than Midnight, and either because of her natural build, slow starvation, or both, she has a skinnier frame that feels bony.

“Can you help me with the hope? I have difficulty seeing it myself”

3d812 No.117150

"When this is over, I would also be glad to help you through what is troubling you. You have clearly been through lot."

cdb7b No.117151

"Of course, it is always easier when another pony helps"
As she embraces her, she uses one of her lay on hooves points to heal her some, hoping that it helps.

a7654 No.117152

Um…. Hi floofer. But which creature is he saying this to?

The room is pretty dark, mostly illuminated by one light towards the back that still works out if a set of about four, and the light from the hallway. It would be easy to trip over objects even without blindness. But the darkness of the room is briefly overcome by a dim but clearly present blue light that seeps out of Midnight’s hooves, and into Meadow’s barrel. She tenses up for a moment, then relaxes and breathes. She looks down at Midnight. Directly into her eyes, with eyes that are blue-gray.
“You have quite the touch…”
She lifts up a hoof, and then another

3d812 No.117153

Mala, the last person he spoke to.

cdb7b No.117154

Midnight softly smiles up at the larger mare
"So I have been told before. How do you feel now?"

12316 No.117155

"I'll be happy to do the same."
He says to mala

a7654 No.117156

His doglike tail perks up at Silver’s words and moves too and fro
“Yes, I would like that. Very much so.”

When Dark Star speaks, his tail positively wags
“Really? Hah, ha”
His laugh thankfully doesn’t sound like the gnollish laugh. It’s more Pony-like
“Two friends in one day?”

“I feel… better. I think I can see slightly better”
Her muzzle returns to a smile

cdb7b No.117157

"Good good, when this is all over I will do my best to help you. You have my word."
She gives the mare a gentle squeeze before releasing her from the hug.

3d812 No.117158

Silver smiles at seeing the gnoll happy. "I suppose so."

12316 No.117159

He Smiles at the gnoll

a7654 No.117160

She is hugged. Her coat in large part has the feel of some partly dried substance in it. Sometimes it’s wet. But underneath all of that, she has a coat of short hair that surely must serve well in hotter, mountainous environment
“I don’t really want to be dependent… I don’t know how to repay your kindness”
She does a minor bow to Midnight after she is released from the hug, including her left hoof being turned upwards in a sort of curtesy that accompanies the bow
“But you have my gratitude”

He is smiling. His teeth are a bit less even than you’d see in a dog, although a little bigger
“Two pony friends! I’ve never had that before.”

cdb7b No.117161

"You do not have to repay me, seeing you start to feel better is enough."
Midnight returns the gesture, hoping she doesn't look like an idiot for it.

12316 No.117162

"I'm glad you're happy."

4cf7c No.117163

Iron cocks his head at the retreating Sands, then turns back to the original position, with no attempt to stop the cigar from hitting Iron's body.
(It is intriguing how she went out of her way to say that. I wonder what is fueling her.)
Oh no, it's not metagaming. Just as Iron cannot stand Skies' abrasive, forward and sometimes lewd attitude, he cannot stand Sands' quirks as a pony. He, of course, was exploring her actions and mannerisms, but she kept on sending subtle signals of future conflict later, obviously starting from Silver taking her away for a private talk when the two couldn't possibly have unless there was a secret going on, but kept on piling up with her constant acts of self interest and subsequent challenge that drove Iron away. It's not about being a changie or not. I'd obviously had gone with dicking the changie, since he'd love to try that out, but he can't share a life with that sort of personality without things escalating into an even larger dumpster fire, and he has the foresight not to keep at it.
It's not the smoking, it's the retort that came with it, and it was the final straw of many. A mare whose only purpose so far is nothing aside from an interest in guns and revenge is indeed going to drive him away, and her brash attitude only accelerated that process, because his patience is thin for those kind of mares if you hadn't noticed with many of Skies' interactions with him.
I obviously get it's a dick move and won't get me rewards for it, only downsides in the short term, but it's not out of a desire to evade the changie in a metagaming move, rather to make her think 'Hey, why did the stallion that I got so enamored moments ago decide to bail out on me? I thought I had him in the frog of my hoof. How did he suddenly have the desire to leave me?' and reflect on her actions. Of course, this obviously opens up the possibility of betrayal out of anger, but maybe, just maybe, she can realize that all his headcocking, staring and suspicion Iron sent out can make her realize some of her actions were counteracting her attempts to maintain him charmed.
And no. I'm not expecting to get kirin coochie either. Of course not. Iron may aim for that, but he knows it'll take a lot longer than a romp destroying her captors to consider him a viable candidate. Heck, for all he knows, she could be another gunloving, revenge fueled mare with the same brash attitude like Sands and would dump her as well.
Now you'll be asking "What? Why didn't he communicate that to Sands from the start? I bet this is all an excuse." and sure, between two adults that could be a viable option, but consider the fact that Iron is not going out of his way to pursue and change a mare unless she actually has something of value worthy of pursuit, and he doesn't care about revenge-fueled mares or gun skills or even combat magic if he ever gets to know about that because he sees himself as the muscle, concluding that while it would be a bonus in a mare, it can't be her only trait because Iron has that part covered as pretentious as that sounds. Besides, she wouldn't change her ways by simply pointing it out. Obviously it's deeper than that. It's an intrinsic part of her that defines her as a different pony among the masses caused by both dealing with a totalitarian indoctrination of changeling superiority and getting abused by outsiders.
Don't fret, because there is still a chance to charm Iron again, but Sands is probably going to swallow her pride to do it, which I don't see her do for a literal stranger anyhow, unless she still saw him as an easy target.
To summarize, yes, I know it is a dick move but it's not to avoid the changeling in a bout of 'player brilliance in avoiding danger' but rather to spark doubt in Sands' mind over what made him discard her. Obviously she can recharm him again through a simple apology and a change in attitude and approach but if that can't be achieved, he probably lost interest in her. I know it sounds pretentious, but Iron is a pretentious pony that seeks a specific number of traits in a mare to be deemed pursueable, and if that can't be achieved, he discards it and keeps going. After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea to hook up with.
And no. It's not the smoking. Smoking, while it could make him uncomfortable with the smell, it's not a dealbreaker, even though it is for me IRL.

a7654 No.117164

There is some enthusiasm in his voice when he says
“Okay, so what is the first thing I am doing with my new friends?”

She giggles at Midnight’s efforts
“Again, I thank you. I am not recovered, but I am better than I was before”

a7654 No.117165

There is no “doubt over what caused whatever” just you and Iron being an asshole, and that is that

cdb7b No.117166

"Well, that is all I can ask for for now. Say, is there anything that you can tell about this place that could help us? I understand if you cannot, but if you have any information…"

a7654 No.117167

Her expression becomes blank, and the smile fades away
“I don’t… I don’t think I have much I can tell you. I know I was kept chained to a desk in a big room with other features. I was made to sew leather to iron horseshoes. They took me here, and placed me next to a caged Rashaka, and that was all I could remember”

4cf7c No.117168

Here I am, proposing a possibility to return to status quo with one little tweak, yet you shrug it off because you believe Iron and I are 'assholes' due to my decision as a player to stop interacting with Sands out of a desire not to after not giving me a reason to aside from 'I give you a snuggle so you better love me' and nothing else. If you want to destroy Iron's life over not falling for the character you presented due to lack of interest in her characteristics that make her, you can obviously do it.

cdb7b No.117169

If Meadows could see Midnight's face, she would see her face go blank and then contorts into anger. She then steps forward and presses her snoot into the larger horse's shoulder.
"I… I will make sure that whatever did this to you pays… I am sorry about making you think about that, now just rest. Nothing will harm you now."

a7654 No.117170

I’m not in the right emotional state to sift through an entire block of text right now. My normal patience is gone. What is the tweak?

The shoulder is also bony, but there is some muscle here.

Now, Meadows comes over, and hugs Midnight. Her legs are long and kind of bony. She places her long muzzle overtop of Midnight’s fur
“Thank you”
She’s sniffling

12316 No.117171

"Well, we could take you out to eat,Do you like Whiskey? i know a Great Bar on the East-side of baltimare."

a7654 No.117172

“Yes! I haven’t been to a bar in that many occasions. I think I’ve only stayed to drink at one maybe twice. I didn’t know they could have food there”

cdb7b No.117173

She hugs her back, wrapping her wings around her.
"Of course… I just pray I really can help you"
Midnight is sniffling as well.

4cf7c No.117174

Simple. Make Sands realize what is ticking Iron off and promptly using it to her advantage by falsely apologizing over it and downplaying her abrasive in Iron's eyes temperament with more active actions of physical contact to make it up to him, or even presenting a hobby of hers that isn't about combat.
It should allow to buy you some more time to flesh her out further as a pony alongside Iron, and I believe she would be able to since she seems like the kind of pony to be able to do that, being a manipulator and all.

12316 No.117175

"Some do. i'm not sure if mr.glass sells any at the eastside though. theres this one restaurant named "Benito's" that i think you might enjoy."

a7654 No.117176

No one in that situation would realize what is ticking Iron off

He nods, but then lowers his head, looks away, and says almost restfully
“But I have to eat meat…”

a7654 No.117177

She presses her muzzle down and towards her
“You’re so kind. I was afraid I would find no kindness in this supposed land of friendship. But I see it is real. Thank you again”

cdb7b No.117178

"I am glad that I have been able to do that for you, and I hope you can find more ponies that treat you with the same kindness."
Midnight is sniffling a bit more now, and her eyes are very watery as she raises a hoof and boops Meadows on the snoot.

12316 No.117179

"I believe they sell spaghetti."

4cf7c No.117180

Iron was indirectly pointing out his perception of her flaws with his expressions, which mostly encompasses her combat-focused demeanor from the eyebrow raising at her thirst for vengeance at first, which while obviously being justifiable in the current situation, it isn't particularly interesting to him long term. Compound that with a lack of other quirks to balance it out and a 'sassy' demeanor, like when she taunts Iron to 'not to be a bitch', and he loses interest quickly.
Remember. Iron likes Cauldron as a zebra and wants to be with her not because she beats ponies with a crowbar or is the hottest mare or sucks his metaphorical dick everytime she gets a chance, but her other skills, like cooking and potion making, and motivations to both better her life without sacrificng her fathers', not to mention her caring, generous and sometimes innocently fun attitude.
Sands is a changeling version of Skies in a superficial level as of now: Revenge-focused mare that wants to make their captors pay as well as being playfully abrasive, thinking it's a good way to interact with others because it worked previously from where she comes from.
I'm not expecting a Cauldron clone, don't get me wrong, but she should have something more interesting than simply being a nuzzling machine or a petting toy to charm Iron further, and her attitude towards others only serve to undermine her efforts.

a7654 No.117181

The pony is hugged. But when the hard object touches her soft, grey nose, she reflexively pulls back, wrestling her self out from under the wing. Stepping back, stepping back, stepping back away from her attacker. She goes back a couple more feet until…

Her right, rear hoof steps on an open cigar box, sending the wooden edge of the other side of the box into her long pattern bone, and launching cigars across the floor. She stumbles, her right hind leg collapses, then her left hind leg, and she falls down onto her rump

He twists his mouth, and something about his expression implies he’s not convinced that spaghetti is a meat dish
“I’m not sure if I’ve ever had spaghetti before”

You want a fleshed out character with whatever quirks and a distinct personality, you have to interact with them and give them situations to react to and bounce off of. You throw away characters I spend a large amount of time building and that I personally like, just because “eh, I don’t like this one” - and you did exactly the same thing to Black Cauldron last December and it pissed me way the fuck off then - then I’m not exactly inclined to do anything other than blow off your character in reciprocity. You don’t have to fuck it, just not discard blatantly and casually

4cf7c No.117182

I did try to approach her with questions regarding her past in an attempt to open her up into a more fleshed out character, but none of it worked because she's paranoid of revealing her nature as a changeling, so she can't be approached unless I do the flashlight trick on her which is metagame-y currently or otherwise have Iron know she's a changeling and she knows he knows but doesn't care, unlike Cauldron, which wasn't due to a lack of cooperation or actual way to explore her personality, history or hobbies.
There has to be an incentive to interact with other characters, GM. She provides none, so of course Iron'll stop caring about her sooner or later unless she gives a bone to chew on.

b4a6f No.117183

I… Feel terrible now.
"Oh my Celestia I am so sorry!"
She rushes over and gently strokes her back, looking over her for any injuries like cuts or scrapes.
"I am sorry, I am sorry, are you okay? Oh Celestia I was not, thinking, I am so sorry!"

12316 No.117184

"Spaghetti is a pasta based dish that comes with meat chunks in it. it a Delicious meal i believe it originates in wingbardy."
He whispers the last part about it being tasty

a7654 No.117185

Her face reveals that she is shaken and frightened as she sits down
“I am… I am… I don’t know. My leg hurts just a little. I am fine though”

Jubilosa (in the hall opposite the door, with a line of sight to all of the character scenes)
“I heard that! You can’t take it back!”

Mala nods, looking a little more pleased
“Okay, I guess I can try that”

b4a6f No.117186

"J-just rest and I will look over you."
Midnight quietly looks over her leg, looking sad at herself.
Heal check to look for any problems.
1d20+6[ 1d20+6 = 25 ]

12316 No.117187

Dark Star squints at her
"Whats your story?"
He asks her

a7654 No.117188

The only injury of any kind is on her right hind leg, caused by the wooden side of the box jabbing upwards into Meadow’s leg on the mid pattern bone, when she stepped on the opposite side of the box sending that side up in a seesaw action kind of like stepping on a rake. It’s a blunt injury, far from the worst Midnight has seen, but it seems to cause her pain. Nothing is broken or fractured, but there will probably be a bruise hidden under her leg fur.

“What is my story? Heh, I am pleased you asked. My name is Volador Jubilosa, and I am from the Federated Parishes of Sicameon. Excuse me, I forgot the new name. “Territory of the Military Commander in Sicameon.” I grew up in Campo Claro, a little town twenty kilometers outside of Midora, and I attended the Parish School there. There was a griffin there who fancied me. A nice griffin, seemed to be heading to university. I wasn’t betrothed to him, but that seemed to be where things were going. Then you ponies attacked. His militia was mobilized, and I did not hear from him. I was heart broken, and remained in my parents’ house for a month when I found out he had been killed. Still, I persisted, and became a milkgrif, flying around delivering milk in my town. I knew I could make more money if I went to the city, so I did so. I became a typist for a shipping company in Midora. I worked there a year and a half.”

She’s been making gestures with a free claw through out her small speech, but it intensifies at this point, and she moves forward

“You know, there was this kid who lived just down the road from my parents. Then one day he just wasn’t there. I don’t know if he moved suddenly without telling his neighbors, if he joined the partisans out in the forests up north. But I think your secret police got him. Took him from his house in the night. Maybe stalked him as he walked home from the sugar mill where he worked. He wouldn’t have been the only one. Your damned soldiers walked the streets of the city. Redirected shipments going out. Frankly that’s a lot of what I did as a typist. Went over documents about exports, I didn’t like what I saw. I talked about what I saw. And when my parents wrote me and told me about little Mullido down the street just vanishing, I knew that it could happen to me.

So I went back to Campo Claro, and told my parents I would seek refuge in Aquelia until the end of the War. Then I went down to the city to locate a griffin I was told made fake passports. I should have trusted a different griffin. I would have used a ship my company contracts for, except they don’t run to Aquelia. And so, somehow, I ended up here. Tonight.”

12316 No.117189

Dark Star Remains stoic for her story.
"Interesting. Why do you think the Secret Police were involved?""

a7654 No.117190

“They do not want an independent Sicameon, and they supposed little Mullino was in the way”

05e46 No.117191

"Sounds to me like he ran away from home."

a7654 No.117192

“He was an adult, no need to run away. He didn’t hate his situation there. He would have told his mother”

cf877 No.117193

Dark Star remains unconvinced

a7654 No.117194

She rolls her head, closes her eyes, raises her eyebrows and does a sort of shrug
“I never said you’d care, I just said what happened”

82165 No.117195


8fb41 No.117196

"I Care,in a way."
He turns to silver and iron and asks
"Are we ready to head upstairs?"

a7654 No.117197

File: 1571266001168.png (224 KB, 1280x720, 2EEAA31C-FE52-4627-932C-4A….png)


She remarks
“Probably joyful”
In an offhoof comment

4cf7c No.117198

Iron simply nods.

3d812 No.117199

Silver nods.

c485d No.117200

Plot twist: there has to be an incentive for the GM to waste his time interacting with the character.

I have no idea why you think that having your character treat well established female NPCs as if they are articles of clothing that can be stolen and then discarded when you don’t like how they fit, is acceptable, but I assure you that it is not acceptable.

I refuse to acknowledge anything happening with the Iron character after >>117142. You can have a reset of any of the scenes leading up to that to see if you want to do anything differently. You can roll a new character who will join the quest later. You can wait in limbo to see if I change my mind later. But what is not happening is trying on my favorite new female NPC like a shoplifted article of clothing and throwing her in the garbage when she makes you look fat, and then proceeding on to combat tonight.

cdb7b No.117201

Far from the worst yes, but this one hurts Midnight too cause she knows her carelessness caused it.

She gently and slowly strokes Meadows' mane, hoping to calm her down after that.

c485d No.117202

She shakes for a moment, but she is calmed down. The hair is long and was arranged in some sort of pattern, but had since been undone. It too, has remnants of a goo remaining in it, messing it up.

“You know what I am glad about?

I can feel things now. When I was suspended in that goo… when I was awake at first… I couldn’t touch anything, except the walls”

cdb7b No.117203

"That is good to hear. Even of what you feel is pain, it still means your condition is improving, and it means you will get better…"
Midnight wishes she had some type of brush or comb to do the mare's mane, but alas.

82165 No.117204

Eeeee's in EEEEEE

c485d No.117205

File: 1571272757793.png (369.54 KB, 946x1024, 2F0BA838-F790-4808-BF1D-69….png)


3d812 No.117206

Hey. Not sure where Spark is, but since Onyx is here you guys could start up one the next day of your journey.

cdb7b No.117207

North gang gang time?

4cf7c No.117208

Counter plot twist: If you want an NPC to stick to a PC/PCs, it must have something going for itself that keeps the player/s interested in it.
Unless, of course, you want her to become a villain and subsequently get killed or fade away from memory as she is slowly forgotten.
An NPC is well established due to the players perception of them, because even though the world you create is indeed yours to rule, you do so in order to provide players a setting to play in. Otherwise, you end up playing with yourself and the fun is stripped away even further than how you currently feel.

Now, I'm willing to give her a shot because your actions beforehand were fueled by fear of me metagaming my way out of it to resort to dodging the question in order to keep her around because you like Sands and don't want Iron to discard her as a potential plot hook and fail to properly characterize her which I admit I'm surprised you thought that after that IronxChangeling dream orgy he had on Night 1.

I'll pick to rewind back to when Iron was combing Sands' mane with two hooves.

He asks the following question with his usual small smile he had:
"So, what life did you live before ending up here?"

82165 No.117209

I'm down to stab some bitches

cdb7b No.117210

Same here my dude

82165 No.117211

>inb4 I get stabbed

cdb7b No.117212

NAP between us, at least for tonight?

82165 No.117213

AFAIK, the NAP has been in place the whole time

c485d No.117214

Indeed, it looks like this mare would benefit strongly from a brush or a bath. But none are available

She sits there in place, where she fell, and looks forward in silence for a moment.
"I can touch things now… But I can't quite feel some things… When those Rashaka take you, they don't just remove from you your strength, your energy, you stamina. They take something from you emotionally, maybe spiritually. Memories of the plantation, the races in the village, seeing the Fire Temple in Neighran… the horses… it's all a vague sadness now. Not even a strong one… At least the numbness has cooled on the outside"

She stretches out a hoof

Brie and Onyx wake up
Do you want the end of the journey, a little side quest, or a dungeon clearing combined with the end?

82165 No.117215

I'm assuming we're geographically still a good distance from the 'end', so I would prefer that we get there organically.

c485d No.117216

Well, assuming the ending is meeting any queen who could help, an ending is not far away. Just a road trip

82165 No.117217

Well then, I suppose we should be off.
"Ah. I suppose there's nothing left but to play our hand. Are you comfortable walking straight into the lion's den?"

cdb7b No.117218

"We've got nothing better to do, so let's get it over with."
Midnight ever so slowly, and ever so gently stretches out her own hoof, and places it on top of Meadows'.
"There there, just rest now. The joy will return in time."

82165 No.117219

"Perhaps, but this could get us killed. Up until now I've been able to rely on my wit and negotiations, but I can make no such guarantees."

cdb7b No.117220

"Well, I have my halberd, you've got your fancy knife skills. I reckon we can do this."

82165 No.117221

"Fair enough. I'll see to Sparks, the little ones, and the not-so little ones then."
Brie goes to ascertain the readiness - in order - of the aforementioned.

c485d No.117222

[Sorry, on phone]
Please do figure out the NPC situation though

82165 No.117223

I suppose I should assume that the 'Lings are squared away, both the young and older ones? Brie returns to Onyx. "I suppose we're all set then. We should have our new friends on either side of the cart when we approach the hive, though they agreed to 'assist' in pulling it (which of course means its their turn)."

cdb7b No.117224

"That sounds good to me, let's move out then."
Onyx grabs his halberd before heading to the cart to make sure it's ready for travel.

82165 No.117225

"Right behind you," Brie says, gathering the 'Lings, the Changelings, and of course Sparks.
Are there weakened ponies? I seem to recall there being weakened ponies, but somehow I think if we brought them they would end up eaten.

c485d No.117226

Actually several. The brothers, Ruby and Red Wine, and the Married Couple Dawson and Rose

I assure you your Changeling allies are way ahead of you on that whole "eaten" thing

82165 No.117227

Well, they could secretively be salty warriors, but that's not where my money is at. Hence, I'm figuring we'll leave the ponies behind.

bd9c5 No.117228

c485d No.117229

>Warriors of the saltlands
Intriguing idea

Anyways, Seb and Fun can now be made to pull the cart, appearing to be brown ponies. They aren't fully healed, and Fun pretty clearly still wears his bandages, but they are healed-ish. There is no immediate noticeable traffic on the roadway. The sky is clear, the temperature is pretty warm, maybe 20 degrees F. A light breeze, making it feel just a little colder. The sun is barely up

Do you agree with >>117227?

82165 No.117230

"Oh good, there you are. We're preparing to disembark. Our new changeling 'friends' have offered to pull the cart for a while, but when we get to the hive they're to walk on either side of the cart as something of an escort. I'm figuring that the hive won't respond well if we have changelings operating as laborers."

bd9c5 No.117231

"I'm thinking the same thing."
I don't know if it is a good idea to bring the family along for this adventure. Their adventure awaits for them across the border, not deeper into changeling lands.

c485d No.117233

Red Wine is up making breakfast while Rose stirs and even Dawson sleeps in. It's based on boiled potatoes

82165 No.117234

82165 No.117235

For clarification, I know who you mean, I'm just intent on disembarking and since Brie was never really formally introduced nor had any significant interaction with them, he's not inclined to start now.

c485d No.117236

I guess it's more for Spark and Onyx…

Ready when you all are

82165 No.117237

They're free to interact of course, but I'm ready to go.

cdb7b No.117238

Well, I'm ready. Onyx is just preparing the wagon and waiting on the others.

c485d No.117239

And so, the ponies set out

Kerr and Wesley go outside and load up in the wagon, hopping through the snow

Wesley: "Ich vermisse die Hitze"

Kerr: "Ich auch"

Maybe Spark gets inside the cabin with them. Maybe even Onyx does as well. Seb and Fun really don't appear to be as strong as Onyx, or really, as strong as they would be under more normal circumstances, but they will suffice

cdb7b No.117240

Onyx looks uneasy as the cart begins to move.
"Gimme a moment Spark… don't stop. I'll be back"
He suddenly jumps out and gallops to the house, looking for Ruby.

bd9c5 No.117241

Spark waves goodbye to the family.
"Think about my offer. I'll be back this way to head back home."

He enters the wagon to watch over the changelings.
He watches the bartender rush back towards the house.
"Did he forget something?"

c485d No.117242

Dawson nods, lethargically and calmly, looking out. Red Wine is actually still inside, but Dawson says he says thank you for the owlbear

Ruby is at a table, eating boiled potato, with a side of fir tree leaves

82165 No.117243

Brie addresses Seb and Fun: "Werden Sie beide in Ordnung sein, dies zu ziehen? Wir werden in regelmäßigen Abständen handeln."
Did you pick Seb cuz of the lolcow?

cdb7b No.117244

"Hey Ruby… Remember that promise I made you? Do… Do you wanna come with us?"

c485d No.117245

"Seb" is short for "Seben." His real name is a hell of a lot longer, and frankly just a gender, number, and name of mother and sire

Fun: "Meine Haut ist immer noch empfindlich, aber ich glaube, ich kann ziehen.

Seb: "Ich kann nicht gut atmen und habe Schmerzen. Ich kann versuchen zu ziehen, aber ich kann nicht wissen, wie weit ich gehen kann"

He looks up from his dish of potato, turnip, and fir leaves
"Are you going to take me to Canterlot?!?!"

82165 No.117246

Brie sighs, taking off his fancy coat and cloak, and stashes them in the coach with the 'Lings, then returns to the front.
To Seb: "Scheisse. Ich hatte gehofft, dass Sie sich nach einer Weile mehr erholen könnten. Zieh das aus, ich zieh."

c485d No.117247

Seb gives excuses, but of course accepts the offer to go back to sleep in the more protected cabin
"Ich wurde mitten durch meine Brust gestochen …"
I though Onyx would pull?

cdb7b No.117248

"Well, would you like to come? You gotta decide, cause the wagon is leaving. Just know it won't be easy."

c485d No.117249

He grabs a blanket, a couple baseball cards, his scout's knife, a pair of milk containers, a sack of turnips, and a half eaten potato, and jumps inside the cabin of the cart after hugging his brother goodbye
"I'll send you pictures!"

82165 No.117250

On second thought, Brie removes his trousers as well and places them with his coat. "Wouldn't want to wrinkle them." he sighs to himself.
He's still wearing his vest (with 2 throwing knives) and his fine sword.

c485d No.117252

Hopefully that fits under the vest. And hopefully it’s enough protection from the cold

The party pulls ahead, Brie in front. The dogs follow. There’s a pretty decent view of what goes by. Mostly it’s coniferous forest in this area. Though there are some inclines and hills, it’s more flat than not. Occasionally, a steam cuts through, and the road crosses a stone bridge. Birds chirp in the sky regularly, but really it’s more quiet than it isn’t. More than one cart is passed, mostly pulled by oxen. The ponies inside look down or ahead, not at those who pass by, and often cover their faces, presumably because of the cold.

Mostly this road doesn’t have large settlements, or settlements at all. But there is a trend. Individual buildings and small settlements - farm houses, cabins, and less often mills and hamlets - are more likely to look abandoned. Villages and towns may have a guard post in them, and there seem to be ponies living there. The population is becoming centralized. Sometimes, there almost seems to be a line between abandoned and inhabited buildings. There are several buildings that are visibly damaged by artillery, like a windmill that has its top half half blown off, and rubble strewn about.

Of course the forest doesn’t last forever, nor are most of the settlements near the forest. After that, they are meadows, then cattle pastures, more fields of winter wheat, and then fallow field after fallow field. Some naked soil, some planted with clover or grass. Some fields look as if they were burned and never replanted. But most fields have either stubble, clover, or wheat, with occasional crops of Timothy grass, rye, and rapeseed. And all of these are covered in a fine layer of snow, or at least, they usually are. One hamlet seems to be abandoned all together, buildings damaged. The changelings have a definite presence here, even if it is less felt than the pony presence of big red barns, and rustic windmills. Every settlement has a Changeling post near the center. With guards. And a station that has a small fence around it, surely a collection station.

They travel for quite a while

c485d No.117253

And so, it’s a while before they get to their first major challenge. A guard check point. It’s actually not the first one they came across, but the first one waved them through

Here, the creatures seem more serious. The guard is unambiguously an undisguised Changeling drone in a field grey uniform.
“Papers, Please”

82165 No.117254

"Ja natürlich, einen moment" Brie immediately responds, removing the harness and stepping back to retrieve his coat, and the requisite documents.

c485d No.117255

The creature responds with an expression of clear surprise, not expecting that result. He is speechless, and leaves Brie to go retrieve the items

c485d No.117256

Okay, I have to go to sleep now. But please keep replying

*floofs the floofster*

82165 No.117257

Returning with the papers provided by the changeling at the border, Brie smiles self-assuredly and extends the paperwork. "Ich vertraue darauf, dass Sie hier alles in Ordnung finden."

82165 No.117258

Also, I'm not worried about the cold for the time being, as nothing warms you up like physical exertion

3d812 No.117259

*is floofed*
Sleep well!

82165 No.117260

Not sure how we're supposed to carry on while you're gone though

cdb7b No.117263

Onyx chuckles as her gallops back to the cart, ruffling the colt's mane as he sits down.
Ah travel montages, gotta love them.

a7654 No.117264

File: 1571325262199-0.jpeg (57.36 KB, 720x405, 7DFD8301-5C31-4258-A8DE-0….jpeg)

*colt is indeed excite*

It’s a bit weird being in there with a dark brown Earth Pony who isn’t quite familiar though. He wants to take up an entire seat

cdb7b No.117265

Onyx stares down the earth pony, having never seen him before.
"And who exactly are you?"

a7654 No.117266

The pony is lying across the seat on the other side. He has a large, white cloth tightly wrapped around his barrel. He lifts his head up, and looks at Onyx. His blue eyes go wide, and he turns his head around the other way

cdb7b No.117267

"Hey! If you're gonna ride in this wagon, I wanna answer to my question."
Onyx walks around to the direction the unknown pony turned.

a7654 No.117268

The wagon is arranged as two seats facing each other in a little compartment. It is physically impossible for Onyx to go around

cdb7b No.117269

Hmm, then Onyx puts a hoof on the pony's shoulder "gently"

a7654 No.117270

The head pokes up, and he turns around yet again, hooves facing Onyx

cdb7b No.117271

"I asked, who are you?"
His eyes narrow, as he hopes he doesn't have to throw this pony out.

a7654 No.117272

He blinks. No response

The colt is kind of confused and a little afraid by the tense situation

cdb7b No.117273

Onyx seems purely baffled now
"Can… Can you even understand me?"
He looks over to Ruby and notes the colt's reaction, relieved that at least he isn't imagining this.

a7654 No.117274

He sits up now, but he is still silent

3d812 No.117275

Oh, hey, people!

cdb7b No.117276

Hello Floofster
"Come on! Respond! Flick your ears, twitch your muzzle, tap your hoof for Celestia's sake!"

a7654 No.117277

He is uncomfortable, and has his lips pulled back in such an expression

Hello floofster

cdb7b No.117278

"Well? Do something before I throw you in a snowdrift for being a stowaway."
Onyx taps a hoof impatiently.

a7654 No.117279

He seems confused, and certainly unresponsive

a7654 No.117280

File: 1571331478783.jpeg (24.04 KB, 260x194, 49CBFF7A-97EB-483D-8FF5-1….jpeg)

Then all of a sudden….


960ec No.117281

"Oh for fuck's sake, let him sleep! He's still too injured to pull the cart." Brie's voice emanates oddly from the front of the cart.

cdb7b No.117282

"Huh? Oh, it's you."
Onyx pats the lil ling.
"But who the Tartarus is it?!"

a7654 No.117283


The colt is pet, closing his eyes, and pressing his head up to the hoof

cdb7b No.117284

Onyx pets him more, still casting a glare at the stallion before he lies on the floor hoping that this trip goes well.

960ec No.117285

Onyx hears a bit of muffled Changeling-speak from the front, and he cart stops for a moment. Moments later, Brie's face appears in the window.
"That's Seb. He was gonna muscle through and pull the cart, but I could tell he's not in condition. Don't wrinkle my suit btw."

cdb7b No.117286

"Oh. Wait, what suit?"
Onyx looks for any protrusions of a suit from under his body wondering what the bat is on about now.

960ec No.117287

"You'd better not be sitting on it, I'm gonna need the documents in it when we get to this next checkpoint!"

cdb7b No.117288

"Grrrrrr, fine"
Onyx stands up, making sure he wasn't lying on the suit

960ec No.117289

I never specified where the suit was, I just figured it gave me an excuse to dialogue with some near 4th-wall breaking references to the upcoming interactions

cdb7b No.117290

Fair, but it's nice to have Onyx know some stuff in character now

960ec No.117291

Speaking of which
Brie's gaze turns and looks uncomprehendingly to the colt who has joined the party. Then looks at Kerr and Wesley (who should be obvious, cuz the fancy suits), and then back to the colt. Putting on a slightly exaggerated grin he says to the colt. "Why hello there. Who might you be?"

e05aa No.117292

cdb7b No.117293

Since GM hasn't responded
Onyx pats the colt on the back
"This is Ruby, he's interested in seeing more parts of Equestria. Especially Canterlot, so I decided to bring him along and show him around."
Howdy edgy boi

a58fc No.117294

Haroa fren
Brie looks to Ruby and extends a hoof. "Well hello Ruby. You've chosen a rather auspicious time and group to venture the world with but sit tight, you probably won't die!" he says, sincerely cheerful.

e05aa No.117295

Boops Bat

a7654 No.117296

“Oh, hello! Are you one of the ponies that saved my brother and Dawson? I’m sorry we didn’t really meet before but mighty fine thing you did helpin’ these fellows here rescue my brother and all, and Dawson and his wife Rose, real good family friends. Nice to meet you, by the way, my name is Harrowed Holler but folks just call me Ruby on account of my shinny red coat here lookin’ like a Ruby. This fine young man here volunteered to take me to the Canterlot Palace. My folks didn’t really want me to go, with my oldest brother gone and all, but given that things aren’t really safe here they let me go ahead.”

“I like not dying!”

*colt is pat*

cdb7b No.117297

"I'm glad you like not dying, so let's keep it that way"

a58fc No.117298

Brie cheerfully replies "No! I was asleep." he smiles, as though he just described an accomplishment. "We'll try to keep it that way."

c485d No.117299

The smile fades slowly from his mouth, but he says nothing

a58fc No.117300

Brie turns to Wesley and Kerr. "Jungetiere, ich brauche für jeden von euch ein Wurfmesser. Sie haben noch 2 Stück" then turns to Ruby and says "Do you have any weapons? Do you know how to use these?" he asks, holding up one of the throwing knives.

cdb7b No.117301

He pets the colt again
"Don't worry, I'll take care of ya."

a58fc No.117302

Shitty translations aside, -1 knife from both Kerr and Wesley would leave each with 2, and 2 for Brie as well, while also giving 2 to Ruby.

c485d No.117303


Ruby looks a little uncomfortable at the the language, but answers
“Well sure, I know how to cut things. I was in junior scouts”

He smiles a little more, as Onyx knocks part of his mane down over his eyes
“Well sure, you’re big enough to fight anything. Even fought a bear and won. Changelings too!”

cdb7b No.117304

"Heh, yeah. I guess I am pretty good. Just stay away from trouble and we'll be fine."

c485d No.117305

He tilts his head
“…. Define trouble

3d812 No.117306

Henlo fren.

a58fc No.117307

"These aren't just for cutting, though they'll work fine enough for that. These are balanced for throwing so that you can strike at an opponent without being up close. Try to keep them hidden, because an opponent won't see you as a threat if you appear unarmed. Then, when they're full of confidence, you can stick them in the face!" Brie conveys with perhaps a bit too much disclosure. "If you want, I'll show you more as we travel." Then, turning to Onyx, flashes a wide-eyed expression for just a moment, before heading back to the front of the cart.

I don't know if this exchange is occurring while the Changelings are examining their papers, or if this is occurring somewhere in mid-transit, but it could work either way.

cdb7b No.117308

Onyx narrows his eyes
"Don't pick on anything bigger than ya, and don't get under my hooves in a fight"

a58fc No.117309

Calling back from his departure "The best combat stance is a scared face! They'll think you're helpless!"

c485d No.117310




Ruby’s mouth hangs open, and his eyes are wide
“… Woah. Can you show me?!”

“Okay, I’ll try not to mister”

*pulls out notepad, and writes with a pencil in his mouth*

cdb7b No.117311

"Good, then you'll be fine. And now, we wait."

a58fc No.117313

Brie swats at a bug in a gesture that strangely resembles a face-hoof

c485d No.117314

Kerr jumps up
He moves to the other side of the cart

a58fc No.117315

Not that kind of bug

cdb7b No.117316

c485d No.117317

A second Changeling comes out and watches Brie and the cart, while the first reviews the papers. The first then calls the second to look at the papers, says something to him, and later both nod

He says to Brie
"I see… you're the one they called us about. You have special instructions"
He hoofs him a sealed note

a58fc No.117318

"Splendid!" he exclaims opening the note. I hope its not in wechselbalg,… Brie can't read

3d812 No.117319

I'm not going to get into the argument as I'm not involved here, but I want to say that I really love your characters, and I appreciate the work you've put into them for both us and the game. I know we don't give you nearly enough appreciation for it, so I just wanted to tell you.

c485d No.117320

There is more to the note, but this much is pertinent:

Brie is invited to meet an individual at the Iron Mine outside of Haysabi

The note includes directions


*hugs the floofster*

3d812 No.117321

When you hug the floofster, the floofster also hugs you.
*hugs the GM*

a58fc No.117322

Brie gets Fun, and they go back to the cart. "Word of our venture precedes us. We have been given an assignment." He translates the same for the benefit of Kerr, Wesley, Seb, and Fun

cdb7b No.117323

"Oh joy, this oughta be good"

a58fc No.117324

"It says we're supposed to meet somepony, so I'm assuming its a kill mission." Brie says with enthusiasm.

a58fc No.117325

"… But I always assume its a kill mission." He says with a wink.

cdb7b No.117326

"Well… Maybe this will be good. I see no point in delaying"

a58fc No.117327

"Splendid!" Brie doesn't miss a beat and slightly rudely pushes Fun back to the front. where they both don the harnesses and disembark.

c485d No.117328

What follows is a synopsis of the letter's contents, if not a perfect transcript:

"Steel Otis is a Pony collaborator who used the opportunity of the Liberation of Equestria to rise from being a simple forepony of the Marion Mining Company, to being the Overseer of Taconite production for most of the Haysabi region of Whinnysota. He is aided by the Changeling head of Equine Resources for the Haysabi Taconite mines, a drone called "Fang Zu Lang." For most of the time that the mines have been operating, they have fallen behind in production and requested a more than normal share of equipment. This has been variously blamed on Pony sabotage and heavy rains, but deeper in Winter it is evident that that is not the cause. Otis is suspected of corruption, either selling the Iron himself, or worse, of treason by siphoning ore and materials for the partisans. Zulang, likewise, is believed to be guilty of corruption, and taking bribes to allow the continuation of non-productive behavior.

Your assignment is to collect evidence of said disobedient behavior, and then make an example of the guilty parties

Hail Chrysalis!"

c485d No.117329

*is hugged*


a58fc No.117330

Brie doesn't share this with the party yet

a58fc No.117331

Don't worry, he will, but he's intent on getting there first

c485d No.117332

Uh… Onyx does not see >>117328

cdb7b No.117333

Oooooh, Onyx ain't gonna like you.

a58fc No.117334

Oh hush, I'm just eager to get there before too long. We'll have plenty of time to status

a58fc No.117335

Also, Sparks should be on this venture too, though we haven't heard from him

c485d No.117336

Fun is shoved to the front, a little unsettled, and they go off. It's a road going North of Whinnyapolis, but also not as far West. Fields become barer grasslands, and the layers of snow and frost become thicker

a58fc No.117337

As they get started, Brie says to Fun "Entschuldigen Sie meine Begeisterung, aber genau so sorgen wir - und ich meine Sie und ich - dafür, dass die Königin glücklich ist."

c485d No.117338

He nods with a sort of concerned look
"Was auch immer mich davon abhält, erschossen zu werden"

a58fc No.117339

"Ihre Hilfe wird bei dieser Mission besonders nützlich sein. Wir sollen Korruption und Betrug gegen den Hive untersuchen, und ich bin nicht gut daran gewöhnt, wie die Dinge auf dieser Seite der Mauer funktionieren."

c485d No.117341

Then why pet her mane before immediately leaving her in two sentences to go talk to a different female. Why bother in the first place. Why make me think you were going that direction

"Ich war noch nie ein Anführer oder hinter einem Schreibtisch … Aber ich werde versuchen, Ihnen zu helfen"

a58fc No.117342

"Ich bitte Sie nicht, ein Anführer zu sein oder hinter einem Schreibtisch zu dienen. Etwas ist faul und die Königin schickt uns, um nachzuforschen. Ich gehe davon aus, dass die Königin diese Mission als Test angeboten hat."

cdb7b No.117343

*waiting paladin and rock noises*

c485d No.117347

"Ich kenne deine Absichten nicht, aber ich kenne meine. Ich werde es auch sehen, dass wir gehen"

What'cha waitin' on?

cdb7b No.117348

Ponish speaking I guess

c485d No.117350

Uh… what's the matter?

a58fc No.117352

"Meine Absicht ist es, die dargelegte Aufgabe zu erfüllen. Davon profitieren alle Beteiligten, auch Sie und Seb. Die Augen der Königin sind auf uns gerichtet, und ich beabsichtige, sie dafür zu befriedigen, dass sie uns dazu bestimmt hat. Es hilft allen."

c485d No.117353

"So sei es. Beenden wir diese Aufgabe. Ich kann nicht ewig im Schnee leben und ich möchte nicht erschossen werden"


Do you think that the Blue Skies character is not likable? Do you think that she is not a pony you can share a proper bond with?

a58fc No.117354

"Mach dir keine Sorgen. Wenn du erschossen wirst, werden wir ALLE erschossen, und ich habe DIESE Scheiße nicht." Brie chuckles.

c485d No.117357

“Gut zu wissen”

They go forward even further. At least some of the coniferous trees have returned. The cart passes over a a stone bridge. On the other side is a wood and wrought iron rail bridge. On the otherwise in good shape bridge, some of the track ties seem broken in half, including a few falling down and held in place only by their connection to the rails

a58fc No.117358

Spot check. Can the cart make it across the bridge?
Secondary check. Can Brie and Fun successfully pull it across?
1d20-2[ 1d20-2 = 8 ]
1d20-2[ 1d20-2 = 0 ]

a58fc No.117359


a58fc No.117361

Eyeing the bridge, Brie says "Es sollte uns gut gehen"

c485d No.117362

Yes and no

They nod, and proceed to pass over the stone pedestrian bridge

I intended to add that Fun "has a reserved fear"

a58fc No.117365

Well, hopefully we don't die

c485d No.117370

They do not die crossing the bridge

On the other side is forest, and past that a town, labelled as "Blackwood" on the sign. The houses are mostly wooden and triangular roofed in a similar design, often treated a greyish color. Off in the distance, over the tree line, the end of a machine pokes up

a58fc No.117374

Not seeing any signs for a/the Iron Mine, Brie says to Fun "Ich denke, wir sollten in die Stadt fahren und versuchen, die Eisenmine ausfindig zu machen. Es wurde in der Notiz von der Königin angegeben."

037d6 No.117381

File: 1571438127556.jpg (57.62 KB, 1280x720, rainboom.jpg)

Epic boop

c485d No.117382

File: 1571439576995.jpeg (157.77 KB, 1437x828, 66B98781-C100-4214-86FA-9….jpeg)

26bc6 No.117383


43bc7 No.117384


26bc6 No.117385

037d6 No.117386

How's everyone today? Its not my situation, but I'm hoping that enough was discussed that everyone has a better appreciation of where one another are coming from, to the degree that we can continue.

26bc6 No.117387

I believe we have reached an agreement.

43bc7 No.117388

I'm hoping we can continue, too. It sounds like combat is coming up for the Baltimare Group, and I'd like to see what combat will look like with everyone together.

26bc6 No.117389

I believe GM and I reached an agreement.

037d6 No.117390

File: 1571441969814.png (230.17 KB, 880x645, hug.png)

This pleases the bat-fag

c485d No.117391

File: 1571442420653.gif (124.3 KB, 478x474, 1F16E592-D810-4645-8050-42….gif)

Um… Hi

037d6 No.117392

*drags GM into the hug*

26bc6 No.117393

43bc7 No.117394

File: 1571442927876.gif (896.22 KB, 1200x1200, 2172638__safe_artist-colon….gif)

Heyo, GM!

c485d No.117395


*is hugged*


037d6 No.117396

Onyx/Midnight and Sparks/(does he have a 2nd character) are as yet unavailable, so the Northern Posse (is that what we're going with?) is on standby.

26bc6 No.117397

I don't think Spark has something like that.
Dark Star isn't here either, and two missing party members is quite the the blow on party power, so I can't say we can proceed onwards

c485d No.117398

Going a little further up, at the top of the hill, is a grey stone stone general store, a church of the same grey stone, and a cluster of buildings around a small square.

Looking down the hill, off in the distance a big hole in the earth is visible beyond the tree line, and between the tree line and the hill top is much of the remainder of the town - rows of buildings mostly in an even, planned style, and mostly of that same wooden construction, treated with something that gives the wood a greyish hue. There is almost a second town center, bigger than at the hill top, with a three story building, a smaller building opposite, and elsewhere what looks like a red brick school house, even a cinema.


Loputu claims that he just wanted to try a cigar and that Mala gave him that one. But Silver shames him into submission.

White Sands takes the cigar with a magical glow

26bc6 No.117399

Iron looks at the floating cigar questioningly.
"That thing does not look edible."

05e46 No.117400

File: 1571446622721.jpg (50.93 KB, 1280x720, _Boop redheart.jpg)

c485d No.117401

She looks up to him and giggles"

Then leviates it to her mouth, and tries to get a grip before picking up a hoof to deal with it. She then sucks on it, making it glow red

26bc6 No.117402

Iron's eyes widen at the lighting of the cigar's tip, head craning backwards slightly in surprise.
"How did you do that?"

c485d No.117403

She giggles again, puckers her lips and blows out a small cloud of smoke with a unique smell neither really pleasant nor unpleasant that smells kind of like wood

She takes it out of the green magical aura, and places it in her hoof

"Have you never smoked a cigar before?" she asks

fdf48 No.117404

File: 1571447066145.png (433.19 KB, 2667x2000, 1491083580218.png)


26bc6 No.117405

Iron blinks at Sands.
"I have not."
He glances briefly at the cigar before looking back at her, hooves caressing her mane idly.
"Is that what that itcis?"

26bc6 No.117406

*What is."

26bc6 No.117407

c485d No.117408

File: 1571447660105.gif (62.28 KB, 300x300, 2f63ec42-a06c-4f2d-b0a9-fb….gif)


She blinks at him, and has a surprised expression
"You really are from the jungle, aren't you? They are like cigarettes, but more expensive and you don't necessarily have to inhale. The ends usually need to be cut first but that was already done for this one"

A set of smoke slowly goes upwards

05e46 No.117409

File: 1571447718864.gif (273.07 KB, 500x549, _boop (you).gif)

26bc6 No.117410

Iron cocks his head.
"They smell funny."
He focused his gaze on the cigar.
"Why are you inhaling it?"

c485d No.117411

File: 1571448323601.png (1.19 MB, 1106x1080, 1517311597957.png)

She twists part of her mouth up
"It's a cigar. That's the smell of the tobacco plant. And as just now I said, you don't need to inhale it, just let the smoke stay in your mouth"

26bc6 No.117412

Iron ponders for a bit.
"How did it light up like that, then?"

c485d No.117413

"Inhale lightly but only let the smoke into your mouth, and it lights up…"

26bc6 No.117414

Iron stares at the cigar for a bit.
"Can I try it?"

c485d No.117415

"… Sure" She passes it over to him with the green aura, on the non lit side. It still has an orange glow
"Don't try to inhale all of the smoke, but let it sit in your mouth, then puff it out"

26bc6 No.117416

Iron tentatively opens his mouth, placing his lips on the unlighted tip.
For fun, I'll let the dice decide how good he inhales his first puff.
1d20[ 1d20 = 4 ]<Iron's blowing skills at work

c485d No.117417

A little harder than perhaps desirable, a little more smoke in the lungs

26bc6 No.117418

He widens his eyes in surprise, not liking the sensation.
(Oh no.)
He quickly takes his lips out of the cigar, followed by a series of small coughs.

c485d No.117419

"heheh, you're supposed to take a small breath, and let it sit in your mouth. Not inhale it"

26bc6 No.117420

Iron can't help but smile lightly.
"I will have keep that in mind for next time."
One last cough comes put of him before facing her.
"Do you usually smoke this kind of stuff?"

c485d No.117421

“Not really. I prefer cigarettes. But these griffins only have cigars, and it’s kind of a more expensive brand. It’s been a long day, and I needed something to calm my nerves.”

26bc6 No.117422

Iron ponders about her plight to calmness.
"What was your life before being dragged here?"

c485d No.117423

She closes her eyes and tilts her head to the side in a manner resembling a shrug
“A life in the city. Working during the day time, trying to be sociable and have fun at night. Living alone.”

43bc7 No.117424

Silver pulls out his pack of cigarettes for Sands. "Want one? They are Old Guard brand."

a03e4 No.117425

"What kind of fun did you have?"

c485d No.117426

“Socializing. Dancing. The cinema less often.”

And with that, her eyes widen, and her mouth firms into a smile. It is an expression of pure joy, as if seeing a rainbow in the sky after months of ceaseless rain

“Yes! Yes!”

43bc7 No.117427

Silver gladly gives her a cigarette, even lighting it up for her with his lighter, once it's in her possession.

a03e4 No.117428

Iron is admittedly surprised about her love of cigarettes being expressed currently.
"…how often do you take those things?"

c485d No.117429

She takes it, places it in her mouth, and lets him light it. She gives a smile back to him, more in line with a mischievous smile than the child-like wonder of a moment before

She suck on it, and lets the orange line recede down the cigarette, before later blowing out a long breath

c485d No.117430

"It varies from night to night and who I'm with, but several a day. And this one is the first one in a very long time"

If Iron isn't taking the cigar, she takes that too with her magic

43bc7 No.117431

Silver smiles back in his natural, pleased look. He closes his lighter with a *clink*. "No problem."

a03e4 No.117432

Iron is slightly concerned over her need of cigarettes
(Maybe she relies on them?)
Nevertheless, his interest lies elsewhere
"What friends do you have out there?"

037d6 No.117433

But the town is somewhat populated?

c485d No.117434

File: 1571453069894.png (276.97 KB, 1769x2147, 1931953 (2).png)

Yes and no. There are ponies around, yes. Not very many. The presence of things like trucks - looks like a version made for, or the same as an army logistics truck - it looks to be reasonably populated

She smiles again back to Silver, now in a more generally happy way

She looks at Iron suspiciously. Defensively, even at Iron's look of concern relating to an alleged and completely unproven "need"

"In this area? Not many. It's hard to make friends in a new location, especially in the city. But it's worth trying to meet new ponies"

a03e4 No.117435

Chill out, man. He needs to find out how good smoking is before he can realize it's an entretainment activity.
Iron's eys widen.
"Oh! Are you a traveler of sorts?"

c485d No.117436

"Of sorts. I moved from Skynavia to Manehattan. And from there to Baltimare."

a03e4 No.117437

Iron nods approvingly
"What inspires you to travel so far?"
He looks down for a bit.
"…if it is very far. I think it is."

cdb7b No.117438


a03e4 No.117439

I have no hooves and I must boop.

037d6 No.117440

*boops GM*

c485d No.117441

File: 1571453873351.png (816.6 KB, 1280x720, Thorax_hissing_at_Princess….png)


She nods and raises an eyebrow, then takes a puff
"Oh yes. Very far. Very far indeed. It's nothing less than necessity. Can't live in your hometown without the Talonberg family taking a five eights share of your farm. Can't live in Manehattan without the landlord taking six eighths of your income. So I'm here."

a03e4 No.117442

Iron stares pensively at Sands.
(It sounds like somepony that can help me.)
"So you were a farmer previously?"

037d6 No.117443

Brie leans over to Fun and whispers "Wir befinden uns immer noch in einem Bienenstock und sind auf Mission für die Königin. Wie heißt sie übrigens? Wie auch immer, Sie können sich jederzeit als Veränderliche herausstellen, aber bleiben Sie vorerst als Ponys, damit sie Sie nicht als Bedrohung sehen. Nutze die Offenbarung taktisch.
Ich empfehle eine Strategie, die vorgibt, die Jungetiere seien Adlige. Hast du die? Anders als die Königin natürlich; Oh ja, du hast mir ihren Namen gesagt."

05e46 No.117444

File: 1571454424727.png (888.12 KB, 1600x900, _Boop flutters.png)

c485d No.117445

"No. My family were."

"Es gibt viele Königinnen unter der Königin der Königinnen. Ich weiß nicht, wer Sie geschickt hat, aber jeder von ihnen kann ein Urteil wegen Desertion fällen.

Ich glaube nicht, dass viele Mitglieder der Rasse die Haut eines Ponys tragen würden. Es wäre nicht vorteilhaft für sie. Sie werden überrascht sein, wenn wir es tun."


037d6 No.117446

For a moment, Brie forgets himself and staring straight ahead, adopts an overjoyed expression. "Ich hatte gerade die beste Idee!", remembers himself, and goes back to looking the stance of a standard laborer.

a03e4 No.117447

Iron hums in thought.
"So you left because of how much money these ponies took from your family, not wanting to be a part of it?"

c485d No.117448

"Griffins. A lot of ponies left because they didn't like the culture shock, or the reduced autonomy, or the collectivization"

Some eyes watch the creatures as they go forward, towards the second, lower center of town, to where a couple changeling guards seem to be posted. But neither is it an inordinate amount of attention. Carts must not be much out of the ordinary

cdb7b No.117449

How be Meadows? And Ruby?

c485d No.117450

Ruby is looking outside of the window
"Well this isn't Whinnyapolis. Where is the State Fair?"

Meadows is standing up, and stretching out, still looking fatigued

037d6 No.117451

Brie responds "Das ist mein Punkt. Niemand wird denken, dass Sie Wechselbalg in Pony-Verkleidung sind. Wir sind hier, um diese Firma zu untersuchen, und alle Streiche, die wir spielen können, sind auf dem Tisch. Lassen Sie uns beim Gemischtwarenladen anhalten."

a03e4 No.117452

Iron's mind realizes something.
"Wait, you came from across the endless waters?"

cdb7b No.117453

Onyx looks a bit nervous
"We've… Got a bit of a detour before that."

Midnight does her best to help the mare as she can
"Gently now Meadows, don't strain yourself"

43bc7 No.117454

Silver solemnly nods, knowing the pain of what collectivization and communism can bring.

c485d No.117455

She nods. Up and down repeatedly
"The long way"

"Oh Okay"

Stepping into the grocer shows a set of rows of items of food. The grocery is pleasantly well stocked with a variety of food, including cheese, milk, a few items of vegetables, and bread produced in an attached bakery. There are no processed foods nor more complex baked goods,, though there is a small amount of beat sugar behind the counter. Everything seems to be locally sourced. There is a distinct lack of any tropical fruit, be it mangos or kiwis, and of any kind of food that would need to travel more than 100 miles.

"…. Alright"
He looks disappointed
"I wanted to ride the tilt-a-whirl.."

Loputu nods as well, slowly and solemnly

c485d No.117456

"Oh, I've strained myself plenty when I was younger. I can handle it."

cdb7b No.117457

Onyx pats the colt's back
"Don't worry, I'll get you there."
"Well, I do not want you injuring yourself more. So be gentle."

a03e4 No.117458

Iron pondered for a few seconds
"How did you do it?"

037d6 No.117459

Hold on one sec, he's not going in QUITE yet. After removing the harness, Brie steps back to the cart. Opening the door to the cart, Brie pokes his head in.
"We've been sent on a spying mission. We're to investigate a company for crimes against the Queen. I recommend we kidnap the main Overseer." Brie says with a beaming smile.

05e46 No.117460

Dark Star Joins in their nod

c485d No.117461

Small colt Brie forgets the name of: "… This is a strange game you're playin'"

She takes another puff
"At the time, the Equestrian government was subsidizing tickets to ferry us to Manehattan, Sunset, and Baltimare"
She breathes out
"So we took ships. Came as whole families mostly"

Loputu walks up to listen in on this conversation

Um… see >>117459

she tries walking forward again

Ruby is happy again. Until Brie speaks

037d6 No.117462

Brie smiles at the colt. "I'm sure you'll be fine waiting in the cart. It should only take a few moments."

037d6 No.117463

He remembers, its Runie. Robby? RUBY!

c485d No.117464

“Oh… okay”

The colt goes back to doing what he was doing before, which seems to be playing tic tac toe with Wesley using a pencil and his notepad, while Kerr stares silently from a corner and Seb sleeps

cdb7b No.117465

"Oh, this oughta be great."
Onyx turns to Ruby
"Stay in the cart unless it would more dangerous to stay than leave"
He then jumps out himself
Midnight supports the mare, humming a quiet tune.

037d6 No.117466

"We're not there yet, we need to stop and gather a bit of information first."

43bc7 No.117467

"So that is how most Skynavians came to live here. That must have been back when Canterlot would actually do things like that to help ponies in need."

a03e4 No.117468

Iron thinks where this is going.
"…did you come with your family here?"

037d6 No.117469

"Oh, I almost forgot." Brie turns to Wesley and Kerr. "Wir wurden auf eine Spionagemission geschickt. Wir sollen eine Firma wegen Verbrechen gegen die Königin untersuchen. Ich empfehle, den Hauptaufseher zu kidnappen." he reiterates, with the same joyous tone.

cdb7b No.117470

"Hmmmm, lemme know if I can be of use then."

037d6 No.117471

Brie blinks at him a couple times. "Well I am going to need your help taking him. Unless I can get him alone, and even if I can, there may be guards of one type or another. And if we have to leave in a hurry, you and I will probably have to pull the cart."

43bc7 No.117473


c485d No.117474

File: 1571498718577.png (222.72 KB, 2083x1354, D13155DA-A364-463D-8DF7-FB….png)

*is poked*

43bc7 No.117475

So…how're things?

c485d No.117476

They’ve been better

cdb7b No.117477

43bc7 No.117478

That sucks to hear, man. Hope they get better.

7ca83 No.117479

c485d No.117480


*is comforted by the floofster*

Wesley: “ Das ist ein … das ist etwas Neues”

Kerr: “ Eine Königin! Was für eine Ehre!”

“No. My mother wanted to stay there with her mother, and she wanted to stay on the farm. But they wanted me to leave, and to see if taking them later.”

Loputu walks over, with a gait most like a fearful and submissive dog. Nevertheless, he answers
“Many stayed. Many went to Bakara. But we came to Equestria. Equestria was something of a fairy tail land to us. Magical guardians, friendship and harmony, wages in a day what would be made in a week back home. Equestria had just defeated it’s own version of Marksism, and was helping those flee from it elsewhere”

Ruby: “Well uh, okay”

Meadows walks out now, or tries to

7ca83 No.117481

Iron ponders for a second.
"I see…"
He looks at her for a second, from horn to hoof
"What sort of skills do you have?"

43bc7 No.117482

"I suppose when you put it that way, I can see why Equestria would seem like…fairy tail land, as you say. It is difficult to see it that way when you have lived in Equestria all your life."

cdb7b No.117483

"Well, it is good that you are walking better now."
Midnight helps her along.
"Sounds good…. I think."

c485d No.117484

Fairly thin and dainty, a snow white with long haired fur

“Skills?! What do you mean?”
It’s pretty obvious she thinks this is a weird question, or at least, a weird way to phrase it

He nods, then lowers his head as he continues nodding

They enter out into the hallway. While Meadows isn’t too tall for it, she takes up much of it

7ca83 No.117485

insert black couch here
Iron chuckles at her surprise, before inhaling a little, calming himself down.
"You did travel very far and possibly without much spending money. A pony who can do that must have something to offer in order to sustain themselves. Have you picked up some manual labor jobs along the way, like Khoi?"

440d5 No.117486

Brie smiles again at the 'Lings. He then grabs his suit and cloak, puts them on, and pats himself down for money. I think he's still got like 40 bits on him, that should be enough. He then looks at Onyx
"I'm still working on a plan to get close to him and try to get him alone, but that's fine. We won't be there for another 20-30 minutes. First we need som rope!" and as he says rope, he flares his eyes and eyebrows, putting a bit of adventurous anticipation in his expression. He is of course, still smiling. Without a sense motive check, it is clear that he is famously enjoying himself.

Brie now enters the general store.

cdb7b No.117487

"Meadows, I hope you do not mind me asking… But what is a… Rack-shash-a?"
Onyx shakes his head, wondering what the buck he's gotten himself into this time.

43bc7 No.117488

Silver trots up to him, and puts a hoof on his shoulder. "But together, perhaps we all can help to make that fairy tale land reality."

440d5 No.117489

Brie looks for provisions. Specifically, he's looking for sturdy rope, the sort that could be used to bound a captive, a black bag that will fit over a head, and anything that could be used as a gag.

c485d No.117490

And thus he sees the scene described earlier, a set of food items that is at once disappointing and better than it could have been

Her face now almost has an expression of fear
“Terrible creatures. They trick you into thinking they are one of your loved ones, then they eat you”

He blinks, and looks up at Silver

Trash bag, cloth, and indeed rope

c485d No.117491

“Oh… you are asking about my job… Well, now I am helping to take care of the elderly in the ghetto. Skynavian life is a little different, a little more communal. So care for the elderly is more of a collective thing that a family thing, or than a business”

440d5 No.117492

I'm hoping that its a fabric bag, that one could breathe through. Assuming it is, Brie purchases all three.

43bc7 No.117493

"By working together, and putting aside our differences to work towards something greater than any of us. By following example set by those that founded Equestria. It will not fix everything overnight, no, but only together can we right these wrongs, and fix what has been broken in this land and its people."

7ca83 No.117494

Iron ponders it a little bit.
"So your skills are related to taking care of ponies."
He mulls it over for a bit.
"Why would they want to nab a pony who does that?" he wonders to himself out loud.

cdb7b No.117495

Midnight's eyes widen a bit, and she can't quite hide the fear in them.
"You mean… They change form?"

43bc7 No.117496

Silver interjects. "They do not care what one did before they were captured. As long as they are fit for manual labor, or…other 'things', they will take them." He speaks 'things' with a particularly disgusted, reviled tone.

c485d No.117497

Eh, fabric seed bag. This may require going to a separate shop. Possible all the same

When Brie places his money on the counter, the clerk looks at the money, then looks at Brie, somewhere between confusion and suspicion. He takes the money, then writes in a notebook

She nods,
“Yes, my cutie mark is in service. In Manehattan I was a waiter. I’ve tried to get a receptionist job here but they are not easy to get, and the locals expect me to help them there.

I have no idea what these… creatures are thinking about except money. It is beyond me”

“In some tales they shapeshift. In others it is an illusion. All the same, they trick you, and prey upon your trust.”

She joins in
“They find a division of labor later…”

7ca83 No.117498

Iron turns to Silver.
"I would agree with you, but I find it far more plausible they trick ponies into their hold, then restrian them. Jubilosa and Khoi got tricked into a ship to another country, while Loputu was a colt without any really powerful connections to dissuade capture."
He mulls over the thing that's bothering him.
"I do not understand why they would try to kidnap a pony who had a job here, which could raise suspicion of their activities."
But after hearing Sands' current predicament of no job until now he nods.
"Oh. Nevermind."
He ponders for a second, interested.
"A waiter, you say?"
(I may have some use for that.)

cdb7b No.117499

"I see… Shall we look for the others then?"

440d5 No.117500

Brie notes the notation, but pays it no mind. With his new acquisitions he returns to the cart, places them inside, removes his suit and places it inside, and returns to the front of the cart to re-harness.
The guards who were seen further along, were they ponies or changelings?

c485d No.117501

She looks more than a little offended at the suggestion that caring for the elderly is “not a job,” but she answers anyways

“Yes. In a fancy restaurant in Manehattan in the center town. I was inexperienced, but they thought I was pretty enough.”

She looks around the hallway

“Is that not them right here?”
She looks worried
“What am I seeing then…”

Blue Skies:
“We’re right fucking here Midnight”

The guards in the second town center - there are indeed two of them - are changelings, around what looks like a small police station and a three story building marked as the offices of the Marion mining company

cdb7b No.117502

Rood, I didn't know that.

7ca83 No.117503

Iron simply looks at her.
"How inexperienced are we talking about?"

c485d No.117504

“It was my first, paying job”

7ca83 No.117505

"You did not have any accidents of any sort, did you?"

c485d No.117507

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Sense motive

7ca83 No.117508

He mostly means physicial accidents, like tripping while carrying food around or spilling the contents out.

c485d No.117510

“Maybe once or twice or three times…”

7ca83 No.117511

Iron smacks his lips with uncertainty
(A social pony, probably good on negotiations. There may be some use for her… just not that I can think of currently. Hopefully I can keep her around. Just not as a waitress, from what I hear.)
He decides to give her a long stroke of her mane, checking his combing progress.

cdb7b No.117512

Midnight jumps, before glaring at Skies
"I did not notice you. Am I to assume you already know about the changelings?"

c485d No.117513

She blinks

She likes the combing, closing her eyes. The end of a hoof is a bit unwieldy for removing tangles, but he is getting done out of the hair. The remains of tattered braids are still there.

cdb7b No.117514

"Yes, Meadows here calls them by a different name, but they fit the description. We need to be wary"

7ca83 No.117515

He inspects the tattered braids closer as his hooves undo the unicorn's hair tangles.

c485d No.117517

It seems she once had her hair in braids kept together with ties. Those braids have since dissipated and come undone, with no ties remaining, nor the hair particularly cared for

“…………… What”

bd04d No.117520

To the offices!

bd04d No.117521

I should clarify. Parking the car in an area near the offices, but with the door to the cart facing away from the office.

cdb7b No.117522

"Yes, this may make things harder."

c485d No.117523

A guard looks at the strange ponies going in. Others pay him no mind. A different pony, a blue Pegasus in winter clothing, simply walks by. The walls are a light blue color, and there is a dark wood receptionist desk with a yellow female earth pony sitting in it over to the left, and a hallway back


“Is this whole thing a Changeling operation?!?!?”

cdb7b No.117524

"I am not sure, but there are changelings around. I would recommend we all stay within sight of eachother now."

bd04d No.117525

Yeesh! I'm not going in yet!

7ca83 No.117526

Iron decides to try his best in clearing those remains, in order to attain a smoother hair.

bd04d No.117528

Once the cart is parked, Brie grabs Fun and goes back to the cart where he grabs (again) his suit (and puts it on, complete with the cload). Then opening the door Brie addresses Onyx and Sparks. "Alright gentlecolts, its game time! Here's the plan. We're a bunch of shady mercenaries who operate on behalf of the queen. We've intercepted someone in their organization who is trying to rat them all out for corruption and imbezzlement. That part will be played by Fun here!" He pats Fun on both shoulders. "We bring him in and demand to talk to the Overseer, using him and our identifications as leverage. Then, we knock the Overseer, one 'Steel Otis' out and replace him with Fun. Fun takes his appearance, and escorts us out of the facility, we all get into the cart, and then leave!" Brie exclaims (not too loudly of course).

cdb7b No.117529

"That's…. I…. What. We're foalnapping someone?"
Onyx groans and grabs his halberd.

bd04d No.117530

"Coltnapping would be the correct term, but yes." Brie says. "The queen wants us to find out the extent of corruption in the organization. I can think of no better way to determine that than by kidnapping him and either torturing him ourselves or handing him over. I mean, the whole point of this mission is to determine the fault and make sure that the problem is rectified. I can think of few better ways to do it,… though I'm open to suggestions."

cdb7b No.117531

Onyx raises an eyebrow
"The queen… As in Queen Chrysalis? Are you telling me this mission is for Queen Chrysalis?"

bd04d No.117532

"Heavens no, the queen who presides over the home of these two." Brie says, indicating Wesley and Kerr.

c485d No.117533

Her hair is shortly straightened out. She has a long, light red mane of fine hair

“Well this could effect a lot of things… what exactly is going on here?”

Fun is more than a little concerned
“Was genau muss ich tun?”

cdb7b No.117534

"And…. Isn't that Queen Chrysalis?"
Onyx looks like he's about to burst a blood vessel.
"I am not quite sure, but as far as I can tell Meadows was attacked by a changeling and left in a cocoon."

bd04d No.117535

Technically, I haven't told Fun yet,… but I'll roll with it.
"Erstens müssen Sie so tun, als wären Sie ein Gefangener. Wir werden deinen Kopf mit einer Tasche bedecken und dir die Hufe binden. Keine Sorge, das ist nur eine Ablenkung. Sobald wir drinnen sind, müssen wir vielleicht ein paar Ponys sinnlos schlagen. Ihre Hilfe wird dabei wertvoll sein. Sobald sie geschlagen sind und wir unseren echten Steinbruch haben, müssen Sie sein Aussehen annehmen und uns dann "aus dem Gebäude begleiten"."
"No. Apparently there's a bunch of them. Regional directors or some such." Brie says as though its a silly idea.

7ca83 No.117536

He makes sure to comb all of those annoying little tangles as his focus is set on the luscious light red mane.
(This will surely make her head clear for the combat later… not to mention it is so soft to the touch.)

bd04d No.117537

Brie looks at Sparks and Onyx. "Both of you will enter with me, don't worry we have identification, and will be primary in beating faces should that be necessary. It probably will, but we might get lucky. Isn't this fun?" He exclaims, entirely disproportionate to the situation.

c485d No.117538

She’s still clearly a pony, but her mane and especially coat have a real different to them. The hair is longer, fluffier even, and more gifts around the legs and ears. Her coat is softer to pet than Cauldron’s - Cauldron has short hairs, and they are more coarse. These are long and nearly fluffy. Her mane flows down, and is less stiff than that of the zebra, which is able to stand straight up where short enough.

Her mane is kept long, but strangely fine. Irons hooves can only take out so many tangles

“Oh…. o… okay”

c485d No.117539

“Are any of the other prisoners like that?”

cdb7b No.117540

"Hmph, fine. Lead the way"
"I am unsure, Meadows is the only one I have really talked to. Where are the rest?"

bd04d No.117541

"Ach komm schon, es wird lustig! Ha! DU BIST SPASS! Das ist lustig! Aber ja, es sollte eine gute Zeit sein!" Brie pats his shoulder jovially.

7ca83 No.117542

Iron's tongue lightly comes out as his attempts to straighten her mane out are becoming futile.
(Damn. This is a losing battle.)
He decides to give her a soft, short stroke on her barrel, to signal his work is as done as he can get and recedes with his stroking with a small pout on his face.

c485d No.117543

Fun is unsettled, but nods his head

“Right here. Like, you’re already here.”

c485d No.117544

She giggles
“Hehehe, you need a brush?”

7ca83 No.117545

Iron looks to the ground with a blush present in his face, still pouting.

c485d No.117546

“Hehe, why don’t you look around for something long and slender. I don’t have anything, but maybe your mates do”

43bc7 No.117547

7ca83 No.117548

Using a penis as a comb when?
Iron's blush increases in intensity at her wording, making him cough lightly, both from surprise and the remnants of smoke in his lungs.
He decides to walk over to Skies, with his everpresent blush.
"Do you by any chance have a brush on you?"

cdb7b No.117549

Yes, because I totally knew everypony didn't just run off.
Can we get some combat before you two start fucking down some mares?

7ca83 No.117550

Call up Dark Star.

c485d No.117551


Skies is wide eyed in surprise to see and hear this request from Iron
She looks through a small pack
“Uh… I have a pick. Don’t lose it”

43bc7 No.117552

I'm down with that.

7ca83 No.117553

Iron takes the pick, returning to Sands, then tries using it on her mane gently and slowly, hoping it doesn't hurt or bother her.

c485d No.117554

The hair is thick enough that it cannot harm her. This seems successful, taking out the tangles that his hoof cannot

7ca83 No.117555

With newfound confidence, he undoes the evil, anarchic tangles with his weapon of hair order.
(Winning this battle is a certainty.)
He smiles to himself.

c485d No.117556

+2 against tangles

Slowly it is evened out, and laid straight. Her red hair is long, and rests upon her neck, head and back, flowing over

7ca83 No.117557

With a huge smile on his face, he pats Sands' back in reassurance.
"It is done. The menacing tangles have been taken out."
Followed by puffing his chest.

Alright. I think it's combat time.
We can always tame the tail later~

c485d No.117558

She nods, and smiles
"Nice job"

7ca83 No.117559

Iron sits proudly next to her, closing his eyes with a big grin and looking slightly up.
"I am eager to please."

43bc7 No.117563

Did everyone die?

7ca83 No.117564

I'm kinda hoping Star shows up so we can move on.
Otherwise, I might as well comb Sands' tail.

cdb7b No.117565

c485d No.117566

File: 1571530258056.gif (482.78 KB, 640x480, 95015CA0-9907-427C-85EE-F0….gif)

43bc7 No.117567

Oh. Well, RIP

7ca83 No.117568

Dangit, goiz! Don't spoil our deaths! That's supposed to be a seekrit!

c485d No.117569

Um…. you all can still declare actions

43bc7 No.117570

I think Iron and I are waiting on Dark Star, but we're pretty well ready to proceed, free some prisoners, and take on some griffons.

cdb7b No.117571

What the floof said

7ca83 No.117572

I had hoped Dark Star would've come by now,
but if I have all this time…

Iron glances back at Sands' tail to see if it needs some combing as well.

bd04d No.117573

"Alright, places everypony,… er bug,… whatever." To Sparks and Onyx, Brie says "Remember, we're disreputable mercenaries." Then to Fun "Tut mir leid, aber es ist unsere beste Option. Ihnen wird kein bleibender Schaden zugefügt."
When Fun is ready, Brie places the bag over his head. He cuts a small piece of rope to bind Fun's forehooves, and then places the rope around Fun's neck like a leash. Checking Fun's appearance briefly he says. "Alright, let's proceed inside.!"

As they're leaving, as an afterthought, Brie looks over to Ruby. "We'll explain more when we get back." and with a wink, turns toward the office.

cdb7b No.117574

Onyx sighs and turns to Ruby as he slings his halberd over his shoulder.
"Be good, and I promise we'll be back soon…."
He turns to follow Brie but says over his shoulder
"Um… Sorry about all this"
He then quickly follows

bd04d No.117575

bd9c5 No.117576

"Er… I'll try my best."

bd04d No.117577

Brie whispers "Hopefully it will just be a simple snatch and grab, or perhaps a modest beat-down, but don't hesitate to get creative!"

c485d No.117578

Fun looks like a dark brown earth pony

A few tangles, yes

bd04d No.117579

"Hello my good mare. We are here to see Mr. Otis."

7ca83 No.117580

Iron pokes Sands, then points to her tail, followed by moving the pick in a combing motion.

bd04d No.117581

With a bag over his face

c485d No.117582

Okay, is Brie going into the administrative offices with a brown Earth Pony that has a bag over his head?

"Uh… Okay"

bd04d No.117583

Flanked by Onyx and Sparks, yes

cdb7b No.117584


7ca83 No.117585

Iron, albeit with a small blush when realizing what he just asked to do, simply presses on with a determined look, placing the comb from the dock of her tail to the tip, wanting to take out those mean tangles that dare cause chaos against the mare's otherwise orderly look.
He inhales a bit.
"Do you usually comb your mane?"

bd9c5 No.117586

Right behind you.

c485d No.117587

The receptionist blinks at him

She reacts, and raises the tail slightly

"Yes, I do"

bd04d No.117588

"I'll just make my way inside then. This isn't a 'scheduled' meeting, but I daresay he will want to see us right away."

bd04d No.117589

God dammit
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 24 ]

bd04d No.117590

I probably should have mentioned that by "making way inside" he was turning to go in (wherever in is, I'm sure there's doors). Seems kind of crass after the roll, but that was his intention regardless.

7ca83 No.117591

Iron can't help but sweat a little from the reaction, moving the pick up and down along her silk strands with tentative strokes.
"I see."
His blush at how he's acting only gets stronger as his hooves get closer to touching the sacred no-no before every brush
"I heard you like movies. What are those?"

c485d No.117592

"He's…. out doing field work. Probably in the South Mine…"

"Moving images displayed on a screen. They even have sound now"

bd04d No.117593

"Surely he will be back before too long. I can't imagine he has more to busy himself than with,… well overseeing."

7ca83 No.117594

Iron's stress levels die down after catching an actual topic worth discussing over while the tail combing continues, making him forget slightly the action he's doing. In fact, he raised his eyebrows in surprise.
"Really? You mean moving pictures? What kind of magic is that?"

c485d No.117595

"…. He will be out at least a few hours…"

"Hehehe. Lighting Film. But it really is magical in its own sort of way"

7ca83 No.117596

Sands could swear Iron's eyes just sparkled.
"Woah. What did you see done with it so far?"

bd04d No.117597

"I see. You'll have to excuse me as - though it weren't obvious already - I'm not from around here. Is there an Inn or some such locale that I can wait for him at in the area?"

c485d No.117599

She giggles again, holding a hoof to her mouth
"Well, have you heard of Gone with the Whinny?"

She stares at him blank faced
"… Is…. I'm guessing it's not urgent? If it's urgent you can just walk to the South Mine and meet him. It's very close, less than a mile away. Would you like to talk to someone else maybe? His first assistant? Maybe Security?"

bd04d No.117600

"No, this matter demands I speak to him directly. Though since you mention, what is your impression of his first assistant?"

cdb7b No.117601

"Would you like me to start out to the mine? I have nothing better to do yet."

7ca83 No.117602

Iron stares at Sands blankly, not even attempting to remember if he had heard of it, followed by a shake of the head but with renewed interest.
"Tell me about it!" he chirps out.

c485d No.117603

“… Are you with the PLF?”

Do I gotta describe a whole movie plot?

bd04d No.117604

Brie smiles as though she has just said something she might not have wanted to. "If I were, I would have the good sense not to admit to it, wouldn't I?"
Bluff 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 26 ]
"You're right, we have other matters to attend to."
Back to the Yellow-mare "Thank you for your discretion. We'll try the mine then."

bd04d No.117605

Hot damn, my rolls are ON tonight

c485d No.117606

I do not understand the bluff

bd04d No.117607

It was a bluff to imply that yes he is part of the PLA, but is shrewd enough to not admit to it.

c485d No.117608

Alright. So he ends leaves…. presumably

7ca83 No.117609

Ya don't have to, ya goose.
Say the main themes of it.

bd04d No.117610

Yes, they leave the office and head back toward the cart, undoing Fun's binds and bag and such, Brie removing his suit and cloak, stashing it in the cart, and then resuming the lead.

cdb7b No.117611

"Change in plan I assume?"

bd04d No.117612

"What kind of bureaucrat isn't sitting in a comfy office? Absurd! Still, we know the PLA has their hoof in whatever is going on here. Same plan, different location."

c485d No.117613

And so they presumably leave, heading onwards along the sane path

05e46 No.117614

bd04d No.117615

Oh heavens no, but along the path yes.

cdb7b No.117616

Sanity left this group long ago
Boops u

bd04d No.117617

File: 1571537947447.png (812.97 KB, 1024x1024, boop_by_freefraq-d7iox5x.png)

7ca83 No.117618


Heyo. Wanna fight it up against the griffs?

05e46 No.117619

Yes, lets do it. its furnace time.

cdb7b No.117620

Looks like everyone from all gangs are here.

7ca83 No.117621

Silver! Get your butt moving and ready up your rump for more bullets!

c485d No.117622

File: 1571539558285-0.jpeg (155.06 KB, 901x601, 6965FAA1-F3F2-4CC5-91E2-E….jpeg)

File: 1571539558285-1.jpeg (41.16 KB, 550x412, D32E3A6A-FD7C-4363-B650-3….jpeg)

They go onwards. A guard stares them down as they move, but does not act. They go onwards, past cookie cutter buildings, past a railroad track, and through a set of woods. The trees are not even a hundred yards thick before a clearing. This clearing leads out into what could be thought of as a stunning sight

Beneath and before them lies a huge black pit of rock and ore, with valleys all of its own, spanning hundreds of acres and possibly more than a square mile. 100 feet deep (deeper?) at parts and spanning, though perhaps not to the horizon, certainly a fine distance. Inside are dozens of diesel trucks with steel beds, ponies hauling carts, and steam shovels. With magic, diesel, probably explosives, steam and sheer horsepower, they rend the earth and move it likely towards the left side of the mine.

On the mine’s left side is the sand railway line, with a long train with dozens of open cars, and a steam locomotive billowing black smoke into the air. This is next to a large facility that must crush, sort, and clean ore, at the edge of the nine. Below, inside the mind, are a set of trailers and a few more ponies. Elsewhere are what seems to be pumps.

bd04d No.117623

Toward the trailers I think, though others are welcome to interject.

cdb7b No.117624

Nah, towards the trailers seems smartest to me

c485d No.117625

They go down, past a noisy facility, and down a slope where stallions pull carts up the slope, and make way for a diesel truck. There are three trailers down the slope at the bottom of the pit

bd04d No.117626

I probably should have clarified earlier, but when you say trailers, can you be more specific? I mean are we talking mobile building trailers? Empty hauling trailers? Redneck RV trailers? Breaking Bad trailers?

c485d No.117627

For some reason it never occurred to me that not every one has been to a construction site and seen those mobile home like trailer- buildings they put offices in, or have seen the same used to hold classrooms in those schools where the population of children is far beyond that of the capacity of the permanent school buildings. I don’t know what those things are called and I can’t figure it out right now

bd04d No.117628

Thats what I thought you meant, I just wanted to make sure

cdb7b No.117629

Ayyy, I know those things.

7ca83 No.117630

So… ya want to start some of that combat stuff for the remainder of the day?

cdb7b No.117631

Onyx turns to Brie
"I'll take the cart so you can talk."

bd04d No.117632

"Alright, but don't go anywhere. Once I've figured out which one is Otis, we may have a fight on our hands. Hopefully not." Brie retrieves his suit, his cloak, and all his paperwork should he need it and then knocks on the most apparently active trailer's door.

bd9c5 No.117633

Spark takes a look around.

05e46 No.117634

Yea, sorry my power was out.

c485d No.117635

Spark sees more or less this >>117622. Of course, he's on the inside, but it's a black, rocky pit that strecthes for perhaps a mile with steam shovels dotting it, and far beyond, some grass and pine trees.

Close to sprak are three seperate trailers. Two are lined up almost, but kind of angled inwards, and one is a bit off yet almost parallel to one of the others. There are a couple ponies who seem to be roaming around, going to the units

A gruff voice answers
"What? Just open the door"

bd04d No.117636

Brie does so. "Hello? I'm looking for a Mr. Steel Otis. Is that you?"

c485d No.117637

Brie opens the door. It looks like a lavenderish colored crystal pony is the one who responded. He has his winter coat loosen up, and lazily holds a steel mug in one hoof and a cigarette in the other. Inside he sees a few ponies and one changeling - who is as unenthusiastic to return to the cold as the ponies - sitting along a set of chairs, with a table in the center, mostly with coffee and or cigarettes
"No. This is the breakroom trailer. He'll be with the forepony over in the foremare's trailer"

bd04d No.117638

"Ah, my mistake. Which trailer is the Foremare's? I don't know my way around here, but I must speak with him urgently."

c485d No.117639

He points the cigarette to the right
"That way"

bd04d No.117640

"My thanks." Leaving the trailer, Brie wanders over to the cart. "He should be in that trailer there." He says pointing. "There's some rough looking ponies in that first trailer, so if things get hairy we're in for a bit of a brawl."

05e46 No.117641

cdb7b No.117642

"Oh fun, this is just swell."
Onyx stands by the cart, ready to either fight or quickly leave depending on how this goes down.

bd9c5 No.117643

"Ok… so, do you want us to help you there, or stay back here?"

bd04d No.117644

"Stay here, I'm gonna try and draw him out. If you hear me scream its cuz he's beating the life out of me, but otherwise I should be able to lure him out of the trailer."

bd04d No.117645

Brie goes and knocks on the indicated trailer
>inb4 there's more than one trailer in that direction

c485d No.117646

Khoi remains as she has, like a guard dog at attention by the door

"Somecreature's coming!"

A green unicorn walks by, and opens the door
"Alright, back to work. We're behind our quota already"

The crystal pony retorts
"Our machine isn't working"

"No way your shovel is down too. Do it manually if you have to, just get back to work"

c485d No.117647

Well, there are three in total. But no, there is only one that way

"Who is it?"

cdb7b No.117648

Midnight's wings reach under the opposite wing and seem to wrap around something when she hears the warning, placing herself between Meadows and the door.

bd04d No.117649

Through the door:
"Hello, I'm looking for a Mr. Steel Otis. I have an urgent matter that requires his attention."

c485d No.117650

"Alright, come in"

05e46 No.117651

Dark Star pulls out his bow.
and aims it towards the incoming creature.

bd04d No.117652

Opening the door, Brie enters the trailer.
Spot check (anything that seems useful or relevant)
1d20-1[ 1d20-1 = 6 ]

7ca83 No.117653

Iron stops his combing, standing up and expecting a fight, stuffing the pick in his clothes.
"Sands, behind me," he whispers to the unicorn.
He awaits, ready to pounce any living thing that Khoi just mentioned.

c485d No.117654

The creatures are not yet there, but down the hall

"I would've thought Kurzefeder would have got the heat back on by now. It is too cold here."
"Thing must really be down if he still hasn't got it back up"
"I hope he didn't take extra time with that sicameonese girl"
"And where are those other captives? The gnolls should've brought them up by now"
"Maybe they are with the girl"
"Whatever, we'll get them ourselves"

Desk to the left. Blue unicorn mare. Board over to the right with papers pinned to it. What is useful?

bd04d No.117655

"Mr… Otis?" Brie asks, slightly off-put by the scene.

7ca83 No.117656

He decides to await these griffs in the storage room, at the door, ready to pounce them the moment he hears they're in front of the door.

05e46 No.117657

Can i ready an action?

c485d No.117658

"I am the forepony's secretary"

If Dark Star and Iron are taking their sweet time, so are the griffins. They enter a different room down the hall

bd04d No.117659

"I see. I was told that I could find him here. Or was he the green unicorn whom I just passed outside?"

c485d No.117660

"That may have been the forepony. Steel Otis is here"

7ca83 No.117661


Iron decides it's a good idea that because they've entered a room further down the hall, he should be able to get to that room and be ready to ambush them faster.
Therefore, he tells this plan to the others.

c485d No.117662

A pair of Changelings walk up towards the third trailer from outside

bd04d No.117663

"Perhaps I'm missing something, it appears to be just you and me."

05e46 No.117664

Dark Star nods
"Right behind you."

bd04d No.117665

Sleight of hand, frogging a throwing knife
1d20+9[ 1d20+9 = 22 ]

cdb7b No.117666

Midnight nods and pulls out two shortswords from under her wings
"Here we go"
Onyx watches, trying not to make his staring obvious

bd9c5 No.117667

"Well… that's probably trouble. Let's go talk to them."
Spark heads toward the changelings.

c485d No.117668

He is. There is another set of rooms off to the right, and a little hallway


They move in, and stand besides the door

bd04d No.117669

Ah, my bad. "Thank you young mare." Brie smiles and proceeds toward the other set of rooms.

c485d No.117670

There are two of them. The black creatures are drones, wearing white, including a white fuzzy hat. It's a bit of a contrast because almost all of the ones they have met so far wore a grey uniform. They are obviously guards or other security staff. One looks at the door, the other back at Spark

The little hallway has a room off to the right, another door past that, and a door at the end

cdb7b No.117671

"After you Spark"
Onyx will follow the unicorn, while trying to look intimidating.

7ca83 No.117672

With a nod, he beckons the group forwards as he moves himself to the room the griffons had just entered.
(Hopefully they are distracted enough.)

bd04d No.117673

Poking his head back toward the unicorn mare, Brie asks "Uhm, which room am I looking for?"

c485d No.117674

"The main office is in the back"

bd04d No.117675

"Thanks again." Brie smiles and heads toward the back office and knocks three times on the door.

bd9c5 No.117676

Spark addresses the changelings.
"Hello there. I must say, it is a bit cold out here. Why don't you two head the the break room for a bit and warm up. We got this shift covered."

c485d No.117677

"Who is it?" Answers the voice


bd04d No.117678

"Hello sir, my name is Brie and I have an urgent matter that requires your attention. May I have a word?"

05e46 No.117679

Dark Star follows

c485d No.117680

"Sure. Come on in"

cdb7b No.117681

The paladin pony pursues

bd04d No.117682

Entering the room, Brie takes a quick glance around and then settles his gaze on Otis(?).

bd9c5 No.117683

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

"What? Surely you aren't new here. You have seen the boss do some deals, right? I hear the trade this time is with a bat. Now, you didn't hear that from me. As you know, bats are a bit jittery and so while he is here, we got this shift."
Bluff roll.

c485d No.117684

A wooden desk that is fancier than the construct of most of the room kind of to the left, a grey earth pony behind that, a white unicorn stallion standing over to the side wearing a white fur jacket and cap, a window behind with the blinds down, and over to the right as well, a clock on the wall off to the left, and so forth

And so I guess they go to stand outside the boiler room

7ca83 No.117685

Iron peeks into the room, trying to see the griffons inside it.

c485d No.117686

He is confused
"We are here to deal with a threat from partisans. This is no 'shift'"

Then he says
"Let me get confirmation from the boss"

bd04d No.117687

"Mr. Otis?" Brie says looking at both ponies.

bd9c5 No.117688

"And interupt the deal? I'm afaid that is a death sentence. Do you have permission from him to interupt such a thing? Not even I am supposed to. I can't even begin to think of what they would do to you if you come barging in and see something you aren't supposed to."

c485d No.117689

He nods
"You're the one from the main office, aren't you?"

Now he's definitely weirded out

cdb7b No.117690

As if to emphasize Spark's point, Onyx moves his halberd from resting on his shoulder to hiding it at attention, still staring straight ahead.

c485d No.117691

The other one blinks
"Let me guess. You two are with the PLF?"

bd04d No.117692

"Quite. I'll cut to the chase. You have a mole in your operation."
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 15 ]

c485d No.117693

Okay, Ive completely misinterpreted the map.

The one doorway there does not lead into the hall. It leads into the boiler room and not a hallway. And the griffins entered the boiler room

"… A mole?"

bd9c5 No.117694

"Look, I get the feeling you are new to this. Just relax. They will do their thing, and if all goes well, we all might get a little pay bump out of it. This is how the real world works. Sometimes you have to run a little money under the table to get things going."
"What? No. Our boss ain't with those low lifes. Not enough money in that in the slightest. Trust me, we are in a get in, get out kind of business. Public recognition of that level gets in the way of such things."

c485d No.117695

They look confused as all hell. But their weapons go to an at ease position

05e46 No.117696

File: 1571548187554.png (217.15 KB, 1024x1313, _Aryanne smile.png)

>boiler room

bd04d No.117697

"Indeed. Your arrangement with the PLA, well I wouldn't say its common knowledge yet, and it can very easily remain that way if you prefer. For example. My men and I have the mole in custody."

7ca83 No.117698

Post should still apply. Add boiler in front of room.

c485d No.117699

There are indeed griffins in there, inspecting equipment and such

"The boiler is off"
"And the valves are turned off"
"What the hell is going on?"
"Just turn it back on, get it working. I'm wondering if the damned knolls are on strike, or if Hans and Kurve were running some kind of test"

"I don't have an arrangement with the PLF"
His eyes dart nervously to the Unicorn to his left

bd04d No.117700

Sense motive
1d20-1[ 1d20-1 = 19 ]

bd04d No.117701

THAT is a nat 20

c485d No.117702

Use the real dice, the email dice, so we can actually see the dice

He seems to be telling the truth. Further more, he feels the need to convince the pony standing next to him of the truth of that statement

7ca83 No.117703

Iron stares at the griffons pensively until he gets an idea, turning to Skies and Sands.
"Can any of you two attract these griffons back here? It should make it easier to overwhelm them," he whispers to the two mares.

bd04d No.117704

>it doesn't show the dice I used in the brackets
But if I use the email dice I'll die! ._.

c485d No.117705

I would think Skies and Jubilosa would be a better pair
"Uh, I guess we could"

05e46 No.117706

"what did you have in mind?"

bd04d No.117707

"I suspected that you didn't." Brie looks to the other pony, a bit of edge in his gaze, while still talking to Otis. "It seems someone in this organization has been,… taking liberties shall we say. This has attracted unwanted attention. Mine."

7ca83 No.117708

Actually that makes sense. You're right.
Looking at Sands, he shakes his head, turning to Jubilosa.
"Nevermind, two griffons should attract them easily, since they trust their kind," he whispers. "Lure them closer so the melee troops can strike easier and keep our presence hidden."

05e46 No.117709

"Sounds like an alright plan to me."

c485d No.117711


The two griffins peak their heads through the door
"What are you doing out?"
"Who are you?"
"No grif should be there"

Well, they are coming alright

"Who are you?
He asks, confused and worried

bd04d No.117712

"I already told you, my name is Brie. And I'm here to collect the head of the pony(ies) responsible for making deals with the PLA." he says calmly.

7ca83 No.117713

Iron readies his hooves for a strike the moment he's able to reach them in a 30ft radius.
"Ready up, melee troopers, and follow my lead"
He glances at Dark Star
"Fire your bow when they are at striking distance from the melee troopers."
Should be 30ft on all of them.

bd04d No.117715

"You needn't worry, I believe you when you confess no knowledge of it. Your associate there however has been rather quiet."

05e46 No.117716

"i had planned on it."
He moves about 15 ft away

c485d No.117717

He places his hooves on the table and leans up
"Well I'm not the one doing it!"
He calms down slightly, and leans back in his seat
"And I don't know who it is…"

bd04d No.117718

Ready move. If the unicorn attempts to escape, he's getting stuck.

c485d No.117719

And one of them comes into the doorway

bd04d No.117720

05e46 No.117721

Dice rollRolled 20 + 5

Dark Star lets his arrow go

7ca83 No.117722

Iron sees the signal of somegriff approach from Dark Star, taking the opportunity to charge at the one griffon courteous to come out of the boiler room into an arrow, charging at him with reckless abandon. Fully powered attack, hopefully in a good spot to tickle the griffon in just the right way into unconsciousness.
1d20+8[ 1d20+8 = 9 ]<Here comes punchy time.

bd04d No.117723

File: 1571550360109.png (69.89 KB, 500x370, 4cchype.png)

bd04d No.117724

OOF, that's a 1

7ca83 No.117725

File: 1571550425891.jpg (79.31 KB, 319x319, 1519431946035.jpg)


c485d No.117726

It proceeds forward, hits him in the head, shocks him with pink magic, and causes the lower part of his body to keep moving forward as his head moves backward, knocking him on his back in a glorious fashion

And… right into the wall, hurting Iron's bone, and knocking him prone

c485d No.117727

The White Unicorn simply stands there, silently

bd04d No.117728

"What I don't get" Brie continues, nonchalantly "Is what the PLA needs mining equipment for. Smuggled ore, that's easy to account for, but equipment? And further," his gaze never wavering from the unicorn "how is it that the secretary at the main office knows, but you don't Mr. Otis. I'm not blaming you, just wondering aloud how extensive this scheme is. I mean, I don't technically need EVERYPONY'S head, just one and an explanation will do."

7ca83 No.117729

Ow my bone. Definitely not gonna impress anybody like that.
Iron groggily stands up for this turn's duration.
(I cannot believe you have done this, wall.)

c485d No.117730

"She told me that a guy ccame in with another pony with a bag on his head looking for me. Logical conclusion, it's PLA looking to kidnap me or something"

Then he looks down
"They don't always steal the equipment. Sometimes its broken. Sabotaged I think. Sometimes it's missing workers. We think they are joining the PLA"

bd04d No.117731

Dice rollRolled 2 - 1

Sense motive

c485d No.117732

Oh yeah, there’s something more here

bd04d No.117733

"So you're telling me that they're stealing from and sabotaging the company, but you have nothing to do with it. But their activity is enough that the lady at the office knows about it, to the point where she'd offer it to a random pony who shows up with a prisoner in tow. Is that what you're telling me?"

05e46 No.117734

Dice rollRolled 4, 2 + 2 = 8


c485d No.117735

"Literally everyone knows about the PLA, and she wasn't offering anything. She's asking the guy who has another guy with a bag over his head if he is a terrorist. That's a normal assumption, alongside 'bank robber,' and it wasn't a bank."

bd04d No.117736

Dice rollRolled 9 - 1

Sense motive

c485d No.117737

Dice rollRolled 13 + 5

Seems legit

Blue Skies shoots as well

bd04d No.117738

Brie sighs and rubs his temple. "Show me."

c485d No.117739

Dice rollRolled 8

Dice rollRolled 4

Blue Skies hits the griffin, and Dark Star's magic bow takes effect

c485d No.117740

The griffin is out, but the other griffins are alerted to the trap

"Show you that you looked like a PLF member?"

7ca83 No.117741

bd04d No.117742

"No, that's absurd. How many PLA members have such a fetching suit? I'm talking about the equipment. Show me."

c485d No.117743

"Oh that. The foreman told me of another shovel in the northern lot, if you'd leave to go see it"

And that is his action for the second turn

Midnight disappeared as well now…

bd04d No.117744

"A shovel. A shovel. I don't think you understand. I'm not leaving here unless I'm dragging somepony behind me. As far as I can tell its you," referring to the unicorn, "unless you have something more pertinent to tell/show me. If so, now is the time."

7ca83 No.117745

Do you think we should hold for now?

c485d No.117746

Yes. Dark Star and Blue Skies downed one griffin, and now the others are alerted to their location and not too thrilled to go in

"Yes. The steam shovels are being damaged. I don't think it's normal wear and tear. Oil lines ripped and everything"

The Unicorn, standing silently, twists his mouth and looks back to Brie with distaste

7ca83 No.117747

Roger. I'll withhold future actions until the Floof and The batter to come.

05e46 No.117748

bd04d No.117749

"Very well. Show me" Brie reiterates with more intensity.

c485d No.117750

He gets up, and starts to walk out of the room

bd04d No.117751

Brie allows him to lead the way

Taking a cue from others, this is probably a good point to stop for the night

43bc7 No.117752

Of course, the moment Dark Star gets back is the moment I pass out…

43bc7 No.117753

Anybody home?

c485d No.117754

File: 1571591362126.jpeg (125.79 KB, 1024x1024, CD33D69D-CFF5-4A4B-981B-A….jpeg)

Um, I’m here

af4a6 No.117755

I don't believe you, I think you're there.

43bc7 No.117756


7ca83 No.117760

Can't believe I went to bed so late.
Anyways, here is me.

c485d No.117761

File: 1571599549120.png (65.04 KB, 500x508, 85F5D496-C61B-4B64-9A94-1F….png)

Which ponies will be available today?

b4a6f No.117762

Mehybeh, I'm still waiting to see. But I should be.

7ca83 No.117763

What bat said.

43bc7 No.117764

I'll be available for a couple more hours, then I'll be on again around 7.

af4a6 No.117765

I'll be on toward the evening

af4a6 No.117767

File: 1571610479893.jpg (190.38 KB, 680x665, E.jpg)

c485d No.117768

File: 1571611203730.gif (747.54 KB, 962x747, E3304FA7-E675-4128-9474-0B….gif)

af4a6 No.117769

File: 1571611504202.gif (155.09 KB, 772x736, eeeeeee.gif)

7ca83 No.117770

File: 1571611538217.jpg (100.15 KB, 444x617, 1534046296111.jpg)

c485d No.117771

Okay, we can proceed with something if enough players are online

7ca83 No.117772

File: 1571612106374.gif (1.63 MB, 240x240, 1569283394061-0.gif)

bd9c5 No.117773

I’m here.

3d812 No.117776

I'm back.

Two questions: what's the order of combat (if there is one), and are we aiming to capture or kill?

7ca83 No.117777

No order as of yet, but Dark Star shot his bow first, followed by Iron slamming against a wall from bad rolls and then Skies shot an arrow, too, I think.
Midnight hasn't attacked so far.

7ca83 No.117778

Capture is preferrable, but from how the griffs can never talk after getting punched so hard they become unresponsive, I dunno if they can be useful unless the last griff surrenders anyways.

c485d No.117779

There is not quite an “order.”

There was more than one griffin that came into the boiler room, concerned about the lack of heat, the “lazy” maintenance team, and the gnolls evidently not doing a required job. Iron had Jubilosa and Blue Shekels come and lure the griffins into the hallway all of the creatures are in (which leads from a door in the boiler room). One griffin came through. Dark Star, with his chad email dice, scored a 20 and knocked down that griffin with blue skies following up his attack. Iron, with his virgin in line dice, scored a 1 and hurt himself on a wall.

I’m not going to tell you capture or kill

05e46 No.117780

File: 1571615781819.png (355.76 KB, 3000x2634, _Aryanne heiling.png)

3d812 No.117781

Is the griff knocked out? Or should Silver treat him with a pommel to the face?

Heil, Edgy Boi!

7ca83 No.117782

Knocked out/dead.
But there's two more inside the boiler room.

c485d No.117783

File: 1571616718692.png (38.25 KB, 600x700, 012F5EC4-9E2B-491A-8A4D-9B….png)

Surprise round is over, and each group is in their respective rooms

I mean, Silver can always give that double tap he was going to give to Zwolf to the downed griffin

Hello. That’s a super cute poner

7ca83 No.117784

I'll use this moment to rush into the room and get shot by the other two griffons, with the shield hopefully granting me more than just 10 AC.
Hopefully the other melee troops follow.
They better shoot me and not any of the prisoners.

c485d No.117785

You already declared your next action after the surprise round: standing up

7ca83 No.117787

Got bamboozled.

3d812 No.117788

"Это снова мы…it was probably not best idea to send in griffin they were talking about." He drags the griffin away from the door to tie him up.

c485d No.117789

Okay, just to be clear: the remaining griffins are inside of a big room with plenty of pipes and such in it. The party is in a hallway that connects to a doorway in the very corner of the griffin room. There is not really a line of sight between the two. The griffins know there is an ambush waiting in the other room, and so are not enthusiastic to charge in

c485d No.117790

So Silver quickly drags the griffin away from the door

b4a6f No.117793

Do paladins get surprise rounds?

c485d No.117795

Only if you shoot first

b4a6f No.117796

What, am I Han Solo now?
Is it possible for Midnight to get in an attack or should I wait for the normal round?

c485d No.117797

Well, now there are no enemies in line of sight

b4a6f No.117798

Then Midnight bides her time.

a3910 No.117807

File: 1571621203771.jpeg (20.55 KB, 214x235, F887CC96-B992-4864-BF05-A….jpeg)

Everypony is gone now and I don’t know why

7ca83 No.117808

File: 1571621303670.jpg (200.11 KB, 1024x1024, 1513443385932.jpg)

Oi, don't ye think I'm out of yer sight, ya mumbling horse!

81dc0 No.117809

I never left, I’m just waiting.
Eeees in EEEEEE

05e46 No.117810

File: 1571621445614.png (387.11 KB, 500x500, _aryanne.png)

b4a6f No.117812

*waiting noises*

3d812 No.117814

I'm waiting for someone to decide to go in so Silver can go in with them.

b4a6f No.117815

Midnight would follow if Silver leads.

a3910 No.117817

Okay, So the Northern Posse can walk out to the broken shovel if they like.

And the griffins do not walk into the trap a second time

3d812 No.117818

Well, I suppose Silver is the first to cautiously enter the room, sword at the ready.

b4a6f No.117819

Midnight cautiously follows, her shortsword and dagger held at the ready.

7ca83 No.117820

I can't. Still standing up n shiet

c485d No.117821

throws u in

81dc0 No.117822

Does that mean the unicorn isn’t breaking for escape? Alas

c485d No.117823

“The hell was that?”
“He just got shot…”
“By whom?”
“Either some of the captives broke free, or an incursion by the gangs”
“What do we do now?”
“See if they come out, and get help”
“Good. No way I am going in there”

Why would he run to escape?

7ca83 No.117824

Iron seems to have gotten in the boiler room.
Can Iron see where these griffs are now?

c485d No.117825

Dice rollRolled 18

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

Dice rollRolled 13 + 5

Midnight should probably be in first since she was the only one not doing something else. Silver and Iron, who took actions before, should follow.

I’m thinking roll initiative. The griffins get home field advantage

7ca83 No.117826

Wew, that's a lot of good rolls.
18 15 18?
Alrighty. Let's roll back
1d20[ 1d20 = 1 ]<The Laws of Probability dictates that Iron's ass is toast

b4a6f No.117827

Dice rollRolled 15 + 4

Initiative tiem?

3d812 No.117828

1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 9 ]

05e46 No.117829

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5


c485d No.117830


Chad email dice paladin
Grif 1
Grif 2
Grif 3
Edge Pone
Virgin In line dice

Loose a turn: other in line dice

b4a6f No.117831

Dice rollRolled 18 + 8

Dice rollRolled 4 + 8

dabs in superior dice rolling skills

Midnight slashes with her shortsword and stabs with her dagger at the 1st griffon.

81dc0 No.117832

Because if he ran that would make my job a lot easier

c485d No.117833

He is seeing no reason to do anything except stand silently to the right of Otis

c485d No.117834

The ponies roll into the boiler room. Iron rolls a little too much maybe, as he runs into a set of pipes and trips, falling down. The Griffins are three in number and all to the left of the boiler itself, kind of evenly spaced.

Midnight and one of the griffins fun at each other, with midnight landing the first blows

I’m only granting the first one as landing at the moment

b4a6f No.117835

Dice rollRolled 6 + 1


c485d No.117836

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

Dice rollRolled 4, 16 + 4 = 24


Midnight’d sword slashes into the breast of the griffin before her, while the second is dodged, grading the feathers of the creature. The creature strikes back, however, with a short sword of his own.

A second one charges over at Iron, who is prone on the floor

The third charges at the fluffy silver pony

1 For midnight
2. Fir Iron, who has -2 AC because he is in the pipes
3. For silver

7ca83 No.117837

Nice. Good thing Shield is here to save the day!

b4a6f No.117838

RIP Me, that's a hit

3d812 No.117839

I do believe Silver is hit.

c485d No.117840

Dice rollRolled 2

Dice rollRolled 3

I believe Silver and Midnight are hit. Iron’s attacker fares no better with the pipes than he does

1. Midnight
2. Silver

05e46 No.117841

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Dark Star moves to the door frame
And shoots the griffion standing over iron

c485d No.117842

Dice rollRolled 2, 6 = 8

The arrow hits the griffin in his side, sending a pink shockwave

Fluffball’s turn

af4a6 No.117843

Alright, well he's supposed to be in the process of leading the way to show the industrial shovel.
Its not arbitrary that Brie is insisting either. He's got an ace up his sleeve yet.

c485d No.117844

Why would the unicorn lead?

Otis gets up, not quite eager to walk in front of Brie

b4a6f No.117845

Onyx is following the bat.

3d812 No.117846

Power Attack: 1d20+4[ 1d20+4 = 9 ] Silver intends to reciprocate his newfound slash-mark in his chest by giving one to the griffin attacking him.

c485d No.117847

Silver put his faith in the in line dice, and the in line dice failed him

The sword goes wide off to the side

af4a6 No.117848

Well, we ended here

We're still in the office, but just as they're not putting their back to Brie, he's keeping them in front of him.

b4a6f No.117849

Dice rollRolled 2 + 7

Dice rollRolled 1 + 7

Good enough
Oh yeah. My turn.
Midnight glares at the griffon who just swiped her, and slashes back with her sword and dagger.

c485d No.117850

Dice rollRolled 3

Dice rollRolled 2 + 2

Dice rollRolled 14, 13 + 3 = 30

And now, from the other room, in bursts help.

Jubilosa takes the lead, charging in with a short sword taken off of the other griffin.

Khoi follows closely, calmly charging with silver’s hammer.

Mala jumps out, wielding a scimitar in his mouth

Blue Skies rolls out with her bow, staying in the rear

Jubilosa and Blue Skies +3
Khoi +2
Mala +1

Though Iron stumbled at first, he is now up and ready to fight.

Iron should roll initiative

“Oh… Kay”

Otis slowly gets up from his chair in what is turning out to be a very tense moment

7ca83 No.117851

Observe how the oppressed native rises up!
1d20[ 1d20 = 17 ]<Thankfully, Probability should help me this time.

af4a6 No.117852

Brie sighs. "Look, I'm quite confident that you're not telling me everything. I'm also confident that if what you weren't telling me weren't incriminating, you would just tell me. You claim that the machines were sabotaged, fine. Show me the machines. I'm not just going to start stabbing ponies without cause." he says with an exaggerated wave of his hoof (the one not holding a throwing knife). He's still looking at the Unicorn. "Show me some sabotaged equipment and I can conclude that that as well as issues with the PLA - is it PLA or PLF? I never could get that straight - are the cause for the unsatisfactory production and consumption of resources. Otherwise,…."

c485d No.117853

The order for round 2 is:

Grif 1
Grif 2
Blue Shekels
Edge Pone

c485d No.117854

The Unicorn has the dead eyes of a mackerel

He blinks

b4a6f No.117855

af4a6 No.117856

"Ahhhh, I get it. You're protecting somepony else." Brie says tapping his chin

c485d No.117857

If those are the dice rolls you want to go with…

He nods, slowly

b4a6f No.117858

It's what I rolled

af4a6 No.117859

"This other pony, let's call her Matilda. Is what Matilda is doing urgent? I mean, are lives at stake if she and 'whomever else' were to lay low for a while?"

c485d No.117860

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Dice rollRolled 20, 11 + 4 = 35

Midnight misses. She misses pretty well.

One of her short swords hits a pipe, and bounces out of her wing-claw

The griffins are now more than a little frightened at the small horse coming at them, but neither does a clean retreat look possible. They fight on

1. Midnight
2. Iron
3. Silver

Who is Brie talking to and who is the other pony

af4a6 No.117861

Brie is giving a hypothetical name to the pony(ies) the unicorn is theoretically trying to protect with his silence.

b4a6f No.117862

af4a6 No.117863

Talking to the Unicorn still. Not excluding Otis, but Otis is clearly as oblivious to what is going on as Brie is, relatively speaking.

3d812 No.117864

Your call: either the griffon misses Silver with that 11, or he crits with that 20.

c485d No.117865

He shakes his head

Well, the center dice is for Iron, as it was last time.

But that’s a +4 on that 11, so I’m not convinced it’s a miss

Unless she’s wearing armor it’s a hit

b4a6f No.117866

Wait, does a 13 on an AC of 13 hit or miss?

af4a6 No.117867

"We're making progress then! Come, let's look at the machines shall we?" He bounces forward and then - with a spring in his step - leaves the room, headed for the exit. "Come come!"

7ca83 No.117868

If attack roll >= to AC, attack roll wins.

3d812 No.117869

His armor + his Dex bonus puts him over 15 AC, so it's a miss.

c485d No.117870

Dice rollRolled 18 + 4

It’s the first one that hits

Otis gets up to leave, and the unicorn more slowly after the two others

What armor is he wearing

Speaking of which, rolling to confirm crit on Iron

3d812 No.117871


c485d No.117872

Dice rollRolled 1

Dice rollRolled 5, 5 = 10

That’s been curiously absent the entire remainder of the the night…. Fine

Iron is stabbed right into the barrel, while Midnight is stabbed in the side

c485d No.117873

Dice rollRolled 13 + 3

Jubilosa lurches forward, and stabs at the one attacking midnight

3d812 No.117874

…I thought you already knew he was wearing it.

c485d No.117875

Dice rollRolled 5

Jubilosa strikes true

7ca83 No.117876

I assume that's 10 damage
Iron, for his part, grunts in pain at this griffon's well placed attack.
He retaliates with a quick jab to the griffon.
1d20+11[ 1d20+11 = 18 ]<Beak? Meet hoof.

7ca83 No.117877

It's an unconsicousness inducing one, by the by.

c485d No.117878

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

Blue Skies shoots her cross bow at the one attacking Silver

And it hits

c485d No.117879

Dice rollRolled 7

It hits

7ca83 No.117880

Hitting the griffon on his chest, he unleashes native hoof power.
1d3+7[ 1d3+7 = 8 ]<Native fists Griffon in front of crowd

05e46 No.117881

Dice rollRolled 6 + 5

Dark Star fires an arrow at the one that stabbed midnight

c485d No.117882

And… it barely misses

3d812 No.117883

1d20+9[ 1d20+9 = 10 ] Once again, Silver attempts to put a big gash in the chest of the griffin attacking him.

3d812 No.117884

>nat 1
I'm convinced the universe believes I pissed in its eye socket at some point in the past. At this point I would unironically be better off not rolling.

05e46 No.117885

try the email dice

3d812 No.117886

I already did, I get shit rolls with them, too.

af4a6 No.117887


05e46 No.117888

try it again

3d812 No.117889

Dice rollRolled 16 + 9


c485d No.117890

Dice rollRolled 10 + 3

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

Silver thrusts forward. But the griffin parties the blow, and even knocks the sword right out of Silver’s glow

But the Kirin charges in, and swings her hammer

Then comes Mala, who says with muffled words
“You’re not going to hurt my friends, you bully!”
And slices with his sword

And so they leave, with more detail after the end of the battle

c485d No.117891

Dice rollRolled 5

Dice rollRolled 6

Hammer crushes and sword slashes

af4a6 No.117892

c485d No.117893

The lead griffin, who attacked midnight, is still standing, despite being sliced by Midnight then stabbed by Jubilosa.
The one off to the right, who confronted Iron, is down,, shot and stunned by Dark Star, then punched down by Iron.
The third one has been shot, bludgeoned, and sliced by Skies, Khoi, and Mala. He is down

3d812 No.117894

Next time we get into combat, I'm not even going to have Silver roll for Initiative, I'm just going to have him stand in front of the enemy in Full-Defense mode.

7ca83 No.117895

You need initative to roll that.

3d812 No.117896

No I don't.

c485d No.117897

The last griffin, the one formerly attacking midnight, starts to run

7ca83 No.117898

Iron attempts to stop the griffon's retreat by trying to tackle him.
1d20[ 1d20 = 20 ]<An attempt is being made

c485d No.117899

And he charges and tackles the bloody griffin right down to the ground

7ca83 No.117900

Iron takes this opportunity to forcefully put his foreleg on his/her beak to silence him/her.
"Be quiet."

c485d No.117901

Jesus Christ just roll die like a normal person and stop worrying about it. Also there’s still a live griffin

05e46 No.117902

Dark Star ties some rope around his beak.

c485d No.117903

The two ponies take Brie, and presumably Onyx and Spark, out side of the trailer, past waiting guards, and towards the north side of the pit. Down little hills of black and grey rock, past carts, towards an edge. There is some water a little distant, and the ground seems wet, maybe even muddy.

The shovel itself is a large contraption of metal color, with a big steel claw at its end, and a smoke pipe coming out of a side that must be the engine.
“See, it’s damaged.”

Brie actually can see damage on what is presumably engine housing. In fact, there’s a large tear or hash. A gash as if shredded with some giant blunt object. The tears are at least six inches long

c485d No.117904

And so Iron tackles and holds down the griffin, while Dark Star ties him up

af4a6 No.117905

Dice rollRolled 16 + 10

Disable Device check - ascertain the nature and method of the sabotage

7ca83 No.117906

Iron pats the griffon on the head.
He awaits Dark Star's bondage skills being finished on the griff.

c485d No.117907

Despite some of these machines being called steam shovels, this particular one is actually a smaller diesel power shovel

Blunt force applied from outside tearing through a steel engine housing, and disabling an oil line inside, as well as tearing into a gear box. It is harder to tell if the cover over the engine had as well been lifted to enable the dansge. As the damage is greater on the exterior than the interior, the damage was noticed before the shovel was run without oil, thus avoiding additional wear on the gear box and an engine low on oil.

af4a6 No.117908

"Hmmmm. This was either a team effort, or an exceptionally large pony did this."

05e46 No.117909

"Knock him out. i'm gonna have a few questions for this flappy merchant after we take care of his friends."

7ca83 No.117910

Iron glances at Star.
"I do not think it is necessary. Besides."
He hovers his hoof in front of the griffon's beak.
"This one is wide awake for some question right now."

05e46 No.117911

"Im sure if we untie that beak he's going to start squawking again. unless of course some pony shows him that's a bad idea. right iron?"

3d812 No.117912

"Did your parents never teach you two to not play with your food?" Silver picks up his dropped sword, and touches the wound on his chest with a hoof. "Knock him out. We do not have infinite time to waste. Who knows who heard him call that out."

9872e No.117913

Hello floofster!
Sorry you couldn’t enjoy last night
Some of the creatures present in or entering the room see Silver’s phrase as curious, Mala and Sands most of all. But there is a general mood of compliance

3d812 No.117914

Nothing for you to apologise about, the universe just likes to fuck with me.
Sorry about me acting like an ass, though.

7ca83 No.117915

Everypony can see your sins, Floofster!
Iron considers it for a bit, before nodding, bonking the griffon on the head with his hoof into unconsciousness.
1d20+11[ 1d20+11 = 14 ]<Griff grunting can be misinterpreted.

9872e No.117916

And so the griffin is bashed into unconsciousness. He was barely hanging on anyways, and bleeds on the floor

Jubilosa and Khoi, especially Khoi, look displeased at Iron and Silver’s remarks.

Mala contrasts sharply. He has blood across his front, and seems not to notice it. He is smiling, proud of himself

3d812 No.117917

He's not actually dying though, right?

7ca83 No.117918

Iron looks questioningly at the two.
"It is not like he is dead."
He stands up, turning to Silver.
"He will be fine, although his head will be sore when he wakes up."

9872e No.117919

In D&D terms, no. He’s unconscious. Probably.

3d812 No.117920

Okay then. Just wanted to know.

05e46 No.117922

File: 1571689599558.mp4 (9.4 MB, 854x854, Mala.mp4)

Dark Star Pets mala
"You Did a good job,buddy. are you hurt?"

9872e No.117923

So coot
He looks very much excite
*is pet*
“No. But did you see me? That member slashed out at Silver! So I slashed him back.”
He looks down
“I think he’s dead”
Then he looks back at Dark Star, and receives more pets

05e46 No.117924

"Good Job! you saved silver."
Dark Star continues the pets

9872e No.117925

File: 1571690719479.jpeg (139.72 KB, 640x640, DAD18F40-6DCE-4864-A543-B….jpeg)

“Anything for my new friends!”
Mala happily receives the pets. His joyful expression tells all
For once, just once in his life, Mala is a good boy
And he knows it

05e46 No.117926

Any pony else here?
"We Need to keep moving. they could have heard him scream."

7ca83 No.117927

I don't think so.

Iron simply nods, not wanting to dawdle much longer.

3d812 No.117928

I'm here. Sort of.

"You did well, Mala." Silver smiles at him.

fd7e2 No.117929

Brie turns to the Unicorn. "Alright, show me your paperwork. Requisition forms, repair requests, I'll need to see the paper trail."

c485d No.117930

He smiles back
"Thank you… I don't hear that often…"
He looks again at the dead griffin
"He won't be hurting you anymore… Or me either"

He looks at brie with a dead "really?" look

fd7e2 No.117931

Brie smiles. "I'm sorry, did I stutter?"

c485d No.117932

He raises an eyebrow at Brie

fd7e2 No.117933

"Hauling you out by the neck IS still on the table." Brie smiles sweetly.

c485d No.117934

There is no smile on the unicorn’s dead faced expression, looking back at Brie

3d812 No.117935

Silver looks to the same griffin. "I take it you knew him, then."

fd7e2 No.117936

"So then, the records?"

c485d No.117937

"I'm not sure… A lot of them kind of blurred together to me. But he looks like this one that would come by and make condescending demands. Be angry like I did not do something when I had already done that. Several of them were like that."

Now, and only now, he speaks, with the same dead expression. His voice is deep, and accented to some region further West
"Kid. I'm with the Gendarme. I don't have any records. You're looking for administration"

3d812 No.117938

Silver nods, and places a hoof on Mala's shoulder for support.

fd7e2 No.117939

Brie looks from the unicorn, to Otis, and then back to the unicorn. He sighs "That's disappointing."
He walks over to Onyx and begins a whispered dialogue with him.
"This guy knows way more than he's saying. He's effectively admitted it to me. If he's part of the Gendarme, that means the entire group could be and likely is involved, either directly or tacitly. There's no way we're gonna be able to pull him out of here if he's an official."

Aside from his whispers to Onyx, he calls out to Otis and the unicorn. "Very well, one last question. Who is 'Fang Zu Lang'? I'll need to speak with him."

c485d No.117940

He looks back up to Silver, almost solemnly, and nods back

c485d No.117941

He answers, plainly
"He's the head of the Genderarme in Haysabi"

fd7e2 No.117942

"Ah, splendid! That will be all." As he moves to leave, passing the Unicorn he smiles. "You get to live another day! You should be proud."

c485d No.117943

He looks on at Brie, dead eyed

fd7e2 No.117944

Brie waves to him with a finger-wiggling, jazz-hands-esque wave.

b4a6f No.117945


c485d No.117946

He responds
“Not very subtle, are you?”


b4a6f No.117947

Oh… Okay

fd7e2 No.117948

Brie curtsies

c485d No.117949

File: 1571710267035.jpg (247.09 KB, 1224x1581, Saving-Derpy-Hooves-image-….jpg)

So is almost no one here tonight?

b4a6f No.117950

Yep, not here. You're imagining this post.

3d812 No.117951

I'm here.

e2f6f No.117952

File: 1571711012765.gif (856.91 KB, 518x518, _Boop twiggy.gif)

c485d No.117953

Hmmm…. maybe we can do something

7ca83 No.117954

9872e No.117955

Okay, so I take it the Hoebuck group wants to move on?

Where to?

7ca83 No.117956

I think going upstairs is a good idea.

e2f6f No.117957

i think that as well.

b4a6f No.117958

I vote upstairs as well

3d812 No.117959

c485d No.117960

Mala’s expression turns from his previous pride, to that of worry. A silent look of worry as he frowns, and looks at them
“There are two ways to go upstairs through the same stairwell. One is back into the basement of the old military prison, where we cane from. On the right. The other is down the tunnel under the main building, on the left. Either way, you will go up to where their members from across the seas live”

7ca83 No.117961

After hearing Mala's offers, Iron makes a quick decision.
"I choose the second option presented. If we can take out more patrols down here, it means that their forces will be weakened."

e2f6f No.117962

"That was my thoughts exactly."

3d812 No.117963

Silver nods in agreement.

b4a6f No.117964

Midnight looks at the ponies, then the hyena before nodding
"Then let us be off"

c485d No.117965

The group cautiously goes through the boiler room, then, peering into the tunnel, takes a right through the doorway of the now busted down door, and into the beige colored stone and mortar old hall. At times the hallway seems to twist and wind like a forest stream, at others it seems perfectly straight from end to end. Past one doorway, and another on the right, then
"Well… the sleeping quarters are up these stairs. I don't know how many of them will be up there. But it's a big building."

c485d No.117966

Mala in the lead, Khoi not far behind, Skies and Jubilosa in the center, with Loputu and Meadows at the rear, with only Sands to act the rear guard. It's an unwieldy caravan of the able and the less so

c485d No.117967

A renewed sound of steam flowing through pipes accompanies what seem to be distant whispers

3d812 No.117968

Silver would be near the front.

b4a6f No.117969

Midnight tries to ignore the whispers as she joins the back of the group, by Sands.

c485d No.117970

"It goes up four flours…."

e2f6f No.117971

Dark Star is in the middle near blue.

3d812 No.117972

"Then I suppose we had better get moving…"

c485d No.117973

"Do you….. want to go to a floor?"

7ca83 No.117974

Iron is also near the front.
"Let us not dwindle for any longer," Iron says. "We go up one floor and see the resistance there. Any objections?"

bd9c5 No.117975

I'm also here.

c485d No.117976

Hello. See >>117903 and >>117907

c485d No.117977

Is there a reason no one wants to agree or disagree with first floor?

3d812 No.117978

I can't see a reason to disagree. I'm just waiting for us to get on with it.

e2f6f No.117979

c485d No.117980

The stairwell itself has an olden quality to it, with the mortar on the walls stained with water. Going up the stairs even a single floor gives a different look. White painted walls, and steps that are no longer decaying and questionable, but slightly newer and concrete. Through a closed brown door and….

Into a hallway, the hallway is straight and surrounded by white walls and and brown doors. Part of a wall bears the imprint of a removed celestial religious symbol, while the light fixtures seem to have been changed over time, but have a white cover over them to dull the yellow tint of the light. There are definite sounds of movement about on the floor, and of talking as well. On the left side are visible mostly evenly spaced doors, with some irregularity. One nearby is marked as a simple closet. Further down on the right side, the wall gives way to an open entrance to something else, maybe a central hall, room, atrium, or courtyard. The ceiling there is held up by simple square columns. To the left midway is something like a narrow way to an external door. To each end of the hall are corners where the hallway simply turns.

It's not like the choice is meaningful or anything, or like player participation is a part of the story

3d812 No.117981

How many doors are we talking about?

c485d No.117982

Several. At least four

3d812 No.117983

Well, I have no better ideas than to try each one we come across and see which ones have either prisoners or enemies.

bd9c5 No.117984

"How long has it been like that?"
Spark observes the damage.

e2f6f No.117985

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

Dark Star tries to listen to the whispers

c485d No.117986

No whispering for Dark Star. Actually. Distant talk is mostly in a foreign language. In ponish only “we will meet up with them” is distinguishable from the mass

Door 1: Broom closet
Door 2: a public bathroom, including a section with showers. Not sure if Silver is eager to explore that given the possibility of running into some creature
Door 3: looks like a bedroom. Actually kind of decent if austere. Made bed with tree patterns, shelf of leather bound books, single chair, wooden floor (contrasted against concrete floors elsewhere)

See the same linked posts to see what the damage is, unless more details are needed

Otis responds
“They… they said it happened early this morning or last night. It wasn’t reported until later this morning. I don’t know what is true, but this machine was reported as oppressing yesterday”

3d812 No.117987

"What is bedroom doing here…?"

e2f6f No.117988

Dark Star whispers, "i think somepony may be looking for the group in the boiler room."

bd9c5 No.117989

Spark looks along the ground for evidence that parts were removed. Perhaps oil stains, drag marks, or peices of metal?

c485d No.117991

Mala: “Sone of the wealthier members live in the first floor… Recent arrivals are higher up”

There is oil on the ground, yes, but nothing seems obviously to have been removed

3d812 No.117992

Silver nods, and continues to look through the doors.

bd9c5 No.117993

Does the damage seem uniform, or clearly hoof made, with indentions and irregularities in it?

e2f6f No.117994

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

Dark Star tries to spot the pony

fd7e2 No.117995

"Almost like industrial equipment was used to sabotage industrial equipment." Brie says walking up to Sparks.

c485d No.117996

Dice rollRolled 2

It’s like a bludgeon tearing through it

A spider falls onto Dark Star’s face