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File: 1492352884118.png (152 KB, 640x664, here comes dat aryane.png)


Can we leave out altbronies from our raids? At least temporarily?

I was looking for info about that sun godness/savior conspiracy theory on their twitter and I found few pics.

But seriously, look at their twitter.

https: //twitter.com/hashtag/altbrony?f=tweets&vertical=default

I don't think they know what they are doing. Or how much they may be hurting themselves by their actions.


File: 1492357890086.png (28.92 KB, 122x132, 1469046627317.png)

Christ, that's disgusting. Just steer clear of any "alt" and furfag groups. Most of those people are plebbit tier cancer that end up ruining communities and should be avoided like the plague.


I don't get it. Why do you hate them so? We need interested people on this site and they seem interested


>Why do you hate bronies and furfags?
Nigger are you for real?


If they aren't SJW types then what is the problem?


SJWs? Who even cares about them here? There are things far worse than those which can befall this place. I can guarantee you that a good deal of those altbronies are t_d tier cancer incapable of seamlessly adapting and sticking out like a sore thumb, shitting up the place something fierce. And the furfags? Why do you even ask about them? Probably the worst kind of scum alive. Attention whoring degenerates (no really, actual degenerates) and filth that belongs in the nearest gassing chamber.


File: 1492363342223.jpg (521.08 KB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_04-14-10.42.05.jpg)

They have a page up suggesting we allow them the site. They don't seem to understand what we are tbh, and just see pony nazis


File: 1492363401274.jpg (95.11 KB, 945x315, PicsArt_04-14-10.56.15.jpg)

Meant this one


I don't hate them, they probably mean well but they behave like T_Donald redditors.

We can't have posters here behave like that. Its embarrassing. I would rather have this place slowly lose traffic than allowing this kind of posting in our home…




Well there's your problem


File: 1492393722239.png (102.39 KB, 900x684, mlfw7720-1344728556558054.png)

>Hey little polnie, u want some candy?


Imo horsefucker is just as embarassing name in the eyes of normies.


But who cares what normalfags think?


File: 1492452443116.png (504.29 KB, 897x661, ur a faggot.png)

spotted the altist.

I like horsefucker because it's funny.



Also stop giving attention whores attention.


File: 1492454766881.jpeg (207.89 KB, 764x540, Twi check em.jpeg)


Nice satanic attention whoring.


Go away, Satan! Shoo!


File: 1492461205082.jpg (225.3 KB, 1200x848, 74047dcc43f476a3043e9bbee1….jpg)


it seem mlpol is nothing yet and not ironpilled then and just a place for cloppers to fap to aryanne r34 pics and degenerates that like some left pol threads ?? anarco libertarian capitalist kikes spreading degeneracy while the right wing nationalist socialist that watch mlp fim are the altbronies that did this image


Learn to english before you make accusations. And I have not seen a single left leaning pol thread on here so IDK what you're talking about.



if you are against altbrony you failed as a right winger. just saying


File: 1492478958177.png (123.79 KB, 457x450, Altphony.png)

you faggots are already making a terrible impression here.


Just lay off of it



says the guy who gets so triggered he has to make a pic of the contrary of altbrony. take the ironpill and lift dude from hamburger land


And if you keep up this kind of talk then you failed as representative of your altbrony community.

Keep pushing the saw and you make enemies instead of allies. You dont want to make claims on our home. Last community that did is out and with no board to post at.


>not a brohoof


File: 1492513927386.png (90.4 KB, 698x622, 1491797698670.png)


They are not our enemy anon. We have enough people to take care off. That you personally do not approve of everything the #AltBrony does, does not justify to publicly defame them. Focus your efforts on someone who is deserving of it.


File: 1492515205176.png (81.54 KB, 678x478, attention_everyone.png)


fluttershy firing off the nukes


We are not publicly defaming them. They are doing it to themselves by parading their alt#autism on twitter.


File: 1492516498019.png (164.49 KB, 1211x1024, eqKv3o5.png)

I would just like to point out to the mods that they can be kicked out under certain circumstance.
If they continue to make altbrony threads, this can come to be considered a violation of the "no shill threads" rule. As they would be promoting an agenda.
So, it IS technically possible to push them out IF you want to. It merely depends if they start posting altbrony advertisement threads


File: 1492523004877.jpg (127.27 KB, 1000x1000, 1491129378303.jpg)

I could make OC in my sleep if I wanted to. literally went to school for it.

thanks though. I'm collecting posts that show what faggots you guys are and that's another great example.

This place went 2 weeks almost without anything even resembling cancer. I don't think these guys were even fished - just think they showed up thinking we'd suck their cocks because they're openly alt-right on twitter.


I mean, mods can kick them out for whatever reason they want tbh fampai


this guy here >>>10289 was even advertising his twitter.


File: 1492528601558.png (45.85 KB, 491x238, the fuck.png)

fuck it I'll just post the cap


File: 1492538619254.gif (189.05 KB, 430x480, RD flipping trough pages.gif)

Go here: http://archive.4plebs.org/mlpol/
->stats->post count-> 9th place from the top click "FAR RIGHT DISCORD"


File: 1492544476250.png (14.4 KB, 500x500, harpyloo.png)

Hark! Thar be bronies over yonder!
>retarded stale memeshit


>probably the same guy


File: 1492548744782.png (220.5 KB, 640x554, 74e6d2c1e5f5db4db34c2a4a18….png)

4plebs is down so I can only guess that you're trying to say "hurr I've been here all along".

Still cancer.


File: 1492600032691.png (678.17 KB, 1350x745, 1492470363704.png)

Forgot to post this before - one of their memes. Can be sure as anything they'll try to change how things are done here if they get momentum


> /mlpol/

Did one of those altdrones post this? They are starting to piss me off.


You've been trying to bully them off the site. No shit they post stuff like that


If they don't like us, why don't they just piss-off?


File: 1492651847336.png (6.06 KB, 761x89, OFFICIAL.PNG)

It's official.
Altbronies ain't welcome here



All they had to do was assimilate and there wouldn't have been issue. Like the community has said on multiple occasions Its not about their views, its the cancerous posting.





I know I sound like a broken record, but
Let's set up a word filter so "brony" filters to "hasdrone" just like Thrackerzod


File: 1492671968202.jpg (59.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This pic gave me cancer


File: 1492672924435.gif (75.69 KB, 900x300, weeaboo.gif)

Why the filter shit? Even the Thrackerzod filter is fucking stupid. At least filter it into something someone would never say - how the fuck am I supposed to know if someone isn't just talking about the Mentally Advanced Series when I see 'Thrackerzod'?
You know, like weeaboo. Or desu in recent times.


How about you lurk moar?


Obviously if it's a shill thread it's going to say something like "explain that, Thrackerzodtards!" or "Do you regret voting for Thrackerzod now?" It's going to be clear that they are not talking about the Mentally Advanced Series


>Do you regret voting for Thrackerzod now?
Id never regret that.

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