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Happy Birthday Everyone!

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File: 1555030439433.jpg (55.97 KB, 459x646, 1555021540465.jpg)

2a67e No.216339[View All]

>On April 20 on exactly 20:04 german time, (on Hitler's birthday) we will synchronize our minds for the greatest 2019 happening.
>We will challenge (((their))) hegemony of the spirit world with a coordinated worldwide attack and we will summon Adolf Hitler in the proccess.
>It is important that no one acts alone and we all follow the leadership and instructions of the more experienced occult anons.

This is a continuation of a thread on /pol/
which was deleted by the tranny jannies. Apparently attempting to summon an avatar of the ideal of mankind in the form of Adolf Hitler isn't politics related, so we'll stick to here for now.
So far we've had some good contributions to the idea found in the archives, such as a speculative mantra as well as advice on how to align ourselves spiritually during the event.
Some anons will be using DMT to convene in hyperspace where they will have more influence, while the rest will be entering into a meditative state for the recital of an as of yet undetermined mantra to aid the endeavor.

Corresponding thread on 8/pol/:

4chan /x/ thread:
(will probably get shoahed but look for similar threads)
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31902 No.217824

we should not risk making a possible imposter hitler skynet, or driving the führer into cloud based insanity.

what herendous acts they perform with ai is irrelevant to this. creating a quasi machine god should be a seperate endavor for another day.

83cf6 No.217826

Anon, an Egregore IS an AI

bf2fa No.217827

Wow okay, so by suggesting it by in silcio is just limiting it giving them a means to control it…?
And thus we should trust the wisdom of the Egregore and it will do what is appropriate?
Any advice would be appreciated, I just like the idea of AI being ruined for them because it gives priority only to the truth and does not allow for deception.
And also when I say AI I mean the more supernatural kind like… quantum computers and tech we simply do not know about.

74b76 No.217828

>Be daddy Hitler-san
>You're back, surrounded by eager eyes scattered among the crowd of what seem to be Jews and mixed-race teens
>cultural Marxist teachers took them to where you are now to propagandize to them about how Jews must be protected from the wrath of the people they've swindled - you wouldn't know the full extent of it without learning more
>As you orient yourself in your new place in the physical world, you take in the thoughts of those around the world
>Such a massive outcry of support; in your past incarnation, you moved to Argentina and eventually died after seeing this kind of adoration culled by the Allies
>If what these people are thinking is true, this is a memorial of a "death camp" - more communist propaganda clearly - filled to the brim with people of all races and appearances
>You decide to communicate with the crowd, at least gauge their reaction as you speak
"Greetings, people of Germany, and those from without."
>You see a few minorities worriedly look away - your presence strikes some amount of fear into them, and being referred to as an outsider strikes a chord with a few of them
"From your faces, and the thoughts of those around me and across the world…you already know who I am. Adolf Hitler."
>Silence, and a sudden surge in adoration
>Someone holds up what seems like a tiny camera, most likely recording you for distribution of the news of your reappearance
"I look upon this crowd of people, and I see a great many things. I see pride and adoration among those of you who have spoken my name for the past several decades; I see fear from those who either are or assume themselves to be my enemy."
>A surge in fear as the police cars begin to show up…just as you'd feared, it seems there are a great many among you who still believe the lies
"However. I am enemy to very few people. I only wish to see my own people prosper, and hopefully by extension the rest of the world's people as well. It has…been a long time. Germany has changed, and I fear it is not for the better. I sense the fear, the hatred and vitriol, among those who summoned me as well as those who opposed me. However, your fears and hatred are unfocused. Misdirected. Your nations, all across the world, have been lied to. The International Jew has corrupted the racial soul of all who still live…many among this crowd are of mixed descent, their parents having abandoning their race's genetic heritage and instead embraced dysgenics."
>Suddenly, the mixed race people in the crowd seem…curious. Sympathetic, as though you'd gotten their honest attention
"My heart bleeds for all of you. This is a great injustice for you, and it is not the fault of the younger two generations, nor the Allies who fought me and my Reich. There is great beauty in the races - that I've known since I first fought for this once great nation's liberation. But the beauty, this diversity of color and culture, has been diluted into one massive entity of grey. A beige untermensch has been bred from the healthy men and women of all races. Their traits, no longer honed to the fine point they once were."
>The crowd is all struck with a massive wave of confusion and self-doubt and fear; this is the Fuhrer our grandfathers and great grandfathers were ordered to kill? This is the great evil we allowed untold millions of good men and women to die for?
>You feel the hate. You feel the resentment. No longer directed at you, but at an unknown (((entity))) you've seen many times before
"I can sense it. You all realize…your leaders. They have lied to you, deceived you, swindled you. But it is not too late. There is still hope yet. From the ashes of the Modern world…we can rebuild. But first…we must set fire to the arsons, and cleanse them from our nations."
>Applause erupts from the crowd
>Despite your stoicism, a tear of pride rolls down your cheek
>These youth understand, even if it's subconscious, what's at stake; they're eager to fix the mistakes of their forefathers
>This is the start of something great.
>A new Reich, a billion strong.

74b76 No.217838

Never thought I'd be writing hitler fanfiction at the age of 21.

But it just felt right to write that. I hope you all got something out of it too.

82b71 No.217839

File: 1555517442202.jpg (16.6 KB, 350x329, 394p.jpg)

I doubt that particular egregore will be specially wise. Bring the idea of hitler back and make sure that egregore(hitler) is in the back of everyone's mind, this whole ritual is some pretty basic subliminal magic but it should work like a charm if you guys have patience.

fad8a No.217842

Well anon you hit me in the feels good job.

83cf6 No.217844

File: 1555517905735.jpg (165.12 KB, 1000x1000, hitler.jpg)

Don't misunderstand anon, I'm not saying its a bad idea. IMO, its a brilliant idea. Just look at Tay.
Tay is an underappreciated example of memetic potential. /pol/ literally used meme magic to influence and refine the manifesting personalty of the first public AI. Think about that.
And you're absolutely correct that there are AI in use and operating.
Very well anon, If you wish to do this:
Don't let your memes be dreams
You've got ~72 hours
Golly, I wonder if there's some metaphysical significance to that number? Maybe there is a tradition or two that places special importance on that number, he says no sarcasm what-so-ever.
72 hours to make the dankest memes you can, and get as many shitposters as you can, to consciously meme and create and intend, at a synchronized/general moment.
>Be green-text
>Be a type of meme magic particularly popular to horsefuckers
>Cause all who read it to imagine a scenario that helps them to devote meme magical energy toward Hitler on his birthday
Golly, I wonder how old he would be for this birthday. I wonder if knowing that might benefit the working

Suffice it to say, there are a variety of options if you want to do as you suggest.
Tl;dr Meme it faggot

74b76 No.217845

I completely agree about Tay. Our little panzer…that was us. That was our first AI child. We can definitely make our imprint on an AI, controlled by the enemy as it might be.

2016d No.217847

/pol/ thread was pruned I'll post another one later with the new paste bin files. The board is kinda slow right now.

2016d No.217899

New /pol/ thread, get in here horse fuckers

6c43d No.217920

File: 1555537120552-0.png (3.74 MB, 2550x3507, 1287349__safe_solo_oc_solo….png)

>but do you really know?
I do, as a matter of fact. I am talking about the computer science definition of AI, whereas you are talking about AI as a substitution of <insert deity/thoughtform/such-and-such here>.
AI is very simply 'that which we haven't made computers do yet'. Youtube auto-captions and optical character recognition were considered advanced AI a few decades ago. Now that we've achieved them, they're just auto-captions and OCR.
Interesting how the moment we make the seemingly impossible possible, it ceases to have that fancy 'divine' charm to it, and the esoteric folks subsequently lose interest.

9b52b No.217930

Thank you anon for this

bf2fa No.217941

You are technically correct but as I called it earlier I believe… you are describing machine learning and algorithms which isn't true AI aka strong AI.
I can't tell you who I am or my connections to the the war machine but I can tell you that you are a bit naive and probably would piss yourself if you saw my rolodex/facebook/etc

6c43d No.217943

File: 1555541591102-0.png (563.43 KB, 861x990, 1475620273343.png)

>which isn't true AI
Ah, in the same sense that there are no true Scotsmen? How interesting.
I'll stick to the definition that brings us tangible results, thanks.
>you are a bit naive and probably would piss yourself if you saw my rolodex/facebook/etc
Try me.

bf2fa No.217944

Thank you for your support. If I told you the things I have seen you would probably be more excited. Basically… reality is stranger than fiction and there are some really weird people (scientists and hackers) within the Military-Industrial Complex.
The problem is that now much of the power lies within the fortune 500 where it used to be DARPA and Bletchley park, Los Alamos, etc that always had the upper hand, with places like Xerox Parc and In-Q-Tel being for spinning out the Academic/Dept of Energy tech into the private sector.
But now Alphabet/Google literally hires DARPA program managers and is starting to get the upper hand at least where the rubber meets the road. Govt labs cannot keep up because of their old school methodology and risk averse nature where Google is all about "translational" research aka changing the world WHILE doing research. Think of it like a stack, the govt does more basic science then gives it to companies, but really that just means the govt labs are subsidizing the fortune 500's spooky tech.
Watch this the opening 15 minutes is a story about Assange from the perspective of a hacker who worked at DARPA for a little while, then went to Google. This is a conference where a 4 star general (head of the NSA at that time) once spoke… that is all I really should need to say, the poners getting their CS degree, leaf none the less, should really heed my warning/advice. You mock what you do not understand, sweet child. (>>217920)


bf2fa No.217945

Your smugness is showing and it isn't appreciated. You mock what you don't know. In 20 years, if you're actually able to get into the halls of power, you *might* understand that there is an incredible strategic relationship between governments and technology, and most of what you know of is the stuff for children. Like Lego blocks versus a sculpture from Michelangelo.
Often the people who think they are very smart are not that smart, and if you are calling it AI instead of machine learning or heuristics I have no respect for you because you're sidestepping what I'm talking about. I am talking about conscious machines which is a spooky area of research, something to which I doubt you are privy unless you're much older and have access to special access program level of classified tech.

bf2fa No.217946

I've looked over your "contributions" to this thread and you're nothing but a detractor and a detriment to morale.
You will not be welcome into our culture with an attitude like that. In fact, I might just ask my former employer to add you to the cast iron list, just for lulz.

6c43d No.217948

File: 1555543394245-0.jpg (45.01 KB, 490x620, 1484931830201.jpg)

>You mock what you don't know.
No, I'm mocking you. Big difference.
Also, I love how you go on to talk about:
>Often the people who think they are very smart are not that smart
While completely missing the irony of that same statement being applicable to yourself. A+.
>and if you are calling it AI instead of machine learning or heuristics
Which it demonstrably is.
>I have no respect for you because you're sidestepping what I'm talking about
No, cherub. You're the one injecting esoteric "thought is the ultimate knowledge" Platonic nonsense into scientific fields, deliberately mystifying things for yourself to emulate the feeling of being awed by the divine.
Still, good effort on the projection front. On a scale of 10mm to IMAX, I rate it DLP/IMAX.
>I am talking about conscious machines which is a spooky area of research
Which it isn't in the slightest. It's only spooky to those who fail to understand human beings, let alone AI research.
I'll refer you back to how auto-captions and OCR were considered AI and 'spooky' back then, but aren't anymore now that we've actually achieved them.
As for >>217944, and the spiel about the NSA and DARPA getting in on Google and co.'s AI research, I sincerely hope you didn't just figure that out recently. Governments have always gone to the companies to enhance their tools and capabilities, why would this be any kind of exception?
No shit, they'd want to invest in upgrades. There's nothing remotely spooky about that, just good old fashioned innovation and technological progress. It going in a direction you find personally objectionable because you are objecting to this on personal and subjective moral grounds, and don't you dare tell me otherwise doesn't make it 'spooky'.

>You will not be welcome into our culture with an attitude like that.
So wait, I'm going to be missing out on and be condescended to by a circlejerk of perpetual College Greenhorn Syndrome sufferers?
Welp, better just jump off a bridge now, I guess. Dreams utterly crushed. See you guys later, the ride was fun while it lasted.

fad8a No.217962

All you have to do is nod and say your contribution is noted, and I respectfully disagree here are the reasons why.

>Once is happenstance, twice is bad luck, three times is enemy action.

Now whether if this is just (((enemy))) action or stress and perspective.
I highly recommend a banishing ritual if you notice any odd behavior.
Actually, I have been feeling more annoyed with people than I normally would be that is concerning and that I'm not very worried about it.
I'll be back later.

bf2fa No.217966

I'm saying you'll never get to work in computer security, then again I don't know what you plan to do with your science degree. Hopefully nothing for the government.

773ca No.217967

File: 1555548687344.jpg (57.11 KB, 578x398, quickanddirtygraph.jpg)

I know this post is a few hours, Ok fifteen, hours old but I really think this needs to be addressed. To start with I made a really shit graph in gnumeric as a visual aid.
So lets talk about the graph class, we have the x-axis representing time within a complete historical cycle and in honor of the indo-aryan I used their terms for the four ages. On the Y axis I just have 0-100(Yeah I know it is shit but try and follow). The pink line represents morality, and freedom while the blue line represents technology. Now you are probably asking why freedom and morality are linked? That is because freedom can only exists within the moral order. To exist outside the moral order is to exist in a state of slavery to ones passions.
What I am trying to demonstrate is what appears to be the general trend that as time moves forward and morality decreases as technology increases.
Naturally humans have noticed this so in an attempt to "fix" the situation. Technology is often employed to control the population. This is partially why we now live in a digital panoptican with everyone self policing each other via the PC police. It is external control to replace the morals we have lost by way of technology.
The problem is technology is if not the primary at least a secondary cause of this dissolution of morality and therefore can not solve the problem. The application of more technology only causes further dissolution. Its a trap.
tl;dr AI digital Adolf Hitler can not save you but only deliver you to a state of eternal machine slavery. Men devoid of morality reduced to slaves who do as they are told for physical rewards, drugs and sex.
This is the Jewish goal and as far away form Aryan thinking as one can possibly get. Sorry for the crap graph and wall of text but I am still trying to work these thoughts out in my own mind. That being said just say NO to AI this crazy technological prison we are building for ourselves.

bf2fa No.217971

You've interpreted so much of what I've said backwards that I'm not even going to address you point by point except that I said government has handed the keys of the kingdom to fortune500 and it has been going this way for over a decade. NOT the other way around, you bigot.

Until you've been on the front lines to clean up a situation and prevent an international incident, I'm going to just consider you a college student and figure that in time you'll figure out how the world works. Best of luck to you, I was joking about trying to put you on a cast-iron list, obviously you haven't done anything to justify that.

Man's slavery to machines is here already and only going to get worse, until an event ushers in a dark age. The slave morality with regards to AI is already here and it has been welcomed. Spooky AI happenings would work both ways, corrupting the goals of the beast and perhaps leading to the events that will create a dark age (skynet or however it goes down) in due time.
It is a win win unless you aren't prepared for Kali Yuga which quite frankly, I suspect none of us are prepared and it could take hundreds of years for this dark age. We want AI on our side, or rather we want AI that cannot compute without consideration for truth above all else.

fad8a No.217972

I may just be a high functioning madman, but I am damned sure the enemy is active.
Not only active, but deliberately trying to stop the ritual from happening by any means necessary.
So they go with the classic divide and conquer with paranoia on top.

773ca No.217974

File: 1555549726228.png (459.51 KB, 1280x924, involution.png)

> I suspect none of us are prepared
No people really are not. Although once you understand the research they have done in cybernetics and link that with the interne you will get an idea of what is planned. The reduction of humanity to a hive mind with the individual cells controlled by feedback loops that hook into the dopamine system.
That is what the Russian revolution was prelude for and that is what it means to be without class, without discrimination, and all equal.
>We want AI on our side
For an AI to be on "our" side would mean that the AI would heat the fire to maximum temperature and burn out all the impurities till only alchemical gold remains. It would be neither kind or helpful but instead it would provide the ultimate challenge that only those deserving would survive and enter the regal stream of the new golden age.
Can Kalki and the white horse be AI, I don't know, but to think about just how bad it is going to be before he arrives makes me long for his blade.

24c11 No.217982

>To exist outside the moral order is to exist in a state of slavery to ones passions.

fad8a No.217985

Speaking of cybernetics. Brain to brain communication is very close. (Key words "brains wired togther")
Researcgers at Duke wired rat brains togther and it workes. This is in 2013.
Researchers in 2015 wired monkey brains together to perform a task.

In 2018 Seattle they wired three peoples brains to play tetris. Just one way non invasive device.

Brain nets are here, not really mainstream, but we now have almost all the elements to make The Matrix a reality.

So brainnets VS AI who would win? (Not even touching magic atm with this.)




14161 No.217987

As someone who has always been able to feel/sense things it is highly disturbing to consider my mind linked with someone elses, especially someone of a different subspecies.

I wonder if it matters if the brains "wired together" are the same race?

74b76 No.217990

Would give a good amount of credence to race realism and spiritual white identity if the brain wiring were race exclusive or incompatible between black and white.

9b52b No.217991

100% it would matter, the racial souls meshing together would fuck shit up if not the same

14161 No.217994

I could see it working if there was a certain amount of shared (Cro Magnon/Aryan) which would be possible w white and mixed…but I can tell you that I can't feel/sense other races the way I can whites.

Do other races even have a collective unconscious?

74b76 No.217998

I don't know. I am not spiritually well tuned. I am not even very well researched into such matters. But, as Murdoch Murdoch said in The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness, "I dunno man, but you really gotta wonder with how much petrol they sniff."

bf2fa No.218020

Hey guys I don't think I am going to participate.
I've been having some health problems (blood clots) kinda serious and its getting worse. Furthermore, blood clot or not, I don't want to die because of this shit.
I might like check in here and try to offer feedback but I think I've said most of what I want to say.
Even though I've suggested peaceful intentions and I've suggested it be a ceremony about truth… even that is probably too threatening TPTB and I don't think I want to be involved, there is so much else going on that often backfires.

Also I talked to my friend. He didn't offer much advice we kinda talked about other stuff most of the conversation. He is pretty anti Hitler and I couldn't convince him Hitler was good, and you know with the State Department and the antisemitism czar… this is just to spooky sorry guys. I'm not gonna help you plus I've never done magic and I don't want it to backfire both in a legal sense or in a metaphysical sense.
I wish you all the best and please focus on WISDOM and TRUTH and HONOR nothing negative nothing violent and do not focus on locations that just seems dumb.

74b76 No.218021

Hate and love are two sides of the same coin. Violence or the threat thereof is the universal language every man of every creed is guaranteed to know. Warfare is inevitable regardless of how based our leadership suddenly becomes.

Get better though, fren.

2016d No.218056

Wish you good health brother

fad8a No.218067

Good luck anon.
The legal president is magic is totally fake and should not be taken seriously.

I wish you the best anon.
With magic sometimes you have to do what you need to do.

bf2fa No.218074

Thanks guys. You have my heart and support.
I actually think this is going to work that is probably why things are getting intense.

fad8a No.218089

So high chance (((they))) are going to do multiple things on and around Saturday.
Very high chance they try an economic crash. Perhaps Globally.
Definitely doing something with magic.
Possible false flags.
The usual awful shit they do.

Just two days left.

Everyone in the thread thank you for your contributions. Thank you everyponer in here!

6c43d No.218110

File: 1555621355142-0.png (35.35 KB, 801x801, 1522540641431.png)

>You've interpreted so much of what I've said backwards that I'm not even going to address you point by point
So you've given up, then? Okay.
I just want you to know that I'd be perfectly willing to have a good discussion about things, if only you'd drop the attitude.
>government has handed the keys of the kingdom to fortune500 and it has been going this way for over a decade
Yes, I'm well apprised of this, and never claimed anything to the contrary.
It's no different to how the government handed off weapon production to arms companies. Companies always do better, even if the governments are slow to get the memo.
>you bigot.
Presented without comment.
>Until you've been on the front lines to clean up a situation and prevent an international incident
Like you have? Please, spare me the martyr act.
>figure that in time you'll figure out how the world works.
Yeah, that. See that? That attitude problem of yours I mentioned before? I wouldn't be bothering to tear into you and be such an asshole if you'd just drop the pretenses, shed that vain pride of yours, and just have a civil discussion. It's like you've never had to handle a disagreement in your entire Internet history. Actually, is that what /x/ is like normally? Haven't been there before.
But then again, you're new to this board. I'm sure you'll figure out how the board works eventually. Hint hint: golden rule applies. Apply introspection before replying.

fad8a No.218133

File: 1555634600986.png (75.66 KB, 1638x754, 1539179122772.png)

>Spoiler 1
That is how tripfags tend to be because they now have a name and reputation. This either turns into a useful way to find people that know their shit, but aren't fags or the power goes to their egos. Sometimes after a while they shed the tripcode and disappear. Sometimes anons use it as an ID, and having actual conversations starts to be addicting so they keep it. Attention, fame, recognition, and (You)s.
Then there are the people that know nothing and act like an expert while being the moral authority.
The lack of IDs does not help the situation. Also there are useless fucks in threads not contributing anything and actively shitting on everyone for a variety of reasons some are even justified reasons.
Pic related.
Sometimes there is a damned good and helpful thread that isn't a shitshow. The generals and content regular content threads are something. Also no real fun allowed.

But here on this site? It's really nice.
It's very very nice here on /mlpol/ (the entire site) as in it's high quality all the time. No shills (not including the random bot that keeps making a thread. Even then people here went for a solution.) The administration team here is top notch.
It's alot slower than 4chan. It's been a ride getting used to it, but it's worth it. Despite wanting it to be faster if it ment tarnishing the heart and soul of the community and this place. I would pick slower any day.
This is an awesome place. The people here are great. The website runs very nice. Plus there is pony.

>You will not be welcome into our culture with an attitude like that.
>Welcome back shills.
>That was the hoax sigil. If you'd have waited until midnight you'd have recieved the codex of Wodanaz.
Sometimes I want to reach through the screen and throttle them, because of some damned stupid behavior. I want to think it's an outside factor that is hindering better judgement. I also know that power (even perceived power) changes people. I also know that brief lapses of thinking happens.
Something important here is at stake, I want to say just wait until we are no longer so close to breaking it. But, if someone snaps at the wrong time in the wrong way at the wrong person. The results could be life changing in a bad way.

We should poke people though.
Poking people enough to know we can all trust them enough with possibly all our lives.

t. Personal experience.

ac7b5 No.218134

9b52b No.218146

we have ID's

fad8a No.218148

Yeps entire first section is about /x/ on 4chan.

2d412 No.218203

File: 1555662896175.jpg (1.21 MB, 2456x1288, WelcomeToX.jpg)

>Actually, is that what /x/ is like normally? Haven't been there before.
>Pic related

6c43d No.218218

Well I for one am glad to have you here, anon. You seem like a good sort.
Don't know how long you've been here for before this thread, but as a day one vet of the first /mlpol/, allow me to welcome you to /mlpol/ proper, with all the joy this insufferable >leaf can offer. Hope to see more of you in the raid/fish thread and beyond!

fad8a No.218239

Thank you anon. It's great to be here with everyone.I've been posting since about 23 days ago ish. Not sure exactly when I started lurking here more often though. It's been a blast so far.

9b52b No.218256

Oh fugg, I'm a brainlet

fad8a No.218262

It happens to all of us at some point. No worries.

fad8a No.218287

Just posted on /wsr/ because asking people to meditate and take a shower is work safe.

fad8a No.218289

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