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File: 1555030439433.jpg (55.97 KB, 459x646, 1555021540465.jpg)

2a67e No.216339[View All]

>On April 20 on exactly 20:04 german time, (on Hitler's birthday) we will synchronize our minds for the greatest 2019 happening.
>We will challenge (((their))) hegemony of the spirit world with a coordinated worldwide attack and we will summon Adolf Hitler in the proccess.
>It is important that no one acts alone and we all follow the leadership and instructions of the more experienced occult anons.

This is a continuation of a thread on /pol/
which was deleted by the tranny jannies. Apparently attempting to summon an avatar of the ideal of mankind in the form of Adolf Hitler isn't politics related, so we'll stick to here for now.
So far we've had some good contributions to the idea found in the archives, such as a speculative mantra as well as advice on how to align ourselves spiritually during the event.
Some anons will be using DMT to convene in hyperspace where they will have more influence, while the rest will be entering into a meditative state for the recital of an as of yet undetermined mantra to aid the endeavor.

Corresponding thread on 8/pol/:

4chan /x/ thread:
(will probably get shoahed but look for similar threads)
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9b52b No.218256

Oh fugg, I'm a brainlet

fad8a No.218262

It happens to all of us at some point. No worries.

fad8a No.218287

Just posted on /wsr/ because asking people to meditate and take a shower is work safe.

fad8a No.218289

bf2fa No.218315

I hope you realize the leaf you were replying to has been against the ritual and mocking the ritual in nearly every post in this thread… for example, search by their ID 6c43d and read everything they wrote here.
I dunno who "high priest" is but he basically chased the guy off and someone else I think gave him an LGBT flag. Here are his posts in response to the guy who started this whole thing…

>I don't approve of you treading on my friends like that, St. Nigel.

I suggest you swallow that pride of yours and apologize, now.

>Oh this is gonna be good.

>You doubt my power, foolish bong? I'll have you know that Canuckistan shitpost magic is the real thing.

Just for you, my prayers shall be inscribed in Inuktitut, the tongue of the true Natsoc volk.

Where High Priest responded by saying "Fucking kek, it's not yours now.

You'll never get the full thing. Well done"

>How cute, to see the work of a rank amateur who believes himself so mighty.

It's not too late to accept Celestia's friendship!
Posts Kabbalah shit (>217393)

>If your ritual can be ruined by a bunch of friendly neighbourhood horselovers, I don't think your ritual was going to garner much success in the first place.

How disappointed the Old One must be in you.

>Wrong again, Rainbow Crash.

This is now an Epona thread.

Btw Zelda is a game full of freemason shit and Robin Williams (crypto) named his daughter Zelda.

>Still trying to squeeze that last word in, I see.

Interesting choice of action for one who declared his intention to fuck off two and a half hours ago.

And then he argued with me about AI…
I am ashamed of some of these horsefuckers, we are better off on 4 and 8 with all of the haters. So sad… such a pure place and so much autism that people are replying to people as friendlies when they're literally here subverting the whole thing.

6c43d No.218316

File: 1555721743292.png (890.81 KB, 2000x1600, 1117022__safe_artist-colon….png)

This was the best thing I could've read before going to bed. Thanks for giving me a big ole smile tonight, Mr. Namefag.
I'll let the power of peer pressure take care of you while I catch some Z's. In the meantime, have a Ponk.

bf2fa No.218321

No problem leafpone, you did a good job of defending your home turf. I may not agree with you and I think you're in for a world of pain but hey its okay, we each need to understand each other… one way or another.

aaa4b No.218323

Did the blood thing exist before your Hitler shenanigans? Or did you guys trigger protections from the ppl you're trying to fuck with on this Hitler thing? I had something smack into my protections recently though I'm not sure of source, it was pretty weak. One of your dudes got mugged by niggers recently too right?

fad8a No.218325

Despite how serious this is. It's good to have someone making fun of it. For various reasons.

I still will be participating in the ritual magic stuff tomorrow.

>I had something smack into my protections recently though I'm not sure of source, it was pretty weak.
Hmmm, Interesting. I'll have to look into that later.

bf2fa No.218339

In my opinion, we aren't fucking with anyone. Yes I've had DVTs before. I'm not doing the ritual for various reasons.
A scary looking Israeli dude introduced himself to me (he was nice once we talked but, he literally looks like a wetworks guy) and basically… that in combination with other things. I don't need to participate, I was here for similar reasons as you, telling people not to direct any hate towards anyone and to keep it positive.
I don't know if I really got through to anyone, I have no idea who "High Priest" was and for all I know this is all some sketchy spook shit. They could set a new legal precedent if some bad shit happened, doesn't even have to be magical. Not my hill to die on…
I don't even know why I said world of pain, sorry. Probably projecting… I hope you accept my apology. Also I've never done magick before (that I know of) and I don't think I should start now.
I'd probably be powerful at it but I don't want to open that box especially with something that risky. Although I did discover a mistranslation in the sigil and uh, by not telling High Priest I think I did a good thing.
Should I explain what the spelling/translation error is? It is so appropriate in that it kind of turns it from being a skin color thing into a wisdom thing. So you can figure it out if you look into the German spelling of White versus Wise.
Seems like most people are doing their own variations, now the high priest sigil and uh, I doubt he is going to change it at the last minute based on me saying this… I sat on it because my friend who consulted with my on magic (who is a leftist) explained this to me and I was actually relieved to think that they shifted the 14 words from "white children" to "wise children".
Perhaps you and I aren't so different after all, we just don't want bad shit to happen.

bf2fa No.218340

I dunno how magic works and uh, you seem to, so if you want to speculate on the spell being for securing the existence of "wise children" versus "white children" and quite frankly we are all children (metaphorically speaking) I think maybe the people doing the spell (are they wise or unwise? I can't say for sure honestly. I think this can be peaceful but maybe because I don't buy into fearmongering about Hitler, that is revisionist history in my humble opinion)

2d412 No.218377

File: 1555745096511.jpg (78.29 KB, 470x595, Devilish.jpg)

> they shifted the 14 words from "white children" to "wise children"
Sometimes nature fixes itself.
Today is the big day, wonder what will happen.

bf2fa No.218382

I just want everyone to be happy and healthy. And to restore some balance to the force. I don't even care about the rest of it.

fad8a No.218392

File: 1555762827325.png (34.12 KB, 500x522, 1538826422896.png)

Well on the whole the chances of something bad happening are near impossible. The change isn't bad just different.
This should be a peaceful ritual thingy. Just removing their influence on the magical and possibly spirtiual realm.
So far haven't heard about anything weird going on.
>Less than seven hours remain.

2016d No.218411

fad8a No.218419

Is it an hour or two before or is it on time?

b8363 No.218422

File: 1555773307364.png (4.39 KB, 360x68, Untitled.png)

Saw this just now.

cd267 No.218429

File: 1555774759562.jpg (5.06 KB, 210x240, markus.jpg)

>"Perhaps you and I aren't so different after all, we just don't want bad shit to happen."
>"I just want everyone to be happy and healthy. And to restore some balance to the force. I don't even care about the rest of it."
I think the majority of people out there are like you. They have a hope that the world will become a better place in general, that society will become better in general, healthier for all that are a part of it. But a majority of people aren't fully invested in an ideology, and an ideology's deep deep roots. They just believe what those ideologies pitch to them as a way to make the world better, fairer, a happier place for the people being held down, even oppressed by the apparent powers that be. Not wanting to rock the boat, or disturb the status quo of approval from their peers, they go along with what their peers say about hot button issues, and taboo subjects. There are certain meanings ascribed to phrases beyond their definitions, or the definitions of the words that make up those phrases. They evoke images of archetypes and/or abstract ideas, usually pleasant ones for the current top ideology, and unfaltering, sometimes evil ones for the ideologies and groups that stand opposed to it in one way or another. This turns the people who fall under those groups into the "Other". People to have contempt for, or even to despise for the harm they apparently cause directly, and indirectly to the people one is told are being held down and oppressed. Because of this, many people will overlook miscellaneous misfortunes, and ills that plague the Other. Even aggression up to an including violence perpetrated by a member or any number of members of the apparent oppressed group against a member or any number of members of the apparent oppressors.
They will probably overlook these because of the idea that "They don't deserve your sympathy" and/or "They have it plenty good, they have nothing to complain about." Or even the thought that they deserved it happening to them, that they had it coming. And it all happened without these people needing to be deeply into an ideology, just with the idea of, and desire to help people.
These people can be swayed. If these people can come to view that "Other" as people with concerns as legitimate as the people one is told are oppressed, then they can sympathize with those people who were previously viewed as the Other. The archetypes behind the phrases become more human, and more varied.
If they can be shown how their actions and inactions contribute to the problems that the group(s) previously viewed as the Other face, then they will likely adjust their behavior
out of a desire to help their fellow human bean. If this happens to enough people, it can eventually(hopefully) affect a tidal wave of change in societal and cultural behavior.
It's a powerful thing, and as we've seen, it can be abused. Always remember; for better or for worse, we live in a society.

>yfw Detroit BH, and other stories of sentient robots/androids being treated like objects and abused, work better as allegories for the lives of white men in the 21st century than they do for past civil rights causes.

cd267 No.218430

about 2 hours and 20 minutes

bf2fa No.218433

Are you the leaf I was arguing with?
Also… correct me if I am wrong, I assumed you are not doing the ritual.
Are you doing a counter-ritual or just answering questions? (You don't have to answer if you don't want to, seriously.)

fad8a No.218440


Isn't that the truth.

cd267 No.218442

I'm a different leaf. I won't be participating in the ritual in a supernatural/serious fashion. I have an image in my mind of societal change and the way it may happen that I wish for that I'll hold in my mind today, just in case my cognitive energy actually is capable of having some sway over the collective unconscious of western society.
For the time, I was just answering their question.

b8363 No.218449

File: 1555777660303.jpg (140.34 KB, 600x869, 059035557aefb42451267dc36a….jpg)

I'm probably too unpure to do the ritual but I'll be cheering from the sidelines

fad8a No.218465

You are pure where it really matters. I appreciate the support.
Later, I would like to hear about it.

f87c8 No.218478

20 minutes. get ready

cd267 No.218479

By later, do you mean after the raid/ritual is attempted?

339dc No.218480

Britbong at ready chaps; Heil Hitler!

f87c8 No.218481

8 minutes remaining. get in here!

ea6d2 No.218487

Well,i did my part. Hope it did something positive.

fad8a No.218494

Great job everyone.

fad8a No.218551

So tell me more of the societal change and your plans.

04b75 No.218562

File: 1555796761273-0.jpg (10.62 KB, 241x209, serveimage (19).jpg)

File: 1555796761273-1.jpg (8.19 KB, 232x217, serveimage (18).jpg)

File: 1555796761273-2.jpg (14.39 KB, 195x300, serveimage (17).jpg)

File: 1555796761273-3.jpg (9.8 KB, 226x223, serveimage (16).jpg)

File: 1555796761273-4.jpg (12.67 KB, 178x283, serveimage (15).jpg)

This thread need MORE magicall runes

c7412 No.218584

>I don't care about the rest of it
>not caring about a future for white children
>not either trusting the white race enough to help or allow it to grow and flourish once more, or believing that whites are at least worth protecting as a race

I'm sorry but this is why Hitler's probably never coming back. Just…no. No, no, no. Do not backpedal and limp-wristedly alter and redefine the 14 words. White people, like all races, have a right to exist and fight for their right to exist. White people are responsible for so many great things throughout the past 2000 years. Most everything we take for granted today was thanks to white men of good moral character.

Anyway, I did my part in focusing myself and sending my praise and prayers toward him. I sent my every worry, my every hope, and my every ounce of hatred and love. I hope that helps, though I still have my compunctions about it all.

fad8a No.218821

Since this thread accomplished the goal set out to do. It's also past the bump limit.
I'll ride it out till the end.
Everyday I'll be posting about one occult goal minimum. Anything above and beyond the ordinary to be posted here.
Any suggestions for magic/occult spells or workings or goals make sure to mention it.

I'll be starting with self-improvement. Specifically in occult and magical matters.

This time using binaural music to go into a trance. (Technically more psychology than just occultness)

fad8a No.218827

For reference I'm use this website's frequency list.

>7.8-8 Stimulates ESP, paranormal [SS]

>7.83 - Earth Resonance, grounding [�], "Schumann Resonance." [TS, ESR+HSW, MAG]; anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance [SS]; psychic healing experiments [ESR]; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) [HSW]; Earth Resonance Frequency - 'leaves you feeling revitalized like you've spent a day in the country.' [PWM via DW]; reports of accelerated healing/enhanced learning - "the earth's natural brainwave" [MAG]

This time going for the youtube video for stable results.

fad8a No.218828

*Warning* this can change how your brain functions and responds. (Like just about all magic forcing on the self.)

fad8a No.218835

Duration of 35 minutes.

Now listening to 6000hz
For 10 minutes.

>Like just about all magic FOCUSING on the self.

fad8a No.218839

Finishing off with 40hz.
For about 8 minuets.

fad8a No.218840


Anyone not wanting to use jewtube multiple free and affordable options for this kind of material.

fad8a No.218953

A new day a new spell.
This one will be a protection 'buff'.
Using Chaos magic. Few things are as annoying as playing outside of the rules as this.
There is no fairness, no weakness, it is bullshit complete bullshit.
Now setting it up isn't hard. Getting it right can be.
>DISCLAIMER: Not Having A Direct Line Of Communication To Your Subconscious And To Your Soul Is Annoying.
>DISCLAIMER: You need to Believe or Fake it!

What you need before hand. Identifying an actual enemy. Proportional response to how enemy like they are. Making sure the spell does not become a servitor, tulpa, egregore, sentient sapient being. This specific one should be just a tool and only a tool. No offense to any sentient, sapient beings that came from being a spell or something.

'Ultra Points': Anything can be done with it.

Step one: What does the spell do?
>TLDR Enemies can not do anything. You get rewards when it works.
This one will do two things.
Any and All enemy actions, non-actions, spells, castings, debuffs, attacks, anything, everything, nonthings, used, consumables, buffs, communication, (Everything and Nonthing are converted to your 'Ultra Points'. The spell covers friends, friendly units, allies, specific targets, and the spell itself.

Step two: Making the spell. Now that you know what it does. Now you make it. In my case posting this here makes it real.
Draw a figure to represent it. Then pull it out of a picture frame to represent making it real.

Or dance while thinking about it while chanting.

Step three: The spell is created now you need to cast it on yourself. Select it by any method. (RPG Style selecting this spell)
Then cast it. Using any method.

Congratulations, you have a perfection barrier that you don't know how effect it is.

Try to collect them all for redundancy and a boost to believing you are invincible.

fad8a No.218954

Note each casting on a target does not mean a new instance of the spell!

fad8a No.219040

Although technically not a spell finding and connecting with yourself is important. A big part of The Art of War is to know yourself.

>The name can be anything hou want it to be. To keep in mind though conflicting interests and external parties may or may not interfere.

So, if you haven't already said who you are that is needed first.
Say it like you mean it. A defiance of an awful system.
"I am FULLNAMEHERE." Repetition is good.
You might feel different once you do it. May have tingles. A clarity. An insight.

It can be loud or silent. It can be quick or take ages.

You can use your name to enact action. By the power of Anonymous, good tidings will come to all that is good!
Anonymous, damn it! Where are the keys?

fad8a No.219148

This one is a spell I'm not going to be casting without a proper target.

This is the Ritual Ruiner.

There are Three modes to this.
Safe. No terrible things happen. The Ritual will be deconstructed.
UnSafe. Much Faster, anything can happen, but the Ritual is Stopped.
Hidden. The Ritual will never complete.

Instructions to cast. Either use the method in the above post or your own personal one.

Have a mostly clear target ritual.

Ritual Ruiner Ruins (R word related to that ritual) Ritual (Safely, Unsafely, Hidden)

Synonyms work as well.

fad8a No.219312

Today I am praising for an evocation.

24c11 No.219565

This really helps.
Thanks poner.

fad8a No.219620

No problem man.
Just post whatever, and I'll try to help.

This thread has some actual magic advice and guides.


Still preparing for an evocation.

fad8a No.219705

Planning on doing the evocation tomorrow.

fad8a No.219977

Did the evocation summoning. I should after sleeping see if it worked.

fad8a No.220625

Self reflection and doing tasks. Sense I last posted.
For the foreseeable future that is roughly all I'm doing.

0415a No.222678

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