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File: 1539912868674.png (153.19 KB, 640x360, 1713187__safe_screencap_ra….png)

409a3 No.179468[View All]

The other one hit the bump limit a long while ago, so let's do this again. Same as before: ITT post anything off-topic that doesn't need its own thread.
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6b387 No.209930

>they'll just give up the guns after the act banning guns is passed.
I agree.
They worship money and will not risk that.
They will wait for others to make any counter-move against the System while they are safe.
Fence sitters is their name.

11a21 No.209931

Better question: is there a point to this line of questioning that isn't r/IAmVerySmart-tier contrarianism?

4284e No.209932

Of course not, I don't want to get vanned

fec18 No.209934

Yes, I am testing if there is an upper limit to the weapons a US citizen can/should have.

4f281 No.209936

Yes so long as it's confined to defense. However, to legally overstep one's boundaries and expose outsiders to harm would result in consequences. Therefore, it would be rather pointless to use.

4284e No.209937

With sufficient discretion, no there's no limit. Legally, yes there is a limit

fec18 No.209938

Good answer, the response should be proportionate to the threat. But what about the occasional whacko or an hero that would have go on a shooting spree, instead goes on a nuke spree or a biological attack spree. As technology advances it bring power to the individual of all types. And there are always the few who want to attack as many as they can. Is there a point where the reach of tech is beyond the lowest of citizens capacity to handle responsibly?

4284e No.209940

Well now you're just arguing for argument's sake Xp

e8a87 No.209941

You need to know when the time to act is, and when the time for patience is.
Standing alone may be both brave and honorable, but it comes at the cost of being struck down alone, which in this day and age means having your life destroyed, not taken. And you aren't even seen as a martyr, someone who took a risk, and made a sacrifice for what they believed in. Just another werido with a backwards, extremist, or at least not politically correct view point. Enough people step too far out of line at the wrong time, and those they wish to oppose will have a virtually limitless supply of examples for everyone else, to show them what stepping that far out of line earns you.
No, you must wait until there are others willing to take a stand with you. Then you will have a chance at what you hope to achieve being realized.
But..those who stood alone before may serve a purpose as well. They may inspire others, path the way for change.
Yes, I'm ripping of Sun Tzu. Tzu me.

fec18 No.209942

What is a chan?

e8a87 No.209943

>path the way

5876c No.209944

According to Geneva no

11a21 No.209945

How expensive are these weapons you have expressed objections to procuring?
Are these 'whackos' and 'an heroes' able to foot the bill of such weapons?
Do the personality types of such 'whackos' and 'an heroes' lend itself to operating such weapons, and not simply going for the cheapest and most accessible option available (firearms)?
Where is this fear of the individual gaining so much power coming from?

4f281 No.209946

Also, if the weapons are clearly meant to be used to attack someone else, then the public would have the right to put an end to it. It is the same way if a Muslim camp is training people to wage jihad.

fec18 No.209947

>How expensive are these weapons you have expressed objections to procuring?
They accidentally hit the big time and now they have a plan to save the white race.

>Are these 'whackos' and 'an heroes' able to foot the bill of such weapons?

See above.

Do the personality types of such 'whackos' and 'an heroes' lend itself to operating such weapons, and not simply going for the cheapest and most accessible option available (firearms)?
See above. Also the new MKII Home Personal Bio-Wepon System from ACME Industries now have the one button, user friendly activation system(TM pending).

Where is this fear of the individual gaining so much power coming from?
Techo-fear. At some point we all will end up with massive force capability because of technology becoming cheaper and more powerful.

>Do-it-yourself CRISPR genome editing kits bring genetic engineering to your kitchen bench


And we haven't even got to grey goo nanotech yet.

11a21 No.209948

>They accidentally hit the big time and now they have a plan to save the white race.
Weak speculation. Not a counterpoint.
>Techo-fear. At some point we all will end up with massive force capability because of technology becoming cheaper and more powerful.
Which will be counterbalanced by all opposing parties obtaining similar technology. Remaining relevant = remaining competitive.
Irrelevant to the discussion. Demonstrate otherwise.

fec18 No.209949

>Weak speculation. Not a counterpoint.
How can I factually know a future price?

>Which will be counterbalanced by all opposing parties obtaining similar technology. Remaining relevant = remaining competitive.

Arms race is good.

>Irrelevant to the discussion. Demonstrate otherwise.

Once demonstration of how tech will become cheap and into the hands of individuals as time progresses. It only takes one person to make a run away effect and then its zombies! Zombies everywhere!!

fec18 No.209950

fec18 No.209951

Citizens should not have the right to keep and bear zombies. Also zombies should be able to vote.

4284e No.209952

Where in that do you see "chan"?

11a21 No.209953

None of my counterpoints are addressed. Try again.
If you cannot counter my points, it is perfectly acceptable to admit you were wrong. Swallow your pride and move on.

5876c No.209954

File: 1552279402787.jpg (46.44 KB, 340x565, ___.jpg)

fec18 No.209955

What was the point again? My neighbor's zombie keeps distracting me.

fec18 No.209956

That's enough of that kind of language from you little girl. Didn't your parents raise you to be polite? Where are your parents anyway?

4284e No.209957

>ITT Vril fishes for (you)s

fec18 No.209959

File: 1552279982997-0.png (143.31 KB, 870x1024, (you2).png)

File: 1552279982997-1.jpg (367.59 KB, 1280x959, hq.jpg)

I love it when you say my name. Say it again, I'm close…

11a21 No.209960

Seems to be all he's good for these days.

0acce No.210197

Sure thing!
*clears throat*

5876c No.210204

So Jason Redpill me on the lore. who is HcLegend?

8b498 No.210266

0acce No.210280

File: 1552409360319.png (704.22 KB, 1402x1227, British Beef VS Virgin Dra….png)

Are you sure? It's long and pretty boring, but here we go.
Once upon a time, there was a gay redditor named hclegend.
He had many (((cringe culture))) raider friends that raided with him and downvoted posts he didn't like on Fimfic.net and assorted MLP subreddits.
Do you not like Starlight Glimmer and FIM's inferior new episodes? You're not allowed to not like these things, according to hc and his friends.
Do you think it's stupid that Twilight lost multiple magic fights to Glimmer in a row without changing her approach or spells used?
>Fuck you, nitpicker.
Do you think it's stupid that Glimmer randomly went from a sneaky manipulator weaker than Twilight who only wins when getting in lucky cheap shots… To a time-bending flying god that can never be hit and will never run out of stamina and will never lose?
>Fuck you, I don't even know what "I'm getting vietnam flashbacks to my days as a child on Naruto roleplaying forums" means.
Do you think Quibble Pants is a stupid name no parent would give to a foal?
>It is simultaneously a perfect pony name and an insult that fits you perfectly, you fucking complainer.
He was pretty dumb.
He isn't even good at lying.
At one point, he goes around reddit, stalking me and downvoting everything I say, insulting me in replies to my posts.
I say something on an Undertale sub, some low-effort oc post for karma (At the time, I wanted to get my score to a certain number and then delete my account), and hclegend reveals himself and insults me in the replies. I complain, admins say it's perfectly reasonable that he'd show up here and go right to insulting me with "Ugh, YOU'RE here" posts instead of discussing undertale.
Meh, I move on.
I ask an old person's subreddit, r/askoldpeople, if they've ever pissed someone off and forgotten about it later, only to learn what was only tuesday for you was that guy's whole world.
I don't know what I expect, but it's not this.
In the comments, hclegend breaks cover again and says "I don't know, but whatever you did must have been pretty shitty!"
The "Pretty shitty" thing was me saying I don't like Starlight Glimmer or the crappy season 6 episodes that made me stop regularly watching the show, by the way.
Anyway, that was that for a while. Hclegend's a gay irrelevant idiot, and I continue to live my life. Fimfic.net is highschool as fuck, so I'm eventually banned from it when I report a raid of around 14 idiots attacking me on a Twilight Sparkle fangroup's forum. Or was it a shipping fangroup's forum? The question I asked was either "How do I write romance with Twilight well?" or "What are your favourite Twilight romance fics?", nothing that should trigger the easily triggered.
He's in the raid, as one of the screaming preschool voices calling me a mega big gay dummy.
Anyway, on April Fool's, I find /mlpol/ and rediscover my love for the greatest eps of FIM alongside new users discovering FIM's best episodes for the first time.
Then I come here.
I have a great time here. It's slow, sure, but it's high-quality and free from the constant baity BLACKEDposters on /pol/.
Unfortunately, the /mlp/ equivalent of those idiots are infiltrating somewhere else.

0acce No.210281

>Part 2/2

When this site's just starting out, I join the site's "Official" discord. Then I'm berated and muted for saying I don't like Starlight Glimmer in said discord. I leave the group in response to being muted and berated by admins tone-policing me, and on this site, I complain about the "Glimmern*s" who've taken over the discord server. (I'm Christian now so I'm trying to swear less, though I'm not that good at it)
They dox me for this, and then proceed to raid this board for many, many months.
Eventually the staff bans the act of "Posting Glimmer as a triggering agent", which is one way to put their conversation-ruining strategy.
Basically, the Glimmer idiot strategy has three steps:
>interrupt any discussion on MLP of your choice, even if it's unrelated to Glimmer
>wrap yourself up in 50 layers of irony and say the dumbest shit you can think of for attention: that Starlight Glimmer is the bestest ever with cute hooves and a pwetty mane and a lovely personality and thighs you want choking you uwu
>forget the irony, get unironically mad when criticized or asked to fuck off and stop interrupting whatever discussion was happening before you arrived. Claim nuFIM is perfect, oldFIM is shit, critics are toxic poorly-behaved unreasonable toxictoxic toxictoxic fans, and anyone who doesn't love nuFIM enough has unreasonably high nitpicky standards because plot holes and bad writing are more acceptable than old good writing, supposedly.
>get unironically mad when called out, type laughter, swear that anyone who finds your disruptive behaviour annoying just hates Glimmer too much, and doesn't actually find you annoying.
Glimmer fantards are like the obnoxious The Force Awakens/Last Jedi fans. The ones that insist that you AREN'T ALLOWED to find ANY fault with the new movies, and AREN'T ALLOWED to prefer the old non-sjw films. The ones that say critics are horrible people who "Reduce the amount of enjoyment in the world", the ones who say plot holes don't matter and you should turn your brain off, the ones who say everything you objectively point out is just an opinion which means it's wrong, everything they say is a fact unless they say it's an opinion which means it can't be critiqued, and you having beliefs means you can't tell the difference between subjective or objective.
These new idiots are the infiltrators, and they're angry at people who were already here for seeming like badly-behaved fans. After all, "Fans" these days should blindly consume and circlejerk, and discuss nothing critically. In their minds, at least.
However, at least TFA/TLJ fans don't feel the need to wrap themselves in the "Muh irony" excuse.
See: https://archive.is/CX3RJ
Anyway, hclegend is the only Glimmer fan who didn't eventually get bored with this.
He'll still be seen here and there, posting a pic where my OC's face is badly MS Paint copypasted into Sonichu comics or some of the gay porn on his hard drive.
Sometimes he posts an edited screenshot of a discord post where one of the site's moderators says some gay shit like "It's my fantasy to tie Nigel up and feed him my semen and dress him in girly clothes uwu".
Sometimes he calls me Nigel, as an attempt to conflate me with that loser on 4chan's /v/ board who'll be seen yelling something like "This is your mindset, ponyfags!" with a screenshot of the hub's show schedule whenever someone posts a pic that's also on Derpibooru. I hear that loser has a bot set up to alert him when a pic like that is posted. Anyway, Nigel hates MLP because he views it as childish and is still in that "Thirteen year old kid who swears he's a teenager, hates Barney, sings corrupted songs about how much he hates Barney, and loves edgy teenager shit like Elfen Lied" phase.
When he wants to seem cool, he'll switch his cuck German flag out for a "Vril Society" flag and try to seem wise by bullshitting people about "Eternal cycles" and "The cycles in life" and how his constant "omg guys look im so cool i know about the weak men create shit times and shit times create strong men cycle" posts are brilliant and necessary because if he makes enough of them the true secrets of the universe's cycle will be revealed and the future will be revealed.
Anyone else think it's funny how his "Cool dude" persona is an embarassingly dense airhead who wants to seem smart? The kind of dude who thinks references to sci-fi popscience shows makes him smart?
He's an eternal redditor, and his idea of what a cool dude acts and sounds like… Is a fraudulent Rick and Morty r/sciencelovingatheists poster.
So… Yeah, that's hclegend. A somewhat-annoying and incredibly persistent fly you can ignore, because he's nowhere near as smart or dangerous or skilled at trolling as he thinks he is. And without the summoned-on-command Glimposter raider army, he's nothing. He's still nothing without them, there'd just be more losers like him here if he called them here.

8b498 No.210283

File: 1552411556134-0.mp4 (1.06 MB, 634x360, most_insanely_idiotic_.mp4)

File: 1552411556134-1.mp4 (93.21 KB, 640x360, Dsp quote - Are you a func….mp4)

53e09 No.210361

Let's see, i don't like Starlight Glimmer, S6 and on it's totally inferior to the older seasons for me, vastly because Glimmer has been written as a black hole sue.

0acce No.210431

I know, right? Glimmer wouldn't be anywhere near this obnoxious if other characters were ALLOWED to detest her on-screen and insult her or grow visibly tired of her bullshit, but this never happens.
There's a reason why people love the moments in TTG where others mock how shit that show's Teen Titans are.
Glimmer and her pet foil Trixie sometimes complain about how "Some people" (In the audience) have not yet "Gotten over" the evils she committed, but that just makes it more annoying. It makes these characters look whiny and dishonest and entitled, as if they expect to be forgiven for these things they're already forgiven for in-universe.
It's fucking retarded that Ponyville canonically treats Starlight Glimmer better than it treats Fluttershy.
You know what else is stupid? It's stupid trhat Starlight Glimmer was explicitly stated to be weaker than Twilight in the "Starlight the Commie" episodes, but Glimmer somehow became irrationally powerful, limitless, and full of infinite stamina and mana when in her "Starlight the Time-Breaker" episodes.
Also in that episode, Twilight "Took town and got rid of an Ursa Minor without any truly offensive magic" Sparkle mindlessly restricts herself to DBZ energy blasts in each fights. Actually, come to think of it, even DBZ and Super has some level of creativity/tactics in fights. Sure, it's just characters mixing lasers and big balls with *Teleports behind you* and martial arts when not showing off samey ki tricks, but that's still more tactics than Twilight had when she threw herself against Glimmer multiple times in a day, learning nothing from each encounter.
Anyone else remember when Twilight was a one-of-a-kind magical prodigy who could copy any spell after seeing it done once?
If time resets every time that timewarp spell is used, and Starlight Glimmer comes back every time the timewarp spell is used, what happens when Twilight dedicates one timeline to damaging/weakening Glimmer in some way(Mana Drain on a pony busy lasering filly RD out of the sky?), reverses time, and easily takes an exhausted Glimmer down without letting the Pegasi see them?
Option two, the less nice option, has Twilight starve Glimmer to death by resetting time over and over. Like repeating the first six seconds of a song over and over until your captive gets hungry, and then continuing until your captive is too exhausted to do anything but helplessly fall to the ground when time-portalled back with you.
Though Twilight would catch the helpless Glimmer and take her back home, she'd make sure the mare wakes up in an anti-magic prison and/or use one of the redemption spells she wanted to use on Discord. Glimmer's evil comes from a spiteful, petty and triggered place where she feels entitled to do and say what she wants, treat others how she wants, and get treated how she wants. A spell to give her a normal pony's understanding of personal responsibility and morality would be easy. Just copypaste the existing moral code from your nearest moral friend of choice.

0acce No.210434

And these (Exploit the resets/time Glimmer out) are the comparatively moral ideas.
To name one questionable one…
Let Adult Glimmer ruin the timeline, teleport to filly Glimmer's youth and teleport her to Celestia before yelling "Raise this mare to be more of a hero than she was in my timeline! Make sure she survives, doesn't hate Cutie Marks, and turns out good no matter what!".
When time jumps forward, Twilight befriends this universe's Glimmer and takes her soul with her upon reusing the time spell.
Twilight then shoves good Glimmer's soul into evil Glimmer's soul. While they're internally fighting and their body is slapping itself, Twilight turns Glimmer to stone. Glimmer's not turned back until the evil soul is extracted and put in an incredibly heavy stone ball. Good Glimmer now exists in the main MLP timeline. Bad Glimmer hates being embedded into a cobblestone in Celestia's Castle's dungeon.

4284e No.210436

Way to dump your garbage opinion all over the garbage thread Niggel. At least you've made that progress, rather than somewhere else.

63f13 No.210454

File: 1552452350005.png (538.11 KB, 1280x720, large (3).png)

My work here is done!

63f13 No.210455

Yeah, you should be happy tho, focus seems to be returning to the mane six this last season.

0acce No.210509

I hope so. What do you think will be the finale?
>celestia ascends to godhood, leaving twilight to be the new Celestia while Glimmer and the shit new OCs become the new mane six
>the elements of harmony vanish and then come back
>the elements of harmony become something conceptual any pony can call on
>Glimmer saves Equestria
>Glimmer saves Equestria times infinity, see Clara jumping into Dr Who's timestream
>mediocre clip show where pinkie or everypony breaks the fourth wall to thank the audience for loving this show. Episode is hijacked by showruiners- I mean showrunners and turned into an episode that thanks the NPC fans who shut down show criticism.

4f281 No.210510

Nice anime plot.

0acce No.210526

I was offering different finale ideas.

30712 No.210529

Yeah, the young six seems to remain a focus there, i wonder what's the point of it, there are no young six toys whatsoever.
I dunno, maybe Glimmer can go to the Human world and prove to be vastly superior to everyone there even without magic by saving everyone's asses! Oh fuck, it already happened.

4284e No.210548

You wouldn't have time to come up with a list of shit possible ideas about where the final season's finale will go if you found something productive to spend your time on. Git gud fgt.

0acce No.210663

You kidding me? I came up with those as I typed them in a discussion on her a few months back. I still remember the most of ideas I had.
There was one idea where Twilight reverses time and then threatens to destroy the time-reversing scroll thingy, either somehow erasing everything it was used to do because plot or, more sensically, trapping Future Princess Twilight and Future Glimmer in the filly RD era. A Twilight who isn't having her intelligence sapped due to her proximity to Black Hole Sue could easily figure out how to make magic illusions of voices that motivate Rainbow Dash into doing the Sonic Rainboom. After the fact, she'd just think "Lol that was so weird, it was like I heard my parents and celestia and a ton of other ponies cheering me on. I must have really really wanted to go fast". Hell, Twi could just teleport in front of RD and scream "DO THE SONIC RAINBOOM! I'M YOUR BEST FRIEND FROM THE FUTURE, YOUR PARENTS AND FLUTTERSHY AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS DIE IF YOU DON'T DO THE SONIC RAINBOOM YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO RIGHT NOW!".
Hclegend, your posting style would be harder to smell from a mile away if you weren't so juvenile. "It's poopy shit! You're dumping cringy icky yucky poopy garbage here!" Is the kind of shit you hear from SJWs when they say complain about critics "Posting here with their shitty opinions like the shitty shitty shitty people they are".
Lol, good one. I still can't believe the show squandered "Shimmer goes to Equestria" and threw away all of the "Shimmer apologizes to Celestia, and apologizes. Or sees her old family, and reconnects with them. Or does these things and then walks down memory lane and remembers all the nice pony shit she loved, then shit hits the fan in human world and she's needed there, so she puts her memories in the past for the sake of her responsibilities" writing they COULD have done, SOLELY for the sake of terrible "Wow, Shimmer is a former bad guy just like Glimmer! Wow!" pandering.
And you know what else bugs me about Glimmer? None of her feats are impressive.
This is a character who was designed to be a faulty argument against Equestria, Harmony, Hierarchy, and Competition. And then some fag fell in love with her and made her into his dream waifu, a "Better" Sunset Shimmer knockoff whose parents baby him for being a big fucking baby who killed a once-wonderful show for the sake of his own ego. Someone who gets to be manipulative and abusive towards others and is always forgiven. Someone who's always right, and even whines at the audience for not just forgiving him for his misdeeds and personality already. Yes, this loser's idea of a "Perfect waifu" is literally just his own pathetic personality given "Writer's Pet, No Limits, Immune to criticism, and above real consequences" status and superimposed on a big power level and an existing character who used to be more than this.
Glimmer's faggy fans only like her because they love the fantasy that they can go to pony world, act like Glimmer, have a nonsensical Displaced-style power level, and get treated like her by all le cute poners.
Reading Twilight and stealing her Cutie Mark was impressive when it was just a hard read, because one spell she'd already been established to have arguably hurt her more than any villain before her had. But from that episode on, she stopped being even remotely cool. Whenever she just happens to be strong enough to beat dumbed-down Twilight ten times a day, or crash the timeline with no survivors, or banish Discord instantly without elements, or brainwash and fucking Code Geass five members of the main six with no save, it doesn't feel like an impressive feat.
It feels like…
You know how there are good moments in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fight scenes, where someone wins a battle by using a power creatively? Like Josuke using his blood, and his blood that's already on a bad guy, to make a flicked glass bullet home in on a foe he can't see. Or Jotaro stopping time, grabbing some wood, and igniting it through friction as soon as time resumes.
And then there are the stupid scenes, where lucky bullshit bails someone out or someone just pulls a new superpower out of their asses to win. Imagine Jotaro fighting a vampire stand and beating it by using "Star Kneecap", a new move where he launches his kneecap into the air and it becomes a sun.
All of Sue Glimmer's feats feel like that. They feel like bullshit moments that only exist because someone really wanted Glimmer to seem cool, logic be damned.
Twilight beating an Ursa Minor is impressive.
How Edward Elric beat Greed (Fucking CARBON, YO) is impressive.
When Glimmer just swaps the Cutie Marks of the main Princesses and magically "Mixes spells" to make whatever she wants to happen happen, it isn't impressive. You're left rolling your eyes and groaning out "Well, I guess she can do that now, too" unless your brain is already permanently turned off.

d17fd No.210665

File: 1552555047763.png (199.99 KB, 640x1040, Glimmernigel memeball.png)

53e09 No.210726

File: 1552592226952.png (382.99 KB, 1280x714, Adagio_Dazzle_not_amused_E….png)

Yeah, i used to like Glimmer at her first appearance and thought that she could have refreshed the show entirely, because i got the spoiler that she would redeem, but the show itself started going down in quality and that got the character screwed.
You can clearly see the issues, at S5 finale she goes to her old village, but it becomes a theme once again in S6 finale.
(You) really fucked up with this >>210665 tho.

2d803 No.211039

The one or two crazies still butthurt about me not liking Glimmyglam 3-4 years after her introduction can project on me if they want, I stopped caring about what they say that long ago anyway.
You know what's annoying? A cynical "Realistic" asshole could be the PERFECT THING to make the show's "Remember when this show was about six friends? Fuck that, now it's about six ponies who fly over the world to tell random people how to fix their problems!" premise interesting.
Imagine a non-shit Glimmer learning morality, struggling to be good, and then noticing the contradictions and inefficiencies in the Mane Six's ways of doing things and solving problems. Imagine the ponies struggling to fix an IRL adult problem only the outsider's perspective of Glimmer can fix.
Instead, the show decides Glimmer should be the one to teach Twilight and pals friendship lessons while also being an awful pony, and then Hasbro decides to bury their mistake under the weight of a new mane six.

30712 No.211387

File: 1552705180621.jpeg (134.56 KB, 433x537, 1551546309161.jpeg)

Yeah, they could have done it way better, saddly there's nothing we can do at this point, the series about to end.
I also expected at some point a story that involved an EQG special and a two-parter from the main series, i think would've been cool.

d42f0 No.211498

It's fascinating how EQG started off shit, got an excellent sequel that redeemed the concept and heroine, and then it got a less-good sequel that added Sci-Twi, and…
The two characters are trapped in an infinite loop. Sunset's become an amazing protagonist, but she wants to hand that role over to Sci-Twi, who isn't the real Twilight and isn't ready to become the protagonist. Everything that makes her a unique individual is something that makes her a better support character and worse protagonist.
The only way forward is for Sci-Twi to discover who she truly is, get magic tech powers instead of glittery princess powers, that sort of thing.

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