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File: 1539912868674.png (153.19 KB, 640x360, 1713187__safe_screencap_ra….png)

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The other one hit the bump limit a long while ago, so let's do this again. Same as before: ITT post anything off-topic that doesn't need its own thread.
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File: 1562089265028.jpg (29.58 KB, 960x624, _Are you threatening me.jpg)

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File: 1562159026861.jpg (50.67 KB, 600x423, 8hqe4gqwwt731.jpg)

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File: 1562191835610.jpg (21.4 KB, 237x255, 1539868851468.jpg)


Extra Credits makes a really woke video.

Damnit all they are infected. Fucking hell.
The community backlash is huge for their contract, but damn these feels.

bd9a8 No.229280

>The community backlash is huge for their content, but damn these feels.

bc05d No.229282


i had these people on my youtube blocklist since gamergate

fec18 No.229348

File: 1562246684713.jpg (92.79 KB, 960x822, ebj7ld.jpg)

409a3 No.229358

>implying this is any loss
Extra Credits was already a shit channel, this just means I have another reason to call them shit.

Still, nice to see that there's community backlash. At least there's some sanity left in the world.

5d503 No.229489

8chan's /pol/ is completely fucked. I'm not sure if it used to be this bad, but it's almost nothing but weird LARP threads with people posting walls of text about how they believe there's gonna be a terrorist attack on the 4th as everyone unironically goes along with it while going on about how the end is near. And then the date passes and it turns out that OP was full of shit so everyone immediately runs off to the new person that has "insider information" on a new happening that is a blatant fantasy.

bccc2 No.229670

File: 1562379307750.png (192.49 KB, 465x537, 1491063524902.png)

That is why we have folders with plenty of horsepussy waiting for them.

29af8 No.229701

File: 1562396757765.mp4 (1.37 MB, 640x360, Antifa Youre Not Gonna Hit….mp4)

Antifa: You're Not Gonna Hit Me.

fec18 No.229880

>"All in favor of motion to rename the San Andreas fault to Trump's fault say I"

911a8 No.230352

File: 1562756396306.mp4 (5.92 MB, 854x480, The 12 Signs of the Alt-Ri….mp4)

The 12 Signs of the Alt-Right.

96d63 No.230676

File: 1562926072191.webm (19.06 MB, 1280x720, From THOTs to Burqas.webm)

>From THOTs to Burqas.
One way or another they are going back to the kitchen, or perhaps the baby farm.

fae07 No.230746

An acoustic guitar is a pointless weapon. Any real force it will break and tangle itself up. I expect this is pure fakery.

5d503 No.230805

I hope Discord allows people to edit server appearances so 2000s era blogs/forums make a sudden reappearance with all the servers that look like clown vomit and poorly edited hair metal band sites.

29774 No.230812

Discord isn't anonymous though. It's a poor replacement for chansites.

5d503 No.230818

I don't want it to become the replacement for all forums, I just want it to unintentionally bring back the 90s internet aesthetic.

90a5e No.230831

Discord = honeypot

fae07 No.230870

Wiki has some tier level cunts who refuse any kind of change to pages. However I have noticed that profiles of high level civil servants in the UK do not seem to have such vociferous attendance. Anyone wishing to enjoy a little playing will find edits left alone. I am sure civil servants in other coutries would also good word.play.grounds.

4b093 No.230888

File: 1563107027072.mp4 (9.18 MB, 640x480, Racism is natural.mp4)

Racism is natural and healthy.

4b093 No.230889

File: 1563107149191.png (252.11 KB, 840x715, checkem.png)

And please check my numbers!

e6222 No.230891

Culture matters more than aesthetics, and every major Discord server has kicked me off for being even mildly edgy. Moderators are usually a bunch of Jew-lovers.

409a3 No.230892

You have good hoers. Checked.

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fec18 No.230913

File: 1563138983313-0.jpg (91.46 KB, 640x853, 595r6x64faa31.jpg)

File: 1563138983313-1.jpeg (65.46 KB, 600x432, Screen-Shot-2019-07-14-at….jpeg)

File: 1563138983313-2.png (582.52 KB, 1921x951, FireShot Capture 003 - Ang….png)

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File: 1563206811766-0.jpg (220.13 KB, 1200x1012, joe-biden-border.jpg)

File: 1563206811766-1.jpg (33.66 KB, 556x439, FNN.jpg)

File: 1563206811766-2.jpg (56.38 KB, 540x412, 1_1_1r_psfa0kK9Km1qzm7u9o1….jpg)

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File: 1563217164234.jpg (45.53 KB, 392x616, D581AawWkAEyLuC.jpg:small.jpg)

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File: 1563241837771-0.png (788.41 KB, 928x2245, negresscries.png)

File: 1563241837772-1.jpg (38.4 KB, 720x540, truth is hate.jpg)

>'Racist Disgrace': Susan Rice Slams Chinese Diplomat Who Says Black Families Ruin White Neighborhoods

fae07 No.231112

This will be quite dry for those who like a quick.shifty.splurge type of life but it does indicate how the UK establishment are moving forward with internet privacy and freedoms. Luckily democracy is slow and what is considered now could be five years away for ordinary people. These people are lords and ladies so un-elected and as such of higher inteligence than your standard plebs.

96d63 No.231113

File: 1563274018473.jpg (29.2 KB, 720x600, You better click that shit….jpg)

fae07 No.231114

May I suggest that there is not possible way I can provide a link that would satisfy Thomas although it might be Percy. Those dull.ards who can no protect themselves should just leave my links alone but those with primary level skills will be perfectly safe. Even Ringo would be safe.

96d63 No.231115

File: 1563274609029.jpg (209.11 KB, 1600x900, resistance.jpg)

Link belongs and it's managed by the UK government.

fae07 No.231116

Not true. The link is run by the BBC or at least is a legacy of the BBC. Although I trust a bunch of thieving landowners much more than the BBC.
As said those who like to remain ignorant and wank over re.gurge can. Those who have some level of wanting to inform themesleves can do so.

6b428 No.231299

I guess this had to happen:
Actual spoiler: It's a shitpost.

0c077 No.231320

File: 1563346632965.mp4 (47.7 MB, 1280x720, Der Übermensch.mp4)

Der Übermensch.

fec18 No.231719

File: 1563514874795.png (623.33 KB, 1002x994, d0af8374d45e672655b71ca365….png)

fec18 No.231875

File: 1563572886707.png (668.49 KB, 676x917, 10316fea961845907017fc2d1e….png)

fec18 No.231876

File: 1563573129759.jpg (36.35 KB, 460x474, 8fe9e3825965f8edd84725a824….jpg)

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File: 1563592149675.jpg (16.31 KB, 255x254, 0c42143838bf574f68bddcb11c….jpg)

fec18 No.231916

File: 1563593201206.jpeg (59.39 KB, 798x645, a9d9bc7090902521c0724e3ac….jpeg)

96d63 No.232029

File: 1563656021890.mp4 (1.64 MB, 270x480, Don't Touch The Horses.mp4)

Don't touch me.

fec18 No.232042

File: 1563661391452.jpg (67.31 KB, 640x966, nnic3wr5cqa31.jpg)

fec18 No.232087

File: 1563679101164.gif (352.48 KB, 600x450, fluttershy-laugh.gif)

Michael Avenatti holds a press conference… all by himself.

fec18 No.232100

File: 1563693319389.jpg (60.84 KB, 640x773, nlmq2yvh4fy21.jpg)

fec18 No.232101

File: 1563693618787.png (665.75 KB, 600x1958, 6nymbj27qdx21.png)

67c96 No.232102

the democrats are melting down from in fighting before 2020.

fec18 No.232210

4df24 No.232287

File: 1563823481651.png (323.45 KB, 821x752, 1552628820286.png)

Good shit from 7:23 and on.


fec18 No.232330

3916f No.232331

File: 1563852439870.png (173.48 KB, 732x765, canvas.png)

At 8:53 the video mentions:
"So You're About To Become A Minority" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TMrJDHu_TU
Which is about to mock Whites for White Genocide. I downloaded it and is already archived to document their crimes.

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