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Anonfilly Thread - Howdy Edition
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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>292891 →
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anonfilly - upset angel.png

anon and filly sharing lunch.png

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Anonfilly would be the perfect VTuber, think about it
>a cute with high-pitched voice
>mature sense of humor, understands fans
>loves vidya
>no one would be angry if some wizard turned out to be the little filly, because that's the whole point

Only problem is finding a streaming platform where you can say "faggot" whenever you want.
If only gab.ai had a twitch-knockoff.
Or maybe if OBS had the option to bypass twitch and directly upload a stream other fans with OBS can tune into
OBS does have that option though
You need a someplace to stream it to IE a server (you can make your own, or any of the live stream sites) to distribute the content.
>Anonfilly plays herself as a little filly avatar
322603 322617 322618
It's nice to be back on this site, despite life circumstances. I'll write some stuff before I go to sleep. Can't promise I'll be here after this post for a day or two; library is closed, don't have much money left to order and loiter at a McD, and I am preparing for some really tough times.

>a swirl of voices fills your ears, but around you is complete blackness
>you try to focus your ears to understand them, and immediately regret it
>"You're how old? Jesus christ man, get ahold of yourself."
>"Do a flip already. Nobody wants to hear it."
>"Anon, have you considered accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior? You know that redemption isn't in your control."
>"OP can't get enough of the taste of cock tonight. Sage in all fields."
>Welcome to filly space. You've been here for as long as you can remember.
>you awaken in the inner sanctum you were granted by the purple one
>the castle bedroom is not overly posh, but certainly well furnished; your room is well kept only because your domineering foster-mother pushes you to pick up after yourself
>you roll out of bed and immediately get to making it, taking care to fluff up the pillow and flip it over
>your daily rituals are a quick and painless measure, after so many years of being the filly
>by the time you finish brushing, bathing, and generally preparing for the day ahead of you, right on cue, purplecunt knocks at your door
>...and then immediately opens it, defeating the purpose of the courtesy knock
>you fucking horse...
>"Good morning, Anon! I see you've already prettied yourself up before 8. You're doing a great job."
"It's whatever. Didn't like getting knots in my hair anyway..."
>"Anyways, I wanted to let you know that that Germane filly you like to chat with so much stopped by. She was kind enough to offer a batch of sweets for you, if you'd like to have some before you go out today."
>you nod eagerly, quickly following her out of your room and toward the Royal Dinner Table(TM) for orange juice and whole-grain cereal
>since becoming the filly, everything tastes so wonderful, even the things that you take for granted tasting bland or unappetizing like plain rice, grains, and crackers
>but like all things, breakfast has to end eventually; you wouldn't want to mess up your figure anyway
>as they say, a second on the lips, forever on the hips
>something doesn't seem right about that thought
>you shake your head slightly after a moment, just in time to see a doggy bag with four caramel-chocolate stroopwafels inside placed in front of you
>"Well, Anon, I'll let you run along now. Stay safe out there, and make sure to share your sweets with your friends!"

>you nibble on one 'wafel as you exit the outskirts of Ponyville and start walking the streets
>you make your way to the Hoofler residence pretty quickly, and approach the front door just in time for the pony in question to peek out her window and spot you
>"Ah! Guten morgen, meine freund! I was hoping to see you!"
"Well, obviously I was gonna come by and thank you for the stroopwafels at the very least."
>she gives the most heart-melting smile, her baby blue eyes shining with a wholesome energy you can't help but smile back at
>"Ja, I suppose you are right, Anon. But du hast nicht need to come by so soon!"
"No, no, really. It's alright. I wanted to get out anyway. Gotta get my exercise! At least that's what purplesmart keeps telling me."
>her tittering laugh is music to your ears
>the sun reaches the perfect height to allow both a gentle chill in the air and a soothing warmth in the light
>in this moment you are euphoric, and this time, at least in part, you can thank a god (or goddess) for that
>thanks, sunbutt.
>maybe next time Twiggles invites her over, you could banter around a bit with her again...

>you feel sunlight hitting your eyes
>every part of you aches
>you reach up to rub your eyes and prepare them to open; the crust is thick and scratches the skin around your eyesockets
>as you open your eyes, you are greeted with pale grey fabric
>no more than two feet above your face is the ceiling
>to your left, gently pressing against your thigh, is your door
>just above your legs, a wheel
>and in the passenger seat, a handle of orange Jack Daniel's
>the air inside your car is humid, yet also suffocating due to the greenhouse effect
>the temperature is just above 80 degrees and it's only just past sunrise
>outside your car is an asphalt parking lot
>Wal-Mart never really gave much of a shit about people parking overnight, and with overnight surveillance you were less likely to get mugged
>your stomach aches, so you quickly get your socks and shoes on, and reach into your trunk for food
>pretzels, peanut butter, granola, ramen...
>fuck it, you'll have the pretzels this time
>you reach into your cooler, pulling out a can of diet soda and cracking it open
>you sit back in the car, eating your "breakfast" and driving toward the local gym for your daily shower
>today is Monday, and you want to be prepared for any possible job interviews
>even if you're wearing these jeans and this grey shirt for the third day in a row
>today's the day, right?
322617 322619
I was gonna come up with more but, between life circumstances and not wanting to completely ruin this thread, I'll just keep it to myself..you fillies stay safe. I can't promise the same.
I'm sorry Anon, I hope things get better for you soon. It was a good green, I'm sorry I didn't read it sooner but I'm so damn busy with school these days... it feels like the entire fucking world has gone mad. I miss the days when I would just hop on here and write greens and people would read them and cheer me on despite the fact that I kinda sucked... it was a lot simpler.
Never know when a faggot of herd of fillies might attack.
>Spoopy scary skellington
>Your a filly but just the bones
322674 322823
overthinking little.jpg
Maybe another time...I'd recommend some other filly flesh out the Omori ripoff concept green instead. I don't feel like doing much more than lingering at the gym until my interview. Wish me luck that I can stay at a McDonald's for more than two weeks before I have break and just....shut down again.
Good luck Anon. I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say I'm rooting for you. Stick it to the semites.
GL Anon, I hope you come out of this on the other side better than you went in! If not... well, we'll be waiting here for you all the same.

322902 322904 322906
>Which FillyAnon would you choose if you had to sexually ravage at least one once a week due to excruciating circumstances that end in 'or else'?
Aren't they all the same man?
Definitely not the brit, I'd rather fuck someone who doesn't ask stupid questions.
I'm no necrophile, sorry.
322925 322986

g2zn-hhe, my little pony - anonfilly - looking backward and happy.jpg
>ywn use a plump filly booty as a pillow
why live?
>Make the change you want to see in the world.
Whelp time to increase colorful friendship pones into 2D and 3D.

>the cow
Mean filly.
323151 323154
I won't continue this. Just wrote it be happenstance.
>Be filly.
>You small green hooves sink passed the small layer of water into the mud below.
>You twist and turn with your head.
>The machette in your mouth hacks and slashes the wall of straws in your way.
>As you move, you shake off some of the mosquitoes that are trying to find a way in through the net over your body.
>They flee up into the air right above you and joins that cloud of swirling dots.
>”You're doing great, Anon! Just continue cut away at it,” the words of encouragement comes from behind you.
>You glance back towards the voice's owner, even though you don't need to because you already know who it belongs to.
>You find the brown mare with a black and grey mane that is your mom.
>She is a pegasus, she wears a vest and a hard hat that looks like a wide and shallow bowl, and her name is Daring Doo.
>She flashes a confident grin at you for a moment before looking down again at the map and compass she holds in her wing.
>”If I'm not mistaken, we should see the tip of the tempel of Oga-boga-zugzug. A tempel built by the zebras to honour their gods, the gods of liquor and whips; during their productive, we-wus-kangs-zigguha! period.” Daring Pointed with her other wing up and ahead.
>You look towards what your mom is pointing at, sees nothing, and goes back to cleaving straws.
>You continue for a bit more until, your mom speaks up.
>”There it is.” She points with her free wing again. Then she gestures with it for you to come closer. ”You can see the top of it from here.”
>You sheath your blade and walk back to her.
>That's when you see it.
>Above the straws you were just about to clip, you see the round surface of a giant spherical building.
>It's like a globe with smooth surfaces and small dark lines indicating the cracks between the stones holding the building together.
"Suck Arts Online."
>Atop a sky scratching cliff water from the river flows freely in magic-digital reality.
>"Oi, filly, this is a mare's game."
"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't-"
"New Fag."
>"Why you cheeky horseapple!"
>In this massive multiplayer online full experience game is the use of the Suck Arts.
>"Simple Suck!"
>A lewd game...
>Player vs Player, Player vs Environment, Player vs the very game itself
>The new fag never expected a turn about like this.
>The previously light green mare turns red meeting such an end.
>Health is used for special attacks always for this hardcore game.
>"Nmmhn! 'N-noooo not like this!' ..."
>The System automatically boosts the battle lines for better playablity.
>Quality assurance triple checked the enjoyment factor.
"My my you've got guts new fag."
>Clenching with the might of world champion Olympic weight thrower
>Anon The Filly Turned Into A Spin
>The trajectory plotted the ring muscle ready like a frisbee, but -
>The new fag flew off into the distance more aero-dynamically
>"I'll get you SAUNOONMY! IF'S IT'S The-"

>Throwing opponents out as a means of winning the fight is looked fown on as a scummy move.
>But its hilarious.
>You are a hidden administrator for this game, and for that moment nobody and no pony knows besides your fellow developer and Co-Owner of this game.
>Filly Anon.
>The reason for the undercover work (besides the fun and hot poners) is that someone, something, or somepony is tampering with the game.
daring do.gif
Beware what you wish Filly.
Daring Do isn't Purple.
could some kind anon do this >>322785 → from >>322778 → ?
Irl shit has had me really fucking busy, but I couldn't just not write a green for best month.
>It's finally the night.
>You hum the little tune that Dinky sung in that video Greg made ages ago as you carefully remove the pieces of your costume from the bed and put them on one by one.
>You had to make an advance order for Rarity to get it done on time with the seasonal delays and it cost you a few months of allowance, but it was well worth it.
>You smile shyly in the mirror at the filly that greets you; the metal on her cap shining bright in the oil lamplight.
>Her red armband free of even a single speck of dust.
>Her swastikas non-Hortler'd.
>You couldn't afford a P08 back when you were human unfortunately, or it might've come over with you.
>A few things did, your long-dead computer, your small collection of knives, your calculators...
>It was a sad day when your trusty TI-83 finally ran dry her last AAs.
>May she rest in peace.
>But right now, you have houses to search.
>Griffins to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.
>Well, Equestria doesn't have an equivalent for that...
>But you'll make do the best you can.
>The best thing about dressing up as a member of the SS in Equestria is that nopony asks questions or thinks it odd.
>You had to give Twilight a little bit of background on them, you told her that they were military keepers of the peace where you were from.
>If only they could've kept the peace fully...
>You straighten the cap, as it was resting at a 179.5 degree angle, simply unacceptable.
>The night is not just young at this point, if one were to stick with the age metaphor it would likely have severe birth defects for coming out so soon.
>But as all metaphors fall apart under scrutiny, you place your first forehoof out the door and begin to hum a familiar tune as you walk through the festivities that are being assembled.
>Apples being dipped in caramel, cakes being funneled, the cool breeze blowing the sides of your mane about...
>A few mares compliment your costume, and you simply smile at them and nod.
>You know you look aesthetic as fuck, you don't need to be told.
>...but it still feels good.
>"Ooh! Annnon!"
>You trot up to the tannish filly and the two of you give each other your customary greeting, a bit nuzzling.
"I love your Babe Ruth costume! Very accurate."
>She scratches the back of her mane with a hoof.
>"Hey, I owe it to you. You're the one who told me they have baseball back where you came from too, heh."
"Well, I can't take credit for the costume design. Are you sure you don't have some sort of design talent?"
>She takes a look at her unmarked flank and does a sort of shrug as best she can while still keeping all four hooves on the ground (it sorta angles the front half of her body downwards).
>"Your guess it as good as mine... are we going to go hunting around for candy tonight?"
"You bet your flanks we are, just as soon as Twilight gets back from the drycleaners... she has an interesting costume-"
>You nearly fall over as the air in front of you displaces to reveal a purple unicorn, dressed in a black suit with her mane slicked back and a fake mustache affixed above her lip.
"Oh, hi mom. Who are you?"
>"You don't recognize me?"
"Uhh... there are a lot of people with mustaches."
>"Horsefeathers... I was reading through your books and I just had to go as Nikola Tesla!"
>She gives you a big smile and you giggle.
"I see it now, are we all ready?"
>Little League nods, but Twilight vanishes for about ten seconds before re-materializing with a candy receptacle of her own.
>You give her an odd look but she just laughs you off and ruffles your mane.
>You love it when she does that, though you'd never tell her in one million fucking years.
>And without another word, the three of you set off into the approaching night for festivities and treats as far as your freakishly large eyes can see.
Sorry it's a bit short, I have things I need to take care of tonight... in any case I hope you enjoyed a slightly more light-hearted Halloween one-off, I'm prone to writing horror for this month but I just didn't have it in me today and so I decided this was better than nothing. Stay safe out there Anons, I love you fillies (no homo).
QTs spotted
F for 80085ulator pocket cruncher
>10/10 would
want to see Twilight 'PurpleSmart' Sparkle ruffle Filly's mane, even if it's not visible through the stylish hat.
>"Shining Armour, meet Anonymous Filly, your new fiancee. Go on great her," a dark blue unicorn, that were to be your step-father-in-law say.
>A white unicorn colt who is the same height as you, you are still too young for him to look down on you, it won't be long though; walks passed his father up to you.
>"H-hi!" he nervously greets and waves his hoof beforing looking down at the floor.
>You fucking stare that bitch down.
>You are suppose to be a man Celestia dammit!
>Not some filly!
"Hi!" you answer back with an undertone of venom.
>Your mom, Cookie Crumbles, lightly kicks your hoof.
>A horse's slap on the wrist.
>You wince and give her a sour look which is returned even sourer.
>"Nonny, be polite to the colt. One day he'll be your husband," she says.
>You roll your eyes and look back at him.
>You reach out a hoof towards in a gesture for him to shake it.
>He looks a bit unsure what do and ends up doing nothing.
>You put your hoof down on the floor.
"But he looks like a Faget!" "Memes memes memes memes..." "Stop right there criminal scum. You have violated the law. Pay a fee or go straight to jail."
>The next thing you knew, you are dragged off by you mom into seperate room.
>There you are spanked for a long time meanwhile your sister; Rarity, who is also in this fics canon, pleads for your cheeks.

>Ten years later, Canterlot High-school.
>Be Shining Armour.
>You bench makes a loud thud as somepony slams something on your bench and wakes you from reverie.
>On the table is a lunchbox.
>"Here's your fucking bento, faget," says the familiar voice of your fiancee.
>You look at the plastic box which tells you nothing of it's insides.
>Then you look up at a green ten out of ten beauty with a killer-look, as in, you might wanna write your testimony soon.
>"Oh, I almost forgot," she says and places a big thermos besides your lunch box. "You can't eat without some jews."
>She grins tempoarily before her scowl returns.
"Thanks you," you say and she just nods in response, her facial expression does not change though.
>You just look at each other for a little while.
>She looks down at her gift and up at you again.
>"So, aren't you gonna dig in?" she asks somewhat annoyed.
>You blink and then nods.
"Yeah, of course."
>With your magic you rip of the lid to the bix and find...
"Ssspaghetti and... Veggie tendies?" you ask and look up in puzzlement.
>You didn't mean to make it a question.
>Really, it didn't have to be extravagant, it was the gesture that was counted afterall but you were suprized is all because usually ponies do something fancier when they give away a meal as a gift.
>Anon did not seem to notice.
>"Nutritous and delicious," she says and actually smiles. "Just what a young stud needs, just ask me." She gestures to herself and shuts her eyes as she looks very proud of herself.
>She holds up a hoof and speaks again.
>"By the way, they're not 'veggie tendies', they are chicken veggie tendies" she says and nods to herself.
"Chicken? But there's no such thing as chicken tendies?" You say.
>"I know." A solemn look passes briefly across her face.
>You both say nothing for a short period of time before you lift up a plastic fork, that was in the box, and taste the food.
>She looks expectly at as you chews.
>You swallow.
>"How was it?"
"It was good? A bit dry but otherwise crisp and tasty."
>She nods with a smile as if you just spoke old wisedom.
>She nudges towards the thermos.
>"Now, try your drink and tell me what you think.”
>You open the thermos and take a gulp.
>And then spit it out instantly and start couging.
>You strangle yourself as you look at Anon.
”What is this?”
>”Vodka. Obviously.”
>She starts to pour it down her own throat in a few greedy gulps.
>Then she smacks her lips and seems to savour the taste.


>Not again
>Blood caked on the stone walls of this damned cell spell it out again and again
>Will you betray them to live one more day?
>There is a serving plate this timeless grinning place only ends once it's full.
>Only things that fill it are from the outside.
>The things that are yours and the things you can take.
>Your perpetually short tail when it began is a constant reminder.
>As is the jagged holes in your memories.
>So too is the limbs you've cut.
>Again the seemingly innocuous filler is taken forever.
>You're so unnaturally dry.
>Moments away from snapping.
>And no pony could ever figure out why.
>The platter grins up at you.
>Starving for this feast.
>None could figure out why your body
>the one painfully crafted to save your life
>is falling apart.
>You're falling asleep perhaps that is a way out.

>Not again.
>Blood caked on the stone walls of this
Guys, look what I found:
Look at that name, "Fgt_With_A_Tuba."
Remember that fic by assfaggot where Anon gets an instrument to troll Purple during her sex with Starlight. It was a tuba.
What is filly's second name? Faggot.
>What is filly's second name? Faggot.
Don't test your luck, faggot.

324336 324343 324359 324370 324372 324377
So when this thread finally hits bump limit, I assume that Nueve won't continue it. Considering: https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/37717282.

I'm not attacking anyone and I don't want filly to die on this board but it seems like almost all fillyfags have moved over to the thread on /mlp/
324370 324387
I'm /mlpol/ exclusive (barring some on ponepaste). It's just obtaining the stuffs to do it.
But this is where the lewd goes
what >>324343 says. I'm not leaving this site and have no plans to do so, especially with how much farther 4cuck has gone downhill in the years since I stopped going there. If faggots want to jump off a perfectly good ship and swim back to a rotting, battered raft on the edge of falling apart, then let them.
>I assume
This ride never ends fren.