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Anonfilly Thread - New Code Edition
267983 267991 267997
Filly hacks into mainframe.

>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>264739 →
412 replies and 219 files omitted.
thanks anon, glad to see its still in the works
269404 269444 269449

No step on qt snek.
Tea bag the defeated remains of your foes. That's how you send a message not to be missed with.
>No step on qt snek
>"Gee Anon, ya might not be good at manual labor, but ya sure can make some good food! You'll make somepony ya like very happy when ya grow up!"
>"Ya already are? What ya mean hu- oh..."
>"Yah, I like ya too Anon, like a daughter to me, even if you're Twilight's."
>"W-Well I dunno about that hun, look, I'll make ya a deal. You wait till you're a grown up, and if yer still interested I'll give it ah shot."
>"I'm a honest mare, I stick to ma word."
>"Romantic evening, huh? How about we kill ourselves together?"
Background pone is a qt and would be best waifu for AppleJack
Laughs evilly in Medic.
But how will filly cum inside without a dick?
A funnel-like dildo apparatus that directs her marecum into a narrow stream.
269420 269421 269437

>Trixie as a momfu.
Anon is fucked.
269425 269437
>Travel the world in magic camper with gypsy mom
>See all sorts of wondrous places
>Help mellow out her bombastic personality
>Put on the occasional show to earn some coin
>Great and powerful snuggles
I don't see any downsides
269426 269427 269437
>gypsy mom
>I don't see any downsides
Purple disagrees, filly needs the love and discipline of a real momfu.
With momfus like that >>269351 I'd rather not.
Twimom snuggles.png
Momfus like that are only figments of abusefags' imaginations, Anon. Pones that aren't OOC would make fine momfus.

>It's been three days, Purple and Great and Powerful Momfu are having a custody battle
>Hell Twilight wasn't even there, but when we headed to pony town everyone flipped thier shit
>Stupidly the marched off in a competition to see who would be your momfu.
>Without asking you.
>Really wearing you down.
>But you have a dastardly plan.

<time skip

>"Well Anon who is the most magnificent mother?"
>despite her boating she really is worried, and relieved?
>"We're grown mares we can take it."
"Both of you are heckin' stupid. I was a somethingsomething year old guy before all of this."
"But since you both are very concerned, and went through all this effort you'll both be my momfu."
"I'll be heading out with mommy Trixie, and the permanent address can be the cyrstal cock castle."
"I mean seeing you two make out would be kinda hot."
>Just like that they settled everything like reasonable adults.
Cry moar.
269448 269449 269714
Hehe, Snek goes slurp
Silly danger noodle, turnabout is fair play.
don't talk to me or my daughter ever again.png
Now now, learn your fetishes. That's unbirthing, not vore.
Unbirth is a form of vore, smart one.
Clearly you're just an uncultured swine.
Thanks now I want to die
who would want to be cultured on this?
269483 269485

And that's how Anon became the filly, and the filly became a wet, red stain on the wall.
So that's how Twilight keeps the walls that shade of green.
269489 269490 269496
Been a month since I last updated. I hope this is satisfactory for now.
Previously: https://pastebin.com/aBuFQj0h [Embed]
>>266549 →
>Clover gasps and you turn your head in time to see Twilight catch her.
>"Do you want to go back to bed?"
>Aryanne sighs.
>"It iz no hair off of mein back if you vish to postpone ze meeting. Franziska has told me of ze unusual circumstances of your arrival already."
>"I-I'm fine, really."
>"Are you sure, fraulein? you are bleeding under your bandages."
>"I vill tend to her. Tvilight, I may need your assistance again."
>"Of course."
>"I'm okay, really..."
>"No, you aren't sweetie."
>And just like that, you're sitting alone with the leader of a nation and your friend's living doppelganger.
>"The pastries are still varm. It vould be a shame to let zem cool, ja?"
>You chuckle nervously.
"Y-yes, it would."
>"Stop zat, I told you zat I am here as a friend, did I not?"
"You're the leader of Equestria's greatest nation, and you're asking me if I want pastries. I'm sorry, this is all just a bit too surreal."
>"I'd imagine you've seen more surreal things on your journey here."
>You think about it and nod.
>"No pressure, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and zen start from ze beginning."
>And so you do.
>You tell her everything.
>Every injury, every awkward moment, every time you were nearly raped or killed, the instance that split you off from "Clover" in time and became your own person...
>Aryanne stops you occasionally so that you can explain one or two things about technology that has not come to pass in her time, clarification on magical techniques that Twilight used, or to crack a joke or two to lighten the mood.
>Her wit is just as sharp as the glimmering combat knife she uses to cut and serve you and League the scones.
>Your partner in crime is pretty quiet throughout the story.
>Finally, you describe yourself walking into the room and sitting down before Aryanne.
>She chuckles at that, cleaning her knife with a napkin and re-sheathing it on what you can best describe as a sort of form-fitting utility belt.
>"Vhat you have just told me may very vell be enough. Ze techniques utilized by your... to avoid confusion vith ze Tvilight ve have present, Purple; could turn ze tides of war in our favor if zey can be replicated. A shame zey died vith her, I am sorry for your loss."
"I... wasn't as close with her as my less-damaged counterpart was."
>"Understood, but even so."
"Thank you."
>"What are you going to do to the Griffons?"
>League's voice catches you a bit off-guard.
>And her question's implications make you slightly uncomfortable.
"I'm sure she didn't mean-"
>"No, no. It is alright, I am prepared to explain my actions. History is generally kinder to ze victors, and I understand zat vithout your help my corpse vill be vilified in your books. Tell me vhat zey have told you, and I vill tell you how it happened."
>"It was taught that you killed griffon families indiscriminately, as if they were infantry."
>"Zis is true. For every griffon allowed to procreate, another generation of soldiers vould rise up against the Equus. Did ze books give any sort of motivation for my actions?"
>"They said you hated them for their greed and that you thought they were dismantling pony society."
>She chuckles warmly.
>"I did hate them for zere greed, yes, but I vould never kill a creature because of a single fatal flaw. Equines are flawed too, in our own ways. No, ze drives for my actions are a bit more... personal."
>League nods, but you can see the slight look of discontentment on her face grow more extreme.
>"But, vord of mouth is often not enough to convince mares of reason. Zis is acceptable. Ze price vas steep, but there is no such thing as a forgery soul-etching."
>She smiles and produces a small grey box, softly pressing her frog up against it.
>The seam in the box is worked to such tolerances that you don't even notice that the box has one until it has split in-half, despite gazing at it for several seconds in wonder.
>Inside is a perfect sphere of darkness, so black that it seems to suck the light from the well-illuminated room around you.
>She walks over to your side of the table and runs a hoof through your mane, the orb placed before you.
>"Caress it. Gently, if it vere to fall off of zis table it vould likely shatter and be lost forever."
>You press your good foreleg up against it and shiver.
>Be Aryanne.
>Today is your first day of school!
>Vater helps you put on your new saddlebags while mutter prepares the three of you a filling, nutritious breakfast.
>You've just sat down at the table, struggling to balance with the weight of all of your books when the sirens blare.
>Saddlebags are abandoned as you're hurriedly rushed into the basement.
>You're not too worried though, drills like this happen all the time.
>The silly mayor probably getting all worked up over a bird she thought was a griffon again.
>You giggle to yourself as mama kisses you on the head.
>"I'll be here vith you, munchkin. Zis von't take too long."
"Then ve can finish breakfast?"
>She rubs your ears in the way she knows you love.
>"Of course."
>Your father is already gone, but he's always the first to return from the klaxons so you're not too disappointed about the lack of a goodbye.
>As you hold mama close, minutes turn into hours...
>And before you know it, it's already time for school to begin.
"Mutter, vhat of school?"
>"They'll understand, don't worry."
>But you can't help feeling a growing pit of anxiousness in your stomach.
>What if all of the best friend spots are taken up by the time you arrive?
>You snap out of your dark fantasies as something impacts the basement door.
>"Aryanne! to ze corner!"
>You scamper off to the corner and cover yourself in a blanket, only the blond top of your head and your blue eyes peaking out.
>You're very proud of those two attributes, as are your parents.
>But right now, you're scared stiff.
>Splinters of wood scatter into the basement with the light from upstairs as the door breaks.
>"Only you?"
Horray! I havn't eased it yef, but it's just in time for me to read it.
269491 269496
Drawings soon, maybe Monday.
You saw nothing.
>"I am infertile, fortunately for you. One less mare to contend vith on your checklist of murders."
>The gruff voice chuckles.
>"You really think I'm keeping track of how many mudbeasts I've slain? The boneheads and the pigeons sure, they're a bit hardier than you worthless lot."
>"Zen make it quick."
>"'Vith' pleasure."
>The gruff voice laughs at its own mockery.
>A burst of air nearly blows the blanket off of you, but you manage to hold fast to it.
>It does, however, obscure your vision.
>You're too afraid to move it back, so you listen to the ensuing scuffle.
>You know mama won't go down without a fight, and even though you can't see her you're praying to the deities to aide her.
>But when she cries out louder than you've ever heard her scream before, you feel tears forming.
>"Worthless bitch. Glory to Griffonsto-"
>You hear the thing that injured your mother squawk before going silent.
>You know it might not yet be safe, but you have to help her if you can.
>You throw off the blanket, rushing over to her shuddering form.
"Y-you really got him, mama..."
>"Yes, I suppose I did."
>She chuckles and then coughs.
>"See if any of ze medics are free, I can tie myself up for now but I am losing blood fast."
>You nod and run up the stairs, like the wind that gives your equine sisters in the sky their passage.
>Rushing out the door, you see the streets strewn with neighbors.
>The kindly old stallion who would give you hard candy when he thought your parents wouldn't looking has his wrapped around the wheel of a carriage.
>The pegasus who used to babysit you's head is placed neatly on the cobblestones, her body fifteen meters away with her white coat muddled with liters of blood.
>You gallop to the hospital, but every room you check reveals a dead nurse, doctor, surgeon, patient, or therapist.
"Please! Somepony! My mutter, she's in trouble!"
>The blood dripping on the floor is the only thing that answers your cries.
>You rush back to your mother, tears nearly blinding you.
>"Nopony left?"
"N-none, mama..."
>"You did your best, come here my little miracle."
>You're not sure why she calls you that, but it feels nice.
>"I vant to see those pretty blue eyes again."
>You hug her close, looking up into her eyes and hoping that somehow, the force of your hug will stop the bleeding from her chest.
>"You're a very special mare Aryanne, do you know zat?"
"I'm but a filly..."
>"But today, you must become a mare. Go to ze next town with the letter in the safe, ze combination is six, seven, sixty-three."
"I love you, mama."
>"I love you too, Aryanne. More zan anything. I know already zat you have ze strength to make zis right."
>You hold her close until her ragged breathing slows to a halt.
>And continue until the tears are the only things warming her cold body.
>Only then do you notice that your flank has become decorated.
>The insignia is not known to you, but the heart surrounding it of course is.
>You know what must be done.
>Be Green Clover.
>Aryanne slides the orb over to League, and she carefully touches it.
>You see tears forming in her eyes too seconds later.
>"I-I lost my mother too, you know..."
>"I am sorry. It changes a mare, does it not?"
>"Y-yes. I will do the best I can to aid you in your fight, I'm sorry for my apprehension."
>"It is quite alright. I vould imagine zey vould need to paint ze griffons in a more positive light to make my actions seem unjustified."
To protect their smiles.
Well done Lone15, I'm ready to combat the griffon.
A few more fucking errors that I missed, so I'll fix them in the doc. I can't fucking believe I had to delete Hitler dubs.
Thank you, this one was an interesting experience to write.
269496 269515
"You knew this would happen, don't beat yourself up about it."
>You cough into your hoof.
>It's red, you don't have much more time.
>"Not so soon, I-"
>She holds up a wing, letting those warm feathers you're oh so familiar with absorb the tears.
"But eventually. You're an alicorn, you'll live for thousands of years. Maybe longer. This was inevitable...."
>"You have the makings of one, you were going to live forever."
"Twilight, there's no sense reminiscing on that now."
>You yawn.
"I'm tired..."
>You can see the hint of a smile on her face.
>You feel the sort of happiness you haven't felt in months as she pulls back the covers.
>Your form is a mess of intravenous drips and bandages from failed procedures, but she still somehow finds the perfect angle to wrap herself around you.
>"Do you want a bedtime story?"
"Yes please, mom."
>"Once upon a time, there was a grumpy bear and a meek antelope."
>You can feel your eyelids growing heavy.
>"T-they fought every day, the bear being a hunter and the antelope being an herbivore."
>You're fighting to stay awake now, but you have to hear the whole story.
>"One day, the antelope stopped and listened to the bear. He realized that there was no right way to subsist, only different sides of the same figure."
>You readjust your position slightly.
>"A-and then one day when the bear woke up..."
>There's something wet on your face.
>Twilight is at barely a whimper at this point.
>"He was an antelope..."
"Twilight, I think I'm going to sleep now."
>"B-but I haven't finished the story..."
>You look up into those beautiful eyes and give her a tired smile.
"It's alright, I understand it."
This is Aryanne's canon backstory to me now.

All these greens…muh feels!
269515 269517
>be filly
>learning about dinosaurs in class
>Cheerilee says the end of a Stegosaurus's tail is called the Thagomzser
>wait a fucking second
>that thing didn't have a name on earth until a Far Side comic had a caveman say "This part is called the Thagomizer, named after Thag who was killed by it"
>and the scientific community decided to go along with it
>the HUMAN scientific community
>raise hoof
>cheerilee sees you and calls your name
"Miss Cheerilee? Why is it called that?"
269517 269519
Hunh. The pony conspiracy is about to opened up.
I can't put my finger on it, but I feel I've read that before somewhere. Still a great green.
Off topic.
>and the scientific community decided to go along with it
>the HUMAN scientific community
>The pony conspiracy is about to opened up.
Well, that conspiracy about dinosaurs is fucking real.
The skeletons in the museums aren't real, but Hollywood makeshifts. Every bone recovered never has been returned to the countries of origin and are kept by the Carnegie Foundation and the Royal ...whatever. From broken and single bones the "experts" imagine whole animals that came from their asses.
No kidding.
>I can't put my finger on it, but I feel I've read that before somewhere.
You probably have, I found a cache of old and unfinished greens that I wrote on my phone ages ago recently and decided it might be fun to post and adapt a few of them.
>"W-What was in that potion you foul foal!?"
>You smile as you look down on the small Chrysalis.
"Who's the child now bugbutt?"
>You say as you can feel the grin grow bigger.
>"D-Don't call me that! Fix me now!" She says trying to sound athoritive but only sounding cute.
"Why would I do that? Personally I like you more this way. Besides, I probably saved you, the ponies weren't gonna put up with you forever. Also I don't know how."
>"No! You're lieing! You have to know how to fix me! I'm a queen!" She says as her eyes tear up.
"Aww, are we gonna cry? Weren't you the one who always said to toughen up?"
>"F-Fix me..." She begs.
"Nope! Well, imma go play with Twi now, you know where to find me when you stop being a cry baby~!"
269586 269605
From the draw thread:
>>269390 →
>>269393 →
Depowered-Filly-Chrysalis has some good potential as a prank accomplice / target for Anonfilly.

>Next: Child labor
>Leslie just has Anonfilly do her chores
>Local fillies cause generic isekai'd loli to have a heart attack
269603 269604 269651
[kind of want to make anon a hacker again]
>a scenery of Equestria's landscape seen from the sky at dawn, calm, silence and nature
>two pegasi are rushing in the middle of the night at close supersonic
>closeup on them, they all got a helmet and a radio.
>Stinger, a teal colored pegasus and Thunderlane. Both are armed and in uniform, patrolling the skies.
>a female pony voice «Baltimare control to Thunder01»
>The yellow-eyed black pegasus from the Royal Forces responds
Thunderlane:«This is Thunder01, I copy»
>the female pegasi from Baltimare on the radio is calmly giving them instructions «Unidentified airborne codename Vulture is now at 0-50 to your position, at 60 nautical miles, level 3-5-0. Possible hostile.»
>SkyStinger:«0-50, 60 nautical miles, level 3-50. Copy Baltimare.»
Thunderlane:«Probably another dragon that's lost and entered our airspace.»
>On the ground, a lot of military ponies are following a radar echo. «Scramble Cloudesdale, and get me Luna on the phone.»
>Next to them, some pegasus mare is on the phone with somepony with a german accent.«We have one unidentified spot on our radar screens entering our airspace. Do you confirm? Alright we'll keep you informed.»
>«So what's our nazis are up to?
>«Germaneigh Luftwaffe confirmed they don't have any of their jets airborne but have took off from Rammstein Airbase.»
>One of the air marshalls's picking the mic. «Thunder01, Stinger44, you are clear to engage Vulture as soon you are in range. I say again, kill Vulture when on reach. »
>SkyStinger:«Wilco Baltimare.»
>Thunderlane:«Stinger, i got a visual, cannot identify-»
>a ball of light traveling at high speeds almost hit him.
>Thunderlane and his teammate are turning and starts chasing the UFO «Holy shit!»
>Stinger:«Tally ho!»
>on the ground, ponies are following the interception on the radars, as ponies are chasing it over the mountains.

>A sonic boom, with condensation trail painting a rainbow under the moonlight. Something flying twice faster than a bullet. RainbowDash is incoming as reinforcements to the two pegasus.
>RainbowDash:«This is Crash, got a lock on Vulture, over.»
>Thunderlane:«It's all yours!»
>She's packing a missile on her saddle, shes aiming it at the unknown object, and fires it at the target.
>RainbowDash:«Crash, fox three!»
>The missile disappears among the clouds in the night, and ends a few seconds later with a flash.
>Baltimare:«This is baltimare, Vulture is no longer on our screens. All units come back to the base.»
Rainbowdash:«Ha, that gotta hurt!»
>Stinger:«Nice shot Crash! We have an impact, sector 21-04 northeast Everfree, secure the area.»
>Ponies are doing a flyby trying to determine where the UFO have crashed, without a lot of success, then going back their respective directions.
>On the ground, an impact, with various metallic bits slowly moving. An amorphous bunch of circuits and different parts struggling to form something.

>Near from there a couple of country ponies are approaching from the impact riding their 4x4 vehicle.
>One of them is carrying a rifle, trying to know what they just saw.

>The strange thing that crashed scans the vehicle, the rifle, even the glasses of the old pony
>Pony: «see anything, Lou?»
>Lou: «Over there, I heard sumthin'»
>Some weird, humming, electrics noise, an engine starting up, two headlights, and a car, out of nowhere is now rushing on them.
>Lou: «Who's that fucko doin ere? HEY!»
>He's shooting at the other truck before being hit, and flying a dozen of meters away, breaking his neck.
>The other pony driving his truck is now rolling a few times, gets ejected through the window, both are likely dead, as a car with nopony behind the wheel is now on the roads of Equestria, flickering and glowing strangely.

>Cut to a skreeching electronic noise
>Anon's screaming as she just wakes up on a desk, at the sound of a matrix printer and some strange looking equestrian technology. Keyboards, monochrome terminals on command lines, electronics DIY packed on woodern boxes.
>The first rays of sun tells the green mare she spent all the night on an office trying to write her first computer program, her, who always swore to learn at least some HTML or VisualBasic is now learning EBM's opcodes.
>In the middle of listing and magnetic tapes, a grey filly is also waking up, picking her glasses and putting them back on her nose
SilverSpoon:«Is it compiling finally, Anon?»
Anon:«Of course, all by myself, I've been working all night nonstop, whoever wrote these books is a faggot and a moron.»
>Silver is looking happy but tired, she also have been debugging kilobytes of code that night too.
>Anon yells
«Just you know what? Your hardware is shit, it's like not even my grandfather worked with something like this during the war, but this shit here is the future, I need more coffee.»
Silver:«Mom hates me cause she says I'm not normal, but with you, I know I'm fine.»
Anon:«Being on the attic of an autistic horse with a computer isn't normal. Even me being here isn't normal. But I'm playing along, as always, like the good little mare Miss Twilight want me to be, you know what? In a few years she'll be mine. Because she's a cunt.»
>Silver's going downstairs and prepares some breakfast, and some coffee for Anon, who's still fixing some lines in her software.
Good to have you back.
Would hack the filly again.
these are QT fillies friend
269622 269623 269626

269624 269651
Is a good
>mandatory timeout cuddles
I wanna die.
A beauty.
>The truth is he's moved on from Twilight as a target because she doesn't take the bait anymore
269654 269687 269698
yep, I need to go back to writing, that keeps me focused on something.


>Hours later Anon's explaining what he was working on all night long.
>He wants to make computers accessible for everypony by writing a thing called an User Interface.
>Silver also brought a few copies for their exposé on computing, doing their stuff in the middle of the class.
>All that to get interrupted by Cheerilee «Fillies. Let's be realist; that kind of thing will be useless. Computers are computers, no one needs a computer. If you need one you need to learn programming»
>Anon is cutting her «Or just know commands and have a book for reference, nothing functional, in my world»
>She's making fun of him once again «Yes in your world. I forgot you are from a country called Theory, and everything you imagine there is successful. Vehicles, aeroplanes, computers, energy and killing eachother.»
>He's pissed of course
>Cheerilee is frowning «You fillies need to keep realistic, this is not the school of friendship here. We must get ready for life, ideals are cute but even if Snips and Snails discovered a new recipe that would at least have a purpose.»
>Silver is yelling «This is serious, we are also working on a project, on security of networked computers and telecommunications, you know your taxes and many data are now stored on cards and magnetic tape, centralized, these information can be confidential, and be accessed by unauthorized ponies, or corrupted, like a criminal record, a banking information, orders, medical too, every site that more and more use these machines ignore they store personal information. Or crucial systems like the telecoms, or the Army or emergency... And none of these systems are secured. In this terms, in case of war, we would be subject to a term anon coined, a cyberattack.»
>Anon:«She's right and that's also the second part. Cryptoanalysis, that's what she would be. it's math.»
>Cheerilee:«This would be a valuable lesson, we have plenty of trees here to make papers and pencils, the old fashioned way. We're not Industria or Hooviet Union where every pony is linked to a big database and controlled every minute. I'm teaching you the basics, if you want to play all kind of computer things, drawing, inventing recipes, talking to animals if you like, do it, but what you learn here in this class is basic knowledge and logic, which will be valid for the rest of your life.»
>Sweetie Belle's nudging Anon. «First time, heh?»
>That pink mule's on competition with Twilight's stupid school. And that's one of her good days.
>Nopony this day again managed to reach a decent rating, at best, I got a C-. So nope, it's not a hugbox.
>We don't even need to bully anypony at some point, we all get bullied.
>Get rekt, destroyed, and need to get even better.
>Compose something, paint, she will bring your work to an expert that will tell you in the face why you suck unless you are that exception.

>Anon and Silver's trip on security kind of caught my attention.
>end up discussing about it. Father uses computers for his business, if I can get him a job
>Anon's got that little blink in the eye when he's talking about what he did in his previous life
>In a world of information, knowledge is the weapon, and anonymity is like an invisibility spell. «Everyone's more or less God. Seeing everything without being there. To have knowledge of everything, without having physical contact. God does nothing. If God doesn't do it, the people will.»
>Later I found that this also was inspired by one of Anon's animés.
>Anon's thinking: We should make a group.
>I'm frowning:«You two are so nerdy you're even scaring Twist from joining»
>Anon's laughing «It's not like, the school's computer club. A group of hackers.»
>Silver's continuing. «A secret group of computer pirates. We're already 4. You still have your father's old computer, right?»
>She's right, basically this thing a typewriter with a television screen attached to it I use to write a book. «Myeah...What can I do in your super secret club?»
>Anon's frowning: «I'd see you like, the social engineering expert.»
>And then they bring em to their outpost, talking about things like exploits, databases, networks, cryptography, injection of code...
>One sure thing is, they both know no system is safe. And can be controlled. To know, to observe, to have an influence, good or evil. Who are they at this point?
>They both ensured I would never tell a word to Twilight or Cheerilee, or anyone about what they do, or what they know.
>One sure thing they are not about making videogames, hence me questioning why they brought Button Mash in their club.
>We're anonymous, she's anonymous, he's anonymous, I'm anonymous. You're anonymous. As simple as that.
That's my filly.
Your filly just fucked a page of 4000 characters just by hitting that fucking "preview page" button strategically placed there.
I'm removing this as a function right now before I continue.
Hardware-wise if I cannot find a software method.
Anonfilly - Repent.png
Filly did nothing wrong.
not anon, but I, for having installed a modern distro on this PC and forgot to do a xmodmap -e "keycode 166=" xmodmap -e "keycode 167=" the placement of these is monstruous. an accidental hit and I'm back one page losing the content.

And I'm writing a story bout hackers and stuff. It's late, I should do it tomorrow instead.
>xmodmap -e "keycode 166=" xmodmap -e "keycode 167=
>keyboard mapping
I've got it now.
269683 269685
>You sit at the table as you eat your dinner.
>The vegetables are small, smaller than they would normally be with sunlight.
>You could get better food, but this is what your citizens eat, and you should be treated no better, they already are in fear of their own speech...
>Across from you, with a much better plate is your 'aunt'.
>Of course she eats well, why would she care about her citizens suffering, so long as she gets her moon, why should she care.
>"Ehm." She grunts to get your attention.
>She gets it with the scowl you give.
>She looks as blank as always.
>Blank or angry, all you've ever seen of her.
>You couldn't care less, she deserves nothing better.
>"Anonymous, our niece. A citizen has told us you spoke poorly of us. Is this true?"
>You say as you continue eating.
>She sighs.
"Why not?"
>The room is quiet, say for the guards armor shuffling.
>"Why do you hate us dear niece?"
>You feel the fork in your magic crinkle as your grip tightens.
>Your breathing gets deeper.
"What is there to like? You show up, take away my mother, lock up my friends, disgrace her, hurt her citizens, and claim yourself a ruler."
>You say as you try to keep your calm.
>"We have not locked up any of your friends. Only traitors. The citizens will find I am superior to our sister. As will you. We can be thy moth-"
"NO. No you cannot, and don't say you can. The fact you see nothing wrong with what you do proves this, your plate alone tells how much you care of your citizens. I'd hate to see what you'd trade me for."
>"We would never-!"
>You simply stand up with your plate and hover it to a guard, who holds it on a wing.
>"Where are you going? We are not done!"
"Lock me up if you want. You would anypony else."
>You leave the room, you cannot hear as she orders the guards to leave.
>You do not see her hang her head sadly.
>She loves her family in the end, the thought of another hating her tares her up more than she allows any to see.
>She just wants somepony to be there for her.
>Your mother would be disgusted at your actions if she could see you now.
269684 269685
>Be 'Nonny' as Aunt Luna likes to call you.
>Daughter of Celestia, niece of Luna, heir to the sun, and studyer of magic!
>You're really glad you got your own aunt, mom is nice, but having more family is always nice.
>You're currently speaking with one of the elements of harmony, miss Rarity.
>Always nice to speak with the citizens.
>"And that darling is how I'd design the helps new gown, it allows mobility and keeps it clear of chemicals, all in a stylish design."
>You smile.
"This looks wonderful miss Rarity, and I'd love to have such a design in the works. I'll speak to my mother about a commission."
>She dances around before stopping her joyfull outburst and collecting herself.
>"Eh, thank you so much princess Anon. This means so much to me!"
>You nod.
"Of course, anything for the citizens of my mother's country."
>It is always nice to have such innovative ponies.
>You have a maid lead her to a room for the day. Couldn't have the poor mare make this trip with a uncertain answer home.
>Life is great.
>You are Nightmare Moon.
>Tears stream down as you place a hoof on a window of what could have been.
>You watch as 'Nonny' finished up her court and ran up to a version of you.
>Hugging her happily, actually talking, playing.
>Being a family...
>Why can't you have anything?
>princess Anon
I can't bear it.
The fucking dickhead now is a princess.
It's too much.
That's a great green. Truely hard times. Failure of communication on multiple levels, and actions bereft of justification.
Woe is the life left wrapped in self loathing, none existant self confidence, and no one to blame.
To strike at the heart of matters is the key to defeating the beast. To form the truest of connections.
>Your mother would be disgusted at your actions if she could see you now.
Anon's mother or NMM's mother?

The princess has fallen, long live the princess.
269689 269695
Good stuff. There was a prompt a while back about something like this, I don't know if you saw it while lurking but I like the way this is going. Your writing has improved a lot. Have something I drew on a plane around two years ago I think I never posted for your efforts.
269690 269691 269737
Juiceboxes never felt large enough.
Gonna do yours next, maybe tomorrow night. I'm kind of horrible at keeping schedules.
Wew, I didn't know I needed that until I saw it. Great job.
Some say filly melted the steel beams with concentrated autism, but we know better. The third tower folded like erectile dysfunction in motion. A filly's blader is only so big, has an estimated time of six seconds.
The time frame is all wrong. My friends, there were dancers on the buildings...
And here's the magazine.
This is going to be one hell of a ride, and it never ends.
At least we're all here together my friends.
Thanks, heh.
Gonna include my warm-up sketches too, bonus points if you can tell the two things I'm referencing.

269705 269708
that's cute, promised the next illustration will be drawn on my Windows CE GPS's MSpaint.
269705 269712 269730
>Fort Amalthea, Canterlot, 17:00 CET
>a large room, decorated with paintings of battles, with old military ponies, knights, the ministry of defence, secretaries and scientists are discussing, reviewing videos of the radar of the last night.
>Scientist unicorn «We are still in the process of gathering evidence and data, it could be anything, probably an intermediary stage of a launcher, an unmanned vehicle, or debris of a communications satellite we have not any report yet.»
>one of the Royal Guards is announcing «Mares and gentlecolts, her majesty the Princess!»
>Two guards are accompanying Princess Celestia to a reserved seat and the room goes in a respectful silence.
>a servant is bringing her a few copies of the reports of yesterday's incident.
>The ministry is making his speech «Your highness, as you are aware we are here to discuss the intrusion of the Equestrian airspace last night. The investigations are continuing this afternoon.»
>Princess Celestia is reading the report «Thank you, Ron. That's a bit confusing, no wreck of the airship? General?»
>The windows blinds are lowering and a projection is starting, and the general is making his speech.«Ah well, the start of radar contact have been established at 21:37 over the mountain region in the north of Wilbrink, prefecture at the border between Germaneigh and Ponyland. The contact was then at supersonic speed, Trondheim control tried to contact the aircraft with no success.»
>the path is drawn on the map and is summing up the report «The unknown aircraft continued to follow the heading inside our land without identification. at 21:41 two armed pegasuses are scrambled from Baltimare, attack and interception group "Storm", Two more ponies have also been scrambled and took off from Cloudsdale armed each with radar missiles. The first group received the order to took it down and the target escaped, changing its heading, going supersonic again. At 21:46 RainbowDash from the interception group "Raptor" got a lock on the target, and without an hesitation fired a MaRV-5 radar-guided missile, and we lost track of the unknown craft.»
>The presentation includes a drawing of RainbowDash firing her missile «Lieutenant RainbowDash announced Fox3 which destroyed the target on impact in a matter of seconds, just enough for "Storm" to evacuate. She's a maverick but that was the only window of shooting away from any city or village. On the ground, impacts have been found, we suppose one have caused one car accident, two guys but as the police investigates we found out it was another vehicle impact. On the debrief, we all agreed that none of the responisibility of the accident could be put on her or any of the military.»
>Celestia's still reading the report.
>She's finding a few numbers that does not correlate «The accident happened several minutes after the designated target "vulture" disappeared on this area, what were they doing here, any info?»
>some pony is bringing her more documents that are not stamped [TOP SECRET] but from the sheriff of the Wilbrink County.
>Celestia is paying attention to every detail. «Ah, apparently they went out in the middle of the night around ten o clock, on a Duster, an all-terrain vehicle, on their land. It was also mentioned one of them opened fire. That is not mentioned in the report on the search for remainings. What did he shot? A smoking bunch of debris on the ground? That's the conclusion so far?»
>Some military consultant is laughing «Your highness, in this region, ponies shoot anything they don't understand for whatever reason, even just going out of the pub,»
>Celestia's looking at him «Is this an argument that will modify this police report that says another vehicle was on the impact site and caused that accident? Apparently a similar or same model? Certainly not. Gentlecolts, from now you will cooperate with the police, I'm sending in a royal order to the prefecture of that region. Search for that vehicle. This thing reeks of changeling. Also disregard the weather balloon or unmanned craft, I contacted the Chancellor Aryanne, they had no maneuvers of any kind around the border and will be willing to cooperate, as they have also detected unidentified radar echoes that week. And I want result; this is a national security affair. There's something missing, you will keep me informed of every step of the investigation. Execution!»
>Everypony is saluting firmly at her orders, as she's leaving the room, accompanied with her Imperial Guard.
>One of them is murmuring «Well, our Good Old Princess is back in duty it seems. »

>Meanwhile in the middle of the north woods, here's the 4x4 reappearing, without driver, still the windshield impacts, jumping over the branches and stops on a clear area.
>Its headlights are blinking, with a red glow, and it's deploying some kind of device from its hatch, an antenna reaching out of the woods, scanning the sky, stopping moving.
>far above, on a high orbit, a large, dark ship eclipses the stars behind it.
>inside, something is reading the communications with the images from the ground. Some of them are discussing. «This is a peak of Energon radiation we never analyzed or detected before in the galaxy. Only radiation coming out of blackholes, not a stable source as this one.»
>Someone else on the left «Rover confirms, the neutrino signature is unique, and proper to...»
>Out of the darkness of the ship, a third mechanical being, Megatron is observing «The Allspark. I have no idea how could it be detained by such primitive beings, but this planet could be our salute for rebuilding our civilization. We're deploying there.»
>An army of Decepticons are cheering with him.

>On the ground, the 4WD is deploying another antenna, charging high amounts of electricity, and summons an EMP wave.
>The result is a blackout including radar surveillance and communications of a few regions and communications.
>All the computers where Anon stays at suddenly turns off as the power cuts.
>He's pissed. very pissed.
Very nice.
Creativity has not limits.
269730 270113
>SilverSpoon now explains to us the point of having a tape unit, as it incrementally acts as a memory that keeps data as soon power is cut, and allows to go back even if a work has been unsaved. As a back-up device.
>Anon talks about the solution in his world is batteries that have to keep computers powered. But instead of practice, Anon needs to learn hacking on systems he never practiced on, for him it's neither "Windows" "IBM" "Unix" systems, adapting is also a challenge to every hacker.
>I'm interjecting «Silver, does your parents know about all of this?»
>She's responding with «It's good to hear you start on the subject Diamond, you know, they are hippies, uneducated and actually scared of anything like this, Even when my cousin, Octavia decided to play classic music they kept calling her a fascist, a bootlicker of the bourgeoisie.»
>Anon's decided «I told Twilight I won't be at home since I'm studying something important after class about magic and stuff, don't you know a place I could rent? She's still a princess, I could get anything signed from her and voila. Maybe an apartment or small house with stable power.»
>I'm thinking for a couple of minutes «There's disaffected buildings at the suburbs of ponyville. It's kind of creepy but there's enough room.»
>Anon's smiling again «That could make it, power is free here, right?»
«Yep as soon there's water in the rivers. Wanna go check?»
>We're packing our saddlebags and stuff.
>Trotting at the south of Ponyville to find an abandoned warehouse, long after the Sofa n'Quills on Prescott Avenue
>Anon's admiring «That's a pretty calm place.»
>Button's confirming «All of these have moved out to Canterlot last decade, now the remaining producers in Ponyville are just shops in the center and Sweet Apple Acres. Even the arcade is closing»
>Silver's saying «Normal, if you have games at home, why would you put a coin to play a game every time? That's not how you get rich.»
>Anon's laughing «Wait til you discover DLC!»
>There we are. A building with rusty sign with a retroish, cartoony buff stallion painted that once was a lumber company
>Most of the letters have degraded with time leaving just
>Anon looks at the sign in amazement, «Now I have a place I can call home. Milf Fuckers Company! Mind if we use this as our gang name?»

>We enter in the hangar after just taking down an old rusty padlock
>it's empty, just got some cardboxes and other tools left. Someone temporarily used it as a garage or something.
>We're visiting. there's an office with vintage typewriters, old rusty tools, it's really like a time capsule, everything in there never been moved since at least a half century
>There's a stock of wood-made items, tables
>It's the evening and the sun is going down under the horizon
>Anon's wondering : «Maybe power's back... I'll test, if it catch fire, we just run okay?»
>And all the old atelier and everything illuminates with old bulbs that takes seconds to warm up, among the first radios, even a telephone!
>everything tends to get a yellowish tint, the old plans, books; registers
>Silver, who so far have always been frowning at the idea of moving on a lost place admiuts herself «Now we're good. Diamond, I'm buying it.»
>«It's not for sale, I literally have a few things to change on my father's registry and it's all ours. Deal?»
>Anon:What time is it? Ah I mean not , like,a long time ago even if all this place looks out of time for me but I need to go back to Twilight's Castle. She's gonna be mad at me again.
>He's smooching me «You're a genius! We meet tomorrow after school or something?»
>Silver's all like «I might stay here for a moment, sorting out some stuff. You should zoom Anon!»
>Yeah I'm taking care of the cleanup with Button!
>Button is whining «Why me?» as Anon's leaving us.

>Anon's running back to Twilight's Castle.
>There's no one here.
>He's yelling «Twilight? Spike? Anyone home? Sorry I've been late!»
>Glimmer was here «Anon? Oh, you're here?»
>Anon's worried «Where is Twilight and Jurassic Park?»(mentioning Spike)
>Glimmer's looking bored:«At Canterlot with the pack, something important. She wanted me to stay here and guard the castle. Are you alright?»
>He's nodding «yeah, was with friends. What happened? Seen that blackout?»
>She nodded «And that's a bit related, something weird has been going on lately.»
>«I'm hungry, anything to eat?»
That's the hottest thing I've seen in weeks

You know, it would had the same effect if I killed you instead.

mrow, yes!
I didn't commented it before but I would say that is way degenerate for my taste.
269724 269755
Twilight can get a bit too into the boop wars with the fillies.
Oops, an overconfident filly, it won't end up well.
It's the perfect fucking storm of autism. Please continue.
>"R-Realease us... now Anonymous."
"Aww you're so cute when you make demands~!"
>Luna's cheeks puff up and her horn lights up.
>You're turned into a small green filly and look up towards Luna who is now smiling smugly as she picks you up and hold you in her hooves.
>"Who is cute now Anonymous?"
>Celestia gasp from the doorway.
>"My my sister, when I saw Anon carrying you away I didn't think it like that."
>"Aww, she has your eyes." Celestia says as she places a hoof tip to your chest and smiles. "So... how was he?"
>"N-No! Tis not like-"
>"He always bragged to me about human stamina, is it true?"
>"We didn't-"
>"Oh look at me, gossiping like a school girl. You enjoy parenthood sister. I'll go find Anon and congratulate him."
>"No come back! We didn't-"
>But it's too late, Celestia is gone.
>Luna has a look of dread.
"You. You're the cute one."
That's why Celestia controls the sun. Only she can dish out those burns.
269740 269741
>Juiceboxes never felt large enough.
You must be a big filly.
269742 269743 269744
F-for you
I've been exceptionally tall throughout all of my life. The few times I've drawn myself as a filly I always keep her small, being tall is a lot less cool than most people would think.
That's tender stuff.
(You)'re just the right filly friend.
269756 269766 269768 269776 269781 269814
What is filly's Stand?
500 pounds of perfectly crispy chicken tendies.
Mommy issues
>rape me
An anatomically correct model of a horsecock.
269821 269857

269815 269816 269818
If the thread can decide on one, I will draw.
Let the games begin.
Funnily enough, we've already been down this road I miss you Stand Proud, I'm pretty sure there's more jojo filly around, but I don't have them.
Stat the stands

Power: B, can lift a pony over his head
Speed: E, terribly out of shape
Range: C, can fight using fists or mean words
Durability: A, superior human stamina
Precision: B, 20/20 hindsight, knows exactly what he should have done
Gay: C, pretty gay
Huh, I didn't realize that.
Cute JoJo filly
269823 269857
That's kinda hot...
Really hot...
You know what that means?!
269823 269827
>"H-hey, what are you doing with that hose?"
Everytime i see this pic it reminds me of this link http://derpy.me/fillywheel
Surprised it still works after all this time

Wouldn't a lamp be best to catch and bring her back to Twilight so she can fix the runaway science experiment filly?
How many good filly points is it worth it?
"Can't go peting a dirty filly now can we."
>"Where does it say that, hunh!"
"In mah big smoll filly book!"
>Wouldn't a lamp be best to catch and bring her back
The implications here are that water destroys moth wings.
Didn't knew that, oof
And what if the science filly was a pegasus? Destroying her wings like that...poor fag

269859 269865
Let's see what goes into the filly [1d16 = 2]

1 = Dildo
2 = Everything
3 = Squash
4 = Cactus
5 = The dick
6 = Two fists
7 = Fire ants
8 = Horsecock
9 = Dynamite
10 = Banana
11 = Broken glass
12 = Eggplant
13 = Superglue
14 = Barbed wire
15 = Twilicane
16 = Another filly
It's worse. Everything includes itself, so recursive insertion, the filly's vagoober is now a black hole.
269862 269863 269865
>You take pride in your filly design.
>You're damn good at it.
>There's a formula to it: removing the names from memories (including the human's own), selecting a race based on an extensive personality analysis, every fine detail down to the color of her coat has to be expertly crafted or the mold won't quite fit.
>But by far your favorite thing about the analysis is seeing their fears, aspirations, and even a peek at what their destiny might imply for a cutie-mark.
>You can make a stubborn filly with a fear of arachnids love you in days if you save her from a nest of giant scorpions, push academic fillies away from friends you think will hinder their development into one of Eqyestria's great minds, or even orchestrate situations that will allow a mark to be formed.
>And they love you for it.
>They don't see you as the puppetmaster that you are, just a loving mother who always knows what's best.
>You softly sigh as you allow the little earth pony with a fear of lightning to nestle into your neck.
>You had scheduled this storm weeks in advance so that you could fit her into your busy schedule of night-time comforting.
>Countless fillies had shared your bed after night-time terrors of some sort over the past six months, from everything to giant wall centipedes to being afraid of the sound the toilet made when it flushed.
>The little things fill a void in your life you didn't know you had until you lost poor sweet little Nonny in that fire...
>Never again will you let anything like that happen to one of your foals.
it's shit.png
What happens when Twilight comes up against a filly who also happens to be a chessmaster?
>pic related
It's all about the order.
So what goes in first. [1d16 = 12]
That's a green I have to see
My Little Pony - Anonfilly - Face mask.jpg
Pic repost.
This filly must be here.
This actually gave me a flash of rage blindness by the end. Good job, you did well.

But Anon, Mommy Issues and >Rape me were tied for the winning results.
I, uh, missed that there was a poll....
What are you doing in the abuse general?
269913 269917
Last I checked this was the mommy issues general.
No no no, It's the make Twilight's life a living hell general
We can share that title, but pussies who can't appreciate decent green because it hurt their feelings don't belong here.
I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.
Pussies who can't handle a shitpost or even an unironic differing opinion don't belong here either.
Cry moar normalfag.
Thanks mods. This guy just never gives up.
Anything for the fillies <3
Licks hoof
Now with wings!
Gib mommy issues stand
>You are...
>Well, you don't have a name.
>You don't have much of anything, besides of course your cave and your body.
>You don't even have anyone else to talk to, except the occasional woodland creatures.
>Not to make them seem like less, it's just kinda hard to understand them if they talk too quickly.
>A couple squirrels once offered to take you to someone like you, but you didn't want to burden them, that and the travel is long.
>Living is hard enough, let alone if they had to deal with you.
>Besides, then you couldn't see... whoever it was that always flew around your mountain cave.
>They were massive, much bigger than you, but they had wings like you, but unlike you, they could use them right, and they always appeared from the otherside of the mountain, and went to the peak before taking off.
>They flew around so gracefully, like they weighed nothing at all, only a occasional flap of their massive wings to keep them aloft.
>You have attempted to copy them, learn to fly, but never could.
>You always fell flat, not even catching a breeze.
>Your little green fur would get messy every time, occasional giving you a cut, forcing you to travel to the stream which was quite a bit away.
>But this time you think you understand what you're doing wrong.
>They always started at the peak of the mountain, so it must be you need a bit of fall to pick up speed!
>It only makes sense.
>So you put a bunch of leafs around a sudden flat edge you found on the mountain, to cushion yourself incase you fail.
>It's not alot, maybe a couple hundreds you found on the floor, some a bit old.
>Safety first of course.
>The flat is maybe a 300 foot drop if you had to guess, plenty enough to pick up some air on your wings.
>And so here you are, on the edge watching the peak of the mountain.
>They should be here any moment now, just gonna watch and make sure you understand everything first.
>And as if on a perfect timer, they appeared and landed on the peak.
>They spread their wing, and let the hooves fall to their belly as they jump off and dive headfirst to the ground, then take off after a bit.
>You got it now.
>You take a couple steps away before galloping to the edge and jumping!
>You let your hooves hang limp towards your belly as you spread your wings and point towards the ground.
>You should catch the wind any second now.
>Any second...
>The ground is getting closer quick and those leafs don't look too comfy, especially after the wind spread them out alot more.
>You close your eyes and try to move your wings in a flapping motion to pickup some lift, but it doesn't feel like it's working.
>You eventually brace for impact by tightening your muscles.
>This is it...
>What a life...
>You feel like you hit something, but you're not in pain.
>Either the leafs worked or you died.
>Cracking open your eyes you see you're moving through the air.
>Must be dead then, your wings are closed and-
>"What in Faust name were you thinking!?" A feminine voice yells.
>You look up and see, them.
>That pony you saw always flying so high above you.
>She has her hooves hooked under yours as she comes to a landing, placing you down and landing infront of you.
>"You could have died little filly! You should know better than to fly with wings so messed up, have you not been preening? Your parents must be worried sick! What were you-"
>You are standing next to a pony... another living pony.
>Is your breathing getting quicker?
>"Little filly?"
>They're talking to you.
>Actually talking to you, not like how animals do, where you can understand but only hardly, she's actually speaking to you.
>When'd it get cold?
>"Dear, are you okay? You didn't hit anything did you?" She ask to a mind that's not listening as she puts a hoof on your side.
>They're touching you, a hoof, like yours, but not, is touching you.
>It's a warmth you never knew, even with snuggling with bears.
>Who's screaming?
>"I'm sorry! Did that hurt, you're okay, it's okay, calm down dear!" She says taking the warmth of her hoof away as her face looks fearful.
>A face, a genuine other face, like yours, and it is worried for you.
>Not just your reflection, another pony is worried about you.
>Why is the world twisting?
>"Woah!" She lunges forward, but you don't know why.
>You don't figure out as the world goes dark.
269986 269989 270159
>Be Celestia.
>You're flying back to Canterlot castle to get some medical assistance for this green filly.
>You don't know what happened, you had saved her and then justifiably were going to scold such dangerous actions, and she started hyperventilating and...
>You land infront of some doctors you spotted outside of the medical building.
>Both mares are quick to rush to your side and get to checking her out.
>"What happened?" The light blue one ask as she checks her pupils.
"I-I don't know, she jumped off a cliff, but I caught her before she hit the ground."
>"Possibly concussion, maybe she nicked something you didn't see." She says as the other loads the filly onto her back before continuing the inspection as they moved.
>You follow after as the pegasus doctor hovers over her colleague and continues.
>"Her wings show scarring and trauma, possibly multiple crashes, very rough ones. Possibly trying to learn to fly, though with such damaged primaries she wouldn't even glide without going into a flat spin. What else happened?"
"I landed and went to scold her for doing such a dangerous thing. She started hyperventilating, her pupils shrunk, I felt her but she was cold, and she started screaming, so I backed off, then she just... froze, and fell over, passed out. D-Did I do something wrong?"
>"Not likely." The pegasus says.
>"Maybe she was star struck?" The one carrying her ask.
>"No, that wouldn't explain the coldness and pupils, that normally signifies terror. Possibly she has brain issues."
>Another mare, a unicorn doctor joins in the group and a couple nurses start following behind.
>"She seems malnourished. Where'd you find her princess?"
"Behind Canterlot mountain."
>"Could she have been abandoned there?" The mare carrying ask.
>"No. Nopony would abandon a filly in the woods like that. Somepony would have reported her by now, that or she wouldn't have made it for long." The unicorn says.
>"She's a pegasus, they can connect with animals easier, they could have taken pitty on her and helped. Clouds from Cloudsdale all the time, she could have been on a part that split off and nopony noticed. Somepony have a search party deployed. See if they can find a den or anymore fillies out there." The pegasus says.
>"Let's get a brain scan done, see what we're working with." The unicorn says as she begins to guide the group.
>You're stopped by one of the nurses.
>"Princess, we're going to need you to show us where she was found."
>Your wings are uncomfortable as they finick around as you watch the group turn a corner out of your sight.
"Y-Yes, of couse. She'll be alright, right?"
>"We can't say right now. We'll keep you updated. Now come on, let's go get someponies together for a search."
>You nod.
>As much as you've seen, seeing a filly hurt is not something you can not shrug off...

269980 269996
Here, have your milf on adopted daughter fetish
Based, thank you.
Solid start, really wanting more
They look like a bunch of retards around the kiddy pool and one of them shat in it, probably the one on the left who looks oddly satisfied.
That's an original start.
Please continue.
>be filly
>ur a filly
>good filly
>Gay replaces Development Potential
>They look like a bunch of retards around the kiddy pool and one of them shat in it, probably the one on the left who looks oddly satisfied.
It's a spin the bottle pic I made that's supposed to look like shit. I think I spent five minutes on it max.
You should drop MS Paint and go pirate Photoshop

When push came to shove the other fillies, and colts got sick of Anon saying they're all faggots.
So they got an 'expert' to prove once and for all if Anonfilly is a fag.
This Catch-22 situation has stumped Anon for many moons.
But the final choice looms ever closer.
270036 270037 270038 270039 270040 270049 270050 270062 270067 270115

After a successful raid to Berry Punch's stash, we are finally ready to game and drink and party all night long!
But there's a catch, each filly is only allowed to drink whatever is inside the box they managed to raid themselves although nothing prevents other fillies from sharing an unit of theirs with you if they so wish

Roll [ 1d20 ] to open up and find out what your box was filled with, last digit of your post being how many units of the thing were inside of it
1 - Nothing
2 - Bleach
3 - Water
4 - Milk
5 - Chocolate milk
6 - Soda
7 - Sorted mini juice boxes
8 - Royal Apple juice
9 - Kirin beer
10 - Someone's cum stash
11 - Your choice(dubs)
12 - Bud Wiser
13 - Heinekin
14 - Marehatten Lager
15 - Sweet Apple Acres Cider
16 - Arrogant Bastard Yak Ale
17 - Sierra Crystal Nevada Pale Ale
18 - Berry Punch's Berry Special
19 - Sweet Apple Acres Zap Apple Special
20 - Celestial Founders Breakfast Stout

Reminder to try and avoid getting Twilight's attention like last time though, no one wants a repeat of the good filly points depression
[1d20 = 18]
And rolling [1d20 = 4]
[1d20 = 18]
Do I have to drink >>270038 or can I sell it for a favor or something?
270043 270046
[1d20 = 5]
>Off by one from the blessed chocolate milk
FUG, guess I'm staying pure and sober this time

Its yours for the duration of the party, purple confiscates everything strange on the castle once the sun rises and she wakes up or if some fag tips her up about the party
Then I hide it outside the castle for my own purposes later. Can I do that?
270045 270046 270047
>Gets the choccy milk
>Zero units
that's what happens when someone namefags needlessly
270047 270048
At least I have a chocolate milk box? For some reason I feel like Discord was behind this.
Going to go curl up in my box now.
Castle is locked for everyone to sleep at night, if ya can jump out and back in without waking her, being a magical lock being opened at a weird time and all that
Hopefully your hidey hole is good enough so other passer by's don't find it as well

Sorry fam, but them's the rules
You can have one of my milk jars though, going a whole party dry would suck
Both so close, yet so far...
[1d20 = 16]
Fuck it. Rollan.
[1d20 = 14]
Thanks mate, I owe you one.
My condolences. At least the true booze and fun is the friends we made along the way.
Have this milk jar if you want frien.
I have a shovel and a pair of perfectly good wings, I think I can do this. Not to mention I'm firmly on purple's good side, so I think I can get away with it if I do it right. Hiding 8 berry specials outside for a rainy day, each one can be bought for a (You)!
I don't even drink, but at least I got a box out of it.
So what game shall be played first?
I vote halo
How easily does Purple get up anyway?
You win 100% of the vote.
Neat, let's go to blood gulch!
270070 270071
[1d20 = 7]
Very nice
270090 270091 270101
Discordniggers please kys.
Waste of double dubs and heil dubs, I might hate discord as much as the next Anon, but that was just low fucking quality, step up your shitposting.
I hate Discord more than you and I still think that was a waste of good numbers.
Nice job copying the Aussie's homework, Nigel. Now fuck off, you aren't wanted here either.
270115 270131 270151
>Anon's talking with Glimmer about my day, mostly bullshitting
>Normal he don't trust her and she don't trust him either.
>The whole diner is just Anon and Glimmer on a large table, without any noise, just silence, disturbed by the ticking of a large clock on the living room.
>When Twilight isn't around they only are stuck in that huge castle reminescent of a past thing that turned a page between solid moments and confused times where she thinks she's a real princess.
>Anon's asking her «Did she told you anything?»
>She's making a face «That's top secret. It's a new kind of threat for Equestria and the world.»
>Anon sighs. «You know I'm gonna find out soon or late.»
>«I still don't get why Twilight keeps you here.»
>Anon's mocking her as he picks a jar of wine and refills his glass. «Ow well, I was wondering the same thing about you. She just hates being alone that's a thing.» You're not gonna tell me what she's up to? If there's something I can do?
>«like what?» she interjected.
>Anon's passing her the bottle humming "starlight" by Muse «Far away... This ship has taken me far away... I'm still curious, what kind of monster is it this time, between us nothing's secret.»
>Starlight's sipping some wine knowing she can't even trust Twi about keeping her past a secret.
>Anon is using some tactic to know more. «Bet she recounts you everything she thinks she knows about me, might have also wrote about it on her big books, never checked it.»
>Starlight kind of knows now she's been caught lurking in Twilight's office. «Alien invasion or something.»
>Anon's a bit shook «wew. Aliens? You think the magic of friendsip will do this time?»
>she's laughing. «Changeling kind of aliens. Even harder, they are indeed responsible of the blackout over three regions. Can you believe that? Twilight is investigating, she demands the throne and full powers again.»
>Anon:«The good new is that at least we know we're not alone in the universe anymore!»
>Starlight:«I still don't believe it. Might be some new kind of threat from our own world so I'm waiting here til she needs me.»

>Anon's finishing his glass, moves the dishes and a now empty plate of fries to the kitchen's sink.
>Anon: «Going to bed early tonight, kinda tired.»
>Starlight: «not even going to jerk at anatomy and sex-related books?»
>Anon: «Nah at best I'm gonna keep studying how we program on your hardware, it's cryptic as hell.»
>Starlight: «Ah yeah you're into computers again. Don't fuck SilverSpoon.»
>Anon's frowning: «Glimmer, I am not you. Come to bed.»
>Starlight: «You're kind of direct, Anon.»
>Anon's grinning. «It's a win win situation, I changed my mind, let's discuss this whole alien changeling thing in my room. I'm sure I can make you speak.»
>Starlight's looking around, nods and follow him.

>Few minutes later he's frotting his vagina against hers, carressing her clit with patience and skills.
>She's moaning and mumbling. «I've been naughty Anon, you know, Twilight asked me to stay out of this thing. I only checked the letter Celestia Spiked to her. Lots of documents and files about a strange machine that can change its appearance.»
>Anon's frowning. «A machine now? That's no longer an alien. Keep going and I'm gonna use my tongue. What was it? Mimetic polyalloy?»
>She's recounting the whole secret report she read before Twilight picked it.
>Anon: «You did good, Glimglam. You'd be a perfect communist agent.»
>Glimmer: «Still think I am?»
>Anon's going lower and start sucking her tits. «Totally, hmm~»
>They're fucking the best they could, yet Anon managed to get her to cum, and finally have some rest.
>Anon: «Isn't that what we do? We're also hiding, I'm a human in the body of a pony, we all have secret identities.»
>Glimmer: «Now tell me, who are you exactly?»
>Anon:«I'm the master mind of a secret organization called the Milf Fuckers Company.»
>Glimmer : «Ha.»
>Anon:«Getting up early tomorrow. Sleep well.»

>in the middle of the equestrian countryside, a few miles from Manehattan
>a good bunch of the Equestrian Royal Guard in military uniform is surrounding one police vehicle.
>Princess Luna is supervising the operation accompanied with Twilight
>Twilight:«Who could have imagined I'd really see this one day of my life. Let's hope they are peaceful.»
>Luna:«I've seen tracks of them back on the moon, it was centuries ago. We have never been alone.»
>one of the military is taking a loudspeaker «Unknown vehicle, in the name of our Princess, You do not have any right other to comply to our instructions. We order you to surrender and state your name and mission or we will have to open fire! Do you understand?»
>The police vehicle from Manehattan, a Mustang-looking car is reeving up, revealing a "to punish and enslave" decal.
>Twilight: «These are just... taking control of our technology? What are they»
>The car is transforming into an anthropomorphic robot.
>«I am Barricade, I am not interested in interfering with your population and none of what I'm doing here are your business.»
>Twilight's hovering «let me handle this.»
>Luna and the generals around her are sighing
>Twilight's approaching «See? You don't need to hide, you don't look bad at all! We can be your friends, and you better be, our princess is kind of determined to transform you into a cheesegrater. what are you looking for on our world?»
>Barricade is looking at her
>He's groaning and push her away as he's rushing out of here.
>The armed ponies are yelling «Don't let it go again!» and start firing at it as he's jumping over the jeeps, hitting the road again in form of a car.
>Luna's laughing at her. «We spent hours trying to stop it. But at least that's a start.»
>Twi:«But I tried first! Look, I'll arrange that. Trust me, have you seen this? A talking machine, ...It could be fantastic to have them as our allies!»
[1d20 = 11]

Really nice
270121 270124 270127 270232

>infinite pass
Let's see what the adults have to say about it.
"If you insist."
On the back of the card
Sex: Yes, please!
That's a cute
I blame the magical Infinite Sex Pass.
ur a cute
Where do I apply to get my pass?
Motherfucking decepticons...
270135 270137

"I don't wanna get up yet."
>"Neither do I, subject."
Here lies Filly she died a virgin.
That's very snugg with Sunbutt the wise.
kys filly box.jpg
A cute!
She never scored
>it must be like, 4 in the morning or something.
>Twilight's back, certainly with other ponies.
>Anon's woke up.
>Starlight is mumbling a bit wondering what's going on.
>Twilight's seemingly mad at the fact the wonderbolts and the royal guards were too slow «We had it, we had this fucker and it escaped! Right there, like that, and the army and their bulldozers was completely inefficient!»
>voice of a stallion, definitively her brother. «It's a new threat, some mad scientist must be behind all this.»
>Twilight:«If I manage to prove to Equestria I can take down this threat my way, I will be on the throne again. And for good!»
>Shining:«It's political now? Of course it's always been.»
>Twilight:«Quieter, let's get on the living room.»
>Glimmer's getting up quietly out of the bed trying to listen to them.
>They're both trying to figure out a way to stop machines that are calling themselves "decepticons"
>Anon's behind her, listening to the conversation, now kind of worried.
>What are the odds of winning a population of ponies and unicorns and magic could stand against a horde of robots from space.
>about to get a heart attack, hesitating, either he's explaining Twilight he knows these, either he's doing it his way.
>He's trotting in the kitchen, picks a thermos of coffee and rushes outside
>It's the middle of the night, it's cold, but he's heading to the old Milford buckers company building on the suburbs with a couple of books on his backpack.
>The backdoor is taking to a chaos of old dusty things totally giving out the idea but past this, a bunch of ponies, and computer screens, cables, magnetic tape machines are rolling at full steam.
>I'm the only one who's not asleep right now, still developing a software, something small. «A worm. According to this book, a chunk of code like this can be weaponized if we put a payload in its code.»
>Anon's surprised. «weaponizing code?»
>«Have you ever done any maretial arts, Anon?» I asked
>«Nah I have a gun. You brought all this in?»
>«These are old computers that were just changed from an insurance company a couple of months ago, we asked them to get delivered here, we are now a recycling organization. It lasted just three hours and they even gave us money to disassemble these machines, so I hired a few rednecks to do the transport for us and bring it all here, we have more hardware than we will ever need. Talking hundreds of megahertz and hundreds of gigabytes of storage, right now I'm compiling this thing. Look!»
>a bunch of opcodes, and data on a terminal's window is starting to form a more complex structure.
>Anon's staring at the software and the few lines of code, a program that basically learns to reprogram itself depending of its environment
>all around the desk, books about "porting black magic logic into calculators" and a few annotations on similar books stolen certainly from some crazy mare's library.
>«I forgot you're the sociopath one. Oppenheimer. Or rather, Teller.» he said
>«It better be a compliment.» I replied. «This is what could end the tyranny of information. Regardless of the OS or platform, unless we are talking an analog computer, if it is copied, it will multiply, find an exploit with a simple logic, and put the payload.»
>Anon looks at me, kind of make a step back.
>I'm looking at my face in the prompt of a black text terminal. Indeed I look kind of gloomy. If not scary.
>tape computers are spinning at full speed then slowing down to a stop.
>«Mother screwed me again and decided to take everything from my room for coming too late, so from now, this mess is where I live. She's not gonna worry much. She insisted if I can't pay her back, I should prostitute myself. I am devoid of love.»
>Anon's worried. «Wow. I know your mother is a cunt, sorry to hear.»
>computers each ejects an optical diskette «It's in two parts, Silver insisted, and most of the program was done by Buttons. When these disks are combined it's really in case we need to get into an enemy's network. It's priceless, I could have made one and sell the antivirus or the fix a few millions of bits. But I'm not in the mood. So took all of our most evil ideas, and the ones that leaves no possibility, and made a synthesis of them. And that's it.»
>the drawings on the decals of the diskettes looks like tortured fluffies or something. Anon's a terrible art critic.
>Anon's sitting next to me, stares at the annotated black magic books «You put so much hate on this, it's beautiful.»
>«You think?»
>And then Anon explained me everything what was going on according to Twilight and what they have found, and what he knows, about Transformers. «Or was that Gundam? Patlabor or Evangelion.. Nah I don't know anything about Transformers, I suck as a human but I'm more concerned about them here, what would an alien robot do on our world?»
>thinks a moment. «Collecting samples, analyzing the atmosphere, doing telemetry, robot things in sorts.»

>I'm tired. Even if I see in this robot apocalypse some kind of liberation or acceleration to something that could go anywhere
>Anon's looking both happy and worried. «..It's 5:40, get some sleep I'm taking it from here.»
>What I did. As Anon's taking a moment to think alone on the roof of the factory as the sun is rising in the sky.
>Anon's standing and thinking alone. «I'll make you my bitch.»
Interesting. Time for some more pony shenanigans and machines that move about.
>Be Trail Feather, animal tracker.
>You are flying out with the princess and a couple other trackers and guards.
>Apparently some little green pegasus filly was found out in the wild trying to off herself behind Canterlot.
>The princess hovers around a flat cliff.
>"Right around here was where I saw her falling." She says.
>There's a few nods as ponies get to work.
>You first check the ledge safest to jump from and are quick to notice it's fairly accessible by a natural trail.
>Looking down from the cliff you see a unnaturally large pack of leafs, a bit spread out from wind.
>Well, she may have not been trying to off herself, she's just like a regular filly, stupid.
You start walking down the trail and find hoof prints occasionally. Small, definitely where she jumped then.
>Now for the hard part, finding a den.
>You try to follow the trail, but one you get off the mountain it becomes much more difficult.
>A quick blow of a whistle lets everypony know to group up on you.
"We should begin our search for a den or something here, this is where the trail cuts off."
>They nod and they're off on the hunt.
>A couple of guards are calling out to get the attention of any possible other fillies lost out here, others are looking for animals for the nature connected pegasus to talk to.
>You look around for a bit until you find a squirrel.
"Hey, buddy."
>You say gently catching it's attention.
>"Tktktktktk?(Yeah, what you need?)" It replies.
"I was wondering if you knew anything about a green filly?"
>"(Little one? Black mane, messed up wings?") It ask imitating wings flapping.
"Yeah, why was she out here?"
>It shrugs.
>"(Donno, she was out here since I was born, everyone just kinda helped her out. Tried to make sure she didn't get hurt. She started trying to fly and never could though. Kept seeing Celestia and it made her have more resolve to keep trying.)"
"Celestia knew about her?"
>Shakes it's head no.
>"(Nah, she would just fly around, probably never saw the filly.)"
"Why didn't you tell anypony?"
>"(I would have, but the filly didn't want to burden anyone. Even offered to lead her to a friend of a friend named Fluttershy.)"
"And she denied?"
>Strange... filly must have never met another pony to be so adamant about not being a 'burden'.
"Can you lead me to where she lives?"
"No, the filly."
>"(Oh, duh, right.)"
>"Wow Anon, you're only 22? What's wrong with your society that they force a child into work at that age!?"
"…uh, what?"
>"I mean, come on! How are you supposed to have a childhood like that!?"
"I actually had a pretty nice childhood, but I'm really an adult now so-"
>"Nonsense, Anon! You can't possibly be an adult at only 22. I mean I'm almost 80, and I still feel like I should be in school! If only so I can study more…"
"…is this going anywhere? 'Cause I think we need to have a discussion about relevant timescales and how they apply to our respective universes or something like that."
>"Nope. I'm going to turn you into a filly, so you can have all that lost childhood back!"
"What the hell does that mea-"
>"Perfect! Enjoy your newfound freedom, Anon!"
Very nice. RIP Anon's penis.
400 is old age with 18 as the human equivalent. (90 ish for females)