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>Post writing that doesn't deserve its own thread

>Be Anon.
>You were not the only anon that got transported to Equestria.
>Neither were you the only Twifag.
>Now this faggot sits next to you and Twilight as you are munching on spagetti.
>Not just any spagetti, resturant tier spagetti.
>You three went out to eat.
>Obviously, Twi wanted to spend some time with you but knew she would feel bad if she left the other anon out.
>You glare at him, motioning with a hand for him to leave.
>He glares back at you.
>”Implying that I would leave just because you tell me to,” he says.
”Implying that it wouldn't be the polite thing to do. Twilight is obviously not looking for an autistic sperg in her life,” you retort.
>”Boys boys. No need to fight over silly old me,” Twilight says, then a grin flashes over her face for a second and she quickly and for a moment rubs her hooves together.
>”Yes, Anon. The weak should fear the strong.”
>He flexes his biceps.
>Twilight moves her lips to make an inaudible, ”Whoa!” And then her eyes peek over at you.
>You naturally rip your shirt off.
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Do you feel up for a lowkey collab? I would like to do a writing chain or writing tennis thing started; a thing were you/me write the first section and then the other person writes the next and the first person writes the next section and so it continues.

If you're up for it feel free to start or tell me you want me to write hte first section. The sections don't need to be long or intelligently written. It's just a fun experiment were we have to leave setups that can either be used the next writer for a payoff or not (we don't have to finish everysetup the other one make but as long as we act as what happened in the previous sections are canon it is all fine.)
>unrelated pic
Sure thing, I'm always down for something interesting. Thancc for patience, by the way, I have been bogged down with finals for a little over a week and I just saw this. So, who goes first?
Well, you can begin. I'd like an adventure story with anon as the mc and if you could set up a goal for him to acomplish as well, that would be great. However, I'm fine with wahtever you write so feel no pressure, just write whatever comes to mind. Just telling you my prefrences,.
Alrighty m8, I'll get to thinking!
Just don't over think for this. The fist tiem I did this with someone I just had a character mention that Anon was with Daring Do who's mission was to bring a secret scroll to Celestia. Canada then filled in with what Anon's motivation was for helping daring do. In this case, he was being paid before, and was a mareinizer before he got more serious leraning of the contents of the scroll.
So I actually like to retract what I said about my prefrences. That's just how that story was doesn't mean it is the only way to do this. In fact, none of this abopve you need to follow. I neither you or I have any idea where the story might be goping from hte begining tha's fine, we'll figure that out on the way.
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I'll try not to overthink and take your advice here, but I'm still running with your earlier recommendation because it's better than my complete lack of ideas.
I know what you mean. It feels like every idea you create is not good enough. I think it really is to just not get hung up on the tropes you use being overused or silly but instead focus on making it good.

For example, I have been looking at mlp transcript from the first seasons lately and found that you can learn a lot from these stories. A story is justa problem that character solves, an arc isn't even always needed, and they finally solve it. Simple does not mean bad.

Anyway, this is one of the threee writing things I'll juggle nowdays. The other two are part of roleplaying in occupied Equestria and writing on a project that I put more effort in than this one.
Basically, I don't think you should put too much effort into this because I won't.
>don't put in too much effort
m8 either I put in effort or I make a 4-line shitpost, I haven't found the ability to do a happy medium yet!
For example, your latest story about sargent Anon is an example that inspire me. It is quite simple but it was still enjoyable and I respect that you stuck with. Don't get me wrong, it isn't bad. What I mean with simple is that yeah, plot is that Anon gets displaced in Equestria and the rest is slice of life for a while before the horrors he came from hunts him down in peaceful Equestira. Like, I who have been in this fandom since s2 e1 has read this many times before. But it is about how you do it that seperates it and as I said, I still enjoyed your story.

I can relate. It is hard when one is an perfectionist. I guess, just don't double guess yourself.
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I appreciate the further compliments, it really helps me stroke my e-peen. More seriously, what I meant by I have no ideas is that my brain felt completely empty so I just decided to go with your adventure suggestion to kick off the process. I still managed to put down something that I think is pretty good in this time, so don't worry. Speaking of...

"I'm taken from my home in the middle of the night and dropped out in the middle of fucking nowhere... Could this shit get any worse?" Anonymous thinks to himself as he sits next to a fire, burning peacefully in the crudely made pit before him.
Today has not been the best in his relatively short life so far, and currently, he'd actually rank it as one of the worst. Despite being an avid camper and survivalist, he still reacts much like any other person would when faced with such a scenario: spend the first hour or so pissing and moaning before actually trying to figure out a solution. So far, his solution has been an educated move from what he's learned over the years, which is to stay put and wait for help while doing what he can to bring it to him, but he hasn't seen even a trace of another human yet. At least he seems to have landed in a particularly hospitable area, as there was a source of fresh water nearby while small game has also been relatively abundant here.
"Oh well, I can get to work on a signal of some sort tomorrow. I wish whoever fucking did this at least had the decency to give me something to work with in the meantime, starting from scratch is not my specialty."
He pokes at the fire before him with a lightly charred stick while pondering what tool would best aid him in this scenario
"Well, a container of some kind would've let me carry water. If I had a lighter or something, I wouldn't have had to go to the effort of spinning a stick to light a fire... However, if there was something I was missing purely for comfort's sake, it would have to be boots."
Anonymous punctuates his thought by casting a sad look down at his feet, lamenting the fact that he's stuck with the shitty pair of shoes he wears when it's cold inside. At least it's better than nothing at all, but it surely isn't ideal.
With nothing better to do to pass time, Anonymous decides to retire to the small structure he built to provide himself with shelter through the night and call it just that. However, just as he gets settled within his humble amassment of tree-based materials, he notices something. A strange sound seems to resonate in the air around him, first starting as more of a loose vibration permeating the wood of his hovel, but soon straining and quaking to the point that audible snaps and cracks can be heard around him! Heavily concerned about what exactly is happening, Anonymous springs up and out of his prone position and back out into the night just in time to see the tiny wooden frame collapse before somehow beginning to rebuild itself. Mesmerized by this event, our hero stands in awe as the wood begins moving of its own accord and rebuilding itself into something distinctly unnatural. After a few more moments, the wood settles into the form it wishes to take and becomes surprisingly animalistic in shape, now looking more like a common wolf but sculpted from timber yard rejects.
Taking a moment to let this all settle in, Anonymous stands still and waits for his mind to catch up with his surroundings, pretty much the exact opposite thing you should do when faced with something like this as opposed to getting the fuck out of there, while the wooden wolf-thing stands there and looks around in mild bewilderment of its own at having been removed from its own place of rest unknowingly to arrive at a new fate. What this fate will be it likely doesn't know, but it probably will be much like its previous one albeit starting about 300 feet to the north. Once the creature finds this out for itself, it soon turns towards the only other thing in the environment, Anonymous. Taking a moment to size him up, it elects to not face him in one-on-one combat especially with the fire nearby, and instead bounds off back into the woods.
After another moment, Anonymous's brain finally catches up to the string of events that just took place and gives him back control over his body as well as the quick rundown on what just happened. The structure he made to sleep in for the night shape shifted into a wolf, ran away, and left him without shelter for the night. The fact that it shape shifted alone leaves Anonymous completely stunned and at a loss for what to do lest his next house get up and walk away too, so seeing no other alternatives, he sits back down next to the fire and utters a single word.
Will post soon.
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Anonymous rubs his forehead with two fingers.

What the fuck?

The previous events are played over and over again in half of Anon's mind while the other half is straining his eyes to look into the woods where the creature disappeared. His eyes glanced to where his shelter had been and back again to where the wolf had disappeared. His eyes extend their search by scanning around him as well. Looking closely for the reappearance of the wolf.

He looks down into the palm of his hand. In it was a small scratch that he had gotten from one of the sharp sticks while building the shelter. It had been annoying then, now it was terrifying and also reassuring. He wasn't mad and hadn't imagined things but he was in the same woods as a monster.

His head snapped to the fire. It was still going strong. Looking around he found a rather thick tree branch that reminded him of a trident that it began as a stick and branched out at the other end. He put it down next to the fire but did not lit it on fire yet.

Is that enough? Can I defend myself with that alone if it comes back?

The creaking of wood made his head turned towards the source. He turned to his left and ended up starring into the darkness between trees, not sure if he was imagining shapes or not.

He began to wipe around to every sound that he heard. Some part of him thought it was just the tree crowns creaking in the wind but... Considering that what was out there was made of wood, he wasn't too sure.

”Haa... Haa... Hooo...”

Anon was sweating bullets and he waggled back and forth where he stood. He could not sleep here.

Then he froze. Two green orbs that shone weakly in the darkness stared at him. He saw how the green orbs in the shadow of the trees attached to a dark shape. It was the tree wolf from before.

”HA-” Anon interrupted his gasp by clogging it shut with his palm.

Without moving his head his eyes peered down at the stick and then back up at the wolf again. His fingers dug into his cheeks as he saw two more pairs of eyes behind the first.

The three wooden wolfs walked slowly out of the shadow of the darkness and into the light of the fire. There the wolves gave the fire a sideways glance before beginning to circle it.

Anon stuck the branching side of the stick into the flames and then reached out into the path of one of the wolves. The wolf in question flinched back and the other three stopped. However, the flames had not yet caught on to the branch and the thrust towards the wolf extinguished them.

Anon's mouth gaped. He dropped the branch but quickly dove down to the fire and grabbed the only firewood which wasn't burning on both ends. He had put that one on last.

He grabbed the unburnt side of it and with an extended arm, he put it between him and the lone wolf that had gone around from his right side. It stopped its advance at him stood ready to pounce at him and growled at him.

He was about to move forward to keep the two other wolves coming around from the other side of the fire between him and the fire in a similar fashion that he kept the wolf in front of him at bay but then he noticed how one of the other wolves had turned back was circling from the other side of the fire, at a safe distance of course but still. He did not have enough fires to keep three wolves at bay.

It was clear now, that these wolves were intelligent and used to work as a team. The wolf in front of him had moved a bit forward again. It was trying to herd him so that he had the other two wolves behind him.

It was like one of his heartbeats hammered ice and shattered and send its shards through his body. His head hung forward and his eyes were wide. He grabbed onto the fabric of the shirt over his chest. He let out a whining sound.

His face shook for a second before it contorted into that of rage. He smacked himself in the head with his free hand and roared. Then he spun around and kicked off one of the burning firewoods and lobbed it straight at the closest wolf behind him, right towards their face.

The wolf dodge rolled out of the way. It smashed into the ground and were upon the sticks, branches, and twigs that made up its front paws and wooden ribs scattered on the ground. But green light eminated around them and it began to reassemble itself again.

Anon wasn't watching though, as fast as he had kicked the firewood, he had turned back to the wolf he was fending off and lunged at it. It also jumped aside with fear for the fire but it managed to land on its feet unscathed.

Realizing his opportunity, Anon ran. The two whole wolves followed suit.
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After just passing a few trees, he checked behind him. They had caught up to him again.

Then he saw a large and tall tree with a lot of thick branches near its trunk. Wolves couldn't climb as humans could, he realized.

He had been careful not to wave his firewood so the flames were still going nicely but he dragged it behind him as too scared them a bit off as he got close to the tree.

Steeping on the lower branches and then reaching and pulling himself up on the higher in but almost one motion, Anon successfully climbed out of reach. Or so he thought.

Into the bark sank the claws of the two beasts as the side by side began to walks vertically up the tree.

”Fah! Really?!” Anon pointed at the wolves with an opened hand.

He continued his ascent and they theirs until Anon had gotten about nine feet into the air. There he stopped because he got an idea.

He jumped and landed with his each of his feet on the unsuspecting woody wolves. He had thought they would dampen his momentum but he hadn't counted on them bascially stopping his fall and him managing get a hold on a nearby branch.

The bodies of the two wolves fell and crashed onto the ground creating a huge pile of wood while their razor-sharp paws were still stuck to the tree.

Anon extended his makeshift torch above them. Yes, that firewood that has not been put out from all of this because it was burning with a huge raging fire but which was long enough for Anon to have parts where he could hold it without burning his fingers.

He did his best Austrian accent.

”I'll mourn you with a pyre!”

Then he dropped the fire in the pile of wood that was starting to reassemble.
270392 270503 271089

The fire burning down the length of the charred branch finally finished engulfing the wood upon touching the reassembling remnants of the two monsters, providing a nice base for a brand new fire to consume the beasts. Initially, the fire burned low and almost unnoticeable, only catching the smallest pieces of the two wolves, but once the reassembly was almost complete, these smaller pieces were buried within the depths of the two, providing more than enough surface area for the fire to grow and spread within the now very distressed creatures. After another few moments, even the green lights of their eyes began to dim and shift to orange as the fire consumed them both from within, leaving nothing but charcoal behind.
Upon seeing the majority of the danger now laying in a smoldering pile, Anonymous jumps down from his secondary perch to confront the final wolf, still circling the tree. However, as soon as the wolf sees what's become of its pack mates, it immediately turns tail and runs back into the forest, putting as much distance between itself and this fiend as it physically could.
With all of that taken care of, Anonymous decides to head back to the safety of the camp and the fire near it to spend the rest of the night. He spends the next several hours awake, waiting for the light of dawn to peek over the treetops and signal his ability to return to his task of survival, but when dawn finally comes, he finds yet another oddity of the world around him in the fact that it goes from dawn to midday in less than a minute. After spending another few moments contemplating this and wondering if he somehow fell asleep in the time it took for the sun to rise, he decides that that's not important. What IS important, however, is using the daylight that he didn't just piss away asleep to get something done.
Venturing back out into the forest and away from the ashen remains of the fire, Anonymous does what he needs to. Checking traps, gathering more resources to build another shelter and making sure this time that they're not actually a wood monster, and finally getting to work on finding a place to make a signal. After searching around the forest for a while, he eventually finds a clearing of fair size. Upon entering that clearing, he also finds something else. A large, disheveled and dilapidated castle stands overlooking a ravine, just barely made crossable by a similarly broken-down rope bridge. After debating whether or not it would be a good idea to transfer himself into this new shelter, Anonymous decides that that wouldn't be a good idea just in case some rubble happened to turn him into paste while he was sleeping. However, this structure does make for an excellent landmark for future navigation!
Noting down the castle's approximate location for later use, Anonymous takes the resources he's gathered and heads back to his camp to rebuild it. Once he gets there, a new shelter is made and a new fire is set to be lit later, what food he managed to find is organized and cleaned to the best of his limited ability, and what water he's gathered from the nearby source is also cleaned to the best of his ability.
"Let's hope I don't fucking die out here," Anon speaks to himself as he sits back down near the pit. "What time even is it right now?"
To answer his question, Anonymous looks up to the sky to find that the sun hasn't moved at all from its previous perch!
"Wow, I made some great time in getting all this done! Maybe I can spend some more time trying to find a place to make a signal, or maybe I could get to work on resetting some more of the traps I put out-"
Anonymous cuts himself off before he can finish his thought as the sun immediately and suddenly sinks below the horizon again, with the moon rushing up to take its place with the same impossible speed. Within mere moments, the time has somehow gone from midday to midnight and this time, Anonymous knows he was firmly awake and aware as he saw it happen above him. With another startling realization, Anonymous comes to terms with the fact that he probably isn't on Earth anymore. Either that, or he's been dropped in the woods on some kind of acid trip or something, that's the only other way to explain the wooden wolves springing to life and deciding to fight him and the sun and moon refusing to move for hours only to jump immediately to the other side of the planet within seconds. Such large questions usually can't be answered immediately, but Anonymous isn't sure which is a better answer for his own safety.
On the one hand, if he's tripping out in the middle of the woods, he's at least hopefully somewhere somewhat close to civilization. However, he's also in incredible danger of causing himself severe harm, if the greentexts he's read of anons tripping out are to be believed. On the other hand, he's currently stuck on an alien planet with alien life in an alien environment full of who-knows-what with almost zero hope of getting home. However, at least in this scenario, he still has his wits properly about him and he can be trusted to at least make decent decisions and predictions with adequate exposure to a situation.
Either way, this is not a good situation to be in by any definition of the word. To try and lessen that though, Anonymous immediately gets to work on lighting the next fire, remembering how well it served him in keeping the creatures of the night away from him last night. Once the blaze is properly going, Anon gets together what little food he managed to gather for himself, has a meager meal, and settles in to the Shack 2.0 for the night, hoping that tomorrow at least brings a smidgeon of good news to him.
Very interesting, I'm looking foward to more from the both of you. Seriously no pressure I'm here for the fun, and words.
Glad you're liking it so far, I'll keep doing my best! between you and me, I'm also trying to see how far I can make it through this "pony" fanfic before having to actually mention a pony of any kind :^)
Story's coming along nicely. You two got good synergy so far.
Will post more today. I got preocupied yesterday.
Then again we don't have to always post so I don't see why I felt the need to inform you. Well, whatever.
So was these two days I have been dealin with some emotionally draining problems. Will get to it tomorrow. Just got distracted and didn't feel up for it because of that. Basically, i haven't forgotten about this and i do want to continue.
My post is half finished actually.
It's fine m8, get to things as you can and contribute when you have something to post. This is just supposed to be a side project to our main ones anyway, so don't worry!
You are absolutely right.

Anon's eyes snapped open.

It was still night he noticed. The moonlit up the grounds that were not covered in the shadow of trees.

What was that?” Anon thought as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

”It sounded like an animal,” he spoke to himself.

Remembering the wolves, Anon rolled up on his haunches and searched the camp area for intruders. Nothing.

”It sounded like it-” she said but interrupted himself and covered his mouth with a hand. [i]Better control my habit here. I don't wanna give away my position. But it sounded like it came from...

Anon ten realized what had happened. Something had just entered one of his traps and was probably still trapped there if he made it correctly.

Anon stepped out of his shelter and while he was pretty sure he was right, he still made sure to take soft and careful steps.

He reached the place and saw that the boulder was no longer hanging by the side of a tree in natural cordage on the ground next to the roots. The cordage was still tense telling Anon that whatever his snare caught was still there.

It had taken him a lot of time twisting natural fibers together to make the cordage, lifting that heavy boulder over from the castle, and constructing the trigger with sticks that held from the pressure of the boulder's pulling force which is why this was his only snare and string-based trap so far.

The stick construct he had made was such that one end is thrown over a high-up and strong tree branch and the tired around a boulder. This gave the snare its pull later when the boulder was lifted by its cordage. The other end was made into a noose and also tied to a stick. This stick was then through the magic of sticks stuck into the ground and constructions, fastened to the ground as well but with one catch, another stick acted as a pin that was lodged so that if removed, the stick tied to the cordage would no longer be stuck to the rest of the stick construct and be lifted by the boulder. Anon had then created a plate of sticks that if stepped on would knock out the pin and put the noose about it.

Anon entered the area and saw a creature with the top half of a rooster and the lower half of a lizard. It hung limply by its tail insnared and continuously spun around.

What is that? Well, if half of it is a chicken, I have half a meal at least. Eh, what am I thinking? I can't be picky here. Who knows lizard might be tasty.

Anon licked his lips. He stepped closer but stepped on a twig that snapped off.

The hanging head of the geckobirb came to life and looked in his direction.

Their eyes meet and suddenly Anon felt like his body was frozen in place. He could not look away from the bird's eyes. He felt pain in his right foot. It became numb and felt heavier all of a sudden.

They broke eye contact however, as the bird's movement had caused the line he hung from to twist his gaze away from Anon.

Anon shook himself out of the trans.

What was up with those eyes? Well, I won't look into them again.

He tried to jump out and grabbed the bird but accidentally used his right foot. It did not work and instead, he fell forward. He managed to grab the bird in his hands anyway though while falling onto his back.

The natural cordage snapped.

”Fuck!” Anon said as he saw it break.

Anon could feel the bird-lizard fighting his grasp and trying to escape him. It bit him in the finger and he could feel how it started to bleed. Its claws scrapped into his belly leaving red lines.

Anon knew that if this creature escaped his grasp now he would be unable to get it again because of its weird eyes so he had to take it now that he could use his touch not his sight to kill it. Anon's hands found its neck and a loud boney crack was heard.

The chicken stopped moving after that.

Anon smiled and lifted the chicken by its neck and shook it a few times in celebration.

Then he tried to stand up but he could not move his right foot. His eyes widen and he began to undo his shoelaces. Removing his shoe and sock in one go, Anon was shocked by what he saw. His right foot was grey and did not move. It had been turned into stone.

His hands grabbed and pinched his foot. The texture was like a statue.


Well, if this was anything to Anonymous, it's confirmation that he's currently tripping somewhere. Surely there isn't actually a lizard chicken thing out there capable of hypnotizing people, this is just something his brain made up to explain something else happening to his foot! What happened is still yet to be found out, but surely there are ways to find out if he's still actually okay or not. What those ways might be, he isn't entirely sure. However, he does have an idea.
Anonymous closes his eyes and focuses as hard as he can on feeling anything happening in the general vicinity of his right foot, straining his brain to the point that any sort of sensation near there was cranked up to 11 while everything else became a distant memory. At first, he couldn't sense anything happening down there. Understandably, this freaked him out just a bit. Did whatever he ended up actually catching end up taking his foot off entirely? Is he now bleeding out? Wait, some new feeling is coming to him! A slight feeling of pressure giving, and then pins and needles! Yes, something can be felt there! He's alright!
Breathing out a pensive sigh of relief, Anonymous opens his eyes to see the "stone" cracking and fading, his foot gradually returning to normal. After another few moments of sitting on the ground and waiting, everything's returned to the way it should be in terms of feeling and appearance, so Anonymous decides it's okay to return to camp with the body now. After all, it wouldn't be a good idea to keep messing around in the forest with all these claw marks all over him, now would it?
Once he's back at camp, Anonymous takes the time and spare fresh water he has to clean out his wounds as best he can before sitting back down inside the Shack 2.0 again. Not to sleep, but instead to survey the past events of this night and see if anything can be gleaned from them to explain what actually happened in the real world.
"Let's see, something was caught in a snare. That something made some kind of commotion after getting caught to wake me up, and when I went out to find it, I saw this." Anonymous gestures to the apparent chimera before him. "It started to stare at me, pulled me into a trance, I guess, and then I decided to kill it before it could do it again. I killed it by snapping its neck after a struggle on the ground where it bit me and clawed me up, and then I found out that my right foot was 'stone'. A bit after that, my foot went back to normal with no problems."
After laying out the facts, Anonymous gets to thinking properly about all this in the most logical way he could. However, some questions needed to be answered first. Mainly, what kind of animal could cause his foot to go numb to the point of feeling like stone? Well, after some consideration, he could only come to one conclusion: a snake. A snake, particularly a constrictor of some sort, would've been able to do all of that! Well, not the hypnosis part, but that can be handwaved like the sun and moon jumping around. Yeah, some big snake got stuck in his snare, it tried to wrap his leg when he attacked it, it bit him when he tried to snap its neck, and somehow he managed to kill it! The 'claw marks' on his stomach? cuts and scrapes from sticks and rocks on the ground! Yeah, that's probably it.
Now that he's thinking about it too, the 'wolves' from the other night could probably also be explained through something else too.
"Let's see, large predatory animals, nocturnal, apparently able to materialize from wood, can also climb trees, afraid of fire. Is there anything that fits any of that?" After more careful consideration, he comes to an answer of 'no', but that's mainly because of stuff that can probably be handwaved, like being made of wood and able to rebuild themselves when broken apart. When taking those away, another answer comes to mind in the form of some kind of big cat. "Tree climbing nocturnal predators, not necessarily pack-based, but hey, there could have been a few of them I woke up. Probably some kind of cat."
With all that answered to some extent, now Anonymous just needs to figure out where in the world that leaves him. Good thing his surroundings and inferred knowledge give him some room to work with!
"Big snakes and big cats, forest, some kind of structure in the middle of fucking nowhere... Maybe I'm somewhere in the Amazon?" Anonymous muses into the night. "Well, it was always a dream of mine to see it, but not like this. Whoever did this must be some kind of sadistic bastard, and I bet they've got a fucking camera on me somewhere."
After saying this, Anonymous draws himself into the Shack 2.0 a bit more in an effort to give the finger to who or whatever out there might be watching him. They want to see him flounder around on LSD in the middle of a fucking rainforest? Oh, sure, they'll be able to see him doing what he needs to stay alive and get out, but nothing else! Nobody makes a fool of Anonymous, not without getting made a fool of themselves! Before returning his thoughts back to escaping this forest, Anonymous thinks one last thing on this subject.
"When I get out of here, that motherfucker is getting their shit pushed in so far they taste what they had for breakfast last week."
271620 271625
It's been a while since I wrote pony stuff but I wrote this today.


At six in the morning, an awkward silence reigned in the crystal castle forced upon Twilight as she and her Dragon ate very different meals. Twilight was eating a wide party platter full of triple cheese-hayburgers bigger than her head, and Spike was eating a plate of gemstones like they were rock candy again.

And then, something changed. Spike decided to say what had been on his mind for a long time.

"Twilight? This might sound weird, but... Promise me you won't laugh at me," Spike said insecurely.

"I promise," Twilight smiled, sure that whatever he'd say couldn't be that bad.

"After Discord attacked Equestria, I... had nightmares for a while."

Twilight teleported over and grabbed Spike in a tight hug, like he was a nearly-weightless plush doll. "Spike, why didn't you tell me?" Twilight sympathetically asked.

Spike let her hug him for a few seconds, then he shoved her a little and she got off him. "I didn't want to worry you, and they didn't happen often. When they did happen, Princess Luna showed up and turned things around before stuff got really messed up. But..."

"Go on," She softly encouraged, stepping back and visibly caring.

"They stopped after a while. But when Glimmer messed with time and messed the world up over and over, I realized something. All those nightmares I had, where Discord turned the sky into pudding, or turned gravity into gravy, or turned the planets into plants, and all sorts of crazy worlds where chaos got to do whatever it wanted..."

Twilight waited patiently for him to finish. Then she teleported back to her meal and resumed eating it because she was taking so long.

"They weren't as bad as the worlds Glimmer created."

Twilight's eyes widened in surprise. She dropped the burger held by her magic.

"Discord would just make you bark like a dog or dance uncontrollably or turn you into a jerk, and you'd go back to normal once you got him to undo what he did, or turned him to stone. And everything would be fine. But Glimmer... She took away Rarity's happy life, and Rainbow Dash's, and Pinkie Pie's... All our friends, she ruined all their lives. All she did was shoot a filly out of the sky to make you mad, and it ended up ruining everything! And every time she did it, the world got worse! And she did this to everyone but you and me, just because she was mad at you for helping to stop her evil cult and show it the right way, even though Fluttershy did most of the work. Twilight, do you know what it's like to look at somepony you care about, and barely recognize them? Do you know what it's like to look in their eyes and see how much sadder their life's been, and see that they don't recognize you at all?"

Twilight rolled his eyes. "Yes, Spike, I was there," She reminded him.

"Well every night, I'm there again!" Spike snapped.

She was stunned.

"Every night, I'm in one of those ruined worlds, trying to stay alive. Princess Luna shows up after a while to end the nightmare, but until then... What do you think happened to Rainbow Dash's wing in the war world?" Spike asked. "Why do you think barely any ponies were still free and alive after the Changelings took over? What do you think happened to all the ponies in the Crystal Empire when the Sonic Rainboom never happened and I was never born?"

"I get it."

"Glimmer knows me! And she knew about me, before she did that! Remember how she stalked you? She followed you around for who knows how long after the first time you foiled her evil plans, she saw what we were doing for Equestria and she saw how much better we made everypony's lives. She knew how much we cared for each other, and how often we saved the world. She knew how you guys spent your free time being sent around Equestria by that Cutie Mark Map, to help random unimportant ponies in need, because you're just such good ponies. She stalked us for at least a whole week, and she knew how important the Sonic Rainboom was to your life, and Rarity's life, and Rainbow Dash's life-"

"I get it!"

"And my life! She stopped the Sonic Rainboom from happening, which stopped you from unlocking your magic, which stopped me from ever being born! Which meant I wasn't around to save the Crystal Empire. And I wasn't around to help you guys fight off the Changelings back at Canterlot. I wasn't even around to belch up those old friendship reports to stop you from giving up and running away when Discord turned our friends into jerks, because I wasn't around at all! Glimmer killed me, Twilight! She aborted me more than ten times in a single day! She stopped me from being born, over and over, right in front of you! Why aren't you mad at her?!"

"I am!" Twilight screamed as a shockwave left her mouth and the crystal castle shook from the force. Spike fell back out of his chair in shock at this genuine, raw emotion. The earth quaked slightly, cracks spread out around her chair like she was the spider at the center of her spiderweb, and tiny crystal shards rained from the ceiling like dust. In that moment, she let her Princess mask drop, and tears welled in her eyes.
271621 271625

But by the time he'd gotten back up and climbed up onto the chair, her mask was back on and her horn had flashed. Everything about her was controlled once again, carefully bottled up inside her. Always trying to look perfect in front of everpony, even herself. Her magic had fixed everything her shout had broken within the castle, and it was like nothing had ever happened.

"But I can change her, Spike," Twilight insisted. "I saw everything you saw that day. And I saw what she's capable of back at her town. ...What was that place called, again?"

"Those creepy singing brainwashed ponies you told me about called it Our Town, right?" Spike wondered. "Let's call it Her Town. Since she was the one in charge, and everypony belonged to her in mind and body."

"I saw that town of hers, I saw what she did to the timeline, and I know what she's capable of. If I keep her around, under my direct supervision, I can keep an eye on her and fix anything she does wrong."

"Except when you're not around," Spike noted. "Then she can brainwash anypony she wants until you get back."

"What else am I supposed to do?" Real emotion, Spike realized, she was showing it again. "Turn her to stone?"

"Can't you do to her what you did to Nightmare Moon, rainbow-blasting her into a tiny crying pony sorry for everything she did?"

"I wish," She sighed. "That only worked because Darkness corrupted her. The real Princess Luna was sorry for everything the darkness tempted her into doing. That little Alicorn who hugged Celestia and apologized for everything, shrunken by her feelings of helplessness, that was the real her. All Harmony had to do was chase darkness away to reveal that. If I did that to Glimmer-"

She stopped herself, unwilling to finish that sentence.

"She wouldn't change, would she?" Spike asked sadly. "Harmony can't reveal her true form. It's already out there, for everypony but you to see. Darkness doesn't tempt her into doing bad things, she just doesn't care if what she wants to do in the moment is bad for anyone besides herself and what she wants. Chase away the darkness in Glimmer, and there wouldn't be anything left."

Twilight had nothing to say.

Spike, however, had thought of something. "I still think that in one of those time-travel jumps she forced you on, you should have teleported us over to Glimmer as a filly. Then you could teleport us again and give her to Celestia, so she could get her to be with her little boyfriend, or maybe even end up one of her students just like you."

"No, Spike! That just wouldn't be right!"

"Why not? You'd give Glimmer something happy to replace her lost friend, so she could grow up happy!" Spike insisted, and muttered to himself, "Instead of never growing up at all."

"I can't do that!" Twilight insisted. "I'd be destroying who Glimmer turned out to be!"

"Is that such a bad thing?" Spike wondered.

"Yes!" Twilight yelled. "Yes, it is! What's gotten into you?"

"What's gotten into you? Did you wonder whether it was right to turn Nightmare Moon back into Princess Luna before you did it?"

"Yes, and I decided it was the right thing to do! I'm not just one pony any more, Spike, I'm a Princess of Equestria! I have to set a good example for Equestria. If I compromise on my ideals now, when do I stop?"

"When there are no more Glimmers left! Or Sombras, or Nightmare Moons, or Tireks, or any other kind of monster!" Spike yelled. "Come on, Twilight, do your job and be a Princess!"

Tears welled in her eyes and her body was shaken by heavy sobs. Thick wet tears fell from her eyes as the walls came crashing down. "I never wanted to be a Princess!" She screamed, and though she wished she could take that scream back, it was too late. The crystal cracks were set in stone. Castle shook and rocks started to fall, and Twilight leapt to Spike and formed a magical shell shield around him to protect herself and her closest friend. The walls of this crystal castle came crashing down around them until all was dust and sparkly rubble around the pair.

Spike felt his rage melt away, and his own tears welled in his own eyes. "Twilight, I'm sorry... It's all my fault!"

She wanted to run away. The sight of the devastation she'd accidentally caused horrified her. She wanted to curl up somewhere and cry and cry until she felt better. But she didn't. She stopped, closed her eyes, and blinked her tears away as she forced herself to calm down. She wasn't going to go to pieces now, not in front of Spike. She couldn't completely give in to her own feelings, not yet, not when she was this powerful. She couldn't trust herself to feel. "No, Spike. It's my fault. I broke the castle. Don't blame yourself for what others did."

Spike began to tear up again, unable to say what was on his mind.

When her pounding heart slowed and she trusted herself to speak, she spoke. "I never asked for this. I've never told anyone this, but I loved Ponyville. I loved how genuine and honest everypony is here, compared to how things were back home. I loved being treated like a regular nerdy pony amongst regular ponies, but that's gone now. I wanted to make Princess Celestia and all my other teachers proud. I wanted to be a good student, not..." She looked back at her own wings, which stretched themselves out. "This."

Spike began to tear up. "I didn't mean to make you cry-"

"It's fine, Spike." Twilight sighed, her magic picking Spike up like a teddy bear, yanking him close so she could hug him. "I never wanted to be in charge. I'm good at it, and I'm good at organizing things. I wanted to be a smart, well-read pony praised by those in charge, maybe a royal advisor or royal librarian, but never a Princess in her own right. When I was a little filly, I dreamed of learning everything about magic, becoming a headmistress, and running my own school to teach magic to all the Unicorns in Equestria. Or becoming the smartest and most knowledgeable pony in Equestria and becoming Princess Celestia's advisor. I never wanted to be able to rewrite whatever rules I want, with nothing keeping me in check except me and maybe Princess Celestia. Now I'm saddled with all these responsibilities I don't know how to deal with, and I don't know who I can talk to about any of this."

Spike started to cry into her chest, and she stroked the back of his head with a hoof. "Me, Twilight. You can talk to me."

"I know, but would you understand what it's like to be an Alicorn?"

"I understand what it's like to wake up one morning and find yourself turned into something else."

With a forehoof, she stroked the back of his head. "You're right. Spike, after the day I became an Alicorn, I started to get stronger every day. I could go a whole week without using magic at all, and by the end of that week, I'd show more improvement than somepony who trained hard and practiced magic every second of every hour without sleep. I can't let anypony misuse power like that, not even me. I need to follow the rules. I don't want to make an exception here, overlook the rules there... No matter how good my intentions are, I don't want to go down that road. There need to be rules on what I can and can't do with my magic. And I need to be the one setting those rules on myself, and making sure I stick to them. When I first became an Alicorn, my friends knew about how bad I was at flying. But my magic losing its precision and control... I kept that a secret from them. I kept accidentally breaking things, crushing teacups, smashing apart doors I meant to gently open, but I thought it would be fine because I could just fix anything that went wrong with magic. But I got better over time... And now, I'm doing that again. I'm letting Glimmer break things because I think I can fix anything she breaks, and we can pretend it was never broken in the first place, and everything will be just fine. And that's wrong, Spike. But stopping Glimmer from being what she is... If I use magic to brainwash Glimmer into being good, how does that make me any different from how Discord was when he brainwashed ponies into going against their nature?"

He stopped crying, and looked up at her. "You'd be doing it for a good cause?" He asked.

She shook her head. "So many evil wizards have used that excuse throughout this world's history... And with my power, I can't go down that path. I don't think Cel- Princess Celestia herself could stop me if I really set my mind to a goal. I can't take shortcuts."

"Why not? Why can't you just take this one?" Spike asked.

"Because if I start, I might never stop. It's one thing to force darkness out of a pony, that's no different from forcing germs out of somepony with the flu. But to rewrite somepony's history, and Equestria's history, just because it seems easier and more reliable than trying to reform somepony the old-fashioned way? I can't use my magic like that. I can't take shortcuts, not on this path. I want to change Glimmer's outlook on the world, and I want to change who Glimmer is right now. But I can't just go back and reshape Glimmer's life. Even if it would undo all the hurt she ever did, there would be consequences, unforseen consequences. No matter how much better I might think I could make history, you can't mess with time. That never turns out well unless time itself wants to be messed with and changed at the end of a ruined history. I can't rewrite history and force somepony else down a different path. I can't use magic to fundamentally change who somepony is, Spike. That's not my call to make."

Spike thought of something to say, and was about to say it, but he didn't.

"Spike, whatever you were about to say, say it anyway. I'll fix my dumb castle and be a Princess later. For now, we're just two sad friends among rubble."

The dragon inhaled deeply, mustering up the courage to say what was on his mind. "Glimmer doesn't seem to have any problem making that call for other ponies."

"That's why you don't like her," Twilight pointed out.

Spike raised a clawed finger, opened his mouth, and realized he had nothing to say to that. So instead, he hugged Twilight. "I'm glad you're not like her, Twilight."

"Thank you." She hugged back, and her magical light lifted another burger into her mouth for her to eat. They were colt now, but she didn't care. Now that she'd gotten that off her chest, she felt a lot better.

Still, she could see in Spike's eyes that he didn't look totally convinced.

"Are you sure this will work?" Spike asked. "Just having her watch you and hope she learns something from you, instead of just learning things about you and how she can mess with us?"

"Yes. I can change her, Spike." Twilight insisted. "I know I can stop her from ever doing anything bad again."

Spike grabbed a handful of crystals and shoved them into his mouth, and muttered something Twilight pretended not to hear.

But she heard it, alright. And she'd never forget that she heard it.

"So can I," Spike growled to himself.

Twilight took a bite out of her meal, and the breakfast continued in silence.

They would repair this castle later.

They would probably figure out the solution to this problem later, too.

But for now, it was time to eat.
Well, your dialogue has improved. There are few long speeches but certain situation calls for long explaintion and I think it fits the dramatic situation.
A bit overdramatic in the begining perhaps, with the whole, "Twi, I hve had nightmares," "Ohhhh, spike that is terrible let me hug you." But a minor problem.

>Twi's coronation
>Crystal castle
You still think about these things, huh? Well, this story was at least a bit more convincing in that regard than Silver beating up Glimmer.

It was a long time ago since I thought about Glimmer and her charcter in canon so I can't tell you how good or bad her redemption was. But as a standalone story this is a fine way to present these arguemnts and ideas I think, functional at least as you bring with you arguments for you points.
Thank you! I'm really proud of the "For now, we're just two sad friends among rubble" line.
Also the part where Twilight says "That's why you don't like her" to Spike.
That one small win Twilight gets keeps this from being one-sided, even though she's wrong (Glimmer brainwashes goodies, Spike wants Twilight to stop Glimmer from doing that and thinks time-fuckery would be a fitting way to do it but not the only way)
It reminds me of the old "No prison can hold the Joker, only death can stop him. So should Batman kill even though he doesn't want to? Should Batman try to save the Joker from heroes willing to shoot the clown? Is letting crime start then trying to stop it afterwards to look heroic moral when he knows exactly how it could be stopped? Sure, Batman could defuse a bomb and Superman could stop the apocalypse, but should they let Blast McExplodeyboom and Apocalyptor The Apocalypse's Apocalypse run around freely with their necks unsnapped after six failed evil plans this year, soon to be seven?" arguments.
I don't think about the show's downward spiral daily or anything. I just sat down and thought "I'll write a pony story. What is there to write about?" and this was the first thing that came to mind. Spike confessing to Twilight that he's more bothered by that episode than he let on.
It was either that or something original like "Pinkie Pie tries to bake a wedding cake for someone she cares about but she's out of Sparkleberries and every shop she visits is all out of the ingredient she needs the most, hilarity ensues for 22 minutes".
For god's sake, Glimmer was aborting Spike right in front of his combination sister/mother over and over, not as an intended goal, but as a consequence of her repeated intentional attempts to ruin the lives of Equestrians everywhere just to piss Twilight off. Spike was being erased from the timeline over and over just to piss Twilight off.. As if his life's just an afterthought in Glimmer's eyes. The fact that Twilight and pals have saved the world isn't exactly a secret. But seeing all the worlds that went wrong should have affected spike.
Hell, shoot me for saying this if you want... But at least Steven Universe would have noticed and mentioned it. Of course, it would have fucked up the drama of that scene by having Spike overreact at the sight of a ruined world, then have him fall to his knees and cry while saying "This world was ruined because I wasn't around to save it! Me, the most important hero of all time, the great and loveable Spike!" because that's how Steven Universe writes its characters. Like everything's one big absurdist joke you're expected to simultaneously laugh at and feel uncontrollably over. That shitty show "Hedges its bets" by amping up the melodrama to an almost-cartoonish level, so if you're a soycuck feels-freak or hysterical womanchild you feel feels when the show tells you to, and if you're a literal child you laugh at the characters and their overreactions to everything.
The show really did Spike dirty. He was an interesting character, a childish boy who tries to be big and brave and strong and noble and smart, but he ultimately can't save anyone from the big end-of-season ratings-stunt supervillains unless luck has him trip over his own feet and land onto the right spot. He could toss Diamond Dogs around like stuffed animals but at the end of the day Rarity would have to save herself. He wanted respect and he could never get it, and when he did end up loved by the entire Crystal Empire it was played for laughs. He simped so hard for Rarity he did literal labor for her, not just emotional labour, he literally mined gems for her and she couldn't stop her desire to "marry up" with some annoying unicorn OC even when a great catch is right there throwing himself at her. Their relationship could have developed from childish simp crush to something two-sided but it never did. He could have developed over time from joke to genuine hero, like how Sokka from ATLA went from "Boy who tries to be a man" to great hero and genius who did it all without magic, but Spike was always just Twilight's house dragon. The one male character in a little girl's show who exists to burp and fart and be wrong and "stupidly male" but also get laughed at whenever he puts a pink apron on and cooks for his mistresses.
Just like how Big Mac was always just a joke character who says "Eeyup". Episodes could have been written about his desire to protect his family and be heroic despite being unable to fire magical friendship lasers like the mane six. But even when he got more screentime and random hobbies like singing and football-watching and DND, his core character never got any focus or development. There was never an episode where he goes to Zecora and asks for a way to protect his family, doing the whole "Guy transforms into something better, turns out that sucks though, he might also become an asshole now, but then he's changed back and everything's back to normal, a moral about being yourself is learned, end episode" bit.
Going back to write a pony story because I hadn't written one in a while reminded me of why I stopped writing.
I feel like a nostalgia-blinded pokemon fan trying to make a crappy Gen 1 team work in today's fucked-up meta full of power creep, Z-moves, Mega evolutions and Gigantimax bullshit. As if my Mewtwo and Nidoking and Venusaur and Machamp can be stronger than my opponent's Mega Mewtwo Y, Primal Groudon, and so on.
The show used to be good, then over time it did more shit/mediocre episodes than good ones and more bad show-changing/character-changing decisions than good ones. The ponies of today aren't the ones I fell in love with when I was a teenager. And I'm no longer the teenager who fell in love with those ponies.
I feel obligated to go back and make my old Silver fic into something good for old time's sake. But I also have to do my indie dev career and my other hobbies. Do I really have time for this kiddie pony junk any more?

Anon was awakened by rays of light pouring into his shack. He had fallen asleep after the whole dragon rooster deal last night. He still had small scars on his stomach but they didn't bleed and had not cut deep.

Besides cooking the thing he caught yesterday, he gave it a sideways glance, it was still there. He was going to get an overview of the nearby area.

He walked towards the castle first. He thought that following the ravine would give him the best clue on where the edge of his new ”home” where.

He arrived at the rope bridge. The sight of the castle made him think.

Well, it's strange. You would expect a Maya architectural temple or something in the amazon, not a medieval castle.

Anon brought out his foot above the planks of the rope bridge before he gently tested if it held part of his weight. It seemed steady.

So is this just my hallucinations again and that's really like a building of some kind.

Anon had started thinking the drug he was on was the same kind of hallucinogen that was used in batman begins, were people saw nightmare visions of otherwise real things. But in his case, since Anon loved nature and animals and had read the monster manual twice, his hallucinations were from things in his mind. Maybe he was the guineapig for some top-secret military experiments. They were perhaps filming him right now with drones.

He shook his head. Regardless of what was happening, he should get started with the tasks at hand. He wanted to get a good overview of the nearby area, perhaps build some more on the shack, and maybe make a spear or some kind of weapon before the end of the day.

Suddenly a flash of light appeared with a bang in the castle's courtyard on the other side of the ravine.

”Ahh,” anon yelped as he fell backward.
271666 271695
Today was not a good day for Sunset Shimmer. Well, it had started alright. She had learned a new spell. She had mastered a previous one. But then the pink menace had shown up.

It used to be that Sunset and Princess Celestia would take long walks in the royal garden discussing highly complex concepts and ideas that were until they were joined by the pink... One.

A pegasus named Mi Amore Cadenza or Cadance or whatever the fuck had transcended to alicornhood. How? Sunset did not know. She simply knew that when she had asked her teacher about it, she had been told that she would be told when she was ready.

Now this new Princess; yeah, exactly the thing that Sunset had taken years of grooming to become, had just appeared and was now participating in their walks.

This is why they were here. This was Sunset's punishment.

Princess Cadance and Sunset had arrived earlier than Celestia to the garden. As they waited for Celestia, Cadance had thought it good to lecture Sunset on trivial matters as if sunset didn't already know everything Cadance knew and more. Sunset who been rightlöy offended that this pleb thought herself better, had simply dismissed in a merciful manner the incoming rant from the pink goody-two-shoes. Unfortunately, she had fallen for the pink one's deception because Celestia had just arrived to see Sunset's dismissal of the, ”Oh so friendly advice,” and wanted to have a talk with Sunset. So she teleported her here, to what Sunset assumed was her and her sister's former castle. The one Sunset was being prepared to wield the elements against.

”Tch, Princess. I got it. I'm sorry,” Sunset began.

Princess Celestia did not turn to look at her. Her gaze was firm and set on the building ahead of them. She gestured with a wing over the view of the castle.

”Sunset, do you know where we are,” she asked. Her voice was calm and steady but forced so. There was a clear hint of anger in it.

Sunset was on her way of giving the Princess a come-on look but stopped herself when she met the small scowl on Celestia's face.

Sunset sighed and then hung her head. She walked up next to the princess.

”Its castle of the two sisters, right?”

Celestia nodded.

”Yes, you're right. And do you know why I brought you here?”

Sunset is filled with dread over what she expects to come. She sighed. She clicked her tongue.

”I don't know. Probably because there is a connection between what happened here and what I did before.”

Celestia nods.

”And what did you do before, Sunset?”

Sunset, who had tried to not provoke the world's greatest authority, couldn't help herself.

”Ughh, but come on.” She looked pleadingly up at the Princess who only lifted her chin and looked down at her cooly. ”She gave me some dumb advice that I already knew-”

”Yes, once I thought I knew everything as well.” Celestia's voice had a hint of regret in it as she looked sadly at the castle.

”I was the eldest and the ruler of the day,” Celestia began while Sunset rolled her eyes and thought, O'boy. ”I thought I was flawless because nobody else could find or even dare to point out the flaws in me. However, I wasn't. My major flaw was my arrogance. That's how I truly lost my sister. I didn't really consider her opinions as serious if I didn't downright dismiss them. We didn't rule Equestria I did and she was just another subject, is how I saw it I later realized.”

Celestia looked over to her student. The student in question had an are-you-done-soon and then she blew away her red and yellow spiraling mane tip.

Sunset brought up her hoof in a calming and protective manner.

”Look. Don't be mad but have you ever considered that your sister who took care of the ponies during the night, when everypony sleeps, while you took care of them during the day when everypony is most active. Maybe, you were right in dismissing her opinions since you probably knew better.” Celestia was about to say something but Sunset continued. ”Like, I have studied since infancy while Cadance was just a regular pegasus since a few weeks ago. What can she possibly teach me that I don't already know?”

Celestia looked disappointed but then she smiled. She pointed at Sunset with a hoof.

”That right there is what I'm talking about.” Sunset fell back.”Your lack of humility has blinded you as it did me. That you even have to ask what Cadance can teach you means that you haven't really paid her any attention.”

Celestia had a look of triumph. She continued her speech.

”Yes, she isn't as educated in magic or as well versed in politics. But, she has other skills that a ruler needs to be a good ruler and a pony to be a good pony.”

Sunset's head hung but her eyes looked towards the princess.

”What skills then are you talking abou-”


The two horses snapped their head towards the sound and found a green bipedal creature standing on the other side of the rope bridge.
>grammarly doesn't detect

The bipedal creature in question immediately clasped one of its upper appendages across its mouth, seeing immediately that it was noticed. After a few more moments of this staredown, the creature begins to look around itself nervously before picking up a rock near it without taking its eyes off of the two ponies. Once the rock is secure in its other forelimb, the creature begins to back up slowly while maintaining what can only be described as a defensive stance until it makes it back to the treeline; neither pony does a single thing to stop this alien beast from vacating the area, as they're not quite sure what to make of it either.
Once the creature is well out of sight, Sunset breaks the silence. "What in tartarus was that?" Looking away from the trees where the being made its exit and back to her mentor, she continued. "Also, did it actually speak, or was that just some strange noise? It definitely sounded like a word, but I'm not sure what 'fuck' is even supposed to mean...?"
A short time passes before Celestia responds. "I'm... Oddly, not sure. From hat I could see, it's probably a kind of primate, but I've never seen one that big before, not to mention all the other oddities about it." The princess then turns to face her student as well before continuing her own statement. "It shouldn't be of any concern to us though, it's likely just another beast of this forest. Remember what I've told you here, there's always room for improvement and good criticisms can come from anywhere, so keep your ears open."
With that disturbance out of the way, the two mares teleport back to Canterlot to resume their respective duties for the day, choosing to ignore the strange encounter they had mere moments before. However, not too far away, the third party of said encounter is currently running back through the woods.
271697 271991

"Okay, talking horses. Talking horses that are weird colors, too. Oh yeah, and they can TELEPORT!" Anonymous rants to himself as he keeps his rapid pace through the undergrowth. "Whatever shit I'm on is definitely real life, especially since I heard them fucking talking, so I'm pretty sure that I'm kinda screwed if I see that again!"
Having come across a new thought during his rampage through the forest floor, Anonymous begins slowing his pace until he comes to a complete stop before beginning to repeatedly slap his forehead.
"They were talking, they were probably people! I can't believe I just pissed away an opportunity to get out of here early..." Anonymous curses to himself, resuming his walk through the forest at a much slower pace. "If only I had thought to myself for a fucking moment before deciding to just pick up a rock and act like I'm some kind of threatened animal, damnit!"
Anonymous finally returns to his camp a few minutes later, significantly less happy, but ultimately coming away with some fairly good information to keep in mind. Well, some fairly good information and a rock. What the rock could be used for, he doesn't know yet, but perhaps it could come of use at some point? Deciding it's a good idea to keep it around, the rock goes just behind the shack into a new pile of miscellaneous resources. Now, to put that information to good use!
"Let's see, there are people around here. They probably didn't actually teleport in, it was probably more like they came out from behind some of the rubble. Either way, people! That's good news, I can work with this." Anonymous starts putting out the basics of a plan into the dirt in front of him, using a long stick. "People are doing something near that 'castle,' so there are probably more around. Either they're with the assholes who put me here, or they aren't and I just happened to stumble upon them. If it's the latter, I should probably put out some kind of indication that I'm here at the castle, just in case they come back." Upon finishing this thought, another one crawls into his head: what if they're part of the team that left him out here? "Well, if they're part of that team, then what's the worst that happens? They give me more drugs and dump me somewhere else? They kill me? I'm already in the Amazon, there aren't that many other places as dangerous to be stuck, and killing me just seems counterintuitive to leaving me in the woods while high."
Satisfied with the plan, Anonymous gets to work on gathering the resources to make it happen. In particular, he needs a lot of sticks and a few rocks. While he's out wandering around, he also decides to check more of his traps and gather the resources he can too. Oh, and to salvage the string from the snare, that's gonna be needed too! If this is gonna work out properly, it needs to be done right, and sacrificing one trap that so far got him attacked by a snake is worth it. Also, probably not a horrible idea to get the materials needed to start getting defensive too, just in case. A pointy stick shouldn't be too hard to make, all you need is a stick and something to help sharpen it. Does Anonymous even have anything to sharpen the stick with? He isn't too sure, but that can wait.
After the foraging is complete, the project begins! Part of the rope is used to take a bunch of sticks and bind them together into an arrow and then to another stick that's supposed to go into the ground,and the rocks are then placed around the base of the grounded stick to support it. A brand new invention, the Sign™! Well, a new thing that Anonymous had to make. Before the Sign™ could be set up though, Anonymous wants some guarantee of safety on his next trip out, so a saved stick is experimented on for a few minutes until Anonymous gets a brilliant idea! That rock he saved earlier is of the perfect shape to make a blunt weapon, he just needs to do something incredibly stupid with it! In particular, wrap it with the remaining string before taking the slack and binding it to the experimental stick, now broken down to a more reasonable size. With his new weapon, the Woodsman's Morningstar, he leaves the safety of his camp for the last time of the day.
While out, Anonymous does exactly what he needs to to make sure he's set for this next night that remains, which is pretty much to gather firewood and test out his newest garbage-tier tool on whatever small bushes or plants may inconvenience him along the way. It's not a spear or an axe, but it definitely breaks what it hits. The last thing he does before going back, of course, is to set up the sign and point it back towards his camp. After that, of course, it's about time to settle in, seeing as the moon just jumped up from the other side of the planet.

IP change because I activated a VPN for... Certain purposes.
>definitely real life
pretend there's a "not" in there
271998 272189

Anon slept for the first time since coming to this place through the night without any problems. He was awakened by the morning sun.

Anon was hungry. He glanced at the chicken's dragon wings before deciding against it. He wasn't sure about eating a snake. He knew you could do it and so long as the snake hadn't bitten itself or had eaten something poisonous itself, its meat wasn't poisonous.

Oh, well what choice do I have. Even there if are other small game around, I cannot waste that much meat due to being picky.

Anon started a fire. He removed the feathers on the cock part of the lizardrooster.

It was strange because he was sure that he felt the feathers on his fingers as he plucked them off. If this really was a snake and he only saw a hallucination, where did the feathers come from? It could be that it had a bird in its mouth... After it bit him... During the time it was caught in the snare.

How does a snake even get caught in a snare? On furhter think I guess it is possible that a snake's body would sinkand the snare would capture and grip around a coil of the snake rather than its body.

Anon swayed. He brought a hand to his forehead.

No. I'm not considering the drug I have in my blood. I don't know what type of crazy bioweapon this is. Perhaps it is supposed to not only play with your sight but your other senses as well?

He had destroyed the eyes of the being earlier without looking. He let his fingers drag along from the chicken head to the lizard tail. He felt the shift in texture.

So what actually happened here? If I grab its foot and toss it away, what I'm I then grabbing on the snake? Did I even bring the snake with me or is it still laying where the trap where? If it is, does that mean when I eat this thing, I just imagine that I'm eating something that sedated my hunger when I'm actually still hungry?

Anon's hand gripped the neck of the dead beast and began to toss it up in the air only for him to catch it again and then toss it up again.

No. I'm holding a snake now. I'm sure of it. We can conclude that talking rainbow maned horses aren't real, which means I'm hallucinating. We can also confirm that all my senses are corrupted by something, probably high-tech drug for testing. This then mean it was developed this way for a purpose.

Anon look up and his mouth opened.

”That's it!” he said but then was careful not to speak out his thought out loud.

It's a drug to make the target commit crimes. That explains why I can grab the chicken in the foot but still bring the snake with me. My real body acts on my impulses but does things according to its world. If I'm faced with a pedestrian in the real world that asks me for directions, I'll think its a vampire and try to stab it with a stake but in reality, I'll shoot the guy. So now when I grab the chicken in an appendage that the snake doesn't have, in reality, I'm actually grabbing lower and grabbing the snake. The only thing is that my real body acts out the impulse on the objects in its world and according to its rules.

”That explains everything.”

He ripped out the guts of the chimera and broke off the head, being careful around the beck as to not sting himself on the snake's fangs. He lanced the thing with a stick after removing the feathers and the skin. He held the thing above the fire, that had started to take to, with the stick.

After it had been roasted to a nice color, he dug in. He could do with a bit more seasoning otherwise it wasn't bad. It was funny because the rooster part tasted chicken and the lizard part tasted less chicken.

Anon decided to do what he didn't do yesterday, explore the area. It couldn't be helped, after all, he wanted humans to find him so a sign had been a must. It hadn't been wasted time anyway, after all, he had gained some fruit for his labor. He swung it right now, his new club.

He was swinging at bushes and branches while walking towards the castle. He wanted to test the limits of his weapon a bit. Most things broke but he didn't yet dare to swing it at girthier branches or as girthy as his stick. He had a feeling that the stick could break but he wasn't sure that's why he was testing to see if it seemed solid.

He saw nobody at the castle just his sign so he turned to follow alongside the edge of the ravine. Apparently, he discovered, he lived near the edge of the ravine. In fact, as he followed along, he saw a lake down the cliff. It didn't look normal. It looked as if a huge explosion had gone off and the lake and the steep cliff sides were the results of it.

He noticed that he had started to descend and that he was slowly getting closer to the bottom of the ravine. Streams that he recognized due to their location and logic were the water sources he used near his camp ran down alongside him.

He came to a river that he could see a bit further down connected to the lake.

The river had a shallow area. Anon took off his shoes and rolled up his trouser legs before he crossed the river there.

He continued ahead into the forest on the other side of the river until he found a small mountain wall with a cave entrance. Black smoke exited along with the ceiling of the cave opening.

Wait, smoke means fire, and fire means people.

Grinning, Anon ran into the cave.

It was a bit darker inside the cave than outside but he could still see. Piles of treasure from gold to gems and decorated artifacts that rose to the ceiling covered the floor of the cave.

”What the..."

So I wrote this tow days ago. Plan to have Anon encounter the dragon in this cave were upon Anon would believe it was fake and challenge it to a battle of wits.

But since i didn't write it don't care about it. Do whatevever you want in your next post. I just can't finish what I started (or I can but I don't want it to take too much time and so on ans so forth). Just wanted to explain why I dragged Anon into a dragon's cave for seemingly no reason.
Fair enough m8, I'll do what I can to make your vision a reality.
No, you don't need to do that. I'm just explain why its written this why that's all. Do whatever you feel like doing. :)
Too bad, I'm doing it anyway

Anonymous took one look at the copious piles of treasure and, resisting his instincts to grab some shinies, thought critically about the situation he's in before making his next action. He's in a cave in the middle of the Amazon, a place where bats live and have access to caves. Yeah, not only is he not touching that gold, but he's not even entering the cave to begin with. Instead, to grab the attention of whatever people may be in there, he calls out.
"Hey, is anyone in there?" Anonymous calls into the yawning void filled with 'treasure,' at first not getting a response. He waits a small while, but eventually, after enough time has passed, he calls out again. "Hello? I see smoke, is everything alright?" Again, anonymous waits until he no longer can before making a final call into the void. "HEY!"
A few moments pass, silently and tensely, until a response is finally heard from within in the form of a low, grumbling voice. "Can you not tell that there is someone trying to sleep in here?" The voice calls in response, putting as much disdain and irritation into its reply as it possibly can.
Anonymous takes a moment to digest this knowledge before formulating a reply that should probably put the owner of this voice more at ease. "Sorry about waking you up, sir, but I've been stuck in this forest for the better part of a week and I would very much appreciate getting some help in escaping it. Can you please help me?"
The voice stays silent for a few moments, obviously wondering what kind of stubborn creature would dare to interrupt it with a call for help as it considered its own reply. After choosing its own words well, it replies. "What can you do for me in return for helping you escape?"
The voice's choice of words strike Anonymous a bit weird. Why would someone in the middle of the Amazon be asking a stranded person what the stranded person can do for them to help them escape? Either they're not a very nice person or they're also stuck too, neither of them good options. So, having to think further on a response, Anonymous gets to thinking.
"I'm not sure what I can do as of yet." Anonymous started off, taking a moment to breathe between statements before continuing. "However, you could get the ball rolling by telling me what you think helping me escape is worth."

Taffir Se'Yuvon wasn't having the best of mornings so far. After moving off to his summer home away from the dragonlands, he was hoping to get some well-needed shuteye and check up on his well-hidden stash of wealth, meticulously taken and earned over his centuries of life until it nearly filled the cave he is now sitting within. Taffir even decided to do the one thing that lets almost every single living thing on the planet know that there's a dragon nearby and started to blow smoke in his sleep. However, some insolent pissant decided to walk up to the mouth of his cave, start calling into it, and when no replies came, yell LOUDER. Naturally, this didn't fly. However, always the cunning mastermind, Taffir decided to see what this thing wanted before showing it what draconic hospitality really was.
After probing this mysterious trespasser, he determined that this was a particularly stupid pony that had managed to get lost only about a day away from a town by foot. Thus, the only proper decision was to wring all the value out of this stupid bastard that he could!
A ton of gold? No, even an idiot could grasp that that's not worth it. A magic artifact? No, no regular pony has access to that and you doubt that even the Alicorn's apprentice would be dumb enough to take that deal. No, it's all too high-value to think what some simpleton would have here! However, if it were to reveal its own hand, then there would be no more ambiguity to worry about!
"I know what my time is worth, I'm more interested in what your own time is worth to you." Taffir calls out to the voice beyond the cave, expecting some reply along the lines of 'it's worth less than my life!' or something equally cliche. However, the reply he gets is anything but.
"Bro, I'm stuck out here probably high out of my mond on some government experiment or something that I wasn't told about before being dropped out here with nothing other than the clothes on my back. I have nothing right now except a shack, a fire, and a club made from a stick and a rock. If you can get me out of here, feel free to take it all for yourself. Hell, I'll even show you where the shack is!"
Hmmm... An unorthodox response to say the very least. Maybe this pony isn't as dumb as Taffir thought, to have survived these woods and started developing its own camp? This one requires more finesse.

Anonymous starts tapping his foot, waiting for the voice to give a response. Right as he was about to call it there and go back to doing what he could to get out through a less dickish avenue, the voice calls back to him. "You say that you don't have much now, this implies that there is more if you were to return home. What do you have of value there to help your persuasion here?"
Well, at least Anon got a reply. A reply that won't help him much, but a reply nonetheless. "Well, if you're asking how financially successful I am, not very. I have a minimum wage job and a shitty apartment, my most valuable possession is a computer worth about 700 dollars. If you're thinking that I can give you some exorbitant amount, then I'm sorry but I'm pretty much broke."
The voice waits for a moment before replying again, choosing its words carefully before making another statement. "If you try to barter with false currencies and useless trinkets, then you shall receive no aid from me! Now make an appropriate offer or leave!"
Anonymous flinches backwards at the sudden tone shift of the voice, opting to choose his next words even more carefully. After some consideration of his own, Anonymous finally comes to something that he hopes will de-escalate the situation from shouting back down to reasonable conversation. "Sir, I'm sorry if I've offended you, but I really don't have all that much. I'm not sure what it is you really want from me, but if you help me out, I'll do my best to get it!"
From there, nothing is heard. Anonymous is left to sit and wait, hoping that whoever he got into a conversation with is willing to hear him out over deciding to attack him or something else. As he continues waiting, he begins to feel something. A rush of hot air streams out from the mouth of the cave, sending powerful vibrations through his body and expelling what smoke remained inside the cave. Following this, the ground began to quake beneath Anonymous's feet as something big began stirring within the yawning chasm before him. After a few more tense moments, Anonymous comes face-to-face with a motherfucking red dragon.
Will get to it.
Today I'll get ot it.
>thread on page 8 22 days later
My little friendship: Molestion is magic
277902 277932
Reclining in my rolling chair, looking around at all the monitors, and screens. Practically ripped out of a 90's anime with magic.
The princess looks calm, and exchanges, the local currency, bits with her sister.
"Enjoying your new office?"
The chair can even spin around its great! Princess Luna frowns, with each revolution. Her majestic eyes taking in my form.
"We see your 'enjoying' yourself a bit too much warden."
How the hell did she do that with her legs without falling over.
"With both of you here and with this funding what's not to enjoy?"
The marble floor is a joy to look at. With great index of refraction. I think that's what it's called the reflecty bit. It casts a nice hue and range of colors.
The big white sunny sister speaks. A mischievous humor laced tone.
"Your first inmate is a refugee from a different Equestria. One much more-"
She weightily pauses. A shift in inflection, a husky bedroom murmur.
Just a little hot and bothered. These stretchy cloths keep it comfortable and cool though.
Her voice is crisp and clear.
"Her reeducation is paramount."
"That important?"
Princess Celestia has a, friend letting a friend know a secret in-joke type of, smile.
"Princest is wincest, it is myself without my unyielding drive."
A few dropplets of mare cum splash on the marble.
"I'm no stranger to forceful means of loving. Molestion one might say. This time I want something, more lewd."
Her pink hair waving in unfelt winds could almost visibly demonstrate what she wants.
"Hoofholding, and consentual intercourse."
My eyes widen.
"You have any of the crown's facilities available to you. I only ask you don't break her, in mind, spirit, or body."
She really is serious about the consensual bit this time. That wasn't in the job description.
Luna grins. It sends chills down my spine.
"Think of this as your final test for a job interview. I am sure you won't fail us, with all what we did for you dear warden."
She frowns for a moment.
"Although, don't hesitate to offer something beyond your capability to give. I did bare the element of generosity for a time."
Her frown deepens.
"On second thought, I'll watch your attempts. This is too important, and it'd unlikely to happen again. So I will step in if need be."
In the floor reflection her clit winks. I have to do something.
"Can I get a video recording once it's done?"
The real important demands being called here, but that's not the real purpose.
The pooling godess goo now extends to Luna's hooves.
"This is why we made you the new warden."
As she begins to turn around standing to attention, and to the start of something truly...
Hi, OF. Nice of you to resurrect this thread.

I think this story was about anon taking some job and ending up banging Cadance but I might have miss something.
This is a great thread. Hopeful more anons also post something.
>I think this story was about anon taking some job and ending up banging Cadance but I might have miss something.
I think I made things a bit too vague at the start.
The working plan is that Anon's new job is to make willing bedmates or fucktoys for Princess Molestia. Because of reasons and deus ex machina normal Princess Celestia is in Molestia's molestion dungeon.
In the next chapter Anon meets normal Celestia while the princesses of rape watch.
Walking down the immaculate halls watching Molestia's rump sway with royal grace the major thought on my mind races.
Oh fuck, what do I do. I can't use the tried and true method of extreme pleasure breaking. I can't use- wait wait wait what can I use?
Luna's luscious moons glisten with the dream mare's dew. A rough plan forms. As the clacking and clopping of my shoes and their hooves respectively counting down the time.
Talking, I can talk. Bribery, I'll appeal to what she wants. What the fuck does Celestia who isn't seeking poon all the time want? Come on brain recall more stuff about the cartoon.
Walking right into the comfort suite in this sex dungeon. Holding a near clone of Celestia. Her rainbow ethereal mane glinting catches my eye. Importantly her distraught holds my attention.
I said that outloud.
"My apologies, greetings I am Anonymous the warden of the rehabilitation center, maintained by the royal princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Sunset Shimmer, and Twilight Sparkle. I..."
How do I phrase this? Oh dear. Right. Stick to the truth.
"was just told about you being here, but no further details at this time. It's my pleasure to meet you."
The room decorated as a copy of Princess Celestia's bedroom has a grand bed, a tea table, magical windows, and other odds and ends. The lack of any visible toys or sexual tools gives a pure feeling.
Her royal form rests on a floor pillow, various books and scrolls are scattered everywhere.
"Princess Celestia, from an Equestria very far from here."
How do I this?
Celestia speaks again.
"It's okay take your time."
A princess obviously troubled puts on her royal kind mask.
"Thank you."
I have to begin somewhere.
"I was pulled from my home world as well."
She has the nearly the same facade Celestia does. This is going to be a pain to keep track of.
"All wasn't well on Earth my previous home, but I can say the familiarity and magical signature from somebody actually magical won't take centuries of searching to reach. Especially with such a close similarity and powerful magic."
Hope and a fiery determination lights up in Celestia's eyes. This is a memory I'll cherish for a long time.
"By my estimation it'll be maybe a complete season with the Princesses of magic and their pupils working on it between the various adventures they are called to."
"That's excellent to hear. I can tell that offer isn't quite free. As you no doubt know about my other here."
The faint strain near inaudible to the ear.
Come on I have to do my job to do.
"You're completely right. My princess would like something."
The calm edge surfaces.
"What would those demands be?"
I'll be blunt no point in making it too pretty.
"You're consensual love, and hoofholding."
Her mask snaps. She blushes, shocked and plotting something.
"With consensual intercourse. This isn't something my princess normally does, but these are extraordinary circumstances."
She closes her eyes.
And I wait.
"Anything for my little ponies. I will consider this proposal, with a royal contract."
A knock at the door, as Princess Celestia and Luna walk in. Maybe Molestia would be a good name to mentally sort them out.
Molestia, and Luna with a scroll embroidered with gold sits down with us. An audible squelch can be heard. Molestia could make her own river with how wet she is.
"Thank you dear warden for your valuable service. I would like to add we have an immensely successful program for rehabilitating villians and evil doers."
Celestia connects the dots.
"You want our criminals and villians for sex toys."
"And more! But I'm getting ahead of myself. While I would absolutely love to know you personally in everyway possible."
The blush on Celestia intensifies.
"I want you concentually. Really baddly. Regardless of how negotiations turn out we will help you with all our resources."
Hunh. Wasn't told that. Feels good to be the hero.
The strange Celestia sighs.
"I'll even do a Pinkie Pie promise."
The ground rumbles slightly.
"I would like that peace of mind. I'll give the relationship a try."
"Yay! Did you hear that Lulu! Oh we're going to have so much fun. Promise first. Cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye- ow."