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File: 1491860650289.png (404.73 KB, 600x600, 1491478515484.png)

aa858 No.503

Just a reminder for all:
Make sure your browser is secure so you're not leaking too much infos and never directly link to articles from here.


is a good point to start. It's a bit paranoid but hey only you know how far you want to go.
General Advice:
>use Firefox with the privacy fixes mentioned by privacytools.io
>use startpage.com as your search engine, it's google just without the tracking and has a build-in web proxy.
Add ons to use:
>uBlock Origin
>HTTPS Everywhere
>Self-Destructing Cookies
You can add more from the list but those will do a pretty good job.

Linking stuff:
ALWAYS break your links so they don't show up as clickable links.
instead of
Else mlpol.net will show up as referer in the "traffic coming from" statistics and the "who is linking to this" query that will attract unwanted attention especially from media outlets. Almost all browsers have the option "select text - right click - go to xyz" that will accept the url without http:// or www. and open it in a new tab with a blank referer.

When posting articles or anything that is text only, do this 3 steps before posting it.
>go to archive.fo
>enter the url to the article you want to link to and hit archive
>copy the archive.fo url you will get
>post archive.fo link here
I can't remember reading a single article in the last few years that was worth giving the writers/media outlet a click, exposure or ad shekels.


>No longer active:


aa858 No.504

This is going to be our sticky megapost, so you don't have to scroll through 8 stickies to get to your horse porn and nazi imagery (or both)

Old stickies will be archived until (((they))) blow up /go/ - Golden Oaks

72858 No.505

File: 1491909052891.png (1.33 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol_board_rules.png)

better version

ae9aa No.506

Nah, we the culture now.

72858 No.507

File: 1491934557830-0.png (55.17 KB, 500x483, 1491608799003.png)

File: 1491934557830-1.png (1.33 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol_board_rules.png)

volvo pls update rules

23d2f No.508

This thread must be put at the top of the catalog.

90f93 No.509

It is, this and the Syria thread are the only stickies

1dc88 No.510

File: 1491991596834.png (905.83 KB, 1111x1111, 1491934512735.png)


use this version
far more polished


no point in cutting ALL ties from our root boards

efba9 No.511

Fuck /pol/ and fuck this place. It is hilarious as fuck though. I like your creativity.

72858 No.512

File: 1492005330372.png (749.21 KB, 1052x914, ayy lmao kawaii.png)

>Fuck /pol/ and fuck this place. It is hilarious as fuck though.

b65c9 No.513

File: 1492015358304.png (181.03 KB, 1600x779, BanD.png)

The mods on pol are slow tonight. I had to hard spam for 30 minutes before I got my ban. I really need to up my game next time.

fe202 No.514

Catalog doesn't show stickies at the top, only page view

8d650 No.515

Swastika is reversed on hat. There is a Revision 26 that corrected that issue if you can find it.

8d650 No.516

File: 1492147037124.png (378.61 KB, 600x600, edit_PoP.png)

Please please please fix the swastika on the hat. I made an edit.

71260 No.517

Why is her armband still Safe For Germany?

b65c9 No.518

I suggest a black triangle rather than full on swastika. It alludes to Nazi Germany but separates us from old pol.

71260 No.519

Well the swastikas are a part of the Aryanne character since her creation

8d650 No.520

The swastika goes on the outside, for the angle that is correct.

8d650 No.521

File: 1492148359115.jpg (55.13 KB, 898x628, armband.jpg)

It would work better on the left arm though, that was the standard uniform.

71260 No.522

Yeah, putting in on the left foreleg would work best

8d650 No.523

File: 1492148768409.png (379.24 KB, 600x600, PoP_edit2.png)

Here's the Swastika corrected and armband corrected version I just made.

b65c9 No.524

For the armband. The cap should stay because the love/hate symbolism is good.

8d650 No.525

File: 1492151549260.png (144.52 KB, 500x500, Policies_of_Polestria_r27.png)

Most recent update as of right now. Policies of Polestria r27 (with .psd and fonts in case it needs edited, please get a copy now before the link goes down)

04c9c No.526

File: 1492151798626.jpg (60.05 KB, 960x600, 1359631001189.jpg)

>addons to use
>no mention of the Coincidence Detector
Don't be fooled by the insidious (((kikes))).

8d650 No.527

Other suggested Add-Ons:
Disconnect - Stop tracking by thousands of third-party sites and load sites faster.
NoScript - The kill-all Add-On for Maximum Security.
Adblock Plus

Search Engines:
DuckDuckGo - Anonymous and not result edited for censorship and politics like StartPage or Google.

CCleaner - Clean up any existing browser tracking files already on your computer
Tor - Browse anonymously, prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit
Avast Free Antivirus
DriverPack Solutions - Make sure you have drivers so everything on your computer is running optimally
Deluge - Torrent Manager
The Pirxte Bxy - For completely legal software ONLY

04c9c No.528

File: 1492154257998.png (2.69 MB, 1701x8000, duckduckgo.png)

Adblock Plus advertises "non intrusive ads" supplied by google, and passes on analytics even if you disable the option. Do not use Adblock Plus, use uBlock Origin instead. I think it's a bit more functional anyway.

Duckduckgo is under great suspicion. It's a honeypot. Use
www.startpage.com instead.

8d650 No.529

Thanks for the update on AdBlock Plus. I'm using uBlock Origin after reading the new information.

As for search engines, I know how it worked during the election.
Google censored.
StartPage and Ixquick censored (EU approved!)
Bing didn't censor.
DuckDuckGo didn't censor.
Yahoo didn't censor.

I use Google for image searches.
I use DuckDuckGo for text searches.
I don't use Bing often, Microsoft is bad enough dominating the OS market, I'm not going to help them with Search Engines too.

My primary concern isn't anonymity because they're all keeping records regardless of what they say, there are ways around it. But I want to find legitimate results unfiltered when I search for something.

b65c9 No.530

If as very likely you use gmail for correspondence I suggest you delete everything in you inbox accept what you need. If you need to keep something long term you can just print to pdf. Google reads and uses your correspondence as do most providers.

04c9c No.531

And how can you be so sure it's ever deleted? There's no reason why Google can just keep it in their archives.

8d650 No.532

I doubt they lose the information, I'm sure they could have a unique word counter, or just fake delete so it's hidden only to the user.
I use Live/Outlook (Microsoft).
Gmail is for spam registrations.
OpenMailBox for one-off burners.
I frequently delete all my accounts, change the names and delete everything in the account before the account itself, and start fresh with new accounts.

b65c9 No.533

It is probably kept but removing it from your own part of the internet does change how you google searches work. Mine have zero dating as a result and are much more random.

Personally never go near live/outlook because of so many problems in the past. I used to set up email addresses and not use for a week and come back with an account of spam. I use GMX for junk when they let me. They get fussy opening and shutting accounts. One offs when I do not give a shit I use mailinator.
I was thinking more of accounts people use in daily lives rather than online anon stuff. You can just up and change emails unless you have some very hard core friends who do not mind.

This is a fun place to play with:

My last norm email address was hacked and doxxed 8 times. I change it mid-2016 though.

71260 No.534

Jesus, leave him alone

4878a No.535

Ban this guy already. He's doing this shit wherever the Jap goes

c64d3 No.536

Shit, have he been following Nippon around to many threads?

4878a No.537

Look at the threads currently at the top of the catalogue. He's in every single one basically trying to pick a fight

c64d3 No.538

Then yep he should be banned, I was only looking in the Brown Horse thread before I saw this.

8d650 No.539

Whenever you can go to it please use the updated version, the one in the OP still has the backwards swastika on the hat and makes it look like we don't know how swastikas are drawn (someone mirror flipped the original pony image, that's how it happened. Remember they go like S as in SS, not Z for Zionism.

0582e No.540

File: 1492450812766.jpg (19.18 KB, 293x293, check'em.jpg)

gas the shills, get war now

c64d3 No.541

File: 1492454265713.png (378.52 KB, 800x740, 1491353091134.png)

Check. The last post before we enter the realm of tens of thousands of posts.

495e9 No.542

File: 1492465212511.jpg (123.49 KB, 750x1024, 1483747612193.jpg)

14f40 No.543

File: 1492535112000.jpg (90.61 KB, 900x500, check'em_du30 (2).jpg)


wew lad

90f93 No.544

File: 1492541083340.png (155.37 KB, 836x487, let it be known.png)

for future records.

d6453 No.545


71260 No.546

What happened to the ban list?

f95cc No.547

We purged it since we can toggle tor. We're still on alert for the shill squad

0b8f0 No.548

File: 1493095039702.gif (24.28 KB, 347x405, workdammit.gif)

On April 26th, there is a huge drill/training exercise going on in NYC, it is simulating a 10kt nuclear blast over the city. Why is that relevant? Because on the morning of 9/11, there was a massive drill/training exercise going on which (you guessed it); simulated commercial aircraft being hijacked and weaponized. The day of the Boston bombing there was a drill simulating a bombing with a backpack bomb near the finish line. Same thing happened during the London tube bombing as well. Now let's look at other weird occurrences over the past few weeks;
1 - For the past 10 days, sub-hunters have been orbiting off the coast of SoCal. 2 - Hawker hunters have been observed off the east, and west coast 3 - on April 17th, the "Doomsday Plane" was orbiting the same SoCal area as the sub-hunters 4 - Russian bombers have buzzed Alaska twice this week 5 - China's bombers on high alert status 6 - Russian and Chinese troop movement on the NK border 7 - NK propaganda showing San Francisco being nuked 8 - A U.S Nuke Sniffer buzzed NK today 9- 3 weeks ago, a guy walks into the nuclear commission in Atlanta claiming to have "Red Mercury" 11 - Russian bombers and jets have now buzzed Alaska 4 times in 4 days 12 - Large power outages in NYC, LA and San Fran today (4/21)
Tin foil hat time; what if North Korea's nuclear test isn't their usual underground test? What if it's a "test" of their newly unveiled submarine based ballistic missiles…from a sub off the coast of the U.S. I believe if anything does happen, that NYC is a red herring and it won't happen there. What if it is meant to pull our attention away from whatever is being snuck in the backdoor?
Remember Jade Helm? And the absurd amount of military gear that was moved to the Southwest? The Walmarts which shut down? Summer 2015 Jade Helm commences, a massive Op which encompassed no less than 5 Southwestern states, one of the Operation's goals was to see how well military personnel could integrate into the population without being found out.
Loads and loads of military gear is moved to the Southwest.
Several Walmart Supercenters close unexpectedly
What is Gotham Shield is a distraction, and the real attack happens in either San Diego, LA, or San Francisco?
Jade Helm moved military gear in place to prepare for an incoming nuclear attack, and to handle the displacement of people from the city/cities which are attacked.
Military convoys spotted in Colorado, and doing training in/near the mountains (exactly the kind of terrain North Korea offers up).
Train spotted in Texas moving tanks and APC's west.
U.S subs and ships spotted going through Panama Canal
Despite North Korea's antiquated military, they still possess the largest submarine fleet in the world. Now I know what you're saying; "but they use diesel subs". Yes, they do. But diesel subs do not run on diesel all the time. Actually, they only run the diesel engine to charge their battery. Otherwise, they run nearly silent on battery power. Added to which, why unveil the brand new sub-based ballistic missiles now?
DC terror drill on the 26th
Minuteman ICBM test on 26th
President Trump calling all Senators to White House on 4/26 for briefing on NK
Supposedly the 26th is when the USS Vinson and USS Michigan are scheduled to arrive in Korea.
104th Fighter Wing to conduct night time drills 24th-28th
TLDR We are all dead on the 26th

71260 No.549

Hello, I'm not sure I've seen a Mexican flag poster before

0b8f0 No.550

File: 1493096066392.jpg (39.63 KB, 399x339, 1485065829265.jpg)

I'm in my Happening bunker outside this country. Just in case this shit does go down on the 26th.

d09dc No.551

Holy hell, an actual Mexican flag. Can't wait for the rare flags to start coming in.

71260 No.552

Good reminders

d520e No.553

test post please ignore

1f048 No.554

Still sad

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