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Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday. Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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File: 1556435951635-0.png (781.24 KB, 1280x987, SpaceStation13PonyExplosio….png)

File: 1556435951635-1.png (680.84 KB, 1500x391, SpaceStation13PonyWalkingD….png)

File: 1556435951635-2.gif (200.84 KB, 512x512, TwilightAISpaceStation13.gif)

cb5e4 No.99292

Space Station 13 is one of the most autistic and perpetually chaotic games ever made. You're one of up to several dozen crew aboard a fully modular, destructible space station, all trying to work together to get stuff done and not die horribly. Meanwhile, there are random events, powerful monsters and player-controlled antagonists trying to ruin your day. Those are nothing, however, compared to the difficult UI, complex mechanics and general incompetence of your crewmates. Think Dwarf Fortress but multiplayer.

You can download the engine it runs on here: https://secure.byond.com/ (It's not malware, I promise) Once you install it you can join any SS13 server. The engine itself runs about as well as an old jalopy but it allows connection to servers with radically different codebases, meaning nearly every server has its own surprises. Servers's development teams code and implement new elements into the game meaning SS13 basically has competitive evolution.

Here are three videos to give you the gist of it.

To get you in the mood: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejcanHLcpPs
SsethTzeentach's (/ourguy/) review: www.youtube.com/watch?v=URJ_qSXruW0
A dramatic re-enactment of the typical first round (in 3D!): www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX7GQT_ZQdA

Kek smiles upon you if you play SS13 because it turns the logic of video game design on its head. It was born in a primitive state in the early 2000's but has been continually built upon by its core community to have more depth and F.U.N. than almost any other game. There is an insane skill-cap due to over fifty areas of game mechanics to learn, meaning even seasoned veterans always discover more. It also means you have to rely on the rest of the crew to do their jobs, resulting in hilarity if when they fail to do so. Absolutely check it out if you can.

I used to play this game religiously several years ago but had to stop due to switching internet providers. It's something I miss dearly but new SS13 content never disappoints. It would be nice to set up a /mlpol/ community, maybe on Discord. If you wished hard enough you could maybe bring ponies into space.

609d1 No.99294

File: 1556437051466.png (223.74 KB, 953x1425, sjw.png)

OP, respectfully KYS.
Another kiked SJW platform is not wanted.

cb5e4 No.99295

File: 1556437670500.jpeg (229.75 KB, 636x914, Space-Station-13-clown-15….jpeg)

BYOND barely pretends SS13 exists, let alone polices anything. Servers have their own rules which are the only ones enforced and they generally couldn't care less. On most servers you can call lizardmen "liggers" and that passes for normal.

It's all about clowning around.

a2a04 No.99296

No fun allowed amiright?
Calm down man

609d1 No.99297

File: 1556445746089.png (179.41 KB, 1024x1024, 83159cd793d.png)

All right.

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