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File: 1556142490875.png (3.58 MB, 3507x2481, 1144359.png)

517f7 No.99000[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The long train ride from Baltimare to Bales has been interrupted by a group of partisan fighters, claiming to be looking for none other than Pinkie Pie, who has been kept prisoner since the end of the war. They don't seem to have found their prize, but they do seem to have found a very pissed off Brie, Onyx, and Spark, as well as another Bat Pony, and both groups have been interrupted by a new set of intruders. In Baltimare, Silver, Dark Star, and Iron await a new and uncertain dawn.

c53cf No.99002

05392 No.99003

Here's hoping we can actually hit Day 6 in this thread. Also hoping the train gang returns so we can actually finish that encounter and move onto the next day.

c53cf No.99004

inb4 it's already day 6 but you didn't notice

6108a No.99005

I mean, either Silver or Dark Star (or Iron for that matter) could just say “my character sleeps until morning, and wakes up”

05392 No.99006

Thinking about it, honestly, but I really don't want to completely desync with the timeline. It's happened once already, and it's hell.

c53cf No.99007

6108a No.99008

The train is 500 miles away

c53cf No.99009

What if we do everything for day 6? We would be here yet again, now having to wait the train fellows for a day and then some.

9eaa7 No.99010

Are we seriously only 5 days in still?

c53cf No.99011

Yes. Train time needs to end to jump into day 6

9eaa7 No.99012

Its a pity there's a bunch of ponies to kill

c53cf No.99013

Truly the saddest of fates for us all.

6108a No.99014

But you can help that

9eaa7 No.99015

Dice rollRolled 7 + 7

"What's the status of the Engine?" Brie assumes a confident and "I'm supposed to be here" posture.

6108a No.99016

They blink

“It’s… stopped now.” Answers the closest of the postal workers

9eaa7 No.99017

"I mean is it secure, or has it been compromised?" Brie doesn't hide the fact that he felt that was a rather thick response.

6108a No.99018

A different postal worker answers. The further away postal worker, a jade green Pegasus answers now
“We don’t know. We just know there have been attempts to break into this car.”

Then the Midnight blue bat, Ozren, gives his own answer
“I intend to find out”

9eaa7 No.99019

"But you haven't tried going into the engine? Fuckin' n0obs." He says, frogging a pair of daggers (he's down to 8 or 9, depending on if the one pony got a knife to the face). "Have you tried knocking?"

6108a No.99020

They have tried knocking”
He says

Then Ozren says
“They are postal workers, not engineers”
He goes forward, towards the door on the far end

9eaa7 No.99021

"If you want to do things the hard way,…" Brie changes his appearance to mimic the lime green officer. "Tell you what. If I get shot, we can do it your way."

6108a No.99022

The jade postal worker moves aside, because it looks like Brie is not, in fact, the least patient bat in the room. Ozren moves to the door, twists a knob on it, pulls a lever down, then pulls the door in.

Through the open door Brie can see that this gap between the RPO and the locomotive does not have a cover connecting the cars, like the other gaps between cars. It is exposed to the outside. Ozren looks over.
“Is this other door locked?”

9eaa7 No.99023

"You're asking me? I just got here. Let me take a look." Brie goes over and inspects the lock.

6108a No.99024

Dice rollRolled 16 + 7

It does not appear to be tampered with, but….

From above, a pony drops down onto the coupling. A burgundy Pegasus. She is old looking, and has noticeable scars on her, including around her right eye, both eyes glowing gold. She is carrying, of all things, a sword, shorter in length and with a curve.


6108a No.99025

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Lets see

c53cf No.99026

That's some spooky dice rolls.

6108a No.99027

She immediately swings her sword, upwards and down upon the nearest target. Not Brie, but Ozren, who was standing further out. He holds his carbine between his hooves, and raises it up, blocking the sword

9eaa7 No.99028

Dice rollRolled 10 + 3


6108a No.99029

Oh no, that’s already started. Brie May act in whatever way, including attacking now

9eaa7 No.99030

Wait, the train is stopped. Brie takes flight and tries to position himself (on top of the engine, if possible/necessary) to surround the pegasus.

6108a No.99031

Well, maybe. The door itself is narrow, as is the gap between the locomotive and the RPO, so taking flight would require basically already require getting to her side

9eaa7 No.99032

So,… tumbling to maneuver around?

9eaa7 No.99033

Dice rollRolled 10 + 8

6108a No.99034

Yes. Roll Die

6108a No.99035

Success. Brie rolls out through the door, under and besides Ozren, and off to the right of the Burgundy Pegasus, who is standing on the coupling. Brie falls off unto the rocks of the train tracks under the cars, and lands gracefully enough, placing him about a foot lower than the Pegasus, who is still aiming her sword at Ozren

9eaa7 No.99036

Dice rollRolled 3 + 5

Dice rollRolled 18 + 9

So now that Brie has flanking Brie starts planting roses (and by roses, I mean knives).
Modified for flanking bonus

6108a No.99037

One flies right past her, another hits her in the side of her barrel

9eaa7 No.99038

Eh? Okay,….

6108a No.99039

File: 1556161293134.jpeg (90.55 KB, 819x538, D35D9F2D-83B9-463F-B123-7….jpeg)

Yes. Roll damage

9eaa7 No.99040

Dice rollRolled 3 + 1

Oh. Huh. Thats,… okay. I did not know that.

6108a No.99041

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

The knife sticks into her side and draws blood. She moves a hoof to pull it out, and drops it on the ground.

Finding herself flanked by a pony with the ability to tumble out, and facing a reasonably skilled pony, plus two postal workers with shotguns, the old mare looks over to the side, and herself tries to tumble away, to the left.

6108a No.99042

And she simply falls

c53cf No.99043

I sure hope you weren't banking on the mystery swordmare surviving, because that's some shit luck on her part.

9eaa7 No.99044

So,… Ozren's turn?

6108a No.99045

He moves forward, and pulls on the door
“Give me a key!”

9eaa7 No.99046

Dice rollRolled 19 + 11

"Gait aside, do try to keep the angry pegasus occupied,…." Brie says rolling his eyes and pulling out his lockpicks.

6108a No.99047

She tries to pull back for the moment, rolling over the side. The door comes open at Brie’s efforts, and Ozren swings it open, trying to enter as quickly as possible.

9eaa7 No.99048

"You're welcome! Sorry for the whole leg stabbing thing!" Brie calls as he rushes away.
He frogs another pair of daggers.
"Now then. Shall we dance?"

6108a No.99049

If she’s looking to dance, she doesn’t respond to Brie immediately

9eaa7 No.99050

Brie frogs more daggers

6108a No.99051

Ozren goes through into the locomotive unit, disappearing out of line of sight

6108a No.99052

And the postal workers close the door to the RPO, not enthusiastic for any battle

9eaa7 No.99053


6108a No.99054

Brie may now go into the locomotive, move around outside, or bet the postal workers to let him back in

9eaa7 No.99055

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

Dice rollRolled 19 + 7

Oh right, I'm gonna leave an unvanquished opponent,….

6108a No.99056

In this time, she’s moved away a bit, but not entirely out of line of sight.

If thrown, one knife hits her

9eaa7 No.99057

Dice rollRolled 3 + 1

That was the idea

6108a No.99058

She’s hit again, and it seems the injury is enough to deter her from immediate further engagement

9eaa7 No.99059

"Not getting cold feet are you? I don't suppose you could return those two? They're kind of sentimental." Brie taunts the pegasus, while drawing another pair. "I mean I have some more, but I am running low,…"

6108a No.99060

She gets back up, holding her sword
“Did you want something?”

9eaa7 No.99061

"Those two blades sticking out of you, if you wouldn't mind."

6108a No.99062

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

She pulls one out - the one that landed - and throws it back
“Find the other two yourself”

6108a No.99063

And it hits Brie

6108a No.99064

Dice rollRolled 3


9eaa7 No.99065

"Much obliged. I've lost so many killing your comrades. Who is it you all are again?"
Is she proficient with throwing knives?

6108a No.99066

What kind of bandit would she be if she wasn’t?
“Comrades, ha!”

05392 No.99067

File: 1556238170163.png (633.23 KB, 1096x1536, 2014514__safe_artist-colon….png)

Irgendjemand hier?

da094 No.99068

Not for long.

24a31 No.99069

Fair enough
"I was trying to be nice. Would 'controllers' have been more accurate? Perhaps 'taskmasters'?" Brie says, retrieving the knife she threw back and otherwise disregarding the damage.

41c0f No.99070

“No… It’s just us out here. Perhaps you’re thinking of those ‘freedom fighters’. We have nothing to do with them.”
She uses her wings to make air quotes

517f7 No.99071

File: 1556249763419.png (216.3 KB, 437x401, AA379F49-5FBF-4DAA-91E1-E7….png)

>Changelings and Griffins together as one
Good, then we can kill ‘em both in the same stroke

05392 No.99072

Now you're speakin' my language.

0ca59 No.99073

"Well that's just disappointing. I hope you don't expect me to learn your names, because I'm quite disinterested in caring who I scrape off my hoof."

517f7 No.99074

She half smiles at Brie, or rather, she raises her lips on the left side of her face as if in a smile.
“It’s Red Morning. And you can tell your friends.”

0ca59 No.99075

Keep in mind that unless she can see through illusions (which as a player I would wager she can, since she was introduced with glowing eyes) Brie still looks like a lime green unicorn.
"She says its Red Morning!" Brie shouts, then waits. "Hmmm, it seems they're as disinterested as I am."
Also keep in mind, Brie is deliberately trying to buy Ozren or whatever his name was, some time to get the engine going again

517f7 No.99076

I recalled Brie removing the illusion altogether when he tried to reconcile with Snowflake, although I think maybe he added another illusion when he went to get the changelings? In any event, this particular Pegasus has not seen the lime green unicorn as she arrived after the the lime green unicorn was on the train. So unless Brie has partisan colors on…
So Brie is not going into the locomotive?
She narrows her eyes a little, then nods, as her eyes come up into a full toothy smile

0ca59 No.99077

517f7 No.99078

I see.

Red Morning’s face realizes a full, malign smile. Behind Brie, there is a very loud


Briefly, the area lights up to nearly as bright as day - or more accurately, as light as around a campfire - and the medium height grass, as well as the gravel around the tracks are fully visible, as is Morning’s faded burgundy coat. The light dies down quickly, and from somewhere behind Brie a smoking something (it looking like a can) is tossed over Brie’s head, hitting the slopes ground around the tracks and rolling down, maybe ten feet from Brie to his left and about the same distance away from Red Morning, a bit to her left and in front of her.

Red morning breaks off her stare, ducks her head down, then pulls her forehooves up around her head. Her wings spread forward around her face as well, as she pulls down.

Roll Reflex Save

7de20 No.99079

I can't stay long, but I need to know what happens after I shot that one pony.

0ca59 No.99080

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

Note: Evasion

517f7 No.99081

Dice rollRolled 1, 4 = 5

And rolling damage

517f7 No.99082

The canister explodes in place, setting off a bright light and with a loud “BANG.” Another question, does Brie stay in place and dive down, dive to his right (the right of the train) or to his left (the left of the train)?

0ca59 No.99083

Its a reflex save, I'm surprised you're giving me a choice. With respect to Red's position, where would those options place him (closer/further)?

517f7 No.99084

Down is in place, left is to her left and in front of her but slightly closer, and to the right is further away and likely out of line of sight

0ca59 No.99085

Definitely the right then

517f7 No.99086

In retrospect, to the left wouldn’t have worked, because that’s where the flash bang landed

Brie dives out of the way, and avoids being blinded or deafened. He can see over here two more bandits, both pegasi, holding guns, and with attention most on the RPO, which has a noticeable hole blown into the right side of it. One of them tries to jump on and into the car.

0ca59 No.99087

Dice rollRolled 15 + 3


517f7 No.99088

Brie dives down to the left and towards the side of the locomotive (on the right side), laying on the railroad tracks. There’s some yelling, and the two Pegasi jump onto the RPO,m through the hole in its side. A few letters fly around in the air, and start to slowly come down. The scene is like this for another few seconds, when there is a loud


It unmistakably comes from the locomotive

517f7 No.99089

Before the sequence of events in >>99088, there is another loud “BANG” from the RPO

0ca59 No.99090

Brie adjusts his disguise to appear like Red whats her name (I know, its not that far away, but I'm both not back-reading to see it and I'm trivializing her) and jumps up from his newly successful hiding spot that would have done him no good anyway. Concluding that Ozren has the engine going, he follows the 2 pegasi that jumped onto the RPO

517f7 No.99091

The hole goes from a foot above the base to the very top of the RPO. There is broken wood and parts of steel containers on the floor. One of the postal workers is lying down on the ground, another cowers in the far corner, the other is not visible. The two Pegasi - one a cloudy white, the other a faded tan - talk to each other

“Safe is over here, it seems to be dislodged from the explosion.”
“I knew that was the right place.”
“Alright, now help me get this open”

The train starts to move, with a sort of jolt. Not fast at all, but the cars are starting to stretch the coupling between them

“Shit, it’s moving!”

0ca59 No.99092

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

Dice rollRolled 3 + 7

Brie plants another two flowers, one in each of the ponies' back

517f7 No.99093

Hmmm… I don’t think the targeting of two distinct opponents in the same round is normally allowed

517f7 No.99094

A song for Dark Star and Silver, who have not been seen in a while.


Actually this is beyond the cut off year
Playing because it’s the ending song of Avengers End Game

1df95 No.99095


05d61 No.99096

Sad day.
I think I'll be available after 3 hours, roughly speaking. Not sure if the lake path is the needed calm time path and I'd want to get Iron in tiptop shape before travelling aka get the potion ready or start some more small talk.

c16e6 No.99097

And now, a boop for confirmation that I'm available for some RP.

517f7 No.99099

No boop zone

c16e6 No.99100

517f7 No.99101


Anyways, Cauldron completes her home cooking, and pokes the minty green life serum into empty liquor bottles

c16e6 No.99102

Iron, giddy from curing his moderate to severe wounds, takes one full life bottle and chugs like no tomorrow.
He sighs in relief, turning to Cauldron.
"Alright, we are going through a lake path in order to avoid any big ambushes. It has a lake too, if you are feeling thirsty."

517f7 No.99103

“Very well.”

The three begin their trek down the hillside, through brush that is a bit thicker than before, as the trees are not as tall nor the canopies as thick as elsewhere. Some of the plants are bid deader than before, or at least, a bit yellowed. Otherwise, the journey is fairly uneventful. Cauldron enjoys the scenery, occasional looking at plants, while Pear is sometimes impatient, sometimes annoyed by the heat, and other times anxious

c16e6 No.99104

Iron feels slightly cheated by the lack of a lake but thinks nothing of it for now. He pokes Pear. "What can you tell me about this path that caught your eye enough to suggest it?"

517f7 No.99105

“It gets us there” she says, dryly

Now who says there wasn’t a lake?

05392 No.99106

What're you talkin' 'bout? I'm always here.

517f7 No.99107

Are you now?

f2ae3 No.99108

c16e6 No.99109

You know what they say.
Three's a crowd.
Iron walks along the path, a bit confused by how she answered.
He takes this travelling time to spot any interesting events of nature, among other sightseeing opportunities. He cannot stay in the jungle for too long or else somepony back at his tribe would think he's trying to avoid his maturity call, but he'll take this chance to feel comfortable while it lasts.
(Nothing like a calm stroll towards battle.)

517f7 No.99110

Oh shit, people are here

517f7 No.99111

File: 1556399383337.jpeg (38.1 KB, 800x600, ED87ACA4-3D9A-4F65-90F1-6….jpeg)

After some time, they come upon the aforementioned lake. It has a sort of “diamond” shape, as in a square where two opposing points have been stretched out. It occupies an area at the bottom of the valley, with the center looking bluer, but large areas closer to the shore appearing much more shallow and muddy. In one such area is a metal… something, shinning in the light, and appearing to be a large cylinder with a raised metal section protruding from the center, and a taller, narrower profusion at the end

517f7 No.99112

Uh, to repeat what I said before, I'm not sure that attacking two distinct opponents in the same surprise round without the requisite feats and levels is possible

c16e6 No.99113

Iron cocks his head at the foreign metal object. He walks to the edge of the lake to get a closer look at the metal object at the shallower area of it.
"What is that?" He says out loud to no one in particular.

517f7 No.99114

File: 1556402010796.jpg (50.39 KB, 640x480, 960060_10153514994120311_1….jpg)

"Looks like a crashed plane" Pear says

On closer inspection, the object has solid metal surfaces in parts, and only ribs to show in others. it looks like at least half of the object is below the water

91db6 No.99115

"Crashed plain? What does it do?"
He says as he dips his hooves in the water to attempt to look through the holes this metal object has a little closer to see what's in it.

517f7 No.99116

File: 1556402690359.jpg (77.74 KB, 600x381, Wirraway_A20_714_Lake_Cora….jpg)

Pear adds
"looks to be a Wirraway Dive Bomber"

Cauldron Smiles, then adds
"'Tis the Wirraway of the Lake. You may ask it it's wisdom."

Some areas look a bit broken, who knows if there is a risk of getting cut if it is touched. There's definitely something inside, looks to be debris though. It appears that there is space for at least two ponies in there

05392 No.99117

Well, yes, now I am.

It's hard playin' vidya and checking the thread at the same time, alright?

f2ae3 No.99118

I hit and miss the bigger one

517f7 No.99119

So, commit to attacking one of the two ponies?

f2ae3 No.99120

Dice rollRolled 2, 2, 5 = 9

Dice rollRolled 4 + 1

Yes. Sneak damage

517f7 No.99121

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5

That's a lot of damage. But the stealth is gone. The other one attacks back

517f7 No.99122

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

Looks like a hit with the butt of a rifle

c16e6 No.99123

Huh, it's the 'challenge' of the lake if (((Wikipedia))) is right about its origin word. So it's definitely New Mareland owned if Australia==New Mareland.
Iron ponders for a bit. He decides to gently place his hoof on the side of this seemingly wise plane.
"Wirraway of the Lake, I wish to access your wisdom."

517f7 No.99124

Oh, this is definitely a die roll

c16e6 No.99125

Dice rollRolled 4

Any mods to it?

517f7 No.99127

Sadly, it looks like the Wirrary of the Lake is not in a talking mood at the moment

c16e6 No.99128

Can I try again?

517f7 No.99129

Um… sure?

c16e6 No.99130

Dice rollRolled 7

Judging by your confusion, I think you weren't expecting this. Well, time to see if this plane is 'alive'.
Iron looks over to Cauldron then back.
"Wirraway of tha Lake, are you there?"

517f7 No.99131

Of Course I was expecting this
The plane is non responsive

c16e6 No.99132

Iron blinks once.
"I think the plain is asleep."
He looks at the spots where the two ponies would reside if it were used and looks inside for anything that does not look like debris.

f2ae3 No.99133

Is the inside completely dry?
Down to 13. Brie draws his last 2 daggers

517f7 No.99134

Of the train car? Yes. Yes it is.

“Did you forget about me already, Changeling?”
Brie can hear behind him

517f7 No.99135

There are of course shards of metal, pieces of glass, and also, straps of leather in the front section. The rear section has much the same, a notebook, and what looks to be a very, very large black gun

f2ae3 No.99136

"I thought it best. It would never work out between us and we should go our separate ways, Red Whatever-you-said your name was." Brie doesn't hide his sarcasm

c16e6 No.99137

Iron pokes the very very large gun at the rear section.
(A strange thing to see. It looks to be quite heavy.)
He decides to check the notebook first before doing anything that could damage the Wirraway of the Lake, opening on its first page.

bdcce No.99138

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5

Looks to have another map of the area, as well as photographs, also of the area.

And attack

bdcce No.99139

But the melee instrument fails to land

c16e6 No.99140

Iron nods to himself. He takes it and passes it to Pear.
"Is there something that catches your eye for this map?"

bdcce No.99141

“That settlement didn’t seem to be there on our map… these photos would have been really useful before.”

c16e6 No.99142

Iron nods.
"Excellent. Keep it. It seems you have acquired new places to study later."
With that, he walks back to the plane to inspect the big gun at the rear again.
(Is this thing fixed to it? Will it break if I pull it? It seems like it would sell well with any sort of tool user experts.)

bdcce No.99143

It is very big, and seems to be fixed to it. Whether it can be detached is hard to determine

c16e6 No.99144

How big are we talking about? Is it as big as a whole foreleg?

bdcce No.99145

A regular rifle is bigger than a foreleg. Like thirty pounds and three or so feet long

c16e6 No.99146

Iron nods, concluding that the plane would get upset if he were to pull its gun out of it.
He walks back to the dryland a little content by obtaining some more useful intel.
"I think that is all there is inside that plain. Shall we go?"

bdcce No.99147

“Take another look at the map”

c16e6 No.99148

"Oh. Alright then."
He proceeds to do so, trying to see what new information has been obtained.

bdcce No.99149

More detail on the layout of the temple, and sone sort of settlement to the north that looks a bit like a camp

c16e6 No.99150

Iron's torch turns on.
"Ah! So that was what you meant by a sort of settlement nearby that did not appear before."
He makes a mental note of the temple's layout for when the time comes.
"Do you suggest paying a visit to the camp?"

bdcce No.99151

“Huh? What is it?”
Pear doesn’t seem to understand

c16e6 No.99152

Iron blinks in confusion.
"This one over here. You were pointing this part out on the map for me to check out, right?"

bdcce No.99153

“… No…”
She takes the map, and looks at it more closely

c16e6 No.99154

He walks next to her and points where the camp is supposed to be.
"This little place right there. Is that not right?"

bdcce No.99155

The location is clearly marked as more important in the notebook

“Huh… this must have been the bomber’s target.”

c16e6 No.99156

Iron cocks his head, not understanding bombardment concepts.
"What is that metal thing supposed to do? Drop in like it did at the lake and destroy the camp with it?"

517f7 No.99157

“I don’t think that was their plan…”

She looks at it further, then a grin takes over her face

“This must be the bandit’s staging area.”

c16e6 No.99158

Iron smiles.
"Now that is more like it. How would we be able to reach there according to the map?"

517f7 No.99159

“It’s on the other side of this mountain.”

c16e6 No.99160

"Can it be travelled through or across said mountain?"

517f7 No.99161

“Yes. It must be, if they can get to us. Unless you’d prefer the air route.”
She looks over at the decayed plane wreckage

c16e6 No.99162

Iron nods.
"Then it is settled. We change course towards the camp through the mountain if possible. Point me towards the direction the mountain is and we shall start our travel."

517f7 No.99163

“What. Why?”

c16e6 No.99164

"What do you mean? Is the camp not where the bandits are residing?"

517f7 No.99165

She blinks
“Why would we go to the bandits.”

c16e6 No.99166

Iron thinks for a bit.
"I was thinking to strike them to prevent any further ambushes for your safe extraction. The best defense is a good offense, after all."

517f7 No.99167

Cauldron pulls forward
“You said we were getting money. Do you really want us to get killed in the process?”

Pear, however, says
“On second thought… Yes. We should.”

c16e6 No.99168

Ooh. Pear seems quite interested.
Iron shakes his head.
"I understand the danger of facing his ponies now, but if we do not crush them, they will haunt us for longer and sabotage our lives. We need to show that we are not ponies that should be messed with. Keep in mind that more ponies mean more things we can sell later."
Besides, I want great cleave to be useful for once. Damn feat.

517f7 No.99169

I don’t know about starting any gang wars…”

Pear says
“As he says, better to attack them on our terms then let them attack us on their’s.”

Cauldron seems unconvinced, but acquiesces

c16e6 No.99170

Iron nods.
"It is settled. We shall go to the camp and deal with them. We march."
With that, he awaits Pear's direction to start the travel in the usual travel formation of Iron at the front and Cauldron at the back.
(The money we will get after getting all of these bandits' loot will be quite larger. Cauldron will thank me later as long as we succeed. Still, there might be the possibility of causing some turmoil in the gang but how would they know our afilliation? I am just a rookie while Cauldron is a grunt, nevermind the archeologist making things more confusing. Focus on downing all the ponies there and getting their stuff. The profit will be worth it.)

517f7 No.99171

Thus, they go. The position seems to be over the hill, and down around the other side. This area is more filled with brush than trees, though there are enough high canopied trees to break line of sight. Pear regularly stops to try to evaluate their position and make adjustments to their movement

c16e6 No.99173

Iron goes along with it.
(Pear seems to be a lot more confident now that she has someone to act as brawn. I wonder if the bandits took some of the archeologists captive to know the temple's layout.)

517f7 No.99174

Hmmm… do I want to lead into the big fight now

c16e6 No.99175

You can stall it if you need to. I'm approaching sudden sleepiness hours. It'll serve to give bathorse some more time to wrap up his business and would mean having max focus tomorrow, both me and you.

517f7 No.99177

I’ll say at least this
After some time, they come upon what must be the camp. It’s a clearing with several tents in the foreground, as well as a fire. From Iron’s side there are trees that are taller, as well as some brush, to allow for cover. There is a set of raised rocks behind that part of the camp with a larger rectangular tent above it, and to the right is a pathway. There is a sense that this is not the totality of the camp, and that more exists to the right and behind what is immediately visible.

517f7 No.99178

Dark Star hasn’t been seen for five days and Silver isn’t active, but nevertheless:

Skies wakes up, pulls herself out from under Dark Star, and goes to shower

7de20 No.99180

Speaking of inactive players…
I should be free tonight and tomorrow, but from then on it is pure chaos.

And I didn't see if my damage to the pony with a gun did anything. I may have missed that, but I am still wondering if I got at least one before I find myself the one taking damage and/or falling to the ground.

73fb1 No.99181

Dark Star is reluctant to let go of her but he complies after a few minutes then he cutely pouts.

517f7 No.99182

Dice rollRolled 15 + 2

“D’aww. Did you want to do more cuddling?”

Shimmer’s shot hits the pony and does damage, causing him to bleed from his chest. He levels his carbine and shoots at Shimmer

517f7 No.99183

Dice rollRolled 3, 2 = 5

Looks like a hit. Rolling damage

73fb1 No.99184

"Its never a bad time for cuddles." He Grins at her.
"Hurry back~"

517f7 No.99185

She smiles at him in her way
“Unless you want to join me. Or cuddle now.”

7de20 No.99186

Dice rollRolled 12

11 HP left.

Spark stumbles backwards from the hit.
"I'm not letting you take this train! Can't you leave a pony to travel in peace?"
He fires once more.

73fb1 No.99187

"Joining you sounds fun" he whispers
Dark Star gets out Bed and follows her to the bathroom

517f7 No.99188

Dice rollRolled 2, 1 = 3

Hit. Rolling damage

She gives him that grin. She walks over towards the bathroom door. Silver is sleeping on the bed, across the bottom, almost like a very large dog. Skies enters the bathroom, then the shower, and starts to turn the knobs.

73fb1 No.99189

Dark Star Grins Back at her
Dark Star's Cock is slightly poking out of his sheath seeing her walk over to the shower
He Then walks over to the shower and steps inside

517f7 No.99191

Skies turns on the water. She seems to have it a little colder than Dark Star may like.

She places herself into the stream of water, closed her eyes, and lets it flow over her head and her neck. She almost looks like a dove, bathing in a fountain as she lets her wings spread out slightly, touching Dark Star

7de20 No.99192

Does the pony fall, or tis just a flesh wound?

73fb1 No.99193

Dark Star inhales sharply at the cold sensation hitting him
"You are as beautiful as a dove,blue"
He Starts gently trying to preen any loose feathers off of her as he kisses her neck

517f7 No.99194

‘Tis but a flesh wound

Her wings flinch a bit, and she pulls her wings back
But she sort of smiles at the kisses

7ddff No.99195

Bonjour you faguettes

7de20 No.99196

Spark is not going to have a good day.

517f7 No.99197


Gunshots heard at the end of the train car in the vestibule

7ddff No.99198

Only on the outside.

Onyx decided heading towards the gun fire is a smart idea.

517f7 No.99199

Looks like one of those insurgents is near the door, shooting at Spark, who is shooting at him. Both are wounded

73fb1 No.99200

Dark Star Frowns slightly as she pulls her wings away
He Trails kisses down her back getting closer to her flanks

517f7 No.99201

They are still there, as pretty as ever. She continues to wet her mane, and let it fall down

7ddff No.99202

Dice rollRolled 20 + 10

Onyx rolls his eye before preparing his halberd and charging the shooting pony.

73fb1 No.99203

Dark Star takes a second to Admire her wings before planting a kiss on her dock.
"Your Wings are Magnificent."

517f7 No.99204

…. I think Onyx may have just made that pony into a shish kebab

Her tail instantly goes up
“D’aww, thanks”
Her wings spread a little more, and a forehoof tried to apply some shampoo

7ddff No.99205

Dice rollRolled 39 + 6

Oh boy! Halberds are a x3 crit too!

7ddff No.99206

Dice rollRolled 2 + 6

Dice rollRolled 1

…. I think the dice fucked up

517f7 No.99207

Uh… what am I looking at?

7ddff No.99208

Well the most recent one is damage…. But I prefer the fucked up one

7de20 No.99209

That pony is invincible…

73fb1 No.99210

Dark Star Grins
He then Buries his face into her Marehood, running his tongue up and down the length of it before pushing it inside.
Atlas Did this.

517f7 No.99211

I’m… I’m pretty sure he’s dead

517f7 No.99212

she flinches forward a little, then winks at Dark Star, showing pink alongside her dark grey vulva and anus. She’s both sweet and salty this morning

7ddff No.99213

Good enough

517f7 No.99214

Well… it looks like the pony inside the door is dead and Spark is safe. But there are sounds outside of ponies rushing towards the door

7de20 No.99215

"Good to see you, bartender."
Spark holds a hoof to his wound.
"Just in time as always."

73fb1 No.99216

"Interesting flavor this morning."
Dark Starwinks back at her before sucking on her clit and rubbing her vulva with his hoof

7ddff No.99217

"Looks like we need to get you out of here"
Onyx looks around for any exit

517f7 No.99218

“Woah there boy, hehe.”
she winks again, getting wetter

What is he exiting? Because the danger is attempting to enter the train

7de20 No.99219

"As much as that sounds like a good idea, we can't let those ponies in here. They will overrun us regardless if we run."

7ddff No.99220

"Well, then I hope you can fight"

7de20 No.99221

"I'll do my best."

517f7 No.99222

So… are the two going to stand there and wait for them to enter?

7ddff No.99223

Unless you have any better ideas…..


517f7 No.99224

The door opens to another stallion holding a rifle and looking down at the body

73fb1 No.99225

He Chuckles
He Increases the suction on her clit, she can also feel his tongue rubbing circles around her love bud. he reaches his other fore hoof up to her perky little teats, He plays with her nipples as he continues to tease her vulva

7de20 No.99226

Dice rollRolled 10 + 3

We are getting to that…

Spark casts a silent image spell of a changeling in front of the door to distract the invasion forces.

517f7 No.99227

Dice rollRolled 22, 20 = 42

water flows down in gentle streams from her nopples, which harden a bit in the colder water. Her vulva, by contrast, expands and stretches as Dark Star moves it, allowing a glimpse into her vagina. She trembles a little as Dark Star dies his work.

He fires his rifle at it, as does another partisan

7de20 No.99228

Spark makes the changeling Roman salute one of the invaders, hopefully making them think there is another changeling in their midst.

517f7 No.99229

Dice rollRolled 17

Did onyx disappear again?

Another shot. Nothing quite yet

7ddff No.99230

Dice rollRolled 20 + 10

Nope, just waiting to know I can do something.

So Onyx decides to charge again, at one of the distracted ponies

7de20 No.99231

Well, at least they don't catch on to the changeling being a illusion.
Well… you are on a roll.

517f7 No.99232

Only one pony inside the train, but holy shit


7ddff No.99233

Dice rollRolled 6 + 6

Dice rollRolled 1

Once again, x3

517f7 No.99234

Yeah, he’s dead

There is another one outside of the train

7de20 No.99235

If the illusion is still there, Spark sends it running toward the pony outside.

73fb1 No.99236

Dark Star's Horsecock is fully erect from all of the sweet pheromones he is inhaling,The Speed of his assault on her Clit increases. as he succs down on it harder, he pulls her tail with a free hoof

517f7 No.99237

Dice rollRolled 1


she clamps down on Dark Star’s muzzle

517f7 No.99238

Dice rollRolled 20

He shoots at it

05392 No.99239

Holy shit, not only is there mass action from more than one player, but there's 20s everywhere.

7de20 No.99240

Umm…. what does this mean for Spark? Is he hit from a lucky ricochet?

517f7 No.99241

That’s one 20 Onyx won’t be getting.

The shot goes straight through the illusion’s head, leaving a ripple

I know right.

73fb1 No.99242

Dark Star's eyes Have a prideful look about them.as he continues to attempt to stimulate her with his tongue as much as he can.

7ddff No.99243

Dice rollRolled 19 + 10

Onyx seems unable to stop his assault through the red mist in his vision and continues his rampage, swinging the blade down upon the second distracted pony.

7de20 No.99244

Not a twenty, but still on fire.

517f7 No.99245

She continues shivering, as she tries to wash her mane
And she continues winking at him

A fucking 19?

The pony figured out the Changeling was an illusion with a lucky shot. He was not so lucky with onyx. Hit.

517f7 No.99246

From inside of the car comes a new pony. Or rather, an old one. It’s the Forest green stallion Spark battled earlier, and he has his gun back

7ddff No.99247

Dice rollRolled 6

Dice rollRolled 10 + 6

Atlas has bestowed his luck in battle upon me this day

517f7 No.99248

…. he’s dead Jim

73fb1 No.99249

As soon as she lets go of Star's snout, he mounts her, she can feel his shaft twitching against the entrance to her tunnel of love he rubs the head along the entirety of her slit painfully slow..

7de20 No.99250

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

"Drop the damn gun or suffer the same fate as all of these ponies that refused."
Intimidation check.

7ddff No.99251

Onyx stands over his work, breathing heavy as the red mist dissipates
"Hey Spark, thanks for the distraction"
He then sees the third one and tightens his grip on the halberd

517f7 No.99252

Dice rollRolled 19 + 4

“Uh, woah.”
At this point, she stops what she is doing, and looks up. Her shoulders are wet, but she stands strong.
she continues to wink, as he can feel


517f7 No.99253

He is not intimidated.
“Drop yours.”

7de20 No.99254

Dice rollRolled 8

"Actually, how about I drop you?"
Firing once more.

517f7 No.99255

Dice rollRolled 19

Now that’s an initiative roll

7de20 No.99256

Darn rules of D&D I still don't understand… Alright, I'll get shot more.

517f7 No.99257

Dice rollRolled 5 + 2

And he shoots

7ddff No.99258

Dice rollRolled 12

I like initiative

517f7 No.99259

And he misses

Onyx is next in line

7ddff No.99260

Dice rollRolled 16 + 7

Onyx decides that he's suddenly a pacifist.

Nah, jk he charges again. This time -3 for power attack

73fb1 No.99261

He looks a slightly concerned
"Something wrong?"
He Continues to rub his shaft along her mound gathering lubrication on it.As he moves his head close to her's then passionately kisses her

517f7 No.99262

Actually, onyx started outside if the train, whereas this is inside the train. So Spark is next

Spark’s turn

7de20 No.99263

Dice rollRolled 8

Ok. The only thing I can do if I want to save those scorching rays… Spark fires his not-so-trusty gun.

517f7 No.99264

And she kisses back, like Dark Star’s own dove. She’s definitely wet, though much if that is the shower water

517f7 No.99265

Him, I think that would miss unless Spark’s modifier is higher (and I don’t know what it is).

Now onyx’s turn, and that would hit

7de20 No.99266

No modifier. The only ones I have are to charisma, bluff, intimidation, and negative to strength.

73fb1 No.99267

Dark Star Thrusts in slowly as he Kisses her she can taste her own juices on his tongue. He Wraps his tongue around hers, and he Strokes her mane helping her wash her hair.

7ddff No.99268

Dice rollRolled 4

Dice rollRolled 5 + 12

Yippee! Murder time

517f7 No.99269

It’s the base attack bonus plus dexterity

The pony was already wounded from earlier when Spark shot him. So now, he’s super wounded. Or dead. More like dead.

Skies gently wraps her tongue with his, and closes her eyes. Her mane is rather pretty when wet, and shampoo comes out of it. Now, Dark Star is directly under the stream of water from the shower. It’s a little chilly.

73fb1 No.99270

He Shivers at the sensation, But continues thrusting into her until he is fully hilted. then he removes his cock and thrusts in harder than before. He begins gently sucking on her tongue

517f7 No.99271

As he pulls out, Skies clamps down on him, as if to prevent him from leaving. She sucks onto him, trying to suck his tongue

517f7 No.99272

Are Spark and Onyx kill?

7ddff No.99273


517f7 No.99274

A minute passes, perhaps, before a BOOM is heard from nearer the front of the train

7de20 No.99275

I'm back.
"Now what?"
"Do we investigate and face more certain death?"

7ddff No.99276

"Well I figure it's investigate and die, or stay and die. So yeah, let's go"

7de20 No.99277

"Good point. Why do we have to have the worst kind of exciting lives?"
Spark painfully walks toward the explosion noise.

7ddff No.99278

Onyx frowns and walks up next to Spark, bracing him up

517f7 No.99279

Seems to be coming from the train car in front of them

7de20 No.99280

"Thanks. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can have this looked at."
I open the door slowly and peek through.

73fb1 No.99281

Dark Star lets out a grunt as she clamps down on him,he grabs the back of her head and pulls her into the kiss more.

7ddff No.99282

"No problem, I need someone's help here"

517f7 No.99283

Going through the coach car of frightened ponies, and to the end of the car… the door to the other car is locked

”oof” Pony is kissed more so. Star has her pretty thoroughly under his hooves

7de20 No.99284

But of course it is. I really should have got the knock spell… really messed up on that one.
"Think you can bust this thing down?"

73fb1 No.99285

Dark Star Thrusts his length into her as he fights against her Tight pussy. he breakes the kiss and gently bites down on the back of her neck

7ddff No.99286

Dice rollRolled 14 + 4

"I can try…"
Strength check to buck down the door.

517f7 No.99287

She opens her mouth and stretches out, while she clamps down as tightly as possible in Dark Star


The door cracks

7ddff No.99288

Dice rollRolled 11 + 4

Onyx tries again then, hoping to expand upon the crack.

73fb1 No.99289

"if you keep that up im not gonna last much longer" Dark Star grunts out, He picks up the speed of his thrusts, Blue can feel Dark Star's Cock hitting her womb. as he bites down harder

517f7 No.99290

The train jolts as it starts to move.

The door now opens, lock broken. Inside he can see a long train car with broken metal and wood on the floor, and a large hole in side. Two identical looking red ponies stand near the edge of the hole, with a black pony standing up and facing the left one. Never the door, a pony in post service uniform lays against a wall.

517f7 No.99291

”Okay…” She loosens up on him, allowing him to slide in and out freely. It makes her feel more wet.

73fb1 No.99293

He Smacks her Flank Hard as he thrusts Harder. "Clench Harder, i'll be Ready for round 2" he kisses even more passionately than before as he looks at her lovingly.

517f7 No.99298

And So it is continued
From her throat, a vibration, and a *coo*. She opens her eyes, and looks into Dark Star’s, her head twisted a little to make the contact possible. Then, she gives him a malign grin, and clamps down harder

05392 No.99300

File: 1556471615671.png (446.66 KB, 2995x2265, 2021226__safe_artist-colon….png)

Pet the 'lings.

Pet them.

8e416 No.99301


c16e6 No.99302

Dice rollRolled 7

Alright, let's get this show on the road.
Taking advantage of the brush and trees, he decides to try and spot any sort of bandit activity from his covered position.
Aren't they such cute bugponers.

517f7 No.99304

Two immediately pop out. In the lower area, next to a tent, is a bandit on a chair next to a set of rocks that seem to be used for a campfire. He seems to be sleeping. On the ledge above them is a bandit who seems to be standing sentry

c16e6 No.99305

Iron focuses on the sentry stallion on the ledge and tries to guess the distance between them for a charge attack.

517f7 No.99306

150 feet horizontally, 20 feet vertically. There is at least more brush along the left side.
uh, would you rather I used metric? Since you are evidently not-American

c16e6 No.99307

I only need to know if they're in the 30 feet radius for a charge attack, so don't worry. I'll assume I'll need to do a jump roll to reach that guy as well.
Iron nods to himself, looking for any covered path to reach his charging range in order to get his attack first before the bandit at the ledge can react with his own.

517f7 No.99308

Completely covered, no. It kind of looks like Iron can’t attack until he is distracted or otherwise not looking

c16e6 No.99309

Imma try to use some game logic.
Iron look near his position for any pebbles that could make a noise.

517f7 No.99310

Rocks, twigs, you name it. Although iron is still fairly far away

c16e6 No.99311

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Darnit. So there's no chance to close in without getting shot… unless…
Iron decides to place a little rock on the ground and promptly shoot it out in the general vicinity of the ledge stallion.
(If the stallion gets curious enough to investigate it, it should close the distance.)

517f7 No.99312

Not far enough, especially considering that it is daytime in a jungle, and thus sounds in the brush are to be expected

c16e6 No.99313

Iron huffs.
He tries to see if the bandit at the ledge has a long gun or a short gun.

517f7 No.99314

It’s shorter, but black and boxxy

c16e6 No.99315

>black and boxy
Iron presumes the pony with the gun would not have as much damage and accuracy than the two riflemares he had to fight previously. He turns his attention to the sleeping bandit below to see if he has a gun in hand. He will be the first target for his charge.

517f7 No.99316

He has a rifle off to the side of his chair. In any event, he is unconscious.

Pear comments:
“There are definitely more of them…”

c16e6 No.99317

Iron hums.
"I agree. There are more of them, but I can't reach them with either throwing or punches. The sentry will undoubtedly see me if I try to move closer which will alert all the other bandits in the area."
(There is always using the rifles we took from the riflemares, although I am not a good shot.)

517f7 No.99318

“On the bright side, they aren’t aware of us, and at least one of them is sleeping. They are complacent.”

c16e6 No.99319

Iron nods.
"If that is the case, then they will not take a single native as much of a threat and might try to intimidate me by pointing their weapons and closing in. That would undoubtedly help with the whole range problem I have currently."
He points to the bags.
"There is also coat puncturers and shedders if that does not work. I think waltzing in could work while you cover me."

517f7 No.99320

“Walzing in? Coat shredders? Why would we let them know we are here when we don’t even know how many or where most of them are?”

c16e6 No.99321

I had a feeling I couldn't from the lack of cover but if that's possible…
"You are right, we should continue looking for bandits, maybe even the leader or a right hoof stallion."
With that, he studies the cover to see if he can walk along the covered forest edges to the other side.

517f7 No.99322

Along the left side there is some cover. At least it looks like the ledge itself blocks line of sight to things to the right and beyond it

c16e6 No.99323

Iron points it out to the others.
"We might be able to close the distance and scout some more if we follow that left side."

c16e6 No.99324

You're not waiting for me to do an action, are you?

29eaa No.99325

Uh… anyone here?

c16e6 No.99326


29eaa No.99327

Under the hot jungle sun the two mares have ambivalent responses to the heat. Pear is an academician who has spent most of her life indoors. She is rather small and dainty, and though she is an earth pony, her body has more in common with the unicorns that doubtlessly dominate that profession. But this is not her first run through the jungle, nor even her first week here, and she has accustomed herself to the inconvenience. Cauldron is larger, stronger, and generally more resilient. Whether zebras, as a race, are studier than the average pony, who can say. But Cauldron is clearly studier than the average female. And yet, she has spent most of her life in the city. When she works outside, it tends to be at night. And so she is not well acclimated to the heat in her first day in the jungle.

The same ambivalence applies to the mission in the camp. Cauldron is fairly well accustomed to stealth and even melee combat, and seems to have some idea about how to execute the attack on the camp. What she lacks is a conviction of the necessity of the operation. Pear, by contrast, truly wants to go into that camp. But a firefight is no place from her, if the last battle didn’t make that obvious. Cauldron tried to shepherd her, thinking Pear is out of her element, while Pear tries to press Cauldron forward.

29eaa No.99328

Cauldron moves ahead, in almost perfect silence

c16e6 No.99329

Woah, I wasn't expecting this. Good to know.
Iron follows along the sneaky zebra to the best of his ability.

517f7 No.99330

The brush continues in lower bushes under the canopy over the left, within 20 feet of the tent. The one pony is still sleeping. The one on high is harder to see, but still there

“You see that? He’s bored. He’ll be reading a magazine soon enough.”

c16e6 No.99331

Iron nods.
"That is to be expected of a mere bandit," he whispers back to Cauldron. He awaits the moment when the sentry at the top gets distracted, also keeping an eye out for any new additions to the punching list.

517f7 No.99332

And… now!

No obvious new additions

c16e6 No.99333

What are my current options now? Keep walking forwards along the cover to reach the second part of the camp and buck the two guards, right?

517f7 No.99334

Among other things. Really, there are multiple possible angles of approach

c16e6 No.99335

Okay, if I were to keep walking to the other side of the camp, would Iron be able to get a hit on the top guard without the need of a jump roll?

517f7 No.99336

That’s not possible to tell from this amount of information

c16e6 No.99337

Drat. Well, the time for scouting is still up then.
Iron keeps along the cover, trying to get away from the guards' line of sight as soon and as quietly as possible.

517f7 No.99338

This is possible, as the ledge is almost complete vertical

c16e6 No.99339

"Alright, those two will be dealt later. For now, let us focus on gathering the current bandit strength," he whispers to Cauldron and Pear (if she's there of course.)

517f7 No.99340

Caldron does not trust Pear, but they go forward. It isn’t far at all before two ponies are seen around a barrel talking to each other. There seems to be a wooden panel on it, to make it into a surface for eating

c16e6 No.99341

(So that makes 4 bandits to beat up, huh?)
Iron does a double take of his position in relation to the current foes around him in his cover and wonders if there is more of the camp to explore.

517f7 No.99342

Indeed there is, to his present left, wrapping around the raised area of the ledge

c16e6 No.99343

If there's more to explore of the camp…
Iron keeps on moving along the cover to his present left.
(Maybe I can get a knockout punch from that pony at the ledge.)

517f7 No.99344

He advances further to the other side. There is a pony at a pot over a fire, who seems to a cook, and another in brown shirt with a gun that is standing guard. He is looking out of the camp, in the opposite direction

c16e6 No.99345

(2 more ponies. It seems we will have to hide as soon as we take out some of these ponies.)
Iron decides to keep going along to see how many more ponies are there to keep track of.

517f7 No.99346

The next area may be advanced only by waking up tam trail to the top

c16e6 No.99347

Iron looks around from his cover, remembering the bandit looking to the outside, probably at the trail they have to cross.
"We have an issue. Our path from here is going to be without cover, which will let us be spotted almost instantly. I think we need to start clearing this area. It seems isolated enough," he whispers to the team.

517f7 No.99348

Cauldron nods. She understands

c16e6 No.99349

Iron nods back. He starts scanning the area for the bandits closest from his position to the furthest.

517f7 No.99350

From where he is now, the cook. But does he remain in that position, or slink back?

c16e6 No.99351

Iron, currently standing in his position, ponders for a bit. He looks to Cauldron.
"It seems we are close to the one escape route further into the camp. Do you have any silent weapons in your possession?"

517f7 No.99352

She pulls out a trusty crow bar
“Sort of”

c16e6 No.99353

Iron nods.
"It will have to do. I will need you to hide and steal their weapons without noticing. If a shot is fired, no matter the distance, it will attract unwanted attention. If you have a chance to knock them out or kill them, only take it if it is guaranted to succeed and will not compromise your stealth. When you have done that, I will fight them all hoof to hoof."

517f7 No.99354

Dice rollRolled 2, 17 = 19

She smiles, then slinks off

517f7 No.99355


c16e6 No.99356

Oh no… What is the verdict?

517f7 No.99357

Looks like a pole (tent or lamp post) was knocked over

c16e6 No.99358

Iron's ears flick at the scene. He looks over to the guards closest to the dropped pole. She may get into trouble.
Please include target distance.

517f7 No.99359

Okay, that’s all for tonight

c16e6 No.99360

Fair enough. Night.

05f1c No.99362


05392 No.99363

f663e No.99364

Bap indeed.
Cauldron may be in quite the pickle.

29eaa No.99365

05392 No.99366

Honestly, I'm gonna have to read back through your dream thing. I got a little lost in the middle of it.

Also, I'm fairly certain that we can add Deponian (Serbian), Prywhenian (Bulgarian), and Lushian (Romanian) to the list of languages available. That is, if I've associated the correct languages with the correct countries.

f663e No.99367

Likewise with your character's recent actions.

29eaa No.99368

Lake City, not Deponya, is Serbian. Deponya has a kind of “Robbin Hood and Sherewood forest” vibe to it. The Communist side of Prywhen has a sort of Vietnamese feel to it, while Brodfield is Romanian with the king modeled on that one Russian Tsar. Lushi doesn’t look like it is modeled on anything, but sone place names are Swedish or Hungarian. I’d go for Hungarian.

05392 No.99369

Right. Sorry, not thinkin' straight right now.

Silver's just been sleeping. He oughta be waking up here, soon.

f663e No.99370

I still want to reach the epic conclusion of beating a whole bandit camp and get money.

29eaa No.99371

Dice rollRolled 11, 16 = 27

I’m going to try to get this done soonish.

Skies and Dark Star are awake

29eaa No.99372

One of the bandits from the table goes to investigate the pole

f663e No.99373

Iron ponders if he can throw something to make another noise worthy of investigation, looking at the rocks around him.
(Aiming it at another thing that could fall over would make them search there.)

29eaa No.99374

If he’s sort of “in” the camp or at least near it

f663e No.99375

Iron huffs in slight annoyance at the current unfavorable outcome.
(I guess I shall have to move in slightly. I hope they do not see me.)
Picking up about 2 or 3 rocks, he cautiously steps closer into a possibility of causing some minor ruckus through his rock throwing, trying his hardest not to be seen.

29eaa No.99376

Where is Iron?

Is Silver Kill?

f663e No.99377

From what I recall, Iron would be closest to the trail path to reach to the next area which was guarded by two ponies, still in cover.

29eaa No.99378

Hmmm… I guess that could work

f663e No.99379

Dice rollRolled 13 + 5

Alright, here goes.
Iron aims at the area behind the guard investigating the fallen pole, somewhere that would arise a need to check out like another thing that could fall over or make a clang soung when colliding with the rock, and throws it.

05392 No.99380

I was. Power flickered, knocked Internet out.
Gimme a minute to clear my head.

29eaa No.99381

It makes a sound, but does not knock anything over. Roll luck.

f663e No.99382

Dice rollRolled 20


29eaa No.99383

….. They are more interested in the rock than Cauldron

f663e No.99384

Iron nods in satisfaction over granting Cauldron some more time to get all the weapons off the bandits' hooves, looking over her actions to see if she needs another distraction.

29eaa No.99385

She scurries the hell out of there

f663e No.99386

Iron, grateful she took advantage of his bait, breathes a sigh of relief. Now it is a matter of time before her part is done.
He turns to Pear, wondering what sort of task would he give her.
"Is the trail familiar to you?" He says, attempting to guess the Temple's distance to the camp from Pear's current knowledge and map information

29eaa No.99388

“If there is a trail I haven’t seen it.”

f663e No.99389

Iron nods.
(Now we wait for Cauldron to do her thing.)

29eaa No.99390

She returns
“I could not take the gun from the one guard, or go up the rock formation… but it’s more than nothing.”

d8869 No.99391

"The one guard at the ledge, right? That should leave about 5 unarmed guards, correct?"

29eaa No.99392

“No… the one around back. Two armed guards visible.”

d8869 No.99393

Iron cocks his head.
"No idea about the other four?"

29eaa No.99394

“No, they are disarmed.”

d8869 No.99395

Iron nods.
"So the ponies closest to the trail or the first two bandits we saw are still armed?"

29eaa No.99396

“No. The two ponies standing guard are still armed.”

d8869 No.99397

(So the bandit at the ledge and the one looking at the trail are still armed.)
Iron ponders for a bit.
"I should strike from the trail to ensure that no bandit flees further into the camp."
He looks over to the gun wielding pony and measures the sistance between him and his armed target for either a charge or a rock throw.

73fb1 No.99398

File: 1556627639127.gif (6.62 MB, 600x513, _sad celestia.gif)

My doggo got hit by a truck and died

1abe4 No.99399

File: 1556631118229.jpg (147.54 KB, 900x775, SadRainbowDash.jpg)

92d79 No.99400

05392 No.99401

File: 1556638323905.png (501.35 KB, 775x750, 814430__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>tfw I know that feel

28c22 No.99402

File: 1556639651716-0.png (390.43 KB, 826x594, 1500159657444 (1).png)

517f7 No.99403

File: 1556651730746.png (250.58 KB, 2353x3061, 23D5B531-40D1-4DF1-91E4-69….png)

Poor dog…

92d79 No.99404


05392 No.99405


On a brighter note, I saw something happen in a game of HoI4: EaW I haven't seen before: the Changelings capitulated Equestria without ever taking Canterlot. They took every province around it and moved on.

92d79 No.99406

Huh. I thought capitulation happened with conquering cities in that game. Strange stuff. Were there a lot of divisions there?

05392 No.99407

That's my hypothesis, but I wasn't able to get a look.

92d79 No.99408

Speaking of HoI4, what type of weaponry do you commonly use? Infantry, motorized, tanks, artillery or planes?

05392 No.99409

I suppose I use mostly infantry and artillery in the early game, tanks in the late game, and planes all the time as support. Other than that, I use everything when I have the fuel for it.

517f7 No.99410

File: 1556672758041.jpeg (25.04 KB, 275x275, AFCDCC5F-57C3-4C94-9596-6….jpeg)


First off, exclusively use 20 and 40 width divisions for combat. 40 width is objectively superior to 20 width, and should be your end goal in any nation you play that has enough pony power to make enough divisions to cover your borders.

New Mareland, County of Griefwald, Socialist Republic of longsword, Nimbusia, the breakaways in the Equestrian Civil War, Wittenland, Penguinland, and maybe Firtree, Greneclyff, and Farbrook should remain 20 width, although frankly even with Greneclyff and Farbrook I tend to go 40 width. It’s acceptable to use 20 width in early wars even for larger nations like Olenia versus the Changelings or the Equestrian Civil War, but both nations should switch to 40 width thereafter. All major nations, plus Olenia, Stalliongrad, Skyfall, Dread League, and also the Riverlands nations that gain cores over the other nations (think of fascist Lake City and Communist River Republic) should eventually become 40 width. But basically, ask yourself “do I have enough ponypower and production to produce enough 40 width divisions to cover my current and anticipated borders?” If yes, then go 40 width, of no, then go 20 width.

Division templates are extremely important. A basic but extremely powerful template to use is the 20 width 7 infantry 2 artillery template. This template will beat most, though not all, enemy divisions in one on one combat if you have modern equipment. A better infantry division is the 40 width 11 infantry 6 artillery template. This infantry division has so much artillery in it that its model displays itself as an artillery division rather than an infantry division. It is probably my most produced division template, and I use it for defense, to fill the gaps in the line, and to kill enemy pockets. It is not the core of my attack.

The best division of the entire game is the 40 width medium tank division: 9 medium tanks, 8 motorized, and 2 Motorized Rocket Artillery or Medium self propelled gun. This division will melt away virtually any opposition, only really failing when its organization is very low or when it is outnumbered by more than 3 to 1. It’s as good of a defensive unit as it is an attack unit, allowing it to hold the line after making breakthroughs, and defend itself against enemy attacks without the need of infantry. It’s very fast, allowing it to encircle enemy forces easily.

Between these two templates I usually create a third division that’s kind of between them. Medium tanks are amazing, but they are insanely expensive. As such, I usually make a cheap but fast alternative. One such unit is the 40 width Motorized a Rocket Artillery Division: 11 motorized, 6 motorized rocket artillery. This unit has the coolest looking and sounding model of the entire game, with an amazing sound in the attack action. It’s not as efficient in breaking through enemy formations as the tank division, but it is fast, quickly encircling enemies, and efficient at taking victory points. It does require many factories to produce, and it’s easy to set aside a few early. Unfortunately, the nations that benefit the most from this kind of unit - like Lake City, Olenia, Changeling lands, or Greneclyff - don’t have domestic supplies of rubber, which seriously cuts back the cheapness of this unit. Another option is the 40 width Light Tank division: 9 light tank, 8 motorized, 2 motorized rocket artillery or light self propelled gun. This unit is efficient at breaking through, and is very fast. Unfortunately it’s almost as expensive as a medium tank division, as is only cheaper by virtue of allowing factories for it to begin production earlier.

Those three templates will do pretty much everything you need, but special forces can be a thing. The best special forces unit in the entire game is the pony Pegasus division. It is fast and can be paradropped. These units are best as pure 10 Pegasi 20 width divisions, with 20 pegasi 40 width divisions being even better. These things are as fast and as powerful as rank divisions when armed with magical weapons. The next unit to be considered is the Changeling Jager, which is not as good as Pegasi. I tend to either neglect these because I am running out of Army experience make templates by this point, or make them into 14 Jager 4 motorized rocket artillery or medium self propelled gun templates. Deer nations get bonuses to mountaineers, so I make mountaineers if playing Olenia. I use the same 14 Mountainer 4 motorized rocket artillery or medium self propelled gun template as with Jagers, basically. I don’t play Griffins enough to know much about knights, but you can neither drop them from planes, nor are they faster than infantry, so there isn’t much reason to not mix regular artillery.

Finally, sometimes you want garrison divisions to stop naval invasions. The 8 width infantry templates that you get at the start of the game are frankly strong enough to stop the great majority of AI naval invasions.

0ca59 No.99411

Dice rollRolled 3 + 3

Dice rollRolled 19 + 7

"3 at once? I must admit, I'm getting a bit of stage fright."
Brie says, disingenuously attacking Red.

517f7 No.99412

Hit on Red.

But wait. Two more have entered the train car from the door far to Brie’s left

7de20 No.99413

Is it too late for me to jump in?

0ca59 No.99414

Oh joy. For the record, Brie is down to his last 2 knives, so he's going melee

517f7 No.99415


Whether it’s consultation or annoyance, it looks like the Calvary has arrived: Onyx and Spark have broken down the door at the far end of the car

0ca59 No.99416

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

"Oh lovely, ponies I'm not going to have to worry about killing"

92d79 No.99417

Holy hecc. Thanks for the small strategy guide. This should make it somewhat easier to play.
Before we may continue, is my assumption that the ledge pony and the one looking at the trail or backside are the armed ones aka there's one armed pony for each side?

517f7 No.99418

>That die roll

Yes, that is correct

Is Spark plainly brandishing a weapon?

0ca59 No.99419

Its a d4 Xp

92d79 No.99420

Alright. I need some distance in feet to see if Iron is in charging distance for the armed pony. If not, he'll try to close in within the current cover to try and reach charge range.

517f7 No.99421

I see. Red is not completely wounded. Rolling

517f7 No.99422

Dice rollRolled 1

7de20 No.99423

Seeing as I didn't put it away… yes… gulp..
"Ah… there you are."

517f7 No.99424

I have a sneaking suspicion about how Onyx may react to this situation.

92d79 No.99425

Stab ponies with halberd?

7ddff No.99426

Nonsense, he'd slash too

73fb1 No.99427

Henlo Frens
Dark Star throws his head back and Groans, blue can feel His Member begin to twitch. He Picks up the Pace of his thrusts while pulling Blue's Tail

517f7 No.99428

Yep. Silver’s gonna hear that.

Hello. Onyx should be in the car looking at an old burgundy Pegasus mare, an old Burgandy Pegasus mare, an old black Pegasus mare, and a beige Pegasus mare. All 4 look like bandits and two look like twins. They variously hold knives and rifles, and the beige one looks seriously wounded. They are probably responsible for the hole blown into the side of the rail car, but that isn’t really easy to confirm. All 4 look at Onyx and Spark

92d79 No.99429

Oh boy!

517f7 No.99430

Red looks at Brie, squinting her eyes and drawing her teeth back, holding her sword now.

0ca59 No.99431

"Less teeth, more tongue lass."

73fb1 No.99432


7de20 No.99433

"I don't suppose any of you are willing to drop your weapons and come quietly?"

7ddff No.99434

"What he said!"

0ca59 No.99435

"Whether I come quietly is up to the mare and her technique!" Brie quips

517f7 No.99436

Dice rollRolled 1

05392 No.99437

Dice rollRolled 15 + 3

Silver most definitely does.

With a snort, Silver opens up a sleepy eye to gaze at the clock. He briefly wonders why he's sleeping at the hoof of the bed until the events of last night replay in his head, making him frown. Ah well. Maybe he'll get to sleep in the soft bed next time.

Listen: For the now, Silver tries to focus on where the sound that woke him up just came from.

7ddff No.99438

Onyx glares at him

517f7 No.99439

“Your mouth and tongue really must be useful than your teeth, wouldn’t they, Changeling?”

One of the burgundy mares looks over at Onyx and Spark with strained expression of anger, then yells


With that, the beige mare, the black mare, and one of the two burgundy mares jumps for the whole in the wall of the train car, to stretch their wings and fly once they jump out. By now, the train has accelerated to maybe 20 MPH.

“I’ll let them handle you, Succubus.”

Moaning in the bathroom

7ddff No.99440

"Huh, that was easy"

92d79 No.99441

I guess an action is needed again?
Iron looks over to the armed pony currently looking at the trail, calculating roughly the distance between him and the target for a charge attack.

0ca59 No.99442

Do I get an AoO?

7de20 No.99443

"Finally. But there is still one more here."
Spark points to you.
"And why aren't you going with them?"

0ca59 No.99444

"Because I still have corpses to loot." Brie shrugs

517f7 No.99445

7ddff No.99446

Onyx's halberd points at the horse
"And why should we let you?"

517f7 No.99447

Which one?

92d79 No.99448

The one looking at the trail who holds a gun, or are both guards in that particular area with guns? I thought the other armed pony was on the other side, back where we entered the camp.

0ca59 No.99449

Dice rollRolled 11 + 3

Dice rollRolled 12 + 7


92d79 No.99450

I think I need a crude map for this.

0ca59 No.99451

File: 1556678941832.png (1.63 MB, 2864x2928, train.png)

You're welcome

517f7 No.99452

I think he only gets one. One hit.

To Spark’s side, a cowering pony speaks up
“Thank goodness you’re here. They were trying to rob the safe before that one attacked them.”

I don’t think that is possible at the moment. One armed pony is above and one is around back

0ca59 No.99453

Dice rollRolled 3 + 1

"Something to remember me by"

92d79 No.99454

Not of the train, but thanks?
Within these parameters, I'm trying to charge the one around back.

517f7 No.99455

With the look in her eyes, Brie can guess that she will indeed remember him.

The Pegasi open their wings after going out, falling a bit, then quickly flapping and pulling up to the left before they hit the trees beyond the rail line, which is forward to the train and still causes them to fall behind the faster mining train


0ca59 No.99456

A pity Brie is disguised ^_~

05392 No.99457

Bathroom moaning…Star and Skies are not in bed, I see… It's not hard for a pony to put two and two together, and for Silver it's certainly an excellent thought to wake up to. To have that kind of energy once again…

Silver will just have to make do with his old pony energy, he supposes as he begins doing bits of a morning routine: some stretches, some basic exercises, and to take stock of the state of his equipment. He especially looks at his poor saddlebags, having not the opportunity until now to inspect the damage that's been done to them.

517f7 No.99458

Skies moans at this, pulls her head up, eyes closed, and clamps down on Dark Star.

‘It’s a pity indeed

It’s… well, some damage has been done to them by the weight of the books

7de20 No.99459

"I would say you are safe now, but I have no idea if we have seen the worst or not yet. There could still be more robbers on the train."
Spark thinks for a moment.
"Any idea what all is in the safe?"

92d79 No.99460

Dice rollRolled 15 + 6

Alright, time for some loud action.
Iron, after properly positioning himself to charge against the armed pony around back, does so with the intention of delivering a powerful hit on the target's snout.
If there's a cleave chance, please inform me before making the opponents react with their own attack actions.

0ca59 No.99461

Taking care that the raiders have sufficiently left, Brie reverts to his dapper (what? It's a nice suit) appearance.
"Not yet ^_~

517f7 No.99462

“Usually money, jewelry, or other valuables.”

From forward of their position, there is a loud [b]BAM and the entire car is jolted. Roll balance/dexterity

Hit. No targets in cleave distance

7de20 No.99463

Dice rollRolled 17

"Oh, that explains the double thing. It slips my mind that you can do that. Shall we check on the-"

92d79 No.99464

The guard bandit gets non-lethally booped hard.

7ddff No.99465

Dice rollRolled 1

Oh boy

05392 No.99466

"Черт." Silver lets out a sigh. Yeah, he'll definitely require new saddlebags. Gonna have to stop somewhere before heading back to quarry…

His ears perk up at another moan from the bathroom. His interest is definitely piqued. Should I…? Silver slowly begins to advance towards the bathroom door.

Probably stupid question: is there a keyhole on the doorknob.

92d79 No.99467

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12


0ca59 No.99468

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3


73fb1 No.99469

"Buck you're so tight! I'm Close!"
Dark Star Thrusts Harder and Faster,He Bites down on her the back of her neck harder than before. As he yanks her tail harder .

517f7 No.99470

Dice rollRolled 20 + 5

Brie and Spark keep their composure. Onyx is knocked right the fuck over, possible into his halberd. The train keeps a rolling, and a separate tap is heard from the roof of the train car.

And he is out, or at least injured enough. The cook sees Iron.

Yes, he is in charge distance.

Also, rolling

Hmmm… no?
Slight taking

She lets out an involuntary *coo*
and takes it, spreading out her wings and stretching her neck outwards

92d79 No.99471

Oof. I hope that's a melee strike.

0ca59 No.99472

"Sounds like we're not finished here." Brie says with a smile. Brie looks at the safe and the general situation in the mail car.

7ddff No.99473

Onyx is now on his back, hoofing at the air
"Damnit, a little help anyone?"

7de20 No.99474

Spark rushes to help Onyx.
I use magic and hooves to help him upright.
"Are you hurt?"

05392 No.99475

With little else to pass the time, Silver presses his ear against the door. At the very least whatever is going on in there should prove entertaining until they get out. Hmm…I wonder if they will be up for going out for breakfast after they have culminated.

517f7 No.99476

There are still the three mail ponies in the car, with the one knocked to the ground evidently slowly coming to consciousness. None of the three are standing. There is still a big gaping hole in the side of the car, with scenery moving at increasing speed outside, although the night obscured much. The air is colder than it was in Baltimare already. There is general disorder in the car, with lose letters and envelopes blowing around in the air, fluttering up then falling back down. Part of the floor is covered in debris, and only one light at the far end of the car is working. The safe is off to the left side, not too far from the hole in the car.

7ddff No.99477

Onyx bends over to grab his halberd again.
"So now what?"

0ca59 No.99478

Dice rollRolled 15 + 11

"I'll just check to make sure this is working,…."
"Get ready, because I doubt all of our stow-aways have left"
Open lock

7de20 No.99479

Spark uses magic to grab ahold of the loose paper.
"Does anypony else need help up? We should move these letters to another car."

517f7 No.99480

A very nice attempt, but this bastard is a bit resilient

A pony in the middle of the car raises a hoof. He looks harmed by a prior explosion

92d79 No.99481

So what was the dice roll for? Cook attack?

7ddff No.99482

Onyx walks over and helps the pony to their hooves or, if necessary, carries them

517f7 No.99483

Cauldron’s attack on the sleeping bandit

Carrying will work fine

0ca59 No.99484

Can I take a 20 if I take my time?

73fb1 No.99485

"OH Blue!" Dark Star lets out his loudest groan yet. His benis starts Twitching violently,As Blue Feels's His Warm Love feeling her womb up.

92d79 No.99486

Oh cool.

7de20 No.99487

"Do you need medical attention?"

517f7 No.99488

assuming it’s not a magical lock..

Silver can hear an “oh blue!


”Keep it comming”

0ca59 No.99489

A spartan medic appears,….

92d79 No.99490

So… Cauldron's hit at the cook did something or should I attack the cook now?

7ddff No.99491

"Sounds like a yes to me"

05392 No.99492

What do you know, it is entertaining to listen in on Star asserting his dominance.

517f7 No.99493

Cauldron and Iron are not in line of sight nor attacking the same or even nearby targets


And thus, presumably onyx carries the pony

0ca59 No.99494

"Are you okay? ARE YOU OKAY?!"
Sorry, associative memory

7de20 No.99495

"We will get you some help."
"Get him to a safe place to lay down at and I will look to see if there is anypony with medical training on board."

92d79 No.99496

Dice rollRolled 3 + 8

Oh! I'll assume I can attack the cook now
Iron charges straight into the cook, attempting to hit the pony right on his cheek.

7ddff No.99497

Onyx carries out the orders, making sure the pony doesn't need anything else

517f7 No.99498


“I… I don’t know”

He dodges back, then knocks over s pot of boiling water towards Iron. Roll for reflex save

Where shall he take him?

92d79 No.99499

Dice rollRolled 6 + 1

I suppose AC is higher than 11 then.

7ddff No.99500

I'd assume a different car would be safer, no?

05392 No.99501

F. That's gonna hurt.

0ca59 No.99502

Don't personify the spartan medic, otherwise he'll be stuck in this world.
Brie takes a 20 on his open lock check (with a +3 cuz dex)

92d79 No.99503

Iron's a tough boi. He can handle the heat.

73fb1 No.99504

Dark Star Pulls himself out of her, "W-Wow You're amazing my baby blue." He strokes her cheek.

7de20 No.99505

Spark walks through the cars, asking ponies if they can help patch up the wounded pony.

517f7 No.99506

Dice rollRolled 1, 1 = 2

Rolling damage


She smiles at him, warmly
“I know.”

A red unicorn looks up from an injured pony in the coach car
“I could help!”


“What are you doing?” Asks a different postal Employee.

92d79 No.99507

Dice rollRolled 11 + 6

Thankfully, Iron only had little portions of his coat burned by the cook's boiling water throw. He goes for another power hit at the same spot.

0ca59 No.99508

"I'm making sure the mechanism hasn't been compromised. Shoo."

92d79 No.99510

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12


517f7 No.99511

Eventually it clicks

And… out

73fb1 No.99512

Dark Star Smiles warmly at her to
"I'd love to be with you forever."

92d79 No.99513

Iron licks some of his wounds briefly. He looks around if any of the other ponies have come to investigate the callout the cook made.
(I should not stray too far from the trail. If anypony escapes, they will be on high alert.)

0ca59 No.99514

Dice rollRolled 2 + 7

"Yep, this bany is holding fast." Brie stands up and affects more certainty than he feels.

7de20 No.99515

"This way."
Spark leads him back to the injured pony.

517f7 No.99516

Dice rollRolled 14 + 1


Okay, serious question. Where are Onyx and Spark?

517f7 No.99517

"Bullshit you are!"

0ca59 No.99518

Fuckin Yoda over here,….
"Try it yourself then!"

7de20 No.99519

Spark would be now wherever Onyx put the injured pony.

517f7 No.99520

He stares at Brie with Narrowed eyes

517f7 No.99521

Which is…?

She kisses him

0ca59 No.99522

Brie reclines, waiting to see what this most intrusive of ponies does

92d79 No.99523

Oh alright, I'll move forward.
Iron, seeing that nopony is there to answer the pony's call, decides to start moving further into the camp, looking for enemies to punch their lights out.

7de20 No.99524

Well…. I thought he was going to be here to answer that. I guess the first bedroom car he would come across would be logical.

517f7 No.99525

That pony continues staring. But…

From above, and through the hole in the train car, comes a smoking can that hits the floor next to brie, then bounces and rolls over a couple feet.

Roll for Reflex save

The pony says
"Yes, I am a doctor" and starts looking at the injured mail pony, who is aided by one of the other mail ponies

73fb1 No.99526

Dark Star Kisses her back
He Works the Shampoo into her Mane.

0ca59 No.99527

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3


0ca59 No.99528

I blame you

92d79 No.99529

Of course I'm not going for the trail path. Quite the opposite, trying to eliminate these 6 guards, which I think there's only three left if the rolls are any indication.

7de20 No.99530

"Glad to hear. Think you can patch him up?"

517f7 No.99531

A Bright light flashes, and Brie is disoriented. With a wave, he is knocked down, and a loud ringing over takes his hearing

Soaks up that sweet, sweet hatred

He looks at the pony, a bit confused
"Sure… let me get some alcohol for these burns."
He calls out to other ponies in the car
"Can we get some alcohol? No, rubbing alcohol."

Oh no, two familiar faces are coming for Iron. One is unarmed, the other has a pole

The shampoo slowly works into her mane. It's kind of short, so there isn't that much to work with. The water is kind of cold, or feels cold more so than before. Skies closes her eyes and let's Dark Star do his thing

92d79 No.99532

How familiar, exactly? Are we talking zebra and earth mare familiarity?
Iron readies his stance, awaiting the opportunity to charge at the pole pony.

7de20 No.99533

"Would there be any medical supplies or first aid kits on this train? I could go fetch them."

517f7 No.99534

Dice rollRolled 14

Dice rollRolled 17 + 1

Nope. The two ponies standing at that table.

Roll initiative

"Uh… try the room off to the left of the sleeper car. Any sleeper."

517f7 No.99535

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5

During this period of disability

73fb1 No.99536

Dark Star moves down her neck washing her fur, as he gets down to her back he tries to lather her wings.

92d79 No.99537

Dice rollRolled 14


7de20 No.99538

And so the sorcerer goes to the left of the sleeper car. I think they are in one, but if not he goes to the first available one.

517f7 No.99539

File: 1556685383341.gif (998.37 KB, 500x377, Kind of like a pigeon, but….gif)

Dice rollRolled 2 + 2

Dice rollRolled 3 + 3

She moves her wings up, and lets Dark Star lather her

Both manage to try to attack Iron

There's a small little door on the side next to a lavatory. Opening it shows a first aid kit

517f7 No.99540

92d79 No.99541

Dice rollRolled 12 + 6

Iron blinks at the clunky attacks after dodging with relative ease.
(They may be having a bad day.)
He focuses on the pole pony, throwing an uppercut right on his jaw.
If charge applies add +2 to dice roll.

92d79 No.99542

Dice rollRolled 3 + 12


517f7 No.99543

Hit. Too close for charge

92d79 No.99544

517f7 No.99545

First one is down

73fb1 No.99546

Dark Star admires her wings, he then begins massaging them

0ca59 No.99547

517f7 No.99548

Dice rollRolled 5 + 1

She stretches them out. They are thicker in the muscle and bones by the base. The feathers themselves are white, a bit bluer at the tips.

He is hit by what is reconizable as the butt of a rifle

92d79 No.99549

Dice rollRolled 4 + 6

Come on great cleave. PROVE YOUR WORTH.
With some slight and swift movement, he turns the uppercut into a knee strike into the unarmed pony's side.

92d79 No.99550


7de20 No.99551

I bring the supplies to the doctor.

0ca59 No.99552

Oh, thats nice

517f7 No.99553

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

I believe Brie avoids becoming directly unconscious, but he is blinded for at least 18 seconds. He's a little dizzy, and the tinnitus remains.

When he regains sensibility, the safe he recently unlocked is open with at least most of its contents missing, and the culprits already on their way out.

On the bright side, Brie regains his senses before the other pony


He attac

He opens it
"Yes. Right here is the Iodine.."
He pours a brown substance onto a cotton ball
"And the alcohol…"

517f7 No.99554

Dice rollRolled 3 + 2


0ca59 No.99555

92d79 No.99556

Dice rollRolled 4 + 6

Iron rubs his side.
"Good hit."
Now he tries to power hit the offending pony's muzzle

92d79 No.99557

Pls end my existence.

517f7 No.99558

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3


I mean, they aren't fully out, if that is the issue


He attack

517f7 No.99559

Dice rollRolled 4 + 2


73fb1 No.99560

"I Always Love touching your wings."
Dark Star Smiles and continues Down to her Barrel

92d79 No.99561

Dice rollRolled 13 + 6

Getting angery here.
Iron tries to power hit this pony for the third time.
(Now I am having a bad day)

0ca59 No.99562

92d79 No.99563

Dice rollRolled 3 + 12

Rolling damage.

517f7 No.99564

Shit, I thought for sure the Monty Python song would cheer you up.

Soft and now wet, there is much more to lather.


92d79 No.99565

Iron shakes his head in self-dissapointment.
(Gods, what a mess of a fight that was.)
Licking his wounds again a little more thoroughly after the unarmed pony's beating, he walks over to see if there are any more of the guards in this camp.
(That is four ponies down. I know there are two more ponies at the very least and one is armed at a ledge. Now where are those ponies?)

517f7 No.99566

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

He doesn't have to wonder about one of those


92d79 No.99567

Shot is avoided since 10 AC. Iron now knows the ledge pony's position, right?

517f7 No.99568

He could see him quickly

92d79 No.99569

Dice rollRolled 9 + 5

Iron, dead set on the offending armed pony who dared shoot at him, runs there and attempts to jump to his location.

517f7 No.99570

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3

He is able to jump at least half way up the ledge (which has a walking path) towards this pony

He shoots at Iron

517f7 No.99571

Dice rollRolled 3, 3 = 6


92d79 No.99572

Dice rollRolled 13 + 5

Cursing for both his inability to reach the pony and the searing pain of a rifle bullet inserting itself on his coat, he jumps again to try and reach the damn pony to melee range.

517f7 No.99573

And… Reached

92d79 No.99575

Dice rollRolled 13 + 6

What a waste of a 20. All for a misclick.
Iron finally power jabs the armed pony right on his cheating face.

517f7 No.99576

Dice rollRolled 16 + 3

What 20?


But first


517f7 No.99577

Who besides Iron is not kill?

92d79 No.99578

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12

Deleted the roll already. Tell me when to roll damage.

7de20 No.99579

I'm here

0ca59 No.99580

92d79 No.99581

A funny way of saying eee, my batty dudeerino

73fb1 No.99582

Dark Star Moves to her Flanks and begins lathering Them up

517f7 No.99583

File: 1556689457491.png (194.47 KB, 346x443, FA1334AB-1E74-44EC-9603-DA….png)

Um… what is it?

That’ll do. He’s down

517f7 No.99584

And may she be lathered eternal, shinny and foam

0ca59 No.99585

92d79 No.99586

So… about that other dice you rolled…
Iron looks at his vantage point for what he assumes to be the last bandit around.

05392 No.99587

I'm 'bout to be kill here in a sec.

517f7 No.99588

I know. Any new actions to declare for Brie?

One more stallion with a rifle, and a unicorn mare of peach coat.


And silver never got his breakfast

0ca59 No.99589

92d79 No.99590

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Iron shakes his head and jumps down, trying to land as close to the duo as possible.

517f7 No.99592

File: 1556692067890.gif (929.01 KB, 250x250, 2D217536-385A-4D99-8498-98….gif)


92d79 No.99593

You can try following them and downing the one carrying the loot. It shouldn't be too hard to keep up, especially with wings in what I assume they parked on a flat grassland.

05392 No.99595

Man, I had the weirdest dream. It was like a real-life version of a tabletop game, set in a fantasy world with swords and magic, but also with sci-fi elements in its story. Me and the other players were just wandering mercenaries and adventurers, but we all shared a secret past none of us knew about: we were all the progeny of an advanced race of aliens who mated with the natives of the fantasy planet we were on, and we had only recently come out of cryo as adults with no recollection of who we were, or what the mysterious devices we were "hatched" from were for. Our ultimate goal in the game was to find out who we were, and to travel the world to find the other 14 cryo pods that were yet to be opened. It ended with me playing as a mage/wizard assaulting the Duke's palace with a character who was more than a little like Brie, because we believed there was a cryo pod hidden underneath where the palace courtyard had been constructed.

Don't know why I wanted to post that. Maybe because I thought it was interesting and I wanted to share it before I forgot all the details.

F. Silver will be forever hungry, because he couldn't have his Wheaties.

92d79 No.99596

Interesting premise.

517f7 No.99597

05392 No.99598

Just how my brain works, sometimes.

92d79 No.99599

Just another D&D Sci-fi RP, just without the PCs in there.

517f7 No.99600

File: 1556748275021.png (209.66 KB, 557x613, image0.png)

I have decided to compose a list of all logically possible reasons why the Changeling Hegemony has not yet invaded East Equestria. This is intended to be a logically exhaustive list, not spoilers for any one possibility.

1. Silver is right, Skies is wrong. An invasion is imminent. Skies is either delusional or lying.
A. "At 7:48 AM Central Equestrian Time - 12:48 Sunset Mean Time - The cities of Canterlot and Bales were suddenly and deliberately attacked by the air and ground forces of the Changeling Empire."
B. They are Changelings. They don't need to let you know they are invading in order to invade. They would rather slowly infiltrate and conquer peacefully by replacing government officials.

2. The Changelings are afraid to attack at this moment.
A. The ocean between between New Mareland and East Equestria only promises an eternal war, especially if the army of New Mareland is not deployed in East Equestria and defeated, and if Nova Griffonia, Stalliongrad, or the Equestrian Islands can be used as bases of deployment on Equus
B. New Mareland has a superweapon it can use against the Changelings, secret to the rest of the world, but not to the Changelings (who have oodles of spies). Silver can be proud of White Light after all. Did you think that splitting the Elements of Harmony would be the end of super weapons?
C. Some other secret threat, magical or mundane, acts as a deterrence. Maybe they have assassins on Chrysalis to be deployed in the event of an invasion (and she knows it) or blackmail that will cause her followers to revolt.

3. They can't invade now.
A. the Changelings were on the verge of defeat in the last war, with casualties so extreme as to greatly reduce their effectiveness now. They need to wait to rebuild their strength.
B. The ponies of the West and the North are disturbing the plans of the Changelings by mounting an effective resistance. Even now, Spectral Streak makes Silver proud.
C. The Changeling coalition is breaking down. Chrysalis is kind of a bitch. Maybe even the changelings don't like her. Or maybe some of the queens have their own ideas.
D. Some magical something prevents an invasion. Time travel and magical barriers along the border are two possibilities.

4. They are waiting for an opportunity
A. Rather than invade East Equestria now while the army is away, and leaving an army to fight in Nova Griffonia, Stalliongraad, or on the continent of Griffonia, the Changelings would rather destroy the army at the same stroke as they take East Equestria, either forcing peace or making the invasion of Griffonia easier.
B. They are instigating revolts in East Equestria, which could either bleed New Mareland, or create a logistical disaster for any army that would be deployed to defend the region.
C. They want to instigate revolts to create breakaway states, and then invade and conquer these states. Conquest of East Equestria without ever declaring war on their old ally.
D. They are looking to coordinate an attack with the Griffonian Empire. Having an ally on Griffonia to tie up New Mareland would be very helpful.

5. They don’t want to invade, at least not yet.
A. Chrysalis has had her revenge against the Mane Six an Equestria, and the rest of the Changelings have enough Liebenraum to satisfy them for now. Whether Ash was right about Changelings being like locusts, eventually exhausting supplies and forcing them to take more populations of ponies, this could be true either way.
B. Removing the main threat to the Changeling rule isn’t conducive to Changeling unity or to Chrysalis remaining in power, and Chrysalis really likes her position as Queen over all Western Changelings.
C. They find other enemies on the continent to be more promising targets for now. After all, if East Equestria falls without the destruction of the New Mareland Army, but before Stalliongrad or Nova Griffonia, then New Mareland will simply redeploy their troops to those locations, meaning they have many more troops defending a much smaller border. But taking Stalliongrad and Nova Griffonia first actually expands the border New Mareland has to defend, while removing potential allies and alternative points of deployment.

6. They don’t need to Invade
A. The poorly garrisoned East Equestria allows for easy infiltration by love harvesters. So what if New Mareland collects the tax revenues, the area is easily harvested for love and the government is easily bullied. It’s basically a non-official vassal state, with someone else doing the hard work.
B. Through a secret agreement between the governments, the area is de jure vassal, or otherwise gives the Changelings all they could want.

7. Wait, you seriously believe East Equestria is run by ponies?
A. Changelings are shapeshifters whose entire biology is geared to deceiving ponies. How do you know the entire Blackhooves government on the continent isn’t Changelings? If any other factions also have Changeling influence, they are only what you call “controlled opposition.”

8. You think Chrysalis (or any changeling) controls the Hegemony?
A. Within the My Little Pony setting, there are no less than three powerful magical races that spread and feed off of Chaos, a magic absorbing centaur, vengeful night and day goddesses, powerful dark Unicorn, goat, and cat sorcerers, and an adorable pegasus filly. Any of these could be either a puppet master over Chrysalis, or an ally steering her towards their own interests.

92d79 No.99601

Well, that's cool. Your worldbuilding logic is on point.

05392 No.99602


517f7 No.99603

File: 1556756637174.png (2.36 MB, 2525x1763, 1268579.png)

Now how could I forget to include the simplest explanation of them all?

9. Silver is right, Chrysalis is wrong. East Equestria is actually entirely ripe to be invaded now, but Changeling leadership is failing to capitalize on the opportunity in either an error in judgement, because of personal reasons that don't correspond to the broader picture, or a miscalculation of facts that seems reasonable to them, but is out of line with a fuller assessment of all of the facts.

This solution seems the least satisfying, but it's hardly without precedent in the real world.

In the Athenian expedition to Sicily in the Pelopennesian war, the general Nicias decided to withhold the Army from attacking the Sicilians shortly after the Spartans arrived because of a lunar eclipse, which he took as a bad omen. Thus what might of been a victory became the disaster for the Athenians in Sicily.

At multiple points shortly after the Turk conquest of Central Anatolia and the establishment of the "Sultanate of Rum," the Byzantines could have invaded and pushed back the Turks. They failed to do so, largely because of infighting, and thus these regions where forever lost to Christendom.

Frederick Wilhelm II of Prussia withdrew from the First Coalition in 1795 to make peace with Napoleon in the treaty of Basel, leading to Austria being defeated in that war, then Prussia being invaded and catastrophically defeated in 1807 by Napoleon.

Windrow Wilson refused to enter the United States in WW1, and also refused to ban American shipping from entering more dangerous areas of the Atlantic. Thus the war dragged on and more Americans were killed by German Submarines.

After the Nazi invasion of Poland and the French declaration of war, the German-French border was very poorly defended because something like 4/5 of German troops were sent to Poland. France could have invaded Germany and ended the second world war before it began. They did not, and the rest is history.

The entirety of the German high command, besides Eric von Mannstein and Adolf Hitler, thought that an invasion of France would be catastrophic and end as well as in WW1. They were wrong.

After the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact, everyone knew that war between Germany and the Soviet Union was inevitable. Yet Stalin ignored intelligence reports from the British that the Germans were preparing an invasion under the belief that they were trying to goad him into attacking. He even withdrew a portion of the army from the border to try to look "less threatening."

During the U.S. intervention in Vietnam, North Vietnam was not invaded nor even properly bombed until the end of the war. Supply lines in communist Laos were also not invaded by ground troops. Instead, the Communists operated from secure bases and supply lines as the US played whack-a-mole in the jungle. This failure to take the war seriously possibly contributed to the disaster of the war as a whole.

I've heard that during the Iraqi invasion of Iran, Saddam Hussein issued an order to stop, thus giving time for the Iranians to mobilize and prepare defenses. But I can't confirm this.

If all of the above sounds like a testament to human stupidity (and thus to Changeling stupidity, should some or most of them make the same mistake), please remember that the list of invasions and declarations of war that failed catastrophically is far, far longer, and far more well known than the list of failures that stemmed from a failure to attack, invade, or declare war. Even half of the examples given above stem from invasions and declarations of war that didn't need to happen. When you declare war, or invade a country with most of your army, you roll the dice. And what you are gambling can be the fate of the kingdom itself. War often topples queens. Peace rarely causes the fall of an empire.

92d79 No.99604

So much detail for this one option…
Poor little bug.

05392 No.99605

Looks like EaW got a new update. The Kingdom of Vedina and the Socialist Republic of the Free Griffons got unique focus trees. Kinda sad they didn't do the same for the Northern Tribes.

517f7 No.99606

File: 1556766129278.png (194.3 KB, 505x568, octavia-jazz-music-stops-5….png)

The new update confirms what was already strongly implied by the "Griffonian Empire" game rule setting included in the Brother's Feud update: that the Griffonian Socialist Republic was built upon land recently stolen from native pony inhabitants. (Even though the Northern Tribes have "unspecified" as their race rather than 'Pony," and the GSR has no debuff national spirit to represent pissed off indigenous ponies). This leaves me urging for a purging.

92d79 No.99607


05392 No.99608


62791 No.99609

File: 1556840968308.gif (716.4 KB, 600x600, 32343020-FD33-46A0-87A6-30….gif)


92d79 No.99610


05392 No.99611

Here's hoping everyone will be on for the weekend. Here's also hoping I can actually get something done with Silver.

517f7 No.99612

Poor Silver. Will he ever get his wheaties?

05392 No.99613

At this rate, Silver is beginning to have doubts.

517f7 No.99614

And then what shall Silver do after his wheaties?

05392 No.99615

Finish getting those books for Blue hopefully so he can finally get paid some much needed Bits. After that, probably look into if there's any records for where his children are. Either that or ask about/look for a new job.

517f7 No.99616

>Silver’s children

f2ae3 No.99617

How much later are you planning on being up?

517f7 No.99618

62791 No.99619

File: 1556865292316.png (3.43 MB, 1792x828, FD2EED23-7194-451C-9E67-CC….png)

Am here

f2ae3 No.99620

So, how long?

62791 No.99621

I can stay up however long

f2ae3 No.99622

Alright. When we last left off, Brie was getting kiked by a shitty dice roll and some curiously interpreted game physics.
How fast is the train going?

62791 No.99623

Maybe 30 MPH? Pretty fast, but very far below the 80 MPH+ that is the average speed of the train’s route

f2ae3 No.99624

Brie sticks his head out of the hole the ponies fled through

62791 No.99625

Much as last time, they jump into the wind trying to glide forward by using their own momentum. They try to fly in the 20 feet or so of clearing between the tracks and the forest

f2ae3 No.99626

Pulling his head back into the car, Brie storms toward the engine room.

f2ae3 No.99627

For the record, I'm pausing to allow you to throw a wrench in my plans or intentions,… never know when a pony is going to fly out of the woodwork and try and cut his head off

62791 No.99628

Brie runs over and past a disoriented mail pony, and opens the door. As stated before, the gap between the locomotive and the RPO is not covered nor is there a floor, but neither is it non traversable. The door to the locomotive is unlocked. Going in, the Layout, strangely enough, is almost like that of a normal sleeping car, with a door in the center and a narrow corridor along the far left side of the locomotive. But unlike a normal car, there are no windows, only lighting. To the right are noisy stainless steel covered units with gauges, handles, and small openings fit things like oil. Some parts are more exposed, showing massive Diesel engines with giant cylinders driving large electric generators. Further towards the front, the corridor leads into an open cab. Or rather, an area behind the main cab that has a pair of bunks, a coffee machine on the right, and a small door on the left that is probably a lavatory. Through a threshold is the cab itself, where there are a pair of seats, a throttle, and a number of gauges and what have you on a control panel. Through the forward windows the track and the night are illuminated by the train’s headlight, and the night above is starry.

Black Ozren stands there and looks back at Brie, and another pony, an earth pony who is also blue, wears a grayish uniform. There is a copy of the Princess’s journal laying on part of the control panel off to the right. Ozren addresses Brie
“You again?”

f2ae3 No.99629

"What was in that safe?" Brie demands.

62791 No.99630

“What safe? The one in the RPO the bandits dynamited to try to get? Probably cash being transferred between banks, maybe jewelry… if it was something special, I am not aware of it.”

f2ae3 No.99631

"And what are you aware of?"

62791 No.99632

Ozren looks over the to the engineer pony demandingly
The engineer pony lowers his ears
“Smokes. Now.”
He pulls out a cigarette from a pocket
“A light, too.”

Ozren answers
“That I need to get the hell out of this forest”
He lights a cigarette

f2ae3 No.99633

"You don't seem one to fuss about breaking a nail. What's got you scared of this forest?"

62791 No.99634

“Did you not see those sun cultists swarming this train? The pyromaniac train robbers didn’t help.”

f2ae3 No.99635

"Oh for fuck's sake,…" Brie storms back through the train, pausing to search the corpses of the various ponies who are dead, headed for his cabin.

62791 No.99636

Search roll and a luck roll

62791 No.99637

I’m not entirely sure what you were going for

f2ae3 No.99638

Dice rollRolled 18 - 1

Dice rollRolled 14 + 10

+10 is the search
-1 cuz charisma

f2ae3 No.99639

Loot, ammo, weapons, whatever. Brie has no idea how long this is going to take, and since he's down to two of his daggers ;_; it may be time to improvise

62791 No.99640


Looking into the opened safe, Brie can see, or rather, feel, that a number of notes were left in the back safe by the bandits in their haste. A book is also neglected. Perhaps more interesting are several envelopes that have fallen on the floor, but are too “fat” and heavy to simply be normal letters… they carry something valuable.

Also probably some of his daggers should still be there. At least the ones that were thrown inside of the train.

There is a shotgun with some shells in the RPO, and a carbine in the coach car as well as a pair of magazines. Private snowflake seems to have jumped the train when she could earlier.

f2ae3 No.99641

Taking everything, Brie heads for the Ling's quarters. He remembers to do the 2-1 knock

62791 No.99642

Kerr opens, sticking his nose through, then looks at Brie
“Was ist mit dir passiert?”

f2ae3 No.99643

"Jemand musste diesen Zug wieder in Gang bringen, …."

f2ae3 No.99644

Brie deposits his newly acquired equipment in the corner and takes inventory.

f2ae3 No.99645

By that I mean, how much ammo does he have for each weapon, how many of his blades did he manage to locate, what's in the envelopes and everything, how much money did he find, etc.
"Du Junge Tiere hast noch die Papiere, die ich dir gegeben habe?" Brie asks the Lings, while pouring through everything.

73fb1 No.99646

That picture makes me feel sick at my stomach tbh

62791 No.99647

So what I neglected to mention was that several hours before I drugged myself with sleeping pills

“Aha” says Kerr

“Ja” responds Kerr. Wesley however, open the door to the bathroom, and looks in with an expression of apprehension.
Then he points his hoof in and says
“Was wirst du mit ihnen machen?”

05392 No.99648

I guess that's one way to fall asleep…?

05cdd No.99650

File: 1556927055210.png (61.17 KB, 650x500, 80970224-B78E-4A4B-9BCD-E5….png)

It’s the only way to fall asleep

05392 No.99651

Okay then…

517f7 No.99652

File: 1556931773632.png (174.84 KB, 739x1081, 720416__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Okay, so who is available when?

05392 No.99653

I'm free until…whenever, I suppose.

517f7 No.99654

Well… it looks like Dark Star is dead…
At least he got to lather Skies

Silver may need to go for his Wheaties alone

0e38c No.99655

I have risen

05392 No.99656

F. He will be missed.

How long are those two going to be in there? Silver gives the clock an impatient look, as he has been doing since he had stopped eavesdropping on Star and Skies' passion a few minutes ago. He throws his hooves in the air in a "fuck it" fashion, signaling he's had enough. I have things I need to do today. I can not wait forever for them to finish. As he begins to put on his clothing and equipment, he jots down a small note on a "borrowed" napkin for Blue, stating how he's going out to do a couple of tasks before tackling that catacombs job again today.

A few more minutes later, a fully-readied Silver makes his way out of the Hotel for the first time in what feels like ages. An empty growl from his stomach signals his most pressing concern. He quickly hooks himself up to the cart he left outside last night, and makes his way towards the diner he and Skies visited yesterday for Breakfast.

Still can not believe all of that took place in one day. Here is hoping today will be little bit more calm and orderly.

517f7 No.99657

Aww, I thought he would go with Skies

Well, we could continue with Iron

0e38c No.99658

I sense a bit of resistance. Any particular reason why?

05392 No.99659

He would have, had Star not stolen Skies for himself.

Unless it's a personal request from you. I'm fine with retconning if you want to be able to actually do something with Skies today, instead of waiting for Star to suddenly decide to be not-ded.

517f7 No.99660

Dice rollRolled 1

Laziness and I don’t want to go back to my laptop


517f7 No.99661

I mean, I would have thought it would be silver and Skies with Star thereafter joining them… I don’t know. It kind of makes sense to split but I thought there would be a discussion about it first

73fb1 No.99662

Unfortunately not

0e38c No.99663

Ohok. I'll let you be lazy then. For the sake of posterity:
There were two ponies down the ledge. They had a little more description, which makes me think they are semi-important ponies that I don't want to kill and can interrogate for info and be evil with the mare to get it.
Try not to pound her and spill your seed inside of her again. A shitstorm of high magnitude will occur again.

517f7 No.99664


So Iron is right in front of a mare and a new gunman, yes?

05392 No.99665

You just don't know when two specific players will be online at the same time, which creates problems when an NPC/DMPC is involved with both of them and they have different plans for their character's days.

Just as much as you would want this to be enjoyable for us Players, we would want this to be enjoyable for you the DM. Plus with Skies, you're basically a player in your own right, albeit with godly control over the universe we all reside in. If you want, I'll gladly retcon so Silver stays a bit longer: it's only one post to delet, after all. The interaction during the mission would certainly make it more interesting for everyone involved, you included.

Oh shid, he liv!

0e38c No.99666

He jumped down from the ledge to do that, yes. It is unsure of their allegiance yet. I think they're meant to be enemies from that one bang someone did when I hit the ledge gunstallion.

517f7 No.99667

Oh no, they are both on the ledge

0e38c No.99668

Oh. Well, the gun stallion is staring at Iron menacingly, right?

73fb1 No.99669

517f7 No.99670

Obviously. This is the area where the armed guard was guarding earlier

wew? Do you have any actions to declare?

0e38c No.99671

Dice rollRolled 9 + 6

Making sure I'm not accidentally hitting a possible friendly.
Iron glances at the mare, unsure of going for her first. He fixes his gaze over to the stallion pointing another one of these armor piercers on him.
"You ponies and your guns."
Iron closes the distance between him and the armed pony for a swift, powerful strike on his chest.

73fb1 No.99672

"You hungry?"

517f7 No.99673

Skies finished washing the careful foam and soap out of her coat

“Not particularly.”

Before Iron’s action, the peach coated mare’s horn lights up in blue

0e38c No.99674

Hm. I think you're trying to make me hit the mare.
Iron, still unsure of hitting the mare in front of him, simply stares the little magic show.
(What is she doing?)

73fb1 No.99675

Dark Star's stomach growls
"I sorta am."

517f7 No.99676

She pats him
“You want to go somewhere?”

With another glow of blue light, the mare pulls up a metal gun, jams a box magazine into the side of the gun, and slides the bolt back in a loud

517f7 No.99677

Dice rollRolled 17, 10, 17, 6, 16, 10, 11, 8, 12, 9 = 116

Cauldron, not missing her opportunity, shoots at the peach mare from beyond Iron’s field of view


517f7 No.99678

Dice rollRolled 6, 6, 3, 2, 3, 1, 5, 1 = 27


517f7 No.99679

The bullets collapse and spark against a blue wall, protecting the pony

05392 No.99680

Fuck it, I have made my decision. Silver never left the hotel room, he's just laying down on his back on the bed, bored as hell.

73fb1 No.99681

"Yea. Maybe a hayburger place."

0e38c No.99682

Dice rollRolled 3 + 6

(Uh oh. She is definitely threatening now.)
Seeing how the bullets he assumes Cauldron shot flicked off without much of an issue, decides to activate his survival instinct, breaking his code, and charges straight for the mare for a powerful hit for her chest.
(I must try her magical barrier to see if melee attacks work on her. She will not be available to fire with me right on her.)

0e38c No.99683

At least she will have to melee Iron, for that is not a tumble and he's right in front of her.

517f7 No.99684

0e38c No.99685

D-don't bully my dice rolls!

517f7 No.99686

Dice rollRolled 6, 10, 15, 17, 3, 14, 14, 6, 17, 17 = 119

>she will not be able to fire with me right in front of her
Uh… that’s not how guns work. At least not short barreled ones that you can move around telekinetically


0e38c No.99687

Seven hits

517f7 No.99688

Is silver still kill?

“We could go there, if you like.”

05392 No.99689

I'm right here.

517f7 No.99690

Dice rollRolled 6, 3, 6, 3, 5, 1, 4 = 28

Let’s be a little generous

0e38c No.99691

>still ends me at current health after that little goof with the chef and the unarmed pony.
Let's pretend I'm at full health for this blast.

73fb1 No.99692

"That Would be great."
He Grins

517f7 No.99693

Dice rollRolled 19, 9, 16, 1, 1, 18, 6, 14, 5, 12, 13, 8, 15, 5, 17, 13, 8, 1, 2, 10 = 193

And Iron is knocked down, bleeding out

But the battle is not over yet, as Cauldron fires the remainder of the magazine in a long burst

“Shall we go?”

517f7 No.99694

Dice rollRolled 1, 6, 6, 4, 4, 4, 4, 2, 1, 2 = 34

05392 No.99695

In case you missed it: >>99680

0e38c No.99696

Oh well. Hope it doesn't end too prematurely.
Iron breathes in and out for a bit, in searing pain from his wounds.
(Damn weapons. It is times like these that armor and shield would have been useful.)

517f7 No.99697

Dice rollRolled 4, 3, 6 = 13

A bullet breaks through and wounds the mare, as blood comes out of her barrel.
“All that for a little blood?” She says to Cauldron, with still 20 rounds in her magazine, which she levels at Cauldron

Pear, by contrast, comes out of the tent carrying none other than the dog statue. She then says, or rather, incants,

“E te atua nui o te whakawa tika a te Atua, kawea mai tou riri ki ou hoa whawhai”

And from the skies above, a bolt of lighting comes down and strikes the mare.

73fb1 No.99698

"Yes we shall."

517f7 No.99699

Stunned, the mare drops her gun, and falls back

Cauldron rushes over to Iron
She pulls the stopper out of a container of potion, and immediately tries to make Iron drink it

So I guess they walk out of the bathroom, possibly meeting Silver

73fb1 No.99700

05392 No.99701

Indeed they do, as he looks over at the two exiting the bathroom. "Finally, I was about ready to just leave without you. You two want to go for breakfast? I am starving over here." An audible growl from his stomach punctuates this fact.

0e38c No.99702

Iron opens his mouth weakly, trying to help Cauldron in the process of forcedrinking the potion.
(What was that? Are the gods punishing her for cheating with that forsaken weapon?)

517f7 No.99703

Cauldron makes Iron drink the potion, then tries to grab some pieces of cloth to stop the bleeding. A minute passes, and Iron feels, well, not dying.

The peach mare is not quite dead yet, and cauldron makes sure to tie her with twine, almost like a rodeo calf, and she continues to bleed from her wound

Skies blinks

0e38c No.99704

Iron points to the mare that just shot him to almost death, straining his voice a little.
"Keep her alive. She may have knowledge."

73fb1 No.99705

"That's just what we were about to do."

05392 No.99706

Silver throws his clothes, bags, and equipment over his back. He blinks back at Star. "We can head to that diner nearby after I hitch myself back up to my cart outside. I hope they have that delicious wheat-based cereal there."

517f7 No.99707

“Hmmph! It’s hard enough keeping you alive. Drink more of this.”

73fb1 No.99708

"Wheaties? i love those."

517f7 No.99709

“What are wheaties?”

0e38c No.99710

Iron takes the potion from Cauldron, drinking it all in one gulp in his prone position
"Right. I might have compromised that after that 'getting my coat shredded' business."
Dangit. I could've sworn you'd at least need a perk to fire point-blank in 3.5 but crossbows and arrows are not exactly close-ranged guns. Nevermind that one guy who pulled off crazy close-ranged shots with that one technique. Guessing he had the perk.

05392 No.99711

"Yeah, those!" His face brightens up upon the mentioning of the name. "We should go get some right now!"

"Only most delicious wheat cereal there is. Perfect for ponies in my profession, too. Gives lots of energy to rely on through day."

73fb1 No.99712

"Compressed wheat served with milk. it's a cereal."
"I haven't had any sense before the war."

517f7 No.99713

I think you are thinking of Point Blank Shot, which gives a bonus to shooting at close range, but isn’t necessary to do it
Cauldron pulls out a knife
“This May hurt a bit but”
She digs it into his flesh
“I need to get these out.”

“Oh… Okay.”
”I don’t need no biscuits or ham,
All I want is Pepperman’s Jam”

“I see…”

05392 No.99714

Silver opens the door to the hotel room and steps into the doorway. He looks back at his companions. "Well, come on! Do not make me leave without you."

0e38c No.99715

Crud. I suppose it was a bad idea to hit the LMG mare to begin with. Would the punch do anything if it landed?
Iron grunts in mild to moderate pain, clenching his teeth strongly to try to stop any screams from the knife digging in his flesh looking for the bits of metal.
"I unders-stand."

517f7 No.99716

She does this more than once, and it hurts. At least one of the potions seems to have an analgesic effect, making it far less painful than it ought to be.
“Now just add this… and it shouldn’t get infected. That will have to hold for now.”

Skies follows

73fb1 No.99717

Dark Star's stomach growls louder than silver's did before
"You don't have to tell me twice."
He heads out into the hall

0e38c No.99718

Iron huffs in minor pain after the ordeal.
"Thank you. You are a good mare to rely on."
He looks around to see if any other ponies are in the area, as well as the sky to see if there are any clouds above to explain the bolt.

517f7 No.99719

There are some looming dark clouds, yes, though they do not bolt out the sun.

The two ponies he punched out earlier on the flat tops are still down

05392 No.99720

Silver leads the way downstairs and outside, stopping at his cart to hitch himself up to it and to put his current possessions in the back. "I am not sure if it could take both of your weights, otherwise I would offer to give you both ride to diner."

0e38c No.99721

Iron attempts to stand up.
By the by, what's my current health?

517f7 No.99722

File: 1556948341562.png (174.47 KB, 726x600, D548FD41-EFE4-464E-A731-F7….png)

If Silver has ever observed the tendency of some cats to try to occupy cardboard boxes, he may sense a familiarity with Skies’s action, as she occupies the cart

Low but not dying
Iron can stand

Yes. The barrier only works against ranged weapons, not Iron’s punches.

73fb1 No.99723

"Wheaties are the best. I'd Curb-stomp 80 Ziggers just to get a box"

05392 No.99724

Silver decides to just file that phrase away as "one of those Star things".

And thus Silver heads for the diner, giving Blue a luxury cart ride in the process.

517f7 No.99725

Skies, having grown up in a world without a substantial zebra minority, wheaties, or the 1998 film “American History X,” nods.
“Alrighty then.”

Skies would say “I know, right?”

This image is kind of adorable in my mind

0e38c No.99726

Iron huffs.
(Where did those two come from?)
He turns to Cauldron.
"Do me a small favor and tie all these ponies up. I do not want any of the unconscious ponies to wake up and run off at this moment. Could you do that for me?"

05392 No.99727

It is indeed.

517f7 No.99728

File: 1556949331768.png (398.82 KB, 609x600, 6D6F4A5C-B138-447D-9583-3E….png)

They’ve been there. Since before Iron got there. He has to knock them out. There was a battle. Iron got shot by at least one of the two. Then he knocked both of them out.

Cauldron removes the magazine from the side of the gun, making it into a black almost tube-like instrument. A blunt metal object.

Skies lets him pull her around

0e38c No.99729

Oh, so they woke up after some time? Whoops.
Iron looks around some more looking for the earth pony mare.
(I think I heard Pear say something?)

73fb1 No.99730

"So which shop has the best Wheaties?"

517f7 No.99731

I mean he had to knock them out. Anyways, he’s looking for Pear? Pear has been rummaging trough a large green tent on the top of the little elevated rock formation

0e38c No.99732

I think I get it.
Iron cocks his head, walking over to her rummaging.
"Are you looking for anything important in there?"

517f7 No.99733

“Some lost items.”
He is holding in her hooves a small statuette, a jade turkey it kind of looks like.

0e38c No.99734

Iron looks at the jade turkey for a bit.
"Huh. There are more of these."
He turns his attention to the mare.
"Do you know where did the bolt come from? Was it a god's punishment?"

517f7 No.99735

File: 1556950168091.png (136.8 KB, 627x600, C6190C74-4B49-4C52-98DC-C2….png)

Soon enough, the little group arrives at the place that sells wheaties

I’m not sure what that would look like

“The lightning? It came from a rain cloud. In this time of year the rains come every afternoon. These rains don’t usually bring lightning, but sometimes they do. She happened to be standing in an open clearing on an elevated rock formation. The same could happen to you if aren’t careful.”

05392 No.99736

"Well, I would assume here." Silver stops to let Blue out of the cart.

0e38c No.99737

Iron cocks his head, remembering the chanting before the lightning stroke the LMG mare.
"I believe I heard some god's chanting before it happened though. Are you sure it was mere coincidence?"
Like the implicit threat there. Sadly, Iron doesn't get she summoned lightning.

73fb1 No.99738

Dark star helps her out
"Seems good to me."

517f7 No.99739

Aww, I was liking the “If it fits I sits” pictures

She gets out

Presumably, they can find seats

She nods to him, and gets out

517f7 No.99740

“There are many coincidences. How are you still alive? I believe I saw you get hit repeatedly.”

0e38c No.99741

"Because the gods knew I was cheated in a fight, obviously."

05392 No.99742

If she sticks around after breakfast, you'll have plenty more opportunities to post more.

As they wait for a waiter, Silver turns to Blue, keeping his voice low. "Skies, let us say I found machine gun yesterday while doing job for you. Would you know of way I could get it cleaned, fixed, and get ammo for it?"

517f7 No.99743

“You were cheated?” She asks

517f7 No.99744

“…. Perhaps.”

05392 No.99745

Silver waits to see if she has any further elaboration, or it that's just her answer.

73fb1 No.99746

"Hmmmmmmmm that sounds interesting."

0e38c No.99747

"Of course. Tools like that weapon are cheats created by cee-vee-lai-sation to destroy the enemy without honor or respect because they cannot use their natural strength to acheive victory."
Nevermind that I rolled bad before but no character can see that.

517f7 No.99748

“And you think the gods sided with you because of it?”

It looks like that is all she wants to say for now

0e38c No.99749

Iron is not a smart pony.

05392 No.99750

Well, Silver will just have to accept that, he supposes.

"So, it sounds like you two were, uh…'enjoying' yourselves in bathroom earlier."

517f7 No.99751

Pear nods, and smiles slightly. Somewhere, Iron must have said something that pleased her.

“What do you mean?”

73fb1 No.99752

Dark star Grins widely

05392 No.99753

"I could hear Star through bathroom door."

517f7 No.99754


0e38c No.99755

Pear's smile is contagious, cracking a little smile from Iron.
"I think we can keep moving if the gods give us more favors like that one. I think they will like cleaning some tool-lovers off their holy grounds."

517f7 No.99756

“Then let us go, shall we.”

Cauldron looks over, remaining skeptical

73fb1 No.99757

"Whatever do you mean?"

05392 No.99758

Silver seems rather amused by all this, actually. "So, how was he? It certainly sounded like he was enjoying it."

0e38c No.99759

Iron smiles
"Now that is a nice plan I can get behind."
He looks to Cauldron.
"We have to risk everything to succeed."
With that, he walks over to the trail, barrel straight but slightly staggering.
Hm. I wonder if Pear is one of the natives' gods.

517f7 No.99760

Skies smirks at this, believing she understands what Silver really intended with that

Cauldron says
“I would rather quit while I’m ahead, and not risk everything for jewelry.”

73fb1 No.99761

Dark star eyes them both suspiciously

05392 No.99762

"I just wanted to know how lucky of catch you were for Skies, is all."

0e38c No.99763

Iron stops in his tracks and turns to her, slightly dumbfounded.
"Imagine the possibilities. You could pursuit and improve whatever business you want to pursue, which will guarantee your and your family's safety! You can freely stop doing your side job you are not fond of and focus on your interests! Do you not think it is worth risking it for that life-changing opportunity in front of you?"

517f7 No.99765


Skies comes closer to Dark Star, placing a hoof around him, in an unambiguous “he’s mine, you can have him” move

Cauldron says
“Alright… just don’t get killed.”

Cauldron ends this by looking very suspiciously at Pear

73fb1 No.99766

Dark Star puts his foreleg around her and pulls her in tight.

517f7 No.99767


Poner is hugged

73fb1 No.99768

"You Sure you aren't hungry? I'm paying."

55a99 No.99769

Iron blinks confusedly, not knowing what's going on with Cauldron's suspicious stare.
(Is she getting jealous because I am following Pear's will to finish the fight or does she think we will get betrayed somehow?)
Shrugging it off for now, he moseys on over to the trail, confident of his odds.

517f7 No.99770

“Feel free to order whatever you like.”

With this, the waiter, a Snow White earth pony with ice blue mane and tail takes orders

“Over there, down that trail. It ends at the base of the hill, and just over it is our old archeological site.”

73fb1 No.99771

"Hey there. Do you serve Wheaties here?"

55a99 No.99772

"Did you sneak a glance on what they brought in terms of firepower after you left?"

517f7 No.99773

“Yes, we do.”

“Nothing you haven’t already seen and felt.”

05392 No.99774

Dark Star will be Silver's one day. It's only a matter of time.

Silver smiles at the waiter. "I will take some Wheaties if you do not mind."

517f7 No.99775

File: 1557002249752.png (338.18 KB, 3076x4000, 8AD37BAC-946C-451C-9725-5D….png)

Skies holds on to Star tighter

“Alright, two orders of wheaties.”

92d79 No.99776

Iron nods.
"This time I will not be surprised by the cheating these ponies brandishing their cheating weapons. Let us walk the trail, then."
With that, he starts the trek towards the rest of the camp with Pear and Cauldron in tow.

73fb1 No.99777


05392 No.99778

As the waiter (presumably) leaves the table, Silver looks back to Star and Skies. "You have not answered my question, though."

73fb1 No.99779

He Grins at silver

517f7 No.99780

More traversing through a path that clearly looks like it’s been widened by ponies somewhat recently through deeper forest, and past a small stream to the hillside. Trees do not grow so thickly not so tall through it, and there is more brush covering this part.

Pear: “right through this area”

Cauldron: “looks like we will need to do sone clearing ourselves.”
She pulls a machete out of a holder, and grasping at it with her mouth, starts hacking at brush

“He’s pretty helpful with mane and coat care.”

05392 No.99781


676ca No.99782

Iron nods.
"Try to cut in short strokes. We will definitely need the brush to act as cover when we reach the camp itself for scouting purposes."
(While I could cut it with my teeth, I feel lime Cauldron could find some useful plants to brew more potions when she hacks.)

73fb1 No.99783

"Yep. Coat care is important."
"I Lathered her up well."

517f7 No.99784

“What do you want to know?”

“You think it will be well guarded?”

05392 No.99785

"I just wanted to know how he was."

517f7 No.99786

“Pretty good. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in youthful energy.”

676ca No.99787

"Maybe, but I cannot risk any more surprises, even with the gods giving us their grace."

73fb1 No.99788

"Why Do you want to know? That's weird."

05392 No.99789

"I could imagine that. Sounds like he was enough to satisfy you."

Silver shrugs. "I do not know. I just heard you through bathroom door, and it sounded like you were enjoying your time. Wanted to know how it was for other pony involved, I suppose."

73fb1 No.99790

"Why were you listening in the first place?"

517f7 No.99791

Skies pets the upset pony

She shrugs

676ca No.99792

*Nugde nudge*

05392 No.99793

Silver gives him a deadpan look. "You woke me up with your moans. I do not think I had much choice in matter."

517f7 No.99794

“What do you know of the gods?” Asks Pear

676ca No.99795

Iron opens his mouth, then ponders for a bit.
"There are many, mostly representing things like the Sun, Moon, rain, life, death and other concepts. I did not pay much attention to the elders so I am missing a lot of information about them."

517f7 No.99796

“What are you looking for?”

73fb1 No.99797

Dark Star Pets her Back

05392 No.99798

Moving on…

"What were your plans for today?"

73fb1 No.99799

"I Gotta Check in at the Orphanage, then I'm Gonna see if Sea Breeze has any Jobs for me."

c2558 No.99800

Iron glances to the side, remembering her disdain for money-oriented pursuits.
"I was thinking on getting something to boost my renown. Taking out a big group of bandits in order to help somepony in need does that, right?"
(Do not say money or she will not be as cooperative.)

05392 No.99801

"That is…actually rather nice of you, to keep thinking of them. Those foals we rescued, are they doing alright?"

73fb1 No.99802

"they are…Doing rather well,given the circumstances. i was actually thinking about Adopting them."

05392 No.99803

"That is admirable, but do you think you would be ready? It is lot of work, raising foals. Especially on your own. You need stable home and steady source of income. And with what they've been through…"

73fb1 No.99804

"Yea i think i am Ready.I'm Employed with the Black Hoofs, and i have a room rented at the Tavern."

517f7 No.99805

“Right… well, let’s go, and don’t get shot. Again.”

05392 No.99806

Silver gives him a soft but unsure look. "You probably need something more in terms of housing. Something with in-house kitchen and bathroom."

c2558 No.99807

"I shall try to do that."
He feels she could read his intentions.
(Hopefully she does not mind we will take most of the weapons.)
Speaking of, can he go back to pick that big gun after finishing off the bandits or was it destroyed by the bolt?

73fb1 No.99808

"Yeah, I've been thinking about that too."
He Turns to Blue
"How can i get one of the rooms at the hotel?"

517f7 No.99809

“I know family law in the Metropolitan, and in Manehattan now don’t allow single males to adopt children. Maybe this district is more liberal, I don’t know.”

“Ask Seabreeze, Maybe.”

You mean the peach mare’s gun? It’s an identical model to what Cauldron has

c2558 No.99810

Wait, seriously? Since when she has that gun? Nevermind. I still want all those weapons for selling later.
If this becomes real or at least rewards me for my dream actions.
Iron walks on, slightly bothered about the possibility of more mare punching.

517f7 No.99811

You looted the first set of bandits and took their guns.

c2558 No.99812

I know that, but I think I didn't loot this new set of bandits. I took 3 SMGs and two rifles so far and Iron could take more.

05392 No.99813

"Well, if you do, and you ever need help, do not be afraid to ask me, alright?"

I'll be right back. Dinner.

73fb1 No.99814

"Ah well thats a shame…. I Hope they can find a good home then"
Dark Star looks saddend to hear he cant adopt them and keep them safe

517f7 No.99815

She pets him
“Maybe they’ll let you.”

The hell are you going to do with 4 SMGs?

c2558 No.99816

Sell it?
Don't tell me that's impossible…

517f7 No.99817

How could it be possible?

c2558 No.99818

Black market?

73fb1 No.99819

"It Makes sense why they wouldn't though."
Dark Star Has a Gloomy look on his face.

05392 No.99820

"Oh, do not look so gloomy. You never know until you ask, and it is not as if it would hurt to do so."

517f7 No.99821

She pets the sad pony
“They’ll let them stay with foster families sometimes for extended periods without formal adoption.”

73fb1 No.99822

He smiles a little
"Hopefully it can happen."

05392 No.99823

"I think I will go see how they are doing after I am done with job today, maybe. If you have not adopted them before then, that is."

73fb1 No.99824

"Mention that you helped save them, they might not remember."

eabbf No.99825

The Snow White pony returns with wheaties
whatever those are

05392 No.99826

"Of course. Would not want to frighten them by making them thing I was just some random stallion there to see them."

"Yes! Thank you!" Silver happily takes his.

e9782 No.99827

eabbf No.99828

File: 1557013251839.png (137.78 KB, 404x600, 71AC81C1-5389-4C38-98AA-F0….png)

73fb1 No.99829

"I'll stop off and talk to Sea Breeze First,so you can visit them."
"Thank You. I Love These."
He Takes the Wheaties and buries his face into the Milky and Cereal goodness.

05392 No.99830

"You do not need to do that. I have things of my own that I need to get done first."

517f7 No.99831

And thus they have their milky, cereal goodness

287a9 No.99832

"If You say so."
"This is Great!"

517f7 No.99833

Skies looks at the wheaties, unsure of them

287a9 No.99834

"Try some, I Promise They are Fantastic."
He Smiles At Her

517f7 No.99835

She taps one with her hoof, presumably causing it to bob up and down in the milk
“What are they?”

287a9 No.99836

"It's Grain Cereal coated with Sugar Looks like this Place adds Some marshmallows."

05392 No.99837

Silver does indeed dig into his own bowl.

517f7 No.99838

Skies moves her muzzle down and sniffs the strange objects

c2558 No.99839

inb4 the bowl has sedatives and its an elaborate kidnapping scheme.

287a9 No.99840

"It's Not Gonna Bite,you."
He laughs

eabbf No.99841

She licks up one of the wheaties and starts to crunch it

287a9 No.99842

She Can Taste The Wheat it was made with strongly, Along with the Sugar it's powdered in. All-in-All it tastes Pretty good.

517f7 No.99843

She winces back a little, crunches loudly, and eventually swallows
“I like the… sugar”

287a9 No.99844

"They're Fantastic! The Wheat is the best."
He grins at her

05392 No.99845

Silver just shrugs at her, mouth full of Wheaties and milk. He swallows them down so he may speak. "You are allowed to like whatever. Same goes with disliking. I think they are better with milk, myself, rather than just dry."

517f7 No.99846

She grins back, not terribly convincingly.

She nods at Silver

c2558 No.99847

A question: Are you preparing for the ultimate climax of clearing the temple grounds of bandits?

517f7 No.99848

That’s going to require a hell of a lot more preparation than wheaties

c2558 No.99849

Just making sure. I go sleep now. Night.

517f7 No.99850

File: 1557027653367.gif (1.32 MB, 516x516, DF826355-6060-4EB5-B77F-1D….gif)

Will Brie, Onyx and Spark ever go back to
Sleep? Will Iron ever wake up? Will White Orchid and Mint Marine ever have a father figure in their lives? Will Silver ever finish his wheaties?

Hopefully that will all be resolved in this coming week

287a9 No.99851

He Buries his Face into his bowl and continues eating

05392 No.99852

Silver, meanwhile, uses a spoon and his unicorn magic to eat in a slightly more civilized manner.

517f7 No.99853

Pretty big turn around from just a minute before

Anyways, unless they have something to say to each other or to Skies, they finish their wheaties eventually

05392 No.99854

Silver finishes with a satisfied "Ahhhhhhhh". That's the most pressing matter of the day taken care of. He turns to Skies. "So, Miss Skies, what are your plans for today?"

517f7 No.99855

“I’m working today, of course.”

05392 No.99856

He nods, satisfied with that answer. "I guess we will all be doing our own things today."

c2558 No.99857

Iron can't wake up. He's dead from the shock of having his coat rippled to shreds in dreamworld. Now he is living through purgatory to be judged into being in the sky or to the underworld

287a9 No.99858

"I'll come visit you at lunch."
He Hugs her

517f7 No.99859

“I guess so.”


Rainbow of Darkness, the darkness sends. Nowhere begins the night that never ends!

05392 No.99860

Silver smirks at the two. "I imagine you will be 'enjoying each other's company' all over your office, Skies."

c2558 No.99861

S-so disrespectful! There's foals in there!
Truly the darkest timeline these ponies will have to endure.

517f7 No.99862

“Oh Silver…”
She shakes her head and smiles

287a9 No.99863

Dark Star Laughs

05392 No.99864

Silver laughs with him. "Well, I hope you kids have fun, at least!"

287a9 No.99865

Dark Star kisses her
"I Gotta get to the orphanage,Blue."

517f7 No.99866

“Very well…”

05392 No.99867

"You want me to give you ride back to Hotel, Skies?"

517f7 No.99868


05392 No.99869

Naturally, such an answer to this particular question causes him to raise an eyebrow.

287a9 No.99870

"I'll walk you Back over there."

517f7 No.99871

“But but… a ride in the cart”

287a9 No.99872

He Touches his hoof to his chin in thought
"I Should get a cart, Silver can pull you over there. I'll walk you back too."

517f7 No.99873

“Well… maybe I do want to”

517f7 No.99874

“I rode in the cart as we walked over here.”

05392 No.99875

Silver laughs a small bit. "Sure thing, Skies. It was rather fun."

517f7 No.99876

The waiter returns

“Okay, that will be 2 bits.”

287a9 No.99877

Dark Star Gives him the Bits he Needs

517f7 No.99878

File: 1557032058477.png (157.09 KB, 565x600, 6F2DC449-324A-4CC0-AA4E-76….png)

Reee is a mare

Skies trots outside and hops in the cart, barely fitting in it

05392 No.99879

Silver likewise trots outside and hitches himself up to the cart. With the size difference between them, it's almost like he's giving his daughter a ride through town. You know, if his daughter was a blue pegasus.

517f7 No.99880

File: 1557032444846.png (142.65 KB, 600x600, EDD82380-F10F-4584-8324-A9….png)

She’s not that much smaller. But yes, she’s definitely smaller

What is Silver’s con score?

287a9 No.99881

Ooops i assumed her gender

05392 No.99882

That would be 16. As far as I know, the highest of the group.

"Next stop, Grand Baltimare Hotel! Be sure to keep all hooves and wings inside cart at all times during ride."

287a9 No.99883

Dark Star walks outside

517f7 No.99884

Skies poofs her wings up, Perhaps in a “don’t tell me what to do” fashion.

Well shit, maybe he is much bigger that her

05392 No.99885

Silver is a big boi.

Silver's only response is to laugh heartily.

"You coming?"

INB4: "That comes later."

9eaa7 No.99886

So yeah, can I get that ammo and knives rundown? If he found all the ones that landed somewhere in the train, that would put him at,… 6. Fug, I'm gonna need to buy more. Hope there was lodsaemonay in those envelopes,….

287a9 No.99887

He Gets in the Cart

517f7 No.99888

“But there isn’t room for two ponies in this cart”

It would take a while to figure out what knives he could get back, but it should essentially be all of the ones that were not thrown outside of the train.

All guns are carbines, three magazines of… ten rounds?
Unfortunately the cash left in the safe was only 600 bits. In the first envelope is just sunglasses, the second one has a jeweled necklace and a ring in it. There is one further item of note - a shiny short sword from the safe

9eaa7 No.99889

"Oh ja, ich habe sie vergessen." Brie sighs and loots the corpses, and then begins the process of dragging the corpse to the closest vestibule door to unceremoniously dump them off the train.

9eaa7 No.99890

OOOOH stabby

05392 No.99891

"You could always ride on my back, Star."

517f7 No.99892

That would require making sure the the car corridor is empty… but it’s easy enough. The scenery passes by quickly, and the bodies can be tossed off. A lighter, some flint, a map, some paper, maybe a compass, another magazine and 50 bits.

287a9 No.99893

"No Thanks i'll walk."

05392 No.99894

"Suit yourself." Silver begins to trot back towards the Hotel, cart and by extension Skies in tow.

517f7 No.99895

File: 1557034104923.png (237.2 KB, 455x600, 54918CB2-3B19-4BB8-9FA6-F1….png)

“Suit yourself”

*sitting Pegasus noises*

9eaa7 No.99896

Brie isn't worried about secrecy now. Alright. Brie takes the short sword, his knives, leaves all the cash, jewelry, and trinkets, and guns/ammo, and then proceeds to go about flinging bodies from the train.

05392 No.99897

"This is kind of fun, ferrying you around like this."

517f7 No.99898

File: 1557034413790.png (210.76 KB, 656x600, 6B34E8E2-C752-4AE8-BA24-60….png)

One more in the dining car… two more in the coach, but at least the one in the main car is surrounded by ponies

“It’s kind of nice being ferried around. You’re pretty strong for a pickle head.”

9eaa7 No.99899

That's fine, he just wanted the bodies out of the bathroom. Are there any signs or sounds of further issues on the train?

05392 No.99900

Strong, nimble, enduring. The peak, the pinnacle of 68 year-old Severyanan physiology. "You can thank my lineage then. That and lifetime of extensive physical activity." He taps the side of his head. "Might not be sharpest knife in drawer, but I make do."

287a9 No.99901

Dark Star Rolls his Eyes

517f7 No.99902

No. There are still a very large number of ponies on the train… and Spark and Onyx along with Needle Pusher tending to wounded, but there is no imminent threat. The train may not even get to police until Canterlot.

Skies nods, silently thinking of ways to justify a belief that she is still superior somehow.

“Don’t be like that Star”

05392 No.99903

"You both should have seen my father. I am not joking about having never seen bigger or stronger stallion anywhere. He would tower over me, even now, if he were alive."

9eaa7 No.99904

Brie walks over to Onyx and Spark and whispers "Either of you fancy a shotgun?"

517f7 No.99905

“And that was the Earth pony, yes?”

Hmmm… not sure if they are here

7de20 No.99906

"I would love to, but I can't even handle this pistol. I would wager Onyx could."

05392 No.99907

He nods at her. "Earth Pony strength at its finest. He used giant, two-hoofed hammer while he served as quartermaster for Royal Guard, so big he was only pony in his entire regiment who could even lift it, much less swing it at enemies. I never got to see him in combat, but from what I hear, with as big and heavy as it was, and with how strong he was, he could easily crush even griffon knight's fully-armored head like walnut."

517f7 No.99908

She nods
“He May have made a good artisan or helot. Maybe even an auxiliary”

05392 No.99909

Silver looks back at her. "I guess auxiliaries are non-pegasi Nimbusian soldiers?"

517f7 No.99910

“Generally, yes.”

05392 No.99911

"I also guess they are low-ranked compared to even lowest-ranked Pegasus soldiers, but considered to be of higher value than other helots?"

9eaa7 No.99912

"I suppose that makes sense. I'm sure we'll find a use for it in time. Everything alright here?"

287a9 No.99913

"Earth Pony Superiority at it's finest."

517f7 No.99914

“They were generally recruited from the free non-citizen population, but basically.”

05392 No.99915

Silver coughs.

He nods at this. "I could imagine him being one then, if he lived in Nimbusia. Griffon knights are not exactly well known for their amazing flight abilities, after all. As long you have way of bypassing their enchanted armor, Earth Ponies, Unicorns, or Pegasi could take one on."

7de20 No.99916

"I think so, besides the mail carrier and my wounds. But we will recover."

661fc No.99917

You see, colt. If you punch armor hard, armor hits wearer for you.

9eaa7 No.99918

"The mail carrier?"

517f7 No.99919


“Generally a Pegasus, as they are the most well disciplined, civically minded, and can fly, but sure. Even a lesser asset can be an asset.”

7de20 No.99920

"That one that was hurt from the explosion. I found a doctor to help him though. Lucky that there was one on the train."

05392 No.99921

"Ah, but you are forgetting most critically important advantage of being Pegasus: you are only pony race that can beat Griffons in Rock, Paper, Scissors."

287a9 No.99922

517f7 No.99923

Skies expression flattens as she remains silent

05392 No.99924


9eaa7 No.99925

"No casualties though? Really?" Brie is clearly surprised by this. "I'll be in the cabin, but first I gotta check with the Engine."

661fc No.99926

Best heel.

287a9 No.99927

"It was just a joke. Ponies are Equal."

517f7 No.99928

Through the damaged mail car, through the locomotive, and back to the two in the locomotive

Same response

Skies lightens a little as she figures maybe that wasn’t intended to be a mocking insult

05392 No.99929

Silver's own expression brightening up at this sign seems to confirm this.

7de20 No.99930

"If you don't count the ponies we killed that were looking for Pinkie and the robbers, then as far as I can tell, nopony else."
Spark checks Tipsy for any damage.

287a9 No.99931

"Ah Come on Blue."

517f7 No.99932

Unfortunately the ice seems to have melted. Actually that happened like 4 days ago. So tipsy survives unscathed.

“I don’t understand all of this mixed breeding of unicorns and earth ponies and Pegasi. Just mate Pegasi to Pegasi, earth ponies to earth ponies, and unicorns to unicorns.”

She narrows her eyes a bit

9eaa7 No.99933

"Ozzfest, I've got a question you're not gonna want to answer. Who are you and what's so special about this train?"

05392 No.99934

Silver shrugs. "I have found love tends to work in weird ways like that." He motions to her and Star, even if she's a little cross with him at the moment.

7de20 No.99935

Spark is relieved that nothing has happened to his glass. He returns to holding it by his side.

517f7 No.99936

“My name is Bader Ozren, I am a native of the Hayseed Forests outside Moonlighf shores, and after a colored career in the militia I have been appointed as a police captain in the Bales district by the SSA. As for the train, it seems they thought it was carrying an important pony. They found me as the next best thing.”

Skies tilts her head to the side in evident confusion. Then she says
“I am 100% pure Pegasus of the Thessaloneighki deme.”

287a9 No.99937

Dark Star Seems confused by her response

9eaa7 No.99938

"Why'd they take you? You're not in uniform, how'd they peg you as a cop?"

05392 No.99939

Silver shakes his head. "No no, I am not referring to your purity, though I suppose it is interesting to hear that you are 100% Pegasus. I referring to how you now have Earth Pony coltfriend."

Headcanon/fanon: the reason Blue Skies can't into clouds is because she's the result of a limited gene pool from her family's obsession with racial purity.

517f7 No.99940

“I think one of them must have seen some leaked information, or saw my name on the manifesto. I’m not a cop in any kind of regular sense. More like a military officer. They would interrupt the meetings of our churches when they thought our sermons got a little too ‘political.’ Figured I’d return the favor. Let them be arrested for thinking what princess belongs where. And if I can get paid for it, all the merrier.”

“What? Oh. Dark Star is a sweetie. When he wants to be.”
That’s… what

05392 No.99941

Silver snickers a little. "You just have not broken him in enough."

Eh, just a random thought I had.

287a9 No.99942

Dark Star Puffs his cheeks out
"I Can't Be Broken."

517f7 No.99943

“I may have to try harder.”

I guess I can see it. She’s a rather inglorious creature, disappointing for all of the hype of her lineage. Like a German shepherd with hip dysplasia, or a prince with hemophilia

517f7 No.99944

“We’ll see about that.”

05392 No.99945

The memory of Star shooting Silver in the ass comes to the surface of Silver's mind. "Oh, I wish could see this."

9eaa7 No.99946

"Hmmm. So there shouldn't be any more incidents like this?"

517f7 No.99947

“On this train? I think they learned their lesson. If not, the State Police will be happy to teach them again after we reach Canterlot.”

517f7 No.99948

“Actually…” skies reflects for a moment, and says in the most matter of fact way possible
“It’s not really like me to break a Stallion. Just find a new one if the one you have doesn’t work.”

9eaa7 No.99949

"Alright, just one more question. Why are you telling me all this?"

05392 No.99950

Silver doesn't seem to immediately get the implications or intent of this statement, from the look of confusion on his face.

Sneaky Skies, playing both sides like that to get what she wants.

517f7 No.99951

“Because you asked. It’s not like it’s a secret to the ponies I’d rather not know, and I expect a bat to show better sense than them.”

Judging from her expression, it seems to be one of her rare instances of truth telling, deduced mostly because of how disinterested the delivery seems to be.

05392 No.99952

Huh? After a couple more seconds of confusion, Silver just decides to roll with it.

287a9 No.99953

Dark Star Frowns

9eaa7 No.99954

Brie can't fathom why this bat pony would be so forthright about information considering that Brie had stabbed him in the leg and was going to torture him for information, but he decides to let the matter rest. "Fair enough. If any more trouble arises, I'll be in the Clover Grove cabin."

517f7 No.99955

Because it's a 'do you know who I am?' form of intimidation

Aww, poor Dark Star

9eaa7 No.99956

Unfortunately for Ogden, Brie doesn't really care who he is, beyond how it might be consequential to him.

05392 No.99957

In the hope I don't make this worse by saying this:

3d563 No.99958

Well, yeah, consequences is kind of the point. Because it means that his faction will care if he is killed or kidnapped and can reward helping. It’s “You know there are dozens of witness here and you’re trapped in a metal can destined for waiting police at Canterlot Central, and given how you’ve already irreparably pissed off the denizens of the forest that provides your only means if escape, your choices are be courteous to me, or death.”

“Oh Dark Star, why would I want to leave the sweet and loving pony I know?”

62548 No.99959

Because he vomited on your sheets and can't into emotions?

4a9bb No.99960

This tbh
"I…Dont know."

3d563 No.99961

“Then stop worrying”
She bats her eyes at him

73fb1 No.99962

How close are we to the hotel?

3d563 No.99963

As Derpibooru is petty much out of “If it fits, I sits” pictures, they are pretty much already there

05392 No.99964

"I hope you have enjoyed your time on 'Silver Sword Lines'."

92d79 No.99965

Wasn't that Silver's dick name?

05392 No.99966

That would be Silver's Sword.

3d563 No.99967

Skies hops out, forelegs down first, and looks to Silver, nodding in a half-bow.

05392 No.99968

"We will have to do this again, sometime." Silver looks to his two companions. "Should we spend some more time together later, after we have completed our tasks for today? It was fun being with you both last night."

73fb1 No.99969

Dark Star Still has the frown on his face from earlier
"I Guess."

3d563 No.99970

“What’s the matter?”

“Did you perhaps want to look into employment?”

05392 No.99971

"It is certainly something I am seriously considering. I think I will need couple days to fully decide one way or other, though. It is not decision to take lightly, joining faction like this. There is much else I need to consider further."

73fb1 No.99972


3d563 No.99973

She narrows her eyes and lets her mouth fall open at this non-sequitur answer

“You hardly need to join the SSA. The Revenue Service, Immigration, and sometimes even the Department of the Interior can use help, and they are not part of the Party.”

05392 No.99974

Silver scratches his chin in thought. It certainly isn't something he considered before. "Maybe. I will have to finish this job first, at very least, then give that consideration."

d9bac No.99975

“And can I expect it done soon?”

05392 No.99976

"Certainly, I was going to catacombs next, after I get replacement saddlebags and potions. It will be done today."

d9bac No.99977

She nods in acceptance of this answer, with a generally professional pose and manner.

73fb1 No.99978

"So, What do you have to do at work today?"

05392 No.99979

"Unless either of you need anything else, I suppose I will see both of you later, I hope." Silver chuckles a bit as he taps the bandages still around his neck. "If I do not get mauled by ghasts before then, that is."

Got a couple questions that might impact how I handle this job: how much weight can Silver hold using his telekinesis, and how far out can he levitate items, both in and out of his line of sight?

d9bac No.99980

It’s going to be a couple hours before I can respond

05392 No.99981

Kinda figured. We can wait.

d9bac No.99982

“Well, we are looking into a leak in the local civil service and will likely make an arrest once a culprit is isolated. Besides that we have the usual. Observing ponies, maybe conducting a sting, talking to informants. And as always, analyst work.”

She nods
“Don’t get mauled.”
Maybe 15 pounds?

73fb1 No.99983

"Stings sound fun."
He smiles
"i might as well see what Sea Breeze has for me while im here."

d9bac No.99984

“You should check in with him at sone point.”

05392 No.99985

"I will try not to." Silver gives Skies a salute before tur