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File: 1554605658082.png (3.79 MB, 3507x2550, 1108192.png)

95526 No.97000[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

For those on the train. The train goes along at high speeds through the darkness past farmland, trees, and other trains… until it starts to slow down, and comes to a halt.

95526 No.97002

She raises her rear legs onto the couch so now she's laying on it, placing her head near Silver. She takes the cigarette back from him, and takes another puff, then looks up at him again with that evil smile
"Do I strike you as the honest, trustworthy type, Silver?"

ce129 No.97003

Implying the train guys are coming by when you expect them to.

2e8fc No.97005

Oh ye of little faith.

82032 No.97006

Those triplets cannot be mistaken.

ce129 No.97007

Iunno. Are you the real Spark boy?

3c374 No.97008

Silver sort of wants to object, but…well… "Fair enough, I suppose. Just know you can always ask if you want to bum smoke off of me." He continues to give Skies a warm-yet-knowing smile.

He does take the Hippo back, though. That does actually have some sentimental value.

ce129 No.97009

Get ready for the leeching, Silver.

2e8fc No.97010

Yep. Life has been putting my schedule in a stranglehold, but I'll try and make more of these sessions.

ce129 No.97011

Better pray Brie and Onyx come along, too

95526 No.97012

She looks back at him
"And if you ever feel like you have a little too much love in you, you can dump it on me. I'm not the most loving or faithful, but if you are lonely and need a pony to talk to, to be around, to cuddle, or just need a cute young mare to fuck, I'm here for you."

fe4e4 No.97013

ce129 No.97014

inb4 Silver's the father she never had.

95526 No.97015

3c374 No.97016

Hearing that last part, Silver is struck by how much more different their relationship is now than it was even just yesterday. Not that he's complaining. Any opportunity to spend time with Skies is worthwhile. His voice takes on a flirty tone, and he gives her some bedroom eyes. "Lucky for both of us, I have plenty of love to give."

Awwwwwww, yea, getting down with the dirty pseudo-incest sex.

Good to see you guys. It's been ages.

2e8fc No.97017

Good to see you guys too. I wish I was able to do this more regularly.

8c924 No.97018

You both know he can simply ake up and go down the stairs to find you fucking, right?

95526 No.97019

File: 1554607650184.png (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 1707x3588, 1977152.png)

She lays down, looks up, and extends her wings
"You can give whenever you want. Just looks like you'll have to hold back when Dark Star is around."

8c924 No.97020

Better keep on praying. Brie is still missing

e4486 No.97021

oh hey cool, players to replace Dark Star.

95526 No.97022

2e8fc No.97023

Umm… we aren't replacing you.

e4486 No.97024

95526 No.97025

File: 1554608412344.jpeg (28.65 KB, 400x414, 652BFA10-C7E3-43A2-A9C6-C….jpeg)

Boops u

3c374 No.97026

Apogee is a treasure. I wonder if her mother and father in this universe would be the pony equivalents of Werner von Braun, being aspiring astronautic and aeronautic engineers drawn into war to design and develop rockets and aircraft for military use.

"I will be sure to make use of that offer." He smiles and repositions so he's laying on his back on the couch with his legs in the air. He looks down his body and in between his legs at Skies. "We should get back to Dark Star sometime soon, but…do you think we could spend maybe little bit of time cuddling here before we return? I feel like you were left out of much of it earlier."

95526 No.97027

“I have been feeling a little left out…”

ce129 No.97028

Well… her mother basically forfeited at life for that small pegasus. It shows how messed up she is for this, both mother and daughter. I'd say it's tainted too hard to be considered treasure.
Well, you go recreate that with Skies if you want to. Fail to cum outside again and all.

3c374 No.97029

He continues smiling that warm, inviting smile of his, as he wiggles around and forms ripples in his soft, thick winter coat. "Well then, let us rectify that. I am all yours for your cuddling."

95526 No.97030

She gets up on the couch, and walk over him, a leg on each side of him, and hangs over him. Then, she gently lowers herself on top of him, her head up and over his, looking down. She lets her wings come down to to Silver’s sides

e8687 No.97031

"Oh look, a not painfully protracted pseudo-plot. Might even be something to kill, that won't get us killed in the interim." Brie EEE's to himself, 3.5 wall breakingly.

95526 No.97032


No seriously. How much time do you have?

2e8fc No.97033

Cool. The bat is here… just in time to lose the tank with a lance though….

3c374 No.97034

Silver in turn wraps his own forelegs around Skies, pulling her into the soft fluff and flush against the firm muscle beneath. Heat trapped from his coat washes over her barrel and the rest of her legs and underside. While it isn't overall as warm as her serving as Silver's little spoon, it's a significantly softer feeling from her soft underbelly held against Silver's soft underbelly. Should she take an interest, the open end of Silver's sheath is just barely separated from Skies' rear, with the way she's laying down on Silver's body.

Silver, as he has up until now, takes the time to enjoy the feeling of another warm body against his, how it almost feels as though it completes his soul. It helps that Skies is a good cuddle buddy.

e8687 No.97035

Is it a fight please say its a fight or something other than pretending to be normal ponies?
Not that I have a bias, I'm loving pretending to be normal ponies on the way to die try and negotiate with Bugs.

95526 No.97036

She likes this affection, and nuzzles the end of Silver’s nose. She also moves her tail up, so Silver has more options
*Poner is cuddled*

Onky If you want it to be

It must be after midnight. The train stopped at Moonlight bay, then only shortly before at Mareaway. Kerr has sat near the center of the room, while Wesley admired the scenery, however dark it may have been, as trains passed and the lights of lonely cottages or hamlets can be seen passing periodically. Now, the train comes to a complete stop. The train seems to have stopped at least partly on a large stone bridge over a gorge, judging from the view outside of the window

e8687 No.97037

Last I checked, Brie, Kerr, and Wesley were back in their room yes?

95526 No.97038

Yes, that is correct. All three are in their room

Spark and Onyx would have an experience like that of >>97036
In their respective room. The part about the train coming to a stop, not the cuddling

e8687 No.97039

Ignore this
"Wir könnten Probleme haben"
Brie says, hoofing a pair of throwing knives (he has 10, after the 2 he gave to Kerr and Wesley)
So 8 in reserve, but ready for a 2-hand strike if needed.

3c374 No.97040

Poner is indeed cuddled.

Silver turns the nuzzle into an Eskimo kiss Polar Bear kiss, maybe? by returning it in full. He ruffles the fur on the sides of his body against her wings. It feels a little ticklish against the fleshy bit of her wings.

2e8fc No.97041

Darn it. I need to find somepony to cuddle at some point… though I might die before then. Spark (and we have to imagine Onyx following) have noticed the train stopping and head to the changelings' car to see if they have caused some kind of panic.

Spark knocks on the door as specified in a previous thread that I can't recall at the moment.

ce129 No.97042

Soon. Go to the library and meet up with a geek pony. You'll fit great.

e8687 No.97043

2 knocks, then 1 knock. Come on now,…

95526 No.97044

The knives are noted

Wesley, who is looking out of the window, says
"Am Damm sind Lichter an"
I tried to get it to say "lights are on on the embankment," but it wouldn't do that

Nothing is happening at the moment. The train is stopped just the same way as it would at a platform on a minor stop, or if it were waiting for another train to pass in those long stretches where most of the track is single track. No alarms sound, and the lights in the train are still on. What makes this stop so off - beside's wesley's words - is that the stop is on a bridge.

*knock knock* on the door
"Surely you have more than that in you"

The lights are on in the car. He passes one other pony, who looks anxious. He knocks

2e8fc No.97045

Yeah… that. I have been out of the game for a long time you know.

e8687 No.97046

Dice rollRolled 13 + 12

Brie activates his disguise enchantment to appear like the young bartender from the rear of the cars.
(roll is disguise + int(+2) + enchantment (presumably +10, but maybe not)

e8687 No.97047

Its a symbological metaphor. Think twice (knock twice) before acting once (knock once)

3c374 No.97048

He chuckles softly, and places a quick smooch on her lips. "Everything comes in its own time."

He bends his head down, planting loving kisses and small licks on the side of Skies' neck. One of his forehooves moves up to cradle the other side of her head. Down in his lower abdomen, she can feel some of the muscles twitch and quiver, a sign that a particular biological function of his is indeed still kicking.

95526 No.97049

He should look more or less like him… even if the disguise is having difficulty poofing away freakish bat wings on an earth pony, almost like black spots to his side. Probably best covered with a coat.

Somepony is knocking at the door

She smiles at him, warmly

95526 No.97050

The Nymphs look at him strangely. They don't know of any shapechanging abilities outside of their own race, and so they instinctively assume Brie to be one of them, despite the cloak not being as good at imitating a creature with different appendages - like a horn or no wings - as Changeling magic. After all, as Kerr said, Brie has the "aura" of a Changeling.

e8687 No.97051

"So sorry, this cabin doesn't seem to want to be disturbed," Brie affects before realizing its Spark.

2e8fc No.97053

Spark figures there is probably something wrong if Brie is not answering the door.
"Damn it. Why couldn't I have a boring life like I read about in history class?"
I give one more code knock of two knocks followed by one and ready myself to bust the door down.

3c374 No.97054

Silver continues to smooch at her neck, and lick at her nape. She feels something soft rub and press briefly against her vulva before sliding off and resting against her inner thigh, slowly getting thicker, longer, and harder as he continues to show love to Skies'.

95526 No.97055

"Hehehe" she giggles
Then she whispers
"Give me all of that cuddling you were going to give Star"

No other sounds in the car… Yet

e8687 No.97056

Dice rollRolled 10

Seeing its Spark, Brie dispenses any pretense of propriety.
"Oh get in here,"
Grapple attempt to pull him into the car

ce129 No.97057

Hold your horses, Silver. Don't give Star the chance to know that he's been cucked. Cuck him constantly forever in secret until your Nimbusian-Stalliongrad foals come out of Skies.
Be sure to make Skies call you daddy while you're at it.

2e8fc No.97058

Spark is probably confused as to why the bartender from the train is here with the changelings… and has the voice of Brie, but that doesn't properly register with Spark. His horn lights up as he is pulled inside.
"What the hay are you doing here? Where is Brie?"

e8687 No.97059

"Shush now, I AM Brie. Something is afoot."

95526 No.97060

A knocking sound, and voices in the room in front of them

2e8fc No.97061

Spark realizes the changelings aren't reacting against the bartender, so he is probably telling the truth. He then hears the knocking.
"I don't suppose you are expecting company?"

e8687 No.97062

Brie assumes a stance
(ready move, double sneak attack)

3c374 No.97063

Silver's Sword seems to finish its enlarging process upon the utterance of this phrase, as it now grinds against her inner thigh with its full length, girth, and ferocity. Silver whispers right back, "I will be sure to give you every ounce."

The licks at her nape start to travel up her cheek, all the way to her ear. He gives it a long lick from the base to the tip, which he takes in his mouth to nibble and suck on.

With the use of magic, he slides his Sword right back out of the realm of her thighs to hotdog her ass. The tip presses into her anus slightly, while the shaft rubs against her pussy. As he begins to grind against her nethers, and as Silver's horn lights up in its familiar blue glow, Skies can feel a familiar tendril of magic snake its way past her vulva, through her folds, and into her love canal.

>Be sure to make Skies call you daddy while you're at it.
Silver's Sword can only get so hard.

95526 No.97064

It takes a moment. Actually, more than a moment, but eventually


Very loudly. Not two knocks and a knock, but three in rapid succession. Like thinking thrice, or acting thrice, but not both

She twitches a little, both in her rear and her ear
"Oh… hehe"
She then sort of lifts herself up and back onto him, to let her vulva rub a little more against him

e4486 No.97065

Dark star vomits in blue's bed

e8687 No.97066

"Die Jagt beginnt" Brie whispers loudly, maintaining his stance, not bothering to orient Spark while maintaining his 'ready to stab 2 eyes' stance.

ce129 No.97067

Don't be a sore loser, Star. You led yourself to this fate.

e8687 No.97068

e4486 No.97069

fuck you

95526 No.97070

"Open the Door, we mean no harm"
They can hear a female voice

Damn. He must be really drunk
That's sure to win her back

e4486 No.97071

>implying we aren't past that point

e4486 No.97073

He goes to the bathroom

2e8fc No.97074

"I'm guessing we don't try to pretend to be innocent?"
Spark stands in the middle of the room, hopefully being the target of attention if they come through.
"Umm… who is it? I didn't order room service."

ce129 No.97075

That formal tone sure leads to me to believe they're guards.

3c374 No.97076

Silver grunts right into her ear, and his forehooves slide down to grip and her flanks. He evidently likes the adjustment. He stops licking her ear just long enough to ask her a question. "When we are good and ready, which hole do you want?"

2e8fc No.97077

Never trust a female voice you don't know saying it's all going to be alright.

ce129 No.97078

Please, just claim her pussy voluntarily and cum inside with the force of a V12 sports engine.
Cauldron said that to Iron…
Why must you make me paranoid?

2e8fc No.97079

I said that you don't know.

95526 No.97080

It's there. Nice, clean, and fairly big. There is a toilet, presumably modified for quadruped use.


"Why don't you pick?" She says, smiling at him

ce129 No.97081

Well, you can probably make her a cuddle buddy out of that female voice. Sure hope it's not a changeling raid.

e4486 No.97082

He washes his snout and face then drink some of the water.
"Blue's gonna be pissed about that. i should go tell her."
He's been drinking with Blue and silver,silver kissed him and then blue and he got in a fight,now blue and silver are fucking again.

2e8fc No.97083

"If you don't identify yourself, you have no right to demand anything out of me. Who are you?"
"Got a plan?"
I mutter to Brie.
Damn it. This is the opposite of cuddles. Spark does not have a good track record with the mares.

2e8fc No.97084

>all this meta to try and make an excuse to find them
>not thinking about what you did and try to learn from it
Oh well.

95526 No.97085

The water is suitable enough. No excess of heavy metals

"We are with the Everfree Resistance. Open the door!"

2e8fc No.97086

"The hay is an Everfree Resistance? I don't recognize that authority. Who do you represent?"

ce129 No.97087

He's just extremely salty about getting cheated on and couldn't make his character find out about it. Trust me. It's slightly better this way.
Slightly. The wounds still need healing.

e4486 No.97088

Do there appear to be any sheets in here?

95526 No.97089

"Equestria. Open the door in 3"

ce129 No.97090

Hey! That's Iron's line!

95526 No.97091

Yes, little hand towels. Paper towels in the kitchen, too

e8687 No.97092

"Yeah, kill 'em." Brie whispers to Spark.
"Bei Sichtkontakt töten!" Brie whispers harshly to the Lings

"I'm coming to the door! I don't know what's going on, I just cane to get a customer's drink order!" Brie calls through the door (still palming knives)

3c374 No.97093

Silver flashes a devious-looking smile at her. Simultaneously, he presses the tip of his Sword against her anus, while the tendril of magic that wormed its way into Blue's pussy expands and takes the form of the all-powerful forcecock, filling her from the inside. "Why not both?"

95526 No.97094

Dice rollRolled 18 + 3

The counting stops for a moment

e4486 No.97095

He wets it and goes over to the bed and trys to clean it up.

e8687 No.97096

"What's going on? I just meant to deliver some cider to a customer!" Brie calls through the door. "Please don't harm me!"

95526 No.97097

"Hehehaha" She gives off a laugh that goes slightly mad midway through
Her vaginal walls fight back against the magical intruder, while she tries to relax her anus. Silver is mostly dry, which is probably why she wanted to rub him, to let some of her lubricant get on him

She looks at him very intently, and then places a hoof on his cheek

Hmmmm… Perhaps successful in part

95526 No.97098

"Did I hear… Open the door, last chance"

ce129 No.97099

Uh oh, she heard the Changish. Better bluff hard.

e8687 No.97100

"Coming out!"

95526 No.97101

"We need to inspect the room"

e4486 No.97102

He goes over it again to try and get it out.

ce129 No.97103

Do you think I can have some dream filler of your choice?

e8687 No.97104

Brie gives a grim glance at Wesley, Kerr, and Spark. As though to say "I didn't plan this, but this is where we find ourselves. Lets try to kill the enemy and not ourselves, though you have grounds to have issue with me since I haven't been entirely honest with you, but for now let's not die okay?"

"Yes of course! I'm just the service, and the room's tenants will not give you any trouble!" Brie says before nodding "Give them trouble" to the trio.

3c374 No.97105

Silver releases one of his own forehooves from Skies' flanks to place it onto her cheek. He relents on her anal opening and returns to getting his Sword lubricated and ready. It's not fun if they can't both enjoy it, after all. The forcecock also shrinks slightly to allow her vaginal walls to more easily acclimate to the sudden invasion.

e8687 No.97106

Are you seriously on about fugging the poner? Haven't you done that already?
Nevermind, forget I said anything.

95526 No.97107



Iron appears next to Cauldron walking through a Jungle. Hot and moist as jungles are, with the undergrowth not too thick

Another voice can be heard
"We don't have all night, just break down the damned door and check the room"

And thus, Silver presumably invades her vagina with his horse cock. She doesn't really seem opposed to it in the way she did earlier in the day.


e8687 No.97108

With a nod, Brie opens the door with his hooves upright and toward himself, to conceal the knives he has palmed.
This is exactly what I had spent literally weeks away from the thread to avoid. If its not done, I can wait longer.

ce129 No.97109

Iron feels slightly at home, with the nice template climate brushing his short coat.
He turns his head to face his companion and potential love interest if he plays his cards right, with a relaxed smile on his face.
"Nothing like a little whiff of jungle air. It is soothing to my nostrils."

3c374 No.97110

Well, he was going to hotdog some more, but this works too.

As Silver slowly thrusts deeper into her depths, he dispels the magical horse penis inside of her to make room. It feels much nicer now that it did before. He keeps it at a long, slow pace. He's in no need to finish. It's better to enjoy the sensations of their union, and ensure he gets nice and lubricated up for later. "Oh Blue…"

95526 No.97111

The moment he opens the door, he is pushed aside by a very pushy mare. She is an Earth Pony, with golden mane wrapped up in a bun, and bubblegum pink coat. She holds a carbine rifle in hoof, pointed forward. She has a belt with two magazines on it, and wears a shoulder patch with an equestrian flag… but nothing else. No uniform.

She bursts past, and looks into the room, waving the gun around at the occupants

"Yes, the Palmum Magnus should be just around the corner" she says, as she goes forward. He can hear a few sounds of jungle insects and animals

95526 No.97112

I think that Brie might be complaining about the ERP… we may have to forestall this

3c374 No.97113

Damn. Well, fair enough, I suppose.

e4486 No.97114

Dice rollRolled 4


95526 No.97115

That's… not really good enough to clean up much. fortunately, he may try again

ce129 No.97116

Dice rollRolled 9

Dice rollRolled 18

Iron trots along happily to follow her. His eyes and ears scan the area around them in case there's something lurking in the foliage.
"Palmum Magnus? Quite the funny name. What is it for?"

e8687 No.97117

Just one?

95526 No.97118

"The Giant Palm of course! There should be a specimen somewhere in this forest…"

Oh yes. He can definitely hear somepony walking through the underbrush

Only one comes into the room. Judging by the voices earlier, there should be another in the hallway

e4486 No.97119

Dice rollRolled 2


95526 No.97120

I'm'a continue in spoiler with less obvious lewdness
The ponies remain connected in this sort of union for a moment. If Silver fantasized about doing this with her for an extended period of time before, now might be his chance to do so. She wubs the side of his belly with her wing

That… that definitely did not work as well as Dark Star may have hoped
Does he want water to drink or to clean with?

e8687 No.97121

Dice rollRolled 16

"C c c can I go?!"

ce129 No.97122

Dice rollRolled 3

If it's Cauldron, I'll be a bit miffed.
Iron smiles at the zebra's excitement.
"How will you recognize it? Anything of note?"
He looks where the sound's coming from to get a grasp on it's potential to cause trouble.

ce129 No.97123

Oh come on.

e4486 No.97124

95526 No.97126

File: 1554616670159.webm (20.89 MB, 640x360, 1946645.webm)

Nice glasses to place water in in the kitchen, next to the sink, which of course has the faucet.

She looks back at him
"Go where?"
She is in front of him, the sound came from behind



ce129 No.97127

That's petty of you, man.

e4486 No.97128

He pours a glass of water takes a drink and sighs

ce129 No.97129

So… you going to answer to >>97122

3c374 No.97130

This is a challenge.
To Silver, this is pure nirvana. He has only ever experienced such a feeling once before. He strokes Skies' cheek with a hoof, content to lay there together for all of eternity if they could so choose.

e4486 No.97131

he then goes out into the hall to look for blue

95526 No.97132

Hydration is important to prevent hangovers

"Well, yes. The leaves are of extraordinary size, and have yellow tendrils on the very ends"

On the ground, next to the door, are Silver's packs. There is no sign of any pony around

e8687 No.97133

"B b b back to my station?!"

e4486 No.97134

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

He searches for any other signs
Rolling survival to track

ce129 No.97135

Iron nods, awaiting this newfound plant with a twinge of excitement.
"What magical potion could you create with them, Cauldron? Some super strength potion? Maybe intense reflexes?"
He's really into the idea of powerful buffs for the cheating ponies who use guns against him.

95526 No.97136

She looks at him confusedly
"What are you doing here, crew member?"
She doesn't wait for a response, as she moves to his side to open the door to the bathroom in the cabin

95526 No.97137

No clear signs, only Silver's packs

"No it's… Just a palm"

Speaking of guns….

e4486 No.97138

Dice rollRolled 9 + 5

"i wonder where they went?"
Search check for any other signs

95526 No.97139

Door on the hallway is open slightly, at least once somepony has gone downstairs

e8687 No.97140

Dice rollRolled 8, 13 + 7 = 28

Double sneak attack
One gets a -4

ce129 No.97141

Oh boy.
Iron smiles sheepishly.
"My bad. What uses does it have, then?"
His short fuzzy mane stands on end, feeling a little wave of dread, as if there's someone lurking around.
(Is there somepony aiming at me?)

e4486 No.97142

He goes down the stairs

e8687 No.97143

So 8+7 - 15
and 13+3 - 16

95526 No.97144

Hit and hit, right into the bubblegum pony's back. Roll damage

Yep. from behind, he can hear
"Alto!" in a male voice

The first door is locked, as is the second. The only door not locked is the bottom floor door

ce129 No.97146

Iron stops in his tracks and turns around to face the assailant.
(It seems he knows a little bit of native speak. He could probably be either a native or an explorer.)

e8687 No.97147

Dice rollRolled 5, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5 = 25

Dice rollRolled 2, 3 + 1 = 6


e4486 No.97148

He goes through the door

95526 No.97149

She looks at him content in her own way, and rubs his cheek. She then moves up and down on him a few times


Uh… Well, he should have sneak attack damage on each dagger because he is flanking her from behind

Let's go with "explorer." He is wearing camoflauge and green paint. A brownish color horse with glasses, and a submachine gun, not quite in punching range, but neither wholly out of range

"Dame tus posesiones!"

It's the same hallway, going two directions

Good enough. She is kill, and falls forward, her muzzle hitting the toilet seat. There is a sound in the hallway

e4486 No.97150

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5


2e8fc No.97151

Spark looks down the hallway to see if anypony is coming.

e8687 No.97152

"Wir sind noch nicht aus dem Spiel." Brie whispers
"Get ready!" Brie whispers, sliding out of the room.
"I'm coming out!" Brie shouts before shuffling through the door slowly, with his hooves raised,

ce129 No.97153

Iron cocks his head, looking at his and Cauldron's possessions to see if there's really a need to fight this pony for them.
(Are we even carrying something of value on either one of us?)

ce129 No.97154

95526 No.97155

What precisely is he searching for?

Yes there is. Right there is her companion, and he looks angry. At least he seems unawares at the moment.

"What are you doing? Back in your room"
The response comes from an ashen grey Unicorn who wears a hat and a uniform that looks most like an Equestrian military uniform. It is decidedly not the uniform of a civilian police officer, NMAC, Blackhooves, any of the quisling governments, or the guards the mail service hires.

The Nymphs look worried, but nod

Each carries a pack. What is inside the packs… who can say

e8687 No.97156

Dice rollRolled 8 - 1

"I… I'm needed back at the bar! Am I not?"

e4486 No.97157

Any signs that point me in the direction of Blue

3c374 No.97158

He rests his head back, reveling in the incredible feeling of their union. He slides his hooves down to help guide her movements. "You are amazing, Blue."

ce129 No.97159

Iron nods to himself.
(Well, if Cauldron has a pack, he is definitely not going to get it.)
He faces his assailant, brandishing his thick armor and tower shield, and walks defiantly towards him.
"Estás seguro que quieres intimidarme, compadre?"
Not an intimidation so no dice roll here.

95526 No.97160

Dice rollRolled 11 + 1

I really thought his score would be higher
"Where is Lavender?"

No real signs, just the pathway to the lobby and outside the building (and the courtyard) and the pathway to deeper inside the building

She smiles and gently moves up and down on him in loving, but not intense way
"I know"

I don't recall him having all of that but…. fuck it, he has all of that. But this bandit

"Quieres morir?"

e8687 No.97161

Dice rollRolled 1 - 1

"Lavender? I dunno, I'm just delivering drinks!" Brie says overloud, while cowering on the deck.

e4486 No.97162

Could i do a listen check to see if i hear anything that would point me in the right direction?

95526 No.97163

Okay, this, he definitely fails

He points the gun at him
"Bullshit! Where is Lavender?"


3c374 No.97164

She must have the same idea he has. Best to savor this moment for as long as they can. He certainly has no issues with it.

2e8fc No.97165

Dice rollRolled 4 + 1

"You done and scared him. He can't think."

e4486 No.97166

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5


e8687 No.97167

Dice rollRolled 20 - 1

"I'm sorry! I had a scheme, selling ponies buffalo testicles as aphrodesiacs! They're really popular with couples! I thought I could make some extra bits! I didn't mean any harm!"

ce129 No.97168

Dice rollRolled 5 + 8

Oh whoops. Pretend I don't have it if it means you having a fair fight against him. I'll do the same.
Iron smirks at the offender, his armor and shield poofing from existence without him noticing but his ego still remains. He keeps closing the distance like that SMG is a toy to him.
"Ja! Que me da risa tus palabras. ¿Pretendes matarme? Tus pequeñas bolitas de metal no podrían ni penetrar mi cuerpo, bastardo."
Now I'll roll to scare him until he reaches charging distance at least.

95526 No.97169

"Who the fuck are you?"

At least he's looking at Spark now, and not down on the ground

He can't really hear much of anything. It's mostly silent

I don't know what you were trying, but you succeeded

e4486 No.97170

Do i smell any lavender or alcohol on in the air?

e8687 No.97171

Game was "look away, I'm just a humble train-worker"
ready knives

ce129 No.97172

Dangit, I almost had that roll.
Definitely a bluff to try and escape this predicamente.

e8687 No.97173

None for you! I NEEDED it! Xp

2e8fc No.97174

"I could ask you the same, but if you must know I was a student at the school for gifted unicorns at Canterlot before the war broke out. I'm just a passenger now on a train that is being held up by some crazy ponies that claim to be part of some resistance and somehow stopping this train helps anything to get back what was stolen from us? Are you seriously asking who I am in a time like this? Who the buck are you?"
Spark can buy only so much time…

95526 No.97175

Dice rollRolled 4, 9, 9, 12, 16 = 50

Iron got what he wanted


I don't think so…

Well, he's looking at Spark now, as Brie is not an obvious threat

"Uh… okay…"

ce129 No.97176

So two hits, how much damage?

95526 No.97177

Dice rollRolled 3, 2, 2, 1 = 8


e4486 No.97178

He takes the pathway deeper into the building

95526 No.97179

Hmmm… may need to up the damage die on pistol rounds

"We are looking to help" he says, looking at Spark again

There are a number of closed doors on either side, before there is a turn to the right

95526 No.97180

"Want to hug me even more?"

2e8fc No.97181

"And your help is to cause a major panic among potential recruits and supporters? Stop with the script and tell me what you are really doing."

e8687 No.97182

Dice rollRolled 17 - 1

"HEY MISTER! Your boots that don't have laces are untied!" Brie says this, palming another pair of knives, but distracting for Sparks' sake.

e4486 No.97183

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

Listen check on the doors

95526 No.97184

"I'm not wearing shoes"
He looks down never the less

Two rooms make sounds

"We are looking for none other than Pinkie Pie"

3c374 No.97185

Silver gives her a warm smile, pulling her into further embrace. He whispers to her, "As if you had to ask."

95526 No.97186

She feels soft and… well, maybe not warm, but she's there, and pulls her self up on him a little more, then down again

e4486 No.97187

What kinds of sounds?

95526 No.97188

He can't hear them well enough to identify their nature

ce129 No.97189

Dice rollRolled 20 + 8


Holy shit that's some good luck dice wise. I'll pretend I'm at full health so as to not end this dream prematurely.
Iron smirks as the four bullets barely penetrates his coat and definitely opening up his skin and lodging themselves around his chest area slightly. The pain is felt, but he fared worse with the tiger.
"Hah! Te dije, amigo mío. No hay chance que tu arma pueda incapacitarme."
Taking the initiative this time, he charges straight at the SMG wielding offender to deal with a powerful hoof strike right on his face.
Here's a chance to show this pony's traits with ranged weaponry.

ce129 No.97190

Please tell me I was in range for this.

e4486 No.97191

Dice rollRolled 14 + 5

He listens at those doors specifically

e8687 No.97192

Dice rollRolled 7, 3 + 8 = 18

(latter is -4)
Double sneak attack

95526 No.97193

Holy shit. He not only knocks the bastard on the ground, but he knocks him into the air and onto his back

Good enough. He'd have to make a movement action forward first

Am I seeing a 15 7?

The first one has a sound that kind of drones on

3c374 No.97194

As long as she feels as though she wants to be there, unlike last time, he's happy. With his forelegs wrapped around her, he continues to help in her movements going up and down his body.

e4486 No.97195

Dice rollRolled 6 + 5

and the next one

95526 No.97196

He can't really hear anything at this one

She aids in the movement more, up and down

ce129 No.97197

Dice rollRolled 15 + 10

Iron smiles triumphantly at his hoofwork.
"Uyuyuy, vas a tener un viajectio por la zona de dolor, amigo."
He charges towards the prone pony to initiate a grapple against him.

e4486 No.97198

He knocks on the door

95526 No.97200

And thus, they can hear knocking on the door to the lounge.

She whispers
"Let me handle this"

Pretty sure that succeeds

95526 No.97201

Roll damage for one knife-sneak attack

3c374 No.97202

He nods, whispering back to her. "Just tell me what you need me to do and where."

95526 No.97203

"Stay silent as long as you can, and close your eyes"

No response

e8687 No.97204

Dice rollRolled 4, 5, 3 = 12

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1


e4486 No.97205

Dark star walks in

3c374 No.97206

Those are two things Silver can most definitely do well. He does both before Dark Star enters.

e4486 No.97207

Doubt hes coming in now

ce129 No.97208

He goes for a simple chokehold with his forelegs, mainly by pressuring his neck so that his air flow is cut off and achieve unconsciousness through hoof pressure, while his hindlegs sit right on the victim's own forelegs to avoid struggling, pinning him. That leaves his rump right on the assailant's exposed chest.
"Buenas noches, amigo."

95526 No.97209

She places a pillow over his face for good measure

Dark Star walks in to see a room with a number of fluffy red couches, empty shelves to carry alcohol, a bar, and on one of the couches, a pissed off looking white unicorn with a red mane - hair up in a bun. She is looking over at him, and looks kind of pissed. She looks kind of familiar

Looks like he isn't the only one. There is another in the forest

Good enough to wound him and leave him down on the ground

ce129 No.97210

Before I act, is the pinned pony now unconscious?

e4486 No.97211

"Hey i remember you. your are that one mare."
What a faggot

95526 No.97212


She looks angry, and responds in a thick mid-Equestrian accent
"Yes, you walked in on a prisoner interrogation. Now excuse me"

ce129 No.97213

This is a perfect way to cheat on Skies!
Use your powers of charisma to have sex with her.

Now, this is important, can Iron pick up the pony and throw at the other pony?

95526 No.97214

Only if he rolls high enough on a strength check

e4486 No.97215

"Have you seen blue skies? im looking for her to tell her im sorry for saying she fucked silver and to tell her i puked in her bed."
Dark Star is to moral to cheat.

95526 No.97216

"Is that one of the officers here?" She says

e4486 No.97217

"Yea she's the Blue nimbusian pegasus one."

ce129 No.97218

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Aw dangit. Well, I'm going for it.
Iron, after ensuring the pinned pony is unconscious, uses his strength to pick him up to throw him at the other assailant next turn.
As he does it, he makes sure it's an actual threat and not a simple bystander.

95526 No.97219

"I may have seen her around working here, but i haven't seen her tonight. She probably went outside for a walk or for a smoke break. That or she's in the bathroom"

Yes, he can definitely throw him

e8687 No.97220

Dice rollRolled 12, 20 + 5 = 37

Kill then ^_^
(one is -4)

95526 No.97221

>A 20
He's dead Jim

e4486 No.97222

"I think she's with a unicorn. we had a fight now i cant find either one of them i'm worried."

2e8fc No.97223

Spark looks down the hallway once more to make sure no other threats have seen this brutal killing.

ce129 No.97224

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

Oh boy!
Iron aims at the other pony and chucks his possible companion right at it.
"Te veo, pibe!"
Side note: I thought Skies' smoking habits were a secret.

95526 No.97225

She sighs
"I don't know where she is, I haven't seen her tonight. She'll turn up soon enough I am sure"

None in this car at the moment

2e8fc No.97226

"Well then… what now? They are looking for somepony, and I hope they misspoke about who it was. We need to get out of here before this becomes a major incident."

e8687 No.97227

The 20s work in mysterious ways
I have to crash, but I should b availble tomorrow too

e4486 No.97228

Dark star looks like he is going through a small patch of despair
"the unicorn i said she was fucking is probably with her. where do you think they are? why would she leave me? where is she? why does she hate me i love her so much. i hate myself for being alive."

95526 No.97229

She sighs
"I don't know. You will have to figure that all out on your own. If she was with a unicorn then I wouldn't be surprised if they went back to his place or a bar"

e4486 No.97230

Dark Star in his drunkenness and despair collapses to the floor and starts crying.

ce129 No.97231

Uh… >>97224 needs a little attention.

95526 No.97232

She walks up to him, and asks
"Does somepony need to take you home?"


ce129 No.97233

Iron cackles in pure adrenaline.
"Ahí voy~"
He has a big smile on his face, akin to a crazed lunatic like Skies usually does. He starts galloping straight to the other assailant to knock his or her lights out.

e4486 No.97234

Dark Star crys even harder
"I Dont have a home anymore. fucking mayor gave it to ziggers"

95526 No.97235

She sighs
"You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. And don't say the 'Z' word"

e4486 No.97236

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

Dark Star does a spot check on the room

ce129 No.97237

I feel like you lost interest in the dream already. Sorry about that. Promise I'll interrogate this other pony after pinning him/her if that's the path you want to take.

95526 No.97238

No Skies to be sure. Then again, much of his vision is obscured by tears and the mare. There are no bottles of alcohol available

Let me deal with this

ce129 No.97239

Roger that.

c5a1a No.97240

*a bardic stallion wanders down a dirt path, whistling (somehow) during his wander*
*he is Parvell Stummenhoov and has never stayed anywhere long, he counts amoung his friends a lute, a chainmail jacket, and a rapier. for one can never trust these harsh lands*

e4486 No.97241

"I wish i had died that night"
He's practically sobbing now

95526 No.97242

An old cowboy went riding out one dark and windy day…

ce129 No.97243

A new character? I wasn't expecting that.

2e8fc No.97244

Welcome to our crazy game. We are a bit separated on various quests right now, but I look forward to getting to know your character.

95526 No.97245

She leaves from beside him

The streets are illuminated by electric street lamps demonic magic in the late night, with crowded buildings to either side

e4486 No.97246

Dark Star puts one of his guns in his mouth

ce129 No.97247

Well ok then.

0a1a9 No.97248

File: 1554624282377.png (Spoiler Image, 525.68 KB, 750x1000, AryanneJustDoIt.png)

95526 No.97250

She comes and grabs away his hoof with telekinesis magic
"Celestia, do I need to take you to a ward?"

c5a1a No.97251

*Parvell leans against a building and begins to strum his lute*
"Be awake be brave and love yourself"
"Never let anyone take form you the beauty you're worth"
Don't wait, you're no book on a shelf"
"never question the reason, or the beauty of your birth"

e4486 No.97252


ce129 No.97253

Nice rhyming there.

95526 No.97254

A pony looks at him as she lopes on by

"Because you're a danger to yourself"

e4486 No.97255

"Why do you care? No one else does."

c5a1a No.97256

literally just made that up on the spot

95526 No.97257

She sighs again
"Sober up and Stallion-up. Put that gun away"

c5a1a No.97258

*he hears a commotion*
"hey fella what's wrong?" he says to a nearby poner with a gun
*he strums a small bit*

95526 No.97259

Uh… Sure, why the hell not

e4486 No.97260

"She was right about everything. i'm nothing but a worthless colt who will never amount to anything. my dream of protecting baltimare and all the other ponies on this planet is impossible. all i deserve is death. she's better off with him any way."
"Who are you?"

95526 No.97261

"Look, whatever your issue is, it doesn't involve or concern me, okay?"

c5a1a No.97262

"My name is Parvell and I can't help but feel like this is a bad situation so just give me a 10 count and tell me what's wrong"
*proceeds to play some soothing music*

e4486 No.97263

"I Want Die."
The pony says drunkenly

c5a1a No.97264

"That seems counter productive friend"
"tell me what's wrong"

e4486 No.97265

"My life is a sad joke, i've lost everything and everyone. i'm better off blowing my brains out."
He hears extreme hurt in in this pony's voice

c5a1a No.97266

*Begins to play a more upbeat tune*
*subtley casts inspire courage*
"No one is better off like that, that pain is within your mind, honor your lost loved ones by finding a new life. Want to die? fine, kill the pony who cries, and then rise from those ashes and find the courage to conquer your fears. do things that the colt you are would never do. Fuck it fight sharks, climb mountains, fight the greatest of evils. Fear? you just had a gun in your mouth, that's a 100% death rate. Fear should mean nothing to the new you. I believe if you truly want to die that your death can have new meaning. By not dying, by letting yourself become a new Colt."

ce129 No.97267

Wrong universe

e8687 No.97268


20da2 No.97269

File: 1554651780788.png (369.54 KB, 946x1024, 8CD3FCD9-B7F6-4C5C-88FD-27….png)

e8687 No.97270

Brie scans the corridor, looking for more threats and making sure he has an opportunity to retrieve his two blades from the most recent corpse.

20da2 No.97271

Be award that my parents are dragging me to church this morning
At the moment there seems to be no pony in the corridor. Bare in mind that the corridors are off to the side, so he cannot see through a window in the vestibule to another car… he can only see inside his own

e8687 No.97272

Thats fine, no hurry
Brie grabs his knives, and drags the body into his room with the Lings.
"Ich weiß nicht was los ist. Wenn ich raus gehe, schließe die Tür hinter mir ab und vertraue keinem, der versucht, sich hineinzudrängen." he tells the two, while retrieving his other two daggers.

3c374 No.97273

File: 1554654980713.webm (2.42 MB, 480x270, 1982584__safe_artist-colo….webm)

95526 No.97279

I'm still more than a little dumbfounded and shaken by recent events

Unfortunately, the body leaves a trail of blood as is it pulled across. There is at least room in the cabin for both… barely. Wesley stares on in curious horror, while Kerr comes closer to sniff the body of the pink mare. A dead pony isn't exactly edible to the parasites. Nevertheless, Wesley is the first to speak
"Okay, wir werden die Tür nicht öffnen"

e4486 No.97280

i bet

95526 No.97281

File: 1554667366489.gif (1.31 MB, 801x611, wEJyq (1).gif)

e4486 No.97282

File: 1554667461846.png (154.21 KB, 303x366, _angry ponk.png)

e8687 No.97283

what recent events? Also

Does the cabin have towels? Brie adopts the appearance of the pony he killed from the hallway, and looks out the cabin window to determine where their position is on the bridge.

95526 No.97284

Yes, there are towels inside of the bathroom… And probably bodies underneath it

It looks as if the train is parked almost perfectly over the bridge, with the rear observation car being over the end, and the locomotive, mail, and one front car being over the other. Naturally, that means that Brie's car is closer to the end of the gorge

e8687 No.97285

No, the towels are for the blood in the hallway. But yes, the bodies are getting stuffed in the bathroom. Is there water at the bottom of the gorge?

95526 No.97286

The towels do not have blood on them at present. The angle of the view from the car window doesn't permit looking straight down, but judging from the scene further away from the bridge, it appears that there is a small river at the bottom of the gorge that is maybe 1/3 of the maximum of the gorge and isn't very deep.

e8687 No.97287

After stuffing the bodies in the bathroom, grabs the towels and goes into the hallway to try and clean the blood.

95526 No.97288

Roll die
Does he wet the towels in the bathroom sink?

e8687 No.97289

Dice rollRolled 5

Yes of course he does. He's had to clean up blood before so he wouldn't be a newb about it.

95526 No.97290

Uh… Does he have some kind of modifier? Because that's not the best of luck

e8687 No.97291

What's the category?

95526 No.97292

He's having better luck than someone had in cleaning up vomit

Leaning towards Int

ce129 No.97293

I feel you. This is retardation levels no mortal can attain without having lived two or more lives.

e8687 No.97294

Whaddya mean? Unless you mean what I'm doing, what happened?

95526 No.97295

With another towel, more water, and a new dice roll, he may be able to clean up the now wider spread blood stain

I have so much I want to say but should probably not say it

A seven is not quite enough to clean it up, but probably enough to not make the situation worse

ce129 No.97296

Oh plz. You're doing great. Don't worry about it too much.
If you really want to know, it's Dark Star playing the victim card really fucking hard.
Not saying more than that.

e8687 No.97297

Dice rollRolled 1 + 2

Oh, I missed that bit

e8687 No.97298


ce129 No.97299

95526 No.97300

Maybe it's not too late to spread blood all over the carpet evenly, so it all looks like it was dyed that color

e8687 No.97301

Hmmmm. Brie collapses on the bloody carpet, closes his eyes, and waits.

95526 No.97303

A pony (looks like a passenger) briefly opens a door nearby, looks over… and then goes back inside his room

ce129 No.97304

Well, that worked. Still super duper sneaky.

e8687 No.97305

I'm surprised that worked. Brie knocks 2x then 1x on his cabin door.

95526 No.97306

I mean… What would you do in that situation? Anyways, Wesley opens the door

e8687 No.97308

Brie stashes the bloody towels and then returns to the corridor, and makes his way toward the front of the train.
Was the rear observation area open air or did it have only windows?
I have a bad feeling about this

95526 No.97309

Brie is damned near stabbed by Kerr - who lies in wait off to the side - before at the last moment he realizes that is Brie.
The rear observation area has windows on it. At this exact moment, there is no pony in the hall

e8687 No.97310

K. Making his way toward the front then.
I figure this is going to be difficult no matter how I slice it, but he's better off being seen as a guard who's now dead than running into "himself". I get a bluff check this way,….

95526 No.97313

Alright, let me just try to confirm this. He is heading to the front of the train rather than the observation car. Also, is he using the Corporal's form or the Bartender's form? I'm assuming the former?

e8687 No.97314

Yes, the Corporal's. I'd hate to run into the real bartender looking like him. And yes, toward the front of the train. Has he observed any open air-area in the train? What about the vestibules, can they be cut open, or used to access the outside of the train? He's running through scenarios of escape as he makes his way.

95526 No.97315

Each train car, in the area where the corridor connects to the vestibule, has a pair of doors - on on each side - in the front portion of the car. Whether the vestibules can be cut open is uncertain. There are no open air cars, all of the train has windows.

He is able to walk down the car through the corridor without interruption. In the next car, a pony looks out a cabin (a passenger) but quickly closes it. When he gets to the dining car, there are no passengers, but at the far end stands one pony - burgundy earth pony brown mane - wearing an arm band, who looks at Brie. He seems generally nervous. Yes, he has a gun, which remains on his side

ce129 No.97316


Resistance fighter. Keep your guard up and stay cool.

e8687 No.97317

Meta, I don't know that

ce129 No.97318

Weren't you with Spark?

e8687 No.97319

He won't be available until later

ce129 No.97320

No. I meant that you were with Spark when the knocking happened. They pretty much introduced themselves as resistance fighters.

e8687 No.97321

Brie speaks to the man with the armband. "Any sign of Lavender?"

e8687 No.97322

Dice rollRolled 17 + 7

95526 No.97323

"No… Lavender went back that way some minutes ago" he says

e8687 No.97324

Brie nods and turns back toward his cabin. Are there any cabins PAST his?

95526 No.97325

Yes, half of the cabins on the train

e8687 No.97326

Brie does the 2 knock, 1 knock on his own cabin.

95526 No.97327

Wesley opens the door again

e8687 No.97328

Entering the cabin, Brie reverts to his normal appearance.
"Bist du hungrig jungetiere?"

95526 No.97329

File: 1554674146167.jpeg (1.82 MB, 2000x2577, 1305897.jpeg)

"Wir könnten essen…"

They're Changelings. They're never not hungry

e8687 No.97330

Brie reverts to the Corporal's appearance. "Gut. Verkleide dich als Ponys in diesen Uniformen und komm mit mir."

95526 No.97331

The nymphs try to adopt larger forms - Kerr, into a White pegasus, and Wesley into a grey Unicorn… not necessarily any just any grey unicorn. However, both don't seem to quite have the size right, looking like maybe teenagers. They are larger than their normal forms, so obviously they are not limited to their true size, but at the same time, being as large as a full adult proves elusive to the two. Kerr plagiarizes Brie's uniform, and Wesley uses the pink mare's arm band

e8687 No.97332

That'll do. "Okay, folge mir nach. Wir werden sehen, was wir herausfinden können, wer sie suchen, und mit etwas Glück finden wir ein paar Ponys, von denen Sie sich ernähren können."

95526 No.97333

Again, they look just a little too young… but it'll have to do.

The two nymph's eyes briefly glow blue green, and Wesley almost starts to drool before they follow Brie. Kerr asks
"Okay, wie viel dürfen wir ihnen nehmen?"

3c374 No.97334

D'aww. Silver must have really made an impression on Wesley.

e8687 No.97335

"Töte sie nicht, aber füttere sie auf jeden Fall. Wir müssen möglicherweise den Zug verlassen. Wenn wir das tun, weiß ich nicht, wie lange es dauern wird, bis Sie wieder füttern können."

95526 No.97336

"Ich werde nicht töten…" Answers Kerr
Wesley nods

e8687 No.97338

"Herrlich. Folge mir dann. Ich werde Sie wissen lassen, ob die Situation es Ihnen ermöglicht zu ernähren."
Brie leads them back into the corridor, and knocks firmly on the next door in line.

95526 No.97339

A chalkish colored grey-white earth pony opens the door and looks out
"Didn't you already search here?"

95526 No.97340

Wait. Next as is further down the train?

e8687 No.97341

"I'll ask the questions." Brie attempts to push his way into the cabin.
Fug, shoulda grabbed the carbine

e8687 No.97342

Yes, that was the idea. I was assuming they had checked all the cabins leading up to theirs.

95526 No.97343

He is pushed aside, but otherwise offers no resistance

e8687 No.97344

Brie scans the room. How many are present.

95526 No.97346

In that room, just the one

e8687 No.97347

How big is the cabin? Is it the same size as the one Brie and the Lings have?

95526 No.97349

Actually, no. the difference is that Brie's room is special for having enough room both for the bed that lays perpendicular to the window, but also another one that is horizontal to the window. This cabin only has the couch that allows a bed to come down, plus the bathroom and a smaller chair. So slightly smaller

e8687 No.97350

"Where are your traveling companions?" Brie asks sternly

95526 No.97351

This makes the stallion afraid. His ears droop
"Travelling companions?"

e8687 No.97352

Brie's eyes narrow. "Yes, where are the ponies you are traveling with?"

95526 No.97353

He blinks
"I am travelling alone…"

e8687 No.97355

Brie walks to the door and plants himself in front of it. He slowly pulls out two of his throwing knives while saying: "Very well. I'm going to give you a choice. You can allow these two to feed on you, and you will live to recover from it, or you can attempt to call out for help and I will kill you. I don't want your life and neither do they, so please don't make me take it.

95526 No.97357

File: 1554677931858.png (1 MB, 1920x1080, 1281036.png)


ce129 No.97359

So is that a yes?

e8687 No.97361

"Fahren Sie fort, Jungetiere. Denk dran, töte ihn nicht."

17e85 No.97364

Somewhere on the train, a crystal masquerading as horse wakes with a hangover

ce129 No.97365

Hi. It seems you're missing something.

fe4e4 No.97366

Well that was odd….

ce129 No.97367

Now I feel more confused.

fe4e4 No.97369

Shhhhhh, you saw nothing. Nothing at all

95526 No.97371

File: 1554680065148.gif (29.88 MB, 1414x854, just_a_taste_by_misteraibo….gif)

Dice rollRolled 14, 14, 7, 13 = 48

The two nymphs walked forward, just a couple feet away from the Stallion and to each side, definitively pinning him in the back of the cabin.

He has a look of absolute horror on his face. Brie's words had been enough to let him know exactly what was going to happen to him - or at least, to imagine what was going to happen to him. He had probably never experienced it. Though there is nowhere to run, he backs up against teh window, then falls on his back, shaking. He spread his hooves apart, then holds them up… as if that would some how protect him. His eyes widen as his pupils shrink to nearly nothing in anticipation of what follows.

Kerr knows by instinct and by experience - and for that matter, by Brie's words - that he may not have the chance to eat for another two months. He may never eat again. Without faith in a stable future, he looks upon the meal before him. There's more fear than love on the surface. Hopefully, he when he can break through to what lies beneath - dig into this pony's soul and inner core - he'll find more palatable feelings.

Wesley is the closest to feeling any kind of empathy. Looking at the expression on this pony, who is backed into a corner and will soon be drained of any joy, Wesley can almost imagine himself in the same position. Almost. Wesley isn't really hungry, having fed many times earlier in the day. But if that pony is going to be drained for all he has, Wesley was going to make damned sure he got his 50%.

Kerr starts, moving forward, and sucking out a stream of purple magic from the pony. Wesley moves forward and sucks out a larger stream, prompting Kerr to up his take as well. The pony rwrithes in evident agony, and looks up at the roof of the car, before starting to flail his limbs about. He tries to cry out, but nothing more than a little air comes out. Whether he is silent for fear of Brie, or because the ability to cry has literally been taken from him is hard to tell. The magic itself gives off a light, almost lighting up the room, as the ponie's coat - already a grey - becomes even duller. His coat sticks closer to his chest as it looks as if he becomes more emaciated. It's almost like he is aging before them. He collapses on the floor, his tongue hanging out as his eyes remain open. The two changelings continue to suck on his for several seconds after that, only eventually stopping.

It's not entirely clear they obeyed the whole "don't kill him" part

Don't worry. There's still plenty of shit left to go down

e8687 No.97372

"Und du bist sicher, du hast ihn nicht getötet?"

95526 No.97373

Kerr looks over at the pony lying on the floor, and taps him with a hoof
"Ja. Ihm wird es schon gut gehen."

e8687 No.97375

"Gut. Lasst uns in unsere Kabine zurückkehren."

ce129 No.97376

Good, Brie. Good. Soon you'll embrace changelinghood.

95526 No.97377

“Sehr gut”
They nod, and follow Brie, leaving the stallion lying there on the floor

e8687 No.97378

Before leaving, Brie places the stallion onto the bed and tucks him in.
"Best to give him the appearance of sleeping" he Eeee's to himself, before leading the Lings back into the cabin.
Pointing to the carbine, Brie asks "Jeder von euch weiß, wie man eine davon benutzt?"

95526 No.97380

The stallion’s eyes remain open, but he is able to be placed on the bed. He looks almost emaciated.

Kerr and Wesley go back into the room. Wesley says:
“Ich habe noch nie einen erschossen.”
He struggles to hold the carbine with glowing green telejenisus energy. Kerr, meanwhile, is examining and prodding the other rifle
“Wie halte ich eine Schusswaffe mit Hufen?”

95526 No.97381

Onyx wakes up to a room that is empty besides him. It is very dark outside, must be after midnight. The train has stopped moving. There is a knocking on the door
“Open up”

fe4e4 No.97382

The knocking doesn't help his hangover
"Go to bucking Tartarus"

95526 No.97383

“It’s the Everfree resistance and we are searching this train. Open up your door, we mean you no harm.”

fe4e4 No.97384

Onyx's eyes shoot open
"Alright, one minute"
He tries to ignore the ass whipping he could get for helping changelings as he reaches for his halberd.
Once he is holding it in a position where it can't be seen from the open door, he opens it.

95526 No.97385

A pony comes through almost immediately, gazing to each side and holding a carbine. She has a plum purple coat, magnolia colored mane, and with no horn or wings must be an earth pony. She waves the carbine around, including briefly pointing it at onyx, and takes a good look at him

How crystally does he look?

fe4e4 No.97386

Medium, hangover isn't helping while the nap was.

95526 No.97387

She looks at him more intently
“Are you a crystal pony?”

fe4e4 No.97388

Onyx doesn't look in the mood for this
"Are you purple?"

e8687 No.97389

"Schlägt mich. Wenn Sie es verwenden könnten, würde ich vorschlagen, dass es wirksamer ist als die Wurfmesser, die ich Ihnen gab. Ganz gleich. Ich werde weiter nach Informationen suchen. Sie kennen den Bohrer."

95526 No.97390

She opens the door to the bathroom, while pointing her gun forward and in

95526 No.97391

“Welche Formulare sollten wir verwenden?” Kerr asks

fe4e4 No.97392

Onyx looks out the door to see if anypony else is following

e8687 No.97393

"Willst du mit mir kommen?"

95526 No.97394

None are immediately visible outside the door. Just her. Spark is missing

“Sollten wir?”
Kerr blinks

e8687 No.97395

"Ich muss vielleicht noch mehr töten, bist du dabei? Ich würde es hassen, wenn du verletzt wirst."

fe4e4 No.97396

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

The purple poner suddenly feels the flat of Onyx's halberd across the back of her head.
-4 for nonleathal attack

ce129 No.97397

That's kinda rude.

95526 No.97398

“Ponys sind gefährlich, aber sie sehen aus wie Soldaten, die unsere Bienenstöcke zerstören wollen. Ich kann gehen, wenn Sie nicht glauben, dass wir Ihre Pläne durcheinander bringen.“

That escalated quickly…

Hit, roll damage

fe4e4 No.97399

Dice rollRolled 6

Dice rollRolled 4 + 8

Onyx prefers the government the way it is, and doesn't want changeling smuggling on his record

e8687 No.97400

"Wenn Sie sich damit auskennen, habe ich kein Problem."
Yay! We can die together!

Brie leads the Lings out of the room and knocks on the next cabin door in the line.

95526 No.97401

Yep, she’s knocked right the fuck out. That’ll teach her

“Dann werde ich folgen” Kerr says.
Wesley follows. Not even Chrysalis would have sent that insect into combat, but Wesley evidently would rather be killed than be a coward.

When they get to the next door, they hear a voice back
“What do you want”
Female, young, a little irritated

fe4e4 No.97402

"Hmmm, I expected more of a fight"
Onyx then heads out of the room and wanders around, seemingly not knowing what stealth is.

e8687 No.97403

"Open the door. We're looking for a specific pony. You will not be harmed."

95526 No.97404

She sighs
“Ugh, fine”
She opens the door. 10 seconds later. She’s a lemon yellow Pegasus, and she looks like she has been sleeping

At the moment, and I mean, the moment there is no pony in the hall. The lights are on

e8687 No.97405

"Are you Lavender?"

fe4e4 No.97406

Onyx continues to wander around, hoping to find a familiar face

95526 No.97407

“No? My name is Mertle Berry”

After a few feet, he sees a pony come out of a room. This pony wears a legband with the Equestrian flag, and has a white bandana around his neck. He’s a black earth pony
“What are you doing?”

fe4e4 No.97408

"What are you doing?"

e8687 No.97409

Dice rollRolled 2 - 2

Sense motive

e8687 No.97410

"Thank you, sorry to bother you" Brie steps away from the door and moves to the next one.

95526 No.97411

The changelings move forward to the door, and Kerr bumps his snout on the door as it closes

“Sir, we need you to go back to your cabin”

e4486 No.97412

Any sign of silver?
"ye know that might be right. thanks i feel kinda better now."

14b80 No.97413

Holy hell, they buffed the shit out of the Changelings in EaW. Used to be their attack would stall sometime after taking Shire if it was AI vs AI. Now, they're handedly beating the combined forces of Equestria, the Crystal Empire, Stalliongrad, and New Mareland.

ce129 No.97414

None today so far

fe4e4 No.97415

"And if I refuse?"

95526 No.97416

Yeah, I’ve noticed. They used to lose in like 5 months every single time. Now, that is less common, and it isn’t uncommon for them to take literal years to lose the war.

He sighs
“Sir, it’s a measure for your safety.”

e8687 No.97417

"Du hast gerade gegessen. Komm schon, wir suchen jetzt nach Informationen." Brie walks up and knocks on the next door in line.

fe4e4 No.97418

Dice rollRolled 10 + 10

"For mine, or for yours?"
With this, Onyx swings the halberd down on this other horse

c5a1a No.97419

"Glad I could help brother. Do you need company on your adventures?"

95526 No.97420

File: 1554687651528.png (138.98 KB, 845x1024, F2A409BE-8EBD-40B4-91BE-25….png)

*sad parasite noises*

The next door, when knocked on, is answered with
“Yes? What’s going on?”

Hit. Roll damage

fe4e4 No.97421

Dice rollRolled 2

Dice rollRolled 4 + 6

Aye aye captain

e8687 No.97422

"Please open the door. We're looking for a pony named Lavender."

ce129 No.97423

inb4 lavender is codename to Twilight Sparkle.

e4486 No.97424

"Sure, i was looking for my marefriend. She's a Blue Pegasus from nimbusia. I think she might be with a Silver unicorn."

95526 No.97425

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

He’s hurt, but not out
“Oh you are going to get it!

“Oh, sure”
He opens it, and is startled to see Brie
“Are you EAF?”
Beige earth pony

fe4e4 No.97426

That's a hit

c5a1a No.97427

*nudges the recently sad poner*
"Alright friend lets find her."
*he looks around to get his bearing*

e8687 No.97428

"To be honest, no. But I want to know why they're looking for Lavender."

95526 No.97429

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

He gets hit with the butt of the gun

It’s the lounge of a fancy hotel. How he got there, who knows. But he’s there

“Whonis Lavender? Did a passenger go missing? Is she a criminal?”

e8687 No.97430

Dice rollRolled 5 - 2

Sense motive

e4486 No.97431

"We got in a pretty bad fight earlier. i'm worried."

e8687 No.97432

"Don't know, sorry to bother you."
Lather, rinse, knock on the next door.

ce129 No.97433

This is not a good day for you. Sheesh.
This place sure got busier.

fe4e4 No.97434

Dice rollRolled 5 + 7

Onyx does his best to ignore the red mist growing in his vision, and the pain in his head, as he swings again
-3 for power attack

95526 No.97435

Suffice it to say, Brie isn’t learning much tonight

Wesley whispers
“Wonach suchen Sie?”

Next room
“I don’t have anything to be robbed of!”

Well… I think he hits. Barely, but he hits

c5a1a No.97436

"A fight you say?"
*the earth pony with no magic or other means of holding anything puts away his lute and pulls out a rapier and what resembles musical bow*

fe4e4 No.97437

Dice rollRolled 2

Dice rollRolled 4 + 12

Hey, a hit is a hit

e8687 No.97438

"Wer "Lavendel" ist"
Brie moves on to the next room.

95526 No.97439

Ave Victorium!

He is hit and knocked the fuck out… or killed. It wasn’t quite specified

fe4e4 No.97440

Onyx snorts before moving along

95526 No.97441

“Wonach suchen Sie?”

In the next room, they can hear
“Who is it?”

Which direction? To the front of the train or the rear?

e8687 No.97442

"Are you Lavender?"

fe4e4 No.97443

If there's a commotion going on in either direction he picks that one. If not he picks the rear

95526 No.97444

“… No?”

ce129 No.97445

That's how Lavender would answer it! TACKLE HER!

fe4e4 No.97446

No, this is Patrick

95526 No.97447

To the rear!

In the next car, he can see three ponies in uniform and armband near the end of the car. An ashen grey unicorn, a white Pegasus teenager carrying a carbine wearing a uniform, and a grey unicorn carrying a carbine who also looks young and has a legband. They seem to be checking rooms

e8687 No.97448

"Please open the door. I wish to talk to you, no harm will come to you, but there are resistance ponies searching the train for you right now."

e4486 No.97449

"To Victory!"
The Sad Edge hores stands up and extends his hoof for a hoof shake
"My Name is Dark Star."

fe4e4 No.97450

Onyx decides he doesn't like these odds
"Any luck fellas?"

c5a1a No.97451

*follows behind giggling silently*

95526 No.97452

“Uh… uh… okay”
She opens the door. She is indeed a purplish color, albeit lighter. Her mane is kind of puffy

Also, it looks like sompepony to their side just said “any luck fellas?”

Okay, now I’m worried

e8687 No.97453

Brie looks over to see Onyx. "Oh, its you. Don't mind the disguise, its me, Brie."
Brie turns to Lavender. "May we come in?"

95526 No.97454

Her eyes go wide

He says he’s Brie in a disguise >>97453
And the other two… who knows

fe4e4 No.97455

Onyx looks confused, but decides he has no reason not to believe him
"Good to see a…. Well, I guess it isn't a familiar face"

e8687 No.97456

"You've heard of me?"

c5a1a No.97457

woops I misread this one
"I am Parvel the Bard. I shall help you with your people"

95526 No.97458

“Just now, you said ‘don’t mind the disguise, it’s me, Brie’”

e8687 No.97459

"Ah well yes, my name is Brie. I'm not with the resistance, this is a magical disguise. May we come in? I would hate for actual resistance to come along while we're talking."

95526 No.97460

“Oh… Kay?”
She looks terribly confused and afraid
“What’s going on?”

e8687 No.97461

"I'm not sure, thats what I'm hoping to ask you about. They seem interested in finding you for some reason. I honestly don't know the first thing about the resistance, but they have stopped the train and are roving around with guns looking for you, and I'd rather like to get rid of them. I figure talking to you might help make that happen."

95526 No.97462

File: 1554690649959.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 4B74D355-07AC-46D3-9809-80….png)

“WHAT! Ponies with guns are after me? What resistance?”
She is definitely concerned

e8687 No.97463

Brie shrugs (are we inside the cabin yet?)

e4486 No.97464

"I appreciate it very much. my Friend."
Dark Star looks rather embarrassed
He looks over at the Unicorn mare and he gives her 10 bits
"I Don't usually Cry like that,I'm Sorry Miss.i'm sorry for the intrusion"
You said there was no sign of blue in here right gm? But what about Silver does it look like he could have been here?"

95526 No.97465

Yes. Yes they are.

No immediately obvious signs
She takes the bits

e8687 No.97466

"I honestly can't say why. I don't know anything about the resistance, I just know that they're messing with my travel plans, and had the nerve to try and order me around."

e4486 No.97467

Can i roll another spot check? since he's not blinded by tears and a mare isn't blocking most of his view.

95526 No.97468

I’m going to leave it at this

“Just…” She looks straight ahead. “How do you know they are after me?”

It should be noted that the two changelings don’t have great etiquette around ponies. They are making odd faces at her

ce129 No.97469

How about the dream filler Iron's having?

e8687 No.97470

"One of them said your name while they were searching our cabin further down the hallway."

95526 No.97471

Let me get to it

“They did?” She asks. She’s definitely worried
“What do they want?”

95526 No.97473

Um… what are you rolling for?

It’s “Dice 1d20” in the email field

ce129 No.97474

Either write dice (number)d(number)+(number) on the email field or go for [(number)d(number)+(number)] on text field.

c5a1a No.97475

Dice rollRolled 12

Spot check :D

e8687 No.97476

"I don't know, but I have an idea how to find out. Please don't freak out, this is magic; I'm not a changeling."
Brie duplicates her appearance with his cloak.

95526 No.97477


He definitely sees Dark Star

c5a1a No.97478

Dice rollRolled 18


e4486 No.97479

"Again, Sorry miss."
"Maybe she's in this other room i saw."
Dark Star heads back out into the hall

e8687 No.97480

"No, I'm not a changeling. Mare, its just magic." Brie says rolling his eyes. "I think I've gotten all I need from you. Lock your door and if anyone knocks, don't answer."

e4486 No.97481


95526 No.97482

And thus, he goes back out into the hall

“Oh… okay…”

c5a1a No.97483

*Follows with my rapier pointed straight up*

95526 No.97484

Last I recall, Iron was throwing a bandito at another bandito, right?

Wesley asks
“Sind Sie sicher, dass dieser 'Lavendel' den sucht, nach dem sie suchen?”

e8687 No.97485

"Thank you for your time." Brie motions to the Lings (and Onyx?) and leads back to the corridor, and from there to their cabin.

e4486 No.97486

He goes into the room he heard the droning noise from earlier

ce129 No.97487

95526 No.97488

They go back in to the room

The door is locked

Well, he hits him, knocking him down

c5a1a No.97489

"I must have been like SUUUPER drunk last night cause I don't even know how I got here"

ce129 No.97490

Dice rollRolled 4 + 8

Iron charges straight into the second bandito with a wicked smile, fueled by the adrenaline of the fight.
"Vas a sentir dolor!"
He jumps up to deliver a swift stomp on the prone pony's barrel with all four hooves to fully knock him down nonlethally without mercy.

ce129 No.97491

Praying hard that the pony only had 12 AC.

e8687 No.97492

"Okay, hier ist der Plan. Ihr zwei wird mich dem Widerstandssoldaten den Korridor hinunterbringen, und wenn ich näher komme, werde ich sie töten."
Brie attempts to use his disguise to make fake shackles.

e4486 No.97493

"you arent the only one"
he laughs
*Knock Knock*

95526 No.97494

Dice rollRolled 14, 18, 17, 4 = 53

Fortunately, that guy is down. His comrade isn’t though


No response

“Okay, was machen wir so genau?”

ce129 No.97495

Three hits. How many banditos there is?

e4486 No.97496

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

He puts his ear up to the door and listens

c5a1a No.97497

"heh right?
my thing is tom collins and margaritas, you?"
"Hey open up asshole, or I'll play bitback until your ears bleed"
like nickleback but with bits[/s]

e8687 No.97498

"Sobald ich angreife, kannst du das Pony erstechen. Bis dahin tun Sie einfach so, als ob Sie Wachen wären, die mich begleiten."

e8687 No.97499

Did the shackles disguise work?

95526 No.97500

Dice rollRolled 18, 2, 17, 15, 6, 11 = 69

Three known in total, but two are down

Not much clear sound beyond a droning sound

“Ich denke, wir können”

What Shackles disguise?

95526 No.97502

Dice rollRolled 4, 3, 5, 4, 4, 3 = 23

That is the wrong die. This should be right

e4486 No.97503

"i like a lot of different drinks but a good old fashioned Apple Whiskey is my favorite. i don't suppose you can pick a lock can you?"

e8687 No.97504

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

"Okay, lass uns gehen. Sei bereit."
Brie palms a pair of daggers, and leads their way down the corridor, headed toward the front of the train.
Bluff for acting like a freaked-out pony.

e8687 No.97505

Since they're ponies, would it be 'frogs' instead of 'palms'?

e4486 No.97506

yea i think

ce129 No.97507

Dice rollRolled 7 + 8

Alright. I'm pretty sure this last bozo needs one more of these dice rolls to end me if first bandito's damage was about 8 or 9
10 HP left.
Hot searing pain is felt throughout Iron's entire body as the third bandito lands quite a lot of hits. He snarls, turning around to face this last member that dared shoot at him.
"Me hiciste enojar! Decile adiós a tus huesos!"
He charges at the last offender in a blind non-barbaric rage to deliver a punch right on his chest nonlethally with all his might.

95526 No.97508

*contemplates using Matrix rules*


Well, he looks pretty freaked out
I take it he is heading to the dining car

ce129 No.97509

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12


95526 No.97510

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

Are you seriously going to pick the locks of rooms operated by your government and employer to try to find a mare who - if she’s in there - has locked the door because she doesn’t want to see you now?

Pretty heavy hit, but he isn’t quite out. He slams the gun at Iron

e4486 No.97511

Oh no

95526 No.97512

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1



e8687 No.97513

e4486 No.97514

"Oh hello, maybe. would that be a bad idea?"

ce129 No.97515

Dice rollRolled 12 + 6

Iron laughs in Native as the SMG collides with his jaw. He doesn't even flinch at the bash, a smile crossing his face. He coughs a bit of blood from all the other wounds he's suffered so far.
"Ya veo porque usas tus jugetitos."
He suddenly becomes stoic as he raises his foreleg.
"Dulces sueños."
With that, Iron finally hooks at the last opponent with his raw strength.

95526 No.97516

As he enters into the room, the partisan rises to attention
“What’s going on?”

Via… con Dios

HIT, and knocked the fuck out

ce129 No.97518

Iron pants slightly after the fight, having been filled with a lot more holes than he remembered he had naturally.
(Damn weaklings and their guns.)
He grunts in pain as he looks around for any last contenders that may want to shoot him while he's weakened.

95526 No.97519

No response

e4486 No.97520

Wrong Person?

95526 No.97521

The first part of >>97516 is for you

None visible

e8687 No.97522

"What do you want from me?!" Brie tries to sound as much like a shrieking pony as possible.

ce129 No.97523

Iron walks to their unconscious bodies and takes their guns, putting them on his back. He then rummages their supposed belongings to see what they had.

95526 No.97524

The two changelings follow
“What. Who are you two? I don’t recall seeing you back at base”

e8687 No.97525

"Tell me what you want from me!" Brie tries to maintain his attention.

95526 No.97526

Well, the guard is definitely looking at Brie alright, as well as the two following ‘soldiers’

95526 No.97527

Sone bits, a water purification tablets, an obsidian idol of some canine god, a sowing kit, a flare, anti-venom… actually a decent number of litlle items, really.

ce129 No.97528

>Some bits
Iron smirks as he stashes them in his pouch.
>Other little things
"Hey Cauldron! Do you have a use for these things here?"
>Canine god idol
He stares in slight awe at the little statuette. He inspects it more closely as he presumes Cauldron checks the other little items.

e8687 No.97529

Not answering though?

95526 No.97530

You mean answering Brie’s shouts to the pursuing changelings? The questions do not appear to be directed at him, so he wouldn’t answer. And the changelings.,. Well, they don’t speak the language

Cauldron looks over a log
“Did you find something?”
Yes, she is holding a seedling.

It’s a black model of sone sort of dog… a little thinner than a diamond dog, with large jade eyes. It kind of looks more like it fits with the culture of Sonambula, actually. It’s rekatively small, only twice or so the size of Iron’s hoof

95526 No.97531

I feel like a number of players who were formerly not kill are now kill

2e8fc No.97532

Darn it. I just got back too.

e8687 No.97533

Uh, they kinda WERE directed at the partisan

ce129 No.97534

Iron nodswith bullet wounds all over his chest and sides as he's dragging the banditos and piling them up.
"It seems these ponies were packing many things that may be of use, but I am unsure. Take a look at their pouches."
He resumes staring at the idol he left on the ground as the SMGs clank on his back.
(Why would some banditos carry something like this? It does not seem like them to worship a possible deity. Maybe they stole it from a tribe nearby?)

95526 No.97535

I’m seeing a scene where Brie is running from changelings disguised as soldiers

“Woah…. I thought I heard something”

e8687 No.97536

I was more having them escort him as though he was already in custody of sorts. I was hoping to glean some info out of the partisan before I kill him.

ce129 No.97537

Iron chuckles.
"It hurt my poor little ears," he says as he voluntarily flops them around.
Finishing the body pileup, he goes to the idol and picks it up, trying hard to remember many of his elders' classes to maybe get a hint on who it belongs to.

e4486 No.97538

im still here.

95526 No.97539

Is Pavel here?

They are disguised as random ponies in uniforms, right?

Xototl, god of Death, a monstrous dog that either guides the dead on their journey to the afterlife, or rains down fire from the heavens

e8687 No.97540

e4486 No.97541

I think hes kill

ce129 No.97542

Iron's faces turns to horror at the now fully recognized deity, his eyes turning to pinpricks as he really respectfully places on the ground and backpedals the length of a foreleg.
(Why do they have this deity in particular? Shit!)
He turns to Cauldron.
"Cauldron, do you have something to tie ponies down on hoof? I need to interrogate these idiots!"

ce129 No.97543

*places the idol on the ground

95526 No.97544


Now get out of this meta gaming path

Alright, let’s try this again

“Huh? Oh, yes. Some shirt rips here, some twine here…”
She hands over said instruments

ce129 No.97545

"Tie them up. I need to ask them a few questions about their belongings, with force if necessary."

95526 No.97546

“Short ropes” damn it

ce129 No.97547

Since she's a rogue, she'll do better at it.

e4486 No.97548

>Now get out of this meta gaming path

ce129 No.97549

He knows you're trying to witness SilverSkies fucking.

95526 No.97550

She shrugs
And ties up the three ponies

ce129 No.97551

Dice rollRolled 10 + 11

He plants the three captives in a line.
In the mind of a native, he believes that only one thing could wake up a stallion: You slap his face.
Thus, he slaps the face of the first assailant that fired his SMG at him.

95526 No.97552

He’s pretty slapped alright
“Que? Que?”

ce129 No.97553

He glares quite hard at the conscious pony, as if he said her mother was actually fucking more than his father.
He points at the idol
"¿Donde conseguiste esto?"

95526 No.97554

“No te voy a decir una mierda”

ce129 No.97555

Dice rollRolled 15 + 8

Iron raises an eyebrow.
"Ah, si? Sabés que tenes muchos huesos que romper aún. ¿Estás absolutamente seguro de que querés sentirlos todos quebrados?"

95526 No.97556

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3


c5a1a No.97557

*snaps out of his stupor*
"sorry I was in a post hangover stupor what was the question?"

95526 No.97558

His eyes go wide… so very wide

“Está bien, está bien, te lo diré. Hubo un sitio arcgelógico que algunas universidades contrataron en el sitio más allá del agujero del fregadero. El líder bandido quería robar el lugar, así que fuimos allí. Cuando llegamos allí, encontramos un campamento sin ponis en él. pero este ídolo estaba sentado en el suelo en medio del campamento, así que lo tomamos.”


He returns!

ce129 No.97559

Iron feels like something really bad has happened back there. It could probably mean there's a great danger coming this way.
"¿Cuál de ustedes tres es el líder?"

95526 No.97560

“Ninguno de nosotros”

ce129 No.97561

"¿Pués quíen es?

95526 No.97562

He laughs just a little
“No nos deja pronunciar su nombre. Para ti, él es "el rey de los bandidos".”

ce129 No.97563

Iron rolls his eyes.
"En donde está el sitio que robaron este ídolo?"

95526 No.97564

He first says
“Ten cuidado. Él puede cortar eso.”

Then he says
“Más allá del valle, a través de la colina, mil pasos más allá del agujero del fregadero”

ce129 No.97565

Dice rollRolled 19 + 11

Iron ponder for a bit, then smakcs the pony into unconsciousness again.
He turns to Cauldron.
"If you have something to write, write what I am going to say: There's an archeology site following the valley, through the cliffs and a thousands steps further of the waterhole."
He pants slightly.
"I will not mind you giving some health potions if you have them. As soon as we check out the plae, the more likely this idol can return to its rightful place."

e4486 No.97566

"I asked if you knew how to pick a lock."

c5a1a No.97567

Dice rollRolled 17

"Absolutely brother"
*pulls out my pick set and starts on the door*

95526 No.97568

"Huh?" She looks confused again as she looks away from her seedling and then towards Iron
"Oh, yes."
She then digs through her pack, pulls out a journal, and starts to write in it. She doesn't seem to need Iron to repeat the phrase he said before to write it down.

*click* the door lock clicks. Only a few seconds pass before

"What in Tartarus are you doing?" A white unicorn mare with bright red mane curled up into balls asks. She is wearing a blue uniform. Yes, a police mare's uniform

ce129 No.97569

Iron blinks.
"Wait, did we stock ourselves with healing potions just in case we ran into predators?"

95526 No.97570

File: 1554760784686.png (440.01 KB, 3000x4059, 1071206__safe_artist-colon….png)

Is anypony available tonight?

ce129 No.97571

95526 No.97572

For some reason, I feel like revisiting the cringe from a few days ago

ce129 No.97573

I wouldn't recommend it tbh.

e8687 No.97575

Yer mom's available tonight
Maybe, not sure yet

ce129 No.97577

So… are you still up for the mystery of the dog idol?

e8687 No.97578

Yeah, I'm here for a bit. A few hours at least

95526 No.97579


Cauldron looks at Iron, does a sort of half grin, and says "I don't have any healing potions per se, but I did pick up some of these leaves. Chew on them and it should help you a little
She hands over some leaves from her pack

Alright. So Brie is trying to run in pretending to be a prisoner in the dining car

ce129 No.97581

Iron gladly takes the leaves and chews on them with gusto, not really seeing the issue of eating these leaves.

95526 No.97582

They are… well, they definitely have a painkilling and stimulating effect. Iron can reasonably believe he can take a bit more damage now. For good measure, Cauldron takes out some bandages
"Let me stop the bleeding…"

e8687 No.97583

Let me explain. Brie had expected the two disguised Lings to present him to the partisan, at which point Brie would bombard the partisan with (appropriate) demands for information, explanation, etc., before sticking at least two knives in him.

Aaaaand ACTION

ce129 No.97584

Iron nods and presents his shot-up body to the zebra.
"We may have to cut our botany trip short. Something is going down that could probably kill us for that one idol. However, they may grant us some sweet money if we willingly search them and give it to them. Do you want to go gain some real money?"

14b80 No.97585

I'm here, even though there's not much for me to do right at the moment. Maybe I'll try my hands at coming up with a story about Silver or one of his family members, or creating a new creature for the GM to torment us with.

c5a1a No.97586

*bard instincts kick in*
"Well hello there"

95526 No.97587

"What?" She's stunned for a moment. Another moment passes, and she seems to relax a bit.
"Well, less of a vacation than a business opportunity… but this may prove interesting nevertheless."

The bugs understand enough to go forward at about the same speed as Brie, stand behind him, and not say anything

Soon enough

"What are you doing?" She asks

ce129 No.97588

Iron smirks.
"Precisely. Now, follow me. The bandido gave me the directions to the place they stole it from."
With that, he goes along, making sure the SMGs and other valuables are carried.

95526 No.97589

She shrugs
"I'll try to get in some plant finding along the way"

ce129 No.97590

And thus, Iron proceeds to follow the instructions of the bandito to reach the archeological site.

e8687 No.97591

Are you waiting on me? Brie rushes into the mess-car "frantic" because he's "being herded/apprehended" by two "resistance guards"
"Who are you?? What do you want from me??"

95526 No.97592

"Who are you?" he asks

This may take a while, the first section goes over a larger hill. At least the undergrowth is a bit thin here

ce129 No.97593

Iron especially takes his time in order for Cauldron to forage for any good herbs for healing and other effects.

e8687 No.97594

"My name is Lavender! What have I done? I don't know anything about the resistance, why are you after me?"

95526 No.97595

"Lavender? The fuck? The rookie pinkie earth pony?"

c5a1a No.97596

"I'm helping my new friend improve his life and find his people"
"I can help you too, would you like to be my friend?"
I flirt

e8687 No.97597

Dice rollRolled 10, 18 + 8 = 36

Okay fine, double attack (not sure if it counts as a sneak attack since he's facing Brie straight-on) so just modified 20s, the 2nd at -4

ce129 No.97598

You mean charm?

95526 No.97599

She giggles
"You mean the drunkard?"

Looks like a hit and a hit

Oh, she's looking around alright

ce129 No.97600

Iron sneaks some glances at the zebra as she does her true hobby.
(I wonder if she likes the little detour.)

e8687 No.97601

Dice rollRolled 1, 1 + 2 = 4

The plus two is for the combined modifier for masterwork, its not +2 for each roll

c5a1a No.97602

*siddles up next to the white mare*
"now see no need to be hurtful, this here's my good friend and he's just trying to take the edge off with a little pick me up"
*extends my hoof*
"Names Parvel, and you miss…?"

e8687 No.97603

Well THAT was lame,….

95526 No.97604

Hmmmm… You aren't looking to take extra damage for surprise round?

"You can't go into these rooms, sir. And the name is Darla"

She really seems to enjoy these surroundings

e8687 No.97605

If I can have extra damage for surprise, I'll take it. Do they count as sneaks?

ce129 No.97606

This brings a big smile to the native.
"Have you found something interesting?"
He keeps track of how long until reaching the site.

95526 No.97607

Well… that's what it would be. An opponent is flatfooted if they are lower on the initiative in combat

e8687 No.97608

Dice rollRolled 1, 2, 4, 6, 1, 3 = 17


95526 No.97609

Yep, he's down

e8687 No.97610

+4 for mundane damage,….

95526 No.97611

Like, super down

e8687 No.97612

Brie changes his appearance to mimic the dude just killded
"Leichter als ich dachte. Seien Sie vorsichtig, wenn jemand auf uns schießt, möchte ich, dass Sie zwei zurückfallen."

c5a1a No.97613

"aw don't worry darlin Darla, I'm just a simple bard trying to restore order and help my fellow pone"
*he smiles and winks*

95526 No.97614

She smiles back
"You do not open these doors"

Kerr tries to taste the stabbed guy… He gets nothing

c5a1a No.97615

"And why's that now? What ya'll doing in there anyhow, anything I could help you do or find?"
dude check discord

95526 No.97616

She moves back, and turns her body to him, while raising a rear leg
"Because this hotel is Blackhooves headquarters, if you weren't aware. Most of these rooms are restricted"

e8687 No.97617

Brie grabs the knives from the newest corpse, frogs them and slowly makes his way toward the front of the train.

ce129 No.97618

I know it's filler, but it's getting quite interesting.

95526 No.97619

The next couple cars are uneventful. Ponies seem to be in their rooms. However, a few of the doors seem to be cracked or broken

e8687 No.97620

Brie continues, foregoing the urge to appeal to anyone in need of assistance.
"I'll use the PA, if we get there" he EEEE's to himself.

95526 No.97621

He finds something a bit different looking through the vestibule of the last car. It's a coach car of some sort, and more than a few ponies standing in it appear to be wearing the uniforms and leg bands

c5a1a No.97622

Dice rollRolled 13

"blackhooves? what's all that now darlin? and what's ya doin there, I'm not gonna hurt ya."
*he flashes a dashing smile*

ce129 No.97623


95526 No.97624

"Oh don't play dumb. You can't be here"

e8687 No.97625

How many are we talking?

95526 No.97626

Six in the car that can be seen. They seem to have a prisoner

95526 No.97627

Revise to 5

c5a1a No.97628

Dice rollRolled 11

"Nah I dunno what these blackhooves are, maybe you should tell me all about it I might be intested to help"
*walks slowly around her*

95526 No.97629

She lets him take the walk around her, but not at all letting him escape her sight. Her turns her head to him. Smooth coat, long flowing red mane. Blood red

"Where have you been the last year?" She asks

e8687 No.97630

Dice rollRolled 9 + 2

Can Brie determine which of the ponies killed was the ranking officer? (its an intelligence roll I assume)
Can he change appearance without being seen?

95526 No.97631

None of them were officer over all, and the ashen grey unicorn (the second one) was the highest ranked of those

>change appearence without being seen

I mean, he can just step over two feet to the side and do it, so he isn't on the other side of the window

e8687 No.97632

I'm not sure which one was the second one,… I would assume you mean the partisan, which is the one I interpreted as being ranking,….

95526 No.97633

The one wearing the uniform in the hallway outside of his room that he double tapped after cutting him down, and left a blood stain on the carpet

e8687 No.97634

Oh, well then fuck the partisan, resuming HIS appearance (that was the Corporal yes?)

95526 No.97635

Correct, the same form he's been using for about 80% of this

c5a1a No.97636

Dice rollRolled 13

*his light brown mane falls over his white coat as he paces*
"Well see now darlin I like to travel, understand to see what I can see in the world but I don't like much to sit still and become part of any one bit so if something happens and it's fleeting or recent it escapes my notice. you on the other hand could not escape my notice, say the word and I am your servent"
*he makes a small bow before her*

95526 No.97637

"Hehehe, my first command for you is, step away from that room"

e8687 No.97638

"Ich werde versuchen, einige von ihnen nach hinten abzulenken, und wir können uns auf diejenigen einlassen, die hier sind. Sie könnten sich dabei verletzen. Bist du damit einverstanden?" Brie asks to the Lings.

c5a1a No.97639

Dice rollRolled 14

*He moves away but keeps his eyes on her*
"as long as I can follow you forever my fire haired lady"

95526 No.97640

"Let me take you outside"

"Ja, okay" They agree

c5a1a No.97641

Dice rollRolled 14

"Lead away my lady as long as it's not a horrible trap where you lead me to some kind of bunch of enemies who wish to hurt me"
*follows along behind her slowly*

95526 No.97642

She walks down the hallway a little further, until she gets to some doors, which she carefully unlocks. She opens the doors
"After you"

95526 No.97643

Is Silver kill?

c5a1a No.97644

Dice rollRolled 1

*He pulls out a lute and runs his hooves up and down the strings*
"is this a nice safe location I can serenade you in my lady?"

14b80 No.97645

Nah, just typing out an idea for a creature.

95526 No.97646

We you trying to charm her? Because with that dice roll, you failed

c5a1a No.97647

I've been leaving the dice in the feild cause im stupid and lazy so I mean. yes but also I wasn't rolling for it so…

95526 No.97648

"I need to go back to duty" she says

c5a1a No.97649

Dice rollRolled 16

"aw I can help you with your duty, which is what?"
*light strumming*

95526 No.97650

"Night guard duty" she responds

c5a1a No.97651

Dice rollRolled 3

"Oh well then I suppose you're some kind of law lady, want help gaurding?"
*He walks up to the door*

95526 No.97652

"No thanks… Do you need something?"

c5a1a No.97653

Dice rollRolled 18

check discord please

c5a1a No.97654

Dice rollRolled 15

"Listen darlin, I'm a strong supporter of the blackhooves, I wander into towns, learnt he local gossip and I pass info back. I'm not what you'd call an actual agent, but the I can really help"
*strums louder*

95526 No.97655

She looks at him, and tilts her head
"I'm not a member myself. I am an officer of the Baltimare PD, and i work here as a guard sometimes for the overtime pay. It's safe enough work for the money. If you really, really want to contact somepony, maybe I can find somepony inside?"

14b80 No.97656

Not sure if we would ever be able to use this creature in this particular game, but what do you think?


Size/Type: Small Vermin
Hit Dice: 1d8 (4 hp)
Initiative: -1
Speed: 15 ft. (3 squares), climb 15 ft.
Armor Class: 10 (+1 size, -1 Dex), touch 9, flat-footed 9
Base Attack/Grapple: +0/-3
Attack: Bite +2 melee (1d4+1)
Full Attack: Bite +2 melee (1d4+1)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Weakness, Leap, Viscous Discharge
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft., Tremorsense 60 ft., Waterbreathing, vermin traits
Saves: Fort +3 Ref +0, Wil +1
Abilities: Str 13, Dex 8, Con 10, Int -, Wis 12, Cha 2
Skills: Climb 5, Hide 7, Spot 5
Feats: Weapon Finesse
Environment: Underground
Organization: Pack (2-4), Colony (5-8), or Swarm (9-12)
Challenge Rating: 1/2
Treasure: none
Alignment: Always Neutral
Advancement: -
Level Adjustment: -

Leapworms are annelids that are as wide around as the average pony's head, as long as the average pony's hindleg, and with a large maw filled with razor-sharp teeth. They prefer to reside in cool, damp, underground caves and dungeons. They hunt in packs, and prefer as their meals the various corpses of animals or people that haphazardly wander into their hunting grounds. They can breathe freely underwater, and can hide themselves almost anywhere cracks can be found in walls. They prefer to hunt by jumping on and ambushing their prey in difficult-to-escape hallways and small rooms, or by hiding inside large corpses or corpse piles. Listening closely in their hunting grounds, one can hear the faint sound of hissing coming from their hiding places.

Weakness (Ex): Leapworms produce a jelly-like substance inside their body that is delivered to their victims through bites. Those hit by a Leapworm's Bite attack must succeed on a DC 12 Fortitude check or suffer a -4 penalty to their AC for 1d6+2 rounds.

Leap (Ex): When 20 ft. or less away from their target, a Leapworm will leap to place themselves in a square adjacent to their target. Doing this is considered a move action.

Viscous Discharge (Ex): Upon death, a Leapworm will let out a high-pitched squeal and discharge a heavy amount of jelly in all adjacent squares. Any opponents in these squares must succeed in a DC 12 Reflex check or take 1d2 damage. A failed check requires an additional DC 12 Fortitude check to avoid Weakness. Other Leapworms are immune to this damage.

Skills: A Leapworm has a +4 racial bonus to Climb and Spot checks, and a +8 racial bonus to Hide checks.

c5a1a No.97657

Dice rollRolled 17

"The only person I want to help, aside from those who wish to establish a world for the future of our children, is you. is that idea so repulsive?"

95526 No.97658

She smiles
"I guess not"

c5a1a No.97659

Dice rollRolled 18

"See now darlin was that so hard?"
*presses a small stone in your hoof*
"This is a sending stone, we can send messages once a day to one another, so give me a thought sometime. Now where are we going now?"

95526 No.97660

She looks down at the stone, and gives of a brief laugh
"I have to work"

c5a1a No.97661

Dice rollRolled 1

"ok but where am I going you lead me to a door, which leads…?"

95526 No.97662

"I'm sorry, what?"

c5a1a No.97663

Dice rollRolled 2

you lead my character to this door which we have yet to go through

95526 No.97664

"What do you think is in there?"

c5a1a No.97665

Dice rollRolled 16

"A bed to sleep? A bar? Thirty men who will try to kill me but they forget im a bard?"

95526 No.97666

She smiles at that
"The room will keep its secrets. If you want to come into contact with somepony from the Blackhooves… maybe. But I work now"

c5a1a No.97667

Dice rollRolled 13

*walks into the room desperate to know what's inside*

95526 No.97668

He's outside of the building now

c5a1a No.97669

Dice rollRolled 6

"God damnit…"
*turns back to the door*

95526 No.97670

She grabs onto him
"Uh uh"

c5a1a No.97671

Dice rollRolled 6

"My friend is still inside and also why"

95526 No.97672

"Let me get somepony else… You stay here"

c5a1a No.97673

Dice rollRolled 13

"I'm feeling attacked…"
*he said irritably*
*he adjusts his lute*

95526 No.97674

File: 1554787833672.png (40.93 KB, 455x375, 1492486349179-4.png)

c5a1a No.97675

Dice rollRolled 1

*casts flare*
*Runs past*

95526 No.97676

With a 1?

c5a1a No.97677

Dice rollRolled 11

ah fuck

95526 No.97678

Did… he just light himself on fire?

c5a1a No.97679

Dice rollRolled 4

I dunno who's the GM?

95526 No.97680

He casts flare, but it dazzles both of them - not just her

"What the fuck?!"

c5a1a No.97681

Dice rollRolled 15

*falls over backwards*
"Ow my eyes! Sweet celestia the pain!"

95526 No.97682


c5a1a No.97683

Dice rollRolled 13

"I was just trying to get past you cause my friend is still inside why god I'm blind!

95526 No.97684

"Damn it, I'll get him you bastard, just stay here"

ce129 No.97685

Poke poke

95526 No.97686

Is Silver alive?


ce129 No.97687

Weren't we having a trip to an archeological site to return the idol for profit, even though it's currently desolated?

95526 No.97688

I'm trying to end the nightmarish limbo at the hotel and it's fucking impossible. It's going to take a while longer to think of an entirely new, interesting story elsewhere

ce129 No.97689

I understand. I think everyone else is dead, so I suggest you go to bed early today.

95526 No.97691

File: 1554841460250.jpeg (1.75 MB, 2480x1580, 550F2755-B643-4772-BBDD-0….jpeg)

Who is here today?

b1f9a No.97693

Came here just now.

14b80 No.97694

I'm here.

95526 No.97695

Dice rollRolled 5


Skies dimsmounts Silver and leaves him be. Voices can be heard. Silver has to… cool down. After a couple minutes, he feels a pat on his shoulder
“Time to go” he hears wispered

b1f9a No.97696

Oh boy, that number is not a good number.

14b80 No.97697

He nods and gets up off the couch. He's a little disappointed at being unable to finish, if he's being honest with himself. Not that he's ungrateful for having the chance in the first place, but starting and then being forced to stop like that is a little like feeling like you need to sneeze before your body just decides 'nope'.

He looks over to the pony who patted him (presumably Skies), and whispers back. "You lead, I follow."

95526 No.97698

Dice rollRolled 12 + 7


You’ll get her next time

It’s definitely Skies
“Stay low to the ground. Rush to behind that couch over there, then when I open the door, rush out that door.”

b1f9a No.97699

Oh boy. Am I getting napped by cultists?

14b80 No.97700

That he will. That he will. For the now, he complies with Skies' orders. He continues his whispering, with a hint of anxiety from his next question: "Will I meet you back at your room, or…will I have to leave?"

95526 No.97701

Not yet

Cauldron, who has been almost disinterestedly following Iron, stops and raises her ears
“There’s something in the brush”

“Let’s leave this room. Then we’ll figure that out.” She whispers. She looks over the couch, then scurries to the couch she pointed at, and beckons Silver to follow. Assuming her does that, she moves over to a door, opens it, and motions for Silver to follow through. She keeps her head down low as she does all of this, like a cat or a dog

b1f9a No.97702

>Not yet
Well damn.

Iron's ears perk up as he hears Cauldron call out. He walks over to her.
"What kind of something?"

14b80 No.97703

Silver keeps close behind with his head down, or, at least, as close behind as he can without stabbing Skies' in the rear with his horn. For his age and his size, he's surprisingly lithe and agile, which aids in him copying Skies' movements and following her signals.

95526 No.97704

"An animal" she says

I'm pretty sure his dex is higher than Skies
She signals him to come out the door. Once this happens, she carefully closes it behind them. They are in another hallway, this one having tile rather than carpet, and appearing like the one he saw earlier in the day.
"Okay, we're away for the moment, let's go this way"

b1f9a No.97705

Iron is quite dumbfounded at why Cauldron would want to stop for a simple animal. Nevertheless, it could be part of his potion projects.

b1f9a No.97706

*be part of her potion

95526 No.97707

It's a snake. A large damned snake, a dull green and brown color, partly hanging on a tree, and partly on the ground

b1f9a No.97708

Iron looks at it, measuring its intent and distance from Iron and Cauldron's position.
He already had quite a fight and he isn't sure that he can even withstand a bite if it dared attack. aka not sure if I regained health or not
Rolling sense motive to get an idea of the snake's intentions.

b1f9a No.97709

Dice rollRolled 1

Sense motive check

b1f9a No.97710


95526 No.97711

b1f9a No.97712

Dice rollRolled 18 + 8

Iron's hair stand on end at this vile creature's intent of deflowering her not so literal.
He steps inbetween the snake and Cauldron and screams at the snake to back away.

b1f9a No.97713

*her not confirmed love interest

95526 No.97714

"Hiss!" it moves back a little, then slithers to the side

14b80 No.97715

I get the feeling Silver's got the highest of the entire party, then.
Also, gonna be a moment longer.

He nods and follows her, glad to be out of the thick of it.

b1f9a No.97716

Dice rollRolled 3 + 8

He screams again at the vile, lewd creature to stay away from his mare to cement dominance like his dad used to say.

95526 No.97717

>Silver is leaving

Skies continues cantering down the hall, evidently not believing their current position to be fine. She hangs her head and almost cries/
"I just wanted to be cuddled…"

He lunges forward, and bites

95526 No.97718

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5


b1f9a No.97719

Great. This is gonna suck. Damn sense motive forcing my actions.

95526 No.97720

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Roll oppose grapple. The damage is the +4

b1f9a No.97721

Dice rollRolled 15 + 10

2HP squad hooray. At least it's not venomous.
Iron wrestles for dominance with the snake.

95526 No.97722

The Snake fails to constrict Iron in its first lunge

b1f9a No.97723

Dice rollRolled 4 + 10

Who says Iron's not going to grapple the snake?

b1f9a No.97724

95526 No.97725

If that's the path Iron wants to go down, he's going to need a few more dice rolls

b1f9a No.97726

Like what dice?

95526 No.97727

Touch attack, enemy attack of opportunity, opposed grapple roll

b1f9a No.97728

Wait, aren't failed grapple attack through winning the strength battle counts as a direct opportunity to grapple back the opponent who just grappled?

14b80 No.97729

They don't make music like they used to.

It damn near breaks Silver's heart to see Skies like this. He picks up the pace until he's trotting alongside her, letting her lean on him both literally and metaphorically.

95526 No.97730

They pass a few of what look like offices. One of them has a light on in it. After some feet, they get to an office that Skies starts to unlock

No. Why would they? He doesn't necessarily have a grab on the opponent

b1f9a No.97731

Dice rollRolled 10 + 6

Ohok. Normal punching it is.
Iron decks the snake for daring to bite his body with a powerful hook to throw him away nonlethally.

14b80 No.97732

"Hmm? What are you going to do now?"

95526 No.97733


"I don't know… You could hide out in this office… What do you want?" she asks

b1f9a No.97734

Dice rollRolled 2 + 12


95526 No.97735

It's not out

14b80 No.97736

"There are lot of things I would want, but right now I want only two: good company, and to see you happy."

b1f9a No.97737

Dice rollRolled 9 + 6

Iron snarls at the snake's perseverance in raping her mare.
He swings at it again to fully send him to the heavens.

95526 No.97738

Dice rollRolled 3 + 5

She hangs her head
"I'm not sure you'll see either"

>Implying his turn

Cauldron hits it with a shovel

95526 No.97739

Dice rollRolled 3 + 5

But fails to hit…

It bites at Iron again

b1f9a No.97740

Dice rollRolled 10 + 6



Iron snarls at the snake's perseverance in raping her mare.
He swings at it again to fully send him to the heavens.

95526 No.97741

Is hit

14b80 No.97742

The idea of being left alone seems to sting at him deeply, but he does respond by throwing a foreleg around Skies and pulling her into a friendly hug. "Does not mean I can not try."

b1f9a No.97743

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12


95526 No.97744

The snake is punched, then slumps over

She is pulled into the hug, then closes her eyes and smiles before rubbing up against him

b1f9a No.97745

Iron huffs in irritation from gaining yet another wound.
"You should have ran when you had the chance."

14b80 No.97746

Silver reciprocates the affection shown by rubbing the side of his head against hers. "I love you, Skies. That means I will do everything in my power to ensure you are as happy as you can be, and damn anypony who objects to that."

95526 No.97747

She smiles at him, evidently more than a little relieved by his words and affection.
"Well what do you want to do? Go talk to Star? Stay here? Go home? Finish what we started?"

b1f9a No.97748

You know what must be done. Pick her up and plop her dwon on the bed and cuddle all night long.

b1f9a No.97749

He checks his bite wound and shows it to Cauldron.
"I am not quite sure if I need to be worried about this. Could you take a look?"

14b80 No.97750

How'd you know exactly what I was going to do?

"Me personally? I would want to sweep you off your hooves, carry you all of way back to your room, and cuddle you all through night like you deserve." He plants a kiss on her cheek, before his voice takes on a softer tone. "But it is also good idea we try to find Star, and talk to him. Try to get him to see reason, why what he said hurt you so much." He smiles at her. "Maybe we could even get him to agree to cuddle with us while we all sleep?

"But, whatever you decide we should do, whatever you want to do, I want you to know we will both do it." He takes one of Skies' forehooves in his own, and holds it. "Together."

95526 No.97751

She taps a hoof against the slumped python, then looks to Iron
"This trip has been kind of dangerous for you. Yes, let me mix together some herbs"

Your plan of using Skies to get in bed with Star is a noble goal, but I don't think it's going to work. I think Star's player is intent on breaking up with Skies in the most plot-derailing way possible, and not much else

"D'aww… I don't know though…"

b1f9a No.97752

The actual reason is to fuck her marefriend while Silver binds Star to a table, forcing him to watch her supposed girlfriend love every inch of old unicorn dick as she screams and moans in ectasy. She'll scream how her stepfather never drilled her the way Silver did and flood the room with marecum.
Most likely he wants to at least the PCs that can be together, together.

Iron chuckles, sucking the wound from the snake.
"I know, right? Do not forget to pick up your herbs for your projects. If you need a test subject, I am definitely up for it."

But his mind still wanders about that idol dog.
(I need to go there. I feel like something will go even wronger if I do not.)
For now, he lays there, awaiting Cauldron's magical alchemical skills.

14b80 No.97753

Rest in Peace, SilverStar. The ship went the way of the Titanic.

Silver strokes the back of Skies' mane, himself unsure of the situation. "Can I let you in on secret, Skies?"

95526 No.97754

She looks into his eyes
"What is it?"

Her eyes glow briefly
"What was it you wanted out of the jungle trip?" she says as she places plants together in a grinder, which she bothered to take along

b1f9a No.97755

Iron smiles.
"More food."
He chuckles.
"I felt that you would like to experiment with your potion making. It seems like you are quite fond of it."

14b80 No.97756

"When I was young, I feared very little. There was fear for Storm's wellbeing, fear for my foals' wellbeing…" He mumbles out the word, "spiders…" before continuing. "All in all, I would consider myself fairly fearless pony. But, as I've grown older, I have had new fear rise to attention, one that has eclipsed all others, and only gets worse with every passing day. Of all few things I fear, what I fear most…is being alone.

"Normally, I can keep this to myself. I bottle it up so it does not affect me or others around me, normally. I do not even know it is there sometimes. But it still is, and sometimes, it just gets too much, and I break down. After you and Star left for fair…I broke down. I felt more alone than I ever have before. My foals were gone, you were gone…everypony was gone. I do not know fully how I kept going after that. When you invited me along to tavern, I was overjoyed. I was even more overjoyed when you invited me here. And now, after you asked me to be in secret relations with you? I could not be happier.

"I was not kidding when I say you are my clear, bright Blue Skies. It is more than just pet name. You literally help to chase away those black clouds in my mind, that eat away at my sanity and drive me further into that abyss of fear and loneliness. Being with you, even in this short amount of time I have known you, has been greatest time of my life in very, very long time. You are like blessing sent directly by Her to me. Star, too has much same effect, even if I am little bit cross with him at moment.

"What I am trying to say, is…thank you, for being here with me. I do not know how I could go on without you. And as long as you will have me, I will forever be here with you, and for you, for anything."

95526 No.97757

She gives off a smile halfway between amusement and a skies' style deviousness.
"Well… It's looks like I'm becoming almost your full-time pharmacist"

Like the song says,
"Keep smiling through,
Just like you always do,
'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away."

She smiles then rubs herself against him
"I'm glad I could be the pony for you. It's great to see you so happy. You're so kind. So loving"
She moves past him, rubbing her tail on his snout
"Did you… want to find another couch?"

14b80 No.97758

He breathes in the lavender smell of her tail, and Skies could almost swear the catchlights in his eyes turn into heart shapes. He has the dopiest, happiest smile on his face right now.

It's been 14 years since he has been in contact with any of his loved ones. 26 years since he last had a love to call his own. And now, he finally has both, right in front of him in the form of an angel.

b1f9a No.97759

Iron claps his hooves in satisfaction.
"And I am making sure you are fully equipped for my future mistakes."
He walks over to Cauldron and rubs himself on her side affectionately. He relishes on the touch, closing his eyes at the touch and smiling contently.
"I can tell you are a great mare to be around. Helping you out is the wisest decision I have ever made."
He half-lids them as he looks at Cauldron, now side by side.
"Do not forget to cook. It is also good for my health."
He chuckles and holds one of his hooves to his mouth to stifle it.

95526 No.97760

She walks in front of him and enters the room. At the end, past a mess of photos and papers is a coach. It looks kind of thin, and isn't remotely as nice or as comfortable as the one in the lounge, but it looks like it would allow a pony to take a nap on it. When Silver enters, she locks the door behind him, and closes the blinds, before turning on a lamp

She looks at him and smiles
"You don't have to tell me twice"

Oddly, Black Cauldron is missing, well, a cauldron for cooking. But she makes do, having brought along a smaller pot.

"Just try not to get killed before you heal"

b1f9a No.97761

Iron mock-gasps.
"What? Me, getting killed? Please. I am a master at barely being alive."
He chuckles some more as he awaits the magic.

14b80 No.97762

Thankfully, Silver makes for a comfortable seat. Even if it's uncomfortable for him, he'll gladly make that sacrifice for the greater good. He lays down on the couch, on his back much like before. "Looks like you have plenty of work around here. Would you like some help with any of it, sometime?"

95526 No.97763

She stiffles a giggle, then falls down, bursting out laughing


She comes over, and lays on top of him, like a cat. She settles in, snug as a bug on a… pony.

"Much of my work requires a security clearance"

14b80 No.97764

All he can do is shrug. All the more reason for him to join the Black Hooves sometime, he supposes.

Silver is as soft and as warm as always, providing a level of comfort that the couch he's laying on can't provide. Heat radiates from his body and coat, warming up Skies' belly and underside directly and washing over the rest of her as it escapes into the open air. "I suppose I should ask before we get started, so there is no confusion in middle of act: when I am close to culmination, do you have preference for where I finish?"

b1f9a No.97765

Iron stifles a chuckle at Cauldron's reaction, deciding to flex hid muscles to accentuate the hilarity.
"How can a pony be so good at not dying?" he snobbishly says as he poses.

95526 No.97766

She lays over him between his forelegs, and places her own forelegs around his neck and head, leaving her a little high on him, and giving enough room to move around and insert things on the other end. She tilts her head, and stares into his eyes with her own, lidded eyes

"You know how many mares want stallions to finish on their bellies, on their backs, in their faces, on their manes? That's not me. Finish inside me, I don't care where."

She places some more ingredients in the pot, and stirs.
"Well, don't push your record."
She takes a scale off of the snake, and places it in the pot as well

b1f9a No.97767

He salutes.
"Aye, Black!"

b1f9a No.97769

There's a lot more holes than ass, pussy and mouth, you know?
Ears? Nostrils? Manes, if they're long enough?

95526 No.97770

"Alright, drink this substance here"
She pours out a black, sludge like mixture into a flask

Maybe Iron will have better luck with Star, and can experiment

14b80 No.97771

Silver quickly meets her gaze: he likes this answer, and his Sword seems to as well as it quickly grows to full size and prods at the entrance to Skies' foal-hole. He cranes his neck to kiss Skies right on the lips, his tongue poking at the entrance to her mouth as if to ask for permission to enter.

Naval penetration, anyone? Or urethral penetration?

b1f9a No.97772

Meh. I was only trying to be a smartass.
Iron takes the flask and chugs it into his mouth.
inb4 genderbend spell for some reason
>urethral penetration
Man, would that hurt.

95526 No.97773

She opens her mouth, and lets his tongue pry its way in. He can smell her breath - wine and cigarettes. Skies backs into Silver just a little bit, as her kisses the edge of Silver's sword

Damn, it's disgusting. Like, tar

b1f9a No.97774

Iron tries to mantain a somewhat neutral expression. He makes sure to swallow every last bit of that thick liquid. His eyes dart around to see if there's a body of drinkable water.

95526 No.97775

Cauldron suppresses a laugh. There doesn't seem to be any water around.

14b80 No.97776

She tastes a little bit like Silver does at the moment. He doesn't mind much as their tongues do something between a dance and a wrestling match inside Skies' mouth. The tip of his Sword rubs up and down her other pair of lips, getting it nice and polished.

b1f9a No.97777

Iron coughs slightly, finally swallowing the last of the liquid.
"Gods. What did you give me?"

95526 No.97778

She becomes moist fairly quickly. He can feel her winking. She pushes her mouth onto his as she goes for a proper kiss, rubbing her tongue onto his. She doesn't wrestle so much, giving way to him. She continues lidding her eyes and looking into his, and lets her wings fall down and cover him.

She laughs again
"The sludge at the bottom of the solution. I can't believe you actually drank it"

b1f9a No.97779

Iron's digust increases as his eyes thin and his mouth makes a disgusted expression.
To his credit, he isn't spitting it like mad or scrubbing his tongue and simply stands there completely mortified.
"You do have a potion to heal me, right?"

14b80 No.97780

Silver has decided he likes this kissing much better. He's hesitant to break it up, but finally does after what feels like a minute when his Sword presses more firmly against her lips. His forehooves are placed on her flanks, and grip them firmly. "Ready?"

95526 No.97781

She gives him that devious smile
"I've been ready"

She does a sort of scrunchy, smiling face.
"Yes, let me pour it"

b1f9a No.97782

Iron simply shakes his head, chuckling to himself.
He walks over to the pot where he assumes the potion is.
(Have your fun. Soon I shall take revenge… whenever I can find a lake in this jungle and deal with that dog idol.)

14b80 No.97783

"So have I." Gripping onto her flanks, he pulls her down slowly. The flare provides a bit of resistance, but slides in easily enough as her lips part for him. Silver (gently) impales Skies on his Sword, going down to his medial ring on the first entrance.

95526 No.97784

She clenches together a bit at first, providing some resistence. The she eases up, and allows him to slip in. She's very wet, although no doubt much of that is remnants of Silver's last passion session with her. She locks into his eyes as he does this, and her breathing changes

She pours more. it's much more liquid, and a greenish color

b1f9a No.97785

Iron drinks it again without hesitation.

14b80 No.97786

"Unnnnngh…" Continuing to use his hold on her flanks, he slides Skies up and down slowly on his blade, from his flare to his medial ring. Up…down…up…down…shlick…shlick…shlick…shlick… He matches his breathing to Skies' as she stares into his sapphire irises, a blue that is very reminiscent of the waters of the Notameme Sea, off the coast of the grand city of Nimbusi.

95526 No.97787

Her eyes damned near glow a deeper green, from turquoise to jade, or at least it seems. She closes and cleches every time he tries to move out, but lets up on the thrust in, cycling as if she is trying to keep him in

this has a sharp taste. Almost minty

14b80 No.97788

It's an almost exotic color to Silver. Catching on to what she's trying to do, he thrusts in further, pushing his medial ring past her parted lips with a strong, low moan. He pushes in as far as he can past that, then hilts inside her.

b1f9a No.97789

Iron's face twists uncomfortably, but otherwise likes the little flavour.
(What stallion does not want to have his breath fresh to woo the mares?)

95526 No.97790

She closes her eyes, and opens her mouth in a silent moan. She tries to grab down on Silver, and now pushes into him, trying to get as much inside of her as possible

It definitely tastes like a breath freshener. But at the same time, he can feel the pain recede from his wounds

b1f9a No.97791

After finishing his chug, he feels way more relieved. As if he wasn't shot about 10 times and bitten by a snake.
"That really hit the spot."
He pulls Cauldron into a quick hug.
"Thank you."

14b80 No.97792

"Aahhnn! Mmmph!" His breathing gets a little heavier from the sensations of her excellent muscle control. He swears he's being sucked inside her as she pulls him balls-deep, the large fuzzy sack pressed firmly against her anus. The tip of his Sword is finally pulled deep enough into her to kiss at her cervix, with his urethra pressed up against and perfectly aimed at the entrance to her womb. "O-o-oh G-goddesses…you…you are too good at this!"

95526 No.97793

She pulls away to give herself a bit more of a vertical angle, and using her powerful hind legs, pushes herself up a bit and back down, rolling her vaginal clench as she does so

"Thank you. I've had a bit of practice"
She smiles in her devious way

f59a9 No.97794

File: 1554871046389.jpg (47.18 KB, 800x534, 6eOJq.jpg)

>mfw they're fucking again

95526 No.97795

The last one was interrupted
Oh hey, you're here

b1f9a No.97796

"A bit"
Horny teens nowadays, amirite?

14b80 No.97797

He doesn't seem to mind the implications. He's too busy enjoying the feeling of being milked by this wonderful mare. He leans his head back on the couch as some pre starts squirting into her womb. "H-how *pant* close are you *pant* by chance?"

95526 No.97798

"Oh, don't you worry about me. Just enjoy yourself."
She continues, up and down

95526 No.97799

"Now… what was this about a dog?"

14b80 No.97800

He very much intends to do exactly that. More pre finds its way past her cervix, bringing a more literal meaning to 'milking' in this case. His Sword twitches and quivers inside of her. "I…I do not know…*pant*…h-how much longer…"

95526 No.97801

She briefly pushes away and sits all the way up, where he can see her teats. She smiles, then leans back over him placing a hoof to either side. She goes up and down on him again, and clenches on him in her rythmic way

b1f9a No.97802

Iron releases the hug and pokes his chin.
"Do you remember those guys I beat up not too long ago? It seems they were holding one of the… more darker idol deities of the tribes here. They said they found it desolate on an archeological site with nopony to be found."
He scratches his chin some more.
"I believe that if we return this to its original place, we will get rewarded handsomely. It should not be too far away, according to the captive we left tied up. Are you up for it?"

95526 No.97803

"…. Who is rewarding us exactly?"

14b80 No.97804

His breathing becomes unsteady, and he can't help but give needy little thrusts up into her. The flow of pre suddenly stops, and his cockhead flares and twitches inside of Skies. He's close. Very close. "I…I'm gonna…!"

b1f9a No.97805

Iron ponders for a moment.
"I believe that the site is desolate because they were picked off for tampering with the temple. If we give it back without a fight and very obviously, we could gain favor with them and maybe get special breeds of flowers, as well as a botanist like yourself that could share recipies and practice."

95526 No.97806

In the moment before these, like with skies sitting on Silver's lap, she has this comfortable look on her face, like it's exactly where she wants to be. Now, when she hears this, she picks up her pace, then slams against him placing him deep inside. He can feel a very firm clench against his base, while her vagina expands deeper inside, as if pulling him in. She forces her mouth on him in a kiss as her wings, both of them, extend outwards

"… Who is them?"
Then her ears twitch
"All sorts of flowers are unique to ruins… let's go!"

b1f9a No.97807

Iron beams.
"That is the spirit! Let us go!"
And thus, he starts marching towards the archeological site.

14b80 No.97808

Silver moans into her mouth as all of the pressure that had been building up is finally released inside of her. His Sword is pulled as deep as it will go and unable to move at all with the firm clench around the thick base, the cockhead pressed firmly once again up against her cervix, and he practically explodes inside of her womb. Every one of the six or so large loads of foal batter is unloaded directly into her womb, the tip of Silver's Sword acting like a stopper against the cervix to keep it all inside Hardly a drop of baby gravy falls into her love canal. She almost feels like her belly has inflated a bit as her womb is filled to the brim. It's a warm, filling feeling to be sure. Not quite as tingly as pure, concentrated liquid magic, but it's nice all the same.

95526 No.97809

She shivers more than a little at the feeling, and her wings twitch. Still, she clenches down firmly, and tries to milk him for more. She kisses him in a way that is, well, less pleasant than earlier, as she sucks his breath into her.
She grabs down on his head to make sure he is in lock with her.

And thus they go, as the forest gives way to thicker brush, they encounter a new obstacle: a river

14b80 No.97810

Though the following strands are weaker, her milking produces results in the form of more seed. Now she definitely can tell that she's inflated a bit from the sheer volume of cum and the limited capacity of her womb to hold it all. As soon as his Sword stops plugging up her cervix, she just knows it's gonna come flooding out into her vagina and out her rear. His eyes roll up into the back of his skull as he continues moaning right into her awaiting mouth. He couldn't move from this spot if he wanted to.

95526 No.97811

It doesn't seem like he needs to. Skies continues kissing on him, licking him some but also wanting to suck in his breath, with her breath cold like the surrounding air

14b80 No.97812

She must be some kind of succubus or changeling at the moment, because she's absolutely drained Silver in this one go. She can keep milking him, sure, but after a couple more pitiful drops of precious seed, it seems like his balls have been drained for all they're worth for right now. He looks at Skies, content to lay there and share breath with her.

95526 No.97813

She continues the kissing, then pulls away and looks into his eyes. She never lost that smile, a smile that implies that though he may get close to her, and be friendly with her, he can't quite possess her, like she always remains separate in some essential way

3d76c No.97814

I was wondering when Dark Star would be finally cucked like the morose windbag he is

95526 No.97815

Hi. Haven't seen you in a while

14b80 No.97816

The small part of Silver that hasn't been knocked loopy wonders if she gave Star this same look, and if it's just a part of Skies being a free spirit. The rest of him is too engrossed in the afterglow to be bothered with that.

He wraps his forelegs around Skies as his Sword begins to recede. Although her belly remains swollen, she can feel foal batter flow through her cervix and into her love canal, glazing Silver's cock as it shrinks back. Only the still-thick base is keeping the tide from flowing out, though it surely won't last long.

3d76c No.97817

Been really busy with real life and will catch up to the adventure soon. Last time I checked in Star was behaving like a faggot and was spooned.

95526 No.97818

yeah, that's basically what happened. He rejected a perfectly good Stallion, so Skies took him.

Hopefully there's not that much, but it looks like she's not going to be able to avoid a mess altogether
"I take it you've had enough?" She says

14b80 No.97819

He attempts to stabilize his breathing before responding. "It is scary…how good you are at this…I think I will…need rest…before Sword is ready for 'combat'…" With a *POP*, the base gives out, letting a small, thick, white waterfall run out from her lips and onto Silver's crotch. He looks at the rope slowly pouring out of her snatch. "…do…you need help cleaning?"

The offer is still open to Star whenever he wants to take it. There's a perfectly fine, wise, fluffy unicorn stallion waiting for him.

95526 No.97820

"… Yes"

D'aww, he's so loving and forgiving

14b80 No.97821

"Well, turn around, then. I know of at least one way to help you out."

He's got a lot of love to give.

95526 No.97822

She clenches down on Silver's sword as it falls flaccid, then plops out, as she stands up
"Well then…"
She tries to turn around in the couch as best she can, and then crouch down over him

14b80 No.97823

Silver places his forehooves on Skies' flanks, and brings her lips right onto and over top his muzzle. He catches the rope of cum in his mouth and stops the flow out of her pussy. His nose wrinkles at the salty, bitter taste and the almost-slimy texture: he's heard before it's more pleasant when it's not your own semen, with some stallions even having their own unique flavors to them, though he hasn't had an opportunity to try that theory out. Still, he slurps down the rope and begins to actively suck the creampie right out of Skies' vagina like a trooper.

3d76c No.97824

File: 1554876909643.png (Spoiler Image, 566.2 KB, 1000x1442, MagicTouchGayRowlingWormwo….png)

95526 No.97825

…. Not the first time Silver has eaten cum today
She lets go, and some of the fluid simply pours out as eases up.

On her end, she starts licking away, and cleaning up the mess around Silver's crotch with her tongue and lips


14b80 No.97826

Well, not directly.

Silver continues his clean-up job, taking the opportunity to get a few licks in on Skies' clitoris at the same time. His Sword gives a couple twitches, but remains flaccid and still shrinking back down into his sheath at a steady pace.


95526 No.97827

She carefully licks and cleans him, although she takes a few opportunities with her mouth - like placing his entire sword in it - that suggests she was looking for a bit more

14b80 No.97828

His Sword does react to this action, very slowly starting to regain its length and girth. Once Silver can't feel any more drippage coming from her snatch, he flattens his tongue and gives her exposed clit and outer lips long, broad licks, all the way up to her anus.

95526 No.97829

She winks in response, but continues sucking on his member

14b80 No.97830

He continues to lick, while wishing there was some way he could help Skies out.

…Well, there is that one thing. That might work…

Skies would be surprised to find a tingly sensation in her mouth as his Sword and sack are enveloped by a magic field. The stimulating magic flows through his member and his coin purse, giving them a second wind. His Sword quickly regains its stature, and his balls swell back to their regular size as if they were full of semen once again. Silver himself seems surprised by this.

95526 No.97831

She removes his dick from her mouth to say
"Find the energy you've been holding in reserve, Silver?"

14b80 No.97832

He looks around Skies' flanks to get in view of her head, flinching a little as he finds out that using magic to give life back to one's cock and balls makes them kind of sore. A mixture of Skies' fluids and a small amount of his own semen coat his muzzle. "…In way. I do not think I have other one of these in me, so…make good use of it, I suppose."

95526 No.97833

"Would you rather I not?" She asks

14b80 No.97834

"No no, go ahead. I just hope this will be enough to 'quench your thirst', so to speak." His Sword twitches in her grasp.

95526 No.97835

And thus she places the whole thing in her mouth, rubbing it with her tongue as she presses her cheeks against it

14b80 No.97836

He lets out something between a groan and a moan. He enjoys the sensation even through the soreness. He returns to look at the meal before him, taking the clit in his mouth and suckling on it as if he was a baby foal feeding off of a nipple.

95526 No.97837

Her clit winks in and out, as she's clearly stimulated and enjoying this. She washes his sword in salviva as she continues cleaning it, sucking on it and pressing it firmly against her cheeks. She moves the end of her tail to just touch the edge of his head

14b80 No.97838

He thrusts once slightly into her mouth, a slight taste of pre tantalizing her taste buds. He gives her a deep suck on her clit, letting it go with a slight pop.

95526 No.97839

She continues moves, and backs into his muzzle. Meanwhile, she places him as deep into her as he can go, moving her mouth up and down on him

14b80 No.97840

Silver breathes in deeply of her scent before beginning to lick and eat out her insides. He keeps his muzzle in constant contact with her walls, rubbing it up and along the sides. His Sword reaches the back of Skies throat, where she can continue to feel it twitch slightly.

>tfw you're tired as fuck but you want to reach a good stopping point before you go to bed

95526 No.97841

She continues, bobbing up and down on him, harder, faster and stronger, licking and sucking. Fluid continues to slowly ooze out of her vagina, both hers and Silver's

Oh, she's bringing him to a stopping point alright

f59a9 No.97842

File: 1554880847378.jpg (80.39 KB, 260x255, stare.jpg)

95526 No.97843


It will all be over soon

14b80 No.97844

A large spurt of pre going down her throat and a more rapid, intense twitching and quivering of his cock signals that he's getting closer, even if he's not quite at the edge yet. Silver moans into Skies' tunnel of love, and like the good trooper he is he continues to provide Skies with the highest quality cunnilingus he can.

You got that right.

95526 No.97845

She gives a sort of giggle, heavily muffled by the object in her mouth, as she continues going at him. Intensely, more intensely. Her wings spread out down to the floor.

She continues winking until she clenches shut, and more fluid comes out in evident orgasm. As she does so, she give one last, long suck

14b80 No.97846

It's more than enough to push Silver over the edge. He moans into the bear trap also known as Skies' pussy, with his face tightly clamped into its current position as she plasters him with fluids. Meanwhile, he thrusts into Skies' mouth. His cock flares up as he reaches orgasm, cum hitting the back of her throat and going down her gullet.

Interestingly, Silver's horn flares up, magic sparks coming off of the protrusion and disappearing with little pops like fireworks.

95526 No.97847

She pulls her mouth back a little, sucks off, and swallows, before pulling a bit more and licking off more. This continues as long as necessary. With that, she claims the last of his magical sex energy reserves.

14b80 No.97848

Silver is well and truly spent, by the end of it. His Sword quickly shrinks back into its sheath, sore yet satisfied. His balls, having been drained of damn near all the semen they had to give, similarly shrink back into the fuzzy sack they call their home. Finally, he pulls his head out from Skies' pussy, trails of vaginal secretions keeping the two connected. He slumps back into the couch, breathes heavily, and gives Blue a tired look, as he manages to get only one word out: "…Satisfied?"

95526 No.97849

She turns around and looks to him with a grin that is utterly malign
"If that's everything you have"

14b80 No.97850

His head only again slumps into the couch with a groan. "…You are as insatiable as Princess Cadance…"

95526 No.97851

She turns around, laying on top of him, but also sort of between him and the back of the couch
"You are good with your tongue, your magic and you sword, Silver Sword." She wraps her legs over him in a kind of caressing sort of way

14b80 No.97852

He quietly laughs, lacking the energy for anything more. "You are not so bad yourself, Blue Skies. You have undeniable control over your body, and you certainly make for amazing orator." He wraps his forelegs around her in an embrace. "I think I will take night-long cuddle session on bed, if that is still available option. There is little better than post-coital cuddles."

95526 No.97853

She looks at him in his eyes
"We'll see what is available"

14b80 No.97854

He smiles and nods. His maw opens up in a great yawn. "…Damn, I am tired. Feels like it is rather late in night."

95526 No.97855

"It is… where do you want to sleep?"

14b80 No.97856

"I suppose I would like to sleep with you in your bed, if that is option. But I can sleep here on couch if it is not."

95526 No.97857

"No… You can sleep in my bed. I'm just wondering where Dark Star is, and if I should see him before the night is over"

14b80 No.97858

He smiles again at her, and moves like he's going to get up off the couch. "I hope he has not gone off too far."

95526 No.97859

She ponders
"Do you think I should find him by myself?"

14b80 No.97860

This is a question he would need to ask himself. In fact, he does exactly that. "…Well, I suppose that is question. If we both go see him, our words will carry more weight. But there is chance my presence might anger him." Silver finishes getting up (or rolling, in this case) off the couch. He rubs the back of his neck some more in thought. "If you decide to go see him, I will go with you, I think. I want to be there to provide support for you. Otherwise, we can just head up to your room, cuddle up together, and sleep."

95526 No.97861

She blinks, and looks at him
"Maybe he's still back in the hallway or somewhere around down there"

14b80 No.97862

"Possibly. If you will have me, I will gladly accompany you in looking for him. Your bed will always be there, after all."

It's official, I can't keep my eyes open anymore. Passing out. See y'all tomorrow.

b1f9a No.97863

Dice rollRolled 10

Whoops, kinda died.
Iron inspects the river obstacle, placing a hoof inside the water to see how deep it is and how strong is the tide to see if it can be swimmable.
He looks around for any sort of shallow enough water to simply cross by.

e4486 No.97864

I Fucking hate all of you unironically

e4486 No.97865

I Fucking hate all of you unironically

b1f9a No.97866

To be completely fair, you could've handled the argument way better and that Brie-repellent event wouldn't have happened.
Or you know, just cuddle when she asked you to cuddle.

e4486 No.97867

why would i want to while shes fucking silver on the side?

b1f9a No.97868

I honestly can't answer that without getting hate from either you or the GM. Do what you must.

a680c No.97869

I take this response as meaning
1. She was never a great waifu in the first place
2. You brought this upon yourself

b1f9a No.97870

Yeah, basically.

b1f9a No.97871

Only thing to add is maybe GM should've made Skies stop with the lewding the first time but that's way too far into the past to do anything about it.
Just a little reminder if this ever happens again.

e4486 No.97872

She was a Great waifu once

b1f9a No.97873

She never was a great waifu to begin with.
Just a mare with many flaws that would be actively avoided by most ponies.

a680c No.97874

You’re just salty that her first interactions with Iron was to call out his bullshit “I’m so great, I’m so much better than anyone else, you need to pay me” when he hadn’t even done anything

b1f9a No.97875

I concede it's partly that, but she's still not a great waifu. Not even a decent one, unless you're one of those types that only wants sex with no strings attached.
It's all about what she has to offer for me. What can she do? Throw knives, shoot guns, be sneaky, be a good liar and get easily persuaded to be fucked by anyone who has a deep enough sob story. That's it. Do you want to stay with that kind of mare in the long run? Nevermind the fact that she smokes and has a very poor relationship with his relatives aside from her mother, both big red warning signs she's a bad choice to waifu due to possible emotional instability.
Granted, her character is not fully explored yet. Maybe there's a facet of her that'll make me have an improved opinion of her from only neutral. For now, she only is a trouble magnet that stallions should try to avoid.

a680c No.97876

Are you seriously going to hold the smoking against her? I was unsure about giving her that trait in the first place. It was supposed to be a way of showing stress release and “I’ve had enough of this bullshit.” This is a 1940 setting, back when smoking was widely accepted and the dangers unknown.

She’s a police officer basically, sometimes and undercover agent and sometimes a detective. She’s employed. Whatelse do you need?

b1f9a No.97877

Even in the 1940, smoke smells bad, made your breath stink and your voice gravelly, so it's still unpleasant without all the adverse health effects known. It makes sense, but that doesn't mean I'm supposed to like it.
As for what I need from Skies? You're the one to decide her fate. I'm pointing out there's a lot of flaws she has without many pros to begin with, therefore making her not a great option to waifu.

a680c No.97878

Dude, in 1965, 50% of the American male population smoked, as did 33% of the female population. People do it because it has a calming effect. Fuck off. Also, she’s not smoking around others

e4486 No.97879

She didn't want Dark Star to smoke

b1f9a No.97880

Why would that change anything? It doesn't get rid of the bad smell they make from being smoked. Besides, I can bet at least half of smokers do smoke at first due to peer pressure then got hooked to the nicotine.
I only care that she smokes to begin with. No matter the justification, it ruins some of the physical appeal by intentionally worsening your breath.
You're not going to make Cauldron a smoker just because of this, right?

a680c No.97881

File: 1554948723004.jpeg (28.36 KB, 166x251, 8CFB5729-DA48-4779-84F5-3….jpeg)

Then fucking don’t like what you don’t like, and stop shitting all over everyone else who does like it for liking it. You spam like 100 spoilered posts everything thread, Jesus Christ we all know your preferences because you post them constantly. We fucking get it, Skies was the instrument of pointing out your munchkin behavior, and you haven’t forgiven her for it.

Skies is not intended to be a great waifu, or really, a waifu at all. She’s not even intended to be likeable. All of my NPCs - Skies, Cauldron, Marery, Kerr etc. are intended to be representations of a part of the world and a reflection of the environment. That’s all the NPCs are. They are extensions of the world building. They are usually symbols of something or synecdoches of something bigger.

Skies role in the world building is that she - uniquely - is a refugee, created by cultural and political upheaval abroad. That has affected her personality and made her jaded while motivating her connection with the blackhooves. The fact that she is a foreigner is intended to be a representation of how the blackhooves are having difficulty recruiting from the native population of Baltimare because they are not popular.
Skies is a refugee, and a reactionary. Her existence is proof that The world is in chaos and The Blackhooves are not popular in Baltimare

Black Cauldron is intended to be somewhat normal. But in particular, she is intended to be working class. Most especially she works as a criminal while having a workable talent in alchemy. She is thus a representation of the poverty and underprivilege of the working class of Baltimare, to show that the industrialized economy is actually doing a poor job of providing opportunities for the population. She doesn’t even want to be a criminal that much, but she does it because she has limited other options. It shows that the Waterfront gang is taking advantage of the underprivileged by providing some means for advancement in an otherwise ossified social order. She has vaguely leftist political beliefs for obvious reasons, and generally doesn’t care much for politics. She is also a second generation immigrant, and thus has a dual identity, trying to hold onto her older culture, but also is fairly well assimilated into the culture of Baltimare. Her family life is reflective of the conservative cultures of African and Islamic nations.
Cauldron is under privileged, working class, and has a dual cultural identity. Her place in the Waterfront gang is to show The Waterfront gang is exploiting poverty for its recruitment

Kerr and Wesley are intended to be representations of the average Changeling of the Changeling hegemony in adolescence. They behave in many ways like normal people to give a “human” element to the enemy always chaotic evil race. Their behavior is intended to be a reflection of peculiar Changeling biology, their terrible experience with ponies, and the indoctrination the hegemony places upon them. Their ideology is basically that the parasitic nature of changelings means that changelings must either eventually raise ponies like cattle, or be exterminated from the planet. A sort of “great struggle.” It’s basically the mirror reflection of Dark Star’s beliefs about changelings. They don’t question these beliefs even as they have friendly relations with ponies, because it’s the culture they grew up in. Their status as sec slaves was supposed to show that Comte’s pedophila was so incredibly exploitative and evil that the one creature on the planet that ought to be okay with that, isn’t.
Kerr and Wesley are Human, Vampires, and prejudiced against ponies. Their purpose in the larger world is to show that The Changeling Hegemony indoctrinates its citizens at an early age with a Changeling supremicist ideology and that Comte’s Pedophile ring is so evil that even a Succubus would hate it.

I could do this with so many more NPCs. Abby Willows, who barely showed up, could take up another paragraph. And I could do the same for Marery, Father Maren, Seabreeze, Comte, Curwhinny, and so forth. This is besides the things I have left unsaid because of spoilers.

My NPCs are not “waifus.” They are not pets or possessions to be taken for the player characters. This is not the Doki Doki literature club.

When I create NPCs, I do not think “this character would be super cool” or “this character would be top waifu material.” Because none of the characters are intended to be. When I create an NPC, I think “what kind of person would be created by this kind of environment and set of life experiences,” or “what information about the world do I want to convey with this character?” That’s what characters are. A part of the world building.

e4486 No.97882

File: 1554949195379.jpg (76.8 KB, 805x805, _sad appul.jpg)

14b80 No.97883

Jesus, the hell's been happening in the thread?

b1f9a No.97884

I get it. The characters in question serve to reflect a socioeconomical or simply social viewpoint apart than be individual ponies with their own hobbies and problems. This is why I only voice the flaws without really telling you to do something about them, because the world you create is yours to mold as you see fit. If you want to create a pony whose poverty and poor labor conditions lead him to become a communist ludite, that is acceptable too. He/she can be a bitter alcoholic and lost his brother in a factory accident, which the employer didn't compensate for, fueling his/her resentment and wanting nothing but revenge and justice.
However, do not mistake me waifuing characters as merely seeing them as 'pets.' They are big motivators and can easily sway the PC I use through said NPCs to do your planned quests and missions, especially if it benefits the waifu in question and himself. It's not that she becomes a simple-minded pet that gets jammed a piece of meat by le epic large dong poner, it's a sincere desire to improve the situation of the waifu and spend time together while doing so because the PC likes the personality, whether it was planned to or not.
Cauldron's hidden plea to practice her talents rather than fight and extort is quite a touching one to the point where I, the player, want to improve said pony's situation in any way I can. That is why I made Iron volunteer himself to help out with her flower picking at the jungle to boost her botany research. So that she can have an actual job to support herself and her family apart from the family restaurant. Do you consider helping out Cauldron with her botany research and eventually reaching a professional level with Iron's help treating her as a mere pet? I most definitely think not. Stating advantages and disadvantages in hooking up with people is a must in order to establish good relationships, from the 'waifu' veil to simple business relationships.
Nothing special, really. He's simply talking about his use of NPCs after a bit of poking at Skies' flaws.

e4486 No.97885

Hey Do you have a discord?

b1f9a No.97886

95526 No.97887

You’re not doing this bullshit again

e4486 No.97888

What i cant add Argentina on Discord??

b1f9a No.97889

Wait, what's happening? Am I being roped into a revenge plot?

95526 No.97890

95526 No.97891

You won’t even talk to us on discord, you fuck. You pulled out of the server

e4486 No.97892

Hmm i wonder why?

b1f9a No.97893

How come the Discord there is so toxic, like holy hell what do you speak in there? I'm at the other RP Discord and it's quite chill.

95526 No.97894

I promise you, this is a revenge plot. He’s done it before. Look at >>97892

e4486 No.97895

Dude Chill. im just inviting him to the Campaign i run.

95526 No.97896

I give up. Fuck it, I’m done

e4486 No.97897

and if i did have a revenge plot it would just be to shoot silver then myself.

b1f9a No.97898

So no session for today.
Have a good night and be safe. I still want Cauldron to succeed

95526 No.97899

Is Silver’s player still there?

14b80 No.97900


95526 No.97901

What do you think?

14b80 No.97902

I honestly have no idea what I'm supposed to think about right now.

95526 No.97904

This is still bothering me. The smoking scene was originally planned as a very different scene with very different implications where the smoking was only a secondary feature. What we got a bastardized version that I felt locked to put in after dice rolls for the sleight of hand.

POOF using my magical GM powers of -the-universe-is-whatever-the-fuck-I-want-it-to-be she is not a smoker. If she smiled in one scene it is literally the only time ever and because she had an extremely stressful experience she wanted to calm down from. Just try to prove she’s a regular smoker. Oh wait, you can’t, because there is no fucking evidence anywhere at al in the rest of the narrative that she’s a smoker. Is that better?

b1f9a No.97905

That still doesn't explain the sentnece about her secret, although I suppose it implies that she is a kleptomaniac more than a smoker if the smoking isn't the secret.
That's not exactly a better characteristic than a smoker tbh.

95526 No.97906

Dude, fuck you

95526 No.97907

And no, it doesn't imply she's a kleptomaniac, and if you inferred that, you're fucking wrong. Fuck off

b1f9a No.97908

Then what is the secret she hinted at when talking to Silver?
You don't have to answer if it has some sort of plot relevance tho.

95526 No.97909

Have you ever seen a pair of scissors that was mostly plastered with rounded ends and basically useless for cutting paper and thought “who was the one child so mentally deficienct as to cut themselves with basic scissors, and force so manny of the rest of us to have use these worthless pieces of shit?” Or in the alternative, have you ever watched a movie, and saw some joke omitted, some plot point changed, or some other part of the writing toned down, removed or changed for the worse of the whole literary project and wondered what tiny group of shrieking housewives or petualant children on twitter bitched and complained about sone detail they didn’t like, forcing the writers or producers to change the whole product into some less well written version that deviates from the writer’s actual vision? That is what you may consider it. A flawed section of writing that is such because sone mentally deficient, petulant child threw a temper tantrum because some detail didn’t perfectly align with their personal preferences, so now the whole plot and everyone has to suffer.

8ff2f No.97910

You don't really have to take away and add stuff because I don't like it. If you did, Skies would be a completely different character. If you want her to smoke, do so. It's not going to seriously impact the dynamic between Iron and Skies aside from a little comment about bad breath if you ever so choose to leave the smoke breath to be spotted by Iron.
I think I get why you're doing this: You want Iron and Skies to get along in the very long run as she's linked to two other PCs. Am I wrong to assume that?

95526 No.97911

I don’t care what happens in character, so long as characters make rational responses to situations based upon their inner motivations, and are allowed to be authentic to themselves. What drives me insane is this insescent out of character heckling. Jesus Christ.

b1f9a No.97912

I'll try to limit the heckling, but it's a side effect of not having anything to do, among other things that should have subsided by now. Pray that no other heckle-worthy things happen constantly. Now we wait for train day to be dealt with.

95526 No.97913

File: 1555008845332.jpeg (61.97 KB, 500x507, 197D257F-C7DB-43B1-9794-4….jpeg)

No, you should pray that I don’t ban you from the game and the thread for your constant shit

b1f9a No.97914

I guess that, too.

95526 No.97915

File: 1555030268248.gif (86.6 KB, 300x234, C20050D6-F948-43BA-9995-F7….gif)

Maybe we can do something tonight. Maybe. Who’s here?

b1f9a No.97916


14b80 No.97917

I'm here.

95526 No.97918

Silver’s had quite a long and eventful day today.

He found that the two insects he rescued the previous day, whom he seemed to want to take as surrogate foals, had been taken from him. He didn’t get to say goodbye…

But there was a bright spot to it. A shining bright spot. After years of crippling loneliness, he found a pony. A pony who made his heart flutter. Whom he could pour his love upon. Unfortunately, Dark Star did not feel the same way about SIlver, and rejected Silver’s advances. Poor Silver.

His interactions with Skies at least have gone better, despite leaving her angry twice. She still takes a sadistic pleasure in outmaneuver he him in arguments, and she still likes physical contact but not on the snout.

He also was nearly killed by a lake ghoul, spent almost all of his remaining money, maybe got a mare pregnant, and affiliated as many me too and incidents in a day as many politicians do in half a lifetime.

Quite a day

14b80 No.97919

Eeyup. Just a regular day in the life of Silver Sword.

b1f9a No.97920

It sure sounds like a busy day.
Don't forget his smokes got stolen as well.

95526 No.97921

Oh yes. Silver also tasted part of a pony’s soul. Turns out they are almost repulsively sweet at first, but then give you an incredible euphoria.

Also this

b1f9a No.97922

Are we essentially stuck until train time is over even for Silver and Star?
and that one bard that appeared out of nowhere?

95526 No.97923

I would like to get more players here

95526 No.97924

Since we’re in limbo again…

Wanna talk about what you want out of the next day in the game?

Wanna talk about Equestria at war?

Wanna talk about Changelings or whatever story meta?

b1f9a No.97925

I'm rather fond of Cauldron and I want to help her out on making herself a professional botanist. I also want the simple desire to win money by doing strength based stuff. What we were doing back at the jungle is a nice direction to flow towards.
Aside from that, maybe we can delve a bit deeper on gang-related activities to increase money flow to fuel the current main objective like doing some sort of kidnapping, maybe, since he's specialized at non-lethal combat.

As for EaW, what would be the easiest country to start with for a newbie?

b1f9a No.97926

Story meta wise, who was supposed to be the BBEG we're supposed to face? Commies, changelings, a mix of the two? Were we meant to go full Black Hooves at the start after the job? Can changelings simply ingest love when being directly loved to without sucking the hosts' and if not, could there be a way to do that given enough trial and error research?
Would changelings submit easily to ponies for love to the point of low-key slavery if taught that that's how they're supposed to coexist with the other species?

14b80 No.97927

For the next day, I'm hoping I can actually finish this job for Blue. He's got two more potions worth of runs he can make with the money he has, so I'm hoping he can clear out the library in the amount of time they'll give him. Fingers (and hooves) crossed that Blue gives him a little bonus for clearing the library since it actually wasn't part of their agreement. That, and also since this entire deal with the catacombs has been a money sink if I've ever seen one.

After that, I have no idea. Maybe I'll have him join the Black Hooves, maybe I'll have him think on it while he looks around town for any jobs/different factions to join, maybe I'll have him decide to find what he can about where his children are.

New Mareland seems to be a good choice to start out with. They've got plenty of different paths to go down, and you've got a few years to prepare until Wingbardy finishes the "Demand New Mareland" Focus.

b1f9a No.97928

Any particular path I should follow to have a fun, easy experience?

14b80 No.97929

Wingbardy will normally leave you alone, I've found, if you stay with Equestria, but you'll be trapped as a dominion for a while and you'll be stuck helping Equestria in the Great War. As a bonus, though, you gain access to a kickass Air Design company and an alternate Armor Design company, and some other neat bonuses. The Black Hooves offer the easiest of the Independence paths, I've found, with the MARESOC Communists close behind.

Got a meta question, even if it's not about the story. You said you don't want to explain how SMGs work for balance reasons, and it's sorta implied you don't want the PCs to be using them just yet. Will there come a point in the game when you'll be fine with one of us wielding an SMG?

b1f9a No.97930

Did you see how many dice you have to roll to use them, both to hit and damage? That kind of damage could end any enemies' existence in a heartbeat.
Not sure if it would be so great against ghasts tho, unless the armor value is lowered to 15 or something.

95526 No.97931

Holy shit, he responded

This may sound kind of strange, but I didn’t precisely intend an antagonist so much as made the world, then you decide what to do with it, although some like Comte, Curwhinny, Abdul the Hegemony are kind of obvious villains


Not hard to answer, but I feel like these are easy to find out in the world, at least for the not-iron characters

Well yes, an SMG is appropriate when there are a very large number of enemies that would be almost impossible with anything that isnt a fucking submachine gun, and having that much power would be kind of like a power fantasy.

Do you think it’s just a coincidence that of the three sub machines in the story, one came right before fighting communists on the docks, and the other two were positioned respectively at the front and rear entrances of the catacombs?

14b80 No.97932

Alright, so if Silver found a way to get the Bits Gun fixed up, cleaned up, and got ammo for it, would you allow its use in clearing the catacombs?

95526 No.97933

I’m a little sad the catacombs quest turned into tediousness


It’s a damned Owen’s gun. It makes the AK47 look unreliable and unable to cope with harsh environments by comparison

b1f9a No.97934

Dangit, this only fuels my want to be napped by them in order to get to know them better.
This might sound strange, but will there ever chance arise where I can have two mare love interests being followed at once? I kinda wanted to go with that sort of tribalist tradition of the alpha male or stallion could have more than one female as it's portrayed sometimes, but I can understand being a hard no because monogamy is something that's mostly respected. I'm asking in both a self-fulfillment way and a way to have another NPC class that could be focused on magic attacks to add that firepower Ash had with Iron at most times. Not sure from what faction she could be though and I am fully expecting jealousy to arise and I'll have to juggle giving attention to two mares' problems and wants, but I think I can manage that.
I think, not sure.

95526 No.97935

If Ash comes back

b1f9a No.97936

Oh how you tease me. If I had a chance to contact her, I would.

95526 No.97937

But the real answer is that women are okay with polygamy really only when the man is of high social standing. So basically Iron needs to really be someone in order for women to find him that attractive. Or maybe he can just find really low class women with low standards. Also they can't be super conservative either

b1f9a No.97938

Either become filthy rich or fish for poor ponies. That's a way to do it. However, it seems you're implying they'll sleep around with other ponies, right?

14b80 No.97939

There's just a lot of enemies that even at our peak strength we would have problems with, and with little in the way of a promised reward or levelling prospects for doing so. I suppose some would call that tedious, but I can't say much either way as I have no idea how you were hoping we would do this. I really hope you'll allow it, because I see no other way we can finish this job without spending 4,000 Bits on potions. You make it sound like there's a dozen or more ghasts left, plus whatever lake ghasts are left, plus whatever else we haven't yet encountered.

95526 No.97940

You mean they would be unfaithful or something?

b1f9a No.97941

Yeah, bascially.

95526 No.97942

Eh, who knows. This is not an Islamic country, so no court is going to honor any kind of marriage agreement, and so Iron really wouldn't have brightline way of saying "You're mine, it's definitely okay that I have sex with other mares, but not definitely not okay that you have sex with other stallions, and I have this set of laws and social conventions that prove that my view on this is the correct one." You're not married, all sex out of wedlock is fornication and disapproved of by half of society, and any children born of this union are bastards who will, for example, not receive the benefit of automatically inheriting Iron's property when he dies. It's really a crap shoot as to how the women would react to the situation.

b1f9a No.97943

Hm. Unless I can find somewhere to arrange a double marriage, then it's going to be a rough ride. If I marry only one of the mares, the other will get jealous and feel left out, which could lead to disastrous consequences, apart from the disadvantages of being frowned upon. Dang. For now it seems I'll have to stick to one.
Only way to increase the mare count may be to hook up with a mare who is already secluded from society and doesn't care to get married but respect some other factor in order to gain loyalty and faithfullness.

95526 No.97944

Then don't play it

Why would them sleeping with other stallions be that big of a deal?

b1f9a No.97945

Mainly selfishness from my part, aside from possible STDs that may or may not exist in horseland, and ensure that the young is from Iron.
The idea of making children is quite an attractive offer to create more characters to replace Iron when he kicks the bucket, aside from having more companions to either deal damage or specialize in many things. Of course, I'm not expecting them to come out as dashing rouges, wizards or fighters from the moment they come out of the womb but the potential for greatnesss is quite massive.
Not to mention how wholesome raising a child is.

95526 No.97946

Silver could actually ask many of Iron's questions about Changelings right now

b1f9a No.97947

To Skies?

14b80 No.97948

95526 No.97949


But I guess Silver wouldn't ask because frankly, Silver doesn't care

14b80 No.97950

I just don't know what you mean.

Anyways, I'm fucking tired already. Think I'm gonna head to bed.

b1f9a No.97951

Have a good night.
Please ask if changelings can extract ambient love if they are loved directly without a disguise, if other methods of love without direct suction exists and if changeling can be taught to be willing slaves to the ponies when you're able.

b1f9a No.97952

Well, I'm off to bed as well.
Here's hoping that train scene ends in a satisfactory and swift manner so we can move on with our own story paths.
and I want to cuddle the zeeb

1d978 No.97955

File: 1555111136464.png (368.18 KB, 1024x1498, EB5FDAE9-C402-421A-99E2-AD….png)

Okay, I have a plans for the train group both in the train and on arrival in the city. I have several possible events for the Baltimare group as well as one specifically for Iron (actually two). We can pick up the pace when people are actually here

16a85 No.97956

I can RP for a lottle bit, but I'll have to wake up early tomorrow to do my driver's license. So you're implying we're actually on day 6?

6baba No.97957

Sadly technically no, but there should be no slow downs. You’re fine

16a85 No.97958

HP restored, at least?

6baba No.97959

16a85 No.97960

Then it's definitely alright. Lemme reach my laptop when I get back home and have a little dinner.

6baba No.97961

Eh, I’m away from my laptop right mid. Let’s see if anyone else comes

16a85 No.97962

3c374 No.97963


3c374 No.97964

It's Silver, by the way.

6baba No.97965

She never got to read the letter…

3c374 No.97966

She could always ask to read it…

6baba No.97967

But she doesn’t even know about it

3c374 No.97968

When they were at the tavern, he had it out in view of both of them and even mentioned what was on it.

6baba No.97969

He did not offer to read it or show it though. I recall that

3c374 No.97970

He wouldn't object if she asked.

dfdb1 No.97971

That makes two

6baba No.97972

And now she has no reason to ask

I guess it does. Roll for luck

dfdb1 No.97973

Dice rollRolled 17

Oh boy

dfdb1 No.97974

I'd say that's a bretty gud roll. Wonder what effects will have.

6baba No.97975

The river is of a reasonable width, but it does look like there is an area of shallow rocks and lower current

dfdb1 No.97976

Iron smiles to himself.
He turns to Cauldron.
"There is a little shallow area to walk across over here."
How shallow are we talking about. Knee level? Elbow?

6baba No.97977

Eh, I guess it doesn’t matter that much, it’s just a missed opportunity

“Shall you go first?” She asks
Shallower in most areas

dfdb1 No.97978

I'm guessing elbow level to be a bit cheeky.
Iron smiles.
"How about you go on top of me and we both go across to reduce our chances of wetting our equipment? You can store the skin shredders the ponies used against me in your bags, right?"

6baba No.97979

“Hmmm… I don’t know if that would make you unstable or if would decrease your chances of being carried off by the current”

dfdb1 No.97980

Iron hums for a bit, then tentatively steps into the shallower current to see if the water reaches his barrel.

6baba No.97981

It is not that deep. If it were, Iron would probably float away

dfdb1 No.97982

Feeling confident that he's not going to wet the equipment, his head turns to Cauldron.
"Place the bags on my barrel. It seems it is not going to get wet. Be sure to put the skin shredders inside them."

3c374 No.97986

Talk about quiet, today.

dfdb1 No.97987

It got real quiet.
Too quiet.
I wonder what is happening.

3c374 No.97988

I have honestly no idea. I was just taking a look every few hours to see if there was a new reply or something.

dfdb1 No.97989

Well, we've got eachother at least.

3c374 No.97990