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File: 1554605658082.png (3.79 MB, 3507x2550, 1108192.png)

95526 No.97000[View All]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

For those on the train. The train goes along at high speeds through the darkness past farmland, trees, and other trains… until it starts to slow down, and comes to a halt.
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87a0a No.98746

The vestibule of the sleeper car next to the coach doesn’t have anypony coming to it, although all the same ponies are visible outside. And no ponies are visible on the right side… at least close to the train

52912 No.98747

Brie watches them operate for a few rounds

87a0a No.98748

The one furthest away takes aim and shoots at some unseen attacker that, by spacial logic, should he near the mail car. Another one in the mid distance looks on at the train. The one closest seems to be looking into the train himself

52912 No.98749

Dice rollRolled 20

Brie adjusts his appearance, but only to make the disguise cloak look like something that matches his suit better,… a trench coat I think, and then goes back to the coach car. "Your buddies are putting up quite a fight. What makes you so special?" Brie says. Sense motive on the bat's response

87a0a No.98750

Well, that succeeded.

Is Brie talking to Midnight blue?

52912 No.98751

Yes. He phrased the question to ascertain whether or not this blue is actually knowledgeable about who the outside ponies are and if they are associated with him, but more by how he responds to the question than by his actual answer.

2e8fc No.98752

Is it too late for me to join?

87a0a No.98753

He looks back in confusion for a moment
“… Yes, and they will be through any moment now.”
Then he looks up at Brie
“If you didn’t hear that bone head talking earlier, my name is Bader Ozren, and I am a captain of the State Security Security Administration.”

He seems to be bluffing about his comrades closing in, as he real doesn’t seem to believe they are the ones outside nor that they would be there anytime soon. (Doesn’t make him right either). He seems to be telling the truth about who he is, issuing it almost as a threat.


2e8fc No.98754

Well, after announcing that we have company to Brie, I go to try and brace that door. Hopefully there is a lock on it and some items that can force them to find another route in.

52912 No.98755

>State Security Security Administration
Brie turns obviously and dismissively away from Master Bader and starts thinking out loud.
"Well if they're not with him, and they're not with the resistance, who the hell are they with?"
Is the Oz man bound by chains?

87a0a No.98756

There is a sort of turntable knob that seems to be a lock.

52912 No.98757

Dice rollRolled 5

While contemplating what to do, Brie is going to attempt to locate his throwing knives

2e8fc No.98758

Spark turns the knob. Does it need a strength check due to Spark's apparent muscular atrophy most of the time?

87a0a No.98759

Oh hush, I’m on mobile at a bar. It’s obviously “STate Security Administration

He is bound by rope.

”Bader” is the Surname of “Paul Bader,” a Wehrmacht Leuitenant General in WW2 who was responsible for anti-partisan opperations in Croatia and Serbia. It’s also a Dutch meaning “father.” You hush I will start calling your character “Captain Marvel.”

Not immediately located.

Not really, it’s a simple enough mechanism

52912 No.98760

Well he knows where two of them are, they're sticking in the dead officer. Those he gets.
"So if he's not with either party, than turning him loose would only further complicate the situation for the other factions." Brie beams.
"Alright then, since digging information out of you won't work, and my interrogation specialists are having stage fright, you leave me no choice." Brie says approaching Bader.

2e8fc No.98761

Whew. For once I don't have to fail a strength check. I turn the lock and begin to look around for something that might further brace it from angry rebel fighters.

87a0a No.98762

“And what’s that?”

That would require a skill check

52912 No.98763

Brie proceeds to cut Bader's bonds. "Now don't you go eating anymore ponies," he says with a sarcastically admonishing tone.

2e8fc No.98764

Damn it… I have no skills basically… looks like I'm just going to have to hold the line. Stix retreats to the room the bats and changelings are hanging out at.

87a0a No.98765

Dice rollRolled 2 + 5

He looks back at Brie somewhat skeptically
He proceeds to walk forward towards the front of the car, looking back at Brie for a significant portion of the time, and looking over the seats

They’ll be coming soon enough

52912 No.98766

Brie follows. "Don't mind me, I'll just be observing you while you work."

87a0a No.98767

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

He looks back over again

87a0a No.98768

Dice rollRolled 4 + 6

He quickly bends down

2e8fc No.98769

Spark tends to the changelings.
"I know you guys don't really understand me, but we should head back to the room now."
Stix ponts the way back to their car.

87a0a No.98770

I think Brie put the changelings all the way back in his room

2e8fc No.98771

Darn. I thought they left that room, but stopped short of the one car with all the interrogation…

87a0a No.98772

Dice rollRolled 2 + 4

Then he tries to stab the stallion that Onyx trampled in the eye

87a0a No.98773

Not exactly a pristine performance. This prompts Snowflake and Forest Green to yell out at him
“Stop that!”

52912 No.98774

"Don't interrupt, I want to see what he's going to do next." Brie objects.

87a0a No.98775

He abandons that project, then goes forward through the vestibule, and tries to cross over to the car in front

87a0a No.98776

Only after doing a certain something else… he picks up one of the guns

52912 No.98777

Brie follows him

87a0a No.98778

Dice rollRolled 3

He knocks on a closed door of the car in front of them
“I am with the police, Bader Ozren of the SSA.”

87a0a No.98779

Dice rollRolled 14

And is promptly told to fuck off. He knocks again.
“Damn it, I am trying to help.”

87a0a No.98780

After slightly more finagling with the pony inside, he is allowed to enter

52912 No.98781

Dice rollRolled 10

Brie rushess to get his hoof in the door

87a0a No.98782

I’m going to say that succeeded

He hears a “who the fuck are you?”

Knocking on the door

2e8fc No.98783

Sparks ears shoot up. Can he tell which door this is coming from?

87a0a No.98784

Coach, rear vestibule, left door

2e8fc No.98785

Sparks heart starts racing a bit. He looks around for cover for the firefight that will most likely go down soon.

52912 No.98786

Dice rollRolled 19 + 7

"There's no time, let me through."

87a0a No.98787

A blue light lights up around the door. Ecivdently they are trying to unlock the door with telekinesis magic, although they don’t quite seem to be locating the lock

2e8fc No.98788

I guess that means no cover…
Spark begins to think of something he could do. If only he payed attention in those classes on useful magic.

87a0a No.98789

File: 1555652017696.jpeg (30.53 KB, 170x255, 2FB14772-16ED-4382-87A0-B….jpeg)

Dice rollRolled 11

They must believe he is in party with Ozren, because they let him through. Assuming he actually comes inside, they immediately lock the door behind him.

What he’s looking at is a long car with open shelves on both sides, with cabinets, safes, letters, walls with open slots. The whole room is dressed in wood and stainless steel. There are three ponies in this room besides Ozren and Brie. One is bear Ozren and Brie and is holding a shotgun. Another is at the far end and looking out of an open slit in what seems to be a partly open window. He aims another shotgun out of it. The middle one looks over at Brie and is between the two. All three wear blue uniforms that unambiguously place them as Postal employees.

Now, they try shooting at it

2e8fc No.98790

Spark takes aim for the door. How many shots are ripping through?

87a0a No.98791

Dice rollRolled 20

Two, thus far

87a0a No.98792

The door slowly swings open

52912 No.98793

… I've got nothing. I'll try and think of something tomorrow

2e8fc No.98794

Why can't I get those kind of rolls?

Spark takes one last look at Tipsy.
"If I don't make it though this, it's been a good run. Wish me luck."
Spark stands there, waiting for the first pony to step onto the train.

95526 No.98795

Brie's presence in the room would undoubtedly change the conversation as the ponies question whether he is a threat and why he is in a normally restricted area, but absent Brie's participation, the conversation between Ozren and the Postal employees would go something like this:

Ozren (to Brie): What the hell are you doing here?
Postal Employee (to Ozman): I thought he was with you?
I don't know who he is, but he did kill at least one partisan on the train
So those are indeed partisans next to the train? That's about what I thought
Yes, they claim that they are from the Everfree Resistance" or something. They say they are searching for somepony.
From Everfree? I doubt it. If they were familiar with this location they would have known better than to stop the train in this place, in the most lawless part of Equestria north of the Forbidden Jungles. Either that, or they must have been very confident in their security, or just plain desperate.
So these are bandits?
Indeed, we've been able to keep them from entering the car for 15 minutes now. The partisans have also been holding them back. I guess they don't want their "peaceful" search to be tainted by a robbery.
What's stopping the train?
I don't know. My best guess is that they made use of the light warning system. There are lights that will go red when the track ahead is busted and an electric circuit is broken. They warn the Train to stop and not go onto dangerous track. That, or maybe they placed an obstacle on the track to force the train to stop.

The first one coming through the door is the same pony he pushed out the door early. He is holding, in this case, a bolt-action rifle. He hasn't noticed Spark yet.

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