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File: 1552970051376.png (549.57 KB, 1280x1883, 1491522647163.png)

0d2f2 No.95000[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

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File: 1552970844736.jpg (38.95 KB, 493x433, Blue skies.jpg)

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File: 1552970950014.png (161.92 KB, 385x509, IMG_20190120_135157.png)

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File: 1553031659440.jpg (8.37 KB, 150x150, 1552955239243-0.jpg)

39cde No.95005

Better roll for it!

d4174 No.95006

i just noticed the eyes REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

43f06 No.95007

File: 1553035890679.png (60.02 KB, 250x300, C2A77DF7-39D3-477E-817F-18….png)

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43f06 No.95009

File: 1553038593733.jpeg (80.44 KB, 820x612, 8C73B300-DFF9-4FA2-8BC4-8….jpeg)

09c24 No.95010


4ed3e No.95011

39cde No.95012

Holy shid, the Rock Hoers is alive!

4ed3e No.95013

Uh, no I'm not

43f06 No.95014

Not for long if he violates the Snootendoodle

0922a No.95015

What's a snootendoodle? Is that like a runny nose?

43f06 No.95016

A runny nose on a pony would be a runny snootendoodle

0922a No.95017

boopendoodles the snootendoodle

43f06 No.95018

File: 1553041396277.jpeg (28.86 KB, 358x397, 4FB4A4CC-852C-45D6-A67F-B….jpeg)

4ed3e No.95019

booparoos the snootadoodleroo

43f06 No.95020

File: 1553042350656.png (114.41 KB, 381x306, E0F61895-AA69-4C91-8AF2-C8….png)

09c24 No.95022

Let's continue the train.
boopdidoodles the snouterdoodle

d4174 No.95023

File: 1553089326940.png (414 KB, 1600x1200, _aj filly boop.png)

0d2f2 No.95024

File: 1553113309214.png (881.25 KB, 1027x1410, C4FECAB6-ADBC-4A23-8793-54….png)

I should actually be available today

2ca24 No.95025

Have you summoned me?

39cde No.95026


0d2f2 No.95027

But, is Silver alive?

d4174 No.95028

File: 1553118979040.png (1 MB, 5314x5699, _boop ponk.png)

2ca24 No.95029

Hey, Dark Boi is here too!

39cde No.95030

As far as I know, he hasn't choked on his beans. He's still just enjoying his well-earned dinner.

d4174 No.95031

File: 1553120207908.jpg (71.33 KB, 868x680, _beans nigga.jpg)

2ca24 No.95032

If I recall correctly, Iron recently passed through the torn down church, tentment and another abadoned building.

0d2f2 No.95033

So who wants to play today?

2ca24 No.95034

39cde No.95035

I'm free.

0d2f2 No.95036

Dice rollRolled 1

I want you to do another dice roll, wisdom modifier

Well, Silver is enjoying his dinner. Alone. In a cold room. Probably should have mentioned earlier the bottle of Nimbusian wine that has appeared in the kitchen since early the sme day

2ca24 No.95037

Dice rollRolled 7

You mean 0.
Dat 1 tho

39cde No.95038

Now that actually is a spooky natural 1.

Where did that come from, I wonder? Silver levitates the bottle over to give it a look as he puts another spoonful of beans into his mouth. And why is this room so damn cold? It did not feel this cold outside.

0d2f2 No.95039

Cauldron walks on forward, as her breath forms mist in the cool air

Marked as a Nimbusian wine actually, maybe 1/3 remaining. A deep purple color

There should be a thermostat on the wall

2ca24 No.95040

Iron follows along, a bit worried at the mist.
"How are you faring in the cold?"

0922a No.95041

I might have time to actually do something tonight

39cde No.95042

Dice rollRolled 7 + 3

I suppose they must grow red grapes in Nimbusia. Looks like Blue has imbibed quite bit of it already. He sets it back where he got it from. To each their own, I suppose. Wine was never to my tastes.

His coat floofs up in reaction to the temperature of the room. It is really cold, even for the Severyanan stallion, it's quite shocking to him.

Spot: Silver leans back in his chair to look around the room for the thermostat, and see what it reads.

0d2f2 No.95043

She nods
“I am okay. How about you?”
On the subject of most, some seems to be rolling in from the water, which is out of line of sight beyond buildings

Um… who are you?

Indeed, on the wall sort of between the kitchen and living area, but past the closet coming into the room. It’s a cream color. Looks like it is set to “Off”

39cde No.95044

If Silver was going to be staying for any more of an extended period of time, he'd probably turn it on. As it is, he doubts he'll be staying long enough to even recognize a change in the room's temperature. He'll suffer through it, even if he's still a little freaked out by just how cold it is for him of all ponies.

2ca24 No.95045

"I am good. I think."
Iron's eyes wander off to the mist, a bit worried.
"What else is left?"

0922a No.95046

Take a guess

0d2f2 No.95047

That's who I figured

Kerr is sitting upon a red couch - a chair that sort of extends from the side of the observation deck, when he starts to curl up in an expression of almost pain

"Oh, there are more buildings down this way"
Two dark figures walk through the mist

Silver now how free time to contemplate where he went so horribly wrong

2ca24 No.95048

Iron tilts his head and turns to Cauldron.
"It is opposite of the mist, right? I think there is an ambush awaiting to happen there."

39cde No.95049

Oh, that's easy: almost everywhere he could have gone wrong, he went wrong.

0d2f2 No.95050

Hmmm… This seems to call for something a bit different

Where did Silver go right?

Cauldron stops, more than a little startled.
"That seems about right. I don't have my weapon on me"

A creature walks through the mist. It's a Griffin, or so it seems to be, a mix between a hawk or other bird of prey, and a large cat. he's a little bigger than a pony with a dark tan hide and feathers that black rusty color that characterizes dried blood. One of his eyes seems to be injured. There is a second bird with him, more of a dark brown hue, although he is a bit harder to see. Both seem to be looking at, and walking towards Cauldron and Iron slowly. Neither says anything

0922a No.95051

Dice rollRolled 7 - 2

Spot check

39cde No.95052

Well, he found love in his life, and helped to father three foals of his own. In his own mind, that in and of itself would make for a fulfilling life.

0d2f2 No.95053

I mean, he could just be tired

0d2f2 No.95054

So where does that leave the last 26 years?

0922a No.95055

Dice rollRolled 12 - 2

2nd attempt

39cde No.95056

A very lonely life. Something Silver is trying his damnedest to avoid dwelling on at the moment. He's got a job to do, one he can't complete if he's spending all of his time feeling bad for himself.

2ca24 No.95057

Dice rollRolled 16

Iron cocks his head at the griffin duo, somewhat confused. He turns to Cauldron and whispers to her.
"Something tells me that they do not want to ask directions. I cannot gauge the griffon's speed and with the wings, they will probably catch up to us."
He looks around for any sort of improvised melee weapon Cauldron can use like a plank or a pipe system to yank off of.
"I know for sure we need to back off from the mist. Otherwise they may get the advantage."

0d2f2 No.95058

6 feet away. Rebar

Possible colic?

Now lets try that day

0922a No.95059

Brie trots close to Kerr and whipers "Etwas stimmt nicht?

2ca24 No.95060

Dice rollRolled 14

Iron whispers to Cauldron yet again.
"There's a metal thing you could use. I will take point towards it, you watch my back."
And so, he slowly walks towards the improvised rebar as he looks over to the griffin duo. He takes this chance to study their physique to know what to expect when trying to fight the two as he goes, as well as keep track of their movements.

0d2f2 No.95061

"Ich fühle mich nicht so gut" he responds

From behind, Brie can hear
"Oh hi! You again!"

Fairly big, one or both seem to be in position to be hiding weapons. Neither brandishes any kind of weapon. There may be a confederate behind Iron

0922a No.95062

"Shit, perhaps feeding them food wasn't such a good idea" Brie EEEs at himself.
Brie turns toward the voice

d4174 No.95063

File: 1553128482052.png (355.76 KB, 3000x2634, _Aryanne heiling.png)

39cde No.95064

No idea what that means, but I imagine Silver continues eating his beans.

0d2f2 No.95065

It's a smiling Unicorn who looks familiar, with a not so smiling pale green unicorn female behind him
"I just thought I'd come up to the other observation dome to take a look around around dinner. I see you are still with your son. Is he okay? Oh by the way, this is my wife Velvet"

Last thing Dark Star was doing was kissing Blue after antagonizing her

I mean, things he did right and wrong that day

39cde No.95066

More things that Silver would rather wait to deal with until he finishes with this job. It's going to take enough of his time as is without worrying about the numerous things he's done wrong.

2ca24 No.95067

Dice rollRolled 13

Iron huffs in frustration.
"Their postures indicate incoming hostility. Cauldron, we should hurry and get yourself the weapon."
With that, his paces goes slightly faster, motioning Cauldron to follow suit towards the rebar.
He takes this small movement time to check his surroundings for any other uninvited griffins that may want to do bad things to both of them.
I think Cauldron should be able to take the rebar this turn, right?

d4174 No.95068

File: 1553129298255.png (147 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)


0922a No.95069

"Yes, hello. Good to meet you Mrs. Velvet." Brie responds cordially. "Fug, I was supposed to remember his name wasn't I. I hadn't anticipated seeing him again." Brie EEEs to himself.
"Yes, Kerr isn't feeling well. It must have been something he ate. I'm afraid it might be best if we return to our room so he can lie down."

0d2f2 No.95070

Now how does he plan on going about it?

Sure, if he moves fast enough
The lead bird comes closer, then diverts his eyes and changes his movement slightly, as if to walk by

So… do you want to declare an action?

She nods, not saying anything. But the stallion….

"Oh, let me examine him! I'm a doctor now"

Velvet leans in, and says "Needle Pusher isn't licensed, just a med school graduate"

He immediately walks over to kerr, and seems to contemplate placing his hooves on Kerr. Kerr is… not so enthusiastic for this

0922a No.95071

Dice rollRolled 13 + 8

"Uhm,… I'm sure he's fine. If you wish to examine him, lets get him to our room first."

0d2f2 No.95072

"Sure! What car are you in?"

2ca24 No.95073

Dice rollRolled 12 + 8

Iron, in an attempt to defuse the fight so there's no chance of Cauldron getting hurt, stares directly at the offending griffin that is trying to pretend to be walking by. His brow is furrowed and his glare indicates one to back off or get smashed to a pulp.
He does so as he picks up the pace and tries to maintain about two forelegs' length between the pony-zebra duo and the griffons.

39cde No.95074

Well, unless he and by that I mean "I" can come up with something better, his best bet is to do it like he has been: buy three more potions with his remaining Bits, bring his cart back down into the catacombs, load it with books, and bring it back, hopefully without drawing the ire of the ghasts who would inevitably bring his demise.

0922a No.95075

Oh god dammit,…. Hold on,… (I can't show him the map, that would be bad)

0d2f2 No.95076

He pulls back his beak in what undoubtably would be a smile of blackened teeth, if he had any
"Ah, a zeeb and a native together. Don't be too feisty"


Wesley too, seems to have gut pains, though he seems less affected that Kerr at least thus far

d4174 No.95077

Dark Star Puts his arm around her
"You're Really important to me."
Then he holds out the Camera
"say Cheese"

0d2f2 No.95078

She is surprised by the presence of the camera, to say the least

2ca24 No.95079

Iron keeps his glare at the griffon as he goes to the rebar.
"Keep your distance and you do not have to worry about me getting feisty."
He glances quickly at the improvised weapon to gauge how much further they have to travel still, only to move his eyes back to the griffin that just talked.

d4174 No.95080

"What? You Don't want to Take a picture?"

0d2f2 No.95081

Now he laughs
"Why don't you come with me, native?"
They are moving forward, maybe 15 feet?


d4174 No.95082

Dark Star Looks Disappointed

2ca24 No.95083

First 8 feet now 15 feet. What? Did you mean inches?
Iron keeps his glare.
"I would rather not. I have other things to do."
He keeps on moving towards the rebar.

0d2f2 No.95084

The rebar was 8 feet away, the griffins are 15 feet or more. What was your question?

"Don't wonder off now"


2ca24 No.95085

The current distance to the rebar. I need to equip Cauldron with the rebar to increase odds of success and trying to avoid either rape/torture for fun/robbery if Iron and Cauldron lose against the shady griffins.
"Why should I not?"

d4174 No.95086


0922a No.95087

What the fuck was the name of the car?

0d2f2 No.95088

"Wouldn't want to get lost, would you?"

The Canterlot Mountains car, I believe

She just looks ahead, not saying anything

d4174 No.95089

Dark Star looks very concerned
"Blue,Whats wrong?"

0922a No.95090

No, Canterlot Mountains was the car that Onyx and Spark are in

2ca24 No.95091

"I have a map. I do not need your directions."
He keeps on walking towards the unreachable rebar.
Iron's glare is set on the big griffin while trying to see where the small griffin is at the current moment.
He whispers to Cauldron without moving his head.
"Keep an eye out for any flankers that may try to sneak attack us."

0d2f2 No.95092

"Nothing is wrong, I just wasn't expecting to get a picture taken"

Probably the Crystal Car

He doesn't have to look far. There is one right behind him, only a few feet

0922a No.95093

No, not that either. I'd recognize it if I saw it, but it was different

d4174 No.95094

Dice rollRolled 9

Sense motive

39cde No.95095

I mean, you could probably just lead them to the car.

0d2f2 No.95096

She's confused

"You could just take me there"

2ca24 No.95097

Dice rollRolled 19 + 8

He huffs in slight frustration at the encirclement maneuver as he still goes towards the rebar.
"Tell your kin to keep its distance or his beak will be broken into pieces by my hoof."

0d2f2 No.95098

Is this supposed to be intimidate? And if so, against who?

d4174 No.95099

Dark Star also seems confused

2ca24 No.95100

Either the closer griffin indirectly through the big griffin if I read correctly and there's one behind Iron and Cauldron or the big griffin himself again.

0d2f2 No.95101

You need to pick one of three, because Iron would necessarily need to be facing in opposite directions to address either the talkative one or the one behind him

She lowers her ears and looks away

2ca24 No.95102

The first of the two. The flanking griffin by talking to the big griffin and calling him out on his flanking. If not, simply pretend Iron turned around to say that to the flanking griffin.

0d2f2 No.95103

He's trying to intimidate the talking one?
Jesus, just say directly what you are trying to do, because I can't always guess

2ca24 No.95104

I'm trying to intimidate the flanking one since he seems closest.

0922a No.95105

"The Clover Grove!" Brie exclaims, totally having not just spent however long pouring through logs to find it. "This way, its the second to last car."

2ca24 No.95106

Meant to put in spoilers. I apologize for any sort of rude talk that may have been perceived by italicspeak

0d2f2 No.95107

His eyes go big, as it doesn't seem that he was expecting Iron to see him. He backs up, and lowers his claws, which hold a set of wire

"Very well"
Kerr tries to get up, though he is in pain, while Wesley gets up

Velvet follows unenthusiastically

d4174 No.95108

Dark Star rests his elbow on the bar of the Car we are in and brings his hoof up to rest his head on then looks down at the ponies with a somber look on his face as he takes a drink from his flask

0922a No.95109

Brie goes to support Kerr, and guides them all back to the room.

0d2f2 No.95110

It's on it's way down

Needle Pusher starts to ask
"So what did you feed them that might make them act like this?"

2ca24 No.95111

Iron looks at the wire-holding griffin, glaring daggers at him.
"If you want a fight, take one more step. I ensure you that your beak will litter the ground in pieces and your wings will be broken beyond repair."
So the rebar was forgotten or will Iron reach it the moment he and Cauldron have to fight?

0922a No.95112

"Kerr and I ate a kiwi, while Wesley ate some cheesecake."

d4174 No.95113

Dark Star looks rather Sad
He thinks to himself
"why do i fuck up everything i try?' i'm sure she's going to leave any day now.after she figures out how weak i am.Probably for Silver With how Hoovsie they've been.

0d2f2 No.95114

They arrive towards the room, with Brie presumably opening the door. It's much the same as they left it

"Hmmmm… that doesn't sound like it would cause food poisoning. Have there been any other symptoms?"

He backs away. But right behind Iron, he can hear a voice
"If that's the way you want it…"

Skies looks on at ponies at the fair as the wheel reaches the bottom a second time

Just pick up the damned rebar

2ca24 No.95115

It's for Cauldron to wield since her signature weapon is a tire iron, but alright.
Also dangit Cauldron why don't you warn Iron that one got too close for comfort at the very least.
Can I simply roll to hit behind me with a negative modifier or can I simply turn around and punch the griffin?

0922a No.95116

"Nothing I can think of, come inside colts," Brie says, pushing the two into the room. "Maybe their stomachs are just upset from the train ride."

d4174 No.95117

Dark Star turns to her and hoofs over his flask
"Want some?" He asks

0d2f2 No.95118

Did you not see her roll a 1?
Moving is… Well, it's a movement action

"Mind if I check them?" He asks, coming inside of the room

0922a No.95119

Somehow I doubt this is going to end well
Is Velvet joining him?

2ca24 No.95120

Oh. Well dang.
Hearing the griffin behind him, he turns around the face the closest opponent to see at what distance is the big griffon at.
Hopefully he doesn't do 7 damage or more or hit Iron to begin with. He's pretty down health wise.
Could I roll reflex to dodge if it passes 10 AC?

0d2f2 No.95121

Yes, behind him, and she remains basically in the door way, a bit more "in" since being out would block the corridor

Right fucking in front of him, holding a… Mace?

I guess we could could his HP as super low

0d2f2 No.95122

She turns her head in curiousity
"Are you not happy?"

It seems plausible that some could fall in an area with dilapidated buildings. He rolled high

d4174 No.95123

i still Don't follow
"I Don't know, it just seems like you're a bit distant."

0922a No.95124

"Please step inside, have a seat. Hopefully this won't amount to anything."
"And I mean that, it would be a shame if they caught wind of the Lings in this situation." Brie EEEs to himself.

2ca24 No.95125

Dice rollRolled 5 + 6

Iron hums.
"Alright. If you wish to fight. A fight is what you will get, bird."
He punches with all his might at the mace-wielding griffon on the side of his face. Power attack is used, subtracting 5 to hit chance for 5 damage.
If I can, of course. Feel free to nullify this and make me post again.

0d2f2 No.95126

Dice rollRolled 11 + 2

"Huh? Why would you say that?"

He reaches over towards Kerr, who lays on the couch. Kerr bares his fangs looking at Needle Pusher, who places a hoof on Kerr's shoulder

He moves his head over to the side and dodges, as Cauldron makes some action behind her presumably at the other griffin
"Not so easy"
He swings his mace at Iron

0d2f2 No.95127

Dice rollRolled 5 + 1


0d2f2 No.95128

He hits Iron. Yes, it hurts

0922a No.95129

So does she NOT enter the cabin?

0d2f2 No.95130

She does

0922a No.95131

Dice rollRolled 10 + 9

Closing the door behind everyone, Brie does a slight of hand to lock the door

2ca24 No.95132

Dice rollRolled 7 + 6

Fuck. Next roll gimme the chance to roll reflex.
I am at 1HP.

Iron recoils from the blow.
(If it were not for that tiger…)
He shakes his head, his claw wound slightly opening up. His hoof tries again to connect with the griffon's jaw. Same type of attack as last turn.

d4174 No.95133

"well, you wanting to Bring silver along earlier. made me feel like you-uh really Didn't care about coming here tonight. that combines with how hoovsie you two have been lately. What Do you want out of this relationship?"

0d2f2 No.95134


Now he definitely places a hoof on Kerr, who seems afraid


"Huh? No, I just didn't want him to feel lonely. I don't want out of this relationship"

2ca24 No.95135

Dice rollRolled 3 + 12


d4174 No.95136

"Are you Sure, He would Be a better choice anyway, he's stronger than me."

0922a No.95137

Brie trots over and places a hoof on Kerr's other shoulder to comfort him.

0d2f2 No.95138

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5

She looks upwards contemplatively

"Your son is cold" he remarks


0d2f2 No.95139

Cauldron hits him with the rebar, and between the two, he's knocked the fuck out. The third one is not far away, but seems afraid

0922a No.95140

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

"Uh,… hmmm. We spent some time in the rear car, he must not have warmed up from that."

0922a No.95141

Bluff btw

2ca24 No.95142

Iron snarls at the afraid griffon.
"Do you want to join your partner? Huh?!"

0d2f2 No.95143

"I see… Let me check his pulse"
He places his hoof near Kerr's neck, causing his ears to shoot up

Roll intimidate. Iron should have blood streaking down him, so he is less intimidating than he could be

d4174 No.95144

Dark Star Takes a big sip from his flask as he looks down at the ponies still looking somber.

2ca24 No.95145

Dice rollRolled 11 + 8

Fair enough.

0d2f2 No.95146

Dice rollRolled 6 + 5

He backs up, spreads his wings, then starts to fly. Cauldron runs over with a muffled "Yip Yip" as she swings the bar in her mouth at the bird

"Aww… Do you not like me?"

2ca24 No.95147

I guess I can follow up Cauldron with my own attack, can't I?

0922a No.95148

Brie makes a slow soothing "Shhhhh" noise toward Kerr.

0d2f2 No.95149

No, that was her turn for the round. Iron used his to intimidate

"I'm… I'm having Difficulty finding a pulse on this one"

2ca24 No.95150

Alright, decide what happens next.

0922a No.95151

You're gonna make me tie them up and feed them to the Lings aren't you?

2ca24 No.95152

Time to show your chaotic neutrality, my guy.

d4174 No.95153

"What? Of course i like you, i love you. love should be like a two way street,ya know?"
Dark Star Remains staring Down as he says this

39cde No.95154

So, here's a weird question about Changelings in your version of this universe: when they disguise themselves as ponies, do they also have to create all of the biological processes and systems separately from the actual disguise?

2ca24 No.95155

You mean if he becomes pony inside like organs,

0922a No.95156

Dice rollRolled 16 + 9

Sleight of hand, retrieving a throwing knife

0d2f2 No.95157

She just stares at Dark Star

Or bluff it off or tell him that the children are uncomfortable or… something


39cde No.95158

Basically, I'm asking if changelings have to create all of the insides a pony has when they disguise themselves, and if that's why the 'lings feel so cold and are unable to digest food.

2ca24 No.95159

Don't forget Cauldron's action. Unless you want me to respond.

0922a No.95160

Dice rollRolled 5 + 7

"I'm sure you're mistaken, clearly he has a pulse. I really think he just needs some rest."

d4174 No.95161

Dark Star looks over at her With a look of confusion
"Starry? What does that mean?"

0d2f2 No.95162

It looks like for the moment Iron is safe… Is he?

Velvet looks over and whispers
"He just thinks he's a pediatrician. He does the same thing when he visits my parents"

"I don't… I definitely think I should be feeling something"

She laughs slightly
"That's your name now"
She pets him on the head

2ca24 No.95163

Iron sighs.
"When I asked for some energy spending, I did not mean this."
His hoof trails to the mace hit on his side, feeling the reopened scars from the tiger fight.
He turns to Cauldron, his eyes half-open.
"I think I need a place to lie down. Any safe place to go that is not your home? I fear they might want to follow."

0d2f2 No.95164

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

"Looks like muggers. I can lose them"

She looks on in the night

0922a No.95165

Dice rollRolled 14 + 7

"We should probably just let him rest"
Bluff again (not sure if there should be a negative modifier for a second attempt)

2ca24 No.95166

Iron nods weakly.

0d2f2 No.95167

"You sure they don't need help?"

"Quickly, down this street, make a turn, then into the roadside bar. I know where to lose them if they follow"

2ca24 No.95168

Iron nods, then proceeds to follow Cauldron's directions.
(Good thing I do not have my armor on so we can move faster.)

d4174 No.95169

Dark Star's Eyes twikle a little upon getting what she is saying.
He laughs.
"But yea, i do feel like love is a two way street,"

0922a No.95170

"I think they'll be alright. I appreciate you lending a hoof, but he seems more uncomfortable with you here than he did from a stomach ache."
Brie resists the urge to crack a joke about how a doctor who can't find their pulse is supposed to help, given the circumstances.

0d2f2 No.95171

"What do you mean?" She asks

They go back the way they came, then make a turn to left down a commercial street. They go into the bar where she says something to a bar tender. She asks Iron to follow her into a back room, where she comes back with bandages

"But But…" he looks at Brie with big puppy dog eyes

Velvet pets his shoulder
"It's okay, you'll get your chance to save a foal with an emergency appendectomy some day"

2ca24 No.95172

As Iron enters the backroom, he exhales, feeling less tense for the time being. He awaits Cauldron's magic healing touch as she comes forth with the bandages.
"Pesky birds…"

0d2f2 No.95173

She pours a dark brown liquid over his head
"Well… we got out of that"
She doesn't seem that fazed by what happened

2ca24 No.95174

Iron lightly chuckles.
"We did."
His brow furrows.
"How many times have you had to deal with them? You seem almost unfazed by what happened."

0922a No.95175

"I think its better they rest. I'll keep an eye on them."

d4174 No.95176

"Well, i asked you earlier about loving me and you kinda dodged the question."
Dark Star Rubs the back of his head
"And you said you only Kept me around because i stayed after we Made Love"

0d2f2 No.95177

"Those ones? I've never seen them before. But I've been jumped before"

"Okay…" he heads towards the door of the room
"Is there any other way I can help?"

She pulls her head back, laughing
"Like a a stray cat after leaving milk out"

2ca24 No.95178

As the top of Iron's head is put into the dark brown liquid, he sighs a little.
"That is quite strange. Here I thought only one gang was in power and there were no others. I assume they are not afilliated with anyone?"

d4174 No.95179

Dark Star looks Saddend by her laughing
"What's that supposed to mean?"

0922a No.95180

"Not unless you want to be eaten, which would make the whole trip awkward," Brie EEEs to himself.
"I don't think so. It's nice of you to offer, but I think we'll be fine." Brie gets up and walks over to the door hoping to unlock it before Needle can get to it.

39cde No.95181

There is little more confusing than playing a character in this game named Silver Sword while Anons on the main board are shitting on Silver Star.

0d2f2 No.95182

She pets him on the head again
"You're adorable, Dark Star"

"There are random criminals at times… I don't know who those are"

"Okay… Good luck!" He walks out the door

>Silver Star
Best ship

2ca24 No.95183

Iron nods.
"They would not have attacked us if they knew you. I trust you, do not worry."

0922a No.95184

Whew. As much as it might have helped the Lings to eat somepony, it might have ruined the whole trip in a big way, that might end with arrest and imprisonment. I'm sure there will be more isolated ponies along the way that can turn up missing without consequence.

39cde No.95185

File: 1553143494766.png (835.2 KB, 1857x1926, 1977066__safe_artist-colon….png)


d4174 No.95186

"I'm not Adorable!"
Dark Star's voice cracks a little bit as he says this
"You're Adorable!"

d4174 No.95187

File: 1553143666868.png (Spoiler Image, 156.9 KB, 500x380, _cadence dude.png)

>Silver Star

2ca24 No.95188

It's the part where you both realize Skies isn't worth it and you decide to take revenge by fucking eachother to spite her.
Or it makes her turn on even more. Iunno.

4ed3e No.95189


0d2f2 No.95190

"Reeeee! I am a proud warrior pony!"

She smiles in a "damned right" sort of way, then she says "alright, there's a back door here we can go out through

Wesley's eyes go wide and he lets out a suppressed gasp in fear at the other pony. This is nothing compared to Kerr's expression of terror and anger

"Sie haben versucht, uns zu verkaufen!"

2ca24 No.95191

Iron nods yet again.
"Thank you for treating me yet again. Now, lead the way."

d4174 No.95192

"Reeeee Im a proud edgy Boi!"

0922a No.95193

Oh great, this shit again.
"Ich habe nicht versucht, dich zu verkaufen. Dieses Pony war Arzt, und als Sie beide krank aussahen, bestand er darauf, Sie zu untersuchen. Ich wollte sehen, dass Sie beide sich von ihm ernähren lassen, aber wenn er und seine Frau vermisst werden, würde dies Fragen aufwerfen."

39cde No.95194

So, you're saying the end point of Silver cucking Star with Blue is to cuck Blue with Star?

0d2f2 No.95195

She opens a door and goes down a dark, white hallway before getting to a door that opens to an alley on the opposite side from where they entered, then, she goes down the alley, looking up on occasion and generally hugging the wall. After more turns and running, she eventually says
"I think we would have lost them"

Kerr says "okay…" as if reluctant to accept the answer, while Wesley says
"Sie müssen nicht vermisst werden"
Special emphasis on mussen have to/need

She does a sideways smirk

2ca24 No.95196

Dice rollRolled 18

Iron nods yet again.
"I think I had enough trotting for today. I say we go back to your place. I need time to heal my wounds."
He looks around just in case he's leaving a trail or a griffin is nearby.

d4174 No.95197

Dark Star cocks an eyebrow up

0922a No.95198

"Scheisse. Daran habe ich nicht gedacht. Leider hatten wir keine Gelegenheit, uns mit Ihnen zu besprechen, bevor die beiden auf uns zukamen. Es ist wirklich schade, dass Sie kein Ponyisch sprechen"

0d2f2 No.95200

No griffin seems to be on the block or in the immediate sky

"I guess I'll give you that, edgy boy"
Now, she rubs his mane, messing it up

"Ja, leider. Vielleicht kann ich es eines Tages lernen"

0d2f2 No.95201

Do it

2ca24 No.95202

Of course.
Iron nods yet again.
"Alright, I think we did lose them."

0d2f2 No.95203

Cauldron herself looks less than fully convinced, and looks up at the skies
"Well… Maybe we can do more in the daylight, when something like that is not quite so likely to happen"

d4174 No.95204

Dark Star smiles
"and i suppose,you're an Adorable Warrior."
Dark Star rubs the base of her wings

2ca24 No.95205

Iron nods.
"I agree. We should go back to your place."

0d2f2 No.95206

The base of the wings shows the wings themselves to be rather thick, muscular appendages. She seems just a little peeved

She smiles
"Want to try some cassava?"

0922a No.95207

"Wie geht es dir zwei?"

d4174 No.95208

Dark Star Smiles
"Theres nothing wrong with being adorable."
Dark Star starts to stroke the base of her wings

2ca24 No.95209

Iron's eyes spark in curiousity and wonder. He smiles like he hasn't recently gotten hit by a mace. His cotlish demeanor is showing up again if his light excited trot in place is any indication.
"I do. I do!"

0d2f2 No.95210

Is Silver kill?

She looks at him almost suspiciously
"What are you doing?"

"Schmerzen haben"

"Nicht so gut"

"Easy there, don't get too excited or you'll hurt yourself with those cuts on you"
They walk further home

d4174 No.95211

Dark Star Grins
"Im not doing anything."
He rubs the base of the wings a little more firmly

2ca24 No.95212

Iron's light prancing stops from Cauldron's comment. He chuckles lightly.
"I just cannot help myself."

39cde No.95213

Silver is liv.

0d2f2 No.95214

"St - stop"
She pulls back and tries to clamp her wings down
Her face has an expression of horror

"I'm not sure I should release you like this. You may need to stay the night at my place. You may need to stay the night at my place."

0d2f2 No.95215

Is he though?

When were you planning on getting to stuff?

39cde No.95216

As far as I know, his beans haven't done him in.

What stuff are you referring to?

2ca24 No.95217

Iron smiles.
"Thank you for your hospitality, Cauldron. I would not know what would I do without your help so far."
He inspects himself for any sort of things that may stick to Cauldron's coat like blood and that dark brown substance.

0d2f2 No.95218

Mostly on his face

Wasn't he going to get himself killed in the catacombs?

39cde No.95219


2ca24 No.95220

Iron's smile is replaced by a little frown as he looks at his body.
"I am not making your place too dirty, am I?"

d4174 No.95221

"to Lewd huh?"
Dark Star goes a little faster

0d2f2 No.95222

"No… it will be alright"

"Stop hehe, that tickles!"

"Do you want to live forever?!"

2ca24 No.95223

Iron's hoof goes up and looks at it, unconvinced.
"Are you sure? I would hate to make you work more than you already have."

d4174 No.95224

"ah ticklish eh?"
Dark Star's Shapes itself into a Smile that is more at place on Blue
He gets Close to her ear and whispers in a low Gravely tone
"Even better."

d4174 No.95225


39cde No.95226

Silver looks up from his polished-off plate of beans to see who said that.

d4174 No.95227

it was the beans

0d2f2 No.95228

"You monster"

"No no, it's fine. You are wounded and need help"

Um… nevermind…

d4174 No.95229

Dark Star laughs
"I've been called worse."
Increase firmness of the wubs

39cde No.95230

A few seconds of silent confusion and a shrug later, Silver is finally finished with his beans. He grabs the plate and the pan he used, and moves over to look at the mess of dirty dishes currently in the sink.

2ca24 No.95231

Iron hums, blinking once lazily.
"I guess that is true. Can I have some of that cassava you mentioned?"
He smiles.

d4174 No.95232

File: 1553149147928.png (11.84 KB, 396x369, _thinking hand.png)

0d2f2 No.95233

"hehe, stop" she convulses at the tickles

Only a few cups that are dirty, no plates

"Only after it's cooked"
They arrive back at the apartment block

2ca24 No.95234

When reaching the place, he slightly wonder about Cauldron's improvised weapon.
"What was that metal bar you used as a bludgeon?"

d4174 No.95235

Dark Star Increases the speed of the rubs and focuses on the most sensitive spots
"You love it."
He smiles

0d2f2 No.95236

"A piece of rebar" she says, as she now enters her room

2ca24 No.95237

"'Ree-bah'? What is that?"
As he enters her room and waiting on her to close the door he asks.
"Was it better than the tire iron?"

0d2f2 No.95238

"It's a construction material, made of steel, used to give strength to concrete. A piece must have either fallen off a cart or off of a broken concrete wall. I can't quite grip it as well, but it is heavy and slender"

0d2f2 No.95239

"Gah!" she pulls away more so

2ca24 No.95240

Iron nods.
"I remember seeing one of the griffons holding some sort of shiny string. What was that?"
He goes over to the sofa, sitting next to it just in case he messes it up with his fluids.

d4174 No.95241

Dark Star moves one of his hooves to her Stomach to see if she's ticklish there to

0d2f2 No.95243

"That was wire, I can't tell for what maybe an instrument or something."
She looks at him straight in the eyes
"I think he was trying to use it as a garrote"

She pushes is hoof away

2ca24 No.95244

Iron nods.
"So he was trying to strangle one of us. The coward…"

39cde No.95245

Well, it would be waste to wash only plate and pan…

Silver gathers all of the dirty dishes and cookware together to wash them. He also looks around for those two glasses he saw Blue use for the tea earlier.

d4174 No.95246


0d2f2 No.95247

Actually, it looks like only the ceramic mugs used for tea on those or other instances are in the sink

She hates her teeth at Dark Star

“That’s what it seems like”

2ca24 No.95248

Iron shakes his head.
(Nothing like Redclaw.)
He blinks lazily, lighting stroking the floor, trying to a feel for the texture to see if it is comfortable to sleep on.

d4174 No.95249

>She hates her teeth at Dark Star

2ca24 No.95250

I guess she's rubbing her teeth together in a fit of contained rage?

0d2f2 No.95251

The floor in her living room is wood, a soft tan color. But the area where Iron is is a rug, maroon and other colors. The rug isn’t that thick or fluffy, but it is softer than the wooden floor


2ca24 No.95252

He inspects it slightly, trying to see if it is being dirtied by blood and other fluids.

d4174 No.95253

Dark Star's pupils cartoonishly turn into hearts
"D'awwwww i told you, you were adorable."

39cde No.95254

Good! I can give them washing they need. Stopping himself before he can embarrass himself, Silver remembers to look for a couple things that are very important to dish washing: most notable some dishsoap, a dishcloth, and a drying towel.

0d2f2 No.95255

File: 1553151634575.jpeg (105.59 KB, 634x960, 52C14F9C-4697-4F43-B029-0….jpeg)

Pic related

It does not appear to be, though it wasn’t perfectly clean to begin with

Some washing fluid is available down below the sink. A dish cloth is similarly away in a drawer. A towel is availabke in the counter

2ca24 No.95256

Iron, poking the rug a little bit just to be sure, slowly lays down on the rug.

39cde No.95257

Excellent! And thus, Silver can commence with the dish washing. Interestingly enough, rather than just use his magic to wash them, he actually rolls up his shirt sleeves and dives his forelegs right into the warm water he's filled the sink with. It might be the Earth Pony inside of him, but he likes doing things like this with his bare hooves.

d4174 No.95258

File: 1553152239836.png (83.31 KB, 719x573, _DarkStarHappy.png)

>pic related

39cde No.95259


2ca24 No.95260


d4174 No.95261

That would Be a higher number

39cde No.95262

Anyways, I guess GM is ded.

2ca24 No.95263


d4174 No.95264

Seems that way for now

0d2f2 No.95265

Fuckin' Unicorns, "condescending" to act like Earth Ponies

Scrunchy face

And Cauldron returns to the kitchen

2ca24 No.95266

I suppose I can respond, since I am always here and all.
Iron simply lays there, staring forward.
(Strange. We did not have anything of value apart from our clothing. Are they that desperate to get anything for themselves that they resort to pitiful theivery of seemingly empty ponies? There has to be another explanation.)

d4174 No.95267

"A Cute!"

39cde No.95268

It's not Silver's fault he was born to the most Earth Pony of Earth Pony fathers.

0d2f2 No.95271

File: 1553225526026.png (141.85 KB, 764x424, 14D7D10D-CCB6-4A6E-9674-35….png)


Fuckin’ Unicorns

“Just a few minutes…”

2ca24 No.95272

Iron's head perks up, sitting up for the new food that will come into his mouth.
"Do you need any help with setting the table up?"

d4174 No.95273

Dark Star Pets the CUTE Mare.

0d2f2 No.95274

File: 1553227610040.png (185.47 KB, 831x1024, 10AE48DB-F146-4395-9EA7-E5….png)

“No, I can handle it. You get done rest, you’re hurt.”

Something along the lines of Pic

2ca24 No.95275

Irons fully stands up.
"It is the least I can do for your hospitality."

d4174 No.95276

"The Madder you get the Cuter you become"
Dark Star grins at her

0d2f2 No.95277

“Oh no, you’re fine. You can lay on the couch, by the way”

Point back the pic in >>95255

2ca24 No.95278

Iron glances at the couch and reluctantly goes to it.
He pokes at it to see if it stains it in any way.

d4174 No.95279

Dark Star laughs
"Hey,blue. Do you Ever wonder why we are here?"

0d2f2 No.95280

He hasn’t stained it. Yet.

“What do you mean?”

2ca24 No.95281

He tentatively gets on the couch now and sits on it. He makes sure his head is not dripping any stains on the sofa.

d4174 No.95282

"I don't understand,why any of this is here."
Dark Star Motions around at the park then to the city then to the fields
"I often wonder what is the purpose of everything. including the very nature of Existence itself. Are we here just to suffer? Some days it seems like it would be better if nothing existed at all."

d4174 No.95283

*edgyly Broods*

0d2f2 No.95284

Fortunately, the bleeding was stopped in the back room of the bar.

“Huh? No. Nature has ordained a special excellence for each living thing. Each thing has a purpose. Just like how a good plow can till soil, or a good hammer can nail, so too does each creature have a purpose to it for the sort of thing it is. A society is a whole and a living organism all its own, and the creatures that live in it are like organs in an organism. Thus the creatures in it act as its brain, it’s heart, or its stomach or its claws. There is a hierarchy to nature, but each creature plays its own part, whether it be leader or subordinate to another part. This is most obvious in the case of ponies, where each pony has a cutie mark assigning her her role in life, and where the different races for classes. Pegasi are the wise ruling warriors, full of courage. Unicorns are crafty merchants, if prone to greed. Earth ponies are the industrious farmers and miners, if prone to intemperance and laziness. But all serve a purpose in the larger whole, with every creature striving towards its own purpose, and having s purpose within larger nature.”

2ca24 No.95285

Sighing in relief, he finally lets himself relax as he sprawls over the sofa, now confident that he won't stain anything for now.

0d2f2 No.95286

“I must say Dark Star, I never took you for an atheist. That is the problem with the self-aledged Reformers. They reject any kind of purpose inherent in nature, and they reject the concept of pony-nature. They instead assert that each pony individually decides its own purpose, or that a collective decides its purpose from a ‘General will’ that appears out of nowhere. But purpose, by definition, must come from something beyond your own will, and must be grounded to it. Any alleged purpose that comes only from your own desires, and is not grounded to something beyond it like Nature, Society, or Pony Nature, is like a balloon not tied down. It is soon lost in the wind. So that is what they do. They throw away tradition and respect for Nature, but find that once those are gone they have no purpose, thus they destroy everything around them in a self-induced existential angst. That is what happened in Aquelia, in Stalliongrad, and to a lesser extent in my own Riverlands.”

Roll die

2ca24 No.95287

Dice rollRolled 6

Oh boe

d4174 No.95288

"I'm only an atheist, Because celestia Failed me. and for all that other stuff, life just seems so Futile, like evil always wins and Conquers Goodness."

d4174 No.95289

Sorry, had to do some cleaning.

0d2f2 No.95290

He passes. For now…

She turns her head slightly and narrows her eyes at him
“The Great Mother May be a mother of sorts, but she is not one to let all just suckle her teats. Grow up. Provide for yourself, and fight. Don’t expect others to make everything happen for you.”

2ca24 No.95291

>pass with a six

Iron remains lying on the sofa, his eyes threatening to close and nod off to sleep.
(Keep yourself together. I want to try that cassava before going to bed.)

d4174 No.95292

Dark Star looks as if slapped him in the face
"Oh i know, I've learnt that lesson on the Hard way on the Streets as i had to fight off ziggers and Yaks,Even the occasional Griffin thug. I had to Grow up fast. I killed my First Creature when i was 16."

0d2f2 No.95293

Oh he can smell something

“Then why are you still moping?”

2ca24 No.95294

Iron starts sniffing at the smell, curious of it.

d4174 No.95295

"Because some times i need to talk about it or it drives me crazy."

0d2f2 No.95296

A bit of spice in the air, and boiling… something

She pats him
“Now stop with that ‘no purpose to existence’ blasphemy. Only a Communist or a Liberal is so nihilistic”

2ca24 No.95297

Iron sniff some more, faintly propping his head up. One of his forehooves is slowly reaching to edge of the sofa to reach the floor as he keeps on sniffing.

d4174 No.95298

Dark Star smiles at the Pats and his leg starts kicking like a dog being scratched
"Thanks for listening to me. i really appreciate it my Baby Blue."

0d2f2 No.95299

At this time, the coupula returns to the bottom again, and the ride ends

Hard to identify, but she’s definitely cooking

2ca24 No.95300

Iron feels even more compelled to go investigate.
He slowly gets off the sofa, following the scent back to its source.

39cde No.95301

Unicorns Fuckin'

You know, 'cause they're always horn-y.

d4174 No.95302

Dark Star Opens the Doori presume it was a door, if not he does the equivalent that./s] and then he offers his hoof to help Blue out
"I had a nice ride. how about you?"

0d2f2 No.95303

“Sure” she takes his hoof, then exits to coupula


She’s boiling something in a pot

2ca24 No.95304

His mind a bit fuzzy from all the beatings, he approaches even closer at the pot, smelling even harder. He has a tired but focused gaze. His eyes blinking slowly at the pot he's seeing.

d4174 No.95305

File: 1553238673559.png (Spoiler Image, 380.75 KB, 1334x1060, _Carlos.png)

0d2f2 No.95306

Something like shredded potato and onions

Silver missed out on another philosophical argument

d4174 No.95307

is that all the rides or abstractions?

0d2f2 No.95308

No, as has been said before

2ca24 No.95309

He goes even closer yet, as his muzzle tries to be right on top of the pot to get every single detail he can, clearly allured and intrigued.

0d2f2 No.95310

It isn’t too intense of a smell, as it’s vasicakky tubors and vegetables. But from is there, he can smell something starchy, onion, and an oily smell

d4174 No.95311

Uh, i cant find the list

39cde No.95312

I saw that. Doubt Silver would have too much to say on the matter, anyways.

0d2f2 No.95313

Something like:
Roller Coaster

Maybe something like a teacup or swing ride, but it may also need to be cut short for time purposes

2ca24 No.95314

Iron takes a big whiff. He talks while on top of the pot to Cauldron.
"This is smelling nice~"

d4174 No.95315

"Teacups? i've never seen those before."

0d2f2 No.95316

Is Silver not a fan of meta ethics?

Probably go with no on that one. Or maybe…

She looks so n at the food being prepared, but he can see she smiles at that

2ca24 No.95317

Iron sluggishly walks over to Cauldron. A dopey smile adorns his face as his eyes are half-lidded in presumed tiredness.
"Did you like the trot before the birds ruined the fun? It was rather relaxing."

d4174 No.95318

"They weren't here when i was a colt."

39cde No.95319

Nah, he just doesn't normally think about that sort of thing. I imagine Blue Skies or Dark Star could probably get some sort of answer out of him if they ever wanted to ask, though.

2ca24 No.95320

To be fair, you were thinking how Earth Ponies are so resourceful when masturbating, so don't mind GM thinks Silver is kind of an intellectual of sorts.

39cde No.95321

Fair enough. But I suppose that was a "special" enough occasion.

2ca24 No.95322

Typical bathtime thoughts. Can't even masturbate while having them.

0d2f2 No.95323

File: 1553300810293.png (816.62 KB, 959x942, 392300f013030cae8f0c65109f….png)

Does any pony want to play tonight?

2ca24 No.95324

I am ready.

0d2f2 No.95325

File: 1553306578656.png (297.29 KB, 1072x1024, 2f4b7ca6d13cc7f7102e21175d….png)

So…. Is it just Iron?

2ca24 No.95326

Seems like it.
Strange. I thought people get busy on weekdays, not nearing the weekend.
Is there some sort of holiday over there? Something that can catch attention?

39cde No.95327

A little late to the party, but yeah.

2ca24 No.95328

Oh hello there.

39cde No.95329

Hey. Sorry I was gone all day. It sucks, too, because today has been my lucky day so far. I coulda gotten a good dice roll, I bet.

0d2f2 No.95330

File: 1553322501402.gif (324.15 KB, 712x564, 990414FC-7E7E-41E9-90BF-A1….gif)

Another one!

2ca24 No.95331

GM is alive still so no worries. You could definitely try to roll good today.

0d2f2 No.95332

File: 1553322841317.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 7617DB0B-9DEF-4B96-B6F1-E8….png)


We know it’s a lucky day for you, because you had better things to do than hover around an imageboard

2ca24 No.95333

r00d, but yeah.
I think.
Only Silver appeared, no Star here for now.

39cde No.95334

I mean, I'm not sure vidya was a better thing to do.

0d2f2 No.95335

I though Dark Star was here


2ca24 No.95336

Don't feel bad. He probably had some fun outside.
Not as much as vidya, but still fun.

0d2f2 No.95337

File: 1553324702038.png (104.21 KB, 486x434, 1516002__semi-dash-grimdar….png)

Silver imagines reuniting with Storm Warning and his three children. Then he wakes up

2ca24 No.95338

Yowch. Don't just stab a pony in the heart.

39cde No.95339

I don't have a sad enough image for this.

0d2f2 No.95340

You don't really need to, we can all envision it. Maybe it is happier to think that they may some day all reunite in Tartarus?

2ca24 No.95341

Well, that's not so nice, but she was a bandit…

39cde No.95342

Silver's already prepared for that to be his fate, but he really would hope his family gets better than that. Hell, if he could, I imagine he would take on the full weight of whatever punishment they would be handed down in the afterlife, himself, if it meant they could be in a better place.

d4174 No.95343

> He probably had some fun outside.
There are niggers and mexicans outside

2ca24 No.95344

Well shucks. Maybe he didn't have to deal with them maybe.
Another one appears. Think GM retreated back to sleep if my time is anything to go by.

d4174 No.95345

> Think GM retreated back to sleep
Just my luck

2ca24 No.95346

Don't beat yourself up over it. There's always tomorrow.

39cde No.95347


d4174 No.95348

If i would have woke up sooner maybe we could have played…

0d2f2 No.95349

File: 1553328580705.png (153.6 KB, 1024x1024, Hi.png)

Hi Dark Star's player!

2ca24 No.95350

Well, that answers that.
Don't you stay awake until 4 AM now.

d4174 No.95351

File: 1553329338063.png (238.31 KB, 2772x2048, _boop 2.png)

Hello Gm
i was gonna post a picture of Cadence being booped , but i was surprised to find there aren't any.

0d2f2 No.95352

There's a reason for that
You can't boop the princess of love
I'm thinking the date needs to be wrapped up shortly, so now we have just one piece of the park remaining to be conquered: The roller coaster, closed briefly earlier during light rain, is reopened

2ca24 No.95353

Rollercoasters close when rain is around? Even if it's a drizzle?

0d2f2 No.95354

Yes, basically, though it probably depends on the specific roller coaster and the park. The vast majority of roller coasters are open air and outdoors

39cde No.95355

Eeyup. You don't want anything to get between the car wheels and the tracks, after all.

2ca24 No.95356

Never knew that. Nice to know.

d4174 No.95357

File: 1553330173850.png (635.16 KB, 1280x720, _Aj exicted.png)

>I'm thinking the date needs to be wrapped up shortly
>The roller coaster, closed briefly earlier during light rain, is reopened
Wrong. I have the power

Dark star sees that the rollercoaster is open and looks excited Almost as excited the first time he a blue fugged
"Awesome! so we will get to ride it after all! it's so great!"
and i just realized i never described Dark Star's accent, it's a southern accent like AJ's

0d2f2 No.95358

"Hmmm, I've never ridden one of these before"

The rollercoaster before them is a large, wooden coaster named "The Cyclone," fairly plain and without much theming, it has a high drop before a curve and sprawls out in its own little area on the side of the park. Yes, there is a waiting line

0d2f2 No.95359

So is silver going to be in that room when they get back?

39cde No.95360


2ca24 No.95361

He just can't help himself.

d4174 No.95362

Dark star's eyes are sparkling like a crystal pony's coat
"Oh Its So Great! You'll love it!"
Upon seeing the line Dark Star's eyes lose a bit of the sparkle
"Lets get in line."

0d2f2 No.95363

They wait in line. Then wait a little longer, then they are ordered into a car - painted red with a yellow stripe, kind of a blocky shape. Does Dark Star want to sit near the front?

d4174 No.95364

39cde No.95365

Good lad.

0d2f2 No.95366

Dice rollRolled 12

They seat themselves in the car, and when the safety bars come down, Blue seems almost anxious about what comes next. The car starts to go up the long, wooden incline, and the "clack clack" sound of the chian pulling them up can be heard constantly as it pulls them up, slowly, 85 or more feet to the top of the incline. From here they have a nice view of the area around them, and even in the darkness they can appreciate just how high up they are, and how far they have to fall before them. The decline is sharp. Then, the car disconnects from the chain, pushed forwards, and starts its way down

Roll for will

d4174 No.95367

Dice rollRolled 5 + 1


d4174 No.95368

2ca24 No.95369

Uh oh, Starboi gon look like a pusseh.

d4174 No.95370


0d2f2 No.95371

The car is released, and begins its free fall down, accelerating quickly to 60 miles an hour, reaching a nadir at the bottom of the track before turning a corner, pressing them into their seats. Them it goes up another incline, some 40 or more feet up, with a slight sensation of being lifted out of their seats at the top, before diving yet again into more turns. Skies mostly keeps her composure, mostly. Dark Star is scared by the intensity of the ride, as it twists and winds its way through more corners, and more drops, with the great wooden scaffolds of the parts of the ride already traversed visible to the sides. After about 2 minutes, the cars arrive back at the platform, and the two are released.

d4174 No.95372

Dark Star gets off the ride his knees shaking and his eyes wide
'T-That was sure something…"
He then Coughs and trys to regain composure

0d2f2 No.95373

She laughs

d4174 No.95374

"It has been some time since i rode one of those."
Dark Star looks down at the floor hating himself for being a pussy, i mean what would white star say?
"I uh don't normally scream that much."

0d2f2 No.95375

She bursts out laughing

d4174 No.95376

Dark Star Laughs to
Dark Star thinks to himself
"why am i such a weakling?"

0d2f2 No.95377

She ruffles his hair
“Don’t worry Starry. Maybe you’ll make me scream soon enough”

d4174 No.95378

"Oh Trust me i intend to"
Dark Star Grins
Dark Star Continues to think
"It Should Have been me instead of White Star."

d4174 No.95379

Gm is kill?

2ca24 No.95380

Think so.

d4174 No.95381

39cde No.95382

0d2f2 No.95383

File: 1553368972303.jpeg (82.87 KB, 531x589, 1748136.jpeg)

Who is here?

8b123 No.95384

Currently semiavailable.
Although it would buy some time if you don't know how to stretch out the night between Cauldron and Iron

d4174 No.95385

File: 1553371189814.jpg (190.61 KB, 600x600, _boop.jpg)

0d2f2 No.95386

Skies lids her eyes, then moves in and nuzzles the tip of Dark Star's nose

d4174 No.95387

Dark star Nuzzles her back
"We should get going, did you want to get a drink?"

0e5c5 No.95388

0d2f2 No.95389

"Sure" she says

d4174 No.95390

Dark Star Hails a taxi and they make their way there

0d2f2 No.95391

A taxi is quickly hailed
"Should I go put this away" she says, holding up the Ursa doll

0e5c5 No.95392

Make the doll watch you fug, Star

d4174 No.95393

"Yea go put it in your room so you dont lose it"
Dark Star grins and gives her a kiss
"i'll meet you at the bar."

0d2f2 No.95394

"The Eastside Tavern, I take it?"

d4174 No.95395

"Yea, thats my favorite one, invested in it."
He smiles

0d2f2 No.95396

She laughs slightly
"I'll meet you there"
She leans in, and kisses him

d4174 No.95397

Dark Star kisses her back then gets in the taxi and goes to the bar

0e5c5 No.95398

You fool! You've left Skies and Silver alone yet again!

d4174 No.95399

He has no reason to suspect any thing.

0d2f2 No.95400

Skies, I guess, is left to fly to the Grand Baltimare, while Dark Star rides to the Eastside Tavern

0e5c5 No.95401

You sound so dissapointed

0e5c5 No.95402

Well dang. I wasn't expecting to cause a pause on the RP. What do you plan to do, Mr GM?

d4174 No.95403

is gm kill?

0e5c5 No.95404

Ypu do have to respond to GM, Star, if you want to keep RPing

00264 No.95405

I’m trying to advance Silver and Star to the next part of the night. Iron is probably going to remain with Cauldron for the time being and can’t really see any more action, given >1 HP. I have something very big planned for Brie, Spark, and Onyx, but at the very least I need signs the latter two are alive and still playing, and whether they want their characters to get off at the next stop

0e5c5 No.95406

If that's the case, maybe after a week of bat/coal/Spark absence I can RP Iron into sleep.
Maybe get touchy with Cauldron. He is lightheaded from blood loss to go all touchy feely

39cde No.95407

I'm here. Today's been a weird day.

d4174 No.95408

0e5c5 No.95409

Yes indeed

8b123 No.95410

You're having the mean mare with the softest side ever for select people coming towards your location to place a plushie she got at the fair.
Either fall into lust again or do whatever.

39cde No.95411

Eh…okay? I'm currently more concerned with how I've apparently made the GM ded.

8b123 No.95412

Pfft. No you didn't. You're taking credit for something you didn't do.

0d2f2 No.95413

File: 1553386182470.gif (238.78 KB, 161x211, FFFE157A-25C2-44BE-91BF-1E….gif)

Am here

39cde No.95414

Yey, GM is not kill.

8b123 No.95415

Told you mang. Of anybody here that can kill GM's fun, it's me.

0d2f2 No.95416

He arrives at the bar soon enough

Some time passes, but it seems that Silver is still in the room. He can hear the door open, and then skies comes in, seemingly alone, and carrying a large blue bear doll with white stars speckled across it. She has not noticed Silver

"Patience. It will be ready soon enough"

8b123 No.95417

Surprise Buttsecks, Silver.

d4174 No.95418

Dark Star Walks Through the door and heads over to shimmering glass

0d2f2 No.95419

"What can I get for you?"

2ca24 No.95420

Finally at laptop. Fully available now.
Iron pouts dramatically as he approaches Cauldron.
"Aw. But it smells so ready."

39cde No.95421

"…" Well, no time like the present, or so Silver thinks to himself. Might as well get whatever awkwardness comes out of the way. To that end, he announces his presence with a firm cough.

0d2f2 No.95422

Skies looks over, pulls out a .38 revolver, looks at Silver, lets it ease down, then says with an expression of indignant astonishment
"I didn't give you permission to come inside, Silver"

She places a hoof before Iron's nose, and continues looking at the food
"Nah-ah! Wait until it's ready"

39cde No.95423

Well, getting a gun pulled on himself is kinda deserved, Silver thinks. He'd probably do the same if he was in her shoes. The double entendre, intentional or not, is not lost on Silver, either. "I apologize for any rudeness on my part. I have just finished cleaning up after myself after having made use of your kitchen."

He looks at the ursa doll she's bringing in. "So…did you two have fun on your date?"

2ca24 No.95424

Iron, in a little haze from the day's damage, accidentally allows himself to be booped in the snout by walking over to the offending hoof.
It causes a ripple effect that shook his spine lightly and he lets out a little squeak of surprise.
The scrunchiness of his face clearly showed the damage and destruction Cauldron has done to poor Iron at his weakest.
Also, that Skies line was pretty funny. Nice pun.

d4174 No.95425

""one of those drinks from Germaneigh, a yagger bomb."

0d2f2 No.95426

She places the gun away, but the look of "I wasn't expecting you here" doesn't go away


Cauldron seems unaffected, and now slides a chopboard of chopped onions into the pot with a knife.

There is no 'Germaneigh' in this world. The Changelinglands are German themed, while the Griffonian Empire is Austrian themed and the Griffon knights of Hellquill and Longsword are Prussian/Teutonic themed
"Sure, coming up"

d4174 No.95427

> no germaneigh

"Thanks,pal. Hows business?"

0d2f2 No.95428

"Been doing okay. Things have been picking up in the last couple months. Either things are returning to normalcy and ponies are going out more, or ponies are even more depressed and want to drink more. Either way, ponies are spending more time in bars."

2ca24 No.95429

Iron, snout still on her hoof, scrunches harder. He tries to speak, but the boop has severely restrained Iron's speaking abilities. It comes out as a series of undignified mumbles.

0d2f2 No.95430

Cauldron's tongue comes out of her mouth and presses against her upper lip as she stirs the onion into the mix in the pot

d4174 No.95431

"It's probably a combination of all 3."
Dark Star Drinks out of his flask while waiting for his drink

2ca24 No.95432

Iron mumbles some more, somewhat flustered. His forelegs weakly flailed around her foreleg, not really trying to push her off but still showing mock resistance towards the cataclysmic event that is the Boopening that his snout has suffered and subsequent conquering of the food it guarded.
His scrunchiness will be a big price to pay to see the food done.

0d2f2 No.95433

He pours the drink, then slides it over to Dark Star
"Here you go"

At the touch of his forelegs she moves over, forward and to the side to get out of his way. She pulls back even further and says
"Now we wait for it to cook"

2ca24 No.95434

Iron's balance was too forward from the clearly ruthless attack he had done to the tyrant Cauldron.
He falls facefirst to the floor, not really damaging anything else other than maybe his pride, as more mumbling came from the now obstructed mouth as he now was silenced by the floor.

0d2f2 No.95435

Silver is kill again


d4174 No.95436

"Thanks, you know what i really hate? ziggers. the cunt of a mayor kicked me out of my family home and gave it a bunch of those stripped abominations."
Dark Star Downs the yagger bomb

2ca24 No.95437

He's just a slow typer.
Or currently fapping to imaginations of Silver watching Star fuck Skies.

0d2f2 No.95438

File: 1553392359053.jpg (38.75 KB, 430x492, MkDpjvU.jpg)

"A tough life it's been for a lot of ponies"

She looks down at Iron
"Are you okay? You've been fairly injured"

39cde No.95439

"Yes, yes…that is, uh…that is good. Very good." Whaddya know, it is awkward. Still, for as lonely a pony as Silver is, he's not going to complain about. "So, was that end of night for you two, or…did you have something else in mind you two were…uh, going to do together?"

There is a mod someone made for Equestria at War that replaced the Griffon nation of "The County of Franmistria" with the Pony nation "Pheonixburg", which for all intents and purposes is the same thing as Germaneigh. Even adds Aryanne into the game, apparently. Too bad it's only available in Russian localization.

"Cyka blyat." - Silver, 945-1014 ALB.

0d2f2 No.95440

She starts to lose her expression of shock
"No, we were going to go to the East Side Tavern. I am supposed to meet him there"
She moves forward into the room, turns around to face Silver, and then places the bear on the bed

2ca24 No.95441

Iron simply looks up at Cauldron. He has a dopey smile, similar to what a drunkard would have. His voice sounds somewhat like it, although lacking any sort of foul alcohol breath.
"Of course I am fine. I am invincibe!"
He pulls up a foreleg up to accentuate his assertion. Only to plop it back down lazily.

d4174 No.95442

"You know i think we should remove those socialists and their minority pets."
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe i should dl the russian localization files

39cde No.95443

Dice rollRolled 6 - 1

And thus, Silver sees he's going to be a very lonely pony once again. Despite this, he tries to hide the fact that this realization is a little painful for him to take. After all, it's not like he can do anything about it.

Bluff: "Ah, good! I hope you two, er…continue to have fun!"

2ca24 No.95444


0d2f2 No.95445

Dice rollRolled 15 + 7


"Having a tough day?" He asks

She giggles, then pets him
"You must have lost a lot of blood. Go lay back down on the couch. I'll bring you food"

39cde No.95446

As it turns out, Silver is not much of a liar. At all.

0d2f2 No.95447

"What's wrong Silver?"

d4174 No.95448

"yea, i got embarrassed at the Fair."

0d2f2 No.95449

"Aww, what happened?"

39cde No.95450

He tries to maintain the facade for just a couple seconds longer before he realizes that, yes indeed, it's been blown all to hell. His brave face slowly falters after this, at first, before plummeting. "I, uh…I will be honest…I was…you know…kind of missing you two. It is…kind of lonely…" His face betrays a deeper hurt he's trying to keep bottled up, lest it consume him.

d4174 No.95451

"I uh got scared on the roller coaster there."
Dark Star looks very embarrassed
"i was with my mare friend at the time. i feel like a loser. if im being honest."

2ca24 No.95452

Iron's eyes close in platonic pleasure when Cauldron pets the native poner in front of her. His dopey smile increase in radiance as well.
"Alright, you have been granted forgiveness for assaulting my poor snout for tonight."
He slowly stands up to his full height again. His smile turns mischevious as he points at Cauldron and he poses dramatically.
"However, tomorrow you will not be as lucky. You shall fear the wrath of my boops, Cauldron!"
Finishing his sentences, his stance becomes lazy again and walks slowly to the couch.

0d2f2 No.95453

"Aww. Why don't you come to the tavern with us?"

"Oh, it'll be alright. Plenty of ponies can be afraid. Just show her that you will be strong from here on"

39cde No.95454

His ears perk up slightly, though he isn't giving up his hopes just yet. "…Are you certain? I do not wish to be burden…"

0d2f2 No.95455

"Why not? I think Dark Star likes you"

d4174 No.95456

"thats the problem though. i'm not strong, i've never been the strong one that was always my brother. i've been trying but im not very good at it. i'm affraid she's gonna find out she's not the stallion she thinks i am."
Dark Star looks melancholic

0d2f2 No.95457

"Well, you got her to go out with you in the first place, didn't you?"

39cde No.95458

His smile returns, even if it's a small one. "I…think I would appreciate that very much."

0d2f2 No.95459

She smiles at him
"Come with me"

2ca24 No.95460

Dangit, did I enter Limbo again?

39cde No.95461

Silver joins at her side, feeling much better without the looming threat of being alone hanging over his head. "Thank you, Blue."

d4174 No.95462

"well, yeah. but thats only because i shot some communists,And an other thing"

0d2f2 No.95464

"You should definitely lie down"

"Also… I didn't want to push you away earlier. You're good with magic. And though you may not think yourself a skilled debater, you are talented with your tongue"

"Well, it sounds like she's already found something in you that makes you worthy in her eyes. Don't worry about it. Be confident, and she will pick up on that"

d4174 No.95465

File: 1553394876580.png (147.21 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)

>pic related

2ca24 No.95466

Iron plops down into the couch facefirst, rubbing his face in the softness of it. He mumbles something along the lines of his e-bil plan of attack against Cauldron's snootle tomorrow still.

After a little time doing this, he fumbles a bit, trying to remove the probably stained clothing Cauldron has given him.
(It should be washed later.)

39cde No.95467

Okay, now at this point Silver has become completely unsure about whether all of these double entendres are intentional or not. He does take the compliments with a slightly stunned smile. "I…thank you!"

0d2f2 No.95468

A few minutes pass, then Caldron comes over with a plate, and says "It's ready!"

"Alright, now let's go"

"Anything else I can do for you?"

2ca24 No.95469

Iron's tail wags excitedly for the idea of new, exotic zebra food.
He sits up a little too quickly for a pony with mayor bloodloss. His clothing given by Cauldron is left next to him, fully taken off.
"Ready!" He chirps out.

39cde No.95470

"Yes, I will follow." Silver gets ready to do exactly that.

d4174 No.95471

"get me another yagger bomb."

0d2f2 No.95472

"Shit… would you mind paying for a taxi?"

It's a plate of a yellowy cooked vegetable with cooked onion in it, as well as some spice, and yam to the side

39cde No.95473

Well, I suppose I will only be able to take two more trips to catacombs… Silver keeps his thoughts to himself as he nods to Blue. "Of course!"

2ca24 No.95474

Iron stares in wonder at the plate in front of him. Some drool escapes his lips.

0d2f2 No.95475

She hails a taxi
"Get in"

0d2f2 No.95476

"Another one already?"

39cde No.95477

Silver opens the door for Blue, first, beckoning her inside the vehicle. "After you."

2ca24 No.95478

Ah, the classic tactic to stare at mares' behinds.

0d2f2 No.95479

She gets in before him

d4174 No.95480

"yesh, im a little sad, i learned my brother was KIA today."

39cde No.95481

And now Silver gets into the taxi, and closes the door behind him. "To Eastside Tavern, please."

2ca24 No.95482

Cleaning his drool slightly, he lowers down and bites on the main cooked vegetable.

0d2f2 No.95483

He pats a hoof on his pastern wrist.
"I'm sorry for your loss"

Almost potato like, spiced up by the onion and nutmeg


Skies smiles at Silver, then pets him slightly

2ca24 No.95484

Iron nods and moans in satisfaction. He goes for it fully now, chomping down at all ingredients on the table and cleaning the plate up in a savage eating.

d4174 No.95485

"He Died saving his comrades. i can only hope i go that way."
Dark Star smiles

39cde No.95486

Silver gets that look of contentment he always seems to get from being petted. Maybe it's just a unicorn thing?

2ca24 No.95487

Patently flase. Iron has just been pet and was pleased by it.

0d2f2 No.95488

She looks forward, and places out her left hoof in the middle seat between herself and Silver

"Always good to die a noble death, if you must die"

She has a sort of smile on her face at this, not sure if she should be entertained, flattered, or disgusted

d4174 No.95489

"you're a good pony mr.glass."

2ca24 No.95490

2/3 are good feelings so mission success.
Finishing up the meal, he contently sighs. She could see tiny droplets of the food's remains near his mouth. His tongue darting around catched them quickly enough.
"My goodness. You never cease to amaze me, Cauldron. Who could have known the outside world have so much to offer?"

39cde No.95491

There's a slight part of Silver that wants to do the unthinkable and hold Blue's hoof but he ultimately decides not to. He does, however, put his hoof down in the same seat sitting right next to hers. "You know, I do not think I will ever get fully used to riding in motor vehicles."

To Silver's credit, he's not suffering from multiple head trauma wounds.

0d2f2 No.95492

She gives half frown, and then says
"It's kind of new to me, but I am used to it now"

She laughs again
"Glad you like it"

"Just trying to help"

2ca24 No.95493

He laughs with her.
"I hope you are having fun as well."

39cde No.95494

If the frown is having any effect on Silver, Blue can't really tell. "It is just interesting to see how different this world now looks compared to 70 years ago."

0d2f2 No.95495

"I know. Where I am from was stuck 70 years in the past at least… at least. It's a big difference"

She moves into her room for the moment

2ca24 No.95496

Iron cocks his head for a bit at her moving to her bedroom
(Where is she going?)

d4174 No.95497

"this is my favorite bar in all of baltimare."

39cde No.95498

He smiles a little. "What was it like, experiencing such drastic change in technology in such short amount of time?"

0d2f2 No.95499

"Glad to hear that. I hope you stick around."

She's out another 30 seconds at least

"It was a shock… but I was going through a lot of shocks at that time, so I adapted"

d4174 No.95500

"i plan to, i hope i'll be able to be elected mayor. I'd put our Interest first. "

39cde No.95501

"Oh? Shocks?"

2ca24 No.95502

He stands up, quite intrigued at her current actions.
He walks up, now powered by exquisite zebra cooking, to her bedroom and peeks inside.

0d2f2 No.95503

"Well, yes…"

"Whatever you need, you can patronize this bar"

She looks up with a 'what are you doing?' kind of expression
"Go lay back down"
She is picking up blankets from a basket in the side of the room

d4174 No.95504

"Thank you mr.glass. i appreciate it greatly."
Dark Star exxtends his leg to shake hooves
"Do you know any artists?"

39cde No.95505

"I do not suppose you would be willing to share what those shocks were?"

0d2f2 No.95506

"Losing a home… Losing two homes. Losing a family. Like an earthquake, a metaphorical one"

"What do you mean?"
He takes his hoof

d4174 No.95507

"i was thinking about getting some pamphlets made or posters maybe."

2ca24 No.95508

Iron's torch in his head lights on.
"Oh! Silly me. I was thinking something super secret was going on."
He goes back, a little embarrased for overthinking small things like that. His tail was tuck inbetween his legs and his eyes darted to the ceiling in order to appear inconspicuous.

Settling back on the couch, he awaits the incoming blankets that will be sent his way to the sofa backfirst against the soft cushions.

0d2f2 No.95509

"Oh, you mean like a physical artist"

She looks at him very strangely.

Eventually, she comes out with a set of blankets and pillows
"This should be good for you tonight, you can lay on these, and cover up with these"

39cde No.95510

Something Silver can understand, or at least understand enough of. After a couple seconds of silence Silver wraps a foreleg around Blue and pulls her into a close embrace. "You know, if you ever need somepony to talk about this with, or to work things out together with, I am always here for you."

d4174 No.95511

"yea, do you know anypony like that?"

2ca24 No.95512

He smiles sheepishly when at the couch from how does a bed is made exactly and his previous investigation.
"I appreciate it but I have little clue on how to use these things. They seem so much more complex than what I am used to."

0d2f2 No.95513

He looks up, and taps his hoof to his chin
"Hmmm… well…"

"And if you need somepony to talk to yourself…"

39cde No.95514

His other foreleg joins to make it a full hug. "You will always be first that comes to mind. Thank you, Blue."

0d2f2 No.95515

"This goes under your head" the pillow
"And this goes over your body" the blanket

0d2f2 No.95516

*poner is hugged*
She smiles warmly at this, and closes her eyes
"We're here. That'll be 4 bits" says the driver

2ca24 No.95517

Iron nods, following Cauldron's instructions from his prone position.
He rears up his head and places the pillow under it with a combination of his mouth and forelegs.
Then he leans to the blanket, grabs it with his mouth and tries to cover every single part of his body. However he is unsuccessful in covering his lower half of his body and is visibly struggling.

39cde No.95518

He tops off the hug with a squeeze before letting go to pay the cab driver. Using his magic, the door on Blue's side of the taxi pops open for her. "Thank you for driving us here!"

0d2f2 No.95520

"You're welcome"

Skies exits

"Here's another one" she hooves him another blanket

39cde No.95521

Silver follows suit. "I wonder if Star has started another impromptu political rally in time it took us to get here."

2ca24 No.95522

Pushing his upperbody to reach for the second blanket, he grabs the second blanket and places it in its lower half.
"Thank you."
He gets a feel of the room's temperature to see how the blankets are doing temperature wise.

"I have one little question…"
He looks to the side a bit uncomfortable.
"Have you had fun tonight?"

0d2f2 No.95523

She shrugs
"We haven't been out that long. Give him at least an hour to start a pogrom"

The driver still wants to be paid, while Skies starts forth

I hope Iron likes it warm

"You mean almost getting garroted by griffins?"

2ca24 No.95524


0d2f2 No.95525

"I've had worse nights" she says

d4174 No.95526

All of a sudden dark stars head hits the counter as he passes out.

39cde No.95527

I thought Silver already paid the pony, but yeah, he gives him the 4 Bits he's due.

"You never know with Star. He is as ambitious and charismatic as they come."

2ca24 No.95528

"Oh. I am sorry."
Iron feels slightly guilty from souring the mood again.
"You did have fun before then, right?"

0d2f2 No.95529

She nods, then heads in

A minute later, inside, Skies is poking on a passed out Dark Star

*poke poke*
"Dark Star? Hello?"

She smiles briefly
"I enjoy cooking for those who appreciate it"

d4174 No.95530

*Snoring horse noises*

39cde No.95531

Silver, following Skies, looks at the scene with minor amusement. "Looks like all of this drinking he has done today has finally caught up to him."

He looks over to Glass. "How much did he drink since he arrived, exactly?"

2ca24 No.95532

Iron has a ghost of a smile on his face.
"Who would not ever appreciate your cooking? Your expertise would astound even the most stoic of ponies."

0d2f2 No.95533

"I don't… know. I didn't think any pony could get drunk that quick"

*poke poke*

"Well, we try to get as many customers as possible, but there are only so many who appreciate Zebrican cuisine"

d4174 No.95534

Dark Star mumbles something racist

0d2f2 No.95535

"Wake the fuck up, booze boy"

2ca24 No.95536

"But your food is amazing. How could some ponies not appreciate Zebrican food?"

39cde No.95537

"Well, he is very light for Earth Pony. I do not imagine it takes much drink to get him like this."

Silver winces in sympathy pain at the meaty smack.

d4174 No.95538

*snoring louder*

2ca24 No.95539

Skies should suck Star's dick. Truly the only way to wake up a stallion.

0d2f2 No.95540

Skies requests a glass of water from the waiter


That won't do anything. This is his way of breaking up with her without breaking up with her

39cde No.95541

"…If it was not for fact that he is snoring, you would almost think he is dead."

2ca24 No.95542

If he's trying to break up, then double down and vaccum his dick.
or peg with in the ass with something. Only do that if more than 5 different attempts are made beforehand.
Don't forget Iron's innocent question at >>95536

0d2f2 No.95543

Skies just looks on in disbelief

"Well, it's different, and not what they are used to"

39cde No.95544

"Hmm…have you tried smacking him on ass, yet? I do not know many ponies would would be able to sleep through that."

0d2f2 No.95545

*SMACK* in the ass

d4174 No.95546

Dark Star bolts up
[S]>this is his way of breaking up with her
Wrong. I'm about to go to sleep i thought it would be easier on the timeline.

d4174 No.95547

2ca24 No.95548

Iron nods.
"I see. They are afraid of the different. I understand their concerns."
His vision looks up, his
"Change cannot be controlled as far as I know. Therefore some ponies avoid it, scared of what might happen."

0d2f2 No.95549


She nods
"That might be. Not every pony likes zebras or foreign culture"

d4174 No.95550

He looks comfused
"Oh hello. Im wet. Why am i wet?"

0d2f2 No.95551

"Normally I say that… It's because I poured water on you, wake up"

39cde No.95552

"You passed out drunk, and Blue tried to wake you."

d4174 No.95553

Dark Star laughs
"Yea you do."
"Heh, one second i was talking about getting some posters made, the next second im waking coverd in water."

2ca24 No.95554

He gaze is fixed to the ceiling.
"So far, things have not been so bad. I have seen most of the advantages civilization has to offer. The tools I learned not to rely on I use now after some catastrohpic failures. To be fair, the commodities are quite nice."
A small frown appears on his face.
"I hope that I do not become complacent to them and weaken myself from overrelying on them."

39cde No.95555

"Some posters? Like what?" Silver sits down in a free seat at the bar, next to Star.

0d2f2 No.95556

"Are you alright?" she asks

"If you did, you'd be far from the only one"

Somehow… Skies is displeased

d4174 No.95557

"For my campaign, its never to early to start thinking of some good propaganda."

d4174 No.95558

"My flank hurts a little."

0d2f2 No.95559

She pats him

39cde No.95560

Silver smiles at him. "I was just mentioning to Skies outside about how ambitious you were."

Silver, naturally, doesn't understand why. "…Is there something wrong?"

2ca24 No.95561

Iron sighs.
"I know. I still remember those lazy ponies back at the bar that we beat up. The fact that I could become one of them is disturbing. To be just a whiner. A pony that cannot actually do anything but ask for everything to be brought upon my lap."

d4174 No.95562

Dark Star nuzzles her
"You didn't kick me did you?"
"Yea i get it from my Dad. He was a Great pony. Wish i could have got to have a Relationship with him."

0d2f2 No.95563


She doesn't say anything, just continues standing there behind Dark Star

"Just as well, considering what happens when they do try to do something"

39cde No.95564

Silver leans back and looks around to see if there are any other free seats at the bar. The thought occurs to him that he accidentally took the last seat without even realizing it.

Dark Star doesn't know why, but something about that statement really seems to hit Silver right in the feels.

0d2f2 No.95565

No, there are other seats in the Bar

2ca24 No.95566

He shivers at the thought.
"To simply destroy everything around you because it does not tail to your interests. Those communists are disgusting."

39cde No.95567

Now Silver looks to the other side of Dark Star to see if there's anyone in that seat.

0d2f2 No.95568

There is no pony

"Well, I can't say they are wrong about a lot of their complaints. There aren't that many opportunities for the poorer ponies, and to see the rich so rich while the poor are so poor, can be kind of disgusting"

d4174 No.95569

Dark Star Grins at her
"That was Naughty,you know."
"You ok?"

0d2f2 No.95570

She does that smile of hers

d4174 No.95571

He hugs her and whispers to her
"You're gonna get it later."

2ca24 No.95572

Iron hums.
"I feel like the main movement leaders are simply manipulating the poor's desires to suit their own interests. They will probably stay the same after their holy revolution. Some may go up the hill, but most do not."
He looks at Cauldron.
"The pony usually has to power to improve their life by their own. After that, communities are created to improve their lives even further by checking off all skills necessary for self-sustenance. That is how my tribe was created. Although we do not have your commodities, we live free."

39cde No.95573

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

Now Silver is really confused.

Sense Motive: Since she's remaining reticent on what's bothering her, Silver looks for anything in her face that might tell him what's wrong.

"I, uh…no, no, I am fine, it just…you reminded me little bit of somepony I know." He turns away, visibly saddened by something. He pulls out the letter from from his son Rain again, just looking at it idly rather than reading it. Star's words echo in his head.
Wish I could have got to have a relationship with him.

d4174 No.95574

Dark Star pats silver on the shoulder
"Come on, you can tell me about it.i wont laugh."

0d2f2 No.95575

"All the same, there is an ailment in this city. A creature isn't really all powerful, even over their own lives. In just about everything, we really on someone else. Someone else to grow the cassava, some one else to build the housing… someone else to own it and rent it back to us. Someone else to protect us. There's a division of labor here in this industrial system you just don't have back in primitive tribes. It's good, because it means we have better clothing, better houses, better choices of spice and so forth. But it is also bad because it means that we have to rely on those who own factories for jobs, on the government for policing, on landlords for our housing. We get more, but we have less power over our own lives. And there is no doubt that many of those who do have power aren't using it in a way that is good for us. If anything, they take from us, and leave us with less. And they leave us with few ways inside the law to get ahead. That's what those communists want, however they chose to go about it. To live free."

She seems to have wanted to sit between Silver and Star

2ca24 No.95577

Iron hums in thought.
"I think I get it. They want to hijack the top spot to gain the riches from them because they are not properly tended to. I do not know how your system works, but it will probably reset the cycle, only the leaders that have gained the following of the disenfranchised moving up while everyone else suffers the same treatment again from another set of ponies."

39cde No.95578

Silver takes in a deep breath, and lets it out as a sigh. Before he starts speaking, he moves to the next seat over, to allow Blue to have what she wants. "…My son, Silver Rain. After Storm died, he…became distant. Almost hostile at times, even. I could not blame him. Witnessing that would be hard on anypony, let alone for 14 year old colt. When he turned 18, he left home, and that was last I heard from him for 20 years or so. Then War happens, and when I finally come back after we had capitulated, I find this in mailbox." He motions to the letter in his hooves. He's visibly trying to hold back tears from being shed in this public place. "It is from Rain. There are many things in it, but mostly, it is about him…apologizing, for those days back then, after Storm was gone. And him…wanting to get to know to know his father again, before War started and I would send myself off to help my country's efforts. He even invited me to Las Pegasus.

"But I never got chance. It seems fates were cruel. He sent it one day before Changelings declared war on Equestria. And by time I received it, Chrysalis had already taken Las Pegasus. It simply became too dangerous, for both of us, for me to make trip down there. I…I hope to Celestia he is alright. That all my foals are alright. That I can tell them that I love them, that I have missed them, and think about them always. So that I can get chance to say things that I have yet to say, while I have chance to say them."

0d2f2 No.95579

"Maybe. That is what the social democrats have done. They say they want to make things better for the lesser creatures, but really they just become like the old nobility and the industrialists. The communists claim they have a way out of the cycle, to bring opportunity to everycreature. I don't see or hear much of them though, so I can't say."

She sits down, a little away from the bar so that Silver and Dark Star have line of sight to each other and can come close to each other


2ca24 No.95580

"Me neither, to be honest. This is mostly speculation, biased for ever putting natives in danger. I could have been targeted for being who I am because of some pony pretending to be one of us decided to kill somepony important. Thankfully, their plan was stopped for now."

d4174 No.95581

"I Dont know what to say."
Dark Star pats him on the back
"Its alright, im sure they made it out."

0d2f2 No.95582

"Did you really hear them say that?" She asks, a bit concerned

0d2f2 No.95583

"I mean, it took them like 8 months to take Los Pegasus from the declaration of war. That's some damned slow postal service here in Equestria."

2ca24 No.95584

"I did. They explicitly said to disguise themselves as natives and use something called 'gueh-ree-la' tactics to ambush business ponies into antagonizing me and my kind, just to shorten the supply of black fluid."

0d2f2 No.95585

"Damn… that's pretty ruthless. Then again, I can't say that I haven't seen things done like that in the criminal world on a smaller scale"

39cde No.95586

Underneath the olive drab button-up shirt he's wearing, Silver feels quite warm and…fluffy? His face and head look a little fluffy, too, when Star takes another look at him. He seems to enjoy the pats, and the comfort he receives from them. "Thank you, Star. I hope, more than anything, they're still out there…even if…even if I know it's unlikely." He can't hold back a sniff, even if he's valiantly guarding himself against a waterfall of tears.

"I was out in field when it arrived in mail. I did not get it until I had arrived back home, after War's end."

d4174 No.95587

Dark Star being a little drunk, Hugs silver.
He pets blue

2ca24 No.95588

Iron nods.
"I am not worried if you ever did that. You are a fine mare to have around."
He smiles at her.
"You seem quite honest overall. You never did rat me out to the mademares when I said I would visit them. It never crossed your mind that we may have gone and hurt them at all. You trust me. I trust you."
His gaze turns upwards again.
"I guess it makes me slightly selfish to allow ones to do things like that while others do not since it involves me."

39cde No.95589

And Silver, not being drunk, hugs him right back. Eeyup, Silver definitely feels soft, fluffy, and warm. A little bit like a really big stuffed animal doll.

d4174 No.95590

"You're really fluffy."

0d2f2 No.95591

*is pet*

She has no response

She makes an awkward smile, then blushes

"No… it's… it's natural to care more about the things that are closer to you than those things that are further away"

39cde No.95592

He breaks slightly away from Dark Star's embrace, though not entirely. "That would be my winter coat." With his magic, Silver undoes the top couple buttons on his shirt and pulls it apart, letting his thick chest fluff practically explode outwards. It looks incredibly soft, and it's of such a volume that it hides all but the very worst of his scars well. "See? This weather down here has it little bit confused, as it took while to actually come in, but it has come in nicely."

2ca24 No.95593

Iron chuckles lightly.
"Sorry If I am being too sappy. I think my super tough macho pony persona left with the blood. It should come back tomorrow."

His smile turns warmer.
"You look cute when you blush."

He sighs a little.
"I know it is. But from what you say, there are many more important ponies to care about that will hurt your closest ones. Hit the insolent pony that tarnished my name will probably hinder the ones closer to me due to this network of connections. It is honestly dizzying."

0d2f2 No.95594

She shrugs and looks away, then does a smile at the “cute” remark.

“It can be quite a thing to keep track of, yes”

2ca24 No.95595

Iron keeps his warm smile at her positive response.
(Glad she likes the compliment.)

"Practice makes perfect. How do you think I got these legs?"
He pulls out one foreleg from the top blanket and flexes it, then realizes he has to do the whole cover the top body again and chuckles.
"Mind still needs some learning though."
He attempts to place the blanket on top of him except for his head again.

39cde No.95596

I think Star is ded. Silver's overwhelming fluff killed him.

2ca24 No.95597

F indeed. Star gone homo. :3

0d2f2 No.95598

“And your first lesson is don’t try to fight a tiger”


Skies pulls up a hoof, finds she doesn’t have a drink, then sets it down

2ca24 No.95599

Iron chuckles some more.
"You are right about that. At least for now. Soon I shall beat the tiger instead of the other way around."

39cde No.95600

Silver, noticing this, calls Glass over. "Hey, can we get two whiskeys over here, please? One for me, and one for my friend."

0d2f2 No.95601

She give Silver that malign grin, then takes her glass. Silver, likewise gets a glass

“… And it sounds like you still haven’t learned”

2ca24 No.95602

Iron grins.
"We always have to push our limits to become better. Tell me you never tried going for harder and harder targets to extract cash from or sneaking into buildings with higher and higher security."

39cde No.95603

Silver gives her a "come on" look, before laughing and raising his glass to her in a toast. "To great drinks, and even better friends."

0d2f2 No.95604

“I can safely say I never purposefully did that.”

She hesitates for a moment. Then she raises her glass
“To friends”

2ca24 No.95605

Iron facehooves himself.
"Right. I was using the sidejob as an example. How about making harder and harder Zebrican recipies and poitons?"

0d2f2 No.95606

“I’ve tried…”

39cde No.95607

With that, Silver takes a drink of his whiskey, letting the smooth, burning liquid wet his throat on its way down and quench that special thirst he has for drink.

2ca24 No.95608

Iron cocks his head.
"You do not sound like you had much success."

0d2f2 No.95609

“Well, there are only so many opportunities when there are other things to take care of”

Skies finishes her sip quickly

39cde No.95610


Should we wait for Star, so we don't get too far ahead in the timeline?

2ca24 No.95611

Iron nods solemnly.
"I understand."
He smiles slightly.
"If it were because of the difficulty of obtaining ingredients, do not fret. I shall help you on that. You have my word."

0d2f2 No.95612

I mean… there’s no harm in them just talking… I think

“Well, ingredients, time. So forth”

2ca24 No.95613

>inb4 they fuck in front of him while he's gone

Iron hums again.
"There should be a solution somewhere for your problems. We should talk about our visit to the jungle if there are any sort of constraints on your jobs."

0d2f2 No.95614

“Well, I’ll need a fill in with the gang and with my father’s restaraunt. Just so long as I can meet the bills.”

39cde No.95615

Fair enough.

"So, I saw you have new possession. Who won it from fair?"

2ca24 No.95616

Iron nods.
"The gang part should be easy. There should be many like you to replace for a while. Finding a cook, especially one as good as you, will obviously be the main concern, unless your sister cooks with the same quality like you."

0d2f2 No.95617

That smile again
“I did”

“There’s that, but there’s also the question of whether he’ll have enough money to cover expenses. I support my family. It’s why I do what I do”

2ca24 No.95618

Iron pokes his chin.
"Maybe I can add another salary to cover it. It should repay all that you have done for me so far. However, I would need a job either geared for intimidation or strength. That way, we could save money to cover expenses for the time we go for the jungle later."

39cde No.95619

He gets a laugh out of that. "Now here is real question: what was competition?"

0d2f2 No.95620

“Well, if you are intimidating enough, there should be options”

“Dart throwing”

2ca24 No.95621

Iron smiles with a hopeful look on his face.
"That should solve all the problems, then. Right?"

39cde No.95622

Silver puts on a comtemplative look for a bit while he considers this. After a couple seconds, he nods to her. "I can believe that. It sounds like throwing weapons would be among types of weapons you would have learned to use back in Nimbusia."

0d2f2 No.95623

“There are some, yes. It’s rather stealthy, although a javelin is generally preferred to a dart”

39cde No.95624

"Of course. They may be more difficult to learn how to throw, but they are more powerful, and javelins can be used just same as short spears in melee." He looks up to his horn. "I could never get hang of it, unfortunately. I prefer throwing axes to javelins."

0d2f2 No.95625

“It… May”

“You throw axes?” She takes a sip of her drink

2ca24 No.95626

Iron smiles wide.
"Then we shall get to it."
Hm… I'm failing to keep up the conversation long enough… Iron's open for any sort of question Cauldron could ask to keep the talk going.

39cde No.95627

"I have dabbled, in past. It is traditional weapon in Severyanan culture, and is regarded by some as artform." Silver likewise takes a drink of his own whiskey. "I have no delusions about being anywhere near as good as some back in Motherland, but I can at least throw axes without them flying backwards or straight up into air."

0d2f2 No.95628

“Huh…” she takes another sip of her drink

“I’ll think about it. I don’t have to worry until tomorrow”

2ca24 No.95629

Iron smiles.
"Either way, I shall follow you along. I hope you do not mind."

39cde No.95630

"It is tricky to learn. Most young bucks who pick up their first throwing ax usually make mistake of releasing too early, which results in them doing what I mentioned earlier. Then some overcorrect and throw their axes into ground right at their hooves." Silver finishes his whiskey, and turns to Glass. "Another whiskey, if it pleases you."

0d2f2 No.95631

“I can’t aay I ever wielded an axe… for any purpose.”

“I guess if you could tag along one night you can tag along more than one. You keep the Griffins away, and I’ll handle the cats”

2ca24 No.95632

Iron smiles.
"You can count on that, Cauldron. Next time, I will not be so lightheaded, that is for sure."

39cde No.95633

His ears perk up a little. "Well, I could try to teach you one of these days, if you wanted. Just do not count too heavily on my ability to actually teach."

2ca24 No.95634

Now GM is kill.
Press F yet again.

39cde No.95635

He will be missed.

39cde No.95636

In case anyone reads this before I get back, it'll be a couple hours or so before I'm ready to play.

d4174 No.95637

ec71b No.95638

Good luck Russian horse

d4174 No.95639

>I Did

00264 No.95640

File: 1553463538830.png (381.46 KB, 1156x890, B4D59B04-4963-4701-B783-17….png)

“You better believe it, Starry”

d4174 No.95641

"that's a weird way to say i won it for you."

0ee3a No.95642

00264 No.95643

“You were there, Dark Star. You saw who was the better dart player”

d4174 No.95644

"yea,i did. it was me."

00264 No.95645

She rolls her eyes and shakes her head
“If that’s what you just tell yourself to help yourself sleep at night”

0ee3a No.95646

Pin Skies to the ground to prove Earth Pony superiority.

d4174 No.95647

Dark Star laughs
"Thats what the alcohol is for."

d4174 No.95648


00264 No.95649

File: 1553464557209.png (1.02 MB, 1334x750, 8E537BE3-635E-482C-90A9-90….png)

If we go by raw dice rolls, Skies won 9 out of 10 dice contests. The one and only one she lost was forfeited. She won every single set of opposed die rolls. If we artificially inflate Dark Star’s score by adding 2 points to each individual die roll, or 6 points to each set of die rolls, Star wins in 5 out of 10 contests, or half of them


0ee3a No.95650

Aka the fight is actually viable since both of them "won" if the inflation happens.

00264 No.95651

Oh yes, pic in >>95649 is Skies’ response to Dark Star’s remarks

d4174 No.95652

Dark Star drinks from his Flask

00264 No.95653

“Do you have an alcohol problem, Dark Star?”

d4174 No.95654

"Nah it's no problem."
Dark Star laughs again

00264 No.95655

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

Sense motive

d4174 No.95656

She thinks his motive could be, To drink to dull the pain.

00264 No.95657

“You were passed out when we arrived. We weren’t gone long at all”

d4174 No.95658

"Yea, i had a couple strong drinks. while i was waiting."

00264 No.95659

“Is this going to be a recurring thing going forward?” She asks

d4174 No.95660

"no. its been a rough day, finding out about White Star."

00264 No.95661

“I see” she says

d4174 No.95662

"I have to tell father mareon about it tomorrow,He's not gonna take it so well either.He was our guardian for a while."
Dark Star winces

39cde No.95663

I am liv again.

0ee3a No.95664

Unlucky for you, GM seems to be busy.

39cde No.95665

Probably eating dinner. Not a problem for me.

d4174 No.95666

Dark Star breaks the hug
"Which Race do you think is the worst? Its probably the Griffins or maybe the Changlings."

00264 No.95667


“I think I’ll stick to revolvers and a carbine” she says, smiling

39cde No.95668

The sudden question visibly confuses the hell out of Silver. "Eh…worst race? I…suppose I would have to think on that, but…Griffons? Maybe?" He takes a drink from his second glass of whiskey.

He gives her a shrug. "I am always here if you ever wish to learn."

0ee3a No.95669

How to throw the stick so that it pierces your enemies. Part 1.

d4174 No.95670

"Remember that church we went to. He's in the clergy there. he was the Main Priest for years."
Dark star smiles
"Hes a great pony."
"Blue Taught me about them, i thought it was just individual griffins that were the problem before."

d4174 No.95671

"Throwing axes does sound fun,I would like to learn i think."

00264 No.95672

She gives a kind of laugh accompanied with a smile

“Oh. That one.”

d4174 No.95673

"Yea. He was Forced to kick us out after a year though,Because My Brother and i werent the biggest fans of sunbutt. He wasn't happy about having to kick us out and always helped us by giving us food when he could."

00264 No.95675

“If he didn’t want to kick you out, then why did he kick you out?”

0ee3a No.95676

I don't think that's written right.

39cde No.95677

Throwing Ax Techniques, Volume 1: Fighting with Fulcrums

"Well, Griffon Greed is very much real thing, their nations last only for short time before they are consumed by civil war or are conquered by other Griffon nations, and while I did know already they have done some fairly horrific things to ponykind throughout history, I did not know they are continuing these acts to this day." He adopts a thinking stance. "I suppose they do not have much of competition, either way. Us Ponies have been champions of peaceful cooperation and Harmony, and our civilizations are pinnacle of success. Changelings can be bad, but even then there are only two Changeling nations on planet, as far as I know. Dragons are greedier than Griffons and are more dangerous, but they mostly keep to themselves on their island and breed very slowly. Deer are good people, once you get past their Viking history. Yaks are too busy fighting each other to be worried about world around them. Polar Bears and Penguins haven't done much of anything for many years. Zebras are…strange, I suppose? Exotic? And apparently there is such thing as Kirins, but I do not know anything about them."

"Well, my offer to Blue most certainly would extend to you. Just let me know when." He gives him a smile.

d4174 No.95679

"The rest of the Clergy Found out we were heritics and actively speaking against sunbutt, they are the ones that pressured him to Stop helping us."
"What horrific acts have they done? Zebras i hate the most. Have i ever told you that Our glorious Mayor took my Farm and Gave it to a pack of those Sub-Pony scumbags."
"that's great,I'm Very Great with ranged weapons of all sorts."
Dark Star smiles back at him

0d2f2 No.95680

“Sunbutt? Is that what you call her?”

0ee3a No.95681

Celestia dissenters call her Cakebutt.

d4174 No.95682

"Thats what White Star used to call her. i used to think it was hilarious."

00264 No.95683

“Seems kind of like a term of endearment. I just think of her as ‘that whore’ if I think of her at all”

39cde No.95684

"Genocide and mutilation of corpses, to name couple acts. And, no, I do not believe you have told me that. Why would he do something like that? It is almost like something I would hear out-and-out Communist would do."

Silver chooses to ignore this statement.

0ee3a No.95685

>a whore calling a whore whore
Kinda funny in the grand scheme of things.

d4174 No.95686

"Yea that does sound better,i suppose."
Dark Star puts his hoof to his chin in thought
"He said it was because of racism. And don't you know the logical conclusion of socialism is communism? that's how it starts in capitalist countries."

00264 No.95687

I don’t think that’s written right

39cde No.95688

"That is actually funny. There was protest outside city counsel couple days ago of bunch of griffons and like, claiming he was 'not real socialist'."

d4174 No.95689

"Heh, if he was any more of a socialist he would be a communist."

0ee3a No.95690

I don't remember the exact way it's meant to be written tbh.

39cde No.95691

"So, I take it your family was made up of farmers?"

d4174 No.95692

"going back at least 10 generations."
dark Star has a prideful look on his face

39cde No.95693

Silver nods to him. "It is good to take pride in your family lineage, and to try to honor it as best as you able." He takes another drink of his whiskey. "It does sound like some retarded policy Communist would hold, though. Farmers are best at farming, and they can not farm if they do not have farm to farm or tools to farm with. It is why…eck…Stalliongrad…is still suffering from food shortages, even to this day." He sounds revolted by even just having to utter the word 'Stalliongrad'.

d4174 No.95694

"The Farm grows nothing now, the fields are barren."
dark Star prideful expression turns to one of Sadness then to one of anger
"The Dumb savages can't even figure out how to work the land! yet the have my family's land that we fought and died for! it makes me sick!"

39cde No.95695

Now Silver is the one to reach over and give Dark Star an embrace. "We will get your land back, someday after all of this is through."

d4174 No.95696

dark Star accepts the hug
"Some pony should just walk in there and start removing them."

39cde No.95697

He is still as soft, fluffy, and warm as he was, perhaps slightly more so now that his chest fluff has been unleashed upon the world. "That would likely not end well, at moment. Sadly. Probably would end in jail time. Perhaps you will be able to take it back if you get elected as mayor?"

d4174 No.95698

"Perhaps it would work."

39cde No.95699

Seeing if it works for him like it works for Blue, he gives Dark Star a friendly squeeze. "Whatever you decide to do, I will stand by your side."

d4174 No.95700

Dark Star smiles
"Thanks, can i tell you something kind of embarrassing?"

0ee3a No.95701

Don't tell him you came in 10 seconds flat.

39cde No.95702

"Go right ahead. It is what I am here for."

d4174 No.95703

Dark Star has never done that.
"You kinda remind me of my Dad, except with a stalliongardian accent."

39cde No.95704

Silver gives him a sort of soft smile. "Well, I can only hope I can live up to how highly you think of him."

0ee3a No.95705

That's quite weird, but Silver'll like being reminded he is a father.

d4174 No.95706

"I often think about, what he would think of me."
Dark Star seems a little saddend by this thought.

0d2f2 No.95707


0ee3a No.95708

Ass slap sent via prewar horse Amazon service to Skies

d4174 No.95709

"Want another one? Mr glass. A Round for the whole bar!"
Dark Star smells very strongly of alcohol

39cde No.95710

Silver keeps Star close as he ruffles his mane. "I do not know much about him, but I am certain he would be very proud of you, this fine young stallion you have become, and that he helped to raise up to be upstanding member of society."

Silver wonders what Skies must be thinking, with her two stallion companions buddying up pretty much right on top of her.

0d2f2 No.95711


"Wooo!" The whole bar cries out

d4174 No.95712

Dark Star smiles
"i hope so. im glad to help out the Ponies that are in need. its a good feeling."

d4174 No.95713

Dark star Grins at the response of the crowd and then pats blue on top of the heas
"Mr.Glass get my marefriend a Dead Soviet."

39cde No.95714

"It is part of being pony. We help each other." He finishes off his second whiskey, and askes Glass for a third. "But I am most definitely certain he would be proud of you. Call it 'father's intuition'."

0ee3a No.95715

More like 'Oldpony intuition'
In other words, wisdom.

0d2f2 No.95716


d4174 No.95717

"That's good to know."
Dark Star looks relived
"Whats it like having foals?"
"you know, its a white Stalliongardian with grenadine in it."

0d2f2 No.95718

With a confused look, Glimmering Glass tries to navigate drink names in a world where the Russian Civil War never occurred

d4174 No.95719

or the equivalent Russian pony state name.

39cde No.95720

Gotta love that 16 Wisdom.

"It is…wonderful. It has to be most amazing feeling in world, to look at your foal and know that you helped to bring that life into world, that there is part of you within it. It is so small, so precious, you would give anything, do anything, to keep them safe. To know that as they grow up you will be able to share in their discovery of the world and teach them how to be good pony, and that from that point onwards you will work for something that is far greater than yourself, or anything else: to ensure your foal has safe, joyful life."

d4174 No.95721

"That sounds Fantastic.I would love to be a father. and to help raise the next generation of warriors."

39cde No.95722

Silver laughs a little at his response. "They will be finest warriors in Equestria. When you do become father, know that I will always be available to help you when you need it. It would be honor to be able to pass down my knowledge to you."

d4174 No.95723

Dark Star smiles largely
"It would be an honor. i appreciate it very much."

0ee3a No.95724

More like he wants to reexperience being a father himself.

39cde No.95725

Silver looks to both Dark Star and Blue Skies, a twinkle in his eyes symbolizing the joy he feels at this very moment. "I have to thank you. Both of you. As I have grown older, I have come to fear to being alone, with nopony to turn to, and it has gotten only worse with each passing day. With you two by my side, keeping this old fart company, you give me hope and joy I can not even begin to describe. You keep my spirits lifted."

0d2f2 No.95726

That smile forms on her face, and she comes in closer

d4174 No.95727

Dark Star Smiles
"Anytime you need to talk just let me know. i got a room here at the bar. i'm sure we'll be seeing each other a lot."

39cde No.95728

Whatever Blue was wanting, it's put to an end when Silver wraps both Star and her in a grand hug. "Thank you."

0d2f2 No.95729

She's kind of cold

39cde No.95730

Thank goodness she has a soft, fluffy, Severyanan hug buddy to keep her warm, then. He's more than willing to lend her some of his coat's warmth.

d4174 No.95731

"You don't have to thank me, its the right thing to do."

39cde No.95732

"You didn't have to, though. That is what makes it so special."

d4174 No.95733

"I'll do whatever i can to help."

0d2f2 No.95734

*poner is hugged*

0ee3a No.95735

A heartwarming scene of the start of the fifth alicorn's ascension.

d4174 No.95736

File: 1553479420059.png (128.38 KB, 1000x1000, _hmmmmmmmmmmmmm luna.png)

0ee3a No.95737

Too soon to call RIP?

0d2f2 No.95738

No. F for Silver. At least he died happy, surrounded by those he loved

0ee3a No.95739

Would you consider the Triple S tavern meet up a wrap or is it done when the inevitable sex scene occurs?

d4174 No.95740

d4174 No.95741

its over when fug

0d2f2 No.95742

I don't even know

0ee3a No.95743

I expected as much, judging by the static.
Should Iron finally go to bed or do we hold until the other trio and the bugbois do their part?

0ee3a No.95744

the other trio meaning brie, onyx and spark

0d2f2 No.95745

More than half the players haven't even been heard from, which makes planning going forward difficult to say the least

0ee3a No.95746

I know. I'm asking if I should make Iron sleep or wait a while before doing so.

0d2f2 No.95747

That is difficult to say. I actually had a fairly big event planned for Brie and company on the train before arriving in Bales, but they are all MIA. Somehow I suspect Dark Star doesn’t want his character to go to sleep immediately.

I am getting the impression that you want Iron to go to the southern jungles. If Ash were still around that wouldn’t be that much of an issue because there would be at least two characters going along that path. But I want characters and their paths to intersect more often then never, rather than this being two or more perfectly non-intersecting storylines set in the same universe. It’s not hard at all to think of encounters and stories to happen in the jungle - after all, that was the original intent. But with only one player, and no signs of how that would ever lead to a meet up of characters, I’m not so sure. It also really doesn’t help that Iron has less motivation to care in most possible encounters than, say, Ash would have in most of the same situations

d4174 No.95748

>Somehow I suspect Dark Star doesn’t want his character to go to sleep immediately.
you are correct in you suspicions

d4174 No.95749

>I am getting the impression that you want Iron to go to the southern jungles. If Ash were still around that wouldn’t be that much of an issue because there would be at least two characters going along that path. But I want characters and their paths to intersect more often then never,
remember Dark star heard thats where scar is hiding out

0ee3a No.95750

I understand. I'll skip my turn to RP until things are in order.

To be completely fair, he usually acts as a tagalong to other characters, being either PCs or NPCs. If you want him to stick to PCs and other NPCs who can intertwine with the PCs, you just need to give him a simple money or fight incentive to motivate him.
If the idea of southern jungles is cemented so hard to be diverted naturally, there could be a point of interest for Silver as Cauldron is a potion maker. Dark Star will most likely gravitate to the seemingly father figure he has recently solidify. Iron did agree to ask about her selling potions to other ponies when he asked about it. This should solve the lack of PCs.
You could probably convince him to raid more communist cells, which would be liked by Star and Silver.

He's a master detective. A reader of minds.
Well, that's one motivation for Star to head there.
I'm unsure as to how will Cauldron be received tho.

0ee3a No.95751

I'll leave you to think about it. I'm heading to sleep for now.
Hopefully I can catch the route you want me to go when your mind is made up.

39cde No.95752

d4174 No.95753

He Will be missed

39cde No.95754

Seriously, though, I do want to apologize for kinda-sorta passing out there.

Silver tops off the hug with another squeeze. As he lets go and grabs his drink, he smiles at his two companions. "Come on, now. These drinks will not drink themselves, after all! Let us enjoy them, together."

0d2f2 No.95755

Silver can almost feel the crippling loneliness return for a moment

But they are right there, no worries. It looks like Skies didn’t need much provocation to drink more

39cde No.95756

That was…weird. He has to shake his head clear for a moment, but he joins in the consumption of more alcoholic beverages.

0d2f2 No.95757

Alright Silver, what now?

d4174 No.95758

Dark Star takes a large sip of his drink

39cde No.95759

After a couple more mouthfuls of whiskey swallowed, Silver looks over to Blue. "Blue…there is something I would like to ask of you."

0d2f2 No.95760

She looks him in the eyes, as if surprised he is asking
“What is it?”

39cde No.95761

"This job I am doing for you, it is proving to be surprisingly dangerous. And I have already fulfilled primary part of our contract. If…if I were to, you know…die, down there…could you promise me you will split what I have earned between yourself, Star, and Shimmering Spark?"

0d2f2 No.95762

“But the contract would remain unfulfilled, wouldn’t it?”

39cde No.95763

"I do not wish to debate about what contract stipulated. You originally asked me get specific kind of books, and I did. Just…please, promise me that you will do this should something happen to me down there." He has an almost pleading look in his eyes.

d4174 No.95764

"So This book thing is Dangerous? Do you Want me to come silver? i can watch your back."

0d2f2 No.95765

“Oh, alright. But don’t be so melodramatic. Just retrieve the books and take your money.”

39cde No.95766

Silver looks strangely relieved. "Thank you, Blue."

"I would appreciate company, but you do not need to. You would end up having to buy your own potions for mission. I do not have very many funds for myself left, let alone another pony."

d4174 No.95767

"Nah i want to go. i don't want you dieing down there."

39cde No.95768

"I can not stop you if that is what you want. I certainly do not plan on dying just yet, but…" He motions to the thick wrapping of bandages around his neck. "…well, you know. I will certainly pay you back and then some if you decide to come along, after I get payed."

d4174 No.95769

"Do we need any specific potions?or just health potions?"

39cde No.95770

"Potions of Hide From Undead. They are what we took that one day to explore lower level of catacombs." He finishes off his current whiskey, and gets another from Glass. The drink seems to be having an effect on him, finally, if the slight blush forming on his cheeks is anything to go by. "They are quite useful, I have found."

0d2f2 No.95771

“Uh, you’re welcome?”

39cde No.95772

"So, did you two ride rollercoaster? Was it fun? Was it anything like being pegasus?"

d4174 No.95773

"Uh, yea we rode it haha"
Dark Star looks at the fround

0d2f2 No.95774

“Being a Pegasus isn’t usually that… intense”

39cde No.95775

Silver looks between the two ponies in front of him upon Blue's statement, and Star's odd behavior. "…So, I will guess Star got little bit freaked out on ride?"

d4174 No.95776

Dark Star continues looking at the ground

0d2f2 No.95777

She smiles in a way suggesting she is holding back laughter, and nods

39cde No.95778

The look Silver gives Star is far from judgmental, as he reaches over to pat his back with a hoof. "Nothing to be ashamed of, especially if it was intense even for Blue, here."

d4174 No.95779

The Shame emanating off of Dark Star is Palpable

39cde No.95780

Silver pulls Star into yet another hug. He certainly seems touchy-feely today. "Was it fun, though?"

0d2f2 No.95781

“Hmmm… yeah, I’d say it was fun. Right, Starry?”
She pats Dark Star on the back

d4174 No.95782

"Yea, it was fun."
"Anything is fun with you."

39cde No.95783

"Aww, she gave you pet name!" Star feels a little bit like he's being crushed as Silver puts the squeeze on him.

d4174 No.95784

"Ooof a little tight there."

0d2f2 No.95785

Skies moves her muzzle into the mix, as if to be a part of the action

39cde No.95786

"Heh…sorry." He lightens up a bit, though he's still stuck to him like glue at this point.

"You want to join, Blue?"

0d2f2 No.95787


39cde No.95788

With very little warning, Silver pulls Blue into the embrace as well.

0d2f2 No.95789

*surprised cooing noises*

39cde No.95790

"More than enough to go around!" Silver buries his face in between the two ponies he's got in his grasp.

d4174 No.95791

Dark Star nuzzles Blue

0d2f2 No.95792

*soft cooing noises*

d4174 No.95793

Dark star squeezes Blue and Silver

39cde No.95794

Silver gladly reciprocates with a laugh. He hasn't felt this great in a long time.

0d2f2 No.95795

*is hugged extensively*
Just the way she likes it

d4174 No.95796

"Ish love you two."
Dark star's cheecks are blushimg from all the alcohol hes had

39cde No.95797

"I love you two, too." Silver pulls away just enough to take another drink of his whiskey.

0d2f2 No.95798

39cde No.95799

"You two, are best friends any pony could ask for."

0d2f2 No.95800


d4174 No.95801

Dark Star pulls away to drink some more

0d2f2 No.95802

“Why are you drinking more?” Skies asks

39cde No.95803

"Hey, hey hey hey…ish there anything you would want to do after we are done drinking?"

0d2f2 No.95804

Dice rollRolled 11

d4174 No.95805

"why not?"

0d2f2 No.95806

“Is something wrong?”

“Like what?”

d4174 No.95807

"Not anymore."
Dark Star puts his hoof to his chin

39cde No.95808

Silver gives Blue a dopy smile before replying. "I dunno, I ashed you. I jush wanna spend time with my favorite ponies in Baltimare!"

0d2f2 No.95809

“What say you, Star?”

d4174 No.95810

"Well, i guess we could"

0d2f2 No.95811


39cde No.95812

"Could what?"

d4174 No.95813

"Continue hanging out, Where would you like to go?"

0ee3a No.95814

You three go to bed. Dark mates with Skies while Silver sneakily watches.
Of course, you can also go… walk around the city and fight off a mugging party?

39cde No.95815

I suppose those are a couple options.

0ee3a No.95816

Not a lot of things are open at night tbh.
Maybe a brothel.

39cde No.95817

Nothin' like buying an orgy at your local brothel.

0ee3a No.95818

As far as Iron is concerned, he knows it exists.
Heck, why not? Silver is not tied to anyone. Might as well get some mares' company.
Skies will definitely be at home there :3

0d2f2 No.95819

File: 1553564087796.png (823.59 KB, 2047x1447, 1989046.png)

0ee3a No.95820

39cde No.95821

That meme is always quality.

d4174 No.95822

File: 1553573503198.png (46.76 KB, 800x600, bloop.png)

0d2f2 No.95823

Cute, but she wouldn’t be smiling at the attempted violation of her snoot

0ee3a No.95824

That's endgame Skies. When she realizes the boop is nice.

d4174 No.95825

She loves it deep down

0d2f2 No.95826

File: 1553576902238.png (100.63 KB, 558x600, aea.png)

No. She doesn't

0ee3a No.95827

Yes, she does.

d4174 No.95828

A coot

39cde No.95829

You know what this means, right?

We need to mind break her with boops.

0ee3a No.95830

Genius plan.

d4174 No.95831

File: 1553582202652.png (317.47 KB, 1183x1024, _hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sunny.png)

0d2f2 No.95832

File: 1553582208364.png (60.66 KB, 576x576, A5B67F45-9ADF-4685-A7F4-C8….png)

0ee3a No.95833

Too late to protest. The plan is already in motion, SKies. She will be gangbooped to the point of boop worship.

d4174 No.95834

Nah, the boops are from me

0ee3a No.95835

You'll probably need some help. She can be quite feisty.

d4174 No.95836

NEET Pone a qt

39cde No.95839

I can imagine the scene already: Blue, in her room, cornered by Star, Silver, and Iron. Silver covers the door, while Iron watches the window, ensuring there is no escape for the mare, and at the same time Star approaches the cornered mare with a length of rope. He tackles her, his stallion companions joining in the dogpile to restrain the struggling pegasus in their grip. They lead her to the bed, keeping her pinned as they tie her to the cornerposts. Silver stands to one side of the writhing mare, Iron stands to the other, and Star stands right on top of her to give her a speech about exactly what they're going to do to her. Then, they begin. For hours, they violate her snout with relentless boops. They pound their hooves into her poor snootendootle until it's sore, as she begins crying, first for blood, then pleading for mercy. Her mind slowly withers away as thoughts of the three stallions pressing away at her beloved muzzle begin to consume her. Eventually, it's all she can think of. Her anger and desperation turns to booplust. Then the three stallions smile, as they know they have already won. They stop, letting the boop withdrawal ravage her consciousness. For even more hours they deprive her of her newly-precious boops until she goes crazy in her desire. And when she is finished, when she has lost almost all hope of having her snootendootle violated in the way it was again, the three stallions will return to give her snoot the love it deserves.

1b430 No.95840

39cde No.95841

What, you've never broken a mare's mind before using boops?

d4174 No.95843

>Imblying Dark Star Would Consent

fa906 No.95844

>Implying Skies would consent

d4174 No.95845

File: 1553624604820.png (46.11 KB, 480x480, _thinking steve.png)

02325 No.95846

Still. What the fuck

0ee3a No.95847

Sounds like perfection if you ask me.

39cde No.95848

You don't need to consent to boop >rape.

02325 No.95849

File: 1553644872604.png (137.78 KB, 404x600, AC1CEA0D-AD9A-414F-86C3-14….png)

d4174 No.95851

File: 1553646872235.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, _Blue Skies.png)

wrong pic

4ed3e No.95852

Spoiler that nsfl shit you filthy bastard

d4174 No.95853


02325 No.95854


Okay, is Onyx kill, going to get off at the next stop, or is he gonna stay on this train till the morning? I need to know.

4ed3e No.95855

What are the others doing?

d4174 No.95856

Getting Drunk

02325 No.95857

Brie is MIA, Spark is MIA, Ash is KIA, Iron got his ass beat by a Tiger and is recouping, Silver is learning to magic of friendship, and Dark Star is drifting into alcoholism and depression

4ed3e No.95858

Well I meant Brie and Spark but oh. Uh

0922a No.95859

Fuck off, Brie has shit to do most days

02325 No.95860

File: 1553652811542.jpeg (73.36 KB, 1098x957, B1BFBA2E-DD88-480A-AD20-B….jpeg)

0922a No.95861

File: 1553652911145.jpg (313.53 KB, 500x656, dooty.jpg)

>pic unrelated

39cde No.95862

I mean, at least I didn't say anything about holding hooves.

0ee3a No.95863

Woah there. Don't destroy the poor mare's innocence so hard.

d4174 No.95864

The Hooves have already been helt

39cde No.95865

You already popped the hooves cherry? Nice.

0ee3a No.95866

At the fair iirc

d4174 No.95867

Yea it happend at the fair, But it happend at The Italian Restaurant first

0922a No.95868

Clearly its a good thing I popped in.

Brie is playing Doctor to the Lings, who have eaten several meals in the last few days, so they should be able to make a several day journey on a train considering they went weeks without an energy drain when in captivity.
If someone decides to Allahu Akbar the train, please let me know. Otherwise, I would assume this would be the sort of thing that a GM would want to fast-sequence through, so don't expect me to ask for updates.

d4174 No.95869

Night guys

0ee3a No.95870

I don't think normal meals give bugs any sort of energy. Unless you somehow gave them love.

0922a No.95871

I'm not talking about normal meals, I'm talking about the draining they've done on the party (Silver, Dark, and whoever else).

0ee3a No.95872

Ah. Right. Forgot about that.

39cde No.95873


02325 No.95874

>Going Allahu Akbar on the train

0ee3a No.95875

Now you're gonna get it.

0922a No.95876

Fucking finally. I like the Lings, they're cute and all, but my heart isn't gonna bleed if they get a tummy ache. Cry me a river. 4 days ago they were sex slaves (yeah, it's only been like 4 days, much to my chagrine), they can handle a tummy ache. Let me know if there's an opponent needing to be killed.

02325 No.95877

I mean, the point of the colic episode was not to make the digestive problem the threat. The threat was supposed to be from the over zealous med school graduate discovering the changelings were changelings

39cde No.95878

I honestly feel stupid for not realizing sooner that Kingfisher of the Freedom Party of New Mareland is literally just a ponified Huey Long.

Also, boop

0ee3a No.95879

d4174 No.95880

>Huey Long Dong The best Governor, i might need to play that nation later


d4174 No.95881


0ee3a No.95883


7c2a6 No.95884

File: 1553807104145.png (84.79 KB, 1024x1024, 08D8203F-F52D-494E-9B59-5B….png)


Still away from keyboard

d4174 No.95885

Stay Safe Fren

a0ec8 No.95886


d4174 No.95887

File: 1553813003761.png (Spoiler Image, 190.21 KB, 912x930, _Bat.png)


0ee3a No.95888


39cde No.95891

File: 1553835440976.webm (2.42 MB, 480x270, 1982584__safe_artist-colo….webm)

Been playing some more as New Mareland. I don't think you could get any closer to "evil totalitarian communist dictatorship" than by going down the MARESOC path.

>webm related

0ee3a No.95892

I suppose you played all New Mareland parts.
Have you secured a future for pony fillies yet,

39cde No.95893

That I have, Anon. That I have.

0d2f2 No.95894

>The Communism Lite leader
Why not just go full Equalist or MARESOC?

0ee3a No.95895

Nice. Serious talk, which of the paths was the hardest for you?

39cde No.95896

Probably either of the Harmonist paths. Those, or the Gladmane path for Non-Aligned.

Eh, just wanted to try them all out at least once.

0ee3a No.95897

I bet the easiest path was fascism/Black Hooves, right?

39cde No.95898

Eeyup. The BNPL bills were a bit of a pain in the ass, though.

0ee3a No.95899

Same as base game's Germany at the start? I wouldn't have ever guessed.

d4174 No.95900

Huey long was no gommunist

0d2f2 No.95901

That’s why I said Communist Lite. Basically Bernie Sanders, just a hell of a lot further left

d4174 No.95902

From what i understand he was closer to a NatSoc than a Marxist.

0d2f2 No.95903

His whole thing was equal wealth, starting a program called “Share our wealth,” which including caps on income, redistribution of wealth, wealth taxes, a universal basic income, and free social services. The same thing as AOC and Bernie Sanders, but more so

d4174 No.95904

File: 1553843055506.jpg (34.89 KB, 580x624, _hmmmm naz.jpg)

I'll Have to look into Huey again, he was a populist or so i thought.

0d2f2 No.95905

He was a populist. Just like AOC or Bernie Sanders

d4174 No.95906

Except he was white. and actually had the country's best interests at heart, he wouldn't have gotten us involved in the atrocity that was WW2, Since he was an isolationist.

0d2f2 No.95907

It’s very easy to say that when the guy died before WW2. FDR was also white, and Long was an adamant supporter of FDR because of FDR’s redistributionist economic policies. But when the Communist experiment of the Soviet Union came under attack, FDR was sure to send his Communist buddies as much material as possible. Who could say that Long wouldn’t do the same?

d4174 No.95908

Huey Long was an Anti-Communist. And FDR was a crypto kike.

0d2f2 No.95909

And Huey Long supported that crypto-kike. Don’t trust alleged claims of “anti-communism” from any guy whose entire life is dedicated to income equality and taxation

39cde No.95910


d4174 No.95911

File: 1553899906030.png (67.74 KB, 512x270, _filly boop (2).png)

0d2f2 No.95912

File: 1553900021462.jpeg (90.47 KB, 600x600, FB95DF75-050B-409F-9E15-A….jpeg)

d4174 No.95913


39cde No.95914

I dunno about y'all, but I'm gettin' hyp for a continuation of our session this weekend.

0d2f2 No.95915

File: 1553970690621.jpeg (276.44 KB, 791x1024, 6DCAB254-F3C0-4758-97A5-1….jpeg)

Who will be here?

39cde No.95916

I dunno, but I definitely will be. After suffering through this cold for the past five days, some good ol' adventures with Silver, Star, and Skies sounds really good.

eabea No.95917

Sorry for the late reply but here.
Not that there's a lot to do with Iron to begin with

39cde No.95918

I'm sure Iron will have plenty to do after these SilverStar/SilverStarSkies fun times get finished with.

eabea No.95919

While true, GM is trying to link at least one other PC and that's going to take a while.
There's always going for a second character with more reason to join the Black Hooves, since it's probably going to be the main faction or at least I presume it is and maybe I could have a more satisfactory relationship with Skies.

d4174 No.95920

File: 1553973512184.png (108.63 KB, 1000x800, _Aryanne earth pony cultur….png)

39cde No.95921

There's always the option of Iron making up with Skies.

eabea No.95922

That's not the problem, really. So far, thug work for mafia seems more profitable than political thug work for Iron.
Nevermind that one job that got us 10 gold pieces. That was coincidence as far as Iron knows.

0d2f2 No.95923

File: 1553975174908.png (176.91 KB, 639x490, CA856C04-B749-4977-BDB4-6F….png)

eabea No.95924

Truly a mystery that no one could ever answer.

39cde No.95925

Press F to pay respects to the Train Gang. They will be missed.

0a3fe No.95926

What now?

39cde No.95927

I just kinda figured they're all ded.

0a3fe No.95928

Why's that?

39cde No.95930

I dunno. Forget I said anything, I guess. Just a little bummed that tonight's been quiet as a dormouse.

8aaea No.95931

File: 1553993116371.png (97.67 KB, 1024x1024, E133B0DB-EA5D-47E4-999A-C3….png)

Yeah really. Where the fuck is everyone?

d4174 No.95932

im here

39cde No.95933

File: 1553994695226.png (165.25 KB, 961x935, 1980924__safe_artist-colon….png)


d4174 No.95934

File: 1553994763406.gif (753.43 KB, 720x405, _laughing dash.gif)

Hows it going dude?

39cde No.95935

Nothin' much, just recovering from a nasty cold and looking forward to being able to have some drunken adventures with Silver, Star, and Skies. Or, was looking forward, I suppose is the correct term right now.

8aaea No.95936

Okay, so I have stuff to happen to Brie, Onyx, and Spark. Iron, Silver, and Dark Star need to declare actions to advance

d4174 No.95937

Dark Star Dabs

39cde No.95938


Silver rubs the bridge of his snout, realizing the mistake he's made with how he's been drinking. He lets out a small groan of discomfort as he focuses through the alcohol. "It has been while since I have had drink like this. I need to pace myself better." He looks over at Blue after a few seconds and tries to ignore how he's seeing a very faint double image of her. Yeah, it's probably best to slow down with the drinking for a bit. "Blue, I know you have told me about lands to west of Riverlands, and I know there is nothing to east of that area besides World Ocean. What are places north and south of Riverlands like? What kind of countries make up these regions?"

8aaea No.95939

“To the North are the Hill ponies. Mostly backwards and soarsely populated pony tribes. Watertowns, Firtree, and Farbrook. I went to Farbrook once. There were sometimes Changelings walking down the street without a mask. Or used to, anyways. And ponies were okay with it. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. To the North and West is the island of Greneclyf, inhabited by Changelings. To the South are the deer colony of Nyutt Radjur and the Zebra colony on the Corsair Coast. The Navy used to have to battle Zebra pirates regularly. Just north of the Zebras are the former ‘mageocracy’ of Barrad. A few Unicorns and one deer broke away from Wittenland many years ago. What was found by the troops who liberated it would give even old Curwhinny a run for his money.”

39cde No.95940

"I remember you told me about Farbrook, before. It sounds like nice place. I wonder how Greneclyf has been doing, if they are still friendly with them."

Upon hearing about Barrad, Silver raises an eyebrow. "Some unicorns and one deer…What was found, then?"

d4174 No.95941

"whats grenclyf?"
Dark Star Says while raising an eyebrow

7f041 No.95942

Shit. I have no clue what to do. Timr to improvise!
Iron extends one of his forelegs to its furthest reach towards Caulddon, still laying on the impromptu couchbed.

d4174 No.95943

>Shit. I have no clue what to do. Timr to improvise!

0d2f2 No.95944

“That’s the name of the Island if the Eastern Changeling hives.”

“Relations kind of collapsed recently. As for Barrad… well, whatever was found in the mountainholds of the Wizards remains classified, but I can tell you what the soldiers saw when they approached the borders. Jagged, barren mountaintops cracked by ice and worn down by sand storms. Great storms at random, first of blistering heat and sweeping sand and dust, then sudden cold strong winds carrying snow and ice. Then, in mass formations, thousands of the land’s inhabitants. Mares, stallions, foals. Taken almost at random, they had a part of their brain cut and placed under magical spells to serve as slaves in the armies.”

0d2f2 No.95945

She moves away, back a few feet
“What is it?”

7f041 No.95946

Iron furrows his brow as he tries to move his foreleg closer.
Cauldron can see that he may fall off the bed if she keeps moving away.
(I shall get my revenge!)

d4174 No.95947

"There are changelings in the east? i never knew that.i'm assuming they are just like the ones here?"

0d2f2 No.95948

She most definitely moves further away
“Don’t even think about it”

39cde No.95949

Y'all weren't doing that already?

Just about any doubt of what they could have done being worse than necromancy is cast aside. His eyes go as wide as dinner plates and his jaw hangs limp from his head, only briefly returning to its normal position to take an idle drink of whiskey. To say the least, he's speechless. Блядь. What is it with Griffonian ponies and magic?

0d2f2 No.95950

“What do you mean ‘just like the ones here’?”

d4174 No.95951

"Do they want to Enslave ponies?"

0d2f2 No.95952

“If you mean, ‘do they keep pony slaves’ then yes, somethings. They keep ponies taken from child swaps and purchased from Zebra Corsairs. If you are asking if they raid or have imperial ambitions, no, they don’t.”

“Fucking Unicorns are almost as bad as Griffins sometimes.”

7f041 No.95953

Iron's fuzzy mind state means that he can't be reasoned with.
He finally flops onto the floor, standing up and messing the covers yet again.
"Oh I will think about and do it!"
But Iron's speed is quite slow compared to the last boop battle, almost as if he was extending his foreleg deliberately slowly to intimidate his victim.

d4174 No.95954

Dark Star brings his hoof to his chin
"They seem Superior to the hive over here the."

d4174 No.95955


39cde No.95956

He can only nod. He's seen and heard of some pretty messed up stuff, but something like this on the scale of an entire country? Shit. He takes another idle drink, reminding himself that he told himself previously to pace himself. He's got a decent alcohol blush going on already.

He changes the subject. "I wonder how Changelings got to Greneclyf in first place. Did they cross World Ocean from Western Equus to Eastern Griffonia, or did they migrate with ponies who would settle in Riverlands?"

0d2f2 No.95957

She has that smile come across her face.
“Yes. They are.”

A stern and serious look comes across her face as she assumes combat stance. She will not be so easily intimidated.

“A great quake shook the ground, sone Changelings were selerated. They found refuge in a land of frozen fire, before making their way to Greneclyf”

d4174 No.95958

"Have you ever interacted with one?"

7f041 No.95959

Dice rollRolled 9 + 11

Iron dashes at Cauldron and attempts to poke her snout, completing his revenge plan for her atrocious and uncalled for
attack on hiss own snout.

7f041 No.95960

Good ole 9/11 :p

d4174 No.95961

the day the big nose tribe attacked

0d2f2 No.95962

Dice rollRolled 11 + 2


Nah ah. Roll initiative at this distance

39cde No.95963

Silver looks at her weird. "…Is that their origin story, they tell to their drones?"

7f041 No.95964

Dice rollRolled 3


0d2f2 No.95965

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5


Too slow


39cde No.95966

"…Well, I suppose it is not weirdest I have heard. Still, frozen fire? That is pretty weird."

Silver looks away from Skies to stare at Star for seemingly no reason.

d4174 No.95967

"Perhaps? now i'm interested. what do you mean?"
Dark Star's eyebrow raises even higher

d4174 No.95968

Dark Star looks over at silver

7f041 No.95969

Dice rollRolled 12 + 11

Iron's snout scrunches at the quick movements of the zebra.
Iron stumbles a bit, then focuses again on the assailant.
"I underestimated your speed, but I have the more accurate boop!"
He counters her boop with his own. This time, he'll fight to the end!

39cde No.95970

Silver continues this impromptu staring contest for a few seconds before stretching a forehoof over to him, aiming a boop right at his exposed snootendootle.

d4174 No.95971

Roll ngr

39cde No.95972

Dice rollRolled 15 + 2

Eh, it didn't hurt to try.

39cde No.95973

Don't know why I didn't add base attack bonus to that.

7f041 No.95974


0d2f2 No.95975

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

“An iced over volcanic island, probably in the time of either Discord or the Windigos.”

“When I was a fillie and in the junior cryptiea, in the city of Thessaloneighki, there was a report of a Unicorn merchant falling ill and failing to come to work. Then another, and another. Depressed, sick, fatigued… they were slow to admit it because of the embarrassing nature of the what happened to them, but it was clear enough that they fell prey to a succubus. Upon hearing some tips and listening to the stories I searched through the area between the agora and the temple. I found her sitting alone in a tavern. She was a lime green Pegasus, young looking. I approached her and struck up a conversation. She never dropped the mask, but after s few questions I knew I was dealing with the succubus. She concluded the conversation, got up and walked out the front door, and was never seen again in that area. The love draining stopped. I was chided rather extensively by my superiors for letting her get away. She must have figured out I was into her. That was my greatest failure, my greatest mistake in my time in the junior crypteia.”

Books again

7f041 No.95976

Dice rollRolled 8 + 11

The boop staggers him again, rubbing his assaulted snout for the third time today.
His scrunchiness only fuels his determination to beat the striped mare at the booping game.
"You shall cower from my foreleg when I am done with your snout!"

39cde No.95977

"Right, I almost forgot about Discord. That would definately explain it." He sighs, thinking back to how useless the God of Chaos was for Equestria. "What use he turned out to be in end…"

no u

d4174 No.95978

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

Dark star looks shocked and then scrunches and counter boops

d4174 No.95979

"What did she say to you? Into her?"

39cde No.95980

Dice rollRolled 19 + 7

And thus, Silver is booped right back, causing him to cross his eyes to look at his scrunched-up snout. He was not expecting this level of retaliation. Silver aims another boop at Star for good measure.

d4174 No.95981

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Dark star goes for a reprisal

0d2f2 No.95982


Don’t make me take you down, you paper tiger”

“Onto her. The usual set of lies about where she was from, what she was doing and what not.”

“It is said that during the war, Discord was asked about his
Indifferent stance. He responded that the entire world was already pleasantly filled with chaos. Why would he intervene?”

64976 No.95983

I'm just doing what I'm always doing, generally and largely busy with other projects and responsibilities and obligations. Has Brie ever played with any consistency or regularity?

0d2f2 No.95984

When will you be available, do you think?

39cde No.95985

Silver just barely manages to dodge the boop, the displaced air kissing at his retreating muzzle while the hoof itself is only the tiniest bit too slow to reach. He smiles at Dark Star. "You are silly pony."

d4174 No.95986

"It's Alright Everyone messes up sometimes."
Dark Star puts his hoof on her shoulder and smiles at her.

d4174 No.95987

"No you are."

7f041 No.95988

Dice rollRolled 1 + 6

You fool!
Iron, feeling the threat as a challenge, stands straight and proud. Although he is still a bit shaky.
"Hah! The one that will fall is you, Cauldron. Behold, my special attack!"
Pointing his foreleg at the target, he shakes his hindquarters a bit like a cat would when hunting or playing. His eyes are mostly focused on Black's snout.
With the will and power of the mighty ancestors, he jumps forward and boops the challenger.
"Power boop!"
Taking 5 to hit chance to activate the devastating strike upon the poor enemy snout that will surely beat her out of the game.
No, this doesn't do damage

7f041 No.95989

Aw man. So much text for this?

0d2f2 No.95990

She smiles at him

Iron loses his balance, and falls to the floor, knocking over the tray stand in the process.

Also, remember. 1 HP

d4174 No.95991

was that for me?