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73cef No.93000[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

Half of the party - Brie, Onyx, and Spark - are on a train to far off Bales to try to cross the border into the Changeling Lands. the other half remains in Baltimare, where Silver is searching catacombs seeking books filled with long buried dark secrets, Dark Star is having luck with his marefriend, and Iron aiding in trafficking exotic animals

ff64b No.93002

"im sure it would be fine."
Dark Star Chuckles

73cef No.93004

Kerr then follows up
"Wo passen wir hin?"

She shrugs

fb4e2 No.93005

"Wir gehen zum Stock. Ich möchte, dass ihre Hilfe dabei hilft, Comte zu rächen. Ich habe dir doch gesagt, dass nicht?"

73cef No.93006

"Warum interessierst du dich für dieses Pony?"

e69b3 No.93007

Silver grimaces slightly at the sight. There is no way he'd be able to take all of these books with him on the trip back, and he doesn't have enough time to look through them all to check for anything useful to the Black Hooves.

"Если бы только Белый Свет был здесь. Она сможет сделать это через две минуты." His voice still remains hoarse, evidently not yet healed fully from the damage it took. Hoping it will serve as a good example of what this library contains, Silver grabs a random book off of a shelf, and skims through its pages to find what it's about.

fb4e2 No.93008

God dammit, I said the hive. THE HIVE, not the STICK, and I said THEIR help! Fukking jewgle.

73cef No.93009

Dice rollRolled 6

It can be like that

73cef No.93010

Lower shelf, first book. It seems to pertain to an associate of Radiant Hope in the old days of the Crystal Empire

fb4e2 No.93011

K. Does he still ask the same question in that event?

73cef No.93012

Yes, I assumed you meant "hive." Kerr is asking basically why Brie cares about Comte

fb4e2 No.93013

Ah, I missed that context.
"Ich möchte ihn leiden lassen. Ich möchte ihn für das, was er Ihnen angetan hat, und andere zweifellos nach unten ziehen. Ich möchte die Organisation, die er aufgebaut hat, zerquetschen, und aus seiner Asche möchte ich meine bauen. Ich bin ein Schurke, aber er ist etwas Schlimmeres, aber er ist zu gut verbunden, um direkt von ihm heruntergebracht zu werden. Dafür brauche ich mächtige Verbündete." Brie says with a scowl on his face, looking off toward nowhere in particular.

e69b3 No.93014

Interesting. Radiant Hope. He puts the book back, deciding to come back for it and the rest of these later. He moves into the next room, satisfied that there's nothing pertaining to his current objective among these shelves.

ff64b No.93015

Dark Star Sips some more wine.
"How do you feel about the Diamond Dogs?"

73cef No.93016

Kerr blinks, then tilts his head
"Warum hasst du ihn? Ist er ein Rivale von dir?"

If he takes notice, there is a note folded up on a desk in the room

"They are rather brutish, but I don't mind them too much. They at least keep their slaves in check, and they hate the griffins as we do"

e69b3 No.93017

I imagine he would.

Hmm? What is this? Silver picks up the note, reading it.

ff64b No.93018

"Are they Honorary ponies though?"

fb4e2 No.93019

"Kein Rivale. Ich wusste nichts über ihn, bis ich Sie zwei sah. Bis dahin war er nur das Ziel eines Jobs. Aber als ich Sie zwei sah und was er Sie durchgemacht hatte, und wer weiß, wie viele andere, … dann wurde er meine Beute."

73cef No.93020

"In the eyes of the River coalition, they sort of are. I don't really think so. Better than griffins"

He blinks
"Du jagst Ponys?"

This is Kerr, by the way

ff64b No.93021

"i have no strong feelings about them other than they need to go."

fb4e2 No.93022

"Wann muss ich Ich mache es mir nicht zur Gewohnheit, aber ich habe es."

73cef No.93023

"Is there no room for anycreature not pony?"

"Was hat dieses Pony getan, um dich zu beleidigen?"

fb4e2 No.93024

"Direkt? Nichts. Es ist das, was er dir angetan hat, als er seinen Todesurteil unterschrieb."

ff64b No.93025

"it's what is best for our kind."

73cef No.93026

"Dear Cinnamon Corn

Over the past several decades I have discovered a way of conversing with spirits. I have reanimated dead matter. I have raided the tombs of ancient nobles and sent for the long dead of distant lands. I have spoken to ancient sorcerers, voodoo masters, priests, and wizards. I have learned secrets thought forgotten to ponykind. I have even discovered a way to forestall death in myself. There was something distinctly pleasurable in the knowledge and pleasures I found. Having power over death made me feel alive. But for all of this, the power I sought eluded me. My attempts to bring back my Wood Hill, little Whinny, Petra, High Sails, and East Wind, have not produced the desired results.

I was very cautious to attempt to reanimate her, first conducting a number of tests on corpses, then later on zebras and other such living subjects, before having a semi workable product. I was never able to completely reattach body to soul, succeeding in either restoring sensation to a bodiless spirit, or motion to a soulless body. Never both. After having a number of working tests, I decided, finally, to dig up Wood Hill from Rosemont Cemetary, in that plot her father left her. I very carefully performed the spell, and succeeded in bringing forth her spirit. For the first night… the first month, it was everything I had wished for. Everything I had worked for. To be able to speak with her again. To be with her, in a way, for the first time since that terrible year of the plague. Though I could not feel her, touch her, nor see her face, I was overjoyed to have even that. But she was not so. Thogh her spirits were lifted as were ine for the first few weeks, after a while, her morale faded. Her spirit tethered to a set of salts, unable to move, or to feel properly, she became despondent. Something about the inability to trot through a moonlight meadow, or feel the sea breeze, or smell the salty air. Sadness overcame her, and she became inconsolable. She even became resentful of me, as if I had locked her in a prison. I eventually reversed the spell, and placed her salts away. I never subjected the children to the same proceedure. I became heartbroken, and for months backed away from both my experiments and my business.

You may recall two years ago I took a wife by the name of Midnight Maelstrom. She is the daughter of one of my ship captains, engaged to be married to some sailor. I needed the marriage to remain in good standing in society, as ponies began to notice my reclusive and strange behaviors. I blackmailed her father into allowing the marriage, and she broke her engagement and married me. What you may not know is how much I have warmed to her, how she makes me feel a warmth in myself that I have not felt in a very long time. A few months ago, she had my child, a colt named Tall Mast. I believe I will devote more time to my new wife and child, and to running my old father-in-law's company. I am going to step away from alchemy and the dark arts, though it has permanently scarred me. Perhaps, you should do the same.

Joseph Curwhinny, 890"

73cef No.93027

"Warum interessiert es dich, was er mit uns gemacht hat?"

She nods
"I see"

ff64b No.93028

"What do you think? Do you think there is?"

e69b3 No.93029

For a few seconds after reading, he stands there, reading it over once again. It's…a lot, for him to take in. Much of it he expected already, especially pertaining with what would happen if Wood Hill's spirit was brought back, but it is still a bit of an emotional shock to him. As he reaches the end for a second, he comments to himself that it is nice, even it does not change what he did, that Curwhinny gave up such dark deeds, realizing that there were more important things in life. Such as living, Silver chuckles to himself.

He folds the letter away, wondering if his goal was ever reachable. He also remarks to himself that this likely never got into Cinnamon Corn's possession, and that it means they likely continued their own necromantic practices. Perhaps, they continue even to this day. It's not a pleasant thought, to be sure.

73cef No.93030

She gives a very wide, almost devilish smile, and then takes a sip of her wine
"I still can't believe they let Earth Ponies own real property"

Now I am curious. What is his goal?

A few sounds of distant movements, but nothing urgent. It's cool underground, in that dark room

e69b3 No.93031

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

He was talking about Curwhinny's plans, if that helps clear things up.

Listen: Silver tries to tell what direction the movements are coming from, and whether they are regular like that of a living pony, or irregular like the shambling undead.

73cef No.93032

It seems as if the sounds have stopped. They were distant anyways

ff64b No.93033

Dark Star Laughs
"don't you like Eating? We're the best at Farming."
He winks at her

e69b3 No.93034

Hmm… A new fear, that of Cinnamon Corn residing in these very halls, takes hold for but a second, and he quickly dashes it against the walls of his mind. No matter if it is justified, it will be of no use worrying about it in this situation. Focus, Serebry. Focus!

Still, as he enters the next room (assuming he isn't already in the next room), he makes the decision that he mustn't spend too much more time here.

73cef No.93035

"A serf doesn't own the land they farm" She replies, but she seems awkward in her explanation

fb4e2 No.93036

"Ich möchte nicht behaupten, genau zu wissen, was er durchgesetzt hat, aber Sie beide in diesem Raum zu sehen, hat Erinnerungen ausgelöst, die ich lieber begraben hätte."

73cef No.93037

Both doors on that side open to this room, which contains a number of candles, reflective mirrors, and a long line of shelves on three of the walls, as well as one writing desk. A separate table contains blank papers, which are already confirmed to be nothing other than paper

Kerr nods. Wesley, likewise, is listening intently, taking an interest in the conversation
"Ist das unter Ponys akzeptiert?"

fb4e2 No.93038

"Nein. Noch nie. Es ist ein Greuel."

73cef No.93039

"Was war das genau, was war widerlich? Changelings in seinem Keller behalten?"

e69b3 No.93040

At least this makes searching easier. It is likely other side is also like this. Stepping out of the room, he turns to look deeper into the hallway, to see if it continues down like the other side or not.

fb4e2 No.93041

"War das alles, was er getan hat? Hat er … dir Dinge angetan?"

73cef No.93042

Which direction? Forward from his position (the hallway that had been to his left), or to his right, which would have been forward?

e69b3 No.93043

To the right (to the right).

ff64b No.93044

"You feeling Alright? you're acting a little weird."

73cef No.93045

Kerr starts off strong, then his voice becomes softer and trails a little big as his voice moves away

Nein, er würde uns aus den Käfigen nehmen und tun, was ich für Ponys halte, ist der Fortpflanzungsakt, obwohl ich keine Ponys kenne. Er zeigte uns Bilder von Colts und wies uns an, sich in sie zu verwandeln, und dann die Action mit uns machen, auch wenn unsere Körper Colts waren…"

Wesley chimes in, interjecting with a minor shout
"Er würde mehrere andere Ponys dabei haben. Wir haben versucht, ihre Liebe zu absorbieren, aber oft gab es keine. Sie waren manchmal kraftvoll. Also haben wir versucht, es stärker zu nehmen."
That's the exact moment that Wesley tears up, and his voice becomes softer
"Sie mochten es nicht, dass wir sie beißen, also würden sie uns schlagen. Wenn uns das nicht aufhalten konnte, benutzten sie eine Batterie, um uns zu schocken. Wir waren also gezwungen, zu Colts zu wechseln und sie hereinzulassen, und wir begannen zu hungern

Wesley looks away

Another stairwell. As he goes down, it becomes damper, then through the hole to the next area, the hall becomes wider. The sound is much louder here

"No, I am fine. Why?"

fb4e2 No.93046

Brie's pupils become slits, and aside from a slight tremble in his voice, he betrays no emotion.
"Wie lange hat er dich dort behalten? Weißt du das?"

e69b3 No.93047

I wonder if this connects to other side as well? Silver treads carefully along, looking for any side rooms to search. He's not sure about the likelihood of more books or notes down here, since this was most assuredly underwater for the longest time, but he can't say he did his duty if he didn't explore every inch of this place.

73cef No.93048

Wesley is crying, but continues
"Wir waren lange Zeit dort. Wir gingen weder nach draußen, noch konnten wir die Sonne sehen, daher wissen wir nicht, wie lange es war. Es muss Monate her sein, weil wir sehr hungrig waren. Nach einer Weile stellten sie zwei Ponys in den Raum, aber sie waren zu weit weg, um sie zu essen."

To the left is an open vaulted area that must have either been a cell or a storage space. to the right is a room with an open doorway, and decayed wood and metal inside

e69b3 No.93049

Silver checks the vaulted area first just to make sure there's nothing there of note.

fb4e2 No.93050

Brie slowly rises from his seat and walks close to the two Lings, and places a wing around both of them. In a quiet voice he says.
"Lassen Sie uns dies im Raum fortsetzen. Ich möchte mehr von deiner Geschichte hören."

73cef No.93051

There does not appear to be anything in that room. If it contained anything long ago, it has since decayed away as time moved on

The two little ones are pressed up against Brie. They feel like the real thing, soft and furry. Wesley wipes away a tear and nods

e69b3 No.93052

Doesn't really surprise him. With that taken care of, he looks inside of the right room.

73cef No.93053

This room has several rectangles of rooted wood alongside the walls, with small amounts of rusted iron, as well as a rusted pail

e69b3 No.93054

That is odd. Silver investigates the wooden rectangles. He wonders if they're meant to be doors of a sort.

73cef No.93055

Lying on the floor, multiple pieces of wood connected to each other to form a rectangle

e69b3 No.93056

That is also odd. Where did these come from?

73cef No.93057

They look closest to being bed frames

fb4e2 No.93058

Brie gently leads the Lings back to the room, alert (mostly cuz feels) for potential trouble

e69b3 No.93059

…Oh. I am not sure there this was happy place of dreams. Although he suspects any evidence of what the rusted pail had been used for in the past has long since decayed or been washed away, he still checks to see if his suspicion of this being a shit bucket is correct.

73cef No.93060

Not willing to surrender the bread, Kerr quickly grabs the uneaten bread and butter before Brie leads them away. They proceed down the long, narrow pathway to the room. In this time, the number of ponies in the lounge car areas, as well as the dining car has vastly increased, with most (but not all) seats being taken now. Brie is able to get back to their room, where they have relative privacy, their own seats, and a large window. Wesley immediately dives for and wraps himself up in a blanket

Though the pail does seem to have the decayed stained remnants of some sort of organic matter, it appears this pail will keep its secrets

e69b3 No.93061

Yup. This was shit bucket. Silver, his quota of investigating mystery buckets fulfilled, returns to exploring the hallway.

73cef No.93062

More vaults on the far side, two doors on his right

e69b3 No.93063

Silver tries the first of the two doors he approaches.

73cef No.93064

A storage room… though perhaps a bit abnormal

e69b3 No.93065

Dice rollRolled 2 - 1

Search: Silver investigates what exactly seems abnormal about this room.

e69b3 No.93066

73cef No.93067

It's another damned storage room, like the ones he's seen before

e69b3 No.93068

Hmm. Must just be my mind playing tricks on me. With nothing else to look for in this room, he tries the next door.

73cef No.93069

This door is large, opening in two parts. On one side, a set of wood and iron in a rectangle, with chains hangs on the wall, and a large iron rail behind it. To the right, a set of - of all things - stairs

e69b3 No.93070

Thinking that this room in particular looks important, Silver cautiously makes his way either down or up the stairs, depending on their current orientation.

fb4e2 No.93071

Entering the room and shutting the door and locking it behind them, Brie wonders for a moment how he was supposed to pay for the food, but quickly dismisses the idea. Sitting down facing the Lings, he breathes a deep and contemplative sigh.
"Colts," he pauses for a moment to think. "Ich nenne dich immer wieder so. Was ist das Wechselbalg-Wort für "junger Mann"?"

73cef No.93072

Up, which probably should have been specified. It leads to a hatch that, at the moment, seems to be closed

I'll definitely get to the food paying thing
Kerr answers first
"Wir verpuppen nur für kurze Zeit. Die Adoleszenz zwischen Larve und Imago wird nur als "Jungtier" bezeichnet, wenn sie jünger ist und "Drohne", wenn sie älter und männlich ist."
"Hatchling" translated as "youngster"

e69b3 No.93073

Might as well try it. Silver tries the hatch to see if it's locked.

fb4e2 No.93074

Must you?
"Wie wäre es dann mit jungen Drohnen?"

73cef No.93075

Whether it is locked or not is hard to say, but it is very reluctant to move

i mean, a real train of the era would have charged
"Hatchling wird funktionieren, obwohl es nicht geschlechtsspezifisch ist"

e69b3 No.93076

Dice rollRolled 11 + 2

Strength: Silver puts his forehooves against the hatch and tries to force his way past whatever could be holding it closed. "Hnnnng!"

73cef No.93077

It budges, and starts to be pushed upwards. It's not quite off yet, but loose.

e69b3 No.93078

Dice rollRolled 10 + 2

Strength: "HNNNNG!"

fb4e2 No.93079

"Jungtieren wird es gut gehen. Okay, ich möchte dich nicht betonen. Wenn Sie nicht gerne darüber reden, ist das in Ordnung. Aber ich möchte Sie mehr fragen. Wie bist du dazu gekommen, von Comte festgehalten zu werden?"

ff64b No.93080

"Earth Ponies Are the best ponies. we are no mere Serfs. we were kings."

73cef No.93081

Despite being weaker than his previous attempt, this additional effort, combined with teh progress already made, pushes aside the hatch to open to broad daylight. He is on the property of the farm, probably not even a hundred feet from the quarry. This would have been an alternative point of entry. Given the amount of soil that moved above it, some of which falls through and in, as well as the fact that this entry was not visible before, it must have been buried more than a century ago

She flaps an ear down, and looks at him with crooked smile
"Did you mean 'was kings'?"

it is Wesley who speaks now, and he volunteers the following
"Nachdem wir gebracht worden waren, wurden wir in ein großes Schiff gebracht, das mehrere Tage auf See war. Wir wurden dann in einen dunklen Raum gebracht und in einen Käfig gestellt. Es war so etwas wie ein Abstellraum. Dann kaufte uns das große Pony, ließ uns verkleiden und brachte uns in das Zimmer unter seinem Haus"

ff64b No.93082

"Unlike the Ziggers we actually was kings."

73cef No.93083

And now she looks at him confused, then she looks more closely
"Are you joking with me?"

fb4e2 No.93084

"War das, nachdem du den HIVE verlassen hast?"
Ignore the all caps, jewgle wants to translate it as "Stick" if I use proper casing for some reason.

cdc0d No.93085

Who is the one being all ear perky?

ff64b No.93086

"Yea i am."

e69b3 No.93087

The sudden appearance of daylight forces him to shield his eyes with a foreleg while they adjust to the sudden change in brightness. Once they do, he briefly bathes in the warm embrace of Celestia's light. It's a welcome change from the dark, dank, gloomy atmosphere of the catacombs, and the brief respite lets him gather his strength once again. Still, he has a job to do, so he quickly returns to it, making a quick note of where this alternate entrance is for next time. He leaves the hatch open to allow more fresh air to flood in.

With this room discovered, he moves back into the hallway, searching the vaults on its far side.

73cef No.93088

You're back!

Saint Germane

"Ich vermute, ich habe es dem grauen Pony erzählt, aber nicht dir. Wir waren Kolonisten in Tall Tales. Ich ging eines Tages zum Ufer der Stadt hinunter und sah ein Pony - ich dachte, es sei eine verkleidete Drohne - mit einem Motorboot. Er bot mir an, es mir zeigen zu lassen, wenn ich einige Papiere unterschrieb. Ich sah es weiter an - dort waren mehr Ponys -, aber ich wurde in einen Sack gesteckt"

She laughs
"I couldn't tell, since the native and Silver will say similar things in earnest"

That's a stairwell leading from ghoul infested catacombs into the city

e69b3 No.93089

Fair enough, I suppose? So, Silver doesn't leave the hatch open.

cdc0d No.93090

Yeah, sorry. Passed out. At least I'll now be able to go to the end!
Iron nods to Saint Germane.
"I do not suppose you know where the unicorn mare is, do you? I have finished the job she asked me to do, albeit with some lucky scratches."

73cef No.93091

She places a hoof over her mouth, and laughs
"Looks like you had quite the time with the cat. Well, I can't say you didn't do it. Golden Rays is upstairs in her room"

Maybe there is a way to block off the stairs or let in air other ways

ef774 No.93092

Signed papers? What's that about? Brie Eeeee's to himself.
"Und du bist also in Gefangenschaft gekommen? Dasselbe für dich, Wesley?"

73cef No.93093

Wesley nods

ff64b No.93094

Dark Star Laughs
"Yea, i know it's great.i love when they say stuff like that."

e69b3 No.93095

Actually, you are right about that.

Hmm. It is probably not good idea to leave that so open. Returning to the previous room, Silver uses his magic to grab onto the wood and metal rectangles (which more than likely used to be a bed) and push them to block the stairs leading out.

cdc0d No.93096

Iron chuckles lightly.
"Well, thank you. The cat was really nice after the scratching though. Would you mind helping me out of this armor? It is rather tedious to take off by myself and I am probably going to need a medicine pony later if all the scratches and bites are any indication."

ef774 No.93097

"Diese Ponys, die bei Comte waren, erinnerst du dich, wie sie aussahen? Könntest du nachmachen?"

73cef No.93098

"Silver especially will go on long spiels about equality and the relative strengths of races and so forth. That Iron guy wanted me to say that 'earth ponies were better' or something"
She almost hacks in disgust

Not quite a bed, but it can be placed across the the stairway if propped up

"Uh.. Sure. Come to the back" she points him to a room towards the back. One he passed earlier, with a sewing machine in it and some other equipment

"Meinen Sie die Ponys, die in den Keller kamen?"

cdc0d No.93099

Iron nods, but is expression shows signs of worry.
"You do not have to. I can go ask someone else I know if you feel uncomfortable about stripping me off."

ef774 No.93100

e69b3 No.93101

And thus, Silver does so.

73cef No.93102

She laughs
"It looks like the tiger already stripped much of the flesh off your body. Let's get you bandaged up before you bleed to death. I don't want an investigation."

"Ja. Ich habe sie gut genug gesehen, um sie zu verdoppeln, obwohl ich kleiner als sie bin"
Google translate wants to render "them" as "her"

It is so. Let's hope they don't try to knock it down

ff64b No.93103

"When he says Equality amongst the races, he means "EveryCreature" right? well Earth Ponies are Very Valuable to any State in which we are in. but there is no Superior Pony. we Ponies Complement Each others Strengths and Cover Each others weaknesses. When We Are united on a single goal we are unstoppable, Chrysalis herself Could Not Break the united Tribes of pony-kind."

ef774 No.93104

Brie's pupils dilate a bit, the only outward indication that he's pleased by this info.
"Sie könnten ihr Aussehen einer erwachsenen Drohne vorführen?"
Yeah, I noticed that too

e69b3 No.93105

Here's hoping. With that taken care of, Silver returns to his original goal, and searches the vaults at the far end of the hallway.

73cef No.93106

She is silent for a moment
"Now you sound like Silver. Well, we pegasi will go defeat the Griffins and Chrysalis, while Earth ponies can harvest the crops and the unicorns can shine or armor"

cdc0d No.93107

He chuckles.
"You are right. I should not worry."
And thus, Iron walks to the room she pointed.
So the unicorn mare is Saint Germane? There was another pony apart from Rays, right?

73cef No.93108

"Wir könnten ja"

The first one has a few barrels in it, though badly decayed.

Also, It appears that a number of the ghouls are congregating in this area

73cef No.93109

Only those two. I don't believe this unicorn has ever actually stated that she is, that's just the logical conclusion. Also, the name is Saint Gallop. I though I was getting that wrong
This room seems to be a location where wears would be tested or repaired, or otherwise altered. There is a drill and a sowing machine, among other things

ef774 No.93110

"Wie viele waren da?"

ff64b No.93111

"Oh Please, We Fight Just as well."

e69b3 No.93112

Silver uses his pocket watch to see how long it's been since his last potion use, before continuing on. He most certainly does not want to fight all of these at once, especially in his current state, should the effect wear off.

cdc0d No.93113

Iron awaits the pony for some hot armor unequipping.

ff64b No.93114

i havent been paying attention to what iron is doing, is he about to get sum fuk?

73cef No.93115

She raises an eyebrow
"You know both changelings and griffins can fly, right?"

"Six" comes to mind, for some reason, but I don't know if that number is too high

The last potion? Less than 10 minutes. Maybe 7?

She starts removing the armor, then places a bandage in some areas
"Damn, she good you good" she says with a mild laugh

cdc0d No.93116

Nah, unless the unicorn actually goes for it,
which is definitely not recommended if she wants her vaginal virginity intact and without giant spurts of cum seeping into her womb semi-consenually.

ff64b No.93117

"I can shoot em out of the sky,like shooting fish in a barrel."

cdc0d No.93118

Iron chuckles.
"Yeah. I thought it was a nice kitty. A round of scratching and biting cleared up the misunderstanding."

73cef No.93119

"It's a little more complex than that"

e69b3 No.93120

Silver's a little relieved, knowing he has enough time to search around a little before using another.

Silver pries open the decaying barrels using his sword to have a look inside.

73cef No.93121

Oh shit! He gets her to laugh
"This will hurt"
Without much warning, she places rubbing alcohol on an open wound
It burns

The first one has organic matter. Must have been fish. The second one has some sort of chemical in it (saltpeter? Arsenic?). It's a bit eroded by water

ef774 No.93122

You can refine that number if you like, we can leave it at "They tell Brie how many"
Brie smiles unreservedly. "Danke, genau das musste ich wissen. Ich habe später vielleicht noch mehr Fragen, aber ich muss erst einmal darüber nachdenken."
Crashing out, 'night all.

e69b3 No.93123

Nothing worth taking, unfortunately, even if he could. He leaves them alone, heading back into the hallway to see what else is left to explore.

Sleep well.

cdc0d No.93124

Iron inhales sharply at the mysterious substance's burning effect.
"Ooh. Yeah. Gave her some meat and she suddenly was totally fine with me dragging it along."
Iron chuckles.
"Speaking of, what is your business with that tiger?"

ff64b No.93125

"oh really? how so?"

ff64b No.93126


73cef No.93127

Seems to be the hallway to his left now, and the hallway to his left he passed by earlier

She gives a small frown at the sexual innuendo then says
"She was captured in the jungle, stored here, then sent off to a buyer in Skyfall"

"Tree cover, mountains, clouds, travel. Speed is the biggest part actually. And many other details that are difficult to appreciate until you are actually out on the battlefield"

cdc0d No.93128

Iron nods, chuckling at her slight irritation of his joke.
"I see. I suppose it is a sort of exotic pet or are you going to use its hide?"

e69b3 No.93129

To make sure he has nothing left to explore, he tries the hallway he passed earlier.

ff64b No.93130

"the Same Could Be Accomplished with some earth ponies and some jets."

73cef No.93131

"If they wanted its hide they would have taken it dead. It must be some kind of pet, or something. We don't ask"

Back upstairs?

"The hell is a 'jet'?"

e69b3 No.93132

Oh, that hallway. Thought you were talking about one down on that floor.

Silver turns to his left, and continues down this hallway.

Jet technology doesn't come around until around 1019.

ff64b No.93133

"you know,planes."

ff64b No.93134

Ooops pretend i said "plane" then.

cdc0d No.93135

Iron nods.
"I see."
A little pause.
"So, how is Rays doing? I feel like being taken from her comfort zone back at the abbey, aside from possible mistreatment during her captivity, can do some damage to her mind."

73cef No.93136

There is one room that appears new on the bottom level

She laughs
"Planes can't replace pegasi, or even grounded troops for that matter"

"As much as losing her parents? She was going to get damaged one way or another. What matters more is how she is built up after that"

e69b3 No.93137

The dutiful explorer that he is, Silver enters this mysterious new room.

ff64b No.93138

"the plane is an amazing Creation. And its not supposed to replace Grounded troops."

cdc0d No.93139

"I get it. I was wondering what you were planning with her. I think you are going for a heir to your business if my previous contact with the other mademare is any indication."

73cef No.93140

"That is a possibility. She has a while until then. In the meantime, she shall be an assistant"

"And thus the pegasi retains its place in the tip of the spear. Also in the cockpits of new aircraft as well, of course"

Would you believe it? A storage room

cdc0d No.93141

Iron cocks his head.
"You mean you just took her for any other reason?"

e69b3 No.93142

Dice rollRolled 4 - 1

This whole area must have been used for storage, both for test subjects and materials.

Search: Silver gives a look-through in this room for anything of note.

73cef No.93143

Alright, I am going to sleep

e69b3 No.93144

Sleep well!

cdc0d No.93145


ff64b No.93146


4c6f8 No.93147

>The madness begins
>Implying it hasn't been going on for a while now

fb4e2 No.93148

>Novice Pussy Handler

cdc0d No.93149

I need to train harder on my herding skills.
Hopefully the pussy doesn't bite so hard like last time.

e69b3 No.93150

Your grab needs to be gentle, yet firm.

cdc0d No.93151

Firmness, Iron has. Gentleness is something to be worked but maybe doable. That or he never reaches maturity.

fb4e2 No.93152

Just remember, the act of grabbing the pussy is usually a surprise to the pussy, so while there is an immediate experience of shock the pussy must feel fully supported and assertively stable as it is held. You don't want to abuse the pussy, but it must know that it is being assertively held and be able to feel that it will not be harmed by the grab.
We're talking about cats here right?

cdc0d No.93153

I understand, sensei. The pussy shall be grabbed affectionately and assertively in order to instill discipline and respect.

95054 No.93154

File: 1551831973584.gif (60 KB, 238x279, 7BC6BB3F-BA40-4172-B829-21….gif)

Is anypony there?

e69b3 No.93155

No ponies. Just hoers.

cdc0d No.93156

Here I am, but I'm not going to be very active for today. Maybe I'll squeeze out 1 to 3 responses for today. Busy day ahead and all.

e69b3 No.93157

So, I suppose cyka blyat hoers is reporting for duty. At least, after I have a bite to eat. I'm fuckin' starving right now.

e69b3 No.93158

Much better.

95054 No.93159

Some barrels, rusted things, rocks. Kind of boring actually

“What do you mean?” She asks

cdc0d No.93160

Iron simply shrugs.
"It feels like you just took her in without any sort of purpose. Am I wrong with that statement?"

e69b3 No.93161

Seems like most everything of note down here has been destroyed by time and elements. Feeling enough time has passed, Silver downs another potion of Hide From Undead, and continues travelling down the hallway to see if it connects to the other side they had already explored.

95054 No.93162

She has a look of offense, perhaps feigned
“She is my assistant.”

95054 No.93163

It appears that it does. There is some movement of air through, and a single small hole allowing light in through where the hole was previously located

e69b3 No.93164

Good. By time we are ready to head back here, air should be breathable once again. With the lower section explored, Silver heads back upstairs, now on the left side of the catacombs. Before traveling down the unexplored hallway up here, he looks inside of the library that got set ablaze to see if anything is recoverable at all.

cdc0d No.93166

Dice rollRolled 15

"Sure. I get that, but I feel like that was not the plan to begin with. Did you take her in for that explicit purpose or was it something else?"
Iron attempts to get a feel on her current emotions and thoughts.
Previous post is deleted.

95054 No.93167

That’s definitely a search roll

Slight annoyance, like she feels like Iron is not understanding her

e69b3 No.93168

Dice rollRolled 8 - 1

[Searching Horse Noises]

cdc0d No.93169

A little pause.
"Ah, I guess I am overthinking stuff. Well, I am sure you will do great, with how tender and caring you are with my wounds."
A smile adorns Iron's face.

cdc0d No.93170

Alright, moving out. I'll try phoneposting but beware. I am probably not going to respond.

95054 No.93171

It appears as if most of the lower shelf has not been completely destroyed. However, the items that have been destroyed outnumber those that have not, and many books seem to be basically “charred,” or damaged beyond any easy recovery

She nods, and does not smile back
“Yes… she’ll learn eventually” she says, with a bit of annoyance

e69b3 No.93172

He sighs, disappointed. Still, when he comes back, at least there will be something from here that can be recovered. There's some worth in that, even if most of this has been destroyed.

One last hallway. With everything else explored, he heads down the last unexplored hallway, directly across from the library he's in.

cdc0d No.93173

"I suppose."
Iron feels like he stepped a little too far with the foal discussion. He simply remains silent, eager to either end the conversation or redirect it somewhere else.

95054 No.93174

Only two doors. One to the left, one to the right

She looks at him with a sort of suspicious curiosity
“What is your role with this whole ‘foal’ thing?”

e69b3 No.93175

Silver tries the right door first.

cdc0d No.93176

"Like I said, I am simply looking out for her and be sure she is as safe as possible."
Iron shrugs.
"Aside from that, nothing too personal."

95054 No.93177

She nods
“Very well”

I think I want to wait until I am back to my laptop to describe this

e69b3 No.93178

Sure, I'll wait.

fb4e2 No.93179

I'll be in soon

1f15d No.93180

Iron hums for a bit.
"You never told me what your business sells and buys. I am pretty sure nopony here would take a tiger, seeing how simple fight clubs are illegal."

fb4e2 No.93181

Okay. Last I checked, Brie was concocting a diabolical scheme based on what the Lings told him. That,… hasn't changed much.

95054 No.93182

Indeed he was. Kerr nods, and Wesley wraps himself in the blanket

fb4e2 No.93183

Any decision about how many, or are we leaving that blank for the moment?

95054 No.93184

If I have to give unique stories for each one of them and they have to be hunted, then four

fb4e2 No.93185

Technically all they need is names and fancy houses

95054 No.93186

Eh, four then

fb4e2 No.93187

Four it is then

a96db No.93188

Spark continues his search for a new car of the train. He decides to go towards the front of the train, going back through the sleeper he came from.

fb4e2 No.93189

Brie is content to stay by the Lings for the time being, thinking about what is to come.

e69b3 No.93190

[Russian Horse Noises]

73cef No.93191

Um… soon

e69b3 No.93192

I'm just announcing my presence for anyone here. Go ahead and do whatever when you're free, I'll be fine.

ba806 No.93193

I'll be waiting.

73cef No.93194

I forgot to describe this part
There is a musket and a breastplate on the ground in the hallway

This room seems to be rather different from those that preceded it. There is a dresser to the left, a desk, also to the left, and a jacket and sword upon the ground

73cef No.93195

She grins
"Of course no pony would take a tiger. That is why that specimen was destined to a buyer in Skyfall. As for my business… well, I buy and sell things. Consider me the middlemare, or a master of arbitrage."

Kerr starts to rip the bread into pieces, while Wesley stares outside the window

Blue Skies seems contented for having proven the superiority of the Pegasi race

"I think it's time we get our ticket" she says

Whether Dark Star is willing to just accept her attitude and words is another thing

ba806 No.93196

Iron nods, somewhat understanding her job.
"I see. What does Skyfall have that would want a tiger? I never heard of the place."

73cef No.93197

"It has wealthy upper class Griffin merchants, who would see owning an exotic animal as a sign of status"

ba806 No.93198

Iron's lips extend in a straight line, confused by their customs.
"That is a dumb way to measure eachother's members. I do not think tigers are money-makers unless they were skinned. I would not know myself."

73cef No.93199

“They show them off to guests, I guess. It’s a money maker for me, and that’s all I care about”

ba806 No.93200

Iron chuckles.
"You are right. Hopefully the next time I try this, you do not have to spend on more of this thing you are using on me. I would think it would make a dent on your money making."

fb4e2 No.93201

I'll be in in about 1/2 hour when the MLP stream starts
But, there's little for Brie to do if Onyx and Sparks aren't active.

73cef No.93202

“Assistants getting themselves hurt is not really desired” she says this almost emotionless, as she is focusing on patching up another area of wounds. “I’ve seen dumber injuries”

Hopefully one of the two will show up

ba806 No.93203

Iron tilts his head.
"I know."
He looks to the ground for a bit.
"What is your role as a mademare? I never did get that about the profession."

e69b3 No.93204

Well, is this not interesting room. Silver first looks through the jacket's pockets, if it has any, for any notes or letters. He also looks at the sword, as it's a bit of a change from the muskets he's seen.

73cef No.93205

She gives a scrunchy frown, and has a look of sort of surprise. At least she isn’t annoyed
“We are fully inducted members of the syndicate. Our job is to carry out money making operations. With the approval of the Underboss, of course”

An older version. A Canterlot sword. There is indeed a note
which will have to wait because my parents want me to drive them or something

It appears there is also more to this room than originally seen upon entering

e69b3 No.93206


ba806 No.93207

Iron nods, snickering at the scrunchiness in display.
"So you are a sort of business mare? I think that makes sense. I am rather surprised how calm this place is, comparing to the other mademare's location. No guards, no thugs. Just you and Rays."
(Did I ask her name? I do not remember…)
A slight frown is made at the possible forgetfulness Iron may show if asked.

ff64b No.93208

"Pegasi are ponies just like the rest of us, yea i was thinking it was about that time as well."

95054 No.93209

The note:

“Wildfire, we have been following Joseph Curwhinny for some time now. His strange behaviors have made him the source of many rumors, and only his near monopoly over the import of many rumors have kept him within the good graces of society. Recently, we’ve come in contact with one of his confederates. One Cinnamon Corn, has revealed much about his secret activities, and I fear we’ve found the truth is worse than the speculation of any old mare. His crimes range from grave robbing to Dark necromancy to probable mass murder, or at least grave mistreatment of his Zebra slaves.

To know the extent of his crimes makes his marriage to my Midnight Maelstorm all the more unbearable. She was the light of my life. When he took her from me last year, I was heartbroken. I was certain that it was only though coercion that her father approved the arrangement, and I determined myself to dissolve this unlawful union. Simply seeing her with him was painful. To know with certainty that he is a monster makes it utterly intolerable.

We will put an end to him, and to his dark magic. He has caused enough suffering.

December 17, 769”

“And some are better than others” she says, nodding

She summons the waiter, and asks her to bring the check, which runs at Perhaps 25 buts, mostly because of the wine

“Not every pony advertises their true nature for all to see, as if it were a badge of honor. Some mares prefer subtlety.”

ba806 No.93211

Iron nods.
"Understandable. While I cannot be too subtle with my body and all, I do get that it is useful in many situations."
He solidifies his point by stomping the floor with one of his front hooves.

ff64b No.93212

Dark Star drops the correct amount down and 10 bits as a tip.

95054 No.93213

She looks down at Iron’s hooves, and with a half frown, nods

The waiter expresses surprise at the large tip
“Thank you.”
What remains of the wine belongs to Dark Star

e69b3 No.93214

The letter is fine. The issue is the severe disparity between this letter's date and last letter sent from Curwhinny to Corn. Unless that's intentional.

Hmm. Well, it seems as though things did not end well for Whipperwill. It also seems as though Cinnamon Corn told them about what Curwhinny did, one year prior to his note to her. Silver gives the sword a couple swings to see if it could be recovered while he trots around the room. Why does this room seem so odd to him?

ba806 No.93215

Iron nods.
"So, do you have any friends in the gang?"

ff64b No.93216

Dark Star Stashes the wine bottle in his satchel
"Ready to Get Going,my sweet?"

95054 No.93217

It was because I didn’t bother to check the old threads to make sure the date was correct before making the last post. It should be rectified to something like October 769

The sword is definitely rusty, and the rust has dulled the blade.

Hanging in the room are several portraits. There is also a door way leading into another room

“But of course I do”

She nods
“I am”

ba806 No.93218

"I suppose that is private business?"
Iron looks at his body so far, trying to gauge how long until the healing process is done.

95054 No.93219

“Not… really. No.” She’s about done now
“After all, it is like a large family”

e69b3 No.93220

Dice rollRolled 16 - 1

Okie dokie.

Give it good cleaning and sharpening, maybe it will serve well. Silver decides to keep it, wrapping up the rusted weapon in cloth to keep it from accidentally causing damage to any other of his possessions.

Search: Who needs this many portraits in one room? Silver investigates them for anything unusual, or to see if they are hiding any compartments or the like.

ba806 No.93221

Iron nods.
"Ah, like what Cauldron said. 'Camaraderie' and all. Is it really true?"

ff64b No.93222

Dark Star Stands up a little slower than usual,
"heh that wine is pretty strong. it really crept up on me."
He Holds out his hoof to hold hooves with blue

ba806 No.93223


95054 No.93224

She nods, though still not smiling
“Camaraderie is the best word for it, I suppose. It’s born of a sort of common interest, and is based upon a duty to each other.”

There is a large portrait of what seems to be a family together. There is a young ashen grey unicorn stallion cozied up to a valise looking unicorn mare. Both are wearing fancy dress of a much older clothing model. Beneath them are four smaller unicorns, a pink female, a white male, a grey fillie and a little green colt. To the right of this portrait is an aged ashen grey unicorn stallion. To the left is a portrait just of the mare. Further to the left of that is a monocled white unicorn stallion with a black mane. The portraits on the left and right most seem a bit further away from the wall than the center two

Her ears, which had been angled down slowly go up, and she smiles as she accepts the hoof

ba806 No.93225

Iron nods, a little frown appearing yet again.
"I suppose. You do not sound so… eager about it."

ff64b No.93226

"Even your hooves feel nice. you truly are an amazing mare."
Dark Star Leads her towards the exit and then to a taxi.

e69b3 No.93227

I didn't know Blue was into such degeneracy.

Hmm. I wonder if there were any issues between ponies in those two portraits. Not finding anything else about the portraits, Silver moves on to checking the desk and drawers in this room.

4c6f8 No.93228

Onyx looks for some shotglasses to clean on the train

95054 No.93229

I meant to say that they looked raised away from the surface they were hanging over
I’m shocked you haven’t tried it with her
Two simple notebooks in the desk, and a quill

She shrugs
“It can be a tough business, but I don’t know where I’d rather be”

Her hooves do feel somewhat soft. Certainly she has fluffy fetlocks

Unfortunately, there are no shot glasses in his room. At least Brie should be back in his room by now

The griffin waves them as they go out, and a taxi is hailed quickly

4c6f8 No.93230

Onyx decides to go check on Brie, doing the special knock on the door.

fb4e2 No.93231

"Jugendliche, ich werde etwas zu trinken holen. Möchtest du etwas? Wasser? Saft?" Brie says to the Lings.

e69b3 No.93232

Okay, rereading it, I did indeed just read it wrong. Honestly thought you were just describing their position compared to the other portraits. Forget Silver said anything about that, then.

Silver looks through the notebooks to see if they have anything in them the Black Hooves would want.

ba806 No.93233

Iron's lips extends, even more confused.
"You mean you do not know where to go if not for the gang of all things? You seem fit to do whatever you want."

95054 No.93234

These notebooks are business records. One contains the destinations and routes of ships, the other logs contents and imports

“Ja” Wesley says, not actually giving a specific answer to the “or” question. Kerr nods likewise.

There is a knocking on the door in the described pattern

“There are none that make as much money as I can here”

fb4e2 No.93235

"Okay, ich komme bald wieder. Denken Sie daran, die Tür und 2 Schläge zu verriegeln, Pause und 1 Schlag." Brie says in his horribly compromised jewgle translation, heading out for the main lounge bar.

e69b3 No.93236

Could be of some use. Silver takes it anyways, before looking to see what could be behind the two portraits.

ba806 No.93237

Dice rollRolled 13

Iron nods yet again.
"Of course."
Another check on his body is done, maybe sneak a look over to the unicorn to see if he finds anything of note or out of place like any scar or abnormality.

fb4e2 No.93238

Strike that, I missed this post. >>93230
Hmmm. How about just as Brie is leaving when the knock occurs? 8D

4c6f8 No.93239

>The two ponies run into each other in the doorway
That'd work

95054 No.93240

I think onyx would basically run into Brie coming out

Indeed there are. Two books, each in a cavity behind the two portraits. Smaller books, more like note books

Small scar, on the front leg under the shoulder


e69b3 No.93241

These Silver most definitely checks for anything related to alchemy or Curwhinny's experiments.

fb4e2 No.93242

"Oh, splendid you're here! Come, I need a drink, and the little ones need water,… or juice. They didn't specify. Come come!" Brie urges Onyx toward the main lounge.

4c6f8 No.93244

Potato potato, same difference.
"Er… Okay?"

ba806 No.93245

Iron slightly widens his eyes at this newfound discovery.
"How did you get a scar under your shoulder?"

fb4e2 No.93246

Brie leads the way to the main lounge.

4c6f8 No.93247

The pony shaped rock is dragged along, suspiciously crystal and suspiciously smelling of whiskey

95054 No.93248

One is under the portrait of the white monocled unicorn. It looks as if it includes a number of family secrets for various families in the Baltimare area. The other book is under the portrait of the old ashen grey unicorn, and seems kind of dark and mysterious

It is so.

She looks down at the scar.
“In such a dangerous trade, I am content to have gained fewer scars in several years than you have in less than an hour”

ba806 No.93249

Iron shakes his head, chuckling.
"You are right. Still, I thought your role was a of a business owner. How did you manage to get a scar to begin with? Did you have to do thug work like I am doing?"

fb4e2 No.93250

Approaching the bar,… is it open now?

e69b3 No.93251

The first book is most definitely of interest to the Black Hooves, even if it's not about Curwhinny's research. The second…well, Silver thinks it might be. It looks like the kind of tome Curwhinny would have learned dark magic from, at least. I wish I was more skilled in magic, at times like this. Like White Light, or even Spark. I could tell if there was any magic from this or not. After a few moments of back-and-forth arguments in his head, he slowly opens the book to get a peak at it's contents. Of particular note, he avoids using his magic to do so, using only his hooves to interact with it.

73cef No.93252

It definitely pertains to necromancy, though it is smaller than the book Silver found the last time

Indeed it is. There are a few more ponies there, as well as that same stallion from earlier

She raises her leg, and looks at the scar again
“Beware when handling some of the magical items” she says
“But I earned my position

fb4e2 No.93253

"Come on Onyx, I'm buying. I've got much to tell you."

e69b3 No.93254

He quickly closes it up and takes it, along with the other book. They will definitely want this.

Alright, so if I were to guess, I would say next room must be bedroom… Silver carefully steps through the doorway to the next room.

ba806 No.93255

Iron's lips curl downwards, disliking the thought of a mare getting hurt, even if it was her choice.
"I see. You do seem to keep track of everything around here."
Another check at his body to see if the process has been accomplished, his face looking forwards, lost in thought.
(I am not sure what to do now that Ash's job will be over after this visit. I suppose there is always Cauldron to give jobs for me. Maybe the unicorn as well. What to do. Should I try to pick a fight with that Fillipe fellow or just go to Cauldron, maybe have a little chat and a hug?)
You better not make the Black Hooves evil lich monsters with those books.

4c6f8 No.93256

"Well if you're buying…."

fb4e2 No.93257

Brie addresses the bartender. "A triple whiskey, neat. Make it two."

4c6f8 No.93258

"So what is it you want to tell me?"

fb4e2 No.93259

Assuming their drinks are served, Brie wanders to a table away from the bar so they can talk less auspiciously.
"Surely you've deduced by now that we're not just going on a sight-seeing tour, yes?"

4c6f8 No.93260

"I figured as much, so you're gonna tell me where we're going?"

fb4e2 No.93261

Looking around to make sure no one is listening. "The Changeling Hegemony." He says with a wink.

4c6f8 No.93262

Onyx's coat instantly goes dull and his eyes just about pop from their sockets
"The fucking WHAT"

73cef No.93263

The first thing he would notice is that there is a large set of wooden planks on the ground, which evidently must have been blocking the door at one point. There is a red "X" on the wood. To the right is a dresser and a bed - although the covers and the like look quite molded, dust covered, and disrupted. To the left in the front is a table, and further back is a stone trunk, or something to that effect.

"I wouldn't be terribly good at my job if I did not, now would I?"

"Coming right up" says the black maned earth pony
in red uniform. He seems older than the other bartender, but still young

e69b3 No.93264

I mean, as much as Silver doesn't like that idea, I guess he'll have to trust that they have at least a bit of sense.

That is…alarming… Silver cautiously proceeds to enter the room, naturally a little worried about how this room had been boarded up at one point. At least nothing has been on the bed in a long time, judging from the dust buildup.

The first thing he checks is the dresser, as it's the first thing he sees.

ba806 No.93265

Iron nods, still lost in thought.

fb4e2 No.93266

"Oh don't act so surprised. You didn't think they were going to be cooped up in a room the whole time did you? Where they will end up will be up to them, but I'm going to see to it that the Hive learns precisely what Comte and his goons have been up to. One of two things will happen. Either they will help us bring him down,… or we'll get strung up and eaten." Brie says with a smile, taking a sip of his whiskey,… as soon as its served.

4c6f8 No.93267

"You're insane, you know that? Absolutely fucking insane."
Onyx slams his head into the table.

a96db No.93268

Spark attempts to go through to the next car forward on the train.

fb4e2 No.93269

"Oh you, you're just saying that." Brie says blushing. "But I'm perfectly serious. For Comte to have amassed his wealth and stature, as well as a cadre of degenerate colt-fuckers suggests they have a means of avoiding the law. This means that they can't be brought down by conventional means, and sorry to say but I don't have alot of faith in the Black Hooves. There's 4 other ponies in addition to Comte who were in on his distasteful practices, and I'd imagine a dozen or more lackeys on top of it. Who could be better for infiltration than a Changeling?"

4c6f8 No.93270

Onyx slowly picks his head up to look at Brie
"And you expect me out of all ponies to show up at the changeling's doorstep begging for help?"

73cef No.93271

The dresser is very old, and starting to rot where it stands. It stands nevertheless. The lower drawers - which barely comeout at all, and do not go back in - contain the rotted remains of what appear to have been clothes. In the top drawer is a container of something - it's shaped as a cologne container - and two skinny books

"So, what is your role in the gang exactly?" she asks

It's going to take a while to pull the descriptions out of the old thread with this computer

"Are you okay sir?" asks a black maned brown earth pony in red uniform

e69b3 No.93272

For fear of bringing the whole thing down with them, Silver very carefully removes the two books to give them a look-through.

ba806 No.93273

"As far as gang hierarchy goes, I am but a simple thug. Only job I did was to escort Cauldron and act intimidating, maybe crack some pony skulls when they were being stubborn. Nothing much aside from that."
Iron shrugs, a grin on his face.
"Well, now I can add "Tiger Handling" to the list."

73cef No.93274

That's probably a good thing, because the dresser rocks as he removes them

One book details the outbreak of a plague in the early to mid eighth century. The other book seems to be a collection of love notes

She laughs
"Perhaps you should stick to smaller, softer creatures. Like ponies"

This is assuming he is heading from his car towards the front of the train

This car is a sleeping car, a “six bedroom, 10 roommate” car of dense greens: The “Everfree” car. The corridor remains on the left until it moves back into the center

ba806 No.93275

Iron openly laughs.
"I will try to, but I will not back down if offered this job again. It is all about pushing yourself to the limit, after all."

fb4e2 No.93276

"To be honest, not at all. I would HOPE you didn't wuss out, but I had expected that either you or Spark would have no stomach for it. But I planned for that. In fact, I need at least one of you to travel BACK to Baltimare and relay a message to both the rest of the group, as well as Blue Skies and her Black Hooves friends." he says that last part with a slightly dismissive wave of his hoof.

73cef No.93277

She laughs slightly, and then nods with a smile
"Indeed it is. 'Push it to the limit.'"

fb4e2 No.93278

He continues. "I had thought to relay a message by mail, but it occurred to me that I can't trust the mail system with something of a sensitive nature such as this. No it has to be hoof-delivered by someone I can trust."

4c6f8 No.93279

"Never better…."
"Wuss out my ass, I don't do business with changelings. I don't even like the fact I know two of them! But we'll talk to Spark about who'll head back."

e69b3 No.93280

Aww… Nothing the Black Hooves have need of, but Silver takes them anyways. It's sort of like keeping the good part of Curwhinny alive, he thinks.

Next up: the stone trunk. Silver inspects it, finding such a piece of furniture odd with everything else being wood. Could be there's something particularly important inside Curwhinny wanted preserved from the elements.

73cef No.93281

long, rectangular, stone. There is writing on the wall in big, ponish letters above it

e69b3 No.93282

Silver decides that it's probably a good idea to read the lettering above it first before doing anything to it.

ba806 No.93283

"Next time, I hope the thing being pushed is not my meat out of my body."

73cef No.93284

What follows is written in bright white block letters, and remains perfectly visible on the wall:




There are arrows point down to the stone trunk

She's a little disgusted by the suggesting of a pony being physically butchered
"Yeah, you should probably try to avoid that

fb4e2 No.93285

"Where IS Spark anyway? He'll want to hear all this."

73cef No.93286

Oh yes, the first part of >>93284 is for Silver

ba806 No.93287

Iron shakes his head.
"Sorry. It is the after effects of being clawed and bitten at."
He chuckles.
"Well, do you need anything else while I am here? Even with my injuries, I may be of help. You never know when you need to carry a heavy crate."

a96db No.93288

I continue on until I find Brie or Onyx.

e69b3 No.93289

Yup, it was a good idea to read that first. Silver promptly nopes away from the sarcophagus, at least for the time being. Is that Joseph Curwhinny? Did those militia ponies actually capture him? How? What happened to him and Midnight Maelstrom? These and many other questions come to mind as he finishes off his search by getting on the ground and looking underneath the bed for anything, like a safe or a lockbox.

ba806 No.93290

Reminder that Onyx actually broke the thing but was swiftly repaired.

e69b3 No.93291

Nah, that was a different sarcophagus in a different part of the catacombs…I think…

73cef No.93292

That was actually a different sarcophagus to a different undead sorcerer

Well, there is a note on the ground. It's not on a desk, it's not inside of a leather jacket, it's simply folded up and lying there, as if dropped

Brie is one car over, past a lounge area, past what seems to be a barbershop, is a bar area, where both Brie and Onyx can be sitting

e69b3 No.93293

Never know what you might find hiding underneath beds. Silver grabs time long-lost note and, you guessed it, reads it.

ba806 No.93294

Plot thickened.
Anyways I'll head off to bed. Before I go, did the unicorn tell her name to Iron. Just making sure.

a96db No.93295

I walk over to them.
"There you two are."

fb4e2 No.93296

"Ah! There you are! You're just in time! Order yourself a drink, on me, and pull up a chair. You're going to love the next part!" He smiles, taking another sip of his whiskey.

a96db No.93297

I pull up a chair and sit down. Tipsy rests on the counter.
"What next part?"

fb4e2 No.93298

"What do YOU think about changelings?"

a96db No.93299

"Dangerous to say the least."
I look around to make sure no pony else is listening.
I whisper to Brie "But darn cute. If these ones were evil, they would have attacked everypony on this train by now."

fb4e2 No.93300

"This train isn't going on a sight-seeing tour. This train is taking us to their Hive of origin." Brie whispers back.

a96db No.93301

"Why did you lie to me? Are we even prepared to go there?"

fb4e2 No.93302

"Would you have come if I hadn't? Relax, I've got this all planned out. You can back out if you're squeamish about the idea, but yes, that's the plan." Brie gets serious for a moment. "You saw the dungeon, how do you think the Changelings will react hearing what went on down there?"

a96db No.93303

"I would like to hear this plan, unless that's another secret."

fb4e2 No.93304

"Its really quite simple. I plan to petition the Changelings for assistance in taking down Comte and his cronies. The Lings have told me that there were 4 others in on his,… perverse habits, and one can assume they would be well connected. I hope to enlist a hoof-full of Changelings to replace Comte and his associates, and from there go through their underground pony by pony and eliminate them. Comte is too well connected to be brought down by the standard authorities, and the Black Hooves don't seem to have the mettle to spill blood where its necessary. So, I plan to make a deal with the Changelings. Their help or mine, now and going forward."

a96db No.93305

"And when they double cross?"

73cef No.93306



In the time since we've last conversed, I've rekindled my acquaintance with Curwhinny. Though he has been fairly cold towards me over the past few years, I was able to gain a sense of his daily routine. He has been spending an increasing amount of time in his house by the seashore, and less time on his farm estate further uptown. However, he still visits the farm on a predictable schedule, going there on Saturday evenings, while tending to leave his wife and son behind in the seaside estate - though he has been bringing them along more than once. Judging based upon the occasions that I have walked in, as well as upon silhouettes visible in the farm house windows, it seems that he retreats to the network of catacombs for perhaps a few hours at a time, typically less if his new family is with him. What he does in that time is difficult to determine, although the amount of time spent in the catacombs tends to be less than he would spend in his earlier years. He still meets with his family for church on Sunday mornings at Saint Eligius, where he has maintains a public profile.

It should be possible, first, to watch as his wagon leaves the seaside house on a Saturday, and then to see if he is bringing along Maelstrom and Tall Mast, or if those two stay behind. He tends to be inside of the catacombs after 8 PM. There are two entrances to this underground network, one in the law twenty paces southeast of the well, and the other in the basement of the farm house. It should be possible to catch him alone in the catacombs. He does keep servants around, and there may be some around, so be prepared for a possible fight. You have asked me about the extent of his magical powers, and I will say that he is indeed rather powerful and knowledgeable. He has completed at least the first steps to becoming a lich, although he maintains at least most of the outward signs of a mortal body. As you have probably seen yourself, he seems to have stalled the process of aging more than a decade ago. However, he retains his pony appearance, and has even fathered a colt. In the past I asked him about immortality, and he told me fairly mystically about 'the conquest of death, though he has been more reticent to similar questions recently. It should be assumed that he has done something to himself, and that he is resilient enough for the process of killing him to be far more difficult than simply slitting his throat as he sleeps.

You asked me if he had placed a part of his soul in phylactery, and I must say that I do not know for certain, but he has made comments to the effect that he has. I believe the most likely item for this purpose is an old locket he had with a small painting of his deceased wife, Wood Hill. I have not seen this locket in a while, and it is impossible to say where he could have hidden it. I will say that, with his resources, he could have hidden it anywhere on three continents, or simply thrown it into the sea, so it is best to be prepared for not finding it.

I myself will be leaving soon, to Albion, then perhaps even later to the far North of Griffonia.

- Cinnamon Corn"

fb4e2 No.93307

"Changelings are many things, but they have a code of honor underneath it all. They would not betray an agreement, they would just take advantage of a lack of one."

a96db No.93308

"Ok, but how do we start that agreement without them simply draining us and spreading war propaganda to be rid of both Comte and normal pony alike?"

73cef No.93309

Dated December 27, 769

fb4e2 No.93310

"That will depend on the Lings to be honest. What they have to say is going to decide our fates. Or fate, if you two decide not to involve yourselves, and to be honest I expected that at least one of you wouldn't want to."

e69b3 No.93311

Did Blue take the locket from Silver after he showed it to her? I don't think she did.

a96db No.93312

"There is absolutely no way I see this working, but I am not going to leave unless you tell me to. Hopefully the little bit of magic I have might be of use before this is over."

73cef No.93313

I think that remained in Silver’s possession

fb4e2 No.93314

"Why do I have a say in it?" Brie asks, with unabashed confusion.

a96db No.93315

"Well, you are the leader of this mission."

e69b3 No.93316

Thought so. Thanks.

It's a little surprising, Silver would have to admit, as he rereads through the message a couple of times to make sure he read it right. He had thought already that the locket had held sentimental value to Curwhinny, but for it to actually contain a part of his soul? He digs through his bags for the small silver locket, suddenly grateful he had kept possession of it. Of all the places he could have kept it, he kept it hidden right under his own house. And had it not been for the mining operations that exposed the catacombs in the first place, it's likely it would never have been found.

He puts it back in his bags, safe and sound. He'll have to meet up with everypony, explain to them what he found. This is big.

He looks one last time at the sarcophagus in the room, pledging to himself that he'll come back soon and put this old pony to his final rest. For now, he has one last room to explore, in the hallway across from him.

fb4e2 No.93317

"The mission was getting the Lings out of Baltimare without alerting the authorities. If you don't want to continue you don't have to. As I said to Onyx, part of the plan is for somepony to return to Baltimare and carry a message to Blue Skies. You don't HAVE to continue if you don't want to. I won't lie, the chance of dying is pretty high." Brie says finally, and with no mirth.

a96db No.93318

"Yeah, but I can't just leave. This could change the fate of Equestria here. If we fail, we might just doom everypony. I'm still fuzzy on what happens if we succeed, but we can't risk failure."

fb4e2 No.93319

"If we fail, we die. If we succeed, we bring down a venomous presence that stands at the top of Equestrian politics, and in so doing achieve a measure of peace and cooperation with a group that has long stood a threat to Equestria for decades. Are you feeling lucky?" Brie says with a wink, swigging down the last of his whiskey.

73cef No.93320

It’s still stone and rectangular. Hopefully the sounds he hears don’t actually come from it, but from distant construction equipment.

The room across the hallway is the most damaged, most smashed room of them all. It is fairly large, with many tables in it, though many are flipped over or even broken. There are many broken and shattered glasses upon the ground, and various spilled chemicals. There are also several pink crystals, some shattered, some intact

a96db No.93321

"Well, perhaps. I'll have to gauge our luck some more by first crossing into their land alive."

e69b3 No.93322

Probably should not cut myself on this floor. To this end, Silver keeps damn sure to avoid any broken glass, even if he's wearing boots. He also grabs the pink crystals, at least those that are intact. Clearly they must have some connection to what Curwhinny did here, to find them both here and at the crypts he saw earlier.

fb4e2 No.93323

"Well, now both of you know the plan, and I expect you have much to think about. I need to get back to the little ones."
Brie gets up out of his seat and approaches the bar. "I've got all the drinks for me and my friends there. Additionally, I would like some water and fruit juice for my room."

a96db No.93324

"How are they doing?"

fb4e2 No.93325

"Good so far. They had a good time exploring the train, and they seemed to enjoy a bite of food, not that they would be as taken as it as a pony would, but Wesley seemed to enjoy cheesecake, and Kerr seemed to enjoy a kiwi. Wesley was quite amazed by the view in both of the observation domes, and I plan to take them out of the room on several occasions throughout the trip. But they also told me more of their story, which quite honestly only makes me more resolved in the intended plan. I know its madness, unreservedly. Its still what I'm going to do."

a96db No.93326

"I'm glad they are remaining calm. Do they know about the plan?"

73cef No.93327

They are fairly neat crystals. A light pink in a dodecahedron shape

“Sure. What sort of fruit juice? We have apple, grapefruit, passion fruit, orange juice…”

fb4e2 No.93328

"Yes, that will be fine."

e69b3 No.93329

Dice rollRolled 13 - 1

Once again, Silver wishes he had some measure of knowledge about magic, crystals, and artefacts. Or better yet, if he had his daughter by his side. The best he figures on his own, they're meant to store some kind of magical energy.

Search: With the crystals gathered, Silver looks around for anything else that can be recovered from this mess of a room.

fb4e2 No.93330

(Meaning, all of them)

73cef No.93331

There are indeed papers. these, however, appear to be damaged or torn, and how much, if any is recoverable is not clear

73cef No.93332

"Very… Very well, I will get your juices"

fb4e2 No.93333

Quads cuz Football

e69b3 No.93334

If anypony would be suited to figuring that out, it would be the Black Hooves. He grabs what he sees of them.

There. I am not sure if this took more work than I expected, or less. He's actually a little relieved, as he makes his way back to the room where he had stashed all of the alchemical components he had found and gathers them up. At least nothing went too terribly wrong, and he's completely finished with exploring the depths of the catacombs. He feels the full weight of everything he has collected, as he carries what he can on his person. What he can't he keeps levitated next to him. It'll make for a very impressive haul for Blue.


73cef No.93335

And thus it is that Silver Sword has evidently uncovered the secrets, or at least most of the secrets, of the Silver Lake Community Development Project

e69b3 No.93336

Bully for Silver!

With everything gathered, Silver makes his way out via the farmhouse entrance, to free himself from the gloomy, dank atmosphere of the undead-filled catacomb halls. A pony truly doesn't realize how much they love Celestia's light until they've spent an extended period underground in a place like this.

73cef No.93337

As silver leaves the mildew infested catacombs and looks outside, he can once again gain appreciation for what exactly the old farm grounds are now - a vacant lot in the middle of an encroaching city, with much of the grass already removed, an artificial lake partly drained, and construction equipment and partly built multi-story apartment buildings past the chain linked fence and on the other side of the road from this brown lot

e69b3 No.93338

Time marches ever onwards. Silver sits down in front of the leveled farmhouse, setting the jars of alchemical substances beside him and removing the gas mask he had been wearing. After such an adventure, there's nothing else Silver feels like doing more than just enjoying a nice cigarette, which he does after fishing a pack out of his bags and lighting one up. As he takes a nice long drag, capped off with a satisfied sigh, he looks out to the city before him and reflects on these changing times. He can only imagine how different Baltimare must have looked, 250 years ago when Curwhinny was still alive.

73cef No.93339

From the little patches of what what was that can remain a picture can be pieced together: long, flowing grass meadows, with a creek and a scattered trees on a property that varied in altitude perhaps 20 feet from the lowest point to the highest point. Beyond the property, where the apartment buildings are now, were forests, or at least denser croppings of oak trees, and other deciduous trees. At least that's what the trees that remain in those areas would suggest. As for the buildings of that era - none remain here. Then again, it seems like none were there.

They certainly didn't have Luna's preferred cigarette brand, so at least that has improved over the years. Even if the damned fascists put a bit a pack tax on it

e69b3 No.93340

*angry grumbling noises*

Still, seems like it would be a nice place, were it not for the secret necromantic practices going on right under the noses of this area's inhabitants. Silver could see himself living in a place like this. He exhales some smoke, remember how quickly it seems cities all across Equestria have changed, even just since he was born. It makes him feel like a relic of a bygone era.

e69b3 No.93341

Silver checks the time on his pocket watch, wondering how long it is until he said he'd meet with Blue.

73cef No.93342

As the cities urbanize, industrialize and sprawl, many areas remain wild and untamed. It is not just the Ever Free Forests - to the south, in the Forbidden Jungles, and the Hayseed swamps, there be monsters, and dragons over in the badlands.

And if Silver is relic of a northern Equestria that no longer exists, at least he is not the only living antique. After all, Blue Skies' views on pony race relations are so antiquarian - or atavistic - as to be something straight out of a Hearth's Warming Eve tale. As the world moves forward, not all of it moves forward at equal pace.

Not long. Maybe enough time to visit the store, but soon

e69b3 No.93343

He wonders to himself what future generations would think of all of this, and ponies such as himself they would surely view as backward, and who had yet to 'get with the times'. Who knows, with all of that space stuff he's heard about in those science-fiction novels, maybe those future generations of ponies will even be living among the stars, having long since given up the bounds of their home plant. Might be not all of that he's heard of is so ridiculous after all.

Ah, well. Something to ponder further another day. He takes one last drag on his cigarette before snuffing it out, gathering the jars back together, and heading out. He wants to head to the gun store, see if they can't clean this SMG he's found, get it into working order. If he's lucky, they can also take care of this sword he found. Probably not, but it can't hurt to try.

73cef No.93344

Has Silver never heard of the exploits of the Baltimare Gun Club, a group of weapons enthusiasts who, so many decades ago, decided to build a magic smooth-bore cannon to propel them from Equestria to the Moon? Perhaps that is a tale for another day. On to the gun shop

e69b3 No.93345

Silver has not, in fact, heard of this group, but I am certain he would be interested in what would drive a pony to do something of that sort someday. This talk of ponies riding rockets is ridiculous enough as it is: after all, rockets explode.

73cef No.93346

This is definitely worth a revisit, but not right now

e69b3 No.93347

Someday. As for the now: HI HO, SILVER!

73cef No.93348

Uh… Does that mean to the gun store, or your will be going to sleep for now?

e69b3 No.93349

Eh, I should probably sleep, I suppose.

ba806 No.93350

Be sure to respond to >>93287 when everything in your mind is made up.

73cef No.93351

File: 1551988730941.png (95.94 KB, 752x578, 1636426__safe_artist-colon….png)


ba806 No.93352


ff64b No.93353

File: 1551989232500.png (280.89 KB, 710x1368, _henlo stinky birbs.png)

73cef No.93354

With a flat expression, she says
"No, I don't. Not unless you are looking to shake down ponies or griffins for money, anyways"

As he was last seen, Dark Star was getting into a taxi with his marefriend and holding hooves

ba806 No.93355

Iron nods.
"Understood. I think you will do well with Rays."
A smile appears on his face.
"Just be sure not to prove me wrong, will you?"

73cef No.93356

With still flat expression
"Let us hope she is not a disappointment"

ff64b No.93357

Dark Star Helps Blue Into the taxi then gets in himself.
"to the fairgrounds on Benjamare Franklin boulevard, my good colt."

73cef No.93358

Smiling, and happily enough, Blue Skies says
"Oh but Dark Star, I [i]do[/i have to work"]

ba806 No.93359

Iron nods.
"We shall see."

ff64b No.93360

Dark Star Smiles Back happily at her
"that's fine we can pick up tickets for later."

73cef No.93361

She nods

She smiles, pets his ears, leans in, and whispers into his ears
"Pegasi are the superior race"

ba806 No.93362

Iron simply looks over his body once more.
Are we making time to see if Ash comes back or is there other history that I missed still?
Also, Skies no bully Earth horse.

ff64b No.93363

Dark Star laughs it off.
"If you say so."

73cef No.93364

Well, he's still pretty damned injured, although the bleeding has definitely stopped
Ash isn't coming back

*Pegasus noises*

ff64b No.93365

Dark Star plays with her ears
"A cute."

73cef No.93366

File: 1551991109808.gif (963.61 KB, 600x576, luftpatpluswings.gif)

Fluffy little cups that twitch when touched
The driver asks, "where to then?"

ba806 No.93367

Just making sure.
Iron, seeing how the mare has finished her treatment that sealed his wounds with the magic burning fluid, lowers his forelegs and raises her flanks up, making a whole body stretch after so much time being still.
"Ah~ Well, that was some good potion you have used on me."
His forelegs moves ever so slightly forwards, his chest slidint across the floor to ensure that no muscle is left unstrectched while her rearleg hooves maintained his rear up.
After such a display, he returns to the normal position, a dopey smile on his face.
"Do you think you can help put my armor on?"

ff64b No.93368

"The fairgrounds."

73cef No.93369


"Well, I guess if you're not able to put it on yourself… And it's not a potion, it's a disinfectant."

ba806 No.93370

Iron shakes his head.
"I can, but it is usually too time consuming to put it on by myself."
He starts picking up the chest plate, aligning it with the respective body part.
"'Dees-een-fectant', a curious name."

73cef No.93371

She rolls her eyes, but sort of smiles
"I guess you did almost get yourself killed with that tiger…"
She helps place it on

ba806 No.93372

Iron smiles.
He does the tedious armor placing along with the unicorn mare.
"I do not think I caught your name. What was it?"

ff64b No.93373

"Thank you."
Dark Star turns back to blue and says "i hear the Ferris wheel is pretty romantic."

73cef No.93374

“Was that not known to you already? I am Saint Gallop”

“Now how is that?” She asks

ba806 No.93375

Iron shakes his head.
"No. At least not that I remember. It is a nice name."
(Wait, I think Cauldron told me. Or was it that one nun back at the abbey…)

ff64b No.93376

"I'm Not Sure I've never rode one."

73cef No.93377

"Why thank you"
It was the gangsters at the cannery, although Cauldron ought to have repeated it

"What made you want to go to a fair?"

ba806 No.93378

Imminent public sex at the Ferris Whell. I'm calling it.
A little smile.
"No need to thank me."
Iron looks around the room for any windows to see what time is it if possible.

ff64b No.93379

"I Think You will enjoy it."Dark Star Smiles At Blue "Also i haven't been to one in a long time."

73cef No.93380

And soon enough, they near the fairgrounds

Late afternoon

ba806 No.93381

Iron nods to himself.
"I think it is getting late. I should escort my client back to the abbey. Thank you for your assistance."
A little bow is made at Saint Gallop.
"Be safe."

With that little scene, he fetchs Ash and Caleb who he assumes they're standing at the shop counter and promptly escort both of them back to the abbey.
Pls no roll for encounter, plantation colt is 2wounded4battle.

ff64b No.93382

Dark Star Gets out of the Taxi and then helps blue out then he looks at the area.

73cef No.93383

It seems to be a semi-permanent park in seasonal operation, with a ferris wheel, a carousel, a teacup ride, a fun house, a house of oddities, dart games, confectionaries, and yes, even an iron roller-coaster set up

She closes her eyes, and nods in kind
"Very well"

e69b3 No.93384

File: 1551995215796.png (3.43 MB, 2500x1381, 1976327__safe_artist-colon….png)

It's neat that they made another one of these.

Saw the River Republic go communist in another one of my games recently, despite historical focuses being on. Haven't seen that happen before.

ba806 No.93385

A little nod.
Then follow the previous post for movements.


ff64b No.93386

Do i see a ticket booth anywhere?

73cef No.93387

There you are

I finally did a playthrough as Nimbusia. I am pleased to see that Purist Nimbusia, after being expelled from the Coalition, is a light blue color. I also really like the "colony" decisions, and wish they were more widely implemented in the game

Back to the abbey it is

Yes, in the front of course

e69b3 No.93388

That's genuinely great to hear. You know how disappointed I was when I found out that Independent New Mareland's color on the map was forest-green no matter what path they took?

ba806 No.93389

When he reaches the abbey, he makes sure to knock on the door.
(Leave the two. The job is complete as far as you are concerned.)
Shaking his head, he rejects his thought for now.
(First ensure safety, then go for the Watering Hole for a job from Cauldron.)
Unless you were invested in the whole easter foal hunt.

ff64b No.93390

Dark Star walks up to it

73cef No.93391

I don't think that's quite correct… I think the harmonic path has a much lighter green than the fascist path. And the Communist paths give you different colors. In particular, MARESOC is a dark almost burgundy red

"Hello there"

A young, Earth Pony attendent

ba806 No.93392

He gently pushes Ash and Caleb inside.
"Well, the foals are safe for the time being. They seem fine and may come visit here from time to time."

73cef No.93393

"Oh. Did you find them?"

ba806 No.93394

Iron nods.
"Yes. They seem to have found a new place to stay. Hopefully they grow as ponies and power through."
(Keep it short and simple. They probably will not like that the gang took over some foals for their profit.)

ff64b No.93396

"Hello, How long do tickets last for?"

e69b3 No.93397

Might be something's wrong with my game then. I haven't seen a difference between the map colors between different paths, not including the standard "Stick With Equestria" path. Or I just need to explore the paths I haven't taken, yet. Still got both Non-Aligned paths and two of the three Communist paths to go down.

Anyways, got dinner that needs to be eaten, then I'll be back for certain.

73cef No.93398

"Admissions tickets must be used the day of purchase."

"Oh… Okay. I have been worried about them. We were hoping many of them would end up well, but we've also been worried about bad influences upon the children. I am very glad to hear that they are okay"

ba806 No.93399

Iron nods again.
"It is fine. I will take my leave now. Take care of Ash for me, will you?"
With that, he wanders back to the Watering Hole.
(Hm. I guess the gang will be my main source of money and renown. At least they do not seem like wusses. Apart from that capo pony that pissed his pants.)
He snickers as he walks.

ff64b No.93400

"Okay,i would like 2 tickets please."

73cef No.93401

"Alright, that'll be 10 bits"

"We will. We will."

ba806 No.93402

I'll suppose that sigh was from the nun and not you for my decision.
Iron calmly walks towards the Watering Hole.
(I think I will ask Cauldron for a bed for the day. Maybe we can share it or something along those lines. But first, I should check on her well being.)

e69b3 No.93403

I will also say I almost threw up when I realized Lufty Star was just Lefty Pone, but renamed.

73cef No.93404

It's fairly bustling at this time, rowdy and rambunctious, with a number of ponies and the like populating it.

ba806 No.93405

Señor Stalin. The ultimate disguise.
Iron enters the building, looking for Cauldron inside.

73cef No.93406

So it is

"What brings you back?"
Comes the voice from behind

ff64b No.93407

"10 bits? the price has gone up quite a bit since i was a colt."
Dark star Hoofs over 10 bits, thanks the attendant then Trots back over to blue.

ba806 No.93408

Iron jumps a little, turning around.
"You are one sneaky zebra."
He chuckles.
"Well, my job with that client before is done, so I thought to pay you a visit. Maybe set up another job."

73cef No.93409

"This comes with at least some attraction tickets"
Says the colt

She nods, eyes half closed
"What was the nature of your job with that client anyways?"

ba806 No.93410

Iron shrugs.
"Simple foal hunt of sorts. Either ensure their safety or bring them back to the abbey they were taken from. Now it is done. Nothing else to say, really, apart from meeting some members of the gang."

ff64b No.93411

"How many?"

73cef No.93412

"So it is. Did it pay well?"

73cef No.93413

Like 10 or so

ba806 No.93414

Iron shakes his head.
"No. It was a severe dissapointment in many levels. There was not even a fight. Just talking. Although meeting more gang members sure is nice. I found many who know your name, actually."

73cef No.93415

She laughs slightly
"Nice to see I am so well known"
Then she says
"Is that what you wanted? A fight?"

ba806 No.93416

Iron looks down, scratching his hoof.
"Well, no. I was looking for something that would at least bring some sort of renown. Something that expands my reputation. I do not think simply talking to ponies does that."
He looks up.
"Well, I did go and handled a tiger, which was not as fun as it sounds."
He extends his unarmored hoof, covered in now sealed scratches.

73cef No.93417

"I think talking is how most politicians get their jobs"

She looks down and inspects Iron's very scratched up body, and starts to laugh, but covers her mouth with her hoof
"Looks like you got your fight…"

ff64b No.93418

"Which Attractions take tickets?"

e69b3 No.93419

File: 1551998917683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 277.25 KB, 1366x768, 1671719291_preview_2019030….jpg)

What about Señor Hilter?

ba806 No.93420

Iron chuckles.
"I suppose. Although it was very one-sided. Lucky animal tore right through my armor and scratched me all over. I can show you all the marks still."
Well, you said he was a commie horse.

ff64b No.93421

Señor Hilter>Señor Stalin

73cef No.93422

"Ferris Wheel, the roller coaster, the funhouse, the carousel, the house of oddities…"

Her expression now turning almost to a sort of concern, she says
"I can see them from here"

e69b3 No.93423

I know. What you said just reminded me of that particular Easter Egg in HoI4.

ff64b No.93424

"Give me 8 more tickets."

ba806 No.93425

You're not wrong.
Iron waves his hoof.
"Relax. Saint Gallop treated me before leaving, but I will not object if you want to use any spare potions you have, or a bed actually."
That's the point, dummy :3

73cef No.93426

"Sure thing. 4 bits"

She backs away
"Alright then, if you say so"

ba806 No.93427

Iron cocks his head.
"If you want, you can ensure that her work is okay. I do not mind. I think I need a place to rest. You are the better healer of the two, I would imagine."

ff64b No.93428

Dark star Gives the Stallion the bits needed, thanks the attendant then trots back over to blue.

73cef No.93429

Well, she looks at him, and awaits his next move

"Well, I would think that I am" she says

ba806 No.93430

Iron smiles.
"I know. Where to do you want me to strip off my armor to do your magic?"

73cef No.93431

She smiles again
"Oh, my magic doesn't require you stripping down. But there is a place"

ff64b No.93432

Dark Star Grins at her
"Well i got the tickets. you said you need to get back to work right? i think i'll head back to the Tavern and Take a Power Nap until you get off work tonight."

ba806 No.93433

"And where that might be?"

73cef No.93434

"Yes, I need a couple hours"

"There's an apartment on sixth I use. I can help you there"

ba806 No.93435

"Sure thing, you can lead the way."
Iron smiles.

ff64b No.93436

"Alright,ill let you get back to looking at those pictures. ill pay for your trip back to the HQ, we can share a ride."
Is the taxi still there?

73cef No.93437

She takes him down a few streets, past shops and apartment blocks, to a brick apartment building. Then inside, up one flight of stairs. It sort of looks like one of the buildings that Iron visited that first that first night
"Well, here we are. My personal apartment. "
She starts to unlock it

If you tell them to stay, then sure

"Alright" she says

ba806 No.93438

"Ah, reminds me of that job where I tried to throw a mattress out of the window."
Iron chuckles.

73cef No.93439

She giggles
"That was a…" as if in genuine loss for words "an interesting choice of yours"

ff64b No.93440

Sure he would have told him to wait
Dark Star helps her into the taxi then gets in

ba806 No.93441

"It was going to be amazing. Jumped out of a window to land on the mattress. A quick, flashy getaway. Thinking back, the adernaline may have influenced my decision."
Iron laughs.

73cef No.93442

"Yes, it must have been the same as influenced your decision to wrestle a tiger"
She opens the door, showing a simple enough apartment, with a kitchen to the left - some counters, a sink, cabinets - and a living room over to the far end, with couches, a chair, and a radio. To the right are doors

And thus, they both get back into the Taxi

ff64b No.93443

Which is closer the tavern or the Headquarters?

73cef No.93444

Hmmm… probably the Tavern

ba806 No.93445

Another set of chuckles.
"I was actually thinking it was just a big kitty that needed some petting."
As he enters the room and closes the door, he nods.
"Your place is quite well stocked, Cauldron."

73cef No.93446

She laughs at the cat remark
"Don't you have those in the jungle where you come from?"

"Oh, it's not that fancy. But it is what I need to live alone."

ba806 No.93447

Iron chuckles.
"Yes. There is a story where a tiger was raised in my tribe. I never had the chance to see it, but they said it acted just like any cat here would. Just a little on the bigger side. It is rumored that it still prowls around the tribe to this day."
He still nods.
"Well, I only need some grass to sleep, so my mind is blown by how much you have here."

73cef No.93448

She now advances into the room, and lays down on the couch with her feet under her
"That's neat to have domesticated Tigers. I'm not sure I've ever seen one. I'm surprised that You find all of this to be high class. But I guess it would be, coming from an agrarian tribal background"

ff64b No.93449

Ok when They Get to the tavern dark Star asks "How much to take my Marefriend Back to The Baltimare Grand Hotel?"i think thats it i cant quite remember the name.

73cef No.93450

"5 bits for the whole trip
he says

ff64b No.93451

Dark Star kisses Blue then pays the cab driver.

ba806 No.93452

Iron looks warily at the couch, then at the floor..
"I might still want to remove my armor just in case my weight makes me fall through the floor."
He shakes his head.
"It is not that we have many domesticated tigers around. It was just chance and a native mare who has special connections with animals gave the little tiger some comfort."
Finally he shrugs.
"You are right. Many of our huts are made of clay and stone. Not much else apart from that."
With that, he starts the long process of taking his armor.

ba806 No.93453

*armor off.

73cef No.93454

She smiles in her way after the kiss
"I'll see you soon enough"

She giggles
"Suit youself. Or rather, unsuit yourself.

I've heard stories from my father of what it was like in Zebrica. He described many of the buildings and homes in villages being made out of simple wood, or even cob. I guess it's not so different"

ba806 No.93456

As he takes off the chest plate, he nods, absorbing the information.
"Huh. I suppose you are right."

After a little while of unstrapping and unequipping, curiousity over this Zebrica arises.
"What was it like there, according to your father?"
He looks around, trying to find a place to place his armor pieces and shield.

ff64b No.93457

Dark Star smiles Back at her
"i'll see you later,Blue."
He Waves at her as She is Drove Back to the HQ and after They're out of sight He heads inside the Tavern.

73cef No.93458

She looks back to him
"As I understand it, it was a very big place with many different cultures and environments. His area was tropical forest, mostly. Maybe not as wet as the jungles down south, but not that different either. Much of the country lived in rural villages with relatively simple architecture. There were larger cities by some of the coast lines and rivers, but nowhere was it as industrial or advanced as this city"

He can probably stand on the floor, and move his armor off to the side of the couch

He is back at the tavern. Does he have a room there?

ba806 No.93459

Iron nods.
He walks over to the couch, placing his armor pieces on the side of it.
"I see, so it was a more arid version of the jungle nearby."
He tentatively places a hoof on the couch, half-expecting to break the poor piece of furniture.

ff64b No.93460

The room he had was just for the day.
Dark Star walks over to the Bartender
"Hey,Whats the best way to make sure i wont have a hang over?"
dark Star asks while smelling more like a bar than the actual bar.

73cef No.93461

The couch does not break
"I suppose" she says
"I was considering taking you to his house, but I think he'd rather not see me bringing back a pony stallion"

"Don't get drunk" he responds

ba806 No.93462

Iron chuckles.
"I take it he is going to beat me with a stick?"
Another hoof is placed on the couch.

ff64b No.93463

Dark Star Laughs
"yea that works 100% of the time. but if i've already Drank? Speaking of drink will you get me a whiskey?"

73cef No.93464

"Oh no, of course not. He would piece your heart, and mine, with a disappointed glare. If anypony is going to beat you, it would be me with a tire iron"

"Drink water, and sure"

ba806 No.93465

Iron chuckles
"That is not very nice of you. I get it though. Does he want a zebra as your future husband?"

ff64b No.93466

"oh and get me some water to."

73cef No.93467

"Yes, and zebra grandchildren"

"coming right up"

ba806 No.93468

Iron nods understandingly as he fully places himself on the couch in the same position as Cauldron, facing her. A curious expression is made as she looks at her features.
"Judging by the lack of even a coltfriend, there is no such thing here. Am I wrong with that assumption?"

ff64b No.93469

"in the biggest glass you have."

ff64b No.93470

Cum in the Ziggress

ba806 No.93471

Just don't shoot at the zonies pls.
I wonder if an interspecies couple can birth one or the other species as well as a mix of both.

73cef No.93472

"I don't have any children, Zebra or otherwise, if that is what you are asking"

Her color scheme is of whites, greys, and black stripes, and ironically the zebra is less grey in color than most of the party members, with the white and black dominating. Her eyes are blue and her nose is grey, with a pure black and short mane. She's a bit more muscular on the limbs than a normal female, which is hardly surprising if cracking limbs is her profession. Her flanks are white with a big black - you guessed it - cauldron them, in the same style as a cutie mark.

73cef No.93473

"Here you go"
He hoofs over a giant glass of water

ff64b No.93474

i'm not a monster, they would be at least half pony. unlike those bugs. it seems likely that it could be the case

ff64b No.93475

Dark Star Slugs it down.
"i also need a room to sleep in. how much for a room?"

e69b3 No.93476

File: 1552005994177.png (5.06 MB, 2000x2000, 1665506__safe_artist-colon….png)

[cyka blyats internally]

73cef No.93477

I a in a strange position where no food is being brought to my house. I think I will have to go get some

Okay, Blue Skies is finally free to be met up with

"For how long?" he asks

ba806 No.93478

Iron nods.
"Well, I meant that you never found a zebra stallion to copulate with, but I guess that kind of answers it."
He looks at his own grey coat.
(Why do most ponies I have met have grey on them?)
"Frankly, my father would just pat me on the back no matter which female species I bring back as long as it produces offspring. I am unsure why he is like that. Other ponies back at my tribe are a lot more restrained than him, opting for ponies of the three main tribes."
(Maybe he had many misadventures on his own path to maturity?)

e69b3 No.93479

Well, Silver was initially going to the gun store to see if he can get his new melee and firearm acquisitions battle-ready while he met up with Blue, but whatever.

Hope whatever you get is good.

ff64b No.93480

"Uh, how much for a week? that would probably be cheaper than paying for each day individually,right?"

95054 No.93481

What do you want to do?

She laughs a little
“There really aren’t that many non-ponies in Equestria. East Equestria, anyways”

“50 bits”

e69b3 No.93482

Before heading over to the Grand Baltimare Hotel? A quick trip to the gun store, see if they're willing and able to clean and fix/sharpen his new weapons: the Bits Gun, the combat knife, and the Canterlot sword.

ba806 No.93483

Iron nods.
"I understand."
He looks over his wounds.
"Did anything interesting happen these last two days?"

ff64b No.93484

"here you go, 50 bits."
Dark Star hoofs it over
"which one is it?"

73cef No.93485

Very well

“First one on the left, upstairs”

“There’s been increasing tension within the gang as whole”

ba806 No.93486

Iron cocks his head.
"How come?"

ff64b No.93487

And with that Dark Star walks up the stairs and goes into his room and puts his satchel and Saddle bag in his chest,takes his shirt off and puts it in a chair. then he gets in bed eager to drift off to sleep and Experience any Dreams that may come his way.

73cef No.93488

She has an expression of concern
"Since the massacre on Black Briar Pier a few days ago, they has been vastly increased tension between the main sections of the gang and the portion lead by Underboss Antonio Pransciso. There is a strong belief running through the gang that he was responsible for it in some way, because it was his operation that arranged the arms transports and some of the protection squads. He claims otherwise, but the suspicion is on him. Other ponies claim that it was an entirely different criminal operation that is trying to set up in Baltimare, a so called 'slaughterking.' Still others believe that the government set the entire thing up as an excuse for a crackdown.

Both of these two claims are made more plausible by the events in Manehattan over the past couple weeks, which in themselves are worrying. The new governor there has ordered a 'purge' of any criminal syndicate elements, and more control on shipping in and out. There is a fear that the same could happen here. There is also talk of Manehattan syndicate agents coming to Baltimare."

Where is Dark Star's mind at? What are his hopes, his fears, and concerns?

ba806 No.93489

Iron nods as she tells the current situation.
"I would believe the last possible option. So far you people seem too united to try and backstab eachother, or else there would be more than one gang in these parts."
He ponders for a moment.
"And this Manehattan place also seems to cracking down on crime it seems. I think that solidifies that any organization that looks for political power without dipping into organized crime may be responsible. It is too much of a coincidence that the attack and the subsequent crackdown elsewhere moments from eachother. If there was a new family setting in with such anonimity that no one knows him, it must be working for the government."
He scratches his chin for a bit.
"There were no acts of aggression inbetween the gang these past couple of days, right?"

ff64b No.93490

>black briar pier
He's pretty happy right now.He Hopes to have a big Family with blue,He hopes to one day be able to lead new mareland,he's afraid there's not enough forces in the area to ward off the changlings for long.he's afraid that that blue Doesn't actually like him.He's Concerned what those Little monsters are gonna do once they get home.He's concerned about running a bit low on bits.

73cef No.93491

“Most individuals within the gang are still looking for power, wealth, and respect. It’s far from inconceivable that an underboss wanted more. Or at least, was trying to do things on the side that blew up in his face. Almost literally.

Well, the crackdown in Manehattan began two weeks before the massacre of Black Briar. It’s two separate jurisdictions. But if it could happen there, it could happen here.

There has not been any violence within the gang. The fear of possible crackdown is helping to keep the situation from boiling over.”

What’s wrong with the name? Did I call it ‘Blackwood Road’?

I think I can use this

ba806 No.93492

Iron nods for a bit.
"Do you think any underboss would trade with 'coh-muh-neests' if they gave enough money?"

73cef No.93493

“Common yeast?” She asks

ba806 No.93494

Iron pouts for a bit.
"Those ponies that ask for equality because they are too entitled to work or explore any options to adapt?"

ff64b No.93495

i like the reference.

73cef No.93496

Dice rollRolled 1

“Do you mean the Communists?”

73cef No.93497

Dark Star wakes up in his new room

ba806 No.93498

Iron nods.
"I believe the attack happened due to their ideology. Their kind of narrative is the one that would get bullied on since only weaklings would follow it."

73cef No.93499

“Why would the communists carry out the masacre?” She asks

ba806 No.93500

He shakes his head.
"No. The communists were the ones that were attacked. Did you not hear any of their rhetoric while you were guarding the area?"

ff64b No.93501

how does he feel?

73cef No.93502

Dice rollRolled 1

“No… what are you getting at?”

Okay, more or less

ff64b No.93503

>2 1's in a row
>Deep concern
He Stands up and looks over at the window

ba806 No.93504

Iron shakes his head.
"Nevermind. I think the adrenaline is making me join dots that may or may not exist."
He giggles.
"Who knows? I might have even suggested that the changelings did it."

73cef No.93505

It’s still light outside. Not much time has passed

ff64b No.93506

He heads back down stairs to get some more water so the hang over isn't as bad

4c6f8 No.93507

Onyx stares at the passing landscape out the window, wondering how his life reached the point that he'd ignore all of his parents' advice and even consider helping changelings.
Boy the changes war will make on a stallion.

a96db No.93508

"I don't mean to be intrusive… but I was curious. You are skilled with a halberd, but that is not really what I picture a soldier using most often. How did you come to be so skilled with that weapon as opposed to a gun?"

73cef No.93509

Two little colts block ur path

Just let that lonesome whistle blow his blues away

“Why would changelings do it?”

ff64b No.93510

"eh? where did you 2 come from?"

73cef No.93511

File: 1552016388821.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 70.9 KB, 1280x720, 697891A9-6306-4CC9-96C9-D….jpeg)

They don’t respond. Each looks at him sternly. Then, they erupt into green flame, revealing chitinous black creatures with pure blue eyes: Changeling drones

4c6f8 No.93512

"No no it's fine. I've actually got two reasons, the first was my position in the military. It was better for me to be skilled with more conventinal weapons than firearms. The second was some advice I got. See, when I was just a baby my momma told me "son, always be a good colt don't ever play with guns." Something about "You'll get involved in gangs and shoot a stallion in Reino just to watch him die" Or something. As weird as she could be I did decide to follow her advice, and here I am."

73cef No.93513

4c6f8 No.93514

Foalsom Prison Blues: 1
GM: 0

ff64b No.93515

Dark Star reaches for his pistols

a96db No.93516

Spark just sits there and wonders what the crystal horse is talking about.

73cef No.93517

I’m’a get you

The two small drones leap closer to Dark Star, and when they land, he can see a stream of his own joy being sucked straight out of him, replacing it with a deep feeling of dread. Loneliness. Sadness. Emptiness.

4c6f8 No.93518

Honestly Onyx wonders the same thing sometimes
"Now what about you? Where are you from?"
Not if I get myself first

ff64b No.93519

"Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Buck off or I'll shoot!"
Dark Star kicks at them

a96db No.93520

"Canterlot. Just a student from magic school."

73cef No.93521

File: 1552017356011.jpeg (91.4 KB, 424x464, 1386450.jpeg)

It hisses more, then sucks more from him

4c6f8 No.93522

Onyx nods
"Interesting, what was that like if you don't mind me asking?"

ff64b No.93523

Dark Shoots at both of them
"Then Die"

73cef No.93524

Roll dice

a96db No.93525

"It was gorgeous, but I wasn't exactly a star student."

ff64b No.93526

2d20[ 2d20 = 21 ]

ff64b No.93527

Dice rollRolled 12, 18 = 30


4c6f8 No.93528

Onyx smirks a little bit
"Yep, I know how that goes"

73cef No.93529

Dice rollRolled 5, 3, 4 = 12

Dice rollRolled 4, 3, 1 = 8

Looks like two hits

73cef No.93530

One dies in a pool of green blood. The other hisses, and then flees out of the room

ff64b No.93531

"ugh,what the buck?"
Dark Star goes down stairs

73cef No.93532

It's strangely empty downstairs. The sun is still out

ff64b No.93533

Dark Star heads up and checks Silver's room

73cef No.93534

Dice rollRolled 2


73cef No.93535

Dice rollRolled 2

It's not immediately obvious if any pony is in the room

ff64b No.93536

Dark Star is feeling a little spooked

73cef No.93537

Hmmm…. Do I really want to do this?

ff64b No.93538

73cef No.93539

Well, sure. It's easy enough to think of a scene that would be interesing enough and emotionally impactful. But it's not so simple, because the scene - even when it is a dream - does not take place in isolation, but will effect the development of a character and the interpretation of characters and entities featured in the scene. And that can be problematic.

ff64b No.93540


e69b3 No.93541

So, I suppose the ultimate question, now that you're in this situation, is: are y'all doing this?

73cef No.93542

Where have you been?

e69b3 No.93543

Literally just waiting here in the thread.

73cef No.93544

Your character is supposed to be doing things

ff64b No.93545

Do What?

e69b3 No.93546

The dream sequence.
I mean, he's trying to. Last I knew, he was heading on his way to the gun store, but then he must have gotten lost in the void on the way.

73cef No.93547

e69b3 No.93548

Look, I don't know what to tell you. My last IC post was him heading to the gun store and your response was just "Alright" with nothing else following. If you want to skip all of that to just him arriving back at the Grand Baltimare Hotel and say that he dropped off his newly acquired weapons at the store to be cleaned, I'm perfectly fine with that too. We don't need to describe every scene of the characters doing things in stores if you don't want to.

ff64b No.93549

73cef No.93550

Whatever. He arrives at the weapons store, and is greeted by the same pony he saw last time. I think it was a yellow Earth Pony named "Happy Hunting." Or maybe he was a pegasus. I don't remember. This, by the way, was the meaning of the 'alright' posted 4 hours ago, for the record.

e69b3 No.93551

Sorry, that particular meaning was lost on me. Thought you were just acknowledging what I had said.
I know I've said this before, but I'm sorry for all the trouble we've given you since this started. I know we are probably the most aggravating group of players you have ever had the misfortune of DMing for, and I am grateful that despite this you are taking the time to craft this game for us. I've been having fun with it.

Hooray for not being trapped in the void. As he enters, Silver gives Happy Hunting an apologetic look. This kind of work Silver has been asking of him can't be very pleasant. "Hello. I have couple more weapons I am wondering if you could help me with."

73cef No.93552

This is my first game ever to DM
"Alright, what have you go here for me?"

e69b3 No.93553

In that case, I'm sorry we're your first players. I think you've been doing an excellent job so far despite all of us fucking it up, though.

Silver maintains his apologetic look as he places the Bits Gun, Combat Knife, and Canterlot Sword on the counter. At least he keeps the rusted sword wrapped up to avoid getting rust in Happy Hunting's store. "I was hoping you could help me with maintenance on these weapons, cleaning them and getting them back into fighting shape."

73cef No.93554

File: 1552026670775.png (331.68 KB, 1280x1646, 1947099.png)

He looks at the Bits gun, and then back to Silver, with a definite look of concern
"You know this gun is illegal to own, right?"

e69b3 No.93555

Definitely news to Silver, from the confused look on his face. "I am not even certain one could say I own it."

73cef No.93556

You've been fine, don't worry
He continues staring at him
"Fully automatic submachine guns are not legal to possess for any civilian"

e69b3 No.93557

Silver maintains his confused look. "That…sounds odd. It is not as if I plan on doing anything illegal using it. But alright, if you can not do anything to it." He takes the Bits Gun off the counter, slightly worried he's going to get kicked out of the store and possibly banned for something he didn't even know was apparently wrong.

73cef No.93558

Silver is not kicked out, yet, and he looks over to the Canterlot sword
"This is quite a piece of equipment. It appears to have been dulled though"

e69b3 No.93559

Thank goodness for small miracles. If he can make things up with Blue, by some other significantly larger miracle, he might have to ask her about it, see if he could do something or if there's something she can do that would make it no-so-illegal. "Unfortunately. It has been around since late 8th century, at least, though it has been exposed to elements and underwater for most of that time. Found it inside catacombs underneath Curwhinny farm."

73cef No.93560

"Well, as it is it will need to be sharpened upon a wheel. It looks strong enough to still be usable, but the outer layer of steel has rusted

e69b3 No.93561

"I think I can find place to sharpen it, sometime later. For now, clearing off rust would be good."

73cef No.93562

"As for this combat knife"
he takes a look at it, and balances it
"It doesn't appear to be too badly corroded for use even know, though you may still want to sharpen it"
Wait, if I'm using UK weapons laws, shouldn't knives and swords be illegal?

e69b3 No.93563

He nods, a little surprised by this. Being underwater with that lake ghast since the Great War, he figured it would be more corroded than that. "I suppose I will take care of that along with sword.

e69b3 No.93564

I mean, you could.
But the UK is shit.

ff64b No.93565

File: 1552028892094.png (317.47 KB, 1183x1024, _hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sunny.png)


73cef No.93566

I would figure a combat knife intended to be employed in jungle fighting would be stainless
"Do you need anything further?" he asks

e69b3 No.93567

"No, I think that would be it for now."

73cef No.93568

"Well then, have a nice day"

e69b3 No.93569

"You too." He grabs the wrapped-up sword and the knife, and leaves the store. With that taken care of, he makes his way to the Grand Baltimare Hotel. Just before he gets into view of the building, however, he makes sure to stash the Bits Gun in a safe place in a nearby alleyway, where nopony else should find it while he's inside. After all, he doesn't want it to be found on him when the guards search him at the door.

73cef No.93570

When he enters, a guard seems to recognize Silver
"I take it you are concluding some essential business?" He asks

e69b3 No.93571

He smiles that grand ol' satisfied smile of when you get finished with a task. "Indeed. I have many important things that need to go to Blue Skies right away." This much is most definitely obvious from how his bags are practically overflowing with books, notes, papers, jars, and little pink crystals, and the large amount of jars that still have to ride alongside him in the grasp of his telekinetic field.

73cef No.93572

He briefly waves some sort of wand over Silver, then nods on,
"I think she's through the door in the center, second door on the right"

e69b3 No.93573

"Thank you." He promptly trots to the designated door, jars following him. He knocks on the door when he arrives. "Blue, are you in here?"

73cef No.93574

"Who is it?" he hears in reply

e69b3 No.93575

"It is me, Silver. I am back from job. It went exceptionally well, much better than I expected." His voice still sounds strained from the damage it took in his battle earlier. As Silver waits for Blue, he wonders to himself about how long he'll be hoarse like this.

73cef No.93576

"You may come in."

e69b3 No.93577

He does so, bringing the jars with him inside. He starts scratching at an itch he just can't quite reach underneath the bandages around his neck.

73cef No.93578

She is in the room, sitting behind a desk. Her eyes widen as the materials are brought in
"So, what did you find?" she asks

ff64b No.93579

He Did already :(

73cef No.93580

When I first wrote that, I was going to have her say "you may come in," then correct herself to "you may enter" because of the sexual innuendo, but then I figured that that would only draw attention to the line, so I would not have her say that

e69b3 No.93581

"See for yourself." He starts pulling out everything he found from his bags and putting them on the floor. Every book, notebook, note, paper, and jar that pertains to Curwhinny's research, as well as the pretty pink crystals. He also hands her a few books he found directly. "In addition to all of that, I found these: book with knowledge on kinds of dark magic Curwhinny used, tome containing various old and dark secrets on influential Baltimare families, and logbooks from Curwhinny's shipping business back then. I should say that I found note from Curwhinny to his former friend, Cinnamon Corn, which mentioned that he never truly succeeded in his ultimate goal of reuniting body and soul. He could bring one back, or other, but not both."

I'm really sorry buddy. I really am.

73cef No.93582

She is fascinated by the haul Silver brought in, and spends a minute just looking through it, diving for the books

e69b3 No.93583

There's that warm, almost prideful feeling from a job-well-done in Silver's heart. "If I had brought cart, I also would have brought back various books that Curwhinny had in his library. Turns out there is another on opposite side of catacombs, still untouched, and there are some from library that got torched that could still be recovered."

On a more somber note, he pulls out Private Green Basin's dog tags and campaign medals. "I, uh…I also found New Marelander soldier in quarry. Private Green Basin, pegasus, 19th Infantry underneath General Ironwood. He had apparently got himself caught by ghast or something of that sort, and had been turned into some form of lake ghast, hiding underneath surface of artificial lake inside quarry. I put him to his final rest, figured Black Hooves would be best ponies for making sure his tags and medals got to his next-of-kin, so they might know he died with honor in service to his country and his people." He pats the bandages around his neck. "Gave me one hell of scratch. Took couple significant chunks of flesh from my neck during fight."

73cef No.93584

She looks up to him with her bright, glowing green eyes
"There's more?"
It takes her more than a moment to register the other things Silver said
"Oh yes, a soldier died and you got hurt. Try not to have too much fun with the local wildlife"

e69b3 No.93585

He's…a little upset, at the apparent lack of empathy. But, he reminds himself that she's Nimbusian, not New Marelander. It's unlikely she would have much remorse for a fallen soldier from New Mareland. "Yes, indeed there is. Books of same stock as what you had recovered previously. I would have brought them back, had I more storage space."

73cef No.93586

She has that malign grin on her face, and her wings pop up from her sides.
"Excellent! I was worried we had lost all"

e69b3 No.93587

He nods; Silver privately thinks to himself that he'll never quite get used to that unsettling smile, not in a million years. He also thinks to himself that perhaps showing some other member of the Black Hooves the tags and medals would be a more fruitful effort, after he's done.

73cef No.93588

She opens a booklet - the book behind the portrait, and gazes at it in awe
"I can't really say I understand precisely what powerful secrets these books contain, but we have magical experts who do. That library should definitely be checked. The Ancestral Heritage division will take interest even if there is not much of value for Magical Studies

e69b3 No.93589

He pulls his last Hide From Undead potion out of his bags, showing it to Blue. "I still have one potion left, if you would like me to go back and bring those books."

73cef No.93590

She looks up at him, perhaps for the first time since he opened the sack
"Can you get all of those?"

e69b3 No.93591

The smile Silver beams now just absolutely oozes with confidence. "With my magic, my bags, and cart I have parked back at home? I am absolutely certain I can bring them all back in one go."

73cef No.93592

She looks pleased with herself as well, and she leans back. Her wings are still out-folded in evident excitement
"That would be quite the accomplishment"

e69b3 No.93593

"Indeed it will be. Should not take me long, either." He turns to leave the room. Before he does so, he pauses just at the door, looking back at Blue with regret clearly in his face. "And, Blue, about earlier…I am well and truly sorry, about all of that. I am ashamed at myself for what I did. It was terrible, and I…to be honest, I would fully understand if you did not even want to see my face after this is over, for what I did. But, I do value you, and your friendship. Not…any of that back there and then, but your actual friendship. Just…laughing at jokes, having simple pure fun together, discussing things from our past that bring us joy, consoling each other for things in our past that haunt us…occasionally having one-sided political arguments that are clearly in favor of one particular pegasus I know." He motions to Blue, smiling, if only for a brief second. "I know I am just some dumb, old pickle skull, who messed up so badly he has barely even come to terms with how badly he messed up, but, whatever it would take, for this silly bonehead to try to even just begin to make up for all of that…I would gladly do it in heartbeat, if you would allow it."

73cef No.93594

She looks at him still, and her expression changes. Greatly. The smile moves away and she becomes expressionless, then very serious
“Silver, what is it you want?”

e69b3 No.93595

He looks disheartened by the response, as his own expression falls, and his ears fall to the side of his head. Sounds like she does indeed want nothing to do with him, outside of this job. "Nothing."

73cef No.93596

“Let me ask the same in a different way. Do you love me?”

e69b3 No.93597

In Silver's mind, that is a very different question, enough so his expression briefly changes to one of mild shock. "…In traditional sense, like I did with Storm, or how…Dark does with you? No, I do not think so just yet. I have only known you for three days, now. I feel as though I still have much to learn about you. Perhaps, over time as I learn more about you and decide that I like what I learn, that would change and I would develop feelings for you. Perhaps. But it would be extremely premature to say, explicitly, that I love you now. As friend, however, so far I would say so."

ba806 No.93598

He shakes his head.
"That is why I am thinking I may be a little off my mind. But let us just say that the those ponies make enemies too easily with other political factions due to their 'If you are not for us, then you are against us' kind of rhetoric."

73cef No.93599

She blinks, and looks down, then back at Silver.
“Very well. I will have your payment for you after this load from the other library is collected”

“They can be sort of violent and stubborn. But I do not know what happened there”

ba806 No.93600

Iron pokes his chin.
"Oh. Well, from what I remember they had a speech of sorts before that explosion happened. Something about pretending to be natives and attacking their political opposition, the cowards."

e69b3 No.93601

"I…" He sighs, now definitely disheartened by her response, and now definitely believing that she wants nothing to do with him after this job. Great way to ruin everything, Silver. "…alright." He leaves in a dejected march, stopping at the front desk to speak with the pony staffing it. At the very least, perhaps he could find that the pony there is more willing than Blue to show some basic empathy towards Private Green Basin and his unfortunate fate.

73cef No.93602

“One little tip for dealing with friends and other assorted non-lovers. If they wanted what was underneath their tails to be violated, they would raise it for you on their own free will. They don’t need their tails to be aside with magic”

ba806 No.93603

Ooh. Skies is going for the burn. Yikes.

e69b3 No.93604

Silver looks around for whoever said that, the look on his face suggesting that it's the last thing he wants to hear right now.

73cef No.93605

Silver can get a pretty good guess of who said that

e69b3 No.93606

He doesn't say anything back into the room he just left. He hurts too much. He just heads for the front desk, seeing if there's somepony who can help him with Green Basin, at least.

ba806 No.93607

Get fuk'd Silver. You're getting pegged tonight.

e69b3 No.93608

Uh huh. Perhaps Iron will be the one to do it.

So, it's clear you fell asleep, but I figure I might as well leave one more thing to continue into tomorrow, since it just came into mind.

As if someone flipped a switch in Silver's mind, he halts in his tracks: some gears slide into place, some connections are made, and he has a couple realizations about Blue's reaction to an answer Silver gave that, if he's being honest with himself, was a half-truth.

As if on a mission, he turns around and marches right back into Blue's office. He looks Blue straight in the eyes, his looking strangely resolute compared to the depressed gaze they had when he first left, and when he speaks he could match Blue in his serious tone. "Blue, what is it you want?"

ba806 No.93609

Nah, he wouldn't see the point of anal. I was thinking Skies would do it.

73cef No.93610

File: 1552065820237.png (Spoiler Image, 176.37 KB, 595x507, 41C09BAC-BC69-4906-B9AF-E1….png)


Looking him right back, and with the same serious tone, she says
“The same as anypony. I want to be loved, to belong, to be treated with respect and have my dignity honored, and to strike back at those so called ‘reformers’ who pretend the best way to help a bee is by destroying the hive.”

ba806 No.93611

Yah right, she just want sum fuk. pull dat tail,

73cef No.93612

File: 1552066478713.jpeg (23.98 KB, 210x240, 756A438E-6830-44A6-9DA7-8….jpeg)

ba806 No.93613

I'm joking. Don't worry. Silver will probably not go for my suggestion.

ba806 No.93614

Well, how are you today? No hard feelings on my joke, right?

e69b3 No.93615

He still maintains his tone, not backing down. Though, it's joined by something else she can't quite place. "You want truth, straight from heart? I do not know what to feel with you. You always seem to have this mask on, built up from your days in Nimbusia and your time in Black Hooves, and while you have it on it seems as though you do not care for anything but how to best help your country achieve its goals. But when it slips off, or cracks, and I get to see behind it all at little bit of who I feel true Blue Skies is? I see perhaps most beautiful, kind pony in Equestria, perhaps all of existence. Beautiful not just on outside, but on inside, too. It is kind of pony I would want to get to know better, to befriend, and, if situation was different, perhaps even explore my feelings towards them with. I want to peel off more of that mask, to get to know you and show you just how beautiful world is with you in it. You make me feel things I have not felt in long time. You make me feel as if I was young again. You make me happy. And believe me, if you were not with Dark Star, I would want nothing more than to see just how beautiful you are under than mask, and see how much I truly loved you.

"But, I can not claim that which belongs to another. Besides betraying your trust, what I did betrayed Star's as well, and it makes me regret my decision even more. I do not want to get between you two any more than I already have, and my brief attempt to explore my feelings about you has already proven to have been disastrous. So, I say I do not love you, not because it is true, or even that I particularly want to say as such, but because I know that while you are with Dark Star it is best that I do not. But I can not deny my heart and my feelings. I am here because I care about you and I value your relationship to me, no matter how messed up I may have made it with my mistake. I still want to get to know you and see underneath that mask. I still want to be your friend, and someday if situation changes to explore going further than that. You are Blue Skies in my life, and I do not want clouds to come in just yet and snuff it all out."

He continues to speak, with more insistence place on his words. "So, Blue Skies, I want to know: I want to see you remove that mask you have had built up over your lifetime, and expose who you truly are, what you truly feel, and I want you to tell me from your heart what it is you want. How do you feel about me? Do you even still want to be my friend despite everything? If you still wish to remain friends with me, then I will remain as stalwart friend to you as I can be. If you say you have feelings for me, I will ask you to give me chance to make it up, so that even though I can not have you I will not lose you forever. But, if you truly see no value in maintaining relation with me, friend or otherwise, then I will do this job for you, and you will never have to deal with me again afterwards. I promise you, with whatever honor you believe honorless cur to have."

73cef No.93616

Her face returns to a sort of "resting bitch face"
"What are you getting at, Silver?"

e69b3 No.93617

"I am saying I want to hear what Blue Skies, the Blue Skies, that kind and gentle soul hiding behind your mask: I want to hear what they have to say about me."

73cef No.93618

"What is this 'mask' you speak of?"

ba806 No.93619


e69b3 No.93620

"I feel as though there are times what I am speaking to two different ponies when I speak to you. There is this all-business side, which I am speaking to right now, and this much kinder, gentler, caring side that I occasionally catch glimpses of. How I have perceived it, how I have seen it through talking to you, it feels almost as if this no-nonsense part of you is mask you have had built up ever since your upbringing."

ba806 No.93621

Are you sure it's wise to speak to the pony you've essentially raped like that? She may be acting distant because you went full base from her caring side.

73cef No.93622

She sighs
"Silver, you do not like having to compete with a far younger stallion. But how would you like to compete with a mare who has been dead longer than you have been alive? Do you think I want to be always thought of as the inferior to the Queen of Bandits, at once the strongest and the fairest of them all? And that's nothing compared to what I face with Dark Star, who has fallen in love with this idealized version of a mare, and has mistaken me for it for some reason. I know I cannot sustain that illusion indefinitely.

Silver, I know you have feelings for me. Or had them anyways. And I like to be the subject of affection, just as anypony does. And to that end, I let you get far with me. I let you get very far with me because I understood what it meant for you. I was generous with you, and you took advantage of that generosity.

I had one condition with you. Exactly one condition. And that was that you would not inseminate me, or at least not my vagina. Yes Silver, I was going to let you fuck me after I rolled over. I was going to see if you wanted to, and then either pull out a condom from the nightstand, or just let you make love anally. Instead, you immediately moved aside my tail, and without asking me if I wanted it, penetrated me without protection. I felt uncomfortable. I knew that it was not what I wanted. But I did not say anything. I did not say anything because I liked the attention you have given me these past couple days. I liked the affection. And I did not want to hurt your feelings. But at the same time I knew damned well that I had promised Dark Star that I would not be inseminated by any pony other than him. And while I knew damned well I had been violating the spirit of the promise by letting you go as far as you had, I intended to uphold my exact words by making you wear a condom before you fucked me. And you, by forcing yourself inside me, did not even allow me to so much as keep that part of my promise to him.

And so, uneasily, I asked you to at least pull out. And though I was still uncomfortable, I still lied there. But I knew that was not enough, because you would be disappointed if I played a purely passive roll. So I pretended to enjoy it, because I knew that is what you wanted, and I wanted to give you what you wanted. But after all of that, you could not even pull out. And thus I was left physically violated, and having myself violated Dark Star's trust."

ba806 No.93623

Called it.

73cef No.93624

She continues
"And now when you tell me that you don't actually love me, that you really don't want anything other than to be friends, and that I am definitely no 'Bandit Queen,' to you, well… that's just insulting. In that case, why did you even try to fuck me in the first place? Am I just some easy lay to you? Was I stupid for trying to protect non-existent feelings? Was it all for nothing and the whole thing just a mistake for both of us?"

ba806 No.93625

Of course it was a mistake. Iron told you. Now you'll suffer the bad memory of the plantation colt being right. Truly the worst fate for Skies.

e69b3 No.93626

Silver remains quiet for a couple seconds, before responding: "So, that is how you see it? You think you are competing with Storm Warning? Blue, you are not inferior to her, and I do not view you as competing with her. You are Blue Skies, not Storm Warning. I would not want you to be Storm Warning, and I do not want another Storm Warning. You are your own pony and that is what makes you so great. I want Blue Skies. And Storm…well, you said it yourself: she has been dead for long time. Why would I focus on that past I already had, why would I try to compare you to it, when I would have you here right in front of me in present and future?

"I am sorry for having violated you, and your trust, and your generosity. It was extraordinarily misguided attempt to explore my feelings for you. I am more sorry than you could ever know, and more than I feel any words could accurately describe. Had you said something, I would have stopped in heartbeat. I never wanted to hurt you or betray you. I know nothing I could do will change fact that I did so, but I will still try because I feel that you are more than worth that effort. I would not be here if I did not think so. So I beg of you, to give me chance I am not even sure as stupid pony as me deserves, or to at least tell me to my face to get out of your life. To at least give me some answer so that I might comply with whatever it is you wish of me, whether I like answer or not."

Silver also responds to this: "And how would you have reacted, had I said I loved you?"

73cef No.93627

"A chance to do what?"

ba806 No.93628

"Chance to lemme smash again. Dis time I cum outside. Pretty please."

e69b3 No.93629

"Chance to show you just how sorry I am for having hurt you, and show you exactly how much you mean to me. I am not smart pony, and I am not good with words. Forget everything else I have said, if it is needed, as I know how much of it sounds like nonsense or how much of it contradicts itself. So I ask you to give me chance to show you what I truly mean."

73cef No.93630

"okay…" she says, softly
Her ears fold back, and she lays her head down on the table, between her hooves and forelegs

ba806 No.93631

This is not going to end well. Again.

e69b3 No.93632

Silver is…well, if he's being honest with himself, he hasn't got this part figured out just yet. How in Tartarus is he ever going to show everything he wants to show her?

Slowly, he trots up to the desk looking upon he form laying flat against her worktable. She looks so…vulnerable, right now, it brings a desire to protect her out from his heart. He wants to tell her everything is going to be okay, even if he himself isn't sure that's entirely true. He tentatively reaches a hoof out, and…starts petting her, right on the top of her head. It's a soft, gentle motion, and Silver puts as much as he can into making it seem reassuring. A small part of his mind tells him that this is the right thing to do for the moment. Though another part of his mind reminds him that he can't always trust his own mind. Silver promptly tells them to be be quiet.

73cef No.93633

She lays there. Well, sort of lays there, sitting in a chair with her head on laying on the desk. At least she's still soft. She hasn't reacted yet

e69b3 No.93634

It requires a little bit of a balancing act on Silver's part for just a second, but he manages to put his other forehoof onto the table, letting it rest against one of hers. He rubs it against the soft fetlock, feeling it against the frog of his own hoof. His voice is soft, much softer than she has heard before. Or, at least, its the softest he can make it, what with his voice being damaged and whatnot. "Blue…"

73cef No.93635

She moves her turquoise eyes over to him, and her left ear twitches
"What?" in a tone midway between o emotion and irritation

e69b3 No.93636

Not a good sign, but Silver keeps on course. More specifically, he wraps Blue up in a sudden embrace. He sounds as if he's barring his heart for her to see through his voice: the joy she's given him, the regret he feels for having hurt her, the sadness and fear of her leaving him, the hope that he can find something to do or say to make this right. All of it. He doesn't care how vulnerable it makes him to her, how much of an opportunity it gives her to hurt him deeply, because deep down he knows he needs to say it like this. "I love you, Blue. Even though I am just some old, stupid, pathetic pickle-head, unworthy of mare like yourself, even though there is other who has your heart, I still love you."

ba806 No.93637

You're just tempting fate now.

73cef No.93638

*poner is hugged*
She smiles slightly, and raises her ears and head, thhough her hooves remain on the table

e69b3 No.93639

He doesn't want to let go just yet, for the fear that somehow, if he does, she would disappear into nothingness, and be lost to him forever. He knows he has to, eventually, and that he still has to get those books for her, but he wants to enjoy this wonderful day of bright Blue Skies just a little longer. So, he holds her in a tight embrace, happy to be able to. "I would still like to go out with you to see movie, sometime after this is done. It will be on me."

95054 No.93640

Caught between Silver’s hooves, the little bird in his grasp does not fly away - to be lost forever to him to the endless skies. She remains right there.
She responds
“That sounds nice… but Dark Star already had plans to take me to the fair tonight”

e69b3 No.93641

It's a feeling he will cherish forever onwards. "Sounds like you two will be having fun. Tomorrow, then?"

ba806 No.93642

From the cucker to the cucked. We'll see how this goes.

95054 No.93643

“Perhaps” She says. “We shall see how it goes”

e69b3 No.93644

"In that case, I hope I shall see you for that tomorrow. It will be fun, and I will enjoy spending some time with you." He pulls back out of the embrace to be able to look Blue face-to-face. The joy that fills his beaming smile is a welcome far cry from the depression when he first left this room, and the determination when he returned. He keeps his forehooves on the sides of Blue's head, cradling it between them. "But for now…I believe you have some books you would like me to retrieve for you from catacombs, yes?"

95054 No.93645

“Yes, those books are of interest” she says

e69b3 No.93646

He smiles, nods, and finally releases his little bird free to be able to stand tall and confident. "It should not take but moment."

95054 No.93647

She stands, wings down, tail down, and with a somewhat serious expression
“Well then, we shall see”

e69b3 No.93648

Silver gives her a small salute and a smile to leave her with as he, for a second time today, leaves her office. His spirits are in much better a state than they were previously. Ponies who watch him pass could swear he had a vibrant aura of gaiety to him. Sure, he's not quite there yet with making things right with Blue: he's got quite a bit of work ahead of him. But to even be able to say he has the opportunity to work towards that goal is enough to make him jovial.

First, he stops at the front desk, as he has yet to take care of Green Basin's tags and medals. Perhaps the pony here will be willing to do something to help.

95054 No.93649

There’s a green Earth Pony there. He is wearing a black uniform, and smells of cigarettes

e69b3 No.93650

Might have just gotten off a cigarette break. Phew. Wow, those are potent. Is this how Silver smells to ponies after he has one?

Either way, he shows the pony here the tags and medals, and explains the situation to him much similarly to how Silver explained it to Blue.

95054 No.93651

I don’t know what to say to this

e69b3 No.93652

Any particular reason why? Should I just type out what he says instead of being a lazy bastard?

ba806 No.93653

I suggest indifference. He is simply a guard.

95054 No.93654

No, it’s the needing to dig through old posts while I am out eating

e69b3 No.93655

In that case, let me type something out, then.

e69b3 No.93656

"I found these on New Marelander soldier, out in quarry near Curwhinny Farm. Private Green Basin, pegasus, 19th Infantry underneath General Ironwood during invasion of Equestria. He had gotten himself caught by some form of undead creature in quarry during that time, and was turned into lake ghast. It is like zombie, almost, except exceptionally strong and resilient. I put him to his final rest, figured Black Hooves would be best ponies to make sure his dog tags and campaign medals got to his next-of-kin. They need to know he died with honor in service to his country and his people."

95054 No.93657

He takes the dog tags, holds them up, and stares at them, a subtle tear in his eye
“Thank you for bringing these in… you know, it makes a real difference to bring these in. It may mean a name gets taken off the MIA list, and a family gets closure”

e69b3 No.93658

It feels nice to do something nice. "It is least I could do. He served his country well. He deserved peace, and his family deserves to know that he is resting peacefully now, watching over them."

73cef No.93660

He nods, then looks to Silver.
"Thank you, again. You say he was killed by a zombie? That's a terrible way to go. And at the very end of the war as well. Definitely in the last week"

e69b3 No.93661

"Zombie or something like it. I have heard them called 'ghasts' before. It looked like he was chasing EDF soldiers into catacombs underneath Curwhinny Farm when he got caught. They met similar fates, either dying to some unknown causes or getting turned into ghasts, themselves. I would, uh…" He looks uncomfortable, mentioning this next part, and remembering the state Green Basin's body was in. "…well, his body is recoverable, but…it is not pretty sight. Not at all. I would certainly not want to remember him like that at funeral, if I were of his family. Zombification does number on equine body. Doubly so when body was underwater since War's end."

73cef No.93662

He nods
“War dead are collected and buried at the cemetery off Coffin Bay road on the promontory. Don’t be too worried about the conditions of the bodies. Corpses in worse states are sometimes interred.”
The pony stands back to show his rear legs. Or rather, his lack of rear legs, as they have been replaced by prosthetics.

e69b3 No.93663

Silver gives them a respectful acknowledgment. He doesn't want to be rude, after all. As a bonus, he can gain an appreciation for how even the field of prosthetics has advanced since he was young. "How did that happen, if I might ask?"

73cef No.93664

“Artillery round exploded nearby, Jungle campaign”
Yes, his accent is foreign

e69b3 No.93665

He figured as much, though that hasn't had much of an impact on his perception of this pony. Silver himself sounds foreign, after all. "Artillery. Probably most devastating weapon of war we have ever developed. I am glad it did not fully take your life. There are lack of good ponies in this world." Silver suddenly feels very lucky that his own scars are individually minor compared to this stallion's. "If you do send team to collect Green Basin's body, I would advise caution. I do not know how many more ghasts are waiting beneath surface of water within quarry, and they are deadly to face against in combat. If team hears voices, or even faintest sound of something near water, then they need to leave as soon as they are able."

73cef No.93666

He looks at Silver
“Artillery is not a pleasant weapon, no. Far more unpleasant to have explode behind you. I’m glad we had more of it, and more planes as well.

I’ve never seen the undead. I’ve never heard of the ‘Curwhinny Farm’ either. I guess there are a multitude of horrors out there to be stumbled upon. I stumbled upon a few myself in the jungle. I do know that the War left its scars - and its casualties all over”

e69b3 No.93667

"Right. I hope we can avoid creating any more casualties, from now on." He holds a hoof out for the pony to shake. "I do not believe I have caught your name yet. I am Silver Sword."

73cef No.93668

“Well, that’s what I am here for now.” He extends out his hoof
“I am Dusty Outback. Nice to meet you, Silver”

e69b3 No.93669

*hoof is shaken*

"Pleasure is all mine, Dusty. It was nice meeting you, but I have task I need to fulfill for Blue Skies. Perhaps I will see you after I return?"

73cef No.93670

“Perhaps so. Who are you precisely? I don’t believe you’re a formal employee, at least that I know of”

e69b3 No.93671

"I am not, no. Mercenary, I suppose is term for it, or at least that is term I have used in past. Thinking about formally joining with Black Hooves, though. I may not agree with everything that comes from those higher up in organization, but it seems as though joining would offer best opportunity to help my fellow countryponies.

73cef No.93672

He nods
“Indeed it could. Changelings, Communists, bandits… they are no joke”

e69b3 No.93673

"I have had bad experiences with all three. Helped in fight against Changelings during War, had to watch as my Motherland was destroyed by Reds when Steel Stallion came to power, and bandits are something I once dealt with on semi-regular basis, back in my hay day. I know what dangers they all carry, and why it is imperative we are all united when they come for us."

73cef No.93674

“I see. You must be one of them Stallion-gradder’s. Well, I appreciate what you’ve done so far”

e69b3 No.93675

He frowns slightly at the term, and his voice takes on an spiteful tone. "Stalliongrader is insult to what it used to mean to be Severyanan, back when we were proud people, and had honor and purpose, culture and history." Realizing that this could be misunderstood as him being upset at Dusty, he smiles at him. "Sorry, it is nothing you said. I just…do not have good memories of what Communists did to my beloved Severyana, land of my ancestors, nor do I have good opinion on that bunch of traitors that make up that 'Supreme Soviet', hiding up in that ridiculous Palace they built."

73cef No.93676

“Good Stallion. Never trust the communists and their talk of ‘international revolution’ or ‘worker solidarity.’ And don’t let them repeat the same here.”

e69b3 No.93677

"I already lost one home to them. I will not let them take another." He sighs. "Anyways, I really need to be going on this errand, now. It was wonderful meeting you, Dusty, and I hope we get to talk some more in future."

73cef No.93678

“Nice meeting you, and may you come around again”
He nods to Silver

ba806 No.93679

Oh he's going to come all over.

e69b3 No.93680

Silver nods back to Dusty. "I certainly hope to."

Not only did Silver take care of Green Basin's tags, but he also made a fine new acquaintance. Bonus. With all of that taken care of, Silver heads into the alley where he stashed his Bits Gun, grabs it, and makes his way home to put away his newly acquired instruments, and grab his cart for the job of hauling books out of the catacombs.


ba806 No.93681

You have a gun that shoot bits?

73cef No.93682


Who else is here?

e69b3 No.93683

No idea. Shit's pretty dead today. Or more like undead, am I right gentlemen?
Anyways, once Silver's got his cart, he returns to the oh-so-lovely Curwhinny Farm entrance to the catacombs. Silver is starting to feel rather familiar with this area, which is a…startling prospect, to be sure.

Well, it shoots bullets, and you use Bits to buy bullets, so I suppose you could say it fires Bits.

ba806 No.93684


ba806 No.93685

It fires magical metal things that somehow pass through flesh.

ba806 No.93686

Ah well. I'll go to bed now. Be safe you two. Here's hoping no more character hiccups.
At least not devastating ones.

e69b3 No.93687

INB4: Silver fukin' dies.

Anyways, 'night!

ff64b No.93688

File: 1552114760427.png (239.89 KB, 606x646, _absolutely disgusting.png)

He's not wrong she did let him eat her out. they are both to blame.
>But, I can not claim that which belongs to another
didnt stop you before did it?
she fucking wanted it,like i said.
>I had one condition with you. Exactly one condition. And that was that you would not inseminate me, or at least not my vagina. [B]Yes Silver, I was going to let you fuck me after I rolled over[/B]. I was going to see if you wanted to, and then either pull out a condom from the nightstand, or just let you make love anally.
>I did not say anything because I liked the attention you have given me these past
> I liked the affection. And I did not want to hurt your feelings.
>pic related
>But at the same time I knew damned well that I had promised Dark Star that I would not be inseminated by any pony other than him
yea no Dark star said i don't want you to fuck other stallions while in a relationship with him.
i saw it coming too.
you're not wrong.

fb4e2 No.93689

I'm here
I hate foreign films,
pretentious boring foreign films,
I hate foreign films,
a bullet sil voux plait

73cef No.93690

fb4e2 No.93691

Too late? I mean I know Onyx is out, and Spark probably is too.

73cef No.93692

Maybe a brief scene? The scene with Silver has passed, so I guess Dark Star can begin the Fair Date

ff64b No.93693

yea give me a little bit.

fb4e2 No.93694

Well, I don't want to distress the Lings, I want them to enjoy the trip. So I suppose I could take them out to the dome,….

73cef No.93695

Nightfall is coming in, but at least Wesley is exited to watch the passing scenery of the magic kingdom of ponies outside. The first stop of the trip - Moonlight Bay - is coming up soon enough

fb4e2 No.93696

"So genießen Sie Jugendliche die Reise bisher? Möchten Sie zurück in die Kuppel gehen und die Landschaft genießen?"

73cef No.93697

Wesley: "Ja!" *wags tail a couple times*

Kerr: "Es ist nicht schlecht. Ich denke wir könnten zurückgehen"

fb4e2 No.93698

Brie takes the Lings to the rear dome

73cef No.93699

As noted before, there are more ponies around than there were on the first walk through. This is true of the rear area as well

fb4e2 No.93700

73cef No.93701

Well, it would follow that as night sets, the areas that are purely based on observation, like the domes and the bullet lounge, would start to thin out. Especially around traditional dinner time

fb4e2 No.93702

Glad we ate something earlier. Still, even if there's ponies around the Lings should be able to enjoy the sights.

73cef No.93703

Kerr more so is afraid of ponies. Wesley has more faith in his innate ability to deceive, and is more curious overall

fb4e2 No.93704

Brie sticks close to them, hoping his presence will allow them to relax a bit.

73cef No.93705

Kerr curls up on a couch by the glass dome, trying to keep his distance from the other ponies in the room, while Wesley stares out the window. After some minutes he whispers
"Wo ist das graue Pony?"

e69b3 No.93706

It's nice to see they're thinking about ol' Silver.
Unless they're talking about a different grey pony, in which case, carry on.

ff64b No.93707

Alright, i forget was Dark Star still Dreaming?

73cef No.93708

I had had him dreaming, then had a plan for it but abandoned it because I didn't want the implications, the thought of something else, and then Silver completed his thing already so Dark Star can wake up

ff64b No.93709

I dunno i kinda wanted to see what you had planned.

fb4e2 No.93710

"Er ist zurück in Baltimare. Wir werden ihn mehrere Tage nicht sehen, aber rechtzeitig werden Sie ihn wiedersehen." Brie whispers back

73cef No.93711

Nah, the purpose of dreams is to give characters something to do when time cannot skip. I am sure I will reuse it

He nods
"Er war ein guter Gastgeber"

ff64b No.93712

Dark Star awakens in a cold sweat
Dark Star looks at his now thoroughly drenched blankets he Sighs at his Nightmare
"I really shouldn't drink Before Going to Sleep,I always have Nightmares after that."
Dark Star Takes the Sweat Covered blankets off the bed,then he puts them in the corner,And heads down stairs.

73cef No.93713

Oh, it could be so much worse

As he heads down, he sees that it is nightfall

ff64b No.93714

>Oh, it could be so much worse
Dark Star Walks over to the bartender and say "What time Is It?"

73cef No.93715

"Round about 6 PM" says the bartender

ff64b No.93716

"sounds like it's about time then."
"Hey, is there an Automobile salesman in town?"

73cef No.93717

"There should be, yes"

ff64b No.93718

"hey would you fill up my flask?"

73cef No.93719

"Uh, sure"
He does so with Dark Star's preferred alcohol

ff64b No.93720

Dark Star Pays him and says "if anyone comes looking for me i'll be at the Fair Grounds on Franklin Benjamare avenue."
And with that Dark Star makes his way there.

73cef No.93721

To the fair grounds?

ff64b No.93722

No to the HQ to pick up blue

73cef No.93723

And so it is.

I have to go to sleep now though

e69b3 No.93724

Sleep well!

ff64b No.93725


ff64b No.93726

Afternoon poners

e69b3 No.93727

Afternoon, edge poner. Cyka blyat poner here.

ff64b No.93728

Henlo ruski

73cef No.93729

File: 1552166313951.jpeg (28.65 KB, 400x414, 65BFAFF9-E8FC-479B-BBC4-0….jpeg)


ff64b No.93730

File: 1552166725641.png (466.44 KB, 2772x2048, _boop 1.png)


ba806 No.93731


e69b3 No.93732

File: 1552167326581.png (317.7 KB, 1280x1677, 1297498__safe_artist-colon….png)


ba806 No.93733

Dang. Why I don't have Lime boops in my folder?
I feel inadequate.

73cef No.93734

Alright, I may as well begin something

She looks back at Iron with an expression of concern
"They said what? They were planning to attack ponies?"

It's nightfall, and there are lights on in the headquarters

He's arrived at nighttime. there are lights across the street, including from two lampposts that are turned on, presumably the first of many to come. There are a few cricket sounds, but otherwise, the farm is silent

ba806 No.93735

Iron nods.
"Yes. They were trying to pretend to be natives to stop some sort of business agreement or something like that."
A tribal-like version of a bulb turns on in his head, remembering something. He stands up and walks towards the pile of armor plates.
"I think I snagged a paper related to it in that pier where the meeting took place."
He rummages through his inventory to show her.
Up to you if he finds it or not, but I remember he took it. Mostly a business plan of building a sort of natural resource extraction.

ff64b No.93736

Dark Star Takes a sip of his flask looking a little nervous,he does his best to act casual then he walks in.

ff64b No.93737


73cef No.93738

You mean a torch?
He should have it. The Badlands Pipeline project, detailing a plan to build a pipeline through the forests to Baltimare

"They are planning open revolt…"

73cef No.93739

One guard, one pony at a desk, and of course the three doors

ba806 No.93740

Iron nods.
"Were planning open revolt. They were stopped for now. A good thing too, as it let me bring those gold bars back."
He apporaches back to the couch and gently sits on it, releasing the paper from his mouth inbetween the two of them.
"Here. You should know better than me what this means."

ff64b No.93741

Dark Star stops to talk to the guard.
"Hey Colt, Hows it going tonight?"

e69b3 No.93742

There is something almost magical about this nighttime quiet. I can see why bat ponies like it so much. Oh well, time to dive back in. It takes him a minute to prepare the gas mask for the adventure: reattaching the air cannister to the gas mask, working the valves so he can actually breath while wearing the damn thing, checking the filter, and prepping another cannister in case he needs to swap them out. He doesn't yet trust the quality of air inside the catacombs. Give it a day to air out, perhaps, and he might be more willing to do so.

Parking his cart right outside the cellar entrance, Silver, deciding he's ready, puts on his gas mask and dives right back on in to the dank, dark catacombs. Hello again, my friend.

73cef No.93743

"… What exactly did you do?"
She looks at the papers
"This is a business proposal. Or looks like one, anyways"


We need to begin a timer for this

e69b3 No.93744

Probably. Good thing Silver has a pocket watch to check.

ba806 No.93745

Iron shrugs.
"I just went in, beat up some of the weak ponies there towards the ship and grabbed a chest containing some gold bars. Nothing else apart from that. No idea why the explosion happened but it was sure nice since I get a good amount of money for it."
He nods when Cauldron confirms the nature of the document.
"I see. Nothing particular about it? Anything like who is proposing what to whom?"

73cef No.93746

Actually, I don't believe Silver has consumed the "hide from undead"

"You did what now?"

e69b3 No.93747

Almost forgot about that. He is most definitely going to take it now.

ba806 No.93748

Iron cocks his head.
"I just said what I did. Punch ponies and got gold bars. Nothing too dramatic, apart from severe machete wounds from a griffon leader."
He frowns, remembering such disgraceful death he suffered.
(I was too much of a coward to ask him for a fight. Never again shall I cower from battle.)

ff64b No.93749

"Heard any New Rumors?"

fb4e2 No.93750

File: 1552169384106.png (320.31 KB, 1024x1901, limestone5.png)

>tfw no boop img

ba806 No.93751

Stahp. Don bully meh.

ff64b No.93752

File: 1552169601248.png (238.31 KB, 2772x2048, _boop 2.png)

Absolutely bullied

73cef No.93753

File: 1552169779889.png (100.63 KB, 558x600, aea.png)


"Well, we might have a new helper"


"I see… Well, this looks like an internal business report. It looks like several companies and the New Mareland government are all taking a part"

Probably a good thing, because he can hear sounds deeper inside

ff64b No.93754

"oh really? Who Are they?"

ff64b No.93755

File: 1552169859830.png (229.45 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)

e69b3 No.93756

As to be expected when you have catacombs filled with the undead.

Silver heads for the unburnt library first to his right, figuring it's more important to get done first since it has more books he can recover.

ba806 No.93757

Iron nods.
"Well, aside from that plan, they were also taking guns from overseas to arm themselves and all. From the objective of eliminating business oportunities to hinder economical activity, maybe we could say that the government caught on to this and planned an attack. This is why I assume that they attacked and not any sort of crime bosses, although maybe one underboss from the gang may have traded money for guns. I suggest to keep an eye out for any sort of marine-based underbosses, see if they spout their dumb rhetoric."

ba806 No.93758

*also brining in guns from overseas

73cef No.93759

Mostly uneventful, but he has to essentially walk right past a ghoul

"A Stalliongradder pony came in earlier, carrying dog tags, and made some remarks about hating communists"

She ponders this for a moment
"Well… that's definitely the sort of thing that would provoke a government response. I just hope it's not aimed at us"

ff64b No.93760

"A stalliongrader? was he a silver color?"

ba806 No.93761

Iron shakes his head.
"I do not think it was aimed at the gang. Maybe it was assumed that it would cause collateral damage towards the gang. Do you know what is the current relationship between the Waterfront Gang and the government?"

e69b3 No.93762

We will put you to rest soon enough, my friend. You can count on it.

And thus, Silver begins grabbing everything he can from the library, first stuffing books in his bags, then anywhere on his body they will fit, then finally carrying as many as he can with his magic. He feels very encumbered by the weight of all of these old and dusty tomes, and he'd sneeze if it wasn't for the mask he's wearing. He takes a look as he works to see how many more times he will have to do this if he wants to clear out this library.

ba806 No.93763

Don't shove books up your ass Silver.

73cef No.93764

Roll strength

“Yes. Yes he was.”

“The new government and the gang have never really gotten along. Certainly less well than the city government. But they can’t really do much either without a considerable expenditure of resources”

e69b3 No.93765

Dice rollRolled 1 + 2

>INB4: rolls a 1
>INB4: brings the entire library down on top of him

e69b3 No.93766

Called it.

ff64b No.93767

"Was he a pickle head?"

ba806 No.93768

Iron nods.
"I see. Well, they probably were not aiming directly to cause some damage. It was more of a bonus since someone in the gang took part on it. We shall see if they try to rise up more support against us later on."

73cef No.93769

“Why yes. Do you know this fellow?”

Suffice it to say, he’s not carrying many books this rounds. In fact, he may even have broken his carrying case

“I don’t know… there has been unease in the city government as well. They don’t like arms trafficking any more than the foreigners. I just hope nothing really bad happens”

e69b3 No.93770

Celestia damn it all! Well, he might as well bring back what he can. If this keeps up, he's going to have to use the last of his Bits to get more potions and a new saddlebag.

ff64b No.93771

"i Believe so, His name is most likely Silver Sword. I've worked with him on a couple missions. He's Sort of like a mentor to me. i trust him with my life.he's a good pony."

ba806 No.93772

Iron smiles.
"If it gives you any sort of reassurance, I can watch your back. The ultimate muscle and mind combo that no one can stop."

73cef No.93773

She nods, though she does not quite smile

Well, he can carry at least two books

“D’aww, that’s sweet”

e69b3 No.93774

And thus, the very disappointed unicorn brings back two books to the cart.

ff64b No.93775

"yea he's a good addition to the Black hoofs, he would never betray the cause."
Dark Star smiles

ba806 No.93776

His smile fades as she does not follow.
"You are worrying about your family, are you not?"

73cef No.93777

“You really think so?” He adds “if that is so, maybe we should try to add him”

Poor Silver. Now the question: how will he get all of the books up?

“Well, my family family isn’t connected, but yes, I am. We never thought what happened in Manehattan would happen, but it did, and that itself was modeled on the crackdown in Los Pegasus

e69b3 No.93778

That is…certainly an interesting question.

Are the books on a free-standing bookcase he could push to the cellar entrance?

ff64b No.93779

"I'll Talk to Sea Breeze about it. Hey is Blue Skies around?"

ba806 No.93780

Iron winces at hearing the loss of her home.
"I understand your fears, but I would believe the crackdown on crime will be on hold for a long while, especially since they know those cowards were trying to cause trouble. That should leave you with a long time to plan for a new home to go for."

73cef No.93781

They are not. It’s a furniture-like fixture into the wall

Her ear twitches
“A new home?”

“Why yes, she’s in the back in the second room on the left”

e69b3 No.93782

And I imagine I would be correct in assuming that there's no way he could bring his cart down into the catacombs to make it easier.

73cef No.93783

Roll luck

ba806 No.93784

Iron nods.
"It should leave you with some sort of relief, knowing that you and your family's future are safe again the moment it all blows up."
He looks to the side, a bit uneasy.
"Unless you were planning on staying here."

ff64b No.93785

Dark Star Smiles at him
"thanks my friend, i'll talk to you later."
Dark Star Trots back to the room he was directed to

e69b3 No.93786

Dice rollRolled 19

>INB4: rolls a 1
>INB4: breaks the cart

73cef No.93787

“What do you mean?” She looks up at him. Yes, she is worried


Well, rolling it down the stairs would be a little awkward, the hall way there is narrow, and bringing in through the doorways into the catacombs would require a mover’s skill, but it looks possible

He can see her in there, with numerous papers scattered about her. Some look like paperwork, and some belong to faxed, yellowed, and ripped notebooks

ff64b No.93789

Dark Star Takes a Drink from his flask and then Walks in with a warm smile
"Hey there Blue."

e69b3 No.93790

One of the rare times Silver rolls a 19.

Fuck it.

Silver does not want to do this too many more times, with only a limited time frame and a damaged saddlebag. Summoning form the master finagler inside of him, he attempts to bring the cart back with him inside the catacombs.

1b5c7 No.93791

Iron looks down, seeing Cauldron so worried.
"While I am also hoping that nothing will happen, we should always prepare for the worst. I am not being too pessimistic, am I?"

73cef No.93792

She looks up,

It makes a concerning sound as it goes down the stairs, it touches the walls more than a couple times as it scrapes the wall, and needs to be wiggled through the door from the side hallway into the main catacomb hallway. At least it can manuever - sort of - inside the catacomb main hallway

Also, roll die

“But still, what are you suggesting?”

e69b3 No.93793

Dice rollRolled 11

Okay, NOW is the part where I roll a 1.

1b5c7 No.93794

Iron pokes his chin.
"You will probably have to move to another city when the crackdown happens, right? I was thinking of looking for another place to stay before that time comes."
He scratches the back of his head, visibly nervous.
"Failing that, I do have a last resort that could solve your problems with the law, but it is going to be a tough change of lifestyle to adapt to."

ff64b No.93795

"you look pretty busy."
Dark Star says looking around

73cef No.93796

A ghoul in the hallway moves off just before blocking Silver’s path

She looks at him
“Despite my ‘exotic’ appearance”
She looks at herself for that
“I’ve lived all of my life in Baltimare. I grew with the members of these gangs. And I still see my father and brother and sister everyday. Or almost every day. I don’t want to leave it”

73cef No.93797

She looks up at him, then smiles
“You can Thank that Silver for that. Or I can anyways. Looks like that Celestia worshiper actually did something good near the end of his life”

1b5c7 No.93798

Iron nods understandingly, a huge relieved sigh escapes his lips.
"I see. Well, the one other thing I can think of is maybe bribery to let you and your family off the hook."

ff64b No.93799

"Need some help going through it all? He's still got plenty of time ahead of him. you know,i actually kind of bonded with him During the mission to save the foals. He reminds me of my Dad."
Dark Star smiles at this

e69b3 No.93800

So, is his path blocked, or is he free to move forward?


cdc0d No.93801

To be treated with respect, you have to respect others.

73cef No.93802

“That depends on how they handle it. The local police and politicians have historically been fairly willing to take bribes, at least where the crimes involved didn’t really seem too bad. With the Black Briar Massacre, they are under more pressure. The Black Hooves tend to rotate out foreign soldiers, and send them in larger groups where an individual could not be bribed. That makes it more difficult. And of course if they take a page from the Manehattan crackdown, police and politicians who accept bribes will be treated worse than the syndicates”

“Oh, I’m mostly cataloguing it now. I don’t have the knowledge to actually see what we have here.”
Through her teeth, she says
“Not like my dad”

He is free to advance

e69b3 No.93803

And thus, Silver makes it to the library, cart in tow. Okay, now then… Silver begins to moves books off the shelves and into the cart.

ff64b No.93804

"I'll help you catalouge."
Dark Star picks up one of the books
"Yea,i fully trust silver he's a great pony."

cdc0d No.93805

Iron is not liking the odds if his grimace is any indication.
"I find it hard to give out solutions without compromising the gang in some way if the previous answers are not possible."
He rests his head onto the sofa, somewhat frustrated at his lack of options to help Cauldron.
"Sorry if my mind cannot come up with solutions right now. You can always count on me if you need some protection or distraction from the cops, though."
He weakly smiles at her, albeit a little forced due to how little he helped in quelling her fears.

73cef No.93806

She nods, still a little uneasy
“Thank you”

It’s quite a large number of books. It may not be as big as a public library, but it has at least a wing’s worth of books on it

She grimaces
“Didn’t you have tickets to the fair?”

e69b3 No.93807

Silver still attempts to get as many as he can on the cart without, you know, breaking it.

cdc0d No.93808

Feeling the need to liven up the sour mood in the room, Iron tries to change subject.
"So how are your relatives doing?"

ff64b No.93809

"Whats wrong? yea but i assumed you couldn't go untill you finish with this."

73cef No.93810

Roll die!

She does ha e a sort of sad look on her, but she looks up at Iron
“Good. My brother is still painting, my sister has just started cosmetics school. And my father… well, he’s still him”

“Oh no, in fact, he should be bringing in even more books”

e69b3 No.93811

Dice rollRolled 13

>INB4: natural fucking 1

ff64b No.93812

"Why did you grimace are you okay?"

1b5c7 No.93813

"Tell me more about that painting your brother is painting. Is it like the one painting I saw at the restaurant of zebras winning against ponies?"

73cef No.93814

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve just had a few arguments with that Celestia worshiper that were a little sour. But his help with this shows he’s coming around.”

She tilts her head, and an ear falls down.
“I think it’s called ‘surrealism’ and ‘neo-expressionism’… it’s a more symbolic style of painting. Like he has a painting of the forest, but it shows the connection of zebra to nature. And he also has this painting of the bombing of Baltimare, which shows the horror of it. I think that’s Moselle can off of the famous ‘marenica’ by Peacocko. He takes quite a bit from foreign painters he has been studying”

73cef No.93815

Silver may wish he had this much luck controlling himself in the bedroom. He is able to swiftly enough grab a whole shelf

ff64b No.93816

"what were those arguments about?"

e69b3 No.93817

Silver's story is that Blue is just that good with her muscle control, and he's sticking to it. At least in his mind.

He's starting to think he severely underestimated the number of books here, as he watches as his cart rapidly fills up with old tomes books.

1b5c7 No.93818

Iron cocks his head at her facial expressions.
"Do you like his work?"

73cef No.93819

File: 1552182330915.jpg (42.05 KB, 720x439, 1522155737621.jpg)

Now that's the kind of explanation even Blue Skies herself might be persuaded of

It does indeed look like there are many books in this library, even if some shelf spaces were empty to begin with

"Yes, I do. Even if I do not understand it. He takes a more literal approach to the material than the painters he takes inspiration from. In the bombing picture, for instance, I think he makes good use of reds and yellows."

"Oh, about the Blackhooves and their presence in Equestria. He is especially skeptical of their commitment to to fighting against the changelings"

ff64b No.93820

e69b3 No.93821

He might need to make a second trip for the rest of these, Silver thinks, as he starts moving on to storing books on his person and in his poor, ripped saddlebags. At least Blue will be excited for the prospect of having an entire library wing's worth of rare books recovered.


cdc0d No.93822

Iron's head pulls just a little bit.
"That sounds rather deep. Frankly, my drawings are simple stick figures still."
He chuckles a little.
"Do you think I can see a painting of his?"

73cef No.93823

File: 1552182860185.gif (562.91 KB, 504x504, 539.gif)

At least there's the hope that these books are rare.

It's not a massive library, but the Blackhooves will definitely have gotten their money's worth


She laughs
"I only have one of his paintings, and it's a much older one, not his present style"

cdc0d No.93824

"Could you show me?"
His head is fully up, his curiosity peaking. Eyebrows raised and a little glint of wonder.

e69b3 No.93825

Not bad work, for 4,000 Bits.

Silver looks at how many more he has yet to gather, after grabbing some additional books in his magic.

73cef No.93826

"Maybe you'll appreciate this one"
She points for him to go through the hallway, and into the room on the left

ff64b No.93827

X to Doubt

cdc0d No.93828

Iron stands up, his expectations rising.
Clop by clop, he walks ever so closer to the painting's location, passing through the hallway and opening the left room's door.

73cef No.93829

Blue Skies smiles at Dark Star
"Were you going to take me on a date?"

This room is clearly a bed room, with a simple double bed that has on it a bed sheet of beige and pillows that are beige edged, white, and with pink flower designs on them. There is one plant - it sort of looks like a small palm tree - in the left corner. On the wall across from the bed in the direction it is facing, is a painting which must be the painting in question

cdc0d No.93830

He nods at how pleasing to the eye this room is. It reminds him of an actual palm tree with its hearts of palm in full bloom, ripe for tasting.
"Is this your room, Cauldron?" He yells at the living room.

With that, he closes the painting, ready to see its contents.

cdc0d No.93831

*Closes the distance between Iron ans the painting, awaiting

73cef No.93832

It's probably worth mentioning that she goes into the room before he does, standing to his left, deeper into the room
She looks at him, straight in the eyes, and says
"Why yes. Yes it is"

And now for the actual painting. It seems to be a sort of image of a pond with some sort of fancy building in the back ground, and a few zebras and trees in the foreground

To be a bit more descriptive, to the right of the foreground are leafy deciduous trees. The painter did not try to detail every leaf, as the trees themselves seem almost blured, blending in three different varieties of green. In the foreground, likewise, is the small lake, with various blues mixed in, with realism once again not being the main focus. There are several of what seem to be lilies, frogs, and koi in the pond, judging by scattered greens and oranges. Zebras along the grass to the left of the pond are a bit more detailed, and they seem to be wearing white drape-like clothing with golden trim. Some have fancy collars. Further in the back is a building that seems to be a few stories talk, with a tan or golden color brick exterior, and a small "tower" perhaps four stories tall on the left side of this building. The roof is vaulted with red brick.

cdc0d No.93833

Oh whoops. Well, just pretend he only said it to her. Sneaky zebra that she disappears from sight.
Iron is agape at the sight. In his primitive mind, nothing comes close to the feeling of recognizing the objects in question, even with the slight artist liberties. He comes closer to the painting still, admiring the blur effect on the leaves and the clothing of the zebras as if he discovered that he was blind the whole time and this paining opened his eyes to true reality.
"Gods. How can ponies be able to draw like this? This painting is so," he struggles somewhat to explain himself "real yet not. Is this what 'suh-ree-alism' is?"

73cef No.93834

She looks at him, and nods
"Surrealist? This painting isn't quite surrealist. It's an older one of his. The style he was going for was more… I believe it's called, 'Impressionistic'? It's a bit more realistic of a style, but the point of the painting is to capture how the scene makes you feel, more so than the actual scene"

She looks at the painting
"This is supposed to be the pond in the capital at Obodo Mgbaba, back in the old Zebrican Empire. It was a pond an old emperor had installed. He'd place exotic fishes he received as gifts in it. After a while it was opened to the public. foreign dignitaries would visit it. I've never seen it. Neither has my brother actually, but he's heard the description from our father… and maybe seen a couple photographs. So he thought he would piece together an image based upon what he heard about this place that he had never seen before, but as if he had seen it"

cdc0d No.93835

Iron nods in wonder.
"Amazing. I was not expecting such a good drawing."
He looks at Cauldron, his eyes showing a great deal of emotional high from seeing such painting skill.
"If Zebrica looks the same as this drawing, I would definitely visit there. Maybe I will try swimming there if there is no other option to go."

73cef No.93836

Is everyone else kill?

She laughs a little at this, smiles, and reaches her hoof in to lightly touch the painting
"I am glad that you can appreciate it. He has been trying to reach a wider audience for a while now"
She looks at the painting
"Growing up, as a fillie, Zebrica was a sort of wondrous place to us, a place we'd hear about, though never go. It was kind of nice to have a connection to it"

73cef No.93837

I just noticed I missed this post

Roll Die for success thus far

e69b3 No.93838

Dice rollRolled 12

Yup, I was waiting for this reply.

How much you wanna bet I roll a 1 again?

73cef No.93839

It looks like he has gotten a decent number, but a significant amount of time has passed

ff64b No.93840


cdc0d No.93841

Iron nods yet again, a smile on his face.
"It seems so different and new. It just sounds like such an amazing place. Do you think you will visit there when you are older? I would, no doubt about it."
(Ah, that is the smile I was looking for. I am glad it worked.)

e69b3 No.93842

Dammit. Looks like he'll have to get more potions to finish this job off. He hopes to himself that he's got only two potions worth of work ahead of him, as he's only got enough money left for that many.

Still, as he looks at the book-laden cart, he's done quite a bit already, and that brings him a little satisfaction. Here is hoping it does the same for Blue. And, so he doesn't get himself eaten and disappoint Blue with his absence even further, he wastes no more time and makes his way back out of the catacombs, cart in tow.

73cef No.93844

Can he roll it without bumping into a ghoul and getting himself noticed? Can he work it around the corners without it getting stuck? Will it
break a wheel on a rock as he pulls it? Roll 3d20 to find out!

She nods
"Maybe. If I had children, I think I would like to take them. I would also like to take them to see the grand palace in Canterlot. It's a shame the Princesses aren't there any more to be seen"

She gets up, and rubs herself against him

e69b3 No.93845

You're trying to get Silver killed, I take it?

cdc0d No.93846

Iron cocks his head.
"Canterlot? Is that on the same level of beauty as your brother's painting?"
Stop crying and roll those dice. You'll do fine.

e69b3 No.93847

Hey, I just want to know, because I know what Silver's luck is with dice rolls, and this would be the time where Silver rolls three 1s in a row.

cdc0d No.93848


ff64b No.93849

dark star Reciprocates the rubs,and nuzzles blue.

73cef No.93850

File: 1552188994203.jpg (11.07 KB, 256x197, Silver.jpg)

"I don't know. I've never been."

Oh come on

73cef No.93851

She closes her eyes, and nuzzles him, with a cute *doo* sound

e69b3 No.93852

Dice rollRolled 13, 16, 20 = 49

Well, that answers that question. Prepare to type out three Fs for Silver.

73cef No.93853

File: 1552189133022.png (77.13 KB, 503x616, 1519191420708.png)

Well… He avoids the ghoul, he is able to pull the cart around the corner just fine, and the axles are made of strong steel

cdc0d No.93854

There you go. Now stop crying. Your bad rolls are with Skies AND WILL HAVE EVEN MORE DRAMATIC IMPACTS!
"You have listened your father stories about it as well?"

73cef No.93855

"No, my father never went to Canterlot. He traveled many places while in the Merchant Marine, but Canterlot… Well, it's further inland"

e69b3 No.93856

Whatdya know, Silver lives on. HI HO, SILVER, AWAY (to Blue Skies)!

And spiders. Don't forget spiders.

cdc0d No.93857

Iron's torch ignites again as he remembers what Canterlot is.
"Is that the city that is on a mountain? I think the elders told us about it."
That was just unlucky. You can always avoid spooders, but not Skies.

ff64b No.93858

"What are you being so loving for?"
Dark Star says with a Grin

73cef No.93859

If he hurries his way back…

She seems a little surprised
"Are you not familiar with Canterlot, the former capital of your own country?"
then she backs up a half step
"Well, yes. It is the city on the mountainsides where the princesses used to live"

She smiles back with that grin of her own
"Why, so i can get even more love in return, of course"

47715 No.93860

File: 1552189670575.jpg (Spoiler Image, 561.47 KB, 2200x1523, image0-41.jpg)

Thought this group might like to know that changelings did nothing wrong and just want to be a part of normal Equestrian society

e69b3 No.93861

Unlucky, sure, but fucking comedy gold.

Well, I suppose he would hurry, even if it's just to get this batch of books back to Blue that much faster. Highly doubt he would have any time left on his potion.


cdc0d No.93862

Iron shakes his head.
"The jungle is my home. I did not pay that much attention to the outside world until recently, even though there was basic history lessons when I was younger. I mainly just threw pebbles and stomped on leaves as the elders droned on about it."
He chuckles a little.
Well, if they can't do the succ without making us completely apathetic, then it's gonna be very hard to do that.
No, it was kinda disturbing. Reminds me when a cockroach entered my sleeves that one time. Disgusting. I even crushed it accidentally.

73cef No.93863

Well, he's able to get out before the potion wears off. Where he can get back in time to catch Blue is another matter

She looks at him, almost strangely, then after a moment, begins to nod while maintaining the expression
"I guess that would make sense, not living in a big city and all

Wait, what? What does a cockroach have to do with anything?

e69b3 No.93864

*hurrying horse noises*

You sure it was a roach? They're some tough motherfuckers, I don't imagine I could crush one with my bare hands if it crawled up my sleeve.
t.guy who has to crush palmetto bugs on the regular

ff64b No.93865

the day of the bug spray is coming. repent.
Dark Star Laughs and says with a joking tone
"Love in Return? You Aren't a changeling are you?"
Dark Star Smiles

73cef No.93866

She laughs
"It's a Joke. I'm just trying to get you in the mood for our date tonight"

cdc0d No.93867

Iron chuckles a little more.
"I know. It is kind of strange to see such a native that does not know pony history. Trust me, the leaf stomping routine paid off."
He jokingly pulls up one of his forelegs and flexes them for Cauldron to see peak body performance, stifling a giggle as he does it.

Silver got a spider on his eye. I had a roach go under my sleeves. Perfect logic.
To be fair, I didn't feel that liquid roaches excrete when crushed. I mainly got a feel for it,
maybe did a little pressure that might've stained my long-sleeve shirt. Still disgusting.

ff64b No.93868

"i'm always n the mood."
Dark Star says in a deeper tone.

ff64b No.93869

Roaches are almost worse than jews.

cdc0d No.93870

Dat's cuz roaches are joos, Star.

e69b3 No.93871

It all makes sense, now.

73cef No.93872

She hits him on the shoulder lightly
"I mean for romance, sweetie"

She laughs at this

Yeah, that sounds super unpleasant

Better hurry faster

e69b3 No.93873

*hurrying faster horse noises*
Maybe I should roll for this…

ff64b No.93874

File: 1552190811901.jpg (34.89 KB, 580x624, _hmmmm naz.jpg)

>pic related
i Didnt know they could Shapeshift
dark star laughs
"that's what i meant, is your mind in the gutter miss skies?"

cdc0d No.93875

After a second or two, he simply can't keep the charade and laughs out loud.
Yep. Washed my whole arm after that.
Didn't you see Borat? He witnessed first hand joo shapeshifting.

73cef No.93876

>He's never seen Borat


She laughs
"But seriously, you'd better love me"
She struts around past Star as she says that

fb4e2 No.93877

Reeeee, roaches aren't jews!

e69b3 No.93878

Dice rollRolled 3

Probably gonna be a 1, now that I least expect it.

cdc0d No.93879

Now trip and fall right into a mare's hindquarters.

ff64b No.93880

dark Stars eyes Burn with passion as he says the following in a Sincere tone.
"i Do Blue, More than anything else in the world. You're Perfect for me in Every way. and that smile is perfect, it make my heart skip a beat everytime you do."
it's been a few years since i've seen it.

73cef No.93881

Of course it's Brie's player who defends the honor of cockroaches


She looks right into his eyes with her own gem-like eyes. Then, she gives him that smile, and shows her teeth a little. And then…. she pulls in for a kiss

e69b3 No.93882

It's gonna be a while, gentleponies. Silver seems to have found the scenic route.

fb4e2 No.93883

File: 1552191628271.png (146.32 KB, 864x924, fillychangeling.png)

Look at this face!
Besides, I thought it was generally established that griffons were the jews

cdc0d No.93884

That pic is actually disturbing. Delet this.
As he calms down from his laughter, he maintains a smile.
"That reminds me. I did not hear how physically fit your brothers are. How are they? Can they lift?"

ff64b No.93885

Dark Stars eyes Betray his surprise, He Accepts the kiss and Establishes Dominance with his tounge
Delet insect

fb4e2 No.93886

File: 1552192077482-0.jpg (71.95 KB, 893x894, changeling.jpg)

File: 1552192077482-1.png (612.08 KB, 1800x1021, changeling1.png)

File: 1552192077482-2.jpg (8.25 KB, 236x236, changeling2.jpg)

cdc0d No.93887

Ah, now you're using nymphs because we call smol things cute. I know your game. I will definitely not poke their snoots.

ff64b No.93888

no I will resist

73cef No.93889

Not really. This world doesn't have a direct parallel to Ashkenazim Jews, as there are is no international "nation within nations." I definitely did style a corrupt Griffin jeweler as Yiddish, but that was to fuck with Onyx and then you. While Griffins are known for being greedier and more despotic than ponies, in the mod they seem to more or less represent Western Europeans, whereas Ponies represent the Anglophone world and Eastern and South Eastern Europeans. If you are looking for a race that is parasitic and deceptive, and generally working to the subjugation of other races, that'd be the changelings, although they have nation states and generally prefer to operate from those is fairly conventional fashion.

She giggles
"I mean, maybe? He's used to lifting brush and canvas, or maybe a spoon. Not weights"

She pushes right back at him in the kiss, and places a hoof on his shoulder. It's a strong sensation, almost enough to send a chill down his back.

cdc0d No.93890

Iron shakes his head dramatically.
"No. That cannot be. Tell me that he can at least pick you off the floor."

fb4e2 No.93891

File: 1552192601699-0.png (23.78 KB, 602x828, pomfpuff.png)

File: 1552192601699-1.png (49.18 KB, 200x294, pomfpuff1.png)

File: 1552192601699-2.png (102.51 KB, 610x558, pomfpuff2.png)

File: 1552192601699-3.png (27.23 KB, 638x852, pomfilly.png)

You leave me no choice

cdc0d No.93892

Meh. Pink mane ruins it. Reminds me of skittlebugs.

ff64b No.93893

File: 1552192736335.jpg (140.95 KB, 634x947, article-2138126-12DECFD500….jpg)

Dark Star Grabs the Back of her head and Dips her backwards like >pic related
Nien! Nien! Nien!

fb4e2 No.93894

NOW who has no soul?

73cef No.93895

She laughs again
"I don't think he's tried since I was a fillie"

She makes an 'ooh' sound as she is lifted off her hooves

cdc0d No.93896

Iron shakes his head even more dramatically, exaggerating his movements quite a bit.
"Unacceptable. I can still lift my sister and dump her into the pond."
Another set of chuckles come out.
"Those were the days."

ff64b No.93897

still them
Dark Star continues the Twirling of his tongue more forcefully

73cef No.93898

She smiles, and tilts her head slightly
"Do you have a big family?"

Dark Star, the original tongue twister. She resists

Keep going. You might make it there

fb4e2 No.93899

If you're preoccupied with other areas, I can wait, but if you want to throw some stuff at me on the train, that's fine too.
That's not what the evidence shows

73cef No.93900

Oh I definitely had ideas, they would just either happen later in the night, or need to be more proactively found

e69b3 No.93901

Dice rollRolled 4

Probably not. I seem to be at Low Roll Central Station right now.

cdc0d No.93902

Iron nods.
"I have a younger brother and a sister. He would always criticize me for dunking my sister on the water and not paying attention in class. A disciplined pony. My sister is still too young to know what she will become yet, but she loves to interact with the different animals if she gets the chance to."

ff64b No.93903

Should i roll?
Dark Star Smacks her flank with a free hoof
Evidence is racist. you don't want to be a racist do you?

73cef No.93904

*pays respects*

She giggles, then says
"That's so sweet."
And then
"So you did have class"


fb4e2 No.93905

Opinion discarded for inanity
Or right, like I'm gonna let these 2 out of my sight to go digging for trouble

73cef No.93906

File: 1552193916484.png (127.29 KB, 935x855, e1662b51776a920f823367c963….png)

*stares at u*

fb4e2 No.93907

73cef No.93908

File: 1552194129817.png (816.6 KB, 1280x720, Thorax_hissing_at_Princess….png)

He recoils

fb4e2 No.93909

Is this in game?

cdc0d No.93910

Iron tilts his head a little bit, squinting his eyes.
"Well, if you think having an old pony talk nonstop about history and other stuff, then sure. I cannot say I was hooked."
He raises a hoof.
"No disrespect to them. They are wise. It was just so boring to sit down and listen to them go on and on about their topic. I just wanted to run and play, maybe wrestle with other colts if I could."

73cef No.93911

I mean… That's why I used a bat pony image

She nods
"But the history they give if of your people" she says

ff64b No.93912

No U!
dark Star amused by this response Does his best not to chuckle,but instead doubles down on his Tongue dominance.

fb4e2 No.93913

I wasn't aware that was a literal presentation,…. I would not boop the bug in public, I remember what happened last time

73cef No.93914

File: 1552194530016.png (759.35 KB, 1345x2702, 1610205.png)

Her eyes widen in evident surprise by this, but she tries to hold her ground

And thus the integrity of the snootendoodle is protected

cdc0d No.93915

Dice rollRolled 6 + 11

He shrugs.
"I suppose I was not the sharpest pony around. I will admit that. I am still not, as far as I know."
He grins devilishly.
"Speaking of~"
He dashes forwards and attempts to boop Cauldron's nose with his foreleg, feeling the childish vibes fire off in his mind.

fb4e2 No.93916

Brie leans down to Kerr. "Was haben Sie auf dem Herzen?"

ff64b No.93917

She Can see in Dark Star's eyes he's enjoying this very much

73cef No.93918

Dice rollRolled 7 + 7

Aww hell no


He asks Brie
"Du sagst, du willst König der Unterwelt sein?"

She pulls away from the kiss

fb4e2 No.93919


cdc0d No.93920

I have bested your dice with mine! She has been booped by the Pussy Handler!

ff64b No.93921

"Something Wrong?"

e69b3 No.93922

Dice rollRolled 11

Don't mind me, just seeing if it's time to leave Low Roll Central Station.

73cef No.93923

Her black little snoot is booped. Her eyes go wide, and she lets out a high pitched "yip yip!" bark as she pulls backward

"Und du willst, dass dir die Changeelings helfen?"


Well… that's better

fb4e2 No.93924

ff64b No.93925

"It Definitely is. what did i do?"

cdc0d No.93926

With that boop set in, he poses proudly. A smug smile is present on his face, threatening to break into a fit of giggles again.
"Ah ha! I have booped your snout, Black Cauldron! What shall you do now? Boop me? Muahahaha!"

73cef No.93927

Dice rollRolled 19 + 6

"Oh, you are fine Dark Star, carry on"

"Und das ist der Preis für unser Lösegeld?"

He is so fucking booped

ff64b No.93928

"if you Don't tell me what i did i can never learn from my mistakes."

73cef No.93929

She smiles
"Oh Dark Star, you did nothing wrong, just we can't kiss forever, can we?"

e69b3 No.93930

Dice rollRolled 10

Might as well make one last attempt.

cdc0d No.93931

Dice rollRolled 3 + 11

Face scruching at the almost critical boop, he recoils back.
"Gah! You got lucky! You shall pay for your insolence! Have at you!"
Another boop aimed at Cauldron's snootle is sent.
What should I roll if I were to use reflex?