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File: 1547935025320.png (290.02 KB, 1280x848, 1142620__safe_artist-colon….png)

90f91 No.85095[View All]

Six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The party now takes on the task of breaking, entering, and investigating the house of Social Democrat politician Comte "Cheese" Burgher, who is alleged to have 'purchased' two young foals. They have already distracted the guards around the gated community and explored most of the property. Now, Ash tries out her role as a 'dog whisperer,' Dark Star contemplates the evidence he has already collected, Silver shifts between stealing jewelry from innocent third parties and talking about the joyful smell of wingpit sweat, Iron harasses guards by talking to them about queer theory while Onyx acts as his his homosexual partner, Brie tries to get the guards drinking on the job, and Spark follows around the group in the attic.
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7ecc7 No.86948

He's a bit concerned about the sudden lack of color, but he tries to not let it show. "He is friendly colt I found, all alone. I showed him around town, thought he would like to join in picnic."

90f91 No.86949

The color flickers, in and out. Really, it's all like watching an analog television.

"Well then shall he join us?" says none other than Storm Wind
The little colt's tail wags

7ecc7 No.86950

The flickering color is really messing with his vision.

He nods, bringing the colt to the picnic area. He looks at the various food items they brought with them.

90f91 No.86951

And not at his wife, gone 26 years? It's an assortment of pies, apples, jam, bread, and pastries

7ecc7 No.86952

I mean…
He grabs a slice of bread and jam, looking at his wife. "I have missed you. It feels like it has been so long…"

90f91 No.86953

Pear, unless he prefers plum
She looks back at him and smiles at him. It's not at all like that political police agent whose wretched smile suggested hidden malevolence. No, it is as warm to him as the rays of the sun shining through the first breaks in rainclouds
"Since this morning? I know. It feels like an eternity to me as well"

7ecc7 No.86954

He could bask in the glow of that smile for all eternity. As it stands, however, he doesn't want to disappoint her by not eating anything from the picnic. He takes a bite out of his pear jam-covered bread. "You know, I really like this place. All ponies here seem so nice and happy."

90f91 No.86955

Also bland. Almost like dirt

"When you leave the dark recesses of the woods, and seek out the companionship of ponies… Yes, they can be rather nice, can't they?"

7ecc7 No.86956

Now he really doesn't want to disappoint her by saying the food is bland. He chokes the rest of it down. "Well…it is not like I was without companionship. I have all of you around me, my loved ones."

90f91 No.86957

"But of course"

They all come together for a group hug. it could go on forever, but it doesn't, and Spectral rain asks

"So who is he exactly?" of Silver's new guest

7ecc7 No.86958

"Oh, his name is Wesley." He pats the top of the little colt's head.

90f91 No.86959

Now I need to sleep

Spectral Rain remains suspicious, giving a look before turning away and towards the food
And should probably give control of these character to you, since they are you. The point is, this scene is mostly wholesome. Mostly

7ecc7 No.86960

"Mostly" indeed. Also kinda spooky.


84b9e No.86961

Sorry for the super late response. I feel asleep
Iron nods. "I see. There has been many injustices upon you. Your mother was killed by meddling in griffon business and a bunch of zebra took over the house, kicked out by the mayor himself." He closes in on Star and pats him on the shoulder on his foreleg. He opens his mouth but does not know what to say. "I am unsure of what can I say to make you feel better, but opening up to Skies could prove useful. After all, she lost her homeland, like you."

cdf33 No.86963

Brie pokes his head out from underneath the bed to see where the Lings are at

90f91 No.86964

One has curled up next to Spark, who himself is laying on the floor. The other is not in line of sight

84b9e No.86965

I'm just waiting on Dark Star but know that I am here. Kerr should be on the bed, but I didn't say that.

7ecc7 No.86966

I am back.
Silver decides to grab a slice of pie to see if it's just as bland as the bread and jam, and the muffin.

cdf33 No.86967

Only one?
"Kerr? Wesley? Guten morgan,…." he says both as a greeting and to gauge where the other one is, whichever one is the other one.

90f91 No.86968

The pie, the green grass, and the picnic quilt briefly lose clarity as space folds before him. The fold straightens, but color is lost, and in that moment the pie appears a deep ashen white and grey. Then the image returns to technicolor majesty. Beautiful blades of grass and blood red apples

Brie can see piercing blue eyes reflect through the darkness, looking at him

7ecc7 No.86969

Silver looks clearly spooked, having no idea what's going on. Storm looks at him in worry.

Storm: "Is something wrong, Silver?"

Silver: "I…do not know…"

Silver tries to shake his head to clear it, before actually taking a bite of the pie.

90f91 No.86970

Butterflies fly across flowers on the edge of the hill. Looking over the river ponies canter about through ponyville, as the gentle sound of flowing water fills the air

To say that the apple pie tastes like raw potato would be praise beyond merit. It tastes more like wood ash, although at least with a better texture

cdf33 No.86971

Dice rollRolled 18 + 11

"Ah, guten morgan." Brie relaxes a bit, Eee'ing to himself about how sleeping under a bed wasn't as good an idea as he had initially thought. He shuffles out from under the bed, careful to make as little noise as possible (stealth) "Bist du hungrig?"

84b9e No.86972

But the day hasn't passed yet. I don't know if you're pretending, but just know that it's night time still
Or a dream

cdf33 No.86973

At what point is it not night time then?

7ecc7 No.86974

"…" Silver slowly puts the pie back down on the plate, worrying Storm even further. She moves over to his side, throwing a wing around him.

Storm: "Okay, Silver, is something actually wrong? You've been acting weird."

Silver: "Like I said, I do not know…I think…something is wrong?" Silver looks confused about whether he should feel as though something is wrong. "My vision has been doing weird things, and my sense of taste has been almost non-existent. It has me worried…"

Storm: Storm gives him a deadpanned look. "…You know, if you have an issue with my cooking, you can just say so. I think we're beyond that stage in our relationship."

Silver: Silver looks shocked at her. "Wh-what? No! Of course not!"

Meanwhile, a sneaky Spectral Streak makes his way behind Silver Rain. He makes a clicking noise with his mouth to draw Rain's attention, then goes in for a surprise boop once Rain's head turns.

Spec: "Air tag, go!" Spec takes off into the air, leaving behind a surprised and fairly annoyed Rain.

Rain: "Celestia dangit!" He spreads his wings to be ready to take off into the sky. Silver looks over when he speaks.

Silver: "Language."

Rain flinches from the tone, but looks apologetically to his father. "Right. Sorry, dad." With that, he takes off after his brother, starting an intense game of air tag. Spec is the faster flier, but Rain is the smarter flier, resulting in an interesting chase in which Spec would try to outfly his brother, before unknowingly flying into a trap set up by Rain, and having to break off and fly in a new direction.

84b9e No.86975

When all characters fall asleep. Think Sims logic. Time goes forward at fast speed automatically when everyone goes to bed. That's why Ash has not really done anything, besides external life commitments, and Silver is currently dreaming and not waking up like you are doing
Use this time to dream something up if you feel like it.

cdf33 No.86976

Who is still awake then?

84b9e No.86977

So far it's Iron, Dark Star and maybe Silver depending on how the dream goes, apart from Spark. Maybe. Unless he just sleeps in Silver's room like you did

7ecc7 No.86978

INB4: sleepover at Silver's small tavern room.

cdf33 No.86979

If Silver is dreaming, how can he be awake?

84b9e No.86980

Nah, Iron's going with the kirin
I'm not sure if Silver is going to sleep for 6 to 8 hours on Skies' lap. I think she needs to sleep too.

cdf33 No.86981

Quit making shit up

84b9e No.86982

I'm not. Silver is currently sleeping on Skies' lap right now. You can make Brie go downstairs and check if you want. Maybe GM could make Skies carry Silver to his room which I doubt since her strength is below average just to ease your mind.
Like I said, you can always dream

cdf33 No.86983

Show of hands, who is awake?

08059 No.86984

I wouldn’t want Brie to advance to morning for the reason that he is sharing his environment with two other PCs

From i front of him, he can hear “Ich kann ohne mehr gehen”
From above him, out of sight, he can hear
“Ich brauche nicht, aber ich werde nehmen”

The scene is as cute as described. Some music plays softly, distantly, and the air smells of fresh blooming lavender flowers

84b9e No.86985

Explicitly awake is Iron and Dark Star. I'm not sure about Spark.

cdf33 No.86986

Oh rly? What is he doing?

84b9e No.86987

Iron is currently talking to Dark Star that he should confess the feelings of loss that he suffered to his marefriend since she is somewhat similar but more level-headed than him. D00d, read moar.

cdf33 No.86988

My bad, I assumed everyone would resolve their irrelevant shit on their own time

7ecc7 No.86989

I imagine Skies is content with letting Silver sleep there as long as he can so she can keep feeding on him without his knowledge.

Silver and Storm sit down to watch the intense game of air tag. Seeing their two colts playing together helps to put both of them at ease.

White Light is currently sitting down with a book in her telekinetic grasp. "The History of Central Equestria". It appears she's trying to learn a bit more about this particular region.

84b9e No.86990

But you aren't rolling fortitude saves
We are. You can still dream if you want to RP. Flesh your character out or have a wet dream or something.

cdf33 No.86991

"On their own time" means in a manner that doesn't obstruct other players fgt

84b9e No.86992

You are sticking the branch in your own wheel of your bike. Just dream up something or wake up and mingle some more. I can't really move unless I want to be a dick to Star and leave him in the bathroom without any chance to respond.

7ecc7 No.86993

Changelings can feed passively without causing significant damage to a pony's life force. Doing so doesn't require a Fortitude save from the pony.

cdf33 No.86994

Again, my bad. I was under the impression that if it was important it would have been resolved in a manner such as I indicated.

84b9e No.86995

That could explain the pacification of Kerr when Iron huggled him
Yeah, I passed out at the worst time. That much is true. Here's hoping Star's player arrives in an hour or something.

90f91 No.86997

Silver is still Changeling-bit from earlier, if you recall

7ecc7 No.86998

Forgot about that. That would actually explain it.

84b9e No.86999

So, just to clarify. Changelings can feed on emotions that are done at the moment without any draining to the victim? Like hugging them or stroking their manes?

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