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File: 1547434150841.png (768.35 KB, 1280x864, 35FB4542-CB03-4616-BF55-D1….png)

0db37 No.83000[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princesses notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestruan Southlands, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and even ancient necormancers and dark gods threaten the city and the surrounding regions. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

67f9c No.83002

Oh hey, new bread.
Reluctantly, Silver stands up to the tone of joints popping in an out of place, and makes his way outside to use nature's clock: the sun.

b50da No.83003

Do the photos of the ponies include Cutie Marks? If they did, that would make them a lot easier to identify.

98960 No.83004

"is there anyone from the black hooves running to replace larry?"

0db37 No.83005

Three blank flanks, one fillie with sun rays, one colt with dumbbells

The time is whatever it needs to be without fucking it up in relation to the rest of the party

67f9c No.83006

Silver rubs the sleep out of his eyes as he makes his way into the bar part of the tavern.

0db37 No.83007

“I don’t believe so. The party doesn’t really want a non-Equestrian leading the local government”

b50da No.83008

Alright, those two will be easy enough to find.
So long as the others not poorly-designed background ponies, Sister Ash should hopefully be able to recognize the blank-flanks by their pastel color schemes.
Sister Ash spends the rest of the day helping around the orphanage. Caleb just rolls around in the yard near the forest, licking his own balls or whatever else dogs do when they're alone.

In the evening, before she leaves again, she makes sure to make some time to see Abby Willows again, like she said she would.

98960 No.83009

"hmmm that sounds interesting, if only the black hooves had a loyal Equestrian supporter."

0db37 No.83010

“The lack of support among the locals has been an issue, yes”
She understands his meaning though

When is she leaving, and to where?

98960 No.83011

"I wish the rest of the ponies around here would listen."

b50da No.83012

Idk, I thought we were either supposed to meet at the tavern in the evening or the next morning, but I think it was the next morning now that I think about it..

b50da No.83013

They did agree to meet tomorrow morning, right?

0db37 No.83014

They can be very hard at hearing. Here, as everywhere”

67f9c No.83015

We didn't really make for a set time, I don't think. Tomorrow morning might have been mentioned.

b50da No.83016

Fuck it. Let's say they agreed to meet tomorrow then. It's the most convenient course of action.

67f9c No.83017

I just hope Blue has some leads as to when this politician will be out of his house tomorrow. All I know is that he'll be absent from his home at 7 pm today.

98960 No.83018

"ill make them listen somehow. do you think that fire is still going?"
lets meet today

b50da No.83019

Fine, today then.

0db37 No.83020

“I’m the catacombs? It should have died an hour or more ago. There were not that many books”

98960 No.83021

"maybe some survived the fire."
Is it close to 7pm?

0db37 No.83022

*thinking Pegasus noises*

Uh, if it needs to be I guess?

b50da No.83023

I would like for Sister Ash to talk to Abby before she leaves, since she said she'd visit her in the evening.
She should be just about finished with her second stack, if she kept her rate relatively constant. Sister Ash could be the one to bring her dinner.

0db37 No.83024


It is later, obviously, but Willows is in the same position as she was before

98960 No.83025

Dark Star looks over at a clock
"its almost 7, i think im gonna go check out the politicianwhos name i totally didnt forget."

0db37 No.83027

“Waiting until he is gone rather than going through the front door. Alright”

67f9c No.83028

Shouldn't we wait for Ash?

98960 No.83029

thats why i wanted to meet today
"you should come with me if you can."

b50da No.83030

She has finished her stack, right?

0db37 No.83031

By now, yes. She’s still under house arrest though, obviously

She shrugs
“I guess I do have more experience at this sort of thing than you”

b50da No.83032

Sister Ash enters the room slowly, levitating the tray as she comes
"~Good evening." She says, in an annoyingly cheery tone as she enters the room

98960 No.83033

Dark Star puts his arm around her and walks out into the bar

b50da No.83034

0db37 No.83035

She looks tired and annoyed with a “what do you want?” expression

She smiles at him with an appreciation that he is trying to take ownership of her

8b5d0 No.83036

I suppose Spark is in the bar by now.

b50da No.83037

Sister Ash sets the tray down on the desk.
"I came to check on you. I'm sure you're hungry, aren't you?" She says

0db37 No.83038

Thus Silver, Spark, and Dark Star are all together in the tavern

0db37 No.83039

Tray of food, I presume?

b50da No.83040

Assuming Sister Ash made the excuse to see her on the premise of bringing her dinner once she was finished, yes.

0db37 No.83041

She looks at Ash, before breaking almost immediately to start eating the food

67f9c No.83042

Silver waves at Spark, Star, and Skies from the table he's sitting it.

b50da No.83043

Lol, even emo fillies need to eat.
"No need to rush now." She says softly to the eating filly

98960 No.83044

Dark Star Waves at Spark then Walks over to Silvers table
"Hey there Silver."

0db37 No.83045

She looks up st her with some irritation, but continues

67f9c No.83046

"It is good to see you again Star. Have you and Skies found out more about this…Comte, I believe his name was?"

0db37 No.83047

“Lives in a gated community, fairly rich, has a meeting at 7… what do you want to know?

b50da No.83048

*Tassles her mane without permission*

98960 No.83049

"yea he should be out of his house around this time."

67f9c No.83050

"Then it is fortunate timing, if Ash arrives soon."

0db37 No.83051

Okay, what exactly is he doing to her hair? Is he playing with it, or is he forming it into a new hair style?

0db37 No.83052

File: 1547442812529.png (139.96 KB, 871x917, 74BD6E1C-72CD-4E09-86A7-B2….png)

It seems I massively misunderstood the context of this post

She doesn’t say anything, but seems mildly irritated, and continues eating

0db37 No.83053

A note: her hair is cut very simply and much shorter than would be expected for a filly of her age

b50da No.83054

File: 1547443340362-0.gif (176.9 KB, 540x1200, 1817893__safe_artist-colon….gif)

Yes, she's playing with it.
She's just petting her.
Pic semi-related
>butch cut
Fuck! The situation is worse than I thought.

0db37 No.83055

File: 1547443426570.png (213.87 KB, 1024x768, 81CB3D53-9B78-46D4-AE4B-A2….png)

Pic related, but more so

98960 No.83056

"Yes its almost perfectly timed. hey i have a strange question have you been having any strange dreams lately?""

67f9c No.83057

This makes Silver a little confused, and concerned. "…Yes…though I thought it was just stress of our situation. Why, have you?"

b50da No.83058

Sister Ash lets the filly some room to eat in peace while she examines one of the papers from the stack.
What exactly was she made to write over and over?

0db37 No.83059

Something to the effect of “In Celestia alone we trust and have faith, eschewing all others…..” like a chalk board punishment to say “I will not make sacrifices to gods of Evil”

98960 No.83060

"yea, it was..very strange."

b50da No.83061

File: 1547444023321-0.gif (6.7 MB, 450x254, 7e6.gif)

I certainly hope she learned her lesson then.

67f9c No.83062

"It is funny. We forget service Luna performed for Her ponies, until we no longer can count on her aid…" Silver looks from side to side, before leaning in towards Dark Star and whispering. "…These dreams. Did any involve changelings?"

98960 No.83063

Dark Star looks shocked and then concerned

0db37 No.83064

The Eternal Evesdropper overhears this

She pauses and looks at Ash

de741 No.83065

Oh shit, where the fuck am I? I hope I'm not with the filly. I don't think she'd like me in here. Specially with the armor. I need to have a better sleeping schedle.
Iron shakes his head and looks around. He spaced out following Ash again.

67f9c No.83066

Silver's own concern grows. "It seems like ill omen. If we are not only ones who have had these dreams, then I wonder if this is new tactic by changelings, some new form of psychological warfare. What was your dream, if I may ask?"
Silver acknowledges this, without Blue's knowledge.

b50da No.83067

Sister Ash puts down the paper and looks back at her, making eye contact.
You're at the orphanage.
Sister Ash would have helped him out of his armor.
I had assumed that he would be resting, eating, oiling his armor or whatever else in the room the nuns gave him as he prepared for the meeting.

0db37 No.83068


He would be at the orphanage, presumably

“Do you like my mane?” She asks, obviously not anticipating a ‘yes.’

de741 No.83069

Dice rollRolled 1

Oh. Phew.
Iron feels lighter than usual, seems Ash took off his armor again. Strange. How long were they in here? He shrugs, Ash will surely pick him up when she's ready. He decides to nap a bit before the meeting. Of course Iron's going the wet dream route again, but with Ash and maybe that dream changeling if he can manage, maybe both at the same time.

de741 No.83070

Crabcakes. Well, Iron's at your dreamly mercy

67f9c No.83071

Big F

0db37 No.83072

File: 1547444843879.png (753.07 KB, 766x430, 7C5674E4-8BC2-48C0-AC3F-BD….png)

de741 No.83073

Don't worry. I will survive Iron's nightmare. Show me what a 1 can be.

98960 No.83074

"Well it started out with me looking Down in to 2 Cribs and there were 2 Foals there. then i picked them up and started playing with them. then i hear from behind me a female voice, then i turn around to see who it is and theres a female Changling with blonde hair staring at me and she said to me that shes come to take my foals and replace them with hatchlings. so i did what anyone would do in that situation and i shot her, then a politician from when i was a foal walked in and disarmed me. and then i pulled out my 3rd pistol and shot the changling again. then she did what i could only describe as a kiss, it made me feel very cold."

8b5d0 No.83075

>inb4 such a night terror that you get a heart attack

98960 No.83076

prepare your angus

de741 No.83077

Trust me guys, Iron's gonna make it with just moderate and temporary mental scarring.

67f9c No.83078

"Hmm…it is not same as dream I had. I had no direct contact with changelings. It was replaying moments from my life, like I was watching…I think they call them 'movies'. What was odd was that there were changelings in each moment. Always in background, where I could see them. I am certain they were not there when memory took place, but…"

67f9c No.83080

Wrong name.

0db37 No.83081

File: 1547445327157.png (88.35 KB, 220x220, CB6408BD-49F6-404D-9FB9-96….png)

These three hotties approach. Wut do?

0db37 No.83082

No. They were not hiding in the back ground like ghosts in certain horror movies. The only images with changelings were memories of the Western Front

b50da No.83083

"Your mane a very nice color to it." She replies, nonchalantly untying her bun to unleash her glorious, flowing lion's mane
"I prefer to grow mine out though: It's a bit of a tradition where I come from. I manage to get around with it by keeping it beneath by shawl." She says
"Are shorter manes in style for fillies your age?" She asks
Oh fuck. Have mercy.

67f9c No.83084

Must have misread what you typed, then.

de741 No.83085

Iron inspects the three mares' appearances as he approaches to them, all pumped up for some sexy times. He walks slowly and as seductively as a big Earth Pony with little to no charisma can manage.

98960 No.83086

"Maybe they are using luna to look through your memories."

0db37 No.83087

She looks at Ash with some offense.
“They are for those of us who have been taken prisoner. Our captors cut our manes short to try to handle the lice. That was just about the only care we got from them on the sanitary front”

“Hehe. Hey there, what is a big strong stallion such as yourself doing around here?”

67f9c No.83088

"Maybe…" The thought of Luna being weaponized against Her ponies seems to upset Silver.

0db37 No.83089

“Or maybe a dream is just a dream” says the snide sniper

de741 No.83090

Iron does a somewhat dopey smile, not hiding his interest in the prospect of fucking. "Oh, I just like the view you mares put up. You are quite exquisite to the eye, you know?"

67f9c No.83091

Silver looks at her oddly. "Dreams have power, Blue."

98960 No.83092

Dark Star puts his hoof on silvers shoulder
"it'll be alright. the black hooves will defeat the changlings."

8b5d0 No.83093

“Changelings have been on the mind, as well as facing those monsters in the quarry… I would be more surprised if you didn’t have dreams like this.”

b50da No.83094

Sister Ash's casual expression changes quickly to one of endearing sympathy
"That's simply awful." She says sympathetically
"Even though your mane was so pretty.." She says trailing off, seeing as she's touched on a sensitive topic

0db37 No.83095

“That doesn’t mean that a dream means what you think it means. Also what >>83093 said”

“Why do you think it is changelings?”

She continues
“Pretty little fillies can fetch a high price, even if they liked the colts more”

0db37 No.83096

File: 1547446608820.png (42.58 KB, 150x150, 5FBD4A84-CF9D-497E-AD36-06….png)

They giggle together in an almost synchronized manner. The leader stays in front of him looking at him seductively, while the other two stare at his body, and walk to either side of him

67f9c No.83097

"With all due respect to your own political beliefs, these Black Hooves have not yet earned my confidence in this regard."
"Perhaps. But it does not also mean that there is not something behind it. It is just something to keep in mind."

b50da No.83098

How long was this filly kidnapped? I thought it was only two weeks, but it seems like longer based on all she's said.

*Hugs poner*

98960 No.83099

"why do i think what is the changelings? the dreams?"
"that could be a possibility."

0db37 No.83100

“What do you think is going on exactly?”

Not all that long, but long enough that they decided to cut the hair of the fillies

*filly poner is hugged*

de741 No.83101

Iron notices he's being surrounded but isn't not uncomfortable for now. "You can watch my body all you want. Maybe I could show you what it can do, if you mares want to." He lightly nuzzles the leader mare with slow deliberate motions to her side of her neck where judging from the image the leader is the red pony her ponytail is.

de741 No.83102

*but isn't uncomfortable

0db37 No.83103

“Hehehe, let’s see what it can do”

98960 No.83104

"im not entirely sure yet. but i think it involves luna's magic."

de741 No.83105

"Well, since you asked so nicely, I will oblige." Iron chuckles softly and goes for a kiss on the leader mare on the front.

0db37 No.83106

Warm. Soft. Succulent. She accepts the kiss, and embraces it

b50da No.83107

Sister Ash picks her up and cradles her, stroking what's left of her mane softly
".. Shhhhhh…" She coos
This is terrifying.
Pls no.

de741 No.83108

He gently puts a foreleg around her neck, deepening the kiss and exploring her mouth looking for those sweet spots mares loved, like he always does. He tries to watch what the other two mares are doing. He doesn't want them to feel left out after all.

67f9c No.83109

"It could be, if changelings are indeed preparing for invasion, that they have done research into how to dream walk, like Luna does. If that is case, it could be they are trying to psychologically break will of ponykind to fight. But that is all hypothesis, nothing that we could yet prove, at least without enough similar stories from other ponies."

Silver leans back in his chair. "Nothing we can do about it in either case. Now, Blue: I remember you saying you were looking to hear more about me and my wife and children. I believe we have some time before Ash arrives, if you still wish to hear."

b50da No.83110

Little perk about being a horse: Eyes just barely far enough apart to see them both.

de741 No.83111

Let's see if the GM thinks the same as you

98960 No.83112

What did they mean by this?

de741 No.83113

Let's hope they're benevolent trips and not the trips of destruction

bd7fd No.83114

She giggles, though her mouth is now filled with Iron's tongue. It's like her spit almost has a sweet taste to it. Her mouth is warm and she wraps her tongue around his

The other two seem jealous of the attention, but go for Iron's strong muscles in his hind legs, and his strong barrel, rubbing them

Yes, she does start crying

"I don't think Dark Star's dream was the product of Changelings. It's true that the Western Hives have a sort of 'kick in the front door' attitude, and Chrysalis isn't particularly known for subtlety, but the ability to remain disguised is the one and only gift the Mother gave to the Changeling. If they were 'invading' ponies dreams, I don't think they'd be so obvious about it"

"But I am willing to listen, if you are willing to tell"

67f9c No.83115

Silver motions for her to sit down in one of the empty seats at the table. "If you have preference for some specific event, let me know. Else I will likely just try to start at beginning."

b50da No.83116

Sister Ash holds her to her fluff and let's her cry for as long as she needs to.
"There, there…"

bd7fd No.83117

"We can start anywhere. You can also wait if this is an inopportune time"

It's a soft cry, but she's still crying

de741 No.83118

Iron is liking the rubbing and her sweet kiss. He sighs in her mouth, fully enjoying the ministrations. After 2 to 3 minutes, he breaks the kiss, under the impression that the other two mares deserve some kissing of their own for their efforts. Iron turns to the light green unicorn. "You are all damn good." He starts his kissing session with said mare, more passionate than the first one know he could go all out and with his closest foreleg wrapping the back of her neck, while stroking the mane and cheeks of the white-maned pegasus.

de741 No.83119

*one knowing he

67f9c No.83120

"It is fine. Nothing I feel is preventing me from sharing, especially if there are those who are willing to listen."
Give me a minute, don't know how long this'll take.

b50da No.83121

Sister Ash pats her back softly
"You don't need to hold back.. Crying is Natural.. Especially after what you've been through.."

bd7fd No.83122

They giggle at the attention they receive from the stallion, often in synchronicity, as if a part of some horrid hive mind. The Pegasus comes in closer, and starts kissing Iron's neck, while the Earth pony does her own circle of Iron, examining his muscles and lifting up his tail

She looks a little awkward, but sits as directed

Well, Ash definitely got her to accept her embrace

b50da No.83123

There's a good little filly there, under all that emo bullshit
Sister Ash walks over to the bed and sits(?) there for a few a few more minutes, still holding Abby until she stops crying.

de741 No.83124

The pegasus' kisses are making an effect on Iron, but the gentle lifting of his tail breaks his concentration. He stops the kiss, albeit reluctantly. "You mares want the main course already?" Irom smiles seductively. "Well, show me to your room and we can be all to ourselves. What do you say?" His member already fully erected by the mares' performance to for the Earth mare to see. While her synchronicity is slightly off-putting to Iron, he decides that he cannot back down now, after going so deep into these mares.

de741 No.83125

*Iron smiles
**performance for the

bd7fd No.83126

Her little wings - right on the edge of being developed for flight - twitch just a little, as she cries silently next to Ash


The Earth pony pokes at his now fully erect penis
"It's so small"

The Unicorn says
"We are all to ourselves right here"

The Pegasus lifts up his tail herself


b50da No.83127

Sister Ash just stays there and comforts her, until she's ready to be put to bed.
Wait, fuck. She did finish eating already, right?

de741 No.83130

I knew it as well, but Iron was blinded by the imminent sex to think that so I had to go along with it

bd7fd No.83131

I'm really not seeing where in the previous post they are described as having 'equipment,' or really, any pony except for Iron

To bed already?

de741 No.83132

Oh my fucking god. I that read wrong. Disregard the previous answer. Deleting previous post and replacing it with a more suitable one.

de741 No.83133

Iron is visibly upset at the mares taking shit about his member. "Oh yeah? I will show you what my member can do for you three." He picks up the unicorn, since she's the one at the front, at places it on I assume there's is the bed.

b50da No.83134

Okay, I gotta sleep.

My plan was for Ash to speak with Abbey a little bit, then have her finish eating and put her to bed.
Then she can leave you go meet with the party.
Or not.
I thought it was the evening, after dinner. Idk when fillies are supposed to sleep though (she did stay up past midnight the previous night though). Anyway, she stays for a while, then leaves at the time she agreed to meet the party.
Maybe I could continue her dialogue next session.

de741 No.83135

Remember to pick Iron up from his slumber.

b50da No.83136


bd7fd No.83137

"That little thing? I have quills wider than that"
"That little thing? I have quills wider than that"
"That little thing? I have quills wider than that"

No, it was outside in a town originally. There is no sign of any pony around, at all, and the background slowly fades to encroaching fog

de741 No.83138

Iron is not handling it well. His breath is getting ragged and he is trembling, either from rage at the blatant insults or fear of losing the one thing that makes him a stallion. He attempts to look at his member, see if the mares are telling the truth about him.

bd7fd No.83139

They are exaggerating, but… He doesn't remember it being quite that small. Or was it always?

de741 No.83140

This is not going well for him. He definetly remembers it bigger. What in Tartarus is going on? Is this a joke? He slowly lays down in a fetal position, not dealing with his seemingly smaller penis size well. 'I might as well be a mare with that size' he thinks to himself. He is hyperventilating, unsure if he should even carry on with such a curse planted on him. "Get away! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" He screams aloud to no one in particular.

67f9c No.83141

Silver pulls out a picture from his bags, that of Silver and Storm, both young adults, Silver wearing his metal cuirass, Storm wearing a studded leather jacket. They look bloody and battered, but in high spirits, as if they just finished with a fight. "While in Ponyville, many years ago, I got hired by farmers there to help deal with problem they were having. There was group of brigands, all mares, who were harassing their caravans, stealing their supplies, their Bits, their food. They had tried hiring others before, this they told me, but none had ever come back, and attacks had continued. It was difficult job, they told me, but they were paying well to see somepony help them. I agreed to do job for them.

"It was fairly long journey to where they had last been seen, near wreckage of one of farmers' caravans, and hard, and why I was thankful it was not difficult to follow tracks of those who had tried and failed before to bring them to justice. I found their camp, and before long, they were already on me. There were three, all looking like they had experience with fighting off bounty hunters. They were tough, but I was stronger back then, and I was able handle them, even if they got couple good hits in on me. It took couple strong healing potions to recover after initial battle, and it gave me couple new scars to add to collection, but I made it. There were more, as I made my way deeper into their camp, all of similar toughness, but eventually I made it into their inner sanctum, circle of standing stones surrounded by tents of leader and her most trusted companions. And that is when I saw her.

"She was leader of these bandits, she said from her spot on top of highest stone. She had not seen anypony make it as far as I had. She wanted to test my mettle. So she offered deal: if I could beat her in single combat, she would order her mares to stand down, and to leave local farms alone. If she won, she would have new head to add to collection. She made point to flash her weapons at me. Two blades, hidden underneath her wings, shaped like feathers, sharp and subtle. As alternative was to decline and have to face all of them at once, I accepted.

"She flew down to ground. We started to circle each other, beginning what was to be dance of death. Once we had made full circle, we each struck. For what felt like hours, we attacked each other, blade against blade, metal against metal. She took couple hits. I took couple hits. We would withdraw. We would advance. We would feint. We would strike. Our bones splintered, our muscles ached, our lungs cried for more oxygen, our hearts beat hard like drums deep in our chests. Then, for briefest moment, as our weapons clashed once again, we locked eyes, and that is when we saw it. There was spark, one only those who are equals in combat ever see. Respect. Even looking back now, I can see spark in her eyes, feel spark in mine, as we realized we had met each others' match."
Holy hell, this might be split into two posts. I think I underestimated how long this is.

bd7fd No.83142

Their pupils widen slowly, steadily, until the black of the eyes consumes the entire eyes of each of the three

"Why would you leave such a beautiful mare as yourself all alone?"
"Why would you leave such a beautiful mare as yourself all alone?"
"Why would you leave such a beautiful mare as yourself all alone?"

They reach in to stroke Iron's mane, back, and tail

"What a strange culture Equestria has…"

de741 No.83143

He tries to bat away the incoming strokes. "I said go away!" He is failing to hold back tears. "I-I will hit you!" He whimpers. "D-don't force me!"

bd7fd No.83144

"Would an honorable Stallion hit a mare?"
"Would an honorable Stallion hit a mare?"
"Would an honorable Stallion hit a mare?"

They now definitely pet and stroke his mane, his coat, and his tail. Like how he pets Ash, really

de741 No.83145

Iron is now stunned. He attempts to stand up and try to run away from the three black-eyed mares. "Leave me alone!"

de741 No.83146

*up to try to

bd7fd No.83147

He is surrounded on all sides


"You're good enough for some bucking action"
"You're good enough for some bucking action"
"You're good enough for some bucking action"

de741 No.83148

Iron is unsure about this. "W-what do you mean?" He sniffs a little, still hurt by his decrease in penis size.

bd7fd No.83149

Their muzzles become a little different. Their teeth look longer, almost bladed

"Don't you see? You are fit for children"
"Don't you see? You are fit for children"
"Don't you see? You are fit for children"

de741 No.83150

"F-for children?!" Iron is definetly shocked. "What are you saying? What is going on with your teeth?!" He tries to back away from them.

bd7fd No.83151

They are on each side of him now

"We'll take you to a room upstairs and show you a good night on the bed"
"We'll take you to a room upstairs and show you a good night on the bed"
"We'll take you to a room upstairs and show you a good night on the bed"

The teeth of the black-eyed mares don't really look like blades. They look more like pencils

de741 No.83152

Iron is not understanding these things' bipolarity. "B-but if I have a small dick, then how can I please any one of you? I do not understand."

67f9c No.83153

"For that briefest moment, neither of us acted. We just stood there, blades clashing, looking with wonder into each others' eyes, until we finally realized that now was time to act. As if universe had aligned, we both attempted to disarm each other at same time, and our weapons were thrown far from where we stood. We both reached for our knives…but I was faster. With my knife pressed to her throat, I commanded her for one last time to yield. She was beaten, there was nothing more she could do, or else risk being killed. With sigh, she yielded. As I released my blade from her neck, her companions moved to try to stop me from taking their leader, but she told them no. Reminded them what would happen to them if they made her go against her word. They backed off, but they were not happy. And they were not content to leave it at that, as I would latter figure out.

"Over next few days, I took her captive on journey back to Ponyville. If journey was hard before, though, it had become much harder. We came across much hazardous wildlife, both plants and animals. We almost died many times, and I was forced to allow her to aid in many fights by giving her back her weapons. She had many chances to kill me, and run off, but…she never did. Over course of our journey, we came to know each other better. We told stories, laughed at jokes. Grew closer to each other. Found feelings for each other. And we learned of each other's pasts, or at least what we were willing or able to share.

"She told me she had been raised by former leader of bandits since she was little filly, captured during raid on caravan near Cloudsdale. Their leader took her in after attack. She saw something in Storm. Perhaps she reminded her of herself when she was younger, perhaps she saw beginnings of skilled warrior in that young filly. Whatever it was, it made them raise her as their own. As she grew up under care of bandits, she had taught her how to fight as she did, how to hunt. How to figure out which targets were lucrative enough to risk attacking, and which were best to avoid. She taught her how to read, how to make potions. she took part in raids on caravans as she grow older. When she was 15, she had her first drink with her. She was closest thing to mother she ever had, and instilled in her sense of longing to be free mare, to choose how to live her life, rest of world be damned, even as rest of world became not so friendly place for such ideas. And she loved her for it, for all of it, not remembering much of her life before she was taken in. When her mentor died, she at 16 was chosen to lead group. And lead she did. They became rich, powerful, feared. But as years went by, she became bored of it all. Her opponents no longer posed challenge to her. She became tired with gold and gems. She wanted challenge, or, failing that, death. Anything to make her feel like she once did. Like she could be or do anything. So, she took greater risks, looking for new challenges from bounty hunters. As more and more feel, she grew to despair that none would be worthy to fight her. And then I came along.

"Few days after she told me this, we arrived at outskirts of Ponyville. It was here, she turned to me, and confessed: if she was going to give up her freedom, she would give it up to somepony she respected, somepony she understood. She did not want to live rest of her life in chains, or be hanged in dishonorable death. She gave me choice. Choice over her precious freedom: turn her in to authorities, or have her become mine, from then into forever. Perhaps it was stupid of me. Perhaps I was naïve, back then. But I could not deny that I had developed feelings for her, and that I had come to care for her. I accepted. And, thankfully, she did not try to betray me, or stab me in back and run off to her freedom, but instead, we embraced. She was happy, even if she no longer had her freedom. She gave me her mentor's hat to give to farmers as proof that I had dealt with problem, and after I had been payed, we went off to begin new life together."

8b5d0 No.83154

Holy shit. I think we have been officially outclassed in the story department. Most impressive.

de741 No.83155

Bretty gud, my guy.

bd7fd No.83156

They grin with their wide and deep smiles

When all of this is relayed over to Blue Skies, Silver sees that she evidently was not expecting this story of Silver's love. And from her facil expressions, he gets the impression that she did not, could not understand

67f9c No.83157

Silver sighs. "I do not suppose it is typical story of ponies falling in love. But she was not typical mare. And I would not have had it any other way."

de741 No.83158

"W-what are you all smiling about?"

bd7fd No.83159

"Equestria could not handle simple highwaymares near its capital for two whole decades? In modern times? In Nimbusia they would not have lasted two weeks before the Spartiates took care of them. And why would she not take those opportunities to stab her captor? Why would you allow her those opportunities? They taught us very young in Nimbusia that a simple knife left unsecured over night would be jammed in your throat by a helot before the next morning."
Just ignore her. She doesn't understand

Now they show Iron their penises. And yes, they are quite a bit larger than Iron's, either at the moment or as he recalled the state of things. Somehow they look refreshingly natural compared to their teeth or eyes

de741 No.83160

Iron is not having it. "No! I am not going to touch that! Only mares touch dicks! Get them away from me!" Iron is ready to punch.

bd7fd No.83161

"But you are a mare, and a fine one at that"
"But you are a mare, and a fine one at that"
"But you are a mare, and a fine one at that"

Their faces become increasingly distorted, almost like venus flytraps. And yes, they come closer

67f9c No.83162

Silver waves it off, not taking it to heart. "You wanted to hear story, I told you story."

de741 No.83163

Iron is confused. A mare? He looks down on his body. Are they saying the truth?

bd7fd No.83164

"Combat is one thing… I wanted to hear romance"

If I may ask Iron a question

Does he really want to know?

de741 No.83165

Dice rollRolled 4 + 6

Iron shakes his head. Even if he were actually a mare. She would not be a tramp who'd be shared by more than one stallion. Feeling confident about punching the sick mare distortions are not mares now, he puts all of his power into punching one of the 'mares' around him.

de741 No.83166

I am not liking my odds right about now.

bd7fd No.83167

His muscles must be weaker as well

The unicorn in front of him instructs him "open wide" and with a green aura forces his mouth open

The Earth Pony behind him pulls up his tail… and mount him

At least the Pegasus isn't trying anything, so there's that

67f9c No.83168

He looks almost amused at this. "Romance, hmm? I thought it was fairly romantic myself." He leans back in his seat, sighing again. "Buuuuuuuut, if you have different idea of romance, perhaps you could suggest different story for me to tell you."

bd7fd No.83169

She blinks. "I must admit, I am still somewhat new to Equestrian… and Severyanian culture"

de741 No.83170

Dice rollRolled 6 + 10

Iron attempts to throw off the mare from mounting him, moving his whole body around to make it harder for the unicorn to place any dirty stuff in his mouth and to stop the mounting from becoming a dicking. Rolling grapple.

bd7fd No.83171

Oh… Oh dear

Which mare is he grappling?

67f9c No.83172

"So, Nimbusian, what is your people's idea of romance."

de741 No.83173

It's a grapple on the mounting pretend mare, Earth pony.

bd7fd No.83174

Dice rollRolled 6 + 10

I see That could have been so much worse

"Well, it's rarely terribly romantic, but a mare looks for a stallion possessing qualities of bravery, strength, and cunning. Often she selects a stallion with qualities like those of her mentor. And the Stallion, for his part, selects a mate with strength, beauty, and intellect. And they raise children for the service of the state, although the mare may conceive children with a stallion superior to her husband should one come by

de741 No.83175

Dice rollRolled 11 + 10

I guess I'll reroll because of same dice like last time when initiative was rolled between two combatants, we rerolled.

bd7fd No.83176

Dice rollRolled 19 + 10


bd7fd No.83177

It appears that Iron is fucked

It does not enter into his body gently

de741 No.83178

Dice rollRolled 20 + 10

Oh fuck. I can reroll grapple even when she inserts her dick into Iron's asshole/pussy, right?
Iron grunts hard, to the point of being mistaken as a low scream. Iron keeps trying to break free from her Earth Pony captor, clearly not wanting to feel more dick inside him.

67f9c No.83180

The idea that a mare would choose a stallion for quality of breeding rather than one she loves confuses Silver. "That is…interesting. But what is considered to be romantic in that society, then?"

bd7fd No.83181

With a mighty buck, Iron pushes it off of him…

It unleashes an unholy shriek, and the form of the Earth pony changes significantly… to a black oily goo, that is thrown many feet backwards

"I didn't say it was romantic. I was looking to Equestrian customs to be better, and instead found that outlaws are given the option of prison or marriage, and that is romance here"

bd7fd No.83182

Now, the pegasus takes her turn, beating her wings with a frequency more like an insect than a bird, she positions herself on Iron

de741 No.83183

Dice rollRolled 3 + 10

Iron is clearly panicking by the pegasus' action. His ass is a little sore from the dick assault the now gooed pretend mare gave to him "GET OFF OF ME, YOU SICK BASTARD!" Rolling grapple yet again to throw her off of him.

67f9c No.83184

"It is not typical type of romance, I will admit. Hmm…" He starts thinking on other stories he could tell that would better please Blue.
Basically, give me a minute to think of something else.

de741 No.83185

Am I going to feel each and every dick these pretend mares have before I can get rid of them?

bd7fd No.83186

Dice rollRolled 17 + 8

And opposed

"Open wide, here I come" Says the unicorn

bd7fd No.83187

The pegasus remains on him, his anus lubricated by blood

The Earth Pony reforms next to him, and starts feeling his body

de741 No.83188

Dice rollRolled 14 + 10

Oh for fuck's sakes.
Iron is scared as fuck by the appearance of the earth pony 'mare'. "GET AWAY!" I roll to grapple yet again on the pegasus while trying not to eat dick by the unicorn.

de741 No.83189

bd7fd No.83190

Dice rollRolled 19 + 8

probably need to roll one for the Unicorn as well

de741 No.83191

Dice rollRolled 13 + 10

Rolling grapple for avoiding dick in mouth by the unicorn.

bd7fd No.83192

Oh, he feels it. But the Earth pony puts and end to all of Iron's freedom, petting him… her hooves dissolve into black tar that starts to slowly envelope and encase him

bd7fd No.83193

Dice rollRolled 2 + 6


bd7fd No.83194

Iron is able to move his mouth out of the way of the horsecock that just might have choked him to death. But he feels the black tar creeping around his body, and clinging to his fur

de741 No.83195

Dice rollRolled 7 + 10

Mouth virginity preserved… for now
Iron tries to shake off the goo from around him with erratic movement. "STOP! STOP THIS!" Rolling grapple on the goo to escape.

bd7fd No.83196

Dice rollRolled 15 + 10

And opposed

bd7fd No.83197

Dice rollRolled 15 + 6

The goo clings and envelopes him further as the pegasus thrusts into him. The unicorn tries again, thrusting into his mouth

de741 No.83198

Dice rollRolled 4 + 10

Dice rollRolled 14 + 10

BRB making new char sheet.
Iron tries to grapple all three opponents off of him. "Stop! Please! I beg you!" Rolling two grapples now and the third one next post.

bd7fd No.83199

A number of thin, black tendrils form out from the Unicorn's back, and start to hug and caress Iron's face

de741 No.83200

Dice rollRolled 20 + 10


bd7fd No.83201

Dice rollRolled 18 + 10

Dice rollRolled 20 + 8


bd7fd No.83202

The pegasus is bucked right off. But the goo now surrounds his body, and the unicorn manages the large penis right into Iron's throat

de741 No.83203

Dice rollRolled 18 + 6

Dice rollRolled 13 + 10

Iron moves his face away from them in digust and fear, but is plunged in the throat by the unicorn's dick. This is a nightmare. A terrifying nightmare. This isn't real. It can't be. More resistance from Iron, rolling a grapple on the goo encapsulating him and an unarmed attack on the invading dick in his mouth with his teeth.

bd7fd No.83204

He can feel the goo as it nears his ears

The unicorn moves the giant penis in and out
"You shall bear fine children yet!"

de741 No.83205

Powered up with bonus hit chance of course.

bd7fd No.83206

Iron's mouth is becoming very familiar with the penis inside of it. When he bites down, his tongue and lips get a very good feel and taste. It's very rubbery

I take it he wants to bite it right off

>buck off the goo

It's much too late for that by now

The pegasus flies back on Iron

de741 No.83207

Dice rollRolled 19 + 10

Dice rollRolled 14 + 10

Iron is horrified to note that he can't shake off the goo but feels weird when the rubber texture and actually good taste kick in. What is this? Nevertheless, he is not going to give up just yet. He attempts to take out the invading dicks to the best of his abilities while covered in the third pretend mare. Rolling grapple checks to take out those dicks off of him.

bd7fd No.83208

What is "take out?"

de741 No.83209

Either destroy the dicks inside of him with some clenching which is highly unlikely or push them out with some muscle movements.

bd7fd No.83210

Dice rollRolled 17, 18, 14, 2, 13, 5, 3, 16, 7, 4 = 99

Dice rollRolled 11, 7, 7, 10, 6, 3, 6, 14, 3, 5 = 72

The Unicorn has had enough of this.

With her cacophany of tendrils she tries to grapple Iron into submission. The Pegasus, for her part, does the same. The Earth Pony grabs onto Iron like a giant amoeba

bd7fd No.83211

Dice rollRolled 6 + 20


de741 No.83212

Is that damage?

bd7fd No.83213

He can certainly bite and clench his partly ruptured anus, but these rubbery 'penises' for their part are resilient

That's 20 appendages. but now that you mention it….

de741 No.83214

Dice rollRolled 5, 10, 5, 15, 1, 7, 19, 10, 11, 2 = 85

Dice rollRolled 5, 14, 20, 5, 3, 8, 5, 10, 16, 6 = 92

Iron would fight back still so I'll roll some grapples against all the tendrils. Should all have +10 modifier, unless the tendrils have +10 too.
Next post I'm biting and clenching those dicks even further.

de741 No.83215

Dice rollRolled 17 + 6

Dice rollRolled 20 + 6

Biting is first, clenching is second.

de741 No.83216

Dice rollRolled 15 + 6

Rolling confirm crit.

bd7fd No.83217

More than a few beaten off, more than one failed

With an anus of steel, he is able to rip the penis right off, and probably swallow it into his massive rectum

bd7fd No.83218

They realize that a new approach is necessary for this particular target

"A fiesty one you are"
"A fiesty one you are"
"A fiesty one you are"

The unicorn lowers down for a kiss, and the pegasus moves to place a hoof into Iron

de741 No.83219

Dice rollRolled 4 + 6

Dice rollRolled 11 + 10

>Anus of steel
>swallow a penis into his rectum
I chuckled
Iron attempts to fight off the kiss and hoof by the assaulting mares. "You want me to recede? Then stop trying to rape me and grow my dick already to fuck you all in your pussies!" Rolling grapple to miss the kiss and unarmed jab to bat off the hoof.

de741 No.83220

Second die is +11 because it's a jab.

bd7fd No.83221

Dice rollRolled 1 + 10

Dice rollRolled 20 + 10


de741 No.83222

Hoof was planted expertly and kiss missed, right?

bd7fd No.83223

Iron is able to kick away the pegasus on his rear

What he cannot do, is avoid the unicorn in front of him

With big black eyes, a mouth as wide as a plate, a tongue as long as a garden hose, and pencil like teeth, the unicorn kisses Iron. What happens when she makes contact is that her flesh dissolves into the wet and oily liquid that runs through Iron's mouth, into his throat, as well as onto his muzzle, and into his nostrils. The oil is seeping inside of him

bd7fd No.83224

Dice rollRolled 11 + 10

And now, the thin goo that covers his body makes a move of it's own to restrain him

de741 No.83225

Dice rollRolled 6 + 10

Iron attempts to get the unicorn to back off by more erratic movements again to limit the amount of oil seeping into him. Rolling a single grapple check to see if Iron succeeds.

de741 No.83226

Dice rollRolled 19 + 10


bd7fd No.83227

Dice rollRolled 17 + 10

The goo over his body cannot restrain him

bd7fd No.83228

But Iron cannot stop the unicorn from seeping inside of him, as the pegasus tries again on his rear

de741 No.83229

Dice rollRolled 2 + 10

Dice rollRolled 18 + 10

Iron keeps trying to throw off the two remaining mares off of him. First grapple is unicorn, second is pegasus.

bd7fd No.83230

Dice rollRolled 17

No, and any attempt to breath after such intense physical activity would only draw her in further

de741 No.83231

So pegasus is thrown off I assume.

bd7fd No.83232

Dice rollRolled 1 + 10

The Earth pony wrings him once again, this time, twisting his whole structure to try to break his spine

de741 No.83233

Dice rollRolled 7 + 10

Dice rollRolled 8 + 10

Iron resists the attack but rolling opposed still. Now he attempts to bite the current goo its entering him to try to damage it again, maybe use his throat to push it out somehow.

bd7fd No.83235

Roll a fortitude save

de741 No.83236

Dice rollRolled 14 + 5

If it is endurance based, then add +4 to the modifier

bd7fd No.83237

Dice rollRolled 5 + 8

Dice rollRolled 1 + 8

The pegasus now grabs each rear leg, attempting to snap them

de741 No.83238

Dice rollRolled 1 + 10

Dice rollRolled 10 + 10

Rolling opposed.

bd7fd No.83239

Dice rollRolled 17 + 10

He's beat it off and pushed it so far. The goo now tries to twist his neck

de741 No.83240

Seems we reached an impasse, but my modifier is higher than yours so I should still have both my dream legs.

de741 No.83241

Jesus fucking Christ they're relentless. Do I roll opposed or fortitude save?

bd7fd No.83242

Iron can hear an audible "crack" as he can no longer stand on all four legs

No, they are obviously for different legs

bd7fd No.83243

Roll opposed

bd7fd No.83244

Dice rollRolled 3 + 10

Dice rollRolled 7 + 10

The Goo now tries to snap each of his forelegs

de741 No.83245

Dice rollRolled 10 + 10

Iron screams aloud, having broken one of his legs. "You bastards! I will never surrender! You are better off killing me."
If he cracks my neck, I should wake up, right? Rolling

de741 No.83246

Dice rollRolled 8 + 10

Opposed, just in case.

de741 No.83247

Dice rollRolled 15 + 10


bd7fd No.83248

Iron's left rear leg is cracked. His neck has at least one broken vertebra. But he cannot scream, as a living black goo seeps down his throat

bd7fd No.83249

Roll fortitude

67f9c No.83250

I'm gonna head to bed. I'm fairly tired right now. Goodnight
"I don't suppose you would settle for something more slice-of-life."

de741 No.83251

Dice rollRolled 4 + 5

Iron's eyes are watering hard. He thinks he will pass out if this keeps up.
Rolling, but is it endurance based or not?

bd7fd No.83252


"You should have just accepted our ovadipositors"
Iron feels black goo entering through all orifices of his body. The last thing he hears before he passes out is a "hehehe"

de741 No.83253

Fuck. Well, what happens now? Do I wake up after having a broken neck and two broken legs or I somehow still am in this nightmare even with the intense physical and mental trauma? Anyways, you are going to bed now?

de741 No.83254

I suppose you went to bed, soI'll follow suit. Night.

8b5d0 No.83255

Note to self: buy the ring of sustenance so I just have to sleep for 2 hours

de741 No.83256

>implying two hours of sleep isn't enough to ward off nightmares
You are better off loading the dice, bud.

de741 No.83257

*is enough

bd7fd No.83258

Dice rollRolled 2, 1, 6 = 9

de741 No.83259

Uh, what was the roll for?

67f9c No.83260

I wonder if there's an item to ward against nightmares…

de741 No.83261

Well, there's always the possibility of no dreams at all to prevent bad dreams, as Comrade Glimmer said, but it is quite boring story-wise.

de741 No.83262

It seems I'll be unavailable for some time. Maybe 2 to 3 hours at the most.

0db37 No.83263

Really wants to see how Dark Star responds to Silver’s story

Spark is there to respond as well

67f9c No.83264

I didn't realize it was that good, apparently.

7496a No.83265

What better love story than a duel of wits and skill ending up a relationship? Nevermind your good use of english and nice fleshing out of your story. Granted you can have a rich backstory due to the age you set up, but still, pretty good.
Iron may have some objections about your meeting, though.

0db37 No.83266

Blue has a question
“What happened to the other two highwaymares?”

8b5d0 No.83267

I will get to it when I can. Busy day today.

67f9c No.83268

Silver's face falls into a small frown. "They…did not like, having their leader taken from them. They promised they would be back for their revenge. At time, I did not think much of it. After all, everypony said something along those lines, and after I did not hear anything about them for next 18 years, I thought they were either dead, or forgot about their revenge. But they were very much alive, and they did not forget. They went into hiding, training for coming battle, bidding their time until it was time to strike. When she was alone, and exposed.

"One day, in late spring, we decided to go camping. Me, Storm, and our three children: Silver Rain, Spectral Streak, and White Light. It was not yet too hot to do so, and we thought it would be fun family activity, something we had not done in short while. I kissed Storm, went to go get firewood for campfire, and…"

Silver looks fairly…hurt, telling this next part. He starts choking up at times. "…they arrived. They told her they were back for revenge. And what better way to hurt he who took away somepony they cared about than to…to take away somepony he cared about. I got story from Rain. She…s-she told our children to run, and not look back. But, Rain did look back, as he fled with Spec and White. He saw them fight. She tried her best, to fight them off, but they were too strong for her. She did not have any weapon with her to fight back besides her hooves. And…and…" If Silver had any tears left to cry, they have been cried a long time ago. But it doesn't stop him from looking sadder than Blue has ever seen him before. "…they cut her down. Just as I came back into view with firewood. They killed her. Stabbed right through chest, throat slit. There was…nothing…I could have done. She was dead long before I got to her." His foreleg starts to shake. "Then I felt this…rage…like nothing I had ever felt before. It was raging inferno, filling my entire being. It consumed me. My vision went red, so red I can not remember seeing anything but red, until…I snapped. I can not know what I did to them exactly, but they were both in pieces when I came to, carved up by ax I had brought to collect firewood, all scattered around camp."

79d4d No.83269

Well shit. I thought she died naturally. Fuck me, man.
No, that's not an invitation to rape Iron again, GM

0db37 No.83270

Through out the telling of the first story, Blue can only give him questions that betray her lack of comprehension of the emotion behind the story. “Why would the equestrian military allow highwaymares run smock within eyesight of the capital for 20 years? Why would she agree to be captured when she had two allies in reserve? Why would you not disable or kill her right there? Why would she not kill you or run after your failure to disable her?”

But this story clicks with her, and she smiles in appreciation

67f9c No.83271

"I begged, pleaded to all deities I knew of. Celestia, Luna, Harmony, the old gods and goddesses, those deities of lands I had only heard of. I prayed, to both those I was worthy of and those I was not, to bring her back to me. I held her bloody corpse in my embrace, myself covered in her blood, my blood, blood of highwaymares, as I cried harder than I ever did before. I promised anything and everything to bring her back. To suffer pain of thousand deaths. To weather weight of world on my shoulders. Anything to bring my angel, my Storm, back to me. But I did not hear anything back.

"Next day, I buried her in front of our house, facing east so she could always watch sunrise each morning, like we used to do while we were together. I fell into deep depression after that, lasting for couple years. It was only my foals, and my duty to take care of them, raise them, that kept me going despite that deep sadness in me, that hollow feeling I had now that she no longer was there. Without them, I do not know how I could have gone on."

98960 No.83272

Dark Star smiles as he hears silvers story
"She sounded like a wonderful mare."
>although the mare may conceive children with a stallion superior to her husband should one come by
Dark Stars gets up trying to hide the Sour expression on his face and walks over to glimmering glass
"Give me 2 of your strongest drinks one for the old stallion and one for me."

67f9c No.83273

Silver looks up at Star from the sad place he's in. "…Are you sure that is wise idea, with this mission so close?"

0db37 No.83274

He definitely hinted that she died violently

“Your story of intentionally avoiding victory for the sake of…” She seems confused for a moment “I guess you would call it ‘honor,’ is strange to me. If these highwaymares had a functional sense of self preservation, they would have killed you as soon as you turned your back to them. This idea that thieves would be so impressed by superior swordsmanship that they would follow you to the gallows… I would have hated to explain to the mothers of wagon drivers that their colts died because of the proud and fatal assumptions of bounty hunters. If I had been the highwaymare I certainly would have killed you for your hubris. It seems to have worked out well for you though. Very well in fact.”

“But this story of revenge - whether after 18 years over a life lost, or after 18 minutes for a lost family… that I understand”

And to his last story:
“Curwhinny almost makes sense”

Blue is a little confused
“Is something wrong?”

98960 No.83275


67f9c No.83276

"I am glad, at least, that you have found one story you understand." He looks back at the photo in his grasp. "I suppose it is why I was reminded of her, when we read that passage from Curwhinny's book. It reminded me of that day, holding her in my hooves…"
Silver eventually decides to just shrug. "If it is what you think is best…"

0db37 No.83277

She pats him
“I’m sorry that you lost them…”

8bef2 No.83278

Never saw it myself. Chalk it up to absent-mindness.

67f9c No.83279

He tries to shake it off, but she can see him smile. "Ah. It is nothing to apologize for. It was many years ago, and there was nothing you could have done to change outcome, obviously. I am glad to be able to share story after so long. And I still have my children, even if they have grown up and have lives of their own." His voice returns to a more somber note. "That is, if they did not perish during Great War."

0db37 No.83280

With mixed relief and concern
“And I had thought they had died right then and there. What happened to them?”

98960 No.83281

Dice rollRolled 6 + 7

"Silver's story got to me."

0db37 No.83282

Dice rollRolled 1 + 7


0db37 No.83283

*pets Dark Star*

98960 No.83284

"you haven't heard from them?"
edgy noises

30f00 No.83285

I wonder if Ash's player is currently in flight somewhere. He usually is around here by now.
How do you communicate edgy noises to other ponies? Do you emulate the riff of the ultimate edge song?

98960 No.83286

67f9c No.83287

"I do not know, for certain. I have not heard from them since end of war." He pulls out three more photos, one for each of his children, grown into adults.

The first is labeled 'Silver Rain'. It's of a pegasus, wearing a dapper gambler suit and hat, looking like he'd fit right in in Las Pegasus. He looks strong, about as strong as Silver, a bit fluffy from the bits of exposed coat in the photo, and his wings even folded against his suit look like they're big and broad, and well suited for flying. His hooves look like they've been in many hoof fights before, even through the immaculate care that's been given to them. His hair is blown back naturally like his mother's. His eyes look like they have a fire inside them just waiting to be released. "Silver Rain was my oldest. Our firstborn. He was a feisty one, even when he could barely walk on all hour legs. He definitely inherited his mother's fury. You can see it in his eyes, so much like hers they were. Combined with strength he got from me, he would have made for fine warrior. But, he decided against that life, and after witnessing death of Storm…he changed, from what I knew. Before, he was always wanting to adventure, to see something new, but after, he became…distant. Left as soon as he was able, with only parting goodbye to me and his siblings. Last I heard, he was involved in some…unsavory business in Las Pegasus, though I am not sure if anything came from investigations or not."

The second photo is of another pegasus, labeled 'Spectral Streak'. He's leaner than Rain, and despite his slightly smaller wings he looks like he's faster than him, too, but the look in his eyes suggests that it's not just his body that's fast. In his steel gaze, he looks like he could see things faster than most ponies, like he could recognize the slightest of movement in an instant. His hair is cut short, like a military cut. In the photo, he's in an Equestrian military base, dressed up in an officer's uniform, with a scoped Lavender rifle at his side. The patches on his uniform, combined with the other equipment he carries, suggests he was a Captain in a recon company. "Spectral Streak. I saw so much of myself in him, even if he was not so strong. From his mother, he got her ability to laugh, and see joy in everything. He was always looking to fight, but unlike me, when he fought, he wanted it to be to protect others, to fight for those who could not. And even if he did not have my strength, he had more than double courage that Storm and I had. And he was good with rifle. Great, even. Perhaps one of best. In service, he was so lethal at range, his fellow soldiers had nickname for him: White Death. Funny, considering his sister's name. Last I heard, he was on Western Front, though it would not surprise me to learn if he had been recalled to East after New Mareland invaded to provide support for defensive forces."

The third photo is of a unicorn, labeled 'White Light'. She's a jaw-droppingly beautiful mare, with long hair tied up into ponytails and a smile that would melt even the coldest of hearts around her. She doesn't look very physically impressive, especially compared to her brothers, but her eyes carries an intelligence neither her father or mother has. She's wearing a set of mage's robes worn by head mages of the Equestrian Mage's Guild. "White Light. My daughter. I do not know where she got it from, but she was probably smartest pony I have ever known. She could figure out answers to questions in very short amount of time. She always wanted to learn, to find out something new. On her own, she was good with magic, but with spellbook in front of her, she was able to do anything. And she loved to laugh, even more so than Spec. Her laughter could brighten up anypony's day. Last I heard, she was in Canterlot, doing research for Equestria into combat spells to help during war."

0db37 No.83288

She ruffles his fur with her hoof, pushing back hair and rubbing his skin
“It’s okay to show emotion little colt”

After hearing all this, she looks at him
“Do you want me to research into what happened to them?”

67f9c No.83289

He smiles at her. "You do not have to, but…it would be appreciated."

98960 No.83290

"Emotion is weakness."

0db37 No.83291

She frowns with medium concern. “That was the opinion of my father. step-father.”

“Like my family they are probably still alive out there. Somewhere. Unlike my family, I think they would be happy to see you”

67f9c No.83292

"I hope so, I will admit. But with what chaos we went through during and after war, I do not know."
If you want me to tell you what happened to them OOC, let me know. Otherwise, whatever you decide to come up with is acceptable.

In the meantime, I'll be right back. Got dinner to eat.

98960 No.83293


0db37 No.83294

“I don’t miss him anymore than he misses me”

67f9c No.83295

And I'm back.

98960 No.83296

"Tell me about him."

b50da No.83297

Let me catch up..

67f9c No.83298

TL;DR: Iron got murderraped in his dream, and Silver told the story of how he met his wife Storm Warning.

b50da No.83299

Last I knew, I left Sister Ash holding a crying filly, somewhere around 6 in the evening..

67f9c No.83300

Apparently people liked the story well enough.

30f00 No.83301

Heyo, Iron is a little bit of a mental wreck atm. Be careful of entering the room he's in unless it is time to go for both of them.

b50da No.83302

I can never sleep during the day unless I'm sick.

Sister Ash is still trying to make Abby feel better.

bd7fd No.83303

"Ocean Wind was from one of the aristocratic families of Thessaloneighki. Great big dark blue white stallion. Brown mane, moderate beard. He was never a soldier, although he certainly had the attitude of one. Stern and Stoic, he thought of it as tough love to his children. At one point he managed a cloud factory in the Eastern Riverlands. That is what he wanted for me, to follow him in some sort of weather management. He thought that there was something unique and wonderful in the power of bringing the rains that made the crops grow. He was disappointed when I could not even move a cloud"

b50da No.83304

Oh, Her Luminous Armor Wore off 5 hours after she cast it. It's probably gone by now. Her AC is now once again 10.
She still has the strength damage though. Her strength will be 6 for the next day or so.

98960 No.83305

>He was disappointed when I could not even move a cloud
"That's sad. what happend after that?"

b50da No.83306

Caleb's armor is also gone, but only Sister Ash's abilities we're damaged.

8bef2 No.83307

>6 strength
That does not sound good, right?

b50da No.83308

Sacrifice component: Damaged abilities in exchange for a moderately above-average powered spell means a that a caster can't just spam a bunch of sanctified spells without crippling themselves for weeks.

67f9c No.83309

She takes a -2 penalty to both attack rolls and damage rolls, and can only carry up to 60 pounds.

98960 No.83310

67f9c No.83311

Silver seems confused by this. "I thought all pegasi could manipulate clouds to some extent."

b50da No.83312

Nah, it's not that big a deal for me.
Kind of a shame that I cast it without taking any hits though. What a waste..

79d4d No.83313

b50da No.83314

I need to step out.

bd7fd No.83315

"It was the first of many disappointments evidently. He made me try again. I didn't simply fail, I failed magnificently. Sometimes gliding through the mist. I wanted to be more like my mother anyways, and her bloodline. Soldiers as far back as even into Thermponyle, not that he didn't have some of the same on his side. My brother… I scarce want to say his name, 'Cape Geese,' had been injured severely many years before in a jousting competition and nearly died. It changed his personality. At least that is what I told everyone. I was a very young foal when that happened. But he did not want the same to happen to me and forbade me from doing that. And I obeyed, as I didn't see the point in some of the jousting. But what I could do was join the Crypteia, and in that he was not terribly supportive either"

"To some extent, yes. But like all things, nature has not distributed the gift equally. And some are better or worse than others"

67f9c No.83316

"Hmm. I suppose I can understand that much." He pats his horn, useful for only telekinesis and producing a limited amount of light, or as a makeshift stabbing implement.
It's a bit of a lucky break that Glass didn't actually give Star that alcohol he ordered.

98960 No.83317

Dark Star hugs her when she starts talking about her brother
"what was your mom like?"

bd7fd No.83318

"Yes, it is essentially similar to unicorn magic in that regard. While every Narwhal can lift a pen, only some can do the fancy parlor tricks those Unicorns in Wittenland base their form of government off of. And so it is that while nigh every Pegasus can walk on clouds, not all of them can kick them into vapor"


*comforted cooing noises*
"She was more… Involved with the family. More direct and around us. That being despite the fact that she was a full Hoplite Soldier, who left on occasions for excursions to the West and towards the griffin lands. She was named Western Skies, perhaps for the fact that she was among the noble Pegasi who controlled them. She was proud, definitely. She managed to be the loving parent I desperately needed. When my father's plan for me didn't work out, she supported my efforts to join the citizen's military. I was not going to Hoplite. But I could be" she looks away "could have been - a reconnaissance scout, with my small size and relative stealth"

67f9c No.83319

He actually seems amused by the name. "Narwhal? I don't believe I've heard that one before."
I don't imagine it's a very good idea to get drunk immediately before a stealth mission.

bd7fd No.83320

"Bonehead, Pokey, Pickle skulls… We had many names for flightless ponies"

98960 No.83321

"it sounds like you took after her."
Dark Star smiles

67f9c No.83322

"…pfffffft…" Silver leans back in his seat and laughs at the variety of names for a few seconds before wiping a tear of joy from his face. "Bonehead I have heard before, but never have I heard 'pickle skull'. That is probably funniest name I have heard yet."

bd7fd No.83323

"I tried to. She was a great source of inspiration for me. Seeing her in full armor was… almost awe inducing. I don't mean to say that Ocean Wind provided nothing. He showed what a pegasus could be, and to see his piety beneath the great Doric columns of the temple of Bellerophron… To see my mother in formation with the other hoplites across clear blue skies… There was something inspiring about the setting. A real feeling of being a part of something graceful, ancient, and noble"

"There are less polite ways of saying much the same, if you get my meaning"

8b5d0 No.83324

All of these stories has the sorcerer and the player speechless.

b50da No.83325

Alright, I'm back.

Sister Ash is still holding Abby Willows (with slight difficulty: she's only got 6 Str).

67f9c No.83326

"Oh, I imagine. I imagine there are many names related to phalluses for us unicorns where you come from. But, in end, they are just names. They are not what define us. Much as myriad names for pegasi do not define who you are, nor do myriad names for earth ponies define who Dark Star is."

79d4d No.83327

For the record, I'm now officially available as well, though I don't know what the GM will do after the whole passing out deal.

b50da No.83328

I guess we should meet up with the rest of the party.
I was gonna leave after putting Abby to bed, but I see now that it's too early for that.

0db37 No.83329

She’s almost to cooing, but there is a sort of fear emanating from her

“True. Your lack of wings and the capacity for flight is what defines you all”
She spreads now her great wings, fairly wide and long, with large feathers of an Azure White coloration. These have been very well kept and cleaned.

b50da No.83330

Sister Ash pets her softly.
".. Don't fret now.."

67f9c No.83331

Silver laughs. "Also true, in way I suppose. But that is what makes pegasi unique from rest of us. Like our horns and our ability to use magic makes unicorns unique from other ponies, and natural strength and connection to nature makes earth ponies unique." He looks over her wings, silently admiring their beauty.

98960 No.83332

"you are quite Graceful and Noble."

0db37 No.83333

“We are still not safe”

She moves around her wings to show them off, and any other parts of her body should Silver’s eyes imply an interest. She cannot fully extend her wings, however, owing to the limited space in the bar

“It is what makes us the guardian protectors. The tip of the spear”

0db37 No.83334

“Hehe, thanks”

98960 No.83335

Dark Star strokes her wings
"Your wings are beautiful."

0db37 No.83336

She spreads a wing and places it next to Dark Star, rubbing against his fur with the tip

67f9c No.83337

"And our magic is what makes us ideal supporters and suppressors. Deadly magic aimed at the enemy, protective shields for our allies. With earth ponies to take command of ground with their strength and their own special magic? Together all three pony races are nigh unstoppable, when we work together." Silver's eyes are mostly focused on her wings, but he does find an interest in the general beauty of the pegasus. "You are beautiful mare, if I am allowed to say so. Dark Star is lucky to have you."

b50da No.83338

>Is still trying to figure out what to say…

de741 No.83339

>tfw have to do child counseling in an RPG
Good times.

b50da No.83340

This is difficult…
Nobody said the path of the exalted would be easy though..

98960 No.83341

Dark Star Tickles her wing

de741 No.83342

Well, you probably have played a lot more than the others here, so you would be looking for a challenge, either RP-wise or mechanically. Hope you got what you're looking for.

b50da No.83343

Not really. I've only played once "whole" campaign.
I've just been reading books about it a lot since, because I was really eager to play another one.

b50da No.83344

Let me step out again. I'll think of what to say to Abby later.

de741 No.83345

I'll take smol nap while Ash thinks up what to say if he comes back. See you guys in half an hour or one hour.

0db37 No.83346

Her right wing is extended out towards Dark Star, and she resumes her trademark smile with new confidence from Dark Star’s remarks. With permission from Silver’s glance she moves a little away from the table, exposing her frame and her right hind leg to him. Her neck is slim, and though her chest is large and does not show the ribs, with just a few tufts of fur, her barrel is more slender around her barrel. It’s a body shape that is more normal for larger equines like Alicorns, but less common for smaller ponies. Her hips are fairly wide and her right thigh is far from scrawny. Her right hind leg is slender, with small tufts of fur around her fetlocks, and well trimmed hooves. Her tail is long and straight, and of the same French Sky Blue color as her mane, though it does not touch the floor. Her wings, and where they meet her back have as much muscle mass and her hind legs. Her left wing is extended so far that it is the length of the table, now going around Dark Star, and they are wide as well. While it would be very presumptuous to say that she is the most beautiful mare Silver has seen in his long and well traveled life (sans his wife of course). What would be fair to say is that she tries to be pretty, and it has had some payoff. She smells of lavender… or is that Dark Star?

“Just remember that in peacetime, the royal guard and the Wonderbolts were dominated by Pegasi, and during the war, both side used Pegasi as their special forces and swift hitters. And there is a reason for that”

0db37 No.83347

He wing moves a little recoiling from the tickling, but remains outstretched to Dark Star, as she tries to place a wing around him

67f9c No.83348

"Indeed, Dark Star is lucky stallion." He tries and mostly fails to hide the fact that he does indeed find her to be gorgeous, and probably one of the prettier mares he's met, mostly for Dark Star's sake rather than anypony else's. Storm Warning, however, still stays the most beautiful mare Silver's ever seen, bar none.

"And much like pegasi, unicorns were integral part of not just special forces, but of all divisions. Mage companies helped to keep our armies healthy and protected in addition to fighting on front lines, and in peacetime, unicorns helped to pioneer many technologies with help from earth pony ingenuity."

98960 No.83349

"Yes i am."
Dark Star Smiles
Dark Star tries not to notice silver making eyes
Dark Star Strokes Blue's mane

0db37 No.83350

Blue Skies, for her part, makes no effort to hide how she revels in the attention. She if goes at Dark Star’s remarks. Whereas before her right though had been crossed left over the bottom of her belly, while her leg hung out towards the right, she moves her right stifle outwards, allowing a full view of her barrel between her thighs and her two small teats. Then she crosses her left leg over her right stifle, an act that makes it easier for her to lean towards Dark Star, to her left. Should he look at her flanks, he can see her cutie mark: a sword or knife with golden wings around it

“Oh I know. I’ve been told many times of these mixed units. ‘Combined arms’ they call it. It is good to make the best of what you have. Because if Equestria had had enough Pegasi to fill its divisions with only Pegasi, they would have won”

She likes the stroking, and leans in towards Dark Star. She smiles at him

98960 No.83351

Dark Star kisses her on the forehead

0db37 No.83352

Her ears twitch just a little as he does this, and her smile changes from her normal to warm

67f9c No.83353

"Perhaps. Then again, weaponry and tactics required to bring down changeling panzers does not suit pegasus flight quite like it does unicorn magic. I have heard tales of some unicorns' spells being strong enough to disable or even outright destroy panzers, should they manage to hit their magazines, treads, or other weak spots."

He doesn't try to spend too much time looking at her teats out of respect for Dark Star and his relationship with Blue, but he does note that they're the typical size he would expect for a pegasus of her stature, and that they're of a similar beauty to the rest of her body. What he does take an interest in is the mark on her flanks. "Your talent mark. How did you earn it, if I may ask?"

98960 No.83354

Dark Star plays with her ears
"your laugh is beautiful."
Dark Star shoots him a glare

b50da No.83355

Fug it. I'll try to tell it like it is from the perspective of the Catholic-hippie-pangan-taoist-buddhist-dragonkin persona I've created.

Sister Ash pauses for some time, still holding Abby to her fluff as she strokes the little filly's mane.
".. The world, as it is, isn't a very safe place…" She says, after a minute
".. It can be frightening, cruel, and unfair, full of dangerous crestures; you had to learn that the hard way…" She continues
"But the world isn't terrible either.. It's bountiful and full of beautiful things; full of mysteries and magick in every corner of the realm. There's plenty in the world to be afraid of, but that just means there's so much more worth protecting…"
She nudges the filly slightly
".. Like you.." she says, softly
".. There's so much in this world worth protecting: the trees in the valley, the meadows, the ponies running through them.. There's so much to keep safe, but only so many ponies who can do it…"
Then she pauses, as if unsure how to continue
"Nopony can protect everything all on their own, but everypony has something they want to protect.. Some ponies want to protect their country, others want to protect themselves, for some it's their family, and for others it's only themselves.. Protecting things is part of what makes life meaningful; what keep ponies going in this beautiful and dangerous world. The thing you want to protect defines what you are, but you don't have to decide that so early on…."
"The Sisters in this abbey are all here, because they've chosen to protect.. They want to protect you, and your friends, even if they can't always do it all themselves.. Foals like you.. aren't at an age when they can completely protect themselves, so they need help, from grown-ups, and from eachother.. You weren't completely wrong about being helpless, but you'll grow up one day, and then you'll have something you want to protect too…"
Then she turns the filly to make eye contact with her
"..But in the meantime.. Please let us try again to protect you.. Okay?" She asks, almost pleadingly

b50da No.83356

I suck at this; but that's the best I've got.

0db37 No.83357

She laughs
“Oh yes, let grounded ponies fight winged Changelings. Please, unless a unicorn has a special talent as a tank destroyer, they are not of much more use than any other pony. Against the more more modern machinations de la guerre you want nothing less than equal machines. Anti tank guns, bombers, artillery, other tanks.”

“My cutie mark?” She smiles, takes her left leg and moves it down, showing her teats again, and it may be noted that their size implies that she has never been pregnant. She moves her right stifle in, and once again her right flank faces silver, allowing him to see her cutie mark right side up

“This happened as I was with a group of fillies in school. During the summer they would take us out for mock excercises. Like a sort of foretaste of the agoge trials we would take when we were older. One of the exercises was to decide the foals into teams, and go out into the woods and try to take the flag from the opposing team’s base. I separated from my group, and found their little base soon enough, though they had many guards. I managed to sneak around them, and take it right under their noses. When I got back to base, I had the flag in hoof, and this on my flank. The opposing team was genuinely baffled as to how I had find it. It relieved my mother, as I had been among the last in my age group to get her cutie mark.”

“D’aww, thanks”
Her ears flinch and twitch in response to his touching. They are somewhat long, and relatively fluffy with her azure white fur

0db37 No.83358

She looks at her, touched in part and unsatisfied in part
“But they couldn’t protect us before”

67f9c No.83359

"Hmm. That is interesting story." Getting the idea from Dark Star that he should stop eyeing his marefriend, lest things sour between them, Silver goes back to looking at her, face-to-face. "So, these agoge trials, are they similar to this game of capture-flag you played as filly?"

b50da No.83360

reeeeeeeeee I'm not qualified to take care of children
Sister Ash hugs the filly tighter for a few seconds
".. They couldn't.. but they did everything they they could.. I did everything I could.. So if you have it in you, could you trust us with another chance..?"

0db37 No.83362

Dude, just lie and tell her that a white knight hero will come and save everyone. That lie works with real children, it works even better in a world where heroes actually exist
She is silent for a long while. Finally she says “I guess”

“I thought I told you about those? Not quite, they involve racing, tests of stealth, and combat competitions. They are the tests you must pass to become a citizen. Or that’s how it used to be”

b50da No.83363

I don't like making empty promises.
She was already blackpilled saying that heroes didn't exist.

67f9c No.83364

"I do not believe you did. But that could just be my forgetfulness." He shrugs it off. "It certainly does sound like your people held warriors in high regard."

b50da No.83365

Sister Ash hugs her harder
"… Thank you…" she says softly

0db37 No.83366

“Indeed we we did. We were ruled by warriors. We were the protectors of the pony nations of the East”

She is silent, but accepting

67f9c No.83367

"Hmm. A noble goal."

b50da No.83368

*Cradles filly*

0db37 No.83369

“That what I believed. Protector of the East against the griffins, the changelings, and the enemies within”

67f9c No.83370

He raises an eyebrow. "Changelings? In Griffonia?"

0db37 No.83371

“Yes. Not anywhere as aggressive or industrial as those of the West, so no, no mass swarms. No tanks either”

She smiles, and it almost seems that she starts to coo. Like a pigeon

b50da No.83372

*Pets pidgeon-poner*

b50da No.83373

Has she finished eating?

98960 No.83374

Dark Star Turns to Glimmering Glass
"would you get my Mare Friend, a maretini?"

67f9c No.83375

Now he seems doubly interested. "What else do you know about these changelings in East?"

bd7fd No.83376

She is comforted somewhat

More or less. There are some items remaining on the plate

"Sure thing. Coming right up"

"What do you want to know?"

67f9c No.83377

"These changelings, were they like those in Equestria before Chrysalis came along? Preferring to keep hidden and let us live our lives without interference?"

b50da No.83378

>There are some items remaining on the plate
Eventually, Sister Ash nudges Abby once more with her muzzle.
".. You didn't eat all day.. You should finish up before bed."

bd7fd No.83379

"I can't say I have much experience with Western Changelings before Chrysalis, so I cannot speak to them. But I can say that the Eastern hives tended to keep to themselves. I heard in Farbrook they would walk through the streets, no disguise, and ask ponies for love, usually through a trade. That was of course before it was discovered that Changelings were monsters and that stopped. Some of the more aggressive hives would send out disguised changelings to other lands, or swap foals. None would raid in swarms."

bd7fd No.83380

She is a little grumpy to this, but obeys

b50da No.83381

Fillies need to eat.
Sister Ash puts her down by the desk.

8b5d0 No.83382

"It was discovered they were monsters… after the trade for love thing? That didn't come off as monstrous right away?"

bd7fd No.83383

He hands over a finished maretini

She reluctantly picks up a fork

b50da No.83384

With her mouth?

bd7fd No.83385

Well obviously that wouldn't allow her to fork things into her mouth

She shrugs, herself at a loss to explain the cultural attitudes of other nations
"They were very kind and trusting"

98960 No.83386

Dark Star hoofs it over to Blue

b50da No.83387

I kind of assumed that most ponies would just put their faces to the plates. They seemed to do so quite a bit in the show, except for a few pompous unicorns.
Just wondering.

bd7fd No.83388

I think Applejack did that as a sign that she was uncultured, and Rainbow Dash did that deliberately in the Indiana Jones episode to gross out the others

"Why thank you"
She takes the drink, and gives him her smile

67f9c No.83389

"Changelings here were…" He seems to struggle to find the right word. "…let us say 'isolated'. They had prejudices against ponykind, believed that ponies could never truly accept them for what they were. Equestrians were prejudiced against changelings, believing them to have something to hide. No one knows where it started, or who started it, but we had been at odds for many years. It was rarer than rare for those two to interact openly. Sometimes, it was peaceful. At other times…not so much. Changelings, instead, for the most part preferred to stay silent, and separate, only interacting through their disguises to acquire love for their hives, which were often very far from civilization. There were stories, of course, of them stealing foals from homes, but back then one could argue it was just stories meant to frighten young foals and naïve ponies. Now, I am not so sure, myself.

"Either way, I imagine many Equestrians would gladly take these changelings of East, these ones you speak of having been in Farbrook, over what we have to deal with now. Even with our misgivings about these bugs"
Silver stares oddly at the tiny mixed drink given to Blue. He looks confused as to why such a thing exists.

bd7fd No.83390

"They are real"
She takes a sip from her drink

"I am sure they would. Chrysalis seems to have taken the world by surprise"

b50da No.83391

I think I can recall a few other scenes where ponies would just walk up and take a bite out of whatever they were eating. I think I've only seen a fork like once in the whole show.

Well, anyway, Sister Ash let's Abby finish her meal before she gets ready to take the tray away.

67f9c No.83392

"Indeed. She needs to be stopped, before we allow her to gain even more strength." He continue to stares at the drink. "Is that even good drink? Or is it like those meals they serve at fancy restaurants I keep hearing about: artsy, with no real substance?"

bd7fd No.83393

She's going to wait for her to finish? Alright.

After a few more minutes, Abby finishes her dinner

She smiles at Dark Star
"It is indeed a good drink"

b50da No.83394

Yes. She waits for her to finish.
She came under the premise of bringing her dinner.
"Feeling better?" She asks

8b5d0 No.83395

"I will never understand drinking alcohol." I say with glass still at my side.

bd7fd No.83396

"I guess…" She says

Blue Skies's facial expression changes to fear, then to abject horror as her jaw drops
"Is that the same drink you bought two days ago?"

8b5d0 No.83397

"Yes. Why does this shock you?"

67f9c No.83398

Silver looks like he doesn't know what to think about that realization.

b50da No.83399

*Pets filly one more time*
"That's a start then." she says, as she floats the empty tray
"You'd best get ready for bed soon. You were up all night last night afterall.." continues

bd7fd No.83400

"It's not even 6 yet!"

She can only stare in fear

"I take it only vodka will do for you?"

8b5d0 No.83401

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

b50da No.83402

Fuck. I didn't know the time. I thought it was 7-ish.

Also, I have to sleep now. I'll finish this some other time.

98960 No.83403

"its going to ferment."
"im not a fan of maretinis myself."

8b5d0 No.83404

"Isn't that what alcohol does anyway?"
I chuckle.

bd7fd No.83405

Eh, maybe 7ish

She breaks eye contact

She frowns
"Why did you get me the maretini?"

de741 No.83406

I should go to bed too unless you have something else for me, GM.

67f9c No.83407

This actually makes him smile. "I am more partial to bourbon than vodka, myself."

98960 No.83408

"i thought you liked them."

bd7fd No.83409


"You say you are from Stalliongrad, Sait Petershoof I think, but then you said you were doing work in the vicinity of Ponyville. And 18 years after that, you were attacked by bandits who originated from somewhere around the area of Ponyville"
She thinks this is a question

"I do"

98960 No.83410

"i guess."
"they why did you frown at me?"

de741 No.83411

I'll take that as a 'please wait, lemme think of something' kind of message.

bd7fd No.83412

"It seemed odd that you would give me drinks that you didn't like"

I mean, he can wake up

de741 No.83413

Did he sleep enough to regain some health, at least? Besides all the nightmare business.

98960 No.83414

"i like hard liquor more than fancy drinks."

67f9c No.83415

"Such is life of mercenary. You go where work is, or where you think work will be. As for Ponyville job, I got tip off for work near there as I was travelling in region. I forget who gave me tip, then…" He rubs his chin in thought as he tries to figure out who gave him the original tip, but he comes up with nothing.

98960 No.83416

>anus of iron

de741 No.83417

Shush, Star's player

98960 No.83418

it was cool that you ripped the benis off

bd7fd No.83419

She smiles
"You think Storm Warning was looking for a knight in shining armor to rescue her from her life of boring maidenhood?"

"Why is that? And why do you give me the fancy drinks then?"


His rectum swallowed it. Of course it's living matter like The thing, so that just means it made its home in his ass, but still


de741 No.83420

I wouldn't say 'cool' exactly, more like 'disgustingly funny'

67f9c No.83421

Silver gets a good laugh from this. "Her? Pfft, nah. Well, perhaps not in that particular fashion. But it could be she made extra sure to spread word of her band's deeds as far and wide as possible, to bring in more bounty hunters after her."

de741 No.83422

I'll assume he got at least a quarter of his health back, maybe half.
Iron wakes up, panting heavily. His coat is sweaty, his hindlegs feel weak, forelegs are heavy on him. He throws away the blankets that he was on, looking for any damage on his supposedly broken legs and bloodied anus, unsure if it was a dream or some sick, twisted reality he was stuck on.

bd7fd No.83423

"Unless she had a death wish - and it sounds like she may have - that makes little sense to me. If I were a thief in a forest, the last thing I would want is for everypony to know that there is a thief in a forest"

Nope, he is not dripping blood from his anus. He does feel like he might have a mild case of colic. There is a pain in his mid to lower intestine. Must be from the grass he ate yesterday

67f9c No.83424

"Perhaps she did. All I know is that she felt unfulfilled. She had lost all feeling like she was challenged, so she tried to bring bigger challenges to her, until she would either be matched, or be beaten."

bd7fd No.83425

She looks at him
"That's kind of scary. Imagine if a creature with that kind of attitude took control of an entire nation, rather than just a three pony band of highway mares"

de741 No.83426

>looks up colic on web browser
>find out Iron can die from colic
>inb4 Iron dies from eating grass of all things
Or, you know, the thing has nestled inside me and is waiting on Iron going to sleep again to start eating his insides

Iron breathes a sigh of relief followed by a grunt, lightly rubbing his belly. He groans in mild pain. He slowly stands up from the bed and lazily walks outside of his room. He decides to explore the abbey some more, maybe hoping to see some of the rescued foals to see how they are doing so far.

67f9c No.83427

"I suppose we are lucky, then, that neither of our naitons have had leader like that."

bd7fd No.83428

Her offended look suggests that she interpreted his statement as intended ironically. She takes a sip of her drink.

The foals seem to be released from dinner when Iron comes out, transitioning from a cafeteria to a common area. The Sisters seem sort of surprised to see him, while the foals are less afraid than they were the day before

98960 No.83429

"i didnt know if you would like it or not."
"heh i wouldn't exactly say lucky."

de741 No.83430

Iron is relieved by the receding fear the foals have on him. He is interested in that unicorn foal that was very clingy to Ash, just in case he might act dumb some more in front of him with some small teasing.

bd7fd No.83431

She smiles and places a hoof over Dark Star's shoulder after he makes that last comment

The small unicorn foal is not in the common area. When Iron looks around, he can find the small foal in a high chair in the dining area as a Sister tries to feed him

de741 No.83432

Iron watches intently at the scene.

67f9c No.83433

He raises his hooves in innocence, and smiles awkwardly. "No, no, I did not mean it like that. For what I think of your Duke, I do not think he is like that."

bd7fd No.83434

A sister takes teaspoons of honey out of a jar, and seems to be feeding it to the foal

She looks at him more
"You don't seem to be willing to chose him over Chrysalis"

de741 No.83435

Huh, seems the foal is acting more civilized than he expected. Strange. He hissed and was relatively angry at Iron on his trip here, which was rather endearing for him. Iron watches some more, just to make sure he doesn't do any funny business.

bd7fd No.83436

The sister notices Iron
"Hello there"

98960 No.83437

Dark Star Puts his arm around her neck

8b5d0 No.83438

"I don't suppose you are happy to call your new government your ruler either in Nimbusia."

de741 No.83439

Iron is a bit embarrased. "Oh, sorry. I did not mean to be a nuisance. How is the colt you are feeding doing? He seems quite different from yesterday when he was brought back here."

67f9c No.83440

"Of course I would, but that does not mean I want to choose him. It is choice between giving up our sovereignty to foreign power we do not feel cares for us, or being slaves to creatures that feed on emotions. It is choice between two evils for us, even if one is clearly lesser."

bd7fd No.83441

"I left there before they let the boneheads vote" she says with a slight disgust

She smiles, as she likes this

"We think his digestive system suffered partial damage from starvation. He refuses any solid foods, but we discovered he will eat honey. I am trying to mix in vitamins"

"You know the new Marelanders are your own Equestrian kind, right? Descendants of the same three tribes, worship the same religion, speak the same language, have the same basic legal system, had entirely the same history for 500 years and a linked history for 500 years after that… They had the same sovereign until living memory. And that to you is 'foreign'? They have more in common than either does to any eastern pony nation, or really than the Eastern pony have with each other. If The Duke is 'a foreigner,' then so is the Mi Amore dynasty the Equestrians installed as a puppet government over the crystal ponies"

de741 No.83442

Iron is not happy with this response. "Will he recover with the vitamins you are putting in the honey?"

67f9c No.83443

"But do New Marelanders view themselves as Equestrians? Or do they view themselves as New Marelanders?"

8b5d0 No.83444

"I'm glad you made it out. There is no place for ponies like us to go though. We are stuck here."

bd7fd No.83445

"That is what we are hoping, yes"

"From speaking to them, they have more of an identity than as simply another Equestrian dominion, to be sure


98960 No.83446

Dice rollRolled 8


8b5d0 No.83447

"Do you believe we deserve to be stuck here?"

bd7fd No.83448

Snoonetdoodle is not quite touched


de741 No.83449

Iron cocks his head. "What do you mean, hoping? If a pony eats food again, then he should be cured of any starvation, right?"

8b5d0 No.83450

"Do you believe we should be stuck here? As in do we as defeated ponies of a nation that fought against the Duke deserve to be stuck on a land that at any moment can be consumed by the changelings?"

67f9c No.83451

"500 years is long time. It is half lifespan of Equestria. In that time, they have developed their own culture, their own history. They developed their own accents to speak. They have developed their own denominations of Celestialism. They have their own flora, and fauna, that they recognize and study. They made their own businesses. They have their own holidays. They had their own laws. By time they had declared their independence, all that linked New Mareland to Equestria was that we were both nations of ponies, and that long ago, we were one. Fairly flimsy link, as you have pointed out.

"New Mareland is New Mareland. Equestria is Equestria. In end, they are just as foreign to us as we are to them. And as they would not want to be ruled by us Equestrians, we Equestrians do not want to be ruled by them."

bd7fd No.83452

She moves closer to Iron, as if to say this only to Iron
"When the body is deprived of food for too long, it starts to cannibalize itself, destroying its own organs for sustenance. The intestines are among those. We think that this process started on this foal, and it means that he is not taking solid foods well. That is why we are giving him honey, for the hope that he will recover"

She folds her ears back
"… I… no?"

"Then maybe the Equestrians should have left them alone, and allowed them to have their own destiny"

bd7fd No.83453

"Help me with these political debates, Dark Star"

8b5d0 No.83454

"I can't blame New Mareland for what happened and how they treat us now. But most of us didn't want anything to do with a war. A few may have just because Celestia said so, and of course we followed what she said. But now we are doomed to die for something we had no control of, unless the changelings can be defeated, in which case we are at the mercy of the Duke for the rest of our lives."

de741 No.83455

Iron thinks he understands. He starts to whisper. "Anything in particular that is needed to boost his recovery? There must be something to restore his body from starvation." He thinks some more. "Are the other foals that we brought back having this problem as well?"

bd7fd No.83456

"The other foals are not. They say that this particular foal was kept in a cage. I am trying to add vitamins to the honey, which itself is high enough in calories, and sweet enough for him to take it"

"Which is why we intend to keep back Chrysalis. Ask this guy here why he does not want to help"

67f9c No.83457

"And maybe New Mareland should have recognized that we are stronger together, and put aside their differences with us to fight against Chrysalis. Maybe they should not have acted so rash, when they interfered in tricky political situation. But they did not recognize this, and they did act rash. And now, these should haves and should have nots will serve us no purpose."
"You are not keeping them back. They are holding back of their own accord, building strength while they have no enemies attacking. If they decided to attack, New Mareland would not have enough forces here to do even half of what Equestria was doing by end of war."

de741 No.83458

Right. He forgot about that. "It seems you have this under control." Iron thinks some more. "Tell me, who is the most knowledgable pony about the religion in this building? I want to ask a few questions about it."

8b5d0 No.83459

"In fairness, we declared war on them. Not much they could have done to stay out of political situations from that."
"However… he makes a good point. You aren't prepared for a war. Tell me, why were you so excited to get those books?"

bd7fd No.83460

She look at him with mild annoyance
"Equestria declared war first. Before the Changeling invasion. They openly supported the Iconoclast griffins in their war against us, even sending expeditionary forces. It is Equestria that had the power to recognize that they were stronger with their old dominion than without it. They left New Mareland no choice"

"Have you ever thrown meet to distract attacking dogs?"

"That would be Sister Marery"

"We are preparing for a war"

67f9c No.83461

"Did New Mareland attack griffons first?"

de741 No.83462

"Thank you. I will leave you be now." Iron now looks for this sister Marey. He thinks it was the mare that greeted him and Ash last night, but maybe it was Thyme. He doesn't really remember.

bd7fd No.83463

"A different set of griffins, yes"

After asking around, he finds Sister Marery

98960 No.83464

"the duke has a war to win in the east. if you want some one to protect equestria, im going to be running next election." celestia did."

de741 No.83465

Iron pokes Marey. "Excuse me, are you going to be busy soon? I wanted to ask some questions."

bd7fd No.83466

"Oh… Questions about what?"

de741 No.83467

"Well, you never really finished explaining about how relationships have this natural order to them. It was you who told me that when I asked to sleep on the same quarters as Ash last night, right?

bd7fd No.83468

"I believe so, yes"

de741 No.83469

"Well, you never did finish your explanation and now that I have time to spare, I would like to know."

bd7fd No.83470

She tries to ponder the best way of explaining it
"You know how the lock only makes sense with the key, and the key only makes sense with the lock? Both are useless without the other"

67f9c No.83471

"So, let me get this straight: New Mareland declared their independence, abandoned concept of Harmony, this ideology that promotes peaceful cooperation between countries that had been rooted in Equestrian culture for millennia, and then, when they declared war on griffon neighbors against Equestria's earlier wishes, they act surprised and outraged when Equestria comes to aid of griffons who were attacked first? Surely they must have seen that coming, and knew what they were going to cause."

de741 No.83472

"Huh? 'luck' makes sense with the 'peaks'? Is that a complex metaphor?" Iron cocks his head. Perhaps Marey should consider more natural objects to compare it with.

8b5d0 No.83473

"I hope that goes well."
"You call armed conflict aid? What right did we have to war against a nation that declared independence? They fought against those that would have conquered New Mareland if they had the chance. And since when do we use war as our first means of settling the issue? Had we learned nothing from the Elements?"

98960 No.83474

"tell your pony friends. Dark Star Cares about them."

67f9c No.83475

"Had New Mareland learned anything from Elements? For 500 years, their neighbors did not try to conquer them. Even with Equestria being so far away and so unprepared for war, they did nothing. I imagine we tried our damnedest to convince New Mareland to not declare war. I would be shocked if we did not. But New Mareland declared war on neighboring countries first. I doubt any attempt we made to resolve issue peacefully would have convinced them to stop."

8b5d0 No.83476

"If we declared war on the changelings first, would you expect others to come to their aid?"

8b5d0 No.83477

"Sorry. I'm a bit low on friends. I have this fine team of ponies though that I consider friends."

67f9c No.83478

"Perhaps those who thought like them, yes. I would certainly believe that most nations would not be supportive of us if we did, at least."

8b5d0 No.83479

"Then how are you supposed to ever survive if you are not allowed to strike first to save lives? Are you supposed to allow the enemy to take lives just so you have the moral superiority to fight? There is indeed a wrong time and wrong way to war, but to say it is cut and dry defensive war only that is good, you are mistaken."

bd7fd No.83480

"Celestia being a dirty griffin lover would explain why the New Marelanders thought that they needed a new government certainly.

Now, let me see if I can get you straight. You worship a God-emperor who was never elected, and is questionably even from the normal ponies to begin with. And for a thousand years She allowed disharmony and conflict within her Empire. She herself is too weak to fight back the world ending terrors that invade every year, be it Chrysalis the first time, Discord, Tirek, or the Storm King. Then, recently, she appoints a new princess, who is competent enough in her role… but who herself takes as an adviser who was a psychopathic leftist dictator who would systematically remove harmony magic from ponies as a way of bringing 'harmony.' And after she takes this new adviser, Equestria ceases its isolationism, but tries to convert its neighboring nations to its philosophic doctrine under the theory that they would take it in kind.

And so when the Reformistin begin murdering eastern ponies en masse, this means nothing to Celestia. When mass immigration of griffons causes social disruption in New Mareland, this means nothing to Celestia. When the successor states of the Griffonian empire were overthrown by dictators and revolutionaries and began to expand, this was not concern for Celestia. But a pony nation trying to take active measures against the threats… this is outrageous?

And so, they declare war on their old subjects. They are then invaded by their neighbors. They get their asses handed to them utterly. And then with this self caused catastrophe they point the blame to anycreature but themselves"

"Give me a minute"

"For 500 years their neighbors, your beloved griffins, attacked the Eastern ponies. they burned our cities, sacked our towns, raided and pillaged. They conquered pony land and set up oppressive knightly regimes. They appointed bandits as border guards. Are the Eastern ponies life not worthy of life to you? Do you care not for us? Are we too far away? But never mind that, because it wasn't the Griffonian Empire that was New Mareland's problem. It was the myriad successor states. Those were ruled not only by your beloved greedy nobles, but by iconoclastic griffin revolutionaries, and power hungry dictators"

de741 No.83481

"Okay" Iron scratches his side. He hopes that he didn't insult her somehow. She's a nice mare.

8b5d0 No.83482

"How goes the preparations by the way? What are the chances for holding the enemy back?"

98960 No.83483

>"Celestia being a dirty griffin lover would explain why the New Marelanders thought that they needed a new government certainly.
"100% this."

bd7fd No.83484

"we have purchased time thus far, and we are trying to make the best of it"

She coos, and nuzzles him

8b5d0 No.83485

"In other words, we are bucked, but not right now."

67f9c No.83486

Silver glares at her, and keeps his voice low. It's clear he's trying to keep from getting angry at what she's saying. "We did what we had to do. We did what we had to do to keep Harmony alive. Because we knew what would happen if it died. We already know what would happen, because it is happening now. There is no peace, only war. No life, only death. We look at our neighbors with suspicion. We stop believing in friends, in allies. All we see are enemies. There is no respect between nations and peoples, only distrust and hatred.

"Say what you will about what we have and have not done. But we had reason to do so. We tried to keep this world from falling apart into chaos and disharmony. We tried to preserve Harmony because we knew what we could build with it. And then New Mareland decided to invade Equestria. And now Harmony is dying, because last bastion of Harmony, its last protector, is gone. New Mareland has done nothing since it declared independence but declare war, after war, after war. You can not build with war. Only destroy. And, if New Mareland is not conquered by those who also seek to declare war, once there is no one left to wage war against, New Mareland will declare war on itself, and be destroyed."

bd7fd No.83487

"That's… not quite what I said"

"Well, I can't be sure if I remember the context of that conversation, but everything has an order to it. As the seasons, as the sun to the plants, and as the weather"

de741 No.83488

"Ah, so you are saying that there is a sort of connection between the two. I think you are insinuating that mares and stallions also have this as well, right?" Iron thinks he has it.

8b5d0 No.83489

"And how did you come to purchase time? What are you trading to buy it?"

bd7fd No.83490

"No, They - we - did what had to be done to prevent harmony - true harmony - from being extinguished and wiped out. And I don't mean the 'harmony' that Snake whispered into Celestia's protege's ear. Unlike you, we have not given up. I have not given up"

"Have you ever heard of a 'non-disclosure agreement'?"

"Why yes of course, an order in all things"

de741 No.83491

"I see, so what is the order between the two? You only said that mares and stallions sleep very far apart, which sounds unnatural. What is the reason for it?"

8b5d0 No.83492

"I was afraid of that."
The sorcerer goes back to staring into his drink.

bd7fd No.83493

"The relationship between mare and stallion is complex. In that case, it is a separation of unmarried stallions and mares"

98960 No.83494

"i can stop the changlings."
Dark Star Nuzzles her back

de741 No.83495

"Never heard that before. When is someone 'unmarried'? How it is decided?"

67f9c No.83496

He chuckles once to himself. "Of course you would view that as…'true'…harmony. You were never taught meaning of Harmony in first place." Silver sighs, and steps out of his seat. Just like earlier, when Silver told his story, he knows that Blue will never understand. "I do not like politics much. I like to separate politics from ponies, when it comes up." He looks right at Blue, something indecipherable in his vision. "You are good pony, when separated from your politics. Never forget that."
Silver turns to his companions. "I will be in my room here in tavern. Let me know when Ash arrives." With that, he leaves the bar to his room, to have a smoke and settle down.

8b5d0 No.83497

"I don't want to rain on your parade Dark Star, but you can't. All you would be capable of is buying more time with whatever they trade for it. You would be far better than anypony else in such a position though. And it would probably a better job for you. Your marefriend wouldn't worry quite so much about you showing up within an inch of your life."

bd7fd No.83498

"It is the absence of a ritual binding a mare and a stallion together for life"


98960 No.83499

" i will never give up."

de741 No.83500

"You mean the procreation process? Is that how you marry a mare?"

bd7fd No.83501

"I can't say I understand your friend there. He will go on tirades about Chrysalis, but when the time comes to commit to doing anything about it, he freezes up and says he will just die"

"In a way, yes, it is. But no. No, it is not. It is a bind together for life between the mare and the stallion, before society and before the universe"

de741 No.83502

"So do they tie themselves with a string of sorts? I have no clue how you could show that without a pregnant mare and the stallion protecting the mare." Iron scratches his head in confusion.

bd7fd No.83503

"No, it is a relationship between the stallion and the mare. One that is public and well known to all of those they interact with in society"

de741 No.83504

"But how can you show that? Is is not enough to live together and have children?"

98960 No.83505

"No Disrespect to silver but,that mentality is why we cant get anything done."

bd7fd No.83506

"I feel like at some times just throwing my hooves up and saying 'alright then. Become a Changeling feeding thrall. You are not my problem any longer.'

"Living together and having children is the substance of the relationship that forms its core. Marriage is this relations plus lines that define it. An explicit set of vows, and a ceremony known to the world that the world may know"

de741 No.83507

"What vows and ceremony are we talking about?"

bd7fd No.83508

"Vows of love and protection and whatever else may be necessary before a minister of religion. Attendance of peers from the community. And usually a contract that involves the state that has legal ramifications"

de741 No.83509

"That sounds rather complicated." Iron is confused but gets the gist that marriage is just for show to others to commemorate their love, which seems stupid for him. "So, why do you separate mares and stallions that are unmarried, then?"

bd7fd No.83510

"To discourage sexual contact outside of marriage"

8b5d0 No.83511

I look up from my glass for a second and back down.
"I don't believe I ever got an answer to my original question."

98960 No.83512

"Yea it can get very frustrating."

bd7fd No.83513

"What is you original question?"

de741 No.83514

"What is considered sexual contact exactly?" Iron has a feeling of disbelief. No sexual contact, at all? That should frustrate people.

8b5d0 No.83515

"Do you believe we deserve to be stuck here?"

bd7fd No.83516

"You will have to deal with much, much worse than that if you wish to make the people of Baltimare follow you"

"If you have to ask that question, it probably is. Any form of sex or sodomy"

"I…. Don't understand your meaning"

67f9c No.83517

And this, children, is why I leave politics to the professionals.

98960 No.83518

"What Do you mean stuck here?"

de741 No.83519

Iron is a bit abashed, a little blush forming on his cheeks. "Is petting a form of sexual contact, then?"

bd7fd No.83520

>out of character

She looks at him strangely
"Is 'petting' a euphemism?"

8b5d0 No.83521

"I'm looking for how you see us. Do you think we are prisoners that need to be kept here awaiting our fate?"
"We are either changeling food or force labor now. Unless you are lucky enough to find favor with the Black Hooves."

bd7fd No.83522

"What? Stop speaking in metaphor. What are you talking about? Who are you talking about?"

67f9c No.83523

I've already said I suck with politics and debating, so however much I suck as Silver at politics and debating is as much him sucking as me sucking. I'd be a detriment to the National Socialist cause if I took a public roll for it.

de741 No.83524

"Uh, I do not think so? I can show you what I mean if it makes it clear for both of us." Iron tentatively strecthes his foreleg to pat Marey.

8b5d0 No.83525

"I'm not being metaphorical. Equestrians, in your eyes, are we prisoners of war? Do we deserve to be stuck here?"

98960 No.83526

"oh i know."
"we arent prisoners the black hooves freed us from celestia's yoke."

bd7fd No.83527

A look of concern and fear

"I don't know what 'stuck' means. Prisoners of war are prisoners of war and non POWs are not POWs. Equestrians are prisoners of war if they are prisoners of war and they are not prisoners of war if they are not prisoners of war. i don't understand your question"

"ooh, that's clever"

Nah, you're doing fine enough

8b5d0 No.83528

"Apparently this was too hard of a question. Let me simplify it. Do you hate us?"

67f9c No.83529

Now it's my turn to use:
Trust me, I know how much I suck.

bd7fd No.83530

"I am not sure of the meaning of 'us,' but I have a special hatred in my heart for all of those who hate me. Repaying them in kind is what keeps me going in life"

8b5d0 No.83531

"Nevermind. You are turning simple questions into challenging problems for yourself. It is a simple yes or no question. But forget I asked."

de741 No.83532

Iron does the unthinkable. He starts to caress Marey's mane and head in a small continuous stroke. Left and right his hoof strokes her mane, ruffling her mane slightly.

de741 No.83533

*ruffling it slightly

98960 No.83534


8b5d0 No.83535

Are you kidding? Your dialogue has been amazing. I am jealous.

bd7fd No.83536

"Mister, what are you doing?"

"Alrighty then…"

You're fine

de741 No.83537

Iron is spooked by her outburst. He retracts his hoof. "Sorry! I just wanted to know if that is considered sexual contact." He drops down to his knees, completely ashamed. "Please forgive my actions."

bd7fd No.83538

She backs away. Slowly.

98960 No.83539

>inb4 gassed

de741 No.83540

Iron thinks it has violated the rule Marey had just said. He keeps his head down and body is prone, begging for forgiveness. He does not speak for the time being, just in case he says something stupid.

bd7fd No.83541

"What are you doing?"

98960 No.83542

"well its the truth."

de741 No.83543

"I am asking for forgiveness from my sexual contact against you. Please, forgive me." Iron's muzzle is now touching the floor, not daring to move from his prone position.

bd7fd No.83544

"That's not… sexual contact Except to a third wave feminist"

"Go on"

de741 No.83545

Iron's eyes look up to Sister Marey. "Are you sure? You seemed uncomfortable by my demonstration of petting." He does not stand up just yet.

98960 No.83546

"the Duke Cares more about his subject more than celestia dd."

bd7fd No.83547

"I think that could get far with them if they believed that. I think that what Silver wants is proof that the Blackhooves do indeed care for their mainland Equestrian subjects. That is what he wants most. To feel cared about. I'm just here as an expression of my eternal hatred for all manner of social progressives and because nowhere else would take me. I'm not very good at this 'caring' business"

"Because it's strange to just start touching a mare you don't know well"

98960 No.83548

"hatred is justified, but we also need love."

de741 No.83549

"Oh." Iron looks around, now a brighter shade of red appearing on his cheeks. He looks back at Marey. "How far could I have pet you in your body without it being considered sexual contact?" He stands up as he says this.

98960 No.83550

"love for our fellow ponies no matter if they are unicorns,pegasi or earth ponies."

de741 No.83551

*pet your body without

bd7fd No.83552

It's her turn now to turn a bright red. Eventually, she manages to say the following
"No touching of the genitals"
This is exactly as awkward and as difficult an exchange as you would expect to have with a nun

She looks at him
"And that is why shall be a more public face of the Blackhooves"

bd7fd No.83553

"And that is why you shall be a more public face of the Blackhooves"

98960 No.83554

"hmmmmmmmmm. you think i can do it?"

de741 No.83555

Well, it's kinda fun to RP this scene tbh. Sorry Iron, but endure just a bit longer aka 10 IRL minutes.
Iron cocks his head, blush still present from his exaggerated apology. "You mean you could touch a mare's hindlegs and even flanks without it being considered sexual contact?"

bd7fd No.83556

"All I can say for sure is that I cannot"

"Maybe its best to just not touch mares"

98960 No.83557

"Well i do at least."
Dark Star laughs

de741 No.83558

Iron pouts. "But I like touching mares." He shakes his head and hugs Marey. "Thank you for your kindness and patience. You are a nice mare, Marey."
I think they're not screaming rape because Iron's a big boi.

8b5d0 No.83559

"I think you have what it takes. You already got a bunch of ponies that didn't know each other to follow you on a dangerous mission. With some support and preparation… and making sure the other side doesn't use their corruption, you might make it."

bd7fd No.83560

"Oh… kay…"

"Just… Don't expect me to love tons of random ponies I have never met before in a non-physical way"

de741 No.83561

Iron smiles. "I will leave you be now, do not worry." He then decides to walk outside the abbey into the garden to do some physical excercise, wondering what ramifications this event has caused.

bd7fd No.83562

File: 1547543914247.png (193.58 KB, 433x479, Quibble_Pants.png)

I am imagining Iron looking more or less like Quibble Pants, except I guess with a grey coat, and speaking with a noticeable Spanish accent, possibly sounding on occasion like Don Karnage from Tailspin

98960 No.83563

"Dont worry you'll grow to love them."
"thanks that means a lot. remember to vote."

bd7fd No.83564

She moves in closer, as if she wants him to hold her

She just looks at him

It is so

98960 No.83565

Dark Star holds her tight

de741 No.83566

Well, it also is more muscular and big, becuase muh natural strength and all, has a very uncombed mane instead of that well-maintained one Quibble has in the pic and maybe has another accent, but I should look a bit further for a comparison, so it sticks for now, cause it's a funny accent.
Well, that concludes Iron's antics for today. He will excercise until Ash picks him up or something. Have a good night all.

bd7fd No.83567

She seems happy in his embrace

I take it she hasn't said or done anything to give cause to reevaluate the relationship?

98960 No.83568

Dark Star kisses her cheek
"ill destroy chrysalis."

0db37 No.83569

She gives him her wicked smile
“You win the war, and I’ll win the peace. That’ll be quite a lot of new Changeling subjects”

98960 No.83570

"they'll get theirs."

0db37 No.83571

“What do you think of Silver’s claim that getting rid of Chrysalis will cause the Western Changelings to become like docile honeybees?”

67f9c No.83572

I mean, I don't think Silver claimed that…

98960 No.83573

"i havent seen anything to support that. but it might be true."

0db37 No.83574

“You’ve got to win first”

He claimed the western ones used to be like the eastern which he described as fairly docile. I don’t think that the word “honeybee” was used, but it is definitely what I was picturing

98960 No.83575

"oh i will."

b50da No.83576

Okay, well. I may as well say that I would have Sister Ash excuse herself and take the tray back to the kitchen.
I thought I'd be putting Abby to bed, but I guess it's too early for that.

Now I can have her get Iron and Caleb, and then meet with the rest of the party.

b50da No.83577

Not sure when they were meaning to meet, but Dark Star said he wanted to do something in the evening.

b50da No.83578

What was it he wanted to do?

bd7fd No.83579

As she walks towards the kitchen, she encounters a certain foal in a high chair. He raises his hooves in anticipation of hugs

b50da No.83580

*Hugs colt*

0db37 No.83581


As she does so, she sees a sister walk over with a spoon, coming to the colt

b50da No.83582

Sister Ash nods towards the other Sister.
"Good evening." She says with a bow

0db37 No.83584

“Nice to see you again”
She places the spoon into the colt’s mouth and he eats the contents. The colt still wants hugs though

b50da No.83585

Sister Sh smiles, but lets the Sister finish her job.

0db37 No.83586


b50da No.83587

Not until he's finished eating.
Can't spoil him.

0db37 No.83588

You monster
The feeding just have been going on a while before Ash arrived, as only a couple more teaspoons are given before it is done. The colt, for his part, greedily kicks up the sweet, sticky substance with a sort of smacking

b50da No.83589

Sister Ash picks up the needy lil' shid after he's finished eating.
"Oh.. what am I to do with you.." She says to herself quietly

0db37 No.83590

File: 1547584247027.png (473.24 KB, 1136x640, 4B3AB5B0-76EF-413B-9D87-5E….png)

“Hug me and love me” replies the foal, who for his part clings onto her

b50da No.83591

Sister Ash sighs in exasperated agreement, and cradles the little colt gently.

0db37 No.83592

*Craddled Unicorn foal noises*

67f9c No.83593

Anybody here?

b50da No.83594

I'm here.

Sister Ash is ready to leave to the tavern.

0db37 No.83596

File: 1547596107030.png (47.72 KB, 246x250, 69D73B82-87C8-4FCB-A8F9-3D….png)

I am here, sort of

8b5d0 No.83597

I'm back now.

de741 No.83598

Here, sorry I just woke up.

de741 No.83599

By the by, can Iron even see Ash from the gardens?

98960 No.83601

Im here

67f9c No.83602

0db37 No.83603

I wouldn’t think so, unless she went outside

de741 No.83604

Well that's not good.
After doing his small workout, Iron then goes to his room to prepare. No way Ash still needs to be here. In there, he would put all his armor pieces except for the good hoof and equips his shield, now fully ready to go to the tavern.

b50da No.83605

She would have gone to meet him as soon as she managed to pry the colt off of her mane.

b50da No.83606

Ash comes to meet him after some time, having borrowed a new shawl from the laundryroom.
"Forgive me for the wait. There were a couple foals that needed a bit of extra attention.." she says

de741 No.83607

Iron waves it off as he finishes up placing the last foreleg armor. "It is fine. I have my share of activities here as well." He chuckles. "Shall we go to that tavern, then?"

de741 No.83608

*I had my

0db37 No.83609

Blue Skies hands to Dark Star two things: a dossier containing information about Comte, and a camera

b50da No.83610

"I have every I need to ready." She says, clutching her broom

de741 No.83611

Iron smiles. "Alright. We must move. I hope they are not slacking off and have thought a plan to investigate Comte already." Iron has joined Ash's party, ready to follow her.

b50da No.83612

Sister Ash walks with Iron all the way to the tavern.

98960 No.83614

Dark Star excuses himself to the room to open the file

0db37 No.83615

As Comte is not the subject of an active investigation, the file contains only the barest information. A description of comte’s role in the community: presently as a city council member and s philanthropist, a description of some of his activities, most importantly that he will be out for a meeting tonight for two hours, and a map of the location of his house, which should be the only area of interest

98960 No.83616

is this the same politician from my dream?

0db37 No.83617

Probably not, but certainly of the same type and stock

98960 No.83618

I retrieve my saddlebag from the chest and put the file inside it then return to blue "Whats with the camera?"

b50da No.83619

Sister Ash arrives at the tavern after whatever time it takes to walk there, with Iron right beside her.

0db37 No.83620

Blue Skies stole that evidently


“It’s for documentation purposes”

de741 No.83621

Don't forget Caleb the good boi

67f9c No.83622

Hoping no one forgets to let Silver know that Ash has arrived.

98960 No.83623

"Do you have my bag? documentation of the house or Anything suspicious?"

b50da No.83624

Caleb also comes.

0db37 No.83625

“The objective is to document either anything ‘scandalous’ which could damage the reputation of the Social Democrats as a whole, or any information that could relate to involvement in subversive activities”

de741 No.83626

Is there another desync already?

98960 No.83627

"thats doable. ill take pictures of everything."

0db37 No.83628

“Good, should I come along, or do you believe you all have everything handled?”

b50da No.83629

0db37 No.83630

No. Just talk to the other characters

98960 No.83631

"didn't you say you could get in trouble if you don't get back to work?"

0db37 No.83632

“I’ve already cleared it with Seabreeze, but if that’s a ‘no,’ I’ll take a ‘no.’”

98960 No.83633

"its not a no, i just didnt want to get you in trouble."

b50da No.83634

Sister Ash looks for the rest of the party

8b5d0 No.83635

The sorcerer waves to her.

de741 No.83636

There should be just Spark at the tavern himself. Sliver is in a room and the loverboys should be in another room.
Iron just goes to Spark. "Well, here we are. Where are the others?"

98960 No.83637

She sees Dark Star at the bar with blue Skies

98960 No.83638

i came out of the room and went to the bar

b50da No.83639

Sister Ash waves back.

de741 No.83640

Iron notices the dynamic nympho duo but does not see Silver. "Silver did come here, right?"

8b5d0 No.83641

"Yes. Let me go get him."
I go to Silver's room and knock on the door.

67f9c No.83642

Silver says something mumbled through the door before opening it to answer. He looks a lot less equipped than he did earlier: he's got his fatigues and his boots on, his saddlebags look much less weighed down, and he's got his rifle, but he doesn't have his greatsword, hammer, or armor. "I take it Ash is here, then?"

b50da No.83643

"Present." Ash replies formally, with a bow

8b5d0 No.83644

"Yep. And about earlier with our bit of a debate, you aren't upset are you?"

67f9c No.83645

He waves it off. "Nah. That was why I went to room, to get away from it before I did. I am fine."
He chuckles as he sees Ash bow. "You do not need to bow down to me, Sister Ash. I am no more deserving of such respect than anypony else here."

98960 No.83646

"hey blue have you seen my saddle bag?"

0db37 No.83647

“Oh, right. I left that at the headquarters after using it to carry books”

de741 No.83648

"Well I am certainly not complaining." Iron chuckles and whispers to Silver. "She is very cute when she does that."

98960 No.83649

"oh, Did you take my holsters off?"

0db37 No.83650

“Are those not on your belt?”

67f9c No.83651

Silver chuckles a bit more as he hears Iron speak this. He whispers back to Iron. "I take it you have thing for Sister Ash?"

0db37 No.83652

Blue Skies places herself beside and between the two listening in on the discussion

b50da No.83653

"There's no such thing as too much respect." Sister Ash replies

98960 No.83654

"i didnt see my belt in my room."

67f9c No.83655

"…" Silver looks awkwardly at Blue as she gets into eavesdropping position. "…This thing you do, is this normal for you?"

98960 No.83656

Dark Star walks over

de741 No.83657

"I do have to agree. You can always ask upfront if you want juicy gossip, although it is going to cost you." Iron smirks.

0db37 No.83658

“Aren’t you wearing it?”

“Yes, though normally I go for more subtlety. Carry on. You were talking about how the large earth pony follows around the lizard like a love sick puppy”

She looks sour at the suggestion of paying for something

98960 No.83659

Am i?

67f9c No.83660

"…" Silver just shrugs. There's not much he can do about it either way.
"I do not feel I am quite so worthy of this. Either way, you are lead on this mission. I believe Dark Star and Blue Skies has some information on Comte that would be of use to you."

98960 No.83661

"hey whats going on guys."

0db37 No.83662

I’ve always assumed it was Ann entirely separate item of clothing. In any case she wouldn’t have intentionally stolen his guns

b50da No.83663

"I was just getting ready to go." Sister Ash say, with a bow

de741 No.83664

"We might continue if you pay up with some gossip of your own." He chuckles some more.
Iron whispers to Silver once again. "She is such a cute mare, I tell you." He then breaks the whispering routine.
"Hello Star, hope you were not busy with Skies while Ash and I were away." Iron smiles. "So, what have you concoted?"

67f9c No.83665

If I don't reply for a while, just know that Silver's going to follow Ash's lead on the mission.
"I believe you still have yet to tell Ash what you and Skies have found out about Comte."

98960 No.83666

good thats easier, forget i said anything about it.
Dark Star leans in and whispers to the team
"Comte, should be on his way to a meeting right now, we are gonna go check out his house. and see if there is anything Out Of Place.

8b5d0 No.83667

I can only imagine that 'out of place' being yelled out instead of whispered, but that is probably not how that was intended.
"Understood. Where is it at?"

de741 No.83668

Iron nods. "Alright. When we are ready to move out, just do so. I will follow." He positions himself close to Ash.
"Be careful not to explode like back at the mines," Iron whispers to Ash "It seems like a subtle mission and frankly you will probably get angry at his injustices. Stay calm for the team, I beg of you."

b50da No.83669

Sister Ash looks somewhat unsure, but convicted
"… Alright then. Shall we head off."
"I'll try to keep my cool this time."
no promises

98960 No.83670

nah he just said it in a different cadence.
"It's at [inset address here]"
"im ready when you all are."

de741 No.83671

Iron strokes her mane. "Whatever happens, I will protect you and we will save those foals like I promised. I am not one to break promises." He whispers again to Ash.

b50da No.83672


de741 No.83673

"That makes four of us ready. What about you three?" Iron talks to Spark and Skies.
Let's pretend Silver is already ready

de741 No.83674

*you two?

67f9c No.83675

"I am ready, yes."

8b5d0 No.83676

"I can't think of anything to prepare myself any further for this. Let's so, and not get caught this time."

0db37 No.83677

Blue Skies, who is in very close physical proximity to the two, says “Of course I am ready”

67f9c No.83678

Silver looks a little concerned about how he said 'not get caught this time'.

b50da No.83679

*Takes 5 foot step back*

de741 No.83680

Iron follows her, not wanting to deal with a peeping Skies.

0db37 No.83681

“Is there an issue?”

b50da No.83682

"No." She says flatly

98960 No.83683

"Lets go"
Dark Star heads for the door

b50da No.83684


67f9c No.83685

Silver follows as well.

de741 No.83686

Iron follows, wolf head fullplate equipped and police-like tower shield on his armored off-hoof.

0db37 No.83687

“Do you normally carry those when burglarizing houses?”

b50da No.83688

"Who said anything about burglary?" Sister Ash says, a bit taken aback

0db37 No.83689

“What do you think you are doing tonight, going to the house of somepony is not even there?”

8b5d0 No.83690

Spark stays close behind.

de741 No.83691

Iron deadpans at Skies. "I thought I already told you my lack of sneaking skills. I will wait outside and warn if trouble comes, if you want to. Maybe Caleb can stay with me or something."

b50da No.83692

"I'm looking for information concerning a lost child. I never meant to cause any damage." She replies, although her face betrays a sense of nervousness

de741 No.83693

"Let us just say Skies is foreshadowing her own actions." Iron whispers to Ash again. "Let us hope she does not cripple herself with all the stuff she will try to carry."

b50da No.83694

Sister Ash is silent for the rest of the trip

67f9c No.83695

Silver falls back in the group to trot alongside Blue, keeping his voice low so only she can hear. "So, earlier, when we were discussing pegasi, I noticed you seem to enjoy, eh…hmm…" He takes a second to try to find the right word. "…attention."

0db37 No.83696

“I would recommend just leaving those behind unless you have an excellent cover story. Subtlety is more valuable than armor, and running is better than being weighed down”

“You has the chance to walk up to this guy’s house hours ago and speak to him in person, or maybe even walk inside under disguise and see if you could catch him saying something he would regret. You instead chose to wait around 5 hours until he was gone so his house would be empty and he would be gone. The logical conclusion is that you intend to break into and enter a pony’s house. You are doing something that is illegal. You need to be subtle. Remember that”


67f9c No.83697

Silver nods, not really knowing what else to add onto that. He continues travelling with the group.

de741 No.83698

Iron is unsure. "I guess I can take it off when we get to the target location."

0db37 No.83699

“And leave it lying in the grass, hoping you don’t have to leave suddenly when the house starts to burn down and police find it later?”

b50da No.83700

>You instead chose to wait around 5 hours until he was gone so his house would be empty and he would be gone. The logical conclusion is that you intend to break into and enter a pony’s house.
This was Dark Star's idea. Sister Ash wanted to wait until the morning, and ask about it then.
Even now, she had no actual intention of just sneaking in, but it seems she's along for the ride now.

As stated in >>83694 she does not respond. She has a rather gloomy expression for the rest of the trip.

de741 No.83701

Iron understands what she's implying. "Fine, I cannot take my armor off while walking so I will need about 5 minutes to take it off. Any place I can leave it? I can always carry it on my back."
"Ash, I need your help removing my armor on the move if possible, if not we can wait somewhere."

b50da No.83702

Sister Ash nods, but says nothing.

b50da No.83703

*Checks alignment charts*

de741 No.83704

If you don't do the stealing yourself, then you aren't betraying your alignment! Fallout logic.

0db37 No.83705

“I take it you mean you are looking for attention yourself?”

b50da No.83706

I didn't really like the idea of breaking in in the first place, tbh. It isn't really in-character..

8b5d0 No.83707

you could always come up with an excuse to look the other way: https://youtu.be/tOUksDJCijw?t=3753

de741 No.83708

If you plant your objection now and then recede, then it's not breaking character.

67f9c No.83709

He raises an eyebrow at her. "Hmm?"

0db37 No.83710

“Just wondering why you asked”

98960 No.83711

"you could leave it with glimmering glass maybe, hes a goodpony."

b50da No.83712

I'll decide how I want her to act as I enter the scene.
Then again… That could work..

67f9c No.83713

"I was just making observation. I am not looking to get in between you and Star, or hurt him in that way."

de741 No.83714

"I guess that is an option. Maybe the room where Silver was in, just to be sure." Iron checks his surroundings, just to insure that they are at the bar still.

b50da No.83715

Wait a minute, just because he's not home doesn't mean nopony else will be. This plan was flawed from the start.
Sister Ash walks up to Dark Star.
".. Can I ask.. Why exactly did you want to come at this hour?"

8b5d0 No.83716

that's why we have a stealth pone, a charisma pone, a ranger pone, two fighter pones, and a fire mage… er.. druid pone

0db37 No.83717

She giggles
“There is nothing for Star to object to. You are fine. A mare doesn’t need to cover herself from muzzle to hoof to prevent others from laying eye on her just because a stallion likes her”


67f9c No.83718

He chuckles. "If you say so. I am not so sure Star agrees, however."

de741 No.83719

Iron approaches Silver. "Hey, do you mind storing my armor and shield in your room for the time being?"

b50da No.83720

Yeah, but that means that the only guy there worth killing/interrogating won't even be there. Plus, I wanted to meet him directly.
Breaking in now would be less useful than any other moment.

de741 No.83721

de741 No.83722

I thought it was just a recon mission, not just stealing it all willy nilly

67f9c No.83723

He looks at Iron with an odd expression. "I…suppose it is fine? It should be unlocked."

8b5d0 No.83724

it actually means we will have more reason for you to not set the place on fire

b50da No.83725

Plus, I don't want to break laws unless my character has a moral conviction to do so. I'm NG, not CG. This doesn't feel like Civil Disobedience..
The main reason to burn the place down would be to burn the potential pedophile along with it.
Idk what it's supposed to be..

de741 No.83726

Iron does not understand his expression. "What? Are you hiding something that you want no one to see or something?" He shakes his head, then enters Silver's room.
Iron gestures Ash to help him take off his armor on Silver's room.

98960 No.83727

"he is out of the house, he's at a meeting right now."

b50da No.83728

Sister Ash excuses herself to assist Iron.

8b5d0 No.83729

and the filly?

98960 No.83730

im gonna say dark star doesnt hear any of this.

b50da No.83731

"His house wouldnt be left unattended.. wouldn't it be better to go while he we're still there?"

b50da No.83732

Of course not.

67f9c No.83733

There's nothing really of particular note in his room. It smells a bit like cigarettes, and his equipment is sitting at the foot of his bed, but there's nothing that would suggest that Silver's trying to hide something.

98960 No.83734

A reconisence mission, we are looking for any dirt that would be illegal so he can get taken in.

de741 No.83735

Iron, with the help of Ash, strips off all his armor pieces. "Thanks Ash." He then places all armor pieces at the side of the bed as well as his shield. He then goes back to the group.

0db37 No.83736

“Don’t be silly. Dark Star understands”

“He does have a wife and kids. We told him their would be press at the meeting tonight, so he should have taken them for the photo op”

98960 No.83737

"No, he could potentially hide any evidence. or if hes in the middle of hurting a foal and we show up,well…. it wouldnt end very pretty."

67f9c No.83738

"Well, you certainly seem more suited for stealth, now."
Silver isn't so sure about this, but he stays quiet.

de741 No.83739

Iron whispers to Silver. "Eh, if it makes you feel better, she would totally let you watch her get railed by Star." He snickers.

b50da No.83740

Sister Ash is only looking for the foal. She really isn't that concerned with what happens to the stallion.
Also, since his house would be gaurded, it'd probably be just as easy to break into while he were there.
This takes a while (at least 4 minutes).
They have a while to talk.
Sister Ash has left to take off Iron's armor.

de741 No.83741

Well, let's rewind.
"Are you sure about going with us, Ash? You do not seem up for it."

67f9c No.83742

Silver pretends to have not heard this, even despite the sudden redness in his face.

b50da No.83743

Sister Ash seems Abit nervous as she wrestles with the lock-pieces without trying to touch the haram armor.
".. I just think it feels wrong to break in unannounced like this.. but I guess there are necessities.."

de741 No.83744

"Oh, then you do not have to worry. For justice to pervail, we must sacrifce the order of the land sometimes." Iron strokes Ash's mane. "That does not mean we are not doing the right thing."

0db37 No.83745

*confused pony noises*

“We don’t have enough evidence for a search warrant”

0db37 No.83746

Blue Skies looks at Iron with distaste
“For order to prevail we must sacrifice justice[/i]”

b50da No.83747

She's in the room? Oh.
Sister Ash seems a bit conflicted
But she seems a bit more convicted by what Iron says
"A pony.. should only break a law when that pony is convinced that that law is unjust.. I came here making a promise to myself that I would learn to follow Equestrian customs…"
Then she looks up from the metal
"But if reason to break a law is just, or the law itself is unjust, then a pony should be proud to break it, with all readiness to accept the consequences.."

Fug order

98960 No.83748

"Hey Spark Do you have any cigarettes?"

de741 No.83749

"Oh hello, coming to peep my muscles, Skies?" Iron smirks.
He turns to Ash. "I am glad you understand."

67f9c No.83750

"I did not know you smoked, Star."

8b5d0 No.83751

"Sorry. I don't smoke. I don't think I could pull off that look."

98960 No.83752

"i might as well start."

67f9c No.83753

Silver raises an eyebrow at him. "You sure? It is not best of habits to get into."

b50da No.83754

Smoking is degenerate.

0db37 No.83755

“I’ll bail you out in the morning”

“I’m only here because communication prior to an important mission is, well, very important. Are you here only to show off muscles or do you have a job to do?”

Blue Skies has a look of mild disgust
“The party has shown that smoking can have negative effects on health. Besides, it can make your mouth taste bad”

Don’t be a Fascist. Let him smoke

de741 No.83756

98960 No.83757

its also very edgy

b50da No.83758

>Don't be a fascist.
I'm a hippie in game. I'm a fascist irl.
Roll Fortitude for lung cancer.

de741 No.83759

"Oh sorry, I did not mean to interrupt valuable communication time." Iron raises one of his forelegs and puts it on his forehead dramatically, then just casually waves off Skies' reason. "I will just speak to Star about it."

de741 No.83760

*want to waste valuable

0db37 No.83761

Smoking is really fucking cool. Like, at times I want all of my NPCs to smoke

“You know that if you piss me off I can have you arrested on your way back”

98960 No.83762

i would if i had one.

67f9c No.83763

Silver thinks on it a little, before shrugging it off. "Eh. It has not killed me yet."
I mean, if you were going to make anybody roll Fortitude for lung cancer, it would probably be the only smoker in the party.

b50da No.83764

de741 No.83765

Iron shrugs. "Alright, I will be a nice earth pony. Just do not try to impose your rules on me. I will follow your orders though."
Iron looks at Ash's progress. "How long until the armor comes off?"

67f9c No.83766

Dice rollRolled 3 + 8


de741 No.83767

u r idiot
Good thing Ash is joking

0db37 No.83768

Like. Why the fuck did you roll?

8b5d0 No.83769

Have you not learned that when you have a choice to roll, you don't take it?

b50da No.83770

Judging by the conversation, Sister Ash is only two minutes in. She's gotten most of the lower-leg pieces
"This stuff isn't easy to handle.." she groans frustrated, jostling the joint-straps with her horn

b50da No.83771

>Implying I was

Smoking is gay.

0db37 No.83772

Leave your out of character opinions out of game. If you have something to say in character, say it in character. Now stop being a fun sucking fag and let the other players make their character choices

98960 No.83773

smoking is edgy

67f9c No.83774

Eh. I've seen people with lung cancer live longer, healthy lives than some health nuts.

Anyways, let us continue on our journey.

de741 No.83775

"Do not fret. I am asking in case a certain someone may try to knock me out while you are doing that, and I do not want to fall on you." Iron strokes Ash's mane with his unarmored hoof.

b50da No.83776


b50da No.83777


98960 No.83778

b50da No.83779

I've known people who died from it. It's no joke.

0db37 No.83780

*stands close*

If I wanted to listen to moral preaching I’d watch a Gillette ad. We’re here for roleplay

de741 No.83781

Iron is not surprised. "I suppose we will not be discussing on important matters, are we?"

98960 No.83782

That sucks

0db37 No.83783

“Of course we are. Tell me, what is your plan?”

de741 No.83784

Iron cocks his head. "Plan? What plan? Was I supposed to plan something for this mission?"

b50da No.83785

Sister Ash similarly tilts her head like a clock, no longer really sure what to do since burglary was brought up.

5ff60 No.83786

"Obviously you intend to do something. What is it, and how do you intend to do it?"

de741 No.83787

Iron is still confused. "You might want to clarify what you mean, because I still do not understand."

5ff60 No.83788

"Do you have a plan of action?"

b50da No.83789

"… Well.. if you really want to know.. I was hoping I would catch him as he was leaving his home…" She says, a but sheepishly

98960 No.83790

"well, i thought we would sneak in."

5ff60 No.83791

"If you wanted to do that tonight, you'd have to leave in a taxi. Now"

"And just look around? Alright"

98960 No.83792

"and photo anything we find."
"if you want to do that go, well be along shortly."

de741 No.83793

"Well, if there is somepony in there, we can always interrogate if they know where the foal is. Anypony is applicable as long as they have a connection with the house itself." Iron scratches his chin. "But it seems it will be completely empty by what you said, Skies."

98960 No.83794

"Do you think you could cause a distraction while we sneak in?"

67f9c No.83795

[Waiting Fighter Horse Noises]

de741 No.83796

"It is going to be very loud, but sure I can, if Skies' reactions to my quips is any indication."

b50da No.83797

Sister Ash seems a bit more nervous
"W-well.. I hadn't actually planned to move today, but, judging by what I've heard today, the situation may be a bit more dire than I previously thought."
She takes a note out of her fanny pack
".. I only wanted a moment with him.. to ask 'Have you seen this foal?' "
"Perhaps I should then.."

98960 No.83798

"that could spook him."

5ff60 No.83799

"Well, yes. Just remember that breaking into a pony's house and physically restraining them is kidnapping, which may not be a terrible idea, but neither should it be done without regard for the consequences"

"If you want to call the whole thing off until tomorrow, then convince the others. Be advised that Dark Star is right. It could spook him"

She pets him

de741 No.83800

"I agree. The fact that he bought the foal through a gang is enough proof that he will panic if shown that foal."
>She pets him
"No need to go so physical with Silver there. You have Star for that." Iron snickers.

67f9c No.83801

One of his hindlegs starts to tap against the ground. He smiles contently. "Mmmh…that is nice…"

b50da No.83802

".. Well.. that's really the point.." she says, meekly
".. If he recoils, then, in that moment, I'll know he's really hiding that foal.. And then I'll know for sure what I need to do.."

de741 No.83803

Iron ponders. "The problem is that panicky folk will do drastic things to keep the secrets so. He may harm the foal if you just come up and show him the picture. You are better off tying him up before asking that to ensure he does not do any drastic things."

5ff60 No.83804

"Then it sounds to me like you want to meet him tonight"

"You'll be okay"

"That's a felony. He can call the police, they will shoot you with anti-tank rifles, and he will be the victim"

98960 No.83805

"iron is right in this particular instance."

b50da No.83806

I feel like I'm stalling.
I really need to go to bed soon, because I have to get up early tomorrow.

5ff60 No.83807

"Iron is wrong. If we actually knew for an absolute fact that this guy was evil, we would just have the police raid his home. We don't, because we don't know that"

67f9c No.83808

He nods, enjoying the petting.
"In my experience? It is best we keep this quiet. We go in while nopony is home, we do quick search for evidence, we get out without anypony knowing we were there."

de741 No.83809

Iron shrugs. "Well, if we are going the 'ask directly' route, then we should not let him go afterwards. That was not the plan, though. It was a break and enter for any physical evidence, as you have hinted already Skies."

b50da No.83810

I'm sorry, but I really do have to sleep now..

Goodnight, guys.

67f9c No.83811

Sleep well.

de741 No.83812

5ff60 No.83813

What does this mean for the rest of the characters?

98960 No.83814

i didnt see the tie up part.
"that's what i was planning to do. while iron and ash distract any potential guards."

de741 No.83815

Iron will go with Skies' plan since Ash's plan is detrimental to him unless he can restrain the pony asking.

b50da No.83816

Fug, idk.. I thought this evening was going to be about planning. I'm sorry, but it is a weeknight…

I really do have to get up early tomorrow.

Sister Ash is done arguing. She was only ever explaining what her original plan was.

de741 No.83817

Alright, Skies' plan it is.

b50da No.83818

Sister Ash can just go along with whatever. She won't get in the way, even if she doesn't like the plan.

b50da No.83819

But I really do have to sleep.

5ff60 No.83820

"If Ash asks him as he is on his way out of the house, then he won't be able to do anything about it. He'll still have a meeting to attend to"

"Now that could work"

"You have years of tension built up, don't you?" She starts rubbing into his back

67f9c No.83821

He groans at her touch. She can feel the knots of tension in his body. "I will admit, I have not had much chance to relax."

b50da No.83822

>Is still not alseep

Fuck it then, Sister Ash leaves early so she can do her thing.

de741 No.83823

Iron is unsure at Skies' ministrations towards Silver. "Well, I guess that is true."
"Hey, wait up!" Iron follows her out.

98960 No.83824

Dark Star walks outside

de741 No.83825

For the record, the armor and shield are placed next to Silver's bed on the further end of the door, not on him.

5ff60 No.83826

Alright, a taxi can take her to the neighborhood. It is in the Western part of Baltimare, in a more developed neighborhood. If she had bothered to read the dossier, she would have found that this guy does not live in the district he represents. It's called "The Antimony," and is surrounded by a very high fence. A Pegasus guard sits at a booth at the entrance of the community

"Where are you going?"

de741 No.83827

I am with Ash, all unarmored and without a shield, right?

b50da No.83828

File: 1547617499467-0.png (Spoiler Image, 138.71 KB, 274x274, 1597901__safe_edit_edited ….png)

Automobiles should not exist in Equestria

Also, she doesn't have any shekels for cabs. Can't she just run? She is a horse-thing..

5ff60 No.83829

She can run, she will just miss him


98960 No.83830

"im gonna wait outside."

5ff60 No.83831

Maybe if she meets him at City Hall…

"Is something wrong?"

b50da No.83832

Okay, then there's no way she'll get there in time.

I really need to sleep now.

de741 No.83833

So you'll not reach the place, then. Well, that means Ash will be stuck outside the tavern, right GM?

98960 No.83834


98960 No.83835

Dice rollRolled 14 + 7


5ff60 No.83836

"Alright then. I'll continue helping Silver until we must leave"

There are multiple options for Ash, including following the group, trying to catch him outside his house, or questioning him at City Hall

de741 No.83837

Well, Ash will be on pause for the time being, so she shouldn't just teleport out of Iron's sight anytime soon. So can I enter and interact with the other players until she moves again?

5ff60 No.83838

de741 No.83839

Actually, since Star is outside…
Iron watches Star come out of the building. "Oh, are you coming too? I think you are better suited for stealth."

67f9c No.83840

Silver stretches a little. "So, this politician's home, what is neighborhood it is in like?"

5ff60 No.83841

She continues the rubbing action with her hooves on his back

"It's a rich neighborhood. Surrounded by high fences and requiring you to get past a guard to enter or leave. The plots are relatively large"

67f9c No.83842

He shivers a little as she slowly works the tension away. "Ahh, that is nice…you are very good at this.

"So, it would be good idea to find other point of entry. Perhaps unguarded section of fence for us to climb over? Or in your case, fly over?"

98960 No.83843

dark star is outside
"i didnt want to see her rub him like that."

de741 No.83844

Iron nods understandingly. "I know that feeling." He remembers Marey's advice. "How come she is rubbing Silver just like that though? Anything happen that I miss?"

5ff60 No.83845

She slowly works her way down his back
"You could, to be sure. But if I have learned anything in all my years is that the best way to avoid notice is not to hope that you are never seen or heard, but rather that when you are seen and heard, they think nothing is out of the ordinary"

98960 No.83846

"i dont know, i dont think so. she's my first mare friend im not really sure why she is doing it."

8b5d0 No.83847

"Hmm… what would we need to pass by the guards without suspicion? An ID or some sort of pass to allow workers through? Or are they looking for certain ponies to allow through only?"

de741 No.83848

Iron thinks for a bit. "Keep an eye on Ash. I will go in and see if I can pick up her intentions so I could ease your head a bit If she leaves, then warn me so I can go with her." He then proceeds to enter the building.

de741 No.83849

*a bit. If she

67f9c No.83850

She feels a fairly big knot as she works her way down. "Perhaps…how good are you and Star with bluffing? Could you two combined create good enough story to make guard let us pass?"

98960 No.83851


5ff60 No.83852

"Any of those could work. You just need a reason to be in their that is valid and believable. I guess to enter the property we could just find a rich guy who lives in their who will sponsor us and let us in. Maybe trick a different pony into thinking we are a maintenance crew and they get the guard to let us in. And yes, probably just showing a police badge will be enough. But that would still need a story so Comte doesn't get suspicious"

She takes the extra time to work on the knot
"I am expert at bluffing. Of course I can create a story. Dark Star can as well"

98960 No.83853

Dark Star stands Outside Brooding

de741 No.83854

Iron enters the scene and sees Silver being massaged by Skies. He finds this strange, cocking his head at the sight. "Since when are you a spa mare, Skies?"

5ff60 No.83855

But does he brood edgily?

5ff60 No.83856

"I am a mare of many talents. Silver right here needed stress relief. He is a well seasoned fighter"

98960 No.83857

he broods as edgily as possible

67f9c No.83858

She sees one of his hindlegs start to spasm as a sign that she's doing good work. He lets out another groan to reconfirm it. "Oooooooo…I hope it can cover for us all. I am…oooo…not best with bluffs."
"She is…ahhhhh…very good."
"I appreciate it very much, Skies." He's starting to look very much relaxed.

de741 No.83859

Iron cocks his head even further. "You do not seem the type of mare to soothe other ponies, to be honest."

5ff60 No.83860

File: 1547620059794.jpg (20.97 KB, 585x394, arewomenmore.jpg)

"Now is that anyway to help your teammates?"

Pic related

She moves the tip of a wing to try to work on Silver's barrel as well. The wing feels a little different
"Yes, I can help you get inside"

de741 No.83861

Iron is not so trusting. "Nevermind the fact that you knocked me out some time before. I am just wondering why are you doing this, since it does not seem like you to do so."

5ff60 No.83862

"You deserved that, after knocking out both Silver and Dark Star. Silver here has seen many years and many fights. He needs the help. I do have care for comrades in arms, even if compassion is by no means my strength"

67f9c No.83863

The sensation of the wingtip makes him snort a little. It must be his barrel is a bit ticklish. It's in a similar state to his back, perhaps more so from the increased muscle mass compared to his back. He rubs the frog of his hoof against the wingtip to get a clearer idea of how it feels. "Thank you, Skies."

67f9c No.83864

>tfw had to look up a picture of a horse's anatomy to find out where exactly the barrel is

5ff60 No.83865

The very tip is simply a set of feathers, all fairly long. Before that is an almost finger like appendage at the end of a limb, with bone in the middle and surrounded by muscle. It is fairly soft, although in the way that a thin portion of her leg would be

"How long have you been alone?"

de741 No.83866

Iron shrugs. "Eh, I did try to tell them not to fight me, and you were not much help either, but I did fight them, and that is a good enough reason to massage him." He puts on a smirk. "Just do not mess up the room too much." He just sits on a corner, watching the scene
Iron just stares. What is she doing? Is she asking how long he's been single?

8b5d0 No.83867

"You know, it's ok to admit you are jealous."

67f9c No.83868

He thinks for a few seconds. During that time, Skies can see more clearly a bit of the dark dorsal strike running along his back, from his mane down to his dock. His clothing obstructs her vision of all but the part near his mane, however. "26 years, if I am not mistaken."

67f9c No.83869

I keep forgetting to change the name back.
*dorsal stripe

de741 No.83870

Iron cocks his head. "Why would I be jealous, Spark?"

8b5d0 No.83871

"You mean to tell me you don't want a massage?"

5ff60 No.83872

She stops for just a moment
"That's longer than I have been alive"

She moves clothing aside as necessary to rub his back

"hahaha, please, like you don't wear it"

67f9c No.83873

Silver chuckles a little. He unbuttons his top to help her in her goal, exposing more of the stripe. "I was only 24 when I met Storm. It has been two years longer than I had been old at that point."

5ff60 No.83874

"D'aww. That's cute that you found a true life partner like that"
She rubs the newly exposed areas and pushes further

de741 No.83875

Iron leans in and whispers to Spark "If you did not catch my drift, I do not really trust this mare to put a branch on the floor if it means a bad outcome for me, let alone massage me. I am doing a small favor right now and you may have the answer I need."
Iron shrugs.

8b5d0 No.83876

"The answer you need? What's going on?"

67f9c No.83877

The more direct contact seems to really work for massaging the stress away. He relaxes his back into her hooves as he stuffs a foreleg into his mouth to stifle a small moan. "Yes, I suppose so. Though I do not believe I have ever used 'cute' to describe it before."

de741 No.83878

I'll pretend you're whispering back.
"You saw Star go out, right? He is getting jealous of Skies touching Silver and I decided to come back in to ensure she is not going for a love triangle here where Star is the cuckold. So, why on earth is she massaging a stranger to right about now?"

de741 No.83879

*stranger right about

8b5d0 No.83880

I whisper back.
"It has to do with the story he told us no doubt. She respects him more now. She is just doing a favor for somepony that went through hell. But no need to spy, I will go tell Dark Star myself."
I head out and walk to Dark Star.

5ff60 No.83881

She briefly comments
"hehe, the way you moan like that it sounds like something much more intimate than a backrub"

Then she responds
"Oh, your little bandit queen? You though she above above being 'cute'?"

de741 No.83882

>Silver moaning
'Great, just add fuel to the fire,' Iron thinks to himself.
>Bandit queen
"Wait, what bandit queen?" Iron is intrigued.

98960 No.83883

Dark Star looks over

5ff60 No.83884

"You haven't heard the story of Silver's long lost love, have you?"

8b5d0 No.83885

"So, why are you sending Iron to spy on Silver?"

67f9c No.83886

"I can not help it, you are very good. You will have to give Dark Star massage after this. I am certain he would love it. Especially if it was 'intimate' for him." He looks like he doesn't really know how much more relaxed his muscles could get, it's like he's in complete bliss.

"I do not know. I do not remember using 'cute' very much in past. But, well…I suppose, yes, she was cute. She was pretty. She was beautiful. She was…all of that."

de741 No.83887

Iron shakes his head. "So Silver was a bandit in his youth?"

98960 No.83888

"i never asked him to do anything."

8b5d0 No.83889

"You are telling me the technical truth aren't you? But he is spying for you, he told me so."

5ff60 No.83890

Now she changes strategy, gently beating on his back

"Go on. It's okay to talk about her"

"No, he was a bounty hunter. And Princess Celestia couldn't stop screwing her Royal Guard Pegasi for long enough to let them go clean up bandits beneath her castle in the Everfree forest. Silver's wife, Storm Warning, had been raised by a group of bandits around there"

98960 No.83891

"i never asked him to spy, he went in there on his own."

8b5d0 No.83892

"Why did he go in there to spy for you?"

de741 No.83893

Iron is somewhat confused. "So, how did they meet up, then?"

98960 No.83894

"im not really sure."

5ff60 No.83895

"he says he went to capture her and dueled her some time after she took control of the bandits. Why don't you ask him? It's beautiful to hear him tell it"

8b5d0 No.83896

"Because he told me it was to make sure there wasn't anything going on between Silver and Blue Skies. Is there anything you would like to discuss Star?"

de741 No.83897

"Well, judging by his moans, he will stain the bed before he could ever finish it."

98960 No.83898

"Im not really the best at talking about feelings."

8b5d0 No.83899

"Better me than an angry marefriend."

5ff60 No.83900

She laughs
"It is a lovely story"

de741 No.83901

Iron is not so sure. "I suppose I should listen to it, then." He waits for the massage to be over.

98960 No.83902

"i heard her say something about that where she's from that its common for mares to leave their stallions if they find a better partner. and if you haven't noticed i'm not the best choice."

67f9c No.83903

It's a pleasing sensation to Silver. "OOOoooOOOooo…" He tries to get around the effect it's having on his voice as he starts to speak. "I do not know what I could say about her to do her justice. She was…stunning. Her sleek grey coat carried all danger and beauty of storm with it, her blown-back black mane was like night sky right before lightning struck, like it was sucking all light and energy into one single strike. And her mane and tail had this golden stripe, shaped like lightning bolt, running through them. When she flew, you could have sworn she conjured lightning behind her. Her cloud-grey wings had gradient to them, like camouflage in clouds. They shined when wet from rain and dew, and if she flew in sunlight just right, she could form rainbow like it was fresh after rainstorm. And her eyes…they held hurricanes in them, beautiful blazing glory, fury of thousand thunderstorms. But behind this fire, you could find peace, and calm. It was literally eye of storm."

Silver gives him a jokingly cross look. "I am not yet so old I can not control my bodily functions."

8b5d0 No.83904

"I'm not sure what you are talking about. Did she not just talk to you about how you are going to help run this place and defeat the changelings? Sound like you are still on top here. She is just doing a nice thing for somepony that lost so much."

98960 No.83905

"well i would rather not see her do that."

de741 No.83906

Iron listens intently at he supposes to be Silver's mare. It was all great and good until…
"Wait, conjuring lighting? Hurricanes, glory, fury? What was this mare like?"

8b5d0 No.83907

"You should talk to her about it, but sending a spy to an officer of a government institution that spies is probably not wise. Are you really worried that you will lose your marefriend? The dashing leader of this whole thing?"

5ff60 No.83908

Skies continues removing clothing from Silver, and falls to his right side opposite Iron as she now rubs the side of his barrel. Silver can feel cool air run past his now exposed body and it sends a shiver through him. As Skies rubs and kneeds him, she says

"Oh, so you loved her because she was dangerous? Now I see why nothing less than a bandit queen would have satisfied you"

98960 No.83909

"Spark… i did NOT send anyone to do anything. im not worthy of her."

8b5d0 No.83910

"She thought otherwise when she picked you. As she still believes now. What is giving you this idea?"

de741 No.83911

Wait, a dangerous mare? What?
"You mean to tell me that he chose a dangerous mare as her other half?"
>falls to the side opposite of Iron
"Careful with my armor, Skies," he reminds her

67f9c No.83912

"Think of her like hurricane. Nature unleashed, destroying those enemies who cross her path. She was wild, free. But in center, to those few who earn her favor, to those who understand her, learn about her? Calm, peace. She was protector to those would found find special place in her eye…s. I was there. Her foals were there. To us, she gave everything, and would give everything to protect us. Even her own life."
Blue can more easily see the scars Silver has earned through a lifetime of battle from this position, especially now without his clothing to hide them away. As for Blue's ministrations, he seems content to stay here in this spot for as long as he is able. "Maaaaaaaybe I have thing for dangerous mares. But there is beauty in danger, sometimes. And it helps to give life purpose."

98960 No.83913

"i told you before. >>83902"

de741 No.83914

>think of her like hurricane
"I am not sure if I could understand your taste in mares, Silver. Those types usually bring trouble in the long run."
>there is beauty in danger
"Sure, but feeling danger forever is not good either."

8b5d0 No.83915

"And I told you before that you are the only one for her. You have been and you will be. Do you not even see the way she looks at you? She is very jealous of your attention and affection. If you weren't worthy, she wouldn't have chosen you to begin with. Now tell me what makes you think she has found somepony else?"

5ff60 No.83916

To the side of silver opposite Iron. i.e., out of his line of view

"Indeed he did. A bandit queen. It seems she did indeed complete him"

She must be fanning him with her great wings, because the air is definitely cooler. She tries to rub around the areas of the scars, careful that she might disturb something sensitive

"Service to something larger and more permanent than the self alone gives purpose. Danger is only an impediment thrown in by a hostile universe. But I really don't won't to shift the subject. You didn't like her only because she was dangerous. That is only the wall of the Hurricane. It was her caring and gentle side - the eye - that made her complete to you"

98960 No.83917

"i didnt say she was."

8b5d0 No.83918

"Please just be upfront with me and tell me the full truth. You came out here because you think she likes Silver, didnt you?"

de741 No.83919

Iron is a bit taken aback. "It seems more like she was available to have a relationship with him since she could tag along with Silver on his job. From what you and Silver say, she had a gentle side, but I do not see stability in that kind of wild relationship."

98960 No.83920

"Would you like to watch your mare friend rub another stallion?"

67f9c No.83921

"I do not believe I was ever in danger around her…besides when we first met, of course, for obvious reasons."
They're certainly sensitive, but they don't seem to be painful for him. Silver looks around to see her wings fanning. "Indeed it was. Being around her was like being embraced and cared for by Mother Earth herself. Every moment we were together was like that. It only became more so once we had foals."

8b5d0 No.83922

"I can't make you change your mind, but she is trying to be nice to somepony that has lost a lot over the years. But talk it out once she is done. Ask her to refrain from doing that anymore. Don't stand out in the cold afraid you are losing your mare. If you act weak, then you will just make it worse."

de741 No.83923

"What? You cannot mean you fought to the death or something like that, right?"

5ff60 No.83924

Her great azure white wings are unfolded, but he does not catch her fanning

"And how did the bandit queen handle settling down and having foals? Surely that could not have been as entertaining for her as fighting the private armies sent against her?"

98960 No.83925

"i am weak."
Dark Star Flexes a bicep

8b5d0 No.83926

"You are not weak. Do you not remember Skies telling Iron about the Duke? How he may not win in a hoof to hoof duel, but he is strong because he is a leader, and fearless against those that would hurt him and his ponies. That is strength Dark Star."

de741 No.83927

Iron massages his head in frustration. 'And she fought against giant private armies. Now Skies will tell me Silver is actually a mare as well,' he thinks to himself.

67f9c No.83928

"Well, it was certainly not to death, if we both lived. It was close, but we both made it."
He stares in awe at the great feathery masses. "It was learning experience, for both of us. We drew mostly on experiences we had growing up at first, but that did not last very long at all and we decided we needed some better guide. Thank goodness books on parenting exist. And at first, perhaps she was unsure of herself and her ability to see it through, but she got through it. Every day with her foals became like adventure to her. New kind of adventure, to be sure, but seeing it like that really did seem to help. It also helped that, as they grew older and became able to take care of themselves as we were away, we would take time to go out on adventures together. Nothing too dangerous, where there was risk of leaving our foals without parents, just something to mix things up from time to time."
"I can assure you, I am very much stallion."

de741 No.83929

That was a thought, not spoken
Iron does not understand. "Forget I asked. I will be outside. I will hear your story later." He walks out of the room and outside.

67f9c No.83930

Missed that, sorry.

5ff60 No.83931

Skies' head moves over and to her left, looking down. As she does so her wings arch up, taller than she is.

"Yes, very much stallion."

She looks back at him directly in the eyes, and laughs
"Sounds like you faced a greater challenge raising foals than you did against bandits. Needing to resort to books?"

"Oh come on, don't you want to hear it?"

de741 No.83932

Iron shakes his head. "Not now. I feel like there is something terribly wrong with this whole story. After the mission and maybe one more spar with Silver in which he wins, I would feel more inclined to hear it." Iron keeps rubbing his temple. "Do you have water by any chance?"

98960 No.83933

Dark Star looks at him in a brooding way

67f9c No.83934

He rubs the back of his head as he laughs awkwardly. He blushes, both from her sight of his anatomy and from her teasing. "Most experience I had with parenting at that point was from my father. And while long days apprenticing at his blacksmith shop and exhausting training sessions with swords and other weapons when not working in smithy might have suited me, I do not think it would have suited my foals quite as well. And Storm, her experience with parenting was from, well…from highwaymares. I think we both needed some assistance, in that regard."

8b5d0 No.83935

The sorcerer is saddened by this.
"Well, I thought it was a good speech."

de741 No.83936

Iron is trying really hard not to keep commenting, avoiding to earn a headache from all of these bad choices Silver has done so far.
At least to him, of course. Remember I liked your story OOC.

98960 No.83937

"it was a good speech."

8b5d0 No.83938

"Blue Skies is your mare. Don't forget that. And don't let anypony forget that. I know you were reeling from that fight with Iron, but she left Iron have it when he went after you. She loves you."

5ff60 No.83939

"I made my own comments about how the complacency of the Equestrian military or Silver's excessive trust in his captive, but really those are all besides the point. What matters is how it made Silver feel"

"I don't think I would be any good with foals either. My experience is similar. Sparing with wooden swords at the public schools and the like.

Enough about me though, it's obvious that you two managed through these trials and tribulations as surely as anything"
She keeps rubbing

67f9c No.83940

"As I said in catacombs: together we were stronger than we were alone, and we could handle anything. Even most challenging trial of all: parenting."

Silver lets out a contented sigh, both from the care he's receiving from Blue and the joy he's getting from talking about his wife. He closes his eyes as he focuses on the sensations caused by her ministrations.

5ff60 No.83941

She laughs at this

He can feel her hooves on the right side of his back rubbing, then closer to the center, then two smaller and softer appendages that can only be from her wings. It is quieter now with Iron having left the room. He can feel another chill from the air

de741 No.83942

Iron walks out of the building, doing some calming breaths.

8b5d0 No.83943

"What's wrong?"

98960 No.83944

Dark Star looks over

de741 No.83945

"Just about everything about Silver's story is a trainwreck, that is what!" Iron exclaims. "For the love of anything that is holy, he willingly went into the path of destruction with that mare!" Iron chains his emotions some more. "Sorry. *pant* Sorry. I just cannot deal with how nonsensical Silver's story was." Iron looks around. "Do not tell Silver about this, okay?"

67f9c No.83946

The sensation of her wings sends a couple shivers down his spine. He wiggles around a bit, trying to get into a more comfortable position. Once he does, he returns to looking content and relaxed. He's fine with the calm and the quiet. It lets him enjoy the brief reprise.

8b5d0 No.83947

"Nonsensical? It's not like it was fiction. It was way back in his past."

5ff60 No.83948

The floor is a little hard, assuming he is on a floor. He can smell the lavender scented wash she uses to clean her fur and feathers. She continues, now focusing on the left side of his barrel. She allows him silence for some time, at least a minute or more, then adds

"It's okay to still love her."

de741 No.83949

"And that is precisely the problem here. It is that it is not fiction." Iron breathes in some more. "Do you know how many folklore tales warned me about chasing mares that fight for a living? They all end up dead. Both mare and stallion. It is like he never listened to none of them!" Iron reels in again, shaky breaths. "I just cannot handle it."

8b5d0 No.83950

"Well, first off, maybe he didn't here those. Second off, his wife was killed. Third, he tore the ones that did it limb from limb."

98960 No.83951

"sure ill keep quiet."

98960 No.83952

"He Destroyed them."

67f9c No.83953

"That is just thing, Blue." He looks right at her, eye-to-eye. She can see the conflicting emotions in his eyes. Joy, sadness, anger, loss, love. All mixed together, each one trying to get to the surface.

"I still do. Every day, I still love her."

de741 No.83954

"I know! If he did, he would have dodged that stone, not embrace it!" Iron is breathing heavily. "And embrace he did, falling down the incline, losing his one chance to have a fulfilling life with his mare because of her past!" He walks to Spark's side. "It does not matter if he killed her killers, because the deed was done already. He is so stupid!" Iron punches the floor in a fit. He pants for a bit.

5ff60 No.83955

She moves in her face close to his. Very close, mouth slightly open.

"I can tell"

8b5d0 No.83956

"Stupid? He had children did he not? Proof the it was a very fulfilling life, just not a happy one."

67f9c No.83957

He doesn't seem to notice much, once again lost in some memory of her. It's a happy memory, that much is certain when she looks in his eyes. Silver and Storm, together, in a time when everything was much more simple, when they could be the only living ponies on the planet and neither of them would have had a care in the world. "I still love her…"

de741 No.83958

Iron deadpans at Spark. "I highly doubt it. I bet they were scarred for life by the loss of her mother!" He shouts for a bit, hitting the floor a couple more times. After this, he pants for a bit. "Just… stop talking about it. I do not want to think about it anymore."

98960 No.83959