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File: 1546938168154.png (5.08 MB, 2900x2768, 1450113__safe_artist-colon….png)

9e2a8 No.81000[View All]

Occupied Equestria: set six years after season 6, it presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while an Equestrian splinter colony - soured to Princesses notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestruan Southlands, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and even ancient necormancers and dark gods threaten the city and the surrounding regions. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

In this latest episode, the crew has united once again, and returned in full to the catacombs under the Curwhinny farm. What old secrets they will unearth, whether they will survive without being turned into undead monsters… whether Silver will ever get paid… will be determined in this thread.
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9e2a8 No.82951

A sister answers
"Oh, Ash. Welcome back"

49ccb No.82952

Sister Ash bows apologetically
"I beg your pardon for disappearing unnannounced." She says
".. I've also manafed to lose my clothes.."

9e2a8 No.82953

She raises an eyebrow
"I shall not ask how a young mare such as yourself managed to do that"

49ccb No.82954

She raises a hoof, sheathed in blue flame
"There was a fire…" she says, a bit nervous

Sister Ash spends the next few minutes explaining how she was called to clear the cellar of u dead, and the time she spent at the Cathedral reposing the jars.
Also, Sister Ash is an adult. Druids start at complex age, which means she's at least 18.

85011 No.82955

Nice AND legal
Can't seem to have naps these past few weeks
Iron chuckles. "What a fire it was. Thankfully, no one got hurt."

9e2a8 No.82956

These are nuns circa 1940 we are talking about. Not libertarians who think that anything two+ consenting adults/animals do is acceptable. Not sexual positivist social liberals. Prudish as hell celibate nuns from yesteryear who think that sex out of wedlock is immoral. They don't care if she is 'of legal age,' they care that she is not married. If you want NPCs who won't judge you for extra-marital sex with random guys, join the Social Democrats. Conservative factions have conservative values on sex and liberal factions have liberal values on sex. Shocking I know

This leaves her… stunned, to say the least
"Undead. Right. All in a day's work"

49ccb No.82957

I wasn't referring to legality or anything, I was meaning to say that "young mare" would not be appropriate, because in all likelihood Sister Ash should have been the same age as any of the other nuns. 18 is minumum age for Druids; I haven't rolled her starting age yet because I wasn't sure how to calculate her aging model.

85011 No.82958

>inb4 rolls 50-60 years old

9e2a8 No.82959

I just assumed she was like 24ish or something. Less than 30. Not really a fair assumption in retrospect, but it is how I envisioned the character

49ccb No.82960

I really would rather not reach middle age until level 12: when I get Timeless Body. Her stats are already below average as is.
She's not supposed to be that old at all. Just saying that she's at an adult age. Definitely less than 30; 24ish works.

49ccb No.82961

But on that note, she's probably beyond Simple Age, so she can't multiclass into Sorcerer even if I wanted her to.

85011 No.82962

Good to know.
So that's why starting age is important, then

b3982 No.82963

"They will be disposed, trust me."
you arent captured dude.

9e2a8 No.82964

She looks down on the ground, sad

49ccb No.82965

Different classes start at different ages depending on how much training it takes to enter the class, and it plays into a character's backstory. Barbarians, Rogues and Sorcerers level up by honing their innate talents that they had as children. Fighters, Paladins, Rangers, and Bards picked up their abilities through martial (or musical) training and combat experience; the Bard in particular gaining Bardic Knowledge by traveling to many places and meeting many people. Wizards, Clerics and Monks gain their powers through years of study and training in their designated fields, devoting their lives to their profession. The age category may limit what ways you can multiclass. This is one of the many reasons why hoo-mans are the most flexible at multiclassing, since their lifespans are relatively short and their age categories are close together, so they have a greater degree of multiclassing freedom.

As you pass through Age categories, your physical vital abilities deteriorate, although your mental stats increase in the slightest bit (not by much though). Once you reach old age, the GM secretly rolls your maximum lifespan, and once you reach that age you die. If you die from old age, you cannot be brought back
to life byy any mortal means.
Monks and Druids are two Complex-age classes that still remain heavily dependant on their physical statistics as they level up; luckily for them, they have class features that reduce the penalties from aging.

b3982 No.82966

Dark Star hugs her tighter

9e2a8 No.82967

She is reassured by this

85011 No.82968

I see.
Iron leans near Ash and whispers to her. "What are we doing back here again? Any unfinished business here?"

b3982 No.82969

"you dont have to thank me."

9e2a8 No.82970

"I haven't really had a home or a family for a while now…"

e84e2 No.82971

I'm too hungry to continue stm. Give me a minute to eat.

b3982 No.82972

"its been the same for me. i feel like a stranger when i go into baltimare."

85011 No.82973


9e2a8 No.82974

"Because of the change?"

b3982 No.82975

"Because of all the faces i pass on the street. most of them arent ponies. almost everyone i knew before the war is… Gone. i was thinking about…ending it before i applied at the hotel."

9e2a8 No.82976

*concerned cooing*
"Is it that bad for you? You feel you've lost your home?"

b3982 No.82977

"not just my home, everything my family has ever worked for was seized. and theyre gone too. its very hard at times to keep going." Dark Stars expression changes from sadness to melancholic "we have eachother now, and that makes me happy."

16905 No.82978

Okay then, let me ask a second time: Has Silver been captured by changelings?

85011 No.82979

No. It was all a dream, dummy. GM confirmed it.

16905 No.82980

I know it's a dream. I'm asking if it's a dream induced by being captured and stuck into a changeling pod?

01b1b No.82981

Top kek

b3982 No.82982

No. you are probably still in the hotel room.

85011 No.82983

It's like you want Silver dead or something. Jeez. You are asleep in that tavern room still, maybe having dreams of changelings kidnapping you and maybe your wife or something.

863cb No.82984

She looks sad, but looks up at him with more warmth. She smiles again, with that smile that is something of her signature. A smile that says “I have something evil planned.”

“Then it sounds like we are united in purpose. Pay unto the ‘reformers’ and ‘progressives’ every ounce of pain they have delivered unto us. With interest. In the meantime, try to make a little home of our own in the Autonomous Zone.“


Jesus Christ, like how would that even be possible?

b3982 No.82985

he thinks it was because of the roll
Dark Star Smiles happily
"I Couldnt have put it better myself. When's the next election?"

16905 No.82986

I don't know, I rolled a 4, then you described him viewing a good memory from the third person in weird black and white with sepia tone, and then I never heard anything back after I replied. I figured he feel asleep, some changelings that were tailing him for something or other captured him, took him somewhere for feeding, and stuck him in a changeling pod to siphon off the love he feels from memories of him and Storm Warning together. It didn't help that after I asked the first time you made me roll. I figured if he wasn't you wouldn't have had me do so.

01b1b No.82987

But that is the point. The dream is supposed to be an uncomfortable one. Painful memories were probably going to happen when you rolled the second time. GM probably didn't get around to continuing the dream though.

863cb No.82988

“Less than a year, assuming there isn’t a forced election before then, and assuming it still pleases the Duke to allow elections”

Alright, so let me see if I am understanding this correctly. You believe that Changelings have been watching and take a special interest in this old guy, and they followed him to a bar in the middle of a city. They then decided to move on when he was taking an afternoon nap, invade his room, knock him unconscious, drag him out of the room, drag him outside of the tavern - all in broad daylight - and then transport this unconscious pony all the way to where ever they apparently have long term storage. They do all of this when the closest Changeling controlled land is at least 400 miles away by air or land and 600 miles by sea, and the Changelings have 30 million pony and 10 million reindeer subjects they could eat instead. They decide to Shanghai a guy that way rather than having a disguised Changeling ask younger stallions with more vitality to sign up for a ship’s crew, or send out a Changeling disguised as a mare who charms a young and not-68 year old stallion into coming back with her to a bar that is secretly owned by changelings, drugs him, and then asks him to come to a “back room.” Indeed, they choose to take silver During the daytime when if they wanted him specifically they could wait until night, so they would have cover of darkness, and dragging an unconscious stallion through the streets would look like just helping a passed out drunk friend.

Am I understand you correctly?

16905 No.82989

Well, I don't have anything else to go by considering I didn't hear a peep from you after I replied. Yes, I get it, it sounds fucking ridiculous. But I have nothing else, because I'm not the GM and I have absolutely no idea what your plans were or what you were going to do.

863cb No.82990

First off, if you replied I must have either missed it in the stream of posts or put a pin in it thinking I would get back to it when whatever problem I had with my thought process was resolved, and then forgot about it. I did have something planned for Silver, but it would have been a set of images tailored to Silver’s particular concerns, interests, and fears, rather than a simple “YOU’RE FUCKING MINE NOW.” It would have had changelings as minor features in the background. It would not have focused on them, nor would Changeling involvement have been anywhere near as extensive or as intimate as it was with either Dark Star or Iron’s dream. They would not have been the centerpiece.

Let’s skip it, and say that Silver wakes up more or less refreshed

16905 No.82991

Sounds good enough for me.
With a groan, Silver rolls out of bed. One of his eyes pops open as he checks what time it is.

49ccb No.82992

>Said a minute.
>Took two hours

"Last thing I remember after I was sweeping the porch, I was being loaded into one of those infernal smog machines." Sister Ash replies
"I wanted to come back to show them I hadn't died, since I left without a word."
She once again ties back her mane into a bun.
"We won't be meeting the other until the evening. In the meantime, I would like to get some work done around here, and get s better description of the foals still missing." She continues
"I'm not even sure what exactly they look like; I think it would be helpful if I brought back a picture." she says.

49ccb No.82993

Come on, m8.
I'm not saying you should assume your character will never die, but you've been acting like you expect the worst at every moment.
I think you can trust the GM to accurrately describe/foreshadow any given event that's has a high chance of killing/capturing/incapacitating your character: If he's actually fucked, it will be a lot more clear than this.

16905 No.82994

Of course I expect the worst at every moment. I'm not good at this like all of you guys are.

Anyways, it's all done and over with, so let's just move on.

01b1b No.82995

You are in the same boat as me. Don't worry. Everything they said went right over my head when I first tried to play and most still does but it will be fine. Any situation is not made so you lose it in on roll anyway. The GM wants you to have fun even in desperate situations.

49ccb No.82996

File: 1547433288213-0.jpg (51.35 KB, 480x480, lui7r.jpg)

>Dark Star when he agreed to box Iron

b3982 No.82997


863cb No.82998

She hands over images of the foals, mostly colts, who include a red earth pony and a black unicorn
“These are photographs of the foals we took upon their arrival at the orphanage. They may varry from how they look now…”

Silver could invest in a watch or clock

863cb No.82999

863cb No.83001


Also, Blue responded in >>82988

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