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File: 1546050140704.png (628.38 KB, 1093x1500, 132516__safe_artist-colon-….png)

8c343 No.76857[View All]

This RPG is set in the land of Equestria after it has been conquered and split between the Changelings and a foriegn fascist nation. It is based in large part on the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&D 3.5 mechanics

4 of the group have taken a job to clear a site of a future real estate development of undead. They seem to have stumbled upon a centuries old evil long forgotten by Equestria. Meanwhile, Ash has discovered foals from the order of Saint Prancis orphanage practicing dark magic and sacrifices in the woods, while Iron is having not-so-pleasant dreams
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728ae No.78951

What do you think, GM, do you think Iron can manage a little juvenile sneaking to a mare's room?

35788 No.78952

She raises her tail as she lays in her belly in the bed… but that will work too

I don’t think any juveniles have snuck into Ash’s room, so there is nopony to manage

728ae No.78953

I think you misundertand. Iron is the juvenile sneaker here.

c7bc9 No.78954

I wouldn't risk it.

cfe57 No.78955

Normally i would hop on the chance, but the other players are bullying me into sleeping as well

728ae No.78956

Aw, you're no fun.

728ae No.78957

>Doesn't realize Iron was about to start something stupid
Wake the fuck up and rut that mare or I swear I'll fuck her for you.

c7bc9 No.78958

I said I wouldn't risk it.
It wasn't necessarily meant to discourage.

35788 No.78959

Well no shit

And thus, Dark Star is bullied. I don’t think it would make a difference though for time purposes

728ae No.78960

I'm guessing that's a no then.

cfe57 No.78961

File: 1546482919347.gif (406.66 KB, 245x184, _laughing reaper.gif)

>I swear I'll fuck her for you.

dbec9 No.78962

As it turns out, our characters can, in fact, go to sleep.

c7bc9 No.78963

728ae No.78964

You're all pretending to sleep. I can see through your lies!

dbec9 No.78965

"Go fuck back to sleep, Iron. It is too late to deal with bullshit such as this."

728ae No.78966

Alright. You convinced me, but Iron was asleep. It was a changeling!

35788 No.78967

She is content just to be cuddled. She doesn’t need his penis, only his love

cfe57 No.78968

File: 1546483537771.png (143.97 KB, 342x309, _check em.png)

dbec9 No.78969

Sometimes, I wonder if Blue Skies was really a changeling all along.

728ae No.78970

>inb4 Blue Skies is actually a changeling

c7bc9 No.78971

Missed the chance to get some cheap XP from knocking that one out, tbh. Then you could have had her to yourself to for the night.

cfe57 No.78972

File: 1546483647114.png (301.09 KB, 520x678, _worried laughter.png)

728ae No.78973

You mean the dream changeling? But she was so polite and feminine, even though it's supposed to be hideous. I don't know who you're talking about.

c7bc9 No.78974

It seems I misinterpreted the event. I only read it halfway.

728ae No.78975

I'm going to go on a limb here and say that the day is over since everyone is now comfy in their beds. We could start a new day now.

c7bc9 No.78976

>Party is finally asleep
Oh shid, I'd better pick my spells for the day.

dbec9 No.78977

Please pick Remove Disease, or anything of that nature.

cfe57 No.78978

728ae No.78979

I'm not sure if we're going to join the party until the kiddies go back to the abbey, my dude.

dbec9 No.78980

Pleeeeeeeeeease! We love you long time!

c7bc9 No.78981

That's a third level spell, m8..
I really wanted to try Downdraft of Hammer of Righteousness. Call Lightning is good combined with Cloudburst.

728ae No.78982

>old stallion cuddles
Nah, it's fine. You can do it.

c7bc9 No.78983

*Downdraft or

8c343 No.78984

If you're not going to rut her…. She'll just have to do without

It's wasn't even a real changeling. It was intended to be a bad dream

dbec9 No.78985

I have no idea what determines what spells you can cast, and I honestly thought you said earlier that you were going to prepare that spell.
Alternative offer: we join up, do all of our quests much faster, and make the GM happy since he only has to plan out quests for one group instead of two.

728ae No.78986

Yeah, sorry. Iron is a horny boi. For next time, make the changelings try to be more assertive and try to pin Iron or something. He'll not take that with grace.
Well, you should convince Ash about her quest, not me. Also, the GM should reduce the distance between bought foals if he aimed for faster quest progression.

cfe57 No.78987

Dark Star will stick with cuddles for tonight

8c343 No.78988

If she's indignant, he can't see her face

9f5fa No.78989

Pls pick something like "fuck undead"

728ae No.78990

Quit whining and buy holy water already.

5637e No.78991

But that would get you undead aids

9f5fa No.78992

Where? GM told me there are almost no clerics here.

728ae No.78993

There are churches. Churches have holy water inside them.

9f5fa No.78994

Are you telling me I could have played….
GM, I have some words. Mainly about purchasing holy water

cfe57 No.78995

thats what cure disease is for.

c7bc9 No.78996

Go to a church. They sell it at a non-profit price (20 gp).
Also, 1st level Adept NPC (altar bois) would usually be the ones blessing water.

c7bc9 No.78997

*25 gp

728ae No.78998

Well, I suppose the GM is going to do a recap on everything and say his thoughts about the day. Wonder what he'll say about us.

cfe57 No.78999

File: 1546486720804.png (128.38 KB, 1000x1000, _hmmmmmmmmmmmmm luna.png)

8c343 No.79007

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