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This post is inspired by >>>/mlpol/59382.

I have been researching UFOs and aliens for decades. I have found the best way to understand the phenomena is to time-line it and then see what else was happening around the same time. Time-lining it allows the evolution & origin of certain aspects to show up which means you can trace things back to origin points.

I don't concern myself with if each UFO/alien report is real or not real, but I look at it in a wide ranging meta-view and this shows a sensible evolution which implies it is real and therefore the reports are generally mostly real.

I am not sure what the best way is to do this data dump. I have decided to do a succinct 300 year history which can be expanded on by me asking questions. This allows me to keep my efforts in proportion to actual board interest levels.

This initial section is to show the development of human sky technology and also shows that nothing ET UFO like is happening yet.

1758 - Book: Concerning Earths in the Solar System, in which Emanuel Swedenborg detailed his alleged journeys (spiritual) to the inhabited planets (up to Saturn + 5 exo-planets), solar system barrier, suns are black.
1783 - France: Manned balloons
1803 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utsuro-bune
1850 - and onwards triangular shapes are reported in the sky but when researched most of these can be associated with comets and comet fragments (comets tend to break up near Earth, Sun and Jupiter into sharp angular fragments).
1851 - Dr. William Bland sent design: steam engine driving twin propellers suspended under airship to Great Exhibition, London
1852 - Comet fragment dramatically crashes to Earth with sheets of rain (comet water) and dark ominous clouds with read streaks before the massive chunk crashes into the English channel. The other interesting part about this is that it happens near dawn, and the dawn side of the Earth is in the direction of the Earth's travel around the sun. So the Earth overran this comet fragment and sucked it down into it. This dramatically shows how astronomical phenomena can produce UFO reports. Pic #1 Attached.
1863 - “Aereon” by Solomon Andrews (inventor) flew, unpowered, controllable dirigible,Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
1871 - Mystery airship, Mt. Washington, New Hampshire (Solomon Andrews?) See Pic #2. This is one of the earliest UFO reports and we can see it is consistent with an airship. We have no reason to conclude it is ET yet.
1871 - (Vril, the Power of) The Comming Race fiction novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. This book in Germany inspires the use of the term Vril for unknown magical/physical forces and leads to the nick name The Vril Society.
1881 - a comet was mistaken as an unusual object in the sky. See pic #3.
1886 - Book: A Dweller on Two Planets, Atlantis, life on Venus, advanced technology, karma, Mt. Shasta. “No telescope will ever reveal human life on Venus; not that it is not there, but its forms are of the One Substance effected by a range of force rendering them imperceptible to earthly eyes." – what we see here is the myth of sentient life on other planets in our solar system starting to form. There is no reason to reject this notion at that time.
1886 - cheap way to manufacture aluminium is discovered. At this point airships are flying around, some are secret projects. They use bamboo and cloth and ropes. Cheap aluminium allows them to be made of this metal. France is becoming a leader in airship design. You can think of these airships as the B2 bomber of the day, these are very serious military tech for spying and air to ground attack. Therefore there is secrecy around designs as well.
1891 - Contactee Thomas Blott (William Simpson, 1828-1910) The Man from Mars is a book about a Martian explaining how Mars is great and Earth sux, basically. It is not clear if this was supposed to be fiction or a reported event.
1893 - In the article “Man of the Year Million”, H. G. Wells envisaged humanity transformed into a race of grey-skinned beings, stunted and with big heads. – the greys!!

So with that look so far we can see many of the elements of aliens and UFOs exist but there are no reports yet of flying saucers or any meaningful reports of flying triangles under intelligent control. All of it, when it comes to ETs, is human imagination. We can reasonably say no ETs are showing up in this 1700s-1800s time period.

In 1893 science starts to speculate about gravity and if we can understand it better and control it.

1893 - Oliver Heaviside makes paper called A GRAVITATIONAL AND ELECTROMAGNETIC ANALOGY http://sergf.ru/Heavisid.htm – this will be very important as we continue the time lining.
1894 “Aug 26, British admiral reported sighting a large disk with a projection like a tail” – Keyhoe (1950) – Airship? Science experiment? There are no good references for this report and so it can't be examined further.
1896 - Germany 11 Sep, Zagreb daily newspaper Obzor “The day before yesterday we received a telegram sent by an amateur journalist. He informed us that David Schwarz from Zagreb has invented an [aluminium] airship which he hopes he could direct on his own free will."
1896 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_airship – this is the UFO flap of 1896-97 but they were airships, not disks, triangles or spacecraft. We know that airships won't work in space so these are human-made. This shows that human advanced tech can be a unsolved mystery. See pics #4 and #5

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File: 1578439342125.jpg (682.7 KB, 2560x1443, 15637890.jpg)

Well, there are ways to find out what the fuck those lights are.

ac095 No.122200

Operations HIGH BEAM and Popeye. In 1948 "science fiction" stories given precedence in Chair Farce/blue water circles. Man of the Year Million by H.G. Wells features release as certified reading material. When did first little men in gray rubber costumes "event" occur?

Confirms Mercury hypothesis null post-1879. Mars ejections less than >0.01% correlation. Solar 'flares' not flares, physical material ejections abound. Brilliant cover ploy for short term. No longer.

Hybrid technologies. Long range directed ultrasound/infrasound usage combined with holographic systems, speech-to-skull, creates "semi-religious feeling". Not fooled.

Previously unable to offer updates due to immediate request for face to face meeting with hyper-paranoid colleague. Unpleasant circumstances occurred. Don't talk. Information overload on multiple levels. Direct dropoff on specific subject: Missing 411 Canada video dated 10 December 2019. Watch, take notes. Why? Events are direct associations with technological timelines given. No coincidences. Next update soon.

ac095 No.122204

Big Buck Registry episode 280, dated 14 July 2019. Take notes. Compare timeline.

7b706 No.122291

File: 1578827066216-0.jpg (76.19 KB, 717x558, bettyhillalien1961.jpg)

File: 1578827066216-1.jpg (14.34 KB, 266x402, bettyhillalien1961b.jpg)

>When did first little men in gray rubber costumes "event" occur?

1893: In the 1893 article “Man of the Year Million”, H. G. Wells envisaged humanity transformed into a race of grey-skinned beings, stunted and with big heads. Similar for later books. -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_Alien

1918: Aleister Crowley's LAM, vaguely grey-like or Hill Abduction like (see 1961) -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleister_Crowley

1933: Western Australia - Aboriginal woman .. 'large shiny egg' .. men grey skinned and man-like .. stunned .. abducted .. shining table .. apparently experimented with -- The OZ Files by Bill Chalker (1996) ← Rex Gilmor

1933: Grey alien type in fiction: Swedish novelist Gustav Sandgren, aka Gabriel Linde, science-fiction novel: Den okända faran (The Unknown Danger) -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_Alien

1941: Claim from 1991 (therefore suspicious) Stringfield book: Reverend William Huffman asked to pray over alien crash victims outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941 -- http://www.majesticdocuments.com/pdf/rswood_mufon2001.pdf https://youtu.be/xzwTlf73xsk?t=452 . Related: “They seemed wrinkled and human, like three thin, big-headed children, yet, rather strange. The bodies were somewhat gray in color, long-limbed and rubbery-looking. People stood in a daze and stared down at the lifeless strangers, quite perplexed.” “There were three 'people' present at the site that may have worn the oddest attire of all: wrinkly, tight-fitting, silver-gray flight suits, appearing almost like crinkled aluminum foil. Or was that just their crinkly, trauma-and-atmosphere-affected skin?? William was unsure.? These odd, silent figures seemed - all stretched out - to be about only four feet in height, and remarkably thin.” “How is it they all had such identical big heads and black eyes!” “The same goes for all three identical-looking beings.” – MO41: The bombshell before Roswell by Paul Blake Smith (2015 <- therefore suspicious).

1961: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barney_and_Betty_Hill but also includes humans, a german shepherd dog, and a UFO equipped with road signs. (pic1 and 2 from "CAPTURED! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience" by Stanton T. Friedman (2007))

1967: Alleged time-frame for Betty Andreason's grey aliens abductions – MUFON UFO Journal 1979 May.

1980: The first conspiracy book about Roswell UFO Incident was The Roswell Incident by Charles Berlitz (13 years US Army, mostly intelligence) and Bill Moore (ufologist) (1989 MUFON conference, Moore claimed: did “disinformation” against Bennewitz for AFOSI). Pop culture associates Roswell UFO Incident with Grey aliens.

1985: Contactee Whitley Strieber claims to be contacted by aliens including “greys” leading to 1987 book which standardised the “Grey” look.

1987: "Communion" by Contactee Whitley Strieber, multiple themes, the beginning of the modern grey alien. Subsequently he has claimed military mind control instead: https://archive.org/details/WhitleyStrieber-MemoriesOfMindControlAndChildhoodAbuse

Therefore the root of the modern grey alien myth is military mind control, add in rubber suits as needed.

7b706 No.122293

>>122291 (You)
Also, 1981: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budd_Hopkins#Books

The hoax seems to have started about 1980 and reached fruition in 1987. Perhaps as a continuation of the shut down MKULTRA. The very emotionally believable Roswell witnesses could have been hypnotised etc.

33a11 No.122294

File: 1578827815296.png (119.39 KB, 900x784, pinkie-pie-giggle-png.png)

>little men in gray rubber costumes

7b706 No.122295

What happens when you bite an "alien"?

>He kept pulling back. "She [the alien] was pretty strong," he told Chalker. "She pulled me over and my mouth was basically on her nipple. And I bit."
>Khoury said he doesn't know why he bit the woman, but even though he felt a small piece of her nipple come away in his teeth, she did not cry out. But "the expression on her face was like, 'this isn't the way.' In a way it was shock or confusion… She looked at the Asian one… and looked at me like, this isn't the way it's supposed to happen. You've done this wrong."
>Involuntarily, Khoury swallowed the small fragment in his mouth, and it caught in his throat. He went into a coughing fit. Suddenly, the two women simply disappeared.


* Bite nipple, no pain response.
* "nipple" caught in throat like rubber.

More info here: https://www.amazon.com/Hair-Alien-Forensic-Evidence-Abductions/dp/0743492862

7b706 No.122296

File: 1578833397405-0.png (63.92 KB, 1518x547, SELECT SUBSTR(date,9,2),hi….png)

File: 1578833397405-1.png (93.02 KB, 1405x698, SELECT YEAR,MO,DAY,COUNT(*….png)

File: 1578833397405-2.jpg (144.99 KB, 1166x801, CME1989.jpg)

File: 1578833397405-3.jpg (46.47 KB, 646x419, CME1969.jpg)

>Solar 'flares' not flares, physical material ejections abound. Brilliant cover ploy for short term. No longer.

The horizontal line of icons is now thought to be caused by solar thrust (solar wind, or magnetic field expansion) due to rising solar cycle activity. I previously stated that the material, once ejected, orbited. The data does not support that it orbits, because it enters the Earth's atmosphere years later but in the same month/Earth orbit location. Therefore it is stagnant in space until pushed again. Which sounds absurd. Possibilities are diamagnetism or solar wind balanced against solar gravity. In an effort to explore this oddness further I have looked at the 1882 April solar storm and it's later presumed ejecta insertion into our atmosphere as the 1897 April Mystery Airships. See pics.

The first pic shows the Earth's geomagnetic storms that occurred in April 1882. These are the correlated source of the bulk of the Mystery Airships (which I presume would have seen as lights only but attributed to airships). The storm would have arrived 1-5 days after the CME ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomagnetic_storm ).

The second pic shows the wave of Mystery Airships (MA) of 1897 April, the two MA peaks are 1-2 days prior to the 1882 April geomagnetic storms which is within 1-5 day range.

This does not argue against the material being parked in space awaiting the sun's second push. I still find this odd. The Mystery Airships are the best and cleanest test for this hypothesis. The Ghost Fliers seem to be under reported in UFOCAT.* And the 1940s+ is tainted majorly by man-made discs and psyops. Therefore the "Mystery Airship wave from the Sun in parallel with man-made airships" test is a clean continuing confirmation of the hypothesis.

It is not possible to overstate how astronomically large a solar ejection can be: https://hesperia.gsfc.nasa.gov/summerschool/lectures/vourlidas/AV_intro2CMEs/additional%20material/corona_history.pdf and https://b-ok.org/book/2156106/d47ac7 pic3 and 4. Bear in mind that the Earth's volume is 1/1,300,000th of the sun in those pictures.

* http://www.ignaciodarnaude.com/avistamientos_ovnis/Keel,Mystery%201930s%20Aeroplanes-2.pdf which is from FSR,1970,May-Jun,V 16,N 3 (pg11); FSR,1970,Jul-Aug,V 16,N 4 (pg10); FSR,1971,Jul-Aug,V 17,N 4 (pg18); FSR,1971,Sep-Oct,V 17,N 5 (pg21). Keel states there were hundreds of sightings but UFOCAT has less than 50.

7b706 No.122355

File: 1578887881258.jpg (92.02 KB, 720x406, 411ProfilePoints.jpg)

>Missing 411 Canada video dated 10 December 2019. Watch, take notes. Why? Events are direct associations with technological timelines given. No coincidences. Next update soon.


>Big Buck Registry episode 280, dated 14 July 2019. Take notes. Compare timeline.


I regret to say that I was under whelmed by these videos. I also watched the latest movie, "Missing 411: The Hunted".

Concerning things I noticed:

1) Perpetual statements of "impossible, makes no sense, unsolvable" (why investigate if you have no thought that you can solve? Promoting myth or sales?)
2) Witness leading: The interview techniques were flawed and leading, in one cause two interviewees expressed uncertainty and he forced them to agree with him.
3) The movie showed cases that could be explained by hypothermia but only mentioned hypothermia to dismiss it AFTER the spookiness of the cases was emphasised and whilst the viewer had no knowledge yet about hypothermia. The perpetual dismissal of hypothermia was concerning and biased:

The case was the woman who was found naked, near her camp site, in the creek. This is a classic severe hypothermia reaction. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypothermia#Paradoxical_undressing My personal experience with cold is that we judge ambient temperature by unconsciously comparing skin temperature with internal temperature. The difference indicates (perhaps falsely) the environment temperature. When we are sick we feel chills because of raised internal temperature, and correspondingly if core temperature falls we would feel the environment has over heated, this results in (carefully) discarded clothing and belongings, and in extreme cases seeking additional cooling (like naked in a creek, or the child found in an abandoned house bathtub, splashing in water.)

All cases that involve removed clothing should be de facto hypothermia. I doubt medical science has a good understanding of server hypothermia. You can't exactly do experiments!
Mild Hypothermia leads to mental confusion - these people are doomed from the start because they are alone and their brain is malfunctioning.

Hypothermia may make helicopter FLIR detection not possible if it depends upon normal body temperature.

Severe weather is associated with the events. The implication seems to be that the spooky antagonists can control the weather to cover their tracks. But a simpler explanation is that variable weather is a requirement to create unexpected cold snaps leading to hypothermia, then confusion, then death. Mountains push warm air up thereby making rain and snow often.

There is another source of externally created brain malfunction that could affect these people, magnetic fields. Persinger has shown that mild MF of the right character can cause hallucinations. The researcher highlights that many of the 411 sites are granite mountains, granite has 20-60% quartz (Wikipedia), quartz has piezoelectric qualities. Natural MF could cause brain malfunctions.

Water was mentioned as often associated, this could cause infrasound visual hallucinations and electric currents causing magnetic fields.

The end of the movie has two paranormal cases. One involves sound recordings of strange "animal" noises however no movement was ever reported. The witnesses hid in a shelter. The movie claims the sound was analysed and the creature were larger than a man. It is then opinionated by the scientists (it doesn't seem to be a part of the scientific report) that they sounds are an unknown language. However the scientist is sitting at the camp fire with the witness at this point, friendship causing bias? The sounds could be recording played by unknown humans to spook the hunters away.

The last case in the movie does not actually qualify as being of 411 category and seems to be included to ramp up the spooky to maximum levels. The case has a woman seeing a seemingly invisibility cloaked entity moving from tree to tree. In addition her phone takes a picture at a resolution not possible for the phone. And furthermore a UFO was reported by her son in the vicinity at the time, and her husband is the UFO researcher https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Maccabee . She is a hunter but is barely meters into a wooded area from their house. She reports that her behaviour was out of character after she saw the "entity", as she stayed to hunt and also subsequently forgot to report the incident despite her husbands interest in such subjects.

The simplest explanation for all of these events is that the UFO was a plasma object (perhaps even from the sun) and it's magnetic field interfered with both the witness, producing hallucinations, and the phone, producing corruption of the photo. The photo itself shows nothing interesting except multiple streaks of streaming sunlight stretched into multiple rainbow spectrums overlaying greenery. They then debate about if it is her hair!

The only other thing of interest was two reports of metal sharp noises making me ponder doors to underground being latched. Those areas should be examined with ground radar, archaeologists use those all the time to find dig sites.

Profile Points mentioned:
* Point of Separation = requirement for 411: brain failure + no help = dead
* Time of Disappearance (4pm) = optimal I have enough sunlight, oh shit now I don't
* Boulder field = tripping = injury and/or hypothermia = confused wandering = dead
* Near water = MF/Infrasound
* Disability or Illness = optional for disaster
* Canines can't track = weather washed away scent?
* Found in area previously searched = victim went through after was searched
* Missing Clothing = severe hypothermic paradoxical undressing
* Unknown cause of death = lack of medical knowledge
* Geographical clustering = granite/water = MF/Infrasound = hallucinations or high visitor area.

All up I was not spooked or impressed. Seemed like "disinfotainment".

7b706 No.122371


Additional to >>122355


* girl given food, water and shelter for the past 3-4 days, dry but rained, clean clothes = girl looked after by other humans whilst she was dysfunctional.
* milked cows = thieves
* dreams/summoned to death site = Praise be to God! -or- Selection bias. How many dreams failed?
* SWAT team - but SWAT created in 1960s.


* 4 days missing, pint of blood, opposite river, memory loss = why blood loss???? injury? biological harvesting? Needs follow up! Vampires?
* found opposite side of USA (underground rail? multiple personality? plane flight? More details!)
* USA, UK, CA, AUS in top 5 for 411 and UFO. Same agenda -or- same availability of English language data?

1950: dogs: no scent = weather washed away? Other smells masking?

56975 No.122372

>Seemed like "disinfotainment"
Too elaborated, too fuzzy, plenty of paths to nowhere. Diversions to entertain the plebs perhaps?

7b706 No.122373

File: 1578933865132.png (310.13 KB, 2158x1100, 1882 Nov Solar Storm corre….png)

If >>122296 is correct for the April Mystery Airship Wave, is it also true for the November 1896 Mystery Airship wave? Lets attempt to destroy the "solar ejection->park in space->push into Earth later" theory!

>mfw it also matches. (pic)

The difference is rather than being 1-2 days shifted (ie. angular drifted 2 degrees in space) it is shifted 4-5 days (4-5 degrees in space).

/I'll just be over here rocking back and forth slowly mumbling, "WTF, Nature?"

7b706 No.122374

I think people have a natural tendency towards myth making. Through most of our evolution we did not have science, so our warnings are recording as stories. For the story to persist it needs to be emotional because our memory intensity is based on emotional content. The fear of the myth keeps you from the danger and so evolution supports myth making. Capitalism gives people what they want in exchange for money, people want emotionally engaging myths.

33a11 No.122470

File: 1579084503934.png (518.56 KB, 636x1306, solar activity 2020.png)

7b706 No.122475

File: 1579197704771.png (171.48 KB, 2223x1000, Ghost Fliers Mystery Aerop….png)

Ghost Fliers. I Found a database for them at http://www.afu.se/afu2/ in http://files.afu.se/Downloads/UFO%20reports/Scandinavia/ with the ScanCat2009 database. Keel got his data from https://www.ufo.se/index.php/f/1993-franzen-ake who is in this group so this looks like the root source. I have used this database to compare the 1934 flap of Ghost Fliers to the Solar Storm of 1926.

Everything about this went wrong. The medium sized storm (green block on >>122152 @ 1926 Jan)
occurred at the end of January but the Ghost Fliers peaked at the front of January. There was a closer milder storm which was about 1/5th of a maximum storm, 5 days offset. The maximum sightings of Ghost Fliers was 13 sightings in a 24h period. Meteors can do this easily. The intensity of the 1926 storm and the ghost fliers is so low it barely pokes above noise levels. Making it even worse the flap occurs over Christmas and New Year which means the ability to both see and report them is different to normal.

The end result was the data half matched (red lines) and (black lines) half did not. The matching of the double bump is chosen by me and so is selection bias. There is nothing much here to cause us to blame sun. It is possible that the sun did a 'low effort' and man was doing some low effort aeroplane smuggling at the same time. The reports of Ghost Fliers in snow storms are likely to be meteors or small amount of sun ejecta.

Final result = meh.

7b706 No.122487

File: 1579254607951.png (197.34 KB, 2223x1000, Ghost Fliers Mystery Aerop….png)

The return of the Ghost Fliers from the Sun. Autism demanded that I refute my refutation of the GFs.

When considering how I was going to process the 1940s to the 1970s to look for solar causes amongst man-made causes, I realised that the larger the wave the less humans could have afforded to do it. Therefore the big events are most likely to be mostly from the sun. Therefore I should start with the biggest events and work down to the smallest events. The biggest is the 1947 June and July, Flying Discs. I then realised that I had discovered previously that the moon had affected the '47 Discs showing them to be of nature space origin, which then made me wonder if the Ghost Fliers were also affected by the moon. This turned out to be correct.

* The unexpected spike on 1933-12-22 was caused by the "moon bump" effect >>89607 >>90720 where the moon slingshots extra material into the Earth.
* The dip between Christmas and New Year is probably news papers being on holidays or low staff.
* The leaves only January 6th, which was a Saturday. More people outside?

The Ghost Fliers mostly fit the Sun hypothesis but distorted by the moon and the holidays.

I also checked if the Mystery Airships had a potential "moon bump" but they did not.

Next episode: How the massive 1941 CME made the whole Flying Saucer meme. Ultimately causing the CIA to make random farmers have sex with women wearing masks whilst on LSD!

7b706 No.122488

>"moon bump"

It seems I didn't give a good source previously.
See https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1029/JZ068i005p01401

33a11 No.122489

File: 1579255275133.png (257.21 KB, 600x569, 222.png)

>Autism demanded that I refute my refutation of the GFs.
Extraordinary honesty.

7b706 No.122491

Does the sun store metal at the bottom of the convection layer? I have suggest the the metallic sun of the 1870s suggests so, but while researching a mechanism for slow metal travel to the Earth from CMEs, I discovered a solar phenomena called https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_energetic_particles these are charged particles rail-gun'ed from the sun.

They consist of electrons, protons (H ions), and the enigmatically named https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HZE_ions these in turn consist of ions of: Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), Magnesium (Mg), Silicon (Si), Iron (Fe).

Aside from carbon those are the most common elements in space rocks. Our old friends and presumed natural UFO antagonists Mg, Si and Fe make a return appearence. These are electron-less metals plus C and O.

The bottom of the sun's convection layer is the top of the sun's radiative layer. The RL is the brightest place in solar system. Since photons cause electrons to gain energy and leave their otherwise stable low energy orbits, the absolute best place to become electron-less metal is at the bottom of the convection layer. This suggest then that the metal stored in the sun is stored as raw nuclei.

This then would explain the huge spike in the 1870s (and I think it happened again in the 1880s but research isn't complete) of glowing metal on the solar surface. The metal was in the process of re-acquiring electrons. Which cause those electrons to emit light as they reach the lower energy state.

This seems to be two proofs of the sun hiding quantities of metal inside.

I also found a video by a scientist pointing out that we cannot make any comments on what elements are actually in the sun (with many references on the YouTube page and in the video) and he goes on to point out other flaws in the scientific consensus regarding the sun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GqQWExwrtE

Scientific consensus is a logical fallacy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argumentum_ad_populum

7b706 No.122492

>The RL is the brightest [accessible] place in solar system.
To be fair, the core is brighter but inaccessible due to the dense RL.

33a11 No.122493

I have a question.
Did you consider that you are talking about plasma and therefore the known interactions among subatomic particles might not be valid?

7b706 No.122494

One of my more recent thoughts is that some of the metal reaching our atmosphere is still ions/plasma. The glow of these objects is not simple burning or heat but the process of stealing electrons from the air. I am still learning more about what is happening in space between the Earth and the Sun. I am open to anywhere the data goes. But the atomic nuclei are still masters of what ultimately these ions become. metal..
Scientists have a understandable lack of interest in the ~10 year delayed effect of a CME.

7b706 No.122495

File: 1579266097410-0.mp4 (12.47 MB, 1920x1080, My stabilized clips from t….mp4)

File: 1579266097410-1.jpg (177.78 KB, 1280x720, Vril-Solar-Labs.jpg)

>mfw you do an excellent video analysis (jump to about 18 minutes in for the good images, after watching the intro made by the TV film crew) and even state the object tumbles in all 3 axes (plural of axis) and yet still want to ascribe intelligence to it, despite the fact that it shows uncontrolled flight.

Triangle UFO of Kaikoura (detailed description on YT)

What I found interesting was the "ball-nodes/corners" were like the balls in attached video, which is a stabilisation of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMrEdmcO6NE which I thought I posted at >>121976 but I posted the wrong link :( . We at Vril Labs apologise for any inconvenience caused.

7b706 No.122500

Strange lights in the sky in El Paso Texas | I See UFOs • Jan 17, 2020

I find the following video fascinating because it looks like a mix of 411 and UFOs. When I was thinking about 411 and piezoelectric mountains, I also thought that such mountains should produce "earth lights" ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Min_Min_light https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marfa_lights https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hessdalen_lights etc. ) this video matches that idea. The alleged collapsed person, if alone, might have become a 411.

Strange lights in the sky in the Mojave Desert | I See UFOs • Jan 17, 2018

7b706 No.122501

A civilian internet based effort to discover the cause of the Ghost Rockets of 1946:

Yay, information age.

7b706 No.122502

13 Year Old Boy Blinded By Beam Of Light From UFO | Close Encounters

Run from UFOs.

7b706 No.122505

File: 1579449352930-0.png (375.23 KB, 2015x866, 1947 Flying Discs-Saucers ….png)

File: 1579449352930-1.pdf (79.87 KB, 10.1029@TE046i004p00471--n….pdf)

File: 1579449352930-2.pdf (130.08 KB, 10.1029@TE046i004p00473--g….pdf)

File: 1579449352930-3.png (560.11 KB, 1280x403, se.png)

>I realised that the larger the wave the less humans could have afforded to do it. Therefore the big events are most likely to be mostly from the sun.

Testing the hypothesis on the big daddy of UFO waves: 1947 June and July. Result: Another success for the Celestia's Solar Empire crushing feeble humanity's WWII era aircraft and showing Her dominance in the solar system. The solar storm of July 1941 + the July 4th Independence Day holiday + the moon slingshoting material explains the intensity shape of the Flying Disc wave.


Also adding some papers on the detection of the solar storm. Later I will look for some anecdotes on the magnetic effects on Earth, if any.
I don't expect anything to refute the sun being responsible for waves of UFOs now. I do expect that from 1947 onwards the correlations with the sun will get fuzzier as man-made craft and man made psy-ops fuckery become more prominent.

Celestia always wins.

7b706 No.122506

>Later I will look for some anecdotes on the magnetic effects on Earth, if any.

Maybe they had other things on their mind: https://www.nature.com/articles/150212a0

7b706 No.122507

File: 1579469998954.gif (6.07 MB, 594x331, CELEbration.gif)


https://youtu.be/bir1Wf5eSBQ - Here Comes the Sun
https://youtu.be/XSydapPO1DA - Solar - The End
https://youtu.be/pXEQ_ScGYx0 - Audiomachine
https://youtu.be/gtm2dQh36Js - Solar Invasion
https://youtu.be/LNo2h2dguTY - Solar - Burn Out
https://youtu.be/vpwe5I1YqV8 - Aurora
https://youtu.be/dmQJOzqtb2c - Solar - Magnetic Storm
https://youtu.be/97XObogf8lA - Audio Network - Solar Flare
https://youtu.be/izsjRpcgfmk - Sun

7b706 No.122515

>When did first little men in gray rubber costumes "event" occur?

1973 MK ULTRA shutdown.
1979 Natural UFOs in decline.
1980 Grey aliens start.

Was it an attempt to keep the alien mythology going with the bulk UFOs missing?

7b706 No.122556

File: 1579890679617.png (169.26 KB, 2054x809, UFOCAT Ghost Fliers Myster….png)

Ghost Fliers of mid-January and end-of-January from UFOCAT compared to Geomagnetic Storms of 1926. Matches well.

Added gaps in the top chart because the DB software does not create daily columns for 0 reports.

7b706 No.122557

File: 1579904750078.png (246.7 KB, 1800x3782, Geomagnetic Storms and UFO….png)

>When did first little men in gray rubber costumes "event" occur?

Trial run before settling on grey aliens in 1980?

14115 No.122570

File: 1579935082408.png (747.73 KB, 1280x719, mlp-art-Twilight-Sparkle-1….png)

Too much to crunch for a layman.

7b706 No.122571

File: 1579941388079-0.png (160.82 KB, 1525x890, Assessment.png)

File: 1579941388079-1.png (153.12 KB, 2128x798, 1941 July Solar Storm Crea….png)

File: 1579941388079-2.png (317.1 KB, 2127x1165, 1919 and 1941 August Solar….png)

>Too much to crunch for a layman.

Agreed. In a way though this supports it. The sun got very unstable, then the UFOs turned up in waves. >>102272 (pic) That is the executive summary, that's all a lay person needs to know.

The minutiae, I am going through right now, might be irrelevant and just a product of me pushing too far into fine detail (autism). I am working on another overview summary (pic 1) to remove the data overload burden, but that requires me to look at the fine detail for a while longer to generate the summary overview.

Each UFO wave has about 33% (±5 days* in 30 day month = 10/30 = 33%) chance of success at matching a previous solar storm on any previous year, same month. That is a poor test because the random success rate is high. This might be also what you are seeing as data overload, it is "fuzzy matches overload" which is just the accumulation of "maybes". But if it happens 19 times, that becomes more significant. So the summary is the big tell, not these endless charts. (This thread doubles as a kind of research time-line blog also.)

* CMEs have a minimum width of 10 degrees.

Attached is the results for the Ghost Rockets (pic 2 & 3), this succeeded for 1 month and failed for the next, it required 2 CMEs. That means random success was 50% chance. Not a good test, but still not a fail.

The best I can do with this minute analysis is look for an absolute failure because in that one event I'd need to look away from the sun as the sole cause of UFO waves. If I can't find an absolute fail in 19 attempts that is a huge success. A fail could be man-made waves, or even aliens…

Those wanting a final result need to wait until all 18 waves are examined, or look at >>102272 pic.
Those wanting to see if a fail has happened at the minutiae level can keep looking at each chart as they are posted.

Current status:
1896/11 Mystery Airships = Success with 33% random chance.
1897/04 Mystery Airships = Success with 33% random chance.
1934/01 Ghost Fliers = Success with 33% random chance.
1946/07-08 Ghost Rockets = Success with 50% random chance. (33/100 + 66/100 = 99/200 = 49.5/100) <- examination still in progress.
14 more to examine. Can I find a wave the sun could not do in the remaining 14 waves?

7b706 No.122572

Strange lights in the sky in La Mesa New Mexico | I See UFOs • Jan 18, 2020

7b706 No.122573

Dear Mods
What is the best approach to preserving this thread so I can reference its data in the next thread? Can it be anchored?

0ad27 No.122574

In the new code the normal >>750 will automatically link to the thread/post even if archived (and show the post linked to with mouseover). The new code is starting to get ready and I'm polishing it now and will soon start the task of writing code to get all the currently archived and active threads into the new database structure. I can't give a definitive timeframe for when it is done but I hope in a few months it will be ready for prime time.
So I would just use the normal linking method and when new code is up it should work seamlessly even when this thread is archived.

7b706 No.122575

7b706 No.122576

I've noticed something. When two magnetic storms happen close together (0-2 days) they seem to bounce off each other making a more widely separated UFO splatter. Be interesting to see if this trend continues.

c1193 No.122578

>it gonna slide off
>on /vx/

7b706 No.122583

File: 1579997400873.png (170.36 KB, 1736x876, Assessment.png)

* Mystery Airships have similar Natural appearence percentages.
* but April Mystery Airships have a large percentage of injured, killed or alternate state of consciousness (ASC) reports (Why? plasma or human pilot actions?).
* Ghost Fliers and Ghost Rockets have similar very high Natural appearence percentages.

7b706 No.122600

File: 1580000336159.png (35.33 KB, 2140x723, NotAbductions.png)

>but April Mystery Airships have a large percentage of injured, killed or alternate state of consciousness (ASC) reports (Why? plasma or human pilot actions?).

CE4 definition: "Abduction".

Who exactly abducted witnesses in 1897?? (pic)
When abductions aren't abductions, and the "aliens" are all humans… These should be CE3s, thanks for the distorted data CUFOS.

7b706 No.122665

File: 1580068658642-0.png (2.08 MB, 4030x1261, 1947 Flying Discs-Saucers ….png)

File: 1580068658642-1.png (190.9 KB, 1766x880, Assessment.png)

Another victory for the solar empire.

1940/06/25 CMEs -> 1947/06/24 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Arnold "Flying Saucer" sighting plus others.
1941/07/05 CME -> 1947/07/03-11 "Flying Saucer" wave

Assuming the sun can make random objects out of metal plasma + H/He plasma + vacuum, then 99% of 4248 reports can be considered to come from ET Nature.

49 (1%) pilots were also reported: Dwarf (17), Human (3), Pallid (13), Tall (1), Thin (3), NULL (11). The dwarves will show up in force in 1954. Dwarves are light weight adults, good for floating craft. Good for short "greys"?

Updated theory on Natural UFOs:

The blobs leave the sun as a plasma/ions. The solar cycle and solar magnetic storms clump the plasma together through successive waves magnetic intensity. When the blobs of plasma hit the Earth atmosphere they rob the atmosphere of electrons. This causes the material to glow as the electron go from high energy to low energy states.

When the plasma is metal the result is a blob of metal with a plasma core. The shell has access to atmospheric electrons, but the core has been cut off by the metal shell to some degree. The plasma core is low density and so a natural plasma metallic balloon has been created. This is reported as a Flying Saucer.

Post 1950s the sun surface has less metal indicating less metal is churnable and ejectable. Any plasma thrown at the Earth is now mostly Hydrogen and Helium. This is why recent YouTube videos of UFOs glow orange, but prior UFOs (Ghost Rockets, Kenneth Arnold etc) glowed brightly (metal). The end state for H/He plasma is gas that is transparent and floats away. The end state for metal plasma is a blob of floating metal.

pic3 Arnold's drawing of what he saw from his pamphlet.
More here: https://ufologie.patrickgross.org/htm/arnoldbooklet.htm

You can read his description of events in his words here in Chapter 1:

This started the Flying Saucer myth/meme.

7b706 No.122667

File: 1580069199530.jpg (38.82 KB, 640x480, meteors_1947_-_8_21_-_yout….jpg)

Also the description of the flight path characteristics that Arnold saw was a lead object punching through the atmosphere followed by objects in the low pressure slip stream. When they drifted out of the slip stream they were jostled back into the stream again. This happened consecutively down the chain of objects. Pic is a meteor similar to what I assume was the lead object, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIKpPMgQZRA (1947!)

7b706 No.122672

Forgot pic3. Already posted, see Pic2 @ >>87743
Source: http://nicap.org/waves/Wave47Rpt/ReportOnWaveOf1947.pdf (Page 25)

7b706 No.122793

File: 1580180465708-0.png (136.11 KB, 1927x701, Assessment.png)

File: 1580180465708-1.png (158.84 KB, 1797x663, 1950-03-18 Duplicate CE3 e….png)

File: 1580180465708-2.jpg (904.51 KB, 2096x2572, wilfredo 1950-03-18 from G….jpg)

File: 1580180465708-3.png (1.07 MB, 4112x2025, 1950 UFO wave from 1939, 1….png)

File: 1580180465708-4.png (180.33 KB, 830x534, ph.png)

1950 UFO wave completed. Up to 97% can be explained as sun ejecta/meteors/ETN. 57 UFOs with pilots* (pic1)* More than 19 solar storms contributed to the UFO wave which were swept up by solar cycle 18 and pushed onto the Earth atmosphere.

There was a brief bit of excitement because one UFO spike did not have a solar cause. This turned out to be 18 entries (pic2) in UFOCAT for just one UFO with pilot sighting (pic3). Once duplications are removed it became a bump which could be potentially explained by a minor solar eruption in 1942-03-14.

The sun is still primary cause of waves so far.

Pic4 is a visual summary of the date alignments.

* The pilot numbers are so small so far that exploring those individually later is viable. Perhaps we will see an interesting evolution from a human look (Airships) to a alien/costumed/pressure-suited look (UFOs).

33a11 No.122796

File: 1580217067558.gif (1.14 MB, 788x535, My Little Pony - Twilight ….gif)

35f71 No.122799

File: 1580341297638.png (419.61 KB, 1366x768, 20202.png)

>Any comment on the sun's orbit?
Many, but I think OP would refuse to consider it.

7b706 No.122801

File: 1580342782639.jpg (1.42 MB, 1600x1067, 20359842738_e5b9c5960b_h.jpg)

I am considering this idea……

>Perseid Meteor Shower Radiant Day 1`
>Here's my shot from this morning of 32 Perseid meteors over Frosty Drew Observatory in Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA. I tracked the radiant point from midnight until dawn. I will set out again tonight to capture more Perseid meteors to add to the composite. In this shot the radiant point of the shower is very apparent.

7b706 No.122802

File: 1580343431339.jpg (87.08 KB, 800x590, aurora.jpg)

New thread: >>122800
New thread: >>122800
New thread: >>122800
New thread: >>122800
New thread: >>122800
New thread: >>122800

Thanks, Epona, for dubs.

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