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dbdc9 No.729

Something I discovered recently. It reminds me of the game Elite.

>Its title caught somewhere between the 4X majesty of Endless Space and the interstellar tourism of No Man’s Sky, Endless Sky is an open-source, open-world game of exploration, trading, and combat. Inspired by Escape Velocity, it’s feature-complete and available to download right now, with free-form rags-to-riches/shuttle-to-battlefleet play fully implemented, and one of three planned stories already in place. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also an editor and a guide to creating new ships, missions and artwork.


Website, free download: https://endless-sky.github.io/

e0318 No.730

File: 1501383804765.png (295.92 KB, 500x500, 8e00369d.png)

Free you say? I love free, although I'm very skeptical about trying anything new. Generally I just stay with my Civ 4 games. I know those are fun

dbdc9 No.732

I await your findings :)

f85f8 No.735

How has it been so far quality wise?

dbdc9 No.737

It seems well designed. It is easy to get into but shows potential to be as complex as you like. You start with one ship and you can just trade and get your bearing. You can max out at something like having a whole fleet armed and take on pirate(s)/planets and steal all their stuff or be a pirate yourself.

You can also optionally take on missions if you prefer a more role play style. It is very open ended and in the absence of anything else you can just capitalistically transport and trade goods.

Ships can be quite configurable too, I think especially as they get larger and you can covert space between cargo holds or equipment "holds" (ie. weapons and defence measures).

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