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File: 1543882540365.png (668.84 KB, 1024x576, liberation_of_equestria_by….png)

3b4fd No.67940[View All]

A new Role-playing game, using mechanics from DnD 3.5, and the Universe of My Little Pony and the My Little Pony based mod for Hearts of Iron 4, Equestria at War. The setting is an industrialized Equestria after the nation has been split between The Changeling Empire and former Equestrian colony.
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54247 No.69576

Iron grins "We shall see who stands, mare."

8882b No.69577

"I'm listening."

4c001 No.69578

"Then again.. I don't really have anything to prepare.. Except maybe finding a bigger stick."

3b4fd No.69579

"If it's them left standing, they will eventually throw this whole city into chaos. And the jungles down South as well. Much is at stake here."

bc682 No.69580

"wouldnt it be funny if when the tried to fire their guns they exploded?"

54247 No.69581

Iron interjects "Speaking of which, I have to pick up something up at the Jungle Rush armory. When we pass there, I will pick it up."
"It is charming that you care for my kind, mare." Iron smiles. "Do not fret, I will not fail this mission when my honor is at stake."

4c001 No.69582

"Very well."

8882b No.69583

"Hmm… I haven't done something like that in a long time. But hearing your stories about them. I'll do it."

3b4fd No.69584

"Oh, don't misunderstand me. I'm conveying the concerns of my employers. Not that I want lose yet another home"

4c001 No.69585

[Kirin noises]

3b4fd No.69586

"Hi" The blue pegasus says

36426 No.69587

The batpone, having missed the introduction of the sapphire pegasus, simply shrugs and carries on with his now tardy mission of performing reconnaisance of the docks and warehouse. Nodding to the bartender on the way out, he leaps into the air and takes flight.

54247 No.69588

"I take it we can prepare, then?"

4c001 No.69589

"Hello." The Kirin says politely

3b4fd No.69590

"Yes. You'll want the strongest armor you can buy, a quiet but lethal weapon, and, well, preferably a gun for when things get really nasty. Getting to know the area first would also be useful"

"I believe he's selected you as well? I am his assistant in this manner"

"Hi There. You seem shifty"

4c001 No.69591

"I'm as prepared as I'm going to be today.. Carry in with your provisions."

4c001 No.69592

"Pleasant to meet you." The mare replies
"I go by the title of Sister Ash."

3b4fd No.69593

"Sister? You're a nun? Neat. My name is Blue Skies"

36426 No.69594

He would(?) appreciate the comment, except he immediately bolted (he's not much for introductions)

54247 No.69595

Iron stands up "Alright, I will head off to take the armor I sent to make. Maybe pick up a knife there if they have any." With that, he heads to the door. "Where exactly do we meet up later? I do not want to miss out on the mission."

3b4fd No.69596

I posted the same thing to the character an hour ago

"Dark Star is the planner for this, but I suspect it's this tavern"

bc682 No.69597

"Hey, miss Skies im gonna go find a spot for my rifle."
"the tavern."
*Heads down to the docks*

54247 No.69598

"Good. We will meet up here later." With that, he steps out of the tavern and goes to Jungle Rush to pick up his armor.

36426 No.69599

I know, I had to do a thing, so for plot continuity I determined that batpone fell asleep, since he had technically gone almost a day and a half without sleep. As such, he missed the first one. But no one noticed he was asleep, they just thought he was being quiet and edgy. Cuz he was being quiet and edgy, but he was also asleep

4c001 No.69600

Dice rollRolled 1 + 12

Sister Ash leaves to occupy herself until the planned event
Rolling survival to find the largest, heaviest branch she can carry
>Big stick

4c001 No.69601


54247 No.69602

Hope you don't sleep when infiltrating. It would be really awkward for the guard to see a batpony sleeping standing up menacingly

54247 No.69603

Leave the bad rolls come now and the good ones will come to aid you later.

36426 No.69604

Dice rollRolled 16 + 3

Batpone runs back into the bar, boops the sapphire mare and then runs back out into the night

4c001 No.69605

"Stupid urban environments and their lack of random sticks…"

4c001 No.69606

Dice rollRolled 3 + 12

Survival check to gather round pebbles for a sling.

bc682 No.69607

54247 No.69608

I can give you rocks if you want.

3b4fd No.69609

File: 1544335828994.png (238.31 KB, 2772x2048, 1404046__safe_artist-colon….png)

The mare is ferociously booped

4c001 No.69610

54247 No.69611

I'll just pretend nothing happened along the way

After some time, Iron reached Jungle Rush and entered the building. He asks the man who owns the store if he has his armor ready.

3b4fd No.69612

"Aye mate, we got it right here. You sure you don't want something a bit tougher?"

54247 No.69613

Iron thought a bit, but decided not to back down against his ideals of natural strength. "It is fine. I will take it. But I can buy a gauntlet if you have any, preferably spiked."

4c001 No.69614

[dragon-pony noises]
*Loiters by the docks*

3b4fd No.69615

"We've got that" He pulls out a set of steel shoes with spikes
"20 bits"

We need a new thread first

54247 No.69616

He nods and passes 20 bits to the armorer.

4c001 No.69617

Okay. It's 1:42, so I gotta sleep now.

36426 No.69618

So,… not waiting for Brie to return with recon?

54247 No.69619

Ok, goodnight. I'll follow when I purchase the gauntlet and go back to the bar.

54247 No.69620

I suggest keeping the info until every player is here. We're going to need all the players for this mission.

36426 No.69621

It hasn't happened yet, I'm just trying to subtly imply that it would be… odd for the nun to run off to the site when the apparent plan was to have someone (me) run recon and report back.

3b4fd No.69623

New thread

They left behind Blue Skies too, so you're not alone

Is done

54247 No.69624

Oh sorry, misunderstood the question. Pretty sure GM did not count that action.

3b4fd No.69625

It makes sense for a flying rogue to do the scouting. Brie's problem is that he did not ask for specifics about where the location would be

54247 No.69626

With a nod, he unequips the leather belt, and again chooses to wear the wolf skin, now actually armor, first, then the leather belt and finally the bear armor. After this, he believes to be ready to fight this mission, equips the boots on his front forelegs and walks off to the tavern, ready for action.

Alright, I'll be turning off my system and going to sleep. I will consider myself as "being at the tavern" already. See you all next thread

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