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Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday. Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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File: 1542326365949.png (246.15 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

4c1cc No.67439[View All]

Who's up for a game of risk?

Since we're such a slow site, I figure we can us the dice system. Just roll a 1d9999 or 1d10000 if you'd like.
We'll start in 30 minute or when we have all our players, whatever happens first.
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5f6dc No.67845

File: 1542425702286.jpg (8.87 KB, 320x320, _ A horrified expression.jpg)

4c1cc No.67846

File: 1542425729287.png (241.9 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Now that Satan has intervened….

70d33 No.67847

Dice rollRolled 6725

I was expecting more than that.

Same as usual.

4e6d3 No.67848

I'm honestly kind of shocked at the luck that the Midwest Federation has. I'm almost a bit jealous.

Oh well, Texas is almost German. Soon it shall be completely so. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4007 ]

4e6d3 No.67849

That +8 the Fursecutors have, plus their high rolls, has helped them cut most of these massive gains in half.

4e6d3 No.67850

*have helped

5f6dc No.67851

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4291 ]

4c1cc No.67852

File: 1542426083586.png (241.88 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Oh look, both got 12. Now we have a real standstill.

70d33 No.67853

Look at the board good sir, and the bonuses most importantly. I think it will be time to call for a truce soon. What do you say?

5f6dc No.67854

This, was a costly war. i accept.

4e6d3 No.67855

Once, maybe twice more, and Texas will be fully liberated! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8559 ]

5f6dc No.67856

head into oklahoma.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5463 ]

70d33 No.67857

Dice rollRolled 527

Head into Missouri

4c1cc No.67858

File: 1542426341869.png (241.41 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

As peace is made, Texas is now German.

4e6d3 No.67859

Peace. It is rather refreshing. Let's begin to fortify the border, starting with Arkansas. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8381 ]

70d33 No.67860

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

5f6dc No.67861

File: 1542426595376.png (288.47 KB, 3226x3226, luftkrieg HI FHURER.png)

further into Oklahoma

70d33 No.67862

Dice rollRolled 4540

Work on securing Kansas
Think about it. I only have one more roll left in me for tonight.

4e6d3 No.67863

Did you forget to roll?

5f6dc No.67864

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 326 ]

4c1cc No.67865

File: 1542426945299.png (241.76 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

So it sounds like this may be where we stop for the night, let's see what these last rolls hold.

70d33 No.67866

Dice rollRolled 3588

Continue taking Kansas

5f6dc No.67867

annex oklahoma

5f6dc No.67868

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 896 ]

4e6d3 No.67869

Continue the liberation of Arkansas. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7410 ]

4c1cc No.67870

File: 1542427191305.png (241.85 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Well then I guess that's a rap for the night. I may not be able to do tomorrow, but Sunday should work.

70d33 No.67871

Will check in both days. Until then.

4e6d3 No.67872

Sounds good to me. I wonder what will happen next to these up-and-coming powers.

5f6dc No.67873

the powder keg doesn't disappoint

70d33 No.67890

Did this die?

4c1cc No.67927

I deserve my NAP violated, cause I fogot all about this until I saw the map on my computer…
So… Yeah…

If anyone shows up I'd e happy to continue.

8dbce No.67928

Sure I'm up for it. But we should probably get more players in first.

f25ff No.67929

Can the nation of Dominic rise up as a band of sleeper-cells, who had infiltrated the population intent on lying dormant?

4c1cc No.67930

Sure, I'll allow that.

f25ff No.67931

K. If everyone shows, play on without me (6 hour flight leaves in 1/2 hour)

8dbce No.67932

Enjoy your flight

5f6dc No.67933

Gas yourself

4e6d3 No.67934

Oh, this is back?

4e6d3 No.68047

Dead again, I see.

4c1cc No.68080

I need to learn to actually do something when I say I'll do it

4e6d3 No.68166

That would help.

5f6dc No.68690


5f6dc No.75904

Big F in the chat

4c1cc No.76108

F for my sanity when I start this back tonight

156ce No.76143

Could you give a more generalized timeframe?

4c1cc No.76146

Say, 9 est?

4c1cc No.76313

Roll call time. If we have the original guys we'll pick up where we stopped, if not a new game will start.

a55ae No.76333

Does this mean Dominic can start an uncontested uprising?

4c1cc No.76337

>no one else
Dominic wins uncontested GG

a55ae No.76345

And here I thought strategy was the key to victory

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