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File: 1537409595866.jpeg (203.79 KB, 900x900, CC41E442-2E73-43EC-8D39-8….jpeg)

e6f20 No.67320

Fear is controlled by the autonomous state of association, which is unconscious emotional projection. Association interprets archetypes in the subconscious relative to the control state of conscious drive(defined as emotional control of perceived subconscious information) interpreted by your defined state of self control. Remember forgotten archetypes are unperceived emotions that have unconscious control relative to self control.

e6f20 No.67321

The creative drive template is your self
emotional output defines how association behaves.
Association sends input to emotional control. This input has control of how association behaves. This input is autonomously being pumped from association to all sensory outputs

41190 No.67322

File: 1537452876213.png (12.89 KB, 252x297, rip Zaldo.png)

get out zaldo

7e3fa No.67324

Creative memory can be forgotten where as confirmed archetypes control memory which defines subconscious interpretation and thus the association state
Association controls memory with defined archetypal interpretation by the state of emotional output. Obviously a healthy individual can tell between emotional output and what’s going on around himself.
Sorry, still working on it.

c442a No.67325

Slam. Another one.
Association defines memory as control(will) because association is designed to pair positive and negative archetypes defining association and emotional control. Literally control can come of reaction(defined by DNA), and emotional control of association defined as emotional output from association that alters the state of association. Memory has seniority over DNA in conscious individuals. There’s no such thing as fear because fear is defined in the same way as will. Fear(overactive creativity) creates unconscious emotional projection that warps emotional control and thus association. creativity is defined as defined control over emotional output with association as interpreting the subconscious.

c442a No.67327

Conscious emotional projection is defined by will. Fear and forgotten archetypes have power to alter the state association when unchecked by association.

c442a No.67330

File: 1538015607490.jpeg (193.22 KB, 1024x1024, 52F4CB06-D601-4934-A8EA-1….jpeg)

locus template is defined by association
Emotional control executes defined emotional control
You weren’t supposed to shave then you did now you can’t for a long ass time. Because I remember this statement with subconscious control the only way to tell you back the same time would be if i stored that memory correctly on the locus template. Emotional control is triggered memory but only has access by emotional control.

e15fb No.67359

File: 1538981512009.jpeg (770.22 KB, 1125x1619, 81A999D8-87BE-4A01-A8E7-5….jpeg)

Fear is generated by creative response and control failure of emotional control. emotional control is projected

Basic control of your locus template and everything in your subconscious memory requires fear control.
After correct emotional projection can the creative self define the creative self. It’s defined such as by only control aspects such as rewards and fear, and not forgotten archetypes because the psyche only accounts for conscious senses.

The only unconscious is repressed and forgotten archetypes

7f2fb No.67422

File: 1541562981545.png (1.49 MB, 2436x1125, 42C2E5BB-5F91-4532-A384-DC….png)

youll thank me later


so i realize i’m going to need to explain some of these words.

it starts at the peripheral subconscious of sensory information including factual & projected senses, and creative(remembered) senses.

basically the sensing part of your body. if theres a stimulus to be sensed, the peripheral subconscious(definitely correlative to DNA) automatically receives it. the subconscious state is interpreted as the full picture of all combined senses.

next, is the association state that receives that subconscious information and interprets it. the associative state generates an emotional(defining) reaction based on the physical state, and the type of information actively being interpreted.

after, the association state generates an emotional reaction.

interpreted as will, knowledge, control, focus, forgetting and remembering, is executed by the locus state and controls memory storage.

the locus state automatically controls the association state, what it forgets and remembers as well as the creative half of the peripheral subconscious and the physical control output to your body including neurotransmitters, hormones the heartbeat and dopamine.

clearly associate information before you believe you know it

DNA and the consciousness states

humans are designed to follow their DNA coding which consists of cell intelligence until they control their own locus state with associative projection which is remembering and forgetting.

unconscious control & DNA

fear is just knowlege

dna affects individual cell coding

associative stimulus is designed to control the locus state

epiginetics is locus state control of dna.
facts only emerge when present

7f2fb No.67423

what do i know?
i would say i know everything in my years of experience.
the physical construct of memory is reinforced emotion
something you were gonna think of but couldn’t remember it.
what are you thinking?

the association state control is equivalent to the locus states control of archetypal output including autonomously interpreting associative states’ creativity

stimulus is defined by the subconscious state. said stimulus goes interpreted factually and then associated, the response is interpreted by the locus state defined as creative emotional control and memory.

the associative response is defined as immediate awareness by memory where as memory is defined by true associative control

infinity infinity
fast light switch
edgeless or infinite edges

true associative control is defined as factual emotional memory storage

4eed4 No.67908

time is a fact
it is interpreted as such
facts come from knowledge interpreted as factual interpretation

projection is defined by impulse
impulse creativity is defined as factual archetypal control of the state interpreting memory
factual interpretation and factual projection
honest projection
defined by the locus
remember emotional creativity from archetypal control
define front from factual projection
honest creativity collides with factual interpretation
the impulse is defined as emotional memory of the state

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