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File: 1524945939840.jpg (267.55 KB, 1500x2083, game1.jpg)

2b176 No.64148[Last 50 Posts]

>Mixed Nuts
To some, its a delightful role-playing venture based (loosely) on 3.5e D&D rules. To others especially a particular german poster,… love you btw its the worst thing to happen to Mlpol (which is saying something, cuz there's,….).
>What it do
On weekends we engage a dynamic storyline based largely on the GM's capacity to create and illustrate the situation. Sometimes he's a faggot tho.
>What about me?
New players and shitposters are always welcome. We have prohibited excessive >lewd, and non-players can assume casual roles as available (at the moment the world is a desolate wasteland tho so not for a bit). Ordinarily we have several side-characters with their own existing backstories, as well as a few player contributions including a very sad Alex Jones or Yak Lee, a literal MLP yak trained as a monk. If wanting to play, make a post about it in thread and there's plenty of anons who can steer anon in the right direction.

For the time being the party has successfully conquered the Gigajew, and through the tunnels beneath has all-kinds-of tortured to almost death (there will be more) James Alefantis and several patrons/staff of Comet Ping Pong. Through this tunnel network, there is only one direction to go, and that is the upper path, which seems to lead toward the usurped Trump Tower.

3973b No.64149

File: 1524946065436-0.png (Spoiler Image, 87 KB, 525x596, 1510105592727.png)

f804d No.64150

"It okay now kids"

b49ba No.64151

>"So now what?"
"Hell if I know"

3973b No.64152

What does Tracy see as she slowly sneaks towards the tower's entrance?

2b176 No.64153

The tunnel trends and bends upward at a curve, leading toward the unmistakable pyramid entrance of the tower. As Tracy creeps forward, she notices an unnatural and lingering darkness upon the area, unnaturally diminishing the available light.

f804d No.64154


2b176 No.64155

Infernius proposes casting a spell that will take an entire day to effectively perform. The party has the opportunity to interject.

3973b No.64156

Keeping her eyes and ears perked, Tracy advances at half her pace.
She pulls out her Detect Magick wand and checks for any possible nasty detection/trap that may have been cast in the vicinity of the entrance.

b49ba No.64157

I move to veto this action

2b176 No.64158

The air tingles with magic of the darkness spell, but beyond the entrance is impossible to determine
"We'll need to rest eventually, but I agree; we don't need to stop yet. Unless you're hoping to hallow the Tower, which will require much more exploration than just walking toward the entrance."
Which technically, only Tracy has yet done so

b49ba No.64159

Torc and Snek follow, eager to get out of this timeline

3973b No.64160

Gulping, Tracy advances forward.
Stay enough paces back not to mess up her stealth, pls.

0cbae No.64161

Lenos and his lady start trying to herd the rest of the party up the tunnel

2b176 No.64162

Torcuil and Snek plod along behind, ensuring that any stealth that Tracy has established is otherwise wrecked. They, and much of everyone likewise I would assume, find very much the same thing. The Triangular-arched doorway of the temple is shrouded in darkness, all that issues forth is a clinking sound, as well as a very distant argument from the sounds of things.

2b176 No.64163

Thez>Ready-move <whoooof>

3973b No.64164

>stealth wrecked

3973b No.64165

Dice rollRolled 14

*pokes with stick*

1a364 No.64166

f804d No.64167

"Fine me can wait to hallow. Lets go"
*walks into the doorway.*

b49ba No.64168

Dice rollRolled 7 + 25

Get fucked
Torc walks right up and inspects the darkness
spellcraft check

2b176 No.64169

Thez is holding to the back with Kiynen and Lenos, entirely fixated on keeping Adeline safe.
Its magical, no doubt about it

1a364 No.64170

Dice rollRolled 14

Being in a strange area where they were just attacked at, Stix listens for anymore trouble that may be around the corner.
Listen check

b49ba No.64171

How useful
"Welp, I know one thing about this with absolute certainty"
Torc turns around to face the others
"It's definitely some type of magic"

>"What would we do without you?"

3973b No.64172

Dice rollRolled 8 + 25

Tracy glares threateningly at everyone who walked up behind her, before advancing towards the sounds.
Rolling to Sneak.

2b176 No.64173

A distant but continuous rattling of metal against metal some distance away along the dais area, also the arguing sounds lower in the tower.

3973b No.64174

Tracy sneaks towards the dais.

2b176 No.64176

Tracy begins to speed off, allowing none of the other characters the opportunity to plan or strategize. Only by making an obvious sound could they stop her now.

2b176 No.64177

Thez lunges out suddenly. "Addy don't! Fuck!"
A giggling follows Tracy.

bafec No.64178

Trumpaladin casts Daylight on himself, and walks into the Tower

3973b No.64179


f804d No.64180

"No shit"

2b176 No.64181

The darkness quickly negates the daylight, only allowing about 15' of illumination despite the ordinary effects of the spell. This is not enough range to see Tracy or Addy, especially since the latter is literally clothed in shadows.

f804d No.64182

Heads towards addy.

bafec No.64183

Proceeds steps forward into the Tower, and detect evil with the move and standard action. Moves along with Fae.

Now what part of the tower are we in?

3973b No.64184

We're at the entrance.
Where are you headed?

3973b No.64185

Tracy is headed towards the dais, although she neglected to say so.

bafec No.64186

Dias, since it is the most logical location for a portal to hell
Unless we can get Stix another or something

3973b No.64187

Tracy continues as quickly as she can without hampering her stealth excessively.

3973b No.64188

Has Thez mentioned that she's trying to get to hell yet?

bafec No.64189

Yes. That conversation was had in Durpistan, when Trumpaladin asked her how she believes the damage could be undone, Thez said "I must retake my throne." And she confirmed that she meant the House of Thez and not the Elven kigdom on followup

1a364 No.64190

Dice rollRolled 13

Stix follows Trump as he goes into the tower. He decides that such a place taken over by the enemy must have some sort of trap awaiting them.
Search check

3973b No.64191

Wait, so is the party's goal to get to a portal?

bafec No.64192

What did you think it was?

*Pets on the head*
"Good Job Stix. Keep searching as we proceed"

2b176 No.64193

To my understanding yes, but its been some time since that was iterated
Get to the rooms

b49ba No.64194

I guess Torc and Snek follow them all
"Yeah, let's just run into the strange darkness, I'm sure nothing bad will happen to us."

bafec No.64195

"White and Nerdy one, my aura of daylight is being suppressed. What would give off continual darkness?"

b49ba No.64196

Ay, nice reference
"Uh, now this might sound far-fetched, I'm gonna guess a darkness spell"

3973b No.64197

I'm not exactly sure where the rooms are, but Tracy advances towards the rattling sound she heard earlier.

2b176 No.64198

File: 1524951045191.png (20.58 KB, 1101x835, 1FA.png)

Well this is the tower before

3973b No.64199

Oh motherfu-
I have to leave for the next half hour.

I'm sorry guys..

bafec No.64200

"No shit, but what would make it last this long?"

Peek into the stables

2b176 No.64201

Well Tracy is set in motion anyway. Addy is shortly behind, with Infernius following further behind.
There are layers and piles of horsehide alomg with buckets and jars of a red liquid.

b49ba No.64202

"Make it permanent? That's my best guess"

f804d No.64203

>horse hide
"Poor horses"

2b176 No.64204


f804d No.64205

What color?

b49ba No.64206

"Oh…. Oh no"
>"Torcuil? You okay buddy?"

bafec No.64207

Uh, was that intended for me or for Tracy?

"Let's walk up to the Dias. Peek into the stable along the way"

2b176 No.64208

The horsehide is in the stable, so for you. Oh, sorry, I mis-linked it.

2b176 No.64209

You've seen deadpool's uniform right?

f804d No.64210

Y- yea

bafec No.64211

Trumpaladin is silent for a moment, but then says,
He moves further into the room to inspect it

1a364 No.64212

Stix lags behind Trump and is noticeably sickened by the display.

b49ba No.64213

Torc silently follows behind as Snek stays by the door

3973b No.64214


2b176 No.64215

No answer issues forth. The stables are mute and effectively dampened

3973b No.64216

Did the party spit up?

2b176 No.64217

The moment Tracy ran off up the stairs

bafec No.64218

Tracy went off and did her own thing, with Adolphina following and then Infernius following her.

Trumpaladin peeked into the Stables, and Torcuil, Snek, and Stix have as well

3973b No.64219

Is he still on his way to the dais like earlier?

bafec No.64220

Yes, but at the moment, the other group is inspecting the stables, since they stumbled upon pure horror

2b176 No.64221

Its not bloody skins, its meticulously washed skins and buckets of blood an undisclosed dark-red hue.
My understanding is that Tracy, Addy, and Infernius

3973b No.64222

I thought Brad was going there too, since he mentioned the portal.
Okay then, so Tracy didn't pass by the stables.

Can she determine the source of the rattling?

b49ba No.64223

"I don't like this…"

bafec No.64224

Detect evil from the center of the stables, to cover the whole stables
"Hello? Is anyone there?"

3973b No.64225

Tracy presses on towards the dais, in stealth.

f804d No.64226

"Addy come back."

2b176 No.64228

Dice rollRolled 8


2b176 No.64229

The ambient rattling increases

3973b No.64230

*sneaks closer, dagger drawn*

f804d No.64231

*wanders down hallway*

b49ba No.64232

3973b No.64233

How far ahead is Tracy in relation to the rest of the group?

2b176 No.64234

>whooosh noises
all these are whispered as the party slowly - and not-so-slowly - advances.

bafec No.64235

What else is in the stables?

3973b No.64236

"… I think I recognize that autism.." Tracy says under her breath as she creeps closer.

f804d No.64237


b49ba No.64238

Does Torc hear that?

2b176 No.64239

The metal-on-metal rattling continues. As the party/players continue, a backdrop of chains becomes evident.
The tower is largely as it was, except drape everywhere are chains. With the unnatural dakrness the chains are faint and peripheral.

2b176 No.64240

Everyone hears that

2b176 No.64241

Clink clink, clink

bafec No.64242

Uh, if Detect evil and a call do not reveal anything in the stables, then proceed to the stairs to go upwards

3973b No.64243

*ears perk*

2b176 No.64244

faggy is up, with two smaller signatures down

2b176 No.64245

*e b i l

f804d No.64246

Dice rollRolled 7


b49ba No.64247

Snek shoots off after the source of the sound, and Torc chases him before Snek has a meal Gnome a la mode.

bafec No.64248

Trumpaladin ckecks his knowledge of the structure. That portal room…. It's in the top, right?

2b176 No.64249

The tower is no longer friendly

f804d No.64250

"The towers not friendly!"

2b176 No.64251

A shadowy reee/shudder issues throughout, spurred by Trump's declaration

bafec No.64252


2b176 No.64253

Dice rollRolled 4, 18 = 22

Two shiny objects dart at Tracy as she climbs the stairs

b49ba No.64254

Torc then takes a moment to catch his breath

f804d No.64255

"After we kill you shadow kikes me am gonna cover your bodies and the tower in bacon!"

3973b No.64256

Who is "faggy"?

2b176 No.64257

As Tracy ascends the central staircase, she feels pulled from back and to the left by her arm. Looking, she finds a wicked barb protruding from her hoof, stretching across into the darness
Whispers from the surrounding environment.
e_bil without underscore

f804d No.64258

Sensible chuckle

2b176 No.64259

Dice rollRolled 20 + 4

Dice rollRolled 10

Everyone roll initiative, +4 is Thez

2b176 No.64260

Thez spins in place
T>Ready move, sunder the incoming strike on Addy

bafec No.64261

Dice rollRolled 14

Dice rollRolled 10 + 6

Rolling. Fae is the one with the modifier

3973b No.64262

Dice rollRolled 6 + 7

1a364 No.64263

Dice rollRolled 6

Stix initiative

2b176 No.64264

Dice rollRolled 1

opponent roll

2b176 No.64265

oh kek

f804d No.64266

Dice rollRolled 5


b49ba No.64267

Dice rollRolled 7

Dice rollRolled 18 + 3

"I told you this would happen"
>"I have to admit, this is the last thing I would have expected to happen"
"Anyway,I'mawaremyfriendisindebtbutIcanhelpyouwiththepaymentifyouhe- What was thou"
So it turns out Snek gets a +3 to initiative

2b176 No.64268

Thez (1st) detects nothing, maintains ready-stance.
Fae, Trump, Stix
Sentry, Infernius
Thez got 20 so already moved.
Snek is #2, Torcuil is last so far

bafec No.64269

Uh, Are Fae, Trump or Stix aware of any enemies in their vicinity?

2b176 No.64270

Lenos and Kiynen being more brute-forcers. they can interject but squish

2b176 No.64271

At current, Tracy only, and she's barbed

bafec No.64272

Dice rollRolled 16 + 16

Trumpaladin does his round to Detect Evil again

Fae does a Spot check

3973b No.64273

Can she react to being barbed?

bafec No.64274

It took me a very long time to figure out who "Sentry" was

b49ba No.64275

Dice rollRolled 20 + 9

Snek 'blep blep's and listens a bit while Torc isn't talking to the Gnomes

1a364 No.64276

Dice rollRolled 13

“What’s wrong Trumpaladin?”
Stix listens for more trouble in the dark

bafec No.64277

Whispers to the little pony
"There's a Globalist. It would be nice to bypass him but if we must face him let him come to us

2b176 No.64278

Dice rollRolled 17

There's four serious signatures, fluctuating in their positions.
Depends on dice
Who are you, and what have you done with real Trump?
A whoooshing sound permeates

bafec No.64279

What is their proximity? Does he know enough to make a strike of his own, or to communicate to others?

b49ba No.64280


2b176 No.64281

Whispered ambiently. Only Tracy and Stix have a chance of pinpointing atm

3973b No.64282

Is the barb thing sticking out of her leg sufficient enough to draw a straight line towards the enemy?

2b176 No.64283

"Afuckinghuman! Let'seat'im!"
"Pain." This one sounds/feels different

2b176 No.64284

Ish, yes

2b176 No.64285

So Tracy and followers are ascending upwards. Trump, Stix, Torcul, etc are invading lower levels?

3973b No.64286

Until her turn, Tracy stares directly down the line at the space where the faggot who shot her should be standing.

bafec No.64287

Uh…. I think so? Last I checked they would be in or about the Stables. Certainly they are not as high as Tracy

b49ba No.64288

Dice rollRolled 3, 2, 5, 2, 4, 2, 3, 6, 4, 1 = 32

>"You know, I'm glad you didn't let me eat these Gnomes"
If it's Torc's turn now he decides to have an LGBTBBQ and sends a lightning bolt arcing towards the voice.
If it's not his turn, he does it when it his turn

3973b No.64289

B-but what if everyone's connected by the chains?
Too late tho..

2b176 No.64290

The barb, which has remained motionless, still hangs (ish) from her pale hide. A spot of blood is all that really mars the scene (her hoof).

2b176 No.64291

Dice rollRolled 14

3973b No.64292

Oh, I thought it was connected to a wire.

2b176 No.64293

Don't worry, Tracy is still controlled

3973b No.64294


2b176 No.64295

"We're about to fight things by the way!" Thez calls from near or far, giving bonuses to save against illusions.

b49ba No.64296

I'm gonna assume that's the reflex save and kindly inform you that the strange voice failed

3973b No.64297

Try magick missile. It's pretty consistently good against enemies with concealment.

1a364 No.64298

Stix readies his bow.
“And I was hoping we cleared out the trouble”

3973b No.64299

Who's turn is it?

bafec No.64300

Trumpaladin calls out to the Darkness

"We're right here you Globalist Weasels. Did you think you had finished us before?"

Trumpaladin pulls Vanderiem and the Bees shield, and readies a full round attack on whatever unfriendly comes in his space

As a free action, he activates the charm power to give a bonus to charisma, hoping this will be the last time today he will need to use it

3973b No.64301

Can Tracy lash out at the thing that shot her?

2b176 No.64302

So far, Snek/Trump
Other then that Thez rolled a 20, dice is Addy, idk about Trump, Infernius or Torcuil

2b176 No.64303

Dice rollRolled 4

2b176 No.64304

As Tracy crests an elevated position along the tower staircase

b49ba No.64305

Torc rolled 7

bafec No.64306

Stix readied his bow in >>64298

f804d No.64307

f804d No.64308

Oops nevermind that roll

2b176 No.64309

Three weird snek sounds dart toward Tracy. A couple more toward Addy (thats 7/12) and Thez (another 2, 8 more to go)

2b176 No.64310

d20's if you please (-2 for everyone not indicated)

3973b No.64311

Dice rollRolled 8


f804d No.64312

Dice rollRolled 9


bafec No.64313

Dice rollRolled 20

Dice rollRolled 14


2b176 No.64314

The tower now is a mass of swirling and clattering chains. Chains of all size and variety hang along the tower walls

1a364 No.64315

Dice rollRolled 20

3973b No.64316

Tracy pulls out her own chain.

2b176 No.64317

As Tracy readies herself so, her allies on flank provide resistance. While various shades and images attempt to form and solidify, others fail to by the flailing and resistance. Tracy seens to only face one larger opponent, rather than 3 separate.

The other party didn't do so well on this dice roll, so I'm stalling for later. Maybe not much tho

3973b No.64318

Dice rollRolled 10, 12, 14, 5 = 41

Tracy lashes out at the center of the image with her own spiked chain, stabbing into the large opponent with a full round attack.

bafec No.64319

Now you definitely don't have four attacks with the chain

b49ba No.64320

Dice rollRolled 8, 15 = 23


2b176 No.64321

So currently, Thez and Tracy have a chance go act. Additional characters will, but after modifiers

bafec No.64322

Was rolling a Nat 20 bad?

2b176 No.64323

Nat 20 is never bad, but only Tracy gets the bennies

3973b No.64324

Did Tracy's attack land?

2b176 No.64325

No, but those werent attack rolls, they were supposed to be initiative

3973b No.64326


2b176 No.64327

Dice rollRolled 8, 9, 13 = 30

But while we're at it we may as well. 1st gets +4

2b176 No.64328


2b176 No.64329

A sound not unlike the tightening of chains echoes throughout the temple.

3973b No.64330

Did that hit?

b49ba No.64331

Fucking gnomes…

2b176 No.64332

Still initiative rolls,… 1st is 2nd, last is 1st, and mid is last.

2b176 No.64333

Ce-gnome-bites in this case
(comparble to Cenobytes, but with gnomes)

b49ba No.64334

2b176 No.64335

So Thez and Trump had first move. Tracy has second move, followed by Fae, Infernius, and others.

f804d No.64336


bafec No.64337

Dice rollRolled 5, 20, 19, 16 = 60

If enemy perceptible within striking distance by either vision or Detect Evil, then full round attack. If no enemy perceptible within striking distance, then ready a full round attack for the time an enemy comes within perception.

For the attack, Vanderiem is used in slashing action, and Divine might is added to boost damage by +8 points per hit. This is with the Charm Power being activated to last ten rounds and give +4 charisma. I think something like 6 or 5 turn undead moves remain for the day

bafec No.64338

pls save these dice rolls if he cannot make a melee attack yet. That's a Nat 20 and a 19, which is also within Vanderiem's threat range

2b176 No.64339

>wants to maintain >bouf
Any objections? Its gonna get complicated,….

3973b No.64340

What's going on? Can we even see the enemy?

2b176 No.64341

The advance group (headed by Tracy) is pressing the stairwell. There are noises.
The rest are mingling around the base. Safe, but ill advised

3973b No.64342

"Something's ahead of us." Tracy whispers back, as if it weren't obvious.
She takes a move action to determine the direction of the scents of the creatures.

3973b No.64343

Can she sense the creatures ahead?

f804d No.64344

*cats grace on tracy*

3973b No.64345


2b176 No.64346

The ambient chains begin to rattle excessively. No penalties, but its a jarring sound

3973b No.64347

Tracy moves towards the rattling, sword in maw.

f804d No.64348

Dice rollRolled 11

I use my movement action as a perception check to try and find the enemies that are whispering.

2b176 No.64349

Clinkety clink clink,… clink
The sound quiets
Eager and on edge, Tracy braves forward, as silence descends on the entire group.

2b176 No.64350

"NOW!" cuts through the silence, as Thez begins to assault the brooding darkness around them. "Focus!"

bafec No.64351

"Say again Thez? Focus on what?"

2b176 No.64352

Dice rollRolled 3, 9, 2, 5, 2, 7 = 28

3973b No.64353

>"Shit…" Tracy thinks, as she slowly creeps through the darkness, preparing to dodge the first wave of the oncoming blood-orgy.
"Umm.. ugh, okay."

2b176 No.64354

"Whooof, whish, swoop, whaff, swish, floooo" whisles as Thez exerts herself.

2b176 No.64355

Nex\t is Trump, Snek, Fae, and Tra

f804d No.64356

"Me not so good at focusing"

bafec No.64357

He does this >>64337

2b176 No.64358

Glowing, radiating with the power of Football, Trump swings and decimates every sequential foe. Vapors and whisps of opponent drift along him like dust, as his attacks render the zone safER

bafec No.64359

Praise Elway

2b176 No.64360

Amidst the barrage, and in the absence of phantoms and phasms, the battlefield - that is, the tower - seems clear
Don't get cocky

3973b No.64361

Dice rollRolled 3, 8, 2, 19 = 32

Tracy has no idea wtf is going on, but instinctively stabs whatever is ahead of her.

3973b No.64362

At least the last roll should've hit…

3973b No.64363

Possible crit too.

b49ba No.64364

"Uh so, we gonna attack them?"

bafec No.64365

What weapon? You said "chain" last round

3973b No.64366

She's using her sword now.

2b176 No.64367

As Stix readies his bow, as Tracy lunges forward with battle-lust (not my idea Xp), as Trump and Fae and Torcuil and Lenos and Kiyne gradually invade the ambient darkness, a sound issues throughout.

2b176 No.64368

All the while, a whooshing sound resonates and echoes throughout

bafec No.64369

If the room is evidently cleared, Fae peers out, and walks out towards the stairs

b49ba No.64370

Torc looks like an arrow has been shot in his chest.
"M-my fault?"

3973b No.64371

"I have no idea what I'm doing…" Tracy mumbles as she advances forward, clueless and nervous, but confident in her reflexes.

2b176 No.64372

As tje last of the whispering voices finishes, a single solitary figure seems to stand before the bulk of the party, amidst the main area of the tower.

3973b No.64373

*stares awkwardly at figure as faggot tries to make heads or tails of the situation*
"… Eheheh.. Hello.."

2b176 No.64374

Dice rollRolled 13, 9, 19, 20 = 61

Before Tracy, dangling from several different length chains, are several otherwise small figures smothered in black leather with a hint of blood throughout. Oh, one of them has their face exposed by hooks. They're all gnomish in height, and there seem to be four of them, who dash off with a chuckle as soon as they're observed
all 4

b49ba No.64375

>"Torc? Torc?! SNAP OUT OF IT"
Snek slaps Torc across the face
Torc then notices the strange figure

3973b No.64376

"What the fuck..?" Is all Tracy can make out before an attack hits her

2b176 No.64377

So we gonna fight now? Or are we gonna pretend that the creepy almost-gnomes are friends?
Everyone, roll for initiative.
Plz keep in mind visibility is magically minimal, and darkvision is currently negated

bafec No.64378

Dice rollRolled 5

Dice rollRolled 18 + 6


2b176 No.64379

Dice rollRolled 17 + 4

Dice rollRolled 19

f804d No.64380

Dice rollRolled 15


b49ba No.64381

Dice rollRolled 8, 20 = 28

Highest is Snek

3973b No.64382

Dice rollRolled 6 + 7


2b176 No.64383

Damn, that's some high AF initiative rolls

1a364 No.64384

Dice rollRolled 1

Stix initiative.
Deja vu all over again

3973b No.64385

Why do I consistently roll 6's on every initiative?!

2b176 No.64386

Except Stix. Not ur fault, but dude

b49ba No.64387

Rest in peace dude

2b176 No.64388

So naturally, Stix goes first. The party is beset on all sides by weird-creepy-vaporous wtfe's. Your move?

3973b No.64389

Eat them.

2b176 No.64390

Now in dealing with creepy-weirds previously, Stix probably knows that the sanctity of the weapon/object/site determines the strength of the opponent, so aside from immdediate zombies he knows that undead want to eat and not get eaten. Thez and Snek to follow

b49ba No.64391

10/10 strategy

1a364 No.64392

Dice rollRolled 6, 3, 7 = 16

Umm… ok?

“We are surrounded!”
Stix shoots the closest… thing three times with his magic bow
9/9/4 modifiers

2b176 No.64393

I should also indicate that among the protagonists are 10 targets, in order:
1 Thez
2 Addy
3 Infernius/Stix
5 Trump
6 Stix
7 Lenos
8 Kiynen
The list is not time-specific, but its close.
A rasping sound issues from the darkness, nothing else seeming relevant.

2b176 No.64394

Dice rollRolled 7

Dice rollRolled 5, 13, 3, 5 = 26

CGB1> 4x Grapple
Addy> Sunder strike!

2b176 No.64395

So as something, evident only by a whirling sound for most of the party, yet obviously adversarial, begins to encroach, neither its strikes nor Addy's strikes are successful. Lucky dice on that too. Xp

f804d No.64396

Dice rollRolled 19, 9, 7 = 35

Full round attack on the ankle biters

2b176 No.64397

There's 2 above, one ahead, and one back and to the left. All have concealment

b49ba No.64398

Dice rollRolled 19 + 11

Dice rollRolled 12

Yes but that's not what I'm asking.
Fuck it.
Snek mlems a couple times to sight his target, then fires.
+11 is the shot, the one without modifiers is the mlem check.

3973b No.64399

Nice shot

2b176 No.64400

<blam> echoes throughout, as Snek cuts the silence and motion with the sound of a gat. A slow shuffling suggests that something collapsed(ed) followed by a low an reverberating REEEEEE

b49ba No.64401

Very nice shot actually.
The mlem check isn't as good tho…

b49ba No.64402

Oh hey that actually worked
>"I've always wanted to shoot a gnome, you can help me cook him later"
"Fine, this one time"

bafec No.64403

Dice rollRolled 4, 8, 12 = 24

Dice rollRolled 6, 8, 19, 9 = 42

Trumpaladin swings at the one ahead, or at least, at the one nearest

"Get out of my tower!"

Add Divine might because like 5 or 4 uses remain today, so why not?

Fae lunges at a different one, perhaps one above if she can reach, and one to the back if she cannot.

3973b No.64404

Dice rollRolled 1, 5, 17 = 23

Tracy makes a full round attack at the nearest creature with her chain.

3973b No.64405

God dammit!

2b176 No.64406


2b176 No.64408

Dice rollRolled 18, 4, 8, 1, 14, 6, 13, 18, 7, 11, 14, 20 = 134

Ahem. Amidst the darkness, only one figure presents its self, which promptly gets skull-capped (thanks Snek). Otherwise, chains dart out from the darkness.

2b176 No.64409

Dice rollRolled 3, 4, 3, 1 + 16 = 27

Dice rollRolled 4, 4 + 8 = 16

2b176 No.64410

Fae takes damage, Trump takes damage, and <whoof, strike, wrestle> Thez takes damage. Thez is engaged in a grapple.

2b176 No.64411

Infernius and Stix have next move. Visibility is blocked, commotion is evident, and threats are immediate, though not visible.

bafec No.64412

"Son of a…. That hurt!"

f804d No.64413

I cast true seeing.

2b176 No.64414

Infernius's vision sharpens, to determine that there are 4 humanoid shapes in the mix, one of which is excessively skinny. They seem to be attacking without direct physical involvement.
Then Tracy/Torc

2b176 No.64415

A ruby glint catches Infernius' eye as his spell takes shape, the form darting in a swirl of shadows and detritus.

1a364 No.64416

Dice rollRolled 6, 20, 10 = 36

Stix takes another three shots at the closest target.

3973b No.64417

Nice 20.

2b176 No.64418

Dice rollRolled 27

The first arrow flies off wildly but the second <thhhhunk> <SCREEEEEEE> seems to be effective, as is the third, except drawing less of a response.

f804d No.64419

Good shot
Can i use my move action as a attack?

2b176 No.64420

A smallish pale figure darts from view as is struck by 2 of Stix' arrows. A low and gradual growl/hiss issues from the darkness.
Never can a move be swapped for an attack, only vice verse and in lieu of no other attacks.

b49ba No.64421

Dice rollRolled 1, 3, 1, 2, 4 + 5 = 16

Well, I guess Torc can do something now.
He decides to fire some recreation Magic McMissiles trademark pending at the strange humanoid thing.
Rollin damage

2b176 No.64422

He's lucky those aren't attack rolls e_e

3973b No.64423

>recreation Magic McMissiles

b49ba No.64424

While entertaining, wtf was that video
If those hadn't had been d4's I would have given up

3973b No.64425

Dice rollRolled 7

Tracy takes a move action to gain concealment with cloak dance, and a standard action to make an attack towards the creature that Torc just shot balls of light at.

3973b No.64426

Um.. that should be a +24 modifier, with BAB, Dex, and Enhancement bonus..

2b176 No.64427

Chicken attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
The opponents have large or complete concealment, excepting the one already hit

2b176 No.64428

Tracy scores a glancing blow, causing minimal but not insignificant damage. The shadows reel with a hissing sound.

3973b No.64429

>Druids in a nutshell

2b176 No.64430

Trump, Lenos, and Kiynen

bafec No.64431

Dice rollRolled 16, 12, 8 = 36

Trumpaladin uses a quick action to draw out his blackberry, the one he gained from Cardishill, and tweeets out "Recreational McMissiles wand for sale," so as to be the first to make use of the mark "Recreational McMissile" in use and commerce, and so the senior user under trademark law

With his standard action, Trumpaladin casts Dispel Magic in the area of the creatures to end this damn darkness spell

Fae pounces the one that is already in the light

b49ba No.64432

Oh come on

2b176 No.64433

The dispel however is effective. For a 60' radius, the darkness vanishes. The ambient darkness begins to encroach, but for the time being, the area around Trump has standard (unobstructed) visibility.

2b176 No.64434

Dice rollRolled 17, 17 = 34

Dice rollRolled 11

Fae erswhile, charges after the visible one, in pounce-mode

2b176 No.64435

… and subsequently noms on a face

bafec No.64436

File: 1524973088078.gif (398.19 KB, 245x271, 15444__safe_screencap_prin….gif)


2b176 No.64437

Despite Trump's satisfactory glance/gaze, Lenos and Kiynen both unleash a full-fury breath weapon behind the party. "We don't have time to play GAMES," Lenos insists, in demonically deep-voice, not familiar to the party.

3973b No.64438

Tracy steps forward, making another full round chain-attack at the nearest gnome-thing.

2b176 No.64440

Newp. Trump, Lenos, kiynen, Thez, and Addy in rotaion

bafec No.64441

Dice rollRolled 10, 18, 17, 18 = 63


Slash Slash Slash Slash
I'm'a use divine might again for +8 damage per hit, even though the number of uses left in the day are depleting fast

3973b No.64442

Don't use that on gnomes..

2b176 No.64443

I'm gonna say one target took 2 hits, while others took 1 respectively.
Uhm this, there's no entertron in this world

2b176 No.64449

As the pseudo-matirix-flesh-stripped-but-still-stylish-gnomes continue to take assaults from the party, one of which - who looks oddly like Agent Smith, but who sounds like the leader of the gnomish trio,….- says in a groaning voice. "Jesus wept,….."

3973b No.64450

So, what happens next? I thought Lenos/Killy were next, but I'm not sure if that attack consumed their turn.

2b176 No.64452

Okay, on review I kinda nossed the battle order. If anything, its definitely the gnomes and co's turn to attack, when we're all here

3973b No.64453


2b176 No.64455

Well to start things off, let me take a moment to better describe the CeGnomebytes. None of this would come up in dialogue, so I'll just mention it for posterity.

During George Soros' conquering of the game world, he inevitably came across the gnomes. The Gnomes never work for free, which did not set well with Soros, and what's worse is that they are insanely autistic when it comes to operating, crafting, modifying, etc. magical devices.

… like the Tower.

So Soros turned them into something worse, where they would do his bidding. They still have their original personalities, except now they are in constant and lastingly excruciating pain. Also, they can't control their bodies. So when the Tower was abandoned, Soros set the newly-altered CGB's to commandeer the Tower, such that it could be used for his purposes. Of late, the entertron in particular had been used to allow interested clients from Comet Ping Pong to indulge snuff fantasies and then "fix" the individual who got snuffed. Fun facts.

But anyway, yes. The CGBs are all kinds of disturbingly mangled and contorted. They climb around/along the hanging chains unnaturally, not unlike a spider.

3973b No.64456

File: 1525038017832-0.jpg (573.13 KB, 1128x963, murderhobos.jpg)

That sounds disgusting and horrifying.

I want their chains.

3973b No.64457

Whups. Left sage in the name space.

2b176 No.64458

Of particular note in this case is that - in spite of my drunken GMing last night - none of the CGBs are in range, they're all somewhere along the chains. All dealt damage still applies, but its not going to be as simple as just doing full round attacks.

b49ba No.64459

Welp, I'm slightly more tramatized than when we began.

2b176 No.64460

That was the idea,….

2b176 No.64461

Dice rollRolled 19, 17, 5, 13, 3, 13, 18, 6, 9, 1, 4, 13, 18, 3, 15, 1, 20 = 178

To get the ball rolling, the CGBs are attacking. First off, Tracy needs to roll a will save, which is the first dice. The rest are attack rolls.

2b176 No.64462

Lucky, Tracy's spiked chain was not taken control of. However, I'm seeing several hits. In fact, I'm seeing Trump, Tracy, Thez (again) and Infernius need to make opposed grapple checks (d20+str).

3973b No.64463

Dice rollRolled 17 + 2


bafec No.64464

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3


But there should be +17 base attack bonus

3973b No.64465

Bab is only for the touch attack to start a grapple.

bafec No.64466

File: 1525051676495.png (1.38 MB, 1200x1200, 1519523051098.png)

And Tracy has 13 strength, not 14. So a +1, not a +2

2b176 No.64467

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

Dice rollRolled 17, 13, 14, 1 + 5 = 50

3973b No.64468

If I beat the grapple, can Tracy roll to yank the chain towards her?

d293e No.64469

Dice rollRolled 16 + 16


2b176 No.64470

Yours is moot, he rolled a 1
Everyone passed, except Trump. There is a barbed blade sticking out of his arm now

3973b No.64471

Can Tracy counter-grapple by pulling the chain?

2b176 No.64472

Pulling does no good. The gnomes aren't actually swinging/attacking with the chains, they're controlling them. The chains are still secured to the ceiling somewhere. Thez maintains a ready stance, prepared to attack any attack that comes near Addy. The dispelled area of darkness around the party shrinks to a 30' sphere, and the gnomes again have concealment.

bafec No.64473

With his other arm, can Trumpaladin attempt to sever the chain barbed to him with Suigoto?

2b176 No.64474

Addy however, whispers at Thez, "Why aren't you doing anything? You could skull-fuck these guys." which draws her a stern look.
Infernius/Stix' turn, followed by Tracy/Torcuil, then Trump (if they survive that long)

2b176 No.64475

On his turn, yes

1a364 No.64476

Dice rollRolled 8, 5, 10 = 23

“Is at first you succeeded in making a shot in the dark… I guess keep at it.”
Stix launches another volley of three arrows at the next target.

d293e No.64477

I summon a couatl with a stahlhelm on.

2b176 No.64478

Unsuccessful, gud try tho. Incidentally, we were talking and there's several useful options for nonconventional arrows that Stix will want to look into later.
With a what now?

bafec No.64479

A Stahlhelm is the standard German issue helmet since late WW1

3973b No.64480

File: 1525053378568-0.jpg (24.63 KB, 300x229, M40.JPG)

d293e No.64481

File: 1525053406613.jpg (33.27 KB, 580x400, 950667d1459707150-heer-m40….jpg)

2b176 No.64482

Alright, a Couatl by the name of Quetzal appears in a display of magical fireworks n shit.
"Technically, you should be summoning a CG creature rather than a LG one, but Hitler's okay with it." The giant flying serpent quips.

b49ba No.64483

Muh sides

d293e No.64484

"Hope your hungry for demonic gnomes"

2b176 No.64485

Q> "I wouldn't say hungry, but I'm all out of bubblegum,…."

d293e No.64486

"Digest them,they let pedophiles rape kids to death then they revived them to start the process over."

3973b No.64487

Tracy uses a move action to gain concealment with Cloak Dance, and a standard action to cast daylight on one of the chains leading towards the creatures with her Hand of Glory.
"I didn't come here to chase midgets in the dark!" she hisses, frustrated by the gnome's concealment.

bafec No.64488

"Now who's the one with the vore fetish?"
Trumpaladin quips

b49ba No.64489

Dice rollRolled 4, 6, 6, 3, 3, 5, 5, 2, 6, 5, 4, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 1 = 74

For the 6 gorillianth time, Torcuil makes a Mike Pence joke while casting an electric spell…

How shocking…

Anyway, Torc casts Chain Lightning on the gnome demons, targeting one and designating the others as secondary targets.

d293e No.64490

*displays flacid benis*

b49ba No.64491

"Oi, put that shit away before the children see it"

2b176 No.64492

"Put that away!"
A>"Mom, is dad a weirdo?"
C>"This guy summoned me?"

bafec No.64493

"'bettin' that won't be so flacid if the gnomes get eaten right in front of you"

b49ba No.64494

>"Remember to never let me eat anything in front of these guys"
"I'll try"

d293e No.64495

To Q "the paladin made me do it."
"We will hear a metallic thud from you if we see it."

3973b No.64496

"Flashy.." Tracy says with an exasperated sigh
"Can we all talk about our kinks after we kill-off the home invaders?" she continues, scouring the darkness for any other signs of movement.

2b176 No.64497

Now here's the thing about chain lightning. I looked over the specs. Since they're all connected to the chain, they all take initial AND secondary damage

bafec No.64498

"MY ARM HAS BEEN IMPALED BY A CHAIN! What do you want me to do but talk?"

3973b No.64499

2b176 No.64501

… including Trump

2b176 No.64502

Trump will need to roll a Fortitude save

b49ba No.64503

>Zozzling intensifies
>Jazz music stops
Now might be a good time to list reasons why I shouldn't be banned and Torc shouldn't be killed

bafec No.64504

Dice rollRolled 19 + 21


bafec No.64505

Fae is still alive

b49ba No.64506

I would say he passed
Plz not again
>"I'll prepare the funeral and obituary"
"I'm sure we can bring him back"
Snek then turns and mlems at Torc a couple times
>"I meant for you you fucking idiot"

2b176 No.64507

Okay good. Highly singed, but still quite alive (with very few HP remaining) Trump will be involuntarily twitching for some time, but he's not dead. The Gnomes,… they didn't make it.

3973b No.64508

Let's not waste any more spell slots.

d293e No.64509

*cure critical wounds*

bafec No.64510

Fae uses fangs and claws, not spells

If my character can't go after males anymore I am going to be pissed

3973b No.64511

*licks Brad all over to make him feel better*

3973b No.64512

I mean healing spells.

2b176 No.64513

Wait, wut?

d293e No.64515


3973b No.64516

It's a Pence meme. He doesn't want to
be cured of his chronic faggotry.

2b176 No.64517

>keking subsides
Alright. With the sound of a rattling of chains, three distinct thuds occur around the perimeter of the pyramid structure. Slowly the darkness dissipates, revealing the upper area of the tower, which has been covered in all sorts of weird tubes and giant wires, not to mention the piles of chains hanging everywhere.

3973b No.64518

After covering Brad in burn-curing saliva, Tracy walks up to one of the corpses and inspects it.

d293e No.64519

I shove them in my bag.

b49ba No.64520

"Oh would you look at the time, Mr. Snek and I have to go do something"
>"No we don't"
The Sorcerer runs like a gnome who reports on YouTube drama and Snek sighs before following close behind

bafec No.64521

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee exudes from Trumpaladin as the barb is removed by Fae, and maybe Stix, and Fae sets him on her back

3973b No.64522

"Hey, wait. I didn't even get to see what they looked like."

3973b No.64523

*licking intensifies*

bafec No.64524

*is licked by Tracy Apparently*

d293e No.64525

*cure critical wounds*
"Trust me you dont wanna."

2b176 No.64526

C> Cast Cure Moderate Wounds on Trump until fully healed
"So, was there anything more you needed from me?
As he says this, a whooshing sound, that same whooshing sound that was there all along, increases, and sounds to be coming closer, from the base of the stairs.

d293e No.64527

"There are more enemies around no doubt."

3973b No.64528

"Reeee! I'll be the judge of that!" Cries the criminal body-snatcher.

b49ba No.64529

"By the way, what the fuck is that whooshing sound? Do we need to call an AC repairman?"

b49ba No.64530

Dice rollRolled 15 + 28

"I'm sorry, I stumbled while casting the spell and it hit you too. I swear it was a complete accident, and I am deeply sorry"
Did someone say Bluff Check? Of course, cause I did

bafec No.64531

Dice rollRolled 3 + 27


b49ba No.64532

>Jazz music resumes
>Keking intensifies

2b176 No.64533

File: 1525056729867-0.jpg (142.64 KB, 736x1155, bones.jpg)

File: 1525056729867-1.jpg (115.81 KB, 1344x900, pinhead_by_photosynthetiqu….jpg)

Upon the party turning to look, which I would assume they might, at the base of the staircase stands bones. Except, well, he's a little different.
With all those nails in his face, he can't >doot anymore. He's charging up the stairs now.

b49ba No.64534

20 ranks in the skill, 5 from Cha, 3 from a snake familiar
"Uh, is that a skeleton with nails in his face?"

bafec No.64535

Dice rollRolled 4, 9, 10 = 23

Fae Pounces the Sorcerer of Lightning, who stands in the shadows


1a364 No.64536

Dice rollRolled 19, 14, 16 = 49

Stix shoots three arrows at the clearly guilty sorcerer of lightning.
You don’t bluff only one player and expect to get away with it.

b49ba No.64537

Fuck you
And fuck you in particular

AC is 24

2b176 No.64538

"Uhm guys? Could you kill him later?"

0cbae No.64539

*lenos casts force cage around fae and stix*

b49ba No.64540

"Oh no it's fine, I'm quite used to it at this point"

bafec No.64541

"Oh I'm sorry. I thought you were an enemy"

"Then it would be premeditated"

bafec No.64542

File: 1525057230428.gif (2.48 MB, 900x506, TORCUIL GOT RAPED.gif)

You've got to admit this whole thing has been pretty funny

b49ba No.64543

Fae's int must be lower than Infernius'
Sorry, did you guys hear something?
At least someone isn't being a dickhead to poor Torc

2b176 No.64544

Meanwhile, Bones is attacking,….

3973b No.64545

FUCKING POWER OUTAGES!!! I hate this state's shitty infrastructure.
"REeeee! What'd they do to my butler!?"

bafec No.64546

Dice rollRolled 4 + 6

Takes more than a 16 apparently


3973b No.64547


And he beat you in that bluff

3973b No.64548

REEEE Don't destroy my skeleton!

bafec No.64549

He beat Trumpaladin

I've still got Lay of hands points left, calm down

bafec No.64550

You don't have blackguard powers anymore right?

Besides, Tracy needs to lose something in this timeline to give her incentive to go back in time

3973b No.64551

Tracy attempts to trip Mr, Bones with her chain, seeing as how he was a 1 HD skeleton last time she met him.

3973b No.64552

Save those slots for when you need them.

2b176 No.64553

No, Trump very clearly turned him. He would blow up quite quickly and effortlessly

d293e No.64554

"Reeeeee bones!"

3973b No.64555

"WHY?!" Tracy screams, clearly upset

bafec No.64556

Trumpaladin heals the poor wounded Sorcerer with Lay of Hands points

d293e No.64557

Ill be finding spliting fae in half later hilarious.

b49ba No.64558

Wait, THAT'S what turning does?

2b176 No.64559

"And what would you have done? Reasoned with him? Like the Gnomes? This isn't our world anymore. That's why we're doing this."
Depends on the circumstances. In this case, he's high enough of a level that destroying a 1hd undead would be simple

3973b No.64560

Tracy sweeps up the remains of her butler in a little pile, her lip quivering.
Tracy just hangs her head, still clearly upset.

3973b No.64561

So, wait, why did Fae attack Torc?

d293e No.64562

"Me will miss him too tracy."

bafec No.64563

"I'm sorry little pony"

b49ba No.64564

Huh, well now I actually know what turning is
"So are we gonna investigate that noise without killing any sorcerers first?"

3973b No.64565

I was going to tie him up and throw him in the bag.
"… I didn't even get to say hello…"

b49ba No.64566

Cause I bluffed Trump so he wouldn't kill me, then Stix decided to attack too.

2b176 No.64567

Thez departs for the rooms, intent on locating her device

bafec No.64568

"And I never got to say goodbye to so many of my people. I hope you see why we must go back"

3973b No.64569

Why did Stix attack?

0cbae No.64570

*lenos heads for the control room to get the tower opperating right*

2b176 No.64572

He's already pretty much there, the gnome fight was on the stairs leading to the controls.

b49ba No.64573

"Hey, let me come!"
Torc runs after Thez

3973b No.64574

Tracy just sits there brooding, not at all feeling better.

3973b No.64575

I want to kill someone too…

d293e No.64576

"Hey addy how are you? Are you ok?"

bafec No.64577

Fae grabs stix, and Trumpaladin calls her, Warping the two through dimensions and to Trumpaladin's side

3973b No.64578

Tracy marches off to the lower parts of the tower in fumes, deciding it's better to check the area for any other potential enemies or friends…

0cbae No.64579

With the force cage now being empty lenos dismisses it

2b176 No.64580

A>"Sure! This is the first time I've been anywhere!" she says spinning in a circle.
Thez emerges a few moments later, bearing a strange small stone archway covered in runes.
Tracy, as she's wandering, can hear voices in argument coming from below, in the direction of the Entertron.

3973b No.64581

She heads down towards the forge, checking the rooms on her way there, still carrying her little bag of bones.

d293e No.64582

"Come here"
*casts cats grace on addy*

3973b No.64583

Dice rollRolled 10 + 25

Tracy sneaks towards the noise, still angry, but focused.
Rolling to Sneak.

2b176 No.64584

File: 1525059082247-0.jpg (12.66 KB, 263x270, media_spotlight58.jpg)

A>"Neat!" Addy hides and then appears and then hides again.
As she enters the medical area, Tracy sees two humans, one really slender and one rather fat. There's a number of dull-faced children standing around.

bafec No.64585

Trumpaladin will climb up to the mini mall, since thez mentioned something about a teleporter in that area a long time ago

3973b No.64586

"Oh, just what I needed.." Tracy says gritting her teeth, her bag of bones clenched in her claws.
Tracy decides to listen for a few seconds to see what the argument is about before painting the walls red.

b49ba No.64587

Torc and Snek wander around, hoping to stumble upon something important

2b176 No.64588

Thez has already acquired that, and I think you mean "head down" to the mall. As he heads that way, he hears the same argument, and sees Tracy further on, clearly in sneak mode. She casts him a discouraging glare.

3973b No.64589

Holy shit, it took all my self restraint not to kill those freaks on sight.

bafec No.64590

"Hi Tracy! Sorry about the bone thing"

3973b No.64591

*air temperature noticeably drops , as cold wind rushes from across the room*
>"Turn around. I'm busy"

3973b No.64593

>"Stuff." she beams, since the emp link doesn't allow for specificity

bafec No.64594

Trumpaladin advances forward

>"suit yourself"

2b176 No.64595

The argument in the next room stops suddenly. A few whispers issue from, but the individuals in question seem to have been alerted to your presence.

3973b No.64596


3973b No.64597

Did she hear anything?
Seeing cover has been blown, Tracy readies her crossbow to snipe one of the faggots before they're alerted of her presence.

bafec No.64598

"Hello. May I ask what you are doing in my tower?"

3973b No.64599

Oh come on.

2b176 No.64600

"Yooouuuuuurrrrr?" The skinny one says. The larger one smacks his lips, his eyes darting to the children.

d293e No.64601

I walk over to the door way.

bafec No.64602

"Nevermind. Who are you?"

2b176 No.64603

The two exchange glances, sizing Trump up. "What an odd question. You CLEARLY don't belong here!" Their bodies distort into more crazy tentacle monsters.

3973b No.64604

Dice rollRolled 1 + 21

Tracy pegs him in the head from concealment with her crossbow, really out of frustration more than anything else.

Then she leaves.

3973b No.64605

Tracy lets out a shriek, blowing her own cover
"Just fuck my luck today!"

bafec No.64606


"INFERNIUS! Thank God, Elway, Hitler and the Allied War Council you are here!"

You have flanking. Stahp

3973b No.64607

I didn't mean to include the part where she leaves.

d293e No.64608

"What in hitler name is voing on over here?"

bafec No.64609

"These Two men don't know who I am!

Also they just turned into anime porn monsters"

>"Good Pony. Stay here"

b49ba No.64610

"Uh where did everyone go?"
>"You have no self-awareness, do you?"

3973b No.64611

Tracy trots off, trailing specks of blood.

3973b No.64612

[unintelligible grumbles about being the worst week (15 years) since the season 2 finale]

d293e No.64613

"Son of bitch! Uh burn them!"

2b176 No.64614

Okay to be honest I just threw the Podesta's in there for some blatant murder. Its not supposed to be a fight, just a general beat-down and later torture like Alefantis. So yes, hurry up and dispose of them.

3973b No.64615

Tracy heads down to the forge, going about her business checking the rooms on the way.

bafec No.64616

Dice rollRolled 11, 19, 17, 1 = 48


d293e No.64617

Into the sack they go

3973b No.64618

That's a big fucking sack dude…

d293e No.64619

Sack of later rape

b49ba No.64620

This made me kek

3973b No.64621

Just don't let it weigh you down.

bafec No.64622

"That's… just…. Why do you want to keep that?"

2b176 No.64623

Alright. The tower is now - as Tracy is determining - clear of any further intruders, threats, etc.

3973b No.64624

How's the forge and the rest of the place look? Did they touch all of our stuff?

2b176 No.64625

The place is ransacked

bafec No.64626

Detect Evil doesn't work on Thez any more right? Find Thez

3973b No.64627

*seething intensifies*
Tracy paces around the tower for a bit, trying to blow off some steam.

2b176 No.64628

Back on the dais, Thez is inspecting her doorway-looking device, while Addy climbs along the chains.

b49ba No.64629

I'm gonna be honest, I have no fucking idea what the hell Torc is doing at this point.
First he was supposed to be following Thez, then I think he's wandering around but I haven't heard shit.

bafec No.64630

Probably only after wandering around the tower yelling "THEZ!" for ten minutes, Trumpaladin walks upon Thez

"Hello, you say you have a gateway to hell in here?

Before we go, should we rest or craft anything for the new pony adventurer?"

2b176 No.64631

He would be still afaik. There's nothing else going on in the tower outside player actions. The library is torn apart, the mess area is,… a mess. The whole place looks like it got raided by the DEA. Thez is trying to figure out how to make the device work, and failing miserably.

d293e No.64632

"Hey wanna torture some child rapists?"
"To keep jews that hurt kids in"

3973b No.64633

"The forge is a wreck. No crafting tonight!" Tracy shouts from across the tower

b49ba No.64634


bafec No.64635

File: 1525061549431.png (80.89 KB, 236x389, 1289717__safe_artist-colon….png)

"Can't you like flush it down a toliet? It already smells bad and is going to smell worse"

"Awww. Maybe just a teeny little bit of crafting?"

2b176 No.64636

"Yeah, this thing. Its supposed to be a direct portal for objects of mundane size." Remember that time she called in a favor? "But I don't know how to make it work when the other side isn't active."

3973b No.64637

"When you learn to create tools out of thin air!" Echoes the voice

d293e No.64638

"Ok you get second crack"
*slams bag against wall*
*opens bag and pours them on the floor*
"Take your pick"

bafec No.64639

"Uh, were you getting a favor from a friend in the Abyss?"

"Well I was asking Thez"

2b176 No.64640

There is one thing of note however. That mace that was soaking in blood,….

3973b No.64641

After sulking across the tower for a few minutes, Tracy puts on a presentable-face and busies herself wiping the blood off of those expressionless kids.

d293e No.64642

"No sorry me need it, but me will wash it in river later."

3973b No.64643

*faggot ears perk*

b49ba No.64644

Torc picks the runt of the litter and-
Torc then realizes he's gonna need a new outfit…

2b176 No.64645

"No, I was getting it from my brother, in hell," she says frustrated. "But that's not gonna happen. Fug. FUG!"
>"I need your help"

2b176 No.64646


bafec No.64647

3973b No.64648

Checking those sweet digits

3973b No.64649

It was only soaking for 53 times the recommended duration…

2b176 No.64650

Now the mace is still in the vat, but the vat is empty except for some drops of dried blood stained to the side. The mace its self has taken on a matte blood hue and appearance, and there's something,… off about it.

d293e No.64651

">with what?"
"Torc you have ice pick me feel like lobotomizing this one."

3973b No.64652

File: 1525062050568-0.jpg (57.47 KB, 659x376, 1395628781933.jpg)

Tracy reaches out to grab it, because why wouldn't she?

2b176 No.64653

>"I can't get this damn… stupid… thing… to work…."
Infernius gets the impression she's hitting the thing.

b49ba No.64654

Nice digits friend
Torc then hands a small piece of paper, containing a note to Death on it, to the dying kike at his feet
"Do something useful for once, and deliver this to the Grim Reaper for me."
Torc then walks towards the area where Thez and Trump are

d293e No.64655

">Uh ok me dont know if me will be much help. But me on the way."

d293e No.64656

*puts living kiddie diddler in the sack of later raping*
"Hey come on, thez need help."

b49ba No.64657

"No no no, he needs to die. I wanna see if I can get notes to Death like that"

d293e No.64658

"Fine just make it painful."

b49ba No.64659

>Point blank shot to the forehead

2b176 No.64660

Nice try, but Death only collects souls that need to be weighed and balanced. Those lot are pretty much set.

3973b No.64661

*poke poke*
Tracy knows nothing about magick items. Muind she made this one because it was the only one in the catalog that doesn't require spells.

3973b No.64662

"It should be done by now… Fuck, I forgot what it's supposed to do.."

b49ba No.64663

d293e No.64664

*walks up to the dais*

2b176 No.64665

Roll a will save

3973b No.64666

Dice rollRolled 10 + 6


2b176 No.64667

Upon returning to the dais, he finds Thez on her hands and knees, almost in tears at her frustration. "It has to work. Somehow it has to. Its some type of planar gate, but I can't operate it. Milo always kept it up so I never learned how."
K, she's fine.

bafec No.64668

"Do you mean Milo the Great?"

2b176 No.64669

"Oh he would sure say so, but I don't think we're talking about the same Milo."

3973b No.64670

"Hmm.. It doesn't look magical too me.. Love the color though."

Feeling a bit better, having acquired something, Tracy tucks the mace in her bag and trots off. She then goes to see those kids as mentioned in >>64641

3973b No.64671

H-how bad are they..?

d293e No.64672

*puts hand on thezs shoulder*
"Its ok thez me can get this working. Stop crying k? Me hate to see you cry."
*casts miracle*
"Adolf me pray that you help us, me pray you let this machine work."

b49ba No.64673

"Thez, do you mind if Snek and I check it out?"

3973b No.64674

File: 1525063504836-0.jpg (75.94 KB, 411x477, 22.jpg)


2b176 No.64675

How do you think? They just got brought back to life again by (((them)))
That'll work. As Infernius beckons to Hitler, the symbols begin to glow. Arcs of energy dance between them, glowing ever brighter along the surface of the runes. Eventually, in a swirl of energy not unlike a toilet flushing, the gate opens revealing a pile of rubble, some of which spills through onto the dais.
"It… it worked!" Thez' relief is quite evident. Addy is hanging upside down from some of the chains. "Wooooooow!" she exclaims.

3973b No.64676

Tracy just sits there, wiping the blood off of their faces one by one, silent and somber.

d293e No.64677

"Thats the power of hitler addy."

2b176 No.64678

"So now that that's done," Thez says, still relieved "We just need to be small enough to fit safely through. It wasn't intended for people to use, cuz it was made during the travel ban."

2b176 No.64679

Did I mention the door is only 3' tall?

b49ba No.64680

"Well this should be fun"

3973b No.64681

Tracy could fit through…

3973b No.64682

bafec No.64683

"Can you place it on it's side so we can step over it and fall down it?"

d293e No.64684


3973b No.64686

No way you fit through it.

bafec No.64687

He's not that fat!

3973b No.64688

Well, he would at least have to take off the armor.
I was referring to Infernius though.

2b176 No.64689

In brownie form, Lenos could walk through it without stooping.
"We,… could,… try? I don't think there's any way Infernius is getting through in his form. Also, you two should probably revert to humanoid shape, at least for the moment."

2b176 No.64690

That at Lenos and Kiynen

d293e No.64691

*pickle inis!*

bafec No.64692

Could you cast something useful like Dimension Gate so we could have a separate portal?

3973b No.64693

Reeee stop using up all your 9th level slots.
One of those could've been Gate..

3973b No.64694

I thought of that, but Tracy wasn't in the room, and there was no way for her to know what that spell was.

b49ba No.64695

I'm sure the skinny NEET could make it through

2b176 No.64696

That's actually what I was expecting him to cast, but w/e
"We should rest. You guys have cast a number of spells," she says to those in question, "And your duration ran out long ago." she says to Quetzal.
Q>"Oh, shit. My bad." and he vanishes with a poof.

3973b No.64697

Infernius's response was appropriate for what his character knew.

3973b No.64698

In the mean time, Tracy is still nursing those kids in the entertron, although it may be an exercise in futility.

bafec No.64699

"I can't fight anymore today, I know that…
Soros knows what we're doing, doesn't he?"

d293e No.64700

"Probably since me piss on his guys."

3973b No.64701

I kind of think she might experiment with throwing a bone chip in the entertron, but I don't actually want to see a living Mr. Bones…

2b176 No.64702

"I doubt it, to be honest. He controls this world, but his throne is in the abyss. As far as he's concerned - and there's little arguing the point - I'm, well we're the only loose end that needs tying up. He has armies for that."

bafec No.64703

"So you mean to say that we'd know already if he knew what we were up to?"

3973b No.64704

*puts clothes on kids*

2b176 No.64705

"Without a doubt."

b49ba No.64706

"I say we rest for the night and take the highway to hell in the morning then"

2b176 No.64707

"I agree."
Technically, the party can rest while discussing

bafec No.64708

"Well…… I guess that is comforting"

"Any chance you could make a bow or something for the Stix pony?"
"I agree. I am spent"

3973b No.64709

How many kids are there?

3973b No.64710

Doesn't he have Bob?

bafec No.64711

He does, but there are options

b49ba No.64712

"I can help make stuff"

2b176 No.64713

I'll go with 13.
I thought so, I've been giving him the enhancement bonus,…. Thez begins grabbing the immediate stones from around the other side of the portal and placing them aside. After a few moments of this, a 'sky' of blood red peeks through between the remaining stones. "Hmmm. It looks like the portal exit is on its side."

d293e No.64714

"Has anyone been to port barry?"

bafec No.64715

"Yes… I did"

3973b No.64716

How are they reacting? Are they recoiling in fear, or are they that mindfucked?

Tracy lies down in the center of the room sadly, full hoers-sized.

2b176 No.64717

Thez stops for a moment. "Then you saw them," she says shamefully.

d293e No.64718

"How bad was it?"

bafec No.64719

"Yes, I did…."

"Bad enough it's best not to tell you before you need to get some sleep"

3973b No.64720

Shouldn't he entertron's Resurrection restore previously-undead creatures to the creatures they were in life?

3973b No.64721

I know Raise Dead doesn't work, but my source says resurrection does.

d293e No.64722

"Okay but tell me when we wake up."

2b176 No.64723

For the most part yeah. The children look around, not really comprehending what is happening. They've been conditioned to not respond to the situations they find themselves in. As Tracy moves to step away however, one of them grabs and holds her mane. Its a little girl, and she looks at Tracy with an emotionless expression, but she doesn't let go.

bafec No.64724

"You'll know soon enough. It'll motivate you to kill every last one of those sons a bitches"

3973b No.64725

Tracy stops and turns toward the girl slowly, not saying a word, but leaning down next to her.

2b176 No.64726

Thez continues to remove rubble from around the gate, so that the doorway is clear. "Since its on its side, we'll have to be careful going through. As soon as we cross the threshold fully, gravity will take effect and pull us right back through. Do NOT touch the sides of the gate!"

3973b No.64727

That sounds like it'll take a dexterity check..

bafec No.64728

"Can we like use bubble wrap or something to keep the sides from touching? It's going to be hard to go all the way through without touching the sides"

d293e No.64729

"Me try to not think about it for now."

2b176 No.64730

Thez grabs one of the rocks and holds it halfway through the gate. She then draws her arm toward the side, and as the rock makes contact with the edge it's cut cleanly in half.

3973b No.64731

File: 1525065917876-0.png (203.17 KB, 549x413, ap,550x550,16x12,1,transpa….png)

2b176 No.64732

"Portals make blades like Vandereim look like a wooden spoon."

bafec No.64733


d293e No.64734

3973b No.64735

I want one…

I'll figure out a way to use it…

3973b No.64736

>likes super-edgy things

bafec No.64737

Tracy gets a rock

3973b No.64738

What kind of rock?

bafec No.64739

A Stone of Wanting

d293e No.64740


3973b No.64741

*Makes not to collect 6 more stones*

3973b No.64742


2b176 No.64743

6 more?

3973b No.64744

File: 1525066255420-0.gif (787.4 KB, 500x271, 3158641712_1_4_DLNzDb7C.gif)

Half-assed reference.

3973b No.64745

Well, Tracy probably won't leave that room for the rest of the night, unless she finds a miracle way to bring her birds inside.

2b176 No.64746

O gawd. So while the party rests, Thez places her mask on and adopts the appearance of the creepy-weird evil-looking thing that Stix first met her as.
"I'll take care of that," she says as she <whoooof> . . . . <whoooof> reappears, with Birbs,… who rather like the addition of chains to climb around on.

3973b No.64747

Tracy lays down quietly, as if to go to sleep, pulling a blanket out of her bag to spread beneath her.
blanket is actually just a quilt stitched from clothes of GM's dead coworkers, because I never actually put a blanket in her bag.
>did not realize the tower was big enough for them
"Sammy, Bunny, come over here." Tracy calls out, beckoning towards the entertron.

3973b No.64748

2b176 No.64749

Returning to the portal, she sticks her head through. "I thought so," she says, pulling her head back out. "The portal is lying in the ruins of the house of Thez. We won't have to travel far to get to our destination."

d293e No.64750

"So no cuddling?"

bafec No.64751

"The House of Thez is Ruined? How does that affect our plans?"

2b176 No.64752

The pyramid section is, as well as the holodeck. Getting them from point to point is a little trickier, outside of teleport hax.
At first the question seems to confuse her, but then it dawns on her what he's talking about. She starts chuckling, then laughing, until she's almost in tears for different reasons. Wiping her eyes as she finishes, she looks at him, not looking dreadfully serious for the first time since the party arrived. "Thanks, I needed that."
"It doesn't, the destruction of the house has long been known to me. That's not where we're going."

3973b No.64753

The entertron is in the pyramid section, right?

Btw, what'd those freaks do to the Elway statue? Does it still work?

bafec No.64754

"Where are we going exactly?"

2b176 No.64755

"House Bogdanoff."

bafec No.64756

"Didn't you say Soros attacked them? I remember you mentioned them before"

3973b No.64757

*dusts off pedestal out of politeness*

d293e No.64758

"You cute when you laugh ana."

2b176 No.64759

"Attacked? No, they made an agreement. Soros gets to keep the game world and the abyss, while the house of Bogdanoff rules all the levels of Baator."

2b176 No.64760

"Thanks. I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud," she punches him playfully in the arm.

3973b No.64761

*contemplates assembling fluffpile for entire party, but feels biologically obligated to stay and watch over kids*

2b176 No.64762

She could lead them to where the rest of the party is,….

bafec No.64763

"That sounds…. Bad. What do we need from Bogdanoff?"

d293e No.64764

Dice rollRolled 19


3973b No.64765

I guess so.
Not knowing what else to do, Tracy gently herds the broken children towards the rest of the group
"I found another dozen…" Tracy says lowly, choking in disgust

2b176 No.64766

Dice rollRolled 17

"Oh you turd!"
"Just… his… head," she says, struggling with Infernius.

d293e No.64767

*noogies playfully*

2b176 No.64768

As Tracy enters the room, a look crosses Thez' face. She looks at Infernius, kisses him on the nose and says, "I'll be right back. Oh, probably should take this off,…." she says pulling her mask off, before <whooof> . . . . <whooof> appearing with the rest of the children (it would take more than one trip, but since its non combat I'll just say "brings 'em all").

3973b No.64769

*is standing in herd of children, looking confused an flushed*

3973b No.64770

"Wh-what'll we do with them all..?" Tracy says, her eyes darting across the crowd

bafec No.64771

"What can we do with the Bogdanoff's head?"

2b176 No.64772

"For now, we stay with them I guess. They can't come with us, but at least here they won't get,… "picked up"."
"If I can take his head, I can take his throne. With the full power and weight and authority as sovereign of hell, I can send you all back."

6d707 No.64773

"Is taking the throne of Hell as simple as killing its King?"

2b176 No.64774

"For a head of household, yes."

6d707 No.64775

"Alrighty then. So how do we do it?"

d293e No.64776

"You duel him?"

2b176 No.64777

"Exactly. Only a head of household can challenge the throne, and whoever holds it can't deny a challenge. I had thought about trying it before you all showed up, but in order to do so," her eyes drift toward Addy, who is playing with birbs, "I would have had to reveal her."

3973b No.64778

>only a head can challenge
"Wasn't your household destroyed though?" Tracy asks, not knowing a single thing about Infernal politics

6d707 No.64779

"You let all of this happen for the sake of one child?"
Trumpaladin asks, lacking any sort of etiquette

3973b No.64780

"And what happens if a head is killed by someone who isn't another head? Does the organization just collapse?"

3973b No.64781

*looks sadly at children*

2b176 No.64782

"The building, and almost the entire household, yes. All that's left is me, and Addy, and him," she says, her eyes drifting to Infernius.
"It honestly hasn't ever come up."

6d707 No.64783

"I am glad there is something left to you"
Trumpaladin says with a hint of bitterness

d293e No.64784


3973b No.64785

*rubs against back*
"Our household is safe for now, Flashy…"

2b176 No.64786

She cocks her head, weighing his words. "What would you have done?"

3973b No.64787

>never come up
"Sounds like an awfully rigid place.."

3973b No.64788

Tracy also looks towards Brad, staring directly at him

2b176 No.64789

"Its hell, its the geographical embodiment of order and evil."

6d707 No.64790

"Taken on Bogdanoff. Gotten my city back, mine and everyone else's that hasn't been so lucky these years"

*pets head*

3973b No.64791

"Hmm.. I've never been, but it sounds.. Interesting.."

6d707 No.64792


2b176 No.64793

"Well, we're making up for lost time then," she replies with a sigh, a bit of ironic emphasis on "lost time".

3973b No.64794

"B-but what if I had to give birth in the middle of it, and couldn't travel as easily? I'd follow you to Hell in a heartbeat, but I'd have a baby to protect…" Tracy says nervously
"Thez had a baby girl to take care of. She couldn't risk taking on something like that.. not alone that is.."

d293e No.64795

"This, she smart brad."

6d707 No.64796

"Very well then.

What is 'Balaator'?"

*pets head again*
"Don't be silly, you've many months until you are due."

6d707 No.64797

"The sake of the many above the sake of the one"

2b176 No.64798

"The Nine Hells of Baator" as its officially known."

6d707 No.64799

"So he has all nine? Where is Soros from? The chaotic realm?"

2b176 No.64800

She winces at this. "I did the best I could with the information and resources I had at my disposal. I… I won't fault you if you resent the choices I made."

3973b No.64801

"I-I couldn't imagine trying to bring my only child to Hell, and then having to fight…"
"Thez wasn't."
"What would you do, if I had to give birth soon, but we had to go to another world?" She asks again, her eyes filled with worry

2b176 No.64802

"Yes. Soros is from the Infinite layers of the Abyss. Both realms are infinite in nature, one being Lawful Evil, the other being Chaotic Evil."

3973b No.64803

Stupid question incoming

"How can you tell it's infinite? What if it's just too big to measure?"

6d707 No.64804

"Let's kick Bogdanoff's ass, then Soros's ass, then all the respective asses of these rat-people"

*looks into pony's eyes, and starts petting around her ears*
"You'll be okay, little pony"

d293e No.64805

"Yea! They are jews it simple to call them that."

3973b No.64806

"What about our foal though?"
*hoof touches abs*
"… Our foal is more important to me than all the world.."

2b176 No.64807

"If this works, we can kick Soros' ass with the help of Port Barry, Sparintenar, Cardashil, Krenshal, and every other race, group, and nation that stands in opposition to him."

3973b No.64808

I gotta sleep…

6d707 No.64809

"What? They are humans that have the power of transformation into giant rats. Were-rats. They also have a religion that worships the creators of the abyss, with Soros as their sort of god"

Tracy gets Wuffled

"Now that sounds like a plan. Can't imagine Kefka himself is too fond either"

3973b No.64810

"… Are you suggesting bringing Kefka back…? That sounds like a bad idea.."

d293e No.64811

"They are jews"

2b176 No.64812

Thez mutters something about being on the same side as Kefka. "You're probably right. He'll be quite surprised to hear his fate."

3973b No.64813


6d707 No.64814

"Kefla brought Kefka back. He appeared before us at a party in Sparintenar like the Cheshire Cat. How do you not remember?

Trumpaladin shrugs

3973b No.64815

"I mean this timeline's Kefka."

2b176 No.64816

"That's not what he's suggesting I don't think. Kefka brought himself back through his own means back then. Whatever those means were now, they've been countered, but in your time Kefka is still very much alive."

3973b No.64817

"But he's kaput in this timeline, right?"

2b176 No.64818


3973b No.64819

"… So then, would the Kefka from the past really be any easier to reason with than the Kefka from the future?"

3973b No.64820

"O-or the present.." she says, rubbing her temple "I hate time travel.."
"The bottomline question is, which Kefka do you want to meet?"

2b176 No.64821

"The enemy of my enemy…." she says, absentmindedly leaning against Infernius.
"Neither to be honest, but we know nothing about Zion's capabilities in your time. We may need the help of the empire to stop them."

3973b No.64822

"Because if we brought back Kefka now, that'd be the Kefka of the present, but if we went back and met the Kefka of the past, he probably wouldn't believe us when we told him he was going to die."

2b176 No.64823

"I'm sure we'll think of something," she says in a manner that Trump can immediately detect she's not saying something.

d293e No.64824

*Infernuis eyes glaze over at the subject of time travel*

6d707 No.64825

"He's far from mindless. He had more reason to keep us alive when he appeared before us in Sparintenar. He has 'allies' he wants rid of. And he believes we are useful to that end"

"Bring back evidence"

6d707 No.64826

"You've got a way, don't you?"

3973b No.64827

"… So…"
*fishes mummified hand out of her purse*
"What'd happen if we just brought him back now?"

3973b No.64828

Tracy steps towards the altar.

6d707 No.64829

"I'd prefer to limit our risks by limiting our Kefkas"

2b176 No.64830

"… yeah," she replies, and as she does so, she gives Trump (and potentially only Trump, unless other characters want to roll a spot check) a barely perceivable shake of the head, indicating that she won't say.
"Literally just what I was going to say."

3973b No.64831

"Worst case scenario, he'd try to kill us."
She looms over the revival bucket
"Although it might not hurt to question him."

d293e No.64832

Dice rollRolled 5


3973b No.64833

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5


3973b No.64834

"You do need a body to cast spells, if I recall correctly…"

2b176 No.64835

Tracy notices, Infernius doesn't.
"I really don't think its a good idea," she says, wedging herself further against Infernius.

3973b No.64836

"Meh, it's just an option." Tracy says, slipping the purple hand back into her Jew-claw.

bafec No.64837

"I'd think it would be as simple as the testimony of one witness, if you could be sure that witness was neither lying nor deluded. Something like Zone of Truth or Detect Lies. But maybe the time shifting powers of Hell can do more, or there are other spells. Or maybe there is physical evidence - somewhere. I don't know"

"Worst case Scenario, he does kill us. In this timeline all of his enemies - Sparintenar, the Sils, the Court - are all dead. He has less reason to be faithful here"

d293e No.64838

*kisses ana*

3973b No.64839

"Sounds like he'd be awful bored to me. I know the type who like destroying things."

3973b No.64840

"But, that's a question for another day." Tracy says, seeing the children off to their own beds, before going to sleep on her birds

bafec No.64841

"I'm sure you do," Trumpaladin grumbles

2b176 No.64842

"Actually, that's a good idea," she says muttering "better than mine". She takes a long deep breath. "Any other thoughts or questions?"

3973b No.64843

"Say.. so, it was because Kefka lost his dog-thing that the Imperial Court back-stabbed him, right?"

bafec No.64844

"Who sent us through time?"

3973b No.64845

"… So, what if, hypothetically, when we told him he was going to be betrayed, he found a way to.. bring it back?"

2b176 No.64846

"I don't know that that specifically was what triggered it, but I'm sure it helped."
"That,… I still don't know. But I imagine that it was someone, perhaps several such, among our adversaries."

bafec No.64847

"It happened at the precise moment we were ready to face agents of the Court active in Cardishore"

3973b No.64848

"Ready is a bit of an overstatement.." Tracy grumbles, remembering her morning

bafec No.64849

"There are some betrayals you can't sense until you've felt the stab wound, and there are some you can foresee perhaps even years in advance. Kefka's relationship with the undead is the latter"

2b176 No.64850

Glancing over to see that Addy is still occupied (she's running around the tower now), Thez turns to Infernius. "You said something about cuddling,…."

2b176 No.64851

"Yes, when we assaulted the blacks. Cardashil was quite appreciative of our intervention. A pity the alliance is what led to their destruction."

d293e No.64852

*Infernuis snaps back to reality*
"Yea me love to cuddle."

2b176 No.64853

"If there's nothing else, I'm fatigued that's a joke, she has endurance so what exhausts a normal person only fatigues her."

d293e No.64854


2b176 No.64855

She blushes slightly, saying "We can do that afterward." and they both vanish with a <whoooof>

3973b No.64856

Tracy goes off to sleep in her fluffpile.

6d707 No.64857

Trumpaladin sleeps with no pony to cuddle

Maybe Stix

3973b No.64858

He could just ask.

3973b No.64859

I just realized Tracy's pet "rock" has been dangling on the side of her saddle from his jar just watching all this shit go down since she abducted it.
It could write a memoir.

*attempts to pet mimic*

2b176 No.64860


3973b No.64861


d293e No.64865

3973b No.64871

After reeeing o loud that the entire tower shook, Tracy looks to the mess hall to see if the synthesizer is still working.

2b176 No.64873

It isn't, it seems to have been largely scrapped for parts.

3973b No.64874

[hungry pony noises]

3973b No.64875

Tracy decides to put a piece of pelt in the entertron to see 1) If it still works, and 2) If Slovenia is still alive or not.

2b176 No.64877

The crystal-glass display flashes a red X with a muttering of disjointled words, almost sounding like a jumbling of the sounds that would make words. Its unintelligable, whatever it just said.

The party begins to settle in for a rest period, inside the largely ruined, bastardized, corrupted, and usurped intent of what had come to be known as Trump tower.
Lenos spends a good amount of time at the input console, fiddling with things beyond the comprehension of anyone in the party. What can be seen is that there's a strange spherical image in front of him central to the dias, and that he keeps waving his hands around resulting in slight chang3es to the sphere. After a good 30 minutes of fiddling with the device so, the lights come up dramatically, displaying the fullness of the tower in an inescapably red brightness.

The walkways, the corridors, the staircases are lined with tubes and cords of minimal to extra-ordinary (8"diameter+) weaving throughout such almost to take a negative modifier if engaged in combat. The air is dry and cold, causing exhaled breath to dissipate immediately and tracelessly.
In the midst of this, and with random bits of debris there's always debris Thez lights a fire in the middle of the dais. Its not a magical, summoning, or metaphysical fire, its just the sort of fire that you might roast mashmellows over.

3973b No.64878

Tracy sits down next to Thez, and starts roasting a questionable piece of meat on her sword.

2b176 No.64879

Making a few last gusts of breath to generate heat, since the tower is otherwise a cold and sterile environment (even outside being mostly buried in the hillside) Thez finishing the building of the fire.
"I don't know what they did, but they fucked everything up," Lenos remarks climbing the stairs toward the dais. "My password and ID has been changed," he says.
A clinkety-clink sound - occasionally accentuated by giggling - suggests Adeline is present

bafec No.64880

*stares judgmentally*

3973b No.64881

Tracy's face is reflective of the situation.
Her bag of bone meal is sitting next to her, and she glances over towards her birds with a look of worry.

bafec No.64882

Trumpaladin cuddles up next to the pony in the cold

3973b No.64883


bafec No.64884

Trumpaladin also pets the head and the ears of the other pony

3973b No.64885

"Hey Thez, would you mind giving us a Quick Rundown about the Bogandoff guys, before we're gonna' head out?"

2b176 No.64886

As she finishes bolstering the fire, Thez looks up at Tracy.
"Sure. The Bogdanoff's only want one thing. They want everyone to bow to them. Its a form of sub-contract, where if everyone bows to them (deliberately *or* inadverdently) they are given rulership of everything. The house of Thez was their superior rival for a great long period."

3973b No.64887

"How many houses are there in Hell?"

3973b No.64888

Shitty question to ask, I'm tired as fuck.
"And the Bogs themselves; what are they like?"

2b176 No.64889

"You assume there is a limit,"
"A devil most clever and vile. Once, back before you lot left, there was Igor and Grichka. Both were impressive and formidable in their own right, but they were twin devils, with special properties *still* not known. And yet, at some point there weren't two. Suddenly across the vast wastelands of the outer realms emerged IgrichKora, intent on (and seemingly given de facto ownership of) the unending torment of Hell."

3973b No.64890

"Do the houses compete? Is there contest over the rule?"

2b176 No.64891

"Of course, Hell is foremost a hierarchy determined by ability. In Hell, House Bogdanoff was leading, exacting, and set to take rulership of Hell,… until I showed up."

3973b No.64892

I'll continue asking questions in the morning.

3973b No.64893

"If there's infinite houses, just how do the Bogs go around proving they're the best? And what did you do?"

e96e5 No.64894

"I beat the piss out of them. The way it works is, only House Principles can challenge one another for supremacy, but ranking house members are free to fight either in a recognized challenge or in,… shall we say,… 'less official' capacities. For millennia the House of Thez had maintained the strongest principle,… but the ranking members were a bunch of pansy-ass little bitches who only cared about their artistry and crafts. Then, Mom assimilated me into the house and,… well the dynamic shifted, and the Bogdanoff's were not pleased about it."

3973b No.64895

"So, how did you turn out to be the head of house?"

e96e5 No.64896

"By default. Ordinarily, succession of a house is determined internally. A ranking member will usurp the position from the standing principle; very rarely is that determined by a challenge for supremacy. I however wanted nothing to do with it, which had alot to do with why I left. But it seems that even Southelehren had her limits," she says with a sigh.

3973b No.64897

"And this Southelehren lady.. who is she?"

e96e5 No.64898

"She was the Principle of the House of Thez. She's the golden woman whom you've seen, after the first encounter with Soros. She is who brought me into the House, and who allowed me to depart from it (though never leave)."

3973b No.64899

"Is she a fiend too then?"
>knows nothing about the plains
"Why'd you get accepted into the house? And why'd she turn over the chair?"

e96e5 No.64900

"A fiend yes, and most ancient. I was brought into the house for several reasons. The first is because I had pushed her more in combat than previous challengers for supremacy had. That alone impressed her, and even in my defeat I still survived. As far as the chair, she didn't turn it over. It fell to me at the time of her demise."

3973b No.64901

"Wait.. when did she die?"

3973b No.64902

>is confused
"We saw her at the football field. Just what happened in the last 15 years?"

e96e5 No.64903

"I can't be certain when, alot happened in rapid succession and I was,… occupied," she says glancing over to Addy, curled up with Kiynen and her two iguanas. "The assaults were coordinated, designed to distract and occupy several fronts so to maintain a lack of concerted opposition. There were more factions at play than Soros and the Bogdanoff's, that is certain."

3973b No.64904

"If there's more factions in play.. Just how many houses do you expect to take on in the other world?Won't they all come for you?"
"I know what it's like to take out a target with connections. Some guys don't like it when you knock over their house of cards."

3973b No.64905

*sharpens daggers on sharpening stone*
"These devil guys sound like the kind of faggots who just listen to who's in charge so long as they're stronger than you, because those are the rules. But what if the rules have changed since then? If demons and devils have been working together, who knows what we could expect when we get there."
Tracy glances over at Addy, the dragonlets, and her birds.
"There's a lot at stake… you know.."

3973b No.64906

*stronger than they are

e96e5 No.64907

>Won't they all
"Yeah, they will," she says grimly.
"Well, I do have a plan,…."

3973b No.64908

"I don't mean to sound like a pussy, and I believe that you could take out the biggest fish on the hellscape if you were lucky and fought hard; but what if, when we're all still licking our wounds after the, the second biggest fish on the hellscape comes to cut all of our tails off while we're helpless?"
"That's what I would do if I , anyway." she says, checking her reflection on Edgy's polished side.
"After you take out this Bog guy, what's your plan?"

3973b No.64909

*that's what I would do if I were him

Man, I have to pay more attention when I'm typing.

e96e5 No.64910

"You won't be fighting him, it will be a duel. You'll be keeping I'nis and Addy alive. They're ranking members of the House of Thez."

3973b No.64911

"Stab anyone or anything that gets near 'em. Got it."
"What's your plan after you walk out of this duel then? If you walk out, that is."

3973b No.64912

*cuts into mystery meat with freshly-sharpened daggers*
"Gosh, it feels great to have my girls back."

e96e5 No.64913

"The only way to eliminate a house is for ranking members to be eliminated. There's no such thing a s a house of one, even with the strongest principle. That's why I've spent all my time keeping Addy a secret."
"If I can defeat him, I will only have a moment before the other Principles respond. I'll have to take the throne and exert my Will before then."

3973b No.64914

"And this 'Will' thing you're talkin' about. Is it like some kind of magick power?"

e96e5 No.64915

"Hell is Divinely Morphic, bending to the will of the whomever has Supremacy. Their will becomes the Will of the entire plane, but that Will is still subject to challenge. Once I challenge Igritchkora, and the Will is contested, he will have to vacate the throne to answer the challenge. If I can then claim the throne in his defeat, for an instant the Will will be mine."

3973b No.64916

"What can this 'Will' do? You said you were going to use it to return to the past, but what exactly can you, or that Bog guy, do with it?"

e96e5 No.64917

"One can 'do' whatever they will, and my will is that whatever magic that removed you from your correct timeline be undone," she says, again glancing at Addy.

b49ba No.64918

>"Kefka probably said abrakadabra then we just disappeared"
"I'm sure it was a bit more complicated than that"

3973b No.64919

Tracy, having cooked her strip meat to a point she seems satisfied with not getting parasites from, others half of it to Thez.
"Lizardman?" she says, holding the gnarly strip of flesh out on her dagger
"So, what you're telling me, is that you're gonna undo whateverthefuck was done to us to Jack us into this hellscape, and we're going to go back and fix these problems before they began?" Tracy says, her face contorting in confusion, as she also glances back to all the kids who would've been in the womb when she left
"…. To be honest, I don't understand it one bit, but I'm gonna trust that you know this stuff better than I do… All I can say is, I'm ready to stab my my through this nightmare.."

"… So, the jig is, we're going to use that doggie-door to get to hell, and you want all of us to make sure that Addy and Infernius aren't detected, so that they don't get nuked with that 'Will' thing until you've beaten the piss out of this Bod faggot, right?"

e96e5 No.64920

"If anything, Kefka was amused by us. He wouldn't have gone through such means to get rid of us, even if that was his intention. His sort of thing is more spectacular."
"Pretty much, except that there will be no keeping them undetected. Once my duel starts, ranking members of other houses are certain to attack. Getting in will be easy, I mean who would be crazy enough to attack the leading House? They will have minimum defenses and no formations, just plenty to stab, until we get to the throne room."

3973b No.64921

Tracy looks a bit disturbed at the prospect of not being able to sneak in undetected.
".. I'll give it my all then.." she says, her hoof absentmindedly wandering to her navel

3973b No.64922

Tracy, deciding that asking questions isn't going to help her understand her situation very much more, busies herself with sharpening her seemingly-infinite collection of sharp objects, Edgy and Dark laying on either side of her body, sparkling with fresh polish.
"Welp, I guess I'll just get ready then.." she mumbles, glancing over at her Angels that she knows she'll have to leave again, and all the kids who'll be left alone in the tower
"Stab everything.. It'll be fine.."

e96e5 No.64923

"Oh, you will. In fact, that's part of the plan."

3973b No.64924

Tracy sniffs the oil she got from shabby, before setting it beside her, deciding she'd rather not use it untested.
"Isn't it always?" Tracy says cocking an eyebrow, a ghost of a smirk creeping a the very edge of her mouth

b49ba No.64925

"Well this sounds like an interesting plan to say the least… What exactly is the plan?"

3973b No.64926

"As to my knowledge, kill everything and don't let anyone get killed until Thez takes out her target."

cec94 No.64927

*having listened to the conversation lenos looks at kinyen and the kids witha slight smile and cracks his nuckles* well sounds like there will be plenty for me to kill. So just before we go into the thrown room i can heal you and give you a couple boosts and what not. But for now i think im gonna nap until its time to go * rolls over to go to sleep facing his children*

e96e5 No.64928

"Well we can't just walk in the front door. One of us - and not me (there's still rules to abide,… always rules in Hell) - will have to sneak in and disable the perimeter locks, without an alarm being raised," she says looking at Tracy, "From there we all fight our way to the Throne room. It should be pretty obvious, but I've never been inside so I can't say."

b49ba No.64929

"So there really isn't a plan?"
"Okay so there is actually a plan."

e96e5 No.64930

"Once in the throne room I will challenge Igritchkora, and then everyone has to keep I'nis and Addy alive. If both of them fall, I lose all legitimacy to challenge, and then we all die."

cec94 No.64931

Will there be gaurds around the parameter locks?

b49ba No.64932

"This should be fun"

cec94 No.64933

Ill go with stab happy there to unlock the parameter

b49ba No.64934

"Alright that's two invisibility spells"
>"Make it thr-"
"You aren't going unless they want you"
>"Okay dad"

3973b No.64935

"I could use a scroll or two for that, while you have the time.."

cec94 No.64936

Don't worry about it Torc i can cast improved invisibility and other such spells

b49ba No.64937

"Uh sure, the price is a quill, some ink, and sheets of parchment"

cec94 No.64938

*tosses choclate covered cygnomebyte to snek*your a bit big snek. Help keep the lumocks (inis) alive.

3973b No.64940

*pushes forward sheet of unicorn skin, leather-cutting knife, and bucket of blood*
"Will this do?"

b49ba No.64941

Torc begins to look a bit queasy
"Uh… I don't quite think so…"
>Big Snek

3973b No.64942

"Times are tough. neet. We've gotta make do with what we have. If this works out, we can prevent all of this from happening in the first place." Tracy says grimly, dribbling some of the blood into one of her Angels' smaller feathers, and cutting the pale hide into 12-inch wide sheets

b49ba No.64943

"Oh, you… Didn't mean… Anyway!"
Torc slowly realizes that Tracy didn't want him to use the knife as a quill.
He then begins to scribble out a couple scrolls of invisibility.

3973b No.64944

"Say, Lenos, could you tell me what kind of oil this is? I think it's magic, but I'm no expert at these kinds of things." Tracy says, holding out the item she got from the ogre

b49ba No.64945

"Yeah this won't work."

3973b No.64946

Tracy just shrugs.
"Scrolls aren't my specialty. I can use simpler ones, but making them is a thing we leave to the nerdiest unicorns, back in Equestria."

b49ba No.64947

"I don't think these impromptu tools are doing me any favors either"

3973b No.64948

"Alright then.." Tracy says, slightly disappointed that the concept of magick is apparently more complicated than she guessed

3973b No.64949

*dagger-polishing intensifies*

d293e No.64950

"So hou consider this golden lady your mother?"
*puts on therapist glasses*
"Tell me about her."

e96e5 No.64951

"Through a process where I was eaten, dissolved, reformed, and reborn. It is how I came to have infernal nature at all."

d293e No.64952

"What if me were to challenge them?"

3973b No.64953

[giggles in pony]

3973b No.64954

"Hmmm.. you certainly didn't look all that similar.."

e96e5 No.64955

Thez smirks. "That's not going to happen."
"The process maintained much of my original form, but with additions and elements of a fiendish capacity. All her 'natural' children look just like her."

d293e No.64956

"What kind of resistance we face?"

3973b No.64957

"I take it they're dead too?"

e96e5 No.64958

"Initially little. They really won't expect an attack so aside from actually sneaking in and tripping their systems, it will be a piece of cake to get inside. Once inside, our difficulty will depend on how readily we can determine where the throne room is and how much commotion we make on our way there. We can't know what sort of surprises might jump out at us at any given moment. Devils pull acid-trap pranks on their allies so we can't assume anything is 'safe'."

d293e No.64959

"Are there any special pets that they have?"

3973b No.64960

Tracy's face betrays her interest.
".. We have bigger priorities..!"

e96e5 No.64961

"What do you mean by "special"? You're not looking to fill your petting zoo or whatever it is you were geeking about way back when are you?"

d293e No.64962

"Me weren't thinking of my zoo, me am worried they have magical creatures."

b49ba No.64963

>"I'm the only special pet that matters! You guys can go to hell."
"The scaly spaghetti brings up something I wanted to ask. How and when are we gonna head through the portal?"

e96e5 No.64964

"Oh. Yes, certainly. I'm sure there are entire books dedicated to the sorts of things we might encounter if we're not careful."
"When everyone is sufficiently rested and ready to go I assume. Perhaps GM will throw in a bit of cinematic pacing and illustration when that time comes."

3973b No.64965

"I'd be more afraid of the housekeepers.."

d293e No.64966

"Me ready to siege house bogandorf"

3973b No.64967

"I've got nothing to do and nothing to plan.." Tracy says, looking at her knife once more
"So I can head out as soon as everyone's ready."

e96e5 No.64968

"Alright. If there's nothing else, here's the plan. Don't bother with buffs in advance. Detec/dispel magic is readily available to most of these creatures, many of them on a permanent basis. Any buffs utilized on the fly should be considered minimally temporary at best, though that could be used to distract a spell-caster in some situations, but I wouldn't rely on it as a strategy. Some devils - as well as other opponents we might face - will have certain damage immunities, particularly cold and fire, so keep that in mind as well. Once we breach the gate, there's no turning back," and with that she draws the folding saw and the random stick, essentially an oblong cane that appears just like a random stick you might find while wandering in the woods.

1a364 No.64969

“But otherwise we just rush in?” Stix says with a wince, knowing full well that he is about to go face first into fire central.

b49ba No.64970

Snek is pretty much thrashing around hissing at the top of his lungs.
"Yeah he doesn't like this, I'm not a fan but I'll should be able to do something"

e96e5 No.64971

"Not exactly. Once inside is where we'll engage formation. We have two dragons for our flanks, so we should actually do alright, but some of us are rather squishy, and I'm not talking about you," again, her gaze drifts to Adeline and the Wyrms.

d293e No.64972

"Addy can stick close to me, me will give life to protect her."

b49ba No.64973

"Didn't you hear your wife say you can't die either?"

e96e5 No.64974

"Well, once we're in the throne room that changes. Then, the two of you become the target, and I won't be able to help you."

b49ba No.64975

"This just keeps getting better and better…"

d293e No.64976

"Me can handle it."

d293e No.64977

"No she say me and addy both cant die."

e96e5 No.64978

"Stix, Addy, and Torcuil should maintain the middle of the formation, so that they can't be immediately targeted by melee. Infernius and I (highest HP) will lead, with Trump and Fae on the sides. Tracy can flit around and stab opponents, tumbling through the formation as she feels inclined. Am I forgetting anyone."
The area fills with smoke,… far more smoke than was necessary, but as it clears a very scarred and abused, but much older Ponimaru stands at the edge of the area.

b49ba No.64979

"Do I know you?"

3973b No.64980

"… And to think I was just ablout to throw his ears in the machine.."
"So you're still alive, weeboi." Tracy says
"How long have you been watching?"

d293e No.64981

*hugs ponimaru*

1a364 No.64982

Stix is pleased to see his strange acquaintance.
“You made it!”

cec94 No.64983

*lenos pops neck and rolls shoulders* alright are we all ready?

e96e5 No.64984

"Long enough. This plan is suicide."
Thez makes a discouraging shake of her head, which does not go unnoticed.

3973b No.64985

Tracy's eyes narrow a bit
"And when did you get here?"

1a364 No.64986

“Did you have another idea of what we could do?”

e96e5 No.64987

"No. But if you're going to go getting yourselves killed, I'm going too."

d293e No.64988

*hugs ponimaru*

b49ba No.64989

Torc leans towards Trumpaladin
"Am I supposed to know this guy?"

1a364 No.64990

“That’s the spirit! We just need to fix what happened here. We can’t let all this death and destruction come to pass. If the price to pay is my life, I think that is a decent bargain. I’m sure everyone here agrees.”

e96e5 No.64991

Ponimaru places a hoof on Trump's shoulder. "I know what happened. I tried to free them from the Gay marriage curse that had been placed, but every day the grounds keeper returned, to restore them to undeath and ignominy. I would,…." he says, turning away.

e96e5 No.64992

"I guess we're ready,… ish, then. Tracy would obviously lead the stealth group, while the rest 'presents' themselves at the gate. Any additions?"
"I will be there for the infiltration." Ponimaru says glaring from his one good eye.

bafec No.64993

Trumpaladin looks at him in the eyes, barely withholding crying, silent for a few moments

"….Thank you"

It's Thez's message boy. He;s delivered multiple messages over the past few months, such as the letter Thez sent when she was in self-imposed exile, and he helped to locate the kidnapped loggers. Also the Blue one killed him. Twice."

d293e No.64994

"You did all you could."
*heals bad eye*

d293e No.64995

"We get revenge for our men."
*puts hand on shoulder*

e96e5 No.64996

He resists the spell.
"Save your energy. You'll need it, and besides, this isn't just a ruined eye." he says firmly.

So the gate to Hell is as was aptly described, a doggie-door of sorts. While precarious in a pinch, no one is beating down the party's door at the moment, so it's not an issue.


bafec No.64997

The sadness is not erased from his expression, but Infernius's hand and display of solidarity gives Trumpaladin strength, and he stands straighter, taller.
"Indeed we shall. When we get back, we're going to wipe everyone of those bastards out as they would do to us"

b49ba No.64998

"Uh guys, what was that noise?"

d293e No.64999

"You will have no control of my brutality,just so you know."

d293e No.65000


bafec No.65001

"Just be discriminate as to who you take it out on"

3973b No.65002

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

"Oh, just what we needed.." Tracy says, her ears turning towards the sound like satellite dishes
Untrained Listen check, because why not

e96e5 No.65003

"There's peoples." says one of the children, looking out from the main entrance. A chorus of light sources reflect from the wall.

3973b No.65004

Tracy, not really thinking, swiftly moves to put herself between the children and the light sources.

d293e No.65005

"Dont worry kids. We'll protect you."

e96e5 No.65006

Thez looks at her. "There's really not much time or option for that. We have a job to do, and it looks like we may be running out of time to do it," she says walking to stand adjacent to the miniature portal.

b49ba No.65007

>"Uh, Torc?"
"I see it, I'm not blind."
>"Well what is it magic-ass?"
"I said I wasn't blind, I didn't say I was a genius"

b49ba No.65008

"Guess there's no time like the present for us to leave"
Torcuil gestures to Mr. Snek
"Ladies first"

3973b No.65009

Well, she didn't say anything before doing it, but she turns hesitantly towards Thez.

e96e5 No.65010

Snek of all the party, has the easiest time of things, simply slithering through the portal. Next would be Lenos (in Brownie form) who could simply walk through. Followed after would be Tracy.
"What are you thinking?"

d293e No.65011

"Me not leave the kids!"

3973b No.65012

Tracy doesn't say anything, but bites her lip indecisively

b49ba No.65013

Dice rollRolled 19 + 9

As Snek disappears through the portal Torc hears a faint hiss
>"Pearls before Swine"
As Snek pops out the other side he looks around for anything threatening Spot check

e96e5 No.65014

"And take them with us? To Hell?!"

d293e No.65015

"They will be raped again, they're not staying."

e96e5 No.65016

He finds himself on a dim landscape covered in shattered stone. The ground around him is literally a pile of rubble. The air is stagnant and still, where if a dust particle were dislodged it would remain still in the air. The sky is a deep and foreboding red without more than a glow to suggest that maybe somewhere beyond whatever blanket covers the sky there might be a source of light.
"You're not making things any easier!" she says, relenting and waving children through the portal,… into Hell.
"This is what you get for throwing random shit in there," Thez quips to GM

3973b No.65017

"Oh bucking roadapples..! I'll be back, girls!" Tracy cries back at her Angels before disappearing through the portal.

3973b No.65018

Can you still cast Reduce Animal?

d293e No.65019

*turns into a pickle*

e96e5 No.65020

"YOU…. OAF!" Thez says, grabbing and retaining the pickle because now is not the time but its too late to do anything about it.

d293e No.65021

*turns sam and bunny into kiwi birds*

bafec No.65022

"Are you daft? Their salvation comes in resetting this horrible timeline. Not in being literally sent to Hell"

3973b No.65023

*grabs tiny-ass, blind birbs and bolts thru the portal*

bafec No.65024

"Are you trying to double your number of birds here?"

Trumpaladin puts his hand on his face

e96e5 No.65025

You can't do spells as a pickle
As Tracy jumps through the portal, the two birds nod to themselves in a manner. They both fly and position themselves at the entrance to the tower, perched in such a way to protect and block the increasingly inbound presence. As they do so, several magical effects and spells streak out from the tunnel and sting at them.

e96e5 No.65026

Sorry, no

b49ba No.65027

"These absolute fucking idiots, what do they not ge-"
Torc realizes he's wasting his breath and gets in the newly formed line for the portal.

He then questions why he has to wait behind these children and decides to cut to the front.

3973b No.65028

"I don't want to leave them again!" Tracy shouts back
Two Rocs is already more than enough.

bafec No.65029

"Hey! You're a filthy cutter, you dirty line butter!"

"So you literally send them to Hell?"

d293e No.65030

*unpickles and casts it.*
"Me dont care, they come with us now."

e96e5 No.65031

By no I mean, I'm not allowing Infernius to alter them in pickle state, and thereby their giant asses are perched (literally) at the entrance so the party can get their happy asses through the portal like they ought to be doing.

d293e No.65032

"They be raped here, me not let that happen, and the rocs can help us."

3973b No.65033

[sad poner noises]

d293e No.65034

As a mage once said, "Fuck your plans"

b49ba No.65035

"Ah fuck you too, now get over here before I find a way to drag you through"

e96e5 No.65036

Not this time. Sammy and BunBun have made their choice. They're making sure the party still has a chance.

3973b No.65037

[sad poner noises]
".. I-I promise I be back this time..!" Tracy says, tears streaming from her faces as she dives through.

e96e5 No.65038

Thez, in her best Arnold impression, yells, "Get to the portahl!"

bafec No.65039

"Infernius. They'll be fine. Better actually once we reset the timeline. They will be worse off if they follow us. Give it up"

b49ba No.65040

"Welp, stay if you guys want. But my Snek is on the other side"
Torcuil dives through

d293e No.65041

*disgusted Minotuar face*
*turns back into a pickle*

1a364 No.65042

Whenever everyone gets done fooling around and goes through the portal, Stix will follow in

3973b No.65043

Tracy has passed thru, regretful but determined.

bafec No.65044


Trumpaladin goes through

"They're damned birds. Calm down"

cec94 No.65045

Lenos is through and waiting impatiently arms folded and foot tapping for everyone else

3973b No.65046

"I AM CALM!!!"

e96e5 No.65047

Fae stands there looking dryly at Thez.

bafec No.65048

"I'll call you from the otherside"

e96e5 No.65049

Fae sighs and joins Sam and Bunny, as a large contingent of armed and armored troops collide with them. Thez ushers Addy through, and then follows behind.

e96e5 No.65050

On the other side is a wasteland. As each person pops through they're immediately impressed by the silence of it all. Sound hardly seems to travel, and the sky is a deep red. In the distance is a mountain of sorts, dotted with light sources.

bafec No.65051

Trumpaladin kisses her before going through
"don't worry, you'll get that hellish business trip you've always wanted"

b49ba No.65052

The silence is broke by a hissing
>"Finally, you idiots made it"

d293e No.65053

"No u"

e96e5 No.65054

"I take it that's where we're headed?" Ponimaru asks, indicating the obvious structure. Thez looks down and kicks at something buried in the rubble. "Yeah, that's the place."
"This place smells funny," Addy whispers.

cec94 No.65055

"Addy you havent smelled your father much if you think this place smells funny" lenos stage whispers

b49ba No.65056

"I was just about to say the same thing"

d293e No.65057

"Hey me bathe every now and then."

bafec No.65058

Trumpaladin now CALLS FAE

b49ba No.65059

>"(((Now and then)))"
"Noodle here is right"

e96e5 No.65060

Dice rollRolled 3

The ground beneath crumbles beneath everyone's feet, more arid than one would imagine anywhere could be. The silence of the surrounding environment has an eerie nature to it, as though the landscape its self is looking back at each expectantly.
Who appears sweating and excited, and not in a lewd sense. Thez meanwhile lifts the portal device over her head to send it crashing down against the ground.

cec94 No.65061

*tosses snek another choclate covered cygnomebyte*>ya now and then is right

e96e5 No.65062

Despite the crappy roll, its still a success cuz crazy BAB. The large group of children who someone thought it would be a good idea to bring along are all looking unemotionally expectantly at the party, a few of whom have started stirring rocks with their feet.

d293e No.65063

"Have you smelled torc?"

cec94 No.65064

I try not too

d293e No.65065

"He smell like shit and mountain dew."

b49ba No.65066

"At least I try to bathe"
"Who… Who brought the fucking kids"

e96e5 No.65067

"Its your fault he smells like shit though," Thez quips.
"It certainly wasn't my idea," she says, raising her hands. "I thought we were going to war. Against that, by the way," she says, gesturing at the obvious mountain.

bafec No.65068

"What happened?"

bafec No.65069

"Wait. I thought Infenius left them? Are they going to be stuck in hell forever?"

e96e5 No.65070

"You seem to have pissed of a whole lot of jews by assaulting the grove. Sam and Rabbit are,…" she looks at Tracy and says unconvincingly, "Fine, I'm sure."

b49ba No.65071

"Well this is fucking great"
>"Welp, we gotta either get rid of them or hide them"

d293e No.65072

"This timeline will cease to be."

bafec No.65073

Did Fae just lie? She's lawful good

3973b No.65074

[audible grumbling]

e96e5 No.65075

If everything works out, Sam and Bunny will be fine, so it isn't a lie.
I almost had her call him Samuel Xp

3973b No.65076

[grumbling intensifies]
"Okay.. let's hop to and get this battle over with."
*scans hellscape*
".. Hmmm not as bad as I figured.."

b49ba No.65077

"Shall we be leaving?"

e96e5 No.65078

The building standing before is wrought of molded obsidan-steel (you've heard of glass steel?) spiralling around the base of what appears to be a short mountain. All across the mountainside are lights, flickering on and off, moving this way amd that.

3973b No.65079

*checks the fountain for coins*

d293e No.65080

*readies sword*

b49ba No.65081

Torcuil and Snek try tonprepare for what ever is about to come

3973b No.65082

Rupees are fine too though…

d293e No.65083

What about credits?

3973b No.65084

Whatever they make wishes with around here.

3973b No.65085

File: 1525578586241-0.png (8.48 KB, 300x250, KDrDdmmZpq-8.png)

Tracy's birbs are invincible.
They had us leave without them so they could unleash their full power.

e96e5 No.65086

Well aside from GM being a faggot (I did warn in the OP), who all is joining the "Stealth" group, and who is staying behind to (essentially) wait on the 'elevator'?

d293e No.65087

Im no good at stealth

bafec No.65088

Dice rollRolled 18 - 9

Rolling to move silently into the Stealth group

3973b No.65090

Please don't

3973b No.65091

We're there any coins in the fountain?

bafec No.65092

File: 1525647344608.jpg (60.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Dice rollRolled 20 - 9


3973b No.65093

Are you serious about this?

b49ba No.65094

Dice rollRolled 7 + 10

Snek hides before the Paladin and Rogue fight to the death
Torc wishes he could

3973b No.65096

Tracy stops and turns with a dreary look on her face

bafec No.65097

*is confused*
"Yes, pony?"

3973b No.65098

She doesn't say anything, but he can clearly sense that she strongly advises against coming*

bafec No.65099

*stares right back at her*

b49ba No.65100

Dice rollRolled 17 + 7

"Now kiss"
Snek shoves Trump at Tracy

bafec No.65101


3973b No.65102


bafec No.65103


e96e5 No.65104

"You're seriously going to try and sneak around? In all that?" Thez asks incredulously.

bafec No.65105

Trumpaladin turns to her, a clanking sound made as he moves his torso

e96e5 No.65106

"The fewer people we have sneaking in, the greater the likelihood we go undetected. I'm not saying don't, but Tracy and Stix could probably manage."

3973b No.65107

"Not to mention that aura.." Tracy says

bafec No.65108

Trumpaladin crosses his arms to more metalic clanging

e96e5 No.65109

"He has an aura?" Thez asks obliviously.
A>"You didn't notice? Its all shiny!"

bafec No.65110

*goes and sits down*

e96e5 No.65111

"Are you comfortable with that Tracy, or does anyone else want to go?"
A> "I wanna go!"
"You are staying here with us!"
A> "Fine,…."

3973b No.65112

[dry laughter]
"That'll do…" Tracy says, turning to move forward.

1a364 No.65113

“You need me to go scout out the place as well?”

bafec No.65114

"Why would she not scout ahead? She is one of the few to have the talent, and if she needs babysitting, there are none better over here"

3973b No.65115

Tracy seems vaguely uncertain (she hasn't actually known Stix for that long), but doesn't protest
"You just keep your eyes open to see if any guards come by, while I focus on what I need to do."

e96e5 No.65116

Thez smirks at how easy it is to goad Tracy into motion. She sets off along an apparent road of sorts toward what looks like at times is a main gate, but for the moment looks like a wall made out of obsidian stalagmites impossibly close together, which reach up a good 50' or more. Addy follows close behind, as does Kiynen in lady form.

b49ba No.65117

Snek decides fuck Torc's orders, he's a strong independent snake and joins the stealth party.

e96e5 No.65118

After only a few feet, Tracy slips into nothingness. Its a place that she goes sometimes where feelings are displaced, there's only sensation and response and an underlying urge to stab. To the untrained observer she simply vanishes mid-stride.
Roll a stealth check with modifier (skill and dex)

bafec No.65119

"Does he know that when he moves more than 100 feet away he reverts to staff form?"

3973b No.65120

How would Brad know that?

1a364 No.65121

Dice rollRolled 5 + 10

Stix stealth check
I’m going to fuck this up aren’t I?

e96e5 No.65122

Ordinarily, I'd agree, but I'll allow it for dynamic.
As Snek speeds off, Lenos mutters a few words and pats him on the departing tail, and Snek likewise becomes apparently invisible.
Nope, that was perfect

bafec No.65123

Because we talked about it. Also, you can't hide in plain sight. That's a level 17 Ranger power. Not a level 13 rogue power

3973b No.65124

She's not hiding, she's sneaking.

b49ba No.65125

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3


e96e5 No.65126

There's sufficient debris to blend in with. So Tracy and co speed off toward the edge of the wall, while everyone else(?) ventures toward the gate.

3973b No.65127

Where is Ponimaru?

e96e5 No.65128

Dice rollRolled 9

Good question

b49ba No.65129

Torc is, understandably, a bit shocked at his 30 foot long snake just disappearing.
"They never listen"
He then proceeds to just sit and wait for the scouting party to return.

e96e5 No.65130

Stealth group arrives at the wall. It's an impressive structure, seemingly feet thick at the base given the shape of the spires that form it. No apparent weaknesses present themselves as they begin to examine the area. As they're investigating, a sloshing sound coupled with motion occurs further on.

3973b No.65131


e96e5 No.65132

After a few moments, the sound occurs again. As Tracy lingers, a foul odor greets her from that direction.

b49ba No.65133

Dice rollRolled 3

Can Snek make a scent check on that?
This'll be my roll if yes, you can ignore if the answer is no.

3973b No.65134

"Something's there." Tracy whispers
Tracy switches her cane to sword form and prepares to stab literally anything she encounters.
She takes a move action to determine the location of scent, particularly if it's moving towards them or away.

e96e5 No.65135

Oh, its hard to mistake the smell of offal. As they approach to inspect, it appears to be a waste disposal chute, about 3' in diameter. Its been stuck through the wall at an angle. The wall continues past it.

3973b No.65136

What kind of waste?

e96e5 No.65137

The sort of foulness that denizens of hell would produce

b49ba No.65138

Snek is about to say there's nothing to worry about when something dawns on him.

His translator is gone…
I'd have to take a risky guess and say guts.

3973b No.65139

Like "melt your bones off" kind of waste, "can't approach without vomiting" kind of waste or "damn gurl, this shit is nasty!" kind of sewage?

e96e5 No.65140

Like, exposure could result in status ailment sickened

3973b No.65141

He can roll bluff for innuendo, if he's good at pantomiming.
I'll leave that way in as a last resort..

3973b No.65142

Tracy's eyes linger on the sewage tube for a moment, before continuing forward
"Old habit die hard.." she mumbles, before she ushers the others to follow her slowly

1a364 No.65143

Follows Tracy slowly and stealthily

81b6b No.65144

Lenos is with them……ofcourse i wouldnt ve to trusting with him translating accuretly

e96e5 No.65145

This. Luckily Snek has a good Int modifier

b49ba No.65146

>Looks at Snek's Cha
Yeah… No

e96e5 No.65147

Nah, Lenos stayed behind cuz you hadn't posted. He gave Snek Improved Invisibility as he was leaving though.

3973b No.65148

He can use Torc's skills
I didn't say it'd be good pantomiming…

b49ba No.65149

And that's another problem, the others can't see him

3973b No.65150

Just barely about what you'd get from an empathetic link: vague feelings or intentions
>"What's that boy? Little Johnny fell down the well?"
>[hissing sounds]

e96e5 No.65151

Well, it occurs to Snek that he could easily fit through the waste pipe, and filth doesn't really bother him. If he wants, he has the option to make his way down the tube while Tracy and Stix continue on.

3973b No.65152

Do it, fgt!

b49ba No.65153

Well, this situation can't get any worse so why not
Stix and Tracy hear faint hissing

3973b No.65154

Tracy's ears perk towards the pipe suspiciously, but she dismisses it as gas escaping the pipe.

b49ba No.65155

Just some hot air as Torc would say

e96e5 No.65156

Dice rollRolled 8, 5 = 13

Snek dives in, in complete disregard of all the,… well you don't wanna know. He glides along quickly, without any obstruction.
Meanwhile Tracy and Stix continue along the wall.

3973b No.65157

>you don't wanna know
………… kind of…

e96e5 No.65158

Tracy's hair stands on end.

3973b No.65159

*freezes again*
"fuk" she whispers with half a breath

1a364 No.65160

Stix stops dead in his tracks, trying to get a signal of what’s wrong from Tracy

e96e5 No.65161

Is Stix likewise freezing?

b49ba No.65162

>"Don't think about what you're crawling through. DO NOT THINK-"

3973b No.65163

Dice rollRolled 9 + 20

Tracy doesn't say anything, but her ears swivel left and right like little satellite dishes (I know, I use that image a lot)
She looks around for what made her timgle

Search check

e96e5 No.65164

As they both freeze in place, a gust of air cracks in the wall immediately adjacent. Unnatural breaks appear along the wall, and a portion of the wall opens up. Imagine that the top 3' of a 6' section folded inward toward the ceiling, and the bottom 3' folded toward the floor.
Now imagine that on the other side of this sudden opening were about 20 flesh-bag looking things, carrying trashbags.

1a364 No.65165

Yes, waiting for a signal from Tracy

3973b No.65166

Like, right in front of them?

e96e5 No.65167

The fleshbags greeble and glorp in some form of language to one another. For a moment the fleshbags seem intent on glarbling about Duck Dynasty, whatever that is.
Roll a fortitude check, Stix too

3973b No.65168

Dice rollRolled 10 + 9


1a364 No.65169

Dice rollRolled 16 + 7

Stix fortitude check

e96e5 No.65170

Passing magnificently, both Tracy and Stix have the presence of mind to stay still while the flesblobs umber past with their loads. For a moment, what appears to be an elevator or sorts, designed for large capacity, sits empty.

3973b No.65171

Tracy stares at the fleshy things for a second or two before turning to the elevator
"I guess this is our stop.." she says, unsure
*steps into elevator-thing*

3973b No.65172

You can tell a lot about a person by what's in their garbage.

3973b No.65173

[elevator music]

1a364 No.65174

I guess Stix goes in the elevator too.

e96e5 No.65175

He gets on the elevator just as the flesh-bags amble their way back toward the elevator at Tracy and himself. Wut do?

3973b No.65176

*salutes flesh bags*

1a364 No.65177

Pushes the close door button
“What are we even doing in here? Where do we go from here?”

3973b No.65178

*sweat drips*

3973b No.65179

Does the door close or what?

e96e5 No.65180

One of the flesh-bags nods.
The doors close as the elevator section fills with flesh-bags. I did say it was like 20. They fill and start jabbering to one another about "Pawn Stars" and other random things. Eventually, as the elevator goes wherever its going (it feels to shift up, to the left, and then back down again) the one fleshbag who nodded earlier walks up and says. "Hibbity hooblah."

3973b No.65181

Fun fact: the close door button on an elevator doesn't actually do anything. It's only there for comfort; to make passengers feel like they have more control over the elevator.

3973b No.65182

"Hibbity, jibbity, Swamp Loggers."

e96e5 No.65183

File: 1525664032196.png (5.72 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Dice rollRolled 2, 14 = 16

"Hoooblah?!?!?!" says the flesh-bag, and not just him. A ripple of "Hibbity!" "Hooblah!" and "Hibbity Hooblah!" ripples outward. The one fleshbag contorts its face, and screeches, "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"
Roll for initiative.
Tracy is the upper circle, on the right is a data screen-looking thing, and theres 11 fleshbags on either side

3973b No.65184

I thought they'd like that show…

1a364 No.65185

Dice rollRolled 14

Stix initiative

3973b No.65186

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

Praise Epona for Uncanny Dodge
"Looks like these guys hate History channel as much as I do" Tracy hisses, clutching her defending dagger in her mouth

e96e5 No.65187

Tracy has about 5 attacks of opportunity

e96e5 No.65188

Stix has 3 attacks of opportunity

3973b No.65189

Dice rollRolled 6, 11, 15, 15, 3 = 50

With the sword, in a whirling frenzy

3973b No.65190

each of those should have a +24 modifier

e96e5 No.65191

The fleshbags part easily and readily, falling into a rapidly decomposing pile of filth not unlike what was coming out of the waste chute.

3973b No.65192

Tracy's nose wrinkles, but she remains focused
"Does anyone else want some!?" she screams at the remaining flesh-bags

16561 No.65193

How are you claiming a +24 attack? The base attack of a level 13 Rogue is +9, and 4 levels of duelist adds +4. You never listened Weapon Finesse as one of your feats, but if you had, that only adds +5 for 18. And then the cane sword was described as having a +2 enchantment for a total of +20

e96e5 No.65194

Meanwhile, Snek emerges from the waste disposal tube at a hub of such tubes, each with distinguishable odors emanating from them. This hub seems located in a centralized point, near the inside of the wall. There are two fleshbags on hand who do not detect Snek in any conceivable way.

1a364 No.65195

Dice rollRolled 7, 5, 9 = 21

Three attacks with +4

3973b No.65196

The sword is +2? Hmm, it's less than the chain then.

b49ba No.65197

Dice rollRolled 14 + 10

Snek hides real quick, waiting to see if anything else shows up

e96e5 No.65198

One fleshbag gets its face kicked in, while another takes an arrow to the dome. There are currently 13 fleshbags in the room, staring freakishly. Tracy has cleared all the ones adjacent to her, and she has initiative.

e96e5 No.65199

Nothing else presents its self. The two fleshbags seem to be performing some sort of repetitive task. One of them mentions something to the other about Honey Boo Boo, or some such nonsense.

3973b No.65200

Dice rollRolled 6

Tracy steps threateningly towards the fleshbags, stepping around the piles of ooze
"You bitches want some?!" she shouts, her sword pointed out in front of her

b49ba No.65201

Dice rollRolled 5 - 10

Dice rollRolled 15 + 14

Snek decides to try a terrible idea.
+14 is the attack roll, -10 is the subsequent hide check

e96e5 No.65202

Intimidate fail, but initiative maintained
Stix is next

e96e5 No.65203

Meanwhile, at the expanse otherwise seeming to be a gate, Thez stands there with her arms crosse. "I'm sorry about this, but there are certain norms that are requisite, at least initially. I can't just kick the door in. Besides, I imagine that Football may have a significant role to play in this."

1a364 No.65204

Dice rollRolled 2, 9, 17 = 28

I heard it said that all you need to fix life’s troubles is duct tape, barbed wire, and arrows. Well… I may have added that last part.

Stix fires 3 arrows at the next target. 9/4/4

e96e5 No.65205

One arrow skimming off a bag, the other two hit their targets with precision. 5 bags rush in from the right, 6 from the left. Tracy gets another 5 attacks of opportunity, Stix another three, and at the end of the round (if she wants) she can still choose her action, since she's been deferring

3973b No.65206

Dice rollRolled 1, 6, 7, 1, 12 = 27

Tracy stabs every one of the oncoming fatties.

3973b No.65207


1a364 No.65208

Dice rollRolled 10, 18, 10 = 38

“Doesn’t look like scaring them with words or bloodshed is doing any good.”
Another three attacks with +4.

e96e5 No.65209

THP THP THP another 3 bags fall. A small handful remain, and they're messing with the data console thing

3973b No.65210

C-can Tracy attack now?

e96e5 No.65211

The sniping attempt is perfectly successful, but the hide check is not. Several fleshbags swarm Snek's position

e96e5 No.65212

Yes. She's been able to attack this whole time, she's just been biding it, per your request

3973b No.65213

Dice rollRolled 20, 11, 1 = 32

Tracy lashes out with her chain at the ones closest to the data console, and prepares to attack any others who approach it.
Then she steps towards it.

e96e5 No.65214

Good enough. Before any of the bags can alert anyone, and before the elevator reaches its destination, Tracy and Stix eliminate the existing threats. If they'd stood still the whole time, they could have avoided that. Oh well. The elevator opens to a large corridor running adjacent to the wall with a number of levers and switches,

3973b No.65215

"Well… That happened…" Tracy says a little nervously as she steps out
She proceeds to further examine the hallway.