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File: 1523757449683.jpg (38 KB, 540x474, more.jpg)

c5dac No.63085[Last 50 Posts]

>Mixed Nuts
To some, its a delightful role-playing venture based (loosely) on 3.5e D&D rules. To others especially a particular german poster,… love you btw its the worst thing to happen to Mlpol (which is saying something, cuz there's,….).
>What it do
On weekends we engage a dynamic storyline based largely on the GM's capacity to create and illustrate the situation. Sometimes he's a faggot tho.
>What about me?
New players and shitposters are always welcome. We have prohibited excessive >lewd, but it does still happen, and non-players can assume casual roles as available (at the moment the world is a desolate wasteland tho so not for a bit). If wanting to play, make a post about it in thread and there's plenty of anons who can steer anon in the right direction.

At the moment the party is starting to appreciate that - from their future-jumped perspective - the worst has already happened. All that is left is the denouement, but at the same time there's still a glimmer of hope. Deep within the ruined city of Durpistan, where Thez has made a last vestige of resistance against the forces of George Soros, the party contemplates their next move.

d2190 No.63087

File: 1523757485737.png (24.96 KB, 302x308, 1424083742452.png)

4721f No.63088

Tracy has to pick a pocket or two

9a9a4 No.63089

File: 1523757665002.png (158.27 KB, 1019x584, ExaggeratingFilly.png)

3142c No.63090

Dice rollRolled 2 + 25

*Picks Torc's pocket*

bbaef No.63091

File: 1523758022535.png (455.6 KB, 453x373, Screaming_in_traumatized.png)

4721f No.63092

4721f No.63093

Torc: Sulking intensifies

3142c No.63094

*brushes birdies*

bbaef No.63095

Oh your sulking?
Did you daughter come out of the shadows to pet a gay cat thing?
But when you talked to her nothing happened?

c5dac No.63096

She chased off after Tracy, it wasn't personal. Besides, she doesn't know Infernius is her daughter, she just knows that her mom cries when seeing his face. And she has his face, plastered all over the wall of the former McDonald's.

3142c No.63097

*Walks up to Infernius*
"Go hug her, now."

bbaef No.63098

"Where soros at?"

4721f No.63099

Uh, Torc found out that the unicorn he cursed to come to the game is being pretty much killed for Soros' pleasure.
He's not happy

3142c No.63100

Dice rollRolled 19

*Kicks him in the foot*
"Hugz. Nao!"

bbaef No.63101

*walks out of tunnels*
"Me find him myself then."

c5dac No.63102

"Wait" Thez implores

3142c No.63103

Tracy appears visibly frustrated

4721f No.63104

Torc returns to the party, his gun out, with a frost steaming from the barrel.
He begings hissing at Snek, who notices his hood is covering his face more.
The rest of the party wonders why Torc is hissing rather than speaking common to Snek.

88fb0 No.63105

“You feeling ok, meme magician?”

3142c No.63106


bbaef No.63107

"Me fix everything, me skull fuck soros to death, skin and rub salt on all his servants then rape them to death in front of him. He has done this to you and addy."

4721f No.63108

"No, not really. But we'll get back to that."

3142c No.63109

Dice rollRolled 14

Reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hug the girl first!

c5dac No.63110

She wants to argue, she wants to correct him with all sorts of comments on what has happened and what may still, but really, she just wants to bury her face into his chest. Because for her, its been 15 very long and very painful years since she's seen his bright-yellow eyed face.

d2190 No.63111

"I like the spirit here! But we need to get back in time to prevent all of this from happening to begin with.

It's too much for me"

bbaef No.63112

Dice rollRolled 14

*kicks horse in face*

bbaef No.63113

"Me might not make it back, thez me love you."

3142c No.63114

Tracy appears personally fixatd on this particular issue

d2190 No.63115

*Places hand on Pony to try to calm her*
"This is hard on him pony"

4721f No.63116

Dice rollRolled 20 + 36

Suddenly Infernius feels himself grabbed by a large hand
"You aren't leaving"
Greater Shadow Evocation, grasping hand

c5dac No.63117

"You're… not… going… anywhere."
"So then its true," is said from the doorway, as a largely concealed Adeline steps out from the shadows.

3142c No.63118

File: 1523760422892.gif (652.61 KB, 165x115, f22.gif)

Y U no find gril 2 hug?!

4721f No.63119

Yeah he real isn't leaving now.

3142c No.63120

Nice roll

bbaef No.63121

*leaves regen ring by the entrance with a crude note*
"Me sorry me couldn't be there for you and addy, me failed you both."

c5dac No.63122

Snap, there's an undeniable oversized-hand that's pretty compulsive

3142c No.63123

You're not getting away that easily.

4721f No.63124

Isn't it?
You aren't leaving
Torc's faggot does a small bow

bbaef No.63125


c5dac No.63126

"Where do you think you're going? Do you really," her voice breks at this point, but she regains herself, "think I'm going to let you walk out. I don't fault you for what happened, but now? You're just going to go?"

bbaef No.63127

"Fuck all of you!"

3142c No.63128

Hug. The. Girl.

4721f No.63129

Torc strolls up to Infernius
"You aren't strolling to your death before you meet your daughter. Now go fucking talk to her before I adopt her for myself"

bbaef No.63130

"Let me flay him!"

c5dac No.63131

"… I will. At least, I hope to. But for right now, Soros is the least of your concerns."

3142c No.63132

Reeeeeeeeeee! Stop dancing around the issue!
Go talk to the girl. Everyone has been waiting for you to introduce her character.

bbaef No.63133


3142c No.63134

Dammit, IF!

bbaef No.63135

*thrashes in gay fucking hand*

4721f No.63136

Torc pulls his gun up to Infernius
"Listen, I'm having a shitty day. I'm not having you meet your daughter when Death introduces you two. So go and fucking talk to her."
The hand begins to slowly move towards Addy

bbaef No.63137

"Fuck you nigger, no one cares."

4721f No.63138

"The only nigger I'm seeing here is you"

d2190 No.63139

"Let him be…. It's not easy missing your daughter's first 14 years of life"

bbaef No.63140

"I bet soros rapes those horses"

c5dac No.63141

"Are you really…?" a voice speaks from the doorway of the building. Adeline steps back through, Thez stands in shock and disbelief (Addy rolled a 20, so none but an omniscient god knew she was still there).

bbaef No.63142


bbaef No.63143

"Who are you?"

3142c No.63144

Tracy taps the ground with her magick hand, illuminating the entire room spectacularly with daylight.
She looks at Infernius almost threateningly.

c5dac No.63145

Adeline stands there for a moment. She's cloaked in shadows, revealing only her face, the face of a 14-year old who was just old that the world that has been cascadingly degrading around her has just gotten a little bit brighter.
"Then,… where,… why,…." she struggles for the words.
"Why are you such a faggit?"
Thez grimaces at his words "Don't,…" but is cut off.
"Its okkay. You're here now. Please don't go," Addy says, running up to and embracing Infernius.

bbaef No.63146

"You dont understand, me can fix this."

bbaef No.63147

"All of it."

d2190 No.63148

Dice rollRolled 16 + 20

That's it

Grab pony

"You're gonna need help"

3142c No.63149

*Humps leg again*

"Reeee! Hug!"

bbaef No.63150

"No. You all might get killed, and me guess no more enteron."

d2190 No.63151

"ShhhShhh… It's okay pony. Let them work in out"


"I don't think you understand. Fuck George Soros. Seriously, Fuck that guy!"

3142c No.63152

I'm exhausted, so please don't hold back on advancement if I pass out.

bbaef No.63153

"Me understand, you all staying here."

4721f No.63154

"I'm not staying put until I can help Felicia"

c5dac No.63155

"We might all get killed. And yes, the tower has been taken. But we can take it back, and that's our next move. If there is to be "a move"."

d2190 No.63156

"I don't think you can do it alone. Let us get a stab at that fucker"

"Do you think she's not my responsibility as well?"

bbaef No.63157

"Me will remove all your limbs except head if you make me."

88fb0 No.63158

Stix looks on at the chaos in confusion

bbaef No.63159

4721f No.63160

"She's my responsibility. She's suffered for my decisions, and fuck if I'm not gonna help her"

bbaef No.63161


c5dac No.63162

"WE" Thez says with emphasis that suggests that she'll not stand for argument. And she's levelled since Infernius last saw her,… not that she couldn't 'assert' herself previous.
"I can fix that, if its a pissing contest,…."

bbaef No.63163

"Reeeeeeeee why are you all against me."

d2190 No.63164

"Well…. You didn't slash her"

"Me and you both"

4721f No.63165


c5dac No.63166

"What are you proposing? It sounds like you want to go off on a death-mission."

bbaef No.63167

"Better me than you addy and the rest."

4721f No.63168

"Listen, I'm about to kick you in the mixxed nuts so hard they become ovaries."

bbaef No.63169


3142c No.63170

Dice rollRolled 13

*Kicks in the mixed nuts*
"Reeeeeee! Hugging comes first! Hug her!"
[Maternal hormone drenched pony noises]

d2190 No.63171

"No no! Pony!"

bbaef No.63172

"Me will rip out your fucking foal cunt!"

c5dac No.63173

"Noble sentiment, but yer about 14 years late. I'm not faulting, but don't think you're running off. Like last time,…."

d2190 No.63174

"It's okay Infernius. This situation is stressful for all of us"

3142c No.63175

*Wraps lasso around immoble bull and pulls him towards Addy*

c5dac No.63176

"I… always wanted,.. a dad…." Addy says, veritably motionless, aside from the whip action. "Are……."
She seems ashamed, and a bit nonplussed. Addy, that is. Thez is still bewildered and aback

88fb0 No.63177

Stix slowly backs up through the doorway where Addy came from to give everyone some space.

bbaef No.63178

"Beat me if you like, me a terrible dad. Me deserve to be killed by soros…"

4721f No.63179

Torc moves Infernius a bit closer to Addy, then walks as out of the way he can while maintaining the spell, ready to drop it when needed.
He sits in a bean-snek chair

c5dac No.63180

"You see this? Do you SEE? This is probably the most adorable thing I could ever imagine. I'd rend my own heart if I thought it would benefit! She's insufferable," sob, "And she's reckless," sob, "And all she's ever wanted was for," sob "those around her to stop dying. She's never even met another living, walking,…."
"Thats not true, I've had friends. Seiben was my favorite, but there were others. All the corns (her name), from Regina to others. You think this world is all bad!" she accuses Thez with.

c5dac No.63181

"This wasn't,…"
"YOU don't get to decide anymore!"

d2190 No.63182

"You met Sechs Verseiben?"

3142c No.63183

*sits on Brad, because reasons*

bbaef No.63184

"Adeline! Dont raise your voice to your mother!"

d2190 No.63185

reeeeees, because reasons
You're still being held, pony!

"There were other Unicorns?"

3142c No.63186

Hold her butt then. There's a lot to hold onto.

c5dac No.63187

"No, I met Seiben, his son. And he was great. He was kind and friendly that everyone of you AREN'T," she says with a wave. Now when I say a wave, I don't mean anything lasting. What I do mean however, is that she (Addy) has a certain force of presence, where she can 'wave' her emotional state into the immediate surroundings. At the moment she's sad and hurt, because all she's ever known is ignominy, for reasons beyond her control or ability to mitigate.
"Who are YOU to tell me what to do!?"
"DD, please, it's,…."

bbaef No.63188

"Who am me? Me am Infernuis "mother fucking" Preston, me am the one who you are angry at. Beat me it will make you feel better."

d2190 No.63189

"I just met you though"

bbaef No.63190

"Me am the deadbeat that never got to see you grow up. Me am the loser who wasnt here to protect you and you mother."

4721f No.63191

>He was kind and friendly that everyone of you AREN'T
Torc grimaces at the words
"Heh, first I found out the poor unicorn I brought here is pretty much being killed everyday and I get spat on and insulted by father and daughter…"
Torc stops the spell and walks away again
>"Damnit you emotional little bitch"

bbaef No.63192


4721f No.63193

Torc begins to point his gun, but stops and lowers it
"Forget it, I'm gonna go see what I can do"
He trys making his way to a watch tower or the likes

bbaef No.63194


c5dac No.63195

"You see this?! This is the only one of you who isn't a pussy!"
"No! I've lived by your rules, I've hid from everything. To what end?! Where am I to go from this except to die?!?"
And to this, Thez has NO response. All that can be heard from her is choked breath and astonished silence.

bbaef No.63196

*breaks grapple*
*bends addy over knee*
"You will listen to your mother!"

c5dac No.63197

"Like,… like all my friends,"

4721f No.63198

Wait, did she just say Torc is the only one who isn't a pussy?

d2190 No.63199

Trumpaladin interjects, though perhaps with not enough force to overcome what is going on in front of him
"How do I get back"

d2190 No.63200

"Oh stop it, he just wants to leave the room to get away from drama. Now all of you hush. I need to get back to the past. I mean, we need to get back to the past"

4721f No.63201

Dice rollRolled 3

Dice rollRolled 15

As he says this they hear a ray sound
"Hey shit this feels good"
Torc casts Ray of frost on one of the lizard people outside the walls

88fb0 No.63202

Stix, still confused, lays down in the other room and waits for the group to settle down. Seeing that this could be a lengthy wait, Stix takes a rest.

bbaef No.63203

"I hate living"

c5dac No.63204

"So,… so does she." Thez says, and Infernius can see that just saying this, admitting it, literally crushes her. "She didn't,… doesn't deserve this world."

9e76b No.63205

*changes into dragon form and roars at inferniosj Ive had enough no apprentice of mine is going off half cocked. You think your a terrible father. Out of 5 kids only 2 of mine are still alive and i wasnt around to protect them.

88fb0 No.63206

Wakes up with a start at the sound of the roar

d2190 No.63207

Let's go of the pony, and moves back in the room closer to the door, with Pony 2

c5dac No.63208

Lenos hits the button. In an extra-ordinate display of grandiose dragon-ocity he grows to immense size, embracing his full dragon nature.
His tumultuous dragon-breath beats down on Infernius. (not the napalm dragon-breath)

4721f No.63209

Dice rollRolled 4, 1, 3, 5, 6, 1, 1, 6, 2, 2, 2, 2, 6, 4, 1 = 46

Torc casts freezing sphere at a large group of the reptiles.
It's his form of stress relief

bbaef No.63210

*flys towards court city*

bbaef No.63211

Oh even better
*jumps inside lenos mouth*

d2190 No.63212

Trumpaladin goes for a walk

9e76b No.63213

*spits out foul tasting bull*
You sorry excuse for a bull. I have half a mind to let my children practice their breath attacks on your worthless hide. But that would be a waste of the time i spent training you. And i wont deprive your daughter her father or my friend her mate (pathetic as he is at this moment). Instead ill do this for now
*casts forcecage*

bbaef No.63214

"She doesn't care."

c5dac No.63215

Who said that?
Also he's in a magical force-prison. Remember that time Lenos and Thez fought (might've been early for Infernius) yeah that one.

bbaef No.63216

Can i move?

9e76b No.63217

You have a 20 by 20 cubeto move around in

bbaef No.63218

*casts fire storm*

c5dac No.63219

Yes, though Infernius is limited to a 20x20' space.

9e76b No.63220

*lifts spiked eye ridge*
Really? A weak imitation of the spell i cast over myself all the time. You really think thats going to affect me?

c5dac No.63221

I did allude to this,… directly,… not long ago
And Infernius was there for it

9e76b No.63222

I remember reading that post

bbaef No.63223

*ethereal jaunt*

bbaef No.63224

c5dac No.63225

With the post, I was referring to Infernius casting Fire Storm and everyone crouching, versus Lenos casting it and Thez saying (at the time) GTFO to her sole charge.
As far as ethereal jaunt
Is it a walled cage, and/or are there windows?

bbaef No.63226

>still confused
Sole charge?

d2190 No.63227

"Um…. excuse me. You said something earlier about undesirables, or whatever you called them, that you think might be responsible for sending us through time?"

9e76b No.63228

Its the cage of bars the bars are .5 inches thick with .5 inches in between
Look at post 62717 i believe on the previous thread

9e76b No.63229

Its not a windowless room. But unless he can become less then .5 inches thick he cant get out using etheral jaunt

c5dac No.63230

Understand, the party is a new thing to Thez. For ~ 15 years there's been nothing but Addy. I understand there are misconceptions on Infernius' end, but Thez' side it very dark and resentful, with cause.

bbaef No.63231

He knows that makes it worse.

c5dac No.63232

I don't think he does. Maybe I'm missing something, but I have a real hard time identifying with is position. Having not been responsible for his own absence, I have a hard time buying his shame and regret. I have a hard time seeing him resentful and angry - aside from outrage - at the situation he finds himself in. To be honest, I expected Infernius to be the last character ready to throw salt.

I could be wrong though.

bbaef No.63233

Are you fucking serous m8?
He sees how much they've suffered by addys comments and thezs demeanour.

bbaef No.63234

>"There's always a way."
A>"Shouldn't you guys take this on board? I'd guess ur gonna talk about stuff that the other characters would wanna know."
"Not always, me learned that hard way."

c5dac No.63235

If that's your concern, you're misunderstanding. As the world stands, Thez (and hers, by proxy) are living on borrowed time, and when that time runs out,….

bbaef No.63236

c5dac No.63237

Yeah. Alright, I'll spell it out for you. The state the world is in is directly a result of all the shit that's gone on. If you want a better reality for Thez, for Addy, for any of this, running away isn't the way to do it. There is a way, technically several ways, to fix it. Guess what, running off on a depressed-suicide-tragic-redemption-mission isn't it.

bbaef No.63238

"How do we kill him?"

bbaef No.63239

c5dac No.63240

"Him? I assume you mean Soros? Now? You want to face him now? Foolishness."

d2190 No.63241

"How do we get back?"

c5dac No.63242

Tears streaming down, she lifts her face to meet his gaze. "I have to take the throne. Of Hell."

bbaef No.63243

"Can we even get back?"

d2190 No.63244

"You were a princess, right? I recall you battled Soros in the Abyss or something"

"I don't know, but I have to get back. What I saw in the stadium…….. It must be undone"

bbaef No.63245

*struggles against cage to get to thez*

c5dac No.63246

"I *am* a princess, and yes, we've crossed swords several times. But that was a long time ago, and I was far more powerful than I,… am," she says, lifting her hands and looking at them disdainfully.
She steps toward Infernius instinctively, but unsure of his intentions, she stays herself.

d2190 No.63247

"So tell me, who do you think sent us through time to begin with, and who may get us back?

I'm guessing the Golden Lady is at the heart of all this?"

bbaef No.63248

"Me am her for you and addy now."
"Let me out."

c5dac No.63249

"No,… she's dead. While Soros has been making plans for this world, the Bogdanoffs have been waging their own war. The house of Thez is destroyed, just like the rest of this world."
"Your word?"

d2190 No.63250

"Do not regret relinquishing demonic power or influence. Be grateful for gaining friends, and now family."

d2190 No.63251

"The house of…. It's destroyed? What hasn't been destroyed?"

bbaef No.63252


d2190 No.63253

"Pony, did you have like a radio or something you could use to get in touch with Trollestia? That could be useful"

c5dac No.63254

Stern face, but she looks at Lenos and (with gesture) asks him to lift the cage.

d2190 No.63255

"So Zion sent us through time. Tell me, where can we find them?"

bbaef No.63256

*embraces thez with consent or not and strokes hair and kisses*

c5dac No.63257

Not sure Lenos lifted the cage yet, but we'll assume he didn't.
Thez meanwhile, flails in resistance for a moment, but its not sincere and rapidly surrenders to his embrace.

c5dac No.63258

"I let you go for one mission, and you disappear for over a dozen years."

bbaef No.63259

"Me didnt choose to go, me didnt have a choice."
"And i guess that makes me a pussy."

c5dac No.63260

"I know, at least, I believe you. Still, you're here now. I never thought I'd see you again," tears flow relentlessly.

bbaef No.63261

"Always trust for me to come back to you."

c5dac No.63262

"Try not to take so long next time."
A>"Wait,… are you,…my,…" she can't even say it.

bbaef No.63263

"Yes, im your father.
"It was a few minutes for me."

c5dac No.63264

Addy looks at Thez, who nods solemnly, before running up and embracing the both of them. "I've always wanted a father," she blubbers into his stomach. Hearing this, Thez loses her composure and collapses to her knees, hugging Addy from behind while still holding onto Infernius.

bbaef No.63265

"Me am sorry me was not here to protect you 2, me know that dont mean much."
*hugs both of them tightly*

4721f No.63266

Who is chopping
Onions in here?

3142c No.63268

*brushes birdies*

3142c No.63269

>tfw ran out of alp paintings

c5dac No.63270

Alright, alright, that's enough of that sappy-ass shit! So there we have it. Addy is fully introduced, Infernius isn't running off and getting himself killed,… again,… and Thez has a plan to get back to Hell, where the exopolitics might offer a solution to this whole "Samurai Jack" story-arc.
Oh, and it will also give Tracy the chance to stab things that can actually be sneak-attacked.
And Snek and Torcuil get to shoot stuff.
And Trump can unleash a righteous fury upon for what happened to his and Infernius' men.
And Lenos can blow up more shit.

4721f No.63271

Snek and Torc will enjoy that

d2190 No.63272

File: 1523822774497.png (164.65 KB, 1042x785, 1500277111473.png)

>Is ready to unleash a Righteous fury
By the way, Thez didn't answer questions about who may have caused the time portal

4721f No.63273

Torc returns to the party in a bit of a better mood than before
"Wanna go kill some lizards?"

9e76b No.63274

*having dismissed thw force cage lenos reverts back to his brownie form and proceeds to drink more ale*
so were going to hell then?

c5dac No.63275

Addy looks at Lenos, confused by him changing form. "So which is it? Are you a dragon or are you a midgit?"

bbaef No.63276

"Wull killing lizards get us home?"
"Gibe ale"

d2190 No.63277

"I have to agree with Infernius. We need to get back"

4721f No.63278

"No but it could help"
>"Fuck lizards, they always think they're superior cause they have legs and shit"
"You know, for being as young as you are you sure seem to know a lot"
>"I got here like you did. I died and next thing I knew It was a staff. And I was stuck with you"

c5dac No.63279

"Well here's the thing. Back in the tower, I used to have a small gate device I kept in my room. It was too small for people to use *normally*, but if we can get to it, we might be able to use it to get into Hell. From there,… well just what you might expect.

bbaef No.63280

"Uh who has tower now?"

d2190 No.63281

"Where is the Tower?"

4721f No.63282

Torc considers freezing hell over if they do end up there.
"And how do we get into the tower?"

c5dac No.63283

"Yeah,… uhm,… about that. I uh,… don't exactly know. Soros found some way to activate it, and I don't know where he took it." ~_~

d2190 No.63284

"We better find it then"

3142c No.63285

"He managed to get through the tower's sheild?
… I guess it says something for all of us, keeping our things in a building we don't own.."
>tfw still haven't bought that house on the ranch

c5dac No.63286

"So,… anyone have any ideas about how we go about it?"

4721f No.63287

"Try the court city?

d2190 No.63288

"What is 'Dubai,' on that map? And you say that you knew what happened to Slovenia and the like? That you knew where they went? Well, if you know where Soros keeps his tailor, I wouldn't be surprised that if the Tower is nearby"

c5dac No.63289

"The city no longer houses the Court, there's no need for it anymore."
"I've never been to Dubai, but Slovenia and Felicia were taken to Bohemian Grove, so that might be a good place to start looking."

3142c No.63290

Tracy begins flipping through the wanted posters she took.
"…Has anyone else we knew managed to survive?" She asks grimly

c5dac No.63291

"I don't know of any, and if somehow there are some then they're either slaves or worse at this point." ~_~

3142c No.63292

I assume none of the posters are relevant?

"Bohemian grove sounds like a good place to start..
Wait, if the Imperial city no longer houses the court, does it even still exist?"

d2190 No.63293

"Bohemian Grove it is then, the best place to start"

c5dac No.63294

"I suppose that's a good point. Soros could have easily gotten rid of them too. I have no way of knowing."

d2190 No.63295

"Have you seen many undead?"

bbaef No.63296

"Lets go burn it down!"

c5dac No.63297

"Aside from the mass in Durpistan, no," she chuckles for a moment. "They sent that after us months ago, thought that would flush us out," she smiles with a sigh. "Some of them were from Sparintenar. It wasn't until after I put some of them down that I realized we could bolster the city defenses by coralling them."

3142c No.63298

"Those scaly creatures, down below, where did they come from? Are they demons too?" Tracy asks, knowing nothing about the world
"Are there any other factions working with Soros?"

d2190 No.63299

"Burning it down just increases the chance that we will all be killed before we get back. We need to be discrete. We need to find a way back"

"Well… My best guess is that the Court existed recently at least.

I entirely understand why Kefka and The Lady wanted them gone"

3142c No.63300

"It was Kefka's court; he could've destroyed them whenever he wanted. Why would he want them gone?"

bbaef No.63301

"Yea you probably right."

c5dac No.63302

"Those are the Slaadi. They live underground ordinarily, but they have been contracted by Soros to do his bidding. Rigidly hierarchical, the Grey ones are the ones you have to worry about, though don't get surrounded by the Blue ones either. Anyway, he uses them as an expendable army, without risking any of his abyssal forces. Pawns essentially, except don't tell them that."
"I'm not sure that their relationship is that great. In Kefka's case, the combined court could have presented a significant threat to him, and without the Tarrasque he wouldn't have as much leverage. The Court existed before Kefka,… betrayed us,… so who knows what their motivations and networks consist of."

3142c No.63303

File: 1523826474185.png (301.09 KB, 520x678, a68.png)


d2190 No.63304

"My best guess is that he couldn't destroy them whenever he wanted, or that he needed to do it discretely. Why would he want them gone? He didn't trust them. I bet he figured they had their own agenda. And considering they worked with Zion to kill him, it looks like he was right"

"Betrayed us?"

bbaef No.63305

"What zion?"

c5dac No.63306

"I thought I mentioned that years ago. Yeah, Kefka was a player too. He's the reason I went to the outer planes in the first place."

d2190 No.63307

"Wait, what? I haven't heard any of this! I also haven't even been here a year…"

"Zion is an empire that came in from the north. They came in as merchants first, but took over slowly, and summoned Soros from the outer planes"

bbaef No.63308

"We crush them when we get back."

d2190 No.63309

"Yes. We crush them. Flay them. Everyone of them."

3142c No.63310

>wants to kill something
"You're right about that."

bbaef No.63311


3142c No.63312

"Those salami things. If they're already here, does that mean they've relayed our location to the abyssals?"

3142c No.63313

"And if so, does that mean Soros's hoard could arrive sooner or later, if they've seen any of us?"

c5dac No.63314

"Undoubtably, but I doubt they realize the significance of your arrival."
"Potentially, yes."

3142c No.63315

I forget, did Brad ever declare who he was in that fight with the groundskeeper, or did he keep his identity obscured (chicken disguise).

bbaef No.63316

"When we go get thing back?"

4721f No.63317

So where exactly are we?
Getting ready to leave for the grove?

c5dac No.63318

I don't think he identified himself, other than as a man of Football. That alone could lead to a conclusion, except he also did a good job of cutting the Gay into pieces and dissolving the body in Holy Ade. I'd say he's fine.
Thez shrugs, "Whenever we're ready. Bohemian Grove lies in the forest beyond where Kiynen's swamp is,… was perhaps,…."

bbaef No.63319


3142c No.63320

"I'm ready if need be." Tracy says, stretching
"Question is, who's going to stay behind?"

c5dac No.63321


3142c No.63322

*Looks briefly at Addy, Spike, and [insert name here]*
"Well, I don't mean to leave anyone behind, but there are children here.. If those salamis get wise to the situation, they'll have to relocate anyway, but is it right to just take them into uncharted enemy territory…" Tracy says, with a look that expresses that she's not so sure of her proposition
"Shouldn't someone stay here in case the hoard breaks the barrier? Unless you have a plan for where to make camp outside the grove."
pardon my autism. I'm sick as hell and not thinking straight….

4721f No.63323

"I'm going, at Lea to help Felicia"

bbaef No.63324

"I mean you do have point but couldn't kiyen protect them?"

3142c No.63325

I assumed Kiynen was going to stay with her chicks. Wasn't sure about anyone else though.

4721f No.63326

Lenos can stay I guess

c5dac No.63327

Tremendous stomping can be heard from over the side of the building, crowing closer. Finally, Kiynen swings her massive head over the side of the building (she's crawling up it).
"We're not staying here. If this works, this nightmare scenario can be avoided," she 'quietly' roars.

bbaef No.63328

"You think about it wrong meme boy, if we get back we can help felica by not letting her get captured."

3142c No.63329

Tracy nods with hesitant conviction

bbaef No.63330

"Oh hey lenos girl."

c5dac No.63331

"I agree with I'nis and Kiynen. As much as I hate to leave Felicia and Slovenia - as well as others - to their fate, as well as risking the children, its our best hope."

d2190 No.63332

"Haven't seen you in a while"

c5dac No.63334

Thez dabs on Infernius

3142c No.63335

"But if we change the past.. what'll happen to all of you in the present..?"

d2190 No.63336

"We've got to get back"

c5dac No.63337

"I… I don't know that either. But we can't leave things as they are."

4721f No.63338

Torc grimaces a little bit before Snek slaps him with his tail
>"Pull yourself together, you can make sure it doesn't happen."
"Alright, fine. So where do we start?"

3142c No.63339

"Will you all just disappear?" Tracy presses, looking rather confused about the whole situation

d2190 No.63340

"They were conceived before the time divergence. A different version of them would exist probably, after 15 years"

c5dac No.63341

"That's one possibility. Another is that this world will continue on, and a new future will be forged for the past timeline, like a parallel dimension. Those who venture to wield such magics are not often available for comment in the aftermath."
"Uhm,… that's actually not true,…."

3142c No.63342

"What about this version though?"

d2190 No.63343

"This universe cannot be allowed to continue to exist"

bbaef No.63344

"There be happy version but we be with them so we age 15 years too."

3142c No.63345

*visible confusion*
"What about everyone in it though? What would happen to them?"

bbaef No.63346

*dabs back*

d2190 No.63347

"Replaced by something better"

c5dac No.63348

"I agree."
"If everything works out, that's the idea/plan."

3142c No.63349

this is why time travel stories piss me off sometimes.
Tracy still looking confused, busies herself with sharpening her already-sharp knives.

c5dac No.63350

"I'll have to prepare some things. Please excuse me for a bit. Addy, stay with your father."

bbaef No.63351

"Tell me about yourself adoplha."

3142c No.63352

I g2g for about half an hour

c5dac No.63353

Her eyes widen to the size of dinner-plates. 8D
"Weeeeeeeelllll,…." and then stops for a moment to think. "Uhm,… no one's really asked me about myself before. Uhm,… I like to climb things, and I'm very sneaky," she says with a slightly mischievous look. "I like to sing, but I'm not nearly as good as mom,…" she gasps in excitement, but quickly shuts her mouth. My favorite food is Dragon Turtle,… OH! I can cook pretty well too!"
No worries, I'm about to step out for a bit (like 15 minutes) myself.

bbaef No.63354

"Wow you seem very talented, wanna sing daddy a song?"

4721f No.63355

>"She's my new best friend"
"what about me?
>"What about you?"

c5dac No.63356

She giggles a bit. "I wouldn't say I'm talented,… its just that its so boring around here. Aside from playing with Spike and Slab I figure that's a good enough name for the other one. I think I came up with one last night, but oh well or Sammy and Bunbun there's really not a whole lot to do."

c5dac No.63357

She leans over to Infernius and whispers to him.
"Why is the skinny guy talking to himself? Does he do that often?" then at normal volume "Hold on, I don't even know any of your names."

d2190 No.63358

"You asked me earlier"

c5dac No.63359

"Oh right. Brad, wasn't it?"

bbaef No.63360

"Oh me sure you can sing just as well as your mom *whispers* maybe even a little bit better, me would be honored to hear song.
"Uh yeah hes kinda touched in the head, he a pretty good guy though. Me name is Infernuis."

4721f No.63361

"Oh, sorry. Slipped my mind. I'm Torcuil, and this is Mr. Snek"
Mr. Snek's hat becomes a top hat and he removes it with a little bow

d2190 No.63362


bbaef No.63363

"Uncle brad"

c5dac No.63364

"So thaaaaaats what she meant when she said "I'nis is easier."
She nods to Torcuil, and then returns Snek's bow with a curtsey. "Enchante"
8D She looks to Trump. "CAN I?!"

3142c No.63365

>Turns out I didn't actually need to leave but will soon so it might be another half hour
"The name's Tracy."

d2190 No.63366

A soft hiss-like "reeeing" sound escapes Trumpaladin's mouth

c5dac No.63367

"Hiya Tracy!" she turns to Stix. "And what's your name?"

3142c No.63368

*Firmly grasps leg*

bbaef No.63369

"His name stick."

d2190 No.63370

More of the exasperated sound escapes his mouth

3142c No.63371

Okay, now I actually g2g

c5dac No.63372

K, Tracy will be dead when you get back.

bbaef No.63373

*dabs on addy*

4721f No.63374

But what if Addy dabs back?

c5dac No.63375

Dice rollRolled 15

Amidst the conversation, Thez slowly approaches, watching but not wanting to disrupt the scene. As she does so, Addy turns to her and runs up and whispers something in her ear.
And Thez hits Infernius with a katsuken

c5dac No.63376

Dice rollRolled 5, 4 + 18 = 27

c5dac No.63377

And he flies that many feet. No damage tho.

4721f No.63378

"So uh, I hate to break up you and Infernius' heart touching PDA, but now what?"

bbaef No.63379

"Betrayed. Oooof
She never even sang."

88fb0 No.63380

“I’m Stix. Nice to meet you.”

c5dac No.63381

"There will be plenty of time for fun and games later. Besides, you're the one who wanted to dab on her,… she doesn't even know what a dab is!"

3142c No.63382

I'm back.

3142c No.63383

Tracy gets her stuff ready to go.

bbaef No.63384

"For shame! You didnt tell her about dabbing"
*mock anger*

3142c No.63385

What's wrong with dabbing?

c5dac No.63386

"The whole point of dabbing is being witnessed doing it." she replies dryly.

bbaef No.63387

*dabs on thez*

3142c No.63388

4721f No.63389

3142c No.63390

*hugs birdies*

9e76b No.63391

*shakes head* im lenos spike and slabs father

bbaef No.63392

"You have kids too?"

c5dac No.63393

8D "So they're "your fault"? I heard alot about you from Kiynen! I,… didn't realize u'd be so smol tho," she measures their height difference.

c5dac No.63394

Thez blushes again, "Addy, consider your words."
A>"What? Its what Kiynen always said! First there was 'this guy' who was a little bastard but strangely charming, and they had lots of fun and played "played" and then those eggs popped out and it was all his fault."
Thez facepalms.

9e76b No.63395

>>63393 thanks to a cult curse that made me this small.
Yes i have kids apparently……and they are quite the dapper young dragons if i do say so myself

bbaef No.63396


c5dac No.63397

As I continue to illustrate Addy's disposition and personality, keep in mind (meta) she has a 5 wisdom

9e76b No.63398

Heh ya played is a good …… term. So are my kids friends of yours?

4721f No.63399

"So, when are we leaving?"

bbaef No.63400

is her int higher than mine?

c5dac No.63401

3142c No.63402

*brushes birdies*

c5dac No.63403

"I'll be ready in just a moment," Thez replies. She walks over to Addy. "Addy, this is going to be very dangerous. I want you to keep this with you," she says, holding out her size-appropriate quarterstaff she's only 4'4" tall.
Excited by the idea, but unsure what this all means, Addy reluctantly takes it. "But this is,… o, okay."
T>"Stay behind me at all times, got it?"
A> Nods, nervously but affirmatively.
Thez then looks at the rest of the party. "Well, I guess this is it? Does anyone have any last minute preparations or considerations?"

3142c No.63404

"Yeah, where will Sam and Bunny be perching when we're infiltrating the grove? They're not exactly easy to hide."

c5dac No.63405

"Why would we leave them behind? They have a stake in this too. Do you think they just shrugged and went about their business when you left?"

3142c No.63406

*Hugs birds protectively*
"Y-you don't expect them to be on the battlefield, do you?!"

c5dac No.63407

"Directly, no. But they can get us there quickly and with relative discretion, assuming they fly within the cloud-bank. And, do you really think they're just gonna let you walk out of here?"
As she says this, Bunny starts bonking Tracy on the head with her beak. (not painfully)

3142c No.63408

You misunderstand. Tracy was asking where she would park her birds, so that they wouldn't draw attention at the grove.
They're gargantuan.

4721f No.63409

Both Snek and Torc inspect their guns.
"Nope we're ready"

3142c No.63410

*Hugs birdie*

3142c No.63411

*Hugs birdie*

3142c No.63412

Fug it. They'll find some mountain to land behind.
Let's get to the battlefield already.

3142c No.63413

*Grooms birds for take off*
*Generously oils knives*

bbaef No.63414

*hugs addy and thez*
"Me ready."

9e76b No.63415

*shrugs shoulders* im ready when you are. I need to kill something in the worst way

c5dac No.63416

I should take a moment to specify. While several of the party members have empathic links which allow them to communicate over distance and detect the direction to the other party, Thez and Infernius are not exclusive to this phenomena. I point this out because, while there is no potential for communication, or for that "direction sense" of the other's location, both Thez and Infernius can sense Addy's proximity through the same link.
I wanted to iterate that before progressing, because its probably going to come into play.

c5dac No.63417

As far as preparations are concerned, the currently available fliers are Sammy, Bunny, and Fae. Obviously the first two have the highest carrying capacity, and other characters can individually do flying shit, but does anyone have a preference/idea who rides who?
A>"I want Bunbun!"
T>"I'm with Her" deliberate shitpost

d2190 No.63419

Trumpaladin rides Fae

4721f No.63420

Torc casts fly on Snek and climbs on his back
"It's not the airship, but you'll do buddy"

3142c No.63421

Tracy gets on Sams back.

3142c No.63422

And Infernius has Utachit.
So, we're all ready?
Alright. Let's get messy.

9e76b No.63423

*turns back into dragon form* i got my own wings thank you very much

bbaef No.63424


c5dac No.63425

Thez gets a wistful look when he says that.
"Yeah, lets."

3142c No.63426

*flies off*

c5dac No.63427

Okay, so it's Lenos (in dragon, w/ no riders), Kiynen (with both babbies), Bunny (with Thez and Addy), Sammy (with Tracy), Snek with Torcuil, Uatchit with Infernius,… Stix?

88fb0 No.63428

Stix hops on Fae with Trump

bbaef No.63430


d2190 No.63431


Flies off, with "Rock You Like A Hurricane" playing

4721f No.63432

"OHHHHHHH What shall we do with the drunken sai-"
>"I'm about to drop him"
"Alright fine, just have your gun ready, and here. Have some armor"
Torc casts mage armor on himself, which also affects Snek.

4721f No.63434

And for one last extra buff.
Torc grabs his staff of abjuration and casts shield.
To help GM: Both Torc and Snek now have ACs of 32, and Torc has the following spells remaining:
I'm ready

c5dac No.63435

Couldn't find a better version. But it does help. With a minor cantrip from Thez, Addy starts to sing the Ahhhhh part.
I'm so not keeping track. I trust you will tho.

And I say that, having pulled 'available spells' shenanigens in the past

4721f No.63436

I'll keep track.
>Rulefags myself

d2190 No.63437

File: 1523840008877.png (174.84 KB, 739x1081, 720416__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Some excellent taste in music

bbaef No.63438

c5dac No.63439

I tried to find a female cover for consistency, but all I get is Beyonce shit

3142c No.63440

*loads crossbow with 5 screaming bolts*

c5dac No.63441

Thez calls out "You still got those javelins of lightning?" over the increasing wind and disturbance, as they take flight out of the city, to the enraged sound of the Slaadi.

3142c No.63442

"Umm.. I don't remember restocking.."
*Checks bag*

I thought she used up her last one (there were 3 right?) on the tarrasque, but I also remember Thez getting more before the party went to get Infernius. Are you saying she gave them to Tracy?

Tracy gives The whatever's in the bag.

bbaef No.63443

"Adolf me dont know if you can hearvme but me pray that you bless us on our mission."(Hitler smiles upon Infernius in his venture to thwart Zion and Globalism)

3142c No.63444

Cast Bless pls

3142c No.63445

I feel like an idiot for requesting that.
I'd appreciate any buffs though.

c5dac No.63446

There were 4 left when Thez gave Tracy the bag. I don't recall her using them, but I could easily have overlooked. I don't recall restocking, but again,…
Also, she's not asking for them, but just clarifying.

3142c No.63447

I used one against the first demon invasion
One on Korak's ass
And one to finish off the Tarrasque.

Hmm, I guess she still has one.

c5dac No.63448

Dice rollRolled 13

Lifting into the lower bank of the constant overcast that has plagued this world for years, the party proceeds along, over the wasted and shrivelled forests toward a large hill that has been stripped of any vegetation. A variety of structures dot the hillside, most notably the crystalline Pyramid-top of the tower, which at some point appears to have been embedded in the top of the hill.

d2190 No.63449

Um…. the hill where it used to be?

3142c No.63450

Could the hill provide cover for the birds to land?

c5dac No.63451

No, a different hillside, far more to the east and north than the "starting point"

d2190 No.63452

How did she find it?

3142c No.63453

Dice rollRolled 15

Tracy looks down for any signs of sapient activity.
Rolling spot without modifiers cuz I forgot them

c5dac No.63454

She, Thez?
"These days, EVERYONE knows where Bohemian Grove is, whether for or against."

3142c No.63455

"What's this place like?!" Tracy shouts over the wind

c5dac No.63456

File: 1523842441698-0.png (8.4 KB, 800x450, BG.png)

File: 1523842441698-1.png (7.58 KB, 800x450, BG1.png)

Maps. The first one is a rough sketch of the environment, the second is a shitposty map I made while making the first one.

d2190 No.63457

"What is the Bohemian Grove?"

3142c No.63458

So, four structures in the surrounding area, and a curling spire that leads to the top?

c5dac No.63459

"Its where (((they))) revel in their domination and exploitation of this world!" (shouting cuz wind and distance)
Yes. Since the party is airborne, the pathways are less relevant, but I can't be remiss now can I?

c5dac No.63460

Additionally, I should mention,… the main door to the Tower is blow ground level,….

3142c No.63461

Tracy looks for a spot to keep her angels safe so she can get off and slaughter things.

bbaef No.63462

"Where we go first?"

c5dac No.63463

From the air, the "eyeball" is a keep (a tower surrounded by a hearty wall), the tail looks like a series of shops, the back leg is a temple of sorts, and the foreleg-elbow looks like an inn

3142c No.63464

Tracy signals her bird to land a good distance from the hill, her eyes on those shops.

3142c No.63465

I'mma rampage those shops, then the temple.

c5dac No.63466

>is shocked

d2190 No.63467

A temple? Describe

c5dac No.63468

Now when you say a good distance from the hill, you realize that puts Tracy outside the hill, right?
Aside from the 6-pointed stars n shit?

3142c No.63469

No spoilers.
Let's go see.
Maybe they have some unholy stuff worth stealing.

3142c No.63470

>Outside the hill.
Well shit…
Is there any visible way she could land these airplane-sized animals without drawing attention?

bbaef No.63471

We need to burn it upon leaving.

3142c No.63472

That goes without saying.

c5dac No.63473

Probably not, the hillside sports only grass, making any sort of concealed approach impossible

d2190 No.63474

I would recommend not wasting time that could allow Soros to get a head start in reacting to the party, since the party will lose the element of surprise the moment they land, but whatever

3142c No.63475

are the walls scale-able with Tracy's grappling hook? Her priority to to keep her birdies safe.

4721f No.63476

>just now finds out about bonus spells

Would Trump like eagle's splendor?

bbaef No.63477

But faggy temple that is literally blocking hitlers power.

c5dac No.63478

"I agree!"
"He's right, its probably GM offering some faggy nonsense to distract us with!"

3142c No.63479

Tracy could use some bull's strength.
Infernius would be ideologically obligated to destroy it.
Clerics have codes of conduct too.

3142c No.63481

I wanted to horse around a bit, but sure…

4721f No.63482

I don't have that one
Torc casts eagle splendor on himself

bbaef No.63484

Yea i can let it go in the name of getting back to the past.

d2190 No.63485

This. We gotta get back. Back to the past

So we can destroy every one of them before they are built

c5dac No.63486

"I could be wrong, there could be gibs inside,…"
"He's right! I don't like saying that by the way!"

3142c No.63487

Okay, let's land closer to the center then.

3142c No.63488

What would they she upon leaving?

3142c No.63489


c5dac No.63490

Dice rollRolled 18

"You're landing?!" and then to Addy, "Hold on DD," before leaping from Bunny in mid flight.

3142c No.63491

Wait are they over them?
Could she just jump off and roll a tumble?

c5dac No.63492

If Tracy can get away with doing that, and not splat, sure. Thez has teleport and airwalk.

4721f No.63493

>"Ding! Please fasten your seatbelts as we begin our descent into Bohemian Grove International."
Snek begins to descend behind the others, establishing the back line

d2190 No.63494

Dice rollRolled 20 + 16

Fae: Spot check
No, I am not confident in the modifier, she just has high spot

bbaef No.63495

*lands quietly*

3142c No.63496

Fuck, I wish I could still fly.
Tracy signals to Bunny to land at a safe distance.

9e76b No.63497

*circles around to make sure the party makes it to the ground safely*

c5dac No.63498

e_E Tracy is on Sammy, Addy and Thez were on Bunbun
Also, Sammy doesn't need to land to disembark. Tracy could dismount with an acrobatics check, while Sammy grazed the hillsides (wherever) if she wanted

3142c No.63499

Dice rollRolled 7 + 25

Fuck it.
Rolling to Tumble and avoid a shaken fetus.
>inb4 1

d2190 No.63500

Can Fae land with a pounce on a thing? Also Nat 20 on a spot check

3142c No.63501

… or she lets Lenos help her down.
Whichever is easier.
Let's just go kill things.

9e76b No.63502

*lenos swoopes over sammy and grabes tracy right off the birds back before making a steep decent to the ground next to the party*

c5dac No.63503

This, faster than Thez and Addy, even at free-fall speeds.
"And here I thought I was being time-conservative," e_e

c5dac No.63504

Likewise Kiynen swoops down (also passing Thez and Addy, the former looking irritated cuz her idea didn't pan out)

3142c No.63505

… sorry.
Anyway. Tracy puts her sword in her mouth, the basket hilt on her muzzle looking not unlike a helmets visor. With Edgy and Dark in either hoof, she readies for battle, her chain twitching in her claws, circling her like an adder puffed with venom.

4721f No.63506

Should we roll initiative?

c5dac No.63507

That'd be good. Actually, players should roll 2/character, to account for falling, skill-checks, etc.

3142c No.63508

Dice rollRolled 4 + 7


3142c No.63509

3142c No.63510

Wait, what?

4721f No.63511

Dice rollRolled 13, 7 = 20

Since Snek and Torc aren't falling I'll skip that.
Highest goes to Snek

d2190 No.63512

Dice rollRolled 6, 9 = 15

Dice rollRolled 12, 7 = 19

Fae and Trumpaladin. Or Just Fae, not sure

bbaef No.63513

Dice rollRolled 12, 12 + 5 = 29


c5dac No.63514

Well, unless players had a predisposed plan (which Thez did, but she's never been the best at communicaton) then I assume a skill check would be involved for players to reach the ground without damage or affect. So, one dice would be for initiative, and the second would apply to whatever situation the character potentiated for themselves

3142c No.63515

Tracy is being carried by Lenos. Does she need to roll?

c5dac No.63516

Dice rollRolled 20, 18 = 38

O, my bad. 1st roll gets a +4

9e76b No.63517

Dice rollRolled 4, 11 = 15

d2190 No.63518

Couldn't Fae just land normally though?

9e76b No.63519

Dice rollRolled 19, 16 = 35

Thats what im wondering about lenos

c5dac No.63520

I thought Tracy went with Sammy, and Lenos was un-rided?

3142c No.63521

Idk what's happening anymore…

c5dac No.63522

Also, I didn't say "everyone leaps off and assumes battle-stance", I mean Thez leaps off and assumes battle stance.

9e76b No.63523

Lenos grabbwd tracy off the bird before flying down to the groind at a steep angle

3142c No.63524

Does it matter how we get to the ground atm?

c5dac No.63525

Do you want this to be a cut and dry rpg where player have their attack round and opponents have their attack round, or do you want me to try and embellish?

9e76b No.63526

Embillish a bit

c5dac No.63527

Logistically, yes but without the immediacy that Thez is shooting for. She's going for attacks of opporunity/surprise.
Only for combat sequence

c5dac No.63528

She's also looking to show off to Addy, who's never seen her tly try

3142c No.63529

Anyway, Tracy did what Lenos said, thanking him graciously before waving to her birds.

c5dac No.63530

Dice rollRolled 12, 5 = 17

K, rerolling, cuz I misjudged the requisite rolls

4721f No.63531

Do I need to roll for Snek and Torc's decent?

c5dac No.63532

AS far as landings, there are several varieties. There's the blitzkrieg method, which Thez is employing, or there's the "Actually wanting to land and avoid maleffect method, that Fae, the Birbs, and all other natural fliers would be quite to mention in the moment

c5dac No.63533

Snek can fly for the moment, no need
No, Im sorry. I'm catty cuz we didn't get as far as I wanted. We're not done until something dies, but "ideally" I should stop now. I won't tho.

d2190 No.63534


4721f No.63535

Alrigh I'm confused, for now Snek and Torc just take up positions on the back line.
Tell me when to roll initiative

3142c No.63536

>I was catty
It's alright. I was being a bitch.
I just want to slaughter shit.

c5dac No.63537

>charting initiative
1 - Addy 18
2 - Thez 16(+4 but perma waiting on Addy)
- Snek 13
- Fae 13
- Trump 12
- Torc 7

- Lenos 4
>so far

3142c No.63538

Tracy waits for a moment where she can tumble behind the ranks and flank every enemy at once.

d2190 No.63539

Also, Fae got a 20 on spot earlier. What is visible?

3142c No.63540

Dice rollRolled 7 + 7


c5dac No.63541

Everything. There are smol groups clustered around the various buildings. Focus?

88fb0 No.63542

Dice rollRolled 18, 18 = 36

Stix initiative

d2190 No.63543

The small groups nearest the tower, what are they like?

bbaef No.63544

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5


3142c No.63545

3142c No.63546

Am I misinterpreted how to roll initiative?

bbaef No.63547

I didnt mean to leave the bonus up.

c5dac No.63548

Here's what I have so far:
0 - Fae (19)
1 - Addy (18) - Stix (18)
2 - Thez (16) - Infernius (16)
3 - Tracy (14)
- Snek 13

- Trump 12
- Torc 7

- Lenos 4

c5dac No.63549

Dice rollRolled 5, 9 = 14

Dice rollRolled 7

Kiynen and co

d2190 No.63550

File: 1523849674200.jpg (26.24 KB, 300x201, 86211f347146e463e1aacf0634….jpg)

Well, Fae dives in and towards the center of a group near the Tower. She will pounce as soon as she hits. Stix I think technically is above her in Initiave and can definitely shoot arrows first. Both Stix and Trumpaladin would go fight in this area
Yes, I cleared it with Stix first

c5dac No.63551

K, so Kiynen and hers are essentially last,… except for Lenos (which is fitting, cuz he has an air of superiority a mile long).

The official order is

Birbs I assume are maintaining safe disance

c5dac No.63552

Kiynen and co are a wildcard, having declared neither action nor belay (so, they're in a ready-move patrol)

3142c No.63553

Stix? It's your turn.

88fb0 No.63554

Dice rollRolled 4, 7 = 11

Stix shoots at the nearest enemy!
I believe Stix gets two attacks, correct?

3142c No.63555

Who's next?

d2190 No.63556

Dice rollRolled 2, 7, 8 = 17

Fae Pounces on something and rips into it

c5dac No.63557

Yes, and with the attack bonus of being at freefall with momentum his arrows operate at +2. So the first roll was 3, with a +7 Base attack, plus 2 for circumstance,….
It misses. The troop in question starts to cuckle. Then to laugh.
And then the other arrow split his head open and he dies.

c5dac No.63558

Wait, he didn't do the freefall thing. It doesn't affect the outcome wrt opponents, but its DEFINITELY not as cool

d2190 No.63559

And then another fucker get's pounced on by a flying lion >>63556

c5dac No.63560

Fae misses with her leading paw. Just her leading claw. Her other paw lands, but not until after her mouth comes down upon one of these creatures. What are these creatures anyway?

The creatures in question, surrounding the grove and throughout (which yes, Fae detected in advance but doing so would have no relevance so I opted to not modify the current situation Xp)seem hostile and foul.

3142c No.63561

Is the path towards the pyramid clear/visible?

3142c No.63562

Dice rollRolled 7, 18, 20, 15 = 60

Tracy loses her patience and stabs the first thing she sees when she hits the ground, completely indescriminate.

3142c No.63563

What's it look like?

c5dac No.63564

Well, I was gonna say this: Alright. Fae is decided (though not depicted).
While I am detailing this, Tracy falls full-force through an abominable creature. I didn't plan it that way, but I wanted Tracy at least to kill something.

3142c No.63565

[Sounds of ripping and mauling]

c5dac No.63566

Likewise, the other party members stream down/about via their individual methods (which wouldn't hurt, cuz they're not trying to do so to themselves or eachother).

(At long last)

c5dac No.63567

That didn't come out right. It would be better or more accurate to say that Tracy chunks down upon, and largely (mostly) through one of the available humanoids.

It smells absurdly foul, but can't be resolved as undead.

c5dac No.63570

So to summarize. The party, in their indivdual/group capacity begins to swoop down upon Bohemian Grove, intent on killing jews, butt-devastating globalists,…. oh and retaking Trump tower that's important too.
Tracy obliterates a creatures at freefall-speed, while other party members land, glide to position, and otherwise converge on the hillock at the mid-point of the hill. Tracy finds that whoever she crashed into needs some extra encourageent to die and begins stabbing with fervor.
Thez and Addy <whooof> come to land safely, while Trump, Fae, and Stix swoop in to join Tracy. Lenos is conceivably low, using the hilltop for cover in his approach.

c5dac No.63571

Infernius on Uatchit can appear pretty much weherever, and Snek and Torcil fly in and make their time, before all ur base are belong to us

c5dac No.63573

Sammy and Bunny resume a low altitude, just inside the cloud bank. The dragons (Lenos and Kiynen) are more conspicuous (but no less effective) in landing (literally) on the opposition.

d2190 No.63574

Dice rollRolled 18, 17, 17, 7 = 59


Trumpaladin Slashes at the damned Globalists. I hope there is a cleave

b571c No.63575

bbaef No.63576

*hugs uatchit*

3142c No.63577

*hugs birdies*

3142c No.63578

She's on the ground tho…

1b602 No.63579

Meh its fine.

c5dac No.63581

So when we last left off, the party had just made a spectacular entrance on a very surprised mass of darkly-cloaked revellers on a hill-side dotted with torches and bonfires, leading up a spiral path toward the tip of the pyramid of Trump Tower. Tracy began the invasion blade-first as she always does, and finds a very old and decrepit face with an enormously large nose beneath her. There's something oddly familiar about him. Meanwhile, as the rest of the party makes their landings Trump wastes no time, but swings Vandereim into the throng.
"It's okay lad! They're all evil!" the Scottish sword encourages. "Oh shit, not again." he cuts off.

8348c No.63582

File: 1524268962271.png (191.76 KB, 1116x686, 828022__safe_rainbow dash_….png)

"Not again what…."

3142c No.63583

What did Tracy stab through?

3142c No.63584

Rather, what did it look like?

c5dac No.63585

File: 1524269526546.jpg (61.42 KB, 600x600, door-man.jpg)

3142c No.63586

>tfw no Tracy stabbing merchant through nose shoop cuz not my computer

3142c No.63587

too bad it was deleted last time i posted it…

c5dac No.63588

As Trump charges the nearest collection of large-nosed people, the mass of them near and far immediately retreat in every direction, to a frenzied chorus of "Oy vey!", running likewise from the other party members. Players get one attack of opportunity, more if they have the requisite feat (in which case, their AOP = Dex bonus)

8348c No.63589

File: 1524270650424.png (1.38 MB, 1200x1200, 1519523051098.png)

Dice rollRolled 2

Trumpaladin is riding Fae so is stix so hopefully he can keep up

"This is for Port Barry!"

3142c No.63590

Combat reflexes +5 AoOs
How many juden?

8348c No.63591

File: 1524270740994.jpg (20.91 KB, 519x617, 824.jpg)

Uh…. That's not a 1, and there's something like a +27 modifier on the highest base attack bonus

c5dac No.63592

Kek, that'll be Trump's initiative roll. I'll need one for Fae also.
More than 5

3142c No.63593

Dice rollRolled 10, 3, 5, 17, 16 = 51

Well, obviously more than 5..
Rolling 5 individual attacks, each with a +20 modifier for clarity's sake.
Attacking with Spiked Chain to reach them all.

c5dac No.63594

I should clarify. Trump already rolled his attack roll, which would (and will) occur before the AoO. I'm waiting for the results of those rolls to determine how the scene plays out.

8348c No.63595

Dice rollRolled 14, 18, 3 = 35


Fae has combat reflexes and +2 dex bonus

88fb0 No.63596

Dice rollRolled 9

One attack of opportunity for Stix

4721f No.63597

Dice rollRolled 9 + 10

Dice rollRolled 17 + 11

Snek shoots at a happy merchant (+11)
Torc decides not to waste a spell and does the same (+10)

c5dac No.63598

Dice rollRolled 7, 8, 18, 1, 15, 20, 11, 3 = 83

Screams of "Anti Semites!" and other such yiddish epithets raise up as jews run to and fro. Infernius also joins in on the opportunistic spree, cuz why wouldn't he? Thez also lays down all in her reach, using her now-extended folding saw, a kama of exquisite craftsmanship, the blade being a Lenos custom and the fittings and enchantment a product of the finest hellish craftsmen.

c5dac No.63599

File: 1524272070939.png (10.38 KB, 800x450, BG.png)

As Rats, for in their agitation their natural form is becoming transformationally apparent, fall to the initial onslaught of the party, Adeline taps the Bo three times on the ground, from which the shadows deepen and elongate, stretching across the hillside.
Between all the AoO and Trump's actual attack round (taking initiative after Tracy's entrance), I'd say like 25 of them fall, clearing the immediate area beyond those who were already in retreat.

By the way, where on the hill did the party land?

8348c No.63600

Trumpaladin, who landed with Fae and Stix, would have attempted to land as close to the tower as possible. I believe that is S.

c5dac No.63601

Also, there's the absolute murder that Lenos and Kiynen would have unleashed,….

4721f No.63602

I'll say Torc was with them

c5dac No.63603

Thez, who landed with Addy near the pyramid, lobs a purplish fireball at a retreating rat, and turns away toward the pyramid. She reaches out to touch it and is immediately zapped.

3142c No.63604

Dice rollRolled 12 + 20

Tracy take a moment to look over the scrambling kikes and scour the terrain, trying to determine where she would put the underground entrance to the tower might be located.
Rolling to Search the battlefield.

3142c No.63605

fucked up with that sentence there…

c5dac No.63606

Which tower? There is a keep, and there's Trump tower. The keep is S, Trump tower is the blue pyramid in the center.
If the buildings were arranged by elevation along with locations in the tower, then k (keep) lines up with the forge, p (stores) is along with the strip-mall, I (inn) is in line with the vault and the medical section, and s (synogogue) is about where the entrance would be.
"The main entrance is buried!" Thez calls down, "They've got some kind of field that prevents me from crossing the threshold even ethereally."

1b725 No.63607

Dice rollRolled 9 + 20

Whelp, looks like the tower is electrified

"There's some electric field on the tower. I have no idea if it needs to be turned off or if it's magical or what. Far, Stix, you have sharper eyes than I. Can you look around for structures that may house utilities or an alternative entrance to the structure."

Rolling a spot check, because that's her highest modifier

1b725 No.63608

Trumpaladin dismounts Fae, and enters the Keep

3142c No.63609

Are we splitting up?

4721f No.63610

Torc casts detect magic on the pyramid

1b725 No.63611

File: 1524273680078.png (538.26 KB, 3268x4000, image.png)

It's just a guess as to how to maybe deactivate the field. It shouldn't take long at all to get back together if this is a bust

88fb0 No.63612

Stix follows Trump inside
“What’s the plan? Do we storm in or sneak our way in further?”

c5dac No.63613

If Torc is with Trump, he's not near the pyramid.

4721f No.63614

Nevermind then

1b725 No.63615

"There is an electric barrier on the Tower. I don't know if it is magic or how any of this works. Maybe there is a way to shut it off directly or cut power to it if it is not magical or a certain sort of magical. If that is so, it is best to check the buildings for controls to the field or power. And that is what I am doing here, I am checking the keep building. If it's pure magic, we'll need a spell caster to cast something on it. Still another option may be to blast through the walls of the tower, but we'd need the guns, and who knows where those are"

4721f No.63616

"Hello, it is I; the spell caster that can cast something on it. Should Snek and I go inspect it?"

3142c No.63617

Well, if we're splitting up, Tracy dashes furtively towards the synagogue, using the chaos of the battlefield as cover to sneak in.

1b725 No.63618

"Certainly. Thez and Adeline are up there, so you'll be safe probably"

4721f No.63619

"Alright, we're off"
Torc and Snek head towards the Tower looking to join with Thez and Lil' Thez

c5dac No.63620

Uh, its a rather long and winding path

e132a No.63621

>"if I were the rats, I would have activated a silent alarm to draw in reinforcements, besides the fact that Soros can attack us even after we've gone through the portal. Please keep diversions to a minimum"

3142c No.63622

What does Tracy see around her as she approaches the synagogue?

3142c No.63623

Does he attempt to communicate this before or after he leaves for the keep?
Also, these are rats?

4721f No.63624

Nevermind, Torc will not be putting the knowledge skill to use today
>"That's a bad idea, just stay with these idiots"
"Excuse me? You take orders from me."
>"I'll grapple you"
Torcuil resigns to following Stix and Trump

e132a No.63625

File: 1524275104197.jpeg (260.69 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

ENTERS THE KEEP. Um, enters the building with Fae. Probably Stix as well. What see?

c5dac No.63626

The last of the rats usher each-other through the door and slam it closed behind them, before Tracy is able to make it inside.
Trump and co however also find the keep quite tightly barred against entry. The keep appears to be a serviceable military structure, but it doesn't seem manned at the moment, and all the rats who fled didn't seem the most athletic or militaristic.

bbaef No.63627

Gm is that you, i cant tell eho is who.

c5dac No.63628

e132a No.63629

The basic idea was "don't waste too much time because we just lost the element of surprise." Also your character has a shit load of skills that could help with the puzzle of how to get past the field.

I think they were described as being rats. Remember the were rats in the third session? Remember how Soros showed up as soon as they were vanished, as if Soros and the rats had a special connection? They had the same physical description as the current enemies. Also, Vanderiem is familiar with them

3142c No.63630

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

reeee muh disguise plan
Tracy puts on her illusionary disguise and slams her hooves on the door
"Oy vey, let me in you schmucks!"
Rolling buff to act panicked

e132a No.63631

Dice rollRolled 11 + 27


Sunder the door with sword of sunder!

c5dac No.63632

Dice rollRolled 8

"Oy vey, it sounds like Marvin, open the shutter!" cries out from inside.
A window opens in the door, the man there eyeballing Tracy's disguise.

c5dac No.63633

Dice rollRolled 18, 19, 10, 3, 19, 2 = 71

Shockwaves spread along the door as Trump strikes it with the blunted sword. The door is clearly damaged, but continues to hold.
From high above along the ramparts over the gate, rats throw stones down upon Trump and co.

c5dac No.63634

I'm calling that 1 hit against Trump, 1 against Fae, and 1 against Snek (big target).

bbaef No.63635

Bull rush the door

bbaef No.63636

c5dac No.63637

Yay! Which door? The Keep? The Synogogue?
What a waste of a pali

bbaef No.63638

The synagogue of Satan

4721f No.63639

>"Oof, tell the fucking armor display to watch where he's swinging that thing"
Uh, what are the rules for knocking down a door?

3142c No.63640

File: 1524276105213-0.jpg (71.17 KB, 397x550, 4c2c91c9d0d10_58244b.jpg)

Reee! I'm trying to infiltrate the synagogue! Give me three rounds

3142c No.63641

"Quick, the goyim know, shut it down!" Tracy coughs out, eyeing the charging bull in the background.

bbaef No.63642

I bull rush the keep.

bbaef No.63643


bbaef No.63644

Dice rollRolled 18

bbaef No.63645

c5dac No.63646

Ah k, perfect.
"Oy vey, anuddah shoa'h!" he says, creaking the door open and allowing Tracy inside.
Plowing solidly into the reinforced door, a creaking and snapping sound ripples through the framework, and pockets of dust drift down. It loosens as Infernius rebounds off of it, and settles a bit lower.

4721f No.63647

Dice rollRolled 13 + 7

Snek trys his luck at the door

c5dac No.63648

Is he shooting it?

6c55e No.63649

Dice rollRolled 6 + 27

One more attempt to sunder the hinges or lock on the door

4721f No.63650


3142c No.63651

"Oy vey! It's 1933 all over again!" Tracy shouts out, taking a moment to make sure her magical prop nose is fixed in place and rubbing her demon hands together jewishly (now glamoured to be white) as she follows the long-noses into the synagogue.

c5dac No.63652

Inside she's greeted by a sea of noses all together pointed toward the front, where a raspy voice cries out "… and so our only option is to come together as one, and form Gigajew!" to which cheers of applause, and many rounds of hand rubbing did ripple among those present.
The crowd begins to herd forward, all chanting some hebrew shit.
Between the two, able to rip a hole open in the increasingly broken door. Snek can enter if he likes.

3142c No.63653


4721f No.63654

Dice rollRolled 17 + 9

Snek enters and makes a quick spot check

bbaef No.63655

Infernuis follows behind snek.

c5dac No.63656

Dice rollRolled 10

Infernius wails on the door a bit more before he cn fit through. Meanwhile.
Poking his head through and past the door, Snek can see several large devices that look like giant crossbows. They're across a large open expanse and they're pointed at the door.

6c55e No.63657

File: 1524277409184.gif (2.48 MB, 900x506, image.gif)

Dice rollRolled 11 + 17

Dice rollRolled 3 + 17


Also, Fae claws at the door

Infernius is too big

4721f No.63658

Dice rollRolled 1 + 8

Does dropping coins in front of them distract the gigajew?
Reflex to get the hell out of there before he dies

bbaef No.63659

Do i need to roll or no?

6c55e No.63660

"Uh, Stix…. We may want to reevaluate our approach"

c5dac No.63661

Dice rollRolled 5

Torcuil is with Trump. That's all going on with Tracy.

3142c No.63662

Dice rollRolled 7 + 25

Umm.. Rolling to Hide in a corner/hallway/under a bench or something while the rest of the kikes are distracted chanting. Take a move action to gain temporary concealment with Cloak Dance if necessary.
Hoping the blood from the kike she killed earlier is enough to cover her scent…
"Fuck, fuck, fuck..!" Tracy curses under her breath as she scrambles for cover.
"What would Infernius say in a time like this?"

4721f No.63663

I am aware, it was just a suggestion, and the reflex save is Snek

c5dac No.63664

No, I'm just stalling him for a round or two. He can enter in a moment, he just has to break the door more. Its Wood and Iron in construction, but its 8-10" thick in some places, reinforced, etc. It can be broken, it just takes a sec.

c5dac No.63665

Dice rollRolled 7, 10 = 17

Well, if he hadn't have rolled a 1, Snek would have gone undetected. Since he did though (he didn't even have to roll, I rolled for him being spotted already and it was a fail), 2 of the ballistae fire at his position.

4721f No.63666

Uh, his armor check is 32 currently.

Checkd for Death

c5dac No.63667

Dice rollRolled 18, 10 = 28

That's true. Missing Snek, the ballista bolts would continue on to the next available target.

bbaef No.63668

I think the second one misses.

c5dac No.63669

Both bolts hit the door, one of which richochets off and flies away, another one slamming into - and through - the door. Infernius roll a reflex save.

bbaef No.63670

Dice rollRolled 14 + 8


c5dac No.63671

Infernius jumps aside as the ballista bolt crashes through the door. There's now a gap large enough to enter, but it involves climbing a bit of ruined door and passing through carefully.

3142c No.63672

Umm.. by "gigajew" how big are we talking about?

bbaef No.63673

Alright, ill climb through when i get a chance.

4721f No.63674

"Are you okay in there?"
>"Just peachy! Let the others know there are crossbows in here"
Torc looks at the bolt that smashed through the door
"Oh I think we know"

c5dac No.63675

File: 1524281132794.jpg (67.69 KB, 533x585, 1bc.jpg)

Meanwhile, as the rats herd toward the ever increasing mass of noses, merging together into an ever-larger blob of nose that spreads outward, a crash emits from one of the larger stained windows, which explodes inward as a large object breaks through. The Gigajew is currently Huge, and growing larger with each added nose.

6c55e No.63676

"It appears we've underestimated their defenses. I think maybe we should try to the tower directly"

Giving time for Stix or Torcuil to join on Fae's back should they so chose, Trumpaladin mounts Fae, and has her run towards the tower with her amazing speed

3142c No.63677

The horror.
Tracy furtively positions herself into a position away from the falling debris as she takes a moment to plan her next action observing the abomination.

4721f No.63678

Torc stays behind, climbing through the ruined door when he can.

3142c No.63679

Are there any exits to the synagogue in sight, or other room to charge/move? I think i might wanna try an attack before it gets bigger, but I wanna have space to put some space between them.

88fb0 No.63680

Stix barely has time to hop on and go along with Trump

c5dac No.63681

There is a small door in the back on the other side of GigaJew, but other then that there's the barred door at the front. The Mass of noses has grown to a gargantuan size, and a single eye opens above each nose, even the noses on its arms and legs and hands. Noses, everywhere a nose and an eye.
Torcuil just behind, Infernius begins crawling through the hole in the door. As he peers through the hole, he can see that there is one ballista fully loaded and two more that are being reloaded.

bbaef No.63682

Dice rollRolled 18

I jumo through the hole

4721f No.63683

Torc fireballs the one that's already loaded

6c55e No.63684

Trumpaladin and Stix ride Fae to the buried tower, flying or running, whichever is faster

88fb0 No.63685

Dice rollRolled 15

Stix decides to try and shoot that annoying jew that threw rocks at the party, as he rides away with Trump.

3142c No.63686

Well, Tracy stays in hiding and tries her best to take cover around the sturdiest looking part of the building until the falling rubble settles, her eyes darting around looking for a path to escape.

c5dac No.63687

Infernius deftly leaps through the newly created hole, to the astonishment of the one ballista, which finds its aim is not in line with his position. They quickly begin adjusting the angle of trajectory.
Torcuil needs another round to exit the hole.
The many noses sniff the air.
"Oh not this shit again," Thez comments before an ear-deafening roar issues forth from the fully-formed Gigajew.

bbaef No.63688

I run to cover. If there is any.

c5dac No.63689

There isn't any, but for the moment he has a lead on the device, if he continues lateral movement.

6c55e No.63690

Any chance they can get close enough to the buried structure for Trumpaladin to cast Dispel Magic on it, or for Stix to do a search check of where the structure meets the ground?

c5dac No.63691

Sure. It will take Fae a round to fly to that position. As they land a small patch of shadows seems to wave at them.

3142c No.63692

Bloody hell…
Tracy waits for the gigajew to inevitably kick down the door, and prepares a ready action to charge by it, grasping edgy in her maw and hoping to Sunder it's sinew in a ride-by-attack, before she runs like a bitch.

bbaef No.63693

I run in a zig zag pattern towards him.

3142c No.63694

*kick down the wall

8348c No.63695

Trumpaladin waves back

"I take it you've already tried to get in? What is the situation?"

4721f No.63696

Fair enough

c5dac No.63697

Gigajew swivels some of its eyes on Tracy, others on Thez. It stands up to its full height, about 40' tall. It towers overhead, a multitude of eyes peering down.
Infernius continues to present himself as a bright red target. The one ballista can't get a clear shot at him, and the other two ballistae are now fully loaded, but so off aim that it will be a bit before they can take aim.
Now Torcuil can clear the door and launch his fireball.
I wanted to see if Infernius was going to try and hide and leave Torcuil the obvious target or not
A>"No, mommy went inside along with the anorexic blue one." An elongated bestial scream echoes from the broken window.

bbaef No.63698

Dice rollRolled 20 + 1

I tumble.

3142c No.63699

8348c No.63700

"She got inside of the tower? Say again?"

c5dac No.63701

Well done. Infernius continues to elude the ballista while Torcuil's fireball comes crashing in.
She's talking about the Synogogue

c5dac No.63702

Dice rollRolled 3, 6, 2, 4, 5, 4, 1, 4, 5, 6 = 40

Dice rollRolled 4, 18, 11 = 33

forgot dice

c5dac No.63703

One of the operators successfully runs from his ballista before the fireball comes crashing in, escaping with some charring and burns, while the other two are flame broiled extra juicy.

8348c No.63704

Dice rollRolled 11

Alright, Trumpaladin dismounts Fae, approaches the surface of the Tower, and casts Dispel Magic on the surface

Caster check I guess

bbaef No.63705

"Me love the smell of napalm in morning."

88fb0 No.63706

Dice rollRolled 15

Stix hops off Fae for a look at the structure.
“Something doesn’t sit right with me about this.”
Stix looks for any inconsistencies in the surface

Search check

3142c No.63707

Wait, Thez in the building?
Thinking fast, Tracy activates her cape's pattern affect, hoping to blind/daze the beast long enough to get some distance from it. Using a Move action, she whirls her Amazing technicolor dreamcoat to gain one turn's concealment with her Cloak Dance.

c5dac No.63708

He hears a "PEW" sound, as though of a bullet ricocheting off a hard surface.
The surface is the same polished darkened glass as before, but it hums irregularly.

c5dac No.63709

Dice rollRolled 13

Dice rollRolled 6 + 4

Thez is what crashed through the window. So Infernius and Torcuil have concluded their invasion. Trump, Fae, and Stix are examining the pyramid, and Thez and Tracy are squaring off with the one of many noses. Tracy, roll initiative.

3142c No.63710

Dice rollRolled 7 + 7


c5dac No.63711

Tracy is first, GJ 2nd, Thez 3rd. Despite her best attempts at hiding, the GJ seems to be looking right at her.

8348c No.63712

"Well, that was a bust.Looks like my first assessment was more probably correct. But… One more thing to try."

With both arms, Trumpaladin picks up the adorable Stix pony and hold him. He then eyes the surface of the tower and with his memories, reconstructs an area inside of the top of the tower (is the control room in the top? I always imagined it was). And then with the signal word, he activates the dimension door helmet to try to transfer himself and stix into the top room of the tower

bbaef No.63713


3142c No.63714

Dice rollRolled 12 + 22

Tracy is no longer hiding, but only using her cloak to gain temporary concealment for cheap attack.
Tracy, using her superior speed and mobility, makes a spirited charge at the beast's leg, slashing it with Edgy in an attempt to cut it's sinew and making a ride-by attack so as to put herself on the opposite side of Thez.

3142c No.63715

*to put the creature between her and Thez
tl;dr, she hopes to flank it on her next turn, if possible.

c5dac No.63716

Dice rollRolled 7

Gigajew sprays mucous in a circular radius around it. Tracy and Thez roll a reaction save.

bbaef No.63717

c5dac No.63718

3142c No.63719

Dice rollRolled 20 + 19


3142c No.63720

bbaef No.63721

"Whats wrong?"

c5dac No.63722

Dice rollRolled 19, 14 = 33

Tracy and Thez both deftly avoid the spraying mucous, which neatly coats the surrounding environment. Thez flexes her left hand, "Ten-" <whoooof> "-kesdu!" she yells, initiating the first of several attacks, its self a spinning, overhead axe-kick, as a stunning attack.

c5dac No.63723

Meanwhile, Trump attempts to <blink> into the tower. For his efforts, he gets a very hearty jolt.

c5dac No.63724

Dice rollRolled 14, 4, 14 = 32

Thez' stunning kick lands, temporarily stalling the foe. As she tumbles past and down, Thez makes another 3 attacks.

c5dac No.63725

Dice rollRolled 1, 4 = 5

… finishing with a reflex saving throw against slipping in mucous, followed by a leg sweep.

3142c No.63726

Dice rollRolled 7, 19, 13, 11 = 50

From her flanking position, Tracy makes a full round attack with her chain, stabbing at various noses (which she assumes house the creatures vitals).
Take my sneak attack, Gigastein!

88fb0 No.63727

Dice rollRolled 17

After being zapped along with trump:
“Ow. This thing won’t give us a break it seems. There has to be something around here. Wouldn’t you think so?”
Stix checks around the structure for any suspicious inconsistencies.

Search check

3142c No.63728

wait, i guess its not her turn..
Leave that as a ready action then.

c5dac No.63729

Yeah, that was a fail for Thez, looking up how bad real quick, still 4 solid strikes tho. While she's failing miserably,
Ripping and gouging along the creatures, exposed leg Tracy lands 3 solid blows.

3142c No.63730

I g2g in the next half hour..
Tracy, remaining in optimal flanking position, readies herself to make another full-round Sneak Attack on her turn, taking a 5-foot step to remain directly in line with Thez if necessary.

8348c No.63731

Unless Stix's Search around the Tower revealed something, Trumpaladin grabs the pony, gets on Fae, and flies off. If there is a top of that keep where they can throw rocks off of, then there is a place to land ontop of it. Trumpaladin has Fae land there, ripping skulls off if necessary, with Stix providing ranged attacks

3142c No.63732

That's all i can do for tonight.
Goodnight, m8s.

c5dac No.63733

Dice rollRolled 2

Fae lands along the balcony of the keep's tower, and notices that Lenos (in dragon form) and Kiynen have taken up similar postitions, observing from overhead. Screams can be heard from a ways up the hill, but the keep its self appears still and quiet.
The Gigajew uses special attack: Stimulus package. Tracy and Thez roll a saving throw.

bbaef No.63734

File: 1524287226992.png (75.88 KB, 305x403, tumblr_n0c2fwVMxY1sull1jo2….png)

c5dac No.63735

Quick! Roll a saving throw!

3142c No.63736

Dice rollRolled 2 + 10

Will save?

3142c No.63737


8348c No.63738

Enters the structure from the balcony level, dismounting Fae if necessary

c5dac No.63739

The area is in disuse. There are several devices around that if maintained, could be used effectively, but seem questionable at best.

8348c No.63740

What kind of devices?

c5dac No.63741

Mounted crossbows and shit. Its all old and decrepid. What are you on about?

8348c No.63742

like a control panel, anything electrical, a lever, a passageway underground…

Trumpaladin goes deeper into the structure

c5dac No.63743

It is a barracks area, shrouded in cobwebs and dust. There are some old and rusted weapons leaning in spots, but no sign of any military grouping, despite this being an apparent and obvious military installation.

8348c No.63744

Does it appear to be older than 15 years?

Trumpaladin tries to go down in the structure to ground level

c5dac No.63745

No, but its been several years since its been in use, by appearance and by literal story

bbaef No.63746

8348c No.63747

S was the Keep as I recall. What were the other two structures besides the Synagogue (as is the best guess) visible from the air?

c5dac No.63748

P looks like a series of shops, S is the synogogue actually, k is the keep, and I looks like an Inn.

c5dac No.63750

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

A>"I dunno, but something inside sounds big, and mad. Mom told me to stay outside tho."
Sorry, the HEY from before was a navi shitpost
Meanwhile, both Thez and Tracy failed their saving throws and have been stunned for dice rounds by a spray of gold nuggets fired out in every direction by every nostril.

c5dac No.63751

The windows of the synagogue shatter outward with the partial spray of gold nuggets. The oversized multinosed monstrocity reeeeees at the unrecoverable nuggets that escaped outside. It turns angrily toward Tracy, who it has had its ankle devastated by.

8348c No.63752

File: 1524291477558.png (800.14 KB, 1280x1071, 1496879270973.png)

Uh… Would Trumpaladin (or Fae or Stix) have reason to notice any of this?
Or care

8348c No.63753

Dice rollRolled 3 + 16

From the top of the Keep, Fae does a spot check for activity

c5dac No.63754

Well they didn't seem too bothered by the deafening roars, why would they care about the breaking glass? e_e
From the Keep's position lower on the hill, she can't see anything out of the ordinary. The keep is/was intended as a defensive structure for the base of the hill, not against the top where the synogogue is.

8348c No.63755

File: 1524292287829.jpg (157.79 KB, 1916x1076, Mecha.jpg)

When was there a deafening roar?

bbaef No.63756

*runs to the synagogue of Satan*

bbaef No.63757

"Addy follow me but stay out sight"

c5dac No.63758


8348c No.63759

File: 1524292674009.jpg (72.83 KB, 809x607, Mecha-Streisand_2010_0001.jpg)

Oh. I guess they fly to that then
Since Thez is there and she knows the security settings on the Tower…

c5dac No.63760

Dice rollRolled 13

A>"Okkay," she says, holding the darkwood staff, flitting from shadow to shadow

c5dac No.63761

Adeline pulls up her hood, granting +10 bonus to hide in shadows, which are everywhere because of a darkness charm on the staff, following closely behind Infernius.
Trump, Stix, and Fae fly in from the recently cleared and searched keep. Meanwhile, Thez lost her footing and got hit by the gold nuggets, where Tracy only got hit by the nuggets and is still standing. The giga-jew adjusts its position and raises a foot over Tracy for a stomp.
No dex bonus, no dodge bonus, ac is -2 cuz stunned.

8348c No.63762

File: 1524293732620.png (80.89 KB, 236x389, 1289717__safe_artist-colon….png)

Are they in range for an arrow, a roar, a pounce, or a slash?

"Yippee aye-yay!"

3142c No.63763

>no dex bonus to AC
Tracy has improved uncanny dodge; can't she still evade?

3142c No.63764

Well, I guess Thez does too, so obviously not.

c5dac No.63766

Dice rollRolled 16, 2 + 12 = 30

As the monstrosity of jewness levels its foot above Tracy for a deterministic stomp a large shadow, almost a swirl of the darkest smoke given a semblance of form and purpose, darts out from the shadows and attacks the giant's stable foot.

3142c No.63767

I forgot to mention it should be taking 2 points of strength damage every time she flanks it because of Crippling Strike.
It should've lost ~6 points from those few hits.

c5dac No.63768

Dice rollRolled 3

Good to know. It just lost more.

c5dac No.63769

Dice rollRolled 18 + 22

Disrupted by this new attack, the Gigajew foregoes its first attack and takes a step back. With its second attack, it swipes at the shadow.

c5dac No.63770

Dice rollRolled 2, 4, 8, 10, 7, 5, 1, 1 + 24 = 62

Dice rollRolled 5 + 14

Successfully, the shadow is torn into smaller pieces

c5dac No.63771

Dice rollRolled 7 + 22

With its last attack, the giant readies its other foot and stomps down on Thez.

c5dac No.63772

The Gigajew screams triumphantly at the conclusion of its attack sequence, still standing on what moments ago was Thez.

3142c No.63773

File: 1524334713089-0.jpg (257.32 KB, 1280x1626, tumblr_ol94ttMFHG1teq8d7o1….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 7, 17 = 24

"You fucking bitch!" Tracy screams in response her eyes darting from the giant beast to Thez,

Because her faggot was too much of a drooling retard to do it earlier, she designates gigajew as her Dodge target, to gain +4 dodge bonus to AC. She takes a -5 penalty to her Attack rolls to gain +5 more AC with Combat Expertise. Gripping her defending dagger in her maw and focusing on her chain, she draws out their enhancement bonus to gain another +7 AC. And her new armor class is… a lot.
Now, thinking fast Tracy's mind flashes back to the moments she spent bullfighting with Infernius, she whirls her sparkling cape to gain total concealment until her next turn with Cloak Dance, as a move action.
With a whirl of colors, for a moment, it seems as though there are two Tracys, who both lash out with their chains.

With her chain in her claws and her mantle aflutter, Tracy uses her last standard action to make two attacks from concealment with her chain, both at her newly adjusted bonus of +15. She targets the leg she attacks earlier, stabbing into the arteries in hopes she damage the beast's leg to an extent that it won't be able to stomp anymore.

Take my cheap, slippery min-maxed attack style, you sniffling freak!

6c55e No.63774

Where are you claiming all of these feats from? None of these were listed the last time you listed six

3142c No.63775

She got Cloak dance at the same time Infernius was learning Improved Bull Rush. I gave up Leadership for Combat Expertise.

6c55e No.63776

You mentioned it like once in a couple days in between sessions. In actual SRD you only get feats every three levels or as class or race related bonuses. In GMs special things you need 40-50 hours in game time, and that's 40-50 hours that can't be spent killing things or traveling or tending to birds. You don't get a free feat every week of real life time that goes by.

3142c No.63777

That's not what I'm doing.

c5dac No.63778

TBH, I do remember cloak dance. It was something that when presented I decided I wanted Thez to have it too (and would have had were I aware of it previously).

6c55e No.63780

File: 1524342779551.jpeg (328.07 KB, 1280x1164, image.jpeg)

Like a Valkyrie riding a Pegasus, the Man with gleaming silver armor and dazzling strawberry blonde hair raises his sword high as he flies in, atop a gilded and shimmering lioness. Her outstreched and dragon like wings carry her a few inches over the broken stained glass windows of the ersatz church, her forward claws and fangs stretched and waiting to exact vengeance. Behind the man, a small pony peaks out a bow, string pulled back and arrow readied.

"Alright you European-style socialist sons a bitches! In the name of Elway and all that is holy, it is time to end your blight upon this land forever, and return you to the oblivion you belong!"

4721f No.63782

So where exactly did we leave off with Torc and Snek?

c5dac No.63783

Weren't they examining the pyramid?

4721f No.63784

I was under the impression that I was being told not to, and I haven't done anything since he cast fireball

c5dac No.63785

Then Torc is arriving outside the Synogogue at about the same time as Infernius and Addy by foot, and Trump, Stix, and Fae, by Fae, who wastes no time and flies in the very same window Thez entered from. Speaking of Thez, she's right outside the building, nearly collapsed from being stunned but still maintaining her footing. "Tracy,…." she stammers out.

4721f No.63786

"Huh, guess we're using the windows"
Torc climbs on Snek who is hopefully under the effect of Fly, and they enter through the same window.

bbaef No.63787

*rushes to thezs side*
"You ok ana?"
*puts himself in between her and the giga kike*
*takes stance*

c5dac No.63788

The Gigajew is inside. "I'm just catching my breath. Watch out for his nose. Use some protection spell or something,"

88fb0 No.63789

How close is the window from Gigajew?

c5dac No.63790

Not immediately, but the Gigajew is friggin huge if Stix wants to shoot it in an eye

6c55e No.63791

File: 1524345607604.jpeg (64.7 KB, 552x553, image.jpeg)

Trumpaladin glimmers extra glimmingly as he casts (cast?) Eagles Splendor on himself and Fae

bbaef No.63792

*protection from evil*
"Me ready to oven this kike*
*moves in to the building*

88fb0 No.63793

Dice rollRolled 11, 10, 2 = 23

Sounds like a plan

Stix speaks to the paladin
“What is this abomination?”

He quickly takes aim at the monster and uses Rapid Shot to get three shots in at 9/9/4 I think

6c55e No.63794

"I have no idea. But it is evil and unholy, and we are not getting out of here until it is gone"

c5dac No.63795

The door is barred, but the windows are blasted open, including a rather large one.
The shots embed in the thick skin of the creature, but don't seem to affect it all. However, their presence has given it more to think about than squishing Tracy so that's a win I guess. Roll for initiative.

bbaef No.63796

Dice rollRolled 3 + 5

Jump through the window

88fb0 No.63797

Dice rollRolled 11

Initiative roll

c5dac No.63798

Infernius fails, and falls down on his butt. Thez regains her composure and <whooooof> re-enters the building. This precludes Thez from this round of initiative, but puts her in 1st place next round.

4721f No.63799

Dice rollRolled 13, 16 = 29

Initiative for Snek and Torc. Snek takes higher roll

6c55e No.63800

Dice rollRolled 1

Dice rollRolled 18 + 6

Fae and Trumpaladin

bbaef No.63801

Dice rollRolled 13


c5dac No.63802

K so as I'm seeing, Fae is first, followed by Snek, then Torc and Infernius at the same time, with Stix following, with Trump in last.

6c55e No.63803

File: 1524348603321.jpeg (28.86 KB, 358x397, image.jpeg)

Dice rollRolled 10, 16, 20 = 46

Fae dives in towards the unholy abomination of central-European-style Socialism, and rips at it with Fang and Claw

c5dac No.63804

Dice rollRolled 33

That's at least 2 hits, with a possible 3rd (bab?)

6c55e No.63805

She has the multiattack Feat, so it's something like 20/18/18 for the combined attack bonus, and +12 for highest base attack bonus. Possibly a couple points higher

4721f No.63806

Dice rollRolled 11 + 31

Dice rollRolled 2 + 30

>Torc and Snek next to each other
That's nice.
Snek aims his gun at let giant nosy merchant, and holds his action until Torc can cast True Strike.
Torc then casts a quickened True Strike, affecting him and Snek.

And for Torc's action, he forms a great beam of the purest coldness in Trumpaladin's heart, using it as a polar ray.
The polar ray has the +30, Snek had the +31

c5dac No.63807

Yeah, I'll count it as 3, 1 of which does 2x damage
The creature retracts at the sudden onslaught

3142c No.63808

Dice rollRolled 4 + 7

Rolling Initiative

c5dac No.63809

Tracy goes with Stix, immediately after Torcuil and Infernius.

3142c No.63810

Tracy prepares to flank and finish off gigajew's leg

4721f No.63811

Dice rollRolled 7, 4 + 2 = 13

Dice rollRolled 6, 4, 1, 2, 3, 6, 2, 5, 2, 5, 3, 4, 3, 6, 3, 3, 4 = 62

I mean, it isn't a 1
Damages rolls (17d6 polar ray, 2d8+2 snek)

6c55e No.63812

File: 1524349925356.png (166.53 KB, 400x402, image.png)

>The purest coldness in Trumpaladin's heart
And just with saying that, +2d6 of cold damage. Careful not to get frostbite

c5dac No.63813


Infernius' turn

bbaef No.63814

I stand up. Pull out my holy symbol then cast Destruction on the giga juden.

c5dac No.63815

Dice rollRolled 19

c5dac No.63816

Dice rollRolled 2, 4, 2, 4, 6, 3, 5, 3, 4, 1 = 34

No saved, but still the creature is weakened by an intense blast of jackboots and nationalism.

c5dac No.63817

Tracy and Stix' turn, the former whom I assume is going to town on the increasingly injured foot?

bbaef No.63818

3142c No.63819

Dice rollRolled 13, 4, 14 = 31

Tracy whips out Edgy and flanks the creatures leg, slashing viciously, intent on completely crippling the creature.

3142c No.63820

She's ditched the extra 5 AC from combat expertise now, and is just trying to fuck it up at her full attack bonus.

88fb0 No.63821

Dice rollRolled 1, 18, 11 = 30

Stix fires another three shots with Rapid Shot with his magical bow.
“Any ideas on how to stop this thing Trump”

c5dac No.63822

Dice rollRolled 35

At the beginning of an attack combo, that's unfortunate

c5dac No.63823

So Stix falls over. I understood him still being on Fae's back, if so he would be falling off at this point.

3142c No.63824

Did Tracy's slashing ruin it's leg yet?

c5dac No.63825

No, its achilles tendon is larger in diameter than Tracy's body.

3142c No.63826

Did she damage the creature though?

6c55e No.63827

File: 1524351471915.gif (332.96 KB, 1110x700, image.gif)

Dice rollRolled 3, 5, 9, 20, 17 = 54

In a Chanel of all his faith and fury, Trumpaladin brings down Vanderiem like a sharp and swift hammer, channeling all his faith and fury into the repeated slashes.

He utters the following short prayer:
"Elway, give me the strength to smite all those who seek to wipe hope from this land, and bring justice for what has befallen our Port and Sparintenar. Praise American"

Slash Slash Slash Smite Smite with two smite evils, feather fall, and Divine might on all attacks. With Eagle's splendor that is +8 damage on every hit that lands and one turn undead expended.

The bonuses should be 28/23/18/21/21 with smite evil adding the +8 to the last attack and the feather fall attack, and with Trumpaladin claiming the Weapon Focus feat. Smite evil does +17 damage

c5dac No.63828

Hold up

6c55e No.63829

Fuck! I repeated myself in that paragraph

3142c No.63832

How much does she need to dig into this leg before it's crippled?

c5dac No.63833

Sorry, the hold up was because it is Gigajew's turn before Trump's, but then I had to do something anyway

beb4a No.63834

*lenos takes flight drom the roof od the keep and flies to the roof of the synagogue*

c5dac No.63835

As Trump readies to wail on the massive creature of noses, and as Lenos and Kiynen arrive on the rooftop, the Gigajew holds its arms out wide, and each one of its eyes glow red
GJ>Jew Beam
Everyone inside the Synogogue roll a saving throw

4721f No.63836

Dice rollRolled 8 + 2

Dice rollRolled 17

Torc gets an extra +2 to all saves, so that one is his.

88fb0 No.63837

Dice rollRolled 4

Stix save throw

c5dac No.63838

Dice rollRolled 9

3142c No.63840

Dice rollRolled 9 + 23


c5dac No.63841

Dice rollRolled 4, 6, 1, 2, 1 = 14

K, everyone takes 5d8 damage

88fb0 No.63842

Dice rollRolled 2, 4, 7, 2, 8 = 23

Stix damage

3142c No.63843

Dice rollRolled 5, 8, 8, 6, 5 = 32


3142c No.63844


4721f No.63846

Dice rollRolled 6, 2, 4, 5, 8 = 25

Dice rollRolled 4, 2, 1, 4, 5 = 16

Top is Snek
Bottom is Torcuil

c5dac No.63847

Trump/Fae need to take damage, otherwise its a new round

6c55e No.63848

Dice rollRolled 5, 3, 8, 7, 2 = 25

Dice rollRolled 2, 4, 3, 2, 5 = 16


c5dac No.63849

Dice rollRolled 19

As everyone is stung by the crazy jew-beam, Trump dashes forward with Vandereim and strikes once, twice, a third time, before clasping the sword in both hands, delivering a devastating sever-strike, followed by yet another hit.

c5dac No.63850

Dice rollRolled 72

Max damage on sever, plus opponent rolls fumble

c5dac No.63851

So the Gigajew is stumbling (flat-footed) until its next turn, and Trump gets an extra attack roll, on top of his previously uncalculated damage.

6c55e No.63852

Dice rollRolled 16

"For the Generals!"

c5dac No.63853

And with his latest attack,… by the way, you guys need to be more on it about calculating critical thresholds. A nat 20 rolls on the critical table, but the critical threshold (as in, improved critical, keen weapons, etc.) still get double damage dice. Thez for example, gets a 16+ critical threat. I say "you guys" cuz it occurs to me that I've totally neglected it in the past. Like,… totally,…
Trump zips along the Gigajew, riding Fae solo after Stix fell off in an unfortunate dice roll. Weaving around reaching arms he strikes cleaving blow after cleaving blow, as Fae continually increases in height in an elevating spiral. Cresting to just over the full height of the creature, and not far from the top of the synogogue, Fae speeds into a dive, headed straight for the creature's face. As she dives, the creature attempts to swat at the pair, which is exactly what Fae had hoped would happen. Slicing once into the arm to disrupt its motion, Trump turns with his momentum and grips Vandereim in a devastating downward slice that severs the Gigajew's massive arm just at the upper bicep. With just a gesture and the energetic momentum Trump signals Fae back toward the monstrosity one final time. As they fly past, Trump digs Vandereim in the creature's chest right at the waistline and digs a canyon of ruined flesh across toward the opposite shoulder. In an absolute shower of jewish blood, the creature stumbles backward one step, and then two, finally falling at the apex of the temple, where it had formed in the first place.

6c55e No.63854

File: 1524361137634.png (282.21 KB, 600x600, image.png)

"Praise Elway. Praise American."

4721f No.63855

Dice rollRolled 8, 3 + 5 = 16

Torc and Snek make their way to Stix
"You okay lad?"
Torc also take the opportunity to use his wand of cure moderate wounds on Snek

88fb0 No.63856

Stix tries to hide his embarrassment about falling off in combat.
“It stings a bit, but I’ll manage”

3142c No.63857

*humps leg*
"That was really cool how you cut that thing up, ~Flashy."

6c55e No.63858

Trunpaladin instructs Fae to keep an eye on the carcass - if there is any further movement - then moves back to the fallen pony. He places his hand on the pony's chin

"Dominus Footballus Fuck the Seahawks… -us" he utters as a Latin sounding prayer, and with his lay of hands, heals the shaken pony.

"You did well. Here, and with the were rat on the balcony. Port Barry has not quite yet been avenged, but we may still set this right"

6c55e No.63859


Trumpaladin is startled by the Blue Pony

3142c No.63860

[happy pony noises]

c5dac No.63861

Its Seahawkus,… but whatever
Trump erotically massages Stix. Anyone else?

3142c No.63862

Tracy is still attached to his leg, waiting for attention

3142c No.63863

Wait, was this shit directed towards Stix?

4721f No.63864

Dice rollRolled 8, 2 + 5 = 15

I didn't see that second part for a second, and let me tell you,
Ho-lee fuk I was confused
I'm confused again
"Glad to hear, here lemme help"
Torc uses the wand on Stix too

c5dac No.63865

That's how I interpreted it

6c55e No.63866


"Hi blue pony."

Trumpaladin places a finger to the pony's nose

Damage healed with Paladin's lay of hands.

4721f No.63867

Oh, Trump healed Stix….

I guess Torc's heal is directed at himself then

6c55e No.63868

Trumpaladin moves away from the scene embarrassed and wobbles back towards Fae again

3142c No.63869

*is still on leg*

c5dac No.63870

So the Synogogue is pretty wrecked, pews tossed about here and there. Much of the architecture and wall is ornate, with gilt and other such embellishments. Aside from the giant body with X'ed out eyes all over it, there's a single smaller door in the back.

88fb0 No.63871

After being healed, Stix looks around.
“So… what do we do now? Are there any other threats?”

3142c No.63872

Tracy takes one of the gigajew's teeth as a trophy, then moves to the door, taking 10 on her Trap Sense.

3142c No.63873

Wait, can I take 10 on that?

4721f No.63874

"I don't know. I guess we could look around"

c5dac No.63875

What's Tracy's Trap sense?

6c55e No.63876

Trumpaladin gives Fae a pet, "splendid," and then goes towards the door

3142c No.63877

She has +4 trap sense ability, +4 int (with headband), and i think 15 ranks in search.

c5dac No.63878

In that event, she could only take a 10 on a CR 3 trap

c5dac No.63879

To be able to take a 10 on a skill/attack/ability roll, you have to be able to have a +20 or more modifier

3142c No.63880

Dice rollRolled 19 + 23

Rolling to check spooky door.

beb4a No.63881

*lenos flies down to the party*
Did you guys think to poke it in the eyes?

4721f No.63882

"Oh NOW you come to help"

3142c No.63883

"It had too many to poke out."

3142c No.63884

He was melting the countryside with his ladyfriend.

c5dac No.63885

The spooky door only leads to a closet and a small office. There doesn't seem to be anything special behind the door, and Tracy rolled a 19.
Infernius makes his way inside, with Addy flitting along from shadow to shadow in the background.

beb4a No.63886

Yes I was. And making sure nothing came to reinforce the thing. You would only have to poke out a few eyes.

3142c No.63887

Tracy ransacks the office, grabbing and examing anything that might be of interest.

c5dac No.63888

The whole of the area is mostly centered on a stage. There's rows and rows of pews, some of which have been kicked over or stepped on, all leading to a main oratory area with lots of pretty shiny embellishments and decorations that have some sort of jewish significance. Directly behind it is an oversized bookcase containing every single relevant text you could think of for jews (and they get exhaustive about EVERYTHING), back and to the left of which is the door that leads to the office and closet.

c5dac No.63889

Face it, Tracy wouldn't know it if she was looking at a 100k gp jewish debt-bond

6c55e No.63890

Search the texts for anything related to "time travel" and "electric fields"

c5dac No.63891

Dice rollRolled 12


3142c No.63892

>tfw don't have sheet so can't remember ranks in Appraise
Tracy just grabs shiny things out of habit, as she check to make sure the entrance to the tower isn't located here.

c5dac No.63893

Its all in hebrew

4721f No.63894

Dice rollRolled 3 + 23

Torc decides to see if he recognizes anything magical
Knowledge (Arcane) check

c5dac No.63895

There are some minor dwoemers and spells to make things glow and such, but nothing significantly or usefully magical.

6c55e No.63896

Trumpaladin looks around to see if there is a control panel

3142c No.63897

Infernius did say he wanted to make a knowledge religion check, but i think he's still looking for his charger

4721f No.63898

Glow you say?
If it's a scroll Torc takes it

c5dac No.63899

Its not a scroll
Addy skips up and gasps upon seeing the bookshelf.
She immediately begins climbing it.

3142c No.63900

"Well, that was an ordeal." Tracy barks out, frustrated to find that she cannot access the tower through the temple, as she guessed
She returns to further mutilate the gigajew's corpse, occupying herself as she waits for the party to get ready to move on.
Then her eyes widen.
"Hey.. Where's Thez?"

3142c No.63901

I want to give her a whole bag of Haribo candies…

4721f No.63902

Then what is it?
"Welp, nothing useful here. Unless you wanna look like a fucking lightning bug"

c5dac No.63903

"I'm here," is called from another section of the synogogue.
Addy, who has climbed atop the bookshelf and is rocking back and forth on the intricately carved wave pattern-molded top piece, suddenly stops and says, "hey, those look like wheels."

3142c No.63904

Tracy, with a peculiar look on her face, rushes over to stabilize the rocking shelf, before carefully moving it aside to see what's behind it.

4721f No.63905

Make sure they aren't sugar free
"Hmm? What look like wheels?"
Torc turns in the direction she's pointing

6c55e No.63906

"Thez?" Trunpaladin calls out. "I killed a… Nevermind. Do you know how to get into the tower?"

c5dac No.63907

Tracy, most quickly picking up on the implications of what Addy is hinting at, runs over and starts rattling the shelves, which indeed rattle as though held in place but otherwise mobile.

3142c No.63908

After a moment of '>muh hormones', Tracy continues to examine the self. Jostling it, pushing it, and pulling out various books, intent of finding out what's attached to it.

4721f No.63909

Snek slithers on over and pushes and shoves where Tracy asks him to.

c5dac No.63910

Eventually, from Tracy's apparent insistence, and boredom, Addy follows suit from what Tracy is doing, and after pulling a particularly oversized book on the top shelf called "Babbie Devil's Guide to Cantrips", the shelf slides aside, suddenly emitting a telltale video game sound involved in finding secret traps, chests, and doors.

88fb0 No.63911

3142c No.63912

Dice rollRolled 16 + 23

Rolling to check spooky corridor

c5dac No.63913

Behind the shelf is a darkened stone staircase leading down. Dust wafts off the area, not recently travelled.

4721f No.63914

"Huh, shall we go in?"
>"Ladies first!"
"Pearls before swine"

3142c No.63915

"Hey, faggots! Addy and I found something!" Tracy shouts back, after checking the staircase for traps

c5dac No.63916

From this position, the walkway leads in two directions. Rather, it leads along two paths in the same direction, one above the other, the lower one accessable by a ramp walkway.

6c55e No.63917

"Glad to see you're doing something with your time" Trumpaladin shouts back

3142c No.63918

Tracy stops and ponders which direction to go

3142c No.63919

*which path to take

c5dac No.63920

"Go ahead, I'll follow along," Addy peeks from the shadows near the edge of the bookshelf.

4721f No.63921

"I'll follow you two, I'm just here for the ride"

c5dac No.63922

Dice rollRolled 12

Hits meme mage with a stick

c5dac No.63923

Stick hits but is insufficient to do damage

4721f No.63924

Snek trys not to laugh, but that makes him laugh harder

beb4a No.63925

*hits button to turn back to brownie as his lady changes form as well* we will follow at the back

c5dac No.63926

"Don't follow, walk with!" Addy encourages.

8348c No.63927

"I guess I'll go the opposite path"

3142c No.63928

Dice rollRolled 2 + 4

I'm not sure I understand how these two paths are layed out, but rolling an intelligence check to guess the more favorable path to take.
.. or just take one at random, idk.

4721f No.63929

Dice rollRolled 6 + 9

"Alright, alright"
Torc and Snek head on in and Snek makes a spot check

beb4a No.63930

*both lenos and kinyin (spelling?) Smile and move up so one is on either side of addy*

3142c No.63931

I regret rolling for that nonsense.

c5dac No.63932

There's two apparent paths, one lower and one higher. Pick

3142c No.63933

If push comes to shove, we blast through the floors.

8348c No.63934

File: 1524366041584.jpg (220.14 KB, 2000x1774, 1014789__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

I'm'a go deep

4721f No.63935

O ye'll tak' the high road, and I'll take the low road,
And I'll be in Scotla-

Sorry, Torcuil and Snek take the lower path

3142c No.63936


88fb0 No.63937

Stix goes through the lower path

8348c No.63938

File: 1524366292874.jpg (51.32 KB, 670x377, 1dxet4.jpg)

Good guess, but Wrong

c5dac No.63939

Dice rollRolled 5

c5dac No.63940

Stix and Snex roll a spot check

4721f No.63941

Dice rollRolled 3 + 9


88fb0 No.63942

Dice rollRolled 10 + 12

Spot check for Stix

c5dac No.63943

Stix notices Addy dart off, out of the room, toward the lower passage.

beb4a No.63944

*with lenos an kiyin going along with her*

3142c No.63945

Does he say anything?

3142c No.63946

88fb0 No.63947

Dice rollRolled 6 + 12

“I think Addy just took off down this way guys. Shall we follow?”

88fb0 No.63948

Damn email field

4721f No.63949

Dice rollRolled 3 + 9

Snek doesn't see shit, so him and Torc continue along the lower path singing Loch Lomond

4721f No.63950

I know that feel
>Somehow rolls 2 3s in a row

3142c No.63951

Freaking adorable little..!

Tracy looks strangely flustered as she runs off after the shadowy silhouette, down the lower path.

c5dac No.63952

I think you mean, "Lenos and Kiynen suddenly notice Addy's scent is departing, and take off after, in the direction of the lower passages.
Yeah, a 22 passes, he notices too
And get passed by 2 dragons, 2 ponies, and Thez (who is in stealth, uber stealth even,… but come on now)

8348c No.63953

"I'm not here to babysit. I think we would cover more ground if we split up, but if we didn't, that is fine too. Just of we split up, you should go the opposite path of Tracy"

beb4a No.63954

Right that one

4721f No.63955

"Did you see anything?"
>"Nope, but I think I heard a herd of elephants pass us

"Considering the others are gone I would guess it was them"
Torc and Snek pick up the pace

88fb0 No.63956

“I will do as you suggest, but I have is feeling that we are going to be needed. Remember who just destroyed that monster? I think they could use your help.”

8348c No.63957

Trumpaladin sighs audibly
"I think we would cover ground more quickly if we split up, but whatever. Remember that one of the were rats undoubtably alerted Soros"

3142c No.63958

Dice rollRolled 15 + 25

Tracy, using her superior speed, tries toTumble through the group, to get ahead.
Rolling to squeeze past the herd of charging elephants, I guess.

c5dac No.63959

Addy being visible in the distance to the leading party members, she stops and stands, looking to the left. Shaking her head she darts onward.

c5dac No.63960

Success, Tracy makes lead position, able to engage unrestricted speed
cuz etherealness is gone, but speed?
and in a puff of smoke,…

88fb0 No.63961

“You do have more experience fighting this things. I suppose that if they can’t handle themselves at this point, it isn’t going to help having two more there. Upper way then?”

3142c No.63962

Idk, her base speed is 100. I assumed Addy moved at 30 tops.

8348c No.63963

Trumpaladin lazily follows, and rides on Fae's back, laying down to avoid problems with the cealing. He sings

"Walzing Matilda, Walzing Matilda, who will come a walzing matilda with me?
And his Ghost may be heard, as you pass by the billabong…"

"Nah, we'll follow along. The whole group is going to have to enter hell at the same time anyways"

88fb0 No.63964

Stix follows the paladin

c5dac No.63965

30 base speed, but Addy learned some meta tricks

3142c No.63966

Tracy does her best to get ahead of the group, hoping to take initiative before they all charge into a hidden lava pit.

8348c No.63967

Trumpaladin Sings. Not rudely ignoring Stix, but as time goes on
"Once was a Swagman, camped by a billabong, down by the shade of a Koolabar tree
He sang and he sung as he camped by the billabong,
Who'll come a walzing Matilda with me"

8348c No.63968

Trumpaladin gets up in a fright
"Wait a minute. Was the line "he sang and he sung as he camped by the billabong," or was it "He watched and he waited as his billy boiled"? I'm pretty sure both are lyrics, but I don't now the order."
And with a sort of horror, Trumpaladin realizes that he can never find the correct answer. The lyrics are now lost to him

4721f No.63969

I guess that's the whole party taking the low road
>"…The Bonnie Bonnie banks of loch Lomond"
"See, you don't have to throw me overboard for singing"

c5dac No.63970

Those in pursuit speed along a neatly tiled corridor with a slight curviture to it, leading slowly upward and to the left. As they speed along (in turn, still) they come across the sound of echoes stating your average villainous crap. You know, "who are you, why are you here, what do you have against "Comet Ping Pong Pizza", etc."

3142c No.63971


c5dac No.63972

Rounding the last ramp and embankment, Tracy (or is it Lenos and Kiynen? Perhaps hits,… anyway, whoever it is who does so first rounds the corner and sees Addy half standing there, half suspendeded by the throat, by an elongated tentacle from a man who bears a striking resemblance to James Alephantis

4721f No.63973

File: 1524369048432.jpg (55.51 KB, 508x600, medium.jpg)

Hi Anon!
I made you a peetzer

3142c No.63974

Dice rollRolled 11 + 22

>muh hormones
Tracy instinctively throws a keened dagger at Jame's head.
Has he seen her yet?

4721f No.63975

>"Are we there yet?"

c5dac No.63976

As Tracy rounds first, followed immediately by a rumbling which doesn't specifically, buy generally foretells of Lenos and Kiynen's arrival, James Alephahtis tentacle- man has Addy in a choke-hold. He looks smirkingly toward the rest of the party, while Addy slumps over in his tentacle.
"Oh, there's more of you then?" He jokes.
Spot checks for extra credit, otherwise holy shit, the whole corridor is sprouting tentacles.
Oh yeah, roll for initiative.

beb4a No.63977

Dice rollRolled 9


8348c No.63978

Dice rollRolled 14

Dice rollRolled 9 + 6

Dice rollRolled 12 + 15

"Down come the troopers, one two…. Fuck!"

Fae Spot check and initiative

4721f No.63979

Snek and Torc initiative in that order

4721f No.63980

Dice rollRolled 14, 2 = 16

Kill me

3142c No.63981

Dice rollRolled 11 + 7

Rolling Initiative

3142c No.63982

I thought you took the high path?
Didn't you say you wanted to split up?

88fb0 No.63983

Dice rollRolled 1

Dice rollRolled 19 + 12

Stix has +12 Spot
Other than that, initiative roll

8348c No.63984

I did. That was before everyone was on the low path. So he's on the low path, but substantially behind many others

3142c No.63985

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

Rolling Spot without ranks
>whole corridor is sprouting tentacles
Thank Epona for Improved Uncanny Dodge.

c5dac No.63986

Lenos 9
Trump 14
Fae 15
Torcuil 14
Snek 2+mods (6?)
Tracy 18
Stix gets a marvelous spot roll. Unfortunately, he's too busy spotting to realize a fight is breaking out, so he' last in combat rotation.

3142c No.63987

So, you wanna go with the rest of the group altogether then?
Just wanna' know for future reference.

c5dac No.63988

Dice rollRolled 19

Dice rollRolled 7 + 4


c5dac No.63989

11 is Thez, 19 is Addy, meaning Addy goes first.

c5dac No.63990

Addy has first move. However, Addy is also slumped over in the clutches of James Alefantis

3142c No.63991

Dice rollRolled 13 + 24

Tracy immediately charges at the freak who dared to touch Addy, sundering his disgusting tentacle with her dagger in a ride-by attack.

8348c No.63992

Dice rollRolled 11, 9, 14 = 34

Fae isn't attacking the same thing as Tracy so I'm going to have her move before Tracy's action is resolved. Fae Claws and Bites at the rape tentacles

[shrugging anonfilly]

c5dac No.63993

Wait what? It sounds like you're trying to do the same thing as TF but differently than TF

8348c No.63994

File: 1524371965906.png (337.64 KB, 2500x3603, 1048874__safe_artist-colon….png)

Uh…. different tentacles?

beb4a No.63995

*as soon as its lenos and kenyins turn lenos will toss his lady a dagger as he activates his lightsaber thing*

c5dac No.63996

Sorry, eating. If anyone needs a break,now is a good time

3142c No.63997

It's close to 1 AM, so I wanna call it a night.
It'd be a shame to leave Infernius out of saving kids from the pizzeria too.

8348c No.63998


Just let Fae and Trumpaladin have their rounds before the morning Especially since I'll wake up later anyways

c5dac No.63999

Don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere. I'm just taking a break
Break time, btw

8348c No.64000

File: 1524379008664.png (473.8 KB, 2500x3235, 1491708110226.png)

Dice rollRolled 9, 10, 5, 13 = 37

Dice rollRolled 19 + 10

I know there's feedback to two other characters, but I'll be asleep while everyone else is awake, so here's Trumpaladin's Turn:

Knocked to his senses and seeing that rape tentacles are now growing out of the walls, Trumpaladin gets up and pulls Vanderiem

"No. No. No! Not this Japanese Shit!"
Trumpaladin attacks the Tentacles.

If Trumpaladin finds the corridor is tall enough to fight on Fae's back, ignore the 1d20, and Trumpaladin makes a Full round attack against the rape tentacles

If Trumpaladin finds the corridor is too small to fight on her back, Trumpaladin attempts to quickly dismount Fae. This is the purpose of the 1d20+10, as it is a DC 20 for Fast Mount. If he passes, then he makes a full round attack against the rape tentacles. If he fails, then ignore the last three attacks in the attack round, but he makes a singular attack with Vanderiem

Using Divine Might to expend a turn undead and add +6 damage per hit, because he has 9 uses a day and has like 6 remaining, so why not?

4721f No.64001

I guess if Trump went Torc can go too.
Torcuil airstrikes the tentacle beast before he can use chemical weapons.
Rolling for damage

4721f No.64002

Dice rollRolled 1, 3, 4, 2, 3 + 5 = 18

Today's headline: local fucking idiot can't figure out how dice work.

bbaef No.64003

sorry i fell asleep last night waiting for my phone to charge

bbaef No.64004

Dice rollRolled 17

Dialogue isnt supposed to be spoilered

c5dac No.64005

Huh, apparently I did go somewhere. My bad.

3142c No.64006

Behead those who assault Adeline.

bbaef No.64007

Beheading is to quick.

bbaef No.64008

Sorry i fell asleep

c5dac No.64009

Sorry, me too. I was gonna run Trump and Fae's turn, but I found myself waking up instead.

bbaef No.64010

Well on the bright side i can help addy.

c5dac No.64011

So from what I'm seeing, everyone in pursuit flipped their shit and started attacking, severing tentacles and taking it to him right?
The appropriate response
As they do so, and as the tentacles slacken, including the one holding Addy, the image of sn unconscious Addy fades into smoke and a resounding <CRACK> issues from the back of Alefantis' head.
Oh she's not that helpless.

3142c No.64012

File: 1524407192857-0.gif (677.85 KB, 470x256, WY900.gif)

c5dac No.64013

As Alefantis is surrounded for what is sure to be a thorough - but by no means quick - gang-raping of its own, he shakes off the strike to his head. "But, Comet Ping Pong is just an innocent Pizza restaurant! There's no reason to suspect there's anything illegal going on!" His severed and mangled tentacles flop ineffectively around him.

3142c No.64014

*chops pedophile into pizza toppings*

bbaef No.64015

*unzips dick*
"Come here you pedopihillic freak."

bbaef No.64016

I >rape him

c5dac No.64017

With the slow and painful demise of Alefantis, it becomes clear that this is an underground tunnel leading from Comet Ping Pong, and connects directly to the Synogogue. Small wonder what the point of that could be. Addy is quick to rummage around in his remains, running off the way everyone came as she discovers a large key.

c5dac No.64018

Yes, everyone is welcome to do with Alefantis whatever they will as he is slowly cut into pieces. Personally, I recommend methods that allow for a prolongued suffering, but to each their own.

bbaef No.64019

Reeeeeeeeee i said i >RAPE him

3142c No.64020

*bitch-slaps minotaur*
"Not in front of the kids, you big oath!"
*takes still-squirming, dise,bodied tentacle in a ziplock bag*
"You can have that for later."
Octopus tentacles will keep moving for a while after being severed. Seeing as how he's a monster, I'm sure everyone could have a few pounds of conscious flesh from him.

bbaef No.64021

*drags him around the corner and >rapes him*

c5dac No.64022

The room is still filling with pink tentacles, though. As they form they start reaching for characters.

bbaef No.64023

*inflict crit wounds mass on tentacles*

3142c No.64024

Is there a path through them, or is it a dead end?

c5dac No.64025

Huh, they don't have hit points per say, so while that would cause them to convulse for a bit, it would immediately wear off when the spell is complete.
The tunnel ends in a large staircase leading up, but tentacles have otherwise eliminated any path, at least for the duration of the spell.
"There," Addy says, unlocking the large cage that she and the party passed on their way to Alefantis. Opening the cage, dozens of small children make their way from their imprisonment. "I don't know where you'll go, but you don't have to stay here anymore." she says.

3142c No.64026

".. Addy.. Have you been here before?"

bbaef No.64027

"Uh. What?"
*grabs alfantis*

c5dac No.64028

"No, but I saw kids in the cell and I made a mean-face and I pointed toward the direction the guy was in (referring to Alefantis) and some of them nodded their heads, so I knew that he was probably bad."

3142c No.64029

Tracy looks at all the kids individually, her expression again becoming something strange.
"… We have to keep moving.. What are we going to do with them all?"

c5dac No.64030

"I dunno, but I saw them and I kinda felt for them, seeing them all caged up and stuff." to the kids, "I hear there's pizza,…"

bbaef No.64031

"Theres no food…."

3142c No.64032

>tfw no stranger to sex trafficking rings
"I don't think you'll want this pizza…" Tracy says grimly

c5dac No.64033

Considering Tracy's words, Addy turns back to the assembled children. "Its not much, but here," she says offering a simple wooden spoon. "Its not much, but put it in any container and say "Noms" and it will fill with food. Its nasty,… but its food. You'll want to add sugar if you have any."
One of the kids reluctantly takes the spoon. "You can't come with us. We've got bad people to meet with." She says apologetically.

3142c No.64034

After pausing for a long moment, Tracy looks at the staircase.
"I guess the only way from here is up."

c5dac No.64035

"There's the other path too," Addy offers. "I just had a hunch about this one."

3142c No.64036

"If my hunch is correct, this place is a storehouse.." she says looking up at the staircase
"So the customers should be up there.."
Tracy walks towards the staircase

bbaef No.64037

"Addy dont watch what daddy is about to do to this bad man."
"cut his dick off. Im gonna fuck the hole."

3142c No.64038

Tracy tosses Infernius a sack
"Put him in the bag. We've got bigger fish to fry now." Tracy says as she steps onto the staircase and peers up the shaft

c5dac No.64039

"Yes, come with me," is uttered from a small patch of peeling concrete on the ceiling, followed by a <whooof> sound. Addy says "Kay!" and runs back toward the fork in the paths.

bbaef No.64040

"Ok but you'll cut it off before we leave."
*stuffs Degenerate in the sack*
*hits sack against concrete wall*

3142c No.64041

Tracy follows suit
*slices dick off with Dark*

bbaef No.64042

c5dac No.64043

We'll wait until everyone is on to continue, but yes, this tunnel system is one method of arriving at the destination, assuming the party hadn't readily gone to the Synogogue first. I did want Alefantis to die or get tortured tho, so good on you for that.

bbaef No.64044

Oh well if we are waiting.
i take him out of the sack and proceede to pop his cherry.

c5dac No.64045

And raped, good to be thorough

bbaef No.64046

*pulls out his teeth*

bbaef No.64047

*shits into his mouth*
Kicks him in the face a few times*
*pulls off his jaw*

bbaef No.64048

"Hey tracy come slice him."
*shoves bacon down his throat*
*kicks him in the ribs*
*stomps on his stomach to get him to cough up the bacon*

8348c No.64049

"Well, that was weird"
And proceeds onwards

8348c No.64050

"Uh…. What are you doing? Is this the right path? Was that ever discovered?"

bbaef No.64051

"What he did to our men, yea this right path."

3142c No.64052

"Umm.. Sure. How do you want him?" she says, brandishing Dark in her hooves

bbaef No.64053

"Butcher's choice."

3142c No.64054

"So be it."
>insert anime slashing sound effects here

8348c No.64055

Trumpaladin tries to slash through the tentacles blocking the path to the staircase =

c5dac No.64056

After several minutes, the tentacles shrivel up and dissipate.

bbaef No.64057

I put alfantises head and jaw in the bag and cast repose on his head.

4721f No.64058

Torc's face brightens a bit, and he starts looking through his pocket.
After cleaning out the shit from virtually every fucking party member, he finds the ramen chopsticks in a clean pocket.
"Here, it's not gonna be much but it'll be something"

8348c No.64059

Trumpaladin proceeds up the staircasee

3142c No.64060

Tracy continues forward.

bbaef No.64061

Infernuis follows behind trumpadin.

bbaef No.64062

Infernuis turns around a goes and checks the pizza shop.

c5dac No.64063

The pizza shop opens to an empty storage room, separated by a curtain to another room. It sounds like there might be people in the next room. The storage room has carpeting and partial furniture, suggesting it may have had a purpose at some time.

bbaef No.64065

Dice rollRolled 8


bbaef No.64066

If i didn't find any tning i go to the next room.

c5dac No.64067

There's maybe a dozen adults there, some with children that have the same vacant stare that the ones Addy released had. They congregate around eating tables and a foosball table.

4721f No.64068

Is the cordor three way, and continues after the pizza place, or is that the end of it?

3142c No.64069

Tracy walks right behind Infernius.

c5dac No.64071

The corridor ends at the pizza place. Its essentially a large Y, the singular point of which is at the Synogogue

bbaef No.64072

"Tracy act like anomatronic and try to get kids out of here."
*Infernuis puts on a funny voice*
"hey there customers we have a special deal in the main room here 3 pizza for everyone come pick your 3 out"

4721f No.64073

Snek and Torc hiss at each other a little bit before Snek hands Torc his gun and sunglasses.
Snek then approaches the door, hat turning into a propeller hat, and he follows suit with Infernius pretending to be an animatronic

3142c No.64074

Tracy looks at Infernius in exasperation for a moment, then shrugs.
"…That plan is so retarded it just might work.."
*walks into room in sharp mechanical motions, like one of the robots in fnaf*
"~It's a one-day only offer." Tracy buzzes out, in an uppity, electronic voice, her hoof pointing past the door, as to lead the "customers" to the back room

c5dac No.64075

Some of the people look at the children they have with them, while others look excited. The couple of people who appear to work here however, they aren't too impressed.

4721f No.64076

3142c No.64077

Well, that was dumb…
You got another one of those Mass Inflict spells? I don't like the idea of covering kids in blood.

bbaef No.64078

*follows the ones out in a robotic fashion*

8348c No.64079

Trumpaladin walks out into the structure from the staircase into the store room, the antithesis of his behavior being a paragon of stealth. He yells

"REGINA! Are you there?"

c5dac No.64080

Startled more by the sound than by the strange people, two of the staff head toward the storage room with irritated/confused looks on their faces

8348c No.64081

The man in glimmering armor responds
"Hello. Have you seen a Unicorn around here perchance? Or a second Unicorn?"

4721f No.64082

Dice rollRolled 1, 4, 2, 6, 5, 6, 1, 3, 4, 4, 6, 1, 5, 4, 1, 2, 2 = 57

Torc jumps into the room
"Hiya kids!"
Torc then follows in the ways of Mike Pence, using chain lighting to fuck up any staff workers there.

Electricity damage; full for one, every other takes half.

c5dac No.64083

"You're not allowed in here!"
The two staff workers immediately turn bestial, their skin turning green and their clothes tearing as joints realign and clawed hands and feet bear talons.

bbaef No.64084

I cast inflict critical wounds mass on all the adults that left out of the room

8348c No.64085

Dice rollRolled 4

"No. You are not allowed in Elway's good country!"

Pull Vanderiem, and charge the one who said that, with a slashing attack

3142c No.64086

Dice rollRolled 3, 10, 15, 11 = 39

Tracy figures the jig is up, and stabs the other one in the back with her cane as she walks past her.

8348c No.64087


And you do not have 4 attacks with one weaapon

3142c No.64088

She's right at the door between the rooms.

bbaef No.64089

Dice rollRolled 4, 3, 1, 7 + 17 = 32


3142c No.64090

Her sword is a sword of Speed.

8348c No.64091

What are you talking about?

c5dac No.64092

The initial target falls to the ground in a heap, while the second is significantly damaged, the next minorly so, and the next barely so before the spell dissipates.
Inflict Serious, you mean.
A wave of negative energy springs forth from Infernius' outstretched hands
This, Korak's sword is a quickened weapon

c5dac No.64093

Dice rollRolled 4, 5, 2 + 15 = 26

3142c No.64094

Her canesword that Korak used to own; the basket-hilt blade. It allows an extra attack in a roll.

c5dac No.64095

The second one struck by Torcuil's lightning falls over dead. The one Trump attacked with Vandereim is still hit because Trump has crazy attack bonuses.

8348c No.64096

When was this stated?

3142c No.64097

A long time ago.

8348c No.64098

c5dac No.64099

Since before Mlpol desu
I misread the spell description. This would have been more than sufficient to kill the entirety of perverts

3142c No.64100

I'm not about to do that.
It's a keen sword of speed. Even GM just said so.
Trake meta to the server.

4721f No.64102

No problem, I just got confused.
Snek changes his hat back to Pinochet style.
>"It's not physical removal, but I will admit it's quite efficient."
"Yeah, it definitely gets the job done"
Torc hands Snek's gear back to him before approaching the kids.
"Hey, are you guys okay?"

3142c No.64103

Once all the goons drop dead, Tracy springs forward to see if the kids are hurt.

3142c No.64104

Tracy takes these kids to where the others are.

c5dac No.64105

The kids have congregated in the disorganized (complete with giant corpse) synogogue, looking outward at the hillside at the ruined landscape beyond in all directions.
"Where,… where do we go?" they stammer.

3142c No.64106

"I-It's o-okay.." Tracy stammers out in a voice so soft you'd think it wasn't hers, standing at light horse size over the small of children all around her, her eyes darting around hesitantly as she tries not to panic as nothing but "Ohshitohshitohshitohshit!" races through her mind.
She's making the same peculiar expression she was earlier, only her cheeks are flushed as red as they were when she found herself sitting on two giant eggs in the mountain.
"Umm.. ugh.. Everyone come pet the pony." she squeaks

3142c No.64107

*small herd of children

bbaef No.64108

*hugs the children*
"It will be okay we have place you can be safe."
*detect magic*

3142c No.64109

"D-do we..?" Tracy chokes out

4721f No.64110

"Uh, does anyone want to pet the giant snake?"
>"You are not volunteering me for this"
Torc quickly hisses "we need to calm them down"

bbaef No.64111

"The tunnels"

c5dac No.64112

"Aside from the ruins?" Thez asks rhetorically. >>64111
"He's right. We can keep them inside from now, but we must be on our way if we're to really help them."

bbaef No.64113

"Me ready when you are"

3142c No.64114

".. I.. I guess we should.." Tracy says, slowly stepping through the herd of kids, stopping every now and then to look one in the eye apologetically
"N-no time to lose.. I guess.."

4721f No.64115

"Uh, so how should we do this?"

3142c No.64116

After wading through the crowd a bit more slowly than appropriate, Tracy faces off towards the unexplored tunnel, a determined look on her face.
"Well, here goes nothing." she says, as she marches forward
"First we need to get inside the tower."

4721f No.64117

"We'll follow you guys."

3142c No.64118

"Get your memes or whatever you call them ready. I doubt the welcoming committee will be great.." Tracy says, as she trots off down the dark corridor

4721f No.64119

Torc jumps on Snek's back.
>"I'll bite you"
"Just follow the stabby hoers"

c5dac No.64120

Dabs on all u bitches

4721f No.64121

BOI(don't get knocked out in front of all these people. it would be a shame for you if you were to get knocked out, especially in front of all these people)

3142c No.64122

*is dabbed on*

Tracy goes ahead of the group, searching the path above.

c5dac No.64123

So for simplicity's sake, we're back at the top/bottom fork in the road, and Tracy is taking the lead. A very bruised, bloodied, and raped James Alefantis is still stuffed in Infernius' bag, but otherwise their 'extra-curricular activities are concluded.

3e32c No.64124

*lenos and kenyin take up positions at the back of the group to make sure nothing attacks from behind*

4721f No.64125

The Snek Tank A mage on a Snek takes the middle position watching for foes to shoot/beam/curse/send to a different plane