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ed694 No.38130[View All]

Well, the party has gotten some things in order and has made some arrangements and plans to attack Court City in full and not as a half-assed rescue mission because of a brain worm. Speaking of brain worms, the party just kinda shrugged their shoulders and forgot about that whole "Infernius going insane and running off" bit. Hmmm. Oh well. But anyway, everyone's got some ideas and plans to put in motion. Its too bad that Port Barry is currently surrounded one 4 fronts,… that's going to complicate things.

Welcome back to the Game thread, there's over 3 dozen of 'em by now, so pardon me if I skip the introductory formalities. If you want to join, or perhaps just join in on the shitposting cuz bored, feel free. I'm working on a metric to allow new players to get in without having to go through the process of full-on mapping out a character.
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c583b No.39471

>'I doin't care for any part of that cunt. Do what you like with her, just make sure she's gone, permanently.'

3f027 No.39472

Trumpaladin asks Fae to go find the men, and to send them to the Jolly Cunt. Fae is Dismissed

c583b No.39473

Dice rollRolled 6 + 19

Tracy begins moving in stealth while Troll is visibly distracted, quickly and silently, with conviction.
Rolling to Move Silently.

21ec9 No.39474

"I,… I don't know that thats true," hugs tightly.
"No, I've,… exhausted my resources."

c583b No.39475

She immediately moves to flank troll with a triple Death Attack.

21ec9 No.39476

"What is going on, this is,… strange"

3f027 No.39477

"I'm sorry Troll. I can't delay any longer. My earlier promise to you still stands, but so does mine to her. Forgive me"

85f31 No.39478

"we'll get these court city bastards, and avenge everyone we lost me promise."

3f027 No.39479

Dice rollRolled 13, 5, 19, 4 = 41

Flanks with Boots, Stabs Trollestia with Sugoito

21ec9 No.39480

"What? This!,…."
I'm assuming Tracy's 3x atk comes at the same time?

c583b No.39481

She's attacking immediately, so possibly.

21ec9 No.39482

"I'm sure we'll get them, but,… it didn't have to be this way. I don't know how it 'should' have been but,… not this."

3f027 No.39483

"I'm sorry…"

Can mine be first by like a couple seconds?

He didn't roll. The first one may be true strike but the last two were not

21ec9 No.39484

For simplicity's sake, can we just off Trollestia neatly so I don't have to go into combat mode?

c583b No.39485

You don't roll for sneak attacks.

c583b No.39486

Why you want to attack first though?

3f027 No.39488

Yes? I want to hear her monologue though

You have to beat their AC

85f31 No.39489

i guess but its not very in vharacter for infernuis to allow it.

3f027 No.39490

So she's not dead before he can land a hit

3f027 No.39491

You're talking to Thez. You're in a different area

c583b No.39492

Isn't he still with Thez.
You can coupe de grace her, if that's what you really want.
Tracy immediately assumes monstrous shape upon landing her attack.

85f31 No.39493

i had assumed we were at the docks

3f027 No.39494


"Good… Goodbye…"
Slashes again

85f31 No.39495


21ec9 No.39496

"This isn't what I… signed up for…." Trollestia says as she dies. As she falls limply to the docks, and as her body slackens,… it begins to change shape.
What appears now is a unicorn, but its observably and definitively not Trollestia. Who it is is unknown.
Congratulations, welcome to plan T. Trump just participated in the murder of an innocent Unicorn. Woohoo!

3f027 No.39497


Trumpaladin slices off a few pieces of the unicorn

3f027 No.39498

Top Fucking Kek!

85f31 No.39499

3f027 No.39500

Fuck it

*Picks up entire unicorn*

*calls Fae*

c583b No.39501

How many more innocent animals is she going to use as her stunt doubles? She's supposed to be the good one here.
[angry nightmare noises]
"That fucking slippery cunt!"

21ec9 No.39502

c583b No.39503

Also, why couldn't Tracy tell the difference in the strength of their auras? Is this one also a Celestial Charger?

85f31 No.39504

should i get this game?

c583b No.39505

That's the only reason I used the Detect Good, after all.

3f027 No.39506

Because you used it before you went to the docks. You didn't use it on "Trollestia"

85f31 No.39507

magic n sheeeeeeeit

c583b No.39508

21ec9 No.39509

If u don't know the spoilers already, and have the time, and don't mind reading through a bunch of menial-drama shit, yes.
Tracy's saves were pre-rolled. Refer to Torcuil's "3d20" roll earlier.

c583b No.39510

Can polymorph spells duplicate aura/alignment?

85f31 No.39511

>reading through a bunch of menial-drama shit. im completly in the dark on the spoilers except that its dark.
i participate in theses threads dont i?

c583b No.39512

[angry nightmare noises]
*grabs Trumpaladin and puts him on her back*
"I'm going to destroy that cunt!"

3f027 No.39513


21ec9 No.39514

Oh snap, I was supposed to have baked a new thread. Let me do that rly quick ^_^

3f027 No.39515

Can Fae carry whatever we just killed to the Entertron and resurrect it? I think my character is getting kidnapped…

c583b No.39517

Dice rollRolled 11 + 21

Just for the sake of it, Tracking check.

c583b No.39518

Can she find her scent?

3f027 No.39519

"Tracy, can you take me to the tower quickly?"

c583b No.39521

>[incoherent nightmare thoughts]
She's even more rabid than she was before.

21ec9 No.39523

c583b No.39526

He is.
Tracy speeds off towards the forest.
If her tracking check doesn't yield anything.

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