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1e65f No.33520

Hey /vx/
I'm playing through Skyrim again and can't decide on this. I almost made this on /mlpol/ because its political.
Which is better?
The Thalmor are like jews and are threatened by the imperium so a united empire would be good. But the empire is also multi culti and for example lets Dunmer settle in places like Windheim.
>Redguard niggers
>Khajit gypsies fucks


50728 No.33521

The Stormcloaks are the true patricians choice. All else, and you are getting zogged by the by high elves. Which the Imperials are, controlled by the high elves. Unlike the Stormcloaks who actually fucking stand for Skyrim. Remember that quote, "My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperial. Can you say the same?" The Imperials are race traitors.

1e65f No.33522

Yes but its almost like the USA. We are jewed on some levels but do we burn it to the ground or try to MAGA?

1e62d No.33523

we try MAGA first, and if it fails, THEN we burn it down.

50728 No.33524

Not really. Because the stormcloaks aren't burning anything to the ground nor are they Jew'd. Nor are the Imperials going to burn anything. First time, I played, I went for the Imperials to the end without realising what I had done. I had continued the defunct order. I didn't make Skyrim Great Again. I just destroyed the only thing that could. The Stormcloaks are the true opposition to a corrupted kingdom.

8a5d3 No.33592

Skyrim for the Nords. Why? Because the Imperials already have their shitty empire and the fucking Elves already have their own homeland and the Catshits already have their own land. Who doesn't have their own land? The oft-invaded Nords.

598db No.33606


6b1c0 No.33608

When I was younger I felt the empire was the right side.
But as time went on and I became more redpilled I seen that the Stormcloaks are the real good guys. If you look the Stormcloaks are nationalist they are about protecting them and their people because they are tired of their gov (the empire) being controlled by a rich and powerful small population that manipulates everything (Sound like anyone). The storm cloaks may not be perfect but they are fighting for their rights for them and their children and their children's children.


d752b No.55235

This question is rather deep, and there's not a lot of information given to you on the geo-political status, but I'll try to explain as best I can.

At the end of the war with the Thalmor, the empire was actually in a winning position, the emperor just ceded the conflict and gave into their demands for whatever reason. Afterwards, the Thalmor remain in a severely weakened state, help up only by their status as victors. If the empire were to go to war with them during the game's events, it would result in the empire's victory due to not only to the fact that all the territories under their control resent the Thalmor rule, but because they're still recovering from the last war. Hence the game's events, you find evidence indicating that they want Skyrim to secede from the empire, as that would weaken the empire greatly and put them on more even terms.

When looking at the two leaders of the rebellion specifically, Uflric Stormcloak and General Tallius, they both essentially want the same thing. Freedom from the Thalmor. It's implied by Tullius that he intends to lead a military coup against the Emperor in the event he bows to any more Thalmor demands, but that the time is not right, the empire has its own wounds to lick. Obviously that would be a good thing in the long run against the Thalmor.

Ulfric wants to take the more direct route, being a hotblooded nord, what's not evident is that Skyrim seceding would not be a completely bad thing for the empire, as they still have deep connections going back to Tiber Septim that would be unconditionally honored, even if they were a separate state. Ulfric is tired of the Thalmor dictating empire affairs, seceding from the Empire would release the empire from enforcing the terms of the treaty to them, but also put them at risk of being conquered by the Thalmor in a conflict the Empire may not be ready to fight, especially considering Tullius dies as a result of Skyrim seceding, killing any notion of a military coup. The Thalmor know this and thus encourage the rebellion quietly.

Finally, bear in mind that the current emperor is assassinated by you during the game's events, there is a subtle implication that the one who ordered it has ties to the Thalmor. Tamriel is in the middle of a cold war between the Thalmor and the Empire, with the Thalmor seeking to weaken the empire to a point where their victory can be assured in a war, and the Empire trying to loosen the Thalmor's grip on them in violation of the emperor.

Ideologically, the empire isn't a multicultural society more so it's a federation of nation states that follows an agreed upon set of universal rules (Unfortunately dictated by the Thalmor due to the emperor's lack of spine). Each nation state sticks to their own, maintains their own government and contributes to the welfare of the empire overall through taxation. It is fundamentally a good idea, but is being poorly managed under its current leadership.

tl;dr, side with the Stormcloaks and force the inevitable war early, a war the empire may just stay out of, and a war Skyrim cannot possibly win. Or side with the Imperials and play the long game, in the hopes of a regime change through a military coup and eventual war footing against the Thalmor on winnable terms.

41395 No.55238

Could the Dragonborn solo the Thalmor?

e963e No.55239

Do you mean kill them all? I'd love to see that as an option

6fc45 No.57210

Neither my friend imperial is better choice for the world in general though because its very much possible that Ulfric is a thalmor puppet put into play to strain the empire's supply lines so they can launch a full on assault and destroy yet another tower (the white gold tower) thus pushing the world further into destruction. The Thalmor are trying to destroy all of the towers so they can once more become celestials and in the process destroy the world and kill everyone but the elves. Side with who you want the actual best thing would be if there was a pact made to fuck up the aldmeri dominion and stomp them into the ground so they never recover but you cant do that as skyrim is a limited shitty game.

6fc45 No.57211

9160a No.57838


fbbe4 No.65801

Its funny, I was just thinking about this earlier today when playing skyrim. Back when it first came out I always sided with the imperials based on the fact that they seemed to be the overall "good" guys based on the needs of the whole empire rather than the scant few.

But over time and through many MANY hours of replays and my own political opinions being changed, I was a filthy fucking communist when the game came out, I have realized that the Nords/Stormcloacks are the only true choice to go with. Based both on their politics of Nationalism and moderate Isolationism as well as the lore of the Elder Scrolls.

and honestly whatever side you choose to go with will become completely unbeatable my mortal means, remember that Miraak has power that the player doesn't have access too in game but in theory COULD and like WOULD eventually be able to reach. Or exceed since you stomp him into the dust with a fraction of his ability. Remember that the founding of the Empire was from a dragonborn named Tiber Septim giving you a good idea of what just one "man" could do with this gift that is passed down through the Nordic bloodlines and the knowledge of the voice the Nords/Stormcloaks preserve and revere and worship.

also dont forget that the game takes place over a very short period of time where you go from being a prisoner who cant break free of a rope to punching dragons and GODS to death within about year.

dea74 No.65802

Argonians are honorary Nords.

b7d8e No.65804

It doesn't matter which side you choose, the Thalmor will win. The Imperials are in a worse state than the Stormcloaks though, so I would rather choose them, as they have a stable leadership unlike the Empire.

e393a No.67294

bump because I am interested in people more clever than I am weighing in here.

62e4f No.67295

I made it to the first village, took a sidequest, got a nightcare nightmare and murdered the emperor.

8dc6f No.67296

Stormcloaks. Imperials are too multicultural.
Btw, I'm going to reinstall this game. What rare/underappreciated mods do you recommend?

53b32 No.67340

They are like poos. Pretty much bros.

6f9a9 No.67351

>discounting white humans
the nords will beat the imperium then crush the knife ears
poos arent bros,thats sikhs

2d866 No.67881

If you're a lore gremlin you'd know that the thalmor are trying to get rid of all worship of Talos to kill him and destroy the world so they can ascend as gods. Even if the Stormcloaks lose long-term after the civil war the chance of Talos worship still being allowed is far greater if they win than if the Empire wins. The Dragonborn is absolutely insane in-lore, and the best possible scenario would be the Dragonborn winning the civil war for the Stormcloaks and then marching onto the main city of the Thalmor.

53b32 No.67886

Hindu and Christian poos are bros. India was host to the ancient Aryans.

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