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c8551 No.123038[Last 50 Posts]

Along the shores of Baltimare Harbor, in the halls of old 33 Hoebuck, our heroes have discovered a dark secret. What started as a mundane mission to stop illegal immigrant smuggling has uncovered something far more horrific - a cult from Griffonia. The party has successfully challenged and defeated many of the cultists and hired criminals, but in the process, has nearly died themselves. Now, low on health, they must both recover and put an end to the evils in 33 Hoebuck once and for all - before it puts an end to them first.

Way up north, in the Iron Range of Whinnysota, the ponies their inquire into exact who or what is damaging so many machines. Investigating and following leads, they may unveil the faults and problems of the Haysabi Iron Mine, and gain favor with Changeling authorities.

Damn it, I missed 123,000

6fa1e No.123039

Oh hey, new bread.

c8551 No.123040

Hi, fluff pone!

So does Silver do anything now?

463bc No.123041

Iron opts to snore softly on Silver's barrel.

6fa1e No.123044

Alright, who's here?

c8551 No.123045

Raises Hoof

6fa1e No.123046

Silver begins to make his way to the infirmiry, once everypony's gathered.

6fa1e No.123047

Err, "everyone".

c8551 No.123048

Silver walks his way to the door that separates the southern dormitory building from the administrative building. Opening the door, he can immediately feel air rush onto him. Cooler and fresher, lacking that horrid burning cloth smell that now permeates the dormitory. Looking down the hallway no creature is visible along so much tile floor and whitewashed walls, unlit at the midnight hour.

Mala: "It's on the second floor, I think"

6fa1e No.123049

Silver smiles at his newfound companion, before making his way upstairs.

c8551 No.123050

Mala smiles back, moving his tail back and forth
Do you want to go down through the first floor in this building to find the staircase to go up, or go up to the second floor in the dormitory before going across?

6fa1e No.123051

Whichever is closest. I don't have much of a preference.

c8551 No.123052

At this point, though only at this point, Khoi walks down. Her mouth hangs partly open, almost in a frown, and her ears droop. She says nothing.

Walking along the tile floor, Silver's hooves clop, a little louder than would be prefered, and the clopping reverberates down the hallway. Some light comes in near the center, evidently from a window or door to the illuminated outdoors. Walking along, he eventually makes it towards what seems to be a staircase in the center of the building

6fa1e No.123053

Silver slows down to talk with Khoi.

"What is wrong?"

c8551 No.123054

She looks up at him, and her eyes betray much, with pain and sadness

"Who are these creatures?"

6fa1e No.123055

Sensing she needs it, the old unicorn gives her a hug.

c8551 No.123056

The creature is hugged. She doesn't seem to have been anticipating the hug, and even pulls away for a moment as Silver pulls on her. Scales cover her back and are kind of cold. But on the bottom of her barrel is more equine fur, and this is a softer touch

6fa1e No.123057

Silver doesn't try to trap her in the hug. If she doesn't want it and she pulls back, he'll let go.
"What did you see?"

c8551 No.123058

She doesn't push him off. At least, not when she realizes what he's doing. But she doesn't hug back either.

"They left their youngest in a room on the third floor. I tried to care for the chicks"

6fa1e No.123059

Silver lets go.

"You did well to, Khoi. You are good person."

c8551 No.123060

She scrunches her mouth in a mix between a smile and a frown. Her eyes seem watery

6fa1e No.123061

"It is not out of place of what we have found, so far. Come, we are heading to infirmiry to treat our wounded before facing off against Maakie."

c8551 No.123062

She moves her hooves along in a trot
"I came here to get away from civil war, not fight in one"

Opening a large, wooden door into the stairwell, here too the stairs go from an underground level to at least two floors above. The steps are concrete, and the walls are painted in whitewash. Though far from inviting, the whitewash is less old than in some locations, like the fourth floor of the dormitory

6fa1e No.123063

"I am sorry, Khoi. It will not be too much longer."

Silver continues to look for the infirmiry.

c8551 No.123064

Silver, going to the second floor, opens a heavy wooden door onto the second level. It's less well lit even than the first level, with little light from outside coming in

"I think it's one of these rooms"
His face betrays a look of uncertainty"

There are a few doors on both sides, some with plaques above them

6fa1e No.123065

Silver tries to read what's on the plaques.

c8551 No.123066

One has nothing on it. The other seems to be covered up, though shifting around a piece of paper there seems to be "maternity ward" in faded white lettering. That has since been at least partly covered up

6fa1e No.123067

I hope this will not take while…

c8551 No.123068


c8551 No.123069

The good news for Silver sword: it doesn't seem like there are that many rooms on the second floor. Rather a few big ones

6fa1e No.123070

Is there any way for him to tell which room is the infirmiry from the outside?

c8551 No.123071

A little further down, one is marked as "infirmary"

6fa1e No.123072

Silver gets set in front of the door, motioning for the party to support him when he enters.

c8551 No.123073

Mala is by his side, and Johann, Jubilosa, Khoi, and Blue Skies follow

6fa1e No.123074

Silver takes a deep breath, and enters the room.

c8551 No.123075

Opening the door (it is unlocked)…..

The room is dark. There are the edges of two beds visible, at least, though most of the room is not visible in the darkness

6fa1e No.123076

Cautiously, Silver turns his flashlight on to look inside.

c8551 No.123077

Turning it on….. from Silver's position, he can see two beds on the opposing side with white sheets and a single dresser. There is a curtain on rails between them. Silver can now see that there are also beds on his side of the wall to the left and the right

6fa1e No.123080

Silver lets out a sigh of relief at the lack of enemies. He first checks the dresser for medical supplies.

c8551 No.123081

The first dresser reveals a blanket, a surgical mask, a catheter, and a rag, but no medical supplies. But the room stretches on past the narrow light in both directions

6fa1e No.123082

Then onwards does Silver search.

c8551 No.123083

On each side of the room there are two beds against the wall, and then two opposite those. Eight total. At the very end are wooden doors with glass windows through them.

6fa1e No.123084

Silver peers through the glass windows with the flashlight.

c8551 No.123085

Two rooms. One is smaller and looks something like an office, with a chair in it. The other is a big room with a sink, open space, and a number of drawers and cabinets

60fac No.123091

If we gain favor with the changelings, does that mean there might be even more changeling friends?

88725 No.123092

File: 1581654342497.png (104.72 KB, 497x600, 1AA91CD3-CDCD-4A05-A344-BB….png)

Hopefully you can find out

6fa1e No.123093


88725 No.123096

File: 1581719487297.jpeg (29.87 KB, 200x250, 1D210B80-A413-477D-AAF1-2….jpeg)

Is anypony here?

47ce5 No.123098

Brie looks around with a start. Had he imagined it? Had he nodded off? No, there are the Lings sitting there, in the coach as before,…. He rubs his head for a moment, certain he could remember exploding in a vibrant display of blood and gore, and then nothingness. An intangible nothingness, which he berates himself momentarily for the redundancy, but something of a 'lapse', and yet here he is. Everything seems as it was. Odd.

88725 No.123100

Over to his right in the carriage, a Changeling in white, gendarme fur coat taps against the carriage. To his left, and in front of Brie is a bigger, angrier looking Changeling wearing an officer’s cap and grey underneath a white coat.
His right fang is noticeably longer than his left
“What are you doing! You come and threaten our manager”

47ce5 No.123101

Patting his coat for a moment to verify his fine sword and throwing knives were still on him, his face brightens and looks at the apparent captain.
"Ah, yes, the manager. No, I didn't come to threaten him, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. I came - on behalf of the Queen - to find out why production has faltered and who is responsible. I do hope none of you are party to the," he clears his throat artificially "arrangement that is going on between the mine, the sabotage, and all the rest."

88725 No.123102

The Changeling commander, full of energy and rage, now steps back a half foot, and is silent for a moment. His head twitches and his big, solid blue right eye twitches

“So they have… they would be well to send a company, or battalion. Production has fallen because of agitators. They operate out of the woods, and come in at night or when they can blend in with the workers. We dismissed the native workers a few months ago for that very reason. I have gone through my drones personally. They do not have the courage I would expect of them, but they are not disloyal. No one here is helping the insurgents, except maybe disobedient ponies!”

Then he pauses for a moment
“It’s about time they sent someone to do something about these insurgents anyways. I don’t know why you’d want to wear the skin of a bat of all creatures. You stand out like that.”

47ce5 No.123103

"Now now, flattery will get you nowhere,…." He pauses for a moment. Seeing that the captain has stepped back, he slowly rises to his feet and steps out of the carriage. "So! I'm to understand that a bunch of rabble-rousers and guerilla ponies has evaded you and your drones?" Tsk tsk tsk. "You'll pardon me if I have a hard time buying that explanation. I mean I suppose its possible, but if thats the case it would be disappointing in the least. What can you tell me about these insurgents?"

47ce5 No.123104

"And he didn't even compliment me on the suit." Brie mutters to himself, deliberately loud enough to be heard.

88725 No.123105

Zu Lang steps another step back, while the Changeling to Brie’s left moves slightly closer, looking down on Brie

Zu Lang to gendarme: “Ist er legitim?“
Responds: “ Ein anderer, der behauptete, von der Königin geschickt zu werden, hatte Papiere. Ich glaube schon”

He then looks over at Brie, opens his mouth and waves his tongue like a snake at Brie, and there’s a sensation almost if being pressed
To Zu Lang: “Er schmeckt wie ein Wechselbalg”
The gendarme moves back a step, and Zu Lang nods

Zu Lang Speaks to Brie:
“They are a menace everywhere. There are thousands of miles of forest, and two pits. The pits along are two square miles. Besides there are a thousand workers and dozens of machines. Our soldiers can only guard so much, while they can blend in among the workers. Besides the worriers themselves are supplied and emboldened by their ‘brethren’ who hide in the forest. They probably do half the attacks themselves. But they cannot he stopped until those who live in the forest are stopped.

They are likely few in number. We do not know if natives further north are helping them or not. They seem to be recruiting from among the workers, as they do not always report back. My drones are afraid of them. Not so much in the mines. Going into the woods”

He looks back to Brie, noting his lack of military uniform

47ce5 No.123106

Brie smirks at Zu Lang. "Kein Wechselbalg, nur eine wirklich clevere Fledermaus."
"Very well then. So I'm to, what, scour the forests? Has it not occurred to you to make an example of anypony?"

88725 No.123107

He closes his mouth and twists his head at the bat remark, twitching once
“It would be helpful. Or have the queen send more forces. My drones are afraid to go into the first for long, especially at night. Of course I make them do it anyways, but aside from clashes with native squatters last June and the occasional runaway they have not found much. I would rather not leave too few drones guarding the mill, rail line and mines. Maybe a bat would fair better.

Of course we’ve made examples of ponies. Those who are lazy, defiant, or let their machines be damaged. So long as they have friends in the woods, they are emboldened. It is hard to catch saboteurs anyways, and when we do, we prioritize information.”

47ce5 No.123108

Brie sighs and thinks for a moment. Not just thinks either, he tilts his head to the side, his eyes fixed at a non-specific point in the sky as though he's listening to someone whisper in his ear. His eyebrows furrow for a moment. "But thats…." he trails off, listening again. After a moment, his expression brightens again. "Night-time it is! You wouldn't happen to have any high explosives to spare would you? Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself." He proffers his documentation to Zu Lang.

88725 No.123109

Zu Lang looks at the documentation, then hands if off to the Drone next to him, who looks at it, and hands it back to Brie

“This is a mining operation. Of course there are high explosives.”

47ce5 No.123110

"Splendid! May I see them?"

88725 No.123111

He narrows his eyes, twitching again
“What is your intent?”

60fac No.123112

I am now.

ccfa9 No.123113

Rock hoers checking in

88725 No.123114

Hi little pony! What is Spark doing now?

I think he was last talking to the Lieutenant about the prisoner

47ce5 No.123115

"Its a little early to say with any specificity, but I'm thinking of a high-altitude reconnaissance/infiltration, and then I'll figure it out from there. Blowing something the fuck up - whether thats the insurgents, their supplies/resources, or perhaps making essential movement routes impassable - is on the menu, but I'm not sure if thats the main course or simply dessert." He says with a bit of a glint in his eye and a mildly unnerving smile.

60fac No.123116

I'm trying to recall. I think I was attempting to make a distraction with the prisoner calling out the "guilty" while Onyx goes around to surprise them from the woods. I may have to delay that plan now that Brie is back.
Hello ponies.

88725 No.123117

He nods, and in this he is the most comfortable
“Aerial reconnaissance and support is something I sorely miss from the war. Their fires in particular must stick out. But don’t place too much faith in it either. The pine canopy is thick out there, and will cover nearly anything up. You will want to ask around to learn more about these… superstitious creatures, and you may want to sortie into the forest yourself”

Hi pony. The bat is back and probably near onyx

Yes, I think he was trying to get the prisoner free somehow. He could also go see Brie

47ce5 No.123118

"Oh I've no doubt that they will have done their best to avoid scrutiny, particularly from the air. However, they will be practicing to elude Changeling fliers which - no offense - aren't known to have the strongest wings." he says with,… was that a diss? Hard to be sure.
"In any case, yes. I'll be going there in person. You're welcome, by the way."

ccfa9 No.123119

Hmmm, onyx leads his parade of foals to find the bat.

88725 No.123120

This is actually pretty easy. He is right by the carriage Onyx was at earlier

He narrows his eyes
“Just don’t come back mumbling about demons, or with arrow wounds from the wildlife”
And he twitches

47ce5 No.123121

"Demons? Heavens no" he waves his hoof dismissively. "But they may come out mumbling about me." he says, hiding his confusion about the reference to 'the wildlife'. "So then, to the explosives? Oh wait, one moment." He pokes his head in the carriage.
"Hallo Jungs. Interessiert an einem Mord?"

ccfa9 No.123122

Onyx stares at the clinically insane bat as he goes about his business, waiting for his turn to speak

47ce5 No.123123

Don't wait, carpe diem!

88725 No.123124

Zu Lang nods, and even smirks at Brie’s boast
“Very well”

Looking into the carriage, a grey earth pony lays in one side and a brown one on the floor, sharing the same quilted blanket. They look up to the bat with a look of mostly concern

Fun: “Solange wir es nicht sind”
Seb: “Ja”

The two small ersatz foals come close in curiosity while Ruby keeps a little more distance, looking on from behind Onyx

ccfa9 No.123125

Onyx pats the colt's head
Onyx clears his throat
"Brie, I'd like to speak to you. Now"

47ce5 No.123126

Are they in the same area?

88725 No.123127

The colt, with a look almost of a frightened deer on his face, is pat. His ears eyes close in the pat, but afterwards he smiles a little

Yes. Both near the carriage

47ce5 No.123128

Oh, splendid. One moment.
"Ich meine, bist du bereit dafür? Wie geht es deinen Wunden? Oh, ähm, denk einen Moment darüber nach."
"Yes hello! What can I help you with?"

ccfa9 No.123129

"Yes, I'd like to know how much longer we will be here. I've probably already lost my job by now, and I'm not keen to stay here."

88725 No.123130

Fun: “ Ich werde einen Mantel brauchen, um sie zu verstecken”

Seb: ”Sie sind besser. ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich versuchen möchte zu fliegen.”

47ce5 No.123131

"Neither am I to be quite honest. Its far too rural for my taste. I had hoped this might be over and done with by this point, but its a bit more… involved than I anticipated. Nothing a bit of high explosives can't fix though. I'd wager we can be on our way before sunrise."

ccfa9 No.123132

"Good, the sooner the better."

47ce5 No.123133

Dice rollRolled 1

Brie eyes them a bit. Can I roll to assess their battle-readiness? Not sure which modifier to apply, but rolling anyway.
"Do try to relax, this will be far more rewarding he means financially than bartending."
Looking to Zu Lang. "Almost finished!" he says reassuringly.

47ce5 No.123134

Awww fug

88725 No.123135

These hardy creatures are ready to fight against anything

Zu Lang nods slowly, his lips pulled back a little

ccfa9 No.123136

"If you say so…"

47ce5 No.123137

"Oh, it will be fine. Would you like to join in on the murder?"

88725 No.123138

File: 1581732628806.jpeg (132.65 KB, 1058x705, 3DE18BA3-2950-46C0-B6F1-F….jpeg)

Pic related

He continues looking back, as do Seb and Fun from within the carriage

ccfa9 No.123139

"Uh, sure?"

47ce5 No.123140

Brie can't help but fist pump at this, before turning to Zu Lang and proclaiming: "Lead the way to the high explosives!"

47ce5 No.123141

Dare I say, quote of the week?

88725 No.123142

This…. actually more or less works.
“Very well. We keep them in a hut nearer the town”

Zu Lang starts to walk away, and first the nearby Changeling accompanies him, then another standing further away. They walk towards the ramp, and soon enough go over it, then down the roadway by the railroad tracks that goes towards the direction of the town, alongside the pit. A cold wind from the north blows down, reducing the temperature

Zu Lang speaks to a guard
“Grab Saltpeter”
And he goes off.

They walk further down the road until the reach and area where the rail tracks fork off, and the road goes up a hill into town. Not far down the road is a fenced in area. One of the guards pulls out a key, and goes towards a gate on the fenced in area. Then a unicorn, kind of a mint green color, walks up along with the guard before. With a glow of blue magic he pulls the keys out of the Changeling’s own glow. The Changeling looks back in irritation, but the unicorn pulls a different key on the ring, placed it in the lock, and rotated it, unlocking the gate. As he pushes it in he looks back to Brie

“Hello. I’m Saltpeter. What can I do for you?”

It just might be

47ce5 No.123143

Brie looks at this Saltpeter, then at Zu Lang, then back at Saltpeter. "Well, since you asked, I will be in need of one,… better make it three charges of explosives, small enough to be carried by one or more individuals without overloading them. One or more of these charges will need to be carried in flight, so not too heavy, but big enough to 'get the point across'" Brie replies with a sweet smile.

88725 No.123144

He pushes the door open
“Sure thing”
And walks through

Looking inside there are a couple small igloo shaped buildings with doors close the ground. Like concrete eggs stuck partly in the ground.

“For most of the bigger charges we use AMFO. Just regular bags of Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer mixed with diesel, the sane we use for the trucks. But if you want something a bit easier to carry, you may want dynamite charges. We use these for smaller charges and to ignite the AMFO.”

He runs towards one of the huts, and pulls out a different key

47ce5 No.123145

How big are these concrete partial-eggs?

47ce5 No.123146

"How heavy is this AMFO?"

88725 No.123147

No bigger than 20 feet across, perhaps less.

“Well, it is made of pellets, so as much as you put in a container or a hole in the ground. It comes in bags of 55 pounds”

47ce5 No.123148

Nevermind, I thought the egg-things WERE the explosives
"Hmmm. And you say dynamite is the activator? I assume that flame is the dynamite activator?"

88725 No.123149

Gleefully, he starts to open the egg, to show an inside with bags and sticks
“We usually use an electric detonator, but you can use fuses as well, yes”

47ce5 No.123150

"I think flame would be preferable,… easier. Alright. Let me think,…."
He again thinks for a moment, with that curious tilt of the head.
"I'm thinking 2 20lbs charges, and 1 50lbs charge."

88725 No.123151

He looks back at Brie, the smile coming off for a moment
“In… dynamite? That’s 90 pounds…”

47ce5 No.123152

"Well not in one charge, of course." Brie says as though the pony isn't grasping his meaning. "Three of them. 2 at 20lbs, and 1 at 50. You have those, yes?"

88725 No.123153

“Well… that’s about 200 sticks…”
He digs deeper into the igloo

47ce5 No.123154

"Oh, and enough fuse to make the detonation somewhat delayed. A minute each should do fine."

88725 No.123155

He comes out with around six or so packs of nine sticks. It’s not clear exactly how much explosive he’s holding, and it’s certainly not three sets either

88725 No.123156

“Let me grab some pre-mixed AMFO”
He goes back in

47ce5 No.123157

"I assume the fuses are summarily bundled together? This seems suited otherwise."

88725 No.123158

“…. Here”
He gives Brie two smaller white bags and a bigger one
“Yes, these should have fuses. And what doesn’t have a fuse will detonate when other explosives next to it are detonated”

47ce5 No.123159

"Marvelous. Thank you Mr. Peter, do forget our exchange, it will likely be less consequential if you do." Brie turns to Zu Lang. "I think I'm suited. I'll need to coordinate with my associates, and I'll also need a bit of an inkling of which direction we would do to set off in,… not all of us are capable of flight, but rest assured," he says patting the bundle of explosives ||seriously hoping its not like 19th-century dynamite|| "This will do nicely." ^_^

88725 No.123160

“These better not be used against our mine or forces”
Zu Lang says, almost through his teeth

“If they are getting to our mine and to the town, they must cross through these local woods, even if they do not use a base anywhere near here. In any case, you may do well to take some of our soldiers with you. They know something of the area.”

47ce5 No.123161

"Sir, you wound me, suggesting I would betray your hospitality - not to mention the Queen's good graces - with shenanigens. No, these will be put to good use on whoever plagues you."
He deliberately doesn't respond to the offer of assistance.

88725 No.123162

“Very well. Be on.”
He directs a gendarme soldier over towards Brie, however

47ce5 No.123163

Brie rolls his eyes and proceeds to lead(?) back toward Onyx, Sparks(?), and the 4 lings (both adults and jungetiere). He seems quite chipper, carrying a pile of high explosives.

88725 No.123164

And so he does. It’s a pretty big load, surely helped by a companion carrying most of it. Saltpeter waves bye

ccfa9 No.123165

Onyx looks up to the returning bat

47ce5 No.123166

Laden with dynamite. "Don't worry, I've got a plan!" he shouts, his eyes barely peeking over the pile of explosives he's carrying.

88725 No.123167

Few more dangerous phrases exist than “I’ve got a plan”

47ce5 No.123168

And this one is no exception

ccfa9 No.123169

"Oh celestia is this how I'm going to die?"

88725 No.123170

Yes. Yes it is, little pony

36e75 No.123171

Alright. So, Brie is going to rig the explosives at a ratio of 2 - 2 - 5. As he does this, he will have gathered everyone involved and will explain (in his not-so-sufficient explanation manner) that he will be carrying the 50lbs charge, and that 2 others should carry one (or both?) of the 20 lbs charges. The objective is for him to fly up to a great height and then glide, surveying the forest to attempt to ascertain the location of the insurgents. Throughout this explanation he would lament that they have no communication, but whatever. Assuming Onyx doesn't want to carry any explosives (an educated guess) he would then ask Fun and Seb to each carry one of them. The objective would be to either A., blow the fuck out of the insurgents, B. blow the fuck out of their resources, or C. blow up any essential roads, landscape, or essential travel lines, with the intent of crippling the insurgents' ability to engage in shenanigens. As he is detailing this he emphasizes "This will be a bit of an on-site interpretive mission, so feel free to get creative. Also, if you can, try to gather heads to bring back." in his usually nonchalant way of communicating grim things as though detailing groceries to be acquired.

36e75 No.123172

Each charge should have about a 1 minute fuse to it, so that should he decide to light a fuse and then drop it from altitude, or should someone else decide to set a fuse and then run, they won't(?) get blowed up too

31ef9 No.123173

And so, the creatures what to do when they locate the insurgents.

Locating them… That's the matter that remains

36e75 No.123174

I'm confused. I issued that as, not a directive, but an indication of what Brie had concocted.

31ef9 No.123175

Well, I assume he communicated at least part of that to Seb and Fun. The "hold this" part. But now Brie may go to the next step in his plan

36e75 No.123177

Yes, thats true, but the plan involves Onyx' participation too. Its not JUST a bombing run after all
Not to mention, Sparks has been unrepresented so far. Where's he at?

31ef9 No.123178

It's also a stabbing run. Onyx is good for that

Any actions for Brie before Onyx comes back? (talking to other creatures or otherwise?)

31ef9 No.123179

Spark talked to Zu Lang himself, who directed him towards a prisoner who was suspected of sabotaging his machine. Spark talked to him, and now has the prisoner in chains before a Lieutenant outside of the mine

36e75 No.123180

At this point, all thats left is refining the plan and making sure everypony knows what to expect,… which is either Brie coming back with recon (he is a rogue after all) or blowing shit up.

31ef9 No.123181

Well, that can work
I think Spark wants to get the prisoner free somehow

36e75 No.123182

Fug, there's a prisoner?

88725 No.123183

Some pony worker suspected of sabotage that Spark convinced them to move out from his jail cell

36e75 No.123184

Sheesh, what side is he on?? Oh,… right

88725 No.123185

Spark is just a little bit less welcoming of our new insect overlords

36e75 No.123186

Shhhhhh,… all part of my plan

60fac No.123188

Are there ponies tonight?

88725 No.123189

File: 1581819767373.jpeg (122.23 KB, 1920x1080, 81B6079B-0E37-422B-B2AA-F….jpeg)

Hello Spark pony! Did you read what happened in the thread last night?

60fac No.123190

Not yet, but I will.

60fac No.123191

Something about Brie blowing something up.

0ce7e No.123192

Not yet, but all in good time

60fac No.123193

It might actualloy work with my plan.

88725 No.123195

Does Spark have any actions to declare?

60fac No.123196

I think I will wait until everyone is ready to play again. My actions are going to determine the fate of the prisoner rather quickly, because if I play around, the guards would call it out and return him to the cell.

60fac No.123211

Too bad there are never ponies when I can play.

c8551 No.123212

File: 1581914583040.jpg (129.04 KB, 998x801, 1503599868353.jpg)

It's okay, little pony, You'll have an opportunity soon enough

c8551 No.123216

File: 1581974644519.gif (398.19 KB, 245x271, 15444__safe_screencap_prin….gif)

Are ponies here today?

60fac No.123217

0ad29 No.123218

File: 1581975637294.png (487.8 KB, 1500x2160, 1.png)

Lets do this thing yeah!!!!!!

c8551 No.123219

Kek, that's a cute drawing

Adrian Cloudburster finds himself in Baltimare on midday, his train arriving one half hour late. Exitting the train car, he finds ceiling of vaulted square panels recessed into the roof with golden color, a tile flooring with checkered and swastika patterns, and a newsstand further on. There are a number of ponies walking about, some lazily, some standing still, waiting no doubt for an arriving train, and some pegasus in business outfit running towards the platform, presumably to catch his train.

Where does Adrian want to go now?

Hi Spark Pony!

0ad29 No.123220

I jump over the crowd and fly to my train

c8551 No.123221

Well, his train has just arrived.

It's a stainless steel Pullman coach car pulled by a not quite so modern 4-6-4 steam locomotive, the steam of the idling train slowly bathing the platform in a thin mist

60fac No.123222

I'm going to think up a new character to join him.

0ad29 No.123223

I settle into the train car, brashly pushing past people so I can find a spot to sit, being tired from getting here


0ad29 No.123224

I mean I fling myself off the train and fly out, stretching my wings after such a long ride
"home sweet home" I say as I take flight, rising above the station

0ad29 No.123225

I head towards my best friends house, sunny rays. smiling in the cool breeze

c8551 No.123226

waits patiently


This is rather difficult to do inside the station, as it is still an enclosed space. Nevertheless the ceilings are 20 feet high or higher, making flight indoors possible, though Adrian annoys a mare whose black hat almost flies off as he nearly grazes her. Stepping down to go through brass trimmed revolving doors, Adrian exits onto a stone landing at the top of many steps that lead down to the street level - Ionic columns to either side giving a neoclassical build to Baltimare Union Station.

Taking off from the steps, adrian soars higher over Baltimare. It is not a city of many high rises, though the insurance building and the offices of the Tall Sails Shipping company do indeed tower twenty or so floors above the ground level. Far more numerous are smaller buildings with shops on the ground level and apartments above. So too are their rows of townhouses to the west, and tenements to the east. In the north and in the east, the brick walls of factories, mills, and smoke stacks break the monotony, and further east - perhaps out of sight - Adrian may catch a glimpse of a mast of two of a ship in harbor

Further south, and a bit west, the urban sprawl gives way to smaller lots of individual houses. Some, older and colonial in origin. Some, cheap shotgun shacks made more recently

0ad29 No.123227

I head towards the the smaller houses where my bestie for life lives <3

c8551 No.123228

Navigating across streets not quite familiar enough to be comited to memory, over a School house, a tan stucco sided post office, past a lot selling automobiles, and past the gleaming dome of a Temple of Boreas, Adrian finds the location.

Down a street carved in the new grid patterned style, until he comes upon one running diagonally too it. An older street. And past so many little pink houses of a singe story, Adrian comes upon a triangular lot with a willow tree in the fore, and a white, colonial style two story house, with a raises porch, as is typical of that style

0ad29 No.123229

I land on the porch and clear my throat before I begin banging on the front door in a panic


60fac No.123230

Sunny rushes to the door and opens it.
"What? Where?"

0ad29 No.123231

*prances past her laughing*
"gotcha again!"

c8551 No.123232

A stallion walking his dog, a reddish collie, stands still and looks over for a moment from the side walk. After three seconds pause, he turns his head away and trots away. Quickly

0ad29 No.123233

60fac No.123234

"Why do you always do that? One of these days it won't be a laughing matter."
She pouts a little.

0ad29 No.123235

*he baps her gently on the nose*
"I'm sorry I just love how quickly you rush to my defense. Keep it up and one day I'll be in your debt from your amazing magical power!"

60fac No.123236

She blushes.
"I wouldn't call my magic amazing. But thanks. Do you want to come in?"

c8551 No.123237

Sunny Rays can feel it now. A dark wind blows across the horizon, bringing with it a future of godlessness, where the gods of old and their worship are swept away, and with them, their awe and justice

For a winter’s day, the weather is fairly pleasant. In the 60’s

0ad29 No.123238

I sit in her living room and stretch my wings
"So how have you been Sunny? I missed you" :3

c8551 No.123239

The wooden floor makes a "knock" with each clop of the hoof across it, and Adrian Cloudburster makes his way to a floral patterned love seat to sit. The living room is a bit warmer than the outside, owing to a fire in the fireplace

60fac No.123240

She shivers.
"I missed you too. I have been having a really bad feeling lately. I can't quite put a hoof on it though."

0ad29 No.123241

File: 1581979310102.gif (166.68 KB, 400x500, fire.gif)

well thank god for the fire in the fireplace that's on fire

"Oh? what kind of feeling?"

60fac No.123242

"It's hard to explain. Like Celestia's warmth is gone from ponies' hearts. Everything seems a bit darker than before."

c8551 No.123243

Oh, it's been souring for a decade now. The revitalization that flowed out from Ponyville and filled much of the rest of Equestria - or the planet, for that matter - did not penetrate so far here. Like light blotted out by a dense thorn bush.

0ad29 No.123244

Adrian gets a bit worried, he likes to tease sunny but he trusts her with these sort of things. Her knowledge of the divine was unmatched in his opinion.
"What can we do?"

60fac No.123245

"I'm not sure. I guess I will just do what I can to keep the spirit of Celestia alive in my heart and share that with ponies."
She shakes off her sadness.
"I don't want to dwell on it though. You are here now and that is making my day that much brighter. What have you been up to?"

0ad29 No.123246

"went north and got into fights mostly, won some sweet prize money. Oh and I got you something"
He digs in his saddle bag and produces a book of divine hymns for celestia

60fac No.123247

"Oh thank you Adrian!"
She eagerly looks through the book.
"It's perfect."
She gives him a hug.
"You are the best."

0ad29 No.123248

"you're welcome~"
"I hadn't seen it in your collection and I figured you'd like it"

0ad29 No.123249

"Hey what's say we head to the church and ask if anyone needs some help? maybe that'll make you feel better from all this darkness talk"

60fac No.123250

"Yeah. Sounds like a good idea."
She jumps up and heads to the door.

0ad29 No.123251

*walks behind her with a small grin on his face, glancing at her flank*

c8551 No.123252

Past more little pink houses, along a grid line street that cuts through older streets, and past a new elementary school, there stands in a lot truncated by a newly constructed bowling alley a church. Made of darker stone covered by a white marble on the front, and with rectangular support that protrudes from an otherwise mostly rectangular structure. A rectangular stone bell tower stands up from above the vaulted slate roof. The building looks older, much older, than what has built up around it, like something from the old Equestria

60fac No.123253

Sly. You can get her after the adventure. Wouldn't want to ruin the GM's fun.
She is oblivious to the looks, for now.
Sunny heads to the church door.

c8551 No.123254

No no, let's see where this goes

Openning the door, there is no pony inside at the moment, put so many rows of pews before a central altar, and another row to the left, and the right, with a door further behind. The ceiling has a vaulted design, and the floor is covered in white marble

0ad29 No.123255

Adrian walks in beside her, brushing against her flank
"Wow empty today I see, should we look for someone?"
int 9

60fac No.123256

She blushes a bit, but shakes off the brushing.
"Sure. Let's check inside first."
She attempts to open the door.

c8551 No.123257

The door opens easily.

From the door in the back of the church, a somewhat older stallion - a white unicron - walks out, wearing a vest of white, black and trimmed in gold. Sunny Rays recognizes the Stallion as Father Caldera
"Oh, nice to see you Sunny Rays. You brought a friend?"

60fac No.123258

"Good to see you too, Father. This is Arian. The colt I have been friends with since I was a little filly."

0ad29 No.123259

"wow I didn't know he was your father"
*cough* >_>

c8551 No.123260

He reaches out a hoof towards Adrian, holding it up high enough it seems as if he may pat, rather than shake the hoof of, Adrian

"Well nice to meet you, Adrian. Your friend here has been a very good pony"

*pat pat*

0ad29 No.123261


c8551 No.123262

He lowers his hoof an now shakes Adrian's hoof

"We don't get too many ponies this time of week. What brings you here?"

60fac No.123263

She giggles.
"I have been feeling bad, Father. I need to do more for the Church. Ponies just don't have the light of Celestia in their hearts anymore."

c8551 No.123264

He goes silent for a moment, and looks at Sunny Rays. Then he nods his head

"Yes, I know. Over in the city center a church was vandalised today. They broke the windows and spray painted the walls. It's terrible what hatred has been stoked up. And even among my own herd I fear for one of them. Gambling debts may get to him…"

0ad29 No.123265

"surely there's a way to help? we can't just give in to despair" :c

60fac No.123266

"Gambling debts?"

c8551 No.123267

"Stay strong, and fight against the darkness. There are many ways to help, and many who need help"

"Oh yes. Not all ponies have great strength of will. Some fall into vice. Addiction even. And they borrow money from less than ethical types"

60fac No.123268

"Who is this pony?"

0ad29 No.123269

"Yeah! maybe we can lead him back to the light!"
Adrian ruffles Sunny's mane

60fac No.123270

mane is ruffled
"That's the spirit!"

c8551 No.123271

"Oh it's uh…"
He looks around, down then up and around and back to Sunny Rays again, and sighs

"I guess I may as well tell you. All the wrong ponies know anyways, and his habit is well known in the community. Three Leaf Clover. He's a good pony inside. He knows he needs to kick the habit. But he's already ensnared deep in debts"

60fac No.123272

"Sounds like he needs an intervention. We are going to go talk to him and find out what we are looking at in terms of his debt."

c8551 No.123273

"You can try."
He responds

0ad29 No.123274

"so we have to make him stop gambling but what about his debts, couldn't he get hurt?"

c8551 No.123275

"Yes, he certainly could. These are not the ponies at the bank he owes money to. Though I wouldn't want to owe money to them either"

0ad29 No.123276

"Well I may not be one of those fancy College ponys what with a degree and all, but I'm mighty good at punchin stuff, so I aint scared"

c8551 No.123277

Calmly, he nods
"You may need to be, to help this poor fellow"

60fac No.123278

"Oh dear… we better hurry Father. Where might we find this poor pony?"

c8551 No.123279

"He's on 14 Carnival"
He answers with concern
"Of course I don't like to give addresses of church goers, but he needs help I can't give"

0ad29 No.123280

"Don't worry Mr. Rays, we'll save him!"
*stamps my hoof firmly*

60fac No.123281

"Thank you Father. And may Celestia's will be that we succeed."
She looks over to Adrian
"Let's get going. We have to hurry."
She gallops out the door.

c8551 No.123282

"May you protect this lost foal, separated from the herd"

0ad29 No.123283

"Thank you sir, we wont let you down!"
*gallops after her*

c8551 No.123284

Travelling down the street, through a commercial area, and branching off to a new, grid-patterned street, the buildings are closer together. despite being only a few decades old they look worn out, sometimes with decaying or chipped paint. Other times the houses are brick. Sometimes there is a yard, sometimes only a brick patio, but usually there is a small, green curtilage around the house.

34 Carnival is a small, rectangular house with a steep, tin roof, and a wooden exterior painted in a weathered red. The small patch of grass surrounding is high, though not quite up to the elevated, grey painted wooden porch. A black door stands between two low windows

1feed No.123285

“You never told me ur dad ran the church”

60fac No.123286

Sunny cautiously approaches the house.
"Oh, not my father silly."
She giggles.
"He is just called Father. He leads the church like a father would."

c8551 No.123287

No contact from within. Further off in the distance, there is the sound of a barking dog. But the house is silent, save maybe for a slight wind from the northwest, moving around the right side of the house

0ad29 No.123288

*hangs his head in shame*
"Jeez I musta made myself look pretty stupid back there, why do you hang out with me"

c8551 No.123289

Let us hope Adrian can make up for looking stupid by doing something cool later

60fac No.123290

"No. You are perfect Adrian. I just didn't explain it to you in my rush. That was my fault."
She hugs him.
"And I hang out with you because you are the pony I can trust the most. Now, let's save this pony and then I will make it up to you."
She smiles.
She turns back to the house and tries the door.
"I hope we aren't too late."

c8551 No.123291

The door is locked

60fac No.123292

She knocks for good messure.
"Hello? Is anypony there?"

0ad29 No.123293

"tap on it a few times, lets see if he answers"

c8551 No.123294

No immediate response

60fac No.123295

Once more she knocks.
"Three Leaf Clover? This is Sunny Rays. I'm from the church. I want to make sure you are doing ok."
"Can you look around the house and see if he has another way in? I have to know if he is home."

c8551 No.123296

For a moment, nothing.

But then….. There is a sound of a lock coming undone, and then the door cracks open, held from opening by a door chain. Through the cracked opening a blue eye looks out

"What is it? Everything's fine"

60fac No.123297

"Mr. Clover, I have heard about your situation. We want to help. We are going to make sure nopony hurts you while we find a way to get you out of your debt."

c8551 No.123298

He seems to move around, moving his head to where the other eye looks out, looking another direction
"You say it's…. it's the church who sent you?"

60fac No.123299

"Yes. Father Caldera is worried about you."

c8551 No.123300

"Well then…. who else is out there?"

1e5a3 No.123301

Reminds me of that scene in "The Producers" (old version) where the old lady unlocks a hundred locks, opens the door and exclaims, "Oh! I thought you were a burglar."

c8551 No.123302


Also, nice to see you again!

Try not to get Corona virus

60fac No.123303

"Just my friend. He is going to make sure no pony hurts you. I'm going to plan a way to get you out of this trouble. Nopony should have to fear like this."

c8551 No.123304

A pause for a moment. Then the eye moves away, and there is the sound of still another lock being undone

The door opens quickly, though only most of the way. revealing a grey earth pony stallion

"Get in. Hurry!"

60fac No.123305

Sunny hurries inside along with Adrian.

0ad29 No.123306

*scoots in quickly behind her*
"bein a bit overcautious aren't you?"

c8551 No.123307

When Adrian (presumably) comes inside, he immediately looks around outsidde, closes the door, and proceeds to deadbolt the door, lock the standard lock, and slide in the door chain.

The room is not terribly large, with a coffee table, a couch, a love seat, a small table that seems to be a sort of dining table pressed up behind the love seat, and to the left of that is a sort of kitchen area. There are paper bags on the coffee table, a couple articles of clothing on the floor, a pervasive smell of cigarettes, and pots on the stove

The grey earth pony stallion has a black shirt that covers only his forehalf, and a three leaf clover cutie mark

"Okay… What is it you want? Be quiet about it though"

"No" He says, not quiet looking back before going to the love seat, leaving the main couch for Adrian and Sunny Rays

60fac No.123308

"We want to help you Clover. Just who are you in debt to?"

c8551 No.123309

"Oh uh…"
He pulls his lips up, exposing his teeth in an awkward smile

"Certain…. ponies. Mostly they are ponies, anyways…."

0ad29 No.123310

"tell us more man we can help"

60fac No.123311

"There is no judgement for past deeds if you repent from them Clover. You don't have to hide it. If you are honest, then we can help you."

c8551 No.123312

"I kind of…. borrowed some bits from the mafia. And then borrowed some more bits from the mafia. And sort of haven't paid it back."

0ad29 No.123313

"See I aint so good at math but that don't sound like a good idea"

60fac No.123314

"Oh my. How many?"

c8551 No.123315

Rubbing the back of his neck
"A few hundred bits… And I'm already past an extension…."

0ad29 No.123316

"That's alot, why'd ya do it?"

c8551 No.123317

"Well ya see there's this place down on Arabian Avenue that's got this back room where there's blackjack tables. I'd go there once a week but last march - I started winning. And I mean like, big winnings. A hundred bits a night. The mare's would come up to me. I found a rhythm to it. I could guess what card the dealer'd pull next. You shoulda' seen me then. Now I don't know if they changed somethin' but I didn't quite pull it off in the late spring. One of the tables was different. I don't know if they were doin' something sneaky. But I wasn't quite winning like I was before. But, let me tell you, I wasn't losing either. More modest gains, you know. I had some expenses too, back then, you know. So I did it some more, and well, I still had my groove. Then came september. Oh…. September. One night and it was gone. So I tried again. Didn't quite work. Borrowed some money. This was about the time I told Father Caldera and he said I had a gambling problem. I tried to explain to him 'no, I don't have a gambling problem, I have a losing problem, and I didn't have this before.' So I went to a new place because I think they rigged something there, and what do you know. I lose more! So I borrowed more and tried again. And I had a great night! And another great night! And then…. lost more. Anyways it's been a couple months and I am completely out of money and then some"

0ad29 No.123318

"Any ideas Sunny?"
*looks over at the mare, sad he can't punch this problem away*

60fac No.123319

"Gambling can ruin a pony's life Clover. You need to be wiser with how you use what Celestia gifts you."
"Well, I think we are going to have to confront the mafia. We can only offer so much, but hopefully with some talk and some muscle, we can get them to forget the debt. It won't be worth the trouble."

c8551 No.123320


60fac No.123321

"So… what do you think Clover?"

c8551 No.123322

"Anything that'll keep them away from me"
He says

60fac No.123323

"Then I will just need one thing in return."

c8551 No.123324

"Well it's uh…. It's Nickel and Dime I owe money to. On 74 Old Cross."

He looks up, concerned
"If it's money, I don't have it"

0ad29 No.123325

"Ok see that's something I can punch >:3"
"Yes… talk"

c8551 No.123326

"Just so long as I'm not the one getting punched"
He turns his head somewhat

60fac No.123327

"I am going to need you to go to the church and apologize to the Father."

0ad29 No.123328

"Yes a good idea, you need to repent!"
*whispers* "did I say that right?"

60fac No.123329

She whispers back
"Yep. Good job."

c8551 No.123330

His muzzle is tight together in a scrunch

"Mmmm - Mmmm"

0ad29 No.123331

*gets annoyed at his hesitation*
"Stamps both hooves on the floor and spreads my wings wide"

60fac No.123332

"The Father is experienced in helping ponies change their lives and getting back on their hooves. Celestia believes in second chances and so do we. If you don't do this, you will wind back in this same situation, but we won't be able to help the next time."

c8551 No.123333

File: 1582001213897-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 900.94 KB, 640x360, 499.gif)

File: 1582001213897-1.png (Spoiler Image, 42.35 KB, 900x650, Take 4.png)



He falls down to the ground, tries to inch back, places his head against the ground and places both forelegs over his face

"Alright! Alright! I repent! I repent!"

And a visit from Best pony for the GET

60fac No.123334

Hi best pony!

0ad29 No.123335

I don't see derpy anywhere

c8551 No.123336

Well, he's sulking on the floor now. Fallen under the weight of his own vice.


0ad29 No.123337

*leans over and whispers*
"I read that in the book I gave you, I dunno what most of those words mean maybe you should say something"

60fac No.123338

Sunny walks over.
"It will be ok Clover. Just go to church and we will make it all better."
She pats his head.

c8551 No.123339

"I'll do it! I'll do it!"
He is still cowing on the floor, occasionally trembling

60fac No.123340

"Good. Then there is nothing to worry about."
"Ready to go Adrian?"

0ad29 No.123342

*begins to head to the door*
"We should hunt these guys down and persuade them to stop being dicks"

c8551 No.123343

"Just… make them keep away. Solve it. Please."

60fac No.123344

"First we have to offer to solve it the peaceful way. Though something tells me that they won't be so rational."
She follows Adrian out the door.

0ad29 No.123345

"Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy, but I'll follow your lead."
*cracks his neck*

b3708 No.123346

Isn't calling nasty people "dicks" 21st century parlance and not really matching the setting?

0ad29 No.123347

buttmunch then

c8551 No.123348

They go out, and are on their way. Despite the changes in buildings they are not very far from Sunny Ray's house. Yet they go further still, through the center of town past commercial district, into an area of shops to 74 Old Cross. They come into what seems to be a restaurant and bar


0ad29 No.123349

*I put my hoof out to stop Sunny*
"Hey promise me if it gets bad you'll get out fast, I don't want anything happening to you"

60fac No.123350

"Hmm… do you think he meant this place?"
Sunny heads closer to the restaurant.

c8551 No.123351

It's not a bad establishment. There is a new sign over the door, the Fall Harvest, and a dark brown lacquer over the exterior. Going inside, there is a bar off to the left and seating over to the right

60fac No.123352

She looks around for somepony that looks to be the boss, most likely surrounded by some goons.

0ad29 No.123353


c8551 No.123354

No one immediate, instead a mare of a whiteish color and orange mane comes up in a black jacket.

"Can I serve you today?"

0ad29 No.123355

I am being ignored and I do not like it

60fac No.123356

"Not now, but thank you. We are looking for somepony."
What? What's wrong?

c8551 No.123357

*pet pet*
It's okay, little pony

0ad29 No.123358


60fac No.123359

I'm sorry. I missed that post. I honestly didn't mean to.

60fac No.123360

60fac No.123361

"I promise Adrian."
She kisses his cheek.
"Just promise me you will be careful if you do have to fight."

0ad29 No.123362

"Aw shucks u know I can kick a bull through a wall…"
*he paws the dirt*

60fac No.123363

"These ponies might have guns though. They aren't in it for honor either. Don't let them make a move."
She steps closer.

0ad29 No.123364

"Nothin will happen to me I promise, I'll kick the guns out their hands and knock em over with a gust of my mighty wings"
*he puffs himself up as he says this and spreads his wings out*

60fac No.123365

She giggles.
"Alright big guy. If you say so."
She smiles and stares into his eyes for a moment.

0ad29 No.123366

*he bites his lower lip and stares down at her*
"You remember when we were kids and I couldn't fly and I wasn't good at school stuff and the other kids would make fun of me, so you told em off and stuff?"

60fac No.123367

"Of course. What about it though?"

0ad29 No.123368

*breathes deep, he can smell her she's so close*
"I started getting strong then, because I always wanted to be the one who protected you"

c8551 No.123369

She smells like…… horse

0ad29 No.123370

considering I am also a hors, that's pretty hot

60fac No.123371

She blushes.
"You always have, haven't you? If I didn't know better, I would have guessed Celestia herself sent you."

0ad29 No.123372

*takes a step closer*
"I aint one of them smart stallions what can talk with pretty words, but I've always cared about you, I just always wanted to be good enough for you"

c8551 No.123373

The off-white mare with the orange mane looks outside

"Would you two lovebirds care for a hayburger? How about a drink?"

60fac No.123374

"Good enough? But Adrian, there is nothing that you have to do to prove yourself. You have always been perfect in my eyes."
Sunny blushes.

0ad29 No.123375

*looks back*
"Gimmie a minute?"

c8551 No.123376

"Sure thing"
She goes back in

0ad29 No.123377

*he gulps nervously and then goes in for a kiss*

c8551 No.123378

File: 1582005585069.jpg (21.3 KB, 358x412, 3c6e3702457041c33f72366195….jpg)

60fac No.123379

She leans into the kiss.

0ad29 No.123380

*kisses her deeply, relishing every moment that he's waited for for so long*

60fac No.123381

She wraps her forelegs around his neck as she slightly moans into the kiss.

0ad29 No.123382

*He wraps his wings around them both as he enjoys the sound of her moan*

c8551 No.123383

A mare walks by with her foal. Her foal starts looking at the sight, before the mare covers her foal's eyes with her wing, and pulls him away

60fac No.123384

She runs the frog of her hoof along his face, breaking the kiss for just a moment.
"Oh, Adrian. I love you."

0ad29 No.123385

"I love you too Sunny, we should probably continue on though I think we're causing a scene…"

60fac No.123386

She steps back.
"Wish me luck."
She heads to the door.

c8551 No.123387

She again meets the off-white mare, now smiling

0ad29 No.123388

"good luck"
*he trots after her*

60fac No.123389

Sunny smiles a bit awkwardly.
"Can you help me? I am looking for somepony that I hear might be here."

c8551 No.123390

"Well I'm just the server. Who are you looking for?"
She smiles

60fac No.123391

"Nickle and Dime."
She wonders the kind of reaction she will get for this inquiry.

c8551 No.123392

The smile immediately leaves her face, to something harder

"What do you need them for?"

60fac No.123393

"It is business of the church to try to get somepony out of crushing debt the best we can."

c8551 No.123394

"The church….?"
She raises eyebrows at Sunny Rays

60fac No.123395

"The pony effected attended the church of Celestia. It is my duty to try and set this pony on the right path, which means wiping the slate clean of his debt, lest he be tempted to return for more."

c8551 No.123396

"Uh huh."
Her head is lowered towards her

"And how will you be 'wiping the slate clean'?"

0ad29 No.123397

*takes a defensive position next to her*

60fac No.123398

"Paying what I can and asking the rest be forgiven."

c8551 No.123399

Hmmm…. roll a diplomacy check

60fac No.123400

Dice rollRolled 5 + 2


60fac No.123401


c8551 No.123402

Not…. stellar

Do you want to attempt intimidation?

0ad29 No.123403

*I step forward and Puff my chest out*

0ad29 No.123404

Dice rollRolled 11 + 1


c8551 No.123405

She is not impressed with Sunny Ray's words, or rather, is concerned. But with Adrian's words…

"I'll… see what I can do"

She goes off, out of view

c8551 No.123406

A midnight blue Unicorn Stallion wearing a black jacket comes storming out

He removes glasses with purple magic
"What the hell are you doing here?"

6fa1e No.123408

mlems all the cute ponies

c8551 No.123409

Is mlemmed

60fac No.123422

mlems back

6fa1e No.123423

is mlemmed back

6fa1e No.123429

Anypony here?

c8551 No.123430

File: 1582240479931.gif (90.67 KB, 320x320, 7D5BB675-F968-49E0-BAFC-61….gif)

Hi floof pone!

6fa1e No.123431

Hi GM pone!

c8551 No.123433

You wanna continue?

6fa1e No.123434

Yeah. Silver's gonna look through all the drawers and cabinets in the room he's in.

c8551 No.123435

The room has at least six cabinets and drawers. Opening them, Silver can find several batches of medical supplies and equipment. Iodine, Aspirin tablets, IV bags, Saline solution, empty hyopdermic needles, a metal drawer filled with a number of tools such as scalpels and forceps, surgical masks, latex gloves, rubbing alcohol, cold packs, bandages, needles and threads for surgical sutures, splints, rubber and cloth tourniquets, cotton balls and cotton swabs, penicillin and a few other anti-biotics, tongue depressers, and a number of other items not necessarily recognizable. There is a small array of vaccines for typhus, typhoid, diptheria, and even tuberculosis. Little glass bottles labeled as antidotes for two species of snake, some venomous creature that lives in the bay, and even manticore, can be found in another drawer. There are boxes claiming to have color coded tests for the presence of certain bacteria and viruses, or certain drugs collected by various methods. A drawer has orthopedic slings, ostomic pouches, diapers and douches. A corner has a couple walkers. Ontop of the counter, between drawers and cabinets, is an oven that seems to be for sterilization, and there are two sinks, as well as a tube rack with two test tubes. One cabinet is locked, and full of what appear to be medicines

6fa1e No.123436

Can Silver see what kinds of medicine are in the locked cabinet?

c8551 No.123437

Yes and no. The medicines are in white bottles, transparent glass bottles, visible through a glass or plastic upper part of the door and above what looks like a stainless steal bar across the bottom. There are two levels of medicines. Some has readable labels, some do not. Among those legible are painkillers like morphine, oxycodone, and even diamorphine. There are a couple labeled as tranquilizers. And perhaps most interesting of all, there are bottles that appear to contain magical potions - though these are not identifiable from visible labels, but rather from mint green and pink-purple color

6fa1e No.123438

Dice rollRolled 2 + 2

Strength: Considering this to be better than nothing, Silver attempts to bust the lock to the cabinet open with the pommel of his sword.

c8551 No.123439

Silver's pommel simply bounces against the plastic-glass.

It seems that the door is made out of that composite of plastic and glass that high ranking mafia members use to armor their cars for its alleged ability to withstand even bullets. Whether or not it is actually that tough, it's tougher than normal glass

6fa1e No.123440

"…Fuck." Silver stares degectedly at the cabinet, having been foiled and thinking himself unable to open it.

c8551 No.123441

It's also worth noting that Silver's last attempt missed the lock off to the side, and instead landed closer to the center

6fa1e No.123442

Dice rollRolled 13 + 2

Strength: "RAAAAH!" Silver tries smashing the lock again.

c8551 No.123443

The lock is recessed into the side of the door (it's covered in stainless steel). Silver hits it this time, and does real damage. The lock itself seems to break and bend in, and the steel siding is bent. Some of the contents inside have shaken, and glass containers clink against glass containers. Nothing inside seems to have shattered or tipped over though.

6fa1e No.123444

Silver sees if he can open it, now.

c8551 No.123445

Silver tore something loose, but just a little more force is necessary to pull it free

6fa1e No.123446

Dice rollRolled 1 + 2

Strength: Silver grabs on, and pulls.

c8551 No.123447

Silver pulls on the door….

But whether through faulty legs, or something on the floor, Silver slips and falls to the ground, his right two legs both sliding forward and hitting a cabinet as he falls onto his hind. There is a light "clang" sound though no sound of glass breaking. Jubilosa pokes her head through the door, rather dexterously from an extended neck.

"What happened?"

6fa1e No.123448

Silver must look rather pathetic, on the ground like that. He slowly gets up.

c8551 No.123449

She keeps her head poking through, moving occasionally in sudden, birdlike movement. The door slowly opens more as Mala slowly walks his way through, behind Silver

6fa1e No.123451

Dice rollRolled 7 + 2

Strength: Once up again, Silver tries once more to open the cabinet.

c8551 No.123452

Now, Silver rips something loose, and the door is forced open. There is another sound of glass clanking, but nothing seems to have been damaged in the process of breaking the door open

6fa1e No.123453

Silver now has a closer look at the potions.

c8551 No.123454

It's a decent array of potions. Multiple healing potions - it looks like a couple vials of cure moderate wounds, maybe four of cure light wounds, two of delay poison, and one each of neutralize poison, magic fang, lesser restoration, and remove paralysis - give or take a vial or two. This is besides containers of more than one variety of opiate anesthetic, tranquilizers, and a single container of chloroform. There is also a cylinder of nitrous oxide

6fa1e No.123455

Silver takes it all, as well as the painkillers like the morphine.

c8551 No.123456

As most of the containers are small there is not much concern for weight, though the dozens of vials constantly "clang" in his bag as Silver moves

6fa1e No.123457

>>123456 (Nice get.)
Silver gathers all of the wounded party members together.

c8551 No.123458

These are Iron, Silver himself, and midnight. Dark Star has a light wound, though nothing serious. None of the rescues nor Blue Skies have any injuries, though Jubilosa and Zwolf were injured before and given potions

6fa1e No.123459

Silver knows how badly wounded he's been, and how badly wounded Iron's been. What about Midnight?

c8551 No.123460

Midnight suffered the worst of anypony in the big fight, but was healed in part, and also did not take part in the later fight against the two interlopers. She is wounded, but better off than both Silver and especially Iron

(~20 hp of damage, maybe 24 or so remaining. This is an imprecise estimate)

6fa1e No.123461

Let's put off distributing the potions for the moment. Is there anything else of interest in the room?

c8551 No.123462

This particular room only has the aforementioned medical supplied and equipment across drawers and cabinets, mostly along a single wall, though with some on the opposite side

6fa1e No.123463

Silver sees what's in the other rooms in this area.

c8551 No.123464

In another room on this side is what appears to be a very small office, with a desk, a chair, and a type writer. Papers show nothing interesting. On the opposite side is a closed room with a bed. The most interesting things in this room is an oxygen canister and a surgical drill

6fa1e No.123465

Is the surgical drill the only bit of surgical equipment in the room?

c8551 No.123466

It is the only powered piece of equipment. There are, however, scalpels, lancets, retractors, pipettes, forceps, and clamps in a cabinet

6fa1e No.123467

Ah. The sight is slightly less gruesome than I had imagined. What's inside the desk in the other room?

c8551 No.123468

(And a few separate types of drill bits)

Note that the great majority of the equipment seems to be more recent that the building's last function as a poorhouse, with most of the drugs having dates within the last three years - though some has expired anyways. Some equipment, especially crutches, is much older though, either inherited or purchased second hand.

The desk is mostly empty, with only a few papers inside, such as requisition papers, medical and surgical records, notes, and a few birth and death certificates.

6fa1e No.123469

What kind of notes?

c8551 No.123470

Hand written, and all of a medical nature. Some notes about triage on a number of wounded. A question of whether an unsuccessful attempt to treat a bullet wound should be transferred to a public hospital (answered in the negative) and the same question about treatment for cancer (answered in the affirmative). A question of whether excessive sleep deprivation may be resolved by means of stimulates - no written answer. A series of questions about what body parts may be disposed in the landfill, the bay, or even sewage. Answered with immediate skepticism towards the placement of any parts of corpses in trash or the harbor bay, though with some suggestion that cremated bone fragments may be spread in either trash or the harbor bay. Suggestion that blood and digested bone fragments may be disposed in sewage. Discussion and notes about what seems to have been a typhus outbreak in miniature, with suggestions to burn clothing, vaccinate, and treat for lice.

Discussion about harm to legs and claws/hooves by restraints and equipment, and treatment. Some actual notes on how to prevent death by blood loss on a claw that is caught in stamping machine, as well as notes on cheap, reusable prosthetics. A single note asking questions about the removal of skins - but this appears to be only the first page of a larger set of notes that has been cut off or is unavailable. An actually fairly long series of questions about Changeling draining and its effects - no quick description can be given because of the complexity of the subject, but the document doesn't seem to offer much in the way of answers.

Finally, there are notes on some specific way of cutting open the chest cavities of several kinds of creature while still leaving the creature alive, with particular detail taken to how to avoid death by blood loss. This one is several pages long and includes some drawings, as well as ways to make cuts or stabbings. It's almost like cuts of steak

Most of these discussions are disorganized scribbling on paper, mostly are one or two pages in length, some include drawings but most don't, and some visibly have multiple colors of pen with orange written next to and over-top of blue ink. Some are written solely in blue ink

c8551 No.123471

The notes are mostly in blue ink, and seem to have primarily two handwriting styles. Responses, comments and answers are usually off to the side, underneath, or after sections of writting, and written in orange. Some of these are in one of the aforementioned two styles. But some are written in a very fine, careful calligraphy. And one set of notes, the very last set about vivisection, is written entirely in black ink with the careful calligraphy

6fa1e No.123472

"…why would these griffons need to open living being's chest cavity?"

c8551 No.123473

Only Mala and Jubilosa are around to hear this remark. Jubilosa slowly pulls her head out of the room

6fa1e No.123474

Silver puts the notes back.

Are there any other rooms?

c8551 No.123475

Not as a part of the infirmary. But there is at least one more room on the other side of the hall on the second floor

6fa1e No.123476

Silver decides to check it out.

c8551 No.123477

On the opposite side is a door with the plate over it falling off in part. It opens up to a small room less than 20 feet across that has some seats off to the left. To the right is a long glass window covered over on the opposite side with something like a curtain, and a door.

6fa1e No.123478

"Curious…what is room meant for?"
Silver tries the door in this room on the right.

c8551 No.123479

The room Silver was in is a bit… faded. There were a couple chairs. Older, though the wall could have held more, and the walls were a faded white wash. The glass is cracked. Going through the door (unlocked), he enters a very new room. Tile floors, and tile half way up the wall until white wash, and some marks in the wall where something was removed. But it is what is there now that is most interesting. Two large machines, each with rolls of paper and presses. And a table with several books.

6fa1e No.123480

"Is this book press? Here?"
Silver inspects the books.

c8551 No.123481

A book press does indeed seem to be exactly what it is. Looking at the books, they are all the same. Bound and covered in leather - or at least, it looks like leather. No markings of any kind on the outside

6fa1e No.123482

Is there anything inside them?

263de No.123483

I'm guessing that's probably illegal in pony nations.

c8551 No.123484

Oh yes. Yes there is. Here now, there is variance. Some have portions in Ponish, some are largely in a foreign language that is probably Herlandish, and some have both. But all have some third language. A language not identifiable, and not sounding much like any speech of griffin, nor kirin or zebra. There are many creatures out there, and who can say what they speak or don't speak? But the harsh consonants and bizarre grammar of this alien tongue seem… wrong.

This leather, you can bet is

6fa1e No.123485

What do the Ponish portions say?

c8551 No.123486

It's difficult to grasp the entire contents of a book in only a few minutes, flipping through. Yet a scanning read, and a few pages flipped here and there, gives a glimpse….

A wise griffin, a sorcerer or druid, named Vortigan, consults with spirits under moonlight. Using the mind as contact to something deeper… broader. Broad as the vastness of space. A tribe called the Maarverni, who found these secrets. Here is an illustration. It's like a giant statue of a griffin, made of sticks, wicker and twine. More than one griffin is inside, and another outside carries a torch. Another illustration of the location of stars, though these are not stars visible in the sky. Descriptions of shadows dancing across mist filled craters on the moons far side, whispering their wisdom to those hidden things that pass in black ether of space

6fa1e No.123487

"Maarverni…were these original worshipers of Maar, then? These must be books of worship, then."

Silver investigates the book presses.

c8551 No.123488

A number of plates with lettering on them that rotate and press into ink, then onto paper. They are smaller than the printing presses of formal publishing companies and newspapers, yet still fairly large. Only black ink seems to be used, and there are plates off to the side that are not in immediate use but must rather be switched out. The press seems to be powered a black
coated electric cable that comes down directly from the ceiling and no through normal electrical outlets. It isn't entirely clear how the leather cover is added, but one of the machines has many pages in it

6fa1e No.123489

"Hmm…seems normal, I suppose, though I have never seen printing presses before. But why is window looking into this room…?"

c8551 No.123490

From this side, it's completely covered up. They must not have wanted what is in this room to be visible into the other any longer. Over to the right is another door.

At this point, a couple of Silver's followers make their way in. Johann almost seemed to have smelled it, walking in and taking a look. Blue Skies, likewise looks around, becoming less interested when she sees the room is clear. And Mala walks in after the griffins, keeping his head low

6fa1e No.123491

He nods to the new arrivals to the room.
"Looks like they have been printing Maarist 'holy' books."

c8551 No.123492

Johann is already staring down the presses. The room is dark and Johann is only barely visible in the light Silver uses to illuminate the presses. But his eyes gleam, and Silver can see the death stare he gives the presses, as he slowly walks closer, and looks down to the books on the table. He does not bother to pick them up. After a pause, he responds to Silver

"So they have"

Then he reaches out a claw towards a book, and four inches away, pulls his claw back
"All of this… must be burned. Kill it before it spreads. Metastasizes…"

Skies walks around, looking at other parts of the room, and is somewhat confused. She actually speaks before Johann starts
"Like a damned cancer spreading"

6fa1e No.123493

Silver looks at Johann and his reaction.
"You act as though merely touching the book would corrupt you…does Maar truly have that effect on Griffons?"

c8551 No.123494

He blinks

"No… Maar comes into the soul like a grub, or a termite, eating through wood. He never goes for where the soul is strong, and hard. Only where there are weaknesses. Cracks. Rot in the soul, finding his way through weak parts, his tendrils feeling about, eating and working their way in to eat it from the inside. Hollowing it out. Even those who seem to be strong of soul are sometimes corrupted. Maar takes particular pleasure in that. But he may do so only because, and only where, there are weaknesses to exploit.

In that way he is a vulture. Having not the strength of beak to pull apart the toughest flesh, but waiting for it to rot and soften.

But it is not fear of corruption that makes me revile those covers. It is what they are made of…"

6fa1e No.123495

The pony look down at the books, reexaminating them.

c8551 No.123496

The covers are certainly hide, though at least partly tanned and may qualify as leather. They are light brown or tan color, often lighter towards the center. Silver cannot tell what animal or creature they are made from

6fa1e No.123497


c8551 No.123498

Blue Skies reacts:
"What is wrong with these… creatures"
She seems to stumble over words for a moment, and looks to Johann
"It's like Hellsword all over again"
Johann narrows his eyebrows and looks over to Blue Skies for a moment, but stops just as quickly, and looks back to Silver

"I can't say for sure… But it is a good bet"

6fa1e No.123499

Anywhere else to be explored?

c8551 No.123500

A single room in the back. But openning the door shows it to be another room of tile floor and half tile walls. A clean environment, like the surgery room. But whatever was in it has been replaced by a table with a device to cut leather, another to sew it, and a couple bindings on the table.

6fa1e No.123501

"Well, this is where they were bound…"

c8551 No.123502

There's thread - it looks like normal thread - for sewing, and a Springer sewing machine. Johann again looks judgmental at the seen, and Skies even more visibly disgusted. Mala slowly walks around, sad and solemn

6fa1e No.123503

Silver pets the sad gnoll behind the ears.

c8551 No.123504

The ears go back, then his mouth moves up to a kind of smile. But it goes back down, and he looks over to Silver.

"We haven't run into all of the Society's security yet… I think they must be upstairs. The Society at least. I don't know where their security is"

6fa1e No.123505

"This Society, it is where Maakie would be?"

c8551 No.123506

"Maakie…" he looks away for a moment

"I think I know who that is. No. He was never a full member. Or didn't quite act like it at least. He did work for them. He would be with their security"

6fa1e No.123507

"Then he will still be in same area. Perhaps we might confront members of this Society at same time."

c8551 No.123508

"I don't know if the Society wants that. Their leader wants to stay out of fighting if he can, or at least that's how it was in skirmishes with the gangs. I am not sure I would want to face all of them at the same time. They are strong. Very strong. Especially when together at the same time. All of us together were very strong when the soldiers came in. There were many of them. Not street gangsters, not police. Soldiers by the dozen. And we beat them back. Of course there were more of us back then. Now they only have the townies, and what is left of their 'security'."

6fa1e No.123509

"In all honestly, I could not care less about what society wants. They have not earned that privilege. What do you know, or think you know, about what they have at their disposal to fight with?"

c8551 No.123510

"Well…. there is the head of the hired help himself, Maakie. He was in the military, or something. Or maybe he was a pirate. But he can fight and he still has a couple of his own employees. You killed most of them already I think, or disabled them. He hires zebras and gnolls. I was one of his. I was not a part of the society.

Then there is the society. We… well we… handled? Handled the heartlanders. They are not a problem now. It's only the townies. The townies will not be as willing to fight. The heartlanders fought so hard because they could be deported. No one wants to be deported. Especially not the heartlanders. So it was better for them to fight, and they did, and many of them died. But I don't want to talk about that…

Oh, right. The townies. The townies will probably be more cowardly. They may fight, I don't know. I would not be surprised if some of them have guns. They will surely be willing to use them if they know we handled the heartlanders. It's really their leader that is the most dangerous. The leader of the society, I think he is the founder. He is a townie. He has magical powers. And he has friends who have magic, or who are dangerous. I think there is a heartlander there who was something like a knight. There is another Kaftar I have seen in the townie group. They may be good fighters. The lesser members, I think, will have less reason to fight. But the leadership, they have their backs against the wall"

6fa1e No.123511

"Hmm…this will be difficult fight, indeed. We will need to prepare ourselves.

c8551 No.123512

Mala silently nods, his brown eyes reflecting perhaps more than normal
"Those creatures you have out in the hallway. The hippogriff, the horse, the pony colt. What are they going to do?"

6fa1e No.123513

"I do not entirely know. I am…not very used to leading others in situations like this."

c8551 No.123514

Mala twists his head left and looks at Silver, causing his left ear to fall down.
"But you lead us so far"

6fa1e No.123515

He smiles at him.
"It is first time in very long time."

c8551 No.123516

He turns his head up and looks up at floof pone. Or he does so slightly, as his shoulders are about equal to Silver's, and only because his head hangs lower is Silver's head higher. But as he looks up to Silver, he says,
"I will follow you"

60fac No.123521

I hear rumors of playing tomorrow.

c8551 No.123522

Is excited

6fa1e No.123523

is excite to see what happens

60fac No.123529

Are you free to begin today?

c8551 No.123530

Yes. What does Spark do next? I don't recall if he went with Brie or not, but either way, the lieutenant is with the prisoner

60fac No.123531

I didn't see Brie yet. Can he be seen from outside?

c8551 No.123532

Coming back? He would be at some point, for the reason that Spark at this point is not far from the ramp between the pit and the mill

60fac No.123533

I suppose if I can see him, I would head his way and listen in to his conversation. Can I glean anything from what I overhear?

c8551 No.123534

A bizarrely sanguine tone of voice from Brie, Zu Lang saying something, and varied tones from Zu Lang ranging from taking offense to sounding defensive to serious talk. A couple words that can be heard are "explosives" from Brie and "insurgents" from Zu Lang

60fac No.123535

Spark is definitely worried to hear them talking about explosives. But he politely waits for their discussion to end before interrupting. He also looks around to see if they are heading to something that obviously might house said explosives.

c8551 No.123536

It takes them a little time before they leave from that spot in the pit, but they eventually go up the ramp, and out of the pit, on the route that goes back towards the town

60fac No.123537

Spark decides that he better make explosives work with the light show. He looks for a spot to better servey the area, to plan the logistics of the unpredictable bat of destruction and his bomb surprise.

c8551 No.123538

To the left (west) of the pit there is an area a few hundred meters wide with a paved road, a railway track, a clearing, and a little bit further north is processing facility. To the west of that is forest - pine and fir trees 70 feet or higher.

60fac No.123539

Spark decides he better check out the forest everypony is so concerned about this days. Perhaps Spark can use it to his advantage when the chaos breaks out.

c8551 No.123540

Walking up the big stone ramp, Spark finds his way on a small dirt path that quickly merges with a small and somewhat damaged asphalt roadway partly covered in mud. Beyond that a few feet is a railway. Spark may be concerned by the train, with attached black steam locomotive and a few dozen open cars. But it's stationary for the moment, after moving backwards some feet. Beyond this Is an area of stumps, grass, and a few seedlings.

Further beyond this, the pine sea. Some of the trees seem to have damage to bark, or knocked down limbs. Most do not. Looking through the tree line the space between trees is mostly clear enough of brush and vine to allow movement below the trees. It's dark under the canopy. Not so much by the edges where the light bleeds through, but deeper into the trees. It's almost like twilight at midday in some areas.

60fac No.123541

Spark didn't expect a train. He carefully investigates.

c8551 No.123542

Investigates what?

60fac No.123543

Well, to begin with, where the train is. Is this a loading station? Just track? Why did it stop here?

c8551 No.123544

File: 1582407180129.jpg (25.82 KB, 365x205, newsEngin.25049983_AK-Stee….jpg)

The train goes along the track to an industrial facility. The facility itself has metal sheets on the exterior, at least one visible conveyor belt on the outside, and is fairly loud, making clanking noises. It's hardly a large factory or anything like that, but is still the largest building Spark has seen in the area. The track - it's a single track, goes underneath an over hanging part of the building covered in grey paint. The train backed up a little, but is now stationary, letting out some steam that turns a thick white in the cold air

60fac No.123545

Spark looks for anypony tending to the train.

c8551 No.123546

Looking down both sides, it's hard to see any pony. But upon closer inspection, there are actually at least two. One is on the right side by the facility, looking forward towards the train. The other is hanging out of the locomotive itself

60fac No.123547

Spark observes them for a few moments. Perhaps they are loading the train.

c8551 No.123548

As the train lines up, there is a wait of at least a couple minutes. But before too long, a stream of small rocks starts to fill into one of the black-painted steel hopper cars

c8551 No.123549

The pony on the right seems to make signals, then goes closer to one of the cars. After a minute or so he moves over to the side, and watches the car slowly fill. The pony on the left gets out and looks at a car, then gets back into the locomotive. There is shouting, either from one to the other or to persons unseen

60fac No.123550

Though hijacking the train and leading the ponies out in a large escape might be the first thing that pops into my head, it is probably best I continue checking out the rest of the place. While the ponies are distracted, Spark crosses the track and continues to look around the forest, wondering why changelings fear it so much.

c8551 No.123551

It isn't too difficult to evade observation by the workers, given they are distracted or disinterested at the moment. Peering back into the woods, again, there is only so much grass and bushes on the forest floor. Most of it is covered in brown and decaying needles, pine cones, and in some instances bare brown earth, occasionally depressed by hoof prints, or with knocked down limbs. The first thing about the forest that is noticeable is also a contributing explanation to why it is so scary. Most of the space under the trees is non-distinctive from any other, and though you may see a hundred or more feet out, visibility beyond maybe a tenth of a mile, or even less, is non-existent in the dense woods. There are few landmarks, and it would be easy to get lost.

60fac No.123552

He doesn't go far, keeping the tracks within eyesight so he can head back, but he makes note that he can make this work to his advantage later. After some exploring, he walks back to the tracks.

c8551 No.123553

Spark walks away from the trees, which sway with the north wind, and back towards the pit. Off in the distance a power shovel picks up rock and ore, and places it into the bed of a waiting truck. More processed ore falls into a now-different hopper

60fac No.123554

He walks along the track away from the train and workers, seeing where it may lead.

c8551 No.123555

The track goes two ways. Towards the ore processing mill, and in the direction of town, though it splits and goes around town to the west, as Blackwood is up on the hill, and the tracks go around it. It always stays by the forest, though with a clearing separating them. In this section it is on the other side of the road which follows alongside the pit

60fac No.123556

I suppose next I will see about the town, and how far it is from the tracks. Perhaps this will come in handy.

c8551 No.123557

Past where the tracks and road seperate, the track becomes a double track, goes on for a quarter mile or so, and there is a small train station, or at least a small building with an elevated wooden platform and a red tile roof next to the track. This is at the bottom of the hill Blackwood is partly built overtop of.

60fac No.123558

He sneaks to the building. Are there ponies in view?

c8551 No.123559

Through a window in another room is one stallion, he looks like a railway attendant, who is not paying attention

60fac No.123560

Anything around the building of note?

c8551 No.123561

In the train station? Not particularly. An inside section has a room with an attendant - aforementioned stallion - and a waiting room with some chairs. There are posters on the wall. One is a poster of a pony couple eating cotton candy on a Ferris Wheel, with the words in big red letters overtop - "Whinnyapolis State Fair - August 28 - September 8". This Poster is faded, and Partly covered over by a new, blacker themed poster of the close up of a Changeling Queen's Muzzle merging to look out over many Changelings, in uniform and not, standing at attention, who are placed above many ponies standing and dressed in varieties of mundane clothing. At the very top is "Chrysalis, Queen Mother Over All".

On the other side of the room is a poster of a streamlined Diesel Train travelling over a rocky bank, through wheat fields to the left, a lake over to the right, with a forest and a lone wolf visible over in the background. The text is "Ponytown Northern Railway - Serving Whinnysota"

60fac No.123562

He shrugs and goes for some conversation with the pony.
“Hi there.”

c8551 No.123563

He pops up, like he's startled
He looks back to Spark. He's an elder unicorn of an approximately brownish color with an orange tinge
"Hi there. Didn't see you walking in. You looking to buy a ticket?"

60fac No.123564

“How much?”
I got no clue how many bits I have left.

c8551 No.123565

"Where you lookin' to go? It's 10 bits into Whinnyapolis. 30 bits into Crystal City."

a73c9 No.123566

Alright, se where we at?

c8551 No.123567

Brie has just collected a very large set of explosives from the mine after talking to Zu Lang. Spark should be there to meet up with

a73c9 No.123568

Alright then. Brie returns to the cart with,… lots of explosives, and I would emote a spring in his step to boot.

c8551 No.123569

Brie finds himself followed in light step by another drone, also wearing what appears to be an officer's hat, with a black and white coat.

Opening the door to the cart, some miner ponies stop their work to watch him as he loads it in. So too do Seb and Fun seem impressed, or perhaps concerned, by the quantity of explosives

a73c9 No.123570

Brie busies himself rigging up the 3 charges (2 at 2/9 capacity and 1 at 5/9 capacity). "There! This should leave a hole." he says with a bit of satisfaction. He then looks for Sparks, as he's the only party member Brie hasn't checked in with. And the Lings, but they're not gonna want anything to do with this mission (not that Sparks is likely to either, but we'll see).

c8551 No.123571

Seb and Fun have been following Brie, and watch him rigging up the explosives. Kerr and Wesley are with Onyx, presumably close by

a73c9 No.123572

So like,… the bombs will only go off if they're lit right? They're not made with nitro-glycerine, are they? Does Brie know? I don't wanna be that guy from Lost.

c8551 No.123573

Don't worry, the nitroglycerin in the dynamite is mixed with dolomite. It can still "sweat" and cause headaches if you hold it, but only fire, high temperatures, and adequate electric shocks will cause it to go off

60fac No.123574

“I’ll take one for Whinnyapolis.”

c8551 No.123575

Pls meet up with Brie?

60fac No.123576

I’m finishing this scene, then I will

c8551 No.123577

"Alright." He looks down
"Ten bits" He looks back up
"Now you have to have an official Hegemony passport to travel on the rail"

60fac No.123578

“Ah. That was the other thing I wanted to talk to you about. Mine has expired and I need to get it renewed. Where is the best place to get that done?”

c8551 No.123579

"Go to the office of Changeling police in town. The old police station, right across from the mining office, which is the biggest building up on the hill. Go down the road leading back in town and take a left. You can't miss it."

60fac No.123580

Spark heads out, but back to the pit.

c8551 No.123581

Spark soon enough stumbles upon Brie packing…. something into a cart >>123570 >>123568

a73c9 No.123582

"Ah Spark, how are you? Lovely day isn't it? The perfect sort of weather to blow things up with don't you think?"

60fac No.123583

Oh no.
“Umm.. hey there Brie. What are you up to?”

a73c9 No.123584

"Well, it seems that a number of these insurgents are hiding somewhere in the forest, and a protracted campaign of pressing them and vying for position sounds far too troublesome. I figured," and as he says this he presents the finished bombs "We could just strategically bomb the shit out of them!" ^_^

60fac No.123585

Spark ponders for a moment.
“Not bad. I would love to hear more of this plan.”

c8551 No.123586

File: 1582417701079.png (1.28 MB, 1541x2365, 2034084.png)

a73c9 No.123587

a73c9 No.123588

"Well there's not much to it at the moment. It involves me and either Seb or Fun flying in to gather recon, and then where we go from there depends on what we find. We might bomb them from the air, we might infiltrate a bit and make a more tactical strike,… it really depends."

60fac No.123589

“I interrogated a prisoner and might have an idea of what to do next. Not a great one, but an idea.”

a73c9 No.123590

"Technically, the plan could work with me flying in solo, but one never knows what one will find." He sighs. "This would have been so much easier if they had foal-napped somepony like I had hoped."

a73c9 No.123591

"Oh? Oh! There's a prisoner! That's marvelous! What did he say? Is he still alive? Has he been tortured? CAN he be tortured?"

60fac No.123592

“He has been tortured, but gave me all I need to know just by asking. However…”
Spark looks around.
“I might need more privacy to tell you the details.”

a73c9 No.123593

"I like the sound of this!" Brie looks around to find a secluded spot to converse.

c8551 No.123594

There does indeed seem to be somecreature not far behind in probable listening range. It's the middle officer - the one Spark met before. He stands still and silent, though with an occasionally wobbly right foreleg. He stands there as the ponies go around to the other side of the cart, or perhaps deeper into the pit mine to talk in relative privacy

a73c9 No.123595

Looking at the officer, Brie the looks at Spark with a deadpan expression. "I'm gathering we should do this in the cart." :3

60fac No.123596

“Well, I found out the answer to the trouble, though not as satisfying as I had hoped. Turns out all of the issues that have been going on have been accidents due to parties or drunkenness. So even if we executed suspects, the problems will only manifest again. The lost ponies died swimming while intoxicated. The wounds the changelings had were celebratory gunfire gone wrong. The damaged equipment, just fooling around while out of their senses. Apparently both changelings and ponies in this area get wasted and party hard, which is allowed because the changelings think this will help morale.”

“So… we have a bit of a problem. There is no target we can hit that would stop this from happening. And even if we could crack down on it, which the commanders don’t believe is the truth, hence the torture while he was saying it, then productivity will grind down anyway. That said, I do have a plan…”

a73c9 No.123597

"Alright, I'm listening," Brie says, trying to not be disappointed at the idea that doesn't need to be explosions.

60fac No.123598

“I’ll need you to blow up the bombs rather close by in the forest to get everyone’s attention. Then, I’ll make an illusion of a monster, make him appear to smash something with a little more explosive, then make him vanish in the forest again. That will make them all believe that operations must cease here and they will move in actual troops to hunt through the forest.”

a73c9 No.123599

"So, you want to trick the lot of them into thinking there is a threat that requires full military support, so that the cause of the lack of productivity is revealed without us having to be the bearers of bad news?" Brie thinks for a moment. "You're sure this pony was sufficiently and thoroughly tortured?"

60fac No.123600

“Well, he might have been able to take a bit more if you did it right, but he seemed pretty drained of much of his will to live.”

a73c9 No.123601

"Under what circumstances were this pone captured?"

60fac No.123602

“Being suspected of being one of the terrorists they are looking for… because he dented a shovel.”

a73c9 No.123603

Brie runs his hoof across his forehead. "Thats horribly underwhelming."

60fac No.123604

“Well, I suspect seeing a monster will be more than enough to get them to change their minds.”

a73c9 No.123605


60fac No.123606

“Do you like the plan?”

a73c9 No.123607

"Not really, to be honest. Let me get this straight: the productivity loss is due to drunken-ness and a lack of discipline, and the Changelings who are 'in charge' are afraid to send the truth up the communication lines?"

60fac No.123608

“Well, seeing as the pony that told them is being tortured to the point of hardly living, I would think they would want to keep south of that. And besides, the commander is stopping the chain of command himself, in order to save his own hide. So we have a choice to make, screw over the ponies and changeling grunts, or the high command.”

a73c9 No.123609

Brie smiles. "The high command it is! We'll still go with your plan, but it needs a little refinement to accommodate the new target."

60fac No.123610

“Sure thing. What do you suggest?”

a73c9 No.123611

"The queen isn't going to want to hear that we sleuthed the cause of the lack of productivity, the High Command is responsible for maintaining discipline. Its quite simple, they have failed in their duty. An example must be made."

a73c9 No.123612

"Well, its probably best to go ahead with your existing plan. For one, that will make an impression on the ponies in this town, and for two it will give plenty of distracting cover to acquire the bug in charge."

60fac No.123614

“Alright. Sounds good. Shall we begin immediately, or should we wait for closer to night to give them a good jolt?”

a73c9 No.123615

"The detonation of the bombs, is that to draw attention? I'm wondering if we can do that with just one bomb, rather than all three."

60fac No.123616

“Yeah. Just one, but closer so they believe all three went off. Then another on some structure for the ‘monster’ to destroy, then the last you can keep and do with as you please.”

a73c9 No.123617

Brie smiles. "Sounds good. So one at the entrance to the forest, one at a 'random' building, and one underneath the High Command? I'll get right on it."

60fac No.123618

“That might work, but then again, we need the command to report this as a monster and not terrorism. If they are dead, then they will assume the ponies or even changeling grunts are responsible.”

a73c9 No.123619

"I'm not planning on killing the whole command, just the guy at the top. I'm also planning on taking credit for the kill when the time comes."

60fac No.123620

“Cool. When do you think the right time will be though?”

a73c9 No.123621

"Can you see in the dark?"

60fac No.123622

“Unfortunately no.”

a73c9 No.123623

"Cover of darkness isn't going to help then. Hmmmm."
Is Zu Lang the head bug of the gendarmerie?

c8551 No.123624

a73c9 No.123625

K, what time is it 'currently'?

c8551 No.123626

Some time in the afternoon

~3 PM

Comparatively early nightfall because of the northern latitude and a little less than a lunar cycle after the Winter Solstice

a73c9 No.123627

"In that event, I would advise nightfall. Just before full darkness, where light is largely diminished but not vacant."

60fac No.123628

“Ah. Got it.”

a73c9 No.123629

"No offense, but somehow I don't think this is going to go entirely according to plan. Having said, as long as I end up with,…" he glances around and then whispers the following "As long as I end up with Lang's head, this mission should be a success."

60fac No.123630

“Anything else we should do in case they don’t buy it?”

a73c9 No.123631

"Kill 'em?"

60fac No.123632

“I guess?”

60fac No.123633

“How do we sneak the explosives by Lang?”

a73c9 No.123634

"Well its not ideal, but if we start blowing things up and they're not buying it, that will hurt our position. As long as the ponies are sufficiently panicked it shouldn't be an issue, I should be able to make somebug disappear in a crisis."

60fac No.123635

“Anything else before we start setting up?”

a73c9 No.123636

"Not really. These have a 1-minute fuse on them. I'm keeping the big one, but there's the two smaller ones. We'll need 2 units, one at the forest and one at the to-be-demolished building. Demolitions can be one of us, or we might get one of our Bug-friends to lend an appendage. I would prefer to not be setting the two bombs, so I can be close to Lang when they go off. Beyond that, I've got nothing."

60fac No.123637

“I think I can work with that.”

60fac No.123638

Spark gets to work setting up the explosives out of sight.

c8551 No.123639

They are very big sets of explosives. The fuses are set, either by Spark or Brie

60fac No.123640

Spark stands near the forest, by the tracks, reay to cast an illusion.

c8551 No.123641

The officer, before this standing still and stoically, comes to the cart, and knocks

a73c9 No.123642

Brie opens the door and steps out.
"Yes? Something I can help you with?"

c8551 No.123643

From a quick look, it seems to be another officer of the Gendarmerie, though one lower ranking than Zu Lang. He blinks

"You are one of those allegedly sent by the queen, are you not? I met your partner, but not you."

a73c9 No.123644

"You'll have to be more specific, I have many associates." Brie smiles

c8551 No.123645

"Your unicorn friend who asked the prisoner be brought out. But never mind him. I trust you spoke to Zu Lang?"

a73c9 No.123646

"Once, yes. I suppose I should update him on our plan for the insurgents though."

c8551 No.123647

"So he told you his theory about insurgents then. What is it, pray tell?"

a73c9 No.123648

"And you are?"

c8551 No.123649

"I am First Lieutenant Drie Zwanzig. Zu Lang's Executive Officer"

He shakes a little in his right foreleg, but otherwise does not move nor inflect his words

a73c9 No.123650

"Very well. The plan is to engage arial reconnaissance until the target site is determined. Afterwards, to approach the site and bomb essential supplies/equipment and engage any hostiles. This insurgency should be over before dawn."

c8551 No.123651

"Well I hope you have found something then. Have you found information from the workers or the drones?"

a73c9 No.123652

"Oh yes, I understand the prisoner you're keeping has been most,… reluctantly, helpful." Brie smiles.

c8551 No.123653

"Well, he is still up at the top of the mine. I take it you will scout the forests for yourself?"

a73c9 No.123654

"Yes, we have enough preliminary intelligence to move off of. We're just waiting for nightfall."

c8551 No.123655

"Very well. I can have a drone help guide you. We don't know where anycreature is in the forest… if indeed it is a creature. But we do have the location of where a patrol disappeared"

a73c9 No.123656

"I think we're fine with the preparations we've made so far."

c8551 No.123657

"Really? In such a short time?"
The limited muscles on his face constraint much of his attempt to emote
"Very well. We shall see"

6fa1e No.123658

Will there be explosions?

c8551 No.123659

We shall see, little pony

60fac No.123676

Maybe we can play some tomorrow.

60fac No.123677

I will be free tomorrow if there are ponies.

6fa1e No.123678

I shall watch if there are ponies.

6fa1e No.123686

All ponies in this thread are beautiful horses.

c8551 No.123687

File: 1582696664938.jpg (129.55 KB, 947x1080, aryanne_shaded_wallpaper_b….jpg)

6fa1e No.123701

Where's Undertoe, in relation to Silver?

c8551 No.123702

Behind, evidently. She did not come into the Printing room

6fa1e No.123703

Silver trots out of the prinint room to look for her, then.

c8551 No.123704

She's there in the hallway. Towards the back. With an anxious looking White Sands, and Khoi and Jubilosa outside coming towards Silver

6fa1e No.123705

Silver looks to the approaching Khoi and Jubilosa.
"Is something wrong?"

c8551 No.123706

Jubilosa makes a sound as if about to form words, opening her beak, but little comes out as she seems a bit unsettled. Khoi stands silently in suppressed haste, staying silent out of politesse and deference. Then Jubilosa gets her words out:

"The prisoners in the main area, I am not sure they will be secure if unguarded. Those creatures earlier almost set them free."

Khoi speaks now, though she speaks so quickly that it seems to take the form of an interruption, undoing whatever good form she maintained in her initial silence:
"And what of the straglers? Where will they stay? The big horse, the colt. And her."
She moves her muzzle a bit to the left, as if to point behind her to Undertoe

6fa1e No.123707

Silver acknowledges them both, but addresses Jubilosa first.
"Do you have any suggestions about how to deal with prisoners?"

c8551 No.123708

During a momentary pause her wings move an inch upwards and forwards, moving back down as she speaks
"Well, just do not let them be untied"

6fa1e No.123709

"Hmm…I see. Give me just moment to think on what to do."
Next, he turns to Khoi.
"I know about Loputu and Meadows, but is something wrong with Undertoe?"

c8551 No.123710

She blinks
"I do not know"

6fa1e No.123711

He nods.
"I will go speak with her, and think of plan for how to proceed forward."
With that, he he bids them goodbye for the moment, and trots over to the hippogriff.

c8551 No.123712

She's looking forward at him, making her purple eyes contact Silver's Blue, until he nears her, at which point she moves a step back and breaks eye contact

6fa1e No.123713

He stops when he sees her take a step back, and he sits down. He smiles at her.
"It is okay, I do not bite. I just wanted to talk with you."

c8551 No.123714

She says

6fa1e No.123715

"I wanted to know how you were doing, and holding up. And learn more about you before we got into next big fight."

c8551 No.123716

Her head wobbles around looking kind of like a magnet repulsed by another magnet, turning around clockwise, moving from up to level and right, to down and center. With her head down, her eyes come back up to Silver and look at his directly.

"What do you want to know?"

6fa1e No.123717

He smiles again at what seems to be an attempt by Undertoe to be friendly.
"Well, perhaps you could start by telling about yourself. You know, hobbies, interests, where you come from, that kind of thing."

c8551 No.123719

She blinks for a moment. Now she levels her head to where she is staring directly at Silver

"That's quite a question from some one I just met"

6fa1e No.123720

He looks awkwardly at her, and rubs the back of his neck.
"Sorry…I am not so good with talking to others…where did you come from, before this?"

c8551 No.123721

A pause

"Alright… I was born in Hippogriffia and raised there"

6fa1e No.123722

He smiles.
"What is it like, living there?"

c8551 No.123723

"It was different in those days. We weren't under water, but we were inland, up cliffs away from the coast. There were caves caverns beneath the rock though, at it was our outlet to the sea. We were in a small town, and I can't really say how much different it would be from most anywhere else."

6fa1e No.123724

He raises an eyebrow and lowers an ear.
"You were not under water?"

c8551 No.123725

"So you've heard"
She blinks slowly closing her eyes and opening them

"We were further away from the pearl. Something like holdouts. Not wanting to give up our land, but too afraid to be conspicuous either. Or so most of the town was. Farms further way were abandoned. I don't have memories of before the Storm King. Except maybe for one of attending a festival on a mountain, but it is vague. We stayed close to the water though. Very close."

6fa1e No.123726

He nods slowly, after a few seconds.
"I see…what happened to cause you to be in this mess?"

c8551 No.123727

She blinks. Her eyes are rounded like a pony's and her ears have tufts of fluff

"I was a student at Jim Haykins, and had been for several years. A friend wanted to visit some part of town, and I went with her. A few wrong creatures trusted, a few mistakes made, and I ended up where you found me."

6fa1e No.123728

Silver lowers his head.
"I am sorry to hear that, Undertoe. This 'Jim Haykins' school, where is it?"

c8551 No.123729

"Right on the edge between the North and the city center. Nicer neighborhoods to the west. But to the east of campus that's a pretty quick declination."

6fa1e No.123730

"I have to ask…what about your friend? Was she captured as well? Do you know?"

c8551 No.123731

"I know she was held up by gangsters. I think she was transported with me after I was blind folded. What happened afterwards I've spent a lot of time wondering about. She may have been ransomed, for all I know. But I don't know."

She clearly speaks Ponish better than Jubilosa and Khoi, and has much less of an accent than Johann.

6fa1e No.123733

He looks at her with genuine sorrow. She might notice that her Ponish is less accented than even Silver's.
"Мои соболезнования…I am sorry."

c8551 No.123734

There's still something… proper in her speech, whether it be a hippogriff accent or something bourgie she picked up in Equestria.

She looks silently at Silver, breathing in and out. As she said it she doesn't seem to express much emotion about that set of events, though she doesn't look comfortable

6fa1e No.123735

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Silver speaks up again, breaking it.
"What is it you were studying?"

c8551 No.123736

As if picking up where she left off
"Mechanical Engineering. I was looking to work with a shipping company before the war broke out, and with the Navy afterwards."

6fa1e No.123737

"Huh. You must be very intelligent, Undertoe."

c8551 No.123738

"I'm charmed you think so"

She says it fairly quickly, and with a similar inflection to all of her previous answers. Still, something in her response sounded slightly sarcastic

6fa1e No.123739

He gives her a confused look.
"Is something wrong?"

c8551 No.123740

She says

6fa1e No.123741

"Alright then…I suppose after this is finished with, you will want to return to your school."

c8551 No.123742

"I don't know. It's been a long time, and it feels like longer. I imagine the world has changed since I left it."

6fa1e No.123743

"How long?"

c8551 No.123744

"I'm not sure. A while."

6fa1e No.123749

"Hmm…what was last big event in world before you were captured?"

c8551 No.123750

"Well, the war started. I think Tall Tales fell?"

6fa1e No.123751

Silver's eyes widen a bit.
"It…has been while. War has been over for short time, around one year. We lost."

c8551 No.123752

She is silent for a moment
"I figured as much. I had heard murmuring. Certain items became harder to find… Then there was one day I thought soldiers were going to storm the place. I thought it had happened… But I had to hear it confirmed. You say 'We'? Did you fight for Equestria?"

6fa1e No.123753

"Yes, though I was not enlisted soldier. Too old. But I can do mercenary work still, so that is what I did. Changelings own Western half of Equestria now, and New Mareland owns Eastern half where we are."

c8551 No.123754

She squints her eyes slightly, and nods
Switching subjects
"You say you are working for the city against these monsters?"

6fa1e No.123757

He nods.
"Yes, though it seems city was unaware of true scale of what is going on. They will have field day with this, i am sure."

c8551 No.123758

"Oh they were?"
She says
"But if the fascists are in control… They may use it to incite suspicion of foreigners. Or immigrants. Or as proof of the 'backwardsness' of Griffin cultures"

6fa1e No.123759

"That already exists in this part of city. It is inhabited by Severyanans and Skynavians, and these griffons have been terrorizing them for well over two years now, at least."

c8551 No.123760

She moves her eyes to look past Silver, into the hallway and down it. It's not clear if she is looking at somecreature behind him or nothing in particular
"They will take it far beyond 'this part of the city'."
She moves her head back and looks straight at him
"Does Equestria still exist as a puppet state?"

6fa1e No.123761

"As far as I know, somewhat. Equestria has been split up into numerous Protectorates."

c8551 No.123762

"Is there anything like the old government?"

6fa1e No.123763

He shakes his hoof in a "maybe" motion.
"I think they have kept much of old government, at least locally. I think leader of Baltimare Governate was mayor of city before end of war."

c8551 No.123764

She sighs
"I am at once shocked he would want to work with the Fascists and the Fascists with him…. And yet, I'm not surprised at all.

Do the Fascists' secret police swarm over the city like flies on a carcass?"

6fa1e No.123765

"Black Hooves? They have occupied Grand Baltimare Hotel, but I have not seen evidence of them leaving there all too often. Their philosophy for occupation seems to be leave Equestria alone for most part, to avoid building unnecessary resentment for current regime."

c8551 No.123766

"I see…"
She ponders for a moment, and even brings her right claw up towards her beak
"How badly 'infested' are the Fascists, or the city, if you understand my meaning?"

6fa1e No.123767

Silver understands what she means.
"It is hard to tell, naturally. It is unknown how many are in Fascists, but some were found to be infesting police station."

c8551 No.123768

She stops moving, and her mouth, opened in part for a brrief moment as she moved around, remains in the exact position she left it. Her body freezes as a whole for two seconds. Then she starts to slowly breath out, her chest visibly contracting. After a few more seconds, she responds

"You say you are working for the city?"

6fa1e No.123769

He nods.
"Yes, I am."

c8551 No.123770

She blinks
"Alright… Do you need anything of me?"

6fa1e No.123771

"Hmm…I do have question. We will be getting into fight with second group of griffons here, including their leadership. We also need people to guard prisoners in atrium. Which would you prefer to do, Undertoe?"

c8551 No.123772

"I can fight"
She says, looking straight at Silver

6fa1e No.123773

He nods.
"It is your choice. We will give you rifle, then."

c8551 No.123774

"I'll take a rifle"

6fa1e No.123775

He nods again, and smiles.
"So…perhaps you could tell me about your skills and hobbies, now?"

c8551 No.123776

"Pearl diving I couldn't equal the full seaponies with their magic, but that didn't stop me from trying. Where are these rifles?"

6fa1e No.123777

Silver pulls a rifle off of Iron's unconscious form, and shows it to Undertoe.

c8551 No.123778

She takes it off of Silver, grabbing it by the butt

c8551 No.123779

She takes the rifle, and moves back onto her rump, balancing herself so that both claws can cover the rifle. Then she looks at it. It has a black barrel, what looks almost like a second barrel underneath, and a grey metal plate around the chamber. She places her claw on the bottom cylinder, pulls something up, and must have unlocked something because she twists the top of the bottom cylinder off. She looks down the cylinder, then twists it back into position. She levels the gun, and pulls the butt of the rifle towards her shoulder. A strap wraps around, and she shows that she can hold it steady with only a single claw. Lowering it slightly, she uses her claw to pull a lever out - the gun evidently having a lever action. There is a loud "cling" as it is pulled out, and she looks into the breach. There is a "clack" as the lever is pulled back up. She lowers the gun to inspect the firing pin. A cartridge falls to the floor. She picks it up, and slides it through the loading gate into the rifle.

Now, she looks down the sight with the cocked and loaded rifle (no talon on the trigger) down the hallway into the blackness. She lowers it down, and finds a slide that looks like a safety, pulling it down, then back up.

"This will work"

6fa1e No.123780

He looks a little surprised.
"You are quite knowledgable about that rifle."

c8551 No.123781

"A little" she says
She looks back to Silver and lets the rifle slide in the sling around her. The sling of course is not simply a sling. The sling is rather tight on her. She sits back on her rump to try to use both claws to reach behind her head, and manages to untie a golden necklace around her neck. She starts to pull it off, though it has to be pulled from under the strap.

She takes the golden chain, and holds it up. She is naked, save for the rifle, and the big, black socks that went far up her hind legs, as far as her hocks, when she was first found hiding in the closet, are nowhere to be seen.

"Do you want this?" She asks, tendering the necklace to Silver

6fa1e No.123782

He continues to look surprised, and he looks up at her. He does not take it from her, at least for the moment.
"But…is it not yours?"

c8551 No.123783

She holds it out for another moment, and then starts to pull it back
"I suppose I should exchange it for bits somewhere. I'll need some money after all of this"

6fa1e No.123784

"I can give you Bits, if you need them. What do you need to purchase?"

c8551 No.123785

"Food, boarding, transportation tickets. The basics" She says

6fa1e No.123786

He smiles at her.
"I will see what I can do to help you with what I have, Undertoe."

c8551 No.123787

She places the necklace back out towards Silver
"If you could give me a few bits for tickets, a hotel and some food, and it's not conditioned on anything else you can take the necklace"

6fa1e No.123788

He looks in his bags, counts out a total of 500 Bits, and gives it to her with a smile.
"Here, take it. And keep your necklace. It looks nice on you."

c8551 No.123789

She takes the bits. And looks to Silver. And looks back at the bits. And looks to Silver. She holds out all of the bits to him, to show the amount, although only after turning her body to try to hide line of sight to the bits from the other creatures
"Did you mean to give me this much?"

6fa1e No.123790

He nods, firmly.

c8551 No.123791

Then she says
"I'm… not an escort"

6fa1e No.123792

He looks confused for a moment, then blushes, and chuckles awkwardly. He keeps his voice low to avoid others listening in.
"Oh, no no no, that is not…I mean, you are very beautiful creature, and I would very much like to…but no, it is not for anything like 'that'. It is gift, to help with lodging, food, and transport. I figure it is better to give too much than not enough."

c8551 No.123793

She smiles (or seems to, the ways she pulls her beak), now with a look like embarrassment
"Thank you. I had… forgotten what the kindness of the old Equestria was like. I didn't mean to accuse…"

6fa1e No.123794

He waves it off with a smiles.
"It is nothing to apologize for, trust me, I understand. Take those Bits with my blessing, Undertoe."

c8551 No.123795

She seems to smile more
"Let me get those socks.."
She walks off, right past Silver

6fa1e No.123796

Silver feels quite nice, seeing her smile. He looks to the other present people to talk to.

c8551 No.123797

She walks off, and bends down on the floor.

But Khoi is standing there, and so is Jubilosa. White Sands is a little further off, and Blue Skies has taken up a sort of rearguard, staring into the blackness. Johann does not seem to be in the hallway

6fa1e No.123798

Silver looks around for Meadows, realizing something he can do to help her.

c8551 No.123799

Meadows is on the hall on the right side, kind of facing Silver, but her head is hanging down. She's almost "listing" as she stands, with her left shoulder touching the wall, and her right hoof up and rubbing against the wall. She's strangely tall and large, and looks like she'd only barely fit through doors. She doesn't acknowledge Silver.

Blue Skies is actually behind her, in the center of the hall and facing the other way

6fa1e No.123800

Silver trots up to her, bringing out the flask of changeling honey he got from Zwolf's prison room. He looks to her, speaking softly.
"Meadows? Can you work with me for moment? I am going to give you something that should help."

c8551 No.123801

She looks up at him
She looks tired
"Oh? That would be great"
She sounds tired, too

6fa1e No.123802

"Oh boy…uh, here…"
He holds Meadow's mouth open. Using his magic as a kind of spoon, he scoops the honey out of the flask and onto her tongue. He then closes her mouth.
"Okay, now swallow."

c8551 No.123803

She has a fairly long muzzle, and a tongue both long and wide, at least as long as Zwolf's. She licks it up like honey, and licks more, as if she likes the flavor. Her throat moves visibly as she swallows, repeatedly

For a moment, nothing happens. Then she moves her head side to side, scratches the ground with her hoof, and whips her tail. She snorts
"I feel… So much better"

She looks first at Silver, then right into his eyes. Her eyes become a deepr grey, then add blue, and yellow, and brown color to them. Her coat becomes a darker, with more brown and yellow. Her mane becomes a darker brown. All this over the course of some seconds, perhaps half a minute.
"Your eyes… I can see them. A blue."
She smiles, and looks over to Khoi
"And Gold"
To Undertoe
"And Red!"
She seems excited, and jumps up on her hind legs. She doesn't quite rear - the ceiling isn't high enough to guarantee that could be done without hitting her head - but she jumps up, and stomps back down on her hooves. Skies looks back

"It's so much better! I feel like I could run. I could run if I weren't in this small hallway. I could run from the orchard to the town again, and maybe back!"

6fa1e No.123804

Silver smiles at the sight as he puts the flask away.
"Heh…heheh, it worked!"

c8551 No.123805

She tries to run - or really, trot - down the hallway. She goes around Undertoe on the left and Khoi on the right, unsettling both of them, as she goes on by. She goes down the hallway someways before turning around (though she has some difficulty turning her body in the hallway) and trots back past a somewhat irritated Undertoe and Khoi. Undertoe is wearing her black socks again, and the necklace is run around the trigger guard and her shoulder

6fa1e No.123806

Silver shakes his head in amusement at the further sight of her enjoying her newly rediscovered vigor. Still, he trots up to her to reign her in and keep her furth irritating any more of the party members.
"It is good to see you up and well, Meadows."

c8551 No.123807

Reaching up, he can place a hoof - or more likely, magic - around the base of her neck, and reign her in
"Oh… Sorry. But I really thought I would never run again. I was surprised to see in black and white. But to see, and to remember, in color… It is a blessing of Mazda"

6fa1e No.123808

He nods, understanding that feeling at least in part.
"It is good to hear, Meadows. What is it you remember, now?"

c8551 No.123809

"The orchard. My old home. The mountains beyond the valley"

6fa1e No.123810

He smiles, softly.
"That sounds very nice. Can you tell me about them?"

c8551 No.123811

"The trees waving in the wind in the light of the afternoon. The mountains shining in the same, and the gap between them filled with mountains more distant. And the old family home… Beautiful white walls with arches, and intricate painted patterns on the top of every level. The courtyard with arches on every side. And Running down green hills… All these things I remember"
She has a tear in her eyes

6fa1e No.123812

The old pony smiles more at hearing Meadows recount the tale of her home.
"It truly sounds amazing, Meadows."

c8551 No.123813

She breathes, in and out. Her eyes are fixed at some point on the ceiling 40 feet or so down the hall
"It was. It truly was."

6fa1e No.123814

Silver looks at her, wondering is she is sorrowful at remember her home.
"…would you like hug, by any chance?"

c8551 No.123815

She moves her head on top of her long neck, and looks back at Silver. She is visibly smiling, wide
"Yes. I would"

8070a No.123816

Silver's herd keeps getting bigger

6fa1e No.123817

He takes a step forward, and wraps his forelegs around her long neck in a hug. It's in this moment where he privately amazes to himself about how nice it is to hug somepony who is roughly the same height as him.

Bit by bit…

c8551 No.123818

Maybe not so much the "same height" thing. Her shoulders are somewhat higher. Her fur has some "give" to it, letting it move. Her fur isn't quite soft, if anything it's a bit courser than most ponies, and it's somewhat short as well. Underneath her fur is muscle and especially bone. She's skinny, and whatever fat she had - even healthy, natural fat - is gone. But she is hugged, and she tries to place her neck and head down to him, to give a hug of her own back. A long, scrawny leg wraps its way over Silver's back.


6fa1e No.123819

The Severyanan stallion gladly lets her hug him back. He wonders to himself if her lankiness is natural, or the result of the feeding they put her through.

c8551 No.123820

Her ribs show, and she generally looks emaciated. Johann looks much the same.

6fa1e No.123821

They could really use some food…maybe I could cook for all of them if I managed to find suitable stove.

He speaks up to Meadows, continuing to hug and hold her if she needs it. If she decides no, she can easily pull out of his grip.

"If I may ask…how did you end up here, Meadows?"

c8551 No.123822

She continues to hug, though her rear hooves move a step back to reposition herself

"I got on a ship in Bitsra to take me to Equestria. And I ended up here…"

6fa1e No.123823

He grips more for just a second, hearing her tell what happened, if only briefly.

"It is sadly too common story for this place, those people that end up here…I am sorry to hear that these people tricked and trapped you, Meadows."

c8551 No.123824

"They chained me to a table and made me stamp horse shoes. Or carry steel. This went on for a while. Before they sent me to the Rakshaka… This is terrible place"

60fac No.123827

Can ponies play tomorrow?

c8551 No.123828

Maybe. Maybe…

6fa1e No.123829

Silver's Herd grows by the minute.

6fa1e No.123831

"It is. But this nightmare is almost over."

He looks at the tall mare.

"What reason did you have for coming to Equestria, Meadows?"

c8551 No.123832

“When the new government came in in Neighran it was not a good time to be a land owner. It was much worse to be a land owner who had sold food and nuts to the Storm King’s forces. After my husband died things have not… quite been right for me. But I still tended the trees, and lived off of the proceeds of the orchards and the land in the valley we rented. It had belonged to my father…

My eldest son had come to Equestria some years before to study in school. We had the money to send him abroad, so we did so. Equestria was… Well there was this image of a shining city on the mountain. A place of wonder and prosperity. Sending your child abroad was a sign of prestige anyways, so we did so…. Besides… the times after the Storm Empire fell have not been entirely stable… we wanted him to have a back up.

This was until the war broke out. He assured us in letters he was safe… But I wanted him back home. Leaving the country became harder to do, with the shipping intercepted. He never came back to lay his father in the Tower of Silence outside Prancena… I was worried…. for him, and for me…

Canterlot fell, at least it was to the Conservatives. I have gotten one telegram from him since then, so I know at least he was safe after that, though I do not know if he left since then. When I saw that the war was over, the reformists had lost and the land owners had won, I made up my mind to come to Equestria and live with him. And so I tried to.”

6fa1e No.123833

Silver nods.

"It seems fall of Storm Empire has not been entirely peaceful…your son lives in Canterlot, or at least last you heard?"

d0f13 No.123834

“I believe so. That is where he was last. He may have studied at the ‘School of Friendship,’ I don’t think that is in Canterlot, after the war began and he had to prolong his studies. But the last telegram was sent out of an office in Canterlot, so that I where I was going to go. He may have left the country for all I know. Gone to the Yaks, or Hippogriffia”

6fa1e No.123835

"Hmm…I believe that was in Ponyville, if I remember correctly. Well, do not worry, Meadows. We will get you of here shortly, and you will be able to look for your son."

d0f13 No.123836

File: 1583020428396.jpeg (121.37 KB, 1062x1093, 282B205B-0B97-4B39-9722-0….jpeg)

She looks at him, with a very warm smile
“Thank you. This may still be a land of Harmony after all”

6fa1e No.123837

"What was conflict in Neighran, if I may ask?"

d0f13 No.123838

“Karkadannistan is an old and noble culture, and has been for a thousand years. Saddle Arable tried to impose their rule, their culture, and their religion on the Karkardannis, but failed. The great grandfather of the Shah declared his independence as Saddle Arabia waned, and Karkadannistan prospered.

Then the Storm King attacked. The Storm King didn’t really tolerate resistance to his rule. He took what he wanted and was not afraid to burn and destroy what he could not have in full. So many of the land owners took reasonable steps to preserve what they owned. My husband was among them. He was not going to let his family, nor his father and laws’ estate suffer, and so our manor was never burned, nor were the nut trees my grandfather planted chopped down. But many of the horses were not so understanding. They held it against us, and many others.

The Shah fled to Saddle Arabia as soon as he caught sight of Airships over Nieghran, and that is probably all that saved him from being hung when he returned. But so much of the old government, and the temples had either been burnt, smashed, or painted in that black label ‘Collaborationist.’”

Now, even before the Storm King there had been…. ‘Reformists,’ who thought the temples had too much power, too much influence, and that the lands of the old estates should be ‘redistributed’ across the peasantry. This is how it is with all countries, and just as children must learn to respect their elders so too do youths sometimes take their time in learning to respect the wisdom of their ancestors. But after the war… there was no power, no authority left to teach them. To hold them in check. The Shah gave up his ancient birthright, and accepted a constitution that gave him limited power against a parliament - not that he could have done otherwise. Besides this, Saddle Arabian garrisons its soldiers in the eastern provinces. It was messy”

6fa1e No.123839

"Ah. Story of Communism. It is disease which sits and festers in wounds left by war and disaster, just as what it did in my own Motherland. Yes, it does sound messy."

d0f13 No.123840

Khoi visibly flinches as the black word leaves Silver’s lips, while Jubilosa listens in vague irritation. Blue Skies looks up from her vigil over towards the conversation. 33 Hoebuck, like so many old buildings, has that unsettling quality of not being completely silent when the lights are off and the rooms vacant, and so Blue Skies stood guard against whatever dangers may creep out from the dark hallway, with Silver’s words only now causing her to break her gaze.

Highland Meadows responds
“No. Not the Communists. The Reformists. The Democrats and the Socialists who promised reform. Everyone knew the Communists were undesirable, with how they smashed a Fire a Temple from the times of Marerius like they were Storm thugs. It was the ‘moderates’ who edged their way into power by taking concessions, little by little, until they had the country. Though they too may lose their gains to the Communists, if they are as trusting of them as the Shah was of Reformists.”

6fa1e No.123841

"Hmm…this, too, I have heard of, though not as often. It is also not good thing to happen to nation, though thankfully not as utterly…destructive…as Communism."

He smiles at Meadows.

"I hope you find better fortunes in future, Meadows, and live happy life with your son."

d0f13 No.123842

“Thank you.” She says, and she makes a slight bow, spreading her forehooves

6fa1e No.123843

Silver crosses one of his forelegs over the other's knee, and responds to her bow with one of his own.

"There is one more thing I would like to ask you. We are just short bit away from facing against last group of these griffons that did all of this. There will be most definately be fight. There are also griffon prisoners that need to be watched over. If you were asked to choose between those two, which would you choose?"

d0f13 No.123844

“I don’t…. I don’t know… I have never faced combat before… The mares were not expected to.”

Blue Skies walls up toward Silver, still wearing her griffin hide, as it were.

6fa1e No.123845

Silver nods.

"Perhaps it would be good idea for you to stay with prisoners, then."

The unicorn looks to the approaching Blue griffon.

d0f13 No.123846

She’s dark brown, not blue reeee

She approaches, and speaks to Silver:
“What are you doing? Arming and dividing the…. creatures?”

6fa1e No.123847

You know what I mean.

"More or less."

5dee1 No.123848

Not intending to interject on an astral or existential level, Brie prepares himself to engage in the protracted plan he has prepared with Spark.
"It couldn't have been a simple insurgent scenario, oh no,…" he mutters to himself, rolling his eyes and patting down his suit to verify the situation of his daggers, his sword, and of course his fine suit and cloak. He then disembarks to ascertain the location of the Gendarmarie, specifically Zu Lang, and attempt to position himself nearby.

d0f13 No.123849

I know, but I still wanted to say that

“Well, you can certainly do that. It depends on where their security team will be, maybe they will be guarding the cultists, or venturing out. If you could lock off the building and make sure all of the captures are tied right there is nothing to worry about. Though a determined and armed team could break through locked doors. Then again, they could break through a weak rear guard too.”

The lieutenant is still near Brie. Zu Lang and his two personal guards are walking up the ramp and away. A few more gendarme stand around in or on the edges of the pit, keeping watch with long rifles and carbines

5dee1 No.123850

Perfect. Since last Brie and Zu spoke, it would not be untoward for Brie to take flight, and so he does so, all the while keeping an eye on Lang. Intended elevation of about 150'.

60fac No.123851

I suppose Spark makes his way back to the forest.

d0f13 No.123852

Brie flies up, up and over, out of the pit. He can see all of the pit, its rocks and gravel, trucks and power shovels. He can see most of the town, if obscured by trees, upon the hill, with a steeple, a school house’s bell, and the top floor of the company building sticking out. He can see the railway, and the grinding mill that sprawls north and west of the pit. He can see a lake, and the edges of a second pit north, and to the East. And he can see an endless sea of pine trees, against which the lake, town and pits stick out as islands.

Zu Lang walks out to the edge of the pit, between the mill and town

Spark crosses the railroad, towards that cleared area, and the trees with the damaged limbs

5dee1 No.123853

Brie adjusts to a glide, and aerially shadows Lang, positioning himself to transition into a dive.

d0f13 No.123854

Lang walks slowly, changing his direction towards town. Brie has to make a circle to make this work, but he can dive from behind

5dee1 No.123855

Brie maintains his shadowing pursuit, waiting for things to blow up to signify the start of the plan.

d0f13 No.123856

This isn’t possible strictly speaking, as Brie must fly faster, to maintain flight, than Lang’s walking pace. Of course circles can maintain an approximate position, with wider circles, especially those that go over the forest, being less suspicious to any guard who looks up.

60fac No.123857

Oh. I'm the one blowing things up? Ok, I misunderstood that part.

5dee1 No.123858

I was under the impression that Spark was going to light the spark, yes. The other explosions will be from Brie.

5dee1 No.123859

As needed, that's fine. I don't know what to expect from Lang

6fa1e No.123860

Fair enough.

"Hmm…it is difficult to figure out. And if I am remembering correctly, there is still one doorway to atrium that is without door."

He looks up at the griffon.

"So, you are more experienced than I am at leading and coordinating groups. Perhaps you have advice you could give?"

60fac No.123861

Then Spark will wait till sundown like discussed.

d0f13 No.123862

“The door way between the buildings closes” she says

“If you want to strike quickly, and with power, keep everyone together. To be more cautious, but have less power when you strike, keep some in the other room. Of course there is also a risk to the creatures themselves if they enter combat. It may be possible to go contact the police or customs now, though that would take a pony away from the action. It would help secure those that are captured though.”

Are you sure?

Lang is walking towards town. He has a slower pace than he could have. His lieutenant walks up the ramp, and towards another pony near the edge of the pit.

He’s flying now though

5dee1 No.123863

… its not… sundown?

6fa1e No.123864

Silver nods.

"I did not consider this last option. This seems wisest."

60fac No.123865

I don't know. Is it? I'm kind of relying on you guys doing whatever you need to to get ready and then I go now that I'm the trigger.

d0f13 No.123866

“Do you… want me to go find customs? How about the police? It means I won’t be in the combat though, unless nothing happens until they arrive”

5dee1 No.123867

I guess I just sort of assumed it was go-time. If not for Spark's plan, Brie would be engaging in a recon/bombing run right now. Oh well, too late to retcon, Brie is in tactical strike position.

60fac No.123868

I will bomb whenever. I just need to know when it is. Is it now? Is it in a couple of actions' time?

6fa1e No.123869


Silver scratches his chin in thought.

"Hmm…well, what do you think? Would you rather be in fight, or get police or customs?"

5dee1 No.123870

I'd say play it by ear. If the coast seems clear and Spark is comfortable, fire away. He can always decide to wait.

d0f13 No.123871

“The captures being released is a definite hazard, but the real question is probably this: where do you want the weaker creatures to be when the cultists are confronted?”

Brie can reasonably assume that Lang is going towards the police station, or if not the police station, a different covered structure that even the 500 lb bombs of formal dive bombers would face moderate difficulty collapsing. It’s near a mile up to the town, away from the pit and mill. Lang will take several minutes at the least, and circling him like a carrion bird for all that time is unlikely to remain unnoticed.

5dee1 No.123872

How many exits?

d0f13 No.123873

Of the police station? It is hard to say, Brie saw only one waking past it. But Zu Lang is out in the open right now, and Brie is even more so

6fa1e No.123874

"Preferably out of way of fighting, if they are unable to support us using ranged weapons."

5dee1 No.123875

Brie triggers his cloak and disguises himself as part of the skyline

d0f13 No.123876

Imperfect given the limitations of the cloak, but he does reduce his presence to something more like a bird. Clouds further away offer even more cover, but they are further away

d0f13 No.123877

“Well, then give them all guns, place them in one of these rooms, or lock them in the dormitory building”

A new development that may be concerning. The lieutenant, who looks over in vain towards Spark, gathers an earth pony stallion in chains and a gendarme guard, and starts his way towards the station. He’s behind Zu Lang, 200 feet or so, and so has the ability to see what is behind Zu Lang - and likely, what is above him

5dee1 No.123878

Alright, how many ponies/bugs are in play, around Lang? There's the Lieutenant, the stallion prisoner, and the guard. Anyone else?

d0f13 No.123879

Two immediately around Lang, a guard with the Lieutenant, a chained pony prisoner, and three gendarme guards are visible around the pit (they are kind of far away and closer to the pit).

Two familiar black dogs roam around the edge of the pit, looking about

5dee1 No.123880

Can Brie estimate the approximate freefall time to reach the ground from here? At 150' I would assume it would be less than 10 seconds, but I know the acceleration speed of a falling object.

d0f13 No.123881

Round about 3.1 seconds if exactly 150 feet and no effort throwing it down

5dee1 No.123882

Is there any form of cover in the vicinity of the group or are they in an open area?

d0f13 No.123883

The forest is maybe 100 feet away., and the walls of the pit are 30 feet or less. Depending on the exact location, there are objects ranging from a dump truck, a ditch next to the railway, and even a steam train

5dee1 No.123884

Alright. Last question. What are the gendarme equipped with, assuming its visible?

d0f13 No.123885

The Gendarme are full soldiers of the Changeling Army. The ones around the pit (further away) have bolt action rifles. The ones standing with the officers have semi-automatic carbines. The officers have at least pistols. It is harder to say if anyling has a Submachine gun

5dee1 No.123886

Alright. Brie, who is naught but an innocuous bird I don't see why he can't camoflage as the skyline, but w/e begins ascending, endeavoring to keep Lang in his sights, or if not to keep an eye on wherever he goes.

d0f13 No.123887

Okay, maybe his cloak can turn him solid blue.

It’s probably fair to say that Brie can sense that his confederate has had a hiccup or difficulty of some sort

60fac No.123888

Spark would be setting up the bombs along the forest, probably to knock over trees, as well as the train station Spark had previously found.

d0f13 No.123889

Spark can easily place a charge at the base of a tree, or on a tree. The civilian train station that Spark found is around a hill and almost a mile away - are you sure that is what you want to try to attach explosives to?

5dee1 No.123890

I assume Brie can see this

60fac No.123891

No, the one where the workers are loading things onto.

d0f13 No.123892

If Spark is really in the woods, then he’d be just out of Brie’s field of view. Brie would see him entering and leaving the forest easily, though.
He could see him along the track and in the side of train cars as well.

Anything in particular? A train car, the track, a locomotive?

60fac No.123893

The building itself, a wall.

d0f13 No.123894

Alright. It is done

5dee1 No.123895

That also means that Brie would have a bird's eye view of what Lang and co were doing, and whether or not they were observing, following, or shadowing Spark.

d0f13 No.123896

The Lieutenant does indeed look around, first at Brie, and then at Spark, evidently expecting Spark to meet with him. He stops later, gets the pony prisoner and goes in the direction of town. Zu Lang heads in the direction of town immediately and pays no mind to anyone except possibly the two drones accompanying him. Aside from some curious black dogs it really looks like the Gendarme around the pit are more concerned with looking over the pony workers, and the pony workers go about their business - if sometimes at leisurely pace

5dee1 No.123897

Having been looked at, even in disguise, Brie will decide "he's gained enough altitude" and will peel off toward the forest. How much time does he have to kill before sundown?

d0f13 No.123898

If he’s waiting until sundown, almost two hours

c8551 No.123899

Alright, little ponies. Now what?

5dee1 No.123900

Brie wants to keep an eye on Lang, planning to pull a death-from-above when the fireworks go off. He took off because he thought it was later than it was. Since its far earlier than I thought it was, and since the lings are still expecting him to run recon, he'll minimally do that, but more to kill time than to actually run recon. According to Spark, there is no insurgency, so after about an hour (still before sunset) he will return to the city, "before setting out again to locate the insurrection" (but really just to be in position).

60fac No.123901

Spark needs to try and keep that prisoner around, so he heads to the lieutenant.

c8551 No.123902

Lang walks on, into Blackwood. He walks first into the company building, and is in there for a while, before walking into the police building. The Lieutenant walks directly to the station with the prisoner. Gendarme soldiers occasionally walk between the town and the pit, but mostly the same ones look over the pit.

Over at the mine, there is something like the end of a shift, with many workers walking back and to the mine. The grinding mill stops its incessant pounding, and the steam train, with a whistle, slowly pulls out from the mill. The cars do not look to be full.

Of in the forest, there is something that looks like smoke off in the distance. A wolf howls. Night begins to fall

5dee1 No.123903

Brie returns to the town, intent on speaking with Spark. He's seen a fire in the distance, which grants legitimacy to the story he's going to spin for the gendarme, should they ask.

c8551 No.123904

File: 1583039756488.png (1.21 MB, 1985x2400, 241981.png)

New interpretation! If Spark left the conversation thinking he was supposed to blow up the bombs immediately, he is going to set the bombs off immediately

60fac No.123905

Fine. Cancel that. I'm moving ahead with the whole thing. Spark gets to cover and sets the fuses. He preps his illusion spell for the moment the explosion happens.

60fac No.123906

Cute buggo

5dee1 No.123907

Oh I do hope that Brie can see Lang when this happens

c8551 No.123908

He will not yet be to the tree line of the town when this happens

5dee1 No.123909

It is what it is. Lets blow some shit up.
I assume its too late to acquire or have acquired an incendiary device?

c8551 No.123910

Unless he had matches with him, or a zippo Should have made your character a smoker like Silver. Maybe he can run and find something

5dee1 No.123911

He'll improvise. Not everyone can see in the dark, odds are he can find something when the time comes. The most critical part is stuff blowing up while he's in the air. He doubts that Lang is gonna hide when bombs are going off, and if he does, he'll just go find him.

c8551 No.123912

If only there were some location where the sun where blocked out, that is dark even in day, and that the changelings could easily be persuaded to run into….

Oh well. So long as they don't know Brie is attacking them he really has multiple shots at this

60fac No.123913

Spark casts his illusion as the fuses near their end. He uses the beast he encountered in the forests outside the farm as his mental picture to base this creature on, but exagerates it in many was, giving it large fangs, wings that appear to have a razor edge, and eyes that only a demon could posses. He starts it inside the forest and makes it walk tought the trees towards the pit. The bombs should give it all the attention it needs.

c8551 No.123914

Damn. Now for the explosions…

5dee1 No.123915

Alas, I can't find any Visioneers memes about The EXPLOSIONS

c8551 No.123916

File: 1583042890586.jpg (49.88 KB, 760x506, shutterstock_420323716-760….jpg)

It comes out of the woods like a silent contender. Approximately it looks like a 25 foot Owl Bear, with with a sharp hooked beak with fangs bending down, matted grey fur cast in shadow. Sharp, angled wings like that of some malign dragon. And glowing, blood red eyes.

It announces its presence to the world with a "PING!" exploding behind it, sending a tree falling down, and into another tree, knocking off limbs as it falls down and in the direction of the tracks. Another tree is knocked lose, and into the wood. The cracking of limbs and falling timber is nearly a roar against the silent perpetrator.

The Lieutenant and his guard are the first to look back

Drie: "What is that thing?"
Guard: "That is…. not like what I saw… It is something else"

Zu Lang and his two guards stop in their tracks, and turn back. The two guards pull out their guns, and level them at the monster. Zu Lang pulls out his pistol with a magical glow.
"Well? Shoot it! Make it go away!"

It Starts to walk forward with silent steps, even as the trees crash behind it. The guards at the edge of the pit look back over towards it now.

Then, "PING!" There is an explosion on the side of the grinding mill. A feeding conveyer falls down to the ground, and a steel cover flies off. This is the event that, more than anything, gets the attention of the Gendarme, as a howl and shriek of bullets start to fly


The leitenant's guard starts to shoot, then the Lieutenant with his pistol. Zu Lang seems to have a different perspective:
"Saboteurs! They are Saboteurs planting explosives! Hold the area! More bombs will be forth coming! Everyling, on duty!"
His guards are shooting their carbines in the direction of the monster, and perhaps indiscriminately at the forest.

A particularly scared pony stallion appears through the dust cloud by the grinding mill, having evidently been near the source of the explosion. A black dog looks around before jumping towards the pit

The guards around the pit have all turned and were among the first to start shooting. Zu Lang yells at them
"Look out for insurgents in the mines! Watch them!"

From around the mill, and over around the town, there is buzzing, with presumably more changelings coming to join the fray

For the dozen bullets shot at the Owl Bear from Tartarus, nothing seems to hurt it. They may as well just pass through

5dee1 No.123917

Brie in his return flight, will visually target Lang. He'll draw his short sword, shift his cloak to look LIKE Lang, and then descend on a death-from-above course.

c8551 No.123918

Lanng has his pistol out, and is yelling at Guards. To each side is a guard with guns drawn, focusing on the monster before them

5dee1 No.123919

So Brie has surprise? :3

c8551 No.123920

At the moment… Yes

5dee1 No.123921

Its probably ill advised, and it might hurt Brie a bit, but, Brie is going to use his current dive-bomb formation to run Lang through with his short sword

c8551 No.123922

So soon? Will he announce to the guard what he is running through Zu Lang for, so as to discourage retaliation?

Roll Die

60fac No.123923

To keep the illusion going, does Spark need to remain stationary? While he ponders when a good time to run back to the others would be, he casts Ghost Sound to make the beast of his making seem more believable. He makes it make a noise as if it feels the bullets trying to tear though it with some shrieks and roars, as well as its footsteps closer to the group of confused ponies and changelings.

c8551 No.123924

And so are added ROAR sounds, the stomp of giant feet, and flinches and raised arms as bullets tear at it

5dee1 No.123925

Dice rollRolled 7

Nah, these are Lang's bugs. He's under no illusion that he's getting off easy.
No strength modifier, not sure if he has a BAB, and I dunno the (any) bonus for the sword

c8551 No.123926

+3 BAB, +2 Charge bonus (Because this is a dive), and +2 from the Sword. It's enough to penetrate the fur coat of the flat-footed Zu Lang

5dee1 No.123927

Dice rollRolled 4 + 2

Woo hoo!
Its a +2 sword?? SHID!! :DDDDD

c8551 No.123928

Yes. Don't forget your Sneak attack bonus

5dee1 No.123930

Dice rollRolled 2, 2, 5 = 9

5dee1 No.123931

"So sorry, I seem to have gotten turned around. I was looking for the person responsible for discipline around these mines. I seem to have slipped." Brie says, pulling his blade from Lang and readying it for another blow, since Lang is prone.

c8551 No.123932

Dice rollRolled 3, 17 = 20

Dice rollRolled 10 + 2

And so 15 damage down to Zu Lang, who is knocked prone.

Brie has the advantage of looking more or less like Zu Lang, but anyone who can see position and weapons could see who is who.

Left guard
"This is the monster!"

His green eyes narrows right on Brie

He should probably roll initiative

5dee1 No.123933

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

"You could have avoided this by relaying with the Queen. Now you're my problem. No hard feelings, its just business." Brie says with a sneer.

c8551 No.123934

Brie first, then a gendarme, then Zu Lang, then the other Gendarme. No other creatures have yet joined in, as they are focused on the monster

5dee1 No.123935

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Alright. Brie will attempt a second stab with his sword, per dice. If he can he will also prepare a throwing knife, and if he can throw it (not expecting to, but if he can it will be at one of the gendarme).

c8551 No.123936

Dice rollRolled 2, 2 = 4

Hmmm…. Probably a hit

5dee1 No.123937

"Let's play a game, you and I. Or I and I. Depends on how you look at it I suppose."

5dee1 No.123938

Dice rollRolled 5 + 2

A hit? Bully!

5dee1 No.123939

"Winner takes the other's head. How's that for sport?" Brie says mockingly

c8551 No.123940

Dice rollRolled 18 + 7

His eyes seem to change color under Brie, from Green to something… different. Black. Pure orbs of black that soak in the light and give nothing back. They stare at him

But with his pistol, he shoots back at Brie

c8551 No.123941

Dice rollRolled 5, 5 = 10

Brie is exceptionally lucky, for both Gendarme refrain in the chaos and confusion from shooting at either of the two Zu Langs before them

Where he is not so lucky is in Zu Lang's return shot with his pistol, which goes right through a gap in the jacket.

Zu Lang's head twitches again, in a strange way

5dee1 No.123942

"Tit for tat. Come then Lang." Brie says, showing his bat fangs.

5dee1 No.123943

Brie furls his wings menacingly

c8551 No.123944

Zu Lang has…. stopped responding in any kind of normal way. The last reciprocal action he undertakes comes when he, too, bares his fangs. His right fang is three and a half inches long, the left one is two inches, so it is established. With this, comes a grin.

Now, it is not unusual for Changelings to change shape and appearance. What is new is to do so without a green flash. Before Brie's eyes, slowly, over the course of seconds, Zu Lang's chitin starts to drain color, and change texture, becoming a whiteish brown at parts, and looking almost like dried, dead naked hide from a pony. His chest starts to expand, as does his back, slowly becoming longer. His legs become longer, and lankier. His belly does not grow, however, and he looks exceptionally emaciated. His wings don't seem to change much, becoming crackled and small on his back.

He grins with lips that become ever thinner, and with broken yellow teeth behind, as his muzzle seems to become longer. And he stares right back at Brie with those soulless, black eyes

5dee1 No.123945

Brie is going to activate his cloak to attempt camoflage, and attempt to take flight.

c8551 No.123946

Underneath Brie, staring back at him with giant, soulless eyes is a creature that looks, in a way, like a pony. A pony who has holed themselves up in the winter, gone long months without any food, who has had their flesh exposed to the cold, and watched their limbs die in the frost bite, become black and mummify over the bone even as the pony lives. And then, before the warm of spring can rescue them, death comes. Drained of blood and every last gram of fat andd muscle fiber, reduced to hide stretched over bone and sinew - that winter stricken corpse is like the figure under Brie.

With one critical difference. The figure beneath him starts to grow. Become bigger, until soon it will be twice as big, or bigger, that the comparatively innocuous creature from whence it came. It reaches out a bony, white leg with holes you can fit a knife through, towards Brie.

The two guards next to Brie seem to have in large part lost interest in Brie or defending their captain. The past six months have conditioned them to wild rumors of fantastical creatures drempt of by the natives who have dwelt in these forests long before the three tribes came. They are spooked by the appearance of the owl bear. They are unsettled by the attacker come from above. And now the figure underneath Brie appears to them as the verification of ever horror whispered about in these cold woods

"So the ponies weren't shitting us… It's the Wetiko"

The guards are distracted. This is perfectly possible

60fac No.123947


c8551 No.123948

From his crocodile leather muzzle, Zu Lang smiles back with red blood dripping out of his mouth.

5dee1 No.123949

Fire. Brie searches frantically for a fire.

c8551 No.123950

Unfortunately, the explosions were fairly clean and left nothing on fire, and in any case the areas near the Owl Bear monster are showered with bullets.

Spark is a pyromancer though. It may be worth finding him

5dee1 No.123951


c8551 No.123952

Looking over back to the scene, the gun fire has cooled somewhat. The guards around Zu Lang seem to have remembered they could fly, and in any case take interest neither in Brie nor the Owl Bear.

One of the guards by the Pit continues shooting at the horrid owl bear creature, while another stares back in silence at Zu Lang, who had been barking orders until Brie attacked. The third looks at the ponies in the pit, afraid of being back stabbed by the ponies, and afraid of transgressing against Zu Lang's orders

Drie, the Lieutenant, has collapsed. His right leg was always weak and shaky, but the fear, the sounds, and the anxiety have induced some kind of breakdown, something between PTSD and a stimulation of damage done to his body during the war or after. He lays down on the ground in something like an epileptic fit. His companion lays down next to him, switching between tending to his disabled companion, and shooting back at the owl bear monster.

5dee1 No.123953

Down da down down da down down da down, down da down down da down

60fac No.123954

Maybe tomorrow we can pick back up.

590a6 No.123961

After some much needed rest, Iron's body starts to twitch slightly before stretching his legs outwards, yawning softly before smacking his lips.

c8551 No.123962

tap tap

A white hoof taps him

590a6 No.123963

Creaking one eye open at the area where the hoof is poking him from, Iron mumbles something dismissively, akin to most children when their parents want to wake them up.

c8551 No.123964

It's White Sands, standing up and looking down at him
"Are you alright?"


590a6 No.123965

"Mmm?" Iron asks with his mouth closed, craning his head forwards as if he didn't understand the question.
His legs, meanwhile, start to shift from side to side, trying to gain momentum.

c8551 No.123966

Another intrusive poke
"Are you dying of blood loss? The gnoll says there are probably more of these bastards upstairs"

590a6 No.123967

"Mmm…" Iron mumbles before twirling his laying body so that his chin rests against the wall thanks to his legs' efforts, only causing him to groan slightly.

c8551 No.123968

"He's lucky they are letting him off the hook. Bastard is smart to turn when he did. Gnolls can be clever despite how dim witted they are. But the rest of them will not see such mercy" She adds

There is a pause for a moment. And another moment.
Poke poke
"Hey. Do you need medical help or something? We need you fighting. The unicorn raided their drug stash and found some things"

590a6 No.123969

Iron continues to stretch his legs outwards, planting his wide snout onto the wall, unfortunately causing his entire body to shiver strongly at the touch before letting out another groan.
"…fine, I am…" he mutters before pushing his snout against the wall, his hooves starting to align towards the floor "it is but a rest."

c8551 No.123970

The mostly smooth white washed wall has just enough tiny bumps and inconsistencies to make rubbing soft body parts, like his snout, against it unpleasant.

Now she places a hoof onto his shoulder
"You will rest in bed tonight with a proper pillow, mattress, and mare. But before then, these bastards need to die. Be ready."

590a6 No.123971

In a bout of lazy strength, his hooves prop him up as his body sways from side to side, laboriously standing up as his snout torture continues to wake him up, making him shiver in unpleasantness. "I am moving, hold your apples," he mutters

c8551 No.123972

She moves a step back, not wanting to be knocked aside by the unwieldy mass of pony

Iron can see that he is in a hallway with cold, tile floor, poor illumination brought by a single lantern, and filled with many of the creatures rescued from before. Jubilosa, Khoi, Undertoe, and Meadows are clearly visible

590a6 No.123973

After a minute of constant snout and wall torture (SWT), Iron groggily stands up with his face against the wall, before saluting the sun with his body pose. "…there we go…" he mumbles softly before hopping to face White Sands, shield bared. "Alright, I am ready."

c8551 No.123974

"Great. I think he is arranging…. Auxiliaries? Or something. Just make everything is good to go. Make them pay."

Meadows looks quite a bit stronger than she did before. Though earlier she looked like she was barely able to stand. Now, she looks like she could jump and prance, if only given the room

Undertoe is wearing her black socks again, and she has one of Iron's rifles swung around her shoulders. Her gold chain has been removed from her neck and is now placed around the rifle.

Khoi and Jubilosa watch the lumbering Iron as he gets up
"Oh good. You awake now"

590a6 No.123975

Iron blinks softly, seeing the room around him in mild confusion and bewilderment, particularly at the rifle on Undertoe's neck.
(I will have to take it back when the job's done,) he thinks to himself
Nodding at Sands' statement, he turns to Khoi. "Indeed," he answers plainly "was there ever any doubt?" Opting to press onto the unicorn's body in feigned dizziness with his, he looks at the kirin. "I am invincible," he lets out happily and with pride.

c8551 No.123976

Iron presses into the fluffy unicorn, finding her body almost surprisingly soft as it gives way and moves back slighty against him. White Sands smiles

The Kirin forms part of a smile - something he's not sure she's seen him do - and responds
"Let us hope so. You have taken quite a beating, but have given more out. They say there are still more of these monsters. Let us put an end to them. May tonight be the last time they every prey upon the unfortunate"

590a6 No.123977

Iron nods once, cracking a smile of his own at the positive reception. "The gods will be with us," he proclaims "and we will crush the enemy where they stand."
The native can't help but rub coats with the unicorn mare he's next to as his ears are straight up and his head looks from side to side in mild excitement and duty.

c8551 No.123978

As Iron rubs coats with the unicorn mare it's almost like an elephant against a tree. She wobbles a little, as she is not that much more than half of Iron's mass, but she still stands about as firm as she can, and her smile turns a little more devious as Iron progresses. Her coat is longer, fluffier even, than the average pony.

Khoi talks to Iron again, her voice softening a bit
"I had hoped to find peace when I came here. I hope I will find it soon enough"

590a6 No.123979

Iron nods at Khoi, apparently ignorant of the turbulent contact with Sands' body.
"That peace is what all true warriors strive for, in the end," he comments idly "I will be sure to contact you in case I got any work for you."

c8551 No.123980

Her eyes open wider, and she tilts her head
"You have work?"

590a6 No.123981

Iron nods. "I cannot guarantee anything," he admits, ears folding slightly but quickly straightens out "but if I need an extra pair of hooves to do some busywork travelling to gather ingredients and the like, I will be sure to look you up."

c8551 No.123982

She places a hoof to her chin
"Hmmm… Alright"

590a6 No.123983

With a nod, Iron proceeds to hum softly as he opts to extend a foreleg towards Sands' coat, gently carressing it idly.
"Be sure to tell me where you will go once this event is concluded."

c8551 No.123984

"Where I will go?!"
Her eyes are very wide in an expression of concern as her mouth is closed
"I thought I was going with you"

590a6 No.123985

Iron blinks once before his eyes widened, obviously realizing he forgot such a thing, facehoofing softly.
"Right," he mutters before putting a light smile "my memories tend to flow out with my blood."

c8551 No.123986

She giggles, and places a hoof over Iron's shoulder

590a6 No.123987

Iron can't help but smile back in mild embarrassment, thankful his joke worked.
"So, what did I miss?" he asks to the two mares in his personal space

c8551 No.123988

Khoi takes just a step back, and blinks

"The grey one found a hospital room-
"Infirmary" White Sands interjects. Khoi stops to look at her, then looks back to Iron and continues
"Then he found a room where they make books"

590a6 No.123989

Iron looks at Khoi in confusion.
"Hoe-spleen-tal?" he asks "In-feem-ary?"

c8551 No.123990

"To help"

White Sands:
"He found drugs and patches"

590a6 No.123991

Iron nods, before glancing at Undertoe with mild suspicion before turning to the two mares near him.
"Has anyone taken any more weapons from my body?" he asks

c8551 No.123992

White Sands

"I don't think so"

590a6 No.123993

Iron hums softly, wondering how true their responses are.
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 15 ]<Sense Motive check

c8551 No.123994

Khoi seems more or less to display uncertainty, but seems sincere in not having any knowledge of things taken

White Sands sounds truthful enough

590a6 No.123995

Nodding once, Iron decides to turns to Khoi, wondering what sort of question he should ask her.
"It might be the blood loss again, but did you ever tell me what you were?" the native asks the kirin

c8551 No.123996

She lifts her left hoof up slight, folding her foreleg slightly, and her eyes express a kind of uncertainty. But after a moment she places both hooves down and answers
"I am a Kirin"

590a6 No.123997

Iron cocks his head in mild confusion, looking up and down at the kirin in question. "I haven't seen one of you before," he mutters before tentatively raising his remaining foreleg up in an attempt to touch the chestfluff in mild curiosity "despite the fact you catch on fire repeatedly, your fur is not charred…"

c8551 No.123998

She leans back, but the fact remains that her chest fluff has a hoof pressing against it. She looks down at the hoof touching it. She looks back up to him
"Yes… it is magic fire resistance"

590a6 No.123999

Bonds looks up at Khoi's face, cocking his head slightly as he retracts his foreleg back in the original position, still caressing the fluffier unicorn next to him. "You mean you can do magic?" he asks

c8551 No.124000

File: 1583171522386.png (Spoiler Image, 46.32 KB, 900x650, Take 5.png)

"Yes" She says simply, as her eyes return to a calm, only mostly opened position

Blue Skies is still best pony

590a6 No.124001

"Like what?"

c8551 No.124002

Her horn is a mahogany color with a red, upwards arrow along the center. The horn splits into two, diverging horns a few inches up. Now, it lights up a light reddish color

Iron can feel a soft tugging at his ear
"Like this"

590a6 No.124003

At the tugging, Iron turns around at Sands, wondering if she was about to ask anything until Khoi announced it was her.
"Oh!" he exclaims "Almost fooled me with that move, sneaky kirin."

c8551 No.124004

As he moves aside, he can feel it tugging just a little harder before letting go, and he looks back to a nearly bewildered White Sands. When he returns his eyes to candy apple red eyes of Khoi Lua, she is wearing a slight, smug smile

590a6 No.124005

Iron snorts softly as he looks back to the smug kirin's gaze. "You may have deceived me once, fluffy one, but I learn," he playfully asserts.

c8551 No.124006

She closes her eyes and moves her head down in a nod.
"We'll see"

6fa1e No.124015


60fac No.124028


6fa1e No.124029


b6301 No.124030

File: 1583448585698.jpeg (54.68 KB, 736x1091, 8381C5EA-6233-46C6-9BBE-3….jpeg)

Hi pony

6fa1e No.124031

Hi GM!

c8551 No.124032

So um… you wanna pick up where Silver left off?

6fa1e No.124033

Yeah, lemme think on a plan going forward.

In the meantime, is Mala around?

c8551 No.124034


In fact, he slinks out of the printing room, which still bears once-hidden label designating it as a "maternity ward," and comes over towards Silver. His paws make his movements fairly quiet.

6fa1e No.124035

The unicorn smiles at him as he approaches, and motions for Mala to sit down next to him.

c8551 No.124036

Mala sits, and his right ear twitches

6fa1e No.124037

Silver pets his new doggo friend.

"And what do you think about coming battle?"

c8551 No.124038

"I am still… unsure. If my old master thinks we are weak and few in number, and just tricked the Heartlanders into submitting, then he will try to find us and kill us… or worse. If his Suzerain thinks there is a large police raid, he will make him stop and hold up upstairs. My old master would not want to stay still. It makes him feel like an animal being hunted."

6fa1e No.124039

"Could you tell me more about this old master of yours?"

c8551 No.124040

"Well… I didn't see him that often. But I saw him regularly. I think he had a place in town. He would visit here to see what was going on. He thought of himself as a businessgriff. He thought of what was going on here as a sort of business. He looked down on the Waterfront gang in the city as being unrefined. He wanted to be respected. He could be arrogant. He could be ruthless… very, very ruthless. He wasn't really nice to me, when he acknowledged me at all. But I am lower caste, so I understand that. But he respected Mohlokomeli and how she ran things, so I know he could be nice to subordinates who pleased him. He did complement me twice though, I remember that.

He could be pretty resourceful, and pretty efficient. He found ways to get past setbacks like the War cutting off shipping routes. But he got frustrated as well, like when the harbor was closed off in the siege. He is clever, and it showed the most with his ability to work with shipping and with companies in the city. I don't know that much about his history. I know he was in the Navy, he talked about a place called Nova Griffonia where he worked. He preferred Zebras and especially gnolls as his guards and workers. He thought we had more spirit than griffins, and especially ponies.

He was never a part of the society, but he was always sort of a part of it. I think he shared some of their beliefs and practices. It just wasn't what he was here for. He respected his Suzerain, the landlord, very much. To him, the Suzerain had much of want he wanted. Respect within the city as a business pony, and wealth. But that was not what the Suzerain was after…"

6fa1e No.124041

"Suzerain…Maakie's Suzerain was unicorn, right? Named Sweet Boek? What did he want?"

c8551 No.124042

"I… I think so. That names sounds right, or it was something that sounds like "book" anyways. I don't quite know what he was after. It was something about the divine, I think. Something above creatures, or maybe knowledge. I could never really get into it… or appreciate it. Rêwîtiyek, the Kafkar who died, even joined the society, saying there were great things out there. I thought about it……

The Suzerain could be friendly, in the way that ponies often are. He would even be nice to me, sometimes. Very few ponies were ever as nice to me as he was. But he was less so when my place in my master's guard was established, though he still wanted me to join the society. Still, it always seemed like he didn't care for creatures too much. He had a slight respect for my master. But it's like if you think a sword is good or whip is useful. Like a tool. If he doesn't trust you well he will be guarded, and even those he does he always has a kind of indifference towards. When almost half the heartlanders died in the battle he was just angry that ships to bring in more were blocked. I imagine most rich ponies and other creatures are like that. They are at the top. They don't have to work for or please any other creature. They don't really need to care about much else…. except for what is above them, and it isn't a pony or griffin."

6fa1e No.124043

"Hmm…he did seem little…off, when we saw him earlier. Is there chance they are both together at this moment?"

c8551 No.124044

"They might be. Book… 'Boek' will be upstairs now. That, I am sure. Master… I shouldn't call him that, 'Stormfeather,' Probably wanted to be part of the ritual, but might be looking for us with guards and the Heartlanders not showing up."

6fa1e No.124045

"Those two…I hope we catch them both. I have admittedly lost all sense of mercy for those two. They deserve none."

c8551 No.124046

He blinks, and is silent for a moment, as he breathes in and out. Then he looks down, away from Silver, and starts to speak to him

"The creatures here weren't always nice to me… But they were sometimes. Mohlabani especially would talk to me sometimes. I was around other creatures, I had a job, a place to stay, and food to eat. I was a part of something…"

He peaks his eyes up towards Silver:
"I never particularly liked Stormfeather. He's just like any other authority figure to me. Bo- … Sweet? Him I like a little more because it seemed like he actually wanted me to be a part of his group. But I don't think he actually cared about me or anyone, really. I don't hate any of them… But if you want to hurt them, I will help you."

6fa1e No.124047

Silver hugs the gnoll.

"Thank you, Mala, but you do not have to if you do not want to. I will still be your friend either way."

c8551 No.124048

The gnoll is hugged

Silver can feel muscle, fat, and course, fluffy fur. There’s a kind of smell to him. He wags his tail
“… Really?” He says with a bit of joy

6fa1e No.124049

"Yes, really."

c8551 No.124050

He wags his tail, and places a paw over Silver's shoulder, with an attached bony leg. The padded paw feels rather soft, surprisingly

There is a tap on his shoulder
"Uh, Silver? Can we talk?"
The voice is Undertoe's

6fa1e No.124051

Silver looks over to her, and gives her a nod. He looks back to Mala.

"If you would not mind, Mala."

c8551 No.124052

He sits down, and nods. Undertoe pulls Silver a little past, and Meadows walks over with her. Khoi takes interest as well

Undertoe tries to whisper into his ear. Her voice is a little angry, but certainly forceful
"Why are you hugging one of their guards? Don't you know he was with them?!"

6fa1e No.124053

He nods.

"I know what he was, yes. We found him leashed up in one of rooms downstairs. He has switched sides. He is with us now."

c8551 No.124054

Undertoe is silent for a moment
"Are you going to let him just get away with it?"

Meadows, who came over as if together with Undertoe, interjects her own thoughts
"Like the other gnolls he would patrol the factory floor and look for those not working. He would bark at us. I believe I have seen him bite as well."

Then she adds
"Those Kafkar were willing soldiers and Dervishes of the Storm king. Brutish. And what they would do at the Towers of Silence when they came upon them…"
She visibly shudders

6fa1e No.124055

He gives them both understanding looks. If they let him, he'd also put a reassuring hoof on their shoulders.

"I understand your concerns, trust me. He did not just tell us…he has shown us what they have had him do in their employ. He has expressed remorse for his part in this, and has done nothing to hinder our efforts thus far."

He lowers his voice, so that only they can hear.

"I ask you to give him chance. From personal experience he is not like other gnolls we have already met. But…if he does turn out to be lying and turns against us, do not worry. I will deal with it."

His eyes glance at the sword strapped to his back for a brief second before returning to look at Undertoe and Meadows.

c8551 No.124056

Undertoe and Meadows ease up a little, more so Meadows, whose mouth eases up at the plea for forgiveness. Undertoe maintains a stern look, but does not press. She nods slightly and slowly at the reassurance that Silver will deal with traitors.

Khoi - who was not one of the two to come up, but seems to have followed in notice of the activity, interjects her own concerns:
"Did you hear him talk about the monsters? All sorts of concern for who was 'mean' to him. Not a single word about the many who were tricked, exploited, murdered. Eaten. Shows his concerns."

6fa1e No.124057

He smiles awkwardly at Khoi.

"Well, he did just go from serving these griffons, to fighting against them. Please, give him chance and some time. He did show remorse at what he did after showing us garbage chute…speaking of, I do not see what would be purpose of showing it to us if he was just going to turn."

c8551 No.124058

She breathes and looks sharply at him
"… He did fight against those griffins back there. I am not sure I quite like him. he has terrible bloodlust, when he gets into it"

Undertoe to Khoi
"That's true of many males"

ebee8 No.124059

Are gnolls Italian?

c8551 No.124060

I'm trying to make the ones based on Spotted Hyenas approximately Bantu South African/Zulu, and the ones based on Striped Hyenas Kurdish

6fa1e No.124061

He gives them a sheepish look.

"It is little unsettling, yes, but it is part of being gnoll, good or bad, sort of like your, err…" Silver struggles for a couple seconds, not knowing the particular name for a kirin's nirik form, "…flamey transformation, Khoi. It is not as if he can not control it, though. He did not attack any allies, only enemies."

c8551 No.124062

Khoi continues her skeptical look. Until Silver mentions the Nirik form. She almost literally backs off at that, moving a hoof back, and instantly softening her lips and eyes.

"Alright then… So long as his teeth and sword are against the monsters here, and not against us, I can accept it."

Meadows gives her own statement
"Kaftar don't have a good reputation, especially where I come from, and for good reason. But I can… I can understand working with evil for self preservation. I can forgive. And I can give him a chance."

Undertoe is not quite as disarmed as the other two, but she has her own words:
"So long as he gets what is coming to him if he turns against us, I can make myself okay with it"

6fa1e No.124063

He smiles at them.

"Thank you all."

c8551 No.124064

Meadows is the first to move, pulling back, and going towards the other side. Khoi pulls back, and goes closer towards Jubilosa. Undertoe keeps up her guarded stance, and seems to wait for Silver to pull back himself

c8551 No.124065

Meadows smiles and nods, Khoi nods, and Undertoe says nothing

6fa1e No.124066

Silver trots over to Khoi and Jubilosa.

"Are you two doing alright?"

c8551 No.124067

"I am ready to be done with the fighting. It's more of a struggle than I thought it would be, coming here. And still there is so much left to do…"

Jubilosa is visibly shaking, with shrunken pupils
"Fine. Everything's fine"

6fa1e No.124068

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

Sense Motive: Khoi's reaction is to be expected, but Jubilosa's just seems…weird. He asks again.

"Are you sure? You know you can come to me if something is wrong."

c8551 No.124069

File: 1583468396952.gif (1.9 MB, 500x500, e55.gif)

"It's all fine." Her eyes almost go in opposite directions

Seems legit

6fa1e No.124070

Silver raises an eyebrow, and looks to Khoi for input.

c8551 No.124071

"Nerves got to her. She was courageous, very much so, earlier. She wanted to prove Griffins could fight against evil too. She took a blade fairly well. But the battle against the criminals in the room got to her."

6fa1e No.124072

Silver looks back to Jubilosa sympatheticly.

"Ah…yes, Khoi is right. You were very couragous earlier, Jubilosa."

He smiles at her.

"I understand how hard this is. If you need to take step back, away from upcoming fight, please do so. Your wellbeing is important."

c8551 No.124073

She pulls her cheeks back behind her beak in what is evidently the griffin equivalent of a smile
"uh hehe" she giggles nervously, and looks back to him with small pupils

"No… I can… hold our own"

6fa1e No.124074

He looks at her sternly.

"Are you certain you can handle it? We are like chain: if one of us breaks, we will all suffer for it."

His gaze softens, and he smiles at her.

"But I am mostly concerned for you, Jubilosa. I do not want something bad happening to you."

c8551 No.124075

She is silent. Then she looks back to him. Silently. She opens her beak, as if to speak. But she closes it. And she is left silently there, looking back to Silver

6fa1e No.124076

One of Silver's ears fall to the side of his head, and he tilts it in confusion.

c8551 No.124077

"I wasn't… I was a typist for a shipping company. I wasn't prepared for this. It's not easy to die for something… harder to kill for it. At least for me."

6fa1e No.124078

Silver nods in understanding.

"I know how that is, if partially. If you can not do this, then you do not have to. No one will look down on you for backing out. And as always, Khoi and I are here if you need someone to come to."

c8551 No.124079

Khoi raises a hoof
"This is important"

Jubilosa adds
"No…. I won't… back out"
She does look nervous, and she smiles awkwardly

ebee8 No.124080

>She opens her beak, as if to speak. But she closes it.
Click clack

6fa1e No.124081

Silver smiles at her.

"You truly are strong person."

He looks to Khoi for what she has to say, if anything.

c8551 No.124082

She eeks a smile out

Khoi looks to Silver, then to Jubilosa. She then walks closer to Jubilosa, and places a hoof on her, then pulls her closer, so that Jubilosa's chest contacts the relatively fluffy area of Jubilosa's chest, in a hug

"It is normal to have such emotions. But understand, what is happening here is important, for you, for so many that were not fortunate, and for so many in the future. Set aside your fear, and the universe will repay it later. You are strong. You have shown it. Just be strong a little longer. Remain in control of yourself. Suppress it. And you will prevail."

Is… that a Pulp Fiction reference?

ebee8 No.124083

>Pulp Fiction
No, it's a birb reference. Comes with not having lips

6fa1e No.124084

Silver remains silent in respect of Khoi and Jubilosa's friendship, but he does nod in agreement at her words.

c8551 No.124085

The physical contact seems to calm her
"There we go. Calm yourself. Clear your mind. It is hard, but you are strong"

Khoi, still hugging her, looks back to Silver, and motions her right hoof for him to join

6fa1e No.124086

"Oh, right."

Silver trots over, and hugs the poor cat-bird from the other side. He hopes his own floof makes the hug as enjoyable as Khoi's.

c8551 No.124087

Silver comes and hugs her from her back. She flinches a little, not evidently expecting the touch, but quickly relaxes, and places a claw over Khoi in front of her. Silver can feel her wings move out slightly when he first touches her, but these too, relax, and Silver can feel her slim body and feathered wings. Her fur is kind of soft, but fairly short, and she does indeed feel like a giant cat under his forelegs.

6fa1e No.124088

"You have done well tonight, Jubilosa. Thank you for all you've done."

c8551 No.124089

She places her head forward, into Khoi's chest. At Silver's words she seems to say "thank you," but her words are muffled. It's not clear if she does or does not start crying, fairly silently. Khoi tries to stroke her feathers and fur with her free right leg, as she sits down next to Jubilosa

6fa1e No.124090

He moves one of his forehooves to pat Jubilosa's back.

"That is it, let it out."

c8551 No.124092

Her back moves a bit up and down as he pats. She seems more comfortable with him now

Khoi scrunches, but goes with it, petting her

6fa1e No.124093

"You have been so strong for us, Jubilosa. Let us be strong for you."

He rests his head against her soft back. As a pony who likes hugs, he has to admit, Jubilosa is a very nice griffon to hug.

c8551 No.124094

She shivers a little, presumably in crying for a moment. She tries to sit down, though her back arches a little under Silver's hooves. She seems comfortable under Silver's forelegs, and after a moment it seems almost like she is… purring

ebee8 No.124095

Easy there, bronco

c8551 No.124096

6fa1e No.124097

Silver continues to hold her close, enjoying the feeling of her soft and warm fur.

"We are glad to have, Jubilosa."

6fa1e No.124098

*have you

c8551 No.124099

Now she pulls her head back, and looks to Silver with what is almost embarrassment. She sort of pulls her back away with him but as his legs are wrapped around her, she doesn't have much room to move

"I guess… it could be worse here"

Khoi pets her on her neck again
"There we go"

590a6 No.124101

Iron snorts amusedly at the scene in front of him, all huggy wuggy between the chick and the cane.

c8551 No.124102


6fa1e No.124104

Silver chuckles, pets her back a couple more times, and lets her go.

"I think it is decided, Khoi: griffons are nice to hug."

c8551 No.124105

Khoi smiles to him. Jubilosa, pulling away from Khoi, gives a smile as well, but it is more reluctant

"If you say so"

6fa1e No.124106

Silver looks between the pair.

"We have couple of spare rifles. If you two would like, you could move to back to fight at range, so you are not in direct path of harm for upcoming fight,"

c8551 No.124107

"I could… try"

"A hammer can be heavy, and hard to swing"

6fa1e No.124108

Silver nods, and looks to Jubilosa.

"I suppose you have never used rifle? Want me to show you?"

c8551 No.124109

"I… No. Militia training was not mandatory for females. You may as well"

6fa1e No.124110

Silver grabs a rifle, and shows her the general idea of how rifles work: how to hold them, how to aim, how to fire, how to work the bolt and load a new round in the chamber, and how to reload, if the party has any spare rounds to reload the rifles with.

c8551 No.124111

An important note, since no party member has bothered to check this yet - none of the rifles recovered in the armory are bolt action

6fa1e No.124112

Just replace "bolt" with whatever action they have, I suppose.

c8551 No.124113

One of the two rifles is simply a break action, but with two barrels. The other is a pull action, essentially a simplified bolt action. Undertoe, seeing the guns being used, comes in to help show the creatures how to operate the actions, and load the cartridges.

Fortunately there were a couple boxes of ammunition, because it doesn't work with equestrian rounds

6fa1e No.124114

Silver calls White Sands over as well, offering her the last rifle for the upcoming fight.

c8551 No.124115

"Hmmm?" She says, looking over from around Iron. She slinks over to Silver when he offers the rifle.
"If you insist"

Between Undertoe, Jubilosa, Khoi Lua, and now White Sands, all three rifles, as well as Silver's rifle, would be distributed

6fa1e No.124116

Silver looks at the new ranged corps for their group with a smile.

c8551 No.124117

Is Silver giving his rifle to somecreature? If so, who?

Blue Skies walks over
"What are you doing with the over sized one and the colt?"

6fa1e No.124118

Jubilosa and Khoi get the break-actions, White Sands gets the pull-action, and Undertoe gets Silver's bolt-action.

"I have thought about that. I think it would be good idea to keep them out of major fighting."

c8551 No.124119

File: 1583558510053.jpg (49.28 KB, 799x219, 8o1qiyczk3931 (2).jpg)

I'm curious, is there a reason why? There is one lever action, previously given to Undertoe

"If you insist. But that big mare is probably stronger than any of the riflemares you have there. And that colt is almost drafting age. He would be in junior crypteia in Nimbusia and well on his way to Phalanx. And in Equetsria… well a recruiter wouldn't care to correct him if he lied and said he was of age"

6fa1e No.124120

Right, got confused. Undertoe has the lever-action, Jubilosa gets the break-action, Khoi gets the pull-action, and White Sands gets the bolt-action.

"Hmm. Speaking of Loputu…"

Silver looks around for the colt.

c8551 No.124121