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What you feel for a loved one is just discrimination, over everyone else you discriminate their live, value them over others, love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

What really is love? Only a lot of introspection will answer that. Think, and think really hard, there is a lot to learn so get together with like-minded people and talk about this, leave the internet and meet irl, some things can only be understood by being face to face, there is so much information lost by using digital means, it is almost a travesty of the real meaning.

Despite your opinions on holy men of whatever religion, what made them holy was to realize what is love, and use it for good, or bad.

-On enlightement 12/24


Love is a lie we've been socially conditioned to tell ourselves to justify impulses, pursuits, and habits. Its a simplification of a broader context of motivations and behaviors.


File: 1573585040273.png (33.78 KB, 304x109, god.png)

But anon, isn't love an invention from the church?


Isn't that what I said?


I mean that what we call love is not what we should look for when we talk about love, for what the church proclaimed love was is different from what it actually is.


And what is actual love?


it isn't just discrimination, discrimination is only being able to tell the difference between two things after all.


I wish i could give you a straight answer but i'm just testing how this idea works on the field.
Personally, i would certianly claim love is the stuff that makes men craft beauty for the sake of creating.

Discrimination implies more than just telling the difference, hence why it's "wrong" to discriminate niggers.
Taking it literally, i'm saying love is just valuing one thing over the others.

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