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b57f5 No.119265

I watched Metokur's latest streams and some disturbing information has come to light on child sex cults. Apparently in the 1980's (potentially all the way back to '69) members belonging to a group called "the Finders" were arrested by local police (at different times) in Florida, Virginia, and D.C. on suspicion of child trafficking. Said children in Florida were "being taken to a gifted school" in Mexico despite being disheveled, malnourished, being completely unaware of technology, and apparently molested. A large collection of computers and cassette tapes containing pictures of nude children were in one of the vans. Most alarmingly, the Tallahassee police department received anonymous calls threatening to kill the children, who were then moved into protective custody. After a few days the various police departments moved the case to be handled by the FBI; predictably, evidence disappeared, the case was closed, and the children were given to people claiming to be their parents (part of the cult).

This info just gets weirder from here in the official FBI report that was declassified a few days ago (after extensive redaction): https://vault.fbi.gov/the-finders/the-finders-part-01-of-01/view

Apparently, the CIA was connected to the cult which was a purported disinformation disseminator against the Soviet Union; members of the cult were "overeducated under-achievers" who traveled to the USSR, North Korea, and Vietnam. Their farm complex was noted by neighbors to have multiple vans filled with crying children entering at night (who notified the Virginia authorities). There is strong evidence that this group was practicing child sex trafficking and organ harvesting and they had in possession classified information regarding the tunnel and sewer system underneath Washington, D.C. Most bizarrely, around page 50 the report includes a(n unrelated, but possibly "accidentally" included by a leaker) map of the McMartin preschool with underground tunnels and evidence such as animal bones and plates with pentagrams drawn on them. The McMartin case was a major controversy in the early 90's which led (unfortunately) to acquittal and a narrative since then of "Satanic panic" being hysteric hoaxes of child sex abuse. Of course on Wikipedia there's been an edit war where every reference to the new report has been deleted. There's no article on "the Finders" at all.

I haven't finished watching Metokur go through the entire report but I welcome you to do so. I am disappointed that /vx/ has become much less about the paranormal lately. Where is Vril when you need him?
Archived streams "Finding the Finders":

629c2 No.119266

its almost as if the (((American Government))) is run by satanists.

7e28d No.119559

>Where is Vril when you need him?

I am working hard on the history of the sun as it seems it is the root cause of the flying saucer myth that was then leveraged by the elites/military/spooks to MKUltra people and have aliens blamed as a false flag.

It is a serious claim that requires serious research and tabulation of about 400 science papers.

7e28d No.119560

Sun -> natural UFOs : work in progress
MKUltra -> fake aliens: https://constitution.org/abus/mkt/cannon_controllers.pdf

7e28d No.119634

File: 1573271828505.jpg (2.63 MB, 1448x3460, a7cab33144e06321cc06a50a2a….jpg)

412b9 No.121622

Apparently the finders are operating again under the guise of an alternate reality game.

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