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The adventure, tentatively, continues

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Hey, new bread!

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File: 1572729954092.gif (66.61 KB, 579x640, C4A14ECC-81A7-470F-8C76-56….gif)

Hello little ponies

d2e28 No.119007

Here's my last post.

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4223f No.119009

Hello! How are you?

2a470 No.119010

Um…. Eh…

She stands up, and gets off the bed. No word or comment, with the same frown

d2e28 No.119011

Iron uses the power of empathy to try and see what's going on inside her head that left her frowning.
1d20[ 1d20 = 8 ]<Sense Motive

2a470 No.119012

It seems there is or has been a discrepancy between expectations and reality

d2e28 No.119013

Iron ponders this for a second, planting a hoof on Sands' flank.

2a470 No.119014

She turns around

d2e28 No.119015

Iron hums for a second before putting his hoof on her cheek, approaching her muzzle with his own.
"I can sense you want something," he says as he goes ever closer to her.

2a470 No.119016

She looks away for a moment, then back

d2e28 No.119017

Iron's breath can be felt near her muzzle at this point.
"Say it."

2a470 No.119018

Now, she looks right into his eyes with big, green, almost sad eyes of her own
“I want a promise”

d2e28 No.119019

Iron is a bit surprised.
"Tell me."

2a470 No.119020

She looks down, and rubs the ground with her left forehoof
“That when this is over…”
Looks up at Iron
“You will be my special somepony. And I, yours”

4d294 No.119021

Iron is stunned by the proposal, astonished that a mare actually offered him to be his special somepony.
He blinks at her dumbfounded.
"Why? I have not even made good on my promise yet," he utters, unintentionally revealing his insecurity. "How do you know you can trust me to accomplish what I promised?"

2a470 No.119022

She smiles, and pets the top of his head, over his ear with her left hoof
“Where the heart is… it will happen”

4d294 No.119023

Iron's ears droop, feeling quite conflicted over the issue.
"I… I do not know what to say…"
He looks at her with a bit of shame but determined.
"I still want to be with the zebra as well. I do not want to let her go."

2a470 No.119024

Now her ears droop
“Don’t think of her now. Think of me”

4d294 No.119025

Iron looks back at Sands, ears still drooped
"Can I not choose both you and the zebra?"

2a470 No.119026

“Can you commit your heart and time to me? We can work on this whole ‘zebra’ issue later. Just so long as you will be mine.”

4d294 No.119027

Iron thinks of all the good Cauldron has done to help him, from giving her home for him, treating his wounds and offering him companionship even though he almost broke it up after getting drunk and expressing his primal desires straight up.
Her smarts, cunning, resourcefulness, trustworthiness, dexterity and charm. He can't simply part away from that.
However, Sands has been quite the patient, caring and loving pony, letting him nuzzle her and use her body to alleviate his primal desires, specially with her soft, fluffy fur. He can't simply leave her behind either after what he did.
Because of this, he's basically at a standstill, shaking his head in mild desperation.
"I want to give my heart and time to both. Not one over the other."

84d14 No.119028

She sighs, then sits down, wrapping her tail around herself, as she lowers her head along with her ears
“Fine. Let me put it to you this way. If I had sex with you, I could become pregnant. Would my foal have a father with the love, the will, the money and the time to provide for her. Hold her. See her off to school in the morning. This is something I need to know with certainty.”

4d294 No.119029

Sorry for breaking the moment, Sands. Iron can't help but want two mares instead of one
Iron hums a bit before nodding with certainty.
"Yes, I will."

84d14 No.119030

She nuzzles him
“Hopefully in time you will give your whole heart”

bacab No.119031

Iron holds her head close, placing his head over her, content with the agreement.
"I will never betray your trust, Sands. I promise you that."
His member has receded back to its sheathe at this point in time.

84d14 No.119032

She is pretty soft and comfortable to hug, sitting there. Her hair is soft under his muzzle. She now wraps her forelegs around him

bacab No.119033

He decides to hold her close, savoring the moment of slight tenderness.
However, he does have one last thing to say.
"Do not betray mine."

84d14 No.119034

“What are you implying?”

bacab No.119035

He simply stays silent in the hug, not wanting to explain himself, lightly stroking her head tenderly.

84d14 No.119036

She pulls away from him, and eyes him

eba7d No.119037

I wonder where Iron went. He needs to better explain what he said to poor Sands.

83e64 No.119038

Unrelated question: what voodoo lets you have OP post numbers in even thousands?

Also golly gee the autism emanating from Iron

2a470 No.119039

File: 1572743826584.png (96.07 KB, 1200x1360, CDA14780-AE27-48A6-8223-6F….png)


53168 No.119042

I don't blame you for thinking that because you probably didn't witness her ask for immunity after hearing Mala, the gnoll with Silver, ask for it when it was revealed he ate the bones of deceased pony slaves. If she felt compelled to call for immunity after hearing Mala eat dead ponies, then she has a big secret compared to eating pony bones, which is pretty bad.
Iron smiles at her as if nothing strange happened or was implied.
"Why worry about something you will not do, Sands?"
He strokes her mane.

9045a No.119043

You mean it's not normal for people to season their food with undead soul salts?

53168 No.119044

I hope that's not how adult changelings feed. Foal changelings like Kerr and Wesley could just do the whole succ thing without fear of death, albeit with some apathy.

2a470 No.119045

She pulls away again to look at him with a partly open mouth
“The Hell are you even talking about?”

53168 No.119046

Iron blinks at Sands.
"Are you feeling alright?"

2a470 No.119047

“Are you?”
She now pulls away entirely, and starts to slowly walk to the door, with a gait almost like a cat. She shakes her head as she nears the door

53168 No.119048

"Yes," he responds calmly as he follows her.
"We should go back to the others now."

2a470 No.119049

Why would she have any idea of what Mala’s secret was? Why would she know that? Why would anyone except Mala know that? Why would anyone think that she could have known that before he said it?

With our word, she opens the door and goes into the hallway

53168 No.119050

Because Mala said so to everyone for the first three questions. The fourth question is a not relevant at this point because, as I've said, Mala said his crimes to everyone by implying gnolls can digest bones.
Iron simply follows her, because of course he is quite worried about how shifty and evasive Sands is becoming.
(This mare just keeps getting more scared by the minute. How bad is it to not just say 'Alright, Iron. I will not break your trust.' What is she hiding?)

2a470 No.119051

Nigger, here’s the timeline
1. Mala asks for immunity
2. Sands says, “can I have it too?”
3. Mala opens the garbage chute, everyone looks inside of it
4. Mala implies that he disposed of bodies
Literally no one knew why Mala was asking when he asked, or when Sand’s asked.

And now Iron threatens her out of the middle of nowhere for no reason, after explicitly telling her he has no intent to be faithful to her. When she tries to ask why the hell he just threatened her, he pretends like he never said anything. Any real human being in this situation would think, “this is the kind of guy who will blatantly flirt with the waitress in front of me, but will yell at me and break my cellphone out of irrational bouts of jealousy. Pass.” She’s not a real human being, so she won’t leave him, but she knows a red flag as surely as anyone else

53168 No.119052

Threaten her? You and Sands are overreacting. He simply asks not to betray his trust either as a statement since, you know, he did put his trust in her and all, but because she has the fear of being a changeling to deal with, she just forfeits because she'll eventually be found out.
So much for that plot hook, I guess.
As for Mala's situation, Sands was a slave to the griffons, why would she even want immunity? Why did Khoi or Jubilosa not ask it too if they thought they were in danger? Why only Sands and Mala?

9045a No.119053

Shhh, let Iron find out on his own that there's more to being a chad than being swol and propositioning multiple mares.

though Dark Star has been a rather poor example in this regard as well

53168 No.119054

Don't forget Silver. He basically got away with dicking somepony's marefriend and came inside her to boot, and she's even considering taking him now as his coltfriend.
That stallion was Dark Star, funnily enough.

9045a No.119055

Oh yeah, I forgot about Silver and his tactic of "I'm just a poor old stallion, please give me pity sex for my tragic past."
I'm quite disappointed that Iron didn't take a fancy for Blue Skies so we could have a love quadrangle. Maybe get Onyx involved too but I'm fairly certain he's gay.

53168 No.119056

Nah, he's the chaddest volcel at this point.
He don't need no marefriends. Only meditation and nat20s for him.

2a470 No.119057

She asked him twice to clarify, explain, or elaborate upon the “do not betray [my trust]” line, pulling away from him to signify that this was a very important issue to her that must be answered, and twice, he refused

>Her statement

He could ask. He may not get an honest answer, but he could ask

d0ab6 No.119058

>and she's even considering taking him now as his coltfriend.
That stallion was Dark Star, funnily enough.

53168 No.119059

What is there to clarify? He simply asked not to break his trust. He wasn't implying anything aside from 'Don't screw me over'. If she wanted specifics, she would've asked 'That's rather vague, mind telling me what can break your trust?' instead of going suspicious and scared she's been found out or something with 'What are you implying?'.

>He could ask

But he doesn't want to, because by this point he knows it's a useless line of conversation currently and needs to gain more trust with this mare if he wants to get an honest answer.

Iron doesn't mesh well with Skies and we'll leave it at that.

84b85 No.119060


Have you ever seen the “Don’t you fuck me?” scene in the movie Scarface? It’s worded pretty much the same, and it is very obviously a threat.

He’s clearly implying that he does not trust her. He says this immediately after he has pretty much told her straight up “I am still going to try to date this other girl, by the way,” which is him telling her he does not intend to be faithful in the normal sense, and in any case is a pretty big thing for him to ask. So she is puzzled and offended that he implies that he does not trust her, since she has given her no reason not to, whereas he explicitly told her not to trust him to be faithful.

9045a No.119061

To be serious for once, it's better to address this misunderstanding IC. I actually thought it was deliberate behavior for potential conflict to be resolved. Saying "I really meant this" OOC ruins the magic of interaction. If your characters got along perfectly just so they could have sex all the time it would be Tumblr-level roleplaying.
Just roll with it and try to emphasize non-verbal communication (like facial expressions) so your characters feel more realistic.

84b85 No.119062

File: 1572798114091.jpeg (1.75 MB, 2480x1580, F0C3BFC6-4CE5-4796-82A7-A….jpeg)

Reeee realistic behavior is people not talking to each other and hating each other. I want ponies fucking.

Also I tried to resolve it in character with unsubtle non-verbal cues. It didn’t take

9045a No.119063

You're the DM aren't you? Have Sands brood (non-literally) for a while and come up with a creative situation that will force Iron to adapt. Do you even watch Neckbeardia (now Thread Thrasher)?
Also, different personality types exist. Most people break off contact but others are the coming-back sort.

84b85 No.119064

I mean, I guess she would just walk off like a stranger, maybe complain to Silver later, and in any event act colder.

I’m just frustrated when character interactions and relationships are ruined by a small shit and a lack of communication. I’m getting blue balled too.

I’m just bitching, but yes, she would return to being a combat focused NPC

eba7d No.119065

>I want ponies fucking.
I'll drink to that.

9045a No.119066

Possible solution: force them unwillingly into a quest together than have an event where they're separated from the rest of the party, possibly trapped.
You're basically God in this game. You can create any situation you want for the heroes and NPCs. I can understand your frustration of course, but if it's on Iron then he has to learn from it.

84b85 No.119067

He never learns, damn it! He just thinks that if he offends another person, it must be because he is right and superior, and the offended person is bad and inferior

We can proceed like normal. It’s just a shame, that’s all

53168 No.119068

I have to admit retreat is not exactly a good option if what you want is a climax and Iron to learn.
Nothing will be gained or lost, after all, and no one learns from it.
Although it is pretty realistic, I won't lie.

eba7d No.119069

I'm not sure I'd call what transpired as "realistic". It was just…bad. Poor Sands…

53168 No.119070

Miscommunication killing off relationships? It happens all the time.

eba7d No.119071

Again, I'm not sure I'd call what happened miscommunication. Maybe it was on your end, but to everyone else it came off as overly harsh and callous, especially after his pretty terrible responses to Sands' previous questions.

53168 No.119072

Harsh? He asked something very simple which needed no further explanation. A relationship is based on trust, after all.

eba7d No.119073

It's the way it was worded. "Don't betray mine" sounds far more adversarial than, say "I'll put my trust in you".

9045a No.119074

This is why it's better to solve it IC because it's clear that there are differences in interpretation OOC and this will cause drama. I never thought that Argentinians in particular were so direct maybe you're of German culture, but when you're with a lady you have to constantly keep up her trust or she'll lose it. Also, any sort of heart-to-heart talking requires a lot of tact; you need to request things in a positive tone. Treat her like a bird in your hands.

53168 No.119075

Sure, but it's not worth breaking up over.
I can't really do much if she goes away, but you're right. He'll have to let it simmer.

eba7d No.119076

I mean, Iron could stop her and apologize for the way he's acted and spoken to/towards her…

53168 No.119077

Thing is he doesn't know what he did wrong.

eba7d No.119078

He does know she's upset over something, however, and that the something is related to Iron or what Iron likely said. Even IC, that is obvious.
Besides, it's not like it's stopped us before. Now, make up with your cute bug waifu.

53168 No.119079

Iron was following Sands, but the GM didn't factor it in his responses, likely because he feels frustrated over this.

eba7d No.119080

Then have him directly try to interact with Sands and apologize. Take the initiative.

53168 No.119081

Is he here tho? I can't say for sure.
Well, I guess I better do this again.
Seeing Sands getting upset again, he puts a hoof on her flank again with a curious, worried gaze.
"Are you upset about something in particular?"

8572f No.119082

I wrote a huge thing. Then you made this post

She flinches, and turns her head back. Then she pulls her forelegs back. She speaks, loudly, suddenly, and with hurt in her voice.
“Why do you think I will betray you? Do you not trust me?”

53168 No.119083

Iron's eyes widen in surprise followed by fervent nodding.
"I do trust you, Sands, but there is something that has been bugging me after you went for a private talk with Silver."
He looks at her, ears drooped and a doubtful expression.
"There is a big secret you are not telling me."

8572f No.119084

“…. What? Why would you think that? Silver…. Is that the unicorn? Silver pulled me aside to talk about your Zebra”

53168 No.119085

"But why did he? Why did he not stop you?"
He pauses for a bit.
"And why do you need immunity against law enforcement? You were a slave worker here, right?"

8572f No.119086

“He wanted to tell me about your Zebra mare”

Then she looks down
“Well…. sort of…”

53168 No.119087

Iron cocks his head at her uncertainly, ears still drooped.
"What do you mean?"

8572f No.119088

“I was captured by these criminals… before that, well…”

53168 No.119089

Iron awaits patiently her story.

8572f No.119090

“So maybe I didn’t work in elderly care… I was just telling that to the kid because he thought he recognized me… working as a waiter for snooty ponies doesn’t pay big, and certainly not enough to pay rent”

53168 No.119091

Iron is still not satisfied with the response given, but gives her a small grin at her since she is telling the truth.
"So what did you do before then?"

8572f No.119092

“So maybe I worked with a local organized gang. Perhaps swindling a few stallions, or distracting customs agents as cargos are offloaded. Maybe I did some illegal things. And maybe I was captured as a part of a turf war…”

53168 No.119093

Iron cocks his head, confused by her actions.
"Why did you call for immunity if they had nothing on you?"

8572f No.119094

*pouty unicorn sounds*
She hangs her head low, and her eyes half closed

“You never know what they know, or what they’ll find”

53168 No.119095

Iron looks a bit iffy, still bothered by something.
"Why did you not mention it when I offered you to do illegal activities, then?"

53168 No.119096

Iffy as in head cocked, ears drooped and eyebrow cocked.

8572f No.119097

“I was asking you about…. Well, dating. I was surprised and disappointed to hear a business proposal instead”

53168 No.119098

Iron hums a bit before pulling her chin up gently with a hoof, ears drooped and brow lowered and staring at her gently.
"Is that everything? I dislike having secrets with the ones I love."
He blinks once.
"It is what breaks my trust the most."

8572f No.119099

File: 1572810739710.gif (124.3 KB, 478x474, 26BD4BAC-AF62-47FC-BE7C-ED….gif)

She sits down, and places her forehooves together
“I may have collaborated with the gangsters here just a tiny little bit…”

53168 No.119100

Iron's eyes widen and his ears perk up.
(How many secrets are in there?)
"What kind of collaboration?" he asks

8572f No.119101

She looks into his eyes
“Let’s not dwell on things”

53168 No.119102

Iron can't help but feel even more worried, ears drooping back again.
"It is important to share these kinds of things, Sands. We cannot cover things up between eachother."

8572f No.119103

“Okay okay okay okay… fine. They would have us locked together. Sometimes in a workshop, sometimes… down there. They would give food, or more favorable treatment to prisoners who would tell when others were not working hard, or were planning escape or what have you, as well as who knew the patterns of Customs, which I did”

53168 No.119104

Ah, the equivalent of a concentration camp prisoner guard.
Iron cocks his head.
"Is… that it?"

8572f No.119105

“That’s… the gist of it. There’s more details, there always are. But that’s what happened….”
She moves her eyes down to the ground

53168 No.119106

Iron's ears droop low, hoof still pulling Sands' chin up so her head looks at him.
"I am glad you told me that, Sands."
His heads approaches hers slowly, as his ears subtly rise up as his face softens
"I know it must have taken you a lot."

53168 No.119107

*ä lot of effort."

8572f No.119108

She nods. Silently. There are almost tears in her eyes

53168 No.119109

He slightly part his lips as he nears her muzzle, half lidding his eyes.
"You are a strong, brave mare, Sands."

8572f No.119110

“It wasn’t by design. I just kind of needed to be”
When she stops talking, she moves her muzzle forward, and locks her lips with his.

Maybe not as warm as expected, but they are wet, and soft

53168 No.119111

Iron gently pulls his hoof away from Sands' chin, wrapping it around her head instead.
He tentatively moves his mouth inside Sands', exploring her slowly.

8572f No.119112

Her tongue comes out to meet Iron’s, and rubs against it, softly. He can feel past the soft lips and teeth into the interior of her mouth. She twists her head slightly, allowing him to go deeper as their mouths lock into place

53168 No.119113

He twist his head in the opposite direction in return, dancing with her tongue as savors the moment, pushing her head slightly backwards with his
His previously unsheathed member starts to prop up once again at these ministrations.

8572f No.119114

She pushes her tongue forward, further onto his, into his mouth. She halfway opens her dark green eyes to look back into his, and raises her left foreleg to go back around him

53168 No.119115

(It feels just like the vision,) he thinks to himself as he begins to slowly and gently pull Sands back into the bedroom (It is incredible.)
His tongue matches hers with gusto, liking the passion currently being expressed.

2a470 No.119116

With a green glow, “slock,” the door locks behind them
She pushes forward, before placing both forelegs around him. Her kiss now has even more passion to it, as she sucks in his breath

53168 No.119117

Iron is a bit surprised by the extra forelegs as she drags Sands back to the bed, being careful not to drop her as his half-lidded eyes look behind her head just in case she slips.

2a470 No.119118

She places her hooves downs, and follows him back to the bed, already placing her forelegs on it

53168 No.119119

Iron, being the physically passionate stallion that he is, takes away her foreleg around her head and picks her up with it, gently placing her on the bed.

53168 No.119120

*picks her up by the chest with it

2a470 No.119121

And so she is picked up, and delicately placed on the bed. She doesn’t weight much, being kind of a small mare. She lays down on her belly, her hind legs closed in to the side, tail strewn over the bed, and her forelegs in front of her. She looks back at Iron with a big smile

53168 No.119122

Iron's member expands fully, gazing at the mare in question from off the bed, with a toothy grin.
(Now that is peak physical body.)
He gingerly gets on the bed, placing himself on top of Sands yet again and kissing her on the lips yet again, erect member in full display on top of her.

2a470 No.119123

She looks back at him, then at his member
Then with a glow of green light, he feels something grab his member

53168 No.119124

He feels his breath cut short as he lightly gasps at the sensation, ears perking up fully at the alien touch.
He looks down at Sands with a raised brow before blushing lightly.

2a470 No.119125

She continues the kissing, pressing her tongue into his mouth

2a470 No.119126

She looks back up, smiling, or at least lips pulled back her mouth is still on his, and he can feel a force move back and grab his testicles, caressing them

53168 No.119127

Not my testifies!
Iron can't help but crane his neck downwards to see what is doing all this sensual touching down there, blush increasing in intensity as his rocks are being fondled.

2a470 No.119128

A soft green glow has enveloped his genitals. Sands has a look of minor glee on her face

53168 No.119129

Iron looks back at Sands in wonderment.
"Are… are you doing that?"

2a470 No.119130

She nods
“Yes. Yes I am”

53168 No.119131

Iron smiles wide at this newfound revelation.
"Is that so?"
He lowers his head to her horn, giving it a tentative lick.

2a470 No.119132

She moves her horn back, surprised at the move, though Iron still gets a taste of the surprisingly fuzzy object

53168 No.119133

Iron chuckles at the now slightly more familiar feeling.
"It is doing something alright."
He gives another kiss to her horn.

2a470 No.119134

Again, she moves back slightly, still unused to the sensation. Her horn glows green, a slightly yellower green than her eyes, and the aura moves about with a sound to it. She confirms to rub, by magic force, Iron

53168 No.119135

Iron's eyes sparkle at the slight change of color, grunting slightly at the slight rubbing sensation with a decent amount of blush on his cheeks.
(Do unicorns tend to do that? I have to try it out again!)
He cranes his neck forwards, starting to tenderly places kisses her horn, giving it a lick or two

53168 No.119136

*Tenderly place kisees on her horn,

2a470 No.119137

She moves her horn back, simply done by tilting her head further back, as it is locked in place on the top of her head, and out if the range of Iron’s overly curious mouth

53168 No.119138

Iron pouts as the horn goes away, ears drooping slightly.
He decides to give her horn one last stroke with a spare hoof.

2a470 No.119139

Actually, if she is on her belly, it would be easier for him to access her horn than even her muzzle
It feels solid with a slight, fuzzy exterior.
She answers
“It kind of tickles…”

53168 No.119140

Oh you know what's going to happen then.
Iron hums in thought as he starts to pump her horn slowly, neck craning forwards to lick the tip.

2a470 No.119141

Her face turns to a look of almost…. concern

53168 No.119142

Iron, being too focused on the slight change of color, can't help but keep going in spite of Sands' concern.
He kisses the tip lightly, still pumping her horn lightly, being sure to keep an eye open in case it changes color again.

2a470 No.119143

It stops glowing all together, as he feels the force around his balls cease. The end is not sharply pointed, but neither does it go into his mouth far before hitting the top of his mouth. It’s… a little harder than a hoof, but softer than a tooth, and has a fuzzy coating on it like it’s alive and an organ of her body.

53168 No.119144

Oi, who said Iron put the horn into his mouth. A kiss to the tip is a kiss to the tip.
Iron pouts yet again, bummed out at the lack of color changing as he stops his pumping.

2a470 No.119145

Iron does not fellate the horn.
She looks back to him with an awkward smile
“I take it you haven’t seen many unicorn horns up close”

53168 No.119146

Iron looks back to Sands with a sheepish smile.
It turns mischevious in a split second as he trails lower, kissing her neck.
"A minor setback. I will have to ask about it later

53168 No.119147


2a470 No.119148

She giggles, and watches him kiss her long, thin neck
“It’s just a little sensitive”

53168 No.119149

Iron chuckles under her neck.
"I know where the sensitivity is highest."
He starts lowering his head further down her body in a trail of kisses down to her teats, stepping back slightly to do so.

2a470 No.119150

She smiles, and pulls her left legs up to turn onto her side, allowing him a view of the two little things. She looks at him, with a contented, sensual smile

53168 No.119151

Using a foreleg, he helps spread her legs, laying down lightly in front of her rump.
He smiles back eagerly, before licking his lips, craning his neck forwards and giving her a small little kiss on her left teat.

2a470 No.119152

Velvet fur and smooth skin, the little nipple moves about in his mouth

53168 No.119153

With a long lick, he gently sucks on it as one of his hooves snakes inbetween her legs, tapping at her hindquarters for her lower lips.
(Oh yeah~)
He shuffles a bit on the bed as his member is squished by his body weight.

2a470 No.119154

Her tail is blocking the way, even as he feels the velvet fur of her rump give way to thick, bare skin

53168 No.119155

He glances upwards at Sands as he lets go of her left teat and begins to pleasure her right as he starts to rub her hindquarters, panting eagerly.
"Are you enjoying this so far?"

2a470 No.119156

“Maybe… Yes”
Some flesh to her rump, some muscle and some bone. And a soft entry to her insides she tries to hide with her tail

53168 No.119157

After suckling her teat, he pulls it up slightly and releases it with a loud pop before going down to her rump, massaging her hind legs.

2a470 No.119158

She closes her legs, placing her right hind leg back in place, then moves from her side, back to laying on her belly, leaving her rump, cameo led by her light red tail, right in front of him

Then she turns her head back to him with big green eyes and an almost sad expression
“… Iron?”

53168 No.119159

Iron, intrigued by the stop of her cute laughter, glances up to her.

2a470 No.119160

“Can you take me home with you tonight?”

53168 No.119161

Iron looks to the side, his ears drooping after hearing her plea of companionship, reducing his hindquarters massaging quality
"…I do not have a physical home."
But he looks back to her with a hopeful smile
"But we can share a room for the night."

2a470 No.119162

“And Iron…. what about after that?”

53168 No.119163

He smiles warmly at Sands.
"We will see."
He gently brushes away her tail to expose her lower lips, closing his face on it.
"I know one thing: I am not to leave you in the dirt," he says.

53168 No.119164

*not leaving you in

2a470 No.119165

This gets a smile out of her
“And will you be with me? You, mine, and I, yours? Your heart, given to me?”

53168 No.119166

Iron smiles back
"For tonight, my heart is yours."
He proceeds to slowly get closer to her folds, breathing on them, looking at her reaction.

2a470 No.119168

File: 1572824844595.png (65.39 KB, 561x332, C5C63AB7-279A-4068-9369-32….png)

53168 No.119169

Iron rises a curious eyebrow at her reaction.

2a470 No.119170

“…. Tonight?”

eba7d No.119171

Come on, Iron, you're so close to finally getting laid! Don't let your spaghetti trip you up! We're rooting for you!

53168 No.119173

Iron cocks his head.
"I am pretty sure we had this discussion a minute ago."
He inhales.
"I will gladly spend time with you, doing all sorts of romantic things."
He changes his forelegs' position to massage her belly.
"Cuddling in a bed in the middle of the night, have long walks in the park to stargaze, see one of the movie pictures."
He nuzzles her belly lightly as his forelegs go to massage her barrel.
"But I belong to no one," he says while under her fur.
He pulls up to rest his chin on it instead.
"That is not going to stop our relationship, though. I am going to give you every single bit of love you need, Sands."
He kisses Sands' belly
"All of it."

One thing's getting laid. The other is blatantly lying about Iron's faithfulness to a mare. If I want to go the harem route, Iron is gonna present it up front. He won't break somepony's trust.

2a470 No.119174

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

Sense motive

“What do you mean?”

53168 No.119175

Iron blinks at the question.
"It means what I said: I will love you deeply."
He caresses her belly back and forth.
"I will care for you and any possible foals from this point on if you so desire."
He starts to massage her flanks back and forth.
"I will relish every moment together as the Moon shines with the stars."
Another kiss on the belly.
"And give you memories you and I will cherish for generations."
He looks up to her with his ears drooped.
"But you will not be the only one I will share it with."

2a470 No.119176

File: 1572827371521.png (222.72 KB, 2083x1354, 853F350A-63E9-4164-8AD4-9C….png)

Dice rollRolled 2


53168 No.119177

Iron puts both forelegs on her belly.
"Is it really that difficult to love more than one pony at once?"

2a470 No.119178

“Is this about the Zebra, or something else?”

53168 No.119179

Iron nods at the mention of Cauldron.

2a470 No.119180

“Just the Zebra?”

53168 No.119181

Iron nods again.

2a470 No.119182

Dice rollRolled 19 + 5

“Is that your only issue? The zebra?”

More sense motive

53168 No.119183

Iron nods yet again.
There is a slight hint of uncertainty, but overall he believes in what he agreed to.

2a470 No.119184

“When we get back, can you give your whole heart to me? Tonight?”

53168 No.119185

Iron nods with a warm smile.
"Of course, Sands."

2a470 No.119186

She smiles back
“I just needed to be sure”

With a motion, her long, red, flowing tail moves off from behind her, and is waved onto her back, flowing over her left side

53168 No.119187

With a smile, he licks his lips before craning his neck to face Sands' folds.

eba7d No.119188

It's happening!

2a470 No.119189

On either side, her rump protrudes out. Nice white flanks of soft fur, they are rather thin. But Iron is there for the multiple shades of pink flesh that lie between.

Sand’s Labia is rather thick, possibly swollen in her period of heat. It’s a similar light pink to her teats. Her vulva is spread somewhat, allowing Iron to see the pink pearl of her clitoris, which has a nearly heart shape, in the bottom of her open vagina. Her vaginal walls, a deeper red, exposed to either side, expandwith her vulva and contract in a “winking” fashion, showing off her clitoris. The bottom of her vulva sticks out further than at the top, and her vaginal slit continues upwards before coming to her anus. The pink cylinderal protrusion from the folds of her rump is about a third as wide and tall as her vaginal slit, rather large, and very smooth before rounding out into a very thick circle. Above this is pink fleshy skin, that goes up to her dock, and after a point, the red hairs of her tail begin

53168 No.119190

Iron can't help but stand there, fixated on the scene before him.
(So… enthralling.)
His member twitches under him, reminding him of his state of arousal.
(It would be so tempting to just blow my load in that life-bearing hole of hers.)
He cautiously approaches the vagina with his face, sniffing deeply.

2a470 No.119191

There is a definite smell of sexual energy emanating from it. Her vagina does not remain passive in this rink, but opens and closes in a “wink,” pushing her clitoris forward slightly, in cycles that last maybe seven seconds. Her anus looks almost like it was sculpted by a goddess, and certainly would put any of the fertility goddesses of his old tribe to shame

53168 No.119192

He licks his lips instinctively, getting so close to that inviting odor that oozes fertility and life.
(I cannot believe I am actually able to get here. Was Silver right about this 'love first, care second' thing?)
He gets so close, in fact, that he buries his snout on Sands' vagina, closing his eyes in bliss.

2a470 No.119193

He moves his snout closer, closer, closer, until he comes in contact with the thick, swollen lips of her labia. They flinch back, and close in on her, before opening again, and pressing outwards. They are smooth, very smooth, and covered in a liquid that almost sweeps out

53168 No.119194

Feeling the smooth lips parting and closing on his snout, compounded by the damp, wet goodness on his face, he can't resist but to give a big long lick along her folds, almost salivating from the experience.

2a470 No.119195

Her vaginal walls move back and expand with Iron’s tongue pressing against them. The tunnel must go much deeper, as the walls move and expand wherever his tongue goes, but swiftly move in to fill any space left behind when his tongue moves. More of the liquid comes out and onto his tongue, with a kind of strange flavor to it.

53168 No.119196

Iron smacks his lips and stares right at her vagina with a big, predatory grin. He presses his snout as far as it can go before trying his hardest to snake his tongue as far as he can

53168 No.119197

2a470 No.119198

The vaginal opening is currently too small for something as big as his entire muzzle. His tongue fits in, the vaginal walls expanding for the new interloper, and the edge of his snout can as well. The whole muzzle… maybe it would stretch that far?

53168 No.119199

Iron tries his hardest to get further, making his tongue dance inside Sands' vagina to further that attempt of reaching the end, making him grunt softly on Sands' opening.
He cracks an eye open to see how Sands is faring with this treatment.
(This should be as mind-melting as it is for me, right?)

2a470 No.119200

“Don’t stretch it too much…” she says

53168 No.119201

Iron is a bit surprised to hear that, removing his tongue quickly.
He decides insteadd to focus on that little heart inbetween her legs, poking it with his hoof.

2a470 No.119202

“No no, keep licking, just don’t…. try to stick your entire head in…”
The clitoris moves in an out, being attached to soft flesh

53168 No.119203

(What a peculiar feature.)
He gives the clitoris a little lick.

2a470 No.119204

It’s a little fleshy bulb that sticks out, soft and round. When he licks it, the vagina contracts again, then expands back outwards

53168 No.119205

Iron stares at the little nub of evading flesh.
(I wonder…)
The moment the clit appears, he attempts to suck on it gently.

2a470 No.119206

He can catch it with a nibble, even as it tries to pull away. A little harder and darker than most of the flesh, the little heart guards the entrance to her vagina. When he sucks, it pulls forward slightly

53168 No.119207

Iron sucks on it a little, attempting to see the effect on Sands with a curious expression towards her.

2a470 No.119208

Her eyes are closed, her mouth is open, and her tongue hangs partly out. An expression of ecstasy

53168 No.119209

With that confirmed, he pulls it a little before letting it go with a wet pop.
"How are you feeling?"

2a470 No.119210

“A bit better”

53168 No.119211

Iron shakes his head with determination
"That will not do."
He proceeds to immediately plunge his snout right into Sands' wethole, twirling his tongue inside her with passionate eagerness but without stretching her by pushing his snout further than he needs to.

2a470 No.119212

He dives in, and invaded her vagina, going deeper and pressing against the walls. But the vagina fights backs, clenching down and pressing against Iron’s tongue

53168 No.119213

Iron is not going down without a fight, flicking and maneuvering his tongue inside Sands' walls with all his might, combatting the vaginal defenses.
He grabs Sands' belly and flank with his hooves, digging in deeply and fast, hoping to break through the pleasure barrier.
(I am going to make this night best you have ever had.)

2a470 No.119214

Her eyes go wide as she does all she can to stifle a scream. A big clench comes upon Iron’s tongue, and more liquid flows out

53168 No.119215

He is shocked at the big liquid increase on Sands' hole, making him stop and look at Sands.

2a470 No.119216

She is almost stretching forward, and not looking at Iron

53168 No.119217

He tentatively moves his tongue a bit, still inside Sands' folds to see if she still reacts.

2a470 No.119218

Yes. Another clenching movement

53168 No.119219

She decides to move her tongue inside her at a slow, steady pace, waiting for any vocal or twitch from outside her walls.
(Is she doing alright? I hope I did not hurt her.)

2a470 No.119220

She moves somewhat, mostly moving her own mouth

53168 No.119221

Iron's fears get the better of him, removing himself from inside Sands and shuffling closer to her head, wanting to see her face.
"Sands. Are you alright?"

2a470 No.119222

She looks back to him, wide eyed, breathing faster

53168 No.119223

Iron puts his ear on Sands' chest, searching for her heartbeat.
"Are you sure? You went limp for a second."

2a470 No.119224

“I’m fine. Keep going. I have to try to be quiet under the circumstances”

53168 No.119225

Iron kisses her cheek, before trailing back to her rump in a track full of small, wet pecks while his hooves massage her barrel.

2a470 No.119226

She lays there, smiling happily, breathing a bit heavily, and still winking her vagina in and out

53168 No.119227

Iron goes straight back to work with his siege of Sands' Keep, assaulting her with his massive battering ram of a tongue at a more moderate speed, savoring those little droplets of strange juice that keep piling up.

2a470 No.119228

She continues giggling

53168 No.119229

Iron blushes slightly over her giggling.
(I do not think she is laughing due to one of my jokes.)
He decides to sneak a hoof down to her clitoris, massaging her slowly down there as he tactfully storms Sands' castle.

2a470 No.119230

Iron doesn’t quite kick it down, but rubs it carefully

53168 No.119231

The intoxicating smell of her fountain is making his head feel a little woozy, increasing his speed after ensuring the buildings behind the walls won't be destroyed by his ramming maneuvers, rubbing the detonator a bit faster to cause the spark.

2a470 No.119232

She again leans forward with a gaping mouth, moaning almost silently

53168 No.119233

Iron quietly grunts to himself, feeling his stallionhood twitch at its full length, deciding to lean over to the right to let his siege tower out on the field as he presses forward with his ram, now incresing his tempo further, akin to a string being spun around by a unicorn, demanding to open the gates with his siege weapon while fervently rubbing the detonator to release the flood gates.

2a470 No.119234

As Iron licks more, Sands’ breathing becomes increasingly ragged, with more short, sudden breathes. Her eyes remain closed, and her mouth open. Her tongue positively hangs out now

53168 No.119235

Iron's eyes spark.
(I am breaking through!)
He redoubles his efforts, licking like nopony filled with hormones has ever done to the deepest depths of Sands' walls and flicking her clit at the maximum speed he can.
(Come on! I can do this!)

2a470 No.119236

A little whine comes out of her mouth, but she silences herself. The walks don’t fight back as hard, and when his tongue moves, do not move back as quickly, leaving a gaping hole in her vagina that has been carved out by Iron’s tongue

53168 No.119237

He keeps it up, going so far as to use his other hoof to drip itself on Sands' fluids and massaging her teats. He keeps on vibrating his hoof on her clit and tries to sink his muzzle further to reach deeper into Sands, wanting to please all of her with all he's got.

2a470 No.119238

So he goes out on her. He can fell his penis being grabbed

53168 No.119239

Iron grunts slightly from the gesture while inside Sands with his stallion snout until the climax reaches.
(For pleasure!) he tries to say, but is ultimately muffled by Sands' walls.

2a470 No.119240

Exactly when, or if she climaxes is not really known to Iron, but a clenching movement from her vagina comes down with more force and an inward motion, than others. Meanwhile, iron himself is being grabbed and caressed

53168 No.119241

Iron, due to his snout being quite deep within her for a little while, removes himself from the to give a long inhale, only to be exhaled shakily as his blueballed state leaving him short of breath.

2a470 No.119242

She too, seems short of breath, as she caresses his increasing blue balls

53168 No.119243

He looks at Sands' motions a little more closely as he lets out a low growl from the ministrations.

2a470 No.119244

Her barrel moves in and out with breathes, her tail waves slightly, still with hair strewn over her back. And her vagina still winks at Iron, expanded, but not deterred

53168 No.119245

Iron knows what to do now.
The castle wants him back.
With a deep inhale, he sits up slowly and puts his forelegs around Sands' hindlegs, holding them tight but gently.

2a470 No.119246

They give somewhat on the furry outside, but are solid underneath

53168 No.119247

He starts to slowly yet steadily dragging them towards his mouth, starting to lift off Sands' rump off the ground.

2a470 No.119248


53168 No.119249

Taking advantage of his extra height and strength, he digs in while holding her rump up with fervor, with his member ripe for any sensual touches from Sands, whose body is almost off the ground.

2a470 No.119250

She looks back more than a little startled by the turn of events, even as her vagina seems to challenge Iron

53168 No.119251

Iron sticks his muzzle deep in Sands' wethole in savage desire, sparing no expense of moderation as his member twitches in response to the lack of stimulus.

2a470 No.119252

She giggles
Then says
"Don't you want to…"

53168 No.119253

He merely twitches his ears in recognition of her offer as his member twitches once more in response, his mouth full of her, wanting to make her reach the fabled climax his father told him about.

2a470 No.119254

"Hehehe, You can do it all night long when we get home, but we need to hehe get back to the group soon"

53168 No.119255

He stops in his tracks, pulling his muzzle out of her wethole in a swift motion, exhaling slightly as his member twitches once more.
"Right," he responds, suddenly blushing darkly from how wild he was getting.
He lowers her body gently into the bed, inhaling a bit from his blueballed state.
"What do you suggest I do with my litte pony down there?"

2a470 No.119256

She turns her head back to look at him, with a mischievous grin
"What do you suggest?"
With another glow of her horn, she grabs and rubs his balls as he sits there

53168 No.119257

Iron grunts lightly from the caressing, somewhat clouding his judgement.
"Use that horn of yours to your maximum capacity."
He smiles weakly yet confidently, exhaling slightly.
"Do not hold back on my member and its equipment and be ready for a big mess."

2a470 No.119258

She turns her lips to a frown

And that's all I can advance for the night. She's not done with him yet, though

eba7d No.119259

I suppose you must be heading to bed. Goodnight!

53168 No.119260

Roger that.
I didn't make her angry, right?

eba7d No.119261

My guess is, she doesn't want Iron to finish "outside", if you know what I mean.

53168 No.119262

Kek. That could be it.

92c46 No.119263

Iron cocks his head, ears drooping slightly and loweing his brow as she frowns.
"I assume you have something in mind?"

eba7d No.119268

Fuck 'er right in the pussy, Iron.

92c46 No.119269

But Silver, she's in heat.
Or at least that's what she said previously.

da176 No.119270

Coom inside

eba7d No.119271

Dooooo eeeeeeet. Spread your seed far and wide, Iron.

92c46 No.119272

Sheesh, gaiz. I'm not about to make Iron coom in Sands willy nilly after admitting she's in heat.

da176 No.119273

eba7d No.119274

Spread your Earth Pony progeny across the land, ane bring glory to your tribe.

92c46 No.119275

Gaiz. I need Sands to be body abled to work as part of the criminal organization.

da176 No.119276

that's quite selfish. give the bug a bab

dac97 No.119277

She places her right forehoof under her chin, resting her muzzle on it
“I thought a certain part of you had a mind all it’s own? Ask him for some ideas”
She bats her eyes

92c46 No.119278

Iron raises his eyebrows, before looking at her, head cocked.
"You want it inside you?"

dac97 No.119279

“…. Maybe just a little bit”

92c46 No.119280

Iron recoils back, ears striaghtening up as his eyes widen.
"Did you not say you were in heat?" he asks incredulously.

dac97 No.119281

The horn on her head lights up in a soft green, and Iron can feel a firm clasp around his balls
“Did you not just say you were committed to stay by me?”
She ends that with a smile and lidded eyes

92c46 No.119282

Iron lets out a deep grunt as his rocks get grabbed, ears drooping as his blush darkens slightly as he smiles.
"You are right."
He grabs her hindlegs once again with his forelegs, pulling her closer to him.
"I hope you are ready."

dac97 No.119283

She is pulled back, her right hoof falling to the bed, her head falling, and she drags her hooves across the bed, messing up the floral pattern sheets above them

92c46 No.119284

He aligns the side of his member on his folds, gently hotdogging her in preparation for what's to come.

92c46 No.119285

*the underside of his member

2a470 No.119286

The soft flesh squishes ever so slightly as Iron places the love stick over her vulva and anus, pressing into her dock, and causing her anus to twitch slightly.

92c46 No.119287

After a few rubs of teasing, he pulls back, aiming his tip on Sands' wet hole, tentatively poking her folds as it looks to enter her cavern.
Meanwhile, he leans forward, nibbling on the tip of Sands' left ear gently.

2a470 No.119288

The top pushes aside her labia, and enters into her vaginal cavity. Soft, pink walks that put up such a heroic effort against Iron’s tongue, give way and retreat against this new invader.

With her muzzle on the bed, her eyes look up at Iron as he comes over her. Her fluff ear twitches at the nibble

92c46 No.119289

With a little sigh of pleasure, he slowly but steadily inserts his members against the receding walls, his muscles relaxing slightly at the sensation as his eyes close, trying to maintain his composure.

92c46 No.119290

*as far as it can go, his muscles

2a470 No.119291

It goes in. And in. In deeper still, pushing aside fleshy walls. It fits rather snuggly over Iron’s penis - a warm, wet, but soft grip. Iron’s new marefriend pulls her head and muzzle up to look directly into Iron’s eyes above her. She looks longingly at him, with an almost twinkle in her deep, green eyes. Iron’s penis is grabbed by the vaginal walls around it, which as it is pulled down, also pull in, rubbing past the penis. She releases him, and so pushes back out. She does this twice, and could nearly message him even as he is still. Her horn lights up again in yellow green, and Iron’s testicles are gently rubbed and caressed

92c46 No.119292

He lets out another grunt, huffing from this new alien sensation compounded by the ball fondling.
(Oh gods. That is good~)
He looks at her gaze, sparking the primal urge to please her. To rut her senseless and explode inside her, giving her all his life for her to harbor.
With a determined yet relaxed look and a grin, he pushes further, to see how far can he really go.

2a470 No.119293

Deeper in, deeper in still. The vaginal walls expand and push back, possibly pushing aside other internal organs. But the room is there, and she, too grunts when Iron pushes himself in, forcing his pelvis against her flanks and pushing aside her rump cheeks

92c46 No.119294

Iron exhales shakily as he essentially hilts Sands, staying in his position for a bit to let her get accostumed to his size.
After a short little breath, he looks at Sands with eagerness, licking his lips and blushing lightly.
"Are you ready?"

2a470 No.119295

Again, she grips into him, pressing down, pulling in, then letting off and pushing out, massaging his penis as he stands there over her. His balks are catered, forward and back, in a little pattern. She looks up at him with a smile, a sort of mischievous one
“Why wouldn’t I be?”

92c46 No.119296

Iron smiles wide as he slowly pulls back up to just the tip with an inhale, only to ram himself against her, exhaling strongly.
His mind goes blurrier and blurrier as his pleasure receptors are tickled further from Sands' rather dexterous and trained method of stimulation.
(Need to focus. Must. Not. Cum first.)

2a470 No.119297

The gripping vaginal walls resist his retreat, just to loosen again, and the walls move in as his penis moves out, resisting the intrusion back in. He can feel the friction against his penis, always lubricated by her fluid, but always pressing down in greater and lesser ways. The whole pony is bumped forward a little with each thrust, and loving back into place. Her horn confuses its light, and she continues to caress his balks and bass of his penis

92c46 No.119298

His breath is somewhat shaky from the ministrations before repeating his ramming at a moderate pace, planting his forelegs on the bed inbetween Sands' head for support as he pounds away at her nethers.

2a470 No.119299

She takes a ragged breath, breathing in deeply, and exhaling. She stares forward, and her green glow begins to waver. But her vaginal walls continue to fill the area left by Iron’s penis, then are pushed out of the way, then come back again as he trusts on.

92c46 No.119300

Iron lets out a single chuckle as he sees her magic dissipating.
(Seems like she is too raptrued by the sensation as well. I am glad I am not the only one.)
He moves his head towards her neck, kissing it deeply as his thrusting pace increases, making him grunt some more next to her ear.

2a470 No.119301

She breathes a bit more rapidly. Then her eyes move up, and onto Iron. She smiles, take the bed sheet, and her horn glows bright fully rubbing his testicles, what parts of his penis don’t go into her, and even his taint. Her smile is warm when she says
“If you are worried about pregnancy, you don’t have to finish inside me”

92c46 No.119302

With a last kiss on her neck, he glances at Sands with determination.
"I will make sure you reach the finish first."
He growls deeply at the increased magical stimulation, making him close his eyes as he pumps her rump with all his vigor, redoubling his efforts with quick, hard thrusts on her pussy.

2a470 No.119303

He pounds her, pressing into the bed, pressing into her. The blood rises in his penis and the sensation grows. It’s not at all like his hoof, or what have you, but a soft and wet tunnel specially designed to fit him. The dainty unicorn under him looks back up at him with a soft smile

92c46 No.119304

Iron huffs and puffs as his member finally reached the place it was meant to be in. The sacred act of mating the unicorn below him spurs his thrusts on, pounding at her pussy without mercy for her pleasure receptors, making sure he holds on his sticky life juice in him to avoid mistakenly creating a pony he probably will not be able to care for currently.
He grunts, huffs and puffs further, thrusting at what maximum levels he can achieve, wanting to do right on pleasuring Sands, his first mate.

2a470 No.119305

Her eyes roll up, and the force on her magic flickers, then stops

92c46 No.119306

Iron cheers himself on mentally, with a weak smile on his face as his ears rigidly stay upright as the sensations keep on increasing.
(Come on. I think I am almost there.)
His years of strength and endurance training are put to the test, making sure she reached the full extent of her orgasm.

eba7d No.119307

Come on, Iron! Make her orgasm, then breed her like the big, strong stallion you are! Fill her until she is ready to burst!

2a470 No.119308

All at once, her vagina clamps down, releasing a flow of liquid, and almost sucking on Iron’s penis

92c46 No.119309

Iron stops his thrusting, leaving his member deep inside her, enduring Sands' vaginal movements as his balls are coated in the flow of liquid.
(I did it!)
He grunts deeply while still inside her, closing his eyes and biting his lip from the stimulation.
(Come on)
He cranes his neck up, head looking slightly upwards as he attempts to breathe in and out in a shaky fashion.

2a470 No.119310

Roll Constitution

92c46 No.119311

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

Just for this one, I'll use the email slot for you.
+4 from Endurance

2a470 No.119312

It’s every bit as glorious as I had hoped

92c46 No.119313

Big oof. Guess she has been bred after all.

eba7d No.119314


Feels like a repeat of history.

2a470 No.119315

File: 1572922228406.gif (2.48 MB, 900x506, F1CFFD4A-B833-4470-9FC8-32….gif)

92c46 No.119316

d0ab6 No.119317

eba7d No.119318

pets the pony

92c46 No.119319

Iron's mind seems to have been overstimulated by the massive stimulus of the encroaching walls of flesh that massaged his member frantically for minutes on end.
"Oh gods," he stammers out shakily. "I cannot hold it."
With that pitiful, late warning, he unloads his semen into Sands' vagina, spurt after spurt of thick, sticky semen coating her walls and filling her up to her maximum capacity after a whole week of blueballs.
He grunts fiercely, strongly closing his eyes, frowning as he bites his lip.

eba7d No.119320

Yeeeeeees. You're doin' good kid, just keep filling her up like that.

2a470 No.119321

Sands shivers at the sensation, and she looks back to Iron with a satisfied grin

92c46 No.119322

Iron instinctively and erratically thrusts some more in Sands' pussy, making sure his orgasm is fully spent, still shooting his big loads inside Sands.
He reaches to Sands' grinning lips, kissing her deeply as his ears droop from the orgasm.
(I might as well go all out on this. Give her every last drop.)
This is why pulling out is a shit tier option to avoid pregnancy.

2a470 No.119323

Another grip and pull, though this one with less force than before. She leans in and kisses him in kind, closing her eyes

92c46 No.119324

After shooting one last load in Sands, he deepens the kiss further by putting his tongue inside her mouth as his strained muscles from the orgasm relax, making his body slump slightly.

2a470 No.119325

She pulls a little onto her side. She pulls out her left foreleg, and places it over Iron, still kissing him

92c46 No.119326

Still inside Sands, he pulls out of the kiss with a wet pop, panting slightly.
"That was amazing," he dreamily states, eyes half-lidded at Sands as he breathes calmly.

2a470 No.119327

She smiles, lids her eyes, then moves her forehead yo to make contact with the forehead of the stallion above her, her horn making contact with his head and pressing against it. Then, with the sound of almost a spinning flywheel, her horn lights up into aura again. A chill goes across the room as her face lights up green

92c46 No.119328

Iron witnesses the act with awe as her horn glows so intensely on his forehead, mouth hung open, widened eyes and raised brow.

2a470 No.119329

The horn lights up, mesmerizing, as she continues looking at him

92c46 No.119330

Iron stares at her horn in wonder, looking back at Sands with his ears raised.
"Is lighting up your horn normal after coitus for unicorns, Sands?"

2a470 No.119331

“Can’t say I’ve had sex with enough unicorn mares for a sample”

92c46 No.119332

Iron chuckles with a small blush.
"Fair enough," he says before turning curious. "What is your horn doing?"

2a470 No.119333

With her smile
It ceases

92c46 No.119334

Iron pouts lightly at her vague answer.
Nonetheless, he nuzzles her neck tenderly, humming softly.
"Did you have a good time?" he asks

2a470 No.119335

Now, she moves over a hoof, and pets him
“The best”

92c46 No.119336

Iron closes his eyes with a happy little smile as his ears move to the sides from Sands' petting.
"I am glad."
He gives a small kiss on her neck before shuffling back for his member to get out of Sands' cavern to witness his deed.

2a470 No.119337

A large amount of semen has already spilled out of Sand’s vagina, down onto the bed beneath. Still more comes out when Iron removes himself. Her vaginal walls are expanded and pushed aside, allowing .Iron to see inside her a few inches in a pink tunnel that becomes dark and black, full of white semen that spills over and pours out the edges. The incessant opening and closing is done

92c46 No.119338

Iron blinks at the massive mess he has made, looking at Sands with drooped ears and concern-filled eyes
"Is there a possible way to clean you up down there? I may have done a number on your love canal."

2a470 No.119339

“Why would you want to?” She stands up, pulls away, and winks her vagina a last time. A drop of semen comes out, and oozes down. When she stands up, she lowers the dock of her tail, pulling her tail off her back

92c46 No.119340

Iron blushes slightly before nodding, unsure of what sort of alternative there would be to clean a mare's behind of semen.
He studies the tail's coverage trying to figure out how visible any possible traces of cum would be as he stands up as well.

eba7d No.119341

She sounds rather proud of having been filled to the brim. Iron's one lucky stallion.

2a470 No.119342

He has some semen on his penis, much of which will no longer be visible when it retreats into its sheath. There is no helping the situation with the bed

92c46 No.119343

Iron gets one last lewd thought, smiling mischeviously with half lidded eyes.
"I admit, I do want to clean myself," he says smoothly "but I cannot reach down there."
He raises and lowers his eyebrows.
"Could you help me out?"

2a470 No.119344

She makes a half frown

“Would you kiss me afterwards?”

92c46 No.119345

Iron simply smiles at her warmly, seemingly not bothered by the implications.
"Of course, Sands. Why would I not?"

2a470 No.119346

She tilts her head in a kind of shrug, then lowers it under Iron

It feels warm and wet, almost strange, when she touches him. Her mouth, the edges of her teeth, then her tongue, licking up and down the shaft, followed by an almost nibble

92c46 No.119347

Iron simply smiles with glee, gently placing his hoof on her cutie mark, enjoying the ministrations.

2a470 No.119348

Her teeth very gently wrap around it, to be replaced with softer lip and tongue that goes up and down the length of his penis

92c46 No.119349

Iron grunts slightly from the feeling, tapping Sands' cutie mark.
"Be careful. I do not think you can gulp down gallons of semen."

2a470 No.119350

“I don’t think you have much left” she says, before placing her mouth back on his penis, carefully licking if”

9045a No.119351

I think I've figured out the meta for this game. It's to sire as many foals as you can and claim a very wide family tree.

92c46 No.119352

File: 1572932746355.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You underestimate my power.
Iron exhales contently, rubbing her cutiemark to express approval.
"If you say so."
At least it's Iron ideal.

9045a No.119353

If this series doesn't conclude with Iron, Silver, and Dark Star having their own harems I'll be severely disappointed.

2a470 No.119354

She pulls away
"Well… It's clean now"

92c46 No.119355

Iron uses this chance to prove his mettle, kissing her the moment he's able to.

2a470 No.119356

Her eyes go wide, but she opens her mouth to his, and inserts her tongue

92c46 No.119357

Iron reciprocates, using his tongue to dance with Sands'.

2a470 No.119358

And she interlocks her tongue with his, while pulling her mouth open, and sucking on his breath

92c46 No.119359

He twirls and twists his tongue with and around her before pulling away once again with a smile.
"There was your proof," he says coyly.

2a470 No.119360

A sense of foreboding comes upon Iron as he pulls away.

"Well… I guess it was"

92c46 No.119361

Iron chuckles before slowly pulling out his foreleg off her head, taking his chance to brush her mane and stroke her cheek, ears drooped and a dopey smile on his face.
"I am glad I got to meet you, Sands."
He takes his hoof away and back to the floor as his smile turns calm.
"We must go to the others. I assume they might be done with their planning."

2a470 No.119362

She nods, and places a hoof on his forehead
"Hopefully we can do even more together tonight"

92c46 No.119363

Iron chuckles before starting to walk out of the bedroom, aiming to go towards the bathroom, content with the outcome with a happy little gait
(So being all lovey-dovey works? I cannot believe Silver was not saying nonsense.)

eba7d No.119364

Knew you had it in you, Iron. Now, it's all up inside of Sands.

2a470 No.119365

With an open mouthed smile on her face, and a light in her eyes, Sands watches Iron move away. She adopts a gleeful gait of her own, crossing hooves as she walks.

9045a No.119366

I expect a lot of snickering from the party given the overpowering scent of marecum and semen.

e70a3 No.119370

More like awkward gazes and disapproval, most likely.
Execpt Silver, of course.
Iron glances back at her with a small smile, looking how she walks.
(Seems she had a good time, too, from how she walks. I wonder if it will increase her combat prowess.)

dac97 No.119371

“How does it feel?”
She asks

e70a3 No.119372

Iron cocks his head, unsure of what she means as his ears droop slightly.
"What do you mean?"

eba7d No.119373

I suppose we'll see when he meets back up with the group.

dac97 No.119374

“To be mated. How do you feel?”

e70a3 No.119375

Iron decides to slow down his gait to next to Sands, rubbing coats lightly.
"As I had hoped for."
He smiles wide, ears straight and kisses Sands' cheek.

dac97 No.119376

She laughs lightly, smiling with puffed cheeks, letting her hair fall down and cover her face, then giving Iron’s rear a light whip with her tail. With part of her face covered and the gills cheeks, she turns her head just enough for both eyes to look at Iron
“It’s such a pleasure to make you mine”

e70a3 No.119377

Iron jumps a little at the swat as his ears straighten up and his brow rises before chuckling as he relaxes.
"Do not go teasing me now," he chides playfully. "I might get a bit rowdy."

dac97 No.119378

It’s a light tap
“There will be more for you later tonight. After this viper den is smashed. You can smash me after that.”

e70a3 No.119379

It's not a jump in pain, but in surprise. Relax.
Iron can't help but blush lightly at her suggestion, ears drooping and smiling coyly.
"I will take you up on that offer," he says smoothly, and proceeds to lightly nuzzle her neck, finishing up with another kiss on the cheek.
"You will love it."

dac97 No.119380

I’m just saying it is not the equivalent of a ‘slap’
Smiling back, now more of a mischievous smile
“Gives me something to look forward to tonight”

e70a3 No.119381

Iron simply nuzzles her a bit more, before withdrawing with a smile and straight ears.
Do they reach the bathroom?

dac97 No.119382

Not yet, no
“One more thing. Try to keep our liaison and coupling kind of a secret, at least from that scally pony and the brown pony. I don’t think they will approve. I don’t know if it’s jealousy, or if they think we aren’t taking the situation around us seriously by flirting, but let’s tone it down so we don’t provoke them.”

e70a3 No.119383

Iron nods before pecking at Sands' neck in a flash.
"It is going to be quite hard," he answers, "but I can do it."

2a470 No.119384

Dice rollRolled 2

No immediate response from Loputu

eba7d No.119385

"Loputu!?" Silver hurries into the hallway to look around.

2a470 No.119386

No sign nor sound

eba7d No.119387

"LOPUTU!?" Now he starts to panic a little. He attempts to retrace the party's hoofsteps as part of his search for the now-lost colt.

2a470 No.119388

Further down the hallway, sounds around the corner

eba7d No.119389

Silver rounds said corner, hoping to see the colt.

2a470 No.119390

Silver may receive more than he bargained for

Looking Silver's way are two large male griffins. One of whom, a large tan griffin with feathers that stick up more than normal on his head, wearing a white robe, has a weapon clearly out, approximately a meat cleaver. The other griffin, mahogany brown and red robed, has with no drawn weapon. They seem to already be alert to his presence, heading towards the corner.

Behind them, Silver sees the dark navy blue Colt. His head is locked by a black leather hackamore. He is sitting on the ground, resisting and pulling back, as an off white colored female griffin with a bright orange beak and wearing red robe, tries to pull him further. Further down, a door to a room is open

eba7d No.119391

Silver's call of "Get the FUCK away from him!" is joined by the sound of metal sliding against metal as he swiftly unsheathes his sword. He immediately enters a battle stance.

Should I roll initiative?

2a470 No.119392

Dice rollRolled 6 + 2

Dice rollRolled 13 + 1


"Scheiße, ein weiterer Eindringling"
"Leave our premises at once!"

eba7d No.119393

Dice rollRolled 6 + 4

"Я разорву тебя на куски!"

2a470 No.119394

Dice rollRolled 6 + 4

Мы похороним тебя!
Further away, the female robed griffin turns to try to take on the new intruder. But when she relaxes her hold on the reign, Loputu pulls his head back, pulling her closer and almost knocking her off balance, forcing her to turn back to the colt.

In front of Silver, the tan griffin pulls out his sword, or a fat blade that looks like a sword. An overly long meet cleaver is all the same in this instance.

It is, however, the mahogany griffin that jumps at Silver first. He mimic's Jubilosa's graceful strides, with all of the predatory acumen of a lion. He reaches out with with his claws, and strikes at Silver's head

eba7d No.119395

Dice rollRolled 1 + 8

A subtle dodge causes the griffon's talons to instead graze against his armor, failing to penetrate or deal any damage.

His magic sheathed both around his horn and his sword like angry, uncontrollable blue flames, Silver aims a swing from his greatsword at the griffin's head in response.

2a470 No.119396

Dice rollRolled 7 + 6

Silver swings it, but swings wide. So wide, in fact, that the sword grazes the wall, hits it and into the brick, knocking it out of his magical grip and making it fall to the ground.

The white robes griffin comes forward, and swings with his meat cleaver

eba7d No.119397

Similar to what happened with the first griffin, the meat cleaver glances off of his armor harmlessly.

2a470 No.119398

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4

Dice rollRolled 20 + 4

The first one, near Silver, scrapes at him again with his claws, this time, with both of them as he stands on his hind legs

2a470 No.119399

Dice rollRolled 10 + 4


eba7d No.119400

Although the second talon avoids hitting anything vital, it still catches Silver on the side of his head.

2a470 No.119401

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

One of the claws simply fails to connect with silver, going past his side. But dodging the one, comes at the cost of making perfect contact with the other. A claw scratches perfectly down Silver's face, drawing blood. Fortunately, it does not take out Silver's eye in the process

eba7d No.119402

Silver's only apparent reaction to the blow being just a split second of checking that, yes, there is indeed a bleeding scratchmark on the side of his head and, yes, it does indeed sting. Instead, he's forced to break concentration on the battle to wrap another telekinetic field around the grip of his greatsword.

Move action to pick up the sword, but it provokes an Attack of Opportunity.

2a470 No.119403

Dice rollRolled 9 + 4

The griffin that just clawed him strikes again

eba7d No.119404

Dice rollRolled 14 + 8

Thankfully they don't give him a matching gouge mark on the other side of his head, but the sound of their claws scraping against his armor is rather annoying.

Greatsword in his magical grasp and with his grip ever-so subtlely adjusting for a better swing, he turns his ire back at the offending griffon, and once again aims to collect for himself a head of a griffon.

eba7d No.119405

Dice rollRolled 1, 1 + 4 = 6


2a470 No.119406

Dice rollRolled 9 + 6

The sword goes through the robe, into his chest. How much blood is drawn is hard to say. Crimson robes don't show blood well.

The griffin in white, however, strikes again. Behind them, the female griffin tries to pull Loputu off

eba7d No.119407


The cleaver yet again fails to find its mark. These griffons are certainly putting Silver's armor through his paces.

2a470 No.119408

Dice rollRolled 11 + 4

Dice rollRolled 16 + 4

Should probably have the armor start taking damage
He digs his hooves into the floor, dragging him along, then tries to pull and wrestle, side to side. She has a much better grasp than moments before.

The red robed griffin strikes again and again

eba7d No.119409

I have no clue how much health it has.

History nearly repeats itself. Silver manages to dodge the first claw, but in doing so gives the second a straight shot.

Is there any way Silver can get around these two griffons and charge at the one trying to drag Loputu off, even if it means provoking an Attack of Opportunity?

2a470 No.119410

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

Yes, Silver has already moved over to their right significantly to get the sword

He scratches down, striking an area above Silver's breast plate on the neck

eba7d No.119411

Dice rollRolled 15 + 10

A not-insignificant amount of blood is drawn as the griffon rakes his neck just below where his throat was torn out by the ghast just yesterday, but such a blow is inconsequential for his subconscious mind. Greater issues are at hoof.

Charge: Silver breaks off from combat with these two robed griffons to charge at the one trying to carry Loputu off, sword leveled at the female griffon. "I WILL NOT LET YOU TAKE HIM!"

eba7d No.119412

Dice rollRolled 3, 4 + 4 = 11


2a470 No.119413

Dice rollRolled 19 + 6

She is stabbed right through, her white robe stained in blood. Loputu pulls back, causing her grip on the reigns to force her down onto the ground

But the other white robed griffin retaliates

eba7d No.119414

With his back effectively turned to the griffon, he gets a clean shot, even managing to penetrate his armor to cleave at Silver's flesh.

2a470 No.119415

Dice rollRolled 8 + 3

He strikes through, breaking through a strap in the top part of Silver's armor on the back

eba7d No.119416

It's a devestating hit, causing Silver to stumble and cry out in pain as the steel tears into his back and breaks a rib, or perhaps two if the pain is anything to go by. He's still standing, but another couple hits like that, and he won't be.

2a470 No.119417

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

Dice rollRolled 20 + 7

From behind

2a470 No.119420

Dice rollRolled 4, 6 = 10

Dice rollRolled 5 + 1

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

An arrow shoots forth, and lands in the base of the back of the head of the griffin that just attacked Silver.

A flurry of black and tan attacks the red robed griffin, as a separate griffin springs forth and claws him

2a470 No.119421

Actually, that's not him

The griffin that just stabbed Silver falls down, slumping down as his legs fail him.

The other griffin now turns to his attacker, slashing at her

2a470 No.119422

Dice rollRolled 9 + 4


2a470 No.119423

Both of his claws land with effect on her chest and neck

2a470 No.119424

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3

Silver is bleeding from the face, neck, and back. The female griffin that tried to carry away Loputu is on her belly, seriously injured. Loputu turns to buck her.

The white robed griffin with the sword has slumped down, wounded by an arrow

Further away, the mahogany griffin is engaged in serious combat with Jubilosa, who is now very seriously wounded

2a470 No.119425

Dice rollRolled 2

The female griffin of the white robes is hit in her side by Loputu's buck

eba7d No.119426

Dice rollRolled 18 + 8

With little heed payed to his own grievous injuries, Silver turns to assist Jubilosa, stabbing at the last standing enemy griffon.

eba7d No.119427

Dice rollRolled 5, 2 + 4 = 11


2a470 No.119428

Silver’s Sword goes right into his chest, breaking a rib in the process, and slicing him open. This combines with the scratches left by Jubilosa, and the sword strike earlier. He falls down to the ground, limp, a wing open and falling away, and his neck twisted. His eyes are open and unseeing

eba7d No.119429

Silver looks around at the battlefield to see what other enemies are left alive.

2a470 No.119430

The sword armed griffin is out, but maybe not dead
The female griffin is out. The red robes griffin lies on the floor. Two other griffins are present, one blending from long scratches down her chest and neck, and the other hurriedly approaching Silver

eba7d No.119431

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

Jubilosa and Blue Skies. Silver is visibly immensely grateful they are here, both of them.

Heal: Immediately, Silver pulls out his medkit of rapidly diminishing medical supplies, and sees to Jubilosa's scratch wounds.

eba7d No.119432

Fug, should be +7, not +5.

2a470 No.119433

Cuts along her neck and her chest are worse than they look. The neck scratch goes into the windpipe, causing her to breath strangely, and the cuts on her chest go deep, though not penetrating the lung

Khoi Lua rubs up, and places a hoof on Jubilosa, who lies down on the ground
“Will you be okay?” She asks Jubilosa

Blue Sheckeks rubs up to Silver
“Poor Silver! They hurt you!”

eba7d No.119434

"Дерьмо. I had wound like that on my own neck not too long ago. She will be fine after she has had time to rest and heal." He attempts to do his best to patch her up, telling her to avoid excessive vocalization and doing anything that would cause her to get out of breath.

To Blue Skies he gives a grateful smile, the adrenaline in his system letting his endure the pain if for only a brief moment. "Please do not get any of my blood on your stunning coat, Blue. I do not want to bleed on you and ruin it."

But, most of all, he looks onto Loputu, to see how he is doing after this ordeal.

2a470 No.119435

Jubilosa tried to speak, but realizes the rush if choking on her own blood, and stops. Whether through bandages or cut up robes, Silver can stop the bleeding. Khoi Lua helps press down, to stop the bleeding, and stays there to comfort Jubilosa,

She sits down beside her, a hoof on Jubilosa’s neck
“Something tranquil to put you mind in on instead of you wounds. There was this garden behind the house of my aunt, and it had the most gratifying view of the mountain and the forest…..

Blue Skies has her attention on Silver, trying to place a robe over him
“Get better…”

But Loputu stands back near where he was, near the other griffin, with some ability to walk around. The hackmore is tied around his mouth and prevents him from speaking. He can drag the reigns about, but is still covered in the restraints. He stands, shaking, and looks up at Silver through his long bangs

2a470 No.119436

Khoi Lua, at Silver’s words, looks up at Silver
“That is some good news, at least. Our fellow traveler does not deserve this”
She goes back to her story to Jubilosa

Blue Skies
“Oh, don’t worry about these feathers. Are you okay?”

eba7d No.119437

Silver shakes the robe off of him, though not because he's ingrateful for her attempt to help. "I will be fine. I am not dead, thanks to you both."

He rushes over to Loputu even as the adrenaline runs its course and he begins to feel the pain from his wounds and he begins to wince with every breath he takes. He looks to see how he can free Loputu from his restraits. "I am so sorry, little one, I should have kept closer eye on you. I am so, so sorry this happened to you…"

bd404 No.119438

I read that as "Blue Sheckels" and was wondering why a griffon was on their side

2a470 No.119439

He blinks, still looking up, but with his neck and head closer to the ground. He cannot speak in this state, and his long, lighter blue hair almost blocks his eyes. The tie for the hackmore is behind his head, easy enough to undo, he just can’t reach there.

eba7d No.119440

Silver undoes the tie as soon as he sees it, and checks for any other restraits that need removed.

2a470 No.119441

Silver removes it immediately. Loputu says nothing, not at first anyways. There are no other restraints

Well, “Blue Shekels” is the name we’ve given to Blue Skies in her griffin disguise

eba7d No.119442

He places his forehooves on either of Loputu's sides, using his magic to brush aside his light blue mane from his eyes so he can look right at the colt. "Are you alright?"

2a470 No.119443

When Silver tries to look at him, he moves his eyes down. Down, away from Silver, and to the left.
“I am okay…”

bd404 No.119444

Good combat scene, btw. It was short but a couple of bad rolls made me worry for Silver again.

eba7d No.119445

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

His attempt to avoid eye contact is concerning to the older stallion. He now moves one of his forehooves from Loputu's side to underneath his chin, trying to gently guide his face and eyes back towards him.

Sense Motive: Silver pays close attention to Loputu when he asks him again, "Are you alright?", wanting to know if he is hiding something.

2a470 No.119446


Nothing is readily apparent

eba7d No.119447

He tries once more, just to be sure. "You know you can tell me anything and I will not be upset, yes? I am only concerned about your wellbeing."

e70a3 No.119448

Combat is supposed to be short. It stagnates quite quickly if too many turns go by.

2a470 No.119449

He looks up at Silver
“I am okay… I’m sorry”

bd404 No.119450

It's just about hitting the other guy until he goes horizontal

eba7d No.119451

He lets out a chuckle interspersed with winces. "Do not be. I am one who should be sorry." He uses a non-bloody hoof pat Loputu on the top of his head. "Stay with group from now on. It will be easy for us to protect you that way."

He also levitates over the griffon's meat cleaver/sword to the colt. "And here. You can use this to defend yourself should you get attacked again."

2a470 No.119452

He looks up at Silver with sad eyes and a frown, then down at the bloody meat cleaver. Covered in Silver’s own blood

He places a hoof towards it, and looks at it

eba7d No.119453

"Oh, right! Sorry…" Silver uses his knife to tear off a clear strip from one of the griffon's robes, and uses it to clean up the bloody cleaver. It's a crude instrument, like a cross between an axe and a sword, meant only for hacking into either living or dead flesh, but that does not make it any less deadly.

2a470 No.119454

He sits down, and has a twisted expression as he looks back up to Silver

eba7d No.119455

He give the colt an awkward expression. "I, uh…understand, if you do not want to use it. You do not have, either, it is just something stupid I thought of." He does smile at him, though. "I am glad you are safe, however."

With that, he steps away, wipes his sword clean of griffon blood on one of the griffons' robes, and begins to remove his armor and clothing to inspect the bloody damage done to him.

2a470 No.119456

He comes up, and takes the cleaver anyways
“I wasn’t roaming around. I didn’t know were you all were, and I hid in a closer when I saw the robe wearers approach”

A hack right into his back, blood dripping down, a scratch on his face. More blood

eba7d No.119457

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

"I am sorry. We were in bathroom. You did well, trying to hide."

Every breath he takes is accompanied by a wince from his broken ribs poking into his lungs, and crimson red pours forth from his new wounds to stain his otherwise light grey floofy coat a dark red. An observer might be able to see bone through the cleaver wound on his back, where the steel hacking into his back flesh to his ribs. He looks to be in pain from his wounds, and underneath his coat his pink skin looks a bit pale from blood loss. "Блядь. This hurts…"

Heal: Silver does his best to at least stop the bleeding.

2a470 No.119458

The frown faces, and he stands up, looking at Silver
Silver is able to force a piece of cloth on him, and with enough pressure, stop the bleeding

Blue Shekels comes up, and presses down on him, to help stop the bleeding

Loputu asks him
“Are… are you alright?”

eba7d No.119459

He smiles first gratefully at Blue's aid, then reassuringly at Loputu's question. He tries to put on a brave face for the colt. "I will be. I have had worse, before."

2a470 No.119460

He turns his head slightly
“Why did you come here?”

eba7d No.119461

Silver tilts his head back at him. "You will have to elaborate? Did you mean why I came to this building in first place, or why I came to find you?"

2a470 No.119462

“Here. To this place”

From behind, Mala walks around, and starts to sniff Silver

eba7d No.119463

Mala's appearance startles Silver, causing him to let out an audible "Hng!" in pain, but he answer's Loputu's question. "My friend Dark Star asked for help on this assignment to put end to what was happening here. I accepted, not only because I wanted to help him, but also because I wanted to help people who were being hurt because of what they were doing here." He scratches the non-bloody side of his face with a hoof. "I will admit, I did not expect things to be so bad here. I expected bad, but not…this. But I am glad I am still here to help those who have been hurt, like you."

2a470 No.119464

He blinks
“I just wanted to go fishing on the seawall. Maybe I was trespassing, but that was the worst of it…”

Mala moves over to Silver’s side

eba7d No.119465

"I know. These people, these griffons that captured you, Jubilosa, Khoi, and others, killed countless beings, and forced others like Mala to do their bidding…they are evil. There is no other way to put it. They need to be stopped. Even if it kills me, I will see them stopped."

He lets Mala do whatever it is he needs to do. Mala can hear him breathing shallowly to try to avoid hurting himself.

2a470 No.119466

Loputu nods
“I feel powerless…”

Mala just sits next to him, and looks at him

eba7d No.119467

"That I also know. It is hard not to when you are so young yet, and everyone seems so much bigger and stronger, still." He smiles at him. "But you are so much stronger than you even know. And together, with all of us here, you are even stronger than that. Next time, when these griffons try to hurt us, when they try to hurt you, we will show them just how strong we are, all of us. And you will be right there alongside us."

He looks over to Mala, wondering what he needs or wants.

2a470 No.119468

“You mean… like what just happened?”
Loputu looks around, wincing and frowning at the surroundings

Mala’s tail moves slightly

eba7d No.119469

"Eh…think more like all of us fighting together, and you not restrained."

The unicorn pets the striped gnoll between the ears. "Hello Mala."

2a470 No.119470

“I would like to not be restrained”
He waves the cleaver around with a hoof, looking at his movements

Mala closes his eyes, receiving the pats, ears twitching, and tail moving side to side
“I heard you got hurt. You like you got hurt”

eba7d No.119471

"I did get hurt. Thank you for asking." Silver keeps on petting Mala while he watches Loputu's movements intently.

2a470 No.119472

Loputu moves the cleaver about with his hoof, pressing it forward, upwards, downwards, back towards him, twisting it about, all, as if he were maneuvering a fighter airplane in a dog fight through agile maneuvers. Then, he thrusts it forward, as if stabbing an imaginary enemy. Then, he aims the thing down in deliberate hacking movements, moving it over a measured, equal distance after each downward stroke - as if chopping imaginary food items.

Mala moves his head into the pets, and opens his mouth, letting his tongue come out. His breath is… bad.
He speaks
“But will you be okay?”

eba7d No.119473

Silver is a little taken aback by the stench. "I will…be fine. No offense, but I think you will need to brush your teeth after we are done here. And maybe take couple breath mints…"

To Loputu, he offers the following: "All attacks with melee weapons have two phases, windup and release, but they are both parts of one fluid action which we perceive as swing. Windup starts when you pull arm back, and release starts once your weapon crosses center of your vision. When you swing, your weapon should always go across center of your vision so as to hit what you are aiming for. Keep your wrist pliable so you do not hurt yourself on what you hit. Know what your weapon is for: is it for piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning?"

2a470 No.119474

His ears turn down, and his head turns away, first to the right, then to the left. He moves a paw back, then another paw back, and so forth until he is a few feet away. He takes out a set of paper on his pack, and places Ming leaves inside in his mouth

Loputu pulls the cleaver back, behind his ear, and pulls it down and forward, kind of stopping half way, each time in a twisted motion. He almost clips his ear with the bottom of it, but it’s the handle potion anyways
“Uh… slashing, I guess?”
He pulls the cleaver down in front of him, after holding it above him

eba7d No.119475

"Good. There are three ways you can slash with weapon like this. You can come straight down in overhead strike, which is easy to dodge or parry but carries lots of power behind it, slash from side, which is weaker but is harder to avoid, or come down diagonally, which is happy medium. Remember to keep your arm fully extended when you swing, so you do not catch yourself in your own swing and so you get most reach out of your swing."

Silver is still a bit curious about what those leaves actually are, but he lets Mala be.

2a470 No.119476

Loputu pushes the knife out to its furthest extent

Mala moves off

Loputu pulls the knife down, then twists it to its side and moves it to its side, then twists it and swings it diagonally

eba7d No.119477

"Not bad! You will make those griffons think twice before they try to hurt you next time."

Silver, feeling guilty about Mala moving so far away, steps up to him. "I did not mean for you to do all this. It is nothing to be ashamed about."

eba7d No.119478


2a470 No.119479

File: 1573088264408.jpeg (60.08 KB, 1701x829, 4DE0D944-89AC-498E-85EC-C….jpeg)

eba7d No.119480

It's the cute Texan pony!

2a470 No.119481

File: 1573088582353.jpeg (340.5 KB, 1765x2048, 7A120F35-F92E-4105-81E0-A….jpeg)

Indeed! Is cute and of Texas!

eba7d No.119482

Don't forget: is also pony!

2a470 No.119483

File: 1573088836190.jpeg (222.17 KB, 2048x1370, 073C4AC9-462C-496F-AA19-4….jpeg)

And is a pony!

Okay, I guess we can advance if you want to

eba7d No.119484

Sure, if you want to.

2a470 No.119485

With a new open smile on his face, and a glee in his eyes, Loputu swings the cleaver. Diagonally from over his right shoulder and down, then from over his left shoulder and down, from right to left, he swings it, and swings it, then moves back and…. his hoof makes contact with the maybe unconscious, maybe dead, body of the white robes female griffin. When his hoof touches, he looks back curiously. When he sees it, he jumps forward, and looks back, uncomfortable.

Mala lowers his head, but looks up. He says nothing, but chews on his mint leaves

eba7d No.119486

Silver pets the gnoll again, but looks back at Loputu's bout of jumpiness. He gives him an understanding look. "You are not familiar with death."

2a470 No.119487

Mala looks up at Silver, and his ears go up

Loputu does not look at Silver, only at the griffin. She is on her belly, one foreleg under her, another off to the side, and a considerable amount of blood on her robe. Loputu shakes his head, slowly

eba7d No.119488

"Even for one who has known death for many years, it is not pretty thing." He sighs. "All I can offer you is this: close your heart to their pain, close your heart to their suffering. Do not allow yourself to feel for them. They will not feel for you."

His petting of the doggo seems to bring a cathartic response to Silver, much needed when he is in as much pain as he is now.

2a470 No.119489

Loputu coils away, mouth open, and now goes back further. He is visibly trembling

Mala closes his eyes and presses up onto Silver’s hoof, enjoying the pets. The pain is splitting, down Silver’s back, his neck, even his face.

Mala opens his eyes and says to Silver
“What are we going to do with them?”

eba7d No.119490

The pain makes him grimmace. "We can try to hide bodies, but blood will still be left behind. There is not much more we can do."

So many people in need of help. He has to bring his petting session to an end to go over to Loputu, putting on a brave smile even as he moves much more slowly than he did before his injuries. "It may seem calous, and harsh. I wish there was other way. I wish we did not have to put one as young as you through all of…this."

2a470 No.119491

He just shakes his head, and looks down at the bodies again.

Mala stands up and walks over, and starts to lick the blood off the floor

d5b63 No.119492

File: 1573092381868.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.3 KB, 1120x800, FightClubSoap.jpg)

This is why you bring soap.

eba7d No.119493

For courtesy's sake, Silver checks the female griffon for any signs of life.

2a470 No.119494

A still bearing heart, and long breathes

eba7d No.119495

Dice rollRolled 17 + 7

Silver wasn't expecting that. He doesn't waste any time, though.

Heal: Silver isn't sure what he can do, but he flips the griffon over, and attempts to stabilize her.

d5b63 No.119496

Was expecting a coup de grace

eba7d No.119497

I'm terrible at following my own advice.
Plus dead people can't testify.

2a470 No.119498

He flips the bird over, and sees a single wound through the chest. Looks to be below the lungs, whether there is damage to internal organs like the stomach is not clear, but no immediate risk of drowning in blood. A considerable amount has already gone into the robes wishing still cover her. The breathing stops momentarily.

Suddenly, her eyes open, showing slit, magenta eyes that find Silver. She flips herself back over, stands up on four legs, starts running

eba7d No.119499

Dice rollRolled 7 + 2

"Черт возьми!"

Strength: Silver leaps after her, and attempts to tackle her to the ground.

2a470 No.119500

Dice rollRolled 15 - 1


2a470 No.119501

Silver presses forward to grab her, but she just barely wriggles out

eba7d No.119502

Silver gets up, and chases after the griffon. "Get that bird!"

2a470 No.119503

Dice rollRolled 13

Roll Die

eba7d No.119504

Dice rollRolled 2


2a470 No.119505

Dice rollRolled 16 + 2

An unlucky slip by Silver slows him. Mala darts out

eba7d No.119506

"Сука! Get her, Mala!"

2a470 No.119507

She shouts out,

But she’s slowed down, and already making labored breaths. Mala jumps up, and pounces on her, biting into her robes, stopping her, and giving Silver the opportunity to catch her

Mala gets her, biting into her robe and probably her back underneath

eba7d No.119508

Dice rollRolled 20 + 2

Strength: Silver once again tries to jump on her to stop her from escaping despite the agonizing pain he's going through.

2a470 No.119509

He gets right on top of her, and forces her down. She’s stopped, that’s for sure. Mala releases his bits and backs off of her, giving Silver full control of what happens next.

eba7d No.119510

Dice rollRolled 14 + 4

Use Rope: Silver uses his magic and his rope to hogtie the griffon.

2a470 No.119511

She is tied up, forecloses above her neck, her rear legs together, her wings together. Even her beak, if silver so chooses

“I can bite and snap her neck if you want me to…”

6bc6a No.119512

Practice that bondage.

eba7d No.119513

Silver takes short, shallow, strange breaths, in apparent constant pain. He manages to shake his head at Mala's offer, as well as a brief "No".

He gets off the griffon, barely motioning for Mala to drag her back with the others as he slowly makes his way to Loputu, Jubilosa, and Blue Skies.

Lewd. Sadly, Silver's not really in a state for anything like that at the moment.

2a470 No.119515

Jubilosa lay with her back against the wall, with bandages on her, and Khoi Lua sitting by her side. Blue skies goes between trying to move the bodies, looking for intruders down the hallways, and looking at Silver. Mala drags the female, who has not been healed by a Silver as intended. Mala drags her by the robes, which start to rip, but also avoids biting her flesh. Loputu watches on in evident curiosity

eba7d No.119516

When Mala arrives with the griffon in tow, Silver commences with healing her despite his injuries.

If you don't mind, I would still like to use that Heal roll from before, since it was never used and I believe it would be sucessful.

2a470 No.119518

Sure… Silver first cuts off the Griffin’s robes, then can stop her bleeding fairly simply with sufficient pressure below the chest, helped by rolling up a piece of the robe and tying it tightly around her

Meadows sighs, and looks down a little
“There are many things I may need help with. But not right now. Right now, much is still at stake”

adf26 No.119519

Midnight doesn't seem to like this response
"If you say so, but tell me if you need something, I will do my best to provide."

2a470 No.119520

“More strength… more energy… maybe it’s youth I lack now…. I don’t know what they took from me. But I know that others will need help too”

eba7d No.119521

He looks upon his handiwork, perhaps not happy that the griffon will live, but content with the outcome. He looks out of breath for having done little. "There…healed…"

Silver shuffles over to Jubilosa, searching around in his bags with his teeth until he pulls out a potion vial and offers it to her. He speaks around the glass object between his teeth. "Here…you would not have…been injured…if not for me. Take it."

adf26 No.119522

"But you need help as well, you cannot just neglect yourself just because others need help as well."

2a470 No.119523

“Are you sure you don’t want me to crush her throat?”

She takes it, and looks at it
“What is it?”

“Oh, I don’t know what I need now. Aside from a place to stay… but we are in danger now I think”

adf26 No.119524

"Then I shall keep us safe"
Midnight looks around to get her bearings

eba7d No.119525

To Mala: "I am sure. She will live."

To Jubilosa: "Healing potion…for your throat…one of my last two."

2a470 No.119526

Mala nods

Blue Skies
“Silver, you should probably use that yourself, or for that grey earth pony”

eba7d No.119527

"Grey…you mean Iron? He is injured?"

2a470 No.119528

Midnight is in the hallway, before the bathroom, and nearish the stairwell. Midnight has since seen Silver go off to the end of the hall, and Iron and that unicorn go off into a bedroom on the left

"He got it bad in the boiler-room. But look at you, you are injured"

eba7d No.119529

"I did not notice…" He looks to Jubilosa, then to the potion. He considers his options for a couple seconds before placing one of hooves on the griffon's claw and pushing it closer to her breast. "Take it. I am certain."

2a470 No.119530

Jubilosa is silent for a moment

Blue Skies: "What will you do?"

eba7d No.119531

"We will see if Midnight can heal me. If not…I will have fight from distance. Or else fight very defensively."

2a470 No.119532

She shakes her head, closing her eyes as she does so
"You cannot fight from a distance. That is for me and others. Not you"

eba7d No.119533

He slowly nods. "Then I shall fight defensively."

2a470 No.119534

They nod. They all nod
"It is so"

eba7d No.119535

He looks between the two griffons of their group, a smile on his face. "I am immensely grateful, to both of you. I owe you both my life."

2a470 No.119536

The griffins nod. Jubilosa from her position laying down, and Shekels standing up

Jubilosa: "I wasn't expecting you to care. Not about your life I mean. About mine"

eba7d No.119537

Silver looks to her, surprise visible on his face. "Why is that?"

2a470 No.119538

"Maybe not quite that…"
She looks intently at the potion, examining the contents of the vile
"I just… My experiences with ponies and these Northerners has not been one of sacrifice or concern for my well being"

eba7d No.119539

He nods, gently laying down as to not disturb his insides too much. "Few bad apples spoils bunch, I suppose. I know there are good griffons as well as bad, just as I know there are good ponies as well as bad." He looks over to the newly-bound and gagged griffon. "It is had to see when all you have had experience with is only one side…its worst side. These ponies came here to escape bad griffons that took their land, their home, even their very culture, and now more bad griffons have decided to invade their neighborhood and cause terror and crime. All they have seen from griffons is bad, so all they associate with griffons is bad. Much as you do with ponies."

2a470 No.119540

Loputu nods, and walks closer in long, careful strides

Jubilosa lays down, soberly, and listens
"Damn Northerners…"

eba7d No.119541

Silver scoots closer to Jubilosa, wrapping a foreleg around her in a sort-of hug. "Do not blame them all for their actions, but blame those who have given them these ideas of what griffons supposedly are. Show them best of what griffonkind can be. Weather whatever they throw at you with strength and grace, and show them what kindness and respect you would expect for yourself. You may not convince them all to change or question their views, but if you convince even one pony that, perhaps, griffons are just as worry of kindness and respect as they themselves wish to be, then you will have made world just that much better place for both ponies and griffons." He smiles at Jubilosa.

2a470 No.119542

She is surprised as much by Silver’s touch as by his words. She looks to him, then her eyes dart around

She says finally
“I don’t think you and I mean the same thing by ‘Northerners’”

eba7d No.119543

"…Oh, you were talking about these Feathesians and Imperials, not Skynavian ponies." His smiles goes a little awkward. "Eh…heh heh…I suppose it still valid…what I said…"

2a470 No.119544

She shakes her head, and sighs
“We are not all the same”

eba7d No.119545

"I know, I know…" He scratches the back of his head. "It is just I do not normally think of Feathesians and Imperials when I hear 'Northerners'. Normally, I think of Severyanans and Skynavians…sorry…"

2a470 No.119546

“It’s a world of difference, behind those mountains”

eba7d No.119547

Silver nods in agreement to what Jubilosa says. "Just as it is world of difference between Equestrians and Severyanans, separated only by some rivers." He puts a hoof on the claw holding the potion vial. "Please, take it. It will not do you very much good just sitting inside its glass."

2a470 No.119548

She looks at it
“And you’re sure you want to give this to me?”

eba7d No.119549

He nods. "I am certain."

2a470 No.119550

And so, she takes the potion, drinking it. Khoi Lua stands up. Jubilosa stands up
“Wow… I can already feel the difference”

eba7d No.119551

Should I roll for health healed or should you? Or should we not bother?

6bc6a No.119552

inb4 roll a 1 on heals

2a470 No.119553

No need to roll on this one

eba7d No.119554


Silver stands up as well, albiet slowly. "That is good to hear. I am glad." He looks around at his companions. "Were any firebombs made in between when I left and you came to rescue me?"

2a470 No.119555

“No. We went looking for you”

eba7d No.119556

He nods. "Alright. After we've done what we can to hide trace of bodies, we should go back to bathroom with our new captive and start on making those firebombs."

2a470 No.119557

“Eh, we can deal with this while you prepare for the battle ahead”

eba7d No.119558

Silver nods. "Alright. We will meet up again when you are finished."

With that, Silver slowly makes his way back around the corner towards the bathroom.

eba7d No.119561

I know it'll be a while until everyone else is on, but I figured I might as well post this for when Midnight's on next.

Midnight can faintly hear the slow shuffle of hooves around the corner before she spots the silver pony slowly come into view. Even at a distance, he looks quite seriously injured and bloody, made all the more obvious by the fact that somewhere along the way he seems to have misplaced his armor and clothing.

adf26 No.119562

Dice rollRolled 4 + 10

Midnight turns and sees the pony, gasping as she notices his ragged state.
"Silver! By the moon, what do you do to yourself?!"
She trots over quickly, accessing his wounds to see just how bad it is.
Heal check if it is needed for this impromptu check-up.

4ce51 No.119563

He's a masochist

eba7d No.119564

"I got into fight with griffons trying to take Loputu. Others came to save both of our lives."

He stands dutifully still for his doctor. From least severe to most severe, the list of injuries is as follows: fairly deep scratch marks under his left eye and on his neck, a slash mark across his chest, a sewn-up bite mark on his back, a strip of flesh torn from his right hindleg a few hours ago, and, the piece de resistance, a deep wound on his back where it looks like some kind of crude blade was used to carve through his flesh and bone, breaking ribs in the process. His breathing is short and shallow and seems to cause him pain, and his pink skin is pale from bloodloss.

adf26 No.119566

Dice rollRolled 4 + 2

Midnight tries, and fails to not cringe as she gently look over his wounds.
"This… Is not good. I will do what I can, but even I can only do so much."
With a short prayer to Luna, one of her hooves very faintly glows blue as she gently rests it on his back.
Casting Cure Light Wounds, and rolling HP healed.

9ecb5 No.119568

Six points of HP restored to Silver
Though her efforts at treating the wounds are more thwarted than not, given a lack of proper stitching into deeper cuts, Midnight’s potion has an immediate, noticeable effect. Some of the wounds, especially in the back, nigh instantly display signs of scarring, and the blood flow lessens

eba7d No.119569

Got ahead of myself, I suppose.

"Ahh…thank you, Midnight. Your Goddess's magic is quite miraculous, I must say."

adf26 No.119570

Dice rollRolled 7 + 2

"It is only made better by the fact I am able to help ponies with it. I hope it makes you feel just a bit better before we continue."
She nods and steps back, observing the healing.

9ecb5 No.119571

Potion, spell, all the same

eba7d No.119572

Silver still looks to be in a bad way, but it doesn't appear to be quite as bad is it was before. His breathing has calmed slightly, at least.

"If you are staying in Baltimare after we are done, perhaps you could teach me little bit about Luna worship? It is not something that is famously talked about in Northern Orthodoxy."

adf26 No.119573

She looks at him for a moment, blinking as she seems surprised by the request.
She then warmly smiles
"I would be happy to do so, but at the moment how are you feeling?"

eba7d No.119574

"To be honest? Could be better. But that magic helped to allieviate worst of pain." He stands up straight and proud. "I will be fit for service, when we are next attacked by griffons."

He smiles gratefully at Midnight. "Thank you. Now, perhaps you could help me in bathroom? We have materials needed to make firebombs, we just need to put them together."

adf26 No.119575

"Fire bombs you say? Sounds interesting… I will help, but let me know if I can help you more."

eba7d No.119576

"I do not know what all you can do, but it would be appreciated." Silver leads the trio of himself, Midnight, and Meadows to the bathroom. "Have you seen Iron and Sands since they went into bedroom, by way?"

adf26 No.119577

Midnight looks at him with a raised eyebrow
"I was unaware they had even gone to the bedroom. Let us hope they come around sooner than later."
She then helps Meadows along, once again humming a tune that Silver can only assume is a hymn.

eba7d No.119578

He can't help but chuckle at her choice of wording. "Oh, I imagine he will…"

On the floor in the middle of the bathroom are a number of whiskey bottles, a barrel of heating oil, and a pile of cloth strips from what looks like the robe the female griffon was wearing, the one that Midnight saw getting knocked out in the middle of the hallway. There may-or-may-not be that same griffon tied up somewhere in the bathroom. Silver picks up a bottle of whiskey, opening it up with a pop. "If you want drink, I recommend you have it now. We will need to drain these in shower in order to make firebombs."

adf26 No.119579

She picks one up in a wing, pops it open, and takes a sniff.
"I am afraid I do not drink"
She does offer a swig to Meadows before pouring it out though.

9ecb5 No.119580

Meadows looks down at the brown tinted rectangular glass
“What is this?”

eba7d No.119581

Silver does indeed have a swig from his, enjoying the flavor and how it helps to sooth his pain. "It is whiskey. Alcoholic drink. Smooth, relaxing…" With a hint of sadness, he pours the rest of his bottle down the drain, and gets to work on the others. "If you want drink, I suggest you get it now."

adf26 No.119582

"I have been told it burns a bit on the way down, but I have also been told it helps with pain a bit. I will let you decide."

eba7d No.119583

"It is good burn. I like it." He looks over to Midnight. "When we are done draining these, we need to refill them with heating oil from that barrel, put stoppers back on, then tie strips of cloth around bottlenecks."

9ecb5 No.119584

She looks at it, and looks at it further. It’s not clear what exactly she sees, but neither hoof nor horn pick it up. She slowly shakes her head from side to side.
“I did not partake in intoxicating liquors before, I will not do so now. I thing it would give me only false feelings, without recovering the gash in my heart.”

adf26 No.119585

Midnight rests her other wing on Meadows' shoulder, leaning in to whisper in her ear so Silver can't hear
"Good mare, I was hoping you would say that anyway. We will find a better way to help you."
She smiles before walking over to pour the bottle out

eba7d No.119586

Silver thus puts it in the pile of bottles to drain. "Fair enough. When this is over, we will escort you to hospital. They have potion which will be able to help you recover over time."

While he continues to work, he asks her: "So, what is your story, Meadows? Why did you want to leave your homeland?"

2a470 No.119587

“There is…. a potion?”

adf26 No.119588

"If there is, it is news to me."

eba7d No.119589

Silver nods. "It does indeed exist. It works wonders for what has happened to you."

2a470 No.119590

“If only most problems could be solved with a potion”

4ce51 No.119591

Insert Cauldron shilling here

eba7d No.119592


"Where do you happen to be staying, Midnight, so that I might find you after tonight?"

adf26 No.119593

"I am actually a nomad, and I do no have a place to stay tonight."

eba7d No.119594

He chuckles. "Seems to be common feature of ponies in our group…" He thinks on it while he works. "Well, there is Cathedral here in Baltimare, run by pony named Father Maren. As far as I know, they do not have any disciples or acolytes of Luna. Perhaps they would be willing to offer you place to stay?"

adf26 No.119595

"Maybe that would be a good idea, thank you for letting me know. How about yourself, what is your background?"

eba7d No.119596

"Me? Ah, I am just old pony, doing mercenary work and trying to rebuild his life. Nothing that would make for good story, I am afraid. But feel free to ask whatever about me, so long as I can ask about you in turn." He gives her a friendly smile, the winter fluff on his cheeks poking out.

adf26 No.119597

She smiles back
"Well I guess I should ask what brought you to this group. You all do not seem like the most planned of teams."

eba7d No.119598

"Heh. I can see that. I do not know if it was coincidence or fate, but on my first day - night, really - here in Baltimare, I came across Dark Star and Blue Skies, then for next couple days I met other members of our little group. They are good ponies, and our own individual skills compliment each other. Together, there are few challenges we can not overcome, even with our lack of planning or leadership.

"What brings you to Baltimare?"

adf26 No.119600

"Well, my duty is to wander Equestria and protect those in need. I happened to stumble upon the right ponies, and they recommended me to this team with this job. I was actually coming to Baltimare because of the port. I figured there would be ponies fresh from other other parts of the world I could help."

eba7d No.119601

Silver looks a bit stunned, and offers her a hoof. "Then I must say, it is pleasure to have you with us. There needs to be more ponies like you in this world."

adf26 No.119602

She happily shakes his hoof and blushes a bit at the compliment
"Well thank you, but it is really nothing. Just my duty to Luna and Equestria."

eba7d No.119603

He keeps on smiling. "Only proving my point."

2a470 No.119604

Meadows watches for a moment, then looks away when the conversation steers away from her. She stands silently for a moment. Then she looks down, sees the robes, and starts to fold them. Right hoof and mouth on the shredded sheets, she sets about her impossible task, quickly changing to placing the shredded sheets in neat, organized lines folded three times over

eba7d No.119605

Silver looks interested at why she's doing such a thing.

"So, what brought young, gorgeous mare such as yourself into Luna's beautiful starry embrace, if you do not mind my asking?"

014f0 No.119607


eba7d No.119608

Hey Iron. It's good to see you! Excited to play again this weekend? Especially now that Iron has cashed in his V-card?

014f0 No.119609

I've been here all along.
In ur heart :3
Iron came so hard, he dilated time enough to desync himself from the timeline.

eba7d No.119610

hugs the tribal pony
Good thing the timeline stabilized itself, otherwise Silver would never be able to congratulate Iron on being claimed by a nice mare.

014f0 No.119611

H-hey. Now's not the time for t-that.
I dunno. It's still a little fuzzy. Iron could get ansty and rut the mare again in the bathroom if time resumes for him.

eba7d No.119612

D'awww. So cute.
Wew lad. Guess that means Silver, Midnight, and Meadows might end up getting a front row seat to Iron planting his seed for a second time in a fertile bed as a show of dominance.

014f0 No.119613

S-shut up, m-meanie.
Maybe you'll just spectate over 20 minutes of coitus while everyone ponders how come they're fucking after an hour of them meeting.

eba7d No.119614

Iron is just that good with the mares. Now all he needs to do is convince Sands and Cauldron to be okay with a three-person relationship.

014f0 No.119615

Sands seems to be able to, but Cauldron may be a bit harder to achieve.
It's not like I could meet her father with Sands coming along.
Not to mention…
There could be more than just two.

eba7d No.119616

I guess we'll see how much Iron's harem grows. Right now, Silver's sticking to only the one.

014f0 No.119617

His hoof?

eba7d No.119618

014f0 No.119619

File: 1573239630697.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.32 KB, 1280x935, large.jpg)

I bet Silver's clopping is strong.

eba7d No.119620


014f0 No.119621

File: 1573239990969.png (Spoiler Image, 154.66 KB, 465x329, 2110686.png)

eba7d No.119622

Hey, if Iron wants to turn it into a competition, all he needs to do is tell Silver the time and the place.

014f0 No.119623

File: 1573240927723.gif (4.66 MB, 600x338, 1388829.gif)

No need to confirm facts of Iron's superior clopping skills.

eba7d No.119624

Iron is but barely an adult. He lacks Silver's wisdom, I'm afraid.

014f0 No.119625

Pfft. I bet if he had your wisdom he'd double your clopping skills, ya goober.

eba7d No.119626

There is one thing he'd lack, though: Unicorn. Magic.

014f0 No.119627

That's a crutch for true clopping skill. Heck, you wouldn't even be clopping at that point.

eba7d No.119628

Like I said, name a time and place, Silver will be there. We'll see who truly is the best clopper.

014f0 No.119629

Oh yeah, clop stallion? Fine then. Tavern tomorrow morning we'll see who clops the best.

eba7d No.119630

You're on.

eba7d No.119631

INB4: things get lewd between the two big, strong stallions with their dicks out.

014f0 No.119632

File: 1573242878256.gif (861.05 KB, 296x388, 1460070.gif)

53f24 No.119638


760ef No.119639

53f24 No.119640

Hey there Iron-boi!

760ef No.119641

We both waiting for something to happen?

53f24 No.119642

Eh, maybe. Don't know yet if the GM is up for this weekend. Real life stuff for him has been hitting him hard.

760ef No.119643

I may have asked him some questions regarding that. Particularly the Skies dilemma, but I'd rather we speak about it out of thread to avoid filling the thread up with drama.

2a470 No.119644

File: 1573327516235.png (322.42 KB, 800x454, 12A0FE60-01BB-486E-803F-A3….png)

760ef No.119645


4223f No.119646

Hi there.

32a70 No.119647

File: 1573331518755.gif (191.17 KB, 554x445, _Boop twiggy 2.gif)

53f24 No.119648

Hi GM!


2a470 No.119649

760ef No.119650

I'll be waiting here in case Iron's presence is requested.
Or he grows antsy and decide to breed Sands some more. Whichever happens first.

4223f No.119651

Are you feeling up to a session today?

2a470 No.119652


I guess Iron can move

760ef No.119653

Nah, it's not about moving. It's about getting this griffon stomping session started.
Granted, that's got to wait a while until Midnight shows up, so my hands are tied at the moment.

53f24 No.119654

*is floofed gloriously*
*sticks chest floof out in pride*

2a470 No.119655

Still needs or could use just a little bit more planning

53f24 No.119656

Like what? What does she require?

760ef No.119657

But Iron isn't even close to the others as far as I know. They need to sync up after the time dilating rutting that happened.
Last I recall, Iron and Sands were walking to the bathroom.

2a470 No.119658

The griffin stomping

They open the door, and Snads looks out into the hallway.
"No creature there"
She looks back to Iron with partly lidded eyes, and places a hoof on him

760ef No.119659

Iron cocks his head.
"How long have we been in that room? I expected them to stay put or at least try to knock on the door."
He smiles slightly at her hoof placed on him.
"All alone again, huh? Perhaps we should stay put for a bit."
He lightly strokes Sands' cheek, reciprocating her gaze.
"We can… get to know eachother better, then."

2a470 No.119660

She smiles back to him
"Tempting, yes, but I think your comrades may cut you out of a share if they think you've just been fucking around…"
Now, she looks back into the hallway through the narrow slit in teh door
"Besides…. we may be in danger…. They may be gone"

760ef No.119661

Iron nods with a tiny blush on his cheeks and a small sheepish smile.
He proceeds to peek on the silt of the door, preferrably over her, in case she's seeing something.

32a70 No.119662

Dark star looks around to get a hold on his location.

2a470 No.119663

In the stairwell

Nothing outside, even as sounds of activity further down permeate the hallway

760ef No.119664

Do you remember how much damage Iron took?
Iron attempts to discern what kind of activity is currently going on by listenting intently.
1d20[ 1d20 = 15 ]<Common Tier Ears

2a470 No.119665

Talking, mostly in the central area

Like 4 plus 10 in the last battle
>Pleb dice

760ef No.119666

Iron decides to open the door up slightly, peering his whole head out to glance around, before opening the door fully and taking a step forwards, wanting to follow the sound of the talking.
(Maybe that is where they are.)

53f24 No.119667

I was worried about you, I thought you weren't coming back. I'm glad to see that thought has been proven wrong.

32a70 No.119668

is there anypony with him?

2a470 No.119669

It's almost as if across the hall, and not particularly in either direction down it

No. Star is alone at the moment

760ef No.119670

Iron's ears flicker as he frowns in annoyance.
He turns back to Sands.
"No sounds of fighting around here. Mere talking from somewhere I cannot pinpoint."

32a70 No.119671

He goes back to the bathroom

2a470 No.119672

"Well where are your comrades?"

Down a blank and open white walled hallway to the bathroom, a few drops of blood on the floor

760ef No.119673

"No idea," he responds. "It may be they have encountered the enemy and won recently."
He tentatively clip clops further away from the bathroom, moving his head to beckon Sands to follow him.
"It might be best to look for them."

32a70 No.119674

"Buck..what happend?"
He thinks to himself.

2a470 No.119675

He enters into the bathroom, to see Midnight and Silver, with a large black painted metal drum in the center with an open top, several empty rectangular whiskey containers with the "Blackjack Brewery" label, and several filled up with yellow liquid and pieces of red cloth stuffed into them. Further away, that large unicorn horse folds little pieces of red cloth

53f24 No.119676

Silver looks to the returning pony. He looks to be in a bad way, bleeding slowly from new wounds on his neck, chest, and back. The one on his back looks particularly nasty, if partially magically healed. "Dark Star! There you are. It is good to see you. Want to help make firebombs?"

32a70 No.119677

"Celestia your back! Are you ok?"

53f24 No.119678

"Aside from blood loss, yes. I will be fine, I got into fight with group of griffons trying to take Loputu away. One got me with his cleaver, as you can see. Midnight's magic healed it little bit."

2a470 No.119679

iron goes out, and Sands tentatively follows, looking around with wide eyes and more than a normal amount of blinking

32a70 No.119680

"Can i do anything to help you?"

760ef No.119681

With a cautious walk, he scans the area for anything of note as he walks, hoping to find a clue of something happening.

53f24 No.119682

"Well, you can help us with making firebombs. We already have made good progress, we will be able to really put hurt to these griffons."

2a470 No.119683

It looks as if he sees Dark Star entering into the Bathroom

760ef No.119684

Iron breathes a sigh of relief after seeing his brown/red colleague, turning to Sands.
"They have not seem to move, it looks like."
He slowly prances casually to the bathroom door.
"We should be good, Sands. Stay behind me, just in case."

2a470 No.119685

She follows behind him, looking behind her, and bouncing her shoulders a little. They go to the door
From behind, "Iron?"

32a70 No.119686

"what is that black drum?"

760ef No.119687

Iron stops to look at Samds with a kind smile.
"Yes, Sands?"

53f24 No.119688

"Heating oil. That is what we are putting in these bottles. They will go up in flames very well."

2a470 No.119689

Whether or not it's relevant to the question, Dark Star can smell something like Diesel fuel

Oh it's not Sands. Sands, in fact, jumps forward, and repositions herself facing the new creature. It's a griffin, a certain specific griffin
"Where have you been?"

Sands tries to respond first
"Looking around in these rooms for anything hidden. Books, evidence, captives, hidden doors"

760ef No.119690

Iron, for his part, raises his brow in surprise at the sudden appearance of the pegasus mare hidden in a beaked chick, his ears standing straight at her sight.
He simply nods to what Sands say, since it was technically what she was doing previously.

32a70 No.119691

Dark Star sits down and helps fill jars full of it.

2a470 No.119693

Her lower beak pulls back as if in a frown
She looks back behind them, where the other griffin, with bandages on her, walks back along side the Kirin Khoi Lua. The dark blue colt walks between them, looking around, and with steps that are almost like a tip toe. Behind them all walks the gnoll, with open mouth and protruding tongue. Skies walks past them, opening the door into the room

Silver Shekels enters the bathroom

53f24 No.119694

Now Silver looks to the new arrivals. "You finished. Uh…did anyone happen to remember to bring my armor?"

760ef No.119695

Iron gladly lets the others pass through the bathroom before either him or Sands, breathing a little heavily from the surprise to find almost all the other rebels down here right as he was about to enter.
"Go on through. I will keep guard."

2a470 No.119696

"The scally pony has it"
She answers. Behind them walks in the colt, who dashes in and off to the side, Jubilosa with a sort of limp and who immediately looks to Silver, Khoi Lua by her side, a hoof on Jubilosa's back and Silver's armor on her own back, and behind them all, Mala, who walks almost lazily or happily

53f24 No.119697

"It is good to see you all. We are almost ready." Silver grabs the armor off of Khoi, and puts it on.

32a70 No.119698

Dark Star smiles as he sees her

2a470 No.119699

She smiles back to him

Khoi looks up to him, and lowers her head, to allow the armor to move over her
She says to him, looking up to his eyes
"Are you alright? I was busy helping Jubilosa and could not tend to you"

"Alright… now that that is taken care of, how are we doing this?"

Sands turns around and looks to him, tilting her head slightly, with drawn back lips and big eyes
"But are you sure? You will be easier to see here than inside"

760ef No.119700

Iron starts to sweat slightly after what Sands told him.
He lightly kicks the floor with a pout, before inhaling a bit, letting a breath out in a short gust of wind.
"Let us enter."
Thus, he walks over to the door and enters the bathroom, hoping Sands follows."

Lo and behold the native has arrived. Keep your responses ready until Sands comes along. Then you can shoot.

32a70 No.119701

"Howdy. you look relaxed."

2a470 No.119702

Sands slinks in behind Iron

53f24 No.119703

Silver looks to be in pain, still, though not as much as he was. He smiles at the concern she apparently shows towards his injured state. "I…could be better. But I am afraid my injuries will require more time to heal than we have. Midnight has helped them to heal somewhat, so that will have to be enough."

A rather severely-injured and bloodied Silver can most definitely smell the sex and pheromones coming from the big native. He smiles a knowing smile at Iron as he hoofs over a potion of Cure Light Wounds. "Here, I heard you were injured in boiler wound. Drink this and heal up, we will need as many health fighters as we can get."

Silver looks over to Dark Star for leadership.

53f24 No.119704

I must have gone dumb in the last few minutes or something.

*boiler room
*healthy fighters

2a470 No.119705

"That was…. pretty brave"
She looks over to Loputu, who himself has moved closer to the improvised bombs
"It's a very dangerous place for a colt to be running about"

53f24 No.119706

He can't help but look a little bashful at the compliment. "Just doing what I do best to help…"

He looks over to Loputu as well. "It is difficult to ask him to remain in the place. He is strong colt, but it may not be enough. Should time come, he may need to become warrior, as much as I do not want it to come to that."

2a470 No.119707

"he looks just a year or two below drafting age… Whether he is ready or not, the call may come to him"

32a70 No.119708

"Let's get these bottes filled."

760ef No.119709

Iron blinks at Silver, before pulling his own Cure Light Wounds potion with a smile, leaving him with the last one in his person on his belt.
"Remember who gave the gift you present, Silver."
He chuckles, before bumping Silver's shoulder with a hoof.
"Do not forget to stop by for more later."
He takes a drink to heal his wounds
1d8+3[ 1d8+3 = 9 ]<Zebra voodoo magic at play here
Iron looks at Star, puzzled by his comment.
"Thank you?" he responds.
Iron looks at Khoi and Silver with a cock of his head.
"I assume something else happened that I was not there to witness?"

53f24 No.119710

"Sadly…listen, Khoi, if things end up looking dook dire, as if we are going to lose, I want you to take Mala, Jubilosa, Loputu, and whoever else we can save, and run. Make sure at least someone escapes this place alive."

2a470 No.119711

Khoi narrows her eyes, and almot speaks through her teeth
"Yes. The pony colt almost got carried away, Jubilosa nearly died, and Silver is injured"

She is silent for a moment, looking at him with wide eyes. And the silence drags on a moment longer. She looks back to the others near the barrels, and then to Loputu, then back to Silver
"Okay. I will do so"

53f24 No.119712

"Hmm…so, I suppose I should take this one myself, then." Silver looks to the potion he was otherwise going to offer Iron.

2a470 No.119713

Blue Shekels walks over
"What are you doing here?"

760ef No.119714

Iron cranes his head in shock
He decides to walk over to Jubilosa, quickly handing her his last potion.
"Take it. I do not want any casualties on this mission if I can help it."
Iron nods at Silver, before turning back to Khoi
"How did that happen?"

32a70 No.119715

"making a nice little drink for our Hooked beak friends."
He grins.

53f24 No.119716

Dice rollRolled 4 + 1

Silver nods in appreciation, and at Iron declining the potion Silver offered him, downs it himself, instead.

2a470 No.119717

She is surprised, and says in her accented voice
"Where have you been?"
She looks down to the potion
"Wow, thanks. But the Unicorn has already given me one"

"Loputu was not pulled into a safe room and wondered around. These… criminals here in the hallway encountered him. He tried to hide in a closet but it did not work. They tried to drag him off, and may have succeeded, but for Silver here. We fought them and succeeded. But there was suffering and injury in the process"

"Uh, you're going to burn them?"

32a70 No.119718

"That was the plan,yes."

2a470 No.119719

"I am…. not so sure about that. You see, as evil as what is happening here is, it's not a war zone, so you can't just kill unsuspecting creatures without special circumstances like them trying to kill you, or at least fleeing"

53f24 No.119720

Silver looks over to Blue Skies, now partially healed a bit more than before. "Why did you not raise these objections earlier?"

2a470 No.119721

"I did realize you were going to firebomb them"

32a70 No.119722

"They have tryed to kill us. and im sure they've done worse than that to somepony's here."

760ef No.119723

"Bedroom," he responds flatly to Jubilosa before looking for any sort of wounds, circling around her.
"How much was it treated? Are you still able to wield a weapon and swing it? Any headaches? Difficulty breathing?"

He turns to Khoi, with an alarmed expression
"How was the colt left unguarded all this time? Did no one want to be on guard duty for the little one? Why did he wander off the group? How did he wander off the group?"

2a470 No.119724

"Wha" she responds to the bedroom comment

Then looks to Iron with large eyes, pulling her head back, clearly not expecting the close attention to her physical body
"Yes… I was scratched into my chest and the wounds were deep. I had some difficulty breathing, pain, and bleeding. No headaches."

"Looks like no one was looking out for where he was. Maybe he was behind us and didn't see us go in, or he thought there wasn't enough room for all of us"

"Well yes, but you see, every single individual instance of creaturacide must be justified. It's the same as the normal laws against murder, except where the opponents are partisans in arms against the state, in which it is like the laws of war, minus the laws, because they do not wear uniforms or abide by laws themselves."

53f24 No.119725

"If you have any better ideas, let us hear them."

760ef No.119726

Shaking his head at Khoi's explanation, he simply presents the potion again to Jubilosa, shaking it with his hoof lightly.
"Drink it. I need you to be in top shape for the fight. You need it more than me."

32a70 No.119727

"Laws were made to be bent."

2a470 No.119728

"Uh… I'm sure there is a work around. You can still kill any creature that is either trying to use deadly force against you, against some other innocent creature, or who is fleeing the scene. And of course enemy combatants may be ambushed, and partisans have no legal protection at all. I think the civilian government will give a bounty on live aliens that are turned in."

"Uh… the grey unicorn, Silver I think his name is, already offered me one."
She looks back up to him with her slit, cat eyes and a beak pulled back in what loooks like a smile
"Thank you, though"

Blue Skies smiles back to him
"Well, see if you can figure out how to bend these"

53f24 No.119729

"I can not believe you did not know that is what we were going to do. You gave your approval of idea of making them in first place, and you even gave idea of using heating oil."

2a470 No.119730

"I'm not used to constraints…"

760ef No.119732

Iron eyes her a bit, humming softly, before nodding.
"Alright. If you feel any ill effects or your body starts to act up, remember the potion is available at any time, Jubilosa."

With a little bow, he excuses himself from the catbird, walking to where Skies, Silver and Star are talking.
"I can manage breaking a few beaks for some of that bounty," he offers. "My hooves are all about that."

32a70 No.119733

He smiles then continues filling jars.

2a470 No.119734

She smiles
"Great. The quantity is the only issue here"

Okay, what's going on with the potion situation?

2a470 No.119735

"Uh… Any ideas?"

53f24 No.119736

Iron apparently has at least one potion left. Silver used his last one.

32a70 No.119737

"Yea, im gonna carve up maakie."

760ef No.119738

Actually, I've checked the character sheet. It says I should still have 2 more Cure Moderate Wounds and 2 Barkskin +1 as well aside from that last Cure Light Wounds.
The file was updated last on August 10th, 2019

2a470 No.119739

"What of the other griffins?"

Probably a good time to make some use of those

760ef No.119740

Iron has already used one, making his health go from 28 to 37 in one swoop. This is why he only has 5 potions left.

2a470 No.119741

One of the Cure Moderate Wounds?

32a70 No.119742

"which ones? the lackeys trying to murder us? im sure they'd love a drink."

2a470 No.119743

"Okay…. I'm just saying it needs to be self defense"

760ef No.119744

Wait, is somebody else aside from Jubilosa an inch away from near death? Those items heal a lot more than a Cure Light Wounds, with a 2d8.

2a470 No.119745

Silver and Iron are the injured ones

32a70 No.119746

He grins
"Self Defense is a beautiful thing."

2a470 No.119747

She wubs the little pony on te head, between his ears

"So what is the plan?"

53f24 No.119748

Silver sighs after having thought on it for a minute. "I do not know solution to this predicament. However, right now, I am not so concerned about laws of land as I am making sure that as many people get out of this building alive as possible. Removing as many guards out of picture as we can in shortest period of time would do much to minimize risk to these people's lives. To your life."

760ef No.119749

I suppose I can make Iron drink another Cure Light Wounds.

Iron decides to drink up the last Cure Light Wounds potion, knowing that he's well stocked on more care intensive healing items.
1d8+3[ 1d8+3 = 9 ]<Sticky texture, actually.
He looks to Silver wondering how hurt he is.
50 health = Healthy
49-40 health =Lightly Wounded
39-30 Health =Moderately Wounded
29-20 Health =Severely Wounded
19-10 Health =Lethally Wounded
9-1 Health =Almost dying.

32a70 No.119750

"We start by picking off patrols."

2a470 No.119751

If any of the potion is wasted because of the creature being at full health, don't do it. What would the HP be now?

"Looks like we already got most of those. They are grouping up to go do something"

"Okay… how?"

760ef No.119752

Then Iron doesn't drink it. His wounds are minor compared to his health pool.

Iron looks at Skies
"How many were taken out by that incident?"

32a70 No.119753

"what would they group up for?"

53f24 No.119754

On the lower end of moderately wounded.

"Either we drop firebombs on them from upper balconies, or we ambush them with ranged weaponry. There are not many other options available to us unless we want to engage them in open combat. I do not know what effect we have had on their numbers so far, but I can not guarantee we will all make it out of this if we do not try to ambush them."

2a470 No.119755

"…… I don't know, actually"

"Three in the hallway, one in here. Then there are all of the others already taken out"

32a70 No.119756

"Have any guards gotten away?"

2a470 No.119757

"Not that I know of. But who knows how aware they are of missing guards"

760ef No.119758

Iron nods at her approvingly.
"Good work out there, Skies. Glad to have you with us."
Sounds worthy of a Cure Moderate Wounds.
Iron, gazing over Silver's visage, decides to lightly poke him on his chest, pulling out a Cure Moderate Wounds off his belt.
"Take the potion. Your body is worse for wear," he says flatly, eyes staring at his in a cool, calm and firm gaze.

53f24 No.119759

Dice rollRolled 3, 2 + 3 = 8

Silver's tired eyes lock with his before he takes hold of the potion. "Thank you." He grins mischeviously as he whispers into Iron's ear. "Good to see you had fun with Sands while you were gone. Going to need that clear mind for what is coming."

With that, he pulls back, and downs the potion.

2a470 No.119760

Let's get some numbers here on the wounds

She shakes her head
"Ambushes in any proper sense are out of the question. They must either fight you or flee first"

She nods, and smiles

760ef No.119761

You heard GM, Silver.
He nods back with a small grin of his own.
"Do you know how many are left, Skies?"

53f24 No.119762

A magical glow shines out of his wounds as they heal. They don't heal perfectly, but the color has returned to his skin, and at worst looks to be on the lower end of lightly wounded.

41 out of 50 Hit Points after the potion.

He sighs. "Then I shall put it like this: I will do my best to make sure you all get out of here alive." He hikes up his greatsword's sheath. "We should not keep them waiting, then. Every minute spent here is another minute they have to prepare. Should we demand their surrender before we engage them in combat?"

2a470 No.119763

"Many. In the center of a kind of atrium in this building, and who know how many where ever else. They are gathering together."

"Well, if you demand they surrender first, I guess there are three possible responses. They surrender, which is not a problem, they fight back, which lets you use deadly force, or they flee the scene, which lets you use deadly force. There isn't really a requirement that they know the full extent of the forces you have against them"

After how many potions?

"Yes. This could get sour"

"Darkie? Darkie Sweetie?"

760ef No.119764

Iron nods.
"I can help shake their rumps in fear if you want. I have my way with words."

53f24 No.119765

After the single moderate wounds potion Iron gave him.

"Then that is what we will do."

32a70 No.119766

im sorry frens, but im falling asleep over here. i woke up early this morning i can barly keep my eyes open.

53f24 No.119767

It's alright Darkie-boi. Sleep well. We'll see you tomorrow.

2a470 No.119768

Do you still want to scout out before combat, or wait for him to return?

760ef No.119769

At least to cover all escape routes through doors.

53f24 No.119770

I suppose what Iron said.

2a470 No.119771

“Okay, so how are we going to do this? Where are they, and how do we take them down?”

760ef No.119772

"You say all remaining opponents are currently in a single room, correct?" Iron starts. "We need to block as many exits as possible to avoid stragglers, either by our presence or through obstacles."

2a470 No.119773

Mala steps forward, and speaks
“There are two group of them. One group lives here, in the dorms here. The Society gives them the free dorms. I think all of them come from across the sea, from just one or two places. The other group is in the neighbor hood and lives there. They come from many more places. They meet together I think, I am not sure how often, I think in the middle building. That must be what they are doing. Waiting for the time of the meeting”

32a70 No.119774

"That sounds very insidious. they live in the neighborhood? the priests?"

53f24 No.119775

"That is very useful to know."

760ef No.119776

Iron nods, turning to Skies.
"I assume that first group was taken out by you, right, Skies?"

2a470 No.119777

“No. We may have encountered them, out in the church. But it’s a number of them.”

Mala nods, with something of a smile

“I think most of them are just creatures”

760ef No.119778

With another nod, he turns to Mala.
"So there is a small pocket of griffons on the floors above us, sleeping right now?"

2a470 No.119779

He shakes his head
“No. Awake. Probably in the other building.”

760ef No.119780

Iron nods again.
"So the closest group we know of is the second one, correct?"

4223f No.119781

So, should I pick back up investigating the claim of terroristic sabotage, or do we want to move on somewhere else?

2a470 No.119782

Spark can continue, yes

He lowers his voice a little
“I thought… I thought the residents were in the central atrium…”

760ef No.119783

Iron nods.
"I think so, too, but I want to make sure we are in the same page."
He ponders for a bit.
"Is there any noteworthy individuals you know of that could be currently in that room?"

2a470 No.119784

“There are several creatures, I just do not know where they are. I would not be surprised if they are going back and forth”

4223f No.119785

"Does this happen often?"
Spark continues to observe the surroundings.

760ef No.119786

Iron nods yet again.
"Noted. Could you describe them? See if Skies remembers taking down at least one of them."

2a470 No.119787

“Yes. Fairly regularly”

A cloud looms further over the horizon, and what looks like guards if a sort move around on top of the higher ground above the mine, while more inside seem to move over to workers, shouting to them. A few machines, power shovels, front-end loaders, and trucks that seem to be military style logistics trucks with dump truck beds added to the back, move around. Many more do not. Rumbling sounds come from a plant off to the side of the mine. A cold wind blows, and the leaves of the trees above the kind move with it. Beneath those trees, the remnants of forest appear dark.

The pony before him still appears worried

4223f No.119788

"Then you should have records of this happening, right? You must have written down and reported this. Got a copy I can look over?"

2a470 No.119789

“There are… records, yes. In the trailer.”

“Well… there is one well dressed grey colored griffin who comes around less often, a red feathered one who usually wears a cap, but he doesn’t come around often either. There is a brown one, kind of stern, who comes around more often and would give us work”

4223f No.119790

"Let's have a look. Maybe we can catch them in their next act."

760ef No.119791

Nodding, Iron glances at Skies, wondering if she caught or saw one of three griffons described.

2a470 No.119792

“Might just be the priest. Or the soeaker, anyways. And could the other be Maakie? The third one I am not sure I have seen or heard of before”

“If you are staying through the night, maybe.”
He starts to walk to the trailer office

760ef No.119793

Iron cocks his head.
"Who is Maakie, exactly?"

4223f No.119794

"I better before they decide to hurt somepony."

2a470 No.119795

“Did you not read the dossier with the others?”

760ef No.119796

Iron shrugs.
"No need to tell me every single detail. I only need to know how important he is, since all this getting stabbed and crackdown has left my memory a bit fuzzy."

2a470 No.119797

“A smuggler or possibly gangster from Skyfall. Very important, probably the leader of the whole operation, wanted by multiple governments, and very bad”

760ef No.119798

Iron nods.
"Good. Hopefully he is in that room."
I'll nod off for today.

53f24 No.119799

Sleep well, Iron!

98602 No.119800

Iron nods looking at both Mala and Skies.
"Do you two know how many exits these griffons in the central room have?"

2a470 No.119801

“I’m… not sure, really”

“That area hasn’t been scouted”

98602 No.119802

Iron nods.
"That is something to be done first."
He looks at Skies.
"Have you noticed any signs of the griffons being alerted?"

2a470 No.119803

“They definitely noticed the heat being turned off. As for any later patrols, I am not sure. But they’ve been moving about the building”

98602 No.119804

Iron hums slightly.
"We seem to have some time to scout out and block the exits, it looks like."

2a470 No.119805

“Time or not, we have to do it if you want to tackle them while they are still here”

53f24 No.119806

Silver breaks his silence. "Only question is how, then."

98602 No.119807

Iron hums slightly.
"Furniture of any kind, most likely. Maybe we can get some metal tubes and wrap it around the door handles to close them."
He scratches his chin.
"…was that how they worked?" he asks himself.

2a470 No.119808

“You can try to block the doors, certainly. I thought you were going to suggest one of you goes to the doors”

98602 No.119809

Iron nods.
"I need to know how many doors before I can suggest that. A single pony cannot be able to hold more than one door, specially if the doors are across the room."

32a70 No.119810

"I'll go scout it."

2a470 No.119811

“What exactly are you all going to do when the doors are dealt with?”

53f24 No.119812

"Presumably, it is to prevent their escape once we engage."

98602 No.119813

Iron nods, confirming Silver's assumptions.

2a470 No.119814

“Should I come with you?”
She asks

32a70 No.119815

"You can."

2a470 No.119816

Alright, Dark Star can go out to try to scout

32a70 No.119817

He does so.

2a470 No.119818

The hallway goes in two directions, left and right

53f24 No.119819

As Dark Star and Blue leave to scout the central room, Silver leans towards Iron and whispers, "So, how was it? Everything you hoped for?"

98602 No.119820

Iron's ears flicker as he glances at Silver puzzled.
"What do you mean?"

53f24 No.119821

"You know what I mean…" His eyes look towards Sands.

32a70 No.119822

"Let's go right."

98602 No.119823

Iron cocks his head, confused
"I am afraid you have to be a little more specific than that, Silver."

2a470 No.119824

She follows him to the right
“I think there is some whiskey still left in the bathroom. They poured a lot of it away”

There is the door to the stairwell, then a corner in the hallway

32a70 No.119825

He peeks around the corner

53f24 No.119826

Silver rolls his eyes. "Okay then: you had sex with Sands. How was it?"

2a470 No.119827

“No we didn’t!”

Further down, a griffin moves from a recessed area to the right, to the left

98602 No.119828

Iron straightens his ears up and widens his eyes slightly.
"Woah there. No need to be so hasty."

53f24 No.119829

Silver just gives them both a knowing smile.

98602 No.119830

Iron gives him a deadpan look.
"Was that private conversation with Sands so lewd you immediately thought we would copulate in the middle of a danger zone?"
He strokes his chin as he eyes Silver suspiciously
"What were you talking about with Sands?"

2a470 No.119831

“…. Nuh uh”

32a70 No.119832

He pulls his head back around the corner.
"We got company."

53f24 No.119833

"Nothing particularly of note. Just wanted to let her know about your other companion." Silver takes a purposely deep breath through his nose. "Ahhh…what wonderful smell…"

2a470 No.119834

She pulls back as well. Nothing comes this far

“…. No”

98602 No.119835

Iron glares at Silver, scruching his muzzle at his deep breathing in disgust.
"Why would you do that?"

2a470 No.119836

Sands pulls in close, and says through her teeth
Not in front of the Kirin

53f24 No.119837

At Sands' request, Silver shuts up about it.

2a470 No.119838

Skies pulls over to Dark Star, and whispers into his ear
“By the way, Dark Star? This might be a bad time… But I’ve been fucking Silver Sword, and I am breaking up with you”

32a70 No.119840

Dark Star looks at her in shock.
"You what?"

98602 No.119841

Iron facehoofs at Silver for his imprudent timing.
(Is this stallion senile?) he thinks to himself.

2a470 No.119842

“You heard me. Now look in front of you, there’s a griffin”

32a70 No.119843

Dice rollRolled 17

Dark star walks around the corner and shoots at the griffion with no regard for his own saftey.

32a70 No.119844

thats a +5

08655 No.119846

2a470 No.119847

Argentina and Dark Star have been ceaselessly tormenting me about Blue Skies having sex with Silver Sword for 8 months now. They refuse to think of it as a mistake and leave it in the past, when I suggest just killing her off or removing her from the story, I meet resistance. They always say “just have her tell him and let them break up” which makes no fucking sense because every motivation the blue skies character has would lead her to stay with Dark Star and keep the other events a secret. But they won’t stop tormenting me about that character, they won’t get over it, and they won’t let me just remove her. So I am giving them what they demand. It doesn’t make sense in context, you say? Well it was never going to make sense in context, because it would never have happened except for them yelling at me to do it on Discord all the time

53f24 No.119848

Well, that was sudden.

2a470 No.119849

Not really, no. They’ve been yelling at me about it on discord for days now, and periodically across months before then

53f24 No.119850

Well, sudden for me, I suppose, since that apparently happened in DMs between all of you.
So, what about Dark Star's attack?

08655 No.119851

This is why you don't have a bunch of characters made by neckbeards screw each other. The women you come up with are bound to be as bad as the 3d kind.

2a470 No.119852

I don’t care. My will to go forward with the campaign at all has been sapped from me

98602 No.119853

He's really not feeling it, Silver. He'll probably be up for it later.
It's understandable. Having to deal with rape of a nonexistent being is a tough burden a young mind who cares for it.

2a470 No.119854

I wasn’t trying to make perfect anime waifus. This is not the Doki Doki literature club. But for some reason, they just had to turn it into that. I just wanted to explore concepts and facets of the world with realistic characters

2a470 No.119855

Dude, go fuck yourself. This has nothing to do with any “rape” and everything to do with you fucking harassing me on discord

98602 No.119856

It definitely is. Skies' rape is the main point that diminishes her character and hurts deeply the player controlling her coltfriend. Star is obviously upset about it because it broke his heart, and who could blame him? Who would chin up at the prospect of witnessing their loved one be assaulted and abused while they can't do anything about it? Of course it's going to have an impact, GM.

08655 No.119857

File: 1573409254888.png (Spoiler Image, 2.35 MB, 1550x2006, DiscordIsUnhealthy.png)

Discord is cancer, it's an "inner ring" that just leads to scheming and infighting. Quite true to its name, actually.

2a470 No.119858

That was 9 fucking months ago, get over it and move on. Do I need to use my magical GM powers to remove it from history?

It is now erased from the timeline; it never happened.

Now for the love of God can you two just move on with your lives?

I assure you I am fully aware. Very few people have learned that lesson as completely and as fully as me.

98602 No.119859

As much as you want that deleted out of frustration of the ship you liked burning up in flames due to an unforseen consequence of having another PC interact with it so closely, you can't really do it.
It'll always be there, haunting behind the scenes in the back of both you and Star. No matter how much you erase it in the game time now, it is too late. The sting will always be there.
I already had you covered: Let Star let go of Skies and live their lives separately without conflict, yet for some reason, you jumped the shark impetously, hoping through that rash decision you could go back to the status quo ASAP. You only needed to wait after the mission, yet you escalated things up to leaking drama inthread.
Of course it was a mistake. A hurting, deep mistake that won't be remedied by simply killing her off either, as others have grown fond of her.
The only one tormenting you is yourself at this point through rash decisions that cost you your sanity and campaign. I had the solution, yet you refused.
Discord is alright. Drama occurs almost all the time, no matter which medium is chosen.

2a470 No.119860

Shut the fuck up already

53f24 No.119861

Everything that's gone wrong in the campaign is my fault. I'm sorry.

4223f No.119862

Not in the slightest. You shouldn’t have to constantly apologize for actions done in D&D almost a year ago. Just have fun and enjoy the game.

08655 No.119863

Tbh your character screwing and possibly impregnating one of the major NPCs is one of the reasons why D&D is so great. Going off the rails is fun.

98602 No.119864

I'm trying to help you, GM. I want this to end as much as you do. You just had to wait a bit and let the thread between Star and Skies be cut off naturally through character interactions and changing interests.
Don't be too hard on yourself. You got caught up in the heat of the moment and followed your urges. As long as it doesn't happen again, which is unlikely something like this could happen again, you'll be alright.
Eh. I suppose that's true, but there needs to be a limit on how off the rails one can be, lest they ruin other players' fun.

53f24 No.119865

None of this would have happened had it not been for me and my terrible decisions. Everything has been tearing apart since then. I never wanted to cause any of this, to hurt you guys. I just wanted to enjoy a fun game with fun people.

4223f No.119866

This group has broken and reformed so many times over far less. Don’t take it so personally. We are very autistic.

98602 No.119867

What Spark said.
It's a one time thing that hopefully won't happen again after this.

4223f No.119868

So what if it happens again? You shouldn’t take these events personally to begin with.

98602 No.119869

Stealing a woman from another man is wrong and shouldn't be done unless it was intended to be shared in the first place by all parties, no matter how real of fictional it is. Of course it's going to hurt the victim emotionally, which is why it shouldn't happen to begin with.

08655 No.119870

That's like saying you shouldn't kill another player in an online shooter. It's all for fun and just makes the gameplay more memorable. There are CK2 multiplayer sessions where one player tries to sleep with everyone else's wives.

4223f No.119871

You didn’t seem to have a problem bedding a different mare than that zebra you were drooling over. I don’t give a damn what happens for ERP on this thing because it is largely disconnected from the plot. Please stop pretending there are huge moral implications here.

2a470 No.119872

This is a role playing game. Characters In roleplay gets games, especially D&D, often steal, lie, murder, pillage, and rape. One of the big draws of the roleplay is that because it isn’t real, you can do things in character that you wouldn’t, couldn’t, and shouldn’t do in real life. Your character, for example, is a polygamist murderer who talks to every creature he meets like they are his inferiors. I know you are smart enough to know that that is fantasy and not something you could get away with in real life. Please have enough self awareness to realize the same applies to my NPCs to a degree

98602 No.119874

The GM didn't exactly have fun witnessing her character be raped to begin with, so the fun factor is non existent to begin with aside from spectators.
So what? Iron never moved against Cauldron to begin with. If an NPC raped Skies and then Star could potentially get revenge for it then it'd make for a more compelling experience, but the fact that one PC rutted another PC's marefriend and the first PC can't do anything about it, then it's going to cause problems for the first PC's outlook on the game while pretending nothing happened.
I can see your point. Of course I wouldn't become a polygamist murderer in real life. The issue lies in how Star can never really hit back against Silver for what he did without metagaming to begin with. He's supposed to be a trusted friend, after all. Silver is supposed to be a paragon of good, supporter of Harmony. The rape doesn't really fit him as a character, neither does Skies, being a hardened police mare, letting it happen willy nilly, no matter how much she wants to bond with Silver.

2a470 No.119876

File: 1573412956397.png (97.67 KB, 1024x1024, 6057D3A6-86A7-4D8E-8BBA-57….png)

Look. Do you know why the first instance of intercourse between Silver and Blue Skies happened? It happened for two very simple reasons. First, Blue Skies craves affection and affirmation, and so was going to mostly go along with Silver, because she, like so so many real human beings, wants some one to love her. This flaw is too serious serious and unrelatable for you to forgive, you say? Too bad, so sad, moving on.

But even with that I 100% intended for her to stop him at some point, and for the obvious reason that I figured Dark Star’s player wouldn’t like it. But here’s the thing you all really need to understand. Dark Star stopped posting for two whole weeks, in a game that went on literally daily. He dropped off the map. He didn’t post in thread, he never said anything in discord. I had no reason to believe he had not quit. I had no reason to stop a roleplay from happening on behalf of a player who wasn’t here and who didn’t stop it.

You keep saying “why didn’t she stop it?” Well why didn’t Dark Star’s player stop it? If I had known he would still be bitching about it nine fucking months later I would have spayed Skies and nuetured Silver. But I frankly wasn’t even sure he was still playing.

I did not do it to “punish” Star, I did it because Silver pressed it and Star was silent. I am not laughing at him. Nothing about any of this makes me laugh. It makes me frustrated and pisses me off.

I know. That’s why I am saying we should all just consider it a three party mistake, accept it, and move on rather than dwell on it like it’s the fucking Holocaust or Slavery

I have already heard whining about this shit hundreds of times. Star’s player has already stopped playing so he can brood about it for weeks. I’ve already had a dozen arguments on this subject in thread and in discord. I have already given Star’s player an ultimatum to either get over it or I’m getting rid of the character back in August, and I thought he accepted that. I’m done with this shit. So you’re mad about it? Boo fucking hoo, go whine about it with the Jews about the Holocaust and the Blacks about slavery. It didn’t even fucking happen to you.

08655 No.119877

>Silver is supposed to be a paragon of good, supporter of Harmony. The rape doesn't really fit him as a character, neither does Skies, being a hardened police mare, letting it happen willy nilly, no matter how much she wants to bond with Silver.
Silver is generally good but not a "paragon" and he was horny especially after reminiscing about his late wife. You might expect loyalty from Skies but it's apparent that she uses ponies for her own means and she was horny particularly after eating crystallized love. Also, while she's in a formal relationship with Star I get the impression that she respects him less than she does Silver who fits the warrior ethos of her culture more.

This, I guess? I don't see the point in getting so attached to a character that something other than your character dying (which nearly happened several times particularly with Silver) would upset you. Maybe I need to get over my irl responsibilities and finally join the game officially.

4223f No.119878

I would like to see you play. What kind of character would you go for if you did?

08655 No.119879

Probably a bard-class mare who's just barely underage so if anyone tries lewding her I could call him a creep and appear justified.

4223f No.119880

Maybe you can team up with the wandering drunk bard that appears on rare occasions to confuse the party and his foes.

2a470 No.119881

She doesn’t have less respect for Star, if anything she likes Star more because Star comes closer to sharing her politics while Silver does not. The problem is Star is cold and stand offish while Silver is extremely affectionate to everyone he meets.

Go on….

I sense the Golly in you

98602 No.119882

Oh I know he was absent for weeks on end due to problems outside his control which led him to skip on sessions regularly, but there is a need to communicate these kind of things before it happens.
Funnily enough, that could have been solved with Discord, but it's a drama magnet, amirite?
In any case, we agreed on letting go of Skies and letting her live her life yesterday. You decided to escalate the situation to an absurd degree. You only had to wait until it got resolved by a breakup after the mission and move on with your life. Nothing more. Why did you have to submit to irrational impulses and flame up the thread for it?
Silver literally promised Star to his face he wouldn't abuse his trust with Skies at the bar scene at the third day. I don't know about you, but I figure Silver isn't the one to back away from his promises for some easy coochie.
It's understandable it doesn't affect you. I am simply helping out a fellow player get rid of his hurt feelings as best as I can through some planning to smoothly clear out this hurdle.

08655 No.119883

Maybe I'll join in a month after I write half a dozen reports. That'll probably be after the Equestria Rumble™ where everyone fights to the death over Skies.

4223f No.119884

I'm guessing from the same reason you are ruining this thread complaining about something that didn't effect you and happened so long ago that I was actually a character with potential. Your ranting is going no where. I suggest you drop it and move on.

98602 No.119885

>I was a character with potential

It's no rant, I assure you. I simply wanted to help.

4223f No.119886

There is no way to help. The situation is long past. There is no way for it to be resolved except by dropping it and moving on. As for the character thing, pay it no mind.

2a470 No.119887

No. you agreed to letting go of Skies. In fact, I am pretty sure that if he wanted to do that, it was because you pressured him into doing that. I didn’t agree to any such thing, and you are projecting your own wishes onto me.

I have no obligation to PM anyone on discord for what I do with my own NPCs. At that time, we used discord almost not at all, it was more or less dead. If he wants to get in touch with me, he can post in the thread, and the same goes for all of you.

I didn’t escalate shit. (You) escalated shit by spending hours PMing Star’s player in discord telling him to drop her. Stop pretending like you haven’t and own up to your own actions in this situation.

I gave Star’s player an ultimatum on this same shit back in the beginning of August, when he interrupted my experience of the last Bronycon to complain about Blue Skies and what happened in February. I told him that he either needed to get over it and move on, or I get rid of the character, and there is no third option. He accepted the former. Stop trying to interfere with how I run the game by manipulating other players.

This is none of your business. You do not control Blue Skies. You do not control Silver Sword. You do not control Dark Star. Your character in fact, has no horse in the race. Interfering this much and so insistently out of character on Discord and in the thread is extremely disrespectful and disruptive, and is the kind of behavior that gets players banned.

After Silver rolled his nat 1 in March, you made 5 out of character posts using some combination of “slut” or “whore,” and many others to the sane effect. I understood your opinion then. I assure you it has been duly noted.

More grad school stuff?

98602 No.119888

It's not really. No one really left out satisfied with the results and the issue still prevails even with dropping it. It only passes it to later.
I want to end this nonsense that keeps propping up but never does for some reasons with a clean cut of the relationship that is believable and neutral.
What makes you believe he wanted to keep going? He's not having fun with her while being his marefriend but likes her character enough to keep her around. Silver is a good candidate for Skies, after all. No need to destroy something just because you don't want Skies to let go of Star. There are other options aside from killing her off.
This, of course, means that you, not wanting to let go, pressured Star into being in his state, not to mention stopping the thread because he doesn't want to keep going. That is proper escalation. I simply wanted you and Star to bury the hatchet already and stop with this issue once and for all instead of propping up time and time again.
This thread stopping also means I have something to lose if this keeps happening. All of us are forced into a standstill because you can't stand what I'm trying to do out of some paranoid feeling that I want Skies gone forever and die in a ditch or something along those lines.
Let it go, man. Let Star be free of Skies but don't make her vanish. Make it believable and natural. It's a simple request that is easily achievable. She doesn't have to break the relationship. Star can. You don't have to force it.

2a470 No.119889

File: 1573415931293-0.gif (1.41 MB, 450x486, 4e2.gif)

File: 1573415931294-1.gif (47.78 KB, 423x238, 298859__safe_glass slipper….gif)

File: 1573415931294-2.png (318.81 KB, 561x800, 341191__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 1573415931294-3.jpg (102.83 KB, 640x720, 457307__safe_scootaloo_app….jpg)

4223f No.119930

Spark will continue his search of records to find out what is going on with the sabotage.

4223f No.119939

[illusion unicorn pony noises]

eba7d No.119940

[floofy unicorn pony noises]

4223f No.119941

Floofs that unicorn pony.

eba7d No.119942

unicorn is floofed
is now ball of floof

4223f No.119949

But could Spark become floofy?

eba7d No.119950

With proper grooming, sure.

4223f No.119951

But where do I go to get the best floof grooming?

a6a04 No.119953

Join the Sweetie Squad so you can be properly groomed into 12-year-old trolls.

Oh, you mean actual grooming?

eba7d No.119954

Silver would be more than willing to help Spark in his floofy endeavor.

4223f No.120263

Interesting. He might take you up on that offer, if he ever gets out of changeling lands.

4223f No.120414

Spark continues his investigation. He will find those terrorists, whether they are the owners themselves or some other group.

4223f No.120500

[researching pony noises]

4223f No.120506

File: 1574215601296.gif (9.33 MB, 845x475, thinklesprinkle.gif)

eba7d No.120507

File: 1574229632603.png (1.63 MB, 1920x1512, TwiviceIsDisconnect.png)

4223f No.120512

The answer becomes clear. The sabotage was done by the destructive power of meme faces.

4223f No.120516

Spark will continue to look for an answer as long as it takes.

2a470 No.120517

File: 1574395250419.png (93.98 KB, 600x600, B0077A61-8320-490A-86CF-97….png)

We may explore continuing this weekend. It’s too early to tell

4223f No.120518

eba7d No.120529

Fingers crossed!

4223f No.120537

Maybe tomorrow. Still excited.

eba7d No.120688


4223f No.120690

eba7d No.120692


2a470 No.120695

File: 1574651531627.jpeg (71.59 KB, 437x538, 9BC9B528-F278-48A1-AE2C-6….jpeg)

4223f No.120697

eba7d No.120698

Is a coot!

eba7d No.120704

File: 1574652181912.jpg (69.67 KB, 1422x778, 2198715__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

>when a Rogue uses Sleight of Hoof

eba7d No.120773

File: 1574741718874.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.58 KB, 1024x867, 2205736__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

gives gift to GM pone
is cute pone

2a470 No.120774

eba7d No.120775

File: 1574798835802.png (508.88 KB, 2356x1874, 2199343__safe_artist-colon….png)


4223f No.120853

The day of giving thanks for ponies is almost here.

eba7d No.120857

What would pony Thanksgiving be called?

4223f No.120926

Well, whatever it would be called, have a happy one.

eba7d No.120927

Thanks Spark, you too.

4223f No.120928

Did everypony have a good Thanksgiving?

b1133 No.120929

No, but thanks for asking.

de935 No.120930


Awwww…. what went wrong?

63f43 No.120933

I'm in the hardest stretch of uni currently, meaning I haven't had time to go out with friends or anything. It's not all bad, I much prefer a busy Thanksgiving over a busy Christmas. I hope everyone else has had a good time.

de935 No.120934

Aww. We’ve had our own problems, but things aren’t really busy

It was a Masters in Finance…. right?

3566e No.120950

File: 1575263590632.mp4 (9.4 MB, 854x854, Mala.mp4)

18be9 No.120951

File: 1575264292409.jpg (41.93 KB, 1280x720, aw.jpg)

That's a hyena.

3566e No.120956

Hyenas a cute! a Cute!

eba7d No.120986

That doggo is living his best life.

eba7d No.120992

Rollcall: who's here?

2a470 No.120993

File: 1575337246696.png (278.5 KB, 900x604, 8C5AFBCC-BEC4-4ED8-9A86-57….png)

Am here

eba7d No.120994

2a470 No.120999

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