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File: 1572728927180.png (37.93 KB, 300x100, CF8617CC-60E0-4E17-A5C8-1A….png)

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The adventure, tentatively, continues
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98602 No.119888

It's not really. No one really left out satisfied with the results and the issue still prevails even with dropping it. It only passes it to later.
I want to end this nonsense that keeps propping up but never does for some reasons with a clean cut of the relationship that is believable and neutral.
What makes you believe he wanted to keep going? He's not having fun with her while being his marefriend but likes her character enough to keep her around. Silver is a good candidate for Skies, after all. No need to destroy something just because you don't want Skies to let go of Star. There are other options aside from killing her off.
This, of course, means that you, not wanting to let go, pressured Star into being in his state, not to mention stopping the thread because he doesn't want to keep going. That is proper escalation. I simply wanted you and Star to bury the hatchet already and stop with this issue once and for all instead of propping up time and time again.
This thread stopping also means I have something to lose if this keeps happening. All of us are forced into a standstill because you can't stand what I'm trying to do out of some paranoid feeling that I want Skies gone forever and die in a ditch or something along those lines.
Let it go, man. Let Star be free of Skies but don't make her vanish. Make it believable and natural. It's a simple request that is easily achievable. She doesn't have to break the relationship. Star can. You don't have to force it.

2a470 No.119889

File: 1573415931293-0.gif (1.41 MB, 450x486, 4e2.gif)

File: 1573415931294-1.gif (47.78 KB, 423x238, 298859__safe_glass slipper….gif)

File: 1573415931294-2.png (318.81 KB, 561x800, 341191__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 1573415931294-3.jpg (102.83 KB, 640x720, 457307__safe_scootaloo_app….jpg)

4223f No.119930

Spark will continue his search of records to find out what is going on with the sabotage.

4223f No.119939

[illusion unicorn pony noises]

eba7d No.119940

[floofy unicorn pony noises]

4223f No.119941

Floofs that unicorn pony.

eba7d No.119942

unicorn is floofed
is now ball of floof

4223f No.119949

But could Spark become floofy?

eba7d No.119950

With proper grooming, sure.

4223f No.119951

But where do I go to get the best floof grooming?

a6a04 No.119953

Join the Sweetie Squad so you can be properly groomed into 12-year-old trolls.

Oh, you mean actual grooming?

eba7d No.119954

Silver would be more than willing to help Spark in his floofy endeavor.

4223f No.120263

Interesting. He might take you up on that offer, if he ever gets out of changeling lands.

4223f No.120414

Spark continues his investigation. He will find those terrorists, whether they are the owners themselves or some other group.

4223f No.120500

[researching pony noises]

4223f No.120506

File: 1574215601296.gif (9.33 MB, 845x475, thinklesprinkle.gif)

eba7d No.120507

File: 1574229632603.png (1.63 MB, 1920x1512, TwiviceIsDisconnect.png)

4223f No.120512

The answer becomes clear. The sabotage was done by the destructive power of meme faces.

4223f No.120516

Spark will continue to look for an answer as long as it takes.

2a470 No.120517

File: 1574395250419.png (93.98 KB, 600x600, B0077A61-8320-490A-86CF-97….png)

We may explore continuing this weekend. It’s too early to tell

4223f No.120518

eba7d No.120529

Fingers crossed!

4223f No.120537

Maybe tomorrow. Still excited.

eba7d No.120688


4223f No.120690

eba7d No.120692


2a470 No.120695

File: 1574651531627.jpeg (71.59 KB, 437x538, 9BC9B528-F278-48A1-AE2C-6….jpeg)

4223f No.120697

eba7d No.120698

Is a coot!

eba7d No.120704

File: 1574652181912.jpg (69.67 KB, 1422x778, 2198715__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

>when a Rogue uses Sleight of Hoof

eba7d No.120773

File: 1574741718874.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.58 KB, 1024x867, 2205736__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

gives gift to GM pone
is cute pone

2a470 No.120774

eba7d No.120775

File: 1574798835802.png (508.88 KB, 2356x1874, 2199343__safe_artist-colon….png)


4223f No.120853

The day of giving thanks for ponies is almost here.

eba7d No.120857

What would pony Thanksgiving be called?

4223f No.120926

Well, whatever it would be called, have a happy one.

eba7d No.120927

Thanks Spark, you too.

4223f No.120928

Did everypony have a good Thanksgiving?

b1133 No.120929

No, but thanks for asking.

de935 No.120930


Awwww…. what went wrong?

63f43 No.120933

I'm in the hardest stretch of uni currently, meaning I haven't had time to go out with friends or anything. It's not all bad, I much prefer a busy Thanksgiving over a busy Christmas. I hope everyone else has had a good time.

de935 No.120934

Aww. We’ve had our own problems, but things aren’t really busy

It was a Masters in Finance…. right?

3566e No.120950

File: 1575263590632.mp4 (9.4 MB, 854x854, Mala.mp4)

18be9 No.120951

File: 1575264292409.jpg (41.93 KB, 1280x720, aw.jpg)

That's a hyena.

3566e No.120956

Hyenas a cute! a Cute!

eba7d No.120986

That doggo is living his best life.

eba7d No.120992

Rollcall: who's here?

2a470 No.120993

File: 1575337246696.png (278.5 KB, 900x604, 8C5AFBCC-BEC4-4ED8-9A86-57….png)

Am here

eba7d No.120994

2a470 No.120999

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