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File: 1566528454539.png (381.68 KB, 800x1800, 1531796112133.png)

75782 No.111000[View All]

Welcome back to the Latest Thread of Occupied Equestria

Onyx, Spark and Brie settle down for the night in a cabin in the woods along with a set of recently rescued ponies, saved from Changeling cocoons, as well as the changelings who sought to take them captive, who are themselves locked away as captives.

In Baltimare, Silver, Dark Star, Iron, and now Midnight Lily do their last preparations before seeking to take on a creature smuggling operation in a port-side neighborhood
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f4979 No.114947

I hope this doesn't lead to Iron punching her thinking she's a guard.

75782 No.114948

File: 1568679482922.png (580.02 KB, 2000x2000, 7DB8B1F9-A7AA-4E19-91DB-E2….png)


1321a No.114950

Hi there.

ae308 No.114951

75782 No.114952

ae308 No.114953

That wasn't a question.
It was an action

1321a No.114954

How are you today?

75782 No.114955

File: 1568683682904.png (539.17 KB, 4231x2771, 1514363002478.png)

eb6c4 No.114956


75782 No.114957

File: 1568685786876.jpeg (114.79 KB, 1280x720, 1C8F6CB0-49E1-425E-9A8E-6….jpeg)

Hi floofster

eb6c4 No.114958

File: 1568687357340.gif (90.67 KB, 320x320, 2096668__safe_artist-colon….gif)

75782 No.114959

File: 1568687713574.png (712.14 KB, 433x560, 8D2359A2-8226-4E89-A535-AD….png)

D’aww! That’s so cute

Um… Hi right back to you

eb6c4 No.114960

File: 1568692080221.png (720.29 KB, 3020x2248, 1822241__safe_artist-colon….png)

Watches you

I wonder if there's such a thing as monster ponies in this universe.

0ad0c No.114962

File: 1568748876351.png (414 KB, 1600x1200, _aj filly boop.png)

735ba No.114963

File: 1568749008162.png (1.99 MB, 1792x828, E86AE747-777F-48DD-806B-39….png)

357c9 No.114964

File: 1568755292833.gif (166.99 KB, 540x432, _Ponk boop.gif)

eb6c4 No.114965

File: 1568757433863.png (464.76 KB, 2782x2038, 1962049__safe_artist-colon….png)

Do you wish to boop the not-mimic pony?

0ad0c No.114966

735ba No.114967

eb6c4 No.114968

File: 1568759027662.png (618.32 KB, 2372x1779, 1887110__safe_artist-colon….png)

The not-mimic pony continues to look at you, as if expecting or waiting for something

The not-mimic pony watches with wide eyes as the hoof closes in on her snootendootle, crossing them as they finally make contact. It feels soft, yet firm, and is covered with a thin film of what feels like saliva.

Before you have any time to react, the not-mimic pony takes a sudden sharp intake of breath and launches forward out of her chest, revealing that she was, in fact, a mimic all along. She grabs you and pulls you in, surrounding you in the velvetty embrace of her home. It does indeed feel like a mouth, with the mimic serving as a tongue. The mimic wraps herself around you, her tongue-shaped hair caressing your other side. In an instant you are covered in saliva. She is very soft, but has enough substance to make it feel like she is actually there.

As you cuddle, your heart feels slightly more full than it was before, even if your pockets seem just a bit more empty now.

Lose 200 Gold
Gain +1 Cuddle
Gain +1 Friend

357c9 No.114969

75782 No.114970

Bitch just wants your money


357c9 No.114971

75782 No.114972

File: 1568762301487.png (2.92 MB, 1980x1998, 69A504BF-73E3-44F0-9ADD-FB….png)

75782 No.114973

File: 1568764978650.png (486.24 KB, 604x604, 1648064__safe_artist-colon….png)

Nopony wants to play tonight, right?

eb6c4 No.114974

I'm always up for it if you are. If you're not, that's fine too. Won't hold it against you.

357c9 No.114975

75782 No.114976

Uh… I guess Dark Star and Silver Sword can proceed

eb6c4 No.114977

I imagine that's exactly what Silver would do.

75782 No.114978

So declare your next action

eb6c4 No.114979

O…okay? Silver continues to follow the dark, dank tunnel.

75782 No.114980

I guess no one (except floofster) showed up…

1321a No.114981

I’m here now.

eb6c4 No.114982

File: 1568772247681.png (88.44 KB, 983x983, 2004616__safe_artist-colon….png)


b78a7 No.114987

Ever spent 5 hours arming a wardrobe?
I did… It was terrible.

735ba No.114988

File: 1568817604023.png (508.09 KB, 1280x720, 9E13AAC0-7248-44F0-A8B9-3B….png)

Um…. No?

I don’t think it’s ever taken me longer than a few minutes

45c60 No.114989

>Tfw i fell asleep at 8:30 last night.

b78a7 No.114990

It was a really stunted, unintuitive wardrobe.
Also big.

735ba No.114991

File: 1568818762539.jpeg (135.03 KB, 816x1063, 86C92A14-F981-4483-9AE7-5….jpeg)

I have a dozen formal suits and none of them required that much fitting… then again I am not doing quincenettas or whatever cultural practices, though I’ve attended several weddings

But… that’s when we usually play…

b78a7 No.114992

Oh pfft. I meant I assembled an actual wardrobe. Not trying out suits and such.

45c60 No.114993

i'm sorry. i've been waking up at 5 am the past few days.

735ba No.114994

File: 1568819584058.png (250.58 KB, 2353x3061, B53195AF-787A-4AC7-8743-24….png)

Huh, I thought you meant getting measurements for it… I can safely say I’ve never assembled clothing before

Aww…. do you think you will be able to play any time in the future?

b78a7 No.114995

Nono! I assembled the furniture that you store clothing in. I didn't do anything with clothing.
I suppose you call it dressers.

45c60 No.114996

Yea i'll drink some caffeine later.

735ba No.114997

Huh… I guess maybe I have done that

We’ve missed you

45c60 No.114998

I've missed you guys too.

735ba No.114999

File: 1568821441778.jpeg (71.57 KB, 480x360, 1BE0E243-8003-42D6-A927-E….jpeg)

*pony hugs*

ae308 No.115001

>boops everyone

45c60 No.115004

File: 1568822189406.png (159.54 KB, 1280x720, _hug.png)

735ba No.115006

New thread!


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