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File: 1564630329204.jpg (59.96 KB, 800x462, Pony Mafia.jpg)

e0655 No.107000[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics

Dark Star and Silver are preparing a task for the Civil Administration. Iron is drowning in a Lake. Brie has just gotten approval to speak with a Changeling agent about acting as a collaborator, and Spark is petting the weird cat things.

e0655 No.107002

They don't respond, but nudge closer to Spark. They don't seem to want to leave either

"Uh… Sure?"

a8738 No.107003

>Spark is petting the weird cat things.
"Thank You, It Would Help Me Out A Lot."
Is where we are going,close to the docks? the Docks where the communist were. and where the Gang Operates.
Also Is Discord Down For Anyone else?

22bc9 No.107004

Spark is a bit sad at the thought of them leaving, but continues the petting.

b6db3 No.107006

Drowning in money, you mean, amirite fellas?

22bc9 No.107007

I hope you decide to stay away from bodies of water in the future.

a8738 No.107008

Don't Drown i need you to punch some more Griffons

e0655 No.107009

Uh… that's one way to look at it

Spark can't see it from where he is sitting… actually, yes he can, through the back window - there's a steel grated fence twenty feet high that would make it difficult for him to leave

The purring continues, as the one now tries to get in Spark's lap

"Do you have any kind of general plan?"
If you were to draw it out on a map of the city it would be closer together than most sites are, but really they are not that close. The docks of Black Wood were on the northern most part of the western edge of the natural harbor. Red Heart is in the center of the Western edge of the natural harbor. There is at least a mile of distance
It is working for me

b6db3 No.107010

You know it, beybee!
I still want to know how much ice broke, tho.

22bc9 No.107011

Well, not that I conisdered leaving to be a great chance to begin with. He lets the changeling in his lap and continues petting.

e0655 No.107012

File: 1564631893164.jpg (7.33 KB, 260x194, images (1).jpg)

Roll die to find out

Is that really what Spark wants to do?

b6db3 No.107013

Dice rollRolled 12


22bc9 No.107014

It is, although it isn't smart at all.

e0655 No.107015

A moderate amount

They should look like foals now, so they should at least feel soft

a8738 No.107016

"Yea it's sort of Basic right now though. but it involves a portable mortar."
I Think I'm Gonna Stop by the docks i saw cauldron at to see if i can find any leads
It Keeps saying update failed for me.

e0655 No.107017

"Mortar… as in, a military weapon?"

22bc9 No.107018

Softness before draining is always nice.

b6db3 No.107019

Dice rollRolled 20


b6db3 No.107020

…can I use it to traverse further to the edge, where I could pull my nostrils off the water?

e0655 No.107021

An admirable dice roll, but there is no attached-declared action

They also feel kind of cold. The other one is getting jealous of the attention given to the first one

Iron is actually still a ways away from the actual edge

22bc9 No.107022

Spark pats his lap for the second to crawl up too.

b6db3 No.107023

Can I traverse further to the edge closest to him then with the dice roll present? It should allow him to reach it with ease.
If only I didn't accidentally post.

e0655 No.107024

I'm not as sure Iron can reach that far. If he did get there, there would still be ice

The creature is uncertain at first, but eventually decides to come up next to Spark, then onto his lap. Into his lap. Pressing the first one out of the way. He does not like that…

b6db3 No.107025

Well, the other option I have in mind is another jump to hold the ice again. That worked well with clearing the ice, but perhaps Iron can actually pull himself off the water.
Probably going to need another roll tho, so it's not a guarantee.

22bc9 No.107026

Darn… I may have underestimated their size. Can they fit if they sit in the lap instead of laying?

a8738 No.107027

"Yes, the very same. but that would be saved for a worse case scenario, Such as they massacre our entire team."

93530 No.107028

Silver breaks his silence at the word "massacre". The grimace on his face shows clearly that such an idea does not please him.

"Let us…hope it does not come to that."

"If Dark Star is going to go all in by disguising as a zebra, I suppose it could not hurt for me to hide my identity. Do you know of any spas in Baltimare which offer full body, coat, and mane dyeing?"

a8738 No.107029

"I Know a Tailor."

b29fc No.107031

File: 1564656165466.jpeg (21.18 KB, 480x360, 321C3164-CA73-4C72-A23F-F….jpeg)

“There are ways..

“In that case I think they will call in the Airforce”

Probably not. There is limited space on the lap

b6db3 No.107032

Spark should've lifted tbh

eb5d8 No.107046

What in Equestria is that? Brie EEEEEs to himself, his otherwise self-satisfied gait slowing from momentary confusion, as he looks on Sparks and the furry things.

4e782 No.107048

Brie exits the room, while Spark goes over to the wagon and gets in. A delay of several minutes follows, before the little ones come outside, and go into the back with Spark

eb5d8 No.107050

Oh I see, Sparks gets to play with the furry whats-its, but not me.

4e782 No.107051

File: 1564678653578.gif (2.14 MB, 480x270, 9EA757E7-F282-4FFF-B19F-40….gif)


93530 No.107052

"No doubt, though spa is easiest and most comprehensive way I know." He flashes a mischievous smile in Blue's direction. "Perhaps Dark Star could treat you while he is being zebrafied?"

Silver gives the edge Earth Pony an odd look. "…You know of tailor which offers full cosmetic services?"

4e782 No.107053

She blinks
“Treat me? What?”

93530 No.107054

"Well, you know, spas typically offer wide range of cosmetic or relaxation services. Perhaps he could pay for some service on your behalf?"

4e782 No.107055

File: 1564679662873.png (157.25 KB, 886x902, B62C82CE-A8B5-4844-B6D6-42….png)

“He could, couldn’t he”

93530 No.107056

Silver nods. "He most certainly could. And with hard-working mare such as yourself, I imagine it would be well-earned."

4e782 No.107057

She sits down, ears perked straight up, and in a smug manner
“It’s only proper to have your coat in the finest of physical condition prior to combat”

93530 No.107058

Silver continues to shower her with praise. "For you? Idea that it ever would not be is almost inconceivable."

4e782 No.107059

She continues to soak it up
“You should see the way it looks when specially prepared. The wings even more so. The feathers are almost fluorescent with oils”

93530 No.107060

"I imagine you seem as goddess to your allies and enemies, rallying former to your cause, and shattering will of latter, all by simply making your presence known. You could win wars without ever having to lift your weapon."

4e782 No.107061

She gives her malign smile, and nods
“That is the plan”

93530 No.107062

Silver smiles at her. "Beautiful and intelligent. Woe to your enemies, those who underestimate you."

4e782 No.107063

“A mare of phalanx of Nimbusia…”
She continues her smile, looking forward, away from Silver and off into the distance, as if imagining something

93530 No.107064

Damn, where's Dark Star when you need him? I've got Blue Skies all buttered up and ready for him to sweep her off her hooves.

4e782 No.107065

So that’s what he is flattering her for

93530 No.107066

Not like any of it is a lie, even so. Original plan was to butter her up, make her feel good about herself, pass the reigns over to Dark Star, then excuse himself to the catacombs to gather more books while Edgy boi shows his devotion to Skies in all the right ways.

4e782 No.107069

Finally at BronyCon

93530 No.107072

Sounds about right. Seen anything interestng so far?

4e782 No.107077

The lines. Dear God, the lines
But I’m amazed by the absolute diversity of t-shirts and plushies people have
That, and the number of people with the lanyards prowling the streets of Baltimore

b6db3 No.107078

Don't ya mean Balitmare?
Wonder what you'll buy in there.
Perhaps even comission a Blue Skies plushie?

4e782 No.107079

The line to the Marketplace is too long to go now… I hope everything isn’t sold out by the time I finally get there
I’ve thought about getting a commission of her…

b6db3 No.107080

Not so nice about the first part, since cons are mostly about the community-made merch, but nice on the second part.
Wonder who else will get the plushie treatment.
inb4 fanart of Iron drowning in a lake

93530 No.107081

You'd have the best plushie around.

I'm surprised he doesn't have a fear of water, yet.

b6db3 No.107082

He a strong boe who fears no water.

b9e21 No.107083

There were almost no plushies remaining…

Hmmm, we may need to change that

b6db3 No.107084

Pls no.

93530 No.107085

eb5d8 No.107086

b9e21 No.107094

It looks like Silver is alone again

b6db3 No.107095

93530 No.107100


b6db3 No.107101

Oh wait, I'm retarded.

b9e21 No.107102

Skies pats the abandoned pony
“There there…”

b6db3 No.107104

Oh boe! Will Silver roll a successful will save not to smooch the mare?

93530 No.107113

So, anything else going on for either of you?

b6db3 No.107116

File: 1564712023481.png (Spoiler Image, 217.52 KB, 283x301, 1515457240639.png)

I guess you could say I'm currently tied up.

93530 No.107118

…Well, I hope you have fun with that.

b6db3 No.107120

Pet the poner.
Soon, Iron will pet Silver, whether he likes water or not.

93530 No.107121

>Soon, Iron will pet Silver
You will make the floof pone happy.

b6db3 No.107122

Well, I gotta start getting Cauldron some clients for her potions.

b9e21 No.107123

Watching the Emperor’s New Groove made out of pony scenes at BronyCon

I wanted to post a video of it but it will not upload

b6db3 No.107124

That sounds like fun.

93530 No.107125

She will most definitely have Silver's business.

Sounds like fun. Good Disney movie, too.

b9e21 No.107126

Yeah, I really need to get onto Iron’s story. Soon

b6db3 No.107128

I don't blame you. I am acting quite stubbornly to have all of the pots to the point of extending a simple scene of 'unhook pots and swim to safety to perhaps take it later' into a now 2 thread struggle of dice rolls.

b9e21 No.107142

I met Atlas at the convention.

I was personally slapped by him because allegedly my NPCs are “sluts”

b6db3 No.107143

That was unexpected.
He better not diss on my zebra waifu.

93530 No.107144


eb5d8 No.107151

You're surprised?

b6db3 No.107152

A little. Most mares Iron has interacted with didn't inmediately tried to get under Iron and suck him off or otherwise act flirty. Even the diamond dog that I successfully diplomancied acted more like a chatterbox than a slut.
I only have one possible reason why Atlas said that.

93530 No.107154

Most people wouldn't expect to have the owner of their Mongolian political horsewhispering forum slap them for how they run a campaign on their site.

eb5d8 No.107155

You clearly have much to learn about the owner of this Mongolian political horsewhispering forum

93530 No.107158

I'm going to say it again: Most people wouldn't expect to have the owner of their Mongolian political horsewhipsering forum slap them for how they run a campaign on their site.

b9e21 No.107161

b6db3 No.107166

I believe it's a mix of memes and political praxis. I don't think he actually lurks every single thread.

eb5d8 No.107167

File: 1564776312904.jpg (85.65 KB, 689x437, AJknows.jpg)

b6db3 No.107168

W-what's with that look?
Was Sparkboi really Atlas all along?

eb5d8 No.107169

Unironically no

b6db3 No.107170

Oh. Well that's underwhelming.

eb5d8 No.107171

I can state with certainty that Atlas occasionally browses every thread that has any traction or lasting activity

b6db3 No.107172

Well that's true.
Still, I'm surpised he says his NPCs.

eb5d8 No.107173

NPC has been a gaming term for decades. Like, 40 years. Its only been in the last year that it became a meme

5bdc2 No.107175

You don't seem to understand my surprise still, so let me rephrase my question in a ;ight we can both advance: Which NPCs could Atlas consider as sluts?

b9e21 No.107176

File: 1564779347040.png (224 KB, 1280x720, E052B095-E4CD-4862-B6F4-75….png)

eb5d8 No.107177

I can think of at least ^one

b9e21 No.107180

File: 1564779869984.png (510.54 KB, 4000x4000, F0F4BAD3-F798-4792-B27C-B8….png)

856ad No.107181

Who else?
That's the real surprise to me.
Who else could be considered a slut? The nuns? Abby Williams? Cauldron? That one Diamond Dog whom Iron asked about her day?

eb5d8 No.107182

I'm just identifying with Atlas' position from which he made such an observation. Don't get mad Xp
Dunno tbh, I don't follow most of what you guys are doing. But I'm sure there's at least one more who is.

856ad No.107183

I don't think there is, to be honest, unless he means the evil changeling who disguises as a commie who he admitted 'she' would've done a quickie in the bathroom in order to trap her.
I guess that could be another one.

eb5d8 No.107184

Uhm, wut?

856ad No.107185

You don't remember the first group mission? Frankly her death was a bit uneventful while Iron got fucked metaphorically by Redclaw so I don't blame you.

93530 No.107186

During the job the party did at the docks, there was a changeling infiltrator disguised as a Stalliongrader agent assisting the Communist rebels. I remember the GM made a comment either during or after the job that a member of that party could have offered sexual intercourse as a way to distract her, and that she would have wanted it done quick.

eb5d8 No.107187

The docks mission? The one where the 'pacifist' set everything on fire and Brie scored a double-crit strike, embedding 2 daggers in each of a griffon's eyes?
Yeah, I totally forgot about that one. Seriously though, I don't remember there being a changeling.

856ad No.107188

This only proves my point of the uneventfulness of her death. She got gunned down by Dark Star, Ash and Skies I think. When she died, she revealed her buggy nature.

b9e21 No.107189

File: 1564782895489.png (265.47 KB, 1280x720, D4B45A21-DCDA-4872-A5F8-7E….png)

It was my first ever attempt at making a villain… There was a lot of characterization I wanted to do that never came through… stahp

93530 No.107190

I don't think anyone is bashing the attempt, we're just making an observation.

856ad No.107191

Don't feel bad. She was an evil changeling for simply supporting the commies in an attempt to destabilize Baltimare and Equestria.

eb5d8 No.107192

Yeesh. Brie was entirely outside that encounter, and I've deliberately avoided reading about outside encounters.

b9e21 No.107193

File: 1564787405162.jpeg (22.06 KB, 224x224, 59087EF1-E48C-4295-816D-9….jpeg)

But but… I put a lot of work into them. Somepony needs to read them

eb5d8 No.107194

Yes, and when the time comes I will gladly go back and see what I missed, but in the interest of not metagaming, I'm declining from delving into what everyone else has/is done/doing.

67b23 No.107195

Villains are quite hard to write, honestly. Especially if they're supposed to die in said mission and their evil deeds can't be shown. Redclaw was quite the villain tho, granting Iron some of that much needed character growth after getting fucked even when fighting underwater

b9e21 No.107196

The hardest part is getting them sufficient time for development. They must be established as a threat, must be hate-able, must have an established motivation that, if it is not relatable, is at least comprehensible and rational, and they must have the quirks and peculiarities that individualize them. That is difficult if the players are intent on killing them the moment they are in range and know they are a villain.

67b23 No.107197

Villains don't necessarily need to be hateable in order to be established as a villain, specially when you have the best excuse imaginable: They are from a group that opposes the PCs' point of view. After all, the villains who actually have a lot of characterization are major villains who, in this case, move the group's strings.

b9e21 No.107198

If the villains aren’t “hateable” then that places even more pressure on characterization to develop motives, especially if they are just an OpFor with a reasonable but different point of view.

67b23 No.107199

Ah. Well, just go for the 'I support this group because it furthers my actual group's objectives/personal goals' motive, combined with attacking them first. That'll make creating motives for minions much easier in the long run that don't need complex reasons

4d564 No.107208


93530 No.107209

File: 1564851928740.jpg (159.09 KB, 1181x1181, 2106579__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

no poke

b9e21 No.107210

File: 1564851951261.gif (66.61 KB, 579x640, B7822A21-DCEC-4563-B877-39….gif)

4d564 No.107211

File: 1564852025484.png (1.31 MB, 1024x768, 1500149943125.png)

Poke again.

b9e21 No.107213

Saw a Lyra plushie with faux fur mane for sake. It was $400 so I did not want to get it just yet because I was hoping for a different vendor to have more plushies. I came back an hour later and it was gone
Multiple Pamela Gabe filled to capacity and I was left out

4d564 No.107214

Damn that really fucking sucks.

93530 No.107217

4d564 No.107320

Here comes the daily poke!


b9e21 No.107322

File: 1564950431841.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.38 MB, 3520x1980, D9749B90-B012-4E31-A0D5-F….jpeg)

4d564 No.107323

How's the day coming along? Have any spoils of con to show?
Perhaps a comission for fanart?

d42ee No.107330

File: 1564963718346.png (238.31 KB, 2772x2048, _boop 2.png)

93530 No.107332

Hey, Dark boi! How's it hangin'?

d42ee No.107333

Its Hanging pretty low. How's it hanging with you?

b9e21 No.107334

File: 1564963959259.gif (44.44 KB, 640x360, 6CDA7C20-B84D-4D00-B077-86….gif)


d42ee No.107336

File: 1564964033101.png (122.37 KB, 600x600, _boop Tracy.png)

93530 No.107337

Eh, a little disappointed about how the Cup went, but eh. Sorry to hear things aren't going well for you.

So, Silver's got Blue Skies all lined up for Dark Star to sweep off her hooves, whenever the GM is ready to play again.

b9e21 No.107338

File: 1564964185396.png (137.78 KB, 404x600, F2A15DA5-847C-4C23-BF8B-2E….png)

d42ee No.107340

File: 1564964338147.png (46.76 KB, 800x600, bloop.png)

Yea, i Don't like the way it went either.



b9e21 No.107342

I’m still trying to meet people after BronyCon, but Dark Star and Silver Floof can declare actions

Also, I want to say that I watched the 4chan cup with like 30 /mlp/ people at BronyCon. It was almost spiritual

93530 No.107343

Oh, you were that Anon? Suppose I should have known.

d42ee No.107344

Dark Star Says "whats the likelihood of not walking out of that building?"

b9e21 No.107346

“It depends on you”

Yes I was. It was magical.

d42ee No.107347

Dark Star Raises his Eyebrow
"What Do you mean by that?"

93530 No.107348

"It means we should avoid combat for as long as possible, and that you should stay behind me if and when it does."

b9e21 No.107350

“It means that any situation is survivable, and any situation could be a death warrant”

d42ee No.107352

"what i want to know is How Many Beaks and stripes are we likely to run into, in the building."

93530 No.107353

"I apologise if I am stealing Ms Skies' thunder, but we will not likely know until we have done some recon, and even then it will not be accurate until we have ingratiated ourselves into this organization." Silver sigh. "I hope you know what you are getting yourself into. Infiltration is very different beast from raw combat."

b9e21 No.107355

Am really regretting not finishing the folder for this quest right now

4d564 No.107356

Woah. Now that is quite the feeling.

93530 No.107357

b9e21 No.107360

So… Dark Star does not want to sweep Blue Skies off her hooves?

d42ee No.107361

Im Not Really sure what to say.

4d564 No.107362

Fission Mailed.
We'll get them next time.

d42ee No.107370

"So About That Spa,Get The most expensive Treatment."
He Winks at Her

39914 No.107376

File: 1564972329113.jpg (39.54 KB, 1024x768, fail.jpg)

Snek? SNEK??!

4d564 No.107386

And that is how my story ends…

b9e21 No.107391

Am back at my hotel room

She grins at him in her malign way
“That would be lovely. Tell me though, do you have anything in mind for yourself?”

d42ee No.107395

"Aside From the Coat and Mane Dying? i'm not really sure. I've never been to a spa before."

93530 No.107403

Silver enters the conversation. "That would make two of us. I have heard they have some sort of mud bath at some spas. Supposed to help with your skin, and it is supposed to be way for Earth Ponies to connect little bit with their Natural Magic."

d42ee No.107404

"I Think my mom used to talk about being wrapped in seaweed, it helped her relax."

b9e21 No.107405

“Maybe that’s why Earth ponies love being covered in mud”

“… Uh, okay…”

“Well, if you want to recon or attack tonight, you’d best not spend too long unless you are sure about it”

93530 No.107406

"If Earth Ponies are most connected with Earth? I can see it. That being said, I am not very big fan of being covered in Fire, and most unicorns are supposed to be connected with it."

d42ee No.107407

"I was thinking recon tonight."
"I love being covered in mud, i used to get so Filthy Tilling, better Times."
He Smiles

93530 No.107409

Silver gets a smile out of seeing the young Earth Pony being happy. "Hm. Recon tonight, then. Keep in mind, I still have to finish retrieving books for Ms. Skies, here, and there is short list of things I must do afterwards."

4d564 No.107410

File: 1564979929059.jpg (Spoiler Image, 363.9 KB, 1280x1287, 1520148551450-2.jpg)

Mud is great for the coat!
Otherwise, we get a bit… out of breath

b9e21 No.107413

“She giggles, and places a hoof over her mouth.
“I’ve never heard that before, but I can imagine not wanting to be covered in fire”

“Probably a wise choice. A proper raid group can be assembled later from garrison forces”

d42ee No.107414

"Did you want to Head To The Spa? I'm kind of interested to See how it works."

93530 No.107415

"Perhaps that is Earth Pony inside me speaking. But yes, you do not know half of it, even. You know what smell of burnt fur is, yes? Imagine smelling that all day, every day." He puts a hoof to his chin. "Perhaps that is why so many rich Unicorns carry incense with them everywhere…"

b9e21 No.107416

“It may be new to you. We can go”

“Yes. Yes I do… perhaps that would explain it. Thar, and the unicorn obsession with weird ways of determining status amongst themselves”

d42ee No.107418

He Winks at her
"I'm Ready when you are."

93530 No.107420

"I do not suppose I might come along with you two? Or do you need some…ahem…alone time?"

d42ee No.107422

He Looks over towards silver.
then he puts his hoof to his chin in thought
"Yea, You can Come with us. there might be an older mare there for you."

93530 No.107424

"Hah! We will see. Perhaps I could acquire use of your services…wingpony."

d42ee No.107425


93530 No.107426

"Well, yes. You do not know about wingponies?"

d42ee No.107427

"Uh, you mean pegasi? yea i'm familiar."

b9e21 No.107428

*checks wings*
They are still feathery

93530 No.107429

"That is not exactly…nevermind. Let us be off. Not like time will stop moving for us."

b9e21 No.107430

And now I have to go to sleep

93530 No.107431

Sleep well.

d42ee No.107432

4d564 No.107433


93530 No.107461

Must I boop to start waking others?

db33c No.107462

Generally yes

d9541 No.107463

File: 1565053458947.jpeg (15.24 KB, 302x167, B43DA425-D5C4-4CC5-A45C-F….jpeg)

93530 No.107464

File: 1565053596466.png (56.72 KB, 764x433, 2091003__safe_edit_edited ….png)

I'll do it! I swear!

db33c No.107465

*preemptive boop*

4d564 No.107466

File: 1565053749191.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.57 KB, 602x601, 1505547193166.jpg)

d9541 No.107467

File: 1565053862719.png (215.17 KB, 510x1024, 0C7BC36D-1EC4-40F8-87BF-D1….png)

93530 No.107468

File: 1565053921359.png (131.16 KB, 659x493, 2009190__safe_artist-colon….png)

REEEE, I did not expect the counter boop! REEEEEEEE!

4d564 No.107469

Congratulations. You played yourself.

b556e No.107470

File: 1565054402696.gif (456.13 KB, 500x500, _Boop celestia.gif)

d9541 No.107471

File: 1565054435985.png (181.03 KB, 1024x1210, 6196763B-3EEE-4EA6-A201-F1….png)

93530 No.107473

File: 1565054743012.gif (403.97 KB, 400x357, 2087826__artist needed_saf….gif)


Hey, the gang's all here.

4d564 No.107474

File: 1565054874814.png (311.08 KB, 1600x1200, 1659127.png)

db33c No.107477

File: 1565055027981.gif (1.22 MB, 850x600, 1503438309990.gif)

U on the left

b556e No.107479

File: 1565055589085.gif (856.91 KB, 518x518, _Boop twiggy.gif)

4d564 No.107482

File: 1565055914070.png (35.9 KB, 427x395, 1520176448628.png)

Curse you, you sneaky pony!

b556e No.107499

File: 1565057766996.gif (191.17 KB, 554x445, _Boop twiggy 2.gif)

93530 No.107500

Who will stop this booping fiend's reign of terror!?

b556e No.107501

File: 1565058003842.jpg (50.93 KB, 1280x720, _Boop redheart.jpg)

No One.

4d564 No.107503

Easy answer.
Cut of the nose == No boops.

b556e No.107506

File: 1565058128723-0.jpg (196.49 KB, 1043x782, _already booped.jpg)

File: 1565058128723-1.png (888.12 KB, 1600x900, _Boop flutters.png)

93530 No.107507

Unfortunately, I am not a ghoul.

4d564 No.107508

But I can cancel the boop if I have no snout!
Just watch me!
Be sure to put some rubbing alcohol and you'll be fine.

b556e No.107517

File: 1565058817391-0.png (260.78 KB, 800x600, _Boop Sunbreaker.png)

4d564 No.107519

File: 1565058900384.jpg (200.11 KB, 1024x1024, 1513443385932.jpg)


b556e No.107521

File: 1565059020721-0.jpg (22.57 KB, 474x257, _Boop chrysalys.jpg)

Boops your skull

4d564 No.107522

File: 1565059136070.jpeg (931.89 KB, 1944x1111, 1147064__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)


b556e No.107527

File: 1565059445121-0.gif (161.94 KB, 500x281, _Boop luna.gif)

4d564 No.107544


d9541 No.107546

File: 1565061191621.png (2.52 MB, 2006x2550, 6AEA237B-5B21-4008-8123-BE….png)

Am back home now

4d564 No.107547

93530 No.107548

Nice to see you.

b556e No.107551

File: 1565061530709-0.jpg (67.12 KB, 632x800, _Boop marble.jpg)

d9541 No.107553

Alright, let’s see if anything can be done in the next hour. What does everyone want to do next?


93530 No.107554

I know the Baltimare gang is going to the spa, get their looks changed for the mission as well as relax a little.

4d564 No.107555

I am not quite sure of Iron's fate, but he did manage to break some ice and a spare 20 I wanted to use to grab on the ice again.

37bf9 No.107562

Hmmmm… So Silver will be relaxing?

93530 No.107563

Honestly, I don't know. Dark Star's asked him to help with something ASAP when Silver's got a dozen other things that need done.

37bf9 No.107566

I mean… Silver can do those dozen other things

93530 No.107567

He probably will tell Starry boi and Skies that he's going to, if Dark Star is even still here.

37bf9 No.107570

I know he wants to finish the book job. Anything else?

93530 No.107572

Well, there's getting Father Maren's help for putting Curwhinny to rest, getting the money for the catacombs job, getting the wealth of dirty, damaged, or dulled weapons he has ready for use, and getting some new saddlebags and other sorts of bags, belts, and bandoliers.

37bf9 No.107573

Well, that's quite a number of things, and things he could do without any other players needing to be on. What is this about weapons?

93530 No.107574

Silver's got a Lavender Rifle, a Canterlot Sword, a combat knife, and a Colt .45 pistol that need with cleaned, fixed, or sharpened. The rifle and the pistol I've got plans to give to some others who lack a ranged weapon.

37bf9 No.107575

Is Silver intending to become a sword wilder once again?

93530 No.107576

I don't think he's completely stopped being a sword wielder yet. It's just a lot easier to trust melee combat against opponents that can't potentially kill you with a single strike.

93530 No.107606

I wonder: what would a Tommy gun made for ponies look like?

b6db3 No.107607

Just like a Tommy Gun, but with a bigger trigger guard to be able to fire it.

37bf9 No.107609

During the first exploration of the catacombs the Equestrian submachine gun found on the floor by either Onyx or Dark Star was intended to be a Thompson Submachinegun. That seemed undesirable, because the Thompson has a very high rate of fire, a high caliber, and is also ridiculously expensive to manufacture. Later I thought of setting the Sten gun as the Equestrian standard, and that works better for a number of reasons, especially balance, and faithfulness to adapted historical circumstances

93530 No.107611

Think Onyx has that one, but I don't know what he did with it.

b6db3 No.107613

I'm betting he still has it with him or something.

37bf9 No.107615

Maybe it's time for a level up….

b6db3 No.107616

Wait, really?
Would it pass over to any new character that appears due to death?
Nevertheless, this is quite a surprise.

93530 No.107618

That'd be a nice surprise.

37bf9 No.107622

File: 1565141511612.jpeg (71.54 KB, 554x615, 1CBFA8B2-2A0C-4227-B198-0….jpeg)

93530 No.107623

I'm sorry to hear you're bummed out. What's wrong?

b6db3 No.107624

Wubs in the background intensifies
I honestly don't blame you for your current state. It's quite frustrating to have to juggle three different stories, specially one just for one PC and one where the entire group is absent for months on end.
I honestly wouldn't blame you if you want to kill Iron now and make me roll a new character. It should alleviate your struggles.

22bc9 No.107625

Awwwwwww. Are you still up for playing tonight?

37bf9 No.107626


bored and kind of sad

93530 No.107627

Again, that sucks to hear. Not sure how to fix that, but I hope it does get fixed soon.

b6db3 No.107628

Oh yeah, the con ended and you're probably going back.
So, what's keeping you down?

db33c No.107630

You probably just asked and answered your own question

b6db3 No.107631

Probably, but sometimes the one who wants to vent wants to say it in order to… you know, vent.

37bf9 No.107633

Who wants to play and when?

93530 No.107634

I'm ready to play whenever.

22bc9 No.107635

I want to.

b6db3 No.107636

If you feel up for it, sure. Last action was Iron trying to grab the once again to try and get out or break more dice depending on the roll

37bf9 No.107637

Well, I guess Silver can do an action

Spark is trapped in the back of the cart with the two changelings

22bc9 No.107638

He continues petting, hoping they are too distracted by it to do anything to Spark.

37bf9 No.107639

And where do you think you can go from there?

Distracted, or enticed? Also, it's damned cold, even if the cart gives protection against wind

22bc9 No.107641

We will soon find out. He continue petting, hoping that petting generates warmth.

b6db3 No.107642

The ice grind or actually getting out with Cauldron's. Remember that I still have that 20 I accidentally rolled.

37bf9 No.107643


I'm not really sure what to do with Spark in one place

Well, the thing is that when Iron tried to place his hooves on the ice and pull himself up, the ice cracked and largely broke

93530 No.107644

"…Черт." Silver lets out a sigh as he turns to Blue. "As much as I would like to join you two in partaking of spa's services, I really should get to list of things I need to do. You will tell me how trip went, yes?"

37bf9 No.107645

"Sure" she says, nodding and smiling

93530 No.107646

"Great, thank you! I will see you after, with all books successfully delivered."

How many books are left in his cart to bring in?

b6db3 No.107647

If the problem is reaching the ice again, I will use the 20 to go to the edge of the ice again. Then I can go again, right?

22bc9 No.107648

I'm still trying to think of what to do. I was hoping for others to be around to travel on towards our doom… er… objective.

37bf9 No.107649

I would imagine he left half of them in

You can try. The issue is hat the weight is so heavy, he can't really swim. It's basically like standing on land, with the buoyancy of the water made up for by the weight


The ragged furred yellow stallion looks on with gritted teeth outside, then turns away

93530 No.107650

Well, let's see how long it takes him to finish taking them inside.

37bf9 No.107651

It's a simple task. If it is not completed in one trip, it is completed in two

93530 No.107652

Simple enough. Once he's finished, he hooks himself up to his cart and heads back to the catacombs. "Hmm. That mud bath does sound nice, though. Hope they have fun."

37bf9 No.107653

It’s a bit of a trek, and it’s kind of hard to see in the twilight, but he does so

01fe3 No.107654

Hi hello yes it is I the resident rock.

Ignore the missing flag, but what's Onyx up to?

93530 No.107655

Once more into the darkness, maneuvering his cart to the burned library. "Shame what happened here. So many books lost." Silver begins to put as many recoverable books as he can into the cart. Curiosity gets the better of him as he peaks into a couple of the volumes.

b6db3 No.107656

Aw… I really, really want to keep all of them…
I'll compromise.
Iron, looking at his pots with intense desire and hesitation, unties 2 of the pots off of him and leaves them be in this spot.
(If no pots ever reach Cauldron, then I have failed. I cannot waste anymore time, or she might have her eyes bloodied by the time I get out, or worse, I die.)

93530 No.107657

Not like you couldn't try to bring them back up afterwards?

b6db3 No.107658

Not for the day.
Especially with the whole 'animals suddenly dying' business.

37bf9 No.107659

File: 1565145928394.jpg (49.7 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

*Startled pony noises*

For a number of minutes, Onyx was trapped at the bottom of a set of stairs in a cheap apartment building, not fully heated. Brie disappeared upstairs with his two… foals, and Spark stayed with Onyx. Waiting. The yellow ragged furred "stallion" watched over them, as did another. They left out the front door shouting some alien language when a third pony came to see them, leaving Spark and Onyx to themselves. After some time, Brie came down stairs. So too does Spark leave back to the carriage. Spark placed himself in the back, and was eventually joined by the two little "foals." He'll be foal sitting for most of the trip. But at least, he is sheltered from the elements. Onyx on the other hoof… It's fairly windy, and that lowers the temperature still further. It's too dry to snow, but it's the right temperature for it. The carriage is still there, waiting for onyx to pick it up, and pull it off deeper into enemy territory

Looks like Onyx remains alive, kind of free, and still has most of his limited love reserves. So far

01fe3 No.107660

Extremely limited

"This place sucks. Spark? Brie? Now what?"
He heads toward the carriage, wondering what they'll get him into now.

22bc9 No.107661

Spark hears this from inside the wagon and waves to Onyx. There are changelings in his lap.

37bf9 No.107662

If Silver had to take a guess, most of the books here are not, in fact, unique, but rather were likely academic books in the time of Curwhinny. Some of them were likely banned. But it's the smallest category of books that is the most interesting.

One book is entitled "Practical Potion making," another "The Mapping of Non-Euclidean Spaces," still another is in an unknown language with the only recognizable part being a reference to the old Empire of Tambelon, and another about the customs of the Mareya ponies. There are a few more as well, but most books are pretty well damaged here

01fe3 No.107663

Onyx's good eye joins his bad one as it glazes over, as the pony steps into the carriage.
"So… Do we have a plan?"

37bf9 No.107664

Oh dear. Now what action to declare?

b6db3 No.107665

Alright, time to try to get off this water and hold onto the ice again. Maybe Cauldron can help.

22bc9 No.107666

"If we do, I haven't been told. As far as I know, we march into their land, plop them down somewhere, and head back before our untimely demise… as least ideally."

01fe3 No.107667

C-checked in fear
"Yeah, I guess avoiding death is a good idea."
His eyes narrow at the little changelings
"Nice to see they're friendly towards somepony"

93530 No.107668

"Practical Potion Making?" Silver grabs this book to take a look at its insides. "Is this type of beginner's guide, or does it need prior alchemical knowledge?"

22bc9 No.107669

"As nice as they can be."
More pets.

01fe3 No.107670

"I'd imagine that would be 'not very'"
Onyx sits down, and stares out the window at the area around them.

37bf9 No.107671

File: 1565147162352.png (76.5 KB, 586x557, 2A49FA31-0D43-46EA-960F-BB….png)

The pots sulk down on their ropes as iron tries to lose it, then immediately falls down when freed, briefly illuminated by the strobing blue electric lights that swept through the thin ice, before disappearing out of view. But there will be time to mourn the loss of the gold later (hopefully…) Iron must turn his head away, and back to the ice above.

Declare action, and roll for it

It turns out, “practical” seems to be a term of art meaning “applied,” as in that portion of a science that pertains to putting theory into practice, rather than simple theory. The chapters Silver is looking at centers on the rate of diffusion of two liquids in a container where neither is soluble in the other and both have different heat capacities, when a heat source is applied below the container.

Even the other, more reluctant creature accepts the pets

Changelings? There are only pony foals here. The bat pony foal narrows his eyes back at Onyx, while the Pegasus foal looks over to onyx with big, cute, innocent eyes

22bc9 No.107672

"Much nicer than the rest of them at least. So… should we wheel this thing around so the bat can jump in and join us?"
Spark just can't stop petting.

b6db3 No.107673

Dice rollRolled 9

As I've said, it's ice grabbing time.
If needed, he moves closer to grabbable ice sheet.

01fe3 No.107674

"Sounds like something I can actually be doing"
Onyx hops out and wheels the carriage around as Spark suggests.

93530 No.107675

"Shame. Could have proven useful. Still, I imagine it would be useful for whatever alchemist reads this." He puts it in the cart with the rest of the books as he continues to pile them on.

37bf9 No.107676

File: 1565147583264.png (180.01 KB, 749x1067, marble_pie_look_up_by_drag….png)

Onyx's carriage is in what is basically a makeshift "inspection station' ontop of a sidewalk past the entry point through the fence. the carriage has been pulled up so it does not block the way of the inspection point. The entry way and the wall itself runs down the middle of a street, and on this side of the wall, there are mostly single story shops, and three story small multi family units, mostly with shops on the bottom. Windows are often border or busted. More than one building looks as if it was hit with an explosion and never repared. All in all, this particular area is semi-urban, consists of diverse buildings of brick and stone and mortar with several wood, and most buildings look unused or abandoned, Some are clearly still occupied. On the balcony of an apartment above and a little over, a number of plants lay dead in pots.

The street continues, with buildings spaced a little further apart just further down. the streets seem to be just a little off from a grid pattern

And so he does so

At least they seem to like it. They look back at Spark with glowing eyes

There's been better… roll for luck

Onyx can hook himself up readily

b6db3 No.107677

Dice rollRolled 18


93530 No.107678

Silver continues until either there's no more room in his cart, or there's no more recoverable books.

37bf9 No.107679

Hold. Iron can try to pull himself up

He reaches both soon enough

b6db3 No.107680

Dice rollRolled 15

93530 No.107681

And back to the hotel he goes with his spoils. "I will be glad to be finished with this. It will be nice to have funds once again."

b6db3 No.107682

He does so.

37bf9 No.107683

One… last little hurdle. Roll constitution

He takes it all back to the Grand Baltimare

01fe3 No.107684

Onyx readily hooks himself up, and moves towards where he last saw Brie.

93530 No.107685

And once again, he takes books from the cart to the offices. "Almost finished…"

37bf9 No.107686

It’s not many more books her. That library was damaged badly, and so most books were either lost completely or damaged ti done degree or other

b6db3 No.107687

File: 1565148182742.jpg (58.31 KB, 960x540, 1500149983679.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

nervous anticipation
At least I have a +1

b6db3 No.107689

01fe3 No.107690

93530 No.107691

"I wonder if Blue Skies is still around to pay out Bits for job. Or if she told somepony else here about it."

F. You will be missed.

37bf9 No.107692

It's been a while since Iron went under, struggling to get back to the surface, walking forward, and trying to swim up once more. At the end of his rope, Iron places a hoof up on the ice. He gets a grip. He pulls down, it holds. But as he pulls himself up… he reaches the end of his line, and inhales water.

Iron still has a card left to play. Roll luck

b6db3 No.107693

Dice rollRolled 7

If you want me to die, dice, then do your worst!

37bf9 No.107694

Presumably, Brie comes out, sits on the top of the wagon in the driver's seat, and mushes Onyx onwards, towards the highway out of town

37bf9 No.107695

Cauldron pulls onto Iron, but can she pull enough? Roll another die

b6db3 No.107696

Dice rollRolled 6

Cmon, Cauldron. You can do it!
You can reach a better future!

01fe3 No.107697

Onyx is not sure how he feels about being mushed. But he complies.

37bf9 No.107699

Dice rollRolled 11 + 3


She tries to cut off the rest of the pots

Onwards! They go further, and see that still many of the buildings are empty. further, they come to a closed theater. One screen, it says, plays the Moon Valley Serenade, while another plays extended screenings of Citizen Mane.

Past this, however, is life. ponies are together. Crowded together in a number of houses, denser in this area than others. And on the streets are, perhaps unsurpisingly, undisguised Changelings. Buggy little creatures in brown uniform. They eye the passers by suspiciously, while the ponies sometimes look on themselves with weary expression. A strange congregation of ponies stay in line outside of the Hawk Thorne Middle School, with several more of the changelings guiding ponies outside.

The road in front of Onyx, hoever, continues straight, and what ponies tale the road in front of him continue going straight and straight only, not looking to their side. Not long past the border, two stray and mangy dogs start to follow the group, often traveling off to side to side

37bf9 No.107700

Dice rollRolled 11 + 3

Cut. Now strength

37bf9 No.107701

Dice rollRolled 14

Iron has lost consciousness, but Cauldron pulls him up


b6db3 No.107703

These decent rolls only increase my anger.
Damn it.
It's like the gods didn't want this to happen.

37bf9 No.107704

Cauldron pulls Iron Iron, trying to knock the water out of him. He is weak, and still coughing up water. It is cold, and colder than it was before he stepped on the lake About 20% cooler

Skies is not there. Dusty is

22bc9 No.107705

Do the changelings take any note of their new suroundings, or are they too distracted right now?

37bf9 No.107706

They say some things in an alien language, and look outside. They look very happy to see undisguised changelings around ponies. Like they have been liberated. In a veil of green fire, they too, loose their disguises inside of the cart

93530 No.107707

Then Silver would like to speak with him, when he's finished bringing the books in.

37bf9 No.107709

Dusty looks up at Silver with his tired old eyes. He does not speak

b6db3 No.107710

In his tired and water-filled stage and inbetween coughs, he groggily starts to stand up.
(Must… keep going)

37bf9 No.107711

And this is important to understand - it's cold. Very cold and windy. This was not that much of an issue earlier, because the temperature was higher, and both Iron and Cauldron had some fur. That fur is now wet, and freezes quickly in the howling night wind

b6db3 No.107713

(No time to think about cold)
He starts to do a tired run towards any edge of the lake in front of him.
(Must go.)

22bc9 No.107714

Spark is a bit surprised at this and a tiny bit disappointed they aren't as soft as before.

93530 No.107715

"That job given to me by Blue Skies has been finished."

37bf9 No.107716

As if in a daze, he rides over closer to teh edge. the wirrary remains as silent guardian. Cauldron gallops with him. Her black stripes are greyed by her own ice and frost

"The collection of ancient tomes and histories?"

Well, he'll have to try to do something about it. If he can

22bc9 No.107717

He tries more petting.

01fe3 No.107718

"I'll be out of here soon"
He continues on

b6db3 No.107719

Iron, feeling lost, cannot for the life of him know where to go. As he shivers, he looks over to the fallen plane
"Wirraway… Will you help me, Wirraway?"
He starts walking over there.
"Wirraway… Lend me a hoof, Wirraway."
Clop by clop, he approaches it.
"Wirraway… Protect me, Wirraway…"

93530 No.107720

He nods. "All have been set down inside offices. Veritable library's worth of tomes. As I understand it, Blue Skies and Dark Star have left to prepare for new mission."

37bf9 No.107722

It's cold, but the wirraway is right there. There's an opening in the back, a set, if anything

"I've heard, vaguely. Let me see the books"
he goes to the office, and inspects the books
"Is this all of them?"

On the other side of the middle school, other ponies stand. But they do not look to be fully pony. They hang as if half dead. Zombie. More seem to be on the otherside of the fence that surrounds the middle school's play yard, as if in a pin. And still the Changelings watch Onyx pass by. They are not many of them, but there are several, at least five in total around the school house. they do not say anything. Beyond this are more houses, mostly single family homes on an eighth of an acre of property. Most of these seem to have an inhabitant. A changeling officer comes by seeming a pair of ponies on a porch, and tells them they must vacate soon. Curfew starts shortly after nightfall. But Onyx has no real need to stop at night fall, and may ride on

It's like touching a June bug. A beetle. A cockroache=.

22bc9 No.107723

Weird, but Spark is committed to the pets. He can't back out now.

b6db3 No.107724

(It offers its body as protection.)
He lets Cauldron enters first in case it only accepts one of them, then prompty enters said opening.

93530 No.107725

"Of those that could be recovered. You will notice there are some which have been burned. There were others which were burnt further to cinders, to point of being unrecoverable."

37bf9 No.107726

It’s an open top with a clear cover that has been pushed far forward. The seat is black, a little torn, and has broken pieces of glass on it, besides snow. Cauldron pushes some of the glass away with her hoof, and tries to get in. Iron can try to get in, but only by pushing up against Cauldron

37bf9 No.107727

He nods, simply
“And I guess you want payment?”

b6db3 No.107728

No way I'm hurting zebra waifu.
Iron helps Cauldron up with his body weight and height to get inside.
"Come on, Cauldron. The Wirraway will help us."

93530 No.107730

Silver nods in turn. "If it can be arranged, naturally."

Do eeeeet.
Snuggle with your zeebfu for warmth in the Wirraway.

b6db3 No.107731

That comes later, when I'm sure Cauldron is inside the plane.

37bf9 No.107732

Wait, is he going in after Cauldron or not?

He leaves, and comes back, with a number of bank notes
“1000 bits, was it?”

b6db3 No.107733

Yes. Cauldron goes first. She needs the shelter more than Iron does for now.
Wait, is she already in, cozy enough for Iron to enter?
If so, Iron prompty follows suit.

93530 No.107735

"If my memory serves me, she said 4000, and I have already been given 1000."

37bf9 No.107736

He raises an eyebrow
“4000? I was told it was 2000. Maybe 3000.”

Cauldron hops in, almost tripping. She gets in, her butt a little high, and her shoulders and neck bending a bit in the cramped quarters. It’s a bit small for two ponies

b6db3 No.107737

After Iron ogled a bit at Cauldron's compromising position until she enters fully, he explores the rest of the plane for an alternative or if the opening can be closed for added warmth.

37bf9 No.107738

It does not seem it can be closed. There is more than one seat, and they are not together but separated one behind the other

93530 No.107739

The benefit of being a terrible liar is that it's obvious when he's telling the truth, such as now. "I do not know exactly what you were told, but I remember her telling me 4000 when I accepted this job. Even if I could, it is not in either of our interests for me to lie about what was said to me then."

b6db3 No.107740

Iron, seeing the opportunity, enters the other available position in the plane.
He slowly strokes the plane.

37bf9 No.107741

This one also has a pushed forward cover, and broken glass on the shredded seat. It’s still smooth to the touch in areas

I’ll… look into this

93530 No.107742

I can't tell if that's IC or OOC.

b6db3 No.107743

Iron lazily swats away the glass off of the seat, inspecting the cover presented.
"I thank you, Wirraway… "
He shivers.

37bf9 No.107744

It’s still cold, windy, and the lightning rolls on

01fe3 No.107745

Onyx heads on, humming a low tune as he plods on through the changeling territory.

b6db3 No.107746

Iron shivers some more.
"There must be something else here. Something to cover the tops of Wirraway. Come on."
He plunders his spot for anything to cover the place up, while also inspecting the seat's material.

37bf9 No.107747

Past this, the houses thin out more until it is agricultural fields. Some are fallow and snow covered, some have clover, hay, or winter wheat. And strangely, it looks as if some fiend have high concentrations of plows besides them, while others are empty. Fences are in area taken down, while new ones are erected near the road side

It’s either leather, or fake leather. One of the two. Roll for search

b6db3 No.107748

Dice rollRolled 17 - 1

Come on, come on
Sadly, it has a -1

37bf9 No.107749

Now that’s a good roll

There’s a large green thing in a back pack hanging out

b6db3 No.107750

He gently pulls it out, trying to contain his shivering.

37bf9 No.107751

Okay, I need to sleep now. At least I know where every pony is

b6db3 No.107752

93530 No.107753

Sleep well!

01fe3 No.107754

Cya later

b6db3 No.107762

The Wirraway will save us all.
No more wars, just Wirraway.
It's the true answer to life.

d9541 No.107764

File: 1565190797026.jpeg (75.52 KB, 850x486, 9F730AF4-5097-46F3-A5E7-8….jpeg)

The Wirraway is of great and ancient wisdom. May it lead us all to safety and profit

b6db3 No.107765

Amen, my fellow person.

93530 No.107768

Praise be the Wirraway.

a54af No.107777

File: 1565195635671.jpeg (47.02 KB, 300x225, F668C306-B5E2-480C-8CE4-F….jpeg)


b6db3 No.107778

File: 1565195711570.jpg (185.73 KB, 1024x764, 1504511978188.jpg)

93530 No.107810


You sure do have a lot of cats.

b6db3 No.107812

I usually lurk the Caturday thread for them.

93530 No.107814

Makes sense.

b6db3 No.107815

File: 1565213620570.jpg (49.75 KB, 960x960, 1508568495317.jpg)

Yeah, d00d.
It's, like, cats are life, too.
Cats love to sleep in small spaces, like plane cockpits.
Cats are prophets of Wirraway, man.

93530 No.107816

If only we could all have the Wirraway's blessing as cats and Iron do.

ee2ce No.107817

File: 1565213835419.png (45.92 KB, 375x375, _Check.png)

This one loves cats
>pic related

ee2ce No.107820

File: 1565214047195.png (414 KB, 1600x1200, _aj filly boop.png)


b6db3 No.107821

It would be quite funny for Iron to make a massive 180 into having a mindwipe, increasing his wisdom score to 20 or more while keeping his other stats, and suddenly turn into a Wirraway Cleric, focused on the magic of… whatever that plane has.

93530 No.107825

Hello hello.

b6db3 No.107826

GM did an oopsie.

93530 No.107827

What, with the name? That's like when I post on the main board while forgetting to clear the name field. Admittedly I sometimes also delet my posts when that happens…

b6db3 No.107829

Yep. That is exactly it.
It's better than accidentally posting rolls tbh.

93530 No.107831

Eh, it happens.

I've done that once, but I don't think it's that bad.

b6db3 No.107833

Imagine getting a high roll without saying your actions, and then adding your action in the next. That is quite suspicious for any GM.

93530 No.107834

It kinda sucks that he didn't accept that nat 20, to be honest. You could've saved all that muneh with that.

b6db3 No.107835

Lolno, he did accept it. I think that is how Iron even reached the ice to get up the ice.
But the nat 1 ended his whole career.
I have the link ready when this realization kicks in Iron's head.

93530 No.107836

Dice rollRolled 16 - 1

At least Iron still has Cauldron. He should really thank her for pulling him out of there, and also talk to her about things. Not sure if cuddling is possible with the Wirraway's current seating arrangement, but that would also be a good idea.
Bluff: …you know, for warmth, obviously.

b6db3 No.107837

Dice rollRolled 10

That is true, thankfully. Cauldron could've died up there if Iron stayed for any longer if all the dead animals with bleeding eyes are any indication. I sure hope this cockpit is bigger than the other one, since it seems Iron fits like a glove in the cockpit, I think, which would allow it.
BTW, rolling sense motive for any impure thoughts of implied voyeurism.

93530 No.107838

*gud boi halo intensifies*
Nope, no impure thoughts in this head! None at all! Now, make sure you have completely wholesome, platonic cuddle fun with your zeebfu.

b6db3 No.107839

…there seems to be truth in your words.
But I'll keep my eye on you, Floofer.

93530 No.107842

Oh, and I'm not sure if you're still here, but Silver's unfortunately had to excuse himself from the spa group. So, it's down to just you and Blue.



A couple.

In a steamy spa.

Have lots of fun, you two. *winks at camera*

b6db3 No.107843

The ultimate wingpony.
So advanced he can join the air force.

ee2ce No.107844

File: 1565216881148.gif (31.02 KB, 245x245, _lenny.gif)

Hmmmmmm i see
Im Totally sure that nothing agaisnt the spa rules will happen.

93530 No.107845

Who says Unicorns can't fly?

Oh absolutely. That would be just terrible, wouldn't it?

b6db3 No.107846

Not you, of course.
At most a level 15 Nomad or equivalent magic class could, obviously.

93530 No.107847

That's the second reference you've made that I don't understand, but whatever you say!

b6db3 No.107848

Look for Nomad Power List, and you'll see at the fifth level powers one of them is literally Fly, Psionic.

37bf9 No.107849

File: 1565217794698.gif (192.81 KB, 500x292, 12550.gif)

93530 No.107850

Again, no idea what that means.

Okay then. Nice to see you, GM. You ready to start, or do you need some time before you're ready?

b6db3 No.107852

If unicorns can hold things with telekinesis, then they can easily prop themselves up with enough experience and practice.
Keep in mind no mere recruit in the army can do it. Only expert mages could do it with massive effort on their part.
Place the exact words in the last post and use Google, my dude.
You can use either Fly, Psionic or Nomad Power List if you want. I have a lot of tabs open currently so I can't directly link it to you.

37bf9 No.107853

b6db3 No.107854

I wanna jump in!

93530 No.107855

Alright. I think last time you were looking up if Blue had indeed promised 4000 Bits to Silver. I can try to see if I can find that post, if you want.

37bf9 No.107856


The green fabric gives way to white, as it slowly comes out. It is very thin. The wind continues blowing, and Iron is freezing over

93530 No.107857

Found it: >>81603
>"4000 bits, you don't ask questions, I take all of them, and you open up about your wife and children to me later"

b6db3 No.107858

Iron musters his voice up for Cauldron to hear.
"I found a cover-thing!"
He tries to extend it to its maximum distance inside his spot to see how much it covers.

ee2ce No.107859

File: 1565219438583.gif (60 KB, 238x279, _flutters happy.gif)

it would be just dreadful.

93530 No.107860

Well then, better not keep your marefriend waiting for your extra special, totally rule-abiding spa trip.

37bf9 No.107861

Well….. Okay then. Dusty Outback gives a "well fuck me then" look, and counts out bills for a while, ultimately paying over the remainder of what Skies owes Silver

I'm not done with you

After ten or so feet, hopefully Iron realizes that is a bad idea, as it is huge, and more to the point, getting caught in the wind.

b6db3 No.107862

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

Dangit, I stated that it was inside the spot to avoid this exact situation, but whatever. Wind is a punishing mistress.

Iron holds on the thing, pulling it away from the nasty winds and into the floor of the spot.

ee2ce No.107864

File: 1565220745706.jpg (9.41 KB, 224x224, _pinkie yes.jpg)

93530 No.107865

Silver accepts the money. "I apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you."

Goal one, achieved, now onto goal two: getting help from Father Maren.

37bf9 No.107866

He keeps hold (he’s still mostly exposed), but if he’s inside then he definitely can’t pull the whole thing out

37bf9 No.107867

Done. Presumably, Silver is going to the church of Saint Iglesias?

93530 No.107868

That he is, empty cart in tow.

b6db3 No.107869

Dice rollRolled 15

I suppose I should first tie two of the sides available to something inside the spot where the wind won't bother the poor piece of fabric.
I use the use rope skill for this.
It should safeguard against wind stuff if Iron fails his strength checks.

37bf9 No.107871

When Silver opens the door, he sees a number of ponies inside of the church, particularly towards the front, and some even walking past to leave him

Uh… okay. Fortunately for Iron, there's a lot of broken shit inside that sticks out

37bf9 No.107872

Does Dark Star do anything?

93530 No.107873

Hmm…must have just gotten done with sermon. Silver steps inside past those who are leaving, and lingers for a minute to see if he can catch some of what's being spoken around him.

b6db3 No.107874

You honestly think I'm going to risk the magic carpet flying off after getting assrammed by the dice to lose all my pots? No thanks.
He picks the broken shit on his spot nearest to Cauldron's spot to tie it around and secure it. The sturdier and blunter, the better.

ee2ce No.107875

Hails a taxi and goes to the spa with blue.

37bf9 No.107877

"Well hello, where are you taking me?"

It's thin, and wobbles around in the wind, but he can get a partial covering. Partial. The two ponies are separated by at least a seat

"Well, business has been moving more slowly this year, but we're getting by"

"Do you really think they'll last? I'm not sure he's gotten over his… drinking habits"

"It was really shocking when I read that this morning… You know, he seemed so nice"

b6db3 No.107878

Iron, knowing that if both of them are in the same seat they would be covered more effectively, peeks out to Cauldron's seat which I assume is either as tall or taller than her seat.

93530 No.107879

Silver's ears perk up at the last statement. Talking about Comte's arrest?

cced0 No.107880

Comte was arrested??

93530 No.107881


37bf9 No.107882

"Yeah, he had been a big part of the community for a while."

"And the photo… It was against etiquette to publish that"

"Who else is like that"

"I still think the Fascists planted it. Of course it's exposed in the course of burglary"

It's not quite big enough for two ponies, unless they squeeze together or she sits in Iron's lap or something

ee2ce No.107885

"wheres the closest spa?"

93530 No.107886

Silver can only shake his head, hearing that. Oh, how I wish it was fake. I really do. You have no idea how bad things have gotten…

b6db3 No.107889

>sits on Iron's lap
That'll do

Iron beckons Cauldron to his spot, offering a hoof for easier changing.
"Found carpet thing! should cover both of us!"

ee2ce No.107899

37bf9 No.107901

She gives a Dark Star a bedeviling smile, looks at him for a moment, and says

“Northam street is the closest””

“It’s really shameful. Shameful upon the whole city”

“I wonder what his wife and children will do now…”

“I still think this is suspicious. Just mentioning there’s a war going on gets a paper pulled from distribution for the day, and now they publish this?”

“It looks pretty convincing to me…. I guess we can wait and see”

She looks over, Frost above her eyes, but climbs over the steel separator, and crawls under Iron’s set up, head first. Her hoof slips the first time, but she catches, and places a hoof on Iron. She’s cold, covered in frost, a little heavy, and upside relative to how she should be

93530 No.107902

Shameful upon all of us, is what it is. Silver finally moves on to find Father Maren, or one of the other church workers.

b6db3 No.107903

Iron's not quite sure what to do with the ice, but he knows he should fully close any opening.
"Close up the spot with the rest of the carpet thing! It should protect us!"
He rubs her back to try and heat her up.

b6db3 No.107904

ee2ce No.107905

He Grins
"Fantastic, i'm looking forward to seeing you get sweaty."

37bf9 No.107906

She tries to turn around on him, since she’s awkwardly positioned. It’s too small for two ponies, really. She feels cold, and she looks scared. She pulls down s side with a hoof
“I’m trying”

“… what?”

All of them seem to be there. Slow Burn, who is closer to the front and has not noticed Silver, is prancing about, saying something, Sundew is speaking to a pair of ponies. And further in the back, lying on his back against the wall, is a certain older pony drinking a burgundy liquid out of a glass

b6db3 No.107907

Dice rollRolled 1

Iron helps out the side she's trying to tie down herself, as well as other possible gaps to turn the partial cover into full cover.
(It should be long enough to cover all of this.

b6db3 No.107908

Thank god I tied down a part of it.
At least it won't fly away.

93530 No.107909

I'm assuming that older pony is the Father.
He gets a half-smile as he trots up to him. "Enjoying yourself?"

37bf9 No.107910

“Huh? Uh, yes. You again. I mean, what brings you here today?”

One side flies up, into the wind, and Cauldron loses her footing over Iron, sending her falling down on top of him

ee2ce No.107911

"They Have a sauna right?"

b6db3 No.107913

Dice rollRolled 2 + 5

Iron does his best to catch her.
Strength roll to cushion her fall.

93530 No.107914

"I am not judging. It would be rather hypocritical of me to do so." He sits down next to the Father. "Remember why I came to you earlier today?"

b6db3 No.107915

File: 1565224934194.png (520.98 KB, 1280x720, 1517519370393.png)

37bf9 No.107916

“A sauna? Is that what you want? Yes, they do.”

She crashes down on him

“Yes… yes I do”

b6db3 No.107917

Iron groans.
(This cold is worse than I thought.)
He tries to stand up with Cauldron on him.

ee2ce No.107918

File: 1565225280696.png (2.29 KB, 512x512, _F.png)

ee2ce No.107919

"Yea Sauna's are nice. What are you Going to get?"

93530 No.107920

"I said I would come back if I was victorious, and thus here I am. All undead, to my knowledge, have been killed, save one. And that is why I am here. I would request your aid in putting Joseph Curwhinny to rest."

37bf9 No.107921

“I will see what I feel like. How about you?”

“What… what are you doing?”

“Well… that is very good news indeed. Did you say you had a… locket?”

b6db3 No.107922

Dice rollRolled 6

"We must cover this place up, or else we freeze."
Iron powers through Cauldron's weight and tries again to close all of the openings.

b6db3 No.107923

That should cover at least one opening.

93530 No.107924

Silver nods, and brings it out for Father Maren to see. "His phylactery."

ee2ce No.107925

"Probably just the Coat Dyeing and The Sauna. maybe a hoof buffing."

37bf9 No.107926

Uh… not completely successful

Maren looks at it curiously, then with an ever growing dread in his eyes. He break away to drink the rest of his glass
“Take that away from the Sanctuary. There are too many ponies here”

“You are serious about this looking like a zebra thing?”

b6db3 No.107927

Dice rollRolled 1


b6db3 No.107928

This is making my blood boil.

37bf9 No.107929

The sheet stretches out, stretches out, until a little string catches it, and POOF. It fills up with wind, pulling out from the back pack, and holding stout on the edges, holding the wind in. It pulls out with such great force that the backpack itself flies away with it

93530 No.107930

Silver puts it away before standing up. "Meet me outside, then, around rear of Cathedral." Understandably, he makes his way to the indicated spot.

ee2ce No.107932

He Sighs
"Unfortunately. it's the best course of action. i'll be harder to spot if i'm in zig Coat."

b6db3 No.107933

Wait, what backpack?
In any case, the sheet should still be there, since it actually has some places tied correctly.

37bf9 No.107934

“Hmmm… I’m not certain they’ve ever done a zebra coat before. That’s pretty creative though.”

The one where he got it from. I think you underestimate the total strength of the wind in the blanket. It tugs.

“Let us go then…”

As they walk by, they walk past Slow Burn, still prancing, saying something like “isn’t love a wonderful thing”

Then he sees Silver, and runs to him
“Oh hey! You again!”

ee2ce No.107935

"They'll never suspect it. its brilliant."
He Smiles.

b6db3 No.107936

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5

I'll go with Iron catching the backpack before it decides to go away.
Rolling strength.
At least I have a modifier on it.

93530 No.107937

"Hello again, Slow Burn. It is good to see you." Silver looks to see if Father Maren will either tell him to leave the two be, or if he will let him come.

37bf9 No.107938

Hold, but damn does it pull hard

She places a hoof to her chin, and looks up. Thinking.

He just looks forward, and shakes his head. This does not stop Slow Burn from following
“What cool stuff are you up to today?!”

b6db3 No.107939

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

Iron tugs it back, also hoping Cauldron is able to close the openings while he's at it.
Rolling strength again.
If it flies away, I'm going with creating another character, because there will be no hope.

93530 No.107940

"I have asked Father Maren to help me with something very important, something which can not be discussed with so many ponies around."

37bf9 No.107941

It is rigged back, but too far away for Cauldron to tie down

37bf9 No.107942

His eyes expand slowly until they are big and black
“Oh.., it’s secret. Right.”

That she’s not stop him from following

Maren does outside, takes a left, and turns onto the road, then to the area next to the end of the structure. There is a small passage of grass between a low fence and the structure. He opens a fence, and the three go through. He goes to the back where there is some open grass, slightly raised slabs of stone, and a small cottage-like our building behind the church

b6db3 No.107943

She should be on top of me still. Have her stand on her four hooves on Iron. It should her her reach it and pull it back down.
I know she has some points in Dex, so it should be too hard to balance.

37bf9 No.107944

Dice rollRolled 10 + 3

Well, she can try to reach out


ee2ce No.107945

"How Do you plan on looking like a Griffon?"

93530 No.107946

"Right, I hope this is secure enough." Silver once again brings the locket out for Father Maren. "If I may ask, I would like to know what it is about this that had you spooked back inside. You know, aside from this being piece of Curwhinny's soul."

37bf9 No.107947

“Do I need to look like a griffin?”

“Aside from it being the product of an unholy act to sever body from soul?… Well, I guess aside from being splattered all across the pavement and dying, jumping off the spire isn’t all that bad.”

b6db3 No.107948

So… did it work?
I'm not risking more rolls.

93530 No.107950

"I am afraid I do not…" Silver shakes his head. "…nevermind. Again, I would ask your aid in putting Curwhinny to rest."

ee2ce No.107951

"No i suppose not. But it was your idea."

37bf9 No.107952

She got one side

“Touché. I have my ways” she grins in her malign way

“Very well. Let’s us get to wo-“

“Ooh! Ooh! What are we doing here?!”

ee2ce No.107955

Now Dark Star puts his hoof to his chin in thought.

93530 No.107956

How old is that colt, exactly? "We are going to put very old pony to rest." Silver turns back to Maren. "I assume we will need to travel to catacombs where Curwhinny is entombed."

b6db3 No.107957

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

Iron does his part on the same side for Cauldron to tie it up.
Rolling strength to hold the sheet for Cauldron to tie it up.

37bf9 No.107959

Wait. nevermind

She gets part of it, but the problem is it is still inflated by the wind

They arrive at what is presumably Northam's "Hoof, Horn and Feather Spa and Pedicure"

There is a lime green pony standing at a desk, and a could seats in a waiting area

"Hallo! What can I do for you?"

93530 No.107960


b6db3 No.107963

Can Cauldron keep holding the thing while Iron goes for the other side to close it up?

37bf9 No.107964

If he dives out of the plane to get it, yes

b6db3 No.107965

Dive out?
You mean a jump roll to catch it and go back inside?

ee2ce No.107966

"Howdy, i'd like to use the sauna.Also what services do you offer?"

37bf9 No.107967

“Hooficure, hot baths, mud treatment, massages, mane care… anything you could need”

A jump roll could do it

b6db3 No.107969

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

Got it.
I'll go for it.

37bf9 No.107970

He grabs it

ee2ce No.107971

"Get my mare friend one of everything."
He smiles.

b6db3 No.107972

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

I suppose I should roll strength to pull it down now?
I guess I'll risk rolling yet again.

37bf9 No.107973

“Oh, we can do so, yes.” She smiles and nods
“Is zer anything else we can do for you? Anything more?”

37bf9 No.107974

it's closer to the ground… but he needs to pull it back into the plane

b6db3 No.107975

Well, his course of pulling down is back to into the plane then.
Should not need another roll.

ee2ce No.107978

"Do you offer dyeing services?"

37bf9 No.107981


"Yes, of course vee do"

93530 No.107983

Mind if I ask what the "nevermind" was about?

b6db3 No.107985

I await your judgement.

37bf9 No.107989

Dice rollRolled 1

Not completely reading a reply fully, then making a character ask a question that was already answered, then having the character called retarded….. I mean, more so than usual

My judgement? This one goes to the dice

37bf9 No.107990

Iron pulls the thing in a fold back to the plane. He is still freezing

93530 No.107992

Oh…sorry…didn't mean for it to come out like that.

ee2ce No.107994

"Could i Get A Black base, with white stripes?"

37bf9 No.107996

"On Your mane?"

b6db3 No.107998

Dice rollRolled 3

Crap. It is time to tie this shit.
Iron, praying to the Wirraway under his breath, tries once again to tie his side of the plane.

b6db3 No.107999

I am so done.
Just headshot the poor sod. Make him stab himself through his skull and kill him already.

ee2ce No.108001

"My entire coat. i don't want any stripes on my mane. can you also cut it?"

37bf9 No.108003

Oh, but where is the fun in a quick death?

It is not tied, and pulls away, or tries to

"We can do that, yes. What color do you want your mane?"

ee2ce No.108006

"The color it is is fine. cut it into a Mohawk."

93530 No.108007

So…can we continue? Or are you done?

b6db3 No.108009

Dice rollRolled 5

Iron attempts to tie it again, getting really frustrated with the wind and its horse manure.

b6db3 No.108011

insert headbanging here

37bf9 No.108016

We can continue

"Oh, okay."
They take Dark Star over to a separate room, down a hallway. There is a bed, which they instruct him to lay on. A dark blue mare, and a zebra mare come in. The blue mare asks
"What shade of white would you like for the dye?" She holds a palate.


A new wind gust, and Iron must hold it down again

b6db3 No.108018

Dice rollRolled 2 + 5

grumble grumble
Iron holds it down yet again, cursing feverishly.
(Hopefully Cauldron can tie up the other side. At this point, death is almost a certainty.)

ee2ce No.108019

Dark Star motions at the zebra's stripes
"That shade will be nice."

b6db3 No.108022

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

I'll just… roll strength again to catch it further before it escalates further.

93530 No.108024

Silver's question to Maren is the same:

"I assume we will need to travel to catacombs where Curwhinny is entombed."

ee2ce No.108026

File: 1565232970445.jpg (37.61 KB, 737x415, IKIFEEL.jpg)

Damn, sorry dude. i know those feels.

37bf9 No.108029

File: 1565233115160.jpeg (151.3 KB, 1920x1080, 1209871.jpeg)

The Zebra looks at Dark Star strangely

"Oh….. kay. That's about an Ivory color. We're going to cover everything we don't want dyed, and then apply the base, and later do the…. stripes"


37bf9 No.108030

"To destroy the locket? No"

ee2ce No.108034

"Fanstic, thanks."
Dark Star tries not to look smug at the zebra.

93530 No.108035

"Mhm. Well, whatever needs to be done to put Curwhinny to rest, I will try to help where I can."

b6db3 No.108037

Dice rollRolled 12

You can judgementally stare at me all you want.
Heck. I'd make Iron jump back into the water at this point.
My will saves are rolling low. Very Low.
In case it is accepted, though I'll roll to tie the little shit sheet in order to finally get some actual progress and turn off the damn Orchestral Benny Hill music that keeps haunting me.

b6db3 No.108038

Why is it only with death threats against my character that decent rolls show up?

37bf9 No.108040

Is tied

What is it?

Almost want to make you roll will save
She starts applying some sort of cover over his hooves, the base of his mane, and… his tail. Almost lewd, almost

"I can't say I'm perfectly familiar with the process of destroying a phylactery"

93530 No.108042

"We are in same boat then. Still, I shall follow your lead." Silver properly hooves him the locket.

b6db3 No.108043

I'm glad this roll showdown is almost over, because it was chipping away at my sanity.
Iron, with an intense sigh of relief, moves back a bit, looking at the side he left Cauldron with.

ee2ce No.108048

"This is my first time getting my coat dyed. anything i should know?"
Dark Star Grunts a little as they put the cover on his tail.

b6db3 No.108066

The silence is quite unnerving.

b6db3 No.108104

Will Iron be able to close up the Wirraway to shield the harsh cold from magical hate-feeding creatures?
Will he finally seal the deal with Cauldron?
Will Dark Star be able to maintain his composure in front of the zebra or will he cave in and do a zebraface?
Will Silver finally cleanse the soul of Curwhinny and give him the peace he sorely needs?
Will he discover the secrets in the church officials by doing this?
Tune in today at 6 o'clock in the afternoon to find out!

86161 No.108105

File: 1565277970280.jpeg (100.7 KB, 594x448, 59D9CE9C-1CAD-45E8-9706-1….jpeg)

We shall find out

93530 No.108106

Thanks M.A. Larson.

8b5b1 No.108107

>inb4 next episode is a filler episode where the monthly trio pets the changie babbies some more.
Dangit, Larson!

86161 No.108108

You shut your whore mouth. There ain’t no such thing as “filler” when all parties are present. Besides, I have something special planned

ee2ce No.108109

File: 1565281586711.png (147.21 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)


ee2ce No.108110

looking foward to seeing what you have planned.

86161 No.108111

File: 1565282473369.png (3.65 MB, 1792x828, 0795B415-DF59-4642-8EF1-46….png)

And Dark Star is getting himself Valmorified

e09dc No.108112

I guess you could say you're giving me the cold shoulder
Iron needs blankets

93530 No.108113

Sounds interesting. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you've got planned, and for who.

e09dc No.108114

Alrighty. The time is nearing. Let's do a quick head count.

93530 No.108115

But I only have the one head.

ee2ce No.108116

File: 1565299741638.jpg (263 KB, 1536x1536, _glim glam Dabbing.jpg)

86161 No.108117

File: 1565300043634.jpeg (69.7 KB, 1373x1067, C182A264-6C8F-422C-AEA9-9….jpeg)

b6db3 No.108118

I count 4 heads. Are you ready to reach ever closer to your brilliant keikaku?

22bc9 No.108121

I got a bit of free time.

37bf9 No.108124

File: 1565306916934.gif (2.81 MB, 500x500, 1525159653806-0.gif)

b6db3 No.108125

File: 1565307028847.jpg (228.07 KB, 1280x960, 1527915155068.jpg)

Did I hear "Gaming Time (TM)?"

37bf9 No.108128

File: 1565308782591.png (1.9 MB, 1745x2048, 1961719.png)

I guess maybe we could play tonight, if anypony is up for it

b6db3 No.108130

Perhaps it's finally time to have that alone time between Iron and Cauldron in order to explore their relationship after this shitty set of circumstances have happened.
Does Cauldron still has feelings with Iron over his admittance of essentially killing himself for her betterment or does she ultimately blame the stubborn horse that made her be in this situation at all?
Is there external factors that are dissuading you from playing?

ee2ce No.108131

File: 1565309139827.gif (333.8 KB, 800x451, _cozy boop 2.gif)

37bf9 No.108132

Not really
Looking at her, she feels mostly… cold. Cold, and scared


b6db3 No.108133

Thank God. I expected it to turn bad.
Iron, using basic experience from childhood, hugs the zebra, pulling her closer in order to share bodyheat.
After this, he looks at the side he expected to be shut at this point, as well as any other openings that could decrease the room's temperature even further.

37bf9 No.108135

Well, they both left the plane to catch the covering, and have largely prevented it from flying off, but they are not back inside yet

ee2ce No.108136

b6db3 No.108137

So what about the covering?
Is it full cover now?

37bf9 No.108138

"Yes, you should stay still, and relax as we try to cover anything you don't want died. Your mane and tail, for instance. Once that it is done, we are going to apply the die carefully, and let it set. Then, we are going to treat another liquid that should help the dye to stay"

The covering flew off, and is not covering the inside. They are outside, and so is all but one corner of the covering

ee2ce No.108139

Dark Star Relaxes

37bf9 No.108140

They tape up his mane base, pin away his mane, do the same to his tail in what is probably a less comfortable fashion, and also his hooves.

"We can either apply it manually, or submerge you in it"

b6db3 No.108141

Dice rollRolled 18

Darn. That means more rolls.

Forget about the whole hugging thing, then. It's work time.
He, with the help of Cauldron, do the whole tieing up business in order to finally have a decent shelter against the elements.
(Let get this over with. We have almost no chance to get away from supremely magical things that almost made ponykind extinct, so we must huddle up and do the thing to drive me away…)
He sighs.
(If only I knew how.)

b6db3 No.108142

*(Let's get this over with.
**drive them away…)

37bf9 No.108143

Tied up on one side, then tied up on the other

b6db3 No.108144

After this, he gets inside and helps Cauldron in to finally have a somewhat warm place to recover from the frost.
Position is still Cauldron sitting on Iron's lap.

ee2ce No.108145

"Submerge me? How does that work?"

37bf9 No.108146

"You would duck yourself in a pool of liquid that includes the dye, and later the setting fluid. It's harder to keep the mane from getting contaminated, though"

93530 No.108147

b6db3 No.108148

Hi Silver!
Iron's about to get his cuddle time with Cauldron.
Here's hoping that's the solution to having heat again.
Unless I skipped something I didn't notice.

93530 No.108149

I wish the pair good luck.

ee2ce No.108150

He Thinks for a moment
"Apply it manually."

37bf9 No.108151

Cauldron climbs up, shaking, and tries to get on Iron. Both are cold, and if they are not wet, it is for no other reason than because the water that covered them has frozen to ice


"I do not know quite how. This is not the most common of events"

"Okay. Turn over, if you will. The manual process is a bit more… involved"

b6db3 No.108152

Iron helps Cauldron out into her sitting on his lap, rubbing her coat in an attempt to create heat through friction.
"Do you have anything to dry us up?"
Even in this slightly suggestive position, he can't help but worry over her current state, with the unnatural ice on her body.

ee2ce No.108153

"Uh Alright."
He Turns over on his back

b6db3 No.108154


37bf9 No.108156

Heat causes water to melt, which is actually less insulating than Ice

"No… I-I had to l-leave my things behind"

ee2ce No.108157

File: 1565313133680.gif (Spoiler Image, 230.08 KB, 320x320, _hmmmmmmmmmm fidget.gif)

37bf9 No.108158

They take a spray bottle, and spray on a liquid, then spread it with a brust across his chest, then into his joints where his legs connect to his chest (the equivalent of armpits) and up his legs, carefully and thoroughly

93530 No.108159

"I would be more surprised if it was not. I suppose we will work with what you do know."

What's wrong?

ee2ce No.108160

"This feels Rather Strange."
He Continues to relax

cced0 No.108161

Is Dark Star going undercover as a zigger?

b6db3 No.108162

Dangit! Iron's winter survival experience is minimal.
He decides to simply hug the scared and cold zebra mare on him, nuzzling her neck.
"We should be safe to dry ourselves here, I think…"
He gets a feeling for the temperature in the spot covered.

93530 No.108163


ee2ce No.108164

Yes,yes he is.

37bf9 No.108165

"I need to make a phone call. This is not ordinary knowledge"

He limps off, and leaves Silver there with the colt, prancing in place

They now apply it to his neck
"Stretch out a little"
Then under his muzzle

"Do you want it full body, or most visible areas?"

The cover does not have much ability to retain heat. It's biggest bonus is against the wind
"I-I hope so"

93530 No.108166

Silver looks at the excitable Slow Burn. "So, how did you come to work here at cathedral?"

ee2ce No.108167

He Stretches for them

37bf9 No.108168

She repeats the question
“Do you want visible areas covered, or full body?”

“Well I e been attending church since I was a foal. I stared as an altar colt when I was little and became an apprentice when I was older”

b6db3 No.108169

At least we have that going.

Iron inspects the spot they both are.
"Maybe there is some sort of firestarter here and a place to safely start one."

ee2ce No.108170

"Full body. it needs to look Perfect."

37bf9 No.108171

“I-I don’t know. I don’t know if there is any room for one, or if it would burn u-us both out”

They go much lower on Dark Star’s body, including again between where the thighs connect, and carefully apply the dye
“This will not stain skin, at least not for long”

93530 No.108172

Silver nods, understanding that much. "You like it here?"

37bf9 No.108173

Yes! Yes! I love it here! I get to talk to the many ponies, and the other youths”

ee2ce No.108174

"Great, if it does stain how long would it be stained for?"

93530 No.108175

"You do seem unusually outgoing, even for colt of your age."

37bf9 No.108176

"perhaps a few hours. It may be washable"

He tilts his head"
"A colt of my age?"

93530 No.108177

Silver nods, not really understanding the confusion. "…Yes?"

b6db3 No.108178

Iron is honestly at a loss.
(Perhaps I can take wood from the trees around this plane? But they would be wet…)
He looks at the spot.
(The possibility of being burnt is very high, too.)
He plants his head next to Cauldron's, looking vacantly in front of both of them.
(Do we simply stay where we are until it passes? Try the magic of friendship again, maybe?)

37bf9 No.108179

He looks at him for a moment, then tilts his head up, smiles and closes his eyes
“Oh. Thanks!”

ee2ce No.108180

"Thats fine."

93530 No.108181

Silver smiles back. "Anything you might tell me about Baltimare? I only arrived in city recently."

37bf9 No.108182

After a set of brushing that’s quite a bit more intimate than is normally either comfortable or legal to accept from a stranger, she asks him to turn over

“Oh! Yes! In the north side here there’s quite a few older ponies and old couples that come to church. There’s not quite as many young couples but there are more now. There are many more over in the west side. The East side is a little more messy and a little more poor, but there are plenty of ponies who like to come to church. I’m less familiar with the south side but they have this great ice cream shop their called Cold Hoof. Their cotton candy flavor especially is good, I got that last time. Anyways the big commercial district is in the city center. It’s mostly safe to walk around in, mostly, so long as you do it in day. Stay away from bat ponies. There’s actually some good real estate in the north side, they are building new houses….”

b6db3 No.108183

Iron sighs to himself.
"I am sorry for dragging you into this, Cauldron."
He nuzzles the cold zebra on him, hugging her a bit more firmly.
"I should not have roped you into it."

ee2ce No.108184

He does so

93530 No.108185

"North side is where I went to clear out undead, actually. They were infesting quarry some company was hoping to fill and build real estate on top of."

37bf9 No.108186

“No… it can be worth it to chase a dream”

The weirdest part of this process is when they try to do his muzzle. His actual snout has not been covered because of course they can’t cover is nostrils. Now, he can smell the dye, and it smells questionable. They also have him close his eyes, and try to get it inside his ears.

After all of this, she tells him
“Okay… we’re still not done”

“If you mean north north, like north of here, that’s newly developed land. It was farms and a few outlying homes when I was a colt”

93530 No.108187

Silver nods.

ee2ce No.108188

What does it smell like?
"Quite the process."

b6db3 No.108189

Iron can't help but be surprised, with his eyes widening.
"Even if the dream means losing somepony you love?"
(Is this really what the gods intended?)

b6db3 No.108190

*may make you lose somepony

37bf9 No.108191

Like a cross between paint and rubbing alcohol

She looks at him, and into his eyes. Her eyes widen, and tear

ee2ce No.108192

"Whats next?"

37bf9 No.108193

“Now we apply the holding solution”
They apply this in much broader strokes. On his back, across his muzzle (this has a kind of ‘stinging’ smell). Then they have him turn over. Yes, it gets on his genitals
“Okay. Let’s dry it”

b6db3 No.108194

Iron can't help but feel her heart breaking a bit, his brow softening.
"I understand that now, Cauldron. I should have pursued so stubbornly if it meant you being hurled into this."
He stares into her blue, teary eyes.
"I was all for it, but I was not expecting you to follow suit. I…"
He stops, afraid of what word could come to his mouth, but inhales.
"I did not want to hurt you."

ee2ce No.108195

"Alright lets Get it dryed."

37bf9 No.108196

One takes a hair dryer, and pints it at Dark Star
“First… is there any particular style of stripes you want?”

b6db3 No.108197

*I shouldn't have pursued

ee2ce No.108198

Dark Star looks confused
"There are different types?"

37bf9 No.108199

She is silent, but looks back at him. Teary eyed

“Yes, like straight, even, certain patterns”

ee2ce No.108200

"What sort of patterns?"

37bf9 No.108201

“…. did you not know what you meant by ‘stripes’ before coming here?”

b6db3 No.108202

Iron stares back, placing a hoof on her cheek. He knows his confessions have been mostly horrible so far, but it's either now or possibly never.
"I love you, Cauldron," he says, metaphorically presenting his heart to her with a regretful yet passionate tone.
With that, his head slowly leans closer, his mouth apporaching hers with his eyes closing as he braces for her reaction.

ee2ce No.108203

"Yea regular straight stripes.i did't know that they could be in patterns."

37bf9 No.108204

He’s looking right at a Zebra, and her stripes are not straight

Oh dear

ee2ce No.108205

"Make them even."

b6db3 No.108206

Yes. He has reached maximum sappiness.
Will she reciprocate, tho?

37bf9 No.108207

That's not specifici enough for them to get the idea that they are supoosed to resemble Zebra stripes and not some collection of bizarrely straight stripes that literally no one will believe look like a zebra, but okay

"Waa" She pulls away slightly

b6db3 No.108210

Now that reaction was funny. Too bad for Iron tho.
Zebra pucci went farther from Iron now.
Iron knew this was going to happen, pulling back himself with a blush.
"I got carried away," he utters looking to the side, "but I meant what I said. I regret getting you hurt."

37bf9 No.108211

She’s shaking, and turns her head away from Iron. Then her eyes turn back.
She pulls her head back in, and locks her mouth with Iron’s

93530 No.108212

Awwwww, how cute.

ee2ce No.108213

"Make Them Look Like Zebra Stripes."

37bf9 No.108214

This earns Dark Star a strange look from the blue mare, and a glare from the zebra

b6db3 No.108215

Iron can't help but be shocked at her sudden move, but accepts it welcomingly, closing his eyes and enjoying the moment
He gently wraps his foreleg around Cauldron's head, not wanting to let go of this magical moment, while he slightly opens his mouth for a quick breath of air before continuing.
(Is this… really happening? Is this real life, or just a fantasy?)
His other foreleg caresses her coarse back slowly and softly, relishing in her features.
(I hope it is real, because there is no place I would rather be.)

ee2ce No.108216

'Its For Work."
He Chuckles

37bf9 No.108217

“Oh… okay”
The mare starts cutting from a purple sheet, while the zebra hair dries Dark Star

And she kisses him, and places her hooves around his neck. Her back is icy. Literally icy, with frost over it. Both are cold, but she presses her chest into his, which actually helps with the climatic situation

b6db3 No.108218

He absolutely welcomes her pressing, lightly reciprocating.
He trails his hoof along her back up to her flanks, in an up and down motion while never going behind her tail, partly because he can't help but explore her body but also to spread his impassioned heat around her body. To spread his fiery feelings as literal hotness to melt away all the cold on her, even though it most likely won't work.
He lightly opens his mouth for another quick breath and glancing at Black Cauldron before going at it again.
(Am I lucky to have such a mare.)

37bf9 No.108219

>he can't help but explore her body but also to spread his impassioned heat around her body.
>spread his impassioned heat around her body
>his impassioned heat
Uncertain at first, she now presses her lips more firmly to his, and does not mind the other physical contact. She feels icy on the outside, and a bit muscular on the inside, but also soft in points. But even through the cover, the cold enters

b6db3 No.108220

Dangit! I didn't mean it come out as a sexual innuendo!
Also hotdamn, these windigoes just don't give up. I'm running out of ideas to solve this whole forever winter thing.
I wonder if they have to get steamy. Disregard Pear's comment on 'libido not being able to solve it' comment.
He lightly picks Cauldron up, setting her down on the floor in a back position, then prompty following suit, both bodies fully wrapped around eachother from chest to belly.
He does the unthinkable, starting to explore her mouth with his tongue while his nostrils flare, completely wrapped up in the kiss.

b6db3 No.108221

*floor, her back planted against the floor, then

37bf9 No.108222

The wind blows again, and pulls against the cover. Now exploring, Cauldron reaches her tongue out into Iron

b6db3 No.108223

Dice rollRolled 6

He powers through his rational side's warnings, encapsulated by the kiss and enchanted by the dance of tongues they're both into.
His member can't help but poke a little bit out of his sheath from such a passionate and active display of raw affection to the point where it inadvertedly made the slightest of pokes against her belly.
(Now is not the time, member.)
Rolling a will save against his second mind to direct the priorities.

b6db3 No.108224


37bf9 No.108225

I think that’s a fail

Also, the weather is not better

b6db3 No.108226

Unless… copulation is really the answer.
Iron's length sadly increases to full mast, trailing along Cauldron's belly, but does not make an attempt of mounting her yet, content with the kiss but with a slight bread of sweat on his forehead.
(Calm down. We should do that when we are safe and we plan this out. Not now!)
But his memeber cannot go back now, awkwardly reminding Cauldron of the differences between mares and stallions.

37bf9 No.108227

She stops for a moment, seeming to notice it, but continues

37bf9 No.108228

I have to go to sleep now

b6db3 No.108229

Hopefully, copulation works against Windigoes.
Iron's blush increases for his lack of control over his body, but continues kissing for a few more seconds, ending with him pulling back, a small trail of saliva still connecting both mouths and obviously panting from either the intense makeout session or the desire to ravage her to the point of climax.

93530 No.108230

Sleep well!

37bf9 No.108231

She blushes, looks at him, shivers and smiles

b6db3 No.108232

Iron smiles back, albeit with more savage enthusiasm without losing his blush.
He leans down, planting a series of pecks on her neck which start to trail down along her body downwards. For him, the cold is merely a detail while submerged in the situation as the kisses go to her chest, gauging her mood before proceeding.
His main mind, however, can't help but spark quite the doubts.
(You know this is the deal sealer, Iron. You are taking her forever if you along this path.)
But it only makes him excited.
(She is the one.)

b6db3 No.108233

*if you go along this path.)

93530 No.108234

File: 1565361188230.jpg (114.31 KB, 1024x978, 2026068__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

You two were sure up early.

b6db3 No.108235

S-shut up, b-baka!

ee2ce No.108236

Oops i fell a sleep…

b6db3 No.108237

Hi Darkie!
Don't worry, you haven't missed much.

ee2ce No.108238

Have you and cauldron fugged yet?

b6db3 No.108239

It's getting quite close.
Although I admit the circumstances are quite… unsettling, judging from the cold wind monsters on the other side of the makeshift shelter they both are.
I only hope it shoos them away with it and Pear is ultimately wrong about the conditions to make the monsters flee.

86161 No.108240

Did…. did you sleep the entire time since that post?

*sticks tongue out back at pony*

She has a definite fear to her, and a bit of reserve, which she seems to be actively trying to push past

ee2ce No.108241

Yea i did.
Don't die
i like iron. no homo

86161 No.108242

I went to sleep after you, and I’ve already been at work for more than two hours.

Anyways, hello

b6db3 No.108243

Iron can't help but fall for her even more.
(She is pushing through her worries and fears for me.)
This only fuels his drive even more, his trail of kisses going even lower. His gazes changes periodically between looking into her eyes and looking where he's pecking while his rational side steps in to ask the important questions.
(The final stretch. This is the last chance to back out, Iron. Do you believe she is the one? The one you will give your heart to? The one you will traverse through Tartarus and back? The one you will share both life and family with?)
He takes one last look upon his possible lover in front of him. Her face expressing both fear and hope from the present and future. A maiden worth protecting, to cherish and share his life with. A long inhale before his resolve strengthens.
(I do.)
With that, he goes even lower, his face staring right into her nethers.


93530 No.108244

File: 1565366355026.jpg (150.54 KB, 1048x1080, 2110419__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

ee2ce No.108245

Dark Star Relaxes as the warm wind of the hair dryer bathes over him.

b6db3 No.108246

86161 No.108247

File: 1565368655281.png (2.31 MB, 1792x828, 84F14A9D-710D-4661-A276-C1….png)

Just for clarification, this ain’t the back seat of a ‘52 Chevy that a pair of sweet hearts can play some back seat boogie in on graduation night before Jack has to go off to war. This is the bomb-aimer/tail-gunner seat in the back of a dive bomber. There is only one seat that folds up, and not much room to maneuver except for Cauldron to pull back a little bit

Either way, he can’t really see much from this perspective, except small teats

b6db3 No.108248

Understandable. It's gonna be quite rough.
I think the only available positions is maybe some sort which involves hopping on the member on the seat or maybe not go for foreplay and go straight into it in missionary.
It fits his primal nature tho, but I want to confirm the latter's possibility. If not, I can go with using the seat.

86161 No.108249

They definitely have enough room either one on top of the other, with one in the seat and the other above

The one one is cutting up a sheet of some substance. Once the drying is done, she comes over with the substance and a comb. She tries to apply the sheets, combing hair to make it match


b6db3 No.108250

That should work.
Iron swifty and firmly picks Cauldron up, placing her in front of him seated, and spreads her hindlegs out to prepare for what's to come.
(No going back now.)
He makes sure to spot Cauldron's current mood, too. He doesn't want to unintentionally hurt her aside from maybe the hymen tearing and all before starting the readying up process.

93530 No.108251

There's a question I thought I would never ask myself: do zebras have hymens?

b6db3 No.108252

Wikipedia says so, funnily enough.

93530 No.108253

Learn something new every day.

Remember: go slow, rub up against the vulva first to get her nice and wet and ready, and don't forget to enjoy yourselves.

b6db3 No.108254

Thanks, Mr Hornwingpony!

93530 No.108255

Just looking out for my Earth Pony pal.

b6db3 No.108256

Be sure to get your wooden practice sword for sparring!

93530 No.108257

I haven't forgotten. Might be able to find one when I go to a blacksmith to help with some of my weapons.

86161 No.108258


She pulls away from kissing, almost wincing with a sort of anxious anticipation, still shivering

b6db3 No.108259

Nice. I think there's a spell for nonlethal weapons if you're up for it. It may even give you an advantage.

Dun worre. Was confirming the existence of hymens in equines.
Iron guides his member towards her entrance, softly rubbing it along her lower outer lips, granting Cauldron some time for her body to be fully ready for the ride.
He can't help but let out a tiny grunt as he does it.
(I will make it a day worth remembering.)

86161 No.108260

She’s afraid, though whether the fear comes from the initamavy, the apocalypse, or both, Iron cannot tell. She is trembling. She places her hooves around him again, and leans in, kissing him again

b6db3 No.108261

I don't blame her. I am scared, too.
I hope this ends the sudden winter going on outside, most likely at the climax.
Iron reciprocates, pushing his head a little against Cauldron as he sticks his tongue in for a quick makeout, before pulling back and smiling.
He aligns his tip to her entrance, pushing it just the slightest bit, prodding her marehood and having her folds get accostumed to his intrusions and coaxing her into allowing his equipment to enter.

86161 No.108262

Now hold on, Tiger
The drumbeat and light show continues above, shining through the cover. Somewhere between anxiety and lingering uncertainty about the act - and the sheer cold - her labia is a bit wrinkled and shrunken together, even as it still feels soft. Even here, there is ice.

Her black mane is standing up, and her eyes almost wobble, as she looks into Iron, and softly presses her tongue against his

b6db3 No.108263

Christ almighty. That sounds rather painful to have ice on.
Also insert Vietnam flashacks of him interacting with a tiger here
Iron is surprised she still continues the kiss, but decides to go along with it to feel her soft tongue against his some more, but glances down to the best of his ability in order to accurately prod the right hole.
(She is quite getting into it!)
His rational side notes the light show above, filling his soul with even more determination to start the process.
(Is this… what I think it is?)
While kissing, he reaches the conclusion that the gods did not want him to get the gold, but get the mare he was chasing for.
(Whichever god granted me this opportunity, I thank you for making me see the true value I had in front of me all along.)
His passion further increases, pushing Cauldron gently towards the far end of the seat, removing whatever fear he had in him and fully embracing the exciting and tender moment the two are sharing with eachother. The pent up feelings blossomed into a Frangipani flower even with all the setbacks they both had. Almost all of it Iron's fault cuz he a childish colt.

Is the prodding still in effect or was it cancelled?

86161 No.108264

Well, the prodding would be in effect. The thunder rolls, and Cauldron trying to get a grip on the floor with her rear hooves

b6db3 No.108265

Crap. Now there's thunder?
Iron decides that the time for action is now, starting to push against Cauldron's folds and attempting to enter her main hole with gentle yet firm movements.

Can't help but laugh at the idea of defeating ghost beings with cum.
Cuz it's human ectoplasm~
Sorry. Can't help it.

86161 No.108266

A flash of light, and a jolt

b6db3 No.108267

Iron's vision whitens as he I assume what happened penetrated Cauldron, forcing his eyes to close.
(What is going on?)

a9457 No.108268

And this is where Iron's story ends. Lightning fried his body for trying to copulate with a zeeb, something no god would've ever approve

93530 No.108269

14f35 No.108272

Hm… I am not sure if I should do another post to solidify his insertion, investigate the sudden thunder or wait for a response

ee2ce No.108273

14f35 No.108274

Heyo Darko
Heyo Silverino

ee2ce No.108275

14f35 No.108277

So in a scale of 1 to 10, how aroused are you from doing a zebraface in front of one?

ee2ce No.108278

93530 No.108280

Heyo Iron…ino?

14f35 No.108281

[i] Nice
Be careful not to stain the floors tho. You don't want anyone slipping from your pre

9aa07 No.108283

Irono sounds better

37bf9 No.108284

File: 1565402197004.png (106.59 KB, 1136x640, 9B1A281D-1E7C-427D-9551-F6….png)

93530 No.108285

What's wrong?

ee2ce No.108286

File: 1565402461855.png (228.03 KB, 1737x2401, _Aryanne uniform.png)

9aa07 No.108287

Have I done a bad?

37bf9 No.108289

File: 1565403075874.jpeg (166.06 KB, 1116x716, 48416AEA-A8E0-4C1C-B2E8-F….jpeg)

Well, maybe if you really want to play, we can make something happen

9aa07 No.108290

Who, me?

93530 No.108292

File: 1565403376646.png (203.77 KB, 940x850, 2106489__safe_derpy hooves….png)

Is something wrong?

ee2ce No.108293

Are you ok fren?

9aa07 No.108294

I think it's more along the lines of me attempting coitus in the middle of evil cold monster infested orgy.

ee2ce No.108295

that's the best time for coitus though.

93530 No.108296

I mean, if I had a marefriend and it was the apocalypse, I'd probably fug her.

9aa07 No.108297

See, I even thought it was damaging the windigoes judging from all the ruckus outside and were trying to disrupt it by trying to destroy the shelter.
Nevermind Pear saying that libido alone would not banish them, but Iron has shown how dedicated and loving he was to Cauldron instead of simply dicking the zebra out of pure big dick energy.

93530 No.108299

Perhaps the act itself can't, but perhaps the feelings of love and passion brought my the act might.

9aa07 No.108300

I sure hope you're right. We can't run away,
for we took too long in order to get out of the lake so we are most likely fully covered in blizzard. We could get out of the Wirraway and dig a makeshift base out of the snow, but it's neither thick or deep enough without having to dig into the earth, which with hooves it will take a long time.

Back to the temple? That's probably where all the cold is coming from. Bring back the pots? Pear never said the pots were of any value to those beings. Only actual solution is to activate the magic love bomb to shoo them off somewhere else.

93530 No.108302

Or whatever is causing the blizzard will move on, and in the morning Iron and Cauldron can resume making their way through the snow-filled jungle.
I imagine snow is an almost alien concept to Iron.

9aa07 No.108304

I mean, he did think that the snow is a product of evil monsters instead of going 'pfft snow is super normal, no big deal' and choose to stay in the temple, where it would be most insulated. Let us not forget the whole thing that happened in there that triggered Iron to run away.
I really hope you're right, but I feel that the first time between the two of them should've been a little bit more romantic. Alas, desperation, as Pear says,
is a powerful force that can make a pony do anything.

93530 No.108305

I mean, it's not like snow is normal for jungles.

9aa07 No.108306

93530 No.108308

Here's a question about Iron: is he a virgin? Would this be as much his first time as it is for Cauldron?

9aa07 No.108309

H-heck no! He's slept with 9001 virgins as a 10 year-old-colt!
…yes, he is. Commiting to the act has a lot more weight than normal. It's not about the quick fuck. Whom you fuck is the one to bear children. That was the rule back at the tribe.

93530 No.108310

Wow! Kudos to him. Have him tell Silver, he'll buy him a drink in celebration.

ee2ce No.108311

9aa07 No.108312

I am not sure he's going to flaunt about it just yet. He still has to get her out of a life of crime.

93530 No.108314

Don't be shy about telling Silver and Star, though. Once our schedules open up, I imagine they'd be more than willing to help Iron and Cauldron out, especially since they know the approximate location of where the pots were dropped.

9aa07 No.108315

I suppose.
I think that won't be much of an issue, especially if the windigoes are taken out and the blizzard stops.
Hopefully my actions are making damage against them.

93530 No.108317

Alright then. Just letting you know that Silver is always available to ask for help from.

9aa07 No.108318

I do have something you can help with.
Buy a lot of potions from Black Cauldron, potionmaster supreme at insert location here.

93530 No.108319

As soon as Iron introduces Cauldron to him, she will be his primary source for potions.

9aa07 No.108320

I'm afraid she may have a limited amount of options at the start, but I only need her to learn the stat boosting potions to rack up the money, especially intelligence and wisdom-based ones.
Need to ensure your husband isn't cheating on you? Maybe you're struggling on that exam at college? Fear not, because potions have the solution for you!

22bc9 No.108321

Are the changelings looking agressive towards Spark now?

93530 No.108322

Considering health potions will probably make the majority of Silver's purchases, I don't think limited selection will be too much of an issue. Perhaps she'll make requests to members of the group to fetch her new potion recipes.

9aa07 No.108323

I do want Cauldron to succeed and live comfortably while also having the option to explore her hobby. I am not quite sure health potions alone is going to help with that, unless you buy a lot of them.

93530 No.108324

>unless you buy a lot of them
Have you seen our characters in combat?

9aa07 No.108325

If you somehow make a purchase above 2000 bits from just health potions, I'm going to be impressed.

93530 No.108326

I don't think any of our characters are going to have that much disposable income for a very long while. But, I'll say it again: have you seen our characters in combat?

9aa07 No.108327

Fine. I believe you.
I honestly have no idea about Cauldron's expenses, as well as the price of doing expeditions like these, so I may be overinflating the number by a large margin.

93530 No.108328

I imagine the prices of potions includes both the cost of the materials needed to make them as well as a little bit extra for the potion maker's own pockets, so I wouldn't be too worried about it. It certainly seems it's very easy for Cauldron to make healing potions on the spot, though, so I wouldn't worry about what those in particular would cost her to make.

9aa07 No.108329

Don't forget the rent of her apartment, as well as possibly having to back up her family restaurant in times of need, bullshit taxes,
possible bullshit 'protection money' business to boost the need to take them down and possibly the rent of Cauldron's workplace, depending on how she wants to go about it.

93530 No.108330

Cauldron's not stupid. I imagine she's got stuff like that figured out, and she'll adjust prices accordingly.

9aa07 No.108331

I hope you're right, because technically Iron doesn't, either.
Although he may get the wisdom from others to help him out.
If Iron dies, I may try to start a business myself as some sort of Int based magic unicorn fellow.

93530 No.108332

Iron won't die, not yet. The dice may hate him, but they haven't completely failed him in life-or-death situations. Besides, he's got to be the stronk erf pone to lead his marefriend out of the Heart of Darkness.

9aa07 No.108333

True. While most of the motivation for his confession is due to possible death, he also did it for that exact purpose, to the point of dying if it means protecting her.
I also kinda want to change class because my character is quite weak within the possible realm of his character. I may make him a Fighter 1/Barbarian 4 if I can get away with it, but magic classes are sorely needed to dish out both combat and utility if the need arises.
Exclude Spark whose presence is stuck in the Brie zone where every minute there is 40 years here.

22bc9 No.108334

At least I have cute changelings to keep me company… at least they were cute…

9aa07 No.108335

True. I do want Kerr to become big and strong and fight Iron hoof to hoof.

93530 No.108336

Barbarian would kinda fit Iron's character better.
If it wasn't for the fact that the next level in Fighter means Silver would get two feats, I would consider giving him a level up in a magic class. Even if level one magic classes are ultimately worthless in terms of magic abilities.

9aa07 No.108337

Eh. Most feats Iron got never did him any good so far. Cleave and Great Cleave? Only came into play once, so those feats are wasted. Class skills seems to pay off better in the long run.
You may have a path set out for you which involves a certain feat, so don't let my words discourage you.
Meanwhile, I'll go do the little changes to Iron before any fighting happens. Hopefully GM can accept them.

93530 No.108338

I can certainly tell you've been chatting with Ash.
I dunno. If it wasn't for the 13 Intelligence requirement, I'd go Combat Expertise and Dodge for maximum Armor Class and become that much more of the party tank. As it is, I might go for something related to ranged combat with his rifle, and…something else I haven't figured out yet.

9aa07 No.108339

I have, actually.
I see. I believe there is the Tome Of Great Thought, which should help you with that. However, it requires a lot of money to buy one, much more than you have right now. I suggest you look it up and see for yourself. It's a magic item.

93530 No.108340

It's the Tome of Clear Thought, and yeah, none of us are ever going to have the money for any magical artefacts, much less the 110,000 Bits Silver would need to bring his Intelligence up from 9 to 13.

9aa07 No.108341

Oof. Well, maybe the job will pay that high for each one of us.

93530 No.108342

Probably not. Thanks for the tip, but there's a very large list of things to buy first if we ever were to come up with that level of money. A book to increase a character's stats by a bit is pretty low in the order of priority.

9aa07 No.108343

It would allow you to reach the 13 Int threshold, but it's okay. Perhaps a Belt of Giant Strength may interest you.
I'll try going for that, too.

93530 No.108344

Hey, go for it mang. Silver probably would buy other things with that much money, though.

9aa07 No.108345

You do you.
Going to sleep. Perhaps I can catch the GM in the morning.

93530 No.108346

Sleep well.

f1681 No.108349

This silence puts my hair on edge.
Was I meant to keep running? To simply confess and have a lil kiss? Beat the ghosts up?
What was the planned outcome?
These questions can be answered after we get out of this cold windigo mess

93530 No.108351

I don't think the GM would do something like that. He'd give plenty of clear warning before something bad happens to Iron and Cauldron. My bet is he's busy.

37bf9 No.108352

File: 1565463125813.jpg (544.88 KB, 1340x1289, 1498284914505-0.jpg)

I am still here, just disheartened

93530 No.108353

Well, what's wrong?

22bc9 No.108354

Too disheartened to play?

f1681 No.108355

I hope you're right.
Because his words yesterday indicated that my actions are being quite unexpected and he doesn't know what to do currently.
Basically, I put him into a sort of 'between a rock and a hard place' situation where he either makes the porking the solution, the ice monsters break into the shelter and killing both of them or a third solution I don't know of.

f1681 No.108356

Oh. What happened?

93530 No.108357

I kinda figured the third solution would be "they bone, nothing else happens, they sleep for the rest of the night, and continue on their way home in the morning when it's safe".

f1681 No.108358

See, I would agree with you, but keep in mind the snow only happened after Pear literally called the windigoes into existence by slitting the throat of a bandit and throwing him in the fire, causing the temple itself to spew out unknown evil because of it.

93530 No.108359

Might be whatever is causing it will get board and wander off to terrorize other young jungle lovers.

93530 No.108360


f1681 No.108361

I seriously hope you're right.
Otherwise, I may actually need to roll a new character up.

93530 No.108362

You had faith that Silver wouldn't die, now have faith that Iron won't die.

37bf9 No.108363

Oh please. I've known what would happen next (with possible variances depending on character actions) for a long time now

f1681 No.108365

Now I'm really confused.
You got me there

37bf9 No.108368

File: 1565472033978.jpeg (60.08 KB, 1701x829, A267FA96-F763-403E-91F9-4….jpeg)

Okay, I guess I can see who is available to play tonight or tomorrow. Remember that Saturday’s and Sunday’s are the only days I am not working, and this is the first weekend in a month I am not either out of town or about to leave or coming back from an out of town trip

f1681 No.108369

Aw dangit. My timing is the worst.
Whenever you're ready, we can proceed. Iron is currently blinded by the flash of light and the jolt is somewhat unexplained.

93530 No.108370

I'm damn near always available.

ee2ce No.108371

im here

22bc9 No.108372

I'm free

37bf9 No.108373

File: 1565481518801.jpg (35.24 KB, 564x558, 12b77dc5eac8f2999f7a4993ed….jpg)

Okay, I am ready for doing something tonight

f1681 No.108374

Last post was this one >>108267

37bf9 No.108375

The mare carefully picks and combs hairs into the strip of the purple substance (looks like a sort of plastic), then carefully brushes a dye along the outer edges. She paints a longer brush through the center, and goes on to the next one. This continues for some time, until the strips are removed, and a large brush of the staying-chemical added. After a while, the mare tells Dark Star

"Okay, this should dry shortly, then you can wash off"

93530 No.108376

Hello hello.

22bc9 No.108377


37bf9 No.108378

After some time, a distraught if determined looking father Maren returns through a door that links the church to this back, grassy area. He carries a holy book in his yellow magical glow, and a sword over his back
"Well, I called Canterlot. Thankfully there are still ponies of the Order around who have dealt with necromancers before"

Iron Awakens under a clear night sky with a nigh-full moon, and brilliant set of stars. There is neither wind nor forest sounds, nor snow on the ground. Iron is standing outside of the Wirraway, indeed, next to the lake. Cauldron is not in physical contact with him, nor can he see her as of yet

93530 No.108379

"That is good…to hear." Silver gives him a concerned look. "I know that look, or look very similar to that. What has you worried?"

f1681 No.108380

Iron's spatial orientation is severly damaged, darting his head from side to side, trying both to look for Cauldron and find any evidence of what happened previously.
(Was… was it all a dream? Did Pear do this?)

ee2ce No.108382

"What is this for?"

37bf9 No.108383

As they proceed, the semi-urban houses are replaced with older looking, even thatched-roofed houses with older, more wholesome styles. Many of these have tended lawns around, some are abandoned. Old stone windmills churn slowly, as the wind blows on, though with a bit less intensity. The sun sets over the horizon. The stray dogs follow on, but the number of ponies about has dropped significantly. There are more trees now, most Pines and Firs.The land is still mostly flat, and Meadows predominate, as well as agricultural fields. Some are fallow and snow covered, some have clover, and still some have the small, burgeoning plants of fields of Rapeseed or Winter Wheat. Some fields look as if they have been hastily abandoned, or pillaged, an some grow crops even through through the winter.

"You asked for stripes, right?"
She looks a little confused and worried, the kind of worry that she may have performed an entirely incorrect procedure on a customer

"Something with as much gravity as this should always be done with a measure of solemnity"

93530 No.108384

"Fair enough: I simply worry about ponies, even those I have only recently met. What did they tell you over phone?" He looks at the sword, as if judging its design and apparent quality.

37bf9 No.108385

From the sky, comes a voice

37bf9 No.108386

The Sword glimmers remarkably
"First, you must negate the magical effects of the artifact itself. Cast some spells on it, use the holy words, and submerge it in sulfur to mitigate its defenses. Then… crack it open with a weapon of magic. After that, some prayers should be all that is necessary to release the fragment of a trapped soul inside

f1681 No.108387

Iron cannot comprehend who's talking, looking around once again.
"W-what do you mean? What sort of action could I do to prevent that fate?"

93530 No.108388

Silver nods, both in understanding and in appreciation for the fine weapon. "Will that put Curwhinny to rest, or is there another step in this process?"

22bc9 No.108389

A horrifying view, but still has a layer of mystery and beauty in the midst of loss. He contemplates how this mission will end.

ee2ce No.108390

"yea its correct, but whats this plastic stuff for?"

37bf9 No.108391

"If it is indeed the sole repository, then yes. Unless there is a portion in the physical body, or another repository."

"Oh." She looks relieved. "The plastic is to provide a narrow channel for the added dye of the stripes, and to keep them from being mixed in with the base. To keep the white and the color separate, and keep them from mixing."

The zebra is uncertain about the phrasing of that last sentence, but nods anyways

Stars come out, as well as the rising of a full moon. More trees come by, as well more fields of winter wheat, rapeseed, rye, and the stuble of harvested fields of timothy grass and who knows whatever else, lying fallow and snow covered

22bc9 No.108392

Spark pets the changelings, hoping they have calmed down some.

93530 No.108393

"I saw no mention of any other phylacteries, at very least. We shall see if this takes, I suppose."

f1681 No.108394

He adds some more questions.
"Who are you? Why did you show me a possible future? How can I believe your words are not disingenuous or that you are not going to trap me?

ee2ce No.108395

"I like it when my colors don't mix. i used to mess up the laundry all the time. let me tell you that was a pain in the flank."

f1681 No.108396


37bf9 No.108397

The two remain in the carriage, one standing up and looking out at the terrain as they pass, the other sitting down kind of curled up, between Spark and the doors

"Well… I suppose we shall. Let us begin"
He takes out a container of yellow powder, and places the locket on the ground. Then, he pours a circle of yellow around it, then on it. He pulls out the book, goes to a certain page, and starts chanting in the clerical language

She giggles
"Vell… Now you are done. Let us just dry you, then you can wash off"

ee2ce No.108398


93530 No.108399

Silver, like when Dark Star was getting de-cursed, attempts to make out anything from the strange language he's chanting.

ee2ce No.108400

He waits for them to finish then he heads to where he is supposed to wash himself.

37bf9 No.108401

The Zebra continues blowing Dark Star for a couple minutes, and continues looking at him strangely, skeptical of his intentions. She completes the task, and dark star is instructed to go into another room, and get in a tub of water
"Alright… the dye should hold"
She actually looks as if she is uncertain herself as to whether the dye will hold

ee2ce No.108402

He Steps into the tub. then he begins to scrub himself lightly.

37bf9 No.108404

It calls out. From the sky, darkly, is the silhouette of a mare (or a stallion? the voice implies mare). Her forelegs are held up, and close together near her neck. It's kind of a strange way to hold them, as she seems to be vertical and sitting up, though anything below her mid-torso is not visible.


Google translate is not really cooperating

He scrubs, and thankfully, the colors do not dissipate. Dark Star can see that he is white, with black stripes that run down his sides, tending towards the back around the middle, then bending in. Still, a white film forms on the water from something coming off of him

22bc9 No.108405

Spark hums a little tune as he goes.

93530 No.108406

Eh, don't really need direct translations for this. Let's just say that Silver is confused at how that language eventually became Ponish.

Goddamn, would Silver consider Iron lucky to have Luna visit him in his dream.

ee2ce No.108407

He Scrubs a little less vigorously
"is this the dye coming off?"

f1681 No.108408

Iron can't help but feel a chill on his spine, struggling to get his words out, completely shocked by the intense weight thrown upon him.
(I cannot believe it, but… her talk about harmony sounds rather familiar.)
Some parts do stand out between the inmense responsibility thrown upon him, breathing a little bit erratically.
"Where are the guardians? Why entrust me to do your bidding? Are you… Celestia? How much time I have left?"

3f1f9 No.108409

We play nao?

ee2ce No.108410

Stone boi

3f1f9 No.108411

Sorry I haven't been on more. My schedule has been a bit…


f1681 No.108412

File: 1565491535982.jpg (33.19 KB, 409x393, 1520148551450-4.jpg)

37bf9 No.108413

>As they proceed, the semi-urban houses are replaced with older looking, even thatched-roofed houses with older, more wholesome styles. Many of these have tended lawns around, some are abandoned. Old stone windmills churn slowly, as the wind blows on, though with a bit less intensity. The sun sets over the horizon. The stray dogs follow on, but the number of ponies about has dropped significantly. There are more trees now, most Pines and Firs.The land is still mostly flat, and Meadows predominate, as well as agricultural fields. Some are fallow and snow covered, some have clover, and still some have the small, burgeoning plants of fields of Rapeseed or Winter Wheat. Some fields look as if they have been hastily abandoned, or pillaged, an some grow crops even through through the winter.
>Stars come out, as well as the rising of a full moon. More trees come by, as well more fields of winter wheat, rapeseed, rye, and the stubble of harvested fields of timothy grass and who knows whatever else, lying fallow and snow covered

As onyx continues on, along the stone road, it reaches a more forested area, filled with denser pines, not far off past pastures and fields. There is a small, stone bridge that goes over a small ravine, which is frozen over. In the moonlight ahead, they can see a small number of cows, crossing the road.
"shush, Nancy. Someone could hear you"
But they can hear the approaching cart
"quickly, off the road"
The cow freezes up
"Quickly! Now!"
There are two ponies, both earth ponies. They look to be colt age. A ruby one, and another an almost red wine color.

"No, that's the settling fluid. Wash it off. The dye should be safe"


"Alright" he says, pulling out the sword
"I guess it is time to do this"

Aww. I almost feel bad it's not Silver

ee2ce No.108414

Kek nice pun

f1681 No.108415

Iron's fearful heart turns determined, not wanting Cauldron to suffer the fate presented to him and not seeing any treachery aside from neither confirming nor denying her identity.
He puffs his chest and stands tall.
"Then I shall answer your call!"
He slightly glances around him while in pose.
"…how do I go back?"

3f1f9 No.108416

Thank you thank you, I'm here all week
"You're fine. Just take your time, I ain't in no hurry. It is chilly though"

22bc9 No.108417

Spark waves to them.
"Hello. Where are you off to in such a rush, if you don't mind me asking?"

93530 No.108418

Silver nods. "I would ask what I could help with, but I am unsure what all I could do."

Don't be, I'm sure Silver will settle for knowing that one of the Princess is not completely lost to ponykind.

37bf9 No.108419

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

Blink, and… he is on Black Cauldron's couch in her apartment's living room, where he went to sleep last night. Light pours into the room, if somewhat dimly, from the window. Iron feels fine, much better than he did before. There are no visible bullet wounds, and what he does have has more or less healed up

Ruby looks back over to Onyx, uncertain, and with some fear

Red wine continues
"Cow on girl. Come along…. where is Betsy?"
"Betsy didn't come back. But we need Betsy!"

This causes red wine to look over, and ask sternly
"Who are you?"

"Well… let's see"
He strikes the locket. Or tries to

37bf9 No.108420

The sword hits the ground next to the locket, and flings out of his aura, across the ground
"Well… I never really was a sword wielder anyways. Do you want to try, Silver?"

ee2ce No.108421

He Continues scrubbing
He whistles a tune while bathing.

22bc9 No.108422

"Just somepony traveling. Can we help you with something?"

93530 No.108423

"I suppose I might as well. Sword is in my name, after all." Silver grabs the holy sword off the ground in his telekinetic grip. He gives it a couple swings to get a sense of how it's balanced.

So, just a basic attack roll when he's ready?

f1681 No.108424

Iron reacts like a usual pony whose brain believes it has been contacted to would.
He suddenly sits up, forelegs fumbling with the blankets on him and lightly gasps before breathing heavily.
(Was… was that all real? I do not even have that much imagination to think up most of it.)
He looks to the sides, wondering if Cauldron witnessed his sudden woken action.

37bf9 No.108425

Attack roll, plus a +2

Thankfully, it holds

They both look at him with uncertainty
Red Wine: "Where are you coming from?"
Ruby: "How do we know you won't sell us out? How do we know you are not Changelings?"

Red Wine holds up a hoof to Ruby, as if to indicate "stop talking" while still looking at the party

Cauldron is not in the room. Then, a minute later, the door opens, and cauldron walks out of her room, looking uncertain

93530 No.108426

Dice rollRolled 6 + 9

Silver looks at the locket on the ground, raises the sword above his head, and with a "RAAAAAHHHHHH!" he swings at it.

Not sure what kind of sword it is. If it's a greatsword, go ahead and add an extra +1 to the roll.

f1681 No.108427

Iron can't help but be relieved at seeing his partner well, rushing over to Cauldron and giving her a big ol' hug.
"Cauldron, you are well!"
He retracts his head to look at her in the eyes, seeing her uncertainty.
"Did you have a silhouette talking to you, too?"

ee2ce No.108428

Does it look like much more to wash off?

3f1f9 No.108429

"I wouldn't rat you out, and I doubt my friend here would either. Not a fan of changelings myself."

22bc9 No.108430

"Well, I just crossed the border over this way not too long ago. But I suppose you would think that is just a tall tale. The rest will stay behind as I help you alone if that works better."

37bf9 No.108431

15. Should be a hit. Roll damage

She is startled, and pulls back a little

Dark Star is fine. The smell should be gone

Red Wine comes closer. Then a little closer, viewing the two ponies under the light of the full moon
"A crystal pony… haven't seen any of you since 6th division came through last spring…"

Ruby comes closer to him
"We are moving our milk cows. We hide them in the forest meadows, and move them at night, so the changelings do not take them from us. It is very dangerous to have them, and dangerous to move them. Especially at night. Dawson should be further up down at the next meadow. One of our cows is not here"

f1681 No.108432

He cocks his head, a bit confused.
"You did not have a strange dream last night?"

93530 No.108433

Dice rollRolled 2 + 4

Not sure how accurate this is. Feel free to change it however you see fit.

22bc9 No.108434

"Well then, we better find it before they get wise."
"What do you say bartender?"

37bf9 No.108435

"I did have a kind of vivid dream. There were jars of money, and this crazy bitch was trying to start to apocalypse or something"

Crack, but is it enough?

3f1f9 No.108436

"If those damn bugs don't like it I'm in."

93530 No.108437

Dice rollRolled 13 + 9

Silver isn't one to leave it to chance. He swings again. "YAAAAAAH!"

93530 No.108438

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4


ee2ce No.108439

He steps out of the tub. and walks back to where he was before.

37bf9 No.108440

Red Wine takes to Onyx fairly quickly
"We just need to find Betsy, and move them to the other lot. We should be able to meet with Dawson and Rose there"

Ruby is a little more eager to go back
"Betsy! Betsy where are you!"
He goes off into a bush

The thing cracks in half, breaking somewhat anti-climatically

To which location he was at before?

93530 No.108441

Silver brings the sword back up to him. He would've expected something more like an explosion of dark magic, but he's not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He merely looks to the Father for confirmation that the deed has been done.

f1681 No.108442

Iron nods rapidly.
"I have that exact dream, too! At the end, that silhouette told me she needed me to stop that pony from unleashing it!"
(Let us skip over the fact that we both were about to copulate before dying, Iron. She may think it was an elaborate wet dream.)
He suddenly lets go, fetching his armor and shield and starting to put them on.
"Get ready, Cauldron. We are going to save the world!"

3f1f9 No.108443

"would you like me to help move or find?"

37bf9 No.108444

And now she's spooked
"What? No. What?"

Maren himself looks uncertain, but shrugs, then nods
"It is done"

Ruby asserts
"Oh yes, could you help us find our cow?"

3f1f9 No.108445

"Sure, where should I look?"
He quickly unhooks himself while considering the irony of a one eyed pony searching for a cow in the dark.

f1681 No.108446

Iron fumbles with all the straps on him.
"She sounded akin to a god, talking about harmony and guardians and being the protector of the Night, too! I do not want to dissapoint!"
I can feel Luna facehoofing in her prison cell/hiding spot.

37bf9 No.108447

"Over here, past the trees. Somewhere off into the forest.."
Ruby himself has loped into the forest

What armor is Onyx wearing?
"… Yes…?"

93530 No.108448

Silver gives the sword another look over before flipping the hilt towards Maren. "This is extraordinary sword. My father even might have been bit jealous at whoever made it."

3f1f9 No.108449

Dice rollRolled 4 - 2

A flak jacket for +3 AC if I remember correctly… Probably not
He heads that way and looks around, rolling… Idk, spot

37bf9 No.108450

He nods to Silver, then takes the sword from him with a flash of his own light. Aye, 'tis a magic sword, back from when they still made those. It is a remnant of the old military order that we keep around here. Looks like it still has some use in it left"

93530 No.108451

"In this world of firearms and gunpowder, when I myself sometimes feel like relic of bygone era? I am glad to see it so."

ee2ce No.108452

the one where the mares dyed his coat.

22bc9 No.108453

Spark follows Onyx.

37bf9 No.108454

Onyx cannot see much in the darkness

"Aye… I know the feeling myself. I know it quite well… I hope I was able to help you. Hope I was able to help clear out the darkness and bring a bit more light. Well, it looks like it is done."

"Alright, that should be all"

f1681 No.108455

Dice rollRolled 12 - 2

Finishing up his straps, he simply stands proud, all armor on him.
(I can sense Cauldron's uncertainty about how true is my claim. Damn, my relief and excitement made me do something stupid.)
Iron looks the area behind Cauldron, smiling sheepishly.
"Uh, sorry. I guess unicorns nowadays can make you some wild dreams that connect between eachother."
He shrugs dramatically.
"Unicorns, am I right?"
Holding that pose for a bit, he coughs, returning to normal mode wearing his fullplate and shield.
"Well! We were going to fetch some of your flowers, right? I suggest getting some of that rope and bringing a big gun. We may face some scary predators out there."

A wild bluff appears!

3f1f9 No.108456

Dice rollRolled 8

"I can't see shit, it's too dark"
He tries listening to see if there's any noises that could give the cow away.

ee2ce No.108457

"Thank you ladies. who do i talk to about a haircut?"

93530 No.108458

"I am glad for all help you have given me, Father." Silver holds a hoof out for a good ol' fashioned hoofshake. "I could not have done this without you."

37bf9 No.108459

Some rustling behind him on the road, some rustling a little further in the forest, and… Is that a moo?

"We can give you a haircut here"

His tired old eyes look into Silvers, and he shakes his hoof
"You're welcome… and thank you. Blessed be you, child."

Cauldron blinks
"… Iron, the fuck are you doing?"

3f1f9 No.108460

Onyx heads towards where he thinks he heard the moo, hoping he isn't walking into a trap.

93530 No.108461

"Thank you, and may we meet again someday soon. May Her light always guide your hoofsteps." With that, Silver goes back out front of the cathedral, hitches himself back to his cart, and heads back for Curwhinny Farm to gather the supplies he left in the farmhouse's basement, and to collect payment for the completed job.

ee2ce No.108462

"I Need it to be cut into a mohawk."

22bc9 No.108463

"Careful. We are in changeling lands after all. They could be the cow for all we know."

f1681 No.108464

Iron looks to the ground, lightly kicking the floor a bit, not daring to look at her.
"Um… well… I may have gotten a little too excited over both of us having the same dream. It sounded so… real, like the silhouette actually sent the message to all ponies as she said. Both you and I got the same dream. Do you know of anypony capable of entering into dreams?"
(Mainly because it was not about me porking mares from the getgo.)

3f1f9 No.108465

"That's what I'm afraid of…"

37bf9 No.108466

Ruby must have heard it, because he's prancing off torwards it.

Red wine says, "I have to watch the other cows… can you take care of my brother, please?… Make sure he doesn't get hurt.."

The ground in the forest is not too thick. It's fairly tall pine trees, with mostly clear ground in between, and many of the plants are dead in the winter. Gaps in teh canopy allow light from teh full moon to shine down onto the snow covered ground beneath. There are plenty of cricket and insect sounds, and a sort of owl "who-who" sound off in the distance. There is no more immediate mooing

"Certainly. We can do that"
They send him over to a grey-white pegasus in another room
"Oh, hallo! I heard you want mohawk?"

It is so. Walk besides the church, and out through the gate

"… Yes… maybe"

3f1f9 No.108467

Dice rollRolled 5

"I'll make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble."

Onyx listens again, hoping that it wasn't a one moo wonder.

37bf9 No.108468

He can't hear much

f1681 No.108469

Iron holds up a hoof, looking at her.
"Do you remember what apocalypse it was? If you do, then I assume it was a freezing of the earth by evil incorporeal creatures. Am I wrong?"

3f1f9 No.108470

Dice rollRolled 12

"huh, blind and deaf tonight… Anyone else having better luck than me?"

22bc9 No.108471

Spark follows Ruby.
"Slow down, you might spook it… or something else out here."

93530 No.108472

Silver wonders while he trots if Curwhinny has been freed from the mortal coil, and if he's been reunited with his long-dead loved ones in Paradise.

3f1f9 No.108473

Oh look at you Mr. Unintentional roll, actually getting a good result.

ee2ce No.108474

"Yes indeed, miss."
He sits down in the chair

37bf9 No.108475

Ruby dashes off, evidently not heeding Spark's advice
"Betsy! Betsy!" he dashes on, until thinks he sees it


Onyx can here more hooting, then rustling, and "Betsy!"

Further off in the woods, there's something like a dog keeping its distance, and crickets chirping

He frowns
"Am mister"
But he starts cutting Dark Star's hair

There's a way to find out…

"… Yes"

3f1f9 No.108476

Onyx dashes toward the should of what he assumes is Ruby finding the cow.

93530 No.108477

Heading down into the catacombs…

Hmm. Might actually be good idea to check…

ee2ce No.108478

"My apologizes,Sir. i was shot recently. it sort of messes with you head."

f1681 No.108479

Iron blinks.
"Yes as in I am right or am I wrong?"
(Is she really that stunned from this?)

22bc9 No.108480

Spark rushes after him.

37bf9 No.108481

File: 1565497141089.png (800.14 KB, 1280x1071, chef_rainbow_dash___day_19….png)

I think I misjudged…

93530 No.108482

…Misjudged what?

f1681 No.108483

File: 1565497281363.jpg (79.31 KB, 319x319, 1519431946035.jpg)

Luna, you big fool! Why must you visit his brain?
Iron, you native birdbrain! Why must you spill out your dreams like that?

37bf9 No.108484

Past trees, a little further, towards a small clearing and beneath a tall fir tree, Ruby rushes across the ground, stiring up snow and pine needless. There is a cow, who is moving around as if scared. A rope around her neck is caught in the ground around an exposed root
"Betsy!" Ruby runs over to the cow, and looks for the rope end. There are a number of other tracks in the snow

"Well… lat's get started"

He does so. The grounds are covered in darkness, but he finds his way.

f1681 No.108485

…can we start over from where Iron wakes up?

37bf9 No.108486

3f1f9 No.108487

"Ruby! Wait!"
Onyx gallops at full tilt towards Ruby and Betsy, at least wanting to be there when the inevitable comes.

93530 No.108488

It is almost night…

37bf9 No.108489

The cow seems terrified, but Ruby comes up to her and tries to calm her by petting her with a hoof
"Betsy… it's okay"

The crickets stop, as the hooting continues

Not much time remains

f1681 No.108490

I mean, we don't have to if you have a plan even with Iron acting like a tard, but it would be benefitial to have Iron know this, have some breakfast with Cauldron while suggesting some items due to the dream, and then jumpcutting to walking to the forest again before the first bandit fight.
Iron couldn't help but be grateful his partner wasn't hurt with frost.

3f1f9 No.108491

Onyx stands beside Ruby and whispers into his ear
"Stay still, there's something coming"
He then looks to see if he can see any threats.

93530 No.108492

Silver continues on his way towards the catacombs.

Is Iron going to talk with Cauldron about his feelings towards her, since he almost dream-boned her?

22bc9 No.108493

Spark freezes in place.

37bf9 No.108494

… What?

Behind him someways, Onyx seems to have gained a friend with the following dog. But that is far from the most interesting developement. In the woods, looming, is a large entity
"Who who! Who who!"

He is there

3f1f9 No.108495

"Huh, I expected it to be the dog. Spark? You got any lights on you?"
Onyx stares towards the sound, wishing he had been wise enough to grab his halberd.

f1681 No.108496

R U crazy? He's gonna get super flustered over it, specially without giving her some sort of benefit.
…nevermind. Let's restart from waking up and seeing Cauldron come out. We'll go from there.
Seeing his partner well makes him let out a grateful sigh, standing up and walking towards her.
"You seem strange. Did you sleep well?"

37bf9 No.108497

He doesn't have his Halberd?

She blinks
"What time is it? I think I way over slept… I had this weird dream about jars of money, and this crazy cultist bitch who tried to summon demons or something…"

22bc9 No.108498

"I guess I can make one… but we can forget about escaping if we light ourselves up and there is a changeling patrol."
I can't recall if our weapons were taken when we crossed.

93530 No.108499

Silver parks in front of the levelled farmhouse, and once again delves into the darkness.

Come on, mang, it'd be cute, and a great way to develop their relation. Just have him be sincere.
Plus, it means he'd have a better chance at sleeping with her later.

37bf9 No.108500

They were not. Brie spent like an hour arguing for the right to keep them

3f1f9 No.108501

Still in the wagon
"Buck, good point. I guess we wait until this thing reveals itself."
Onyx hoofs at the ground, obviously impatient for this thing to show up.

f1681 No.108502

He blinks as well, raising his eyebrows.
(The silhouette was right… Was it actually not a dream I had? It seems like that time where I got sucked off by drones while her Queen spoke to me, but more plausible since she also got the same dream… I must be subtle about this.)
"Really? I would have thought you dreamt about Zebrica, not about a random 'beach' summoning demons."
He shakes his head.
"Minds are quite strange."

37bf9 No.108503

Why. For the love of God, Why

22bc9 No.108504

"I know bugs see in the dark, but there is no reason to think it is going to reveal itself. It would call it's friends and swarm us if they wanted to. Let's just get the kid and cow out of here."

37bf9 No.108505

"No, it was in the jungles. It was rather vivid"

3f1f9 No.108506

Because eeeeeeey… I'm about as wise as onyx and I didn't expect a fight?
"Alright… Come on Ruby, but stay away from the trees unless there's no other options."

ee2ce No.108507

"After you."

f1681 No.108508

Iron blinks again.
He looks over to the table.
"Shall we have some breakfast? You can tell me about it while I have a quick bite."
Sadly, Iron's will is weak for that exact scenario. He'd be too afraid to do it. After he gets the pots, tho… that's the time to strike.

93530 No.108509

"It is a delicate balance: expect the worst, assume nothing, and always anticipate an attack."

Well, that's no fun. Besides, didn't Iron just go through a whole thing where he discovered that being together with Cauldron was more important than trying to get money for her?

37bf9 No.108510

"Just let me get this"
Ruby tries to pull the rope out

from the trees comes a large creature. It looks like a bear… but not its face. It has a flat face, and a narrow beak on it The body of a large bear, and the face of an owl

He keeps cutting, and cutting, and cutting

"There you go sir! I hope that work for you… hmmm, your hair tends to stay down. Doesn't quite work for mohawk"

"No… I think I'm fine. Anyways, I think we slept right through breakfast"

3f1f9 No.108511

"buck… You get your cow, I'll distract… That"
Onyx steps away from Ruby, doing his best to reflect moonlight off his fur and at the creature.

37bf9 No.108512

Onyx is not very reflective, but he can get the creature's attention. It looks kind of pissed

3f1f9 No.108513

"That's right ya freak, over here"
He puts as much distance between himself and Ruby as he can

f1681 No.108514

See, you would be right, but now that he knows the dangers ahead and how to deal with them, his confidence is boosted to a high degree, without any need to risk Cauldron's wellbeing… too hard.
Iron nods, walking to his stuff and equipping his pouch belt filled with rocks, making sure to leave his bit pouch on the couch.
"Could you help me strap on my armor before we go?"
He starts the armor placing process.

37bf9 No.108515

Yes, it's pissed

Roll initiative

She helps him
i don't feel like this is much better, but okay

93530 No.108516

…But not boosted enough to talk to Cauldron about his feelings?…Alright then.

I'm liking the plot thread you've got going on.

3f1f9 No.108517

Dice rollRolled 1

"Hooves, don't fail me now"

22bc9 No.108518

Dice rollRolled 3

Can I join too?

37bf9 No.108519

Dice rollRolled 11 + 1

Onyx's hooves fail him. He trips

Yes. The Owlbear is off to the side, where Onyx has tripped. A very scarred Betsy and ruby try to get Betsy untangled and out of there

37bf9 No.108520

Dice rollRolled 11 + 9

The owl bear charges at Onyx, and claws him with a claw

3f1f9 No.108521

"stupid hooves"
I'm not liking my track record of rolls tonight

3f1f9 No.108522

Oh that's a hit

37bf9 No.108523

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5

It rips through around his shoulders, tearing into his flesh

f1681 No.108524

Aw damn.
It should be a lot smoother than flat out coming out with the dream process right now.
She should witness Iron know some things he shouldn't first, then come out, in order for Cauldron to realize the dream wasn't a dream but a future.

Iron smiles at Cauldron.
"Thank you. Sometimes the jungles may inexplicably get rowdy, and I would hate to see you get hurt."
(Like some random bandits…)
Well, no. You don't simply come out and confess. There must be some flair to it. A surprise. A gift to go along with it.

37bf9 No.108525

"… Huh? What? No, I am late for my father's work"

f1681 No.108526

Iron blinks, then facehoofs.
"Oh. I guess the dream caught all of my attention. We are still going to get the flowers at a later date, right?"
(Damn! I am tripping myself up.)

37bf9 No.108527

"What are you talking about?"

22bc9 No.108528

Dice rollRolled 17 - 1

Spark takes out his pistol and reluctantly decides that he can't fire it or reveal their location. He whips at the owl thing.

f1681 No.108529

Okay, I definitely remember Iron agreeing to help her fetch some flowers in an expedition of hers at some point the night before the dream. Granted, she never said when, but she did present the subject.
Iron cocks his head.
"You do not remember the night before, after the talk of getting you out of your… sidejob?"

ee2ce No.108530

"Horse Apples,"
He thinks for a minute
"Whats it look like?"

37bf9 No.108531

File: 1565500503636.png (723.06 KB, 863x941, 1498331255994.png)

Okay, I'm thinking I need a redo from much further back

"We talked about it"

"Mohawk length… but it falls to the side"


93530 No.108532

He's saying he pistol whips the thing.

22bc9 No.108533

Hits it with the pistol.

37bf9 No.108534

What? it's too far away. You can shoot fire out of your horn. Use magic on the thing

f1681 No.108535

Iron smiles sheepishly, blushing a bit.
"I completely understand with all the work you have to manage. I simply got a bit excited over visiting the jungles again with you."

37bf9 No.108536

Look, you were fucked over when Ash left, because it meant that it was not feasible to entirely send off Iron across the continent on his own. I created the dream sequence partly as a test for a possible future jungle setting, and also so Iron could have something to do while I tried to get the other players over to the next day. It was supposed to be a short little excursion. After I got the idea of adding a story to it, I dragged it on. Then it dragged on much further, then much longer, until it became a 5 month long nightmare I could not end. It is over now. Now join in with the rest of the group, or if you want to go into the jungles without them, get Ash to play

567fc No.108537

File: 1565501237107.png (436.05 KB, 830x650, _zigger star.png)

"i can work with that."
Dark Star looks into the mirror admiring the work

37bf9 No.108538

Kek! That's not quite how he looks Although I realized I kind of fucked up the way the second layer of dye would be applied, so maybe it would make more sense for him to be black with white stripes
He has a beautiful set of stripes. He still has pony features like his skull shape and slightly less bulky appearance, but he can't help that

f1681 No.108539

I completely understand now. Instead of being pushed for a later date ingame, like I thought, the idea was scrapped until further notice.
I suppose I'll bring it up later when I reunite with the other PCs after the group quest, maybe. I am not sure having that sense of urgency planted right at the end was a good move tho.
It shouldn't change much. Just forget about the jungle comments, still have Cauldron help him with his armor, and let's continue with that. After getting your permission, we could have that as another group quest at a later date, if you want to.
Sorry about not being able to confess to Cauldron yet. So far he hasn't proven himself to be a viable candidate so he fears rejection.

37bf9 No.108540

>I am not sure having that sense of urgency planted right at the end was a good move tho
Fuck off, the alternative was just having it be a complete dream where nothing corresponded to reality and Iron loses all progress gained with Cauldron. This way i at least set something up should I want to reintroduce any of those characters or parts of the setting again.

567fc No.108541