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caebb No.105000[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics

Shimmering Spark, Onyx Steel, and Brie Achtungsex now make the perilous crossing into the Changeling Lands. In Baltimare, Dark Star prepares for his next big assignement, while Silver concludes his mentoring of traumatized foals. Much further away, Iron stands under jeweled nighttime skies, preparing his next move

caebb No.105003

Also, Spark has a small herd around him

She smiles, with amber eyes and long curled eye lashes
"My name is Aurora Shine. What brings you here?"

d1fca No.105005

Spark prepares for everything to go horribly wrong.

a1358 No.105006

"Business, how about you?"

1f987 No.105007

I always love fresh baked bread, right out of the oven.

caebb No.105008

"Business myself. Did you move down before the war, during, or after?"

Be prepared!

7e85a No.105009

What clever wording you express, gentlecolt Silver Sword.

1f987 No.105010

So, GM, do you want to continue, or are you wanting to spend time with the other characters first?

a1358 No.105011

"Oh, I'm actually just visiting for now. What do you do?"
His coats begins to shine just a bit

caebb No.105012

She giggles slightly
"Let's say I'm involved in 'Import-Export'"


1f987 No.105013

Alrighty then. If I last remember correctly, Silver was listening to White Orchid talk about the Titans.

Might take a couple minutes on my end if you need me to repost what I last typed.

7e85a No.105014

I assume I am not included in the queue today due to further planning on your part so far, as well as a relative fatigue over managing the story you are possibly not experienced or passionate writing about mostly, aside from fleshing out the world of Natives and providing the opportunity to create new characters for your enjoyment.

d1fca No.105015


7e85a No.105016

I must admit, fellow horse person whose head is adorned with a horn, that the previous days I have taken almost all of the attention of our person in charge of managing the world around us, which indicates that I might be stressing the GM's capacity of interacting with others due to the complexity provided by the quest created by his hoof.

d1fca No.105017

I think he is more frustrated that we can't get our part done.

a1358 No.105018

"Ah, sounds like an interesting trade."

caebb No.105020

Okay, who wants to play?

"Indeed it is… Indeed it is. Tell me, who sent you through?"

a1358 No.105021

"I'm helping some partners move this-"
He taps the wagon with a hoof
"and protection. So they got me through"

d1fca No.105023

I do.

"Is everypony ready?"

7e85a No.105024

While I cannot confirm that the current frustration is caused by the inability to properly complete the quest he has planted in front of your character's path, along with the other companions who are controlled by bipeds brandishing appendages with increased dexterity than hooves, the pressure and stress of the buff pony with no extra features that distinguishes him from normal horses could cause some issues with planning and managing due to the complexity that the quest has obtained due to the heavy consequences it presents, as well as the possibility of missing his chance to present the buff pony with the ability to join the agile and flexible winged horse in his own quest.
I humbly accept your invitation to continue the path my character has taken.

caebb No.105025

"Oh" she says, taking an interest
"So in a way, it looks like you are involved in import-export too"

He nods
"Yes… I am ready"

1f987 No.105026

I do. Like I said, if you need me to post the last thing Silver said, I'll post it. Just gimme a minute to load through the old bread.

109c2 No.105027

File: 1563237827542.jpg (190.38 KB, 680x665, E.jpg)

New thread. You know what that means?

a1358 No.105028

He grins
"Yeah, I guess so."

d1fca No.105029

Spark heads to the line to cross the border once more.

caebb No.105030

File: 1563238187552.png (183.78 KB, 755x885, 1816240.png)


Yes. Yes I do

Spark has already tried to cross the border to engage in illegal equine smuggling and fraud, while Onyx is laying against the door of the carriage talking to some strange pony who just walked up. Brie was previously talking to some ponies who told him some information about crossing and travelling in the Changeling Lands

Silver said something like "I wish I were around in those days" Of course, he would have been… for some of it, anyways

Mint Marine is still silent

"May I ask… What are you protecting?"

Cauldron looks over to the fire, and to Pear

"I can understand if you don't want to stay here tonight… But we need to stop somewhere"

caebb No.105031

It's the same, bright-eyed guard, who seems to be sort of biting or otherwise folding in his lower lip.
"And there you are"

7e85a No.105032

Iron lightly bites his lip.
"I am not sure where exactly. Maybe at the River, or is that too far?"

109c2 No.105033

Brie's jaw drops. Jesus Sparks

a1358 No.105034

"Well, just making sure we don't encounter trouble and no one tries to take the wagon."

d1fca No.105035

Sometimes, you just got to try things.

"Hello again good sir."
Spark shows his paper.
"I hate to make your job harder, but I need you to allow these ponies to follow me across. The situation is most dire."

109c2 No.105036

File: 1563238779683.png (186.76 KB, 800x450, papers.png)

1f987 No.105037

The very tail end of it, yeah. He was born 4 years after the official end of the Equestrian Industrial Era.

Silver looks over to Mint Marine. "Would you like to talk about something on way to our destination? Something about marine life?"

caebb No.105038

Here is the information Brie gathered previously:

>The pony in front of Brie, who is dressed fairly proper and has a briefcase:

>“Yes, this is a checkpoint to enter Blueberry Fields, specifically the town of Hawthorne. You can navigate the Changeling Zone If only you can convince them that you are there for a purpose. Be absolutely sure to carry your papers at all times, and make certain you have them in order when you cross, and when you try to get back. Avoid eye contact with any creature in a Hegemony uniform where possible. They feel like they have the right to search you, or even to steal off your pony. And the ponies themselves sometimes want to steal your papers.”

>A yellowish Pegasus coming from the other direction:

>“Why would you want to enter? Well, if you do, hold on to any papers you have. The Changelings do not take kindly to foreign visitors, but they are much nicer to foreign subjects than to their own… ‘livestock.’ But try to not look like you are aiding partisans. They are fond of arrests. When you try to come back, don’t think it’s easy to run the border… they have guards, and magical alarms over their walls. But the more rural areas do not have walls. The Fascists are similar in some ways. They don’t care about most ponies entering, but they fear every pony that enters could be a disguised Changeling infiltrator, or an agitator or partisan. They will try to track you down and ask questions, and will send you back if you fail. But they do not care if you do or do not have any kind of papers. They are not fond of ponies who resist the Changelings. They think any pony who will take up arms against the Changelings may take up arms against them.”

>Another pony, trying to go in

>“The guards will let ponies in, but are concerned about ponies who may be spies, or who may aid rebels. They will search you and your cart for weapons.”

"Fascists? Revolutionaries? Hegemony? How many factions are operating in this area?"
>“This is the border of the Changeling Hegemony’s pony colonies and the State of New Mareland’s ‘Bales Autonomous Region,’ basically a puppet government. On this side of the border are local Bales soldiers and a number of Griffin mercenaries for support. Occasionally New Mareland secret police come by, but they don’t normally make their presence known. On the other side of this checkpoint are Changeling colonies. The Changelings have many of their soldiers, or even colonists around. Sometimes they are disguised as ponies, but they don’t really feel like they need to. They also have a secret police, and its much more ‘secret.’ I don’t know if Equestrian freedom fighters are around in either side of the border, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that both the Changelings and the Fascists don’t want Equestrian Freedom Fighters to exist, and act like they are afraid of them.”

"Almost two miles… I'm not sure what we would do when we got there if we did"

Now, she looks at the wagon
"What have got there?"

He stares at Spark

I'm not sure about that

Mint Marine blinks at Silver

109c2 No.105039

Okkay. Is there any way to advance the line?

a1358 No.105040

"I'm…. I'm not completely sure"
He scratches his head while looking lost in thought
"Like I said, I'm hear to pull the wagon and such. I'm not completely sure what's my partners are doing"

caebb No.105041

He could go through now, if he can get his wagon pulled up

1f987 No.105042

Well, I got the impression from reading the wiki at least. 860 - 940 ALB is regarded as the first and largest period of industrial growth in Equestria, and Silver was born in 944.

Silver tils his head at the colt. "Nothing you find interesting that you would like to share?"

d1fca No.105043

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

"I got orders to take them to help cure somepony of note."


7e85a No.105044

Looking back at Pear's position and then to Cauldron, he simply purses his lips.
"I guess we should rest here for the time being."
(Perhaps Pear will come along during the day. I need to know where to find her after this.)
With that, he awaits Cauldron's approval of where to rest to plop down into the comfy grass.

109c2 No.105045

Dice rollRolled 6 - 1

"Oh look! Onyx, we can go!"
Bluff check to look excited and ethusiastic

a1358 No.105046

"Hello Brie, a bit excited today aren't we? Did you find some mangos? Sorry about this Aurora, but this is one of my business partners."

caebb No.105047

He looks back at Spark, begrudgingly
"We normally don't like to let so many Subjects across for such tasks"

Not perfectly convincing

I thought Brie had a high bluff score?


Pear is still over by the fire

caebb No.105048

Mint Marine kind of mumbles, and looks away

1f987 No.105049

Dice rollRolled 6 + 3

Listen: Silver tries to make out anything of what he said.

7e85a No.105050

Nodding, he pokes his chin, looking at the fire.
"Perhaps it would be a good idea to use the fire over there to boil some water for the travel. The stream inside the temple should prove a good place to get the water, too. I will go sit by the fireplace to keep an eye on the other two."
With that statement, he starts to walk back to the fire, blushing for knowing he went against his word again and will make him look stupid.

d1fca No.105051

"I know, but it is a small price to pay to keep things running smoothly. We really can't risk this one going wrong."

109c2 No.105052

Yeah, his combined modifier is +7, I only accounted for his Cha

caebb No.105053

"That's… kind of what I was thinking"
She looks back over to Pear, then trots off, into the Temple and the Cavern.

Pear is standing by the fire, and looks up to the night Sky. A few artifacts are arranged around the fire

He looks at Spark
"Where did you go to Medical School again?"

"I don't know about sharing anything since……"

Well then. Brie sounds more convincing

7e85a No.105054

Iron sits in a way to be looking at both the expedition ponies around the campfire, trying to look inconspicuous by looking at the ground and slightly digging the ground lazily with a hoof.

d1fca No.105055

"Me? I didn't go. I'm just a pony that goes fetch things for my superiors. Hence the paper allowing me through on their behalf."

caebb No.105056

Dice rollRolled 5

The guard grabs the paper with a glow of green light

Pear sits with her tail partly wrapped around her, looking up at the stars
Pear does not look over to Iron, but she must notice him, as she speaks to him
"Tell me, have you ever heard of the Return of Nightmare Moon?"

caebb No.105057

He stares at Spark
"You may go…"

7e85a No.105058

Iron raises his eyebrows.
"Nightmare Moon? I think I heard the elders talk about it. Was she a horned pony with wings and had fangs?"

d1fca No.105059

"Have a great day sir."
He nods to the small herd to go through.

1f987 No.105060

"I know that marine life and sailing are as interesting to you as trains are to White Orchid, and I know you have exceptionally great knowledge on those subjects. I wish I had that kind of capacity for knowledge." Silver smiles at the colt. "Come on, just tell me one interesting thing, something that perhaps not many ponies know about. Like something about…sharks! Can you do that for me?"

caebb No.105061

Now, she turns back to Iron, and nods
"Yes. Fueled by Envy, she sought to drown the planet in everlasting darkness. But six friends harnessed the power of Kindness, laughter, loyalty, generosity, honesty, and magic to dispel the darkness, and restore the light"

With a minor dust cloud, the drained and emaciated herd bolts through the gate. They are quickly enough caught by a tan, startled unicorn inspector on the Bales side, but nevertheless, they go through

He looks at Silver, and still has a kind of cowered expression to him

"Well….. There are six different kinds of shark in the Fire Sea… for example"

d1fca No.105062

Spark follows.

109c2 No.105063

Wait, what did he just do?

d1fca No.105064

I just sweet talked my way through with a small army basically

1f987 No.105065

Silver nods. "Interesting…I did not know that. Could you tell me about one of them?"

caebb No.105066

Don't worry, Spark is already on the other side

109c2 No.105067

Fine then. Our turn?

7e85a No.105068

Iron, somewhat interested in the tale, starts to close the gap between the two of them up to 2 forelegs of length, prompty laying down to hear what she has to say. All the while he's silent for her to tell her tale.

d1fca No.105069

Did we make it through the Bales side one ok?

caebb No.105070

Yes, assuming Brie has already prepared his carriage to go through and has not forgotten any huge details

"Well… … There's the Jaguar Shark. It likes the estruaries and sometimes the rivers of the forbidden jungles. It has the lowest salinity requirement of any shark species in Equestria, and is sometimes found in small rivers or even lakes. It's more than a little aggressive. The natives would sometimes throw out part of their food to placate them as they crossed rivers or coastline in canoes"

She doesn't have that much more to say
"When a great evil threatened the kingdom, the Mother goddess aranged for her ponies to form bonds of friendship to combat the evil. And they did, bringing the return of the elements of Harmony"

You said the other three went through. You didn't mention Spark

d1fca No.105071

109c2 No.105072

Yes, yes, I'm making a huge mistake,…

7e85a No.105073

Cocking his head, Iron is quite confused.
"How can friendship combat evil? There must be something else apart from that to be a threat."

caebb No.105074

All three ponies are outside of the gate. They need only declare actions

1f987 No.105075

"It sounds like it prefers warm waters. I am kind of glad we do not have any river sharks up north. It also sounds like natives down here figured out ways to avoid getting eaten, that is always good."

d1fca No.105076

Spark approaches them.
"I think we did it."

109c2 No.105077

Go through

a1358 No.105078

I'm just waiting on the others
"Ah, good to see you aren't dead Spark"

caebb No.105079

She moves her eyes to focus on Iron
"For certain, supernatural threats… Mega threats, nothing less will do"

"Well… they would learn quickly"

Brie is met by a green eyed grey unicorn with a whitish mane
"Papers, please"

d1fca No.105080

"I'm glad I made it through as well. I wish I could have say goodbye to my new friends though."

109c2 No.105081

Brie hands over a 100 bit note

7e85a No.105082

Iron furrows his brow, even more confused.
"Is there a metaphor I am missing?"

a1358 No.105083

"I know the feeling… Anyway, the little ones have been giving me trouble and I'm not sure how to handle it. Any suggestions?"

1f987 No.105084

Silver laughs a tiny bit. "I suppose I would too, if I lived around them.

"Anything else you would share?

d1fca No.105085

"Pets. If you don't want to do it, I can help out."

caebb No.105086

"I see… What have you got in that wagon of yours?"

Cinamom Heart looks back, and smiles at Spark, as the pink mare and Cold Heart flock to her, and the mare with two little foals go over to one of the stallions

"No. Ponies are stronger together in cooperation than as scared and scattered individuals"

He turns his head to the side

a1358 No.105087

"It's… That simple?"
Onyx slowly opens the door and sticks his head inside.

109c2 No.105088

"Just a pair of colts. You're welcome to take a look."

1f987 No.105089

Silver smiles and nods to Mint. "Very well. Thank you for sharing! I did not know about Jaguar Sharks."

d1fca No.105090

Spark waves to the ponies and smiles as a tear goes down his cheek.

7e85a No.105091

Iron nods.
"Ah. That is true. More able-bodied ponies to face the enemy always increases the odds…"
He looks to the fire, staring at how it crackles, almost entranced with it.
"Like those sticks burn better when bunched up."

caebb No.105092

"Every vehicle coming through needs to be searched for contraband like banned publication, weapons, and the like. We may have to pull it over"


The Pink Mare is too distracted, as she hugs Cinnamon Heart, but Cold Heart looks over to Spark, and nods at him, smiling

Mint Marine is still a bit less than enthusiastic to open up

caebb No.105093

"That is part of it, but it isn't just that. They must be motivated. And they must be well lead. Otherwise, they create new problems for themselves quickly enough"

7e85a No.105094

Iron nods, agreeing with her statements.
"That is how groups work."

1f987 No.105095

Not like that will be solved in a day, after all. Small steps. "Perhaps I could share story from my homeland, in return for sharing such interesting facts and stories?"

a1358 No.105096

Onyx reaches a hoof in and pets the colt before slowly stepping in.

109c2 No.105097

"My good stallion, this vehicle is brand new. Why It still has the new-carriage smell"

caebb No.105098

He looks at it
"So it is. Very well, we still need to search every vehicle that comes through. Pull it over to the side"

A scrawny, yellow customs guard in brown uniform comes up to Onyx, and in tortured words manages to squeek out,
"Pull it over to the side"


"It is how they should work… Have you heard the story of the founding of Equestria?"

109c2 No.105099

"Oh for heaven's sake." Brie says complying. He pokes his head into the carriage and whispers to the lings "Bleib ruhig und komm mit mir"

a1358 No.105100

I don't remember agreeing to pull the wagon… But okay…
He complies

7e85a No.105101

He shakes his head, somewhat puzzled over the use of words on how groups worked.
(Are groups in civilization corrupted by something?)

1f987 No.105102

"Hmm…well, I could share story of Star Children, perhaps, if we have enough time." Silver looks to how much farther they have to go to reach the orphanage.

caebb No.105103

The Guard gives an expression like he was expecting something else, but continues standing there

With a totes not visible flash of green fire, a grey earth pony colt and a purple bat pony colt hop out, and stand next to Brie

Pear continues
"After centuries of fighting, the Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns found themselves needing to flee their homelands as the Windigos forced them out. Even in the south, they were not safe. So they united, and formed the United Tribes of Equestria under their newly learned principals of Harmony"

"Star Children… What are those?"

109c2 No.105104

In really fine clothing,… you forgot the really fine clothing

caebb No.105105

Brie is in really fine clothing?

109c2 No.105106

They all should be,… they all should be in fine suits that are reinforced for protection,….

7e85a No.105107

Iron blinks.
"It makes sense to join together to fight a common enemy. Did they combine raw strength, the power of flight and magic to dominate everything around them?"

caebb No.105108

Oh yes. The little colts are snazzy

Does Brie take any actions before guards descend on the carriage or search the ponies

"Ultimately, yes. But they could not have done that until after the Windigos were sent away, as no strength, flight, or magic, would defeat those"

109c2 No.105109

"Search the ponies? Whatever for??"

7e85a No.105110

"Then how do you beat something you cannot even hit?"

1f987 No.105111

"Ah, that is just name of story, but Star People, those are actually interesting part of story. Beings from another plane of existence, who came to us Severyanans in our time of need, back when Windigos ruled Equus."

caebb No.105112

"For banned material promoting insurrection, and for weapons. The carriage for the same purpose as well"

"Not with simple strength, I can tell you that. For some enemies, a purer heart alone can prevail"

caebb No.105113

White Orchid smiles at this - more than a little dismissively - but listens

7e85a No.105114

"So did the ponies hug the windigos into running away from them because they despise any sort of friendly affection?"

109c2 No.105115

"And what manner of weapons are banned? Surely not those for personal protection!" Brie is not faking his outrage, opening his cloak to indicate his short sword.

7e85a No.105116

Sadly, this isn't America.
You're going right into the EU!

a1358 No.105117

"Oh joy…"
Onyx realizes this is gonna go south quick

caebb No.105118

The guard's expression deteriorates quickly into a sort of frown where the lower lip is tucked under the teeth, at least in the front of the mouth

"You'd best leave that on the Bales side, for the lands you are entering are under the Dominion of the Mother. She alone is sovereign, and she alone may authorize and delegate the use of force. All protection comes from her. Any weapons that may be used against her are contraband."

"Hardly. The ponies found quickly that the Windigos were able to turn the pony's own strife against them."

109c2 No.105119

"And you, do you work for this "Mother"?"

7e85a No.105120

"Ah, so they hugged between eachother to shoo them away, right?"

1f987 No.105121

"Long ago, back when Windigos ruled Equus, all of ponykind made decision to leave our homelands and travel south, to escape from Windigos' terror. But Windigos noticed this, and they did not want their prey to escape. So, they sent big blizzard to try to stop them, and it was biggest this world had ever seen. Winds were so fierce that jumping would cause you to get carried off into frozen sky, and you could not see past your muzzle in thick snowfall. In confusion, one group of ponies got separated from rest, and wandered off east, further into Windigos' territory. These ponies, weak from days of little food and blisteringly cold weather, were pursued onto ice sheet on middle of completely frozen lake, and were surrounded by their ethereal pursuers. It was so cold, they had to huddle up to stay warm, as if any pony tried to run away, they would freeze solid within seconds of exposure to storm. Slowly, Windigos started to close in on their trapped prey…"

caebb No.105122

File: 1563245150542.jpg (56.03 KB, 728x380, imgbin-changeling-pony-the….jpg)

He nods, and points a hoof to his brown shirt, sea blue hat, and an emblem on his uniform

"Yes. As do they"
Now, he points to myriad other guards at the same station

"Is that what Harmony means to you? Hugging?"

White Orchid:
"Oh, we've heard this part of the story"

7e85a No.105123

Iron looks at Pear innocently.
"Is harmony not about being nice to others?"

109c2 No.105124

"Großartig, dann würde ich mit Ihrem Vorgesetzten sprechen"

a1358 No.105125

Onyx sighs and flops down on his flank
"You know, I haven't got all day. The yoke chafes"

caebb No.105126

His mouth comes open slightly, but he rocovers, and points a hoof to a building nearby
"Diesen Weg"

The emaciated yellow stallion stares at Onyx

"That is a portion of the core of it, yes"

7e85a No.105127

"Huh? What are the other parts, then?"

109c2 No.105128

"Ausgezeichnet" Brie replies.
"You'll want to come with us, and you'll want to bring your,… pocket knife."

caebb No.105129

"It's a series of mores regulating the relations of ponies to one another, including requirements of honesty, loyalty, and generosity, as well as optimism and humility in personal life"

a1358 No.105130

"Yeah, screw you too pal"
"It's in the wagon, we not bringing it?"

109c2 No.105131

"You're welcome to search the carriage while we're inside." Brie says headed toward the building.
"Yes bring it, we have to speak to the appropriate ponies."

7e85a No.105132

Iron seems like he gets it.
"So aside from hugging, there is also telling the truth, no treachery, give out things and… What are those last two again?"

a1358 No.105133

"Alright, lead the way"

109c2 No.105134

"You're welcome to search the carriage while we're inside." Brie says headed toward the building.
"Yes bring it, we have to speak to the appropriate ponies."

caebb No.105135

"And can tell you now, my superior is not going to want pocket knives in the room. He believes a 'disarmed' discussion is a civil discussion"

"Optimism, a belief that things will turn out well even when it seems like they are not, and humility, which requires a reduced opinion of the self, especially in dealings with others."

109c2 No.105136

"Oh I should expect not. We will be happy to disarm - and rearm - fully supervised."

7e85a No.105137

Iron nods.
"So also be positive even in the worst circumstances and… look down on yourself and reduce your achievements?"

caebb No.105138

The guard does not seem to expect Brie to disarm right there. Rather, he leads them to the building, which it seems was formerly a multilevel apartment building with some sort of Bar or something on the first floor, and a stairwell leading up the the second and third floors in a door off to the left. Entering from the street, the walls inside are white painted cinder-block. A second guard follows

"You should leave you weapons here before going upstairs"

"That's not quite right, but not quite wrong either"

7e85a No.105139

Iron simply stares her funny.
"That last one does not sound very productive."

109c2 No.105140

Brie does so, removing the 2 throwing knives and short sword. "Nehmen Sie Ihre Waffen ab" he says to the two lings. He stands and waits for everyone to disarm.

a1358 No.105141

"Mine will be in the wagon. Be careful of frostbite if you're foolish enough to touch it."

caebb No.105142

Did Spark die?

Kerr removes his weapon, while Wesley says
"Ich habe mein im Auto gelassen …"

"Are you ready now?"

She shakes her head dismissively
"I cannot teach you in a single lesson what must be learned through a lifetime of careful teaching from parents and educators"

109c2 No.105143

"Yes, we're ready. This one left a trio of throwing knives in the carriage."

7e85a No.105144

"That is true, indeed."
Iron's torch lights up, remembering something that Cauldron said.
"Oh! I think the leader ponies back in the metal jungle also practice it. They are humble ponies too, right?"

1f987 No.105145

Silver smiles. "Perhaps, but you likely have not heard this exact story before.

"As Windigos closed in, many of these ponies begin to believe that their time was up. They took all foals they had with them, and moved them to center of pile, so that they might stay warm longest out of them all. While many of these ponies felt sad that they had apparently met their doom, they were glad they got to spend their final moments with their loved ones, even as those on outside of pile began to feel numb from cold Windigoes' approach brought.

"But then, out of darkness of snow, they saw light. It was brightest, warmest light they had ever seen in their lives. Quickly, it became brighter, and warmer, chasing away cold and storms and frightening Windigoes away. It was as if very sun itself had descended upon them. But ponies could not see what was happening, as it was too bright.

"When light finally dimmed, those ponies looked around them, and they could not believe their eyes. They were on shore of river, now, and it was no longer frozen, but flowing, free and clear. All of trees, bushes, flowers, and grass, previously covered in ice, were now in full bloom, as if in middle of summer. What was previously hard, cold ground felt cool and wet beneath their hooves. They broke off of pony pile they had formed to protect themselves, with adults wandering around in awe at their new surroundings, and foals frolicking around in newly-revealed forests and meadows.

"It was then they were approached by them. Beings, some in form of ponies, others in as-of-yet unknown forms, all of whom radiated power, came to them and gave gifts to these ponies. From tools to help work land and build for them new homes, to knowledge on how to grow local crops and how to survive in this landscape, to blessings for warmer years and stronger foals, they bestowed many gifts upon these ponies. And in center of these beings, there was her. She shone with radiance of very sun itself, still wet with morning dew, she looked as most beautiful mare in all of existence, wherever her hooves fell it was as if very earth was filled with life. She, flanked by two plows, gave blessing to these ponies, her beloved 'Star Children', that any and all mothers among these ponies may be protected from all harm, that they may give birth to strong foals who can resist all harshness this world and its denizens can give, that future generations may be strong enough to carry these ponies to greatness.

"And, as quick as they came, they left, and these ponies began to build their homes in this land that had been given to them, as they gave their thanks and prayers to those beings that had helped them in their darkest hour."

caebb No.105146

The guard nods
"He's been informed already"

He leads them upstairs, to a door to what was probably once an apartment, he opens it into a room that is, well……

The walls themselves are a bit changed, with portions covered in a black and greenish organic substance, and a simple black in others. In the center, on top of a still wooden floor is a simple metal desk. It's what is sitting at that desk that makes it different.

Brie sees for the very first time, at least, presumably this is his first time, an adult Drone. His muzzle is a bit wrinkled, he has a horn a little shorter than a unicorn's, his eyes are staright blue with no whites, fangs hang from thin lips and jagged teeth, and translucent holey wings stick out from chitinous skin. In shape, he looks like a greyhound, if a greyhound were deprived of food for a month. Over it all, he wears a very simple tan uniform, and judging from the rotary phone, he must be a clerk

"Er kann dich jetzt hinten sehen"

She shakes her head
"Not any more. And not so humble"

7e85a No.105147

That bums Iron out.
"I expected as much from what I heard, honestly."
With that, Iron simply stands there, silently glancing at the presumed unconscious Grant and Pear once in a while.

109c2 No.105148

"Schöne Grüße. Ich brauche eine spezielle Ausnahmegenehmigung, um Waffen zu behalten, während ich diese beiden zurückbringe" Brie pauses and turns to the lings and asks:
"Auf welchen Bienenstock sind wir unterwegs?"

caebb No.105149

White orchid nods

Mint Marine:
"What did they give to them?"

"Zu Ballen? Die Ponys kontrollieren das"
He says "Ponys" with some disgust

"ich… weiß es nicht"

109c2 No.105150

"Wer geht nach Bales? Wir gehen in die Hegemonie."
Brie sighs, not remembering the name of the particular are of the Changeling lands they're headed toward.

1f987 No.105151

"As I said, tools to help work land, knowledge on how to survive off land, and blessings to help them prosper. Much of it was related to agriculture, as old myths go, but they were also taught how to fish should food become scarce."

caebb No.105152

"Sie sind in Hegemonie. Im Ponyland der Mutter. Im Stadtteil Blueberry Fields"

"They eat fish?"

1f987 No.105153

"Sometimes, yes, especially if there is not much grain left in stores."

109c2 No.105154

"Wir werden dann auf dem Weg sein, danke."

caebb No.105155

Whether Brie was intending it or not, he is sent through to another office, with even more decorations to it

A drone sits at a desk of black wood. He is a bit bigger, and a bit lighter in color, as well as less emaciated in appearance. He wears grey and black

"I was told you wanted to speak to me?"

Both ponies are a little disgusted by this, but white orchid far more so

109c2 No.105156

"Ah, you speak ponish, that will make things easier. I will need special dispensation to carry weapons as I escort these two back to their originating hive."

caebb No.105157

The creature actually blinks, with lids that come up as much from the sides as the bottom

"First, who are you, where do you come from, and what is your intent?"

1f987 No.105158

From the look on Silver's face he apparently shares the sentiment, though perhaps not for the exact same reasons. "Ah, it is not focus of story. What is are Star People, or, perhaps as some like Ratibor Svetoslavich believe, this kind of destiny as Star Children us Severyanans have been given by them."

caebb No.105159

MM: "But… who are the Star Children?"

1f987 No.105160

"It is name given to those first Severyanans by Star People, as story goes."

109c2 No.105161

"Of course. My name is Brie, Brie Achtzig-Sechs. While conducting *ahem* business in Baltimare, I crossed paths with these two in an unsavory situation. This one is Wesley, and this one is Kerr." Brie says to the two lings "Sie können Ihre Verkleidungen vorerst entfernen."
He turns back to the officer.
"I intend to see them home, and petition for assistance from the Changeling hive"

caebb No.105162

"Then… Who are the Star People?"

The two little nymphs burst into green fire, burning away their pony exteriors, and leaving behind the holey locusts. They at least look different enough from each other to distinguish, as Kerr has a few reddish features, and Wesley more blue

The uniformed drone, however, levels his horn at Brie, and sends forth green light at Brie, which is slightly shocking, and temporarily blurs his vision.

Roll will save

109c2 No.105163

Dice rollRolled 9 - 2

+ whatever the 5th level bonus is for a will save

1f987 No.105164

Silver can only shrug while he trots along. "Nopony truly knows for certain. Actual gods, beings from another realm, visitors from other worlds. Perhaps they were just visions of starving, freezing ponies. Whatever they were, those early Severyanans believed they were important enough to worship as gods."

7e85a No.105165

Only +1 sadly.

caebb No.105166

Not quite good enough to save Brie's mind. He is now compelled to speak the truth, although should he test the spell's limits, he would find he at least has the capacity to refrain from speaking. Not that Changelings recognize self-incrimination rights. Something like Zone of Truth

The Changeling Officer continues where Brie left off
"Where did you find these two? What assistance did you request?"

"The nuns tell of legends like that. Visions in the sky of saints, and what have you"

109c2 No.105167

"In a sex dungeon, owned by a prominent member of the Baltimare aristocracy. What? You asked,…. As for assistance, I want to see the pony in question - and his conspirators - "replaced"."

1f987 No.105168

"Perhaps, then, they are one and same, simply with different interpretations. At least up until Steel Stallion came, they were still worshipped in some capacity as part of our version of Celestialism, and held somewhere between saints and gods."

caebb No.105169

Brie's field of vision twists inwards, and resets itself in a more or less intoxicated fashion for several moments
He sticks his short reptilian tongue out in a disgusted hiss
"As is what happens when Ponies dominate…"
But then, he is intrigued
"Tell me more about this 'replacement'"

caebb No.105170

"I've heard about this. The split in the Church. The Northern Crusades…"

1f987 No.105171

Silver nods. "And Vladimane the Great, or Saint Vladimane I suppose you would know him as, converting to Celestialism, and with him much of Severyana following."

109c2 No.105172

"Its really rather simple. Comte - that's the pony's name - and a few others who are already in positions of power and authority go missing, and then turn up 'different' than they were. They take control of the upper echelons, while I provide underground support as far as logistics and resources."

caebb No.105173

White Orchid blinks
"I haven't… gotten that far in history class yet"

Mint Marine (who is evidently younger) cannot say otherwise

He nods, understanding
"And what do you want out of it?"

7e85a No.105174

I smell big brain time is coming up.

109c2 No.105175

"Naturally an underground organization would need a leader that can pass the scrutiny of changeling inspection." Brie shrugs off-handedly.

1f987 No.105176

Silver chuckles. "Fair enough. I suppose that is most you would ever come to learn about him, as it is what he was most known for. It is like Peter the Great who founded St. Petershoof, or Catherein the Great who led Severyanan Empire to its greatest territorial extent in history. That is, if you learn about them at all. I do not know what they teach in school in Equestria, nowadays."

caebb No.105177

"I see… You want a commission to be set up as a Quisling governor in Pony Equestria, along with a set of infiltrators?"

109c2 No.105178

"I'm unfamiliar with those terms. If you mean, "I rule over the common pony while you fellows take over the upper class, leading to a slow infiltration and integration of changelings into the city, with both sides helping one another to maintain control", then yes."

caebb No.105179

He grins in a certain adversarial kind of way that implies that he privately disputes something Brie said. It must not bother him that much, because he says nothing about it.

"What did you need weapons for, and where were you going originally?"

1f987 No.105180

Did I go too far?

7e85a No.105181

You are in limbo for the time being.
Basically yes, but not in a bad way.

caebb No.105182

No, I just didn't know what to write in response

109c2 No.105183

"One always needs weapons when traveling the road, especially unfamiliar roads. I'm sure the Hegemony has done an excellent job of eliminating trouble between individuals, but what manner of indigenous life would make short work out of us? We're certainly not armed well enough to cause a stir amongst the authorities. As for where we are going, I don't honestly recall. These two would know better than I."

1f987 No.105184

Okay, good, just didn't want to upset you…again.
I've suddenly noticed I have a problem with that.

7e85a No.105185

The magic of interacting with other people.
It gives insight into yourself as well.

caebb No.105186

"What you are asking… would need clearance from a much higher level"

You are fine

It's often not pretty

109c2 No.105187


7e85a No.105188

I know it's not, but it's something that must be done.
Should I make Iron fall asleep to get that rested status?

caebb No.105189

The drone starts to speak in Wechselbalg to the two Nymphs, and converses with them to try to verify Brie's story

He speaks again to Brie:
"Would you serve your Changeling handlers?"
"Would you turn them over to the Pony Authorities?"
"Would you refrain from intervening where your Changeling handlers gave you an order of Stay?"

Again, Brie is under a Zone of Truth style mind-spell

He ain't got permission to sleep yet

7e85a No.105190

Darn. Time to wait, then.

109c2 No.105191

"I don't know about handlers, but I would work with my allies to achieve a common goal. If I was wont to turn in changelings, I wouldn't be sitting here now (trust me, this hasn't been an easy journey). As for the last, are you asking if I would refrain from acting in a given context if there was a strategic advantage to doing so?" Brie asks this in a way that suggests he thinks the question is dumb. "Yes, I can follow instructions."

caebb No.105193

"I am asking you, would you take orders from The Mother, and would you refrain from acting in a given context if you were so ordered by your handlers in the Hegemony, because you handlers have judged it to be in the Hegemony's strategic interests to do so?"

109c2 No.105194

"Of course"
I gotta pass out for the night

7e85a No.105195

Good night.
And don't play with matches.

1f987 No.105196

Sleep well.

caebb No.105197

And Goodnight to you all

7e85a No.105198

Goodnight again.

1f987 No.105199

And to you as well.

28020 No.105201


b8fc4 No.105203

File: 1563309091511.jpeg (15.24 KB, 302x167, 48286D1E-BA35-44D7-B4AD-2….jpeg)

28020 No.105204


0b3a0 No.105205

File: 1563314166671.gif (155.09 KB, 772x736, eeeeeee.gif)

28020 No.105206

Eeeeeeindeeeeeeed my eeeeeeing frieeeeeend.

b8fc4 No.105207

File: 1563314504197.png (376.01 KB, 1000x1262, 2B66411F-10E1-431D-B992-2E….png)

0b3a0 No.105208

>And that's how I accidentally ate a baby

28020 No.105209

Woah there. Don't say that or the GM will make one of the changies dress up as a mango later.

0b3a0 No.105210

They can't change size, they'll be the giant mango. Hard to miss

28020 No.105211

I know, meaning that it's an easy target to sink those fangs in and slurp all of the 'mango' juice.

0b3a0 No.105212

He's a bat, not a vampire

28020 No.105213

Who says fruit bats don't bite into their fruit to drink its contents?

b8fc4 No.105214

File: 1563315591539.gif (122.33 KB, 374x366, C1BEB004-C26C-455D-A975-C6….gif)

I mean… they can be a crate of mangos. Also don’t discount giant mangos

0b3a0 No.105215

He prefers kiwis thank you

28020 No.105216

You'll have to roll bluff to convince of that one, chief.

b8fc4 No.105217

File: 1563316307979.png (185.58 KB, 1024x1024, E0E7E0C7-79DF-4BE8-BCDF-AE….png)

That won’t stop them!

0b3a0 No.105218

>roll bluff
Nigga please
Of course there's an image for kiwis

28020 No.105219

File: 1563316661171.jpg (16.83 KB, 322x359, let me see your war face.jpg)

Bullshit, you didn't convince me! Now show me a real statement!

0b3a0 No.105220

File: 1563317329890.png (65.21 KB, 450x441, anonshit.png)

b8fc4 No.105221

File: 1563317391235.png (64.54 KB, 250x240, BD39C285-6CD7-42B7-AAD0-76….png)

A reminder of the culinary options

b8fc4 No.105222

File: 1563319337641.png (2 MB, 2000x2000, 1BE5CDF5-DB14-4976-A3DA-63….png)

Okay, so I will not be fully available, and perhaps intermittently available tonight. Who wants to play?

28020 No.105223

I'm up for it.
Are you going to phonepost?

0b3a0 No.105224

I would
Like to
find out what
the changeling would say. We left off with 'I can't authorize this' "

0b3a0 No.105225

Kidding aside, take ur time

b8fc4 No.105226

>we can’t authorize this
Brie hasn’t gotten that far yet

“Why are you willing to work for Changelings?”

0b3a0 No.105227

"Because appealing to Ponies has worked oh so well?"

1f987 No.105228

Sure, I'm here.

b8fc4 No.105229

“Have you ever worked with the Pony authorities, be they Equestrian or New Mareland?”

0b3a0 No.105230

"You are incredibly boring. I'm not sure if you're aware of it. You know I'm telling the truth cuz I'm under a Geese. That was it I think? Geesa? No, I've never worked with any sort of pony authorities."

0b3a0 No.105231

"Wait, hold on a minute"

0b3a0 No.105232

"There was a bat-pony on the train. He was part of the area law enforcement. I refrained from killing him and killed his opponents."

b8fc4 No.105233

He ignores these

“What opponents?”

0b3a0 No.105234

"Creedence Clearwater Revival or some such name as that. I placed a dagger in his thigh and he didn't blink," Brie says thoughtfully

0b3a0 No.105235

"They were part of revolutionary faction #7. Apparently they though that Pinkie Pie was onboard." Brie says with a smirk.

0b3a0 No.105236

"Their rifles unironically paid our way," Brie says, somehow referencing the carriage, in spite of the circumstances

b8fc4 No.105237

“Who are your confederates here?”

0b3a0 No.105238

"What I mean to say is, I killed several of them who stopped my train. I've killed others in the interim, bu those were the opponents you inquire of."
"Lets see. Wesley and Kerr are paramount, followed by Sparks (Shimmering). He's my unicorn companion. Then there's Onyx. I understand his reputation preceeds him." Brie says with a wink.
"Of course, we shall make all accommodations as necessary and desired by her imminence, but we will be retaining our weapons." Brie assures pleasantly.

0b3a0 No.105239

"Frag die jungetiere." Brie encourages.

b8fc4 No.105240

“You’ve named a particular pony in the Baltimare Governate to be replaced… Tell me, what do you have to offer her Majesty.”

b8fc4 No.105241

“Es scheint, dass er ein Kollaborateur sein will”

“Er hat uns nicht getötet oder vergewaltigt”

0b3a0 No.105242

Brie activates his disguise cloak to appear like the changeling in front of him.
"Well, I have a trick or two up my sleeve,"

0b3a0 No.105243

"I have to say, this is a whole lot more "Where did you work after High School" and a whole lot less "I will eat your soul if you don't tell me what I want to hear!" I mean seriously." Brie scoffs.

b8fc4 No.105244

He nods, but does not otherwise deviate from his direct tone and expression
“And what else?”

“It was assumed you understood that much before coming to us. You know the basics of who we are, and reinforcing it does not help us much. What we must know, and what we do not know, is who you are, what you can do for us, and can we trust you. What you are proposing risks both the Hegemony’s international relations, and the lives of our Workers. We are asking you what we need to hear. If you feeling your soul eaten away slowly as you are entombed in a cocoon for longer than your natural life expectancy is not already impressed upon you as a distinct possibility should you displease us, then frankly we have no further use for you or this interview.”

0b3a0 No.105245

"Well, you can shine a light in my eyes." Brie says dryly.

b8fc4 No.105246

And now, he asks
“What were you expecting?”

28020 No.105247

Seems things aren't going according to plan.

0b3a0 No.105248

"One or two drones independently seeking verification of my claims, as well as a thorough beating and maybe 2 weeks dungeon."

0b3a0 No.105249


0b3a0 No.105250

"Speaking of which, I rather expected to be spitting out teeth at this point."

b8fc4 No.105251

“Are you disappointed?”

0b3a0 No.105252

"Not yet, but I will be every time I have to repeat myself."

b8fc4 No.105253

If the creature can raise an eyebrow, it did
“Let me repeat myself. What do you have to offer when infiltrating the Baltimare area that we cannot get from a drone or worker?”

0b3a0 No.105254

Pasing out, sorry

28020 No.105255

Night to both of you.
Unless you have an action planned for Iron/don't want to hit the sack yet

b8fc4 No.105258

File: 1563384801643.jpeg (26.52 KB, 300x300, 8A43BE8A-FB89-4EC7-8794-0….jpeg)

I’m out of the conference for the rest of the day

The last presentation was excellent, and a great way to end the half-day

1f987 No.105259

That's great to hear, man! Got anything planned for your free half-of-the-day?

b8fc4 No.105260

File: 1563386119535.png (800.14 KB, 1280x1071, 57AD5F3A-A05F-46E4-87FA-05….png)

Well, I was going to go visit a college friend I haven’t seen in a while… but he hasn’t messaged me back since Sunday, and in any event he still lives very far away

1f987 No.105261

Well, whatever you do, I hope you have fun while doing it.

b8fc4 No.105262

File: 1563387805458.jpeg (38.06 KB, 288x373, 1FE751EF-40F7-4577-9EE7-8….jpeg)

It sounds like you do not have any suggestions

1f987 No.105263

I don't know what I would suggest for you to do.

1f987 No.105264

I don't even really know what for I would be suggesting.

cc2b7 No.105265

Ey, that's pretty nice.
Good thing you're having fun.
That sucks, man. I think. Not sure how eager you were to meet up with him.

b8fc4 No.105266

So… does nopomy want to play today?

d1fca No.105267

I got a few minutes.

b8fc4 No.105268

Does Spark have any actions to declare as he is lead into the den of evil?

d1fca No.105269

He makes sure they don't confiscate Tipsy.

b8fc4 No.105270

The guard stares at Spark for an extended period of time

d1fca No.105271

Spark keeps Tipsy away from the guard.

a1358 No.105272

>Den of evil
Oh joy, this should end great for the resident rock horse

b8fc4 No.105273

Onyx is surrounded by a number of guards. They have ragged fur, often look kind of scrawny, wear brown or black formal uniforms, and curl up their bottom lips under the front of their muzzles in a curious manner

a1358 No.105274

Onyx stays silent, hoping that this'll all be over soon.
And without him getting eated by a changeling.

b8fc4 No.105275

Brie is taking a while. The guard starts to ask Onyx questions of his own:

“What did you come here for?”

a1358 No.105276

"Cause I was dragged along by the bat, other than that I had no reason."

b8fc4 No.105277

“What can you tell me about this bat?” He asks, in his strange accented voice

a1358 No.105278

"Not much, he likes to keep to himself. My turn for a question: who in Tartarus are you?"

cc2b7 No.105279

I announce my availability.

1f987 No.105280

I'm always wanting to play.

b8fc4 No.105281

File: 1563412544495.png (493.37 KB, 2353x3061, C7225D78-EA53-4ECA-ACD8-2E….png)

He recoils back, offended at being spoken in that way.

He replies indignantly
“My name is Drohne Vierhundertfünfzig Von Schwarzgeflügelte Engel und Rachen, and I am an agent if the Hive’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs”

He does not end with “thank you very much,” but it is certainly implied in the way he answers

A wild Iron appears! I may get to Iron tonight

a1358 No.105282

"The hive you say?"
Onyx's eyes narrow as the corners of his mouth twitch a bit in anger

b8fc4 No.105283

That isn’t what you said earlier today

“Where do you think you are?” He replies

1f987 No.105284

That is…not, what I said. I didn't say anything related to me wanting to play.

a1358 No.105285

"I wasn't completely sure, so… Thank you for clarifying"

cc2b7 No.105286

Ey, nice!
Last thing I recall is Pear saying politicians aren't humble or follow harmonic practices.
Kinda like Cauldron in a general sense.

b8fc4 No.105287

“What does the bat seek?” He continues

a1358 No.105288

"Ask him, I was just told we were helping the foals."

b8fc4 No.105289

A second guard - actually the same yellow one seen earlier, comes close, says “Schmuggler. Wir brauchen dich” and leaves… Onyx and Spark are briefly alone

d1fca No.105290

"So… how's it going bartender? Think we can get out of this one alive?"

a1358 No.105291

"I've been much better. As for getting out of here. Alive? Probably. Without severe damages? Not with the changelings. But, we'll find a way."

1f987 No.105292

cc2b7 No.105293

Be patient. GM is currently posting with phone most likely.

b8fc4 No.105294

Okay, Silver can proceed. Say something nice

cc2b7 No.105295

Dangit, GM. Stop making me look dumb.

1f987 No.105296

Something nice.

Seriously, thank you. I really do enjoy this game and this world you've made. I've ended up having more fun with this than I have with almost anything else.

b8fc4 No.105297

D’aww, thanks. *hugs the floofy pony*

I meant to Mint Marine or White Orchid

1f987 No.105298

Oh, right, that.

"You know, I really was not expecting to end up purchasing all of this." He looks back at all of the stuff he's hauling on his back. "I will give you both this: you knew what you wanted. Plenty of stuff that appeals to your particular interests."

b8fc4 No.105299

White Orchid:
“Yeah, we knew what we wanted… we definitely didn’t just grab one if everything…”

1f987 No.105300

"Heh! Or that."

b8fc4 No.105301

Well, they arrive back at the orphanage

1f987 No.105302

That they do. "Well…we're here." Silver holds his breath as he tries to maneuver himself and the mountain of stuff through the front door.

caebb No.105303

It's difficult to maneuver the tower of toys through the front door, and a random nun stares on in disbelief as it comes through

1f987 No.105304

"Heheheh…" Silver continues to carefully fit through the doorway. "You two never really gave me answer on how, or where, you are going to store all of this."

caebb No.105305

The random nun:
"Yes little ones. How are you going to store it?"

1f987 No.105306

"…Perhaps something could be worked out?" Silver gives the nun a pleading look, presumably on the colts' behalf.

cc2b7 No.105307

inb4 they return the pleading look back.

caebb No.105308

The two little colts join in the assault, pressing down on the nun with combined arms… er, faces

"Oh, okay…"

They return to the large room, where a new chest is dragged in, and the toys are slowly poured in. Alongside another chest, where there are already a great many toys

1f987 No.105309

Silver lets out a whistle while he assists in the efforts. "There sure is lot of toys here already. Did some ponies donate recently?"

caebb No.105310

"Yes… this deep blood-red stallion came by yesterday, and left some toys"

White orchid clings possessively to parts of a train set. A 2-6-4 Steam Locomotive, specifically. Imagine how Silver knows that

1f987 No.105311

"Sounds like Dark Star. Unless there are other blood-red stallions in Baltimare I do not know about." He smiles at the vision of White Orchid. "It is nice having some possessions of your own, yes?"

caebb No.105312

"That might be him" she says

White orchid smiles as he looks at his loot

The nun adds,
"Normally the foals don't own their own toys. It's all communal property. We try to teach foals to share"

1f987 No.105313

"He is friend of mine, and good pony, even if I do not completely agree with some of his more…political opinions." He looks again at White Orchid, feeling a little bit of pride welling up. "It is good to share, but it is also nice to be able to claim ownership to something. It gives you little bit of normalcy, like you can feel like you have control over something in your life."

caebb No.105314

After Silver says this, Mint Marine moves a step back, and White Orchid continues looking at the train set. The nun looks slightly upset, about to move a hoof forward, before White Orchid moves his eyes to make eye contact with Silver, and White Orchid responds to Silver:
"It does… It can be"
He gives a smile that is both sorrowful and grateful.

1f987 No.105315

Silver's not sure if his heart is going to break or burst first. For the moment, he settles for a nod and a heartfelt smile. "I had fun today, you two. I hope someday soon we will be able to spend some more time together. Perhaps next time we will be able to make use of some of that stuff I bought you, huh?" He looks between the two colts.

b8fc4 No.105316

White Orchid looks a little happier now. Somewhere in his expression, he gives off the sense that he intends to establish himself as a Barron of toys over his little fiefdom of cap guns, swords, and hats contained in the chest, lending them out to the other foals in exchange for popularity or favors. Mint Marine stands in silence as he always does, or nearly always does, having long learned how to minimize his presence. But for all that, he still wears a look of pain, almost torment

White Orchid:
“That would be nice”

1f987 No.105317

The image that settles in his mind actually kinda amuses him. It's something that a normal colt would do, and as far as he's concerned, that's a good thing. Silver is still naturally worried for Mint Marine, and definitely hopes that he will start to heal soon, even if he has been left scared. He decides that, while perhaps there are others better suited to helping Mint recover from his trauma, he'll still try to be there for the little colt.

For now he leaves with a "goodbye" to the two colts, happy that he got to know them a bit better, at least.

cc2b7 No.105318

These ID changes befuddle me.

b8fc4 No.105319

Before he leaves, but after he exits the ear-range of the nun, Mint Marine charges forward with a last question,
“Do you really think I am a bad pony?”

1f987 No.105320

Silver is…quite surprised by the question. Which is probably the point of him asking like this. "No, little one. I…I did not get to properly apologize for all of…that." Checking that they're still out of ear-shot of the nun, he continues. "I forgot where I was, and who I was talking to, and…honestly, I do get very passionate about these sort of things, and…I can not apologize enough for it. It was stupid. I was stupid."

He gives Mint Marine a soft look. "Again, I do not believe you are bad pony, just like how I do not believe Dark Star is bad pony for believing almost exact same thing as you." He turns to Mint Marine and puts a hoof over his heart. "You are good pony, Mint Marine, who has been hurt very badly. And when ponies are hurt like that, they are capable of doing or believing bad or evil things. I know this myself. But that is not what ultimately matters. What matters is in here. In your heart. And in your heart, I see good pony, kind of pony that would make your grandmother proud."

He removes the hoof from over Mint's heart. "I know you are hurt. And I can understand if you would rather try to face it on your own. But you do not have to try to alone. There are ponies out here who do care for you and would try to do whatever they could to help you heal, and I would be glad to count myself among them. If you would let me."

b8fc4 No.105321

The little pony’s ears droop for a moment, but slowly go back up. He seems speechless, much as he was before

1f987 No.105322

Silver sits down to be more at eye-level with Mint Marine. "I would still like to see you again someday, and someday soon at that. I know you are wanting to see harbor, and while I may not be expert swimmer, especially with this winter coat of mine, I would like to see you make use of that scuba equipment, and perhaps teach me more about wonders of marine life along way."

b8fc4 No.105323

This gets a half-smile out of the sad, tired little pony
“… Maybe”

1f987 No.105324

"Maybe next time you will also tell me about new kind of shark, too." Silver musses up Mint's mane playfully. "Take care, little one. I hope to see you soon."

b8fc4 No.105325

He closes his eyes, and tilts his head up into the ruffling with a smile. When Silver ceases, Mint Marine says “see you”

1f987 No.105327

Silver smiles at Mint before turning and leaving the orphanage. As he trots, he feels as if a weight has been lifted off his chest and shoulders. Like perhaps that things have the potential to be better, now, if not perfect. He will most certainly try to find an opportunity to make good on his claims, so that he may come back to the orphanage to spend time with the two colts he's gotten to know better.

For now, it's back to work for Silver.

b8fc4 No.105328

D’aww, that’s sweet

Back to the Quarry, I presume?

1f987 No.105329

You know it. Time to see if enough time has passed for the pump to do its work.

cc2b7 No.105330

So he has a lot more work ahead… Watch out for Silver getting hurt, unless the group mission is tomorrow.

1f987 No.105331

Eh. If he does, he'll just rub some dirt on it.

cc2b7 No.105332

Every hitpoint counts, even if you have 50.

1f987 No.105333

Fair enough. I imagine that's a bit of wisdom Iron is very intimately familiar with.

b8fc4 No.105334

Okay, I have to sleep now

cc2b7 No.105335

Seeing how without his armor and shield he is almost always near death after every encounter, it's not a big surprise.

cc2b7 No.105336

Goodnight, GM.

1f987 No.105337

Sleep well!

Eeyup. This time, he'll have another tank to take the heat off of him.

cc2b7 No.105338

Protect me from stray DS bullets, please. I absorb the actual enemy shots, especially with the higher AC.
And possibly Dex increasing potions to raise it up even more.

1f987 No.105339

>stray DS bullets
[Vietnam flashbacks intensify]

cc2b7 No.105340

Yeah, it's a very spooky way to enter the world of sodomy, if you know what I mean.

1f987 No.105341

Oh, Silver already knows very well.

cc2b7 No.105342

shiver shiver

cc2b7 No.105343


1f987 No.105344

b8fc4 No.105345

File: 1563492762300.gif (278.29 KB, 250x236, 14B82094-ABB6-4FEE-A6B5-79….gif)

cc2b7 No.105346

or VIP?

1f987 No.105347

1f987 No.105348

So, you want to continue, or do you need some time for yourself first?

caebb No.105349

I think it will still be a couple hours

1f987 No.105350

That's fine. Take however much time you need. I'll wait.

b8fc4 No.105351

File: 1563502466556.jpeg (1.1 MB, 5040x6552, ED8843D0-D3E3-49CF-B476-4….jpeg)

Okay, ready

eff8c No.105352


cc2b7 No.105353

1f987 No.105354


1f987 No.105355

Also, nice Blue Skies.

b8fc4 No.105356

File: 1563503601840.gif (210.04 KB, 955x853, 08CF868C-ED73-484C-B51D-2F….gif)

Wait…. who is >>105352?


cc2b7 No.105357

I think it's Edgemeister.

caebb No.105358

Alright, so Silver is going to the Quarry

1f987 No.105359

Precisely. He's going to check to see if the pump has done enough work for him to start.

caebb No.105360

Why did he go from "floof" to "floff" in one post?

Anyways, Silver returns to see that the water level has indeed dropped, as has the angle of the light

cc2b7 No.105361

It's a changeling! Don't trust his words!

1f987 No.105362


Now here's the question: has it dropped enough to prevent undead from hiding underneath its surface?

caebb No.105363

File: 1563504444371.gif (62.28 KB, 300x300, 2f63ec42-a06c-4f2d-b0a9-fb….gif)


Only if they crouch

1f987 No.105364

Hmm…good enough. I suppose it's time now. If anything's left crouching/legless, they'll be exposed by the pump by the time he's finished gathering the books Blue Skies needs.

Silver begins the process of re-equipping his armor and weapons he left in/by his cart, in particular he makes sure he's got his Lavender Rifle prepared for detonating the unexploded bomb in the quarry. He also grabs the fishing wire, the container of bait, and his Potions of Hide From Undead before positioning himself above the catacombs quarry exit. Assuming it's been reopened, that is.

caebb No.105365

Again, a small trail leads down into the quarry from the edge. To Silver's left, the quarry is deeper, and there is still some water. It leads up almost like an upside down wedding cake to higher levels, with the right side containing the entrance to the catacombs.

1f987 No.105366

Hmm… Silver decides to do a test run with the sealed bait to see if he can keep it levitated with the fishing wire all the way from the entrance to the bomb by trotting along the trail.

caebb No.105367

I'm confused as to what exactly is being attempted here

1f987 No.105368

Basically, he's seeing if he can levitate the bait on the fishing wire from the catacombs entrance all the way to the bomb.

caebb No.105369

If he climbs, trots, and wades all the way from the entrance to the bomb, then sure. That is not a straight-forward process, as it involves the risk of attracting creatures through the hole to the catacombs, and also any possible dangers unseen in the water

1f987 No.105370

So, it'd simply be better to set up somewhere and drag the bait all the way.

caebb No.105371

Okay, I am very confused by what you are suggesting? Are you suggesting he use his magic to try to extend out to levitate it? Are you suggesting he places the bait on a weighted fishing line exactly the same as if Silver were deep sea fishing for sturgeon, then sling it out on a fishing rod and reel it towards the direction of the bomb?

1f987 No.105372

The first thing I was suggesting lines up to the former.

caebb No.105373

The bomb is across the quarry, and also closer towards Silver. At least 50 meters. His magic cannot extend that far

1f987 No.105374

Okay, would that be within his abilities if he trotted alongside it?

caebb No.105375

The issue with that is that there are two "cake layers" where the elevation of the quarry goes up some feet, and that the last "layer" is partly submerged

1f987 No.105376

It sounds like the only reasonable option would be to cast it out on the line and reel it back in.

caebb No.105377

I'm not sure that he bought a fishing rod, even as he bought fishing line. I guess there are other options

1f987 No.105378

It wasn't originally the idea I had, but perhaps buying a suitable fishing rod would be a good idea.

caebb No.105379

However you want to approach it

1f987 No.105380

Probably a good idea to go buy a fishing rod, then. Here's hoping it'll be worth less that 36 Bits, or that there's a fishing supplies store in Baltimare ran by a pony, because otherwise there's going to be a very insulted Griffon shopkeeper.

cc2b7 No.105381

Come on, do a flip diving straight into the water.

caebb No.105382

I'm going to assume this means that Silver goes back to the fishing shop

"Hallo" The white and gold griffin, with the scar running along his face, extends a claw in evident greetings

1f987 No.105383

"Hello again, my friend. I was wondering if I could take look at selection of your fishing rods?"

caebb No.105384

He looks at Silver for a moment, narrowing eyebrows, before easing up
"Oh, yes. We have many fishing rod. What you want? Big fish, little fish? Sea? Lake?"

1f987 No.105385

"Hmm. Probably small fish, on lake."

caebb No.105386

File: 1563509134211-0.png (161.86 KB, 900x319, 434eb07989248e40865f3e96fa….png)

File: 1563509134211-1.png (924.63 KB, 830x1938, Fishing is hard.png)

File: 1563509134211-2.jpg (221.89 KB, 830x1464, rod-action-002.jpg)

cc2b7 No.105387


1f987 No.105388

You're talking to someone who knows nothing about fishing. You're also talking to someone who's looking more for avoiding pissing this Griffon off than anything.

1f987 No.105389

In other words, I don't know what is best for what Silver's looking for. All I'm looking for is that the rod, reel, and a hook all together costs less that 36 Bits.

caebb No.105390

The Griffin guides Silver through a set of fishing rods kept along a wall, often taking them off and demonstrating their actions. It quickly becomes apparent to Silver that even if the two had a language in common, Silver would not really understand how to buy fishing rods. After some time, Silver explains that he needs a rod that can cast fishing line a relatively long distance, but only needs to support the weight of small fish. The Griffin selects one for Silver that hopefully meets those two qualifications

1f987 No.105391

Okay then, moment of truth: how much does it cost?

caebb No.105392

"22 bits"

caebb No.105393

"22 bits"

1f987 No.105394

"And what would be price with reel and hook? Or is that including all?"

caebb No.105395

"Vith reel, hook, sinker, line, 25 bits"

1f987 No.105396

Silver can, indeed, pay for all of that using coins.

caebb No.105397

Lucky Silver

(Assuming Silver does indeed buy it)
The griffin counts the coins given to him, then claws over the fishing materials in each of their several pieces - the rod, the reel, the line, the hook, and the weight

1f987 No.105398

"Thank you. I will remember this store, if someone asks me where they can buy fishing supplies."

caebb No.105399

The griffin nods, pulling back his beak in what must be smiling

"Dank Jou!"

1f987 No.105400

Alright, now Silver can return to the quarry with the goal of killing those undead..

caebb No.105401

Indeed he can

1f987 No.105402

First things first: upon arriving, Silver assembles the fishing rod. This will certainly be new experience.

caebb No.105403

It's a straightforward enough process, and soon the fishing rod is fully assembled

I have to sleep now…

1f987 No.105404

Sleep well!

1f987 No.105405

Is it my turn to say Bop?

b8fc4 No.105406

File: 1563581331628.jpeg (733.7 KB, 1832x1460, A3E2F3F7-18CA-4038-9CB7-9….jpeg)

It might just be

1f987 No.105407

Poor Shining.

So, you still need a couple hours to be ready like yesterday, or are you ready now? Or do you not want to continue right now?

631f2 No.105408

Shiny sammich

3c276 No.105409

Okay, I am back from my week-long conference


Silver’s move

1f987 No.105410

Silver downs one of his two remaining Hide From Undead potions as he trots into position. He also eyes one of his bottles of whiskey on the way, but ultimately decides it's better to have a clear head than dulled nerves.

Two things: first, how did your conference go, and second, will casting the bait require some sort of roll, or is this going to be a freebee?

3c276 No.105411

It depends on how he “casts” it. If it’s with a fishing rod, then yes

It was mostly fun, almost like a little vacation

1f987 No.105412

How else would he do it?

It's good to hear that you enjoyed it.

3c276 No.105413

If he’s taking the effort and expense of using a “hide from undead” potion there is not really a reason to cast it from a distance - he would just let it dangle as he spread it through the catacombs. If he’s casting it from a distance, he may as well let himself be bait

1f987 No.105414

So, just trot into the catacombs, open the bait, and lead all of them out to the bomb for easy dispatching?

3c276 No.105415

You can do it however you want to

1f987 No.105416

Honestly, I wasn't sure if that was even possible. It sounds like the simplest, easiest solution. So, if it's possible…yeah, let's go for it.

3c276 No.105417

Alright, Silver may execute his plan

1f987 No.105418

Just one thing before we start: once Silver opens the bait, how quickly will the scent spread throughout the catacombs?

3c276 No.105419

That is itself something of a question, isn’t it?

1f987 No.105420

A very important one, at that. If it spreads quickly, then it's best that Silver opens it just inside the catacombs itself and let the bait do its work. If it spreads slowly, then it's best that Silver goes deep within the catacombs, opens it, then sprints with the bait all the way outside.

3c276 No.105421

Well, Silver should take that into consideration when laying it

1f987 No.105422

Well, let's see: if it spreads quickly and Silver opens it deep inside the catacombs, then he's dead. If it spreads slowly and Silver opens it only just inside, then he only draws out a couple undead. Given those odds, it's less likely to result in Silver's death if he opens it just inside. Probably fucking myself over since you'll likely have it spread slowly, but it's better that Silver doesn't die just yet.

Unless that's what you're aiming for, I don't know.

3c276 No.105423

So…. where is he going to open it at in the area of the catacombs, and then what next?

1f987 No.105424

Just inside the catacombs when entering from the quarry. After that, it's just a matter of waiting for some ghasts to approach before leading them out to the bomb.

3c276 No.105425

Alright, would this be right inside the entrance, and would he do anything else to attract attention?

1f987 No.105426

Essentially, yeah, that or just outside the door to the room where the entrance is located. As for what else he would do, while they might not be able to hear any sounds Silver himself makes, they would probably still hear a gunshot from his Lavender rifle. So firing off a shot with that would help attract them, I think.

3c276 No.105427


As Silver walks down, his side is darkened by the long shadows cast by the afternoon sun. The newly exposed rock on the quarry is still wet, and discolored, as is some of the water remaining in the bottom. The engine powering the pump drones on endlessly, as the water is pumped out. When Silver gets to the actual hole, rocks litter the bottom, and bricks are knocked out of place from the dynamiting. As before, air enters from the hole, going in. Silver does not see or hear much inside, and even the area beyond the hole is hard to see, by virtue of the hole’s perpendicular orientation to the setting sun

1f987 No.105428

Good. Airflow will speed up diffusion of scent throughout catacombs. Silver takes a deep breath while he starts inside the entrance. If somepony were there to ask him, he would be lying if he said we wasn't a little nervous, courting death like this. Well, let us get this started. Silver opens the bait and wafts its pungent smell into the air. "HEY, UGLIES!" Silver grabs his rifle, firing a shot into the echoing darkness and working the bolt to load the next shot. "DINNER IS READY! COME AND GET IT!"

3c276 No.105429

From the blackness, there is a sound of scurrying, and a faint scream

1f987 No.105430

Silver can already feel his heart's pace quicken and his muscles tensing as his body begins producing adrenaline, preparing him for the ever-persistent fight-or-flight response. He sounds the dinner bell again, fighting off another shot into the darkness and working the bolt to load another. "NICE, TASTY MEAL, JUST FOR YOU ALL!"

Silver throws a brief glance over his shoulder to make sure there isn't anything coming from the water to try to get at him from behind.

3c276 No.105431

From inside - the sound of a rock being kicked. A soft growl. Another growl, and a softer, falling rock. Metal clangs. Another sound, unidentifiable, that sounds closest to fish flopping in shallow water. Still another sound that is somewhere between a female screaming, or a fox’s call. From behind… nothing visible yet. Silver may be approached from either side, or from a door across. In the blackness, it’s hard to tell if red eyes glance back at at him, then look away, or if those are the impressions left on his eyes from a quick glance into the setting sun

1f987 No.105432

All of these very dangerous sounds and none of their sources visible. It's well more than enough to make the grizzled mercenary's fluffy coat hairs stand on end. He wafts the bait a bit more into the air while looking all around him. He doesn't like being exposed like this. He's in a very vulnerable position.

3c276 No.105433

The growling counties from afar, as does the scurrying, the occasional kicked rock, the sometimes clanging of the metal. But when it approaches…. it goes quiet

1f987 No.105434

They are hunting. Even while under the effects of the potion he took, Silver still feels on edge. He pulls out his flashlight and turns it on to get just a little bit of a look inside the dark tunnel.

3c276 No.105435

File: 1563591923870.jpeg (83.06 KB, 660x660, D53AED7F-1B65-4781-A41D-C….jpeg)

Not everything that can be seen by the eye, can be correlated by the mind to the words to express it.

This is an approximation of the quadruped forms and glimmering eyes that stare back at Silver from the darkness. Remember, Silver’s back is against a symmetrical, equal tunnel

1f987 No.105436

Needless to say, it is quite possibly the creepiest thing Silver has ever seen. "Селестия садится на мой рог и крутится…"

With that fairly creative swear and disturbing image in front of him, Silver decides that it's a good time to try to lead them out of the catacombs. He slowly makes his way back outside with the bait held out, while he uses his magic along the way to turn over and disturb the small(ish) rocks in the tunnel to simulate the sound of hoofsteps moving along.

3c276 No.105437

The deformed, mummified heads turn and growl at the sounds, one even lunging towards the rocks. He can bet he has their attention

1f987 No.105438

"Come on, just follow me…you want some delicious food, yes?" Silver continues manipulating rocks as he trots along. He really hopes they're following, as he doesn't know much else he could try.

3c276 No.105439

File: 1563594614435.jpeg (31.56 KB, 500x672, C30F87ED-20A0-45B5-96F6-B….jpeg)

Oh, they’re following. If anything it’s a question if them coming too close to Silver

1f987 No.105440

Silver really hopes he's getting close to sunlight. He tries to keep his distance, but his primary concern is getting out of this horror-show.

3c276 No.105441

File: 1563595155626.jpeg (29.05 KB, 1050x583, 1A3A468F-F4A2-4E37-BB9C-6….jpeg)

The sunlight is 15 feet away. 15 of the longest feet Silver has ever had to walk in his life. With each step, an audible “clop” is made, and they listen intently, rushing forward a few feet, then stopping and listening again

1f987 No.105442

Silver, as it turns out, does not like being hunted by the undead. He quickens his pace ever-so slightly, wishing he can at least see the horrors which stalk him so.

3c276 No.105443

File: 1563595834442.jpeg (14.59 KB, 1280x720, 6C1F28D8-190E-451D-8F67-6….jpeg)

Silver can do that of course, although his hooves make more noise the faster he goes.

From further away, another female scream… Or maybe it’s a Fox’s call, who can say

1f987 No.105444

The thought occurs to him that perhaps there's something attacking the mare in the front office…a thought that isn't very comforting in this situation. He really does not want to be responsible for an innocent pony getting hurt or worse. He hopes it's just some other undead creature making noises, or that it really is just a fox call.

Towards the light Silver continues, the fur on his back sticking out and only contained by his clothing and armor.

3c276 No.105445

Alright… Does Silver run for it, casually back out, or how does he wish to leave?

61c3b No.105446

Moonwalk out of there!

1f987 No.105447

Silver grabs the heaviest boulder he can on the way out using his magic, before making a run for it. He hopes he can get the horde excited enough to follow his hoofsteps blindly, before chucking the bait and the boulder into the water by the bomb.

3c276 No.105448

Roll die. No, roll two die

1f987 No.105449

Dice rollRolled 20

Dice rollRolled 8

>INB4: Silver dies from these rolls

61c3b No.105450

I am sure GM will pull his hair out and retcon everything if you die from this.

1f987 No.105451

As nice a thought as that is, Silver is only a character, even if I personally have grown attached to him. He really wouldn't have to do anything like that. If Silver ever dies, he dies; I'd just have to deal with it and either quit or make a new character.

3c276 No.105452

Oh ye of little faith

Silver perfectly jumps out of the way of one outstretched hoof, and feels a tug on his tail, before pulling away of another

61c3b No.105453

Those ghasts are getting frisky.

1f987 No.105454


Commence the running of the Ghasts, as Silver runs towards the bomb, bait and boulder in his telekinetic grip.

Silver prefers mates whose breath doesn't stick to high heaven.

3c276 No.105455

That’s definitely a few rolls

1f987 No.105456

I am about half convinced that this is intended to kill Silver off, but alright, how many are needed.

61c3b No.105457

I feel like he's trying to make some tension.
Or have a new NPC just for you.

3c276 No.105458

1f987 No.105459

Dice rollRolled 6

Dice rollRolled 1

Wish me luck, but I know what comes almost immediately after a Nat 20 for me, and there's most certainly going to be a Nat 1 or 2 soon.

1f987 No.105460

Called it.

61c3b No.105461

This two rolls policy is quite taxing.

3c276 No.105462

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Dice rollRolled 2 + 5

Two ghouls grab at Silver with sharp, bony hooves. Silver may want to get the hell out of there

3c276 No.105463

Dice rollRolled 5 + 1

A sharp hoof cuts past Silver’s protective outer layer, cutting him

1f987 No.105464

So, before I make this next Fortitude save that I just absolutely know will kill him, can I ask: go where?

61c3b No.105465

File: 1563599866931.png (403.24 KB, 500x499, 1527953507150.png)

>Artificial 20
They're ghouls, not ghasts. I think the former doesn't have paralysis effects

1f987 No.105466

Oh, they do have Paralysis. It's just a DC 12 save instead of a DC 15 save.

3c276 No.105467

Sure. And the hell away from there

1f987 No.105468

Dice rollRolled 13 + 7

Okay, so that's a helpful note to leave Silver's final moments on. I will likely see you tomorrow with a new character sheet.

61c3b No.105469

Oi! I'll be the one to die first!
GM said so.

1f987 No.105470

Knowing both of our luck, it's debatable.

3c276 No.105471

Goodnight, sweet prince. May flicks of angels sing thee to thy sleep

1f987 No.105472

Well, if you're heading to bed, goodnight.

61c3b No.105473

That's quite the spooky response, GM.
I wonder if this was spawned from a negative feeling you had acquired beforehand.

3c276 No.105474

…. No, that’s not what I was saying

1f987 No.105475

Ah. In that case, I have no idea what you meant.

3c276 No.105476

Do you not enjoy combat?

1f987 No.105477

I do, but I'm not sure this can be called combat at this moment.

So, Silver has with him a boulder and the bait. Is he within range to chuck them near the bomb?

61c3b No.105478

He's mostly scared of his current situation.

3c276 No.105479

He can throw it always. Casting from the Did is something else still

3c276 No.105480

Casting from the rod

1f987 No.105481

Well, if they're within range, the first thing he definitely needs to do is throw that boulder into the water to make the undead think he's trying to escape by water, and that bait near/on the bomb to make them all gather around it, before he can run off to the side out of the way of the angry horde.

3c276 No.105482

Do it.

Roll for success

1f987 No.105483

Dice rollRolled 20

Let's see if this turns into a fail streak.

1f987 No.105484

>Nat 20
Silver is going to eat several Nat 1s after this, knowing how the dice gods like to play it.

3c276 No.105485

Silver deftly, silently, rolls the boulder along his spine, the fluff dampening any sound. Then, he pushes it up with a great shove, and into the water with a loud SPLASH

Oh come on

1f987 No.105486

Sorry, I just know how things go with me and dice. I'm not looking this rare gift horse in the mouth.

Silver dives out of the way of the horde, levitating the bait over to the bomb if possible, and throwing it if that is not so.

61c3b No.105487

File: 1563606242148.png (1.53 MB, 719x1280, 1533399007997.png)

Have this cat pic for good luck.

1f987 No.105488

Thank you. I shall cherish it always.

3c276 No.105489

Okay, now I am too sleepy to continue

1f987 No.105490

Sleep well!

61c3b No.105491

Night night.

61c3b No.105492

This is a preemptive bapping reconnaissance mission.

1f987 No.105493

Operation Early Bap is a go.

Just letting you know that I'm ready whenever you're ready, even though you're likely still asleep like a normal person.

61c3b No.105494

This is the one day that GM has the most amount of free time. Hopefully nothing supernatural happens that limits this pattern.

3c276 No.105495

File: 1563639006233.png (112.27 KB, 372x600, CE841CE9-0234-4E1B-B46A-C4….png)

Oh shit, you’re there

1f987 No.105496

…I didn't realize my presence would be such a surprise.

61c3b No.105497

Let's just say that last time, you poofed into existence way into the night.

3c276 No.105498

Okay, so Silver has tossed a boulder into the water. I am less sure about the fate of the bait, or where Silver intends to go

1f987 No.105499

Silver's going to at least try to dive out of the way of the horde, while either levitating or throwing the bait towards the bomb.

3c276 No.105500

The boulder made a hell of a splash, but Silver still has the bait, and his hooves still clop

1f987 No.105501

So, what should be done first: a roll to throw the bait to the bomb, or a Move Silently check so the horde loses track of his hoofsteps?

3c276 No.105502

He can do either. Does he even want to toss the bait?

1f987 No.105503

He needs to get the bait away from him, somehow, and I don't know what else he could do in this particular instance.

3c276 No.105504

Alright…. roll die

1f987 No.105505

Dice rollRolled 15


3c276 No.105506

For what?

1f987 No.105507

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4

I suppose that would be for tossing the bait.

Also, before I forget, here's the Move Silently roll for quietly getting out of the way of the horde..

3c276 No.105508

Silver toss the bait pretty well into the water, even as he could have moved more silently

1f987 No.105509

So, has the horde taken the bait, or will Silver need to make a more successful Move Silently check?

3c276 No.105510

He may want to run silently

1f987 No.105511

Dice rollRolled 10 + 4

Alright then, here's another check.

3c276 No.105512

As Silver shoots out of the blackness, he is followed by a mad, rushing horde of undead, centuries buried and exposed only now to the light. This reacquaintance with the sun, which most of them have not seen since they were living, breathing ponies of flesh and blood, does not cause them pause. Nothing but their quarry interests them now, and they trip and stumble over each other trying to get it. Two can feel it in their skinless, fleshless heaps before it pulls away from them, but none yet succeed. At last, they hear it dive into the receding lake, where the water cannot her fully wash away the putrid but delectable scent.

Silver watches the horde go over towards the water

1f987 No.105513

Silver waits for the horde in all of its terrifying glory to get close to the unexploded bomb. He draws his rifle, waiting for the right moment to fire and send them all to kingdom come..

3c276 No.105514

Dice rollRolled 1

1f987 No.105515

Spooky 1d2 roll.

3c276 No.105516

As the horde comes out into the sun, Silver sees it in fuller detail. Perhaps something around a dozen of them, mostly a bit smaller than the ghasts he knew, come out and towards the pool of water. They are missing portions of flesh, are entirely devoid of fur, and in all cases are skinny appearing, with the mummified remains having a mostly white color. Sometimes tail portions remain, and in most instances parts of the legs and hooves have fallen away to show exposed tendons. In some cases, portions of the mane remains. In some cases, nothing is left but bleached white mummified skin covering tattered bits of flesh clinging to bone. Some eyes remain in their sockets, all blackness or iris coloring bleeched out, and in some cases the eyes are missing completely, leaving black, empty sockets. Some have enough patterns on their skin and manes to show that they were once Zebra, and a couple have horns, or the remains of featherless wings, with exposed tendons and no feathers. In all cases, the lipless, noseless, formerly equine entities are unsettling, moving with unnerving speed and agility long after they have decayed, and their exposed teeth giving them an appearance of a kind of macabre smile. Not all in the horde move with such agility: a couple are late to join, or stumble with broken legs.

The quarry itself is roughly rectangular in shape, perhaps 400 feet by 200 feet or less at the top, and wider further away from Silver where a rectangular section juts further North. The quarry must have extracted solid blocks of granite, because the edges of the quarry itself, as well as the ledges, are of square shape with sharp, unnatural edges. The pinkish rock is almost shimmering with the rays of the sun on the far side, away from Silver, while the areas closer to Silver are dark and shielded from the sun. Unextracted rock, as well as dirt, form a small pathway leading up to Silver's position, as well as a series of flat areas that go progressively downwards, with the areas to Silver's left/North being lower, and the areas to Silver's right/South, towards the catacombs, being higher. The difference between the levels is perhaps five feet, but the ghouls stumble noticeably when crossing a level towards their target.

The water that remains at the bottom is a little murky - which may be nothing other than a function of the indirect sunlight, but disturbed mud and silt at the bottom of the quarry may also play a part. Some branches of long dead trees are visible sticking up at the far end… who knows what else may lurk in the water, undisturbed for a century.

The water's most famous interloper is the 250 lbs Aircraft dropped ordinance that sits upright against part of the north side of the quarry. It's more than a little rusted, but parts of its green paint have yet to flake away, and its stabilizer fins remain standing straight up. Exactly how this bomb came to be in that position is unknown, but it is not hard to construct a story: a wirraway, taking off from maybe as far away as Fillydelphia or Saltmane, crossed the oceans or Jungles to support the assault on Baltimare, Pinkamena's - Equestria's - last stand. Perhaps the battalion to which Poppy Primmer, Saccharine Spoon, and Lieutenant Blazer was crossing the area, and the opposing forces wanted it dispersed. Perhaps the Equestrians fortified now-demolished buildings, and the airstrike was sent to dislodge them. Perhaps over-worked pilots confused targets in the night time. In any event, a dive bomber went wide of its real target, and dropped the bomb on the edge of the lake. Either the water cushioned the fall, or the detonator was faulty, as it went straight down into the water before settling upright against a ledge. Who knows what other unexplored ordinance litters the fields, lots, rivers, ponds, and playgrounds of Equestria.

Silver himself is on a lot a number of acres in size, with some of the grass removed, and surrounded with a simple chain-linked fence marked with "no-trespassing," "private property," and "unexploded ordinance." Beyond this are several construction sites colored tan and brown by the disrupted sands. When the Chincoteague settled here, it was deciduous forest or meadows. When Curwhinny made his farm it was meadows still, a rural getaway from the then-distant town of Baltimare. When the company opened its quarry, Baltimare was encroaching to the South, and the site was open enough for a granite quarry, but close enough for big blocks to be transported only a few miles to new courthouses, townhalls, and higher-end town homes. But when the Mason family moved in, this area was still cheap enough for a poorer family to have a large plot with adjacent farms. The Silver Lake development project has own thoughts about the future of this area, and has bet enormous sums of money in a time of economic contraction caused by the war economy that this area will be the new North Baltimare. This area is the "nice" part of town, but still an easy commute from the commercial district, and Urbanization and "White-flight" will converge to bring better-off ponies from downtown and the countryside to this new community. The first step is to clear away some of the remnants of the area's history.

On another lot, a few ponies continue operating machinery, digging what is probably a trench for water or sewage piping. Their shift will be over in an hour.

1f987 No.105517

The light certainly makes them no less ugly than they were in the darkness, but he will take their unsettling appearance in the daylight to their terrifying presence in the shadows.

He keeps on target, waiting for when the horde is within the blast radius of the huge bomb. No doubt the workers on the nearby lot will receive a rude awakening when it goes off, as will the mare in the front office. I suppose I am just taking care of both of their issues at same time.

3c276 No.105518

What is the blast radius of this bomb exactly? Just how far away can it fling shrapnel? Perhaps this thought crosses Silver's mind as he takes aim at the bomb an undisclosed number of feet away, perhaps not.

The ghouls stumble, then get up, going towards the last known location of their person of interest, although with less precision and clarity than they did before

1f987 No.105519

Are there any nearby rocks that can be thrown?

3c276 No.105520

Yes. Many rocks

3c276 No.105521

A number of the ghouls look upwards towards Silver at the loud gasoline engine driving the pump

1f987 No.105522

Dice rollRolled 12

Silver grabs a suitable rock in his magic, and flings it in the direction of the bomb.

3c276 No.105523

It goes wide some feet, but still lands in the water not all that far from the bomb. Some of the ghouls proceed into the water, thrashing around, some of them try to look for ways to get to the pump

1f987 No.105524

Dice rollRolled 3

No you don't! Silver tries to get the rogue ghouls' attention by throwing another rock.

3c276 No.105525

This rock flies up and off towards Silver's right. The Ghouls are increasingly interested in the very loud two stroke engine next to Silver, and most start to walk towards it

1f987 No.105526

…It's next to Silver?

61c3b No.105527

Nice. You gon get some hugging partners!

3c276 No.105528

You never specified where Silver was standing on the perimeter of the quarry, or even for that matter if he bothered to leave the quarry. But the pump is located at about the top of the quarry a little to the left and north of the ramp going into the quarry (which is on the southern part of the western side). The most natural area for a lazy adventurer to be is in the area between the ramp and the and the pump

1f987 No.105529

In that case, it would be advantageous for Silver to quickly grab some more rocks and make his way up to the pump to shut it off.

3c276 No.105530

Now how does one shut this contraption off?

1f987 No.105531

I would assume shutting the fuel line off would do the trick. Either it blows up or Silver ends up kicking it off the edge of the quarry.

3c276 No.105532

Silver flips a switch, and the contraption slowly comes to a halt

1f987 No.105533

Dice rollRolled 1

Silver lets out a silent sigh, and throws another rock towards the bomb to try to herd them back into the water.

3c276 No.105534

The rock slips upwards out of his hoof, flies straight upwards, and hits against the pump with a loud “clang!”

1f987 No.105535

Dice rollRolled 20

Dammit! Silver throws another.

3c276 No.105536

This is much more successful, hitting the bomb directly, resounding with a “clang,” and even causing it to slip and scrape against the rock

1f987 No.105537

Yes! Silver really hopes that that's enough noise to get the horde back down into the water.

3c276 No.105538

Well, it got their attention.

What precisely did Silver do with the bait?

1f987 No.105539

He threw it to the bomb.

3c276 No.105540

You mean he tossed it into the water?

1f987 No.105541


3c276 No.105542

Well okay then

61c3b No.105543

…is that it? Ghouls go to bomb and await their demise?

3c276 No.105544

It looks like Silver is Kill. Maybe it is time to do Iron’s section

61c3b No.105545

Well, if you truly think so, Go ahead.

1f987 No.105546

I've been waiting for your following up to "Well okay then".

3c276 No.105547

Well…. There are some ghouls near the bomb, some kind of near because they never were able to climb out of the water, and some that are still kind of nearer Silver

1f987 No.105548

Dice rollRolled 15

Silver throws another rock into the water.

3c276 No.105549

Hit. It attracts the attention of still other ghouls

1f987 No.105550

Dice rollRolled 10

How many are left who are not by the bomb?

1f987 No.105551

Uh…didn't mean to roll, but if that's good then go for it.

3c276 No.105552

At this point, merely two who are closer to the door. It may also be worth exploring the meaning of the phrase "close to the bomb"

1f987 No.105553

I suppose, knowing what little I know, then the lethal range for that bomb would be about the size of a room. Larger with how it's got the quarry wall to condense the explosive.

3c276 No.105554

Sparks from the flame fly upwards towards the night sky, which is noticeably more dotted with stars and distant celestial objects than the skies seen Iron has seen above Baltimare - certainly more so than the foggy night by the harbor.

Pear continues looking up, and though she does not look at, nor address Iron, she volunteers the following unprovoked:
"When I was young, my mother and father took me to the Summer Sun celebration in Canterlot. I was disinterested at first. It was crowded and kind of hot that morning. But when I saw it…. It was, it was stupendous. Like nothing I had ever seen before. Of all my childhood experiences, it was that one that left me in awe and wonder more so than any other. To be in the presence of nothing less than the divine… It let me know that there was something more than just ordinary life. I followed the Elements of Harmony in their stories. I read a lot of literature. Gusty the Great, Flash Prance, the Pillars… I got my mother to take me to see the Coronation even as money was tight. It was a welcome contrast with my home life. An over zealous tax collector. Union politics…. All that faded away against tales of noble deeds. I considered becoming a nun, but my parents wanted me to go to college, so I went to college. I got accepted into Equus University in Manehattan. My first day in class… i couldn't believe. There were Professors who openly insulted the Princesses. There were even those who denied that she moved the Sun"

A modern fragmentation grenade has a "wounding range" of 49 feet, which is allegedly "half" the range of older models. A pure concussion grenade has a range of 7 feet. A 250 pound bomb weighs as much as about 190 fragmentation grenades, and has a thick steel coating like one

3c276 No.105555

File: 1563667549341.jpeg (361.6 KB, 2940x2012, 177962EB-5E4F-4F58-A0FA-0….jpeg)


1f987 No.105556

So, perhaps one more successful rock throw to get the vast majority of them in the blast radius?

1b227 No.105557

File: 1563667621313.png (732.76 KB, 1600x800, ninja_boop_by_flamevulture….png)

3c276 No.105558

oh noes… watch out Celestia!


1f987 No.105559

Dice rollRolled 20

Quads of truth.
Well, here goes nothing.

3c276 No.105560

Another loud "CLANG!" that hits the bomb, and Silver may need to worry about knocking it over

e9c81 No.105561


1f987 No.105562


Silver brings his rifle up to his shoulder, and aims at the bomb's warhead.

Okay…focus aim on inhale, pull trigger on exhale.


So, just a regular attack roll now, or is that not necessary?

3c276 No.105563

File: 1563668546735.jpg (40.85 KB, 500x522, 18d4v7.jpg)


a1358 No.105564

Stallion Gang Gang

e9c81 No.105565

File: 1563668733946.png (46.76 KB, 800x600, bloop.png)

3c276 No.105566

Attack roll

At least it's not a stallion gang bang

She would never look so gleeful at the approach of a hoof near her snoot

e9c81 No.105567

She loves it

3c276 No.105568

File: 1563669058552.png (412.16 KB, 1024x757, 1980091.png)

e9c81 No.105569

File: 1563669346120.png (83.31 KB, 719x573, _DarkStarHappy.png)

mmmmmm i love artillery

3c276 No.105570

File: 1563669568372.jpg (39.62 KB, 263x345, The Best Rarity (2).jpg)

Touch the snoot, and you may become acquainted with the receiving end of it

e9c81 No.105571

Sounds like a Great Deal to me

3c276 No.105572

File: 1563669928664.png (228.31 KB, 602x418, 1512333274794-4.png)

3c276 No.105573

File: 1563670170785.jpeg (77.67 KB, 515x744, 085BAF94-D098-418D-B992-B….jpeg)

3c276 No.105574

Uh… do Onyx or Dark Star want to declare actions? Or Iron or Silver for that matter?

d1fca No.105575

Hmm… I think we are waiting for clearance from the changelings. But I have missed a few days, so we could be past them.

3c276 No.105576

Onyx and Spark were last left alone in the base of the apartment building

e9c81 No.105577

File: 1563670894670.png (266.44 KB, 540x641, __.png)

Uh where was i?

3c276 No.105578

Dark Star was talking to Blue Skies, trying to find out Silver's location

1f987 No.105579

Dice rollRolled 15 + 9



Sorry, I was eating dinner.

e9c81 No.105580

"So you haven't seen silver?"

d1fca No.105581

What can we see there?

3c276 No.105582

At the moment, no pony. A ragged pinkish-reddish carpeted floor, white walls with a bit of texture to them, iron railings on the staircase up, and wooden steps. A lower quality, older apartment foyer. There are mailboxes to the left, and the staircase to the right, as well as a hallway down the left


Roll die

"Last I saw him, he was going to the Curwhinny farm to try to extract books"

1f987 No.105583

Dice rollRolled 3, 5 = 8

Not sure what modifiers apply, so add or subtract as needed.

e9c81 No.105584

"Hmmmmmmmmm that place is….Spooky. i think i'llget some of those potions we had before."

3c276 No.105585

I meant roll a d20

“What potions?”

1f987 No.105586

Dice rollRolled 12

Oh, that. Okay, let's see…

3c276 No.105587

Also roll reflex

1f987 No.105588

Dice rollRolled 20 + 5

To avoid shrapnel, I imagine.

e9c81 No.105589

"Silver and i were able to sneak past the Ghasts after we Drank that potion, before the library caught on fire."

3c276 No.105590

Silver takes aim at the Bomb with his Lavender rifle, in that little area between the fuse and the remainder of the warhead. He pulls the trigger, there is a "ding," and a fraction of a second before "ZING!"

The bomb explodes at first in red fire, then white and grey cloud. droplets of water are thrown up everywhere. from the opposite side of the Quarry can be seen little clouds of pink dust where, presumably, shrapnel has hit against the wall. Silver feels a WOOSH of compressed and hot air rush towards him, a "whirl" of something pass by his ear, and the grey cloud comes towards him after some of it bounces off against the lower part of the quarry. Silver is nearly knocked down by this and his rifle wobbles. Nearly, but Silver composes himself and stands firm as a ringing sound fills his ears

"Oh. Yes. That…"

1f987 No.105591

"…WOOHOOHOHOHOO! YEAH! THAT WAS AMAZING!" Even as he can't hear himself shout in amazement at the explosion he's caused, Silver jumps for joy at the awesome destruction he's wrecked. He puts a hoof in his ear to try to adjust it, making "mulp" or "malp" sounds to see if he can fight through the tinnitus. He also surveys the landscape to see what of the undead horde survived.

3c276 No.105592

Dice rollRolled 10, 18, 3, 9, 1, 3, 15, 13, 12, 12, 17, 7 = 120

He can barely hear the "mulp mulp," coming off in a sensation almost like that of being at high altitude. His ears ring on with a slow "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" that's almost like a damned bat pony but less annoying.

The little clouds of dust on the far wall rise, and ripples appear in the water over there as small fragments fall. A big wave crashes against the wall, breaks, and moves back, as water moves to the other side of the shallow lake completely engulfing the ripples over there. Something floats in the water, and the water itself is far more brown than it was before. A large crack appears in the side of the wall near where the bomb had been, and parts of rock fall into the water. the rock on the ledge where the bomb has been is now completely gone, and still more pieces of rock fall into the water. Something falls down and crashes into the ground on the North side of the quarry. Silver's shirt is wet, as are parts of his fur. Indeed, he could feel droplets of water splash on his muzzle. Now, he can smell what must be the explosives. It's a different smell than Silver is (probably) used to, smelling more like the TNT used to blow bridges or for mining than cordite or gunpowder

e9c81 No.105593

"do you know where to Get potions?"

1f987 No.105594

Sweet Celestia, this tinnitus…

Silver looks at what landed in the North side of the quarry, curious to see if it's a piece of bomb that somehow survived, a piece of rock, or a piece of some ghast or ghoul that got blown to smithereens.

3c276 No.105595

Dice rollRolled 2


"Yes. I think Silver gets them from '2 strong for U'"

3c276 No.105596

It's… part of a bicycle?

1f987 No.105597

Dice rollRolled 2 + 3

Spot: Silver makes sure he's not seeing things wrong. …Bicycle?

3c276 No.105598

It's… oblong in shape

1f987 No.105599

Hmm…hope my eyesight is not going out alongside my hearing. Silver continues to survey the destruction for any surviving undead.

3c276 No.105600

There are pieces of corpses in the water, some bobbing, most separated into pieces. At least two are moving

1f987 No.105601

Dice rollRolled 7 + 9

Shooting fish in barrel. Silver takes aim at the nearest of the moving corpses, breathes in to steady his aim, then pulls the trigger on the exhale.

3c276 No.105602

"eeeeeeeee POW RAAAAAAH! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Hit. Roll damage die

3c276 No.105603

Before Silver takes his shot, something else lands over behind Silver

1f987 No.105604

Dice rollRolled 3, 7 = 10


Silver looks behind him to see what it is.

3c276 No.105605

It is damaged, but not completely dead

Also, Silver found his bait

1f987 No.105606

"…You survived?" Silver grabs the bait to take a look at it.

3c276 No.105607

Part of it has been melted away by water, part has fallen out, and the tin container is bent, but yes, Silver has the smelly white substance in his hooves

1f987 No.105608

Dice rollRolled 14 + 9

"Pleasant…got to find waste receptacle to throw this in when I get chance. Or biohazard container."

Silver returns to firing at the now-injured ghoul.

3c276 No.105609

Hit. The thing recoils again, and then falls over into the water, as the smell of brussel sprouts and cotton candy exudes from the container

1f987 No.105610

Dice rollRolled 6, 5 = 11

Not sure if a damage roll is needed, but here's one anyways.

*sniff sniff*

"Oh Goddesses…that stuff reeks…"

3c276 No.105611

Oh it’s dead. I mean, it was already dead, but it’s more dead now. Double dead

1f987 No.105612

Dice rollRolled 2 + 9

"Good. One more target that I can see." Silver targets the other ghoul.

3c276 No.105613

1f987 No.105614

Dice rollRolled 19 + 9

"Дерьмо." He tries again.

3c276 No.105615



1f987 No.105616

Dice rollRolled 7, 7 = 14

Silver finds upon working the bolt that he's empty, and thus has to load a new clip into the rifle.

e9c81 No.105617

"2 strong 4 u? do they have the strongest potions around?"

3c276 No.105618

The creature screams, and Silver causally pulls out a clip, lines it up to the magazine, presses the bullets down into the magazine, cycles the bolt, and is ready for his next shot

1f987 No.105619

Dice rollRolled 18 + 9

"Is this cheap? Probably." Silver breaks in the fresh clip by firing at the wounded ghoul.

3c276 No.105620

“I mean… I don’t know. I don’t buy potions.”

Hit, and screech

1f987 No.105621

Dice rollRolled 4, 6 = 10

Silver looks around to get a bearing on his surroundings. He can't very well hear at the moment, after all.

3c276 No.105622

There is another something paddling in the water, and a couple more moving things near the entrance. Roll spot for more

1f987 No.105623

Dice rollRolled 20 + 3


3c276 No.105624

At least the blast has not affected Silver’s vision. Near the entrance are two undead figures that are more cautious in approach… or more afraid of the light. One is a ghoul or ghast in what seems to be a suit of armor - a firmly standing pony whose status as undead is only really discernable his exposed, fleshless nose and clear eye sockets. The second is a wrapped pony figure with space enough for wings. In the water, flops something black - a water ghoul it seems, wearing the remnants of a white dress. Over in the far off distance, in the sky, Silver sees a very large hawk flying his way

1f987 No.105625

Dice rollRolled 16

"Drawn in by scent of bait on wind, no doubt…"

Silver tries throwing the bait in the direction of the three remaining ghasts. Perhaps I can get them to fight each other?

3c276 No.105626

Silver does not succeed in throwing it immediately next to the entrance. What he does do is toss it onto a flat area next to the water one level below the flat area next to the entrance

e9c81 No.105627

"Hmmmm Where Are they at?"

1f987 No.105628

Close enough. At least this might keep hawk from attacking me.

Silver takes stock of the situation. Okay…that one is obviously water or lake ghast. Soft target, compared to others. Probably should take it out first. Undead in armor will be little bit harder target to hit, but I do not know why he shows restraint in coming out into light like others…and… Silver takes a look again at the third figure. …is that mummy?

Any other sort of distinguishing features that might give away the type of undead those two are?

3c276 No.105629

“Down on East main”

Looks like a water undead, a mummy, and something in armor

1f987 No.105630

Dice rollRolled 20 + 9

I should avoid combat with those two until I know what I am dealing with. Mummy especially. Perhaps we can remain non-hostile to each other. Now, other undead on other hoof…

Silver fires at the undead in the water.

1f987 No.105631

Dice rollRolled 15 + 9

I think I heard once that undead are immune to Critical Hits, but fuck it, rolling to confirm.

3c276 No.105632

Hit, and confirmed hit. Silver may roll twice as many damage did

1f987 No.105633

Dice rollRolled 3, 5, 3, 1 = 12


3c276 No.105634

It hisses from what seems to be a head shot. Part of the skull of the black mare in wilted white dress is gone. It looks at Silver, and stares at him with what remains of its face. So to, do the other undead

1f987 No.105635

Dice rollRolled 10 + 9

"Yes yes, hi, hello." Silver himself is a little surprised by the accuracy of the shot. He tries again.

1f987 No.105636

Dice rollRolled 1, 6 = 7

I think that's a hit, might be wrong.

3c276 No.105637

Hit, and it is almost dead. Almost

It screams like a mare

1f987 No.105638

Dice rollRolled 17 + 9

"That must have been what was causing noise…creepy." If it wasn't for the fact that he knows that that's not a living mare, he'd be more hesitant to keep attacking. As it is, he hopes he can just put the poor mare's corpse to rest.

1f987 No.105639

Dice rollRolled 3, 3 = 6


3c276 No.105640

It is shot again, and collapses into the water. Its black, hairless skin looks almost pickled

1f987 No.105641

"Hmm…is it dead? Dead-er, I mean?"

3c276 No.105642

It… looks deader

1f987 No.105643

"That is good, at least." Silver takes a look at what the other two undead are currently doing.

3c276 No.105644

They cautiously approach the bait, while glancing over in Silver’s direction

1f987 No.105645

Hmm…should I attack them? I am uncertain of their abilities in combat, and that in and of itself is dangerous…

Okay, can I honestly ask what the attributes of these two undead are? I know we are both looking to finish this job up, but it's not worth it if these undead can stomp Silver into dust. Especially if that mummy has the same stats as the page on the SRD has.

e9c81 No.105646

"I Need to stop by there."

3c276 No.105647

Now wouldn’t Silver like to know?

They again cautious approach the bait, and stare back up at the origin of the shots

“Then let’s go”

1f987 No.105648

Well, they aren't stupid. They show fear that is uncharacteristic of other undead. For now, he is content to watch from his perch. I am not sure about armored undead, but perhaps there is way to get mummy out of there peacefully. Maybe Black Hooves would show interest.

e9c81 No.105649

Dark Star walks to the front door and the hails them a taxi

3c276 No.105650

Silver, in his role as an observer, gets perhaps just a bit more than he bargained for. From above, appears, of all things, a Roc, probably a juvenile or a smaller breed. No, it's not as big as the Rocs than can carry away elephants. Those have all been driven back, away from industrial civilization, and reside now only in their sanctuaries in the mountains where no pony dare tread. At least… hopefully they don't exist in heavily populated areas… That does not stop the fact that it's a damned roc, easily taking up the entire ledge, with a wingspan of… big, and about as big as adult adult Dragon.

It gives a loud Caw and leans down for the bait

It is so. A taxi appears for them

1f987 No.105651

…The heck is a Roc?

1f987 No.105652

Just looked it up on Derpi. Jesus fucking Christ, that's a big birb…

e9c81 No.105653

He gives the address of the shop

3c276 No.105654

File: 1563683622901.jpg (90.41 KB, 525x700, Dd-wfOsV0AEl-Jy.jpg large.jpg)

"R-O-C-S Rocs. Humongous birds that can snack on a molting dragon like candy"

The urban permutation is much smaller than a full mountain raptor, but… It's still big enough to give a dragon a run for its treasure horde

Dark Star arrives at "2 Strong 4 U"

e9c81 No.105655

Dark Star Walks in

1f987 No.105656

Silver's jaw drops at the magnificent and scary sight. No words yet come from his mouth as he watches the, to put it lightly, big bird.

3c276 No.105657

Dice rollRolled 19 + 11

Dice rollRolled 5 + 7

It's a little more darkly lit. Some potions are on the wall. A Zebra in full zebra cultural dress greats Dark Star

"Come into my shop, Mr. blood red steed
Be it strength, stamina or health, we have what you need"

Neither do any words come from the undead figures, obscured by the bird. But they do make clear "Hiss!" sounds

1f987 No.105658

…Are they trying to fight that thing?

3c276 No.105659

Dice rollRolled 14 + 16

Dice rollRolled 11 + 13

"Eeeek!" it recoils, and claws back

e9c81 No.105660

"Uh hello, I Need The Ability To Not Be sensed by undead Creatures. If you Don't mind me asking, Why are you rhyming?"

1f987 No.105661

Silver almost wishes he had some popcorn with him.

61c3b No.105662

Iron's ears flicker a bit, nodding.
"It does sounds amazing to see the god you worship in person doing the thing she says she does."
He frowns slightly
"Although I am quite unsure that she is the one that does it. She does not strike me as the one that represents the Sun fully to move it."
He approaches one hoof close to the fire.
"I am quite surprised you even wanted to be a nun from that event alone. Did it truly give you that much hope and joy simply from seeing the celebration took place?"

3c276 No.105663

"To the words I speak you need pay no mind
For where I come from, it is most sublime
To make every sentence end in rhyme
As for your potion, that I shall soon find
What you need is to hide from the undead
So that you may face the danger ahead"

She pulls a bottle off the shelf
"When you drink this bottle of red potion
You may enter crypts without commotion"

3c276 No.105664

Dice rollRolled 2 + 13

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

They strike back at it, although the mummy is clearly clawed by the Roc

"Of course you don't… No. What takes a lifetime is not built by a single event. But a single event can epitomize something. Be the breakthrough where thoughts are clarified. Or be a symbol, where so many other similar moments are represented by one."

3c276 No.105665

Dice rollRolled 8 + 13

Dice rollRolled 3

Dice rollRolled 5


1f987 No.105666

Well, I do have this. Silver pulls out one of the bottles of whiskey he bought, pops it open, and takes a drink. It is not often he gets to see something like this: two undead taking on a giant bird.

3c276 No.105667

Dice rollRolled 19 + 11

Dice rollRolled 14 + 7

It looks as if both struck at the bird, with the mummy hitting its chest, then the bird struck at the mummy, then both struck at and hit the bird - just barely - and the bird struck the armored ghast back, tearing through its plates

61c3b No.105668

Iron's ears flatten and his head cocks yet again.
"What did it represent to you?"

1f987 No.105669

This is quite exciting. I wonder who will win.

e9c81 No.105670

"So Everypony Speaks in Rhythms in Zebrica? How Odd."
He looks down at the red liquid
"How Much is it?"

3c276 No.105671

Dice rollRolled 6

Dice rollRolled 5

Both hit, tearing into the bird

"Something higher. Something better than listening to my dad plea with his landlord. A we and wonder distilled into their purest."

"If you want to avoid the zombie's hits
I will sell it to you for fort bits"

1f987 No.105672

This bird is taking beating…

1f987 No.105673

Meant to be italics, there, like it's his own inner thoughts.

3c276 No.105674

Dice rollRolled 1 + 8

Dice rollRolled 6 + 5

Dice rollRolled 4, 5 + 20 = 29


3c276 No.105675

Dice rollRolled 1 + 13

It strikes back, again at the mummy

e9c81 No.105676

"My That Price Seems A little High. how about 25 bits?"

e9c81 No.105677

61c3b No.105678

Iron nods again.
"I see."
He pokes the ground.
"So it gave you hope that things could work balanced, without any sort of complications caused by ponies themselves."

1f987 No.105679

Silver takes another drink from his whiskey bottle. It is good thing I threw that bait. I am very glad I do not have to fight that thing.

3c276 No.105680

Dice rollRolled 13 + 7

Dice rollRolled 11 + 11

And it trips……..

"To sell for less I feel apprehensive
the task you seek is not a common occurrence
The rare components are a deterrence
And that is why it is so expensive"


"No… I was never under that sort of delusion. It gave me hope that ponies could do something other than simply cause complications for themselves… and others"

61c3b No.105681

"You sound like you never really had life go your way."

1f987 No.105682

A fairly accurate representation of Silver at the moment. He certainly doesn't want to get involved in a fight between two very powerful creatures.

3c276 No.105683

Dice rollRolled 6 + 10

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

"It's not that. It's the world itself. it leaves so much more to be desired

Both score hits on it as it tries to swipe back

1f987 No.105684

Silver almost feels bad for how much punishment this Roc is taking.

3c276 No.105685

Dice rollRolled 9 + 13

Nah, it'll be fine. It strikes back

3c276 No.105686

Dice rollRolled 4 + 8

Dice rollRolled 5

Dice rollRolled 18

It strikes at, and hits the Mummy

e9c81 No.105687

"Ah ok. i see. would you do 35 bits?"
Should i roll something for trying to haggle?

61c3b No.105688

"What else is to be desired from the world? You do not need to struggle against any predators or worry about the possibility of lacking food."
He looks at her.
"If ponykind can do these things, they can do anything," he states confidently. "Even if the result was counterproductive and confusing."

1f987 No.105689

If it is, then he's very glad he's not the one fighting it.

3c276 No.105690

Dice rollRolled 7 + 11

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

He can roll diplomacy to try it
"Is saving your own life worth forty bits?
If not, then leave the bottle where it sits"

"What do you mean? She asks"

They both strike at the bird

3c276 No.105691

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

Dice rollRolled 2 + 10

Dice rollRolled 7, 11 = 18


e9c81 No.105692

Dice rollRolled 14 + 5


3c276 No.105693

Dice rollRolled 5


3c276 No.105694

Dice rollRolled 11

"Well… if it helps to clear space off my shelf
For thirty five bits, you can keep your health"

61c3b No.105695

Iron inhales.
"The metal jungles are quite advanced. They essentially ensures the lives of many ponies in it just by existing, providing comfort even to the lowest in the social hierarchy."
He looks at the fire
"Sleeping on the ground in the outskirts of it rids me of worry from being mauled by any predators when I first got to it without anything to my name. It was quite comfortable, too."
He can't help but crack a smile.
"After that, I worked with other ponies and eventually got to sleep in one of the homes of the residents. It was truly magical. Nevermind the food she cooked…"
She shakes his head quickly before going any further and possibily compromising something with a light blush on his face, looking at Pear.
"I must admit it was quite nice to have these comforts," his smile falters for a bit "but it sure made the ponies in it feeble creatures."

e9c81 No.105696

He Smiles
"Thank you."
He hoofs over 35 bits
"while im here what other potions do you have in stock?"

3c276 No.105697

"Uck! The indusrialization is the worst of it. We live in a world of magic, and yet, nothing is really magical. Nothing is mystifying. Nothing is wonderous. There is comfort to be had everywhere, but no gratitude or appreciation for being out of danger the way a farmer has for a bountiful harvest. There is power of every kind - over pony and over nature - but there is no awe and terror of said power, the way a more primitive pony is of a tiger or hurricane. There are longer lives, and fewer deaths to disease, but life itself is trivialized to the pursuit of temporary pleasures and wealth. And for this, all of this… the suffering and violence has not ceased, but merely itself become a machine process."

"We have in stock every sort of potion
From healing wounds to magical lotion"

1f987 No.105698

Has the fighting been put on hold?

3c276 No.105699

Dice rollRolled 8 + 13

Dice rollRolled 3, 13 = 16

The bird strikes back


3c276 No.105700

Dice rollRolled 5

Dice rollRolled 9 + 11

Dice rollRolled 3 + 8

it bites at the armored undead, piecing something, but not into the creature. With one claw it strikes at the undead, then at the mummy, landing a hit on the mummy

3c276 No.105701

Dice rollRolled 10 + 15

Dice rollRolled 2 + 10

The mummy is severely deteriorated at this point from damage received, but fights on, landing a hit on the roc, even as its companion fails

e9c81 No.105702

"Magical lotion? what does it do?"

1f987 No.105703

Is Roc winning?

61c3b No.105704

Iron's hearstrings have been pulled, looking quite shocked at Pear.
"I was not expecting that to come out from a mare," he mutters in surprise "but I completely understand that. If it were not from having somepony else to accompany with, I would feel the same way as you."
His shock lessens.
"They must be too afraid themselves to even go out and do it, disguising it as being above it all. Most stallions I talked with cowered before me."

3c276 No.105705

"If in combat you want to win
Apply the lotion to your skin
You'll find you needn't be a charmer
with a magical lotion of natural armor"

e9c81 No.105706

"That Sounds like it could be useful. How Much For the lotion?"

3c276 No.105707

She looks at Iron, giving him an odd, somewhat judgmental look

"The academics construct a worldview where they see all of history as consisting of a higher class seeking to oppress a lower class and remain in power, and all of morality and truth as being only constructs created by this higher class to stay in power. In every historical event, they saw Equestria, its princesses, its old nobility, its clergy and its capitalists as the villians… yet all I saw from them was a concern about university rankings, who gets what chairs, and funding. Did they think we wouldn't notice that they wanted to replace the old nobility, the capitalists, the clergy and the princesses as the new ruling ruling class? Or that they were creating their own truth and morality to justify their own status as the new bourgeoisie?"
She shakes her head relating this

"Pay 40 bits, and you shall avoid hits"

3c276 No.105708

Dice rollRolled 14 + 13

Dice rollRolled 11, 18 = 29

Yes. It launches another full assault

61c3b No.105709

(Cauldron should be hearing this.)
Iron is appalled from hearing his partner's suspicions to be true.
"And you work with the ones that blemish and tarnish their rulers' reputation as well as write nice things about themselves to solidify these sorry ponies' social standing?"

e9c81 No.105710

"hmmmmmm Deal."
He Hands over 40 bits

3c276 No.105711

Dice rollRolled 5, 2 + 6 = 13

Dice rollRolled 6, 2 = 8

"You could say that"

She nods, and accepts

All three strikes land

61c3b No.105712

"What do you mean by that? I do remember you were behind in terms of doing those report things out of principles."

3c276 No.105713

Dice rollRolled 13


3c276 No.105714

Dice rollRolled 16

"What are you talking about? The publications? Pfft! I wasn't going to write something just for the sake of writing"

e9c81 No.105715

"I Don't Believe i ever got your name. Mines Dark Star. What is you strongest potion.?"

3c276 No.105716

"Nice to meet you, my name is Crystal Blue
And don't even bother. It's too strong for you"

61c3b No.105717

"But do they not ensure you have the paper things that sustains your life?"

3c276 No.105718


At this point, Cauldron comes back, carrying water. She immediately tries to place it in a position to boil

e9c81 No.105719

"What do you mean its too strong, im going into battle i need your strongest potion."

61c3b No.105720

Iron notices her arrival, nodding at his partner, and looks back at Pear.
"You know, money in paper form. I assume you do not have much of it due to you not giving the expected amount of publications or something. Is that how it works?"

b8fc4 No.105721

“Oh. That. Yes, I guess we have paper money, although that’s become more common mostly with the banks and the Fascists.”

Cauldron places the pot into the fire

“Traveller, I don’t think you understand
These potions are not like any other in the land
My strongest potion would kill a rhinoceros
So you see you consuming it is a bit preposterous”

61c3b No.105722

Iron shrugs.
"Maybe? I do not know, really."
Knowing Cauldron is quite close to hear this conversation, he goes for the social play!
"Do those slimy snobs at the university give you enough to live by?"

3c276 No.105723

"… It's hardly an ideal living with debt and Baltimare prices, but I can live on it, yes"

e9c81 No.105724

"Potion Seller, i tell you im going into battle. i need your strongest potion."

61c3b No.105725

Iron purses his lips.
(That should at least warrant Cauldron to question why she did not jump to defend her university superiors.)
"That does sound harsh, all things considered."
He questions himself whether to keep the chat with Pear, start one with Cauldron or simply lay his head down and get the rest needed.
(Subtle wooing or healing up? This are some hard conundrums.)
He snickers to himself, feeling his belly giving the slightest poke to the ground.

3c276 No.105726

"Traveler, did you not hear?
This is not some weak domestic beer
Nor some potion you slip to a young maiden
Nor any other potion with which you are laiden
This potion has the strength of a running river
It would instantly destroy your liver
It would make your own muscles turn your bones to mush
So about this potion, you may as well hush"

Cauldron looks back to him briefly during his snickering
"The water shall be ready shortly"

61c3b No.105727

Iron does a barrel roll towards Cauldron, a bit excited.
"Excellent! I wonder if you can make even water taste delicious."

3c276 No.105728

Cauldron pulls back, clearly startled by this display
"If the water has a taste at all, then dump it out, because I don't trust this Jungle water. It could have parasites, diseases, and who knows what in it"

61c3b No.105729

"Oh. Okay. I should do that, then."
Iron can't help but chuckle at her startled pose after this though.
"To be honest, I would be scared of a big stallion rolling towards me, too."

e9c81 No.105730

"Potion seller,I Do Not wish to fight.
I'm just asking you to do what is Right.
i need your strongest potion.
i do not wish to cause a commotion.
I am going into battle and i'm Stronger than some pleb cattle."

3c276 No.105731


Pear is looking over at him too

3c276 No.105732

"Traveller, what is this rattle?
You better be stronger than plebian cattle
Because this potion can kill a steer
So let me once again fillr you ear
This potion could kill anything in the zoo
This potion is much too strong for you"

61c3b No.105733

Iron can't help but chuckle some more.
"Sorry about that."
(I wonder how startled they would be if I were a bit more mischevious. Maybe I should recreate the Grant slap.)
He feels he's digging a hole with his fifth leg, fidgeting a bit.

He pokes Cauldron, smiling innocently.
"I think you and Pear have things in common."

3c276 No.105734

“What do you mean?”

61c3b No.105735

"You both distrust the university for their selfish and fishy actions!"

e9c81 No.105736

"Then Good Day Potion seller. i'll be back after i Find my companion. we'll probably need more potions for later."

1f987 No.105737

And a good morning and good Sunday to all of the participants of the game, and the GM.

61c3b No.105738

Hello there.

1f987 No.105739

Hello. How're things going for you?

61c3b No.105740

I finally have some much needed downtime to think about stuff and recovering from the assblasting that was my first set of uni exams.

1f987 No.105741

Damn, sounds like a rough time of it. I hope you get that downtime you need.

61c3b No.105742

It is doing its part, thankfully.
What about the Floofster that you are?

1f987 No.105743

The Floof is doing alright. Nothing on that level of fuckery that you've had to deal with. I've had to unfortunately close my window and turn on my AC, it's so hot and humid, but that's pretty much it.

61c3b No.105744

Oof. That does not sound good. It's supposedly winter in these parts, but I feel a creeping heat that makes me open the window.
Perhaps it's the fact it's currently midday, where Sun-san shines the brightest.

1f987 No.105745

Not sure about down in Argentinaland, but for us the hottest part of the day is usually between 1-3 in the afternoon. It's honestly not that hot today, with a high around 90 degrees Fahrenheit/32 degrees Celsius. The big issue is that there's so much humidity in the air it feels about 20 F/11 C hotter than it actually is.

It's supposed to storm again tomorrow. We've had a shitton of rain already, but the rain can't come any sooner.

3c276 No.105746

File: 1563726333361.jpeg (1.1 MB, 5040x6552, CE1B967F-3F4C-4CA0-AE33-9….jpeg)

Uh… hello

61c3b No.105747

It could be humidity doing its work down here as well.
>32°C not being that hot
I think my skin would melt from that, honestly. Me and the Sun don't mesh very well, since my skin ignites from prolonged exposure.

Remember to do the rain dance to increase the odds.

Heyo GMo! Are you ready to rumble?

1f987 No.105748

Heya, GM. How's it goin'?

I mean, I've dealt with worse, before. There's been years when I was a kid where I'd way home from school in 100+/37+ degree weather in September.
>Remember to do the rain dance to increase the odds.
Might be everyone here is doing a rain dance. Normally, all of the grass outside would be dead from lack of rain and excess of heat, but it's rained more days than not this summer thanks to it being an El Niño year.

3c276 No.105749

It’s 93 degrees outside (34 degrees for countries that have not been to the moon) and that’s a relatively cool day in my part of basically-Mexico. We have nothing but hot and humid

Cauldron actually chuckles. “Well, that’s one thing we got”

61c3b No.105750

Keep it up and perhaps Summer will be a nice one over there.

Iron crawls a bit closer to Cauldron, knowing his predicament.
"What about the fact you and her are both harmonists, too?"

1f987 No.105751

Fair enough, since I live in one of the typically cooler but still humid not-Mexico parts of the country (aside from the illegals who work the melon fields).

So, you want to continue, or do you want to wait for Dark Star to make our reunion a bit easier?

Here's hoping, so long as we don't get washed away.

3c276 No.105752

Dice rollRolled 6 + 11

Silver’s section is surprisingly difficult to manage, but it looks as if the great raptor has turned the battled decisively in its favor, even killing the armored ghast

That does not deter the mummy from striking

Both ponies seem to reject this characterization, Pear only subtly, Cauldron more overtly
“I don’t know if I like the Harmonists. They care too much about big business and preserving the status quo”

1f987 No.105753

This mummy just will not give up.

61c3b No.105754

Iron reaches critical error, looking at the two mares present.
"Wait, what? Do they not follow the harmonic virtues now while using its name to trick the normal pony to think they are one?"

61c3b No.105755

*now, but use its name

3c276 No.105756

Dice rollRolled 2

Dice rollRolled 2 + 10

No it won’t

Cauldron blinks
“That sounds like an argument against them”

1f987 No.105757

Silver takes another drink of his whiskey, letting the satisfying burn pass through his throat and settle in his stomach. It fills him with warmth on this chilly day. Go Roc! Get him!

3c276 No.105758

Dice rollRolled 18 + 13

It swings at the mummy yet again

3c276 No.105759

Dice rollRolled 4 + 8

It hits…

61c3b No.105760

"Then why the seeming despise you both have against it?"

1f987 No.105761

Silver has no idea how well the mummy is holding up at this point, but he can't imagine he's doing very well.

3c276 No.105762

Pear is silent

“You just explained it”

61c3b No.105763

Iron facehoofs himself.
After slowly dragging his hoof along his face in a downwards motion, he simply nods.
"I understand why you would avoid using that due to the misuse, but what would you call a nun, then? A harmonic?"

3c276 No.105765

“A nun is a nun. A harmonists is a political ideology.”

With a final slice of its talons, the raptor rips the mummy in two. Both of its attackers downed, the bird takes the bait, and tries to fly off

61c3b No.105766

"What about the ponies that believe what the nuns presumedly practice? Do they simply not name themselves in case the ones who try to manipulate them try to label themselves as such?"

1f987 No.105767

Silver would let out a whistle, if he thought it wouldn't attract the bird's attention. That looked painful.

3c276 No.105768

“Uh… sure?”

It is, to say the least. It is bleeding

61c3b No.105769

Iron blinks.
"Well anyway. Let me rephrase my sentence then."
A little cough.
"You both have harmonic values."

3c276 No.105770


Pear nods

61c3b No.105771

"And you also dislike your current jobs!"
Iron looks to the ground, lips pursing, then returns with a giddy expression.
"Or at least wish something better or different as an occupation."

3c276 No.105772

Cauldron winces, and Pear nods slowly

1f987 No.105773

You fought well, Roc. Claim your prize.

61c3b No.105774

Iron smiles persists, even though Cauldron is quite hurt from hearing his last sentence.
"Fret not, you two, for I have quite an ambitious plan for all thr-"
He glances at the beat Grant.
"Four of us!"
Staring straight at Pear, he looks quite confident of his actions.
"Before I go any further, I wish to know what kind of future do you want to have as an individual. Become a nun and preach your beliefs to the masses or an explorer who thirsts for knowledge?"

61c3b No.105775

GM.exe stopped responding.

1f987 No.105776

I thought that was just me.

61c3b No.105778

Oh I think I know what it is, but I'm afraid that I've fucked up his objective by accidentally blankposting.
Nevermind the fact that I dropped a bombshell of a decision for Pear to be making.

1f987 No.105779

I wonder when he'll get back.

61c3b No.105780

I bet in about an hour. This is some big road that I'm taking, which means he needs to take into account the variables

3c276 No.105781

Alright, it looks as if the Roc has won, having been severely wounded in the process. It bleeds from multiple flesh wounds, but spreads its wings in a powerful "Caw!", takes the bait, and then flaps to fly off

Pear only shakes her head slowly

Really, figuring out the numbers on the combat with the reduced Roc was harder, besides my mother called, I was playing HoI4 trying to finish a war, ad the audiobook I was listening to was describing the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which was very interesting

3c276 No.105782

File: 1563744129450.png (173.72 KB, 534x400, E39F7537-BA02-4615-92EB-E2….png)

Okay then…

d1fca No.105783


1f987 No.105784

That explains it.

Silver waves goodbye to the majestic beast.

61c3b No.105785

Iron's ears flicker, his smile faltering.
"You do not seem quite as eager, it seems."
He pokes his chin.
"It seems the circumstances sours any possibility of making a possible arrangement. I understand. I simply wanted to extend a hoof, but it is honorable to deny it in order to uphold your ideals."
Hold ur horses, I'm treading on ice here.

3c276 No.105786

Yay! It's Spark!

The beast is bleeding and thrashed, but not gone. It takes long, belabored flaps, pressing itself upwards and falling down again. It does not have much room to maneuver in the quarry, being almost as large as the plane that dropped the bomb. It jumps and flaps up to the side of the quarry, where it perches for a moment before giving a loud Caw!, and flying off. It never seems to notice Silver

"You didn't even present an offer. I just denied that I intended to become a nun"

d1fca No.105787

Hello again.

Now if only I can think if what to do here… give me a few more minutes to plan something.

61c3b No.105788

Iron's gait increased.
"Oh! Well, I cannot quite say I can exactly state the offer I had in mind, but I had a long term plan in order to fulfill Grant's request. I only needed to know where to find you when the time comes, simple as that."

3c276 No.105789

She sighs
"I am not sure I know that. What was your plan?"

1f987 No.105790

Rest well, my friend. Silver takes one more drink from his whiskey bottle before closing it. Well, I suppose I had better see what survived.

He grabs his SMG and makes his way down into the quarry. He keeps his once-again useful ears open for any sign of movement.

61c3b No.105791

A single drop of sweat starts to form on Iron's forehead.
"Well, I had thought that with the solid income from the pots' value, I could use it to fund a more stable source of income. With it, combined with my low amount of maintenance, I could easily have spare money to spend on, aside from… other benefits."
He grins.
"Even though your partner here did some damage to my body, I cannot help but feel you need something to liven you up. To give you that small spark of hope of other ponies actually being nice and generous."

3c276 No.105792

The mummy looks ripped to shreds, with portions of flesh and cloth strewn about near where the fight took place. So too, does the armored one, where much of the armor has been torn off. The skin beneath has that brown, soldified look of so many of the ghasts and ghouls. If there is anything still alive in the catacomb or the water, it has not yet risen to attack Silver. Yet. Noting is moving, except for the water, but that could just be from the roc.

She looks at Iron, and nods her head slightly
"I see…"

61c3b No.105793

Iron's grin turns into a giddy smile.
"So how about it? Do you have a particular place we could meet up when the times comes? Maybe a way to contact you?"

3c276 No.105794

She turns herself towards him, then lowers her forebody to a laying position.
“Perhaps I’m not sure exactly what you are proposing, or why”

e9c81 No.105795

File: 1563746622300.jpg (768.52 KB, 3077x4000, Blue.jpg)

I Did a Thing

d1fca No.105796

That is a coot!

3c276 No.105797

61c3b No.105798

"Simple: Remember the wish Grant wanted to do with the money? I say I fund it out of generosity at a later time. No catches."
(At least not any explicitly bad ones.)
It looks more like a WIP, but it is turning out well.

1f987 No.105799

Have to stay alert. Can't let them surprise me.

Silver pulls out his flashlight and turns it on as he enters the catacombs.

1f987 No.105800

Oh shit, didn't see that. That's awesome!

3c276 No.105801

“So generous of you to redistribute back a portion of what you took with a gun”

It’s mostly silent, and mostly quiet

e9c81 No.105802

yea i had to touch up some of the line art, so the program i was using wouldnt make the whole thing one color.

3c276 No.105803

It’s pretty

1f987 No.105804

Silver continues through the catacomb, looking for any sign of unlife.

Neato. One thing I'll say is that the curved line in the lower left corner of the drawing was supposed to be part of her wing showing.

61c3b No.105805

Iron blinks, looking on his person to search for his supposed weapon.
"Wait, what gun?"
He shakes his head.
"Regardless of how generous it is, it is still a nice offer for you. Keep in mind you would not even had the chance to even get here without me clearing the ones that pointed the gun at you and killed your companions. If I were not here, they would have taken all of it for far worse causes than to make a stable income."
That sucks, man. I trust you can solve the issue in due time, tho.

e9c81 No.105806

Ill Need to touch that up later
What Color would the medals be?
Im Autistic Enough to not stop

3c276 No.105807

File: 1563747707128.png (80.09 KB, 1024x392, D57EA24E-9734-4193-B422-FB….png)

She lowers an eyebrow
“And so, you think you are entitled to how much?”

Well, there are no medals, but think about replacing the sargent’s arrows on the edge of the collar with Ordnungspolizei watch team master insignia

e9c81 No.105808

Nice i'll see what i can do.

61c3b No.105809

"The pots, essentially."
Iron puffs out his chest.
"This is my proof of ownership."
He softens his serious demeanor, going for a more suave incline.
"However, I am not selfish."
(At least not completely.)
"I can part away with some money, even a lot of it, once I have secured myself. After all, how can you help others when you cannot help yourself?"

3c276 No.105810

File: 1563748498738.jpeg (31.78 KB, 210x240, 46554218-5545-49D7-BF4A-B….jpeg)

“You are so magnanimous to consider giving back coins from a stash you singlehoofedly found, acquired and defended, with no help from anypony else either to find it or to ward off the bandits.”

3c276 No.105811

Which side?

1f987 No.105812

I suppose looking around the lower level first, as it was the one with the most undead.

61c3b No.105813

"I cannot say it was completely my doing." He wraps a foreleg around Cauldron's back, gently pulling her closer to him. "My partner also helped inmensely, saving my flank sometimes and even providing the means to keep fighting."
Iron simply smiles on through her sarcasm.
"I am being quite reasonable here, to the point I am even giving some back to you as a gesture of good faith. I did not try to kill you or your partner, or even hurt you. I do not think I even laid a hoof on you, while those other ponies I took care of would have, and who knows what kind of touch would that be? I must assure you, their touch was probably a bad one."

e9c81 No.105814

Does Dark Star have any insignia's?

3c276 No.105815

“Did you think I didn’t have to run from them first?”

No. He does not have any kind of official attire, just the badge and the gun

e9c81 No.105817

Ah Ok, What is his Official Position inside the Party?

cfe0a No.105818

Deputized Voluntary Assistant, Internal Security

61c3b No.105819

"You told me already, and you did the right thing to preserve your life, but you must understand that running away strips away your right to demand things, since you abandoned the prizes inside the temple to save your hide. You had to sacrifice your ownership of the items inside to be breathing at this moment. To be completely honest, the fact that you are able to explore the temple after that ontop of having your companions inmortalized is quite generous indeed."

e9c81 No.105820

3c276 No.105821

Excuse me?”

3c276 No.105825

Silver once again is in the lower level, with arched open rooms to his right, and doors to the animal-area to his left. It's cool inside here, and there is a subtle but unpleasant smell. Red brick dominates the aesthetic of the walls and floors both

61c3b No.105826

"Is stating the events that transpired here really that insulting? Yes, you ran away successfully from the bandits and you led us here, too, but you would not have been able to even grasp at the temple's vast potential for historical knowledge if it were not for me and my partner, unless you are implying you could have single-hoofedly taken out every single bandit around the temple."
Iron shrugs.
"Here I am, offering some of it to you indirectly to fulfill your partner's yet you seem to spit at my hoof for even daring to try."

3c276 No.105827

"It's not the suggestion that you deserve a portion. It's the implication that the whole of it is yours to divvy out, and anypony else who receives any of it should be grateful for your magnanimity"

61c3b No.105828

"Why not? Could you have taken the ones that impeded the option to hoof it among us out? The ones that would not have even tried to negotiate? They were the sole obstacle that stopped you from being able to do so, therefore the one who does should enable him to distribute whatever objects in their best interests. After all, the one who put the most work in getting the goods gets the right to decide to whom it belongs, or should the farmer not be able to distribute the crops he has grown?"

1f987 No.105829

"Hello? Anypony home?"

e9c81 No.105830

File: 1563752927507.jpg (767.64 KB, 3077x4000, Blue.jpg)

1f987 No.105831


So, you gonna play today?

3c276 No.105832

“A few things. First, it is a collective effort requiring the imputs of many ponies. Even where inputs are not equal, that does not mean one pony has the right to assume or even to distribute the rest. But all that is missing the point, really. This was a church and a gravesite. Sacred ground to a dead culture. Its artifacts were a part of that’s tomb and temple. They belong, both morally and under the law of Equestria, to the Marexica herd. It was arrogant of Highchair and Dr. Grant to think that they could cleverly maneuver their way around the Antiquities Act and turn it into a financial boon for the University. This behavior is nothing less than the equivalent of breaking into Canterlot Cathedral, selling the icons, the paintings, and breaking open the tombs under the marble floors while claiming you deserve it all for no other reason than because you strong-legged our a different group of robbers who got to it before you did”
She’s a little angry, almost teary eyed
“There are some ponies who have ancestors buried here”

3c276 No.105833

She still has that expression like she just got caught

Does Dark Star want to do anything?


e9c81 No.105834

He thanks the potion seller for the potions then heads for the quarry

3c276 No.105835

The Zebra thanks him, and Dark Star leaves. When he arrives at the quarry, he sees a rather worried looking orange Pegasus with yellow helmet and uniform looking over the chain linked fence into the former farm property

e9c81 No.105836

"Hey You There! whats going on here?"

3c276 No.105837

“I… don’t know. Earlier there was a massive explosion, and me and the colts just thought they were detonating that that bomb in the lake, so we weren’t really worried and just continued on with our shift. But then we heard gun shots, and a giant bird, I mean, a huge bird came and sounded like it was trapped in something, of fighting something. It flew off and now we don’t know what’s going on”

1f987 No.105838

Dice rollRolled 6 + 3

Listen: Silver pauses while he tries to pinpoint the location of the growl.

3c276 No.105839

Left, in the animal keep

e9c81 No.105840

"……I uh wasnt expecting that. you and Everypony else stay back. where did the bird fly off from?"
Dark Star Draws His pistol and Walks through the fence.

1f987 No.105841

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4

Move Silently: Silver cautiously makes for the source of the noise, while trying to remain silent.

3c276 No.105842

“It was in the quarry”

Dark Star, presumably, draws out his pistol and holds it forward as if it were drawn by a police officer clearing out a building. The construction worker pony must believe Dark Star is an off-duty cop, because he is not alarmed by this, nor does he question it

61c3b No.105843

Iron's expressions softens even more over Pear's tear-eyed expression
"I would agree with you, but the issue is that the ones who previously owned it either died off or left it behind. The Marexicans did not even bother trying to find it either due to ignorance or neglect, which indicates they themselves do not care for these ponies."
He nods a few times.
"While I did take from the dead, seeing how the gods guided me here to clean it up of these unworthy cowards whose very presence insults the god of which this temple is for, they must have allowed me to part ways with some of these belongings as a token of gratitude. Otherwise, how could me and my partner have found you in the middle of this expansive forest as well as ensure your escape from the bandits if the gods themselves did not orchestrate these events to happen? It cannot be simple coincidence. This is what was meant to be."

e9c81 No.105844

Dice rollRolled 17

Thats how he does it yes
Perception to see where in the quarry the birb was

3c276 No.105845

Must have been in the center, since that’s the only place that will allow a giant bird to land.

Is he going to the edge if the quarry to look down, or searching the skies to see if it is still around?

3c276 No.105846

He goes in through a stone doorway that must have, at one time, held a wooden door. To the left are open spaces that seem to have the remnants of steel bars at their bases. Presumably, it was almost like a cheap municipal jail with steal bars blocking off part of a room. Now those are open. To the right are recessed, lowered holding pins, or pits

3c276 No.105847

She gets up, shakes her head, and says softly,
"Don't assume the will of the gods"

1f987 No.105848

Silver is familiar with this room layout in the catacombs. Hmm…nothing immediately visible. Then, that must mean…

He looks in the pits for any sign of the culprit.

e9c81 No.105849

he was looking down into the quarry

3c276 No.105852

In the first pit, nothing. The second, however, has two quadruped skeletons in that area too low for for them to climb out
They are simple skeletons, animated by magic alone, with neither the flesh nor tendons nor mummified skins the zebra and pony ghouls and ghasts possessed

He sees a very macabre seen, with pickled body parts strewn about in the water, a floating black cadaver, and various pieces of legs, heads, and necks. There is no blood, and no red flesh, only a brown fusion of skin and flesh attached to bone and hanging tendon.

To the left is the water, and to the right is a raised area of dry rock that leads into the cave-like entrance to the catacombs. Between the raised area on the right, and the lake on the left, to the center-right is an area of rock one level lower - perhaps 5 feet lower - than the rock on the far right. Ontop of this clear, lower area are strewn shining pieces of armor, pieces of that strange brown flesh, wrapped cloth, and of all things, blood. The only red blood - and it is indeed red, not the black or brown rust of dried blood - is in that little area. There is a wrapped pony head on the ground, along with other body parts. The smell is… well, it's bad, with rotted plant joining the smells of the flesh.

61c3b No.105853

Iron shrugs
"I cannot say why they would bring me here otherwise."

e9c81 No.105854

He Does his best to surpress a Gag
As he creeps down into the quarry itself and towards the Red Blood

3c276 No.105855

"It wasn't the gods who found this temple… It was me"
She says this more softly than almost everything else she's said

Dark Star walks past the pump and its engine, down the ramp, and then presumably jumps down one level below. What Dark Star can see is a mummified pony in full cloth that has been cut in half, and what looks like a knight in armor lying on its side on the ground, with part of a plate torn away, exposing that brown flesh beneath

1f987 No.105856

Hmm. Was it you two?

Can he hit them from where he is, using his hammer?

3c276 No.105857

No, he cannot hit them from his present position using the hammer unless he jumps in

1f987 No.105858

Hmmph. I will deal with you later.

Silver continues looking around for any sign of the undead.

e9c81 No.105859

He Takes out the Hide From Undead Potion pulls out the cork with his teeth then Swallows The Red Liquid in one swallow.
He Creeps Fowards towards the Cave Entrance and peeks in

61c3b No.105860

Iron cocks his head, not really understanding what is going on inside her head.
"Who says you did not do that?"

3c276 No.105861

None else in this little compartment

Nothing visible

She just nods, as if to say "I did find it"

e9c81 No.105862

He Walks inside

1f987 No.105863

Silver makes note of this room's location before heading back into the corridors.

3c276 No.105864

It's pitch black, and a little cool and humid

I take it the opposite corridor?

61c3b No.105865

Dice rollRolled 4 - 2

Iron's eyes dart to the sides, not sure what she's thinking about.
"You did well?"
Rolling diplomacy for the lulz.
It's -2 due to -1 Cha mod and -1 from abrasive.

3c276 No.105866

Suffice it to say, this remark does not go down smoothly

1f987 No.105867

I suppose so.

"Anypony else there?"

3c276 No.105868

No response

Dark Star can hear something inside, sounds like a voice, to his left. It is still black

61c3b No.105869

I figured as much, honestly. The sentence itself is quite a dumb response.
Iron's frogs are sweaty. His knees are weak and his legs are heavy.
(Why does she not go for the offer I gave her? Is it really just because of a distant feeling of guilt?)

1f987 No.105870

"Hmm. I suppose there is nothing here."

Silver continues to explore the lower area of the catacombs.

e9c81 No.105871

Dark Star takes out his flash light and turns it on and points it into the cave

3c276 No.105872

Pear stands up, first her forebody, then her rear, backs up, and starts to turn around to go to the other side of the fire. She walks past what was her souvenir from the experience, at least one of the idols, sitting down next to the fire. She continues onwards

All around Iron, crickets chirp on, and various noises come from the night time jungle. Clouds block the light of the nearly full moon, only to move on and let it show again. Even at night, it is hot enough to sweat

It's no cave, but the storage room of the catacombs, with decayed wood particulars and rusted iron rings, and ring walls

Essentially, symmetrical to other side. There are fewer rock particles on the ground. Perhaps this area was used for something else before Curwhinny commandeered it

61c3b No.105873

Iron feels like Pear's going to get hurt.
"Uh, Pear? Where are you going?"
(Is she going to leave his partner all alone here?)

1f987 No.105875

I wonder who built this place first, and for what purpose. Besides for their dead to rest.

Silver once again calls out. "Hello?"

e9c81 No.105876

Dice rollRolled 4

Perception to find anything in here of use or points to where silver may be.

3c276 No.105877

Sound, undiscernible, to the left

Pear looks back at Iron, over the fire. Again, she says nothing, but looks at him. Her face is almost directly through and above the flames

Nothing yet

61c3b No.105878

Iron tentatively takes a step towards her, being careful not to step into the fire for doing so by starting to go around it.
"Is something the matter?"

3c276 No.105879

"Many things, but that has always been true"

1f987 No.105880

"Seems like so far it is only skeletons left." Silver slowly, cautiously makes his way upstairs.

e9c81 No.105881

He points his flashlight in that direction

3c276 No.105882

To Silver's left, a light appears n the wall, exposing the pinkish granite

A bare wall, though to the right are arched chambers

3c276 No.105883

Scratch what is said in >>105882. Silver does not see a light. He sees stairs, and these are in better condition that the other. the steps are oddly white in color

e9c81 No.105884

"what the?"
Dark Star walks towards the wall then gently taps on it

1f987 No.105885

Strange… Silver proceeds up the stairs.

61c3b No.105886

Iron's not exactly sure of what her thought process is, but he takes another step.
"Look. I understand I may be overstepping my bounds as a pony here, but I cannot go against my promise. The last thing I want is to break somepony's trust by not sticking to my word and I did promise my partner life-changing money because she needs it to reach a more fulfilling life."

3c276 No.105887

It's solid granite, pinkish hue. To the right is wide open corridor

There are firm, even now, even as parts of the wall are a bit… shattered. Nothing is immediately noticed. It smells a tiny bit like burnt wood

"Is that what this is about?"

61c3b No.105888

Iron looks solemnly.

e9c81 No.105889

Dark Star Turns towards the Corridor then Shines his light Down it and walks down it

1f987 No.105890

Silver remembers that day, and the ensuing fire, smoke, and chaos. He calls out again for any remaining undead. "Calling all hungry ghasts, come in hungry ghasts!"

3c276 No.105891

Nothing to either side that wasn't there the last time he went through here. It's bricklined walls, and open arched chambers to Dark Star's left. From beyond the end of the hall, he can here a mad Bolshevik shouting

"Calling all hungry ghasts, come in hungry ghasts!"

No immediate reply

"So it's… what?"

e9c81 No.105892

Dark Star Thinks to himself
"What The Buck?"
He Says out loud

3c276 No.105893

From behind

"[Indiscernable] Hello?"

61c3b No.105894

"A promise is a promise, after all. She has her own problems to deal with, which these can solve."
Iron takes another step.
"I cannot simply go back against my word, especially when she risked her life to get here. It would break all the trust she has in me."
Another step forward.
"It would also make her lose the last shreds of hope of getting a better life, forever trapped in a draining job which saps her very soul out of her."
Another step forward.
"I do understand that I am threading a fine needle of the gods' respect towards me, but this is a once in a lifetime chance for her to reach happiness."
Another step forward, hopefully reaching Pear by this point.
"I cannot go back against my word when that much is at stake."

1f987 No.105895

Silver looks around him for the source of this voice. "Yes, hello. Are you alive or dead?"

3c276 No.105896

"What is the promise, exactly?"

61c3b No.105897

Iron looks at Pear confidently.
"Life-changing money. The bringer of infinite possibilities and the dream acheiver."

e9c81 No.105898

"Im Not Sure? Why is somepony like you down here? shouldn't you be trying to seize the means of production?"

1f987 No.105899

"…Dark Star, is that you?"

3c276 No.105900

"To… The Zebra?"

61c3b No.105901

He nods.

e9c81 No.105902


1f987 No.105903

"Yeah, it is me. Come upstairs so we can stop shouting. I think it is safe."

3c276 No.105904

"… Why?"

e9c81 No.105905

Dark Star Walks up Stairs.
"What exactly is going on? i heard Something About A Giant Bird?"

1f987 No.105906

Silver looks like he usually does, minus the absurd armament, a bit more soot covering his coat, and a bleeding gash on his right flank that he either doesn't notice or doesn't bother him. "There was obstacle to completing job for Blue Skies. I cleared obstacle." He smiles at him. "Did you see it? It was Roc, like giant hawk. Very giant hawk. It was lured in with bait I used for ghasts, and killed mummy and armored ghast in process."

61c3b No.105907

"She is the first pony that showed the values you follow. Both kind and generous when she offered her home for me to sleep in, honest, loyal and fun, too."
He looks at Cauldron.
"Is that not somepony who you want to help when they are in return when she needs it?"

e9c81 No.105908

"No Some Construction Worker Saw it. You're Bleeding by the way. it killed A Mummy and A Ghast? where did those come from?"

3c276 No.105909

Cauldron is a bit bashful
"Why yes, of course"

Pears has a wide grin
"Oh I see what this is about. Why did you not say something earlier?"

1f987 No.105910

"I am?" He turns around, looking over his body until he sees the gash. "Huh, I am. One of them must have got me while I was being chased. Anyways, you do not remember seeing sarcophagus, or very large number of ghasts we left behind here? I lured almost all undead outside using very potent predator bait, got almost all of them near bomb in quarry, then blew it up from distance using rifle. Mummy and armored ghast were by entrance when it went off, so they survived."

61c3b No.105911

Iron looks at Pear, confused. His cheeks can't help but redden a bit.
"What is what about?" he stammers.
(Has she really found me out?)

e9c81 No.105912

"Oh Right, i sorta Forgot About that."
He Rubs the Back of his head.
"Right i Need you're Help on A Job For the Black Hooves."

1f987 No.105913

"Job, huh?" Silver sits down. "Alright, let us hear it."

3c276 No.105914

She keeps grinning, and nodding
"Did you want to keep it a secret?"

61c3b No.105915

Iron starts sweating even more than normal, the traitorous blush ever present.
"Secrets? I have no secrets. Zero. None whatsoever," he stammers out in a slightly higher pitch than his usual tone of voice.

3c276 No.105916

"Then why are you only bringing this up now?"

e9c81 No.105917

"There's a Zebra and Griffin Smuggling Ring Down at the Docks. it is a Very Serious Issue. they are bringing in Illegals immigrants into the Country. there have also been reports of Arms trafficking."

1f987 No.105918

Silver nods, slowly. "Hmm. Sounds like it. Tricky too, if Griffons are involved. What does timetable look like?"

61c3b No.105919

Iron darts his eyes from Cauldron to Pear periodically.
"Well, I uh… did not want to burden you with that knowledge unless absolutely necessary! Yeah, that is it!"
A pause.
"That did make sense, right?"

3c276 No.105920

Some sound of indiscernible distance, sounds like a pony

"Well… what I said earlier stands"

e9c81 No.105922

"It Needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. i believe we will need to rent some Heavy Artillery From the BlackHooves. SeaBreeze said they are most likely armed to the beak. there maybe the possibility they are taking Slaves as well."

e9c81 No.105923

"Did You Hear That?"

1f987 No.105924

Dice rollRolled 11 + 3

Listen: "…I did." Silver slowly draws his SMG. He tries to pinpoint where it was coming from.

61c3b No.105925

>when you reference something out of pure luck

Iron inhales deeply, glancing at Cauldron before looking down and lightly digging the ground with a hoof.
"Fine. You got me. These," he shakes the pots as the blush intensifies "are supposed to be a gift for her."

3c276 No.105926

"I see… and how much does she need?"

Cauldron is too embarrassed to protest

e9c81 No.105927

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5


3c276 No.105928

The sound is from further in the halls, on the other-side, near the main area the group had operated before

1f987 No.105929

Silver keeps his voice low. "Hmm…seems like there might be one ghast left. That or one of ponies you mentioned wandered inside. Now, follow…" He looks where he expected Dark Star to be, and, upon seeing nopony, looks around confused. "…where did you go?"

61c3b No.105930

"The more, the better. It is still supposed to be life-changing money, which means it should be a lot."
Poking his chin in order not to reveal every single thing to the all-seeing Earth mare, he opts for a reasonable description without being too obvious of his and Cauldron's intent.
"Perhaps the same amount to buy a house and fill it with those wood things for storage, along with a place where to cook. Also some beds and other things these metal jungle houses have."
He walks over to Cauldron, pulling her closer yet again, winking at her.
"Is that right?"

e9c81 No.105931

a shhhh sound comes from the shadows
"ill be right behind you."

1f987 No.105932

Creepy, but: "Alright then. I will take point."

Silver heads towards the source of the sound, SMG and flashlight pointed forward.

61c3b No.105933

He just wants to stare at your butt, Silver.

3c276 No.105934

Well… Dark Star is hidden

The sound continues. It's an almost laughing hysterical sound


"And that requires all of this money?"

He goes forward, around through the little hallway past the chemistry lab, past curwhinny's little bedroom, and towards where the library had been, the one that was set on fire

e9c81 No.105935

1f987 No.105936

Dice rollRolled 18 + 4

It certainly sets Silver's hairs on end. But… "When did undead start laughing?"

Move Silently: Silver tries to sneak up on whoever or whatever is making the noise.

e9c81 No.105937

Dice rollRolled 3 + 5

Dark Star Follows him silently

61c3b No.105938

Iron nods.
"Yes. Most definitely, since the cooking ingredients she uses are quite rare, too. Too much uncertainty so she has to buy them in bulk every week."
He slowly leans over to Cauldron's ear while smiling, hopefully to placate the smug pony in front of him.
"Tell her the cost for your potion ingredients, Cauldron," she whispers into the now flustered zebra. "Unless you think we can get away with saying the true reason behind the use for the money."

3c276 No.105939

It doesn't hear Silver, but Silver does see it

Silver's flashlight shines forward into the hallway, and immediately picks up a shadow. Silver may have confused the entity standing before him as a living pony, as indeed it is in a better, livelier condition than those he has encountered before. It has part of its mane, grey and black, and it wears a brownish ragged jacket of indiscernible style, as well as a badly faded purple-white Tricorne hat on its head. It still has much of its coat, a matted rusty color, although if it was simply covered in dried blood its not sure it would look any different. The eyes remain in its sockets… but that's where the difference is most immediately discernable. The pupils are pitych black, and take up almost the whole eye.

"Hehehe, hehe" it laughs almost nervously. Its lips are gone, as is one of its ears

"Well there's uh, the mandrake root… which is… very expensive"
She's definitely stumbling over her words, but at least she isn't quite dead from embarrassment yet

"Uh huh" says the not really convinced Pear

61c3b No.105940

Iron's brow is getting even sweatier.
(This is the worst way to confess feelings for another pony.)
"Alright, fine. You got us again. Remember that whole funding thing? Well, she was the one who was going to be funded into having a small business."

e9c81 No.105941

Dark Star Draws his pistols, but doesn't point it at it,yet.

3c276 No.105942

"It wasn't a proposal for a memorial Park Bench?"

1f987 No.105943

Silver casts nervous and confused glances at this being. Like Dark Star, he keeps his SMG at the ready, but for the moment merely watches its actions. What…is this thing? Is this ghast of old militia pony?

61c3b No.105944

"That can also happen, yes, but I mainly wanted to help my partner replace her current job that, as I said, saps her very soul, with something she likes doing a lot more."
He looks at Cauldron.
"If you feel able to talk about your passion that will turn into your future job, do it."

3c276 No.105945

It screams


And starts to run for the two

Just wanted to say the last attempt at confessing feelings was objectively worse

"Well… I… like… potion making?"

1f987 No.105946

So, does this mean combat, or can something else be done?

e9c81 No.105947

Dice rollRolled 17, 2 + 5 = 24

Dark Star Shoots it with his Revolvers

3c276 No.