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caebb No.105000[View All]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics

Shimmering Spark, Onyx Steel, and Brie Achtungsex now make the perilous crossing into the Changeling Lands. In Baltimare, Dark Star prepares for his next big assignement, while Silver concludes his mentoring of traumatized foals. Much further away, Iron stands under jeweled nighttime skies, preparing his next move
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e2256 No.106913

Dice, you lil' shit

1f987 No.106916

Just give some examples, like semi-auto pistols or bolt-action rifles.

"To that end: what about concealable weapons? Pistols, sawed-off firearms, or knives, all of which we might conceal in coats to prevent ourselves from announcing to world that we are armed?"

e2256 No.106917

I'd wager that pistols, SMG and other light weapons with magazines is a move action. Rifles of most sorts will probably need a standard actions
Bolt action rifles without the clip and having to reload each bullet as well as shotguns of the same kind of reload counts as a full-action move depending on how many bullets you reload.
LMGs and other heavy weaponry is most likely a full-action in most cases.

d6590 No.106919

File: 1564587411737.jpeg (103.3 KB, 640x1430, 7F38BB35-FD12-401A-B289-E….jpeg)

She does not succeed in pulling him up

Most instances are probably full round actions.

“And all that concealment ends the instant one of those guns goes off”

e2256 No.106920

Did a lot of ice break?

1f987 No.106921

"As I said, last resort. There is advantage to not carrying large bolt-action rifle or submachine gun on one's back, especially when attempting to, perhaps, infiltrate criminal organizations. Outside of that, it is clear we will need some measure of self-defense while roaming in that part of town, and I highly doubt any knife-wielding delinquents or thieves will not run from even just mere sight of firearm."

d6590 No.106922

“They run… and they tell their superiors. And their superior either decide to send a large number of henchmen, enough to kill us, they run away, or both”

1f987 No.106923

Silver sits down and throws his forehooves up into the air. "Just…" He sighs, making his frustration apparent. "…never mind."

d6590 No.106924

She comes over, and pats the old pony

1f987 No.106925

This does get a smile out of him as he leans into the pats. That old pony sure does like physical contact.

d6590 No.106926

And this might be my signal that it’s time to back off for a few days…

1f987 No.106927

…Oh…sorry if any of that is me.

e2256 No.106928

Work stuff, I presume?

d1fca No.106950


d1fca No.106951

Are you too busy to do it today?

e2256 No.106952

I think he's not here anymore. Perhaps he'll come back in a week.

d1fca No.106953

Well, when you get back, maybe Spark could look around the lands on the other side of the border?

91599 No.106965

File: 1564623652837.jpeg (144.05 KB, 1024x724, D0A80F9E-1613-44D8-BA8E-C….jpeg)


I am going to BronyCon tomorrow

e2256 No.106966

You have fun there!

d1fca No.106967

I wish I could. I hope it is fun.

d1fca No.106968

Are you up to playing tonight?

1f987 No.106969

Hope you have fun on your trip.

91599 No.106971

I can do a few posts


d1fca No.106974


Spark checks on the changelings… well, the ones we are taking back home.

91599 No.106975

Brie took the changelings with him when he went upstairs. They do not come back with him, but remain up there. At least, they do so for a couple minutes

d1fca No.106976

Ah. Then I guess I go get the wagon, if it hasn't been impounded or something.

91599 No.106977

Well, it was, previously, and it is standing in an area off to the side on what is basically sidewalk. A couple of the malnourished looking ‘ponies’ are around it, but moving, apparently away.

d1fca No.106978

I go forward towards the wagon.

91599 No.106979

Well, it’s there, sitting still. It’s cold and windy outside, and the wagon sits with all doors closed

d1fca No.106980

Spark opens a door and checks inside.

91599 No.106981

Only the purplish upholstered seats

d1fca No.106982

Well then, he closes the door and pulls it out so the others can get in when they get ready.

91599 No.106983

He does so.

The other two “foals” come back outside after the passage of some time

d1fca No.106984

He gets inside the wagon and pats the seats, calling them over.

91599 No.106985

File: 1564627515854.png (446.66 KB, 2995x2265, B89C619E-3DAE-4206-BCB1-C7….png)

They hop up onto the seats, near Spark

d1fca No.106986

Spark pets them.

91599 No.106987

First, only the one accepts it. He makes purring sounds. Then, the other one tries to force his head underneath Spark’s hoof

d1fca No.106988

Spark uses both hooves to give out pets to the changelings.
"Why are you two so cute?"

91599 No.106989

File: 1564628548336.png (77.54 KB, 800x457, 15625948-437A-4C91-86BB-80….png)

The one comes in closer to Spark, and starts nuzzling into his sides. The other resentfully accepts the pets, moving his head around a little

caa4f No.106990

"You'll be glad we have some once they break out their heavy gear."

d1fca No.106991

Petting continues. Spark smiles.

91599 No.106992

“Perhaps… just don’t let them get away. That is always the danger with these assignments. Well, that and death”

Now, the other one lays his head down, and lets Spark pet him

d1fca No.106993

"Good bug things. You will be home soon."

caa4f No.106994

"They won't get away."
He Sneers at the thought
"I'LL Make sure."

91599 No.106995

The first one continues purring, while the other tries to lick its own eyes with an extended tongue

“You’d better… do you want to scout the area first and call in reinforcements, or what?”

caa4f No.106996

What time of day is it?

91599 No.106997

At least 5 PM

d1fca No.106998

"I kind of don't want to have you two leave, but you won't like staying, and it might cause problems. How come the rest of your kind have to be jerks?"

caa4f No.106999

"Yea Scouting out the Area Sounds like a Good Idea. Could you Do Me A Favor and see if you can find any leads on where the others might be?"

91599 No.107001

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